Mark and Jamie had reconciled. After Jamie's shocking behavior on the beach, where he had used drugs and allowed himself to get fucked, Mark had been determined to break all ties with his boy. But then he had read Jamie's farewell letter to him that moved him to tears. Mark had tracked him down to the seedy motel Jamie had fled to - the same motel, the same room, where Randy and Bob had first met and fallen in love and where Mark and Jamie were now reunited in a passionate celebration of their mutual desire.

Now, oblivious of their shabby surroundings, they lay side by side in physical and emotional exhaustion, their heartbeats matching, their chests rising and falling together. After the agonizing last few days Jamie was now in heaven as he rested his head on Mark's arm stretched behind his neck. But he was still half afraid that heaven would disappear. Seeking reassurance he said quietly, "Sir, do you really mean that I am still your boy?"

Mark turned his head to face him. "Jamie, this is real - all the rest was bullshit - fake - started off by what you did and then inflated by my stupid ego that made me blind to the hurt you were feeling. But there are still things to work out, Jamie - still a few hills to climb."

"Oh, I know that, sir. And the first thing that should happen is for you to punish me. I have to be punished, sir. I need it."

"Yeah, you're right, kiddo, but you know I never was the kind of master to whip his boy. Being a cop cured me of that. Anyway, first I want you to go see Doctor Steve .... have as many therapy sessions with him as it takes. His methods can be kind of weird but they do seem to work." He grinned. "Maybe he can devise some kind of punishment for me to give you."

"I'll do anything, sir - whatever it takes to try to make amends and prove I'm worthy to be your boy again."

"I know kiddo. There's a way to go still, but from now on we'll be facing the future together." Jamie snuggled against his master and soon, in this bleak little room, they were asleep.


"Hey, Jamie ..... wake up." It sounded like Mark's voice but in that frightening space between sleeping and waking Jamie was half dreaming that Mark had gone and that he was no longer his boy. Had he heard the voice or was it a dream, a nightmare of loneliness? In a panic he suddenly sat bolt upright and blinked in the dimness of the room, his face bathed in sweat.

Then he heard it again. It must be real. "Hey, hey, it's me, kiddo. Don't be scared - I'm here with you. You don't ever have to be scared again."

A wave of relief swept over Jamie as he looked into the smiling blue-gray eyes of his master next to him, with his arm round his shoulder. The nightmare was over. It really was Mark .... he had taken him back. He was safe.

"Come on, kid, we slept for an hour but now let's get the hell out of here. This room has been good to us, as it was for Bob and Randy, but enough's enough. I wanna take you home."

'Take him home!' Those words were like music to Jamie and almost brought him to tears. But no, there had been enough tears, so he smiled and said, "Yes, sir. Please take me home."


At the house the twins were about to serve dinner in the garden as usual, but they held off. Nobody was in the mood to eat as they waited in anxious suspense for word from Mark. As usual in this house, the whole sequence of events was known to all .... Mark's determination to dump Jamie, then the shock of the letters and Jamie's flight, Nate's tearful disclosure of where Jamie had gone and Mark's sudden pursuit of him.

What did it all mean? Could it be that Mark was so moved by the letter that he would soften? Unlikely, as they had all witnessed Mark's implacable rage and his insistence that Jamie could no longer be his boy. The boys huddled together and spoke in hushed tones, with Darius as usual giving his authoritative opinion. The men spoke little, drank a lot. They sympathized with Mark after what Jamie had done, even if some of them privately thought the cop's reaction had been overly harsh, a product of his wounded ego.

The minutes ticked by and Randy was on the point of ordering dinner when they heard the crunch of tires on the gravel outside. There was a pregnant silence as every man and boy held his breath. Young Eddie actually had his fingers crossed behind his back. Every eye was focused on the gate.

A truck door slammed ..... one or two? ..... and they waited. The gate opened and in walked Mark, shirtless in just his uniform pants. And...? They waited .... And in came Jamie, wearing only his shorts. He stood beside Mark, who threw his arm over his shoulder, and their faces broke into broad smiles. Like one man the whole group got to its feet and the cheers were deafening.

Impulsively the boys ran to Jamie and smothered him in a boisterous group hug. Nate was especially effusive as he threw his arms round him and said in his thick Aussie accent. "Good on ya, mate. That was quite a scare you gave us, but I knew you'd come back." Eddie hugged Jamie shyly and said, "I had my fingers crossed for you, Jamie." Darius grabbed his ever-present camera and filmed the chaotic scene - definitely a moment in the house's history to be remembered.

The reaction of the men was less rowdy but no less warm. Mark walked over to them and Randy was the first to stretch out his arm and grasp Mark's hand tightly. "Good job, big guy. Same motel wasn't it? Same room? Yeah, I thought so. It sure worked for me and my man all that time ago," grinning over at Bob. Zack was next to pump Mark's hand. "Way to go, buddy. He's a great kid." Mark smiled. "Yeah, but for a while there I forgot just how great."

Mark threw his arm over Adam's shoulder and said, "That boy of yours is terrific, Adam. Nate was a big help to me .... put me in my place several times too Sure has that Aussie spunk, like you. He's a real good friend for Jamie." Finally Mark turned to Bob and folded him in his arms. "Man, I can never thank you enough for what you did - nudging me out of my wounded pride and back to sanity. I love you, man - you're a great guy." He held him at arm's length. "Not bad looking either in the right light."

There was a burst of laughter, but for Randy the meet-and-greet was over. Randy was not a kumbaya kind of guy. So, practical as ever, he shouted, "Hey, twins, whatever happened to dinner? I'm fucking starving to death here."

It was, predictably, a raucous meal, with the boys talking over each other, trying to get the whole story out of Jamie. Despite Darius's protestations Jamie would not discuss the foolishness of his drug use, nor his letters to Bob and Mark, as they were strictly private - between him and them. But he talked with animated delight about his reconciliation with Mark in the motel room, as he wanted to re-live that moment again and again.

The men talked in more level tones about what came next. "First thing," Mark said, "is Jamie has to have some therapy sessions with Steve to talk out this drug use thing. "I know now that it was a one-off craziness, but just to prevent it from ever rearing its head again I want Steve to do whatever it takes to make sure."

"Huh," Randy grinned, "my brother uses some in pretty crazy techniques himself, so you better be prepared for that."

"I said, 'whatever it takes'," Mark ginned back, "and I'll tell Steve that. I'm also hoping that after Steve has talked to Jamie he can come up with some kind of punishment I can give Jamie. The boy really wants it and needs it to prove how sorry he is for what he did."

"There's something else too, isn't there?" asked Bob, as astute as ever."

"Well, it's just that I still can't rid my mind of that squalid picture of Jamie on the beach, high as a kite with that scumbag's dick in his ass. It gnaws away at me. But I've thought of a way of trying to obliterate it. It won't be Jamie's punishment, though, far from it. Also, it'll have the extra advantage of giving pleasure to Jamie, make up for the asshole I've been, and prove to him that he really is on the road to forgiveness."

"Wow, quite a tall order," said Adam with a lascivious smile. "Wish I could watch."

"Not his time, buddy. This is just between me and Jamie ..... and one other guy."


That night, after they had made love in their own bed for the first time since the crisis, Mark repeated to Jamie what he had said to the guys at dinner. Jamie winced and blushed deeply when Mark mentioned the image that haunted him of Jamie on the beach and he murmured for the umpteenth time, "I'm sorry, sir." Mark pulled him tighter in his arms to reassure him.

"Anyway," Mark said gently, "I gotta get rid of that memory, and I think I know a way. Tomorrow, after work I don't want to find you naked on the bed as you usually are, waiting for my dick in your ass." Jamie looked startled, but Mark chuckled, "Don't worry kiddo, I'll always want your ass when I get home, that's not gonna change, but just this once I have other plans for us. As soon as I've finished work I'm gonna take you out somewhere special and we'll see if my plan works. This is not your punishment yet, though. That'll come later."

The next morning Jamie reported for work in the upstairs office, where Bob was seated at his computer. He swung round and smiled. "Welcome back, Jamie. We have a lot of work to catch up on." Jamie was blushing nervously. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry that in the last few days my heart wasn't in my work and I let things slide, but I promise I'll....."

"I know you will, Jamie. Come here." Bob stood up and took Jamie in his arms. Jamie nestled into his shoulder and said, "Sir, I want to thank you for everything you did to help Mark and me. I'm not sure what you did, but I know that the only person Mark would ever take advice from is you, so you must have done a whole lot to smooth things over. I love you, sir, and I'm glad to be back."

After that little speech Jamie sat at his computer determined to back up his words with action. So began a day of intense work without even a break for lunch. Jamie ran down to the kitchen to grab a sandwich to eat at his desk but the twins said they would bring him up a lunch tray. Throughout the recent days of drama Kyle and Kevin had hovered in the background, Bob's shadows as always, aware of almost everything that was happening. Thrilled that their friend Jamie was back, they wanted to do everything they could to ease his return to the house.

"Wow," Bob said when he came back from his day's work as Senior Vice President of his big financial services company and looked over the work Jamie had done. You must have grown another pair of hands to get through all this. Thanks for all your hard work, Jamie. I'm proud of you." Praise from Bob was music to Jamie's ears and he blushed again. "Now," Bob grinned, "shouldn't you be getting back to your room, ready for Mark? He'll be home soon."

"No, sir, not today. Mark said as soon as he comes in he's taking me out somewhere."

"Ah, yes, that," Bob grinned conspiratorially. "I forgot. Well, enjoy, Jamie. I'm sure you will."


Shortly after that Mark came home and, true to his word, without even stopping to take off his police uniform, drove Jamie away in his truck. With the memory still fresh in his mind of the last time Mark had driven him off like this, when he thought he was being sent away, Jamie shuddered. "Don't worry, kiddo," Mark smiled, "putting his free arm round his shoulder .... "I know what you're thinking of but all that's over. And this time you're gonna like where I'm taking you."

It wasn't a long drive - down the hill, across Figueroa and down into the rustic surroundings of the Arroyo Seco. They pulled up at a house Jamie recognized. It was Jason's.

Jamie relaxed and even felt his cock stiffen as he thought of the gorgeous young firefighter who had become a close friend of theirs, and who had already joined them in some pretty hot sexual action. Mark explained that Jason had been out working a fire but would be home soon. They got out of the truck and Mark produced a key to open the gate.

Jamie frowned in surprise, not knowing that Jason had given Mark a key. Mark noticed this and, once inside the garden, pulled Jamie down onto a bench at the table and sat facing him. He reached over the table and took Jamie's hands in his.

"Jamie, there's something we need to talk about. While I was being so mad at you Bob said something that really hurt .... but it was true. He reminded me that I had been spending a lot of time away from you .... with Bob, but also with Jason. See, he even gave me a key so I could let myself in. Bob said you probably knew that I had sex with Jason - even that day I was late home and you stayed over at the beach - the start of all our troubles. Bob said you were probably hurt, and that's one reason you did what you did. Made me feel guilty as hell, kiddo."

"No, sir," Jamie protested, "it wasn't like that. Well, sure, I guessed you were having sex with Jason but I thought that was kinda hot ..... you're both such spectacular men, after all. It's just..... well I wished you would sometimes have included me too, sir .... at least let me watch. I mean, I think Jason kinda likes me."

"Kinda likes you!" Man, he's crazy about you. OK, so today you get your wish. I had a long phone conversation with Jason today and filled him in on all the details. But right now I gotta get you ready for when Jason gets home from work. Won't be long now."

"Anything you say, sir. Anything at all."


Mark was sitting at the table sipping a beer, his uniform shirt unbuttoned down to his waist, flapping open showing a wide expanse of his white T-shirt underneath, stretched over the slabs of his chest. He knew it was one of the looks that excited Jamie the most. Finally a truck pulled up at the gate and Jason walked in. For as many times as Mark had seen him, he was still awestruck by the sight of the gorgeous fireman, still bearing the marks and sweat of firefighting.

As he often did, Jason had stripped off his shirt after he left work and he was now naked to the waist except for the red suspenders holding up his heavy yellow work pants. He wore heavy-duty fireman's boots, and his muscular torso gleamed with the sweat of his labors, smudged with grease and smoke from the fire. The chiseled muscle-god features of his stunning face were similarly streaked with dirt and his tousled blond hair fell over his forehead. He was a breathtaking sight and Mark felt his cock get rock hard in his uniform pants.

Mark walked over to him and the two men shook hands and pulled each other close, chest to chest in a half hug. "Hey, man," Mark said, "looking hotter than ever. Tough day, uh?"

"The worst," said Jason, "talking of hot," and he wiped his hand across his chest then shook it, flicking the sweat to the ground. "Thing is, fighting fires gets the adrenaline going, makes me horny as hell. I've still got a raging hard-on under these pants. Man, I could sure use a tight piece of ass right now." Suddenly he looked past Mark and his eyes opened wide. "Shit damn, what have we got here?" He walked forward and stood gazing down at the ground.

Jamie was on his back naked. Mark had driven two stakes into the ground on either side of him and Jamie's arms were stretched sideways, wrists roped to the stakes in a crucifixion pose. He was helpless and it excited the hell out of him. He had gazed up and watched the uniformed cop and shirtless fireman and their virile greeting. Two blond muscle-gods.... didn't get more macho than that. The sight of Jason wiping the sweat from his chest had been highly erotic for Jamie, whose cock was hard as steel, standing straight up like a tent pole.

"Hey," Jason said, "this the boy you were telling me about, Mark, the one you caught wasted on drugs with some sleazeball surfer's dick in his ass?" Jamie winced in embarrassment. "Yeah, that's the one," Mark said. "Thing is, I can't get that picture out of my mind. But you remember Randy's 'hair of the dog' theory .... you wake up with a hangover, the best cure is another drink."

"Meaning you wanna see another dick up your boy's ass. Man he's such a hot young stud he can sure do better than some skanky stoner at the beach. You know what, buddy? I think I can help you out here. Look at that fucking rod of his, already dripping pre-cum. I'd say he's good and ready. Hey boy, let's see you get free."

This was a ritual that Mark always ordered up every time he had Jamie in bondage as he loved to see him struggle. Jason was no different. "Oh shit, man, I love to see that gorgeous young surfer in bondage. Look at that beautiful fucking body writhing, straining to get free. Man that's hot - gorgeous face, flying blond hair, and that cock! Know what turns me on the most? .... that tan line round his hips, the white strip against his golden tan, that big rod rising up from the blond tangle of his pubic hair. Shit, man he's a beauty. Pity that doper got to his ass, though. Let's take a look. Show me, boy."

Obediently Jamie bent his knees and raised his legs up high, putting his ass on display. "Oh, man, I gotta have that ass ..... look at it .... those perfect white globes." Jamie looked up at the gorgeous, muscle-god fireman gazing down at him, pecs flexing under the red suspenders stretched over his chest and shoulders. Jamie could have busted a load just looking at him, but he knew he had to wait.

Jason fell to his knees between Jamie's legs and pushed them further back. "So, boy, seems you got stoned on the beach and let this guy fuck your ass. You like dick up your ass, eh?"

"No, sir .... I mean yes, sir ..... I mean," he blushed, "I mean it depends on whose cock it is, sir."

"Oh, really? Well how d'you feel about this one?" He yanked open his yellow work pants and pulled out a huge, thick rod, hard as steel. Would you go for this up your ass?"

Jamie was drooling. "Yes, sir. Please, sir." But he hesitated and looked up at Mark, standing just behind Jason, legs astride, arms folded across his chest, shirt wide open. "But I mean, if it's OK with you, sir. I mean .... I'm not sure if ....." Jamie was no longer quite sure what was going on and was being extra careful not to make Mark angry with him.

"It's what I want, boy," came Mark's deep voice. "I need to forget the sight of you on the beach with that loser's limp dick in your ass.... replace it with the sight of a hot buddy of mine fucking you instead. So go for it, Jason. Fuck him good. Make it hurt. Show him what a real fuck is."

"No problem, man," said Jason, grinning down at Jamie. "This boy I could fuck all night. Here goes, kid. You ready?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you sir." Jamie still kept glancing at Mark, making sure this is what he wanted. He saw Mark's hand rubbing the rough serge of his uniform pants over his bulging cock.

Jason pushed Jamie's legs even farther back and lowered his head, burying his face in the tangle of soft blond fur round his warm hole. He breathed in deeply, savoring the musky taste and scent of the young ass. Then he pushed his tongue into the hole and licked the warm membrane inside. Suddenly he pulled his head back and howled. "Man, I love this ass!"

Holding both Jamie's feet up high with his left hand Jason pushed two fingers of his right hand into his own mouth, never breaking eye contact with Jamie. Then he pushed the fingers into Jamie's wet ass and twisted them inside. At the same time his natural narcissism took over and he flexed the perfectly honed muscles of his chest, shoulders and arms, and clenched his square jaw. Knowing exactly how spectacular he looked, he said, "So, kid, you sure you still wanna get fucked by a fireman?

He was driving Jamie wild and his cock was oozing pre-cum, close to orgasm. "Yes, sir .... Please, sir. Please put your dick in my ass, sir."

Jason threw Jamie's legs over his shoulders and leaned forward, clamping his hands over the boy's biceps, staring down at his wide-eyed face. Jamie felt hot sweat drip from the rugged face onto his, felt the head of the fireman's cock pressing against his asshole. But again Jason teased him, flexing his muscles and smiling down at him.

"Jeez, that's a lot of pre-jism dripping from your cock, boy. Looks like you're bursting to shoot your load just at the sight of me. Looks pretty hot, eh? You like my body, kid? That's one gorgeous fireman, and soon you're gonna feel his big pole deep in your ass. Is that what you want, boy?"

Jamie was being driven crazy, waiting for the fireman to drive his shaft inside him. "Yes, sir .... I want it bad ..... real bad. Please, sir, I'm begging you. Please fuck me, sir, I....aaagh!"

The bound surfer felt a steel rod plunge into his ass and smash against the hot membrane deep inside. Instantly it pulled back and .... aaagh.... it slammed his ass again. Jamie was reeling, puling desperately against his restraints, when the cock drove deep a third time and ... aaagh .... this time Jamie came, shooting a ribbon of cum high in the air, the hot pent-up juice that had been bursting for release, splashing onto Jason's face and chest.

Mark was watching in amazement as the shirtless fireman fucked the young surfer, staked to the ground, making him cum with just three savage plunges of his cock. When Mark had first seen Jamie lusting to get fucked he had still imagined him on the beach with another guy's dick in his ass. But the muscle-god fireman was so beautiful, so fucking hot, that all other images were banished from Mark's mind and he gloried in the sight of his own boy being gloriously fucked. Mark's memory was finally purged of the degrading image that had been plaguing it.

As he had watched in awe, Mark had been stroking the bulge under his pants and now he dropped to his knees beside Jamie's head. Coming out of his trance Jamie opened his eyes and gazed up at the fireman's stunning square-jawed face smiling down at him. Then he turned his head and looked up at the gorgeous cop kneeling beside him.

"That was great, boy," Mark said. "Just what I needed to see. Now here's something else I need." He unzipped his black uniform pants and pulled out his rock-hard cock, the head already slick with pre-cum. He began to stroke it, all the while gazing at Jamie's face. "Jamie, you're the most beautiful boy I know and I'm proud that you're mine." He grinned. "But that face of yours is too perfect and I have to mess it up a bit."

Jamie was feeling delirious as he looked from one man to the other ..... the muscular, half naked fireman who still had his dick up his ass, and the uniformed Greek-God cop stroking his huge shaft inches from his face. The boy's eyes were riveted on the hole at the tip of his master's cock as pre-cum dripped from it. Jamie heard Mark's breathing become ragged, heard him yell, saw the hole open and juice spurt from it a split-second before he was blinded by a flood of semen slamming into his face. "Open your mouth, boy!" As he did so, Jamie felt hot jism pouring into it and he swallowed it in huge gulps.

As the cum stopped flowing Jamie managed to open his eyes and saw through the film of his master's cum the incredible sight of the cop and the fireman with their mouths pressed against each other's in a macho kiss between two rugged uniformed men.


"Hey, man, I haven't busted my load yet. OK with you if I keep fucking your boy?" That was Jason, his stiff cock still resting deep inside Jamie's ass. "Sure thing, buddy," Mark grinned. "It's what he wants. I know my boy."

Jason pushed the suspenders from his shoulder and let them drop, so now he was completely stripped to the waist. He grabbed Jamie's feet and pulled his legs up high. "OK, boy, you're gonna make the fireman shoot his load in your ass. I know you've just cum so this is gonna hurt more than usual ..... and I wanna see you hurt. You know me.... I get off looking at gorgeous men, especially a gorgeous man in bondage and in pain. So do your thing, boy."

Jason began fucking Jamie in earnest now, starting slow but quickly building until his steel shaft was pile-driving the boy's ass. And there was no need for play-acting from Jamie. This was real, the pain was real, as the rugged fireman rammed his hips forward, his naked torso gleaming, muscles rippling.

Jamie looked up at his bound wrists, tugging at them in a futile attempt to free himself. His body was writhing, his ass twisting to avoid the worst of the onslaught from the fireman's cock. Tears spurted from his eyes and his head thrashed from side to side, his tousled blond hair flying. It was exactly what Jason wanted, the erotic sight of the virile young buck, his surfer-tanned body bound naked, writhing in pain as the fireman's cock pistoned inside his ass.

"Oh, yeah, boy, that's fucking gorgeous," Jason groaned. The incredible sight pumped more adrenaline into Jason and increased the force of his fuck, his hips pounding, his cock jack-hammering the young ass. "You look spectacular boy, but now I wanna hear the pain. I know you can't take much more of my rod hammering you. Tell me...."

Jason glanced quickly up at Mark for his approval and Mark nodded with a grin. Like he said, he knew his boy. As Jamie writhed in pain, tugging at the ropes, tears flowing from his eyes, he moaned to Jason. "Sir, it really hurts ..... you're pounding my ass so bad I can't take any more. Please, sir, cum inside me. Make it stop, sir. I'm begging you sir. Please ......"

"You know how to make it stop, boy," Jason growled. "When I see a beautiful boy writhing in pain the thing that gets me off is when the pain makes him scream and he shoots his load. So look at me boy. I'm so fucking gorgeous just the sight of me makes guys cum. Look at that body, kid - rippling muscles, massive shoulders and biceps, sculpted chest and the hard ridges of my abs. The body's so fucking beautiful it makes me blast a load all over the mirror. Look at my face - rugged, squared-jawed. And those eyes, those blue eyes piercing you like lasers. That's the most gorgeous fireman on the force, boy, and he's fucking you ass. And I know it's gonna make you lose your load, boy. Now what do you say?"

It was all true - and Jamie was mesmerized, so the pain faded and he said, "You're so beautiful I love getting fucked by you, sir. You're making me cum, sir. I can't hold back .... Aaagh!" He screamed the scream Jason wanted to hear and shot the load Jason wanted to see, and he felt the cock inside him shudder and erupt in a flood of semen that poured deep inside his ass.


A few minutes later Jason stood up, smiled at Mark and they shook hands. "Thanks, big guy," Mark said. "That's just what I needed to see. If I ever again think of a dick inside my boy's ass it'll be yours. They both looked down at the dazed, exhausted boy and Mark said, "Shit, man, watching you plough that kid made me hard all over again. Seems a pity to waste a good boner, wouldn't you say?"

Jamie watched as Mark undid the last buttons of his shirt and pulled it off. He stood there in just his T-shirt, black uniform pants and high motorcycle boots. Mark too had his vain side (though not as extreme as Jason's - no man's was) and flexed his muscles for Jamie. He walked round him and quickly untied his wrists, then knelt between his spread legs.

His voice was gentle as he asked Jamie the question he always asked. "Now, I know you've been fucked raw by Jason and shot two loads .... but what do you want now, Jamie?"

The reply was instant. "I would like you to fuck me, sir. I want to feel your cock in my ass."

For the second time Mark pulled his hard dick out of his pants and with no hesitation pushed it gently inside his boy's cum-slicked ass. It slid in easily and Mark moaned with pleasure as he pushed into the pool of Jason's semen in the ass. Knowing how sore Jamie's ass must be after Jason's pounding Mark moved his cock gently, tenderly. He smiled down at Jamie. "So, you got off looking at Jason's body, uh? Don't you wanna look at mine?"

"Always, sir, but your T-shirt ....." He stopped as he suddenly saw something he had never seen before. The T-shirt was an old one, the cotton thin, and at the neck was a slight nick, a rip. Jamie knew it was deliberate and it was inviting. He ran his hands over the thin cotton, feeling first the shape of the ridged abs, then the bulging pecs, and he finally curled his fingers over the neck-line. He saw Mark's slight smile and a nod and he pulled down on the shirt.

It tore easily, split all the way down the front to the heavy belt at Mark's waist. The cotton fragments hung from Mark's shoulders, exposing the slabs of his chest, and Jamie gasped. He loved seeing Mark in uniform, or shitless or naked, but this ..... Mark's perfect torso draped with thin shreds of ripped T-shirt was the most erotic of all. Mark smiled at him. "You like that, boy?"

"Sir, it's ...... it's beautiful, sir. You're so beautiful sir, I could cum just looking at .... I think I am gonna cum, sir. Please help me, sir...."

"No sweat, kiddo. Here, will this do the trick? Aaah ...." He sighed deeply and Jamie felt his master's juice flowing inside him. And for the third time that evening, Jamie shot another load that spurted upward and soaked the ragged shreds of cloth clinging to the cop's chest.


The three men looked at each other in a numb silence. Then they burst out laughing as they realized they were all dripping with cum. Fortunately Jason's shower was large so they all showered together, though they had to stop themselves from getting into another steamy three-way sex scene. Jamie and Mark stayed for dinner and there was a buoyant feeling of achievement round the table.

All of Mark's goals had been achieved. He had given Jamie pleasure and reassured him that he was an essential part of his life, even when (or especially when) that involved sex with Jason. And as he had watched his buddy the fireman fucking his boy, Mark had finally, once and for all, been able to purge his thoughts of the painful image of Jamie on the beach. He raised his glass and offered a toast to Jason and Jamie. "But we're not out of the woods yet, Jamie," he smiled. "The next step for you is Doctor Steve."

That step came soon. Actually Mark had known Steve longer than the other guys, having been treated by him when he separated from the military, with the trauma of his capture and brutal interrogation, and his ensuing anger issues. It was Mark who had referred Randy to Steve for anger management (with limited success, Randy being Randy - the first thing he had done is fuck the therapist.)

Steve had received all the details of Mark's troubles with Jamie and immediately grasped that their problems were multi-layered - not just Jamie's adolescent dabbling in drugs. But he hated to make deductions based on third-hand information and suggested that Mark should accompany Jamie to his first therapy session.

So it was that a couple of days later Mark and his boy walked into Steve's office. After a few of the usual pleasantries, Steve suggested that he talk to them singly, with Jamie first. So while Mark sat in the outer office, Jamie faced Steve across his desk. He tried to concentrate but was distracted, as always, by the boner in his shorts that he always got in the presence of the handsome doctor.

Steve let Jamie do all the talking at first, about the huge mistake he had made and making a few half-hearted excuses. "But," the boy concluded, "there is no excuse, sir, and I know I still have to be punished. I need it, sir, real bad, to show Mark how sorry I am. I'll do anything, sir - have him tie me up and whip me - anything."

Steve sat thoughtfully, without much comment, then asked Jamie to step outside and send Mark in. But with Mark Steve was much more forceful. "It's clear to me, Mark, that Jamie cannot begin to move forward from all this until he gets the punishment he longs for. I think I know best how to do that, but first I've gotta say that there's plenty of blame to go around here. Jamie made a bad mistake, and boys tend to do that at his age. He supposedly had you to protect him but what did you do? Turned your back on him, decided to throw him out of your life.

"You totally over-reacted .... your pride and wounded ego took over. And man, that stunt you pulled with the tattoo - threatening to remove it - that was real low man and not worthy of you. Your anger consumed you and you caused the poor boy a lot of grief on top of what he was already feeling. That kid worships you, Mark, and that's the way you treated him! I've admired you a long time Mark, but this time you've disappointed me. The other guys won't tell you this because they've always respected you, but I'm your therapist so I can say what I like.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that both of you deserve to be punished. Now, I want to see Jamie in two days - not here in the office but at my house. And here's what I want to happen. He explained his plan to Mark, and the cop meekly agreed, chastened by Steve's tongue lashing that he knew he deserved.


Two days later Jamie drove alone up to Steve's house. He assumed he would have another therapy session with Steve in his study, so he was surprised when the doctor led him into the big room with mirrored walls that he and his lover Lloyd used for working out and for heavy sex. "OK," Steve said, "so this is the punishment phase of your therapy, Jamie. That's why I told you to come here. Strip off your clothes and sit in that chair."

Jamie obeyed willingly. At last he was going to get the punishment he craved, though he was disappointed that it was not Mark but Steve, his therapist, who was apparently going to administer it. His assumption was confirmed when Steve made him rest his arms on the arms of the straight-backed chair and he tied them down with lengths of cord. Then he knelt and tied Jamie's ankles to the chair legs. "OK, now see if you can get free."

Jamie struggled and pulled at his restraints but without success. As Steve watched the naked young surfer struggling in bondage, his ripped muscles flexing, he felt his cock stiffen in his pants. Hell, he thought to himself, I can see why the cop fell in love with this young stud. "OK, that's enough," he said. "Now I want you to think back, Jamie. What do you think is the main thing you should be punished for? What do you think hurt Mark the most?"

Jamie responded at once. "Oh, I know what that was, sir ..... seeing me on the sand with that guy's dick up my ass. Mark couldn't get it out of his mind. That was the worst thing."

"Dead right, Jamie. You can't really imagine how deeply that wounded Mark. Now, my brother Randy, no stranger to dishing out punishment, always says that the punishment should fit the crime. And that's what we're gonna do here today." Steve looked upward to a beam in the ceiling and Jamie followed his gaze. He saw two hooks in the beam and watched as Steve reached up and threaded through the hooks short ropes that had manacles hanging from them.

So that was it, Jamie thought. He was to have his body stretched and whipped, or fucked - or both. Still, he wished that it was Mark who would do that to him. And suddenly it looked as if he might get his wish as, without warning, the door opened and Mark came into the room with Lloyd, Steve's lover. Jamie had met Lloyd before, of course, and always admired the handsome architect with the ripped body that he worked on daily at the gym. Today he looked gorgeous in a simple white T-shirt, blue jeans and boots.

Mark had obviously come straight from work as he was still in his police uniform. But the odd thing was that, although Mark walked forward and stood a few feet in front of Jamie, he did not look down or make eye contact. Rather, he looked at his own reflection in the mirror behind Jamie's chair. Lloyd stood behind Mark, reached round him and began to unbutton his uniform shirt. He pulled it out of the waistband, then back off his shoulders and tossed it to the ground. Then he pulled the T-shirt up from the waist, over his head and threw it too on the floor.

Jamie gasped as he saw his master naked to the waist, letting this man strip off his shirt. Lloyd must be acting as Mark's assistant, stripping him for action for when Mark would begin his punishment of Jamie. But suddenly all Jamie's illusions were shattered and he gasped "No!" Mark had reached up and put his hands through the manacles hanging from the beam. Quickly Lloyd reached up and pulled the restraints tight round Mark's wrists.

Steve stepped forward and looked down at Jamie. "Now I think you understand what your punishment is to be, Jamie. It involves no physical pain for you, only the mental anguish of watching your master take your punishment for you. And that will hurt more than any whipping ever could." In desperation Jamie pulled against his restraints in a futile attempt to free himself.

A grin had come to Lloyd's face as he reached round Mark and ran his hands over the slabs of his chest. "Oh, yeah," Lloyd moaned, "I love the sight of a beautiful man and god knows you are one of the best. I really get off on muscular bodies like yours, especially when they're bound and stretched. Man, look at that fucking powerful cop, stripped down to his uniform pants and boots, a macho stud used to giving orders now at my mercy, his gorgeous body stretched like he's on the rack, waiting for his punishment to start.

"Steve says you deserve it for the way you treated your boy, and I get the pleasure of dishing it out. How does this feel for a start, big guy?" Lloyd pressed his fingers tips hard on Mark's nipples and twisted them savagely. "Aaagh!" The cop howled in pain as fire shot through his chest. He yanked at the shackles round his wrists, writhing to relieve the pain.

Lloyd was mesmerized by the sight in the mirror of the agonized cop. Giving one last brutal twist to Mark's nipples, he said, "OK, stud, let's get serious now. You thought that was bad? How about this?" Lloyd yanked off his own T-shirt, stripping for action, and pulled his belt from his jeans. He raised his arm, and lashed it across Mark's chest and sore nipples. Mark howled and, in a futile attempt at avoiding the lash, pulled himself up on the ropes tying his wrists, so his boots cleared the floor, his legs kicked wildly, and his biceps and shoulders bulged as his body twisted desperately, hanging from the beam above him.

Jamie gazed in horror at the beautiful Greek god, his half-naked body writhing, muscles flexing to absorb the pain of the whip, his ridged abs stretched upward from the belt round his narrow waist. Sweat was dripping from his rugged face. And this was happening because of him, Jamie, who had desperately wanted to feel the pain of punishment and was now enduring the far worse agony of watching his master suffer in his place. Adding to Jamie's horror was that the erotic sight of the suffering muscle-god had given Jamie a huge hard-on.

Stripped down to his beltless blue jeans and boots, the muscular Lloyd looked stunning. One hard lash across the cop's back made Mark drop back to the floor, and as the whipping continued he yelled, "That's it, man, whip my body. I need it, man ..... I deserve it. This is for you, Jamie .... Aaagh!" and he howled as another blow fell across his back.

It was agony for Jamie to watch his master get whipped in front of his eyes, and tears streamed down his face. Steve, the watchful ringmaster, knew the boy couldn't take much more and stepped forward, saying, "Jamie, you can stop this. You can end Mark's pain by showing him how much you love him. You know what to do."

It didn't take much effort on Jamie's part. The sight of the shirtless cop, his spectacular body writhing in bondage, muscles flexing and gleaming with sweat, handsome features twisting in pain, was not only horrifying, it was pornographically beautiful and Jamie's cock was throbbing. Then, for the first time, Mark's blue-gray eyes pierced his. "I love you, Jamie. Help me, boy."

That was all it took for Jamie to shudder and howl as cum blasted from his cock, rose high in the air and splashed down onto his upturned face. Suddenly everything stopped and there was no sound except for the rasping breaths of Mark and Jamie, and the soft sobbing of the boy.


Steve took command again. "You did well, Jamie. I know how painful that was for you but you saved your master from further hurt. But there is one more thing to show you. You told me that the worst thing for Mark had been seeing you after getting fucked by someone else. Well, now the punishment will truly fit the crime. OK, Lloyd. Go ahead."

Much calmer now, Lloyd stood behind Mark again, reached round him, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He pushed the uniform pants and the shorts down and they fell round his motorcycle boots, exposing his vulnerable ass. Lloyd didn't hesitate. He ripped open his jeans and pulled out his long, hard cock that had been throbbing ever since he began working Mark over. Lloyd spat on it, rubbed his hand over it, then pressed it against the cop's hole. With a decisive thrust of his hips he drove the cock deep inside Mark's ass, making him gasp and his bound body shudder.

Lloyd looked over Mark's shoulder into the mirror and moaned, "Oh, man, that is fucking sensational. Look at that gorgeous stud cop, tied up naked, his pants round his boots, getting his macho ass fucked." With the back of his hands Lloyd lightly stroked Mark's inflamed nipples, making him gasp with pain and pleasure. "How's that feel, big guy?"

Mark groaned, "Yeah, fuck that cop's ass, man. Shit, your rod feels good in my ass. Show my boy what it looks like seeing his man with another guy's cock in his ass. Come on, man, fuck me. Cum inside my ass. Make me shoot my load."

They were both so close it didn't take long. Lloyd could have cum many times in his jeans as he whipped Mark's magnificent body, and Mark's cock had been rock hard as he braced against the pain and knew that his boy was watching him get whipped. When Jamie had shot his load Mark had almost cum too, but had saved it for this. "Here it comes," Lloyd murmured. "You look so fucking gorgeous, man, tied up, that beautiful naked body striped by the whip, that huge rod of yours pointing straight at your boy. Let me see you cum, stud .... let's do it .... Aaagh!"

Mark felt Lloyd's hot juice pouring into his ass. His body jolted and he felt the climax of all his past anger, his shame, his love for his boy .... and above all the pent-up juice straining in his balls. He looked down at Jamie with a piercing gaze. "Here it comes, boy. I love you, Jamie...." His cock exploded in a stream of warm cum that slammed into Jamie's face, then another, as Jamie opened his mouth and gulped it frantically. He loved the taste, the smell of his master's juice that kept pouring into his face and down his chest. It seemed it would never stop, and when it did Jamie's face was smothered in Mark's semen, the balm of forgiveness.

Steve took over again and quickly untied Jamie's wrists and ankles. He helped Jamie to his feet and smiled at him. One more act, Jamie. You and Mark are a beautiful couple and I want to watch you make love to your master. It will be a final act of reconciliation for you both ..." he grinned .... "and besides, I want to get my rocks off. Everyone else in this room has ..... so why not the doc who put on this show? I'm gonna cum watching you, Jamie."

He guided Jamie behind Mark, who was still stretched naked, his wrists tied. Jamie inhaled sharply, knowing what Steve meant him to do. No problem with his cock ..... it was hard as steel. But he looked nervously over Mark's shoulder into the mirror .... and saw him smile. "Go for it, kiddo. You're always the one who says, 'I want to feel your cock in my ass.' Well this time it's me, kid. Show me you forgive me."

And so Jamie put his arms round his master's chest, held him tight and buried his cock inside his ass. It felt like a furnace after everything Mark had endured, and Jamie knew he had to cum soon. So he eased his cock in and out, lubricated by the huge pool of cum that Lloyd had poured into Mark's ass.

Jamie rested his chin on his master's shoulder and whispered into his ear the words he had recently written in grief in his goodbye letter, but now uttered in joy. "I love you, sir. I love you .... I love you ..... I always have." Mark smiled at Jamie in the mirror and said, "Let's do it Jamie." And master and boy were united in orgasms of love and forgiveness, as Doctor Steve watched and shot his load.


A few hours later Mark and Jamie were back home in their bedroom, naked in each other's arms. There was a knock on the door and the twins came in, each bearing a tray laden with food. "Room service," smiled Kevin. Kyle added, "We figured you would not be joining the group for dinner, gentlemen, so we brought dinner to you. They put the trays down and pulled the small dining table to the middle of the room, placing two chairs at it facing each other. They spread over the table a white cloth they had brought and set out the dinner. The final touch was a silver candle holder in the middle of the table. Kevin lit the candle and, standing shoulder to shoulder, they said in unison, "Bon App├ętit, sirs." And they quietly left the room.

Downstairs was the usual raucous gathering as men and boys crowded round the outdoor table. But dinner was delayed as Randy, Pablo and Ben were still not home from the construction site. As they waited Bob was a little miffed, as Randy had called over half an hour ago to say work had ended for the day. But eventually there came the crunch of tires outside the gate. It burst open and Randy swaggered in with Pablo and Ben.

Randy was in his usual work outfit of old sweaty tank top stretched across his chest, dirt-covered cargo pants and heavy work boots. Copying their master the boys were similarly dressed, similarly filthy, but they seemed to wear it as a badge of pride. They too adopted Randy's swagger, apparently oblivious of the fact that their lateness was delaying dinner.

Bob shook his head and raised his eyebrows at Zack and Adam. They had all noticed lately an increase in Randy's smugness bordering on arrogance. He was feeling real good about himself. He had a loyal adopted son and young brother, who both worshipped the ground he walked on. The two boys had bonded as a team and proved themselves to be tough and worthy of him when they had rescued Eddie in the ocean and later given him the thrill of being worked over by them both. Randy's pride in them boosted his already inflated ego.

And Randy had in Bob a devoted and gorgeous lover. While Bob was loved and admired by all the guys and exerted considerable authority in the house, Randy was still the ultimate boss of the tribe, as he had been right from the start. For those reasons Randy's self-confidence .... self importance, really .... was at its height. Making no excuse for their lateness Randy threw an arm over the shoulder of each of his boys and sauntered on.

Irritated by the display Bob called out. "Come on Randy, dinner's been ready for a while." Then he added with a smile, "Even the boss has to respect the rules, you know."

Randy called back, "Fuck that, man. I don't follow the rules .... I make the fucking rules. Come on kids, let's go get cleaned up. You can shower with me."

Everyone was surprised at what could be seen as a put-down of Bob and Zack growled, "That guy's getting way too full of himself." He grinned at Adam. "Hey, buddy, maybe we ought to do something about that when we're up at the lake." An upcoming trip to the lake in the mountains had been planned for Randy, Zack and Adam, and their boys Pablo, Darius and Nate.

"Yeah," Adam smiled back at Zack. "We Aussies have an old saying that no man's too big that he can't be brought down to size. I'm with you, buddy."

Darius nudged Nate and grinned mischievously. "Hey, kid, guess that goes for Pablo too. He's been getting real uppity lately too, with that 'senior boy' act he pulls - the 'boss's boy' bullshit. No reason we can't give him a reality check too. Can't let the guys have all the fun, can we?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 177


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