Ben was excited and scared. Overcoming Randy's objections, the gorgeous fireman Jason had invited Ben to dinner. Ben had explained his nervousness to Jamie. "See, dude, I think I really, really like Jason, but when we had those group sex games here, he said that soon he really wanted to fuck my ass. Well, I'm thinking maybe that's all he wants ..... I mean a young kid like me .... and he's this gorgeous stud fireman that everyone lusts for. Well, what else would he want from me but a young piece of ass, then 'Thanks a lot, kid, that was great' .... and that's it?"

Jamie, knowing Jason well, had tried to calm Ben's nerves. "People always get the wrong idea about the guy," Jamie said. "I mean, he's so fucking gorgeous everyone thinks he's Mr. Popular, has sex all the time and gets off on people drooling over him. But actually it's the exact opposite. He told Mark and me that his looks set him apart from other guys. The other firemen respect him and all, but they never socialize with him. Guys are kinda scared off by his beauty - resentful even."

"So he's always lived alone, no relationships - no boy or anything - and if you want my opinion he's a bit shy ..... and lonely, real lonely. Mark thinks that's one reason he likes getting off on himself in the mirror. It's not vanity, really - it's just that he's got nobody else." Jamie grinned. "But as for what he wants from you, dude, well I guess you're just gonna have to find that out."

Later, as he drove to Jason's, wearing a neat blue Polo shirt and cargo shorts, Ben was still nervous, plagued with images of how Jason would look, what he would be doing. Probably working out in those thin, sexy shorts of his, pumping his muscles. It would be all about sex, Ben knew that. When he drew up at Jason's gate he looked in the rearview mirror and tried to smooth his hair but .... ah, to hell with it. He'd probably be naked in a few minutes anyway, working out with Jason in front of the mirror, then getting fucked. His heart was beating wildly as he took a deep breath at the gate and walked in.

Nobody. The garden was silent, no sign of Jason, certainly not using the patio gym. Ben panicked. Maybe he had got the wrong day, wrong time. Maybe Jason had cooled on the idea ..... maybe he should leave.

"Hey, Ben!" The cheerful shout rang across the garden as Jason came out of the house. "Sorry, kiddo, I was busy in the kitchen with the tap running so I didn't hear you."

Ben's jaw dropped. Striding toward him Jason was dressed in a white V-necked T-shirt, clean blue-jeans, with casual topsiders on his feet. The word that ran through Ben's mind was 'preppy,' a far cry from the near-naked muscle hunk he had expected. His spectacular body was still obvious, etched under his T-shirt, but as he came toward Ben, wiping his hands on a dish towel, Jason was the image of domesticity.

He threw open his arms, folded them around Ben and kissed him hard on the mouth. Instead of the smell of sweat that he associated with Jason in his gym, Ben breathed in the fresh, clean scent of bleach on his gleaming white shirt. Jason held him at arm's length, beaming. "Well here we are at last, Ben. Had to jump through some hoops along the way, but we finally made it. God, it's good to see you .... you look terrific, as always. Come into the kitchen."

Ben followed him into the house, where the kitchen was a scene of fevered activity and enticing smells. This was obviously going to be much more than a beer and a sandwich. "Take a pew," Jason said. "Just let me check the stuff in the oven and I'll be right with you."

Ben sat at the big table and looked around. It was more than just a kitchen ..... a big room, part dining room, with comfortable chairs. Reading Ben's mind Jason said, "I designed it like this. Wanted it to be relaxing 'cause people like to gather in the kitchen and talk to the chef while he's cooking. Not that I have a lot of company," he added quietly. He closed the oven door and grinned. "I thought we'd push the boat out a bit and start with martinis. You up for that?"

"Yes please, sir," Ben said in a bit of a daze. He gazed at Jason as he rattled the martini shaker. He couldn't remember ever seeing him dressed like this ..... hardly ever saw him with a shirt on. As he watched the gorgeous fireman, who was plainly enjoying himself, Ben saw him in a whole different light ..... a real man, not just a sex icon or a picture in a calendar. If anything he looked even sexier in regular clothes, the V-neck T-shirt stretched over his sculpted chest, biceps bulging under the short sleeves, and Ben's boner got harder in his shorts.

Only thing was, would there be any sex? Ben had feared it would be all just a quick fuck and a quick meal, but now it seemed the opposite - an elaborate dinner and ..... maybe that's it, no sex?" Then suddenly, as he poured the martinis, Jason put all Ben's fears to rest.

"Ben, I wanted to ask you something .....can you stay all night? I'll call Randy to clear it with him, but I wanted to check with you first, see if you'd be OK with that. What d'ya say?"

Ben blinked in surprise, then blurted out, "I say yes, sir. Yes please, sir. Yes, please. That would be way cool, sir."

Jason laughed, "Well I think we can manage a bit better than cool, eh? Kick the temperature up a notch?" He raised his martini glass and Ben copied him. "So here's to a great time together, kiddo. Here's to us." And they clinked glasses.


Jason sipped his drink and smiled at Ben, who was gripping the glass firmly in his fist. "You ever had a martini, Ben?"

"I think so, sir, but when I swallowed it it burned my throat and nearly made me choke."

Jason laughed. "Well you don't chug-a-lug a martini like beer, Ben. Sip it slowly like this ..... let it flow down gently." Ben did as instructed and the ice-cold vodka tasted good. As he sipped his drink with this beautiful, macho man he somehow felt more grown up.

"OK, kiddo, let me tell you what we're having for dinner. I always cook healthy food, as you might guess - high-protein, low carbs and plenty of fresh veggies. So it'll be baked salmon, spinach and scrambled egg-whites."

As Jason talked enthusiastically about the meal, and nutrition in general, Ben listened intently - or tried to. Unfortunately he was distracted by Jason's gorgeous face and body that made his dick throb in his pants. He gazed at Jason's chiseled features, his tousled blond hair and clear blue eyes that sparkled in the reflected light from his white shirt. His Adam's apple moved prominently in his throat as he talked and the deep voice was mesmerizing.

This isn't gonna work, Ben thought. He couldn't get over his physical lust for the guy. He wanted to kiss that face, feel those lips on his, and he fantasized about Jason reaching across the table, throwing him down on it and fucking him. And yet..... and yet, in the midst of his sexual obsession Ben had a dim impression that there was another feeling playing in the background, something different - bigger than sex - that he couldn't put his finger on. It seemed to be real important, but right now it was just a fleeting sensation being stifled by his physical lust for the spectacular man facing him.

He knew he couldn't get through dinner nursing this huge boner in his shorts. He wanted to cum so bad he couldn't concentrate on what Jason was saying. He knew what he had to do. He jumped to his feet and said, "Excuse me, sir, but I have to use the bathroom."

Jason smiled, seeing the tent-pole sticking up in Ben's shorts. "Sure, kid, back there, second door on the left. As Ben turned to go Jason said, "Do you need to pee, Ben, or jack off?"

Ben whirled round and his face blushed scarlet. "Both, actually, sir."

OK," Jason grinned, "but do me a favor - just pee for now and hold off on the other thing."

Ben closed the bathroom door behind him saying softly, "Shit.... shit. What a fucking idiot. I acted like a total asshole in front of Jason." And to make matters worse Ben now found it hard to pee through his rock-hard erection. The piss arced high in the air and splashed down into the toilet - or most of it. The rest fell on the floor and he tore off a hunk of toilet paper, got on his knees and mopped it up.

Feeling even more stupid on his knees by the toilet, he thought, 'Fuck, I blew it ..... this evening's gonna be a total disaster. He won't even want me to stay.' He cleaned most of it up, flushed the toilet and washed his hands. He looked nervously in the mirror and splashed cold water in his face to make his blush fade. Then he took a deep breath, left the bathroom and walked back to the kitchen.

His worst fears were confirmed as he saw Jason standing up. This was it, he was gonna call the whole evening off. But instead Jason smiled broadly, opened his arms wide and folded them tightly round the boy, squeezing him against him, kissing his face, his eyes and his lips. Trapped in the muscular arms Ben reached round and ran his hands over Jason's back, feeling through his T-shirt the rippling muscles in his back and wide lats. He felt Jason's warm lips pressing against his, with traces of the martini on his breath. Ben was in the arms of the glorious man he had lusted for, the man whose picture he had jerked off over. Squeezed against his hard-muscled body he felt Jason's bulging cock pressed against his.

Overwhelmed by lust Ben lost all his nerves and reticence. Throwing caution to the winds he gripped Jason's back hard, digging his fingers into the sinewy muscles, and crushed their bodies together. He pushed his tongue deep into Jason's mouth and ground his crotch fiercely against Jason's, feeling the fireman's cock pulsing in his jeans. He was flying, lost in the mind-blowing sexuality of this gorgeous man and the result was inevitable. He pulled his face off Jason's, threw his head back and yelled "Aaagh" as his cock exploded in his shorts.

He felt the sticky wetness as his cock emptied its load and he pulled away, suddenly embarrassed by his raunchy behavior. Blushing deeply he was unable to look Jason in the eye, but Jason lifted Ben's face up by the chin and smiled at him. "Wow, you are one hell of a wild little gypsy boy, Ben. But that sure beats jacking off over the bathroom sink, eh?"

"Yes, sir," Ben said, a trace of mischief creeping into his shy grin. Jason looked down at Ben's crotch and said, "Better get cleaned up, kiddo. Can't eat a fancy dinner like that. Here ....." He disappeared into his bedroom and came back with a pair of gray boxer briefs. "Better change into my shorts here. Don't worry, I've only worn them once or twice. Off you go."

Ben ran to the bathroom and was relieved to see that the floor was dry and not stinking of his piss. He took off his shorts, washed and dried his cock and pubic hair, then held Jason's shorts to his nose, the shorts he had 'only worn once or twice', and his cock stiffened all over again. He pulled them on and gazed at himself in the mirror, Jason's 'wild little gypsy boy' actually wearing the fireman's undershorts. He pulled his cargo shorts on over them before his cock got too stiff, tucked in his Polo shirt and smoothed his hair.

Now that he had shot his load he felt less nervous about being with Jason - more ..... he wasn't sure what, but he knew it felt good.


Jason was busy at the stove when Ben came back. Ben realized that he was carrying his cum-soaked shorts with him and he was about to hide them behind his back when Jason said, "Here, give me those, kid. I'll do a deal with you. You keep my shorts and I'll keep these." He held them up to his face and inhaled. "They'll be perfect for when I jack off thinking about you."

The fireman would jack off thinking about him!? Stunned, Ben sat at the table with the remains of his martini and Jason sat opposite him. "Right," Jason said. "Now we've got all that sexual pressure out of the way, and you're not just sitting there lusting for me, we can relax and get to know each other." He sipped his drink and became contemplative.

"Now that you've shot your load, Ben, maybe you'll be able to see the real me, beyond my looks. See, there's something about good looks that can be more a curse than a blessing. Sure, it can open a lot of doors, but the downside is a bit like a wealthy man who never knows if people like him for himself or his money. People who might like you can never really separate the real man from his looks. They want your body and can't see further than that. So it's real hard for a guy like me to get close to anyone and I spend a lot of time alone." So Jamie was right, Ben thought. Jason was lonely.

Jason smiled. "Face it, Ben, when you came here this evening you were thinking about sex, no? Maybe watching me work out, then fucking that sweet ass of yours. That was it, wasn't it?"

"Yes, sir," Ben said meekly, blushing again. He perked up. "At first anyway, sir, until I got my rocks off. But now....."


"Well now I just .... just like being here with you. Makes me feel .... kinda warm."

"Good," Jason smiled. "See, I told you we could do a little better than 'cool', didn't I? I'll tell you something else, and I say this because you're a very handsome young man, with the kind of dark good looks that will get even sexier as you get older. You're going to be a knockout, Ben, but if a man is good looking and desired by others he has to be kind, too. A lot of those hot guys who did the calendar with me could be arrogant pricks sometimes ..... boasted about girls they had taken to bed, then walked out on."

"A lot of guys are gonna lust for you, kiddo, and you'll probably turn most of them down, but you have to do it with kindness .... let them down gently. See, a lot of people assume that handsome men are usually pricks. You gotta show them otherwise. You get it?"

"I think so, sir. I guess I'll be OK if I try to be like you." Be like Jason? .... fat chance, Ben thought .... the man was phenomenal. But Ben was at last getting beyond Jason's stunning looks and glimpsing the man behind them. He was sort of.... beautiful inside and out. And Ben was going to spend the night with him! But now he was excited not so much by the thought of having Jason's cock in his ass, as having Jason's arms round him while they slept.

Feeling more and more relaxed, Ben drained his martini and said, "Are we having any more of these, sir?"

"Hmm," Jason said. "Not a good idea, I think, kiddo. You're not used to liquor and what do you think Randy would say if I got you drunk, eh?"

"I don't care what Randy says," Ben blurted out defiantly.

Jason's eyes flashed. "Well you damn-well should care! Listen to me, boy. That man raised and protected you all your young life in tough circumstances that would have beaten any other man. And he's still protecting you. That's what he's been doing these last few days, fighting to protect you. Sure, he over-reacted this time, went off the rails some, but whatever he did, it was for you. I saw him the day you arrived from Texas and he was over the moon. He loves you to bits .... he's the best big brother any boy could have. You owe him a whole lot, so never let me hear you disrespect him again, boy. It's not worthy of you."

Ben was crushed by Jason's sudden anger and he blushed with shame. He stared down at the table with tears in his eyes. When Jason spoke again his voice was soothing. "OK, that's the end of the lecture, kiddo. Listen, you've gotta learn to take discipline from me as well as compliments if I'm to be your ....." he checked himself .... "your friend."

Ben looked up at him and his cock got stiff. It wasn't so much the steely look in his eyes, or the macho burst of anger. It was his use of the word 'boy' when he scolded him. He saw Jason's expression soften as he said, "By the way, while you were in the bathroom I called Randy and he OK'd you staying the night with me. So let me get dinner on the table and feed you. It won't be as good as what the twins serve up to you guys, but it'll be healthy, that's for sure."

Ben recovered quickly from Jason's tongue-lashing and when Jason started dishing up he realized how hungry he was. Jason sat down and smiled as he watched Ben shoveling the food into his mouth Again he thought of the wild young gypsy boy. "OK, Ben," he said, "you've gotten to know me a bit better, but what about you? Tell me about yourself - like your life in Texas and that amazing trek you made from Texas to California to find your brother."

Ben still had his mouth full as he spoke and food sprayed out of it. Jason smiled, picked up his napkin and handed it to Ben. "Here, use this." Ben ginned at him, wiped his mouth and said, "Sorry, sir." He gulped and said, "Well sir, it's a pretty long story."

"Never mind," Jason smiled. "Take your time. We're in this for the long haul." And again Ben's cock got stiff in his shorts."


As Ben poured out the story of his life Jason gazed at him and a wave of affection swept over him. He was a remarkable kid .... brave, resourceful, uncomplaining, taking whatever fate dished out and bouncing back. He was Randy's brother alright, with his tough, uncompromising confidence. He had a lot to learn, of course - Jason grinned to himself - like not talking with his mouth full. But he would learn - with the right teacher. He already had Randy, of course, for the macho stuff, and Bob for the more subtle things, and he looked on them both as his older brothers. But Jason sensed that Ben was searching for something else in addition to that.

"So anyway," Ben was saying, having come to the part where he had lived with a guy for a while. "He was OK at first and we had a good time but it got kinda like he owned me and then he started trying to fuck me - like forcing himself on me, real rough. Well, I wasn't gonna take that from no one so I slugged him and took off."

"I bet you did," Jason grinned. "Guess the guy learned that you don't fuck with the scrappy young gypsy boy." Then Jason chose his words carefully. "So, you didn't let the guy fuck you. Does that, er ..... does that mean you don't really like getting fucked?"

"Oh no, sir. I mean, yes sir, I do like it .... with the right guy." He blushed and lowered his eyes.

"Good, very good. So you just have to wait for the right guy to come along," Jason teased him. "Hey, let's take our coffee outside. It's a warm night and a full moon. Follow me."

"Wow," said Ben as they sat down at an old wooden table in the garden, "that sure is bright."

"It's the Harvest Moon," Jason said, "extra bright to help guys in the old days gather the harvest." There was a silence and they gazed at each other, their faces bathed in silver light making them almost surreally handsome. Slightly embarrassed they quickly looked away and sat quietly sipping their coffee, enjoying the simple pleasure of just being close, listening to each other's breathing.

Ben was floating in a world he never knew existed. Of course he had heard of people 'falling in love' but he had never really known what that meant - what it felt like. He still wasn't sure but he had a pretty fair idea it was happening to him.

Conversation began again and Ben asked Jason lots of questions about being a fireman. He hung on Jason's every word, gazing up at him as he spoke about the challenges and rewards - saving people's lives. In the bright moonlight, with an intense expression on his face, Jason had never looked more beautiful to Ben. 'I must be in love,' Ben thought - and it scared him. He wanted Jason so much it almost hurt. It felt as if he had known him for a long time, not just tonight, and he never wanted to lose him. He didn't want the moonlight to end, either, but he had no control over that. He just hoped that love wouldn't fade like the moon.

Sensing that the mood was getting a bit too serious Jason said, "OK, enough about firemen, kiddo." He looked at his watch. "Hey, do you know how long we've been out here talking? It's real late."

"Well, sir," Ben grinned mischievously, "you said we were in it for the long haul." Jason ruffled his hair. "Come on kiddo, let's get you to bed."

Ben followed Jason into the house. Now he was real scared.


In the bedroom Jason turned the lights on with a half-turn on the dimmer switch, bathing the room in a low golden light of the recessed spots in the ceiling. It was a large, comfortable room with mirrors on the walls and at the head of the bed. The bed itself was a wide California-King, the sheets and pillows all white. The sight of it, waiting silently for them, gave Ben a huge boner. He hesitated, waiting for a cue from Jason.

Jason matter-of-factly pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his shoes and stood shirtless in blue jeans, stretching under the golden light, making the waistband of his white undershorts show above the waist of the jeans. Ben gasped as he saw, for the first time since he arrived, the spectacular naked torso of the man we was to sleep with. He was so stunning that Ben could have blown his wad just by looking at him, but he made an effort to hold back.

"What you waiting for, boy?" Jason smiled. "Or are you gonna sleep with your clothes on?" Hastily Ben pulled off his Polo shirt and laid it on a chair. "Oh yeah," Jason said softly, running his hands over the contours of Ben's naked chest. "Now that is really hot. You're a looker, kid, no doubt about that. OK, teeth first. I kind of like the taste of liquor on your breath when I'm kissing you, but a nice fresh mouth is good too so I can make it taste of me. 'Course you would taste good no matter what."

Ben followed him into the bathroom and they stood in front of twin bash basins and the huge mirror behind them. Jason pulled one of two toothbrushes from a glass and handed it to Ben. "Here use one of mine. I've only used it a few times," he grinned, "just like the shorts you're wearing." Ben was sure he could taste Jason on the brush as they brushed their teeth, looking at each other in the mirror.

Ben looked at the shirtless muscle-god bending forward, white shorts showing just above his jeans. He could hardly believe this was happening, and he kept drifting into a fantasy world. He imagined this was a nightly detail in the life he shared with the fireman, brushing their teeth together, taking off their clothes, getting into bed together, having sex, then switching off the light and him sleeping in Jason's arms. He dreamed that it would be all part of the routine of their life together, a routine that would always be as exciting as the first time ..... and tonight was the first time!

They both peed together into the toilet, shoulder to shoulder, with Ben trying to aim straight despite his erection. "Well done, boy," Jason grinned at him and buttoned his jeans. That was the second time in the last few minutes Jason had called Ben 'boy' and it had a comfortable ring to it, what Jason would always call him if they ..... he banished that dream from his mind.

Jason grabbed another glass, tossed Ben's toothbrush into it and placed it by the wash basin on the left. "There, that's your side," he said, re-igniting Ben's dream.

They went back into the bedroom where Jason said, "OK, kiddo, time to hit the sack. You'll like the bed - nice firm mattress. Ben had a feeling the mattress wasn't the only thing he'd like about the bed. He unzipped and dropped his cargo shorts and put them on the chair with his shirt. He hesitated, then quickly pulled down his undershorts. His rock-hard dick sprang out and he blushed. Jason looked at him and laughed. "Never thought a nice firm mattress could have that effect on a boy."

To hide his embarrassment Ben jumped into bed and pulled the sheets up as far as his waist. He lay on his back and watched Jason, careful not to touch his cock that was standing up like a tent pole under the sheet. Still wearing just blue-jeans Jason walked around the room, tidying it up, the sculpted muscles of his body flecked by the alternating light and shade of the room as he moved under the spotlights in the ceiling. He picked up Ben's shirt and shorts and put them in a small drawer in the dresser. "There, that'll be your drawer, Ben," he said matter-of-factly.

That caused another jerk in Ben's cock, his excited anticipation reaching a peak. It would have caused an orgasm, were it not for the fact that he suddenly felt tired as he nestled down in the cool sheets. His thoughts started to drift off into fantasy again. What if this were every night, climbing into bed, waiting for Jason to join him, watching him get ready for bed? But he knew that, no matter how many times he saw this, he would always feel the thrill that he felt now.

He moaned softly as Jason unbuttoned his jeans, then paused. It was well-known, of course, that Jason knew how gorgeous he was, and Ben had a vague idea that even now Jason was showing off for him, flaunting his body and his looks in the narcissistic way he had, only this time Ben was his mirror. That feeling was strengthened when Jason pushed his jeans down his legs and stepped out of them. He was wearing white Jockey briefs and stretched his magnificent near-naked body under one of the spotlights.

Ben knew he had never seen anything more beautiful than this - the spectacular fireman wearing only white briefs, emphasizing his slim waist and the rounded globes of his ass. When he finished stretching he walked round the room a bit, then into the bathroom. Ben saw in one of the mirrors the reflection of Jason's back through the open bathroom door, as he stood at the toilet to pee one last time. He gazed at the V-shaped back that narrowed down to the tight waist and the gorgeous ass, accentuated even more now when the cotton briefs stretched tight across it as Jason pulled down the front and pulled out his cock to pee.

Ben's imagination was going wild. It was like he was in a porn movie as he heard the piss and imagined it pouring from Jason's cock. He wanted to be there, watching, lying on the floor under him, soaked in his piss, drinking it ..... He blinked and shook his head to clear it. But he no longer knew what was real or imagined. Was this really Jason, or a nameless muscle-hunk he had just met and was spending the night with? He heard Jason washing his hands, then he stood in the doorway, facing out to the bedroom, drying his hands on a hand-towel.

Ben held his breath as Jason threw the small towel behind his neck and held the ends in front of him, at the side of his pecs, making his biceps flex. Backlit by the bathroom light he stood there gazing across the room at Ben. Ben narrowed his eyes, blurring the image slightly so it became unreal - god-like. In a hypnotic trance Ben watched as the muscle-god lowered his hands, ran his fingers under the waistband of the briefs, paused then pushed them slowly down. As they passed over the bulge his long, iron-hard rod sprang out and pointed, Ben thought, straight at him.

The briefs fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, then raised his arms up high and rested his hands against the upper corners of the doorframe leaning slightly forward. His naked body was spread-eagled in the doorway, his golden tan broken only by the white strip where his briefs has been, outlined by sharp tan-lines top and bottom. The white towel was still round his neck, setting off the flawlessly handsome face with disheveled blond hair, his blue eyes staring ahead into some infinite distance. His whole spectacular physique was on flood-lit display.

Ben narrowed his eyes again and the image became surreal, ethereal. And yet this apparition was the man he had spent the whole evening with, the man who would soon be sleeping beside him. The otherworldly physical image and the real man behind it blended in a whirl of eroticism that finally overwhelmed the boy. Desperate not to touch his cock he threw his arms up and grabbed the posts at the corner of the bed. But he was powerless to resist the sight of the muscular physique flexing under the spotlight. Ben's body shuddered, his cock pulsed and he stifled a scream as cum blasted from it again and again, soaking the sheet stretched over it, forming a wet patch that spread slowly down the sheet and onto the boy's naked body.


Ben sank back limp with exhaustion. Tired after this long emotional evening and now drained by his orgasm, he closed his eyes briefly. But soon they flickered half open, somewhere between sleeping and waking. Through narrowed eyes he saw - dreamed? - a blond, nude Greek God beside the bed, smiling down at him, his huge cock hard as a rod. It had to be a dream - nothing real could be this beautiful. His fantasy man wrapped his hand round his long shaft and started to stroke it.

If this was a dream Ben never wanted to wake up - a naked muscle-stud towering over him beating his meat. But then, in the way dreams do, the illusion of the god morphed slowly into a real man - Jason - the man he had shared dinner with, talked to endlessly ..... fallen in love with. He remembered it all, and then he heard the unmistakable deep voice. "God, you're beautiful, Ben." That jerked him wide awake, back to reality. So it wasn't a dream. He really was here, in Jason's bed, and the naked fireman was standing over him, his chest and bicep bulging as he pounded his meat.

Ben opened his mouth to speak but, "aaagh!" He heard Jason's scream and felt the splash of hot liquid in his face. Through a film of cum he saw the fireman's incredible body bucking and heaving over him, the gorgeous face wincing, open mouthed, as the cock erupted with ribbons of white cum. Ben opened his mouth and swallowed the bitter-sweet juice that poured into it.

When Jason's cock was at last drained dry, Ben's chest and face were streaming with cum. His breath still heaving, Jason looked down at the swarthy young boy, still in a spread-eagled position on the bed, his naked body covered in semen. "That was for my wild young gypsy boy," he said. He fell to his knees by the bed, leaned forward and licked the pools of cum from Ben's stomach and chest. Then he moved up to Ben's face and pressed their mouths together, sharing the semen from mouth to mouth.

Ben was still in a trance. He had spent a spectacular evening with Jason, had most likely fallen in love with him, watched him strip down to his white Jockey briefs, which made Ben shoot his load just gazing at the glorious muscle-god. But now as he lay in Jason's bed and Jason smiled down at him, one question still burned in his mind. "Sir, are you going to fuck me?"

Jason laughed at the boy's bluntness. "Pushy young buck, aren't you? Let's just say we're going to make love. You know we've both wanted that since the minute you walked into the garden. Don't move .... stay just as you are. Leave everything to me."

Jason leaned forward and licked Ben's chest, ran his tongue over the sweat that trickled between his pecs, kissed his nipples and bit them gently. Ben moaned in ecstasy as Jason moved his tongue lower, over the ridges of the boy's abs, down to his damp public hair, then up the length of his already-rigid cock. "You are one horny young stud," Jason said. "So hard again so soon." Then he sprang to his feet.

"OK, boy, you gotta get me hard again too if you want my cock in that ass of yours." He vaulted onto the bed and positioned himself above Ben, with his feet on either side of the boy, body stretched forward, hands gripping the top of the backboard over Ben's head. He was arched a few feet over the boy, his cock pointing straight down at his face.

He paused. Then his biceps, shoulders and chest flexed hard, taking the strain as slowly, very slowly, he lowered himself. When his cock was inches from Ben's face he stopped. Ben was still holding onto the bed posts above him as ordered, but now he strained his head up and poked out his tongue, trying to touch the tip of Jason's cock. But Jason was teasing him and kept his cock just out of reach.

Making it worse, Ben felt pre-cum dripping from it onto his tongue. But he wanted the fireman's thick rod, all of it. He had sucked it once before, during the sex games at the house, and that was when his lust for Jason was born. He had thought of the cock since .... fantasized about it, jerked off thinking about it. Now here it was, an inch from his face .... so close but out of reach.

It was driving him wild with frustration and he pleaded, "Please, sir ..... please let me taste it, sir. You can do anything to me, sir ..... just let me taste your cock. Please, sir......"

Jason smiled. "Sounds great hearing my wild little gypsy boy beg like that. OK, boy, here it is." At last Ben's tongue touched the moist head and soon the cock was sliding down his throat. He looked up and saw the gorgeous body moving up and down, like a bodybuilder doing pushups over him, his muscles taut, his long cock pushing into his mouth. The cock had been semi-erect but as Ben squeezed his throat muscles tight it soon became hard as steel.

Finally Jason pulled out and knelt upright over Ben's legs. "I wanna see your ass, boy," he said, with a harder edge to his voice. Grabbing Ben's hips he turned him over onto his stomach. "On your elbows." Ben pulled himself up onto his elbows, his stomach still flat on the bed, and realized he could see everything in the mirrors at the head of the bed and on the walls. He saw Jason bend forward and felt him bury his head between the globes of his ass.

Jason licked the fuzz of black hair round Ben's hole then pushed his tongue deep inside, relishing the musky taste of the soft, warm membrane. He pulled back up, leaned forward and pressed his hands on the small of Ben's back. Ben saw in the mirror Jason smile at him. "You remember the day of the sex games at your house, what I said to you at the end?"

"Word for word, sir. You said, 'You're a real special boy and I want to really make love to you. But first I've gotta fuck that spectacular ass of yours - real soon'."

"Right, well that 'real soon' is right now. You didn't know that a couple of times after that I jerked off thinking about fucking your ass. And now it's right here and I'm gonna take it. That is, if you still want it."

"I do, sir," said Ben, a note of panic in his voice. "Please, sir, please's what I've wanted since you said that, sir..... I've cum thinking about it every day. Please, sir .... please fuck me."

"OK, boy. Keep looking in the mirror ..... look into my eyes." Ben was hypnotized by the steel blue eyes, by the sight of the magnificent body easing forward. In a trance he almost didn't feel the cock entering his ass, aware only of a sensual warmth that began at his hole and spread slowly inside him, deeper and deeper until his whole ass was on fire. The heat spread through his body and he thought he would pass out, but he was strengthened by the blue eyes in the mirror boring into his.

The sensation was so intense that at first he didn't fully realize what was happening until the blue eyes smiled and the voice said gently, "I'm inside you, boy. All the way inside .... well almost. Here's the bit that says I love you, Ben." His hips pushed forward and the head of his cock slid over the inner sphincter into the fiery, deepest recess of all.

Ben's eyes opened wide and he hallucinated that the image in the mirror glowed, godlike. The man was inside him, deep in his ass ..... inside him ..... "aah .... aah .... aagh!" His body bucked wildly, forcing his ass up onto the cock, driving it deeper, pounding it like he was fucking the cock. His body shuddered violently and he felt hot juice pouring from his own cock and soaking the sheets beneath him. The face in the mirror was smiling at him and Ben shouted, "Fuck me, sir .... don't stop ..... please fuck my ass, sir."

Gently Jason pulled back, then eased inside the ass again in a slow, tender fuck that went on and on, lowering the tension, a transition from fucking ass to making love. Finally Jason said, "Damn the mirror, kiddo. I don't want a reflection .... I want the real thing. Here...." Jason pulled his cock out, quickly rolled Ben over and hooked his legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward and clamped his hands round Ben's wrists above his head. "There, that's better, now I can really see you. The gypsy boy is my prisoner, at my mercy. He looks real hot but he can't get free and I can do what I like to him. Does that scare you?"

Ben grinned. "Not at all, sir. I don't want to get free .... ever. You can do whatever you want with me, sir."

"OK, boy. I'm gonna fuck you some more and make you cum again. But you don't cum until I do. You wanna feel my juice in your ass, boy?"

"More than anything in the world, sir." Ben felt Jason's cock sliding into his ass again and watched the glorious body rise and fall above him. It was slow, sensuous, and Ben was simply in heaven. Jason released his arms and Ben ran his hands over the flawless muscles of his chest and shoulders. Jason said, "Tell me what you feel, Ben. Talk to me .... make me cum."

Ben gazed at the spectacular, naked fireman. "You are so beautiful, sir, I love touching you." He reached up and touched his face. "I'd like to lick the sweat from your face, kiss you, kiss your eyes. I want to make love to you all the time, over and over. I'll be good for you, sir, do whatever you tell me to do. Your cock feels so good in my ass ... like it belongs there, sir. It's so hot it makes me want to shoot another load, and I want to feel your juice inside me. Please, sir ..... please cum in me ..... please, I'm begging you, sir."

Tears flowed down his cheeks and he had never looked so beautiful to Jason. "OK, Ben," he said. "Now stay quite still and just look into my eyes." Jason eased his cock deep inside Ben's ass and stopped. They were both motionless, gazing at each other, and they saw their own faces reflected in each other's eyes. Jason smiled. "That's just how it should be, Ben, and it's what will make you cum." His voice became hypnotic. "Look at me, Ben ..... look into my eyes ..... I love you Ben, and I'm going to cum inside your sweet ass. Now, cum for me, Ben. Cum for me now."

There was no movement, no sound as Ben felt hot juice pouring deep inside his ass. He stared into the hypnotic blue eyes and knew he had to cum for this man. Then he realized that he already was, as he felt his own semen flowing onto his stomach. It was like no orgasm he had ever had - no movement, no fucking, just pure love shining in Jason's eyes that made him cum.

And this time there was no doubt in Ben's mind. He had, totally and forever, fallen in love.


They stared at each other for a long time, basking in the feeling of joy. Then suddenly Jason sprang up, brought a big towel from the bathroom and wiped them off, cleaning most of the sweat and cum from their bodies and faces. Ben moved over and Jason wiped off the cum that the boy had poured onto the sheets under him. Jason tossed the towel aside and looked down at the naked boy. "You know, Ben, after everything we've done this evening, the talk and the sex, what I really wanted most was the simplest. To lie in bed with you and have you fall asleep in my arms."

He lay down on the bed behind Ben and scooped him into his arms. "You're trapped again, boy, and this time I'm not gonna let you go." Ben wriggled back against him. "I hope not, sir. This is the best I've ever felt, the safest too." Ben's earlier exhaustion had been dispelled by the sight of Jason standing naked over him. But now it returned and in less than a minute the boy was asleep, just as he had dreamed about, wrapped in Jason's strong arms.


It wasn't entirely uninterrupted sleep. At one point he was dimly aware of Jason sliding his dick into his ass, and he fell asleep again with a smile on his face, dreaming of the long rod resting inside him. Much later Jason pulled out and turned onto his back. Ben turned to face him, rested his head on Jason's chest, felt it rise and fall and felt his arms fold round him again.

In the morning it was Ben who woke first and eased himself off the bed. An hour later Jason stirred and reached over for Ben, but he wasn't there. It was the smell that brought him to his senses, the smell of food. He opened his eyes and saw Ben standing by the bed, wearing only the shorts Jason had given him, with a napkin over his arm and a big smile on his face. "Breakfast is served, sir." Jason sat up and rubbed his eyes, amazed by the breakfast set on a small table with two chairs.

"Juice, oatmeal, toast and scrambled egg-whites that you showed me how to cook last night," said Ben proudly. Jason grinned up at him. "Looks terrific, but you think it can wait a few minutes? See there's something else here that looks good enough to eat." He pulled down Ben's shorts, pulled him onto the bed and knelt over him. "See, boy, whenever you're with me you get fucked last thing at night and first thing in the morning. He licked his palm, ran it over his cock, then slid it easily into his ass. What Ben loved about it was that it was the everyday kind of fuck that he would always get as a matter of course, day and night, if he and Jason were to.......but he didn't dare complete his thought.

Afterwards they sat facing each other at breakfast in a comfortable silence as if they had been doing this for years. It was already getting late and Jason was due to begin his shift soon. They showered together - a long shower where Ben fell to his knees and sucked Jason's cock, making them both cum one last time. Then Ben watched Jason get dressed in his uniform and he was once again a fireman, the gorgeous fireman who had stripped naked last night, fucked him and then slept all night with him.

"Listen, kid," Jason said, "I'm working a long shift today. I won't be home until late and I'll be exhausted. But I'm free tomorrow night. Do you think ...? I mean .... assuming you're free .... would you like to ......?" But Ben didn't let him finish. "Yes, sir, yes please, sir," he said hastily. "I'll be here, sir. Definitely."

"Good," Jason smiled. "'Cause there's something I want to ask you. Something important." Ben's cock jumped in his shorts and his knees went weak.


As he drove up the hill to the house Ben felt he was flying. 'Something important I want to ask you...' The words kept racing through his mind. He wanted to tell someone, and he knew who. At the house he ran across the garden, bounded up the stairs to Randy's room and burst in. Randy and Bob were standing close together and pulled apart in surprise. "Oh, sorry, sirs .... should have knocked I guess .... but I'm home, sir ..... I'm home."

"We see you are," Bob grinned, "and glowing so bright you could set the house on fire." Randy had never seen his kid brother so excited. "OK, kiddo, sit down and tell us all about it." The men sat on the bed and Ben sat facing them. Then it all came tumbling out, disjointedly, with Ben not pausing for breath.

"Well, sir, it was totally awesome. I mean I thought Jason would be in just his shorts, but he was looking real hot in a white T-shirt, jeans and loafers and he didn't even talk about sex but took me to the kitchen where he was cooking this real healthy meal .... egg-whites and stuff .... and as we ate dinner he asked me all about myself so I told him ..... except I was spitting out food ..... guess I shouldn't speak with my mouth full .... and he told me how tough it was sometimes for a real handsome guy and said I was gonna be a knockout .... and then we sat outside in the full moon ....the Harvest moon, he said, so the harvesters could see ...... and he told me all about being a fireman ..... and then we went indoors to bed, and he took all his clothes off except these white Jockey briefs that made him look so hot I busted my load, and then he licked me all over, and then he fucked me .... and when we slept he wrapped his arms round me .... and in the morning I made breakfast ..... egg-whites again .....

"Enough! .... no more egg-whites," Bob said with a twinkle in his eye. "I think we get the picture, Ben. So what d'ya think, Randy? Think our little brother's in love?"

"Sure sounds like it," Randy agreed. Any lingering objections Randy might feel about Ben being with Jason were obliterated by the sheer joy on Ben's face. He had never seen him so excited and his heart went out to him. "So, did he ask you to be his boy?"

"Not yet sir but I'm seeing him again tomorrow - if that's OK, sir - and he said he wants to ask me something real important."

Randy huffed. "Just tell him you want to be his boy. Be like me, when you want something just go for it - grab it. That's what I did with Bob here," he grinned.

Ben hesitated and turned serious. "There's something I wanted to ask you, though, sir. See, whatever happens with Jason and me, I'll still be your little brother won't I sir? So I wondered, could I sleep with you tonight, sir, you and Bob, just to show we're still family, and you can fuck me and everything, just like you did before. See, I wouldn't be leaving you sir .... I never could .... I love you too much."

Randy looked at Ben, then at Bob, with tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat. "Sure you can sleep with us, Ben - eh Bob? Nothing's gonna change between us. You'll always be my kid brother and I'll always be here to protect you, you know that. Don't forget, though, Bob and me, we get pretty horny at night so you better be good and ready for us."

Ben laughed, launched himself onto the bed and hugged them both. "OK," Bob said, "now if I know anything about this house, Darius and the boys will be waiting for you downstairs and they'll demand a blow-by-blow account of your adventures, 'exaggerations accepted'."

"No need to exaggerate sir. The truth will blow their minds," and Ben flew out the door. And Bob was right .... Darius and Eddie were waiting for him and Darius grabbed him. "Dude, the guys are waiting for you upstairs and you're gonna spill all the beans. This is gonna be good."

Eddie, Hassan's boy, was hopping up and down with a crazy grin on his face, obviously bursting to speak. "OK, what's up with you, Eddie?" Ben asked. Eddie glanced at Darius who said, "OK, kid, better tell him your news or we'll never get this show on the road."

"Well, sir," Eddie said, "you know those videos Hassan makes for the Marines - recruitment or something - and Darius works on the crew as Second AD - that means Assistant Director, you know. Well they're shooting another one day after tomorrow, but they're short a third AD so - guess what? - Darius suggested me! They went for the idea so I'm gonna be working with all those hot Marines, and Hassan's gonna be the lead actor as usual 'cause he looks so gorgeous, and Darius is gonna be my boss and I'll get to watch my master in his combat gear and everything. Darius says I'll be just a glorified gofer but I don't mind, just as long as......"

"OK,OK, dude," Darius cut him off, "Ben gets the picture. Now let's get upstairs and hear Ben's story."

As they walked into the house Ben put his arm round Eddie's shoulder and spoke softly in his ear. "And I'm going back to Jason's tomorrow, dude, so it looks like you and me are gonna be real busy the next few days. Tell you what, when we finally get back here, what d'ya say we swap stories .... I'll tell you all about Jason and you tell me about Hassan? Sound like a plan?"

"That'd be awesome, sir. I can't wait."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength- Chapter 183"


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