While Randy, Zack and Adam and their boys were spending the weekend up at the lake, Bob's elaborate plans for the guys left at home were paying off. The first scenario had been a huge success, met with raucous cheers from the boys, and a standing ovation from the men.

Mark, Hassan and Jason were all in uniform - police, fireman and Marine, and Bob the host was looking gorgeous in his smart business suit, shirt and tie. The five boys -Jamie, Ben and Eddie and the twins - were serving the four stunning men (maybe 'servicing' would be more accurate), dressed identically in white boxers briefs stretched over their bubble butts, and tight white T-shirts, which they soon took off at Hassan's order.

Bob made the boys write their names on slips of paper and throw them in Mark's upturned police helmet. One at a time the men were to pull out a paper to see which boy they would be paired with. Hassan went first and drew ... the twins. Hassan had been saying he wanted a blow job and he got more than he bargained for, tied shirtless to a tree with the twins sucking his cock in turn but pulling back just when he was about to cum.

His frustration drove him wild, a form of torture, as all five boys took their turn, each of them bringing him to the brink of orgasm, then pulling away. He begged them to let him cum and they had to choose who was to drink the soldier's cum. "Me, sirs .... please," young Eddie had said shyly, anxious to end his master's torment and make him cum. And so he did. When it was over Eddie, on his knees, pulled back and grinned up at his master, cum spilling from his mouth and running down his chin. Hassan smiled down at him, then said to the other boys. "OK, boys. Why don't you give Eddie the reward he deserves?"

They circled round Eddie in admiration of their shy young friend and pulled their stiff cocks from their briefs. Their own climaxes had been building from the beginning and it took only a couple of strokes. Eddie gazed up at the four gorgeous boys, watched them stroke their cocks over him, saw streams of white jism pour from and felt them slam into his face. He was drowning in cum and, as the torrent continued, he burst into peals of laughter, ecstatic at pleasing his master and now being soaked by the semen of all his friends.

When the boisterous cheers and congratulations died down, they all took their places again round the outdoor table and grabbed their drinks. When they were settled and well into their drinks, Bob grinned at them all and said, "OK, guys .....who's next?"


They all looked at each other in anticipation, the boys fantasizing about what might happen to them depending in whichever man drew them. Enjoying his role as master of ceremonies, Bob let the suspense build, then said, "OK, we've had the military .... how about the fire department? Your turn, Jason." The fireman grinned, pulled a paper from the helmet and gave it to Bob who held it up high, the tension driving the boys crazy. The gorgeous fireman was a catch. Even his vanity over his own chiseled features and perfect physique was a turn-on.

With protests mounting Bob grinned, "OK, OK - here we go." He unfolded the paper and pointed it at ..... Ben. "Ben it is!" Ben jumped to his feet, beaming. There was a slight tinge of disappointment that he had not been drawn by Bob, the man he had slept with last night and had spectacular sex with. But Jason more than made up for it, the blond muscle-god who featured prominently in the Fireman's Calendar the twins had under their bed, and that all the boys had beaten off to at various times..

Ben had never done anything sexual alone with Jason except lust for him from afar. Jason had kept his distance too, reluctant to make a move on Randy's kid brother, having faced the big guy's anger in the past. But, like all the boys, Ben got an instant hard-on whenever the fireman showed up at the house, often shirtless as he was now. Jason was vain and loved showing off his body, as he had in the calendar, and that turned Ben on a whole lot. He was hoping there would be some of that exhibitionism now as Jason stood up and stretched his glorious muscles, flexing them so they rippled and gleamed in the midday sun.

Then he turned to face Ben. He flashed a gleaming smile and said, "Hi, kid. About time we got together. OK, first, I wanna see you butt naked." "Yes, sir," Ben said firmly, kicking off his sneakers and dropping his boxer briefs. He stared at the shirtless fireman in yellow fire department pants held up with red suspenders running up over his bare chest and shoulders. Ben's already semi-erect cock rose up stiff as a pole as if it had a will of its own.

"Oh yeah," Jason said, stroking the bulge in his pants as he gazed at Ben. "Now that's hot. Turn round, boy." Ben obeyed and flexed his ass cheeks, accentuating the dimples in his perfect round globes.

"Shit damn, you got gorgeous buns, boy. Here, let me get a taste of that." He walked behind Ben, dropped to his knees, grabbed Ben's hips and buried his face between the cheeks, savoring the taste of the fuzzy black hair round his hole, licking the ass then pushing his tongue into the hole. Ben went wild feeling the fireman's tongue probing his ass and instinctively began to stroke his cock. He tried to turn his head round to see the kneeling fireman, and as he did so he caught sight of them both reflected in the big window of the house.

"Aaah," he moaned, "that looks incredible sir." Jason pulled his head back and looked at the window. "Damn right, kid," he said gazing at his reflection. He jumped to his feet, cupped one hand over the bulge in his pants and squeezed it, running his other hand over his own chest. "Yeah, that looks good, eh boy? You get off on that muscle-stud fireman?" Ben was drooling. "Yes, sir - looks gorgeous - real hot. Don't stop, sir, please."

While both men rubbed their cocks - Ben staring at Jason, and Jason gazing at his own reflection - Mark leaned across the table and whispered into Jamie's ear. Jamie grinned and ran quietly into their ground-floor apartment. When he came out he was staggering under the weight of a full-length mirror that he propped against a heavy chair in the center of the lawn.

Mirrors to Jason were as irresistible as honey to a bear and he immediately turned round to face this one. "Yeah, that's better," he moaned. "Man, look at that!" He was speaking to Ben but was totally absorbed in his own image in the mirror. He was a true exhibitionist, not furtive, just right there out in the open. He was so sure of his own stunning beauty that he felt no inhibitions and flaunted it shamelessly. The charge he got from looking at himself was heightened by the knowledge that other guys were watching him do it. And it was this flaunting of his spectacular body that really turned Ben on ..... the other spectators too as they watched fascinated.

Ben stood to one side, midway between Jason and the mirror. He gazed spellbound at the bare-chested fireman, then turned his head to see the reflection in the mirror, then back again to the real man - his head turning like a spectator at a tennis match. He was in awe - not only of the man himself but of his intensity as Jason gazed at the man in the mirror as if he were seeing a muscular, half-naked stranger.

Jason was running both hands over his eight-pack abs, tracing the ridges with his fingers. He moved up to his pecs, clamped his palms over them and dug his fingers into the solid muscle. Then he rubbed the back of his fingers lightly against his hard nipples, sending sensual waves of pleasure through his body. He moaned, "Look at that, boy - that look good to you?" Ben was mesmerized. "It's so beautiful, sir. Please don't stop."

Jason slid one hand down from his chest, over his abs, down to his waist and eased it under the waistband of his pants until he was clearly grabbing his cock underneath, judging by the ecstatic look on his face. "Oh yeah...!" He used his other hand to twist his nipple in his fingers, hard enough to hurt while he stroked his cock in his pants. Standing to one side Ben was beating his meat, staring at the fireman getting off on himself. Without breaking eye contact with his reflection Jason said, "You into body worship, kid? That really gets me off. You up for that? Come on, boy, you know you wanna touch that body."

Did he ever! Ben walked behind Jason and looked over his shoulder at the mirror. If he narrowed his eyes he too saw a stranger - a magnificent muscle-god stripped to the waist - or almost. Ben stroked Jason's shoulders and eased the suspenders off, so they fell to his sides. "Ah, yeah," Jason sighed as he gazed at his bare chest. He dropped his arms and clasped his hands behind his back, his legs apart like a soldier standing at ease. He smiled at himself as he flexed his pecs and said to the boy behind him, "Come on, stud .... work on that body."

Slowly Ben was becoming bolder. From behind Jason he reached round and ran his hands over the fireman's abs, over his chest, then grabbed the muscular shoulders. Finally, copying what Jason had done, he stroked Jason's nipples, then squeezed them tight, hearing Jason's gasp and seeing the pecs flex hard. Jason tugged at his hands behind his back as if they were tied, making his shoulder's bulge forward. "Holy shit," he murmured, look at that fucking firemen get his chest worked over. That turn you on, boy?"

Ben wanted to show him just how much it turned him on. He picked up one of the ropes the twins had used to tie Hassan and grabbed Jason's wrists behind his back. "Is this OK, sir?" he asked quietly. "I would like to worship that fireman in the mirror while his hands are tied behind him." Jason grinned lasciviously. "Go for it, kid - whatever looks good." So Ben tied Jason's hands together behind him, and Jason pulled at them, watching his muscles flex and bulge in the mirror as he struggled. "Yeah," he breathed softly. "Awesome."

Ben walked back, almost to the mirror and turned to face Jason. Then he glanced over at Bob to make sure all this was OK. Like the other men, Bob was really getting off on this exhibitionist show and he nodded encouragement to Ben. The boy fell to his knees, gazing up in awe at the bound fireman, the muscles of his torso, arms and shoulders straining as he pulled at the ropes binding him.

OK, Ben, thought, Jason wants body worship and that's just what he'll get. A man as beautiful as that deserves it. Ben fell on his stomach and began to crawl across the grass toward him, dragging his naked body forward, keeping his eyes focused on the gorgeous fireman. Jason looked into the mirror and saw himself stripped to the waist, his hands tied behind him, and a naked boy crawling toward him in abject worship. "Oh, man," Jason said, "that is fucking spectacular." He always got off looking at himself but this stunning act of worship by the boy made his cock throb in his pants.

Approaching Jason, Ben reached forward, clamped his hands round one of his heavy, thick-soled rubber boots and pulled himself the rest of the way until his face was over the boot. Then he began to lick, tentatively at first, but soon running his tongue hungrily all over one boot then the other. He paused, looked up at the chiseled features staring down at him, and said softly, "You are magnificent, sir. Please, I would like to see more." He pulled himself up until he was kneeling at the fireman's feet

In response Jason raised one foot and pressed the rubber boot against Ben's chest. Ben knew instantly what he was to do. He grabbed the boot and, with a series of tugs, pulled it off, then the heavy sock. He did the same for the other boot, then reached up to Jason's waist. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them open. He gasped as he saw for the first time the dark blue undershorts stretched over the long column of his cock, so long that its tip poked out of the top of the shorts, oozing pre-cum.

Ben pulled on the heavy pants, making them drop to the ground. Then slowly he pulled on the shorts, lowering them until the huge rod sprang out and flicked pre-cum into Ben's face. The shorts fell onto the crumpled pants and Jason stepped out of them both. The sight of the naked fireman almost made Ben bust his load without touching himself. He willed himself not to cum, then fell forward against Jason's leg, throwing his arms round the heavily muscled thigh and pressing his cheek against it. He licked the flesh ravenously, moving slowly up until he was breathing in the pungent smell the sweaty groin.

He looked up and saw the fireman towering over him, his straining muscles rippling as he pulled against the ropes behind him. Jason looked first at his own reflection, then down at the swarthy young gypsy boy worshipping him. "Go for it boy," he said. "You know you're aching for it." Ben gazed at the tangle of blond pubic hair inches from his eyes and impulsively buried his face in it, breathing in the bitter-sweet smell of the damp hair. He clamped his mouth over it, sucked it into his mouth, tasting the fireman's man-sweat as the wiry hair filled his mouth.

Jason's heavy balls were brushing against Ben's face and he couldn't resist them. He let go the pubic hair and sucked one of the balls into his mouth. He rolled the other ball in his fingers and managed to stuff it, too, in his mouth. There was a moment of panic as he choked, feeling he would suffocate with the huge balls filling his mouth. But he forced himself to breathe through his nose and swallowed hard, feeling the trickle of Jason's sweat running down his throat.

Jason was going wild as he gazed at the sight in the mirror - the naked fireman, straining in bondage, his muscles rippling, the boy kneeling at his feet, his V-shaped back tense as he worked on his balls. Jason's balls were on fire as they were tugged and squeezed, crammed into the warm mouth. "Yeah," Jason shouted. "Man, that looks awesome. Suck those balls, boy .... worship them ..... that feels so fucking hot."

Ben sucked harder as he felt Jason's long, stiff shaft slapping against his face. He had to have it. He pulled his head back, stretching the ball-sac, hearing the fireman's howl of pain - "aaagh!" Suddenly the balls popped out of Ben's mouth and Jason sighed with relief. Ben steadied himself by grabbing Jason's hips, then leaned forward and licked the pre-cum dripping from his cock. He looked up at the fireman with pleading eyes and Jason said, "You wanna suck the fireman's cock, eh boy?" "Yes please, sir." "You wanna drink the juice from his cock?" "It would be an honor, sir." "So go for it."

Ben gazed up at the bound, naked muscle-god straining at the ropes round his wrists. He looked like a pornographic drawing Ben had once seen online and he salivated knowing that he was about to taste the fireman's long, thick rod. The boy acted impulsively, roughly, as he had earlier with Bob. He took the head of the cock in his mouth, paused, then slammed his face forward into the pubic hair, choking on the cock as it plunged down his throat. "Aaagh!" He heard Jason's scream and felt his body spasm, the cock shudder in his mouth.

Ben gagged and pulled back, then plunged forward again, this time taking the whole length of the cock without choking. Able to relax his throat now Ben began a ferocious attack on the cock. He had none of the finesse of Eddie, who knew how to caress a cock with his mouth. Instead, trying to mimic his rugged brother, Ben used raw strength, thinking that savagery equaled sexuality, especially when used on a tough fireman. Jason looked down and saw the young dark gypsy face going wild, hammering his cock so it slammed against the back of his throat again and again.

It was driving Jason wild. His body thrashed and strained, veins standing out on his bulging muscles as he approached his climax. "That's fucking amazing, man," he shouted, gazing at the mirror image of the naked fireman, hands roped behind him, with the boy kneeling before him, muscles rippling in his back as he pounded his cock. Pushed to his limit he yelled, "Shit, boy, I can't take any more - you're fucking killing me. I gotta cum, boy .... you're making me bust my load. Here it comes, boy. Aaagh!"

Ben almost choked as he felt the hot blast of semen smash against the back of his throat. But he managed to swallow - and swallow again and again - tasting the pungent taste of hot jism pouring deep inside him. He was overwhelmed by the sexuality of this beautiful man, the narcissistic man he had watched flaunting his magnificent body in front of the mirror, the man whose wrists he had tied behind him, the man whose cock was in his mouth, whose hot juice he was drinking. Ben touched his own cock and didn't even need to stroke it before he shot a massive load of cum over Jason's legs and feet.

It seemed like an eternity until Jason's cock finally drained dry and slid out of the boy's mouth. Instinctively Ben leaned down and licked his own cum from the fireman's legs and feet in a final act of worship. Then he gazed up in a trance and stammered, "Thank you, sir." Jason, his breath heaving, face dripping sweat, looked down at the stunning picture of the swarthy young face, wild black hair clinging to his forehead, and mouth sagging open with cum streaming from the corner of his mouth, down his chin and onto his chest.

"Man, that's hot," Jason said. "You are one spectacular young stud, boy - fucking gorgeous."


It was a tableau of mutual admiration between the fireman and the young gypsy boy, broken suddenly by the sound of applause. Ben jumped to his feet and turned round to the astonishing sight of the four boys gazing at them, standing in a row beside the mirror, the twins standing on one side, Jamie and Eddie on the other. It was Jason who first grasped the full impact of what he was seeing. It was like five mirrors .... the real mirror in which he could see himself, and the eyes of the four boys that shone with admiration for him. Jason knew that the best mirror of all was really other men's eyes gazing adoringly at him.

It was too good for the exhibitionist in him to resist and Jason put on a spectacular show. Pulling hard at the rope tying his wrists behind his back, his body heaving, muscles flexing, he paced round the lawn before the mirror like a maddened bull struggling to get free. The boys were awestruck by the pornographic sight of the naked muscle-god, his chiseled features contorted in pain as he pitched forward, then reared up, his shoulders and arms flexed rock hard as he yanked at his restraints.

Spellbound, all four boys intuitively pulled their cocks from their shorts and stroked them, and suddenly Ben had an inspiration. He came behind Jason grabbed the rope binding his wrist and yanked it upward. "Aaagh!" Jason screamed in pain as his arms were forced up behind his back in a brutal double hammerlock. He gazed at himself in the mirror, the helpless fireman, shoulders on fire as the pressure forced them forward. "On your knees," Ben said, and Jason obeyed instantly in a vain attempt to ease the pain.

But the pain only increased as his arms were pulled further upward. The reflection in the mirror was stunning, as was the sight of the four boys approaching him slowly as they stroked their cocks. They stood in a semi-circle round the kneeling fireman, mesmerized by the sight of the helpless captive, shoulders and chest flexed hard, streaming with sweat, veins bulging, his handsome face twisted in pain, blond hair flying, eyes brimming with tears.

"It's over when these boys all shoot their load," said Ben, grinning at the boys. He gave a final, vicious yank to the rope and Jason screamed, "Aaagh, that's enough. The pain in my arms .... I can't take any more. Shoot ..... please ..... let me feel that juice......aaagh!" The incredible sight of the tortured fireman begging them to cum was so erotic the boys couldn't hold back. They held their cocks in their fists, pointing them at the helpless man, and all four cocks erupted at once, slamming semen into the handsome, agonized face.

Jason closed his eyes as he felt warm jism pouring over him - his hair, forehead, eyes, his square jaw - then flowing down onto his straining chest. The boys could not believe their eyes as they saw the proud, vain fireman - the man from the calendar - now humbled, grimacing in pain and humiliation, his sculpted features streaming with the juice of four boys.

At a sign from Ben they stepped to the side and Ben pulled on the rope, easing him up to his feet. Gently he pushed Jason toward the mirror and untied his hands. Jason's arms dropped to his sides and feeling returned to his shoulders and arms. He was standing two feet from the mirror but the film of cum over his eyes gave him only a blurred vision of the naked man reflected in it. But as the cum drained away, his eyes began to clear and slowly a stunning sight came into view, a gorgeous blond bodybuilder, with cum flowing down his face and the pumped muscles of his chest.

Jason had gazed at the reflection of the proud fireman often, but he had never seen himself so humbled, never seen himself more beautiful. He grabbed his cock and started to stroke it, gazing into his own blue eyes. He was aware of the dark-haired boy standing next to him, also naked, also pumping his cock. "Sir, that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I hope I did you justice."

"Ben, many men have admired me but that was body worship at its finest. He was still gazing into the mirror. "See those two guys, kid? Let's make love to them. You ready?" Ben grinned into the mirror. "I'm right with you, sir." The two men in the mirror - one a rugged blond god, the other a black-haired young gypsy, pumped their dicks hard until two streams of white juice blasted from them and splashed against the mirror.

They grinned at each other and fell to their knees. They leaned forward and licked the thick, sticky liquid from the glass. They ran their tongues all over the mirror, over the reflection of their faces and kissed the lips in the mirror, making love to themselves. Their faces moved closer until their mouths joined, pressing their lips against each other and against the cum-slick glass - four men all kissing each other, mouths sliding over the juice of their own passion.

Finally they pulled back and Jason turned to face the real, flesh-and-blood Ben. He spoke softly. "I can teach you that and a whole lot more, Ben. You're a real special boy and I want to really make love to you. But first I've gotta fuck that spectacular ass of yours - real soon. How does that sound?" Ben looked down at his own cock that was already rock hard again. "Like that, sir," he grinned. Jason burst out laughing and took Ben into his arms.


"Fucking awesome, man," Mark said to Jason as he pulled on his shorts and resumed his place at table. Mark chuckled. "You are the only guy I know who could create a whole sexual performance out of pure narcissism and get away with it. How about it, boys?"

There was a chorus of approval and admiration for the awesome fireman, but Bob perceived something different in Ben, who did not join in the vocal enthusiasm but simply gazed adoringly at Jason. Clearly Jason had awoken something in the boy and, intuitive as ever, Bob saw a light in Ben's eyes that he had seen only once before.... when Ben looked at Randy. A warning tremor ran through Bob, but he instantly suppressed it.

"OK, guys," Bob said, "I don't know about you but I'm starved. All this sex has sharpened my appetite. How about we call a lunch break before we continue?"

Fine with me," Hassan grinned. "Is there any more beer?"

The twins both stared at him in mock indignation. "Sir, how can you ask such a question in this house? Coming right up." The boys were all dressed again in their white boxer-briefs (no shirts this time) though some of them still had streaks of dry cum on their chests. They all ran to the kitchen and it wasn't long before Bob, Mark, Hassan and Jason were sitting before piles of food, beer wine and whatever else they had ordered.

The boys were back to their role of cater-waiters, standing behind the men with napkins draped over their arms. "Hey, what's all this?" said Mark. "You guys have put on a damn good show, so you eat with us, eh fellas? "Damn right," said Jason. "Gets my vote."

So the boys took their rightful places next to the men, resulting in an instant rise in the noise level. It was so loud that Bob barely heard the sound of his phone ringing. He looked at the screen and said, rather sheepishly, "Randy again." They laughed and Hassan said, "Jeez, the guy just can't get you out of his mind, eh?"

"Guess not," Bob grinned and excused himself to go over to the shade of the trees. "What's up, buddy?" he said into the phone. "Man," Randy said, charging right to the point as always, "I can't get you out of my mind."

Bob grinned, "Hassan was right." "What?" "Never mind."

"Anyway, I'm coming to get you - you and Ben. I mean ..... hell - me, you, Pablo and Ben, we're family and things don't feel right without you two. Besides I've gotta make up for the way I've been treating you. We've got another couple of days up here, so I'm coming back to get you and bring you to the lake. Think you can clear your calendar?"

"Sure, I ......"

"Good, so I'll see you soon. Thing is, man, I miss you like hell." The phone clicked off abruptly and Bob went to the table again, beaming. "He misses me - me and Ben. Says we're family. He's coming to get us and take us up to the lake." There were enthusiastic reactions all round, though Mark felt a twinge, seeing the excitement in Bob's eyes, wishing it were for him. Ben too felt a slight jolt; he had been enjoying the unrealistic fantasy that Jason might ask him to go to his place later. But that thought disappeared quickly, replaced by the thrill Ben felt that his big brother missed him and was coming to get him.


Throughout the meal Jamie and Eddie had been glancing at each other with muted excitement. They were the last two names to be drawn from the helmet and they wondered, of course, which of them would get Bob and which one Mark. As the meal wound down and the men kicked back with their drinks, the tension mounted and the boys glanced frequently at Bob, scrutinizing his body language as he, the master of ceremonies, would decide on the timing.

Finally it came. Bob grinned at them both and asked, "What is it with you two? You've been jiggling in your seats since the meal began. Something I can help you with?"

They realized Bob was teasing them and they nodded wide-eyed. "Oh, this?" Bob said pulling the helmet toward him. "Yeah I guess we do have two names left in here. OK, Mark, it's you and me, buddy. Let's draw." They dipped their hands in the helmet smiling at each other, rummaging around, building the tension. Finally they pulled out a paper each and held them up, grinning at the boys. "OK, man," Mark said. "Let's do it." They opened the papers and held them out - Bob toward Jamie and Mark toward Eddie. "That's the way it goes, boys," Mark said. "See?" Jamie and Eddie looked at the papers to make sure and let the truth sink in.

Jamie worked daily with Bob in the upstairs office, often with a boner in his shorts, but hadn't had any sexual contact with him for a long time, saving himself always for the moment Mark came in from work. As for Eddie, he had always, of course, admired Mark and even jerked off over his dirty shorts a few times when he was cleaning his room, but he always considered the rugged, powerful cop way too far above him, out of reach for a mere houseboy. So it was with bated breath that the two boys stared at the men who had chosen them.

They took their cues from Bob and Mark of course. Bob indicated they should stay seated as he and Mark stood up and walked to the center of the lawn. There they stood facing each other, the handsome business executive in his smart suit, white shirt and tie, and the blond, Greek-god police officer in full black uniform and high motor-cycle boots. Jamie, Eddie and the other men and boys watched and listened in awestruck anticipation.

The men stared into each other's eyes and Mark said, "Remember how we first met, buddy ..... when I pulled you over on a remote hillside in Griffith Park?"

"How can I forget it, man? I was coming off a three-martini business lunch and was driving drunk, so I asked if there was any way I could persuade you not to write me a ticket."

"Yeah. I made you get out of the car and stared at you. You were wearing exactly what you're wearing now and I got an instant boner under my uniform. I made you walk through the bushes to a clearing and told you to strip. God, I see it so clearly, and even now I get an instant hard-on. You took off your jacket, then your tie and your shirt. You looked so fucking hot I busted a load in my pants. Then I got embarrassed and drove away."

"And you never did write that ticket," Bob grinned."

"No, but afterwards I cursed myself for losing my nerve and not going further - not doing what I really wanted to do - strip off my own shirt. I wanted to feel you - hold you - kiss that gorgeous face. Damn I wanted to do that."

There was a sudden silence as the spectators watched spellbound. They had all heard many times the erotic story of the day the police officer met the businessman and some of the boys had, in the privacy of their bed, jerked off fantasizing about it. And now - could it be? - they were going to actually see it? Bob suddenly broke eye contact, turned his head and nodded to Jamie and Eddie. They stood up, ran across the lawn and stood at attention by the two men, unsure of their role.

Still facing each other a few feet apart Bob and Mark locked eyes and Bob smiled. "So here we are again, officer." "Yeah, here we are," Mark said. "So show me, man."

Slowly Bob unbuttoned his jacket and shrugged it off his shoulders. Jamie instantly understood his role .... he and Eddie were to assist in this erotic display. He took the jacket from him and folded it over a lawn chair. As Bob loosened his tie, Mark undid the top button of his shirt, showing more of the triangle of white T-shirt underneath. Bob pulled off his tie, put it in Jamie's outstretched hand, and undid two buttons of his shirt. The men maintained intense eye contact as they moved in unison, undoing buttons one by one until their shirts hung open.

The contours of Bob's chest showed clearly under the white tank under his shirt, and the slabs of Mark's pecs flexed under his T-shirt. The boys, gaining in confidence, stood behind them and gently pulled the shirts from the waistband of the pants, then pulled them off their shoulders and folded them over chairs.

"Oh shit, man," Mark said, "that's just how I remember it that first time." Bob smiled, "And all the time I was wondering what you would look like stripped to the waist. Now you can show me what I missed." They both reached up behind their necks and pulled on their undershirts. Breaking clear of their waist they rode up slowly over their washboard abs, over their bulging pecs, up over their faces and off. Unobtrusively Jamie and Eddie took them from their hands.

Mark and Bob, both shirtless, gazed in awe at each other's chiseled muscularity "Man, you are fucking spectacular," Mark breathed. Bob smiled, "You got that boner thing going again, officer?" "Hell, yes," Mark said, rubbing his hand over the bulge under the rough serge of his uniform pants. Feeling the same impulse they reached forward and ran their hands over each other's pecs, then concentrated on the nipples, rolling them gently between their fingers, moaning loudly.

Suddenly there came a louder moan from the table. The spectators there looked at each other and saw the twins blushing. Hassan and Jason grinned, knowing that Kyle and Kevin had, as was their custom, jerked each other off under the table, succumbing to the incredible sight of these two spectacular men. It acted as a release that allowed the men and boys to all pull out their cocks and stroke them as they watched spellbound.

As it happened, the big, wide mirror that Jamie had previously propped against a chair was still there, at an angle to Bob and Mark, so the spectators could watch the live act and its reflection. In a way, the view in the mirror was even more erotic - like the opening set-up scene of a pornographic movie - a motorcycle cop and a handsome businessman, both shirtless, getting off on each other in the bushes. Except that this was to be better than any porn movie any of them had ever seen.

Mark and Bob both felt their rigid cocks oozing pre-cum in their shorts and unzipped their pants. Bob glanced at Jamie and Eddie and said only two words - "Kneel, naked." They didn't need telling twice. In instant obedience they dropped their shorts and knelt before the men who had drawn their names - Eddie in front of Mark, and Jamie at Bob's feet. They looked up at the flawless bodies and faces, gasped as they saw the faces push forward toward each other.

The men paused, their faces inches apart, and saw themselves reflected in each other's eyes. "I love you, man," Mark murmured and pressed his lips against Bob's. Instantly they were kissing each other ravenously, grinding their mouths together with a building passion. Beneath them the boys felt the crotches press against their faces as the men leaned into each other. They had no choice .... nor did they want one.

They buried their faces inside the open pants, closed their mouths round the head of the rigid cocks and pulled them out. With the pressure of the men's hips crushing them the cocks slid inexorably into their mouths, pressing against the back of their throats, forcing them to breathe through their noses to prevent choking. Despite the crush the boys could still see from the corner of their eye the reflection in the mirror of the incredible scene - Mark and Bob making love as they face-fucked the boys at their feet.

Totally immersed in each other Bob and Mark were fantasizing. They were not only kissing each other, they were fucking each other. They had fucked in the past, but now it was as if they were fucking each other at the same time. Driven wild by the sensation, their hips moved faster, slamming forward again and again.

The boys were overwhelmed by the taste, the smell of the men's cocks as their faces were crushed against pubic hair and the fabric of the pants pounding their faces. The boys' heads were leaning back against the other, so they felt the vibration of the other man, as if they were getting double-slammed by the cop and the businessman.

They were nearly choking as the huge cocks swelled in their mouths and tears streamed from their eyes. Then suddenly they heard above them shouts of euphoria ..... "I love you, man. Cum for me ..... shoot your fucking load, man ..... aaagh!" The boys breathed frantically through their noses and swallowed hard as hot juice poured down their throats and their own cocks exploded over Mark's boots and Bob's loafers.

Mark and Bob were still kissing hungrily as their cocks drained into the young mouths. Finally they pulled apart, their eyes gleaming. They reached down, pulled the boys up by their armpits and took them in their arms, kissing them open-mouthed so the bitter-sweet cum passed from mouth to mouth. At last the men held the boys at arm's length and smiled at them, then at each other.

"And that," Mark said, "is the way it should have been the day I pulled you over."

"Yeah," Bob grinned, "except we didn't have these two hot boys there," and he ruffled their hair.


The guys round the table had been blown away by the spectacle and the ground under the table was wet with cum. But oddly there were no cheers or applause. Just like not applauding between movements of a symphony, there was a silent expectation of another movement to cum. And they were right.

There was a reluctance, too, among Bob, Mark and the boys to separate. Now that the sexual tension had been relieved they could relax and enjoy each other. Bob and Mark were content to gaze at each other running their hands lightly over each other's bodies, and enjoy the care and attention they were getting from the boys below.

Jamie and Eddie, exhilarated and emboldened by the role they had played in the men's love-making, had exchanged conspiratorial glances and renewed their attention to their respective man. The men's cocks were now hanging long and loose from their pants but the boys would soon take care of that. They buried their faces in the damp pubic hair, breathing in the musky smell of sweat and cum, then gently licked the balls and ran their tongues the whole length of the cocks swinging between their legs.

For Bob and Mark, it must have been the seductive look in each other's eyes, combined with the sensual feeling in their cocks and balls, but slowly their cocks began to stiffen, to rise up until they were stiff as poles once again. The boys turned their heads and exchanged triumphant smiles as Mark grinned at Bob and said, "Guess these boys can't get enough - regular sex-machines. But I have an idea what they really want. You with me, buddy?"

"You're in charge, officer."

"OK, boys," Mark ordered, "stand up. The boys shot to their feet, Jamie gazing at Bob and Eddie at Mark. "OK, boy," said Mark sternly. "So what do you want?"

Eddie looked at the police officer, gulped, and took the plunge. "Please, sir ... I would like you to fuck me in the ass."

Mark tried to smother a smile as he looked at Bob. More gently Bob said, "Does that go for you too, Jamie?" The reply was inevitable. "Yes please, sir."

"OK," Mark ordered, "turn and face each other. They obeyed. "You guys like each other?"

"Yes, sir," they said in unison.

"Enough to do what Bob and I did?" In response the boys smiled at each other, pressed their naked bodies together and clamped their mouths over each other in a heavy kiss. "Oh yeah," Mark moaned, "that turn you on, Bob, as much as it does me?"

"I'll say. OK, let's do it, stud." Bob and Mark yanked their pants open wider so pants and shorts fell to the ground, pooling round their feet.

So intensely were the boys getting off on each other they were caught by surprise as they suddenly felt hard rods driving into their asses. Reflexively their heads jerked back and they howled, but the men pushed the boys' faces back into each other and they were forced to continue grinding their mouths together as they felt the rods jack-hammering their asses.

Mark and Bob reached round the boys waists and grasped each other's forearms, pulling each other forward, squeezing the boys between them. Despite being crushed Jamie and Eddie were just able to glance sideways and see Mark and Bob skewering their asses as they made love to each other.

"Oh, man that feels good," Mark sighed. "Young Eddie has a real sweet, tight ass that would make grown men weep."

"Oh yeah," said Bob fucking Jamie. "Man, I can see now why you rush home from work every day with this young buck waiting for you on the bed."

And so the fuck continued - hard but not hard enough to hurt. Crushed together as they were the boys were becoming breathless and they clamped their open mouths tight against each other, breathing together, sharing the same air. Just when they thought they might suffocate they felt, rather than saw, the men's faces come together over their shoulders.

The spectators gasped as they saw man kissing man, boy kissing boy, and the whole tight group of four shuddered. The mouths broke free and their howls echoed round the garden as, with one last savage thrust, the men's cock's erupted in the young asses, and Jamie and Eddie shot streams of juice up between their bodies.

It took a long while for their heaving chests and pounding hearts to subside, but finally the men slowly eased their cocks out of the trembling asses. There was a long silence, broken suddenly by slow handclapping and a deep voice saying, "That was some fucking show, guys."

Bob whirled round and saw Randy just inside the gate. Excited, he ran toward him - or rather tried to. His pants were still tangled round his feet so as soon as he tried to move he pitched forward and fell on his face on the grass. He caught his breath and looked up sheepishly at Randy who towered over him, his arms folded across his chest. "Well, well, well," Randy grinned. "So this is what you get up to when the boss's back is turned. Still, at least you ended up right where I like you - sprawled at my feet."


That remark, and Randy's good humor, dissolved all the tension and finally unleashed a crescendo of cheers and laughter from the guys round the table. In one strong move Randy scooped Bob up off the ground and threw his arms round him, kissing him hungrily like a starving man. Finally he turned to the assembled group of shirtless men and said, "Looks like you guys have been having a hell of a party. Ben, I want all the details from you as we drive up to the lake ..... and you can bet your life Darius will want you to 'spill the beans' when we get there. Sorry to pull Bob and Ben away from the festivities, guys, but I need them at the lake."

"Yeah, we know all about that," laughed Mark, pulling up his pants. "But take a quick break before you drive back, man ..... have a drink."

"OK," Randy said, "but just a soda. I have been known to drive drunk in my time" (muffled laughter round the table) "but not when I'm hauling a precious cargo like Bob and Ben here."

Bob pulled on his boxers and Ben his boxer-briefs and they all took their places at the table, the men catching up with the events at the lake and the boys talking excitedly over each other. All except for Ben who was sitting close to Jason, gazing admiringly up at him, unable to rid his mind of the extraordinary sex they had shared, and the contagious effect of Jason's narcissism. Every time Jason smiled at him Ben blushed.

All this was not lost on Randy. He was engrossed in Bob, but every time he looked at his kid brother the boy was staring at Jason with an adoring look. Bob too knew exactly what was going on (he remembered the way Ben gazed at Jason after their wild sex scene) and he was relieved when Randy stood up and said, "OK, time to go. Bob, Ben you'll be just fine in the shorts you're wearing. We got everything else up at the lake."

Before they left Randy pulled Bob and the twins aside and Randy looked at the twins earnestly. "Now Kevin, Kyle, you're part of our little family too, being Bob's boys and great kids. So if you want to come too ....."

"Sir" said Kevin, "Kyle and me have talked about that and, if it's all the same to you, we'd like some quiet time here with the guys. It's probably gonna be kinda crowded and noisy up there at the lake." Kyle took over and grinned. "Course, when you all get back - that's another story." Surprised, Randy took them both into a tight hug. "You're the best, guys. We'll make it up to you - promise."

Bob turned to have a final word with Mark. "Hey, buddy, you sure that ......?"

"Listen, my friend," Mark reassured him, "go up to the lake and have a great time. Hassan and Jason will stay the rest of the weekend here with me, Jamie, Eddie and the twins and maybe this time we'll actually be able to relax. That was a great show you put on, buddy. Brought back old memories." They hugged .... then Randy, Bob and Ben were gone.


As Randy's truck roared up the freeway, with Ben sitting between the two men, there was silence at first, and Bob knew Randy was brooding over the attraction that Jason and Ben had openly displayed toward each other. Randy admired Jason in some ways and had to admit he was a great looking man, but he didn't get off on Jason's vanity, something he saw as less than masculine. Whatever else he was, he certainly wasn't the guy for his little brother.

Bob sensed that this issue could be a brewing storm, so he distracted Randy with a vivid account of the night he had spent with Ben. He described the extraordinary way that Ben had rode Bob's cock and had then been transformed into a young version of Randy, pacing the floor like a young stallion and finally fucking Bob savagely just as Randy would have done.

Randy's eyes gleamed during the story and when it was over he said in amazement, "He did that? Just like me, you say? A chip off the old block, eh boy? I'm proud of you. Damn, I wish to hell I'd seen that. Maybe you can give a repeat performance when we get back."

"Yeah," Bob went on, grinning at Ben, "and afterwards as we lay there together Ben asked if it would be OK if he could think of me as an older brother. Said it would be cool to have two."

"Damn right," Randy said enthusiastically. "We're family. You and me, Bob, we'll both be big brothers to the kid .....and we've got Pablo and the twins too. I like that." There was another silence as Randy smiled to himself, fairly glowing with the idea of their little family. Bob relaxed, thinking that he had poured some oil on what could have been troubled waters. But then Ben blew it."

"There's another thing, sir," Ben said boldly. "Would it be OK if I went over to Jason's soon on my own and spent some time with him?"

Bob tensed as he heard Randy's sharp intake of breath. "No," Randy growled, "that would not be OK. Permission denied."

"But sir," Ben protested, "I know Jason likes me a lot and I sure as hell like him so why...."

Randy slammed his hands on the steering wheel. "I said no, boy! I'm your brother, the answer's no and that's the end of it!"

Ben was cranking up for another protest but, as Randy stared stonily at the road ahead, his jaw clenched, Bob looked at Ben with raised eyebrows and shook his head. Ben took the hint and settled into a sullen silence.

Grateful for the reprieve, Bob thought to himself, 'Better let that one percolate slowly. Not gonna be an easy sell."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 180


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