Randy, Hassan and their boys had come up to the Guadalupe Dunes to relax but suddenly the trip had turned into high drama. Eddie, a weak swimmer, had been swept out of his depth by the tide and had been trapped in a strong rip current. Pablo and Ben had risked their lives to save him, which they did using close teamwork.

Now the drama was near an end as Hassan carried his boy into Randy's shack and laid him gently on the bed. As Hassan bent over him Eddie was slightly delirious. "They saved me, sir," he stammered. "Pablo .... Ben ..... they saved me." Hassan stroked his face, "Save your breath, kiddo, you're gonna be just fine." He couldn't tell if he cheeks were wet from sea water or tears. He would find out later that it was both.

Randy and his boys checked that everything was OK then made a discreet exit, pausing just long enough to grab three beers. Minutes later they were sitting outside on the sand, propped against the wall of the shack, recovering their strength as they sipped on the beer. Billy, a hero whose barking had sounded the alarm, was nestled happily against Pablo. Pablo and Ben gave Randy all the details .... how Eddie had been swept out by the current and they had swum out to him in the rip tide.

"It was a risk we had to take, sir," Pablo said. "Eddie was in real trouble. But I remembered what Mark had taught us boys - how to escape from a rip-tide - so Ben and me we took it in turns to hold Eddie from underneath. When one of us got too tired the other took over. It worked pretty good."

"But it was all Pablo, sir" Ben interrupted. "He took charge and told us what to do." Pablo protested, "But I couldn't have done it without you, dude. We made a great team out there."

"Of course Pablo took charge," Randy said, "that's what I've trained him to do. But he's right - he needed you, Ben, and you shared the burden and the risk. Like you said, kiddo, you two made a great team and saved Eddie's life ..... and I've never been prouder in my life. Proud you worked as a team and damn proud to have you as my boys."

There was a long silence as the boys basked in the glow of their master's praise and Randy savored the knowledge that they had behaved exactly as he would have wanted, had proved their strength and courage.

After a while Randy said, "Eddie will be fine ..... he's a tough young kid and he'll recover in no time - physically at least." He grinned at them both, "OK you two, you've proved how tough you are but a leader also has to anticipate how things are gonna turn out so he can plan for the future. For example, how do you think Eddie's gonna be feeling about all this?

They thought, and Pablo said, "Well, sir, my guess is he's gonna feel real bad about it, ashamed of himself, even thought it was an accident - out of his control. Coulda happened to anyone."

"Yeah," Ben said, "he's gonna be apologizing all over the place. He'll probably wanna make amends, give us some kind of reward."

"Good thought, Ben. But Eddie's the junior boy. What's he got to offer a guy that's really special - something a guy would really want? Come on guys, you know the answer."

Pablo smiled his crooked smile, looked at Ben and they said in unison, "His ass, sir?"

"Bingo!" Now, Hassan said that boy's a real gusher - can shoot a fresh load every ten minutes, so you're gonna have your work cut out. You'll have Hassan and me to help out, but you think you can handle an ass that needs to get fucked as much as Eddie's does?

I think so, sir," Pablo grinned. "What d'ya say, Ben ...... think we can?"

Well sure," Ben smiled. "Especially if we work as a team. Seems we're pretty good at that."

Randy laughed. "Now this is something I gotta see."


As it turned out, the boys' guesses were right on the money. Only half an hour later Eddie walked unaided out of the shack with Hassan. "Hey, dude," Pablo said, "shouldn't you be asleep by now?"

Eddie stood before them and took a deep breath. "That's what Hassan said, sir, but I needed to say something to you guys. I want to thank you for saving my life, sirs. You risked your own lives and I feel stupid and ashamed that I put you in danger. You probably won't want to know a wimp like me after all that but ......"

"Hey, hey...." Pablo leapt to his feet. "Go easy on yourself, dude, it was an accident .... coulda happened to anyone. I'm just glad Billy alerted us and we were able to help. Here, come and sit with us." He pulled Eddie down between him and Ben. Hassan handed him a beer, then Randy and Hassan went and sat together on the patio, within earshot of the boys' conversation.

"Now listen, kiddo," Pablo said, putting his arm round his shoulder. "You're not the first guy to get caught in the rip-tide. Like I told you, a long time ago it happened to me, Darius and Jamie. We were fooling around in the rowboat and lost the oars. The boat was being carried away in the current and Mark swam out and towed us to safety - just like we did with you. So don't beat yourself up about it, kid. It was a freak accident, right Ben?"

"Right, dude. But I gotta say, what was dumb, Eddie, was calling yourself a wimp and saying we wouldn't want to know you. You did great out there, it took real courage, and Pablo and me'll always be your buddies. Hey, we've gotta take care of Hassan's boy .... don't want that big Marine getting mad at us." On the patio Randy grinned and raised his bottle to Hassan.

Eddie smiled for the first time and said, "Hassan would never be mad at you guys after what you did for me. He wants to give you some kind of reward - and so do I, but I can't think of anything you'd want from me. I mean, I'm just the houseboy and you're the boss's son and his brother."

"There you go again, kid, putting yourself down like that," Pablo said. "Yeah," Ben agreed, "It's what Doctor Steve calls 'low self-esteem'. He has ways of dealing with that ...." he grinned ".... and I speak from experience."

Eddie actually laughed now. "Yeah I heard all about that."

"Anyway, dude, we're way ahead of you on that reward thing. There is something you can give us that we'd really go for." Eddie looked up in surprise, "Really, sir?"

"Hey, guys," said Randy, thinking the boys were getting a little ahead of themselves. "How about we all walk up the beach to Hassan and Eddie's shack? We can all hang out there for the rest of the day and maybe you can even explain that reward stuff to Eddie. And after that we'll take you all out for dinner in that little Mexican place in town."

"Sounds like a plan, sir," Pablo grinned. "You be up for that Eddie ..... feeling strong enough?"

"Sure, sir," Eddie smiled, feeling better about the whole incident now that the boys had talked to him and knew of a reward he could give them. His batteries recharged, he was up for more than just walking. Ben had snatched up the football that Randy had dropped earlier and the three boys spread out and tossed it to each other energetically as they moved up the beach.

"Ah, the resilience of youth," said Hassan to Randy as they followed them. "Man, those boys of yours are something else. They said just the right things to Eddie. He was feeling real bad about himself and now look at him, tossing the same ball we were throwing when they ....." Hassan's voice choked and tears came to his eyes. "Shit, man, I almost lost my boy. I should have been looking out for him, protecting him, but instead I ....."

Randy put his arm over his shoulder. "Hey, man, don't start blaming yourself - going on a guilt trip. Just like Ben said - 'low self esteem'. Maybe you need a session with Doctor Steve."

Hassan smiled through his moist eyes. "Now you're talking, buddy. I like the sound of that."


The sun felt good, the company even better as the two men and three boys reached the shack, tossed the ball around some more, then went for a swim to cool off. Eddie was tentative about getting into the water but Randy believed in the old concept that if you fell off a horse you should get right back on again or you'd lose your nerve. Hassan hovered protectively over Eddie and continued the swimming lessons the boys had started.

Finally Randy said, "I could kill a cold one right now, guys. Let's break out the beer."' They ran out of the water and flopped on the sand in front of the shack while Ben went inside and brought out five beers. They were all pretty much talked out so they lazed in companionable silence. Even silent, though, they sensed an uneasiness in Eddie, who couldn't rid his mind of the stark images of his rescue by the boys. Randy glanced over at Pablo with a slight smile and a nod. Pablo took his cue.

He lay back on the sand, eyes closed against the sun and said casually, "Hey, Ben, think it's about time for that reward thing?" Ben grinned, "No time like the present, dude. What d'ya say, Eddie?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie said eagerly, happy to be jolted out of his morose thoughts. He jumped to his feet and stood almost at attention. "I'm ready, sir."

Pablo and Ben stirred themselves, stretched and stood up slowly. "OK, kid," said Pablo, "let's go inside." Eddie bounded onto the porch and into the shack, followed more slowly by the boys. As they went Pablo grinned at Randy and Hassan. "Team Pablo & Ben in action, sirs."

Randy and Hassan moved off the beach and sat in the Adirondack chairs on the porch. Randy grinned. "You know what's gonna happen in there, don't you, buddy? Sure you're OK with it?"

"Absolutely," said Hassan. "Best thing for Eddie. It'll purge that guilt he's feeling." He smiled. "Plus he's gonna enjoy every minute of it."


When the three boys faced each other in the shack Eddie said, "Sirs, I've looked around this place and still don't see what I can offer you that you would want as a reward."

Pablo laughed, "You're wearing it, kiddo."

"You mean these old swim trunks, sir."

"Nah, those you're gonna lose." Pablo quickly pulled them down and they pooled round his feet. He smiled at the confused boy. "See, that's it Eddie - you, naked - you're the reward - or more specifically your ass is." He stood close and ran his hand over the round cheeks. "This is what we claim as our prize."

"Really?" Eddie's eyes opened wide and he saw daylight. "Yes.... oh yes, sir. I can do that."

"That's what we figured," Ben laughed. "OK, Eddie. On the bed - hands and knees - face the mirror." Quickly Eddie obeyed. "Oh yeah," Ben said, "will you look at that ass, dude? Now that is some reward! I'll toss you for first crack at it."

Eddie was trembling with eager anticipation. On hands and knees he looked up and into the mirror that Mark had long ago fixed to the wall at the head of the bed to watch himself fuck Jamie. As Pablo and Ben searched for a coin to see who got to fuck the boy first, Eddie began to feel like a piece of meat - a boy hired by these two young studs. And he loved the feeling. Ben tossed and Pablo said, "Tails!" Ben grinned, "Tails it is! Tails for you and heads for me. That hot piece of tail right there is yours, dude, so I get the head. You suck dick, Eddie?"

"Yes, sir .... it's my specialty. I used to do it all the time when I worked in the bar."

Pablo and Ben laughed as they dropped their swim trucks so now all three boys were naked. Pablo stood in front of the crouching Eddie, his cock hanging inches from his face. "OK, boy, get that thing hard. And you're gonna need it good and wet, too, for when it slides into your ass." Eagerly Eddie went to work on the long cock and it was soon hard as a rock and dripping wet. Pablo sighed, "Damn, you were right, kid .... you are one hot little cock-sucker.

Pablo went to the other end of the bed, knelt behind Eddie and pressed his dick against his ass. He reached forward, grabbed Eddie's hair and gently pulled his head up so Eddie had a perfect view in the mirror of Pablo behind him. "You see that, Eddie?" Pablo said. "That's one of the guys who saved your ass. And now he's gonna fuck your ass. What do you say to that, boy?"

"Yes please, sir," Eddie said with an impish look in his eye. Ben stood in front of him but was careful not to obscure Eddie's mirror view of Pablo. Eddie knew very well came next. He was about to get double fucked by the boss's son and brother - and it excited the hell out of him.

"OK, Eddie," Pablo grinned. "This is me taking my reward." He eased his hips forward and felt the head of his cock enter the soft, warm cavity of Eddie's ass. Eddie's gasp was stifled by the young gypsy boy's rod pushing into his mouth. For a moment he thought he would pass out as he was overwhelmed by the sensation of two cocks plugging his ass and his mouth. But then he went to work.

He had always looked up to these boys but now they were his heroes as they had risked their lives to save him. This was their reward they had asked for and he intended to make it good. Eddie was not only an expert cock-sucker; he had learned from Hassan's regular fucks how to please a man with his ass. As Pablo's cock became more and more insistent, as the tempo increased and the rod pistoned inside him, Eddie squeezed his ass muscles round it every time it pulled back up his chute. Pablo moaned in ecstasy as he felt the ass loosen up to welcome his cock plunging in, then close round it as he pulled back, as if Eddie were trying to squeeze the cum out of it.

Ben was wallowing in the same erotic experience, only for him it was Eddie's throat muscles that clamped round his cock. "Jesus, Eddie," Ben groaned, "you sure give spectacular head. Man that feels incredible." The mouth and throat relaxed to take in Ben's cock, long and thick like his big brother's, then tightened round it as it pulled back.

Eddie's hard work brought its reward - groans of ecstatic pleasure from the Pablo and Ben as they drove their shafts inside him. He felt both boys' wet, wiry pubic hair, Ben's pounding his face and Pablo's slamming against the cheeks of his ass.

Even with Ben's cock stuffed in his mouth Eddie was able to raise his eyes up to see the intense dark gypsy face, black hair flopping over his forehead, sweat starting to drip from him as he worked Eddie's mouth. And to his side, in the mirror, was the muscular young stud pounding his ass, his head thrown back as he groaned in ecstasy.

The sight of the two boys, his heroes, sweat running down their perfect bodies, and the feel of their rods working his ass and his face was more than Eddie could endure. His frantic moans were stifled by Ben's cock, his body started to buck, and suddenly he thrust his ass back to take the full length of Pablo's cock ..... and he came. His cock exploded and soaked the sheets beneath him with pools of warm, white juice.

"Did you just bust a load, boy?" Pablo demanded. Eddie managed to nod his head slightly despite the cock filling his mouth.

"Did we tell you you could cum?" Wide-eyed, Eddie shook his head slightly from side to side."

"Well me and my buddy are real close .... what you gonna do about that? They say you're a regular young gusher - that you can cum again and again. So you're gonna have to shoot another load for us, is that clear, boy?" Eddie's eyes sparkled as he nodded again. Pablo grinned at Ben. "OK, buddy, let's see if he lives up to his reputation. Give it to him, dude."

Suddenly both fucks became intense and again Eddie had the feeling he would pass out. But by instinct and habit he kept working his mouth and ass to give his assailants maximum pleasure. With one final effort he squeezed his throat and ass muscles tight, trapping the cocks. And that did it. "Aaah," Ben gasped. "I'm gonna cum. You ready, dude?"

"Right there with you, Ben. OK, let's fill him up .... "Aaaagh!" The screams rang round the room and reverberated to the patio outside as both cocks pulsed, shuddered and poured streams of hot, bittier-sweet juice into Eddie's mouth and ass. As he gulped down the gypsy boy's cum and felt the boss's boy erupt in his ass Eddie didn't even have to try to shoot another load himself. It simply poured out of him, adding to the pools of semen already on the bed.

Outside Randy grinned at Hassan and they clinked beer bottles. "Sounds like your boy has worked his magic, buddy. Damn, I could use some of that myself."

But they waited to see what happened next, suspecting that Pablo and Ben hadn't finished claiming their reward .... or milking young Eddie. And they were right. Inside, the boys pulled Eddie up from his crouching position onto his knees and he gazed at them with pride in his own performance and adoration of the two beautiful boys who had just double fucked him.

"So how was the mouth, dude?" Pablo asked Ben. "Incredible," Ben beamed. "And the ass?"

"Spectacular," Pablo replied. "One of the best. I can see why he's Hassan's boy. You want a crack at it?"

"You bet. But I think Eddie should clean the bed up first, don't you, buddy? How you doing, kid? Think you can get some of that jism off the sheets?"

"Absolutely, sir," said Eddie, his eyes shining. He leaned forward, once more on hands and knees, lowered his head and began slurping up his own cum from his two orgasms. While he did that Pablo went into the bathroom and washed off his cock. He called out over his shoulder, "Gotta have a nice clean rod before I shove it down your throat, Eddie."

Soon Eddie was off the bed, standing in front of the boys, his dick already hard again and cum dribbling from his mouth. Pablo frowned. "Yeah, you're good and ready, boy, that's obvious. But me and Ben we just shot our loads. Think you can get us hard again?"

Eddie grinned. "Like I said, sir. It's my specialty."

He dropped to his knees and gave perfect head to each boy in turn. "Hey, hey, kiddo, that's enough," Ben said. "That mouth of yours is so fucking hot you're gonna make me cum before I even put my dick in your ass. OK, boy, on the bed .... on your back this time."

Eddie obeyed, feeling his back slide on the still-cum-slicked sheets. Ben lost no time. He knelt between Eddie's legs, pushed them up high and eased his cock between the twin white globes, pushing it slowly into the inner depths of his ass. Eddie moaned with pure pleasure as he gazed up at the perfectly sculpted young body and the dusky gypsy face streaked with sweat.

As he surrendered to the exquisite feeling of Ben's cock moving in his ass and the sexual intensity in his dark eyes Eddie drifted into an erotic trance where he knew only one response. To his surprise he felt his cock tremble .... and it shot a plume of cum that rose in the air and splashed onto Ben's chest.

"Shit damn, boy, don't you ever quit?" Pablo laughed "You got any left for me?"

"Definitely, sir," Eddie said in a daze. Pablo climbed on the bed, knelt astride Eddie's chest and pulled his head forward by the hair. "OK, kiddo. Now your mouth is gonna do for me what it did for my buddy here, while he fucks your sweet ass. And we'll see if you can bust another load." Eddie felt himself drifting into an erotic world where nothing existed except raw sex.

It was just as before, except that this time he had Ben in his ass and Pablo in his mouth. And the result was the same. He worked both cocks as before until he heard the boys' breathing become ragged, and heard one of them yell, "Here it comes....." And once again howls bounced off the walls and he felt cum streaming into his mouth and his ass. And once again, against all odds, his own cock erupted in a shower of juice that splashed over Pablo's back.

Pablo pulled his dripping cock out of Eddie's mouth and grinned down at him. "Damn, you're good, Eddie. I've never seen anyone shoot that much that often."

"Me neither," said Ben, pulling out of his ass. He and Pablo knelt on the floor beside the bed and together kissed Eddie's face and mouth. He was in heaven as they pulled back and smiled down at him. "Kiddo," Pablo said, "that was one hell of a fucking reward."


Suddenly a deep voice from the doorway said, "What the hell's all the yelling in here. Hassan and me were trying to nap. Jesus this place stinks of cum ..... you're all covered in it."

Pablo gave Randy his familiar crooked grin. "Yes, sir ..... well see, sir, Ben and me were just getting our reward from Eddie. I think Eddie got his reward too - he came four times." Hassan was hovering over his boy making sure he was OK. "I'm fine, sir," Eddie smiled. "Really fine." Hassan ruffled his hair.

Randy glanced at Hassan who grinned and nodded slightly. Randy turned to Eddie and said, "Yeah, well it seems you got good and fucked by the boss's boy and the boss's brother, so how do feel about getting it from the boss himself?" Still lying on the bed Eddie's eyes sparkled. He looked questioningly at Hassan who nodded his approval.

"Yes please, sir," Eddie said in wide-eyed anticipation. Already naked Randy stared down at the boy on the bed, smothered in cum. Randy held his semi-hard cock in his open hand, spat on it, and stroked it to a full erection. He dropped to his knees on the bed, pushed one of Eddie's legs up and rested the ankle on his shoulder. With his free hand he stroked Eddie's cum-slick hole and pushed two fingers inside.

"Yeah, all juiced up, just as I like it. Here it comes, kiddo." Now that he was committed to it Eddie felt a slight moment of panic. He had always been a bit afraid of Randy and especially of his huge, thick cock and his legendary ferocious fucks. But he saw Hassan standing close by and knew he would intervene if things got too rough.

He needn't have worried. Randy liked the boy a lot - his determination and simple honesty - and he wanted to make him feel good after his trauma in the waves. So he eased his rod slowly into Eddie's cum-filled ass, loving the feeling of the warm juices his boys had poured in there. It was one of Randy's gentlest fucks and Eddie sighed as he felt his ass plugged by the monster cock, felt it massaging his ass, slurping in the pool of cum. It went on and on, and at one point Randy threw both legs over his shoulders, leaned forward and ran his hands over the boy's chest, gently squeezing his nipples.

Gazing up at the electric blue eyes, the rugged features and stubbled chin Eddie gasped as he felt the ecstatic pain in his nipples and his ass. Pretty soon Randy felt the boy trembling and knew he couldn't last much longer. "So," Randy smiled at him. "Four wasn't it? You already shot four loads of jizz for my boys. Think you can go for number five?"

"Absolutely, sir," said Eddie in a trance. Getting fucked by the big boss was a special experience, different from any others. He stared at the dark, brawny muscle-god and was drawn into the erotic fantasy that he, the junior boy in the tribe, was getting ploughed by the gypsy king. It was that thought, as much as the actual cock driving into his ass, that made fire flare up from his balls and cock and spread though his whole body. His breathing became ragged and he said, "Sir, I think I'm ..... I don't think I can hold it in, sir ...."

"OK, kiddo, you've deserved it. Here's how the boss always makes a guy blast his load. Here it comes ....." He pulled his cock right back so the head was only just inside. Then he paused, teasing the boy. "You sure you're ready, boy?" Eddie moaned in the exquisite frustration of denied release. "Please, sir. Do it, sir .... Please."

Randy smiled at him, waited a few more seconds, then suddenly plunged his huge shaft down the chute of his ass, slammed it against the back of his ass, and shot his load deep inside him. Eddie's body bucked, his eyes opened wide and he screamed. A ribbon of cum spurted from his cock with such force that it splashed against Randy's chest, his neck and even his face.

"Holy shit," Randy gasped, "you're a fucking cum machine, kiddo. You are one hot damn fuck." He grinned over at Hassan. "You're a lucky guy, buddy, having this young buck for your boy."

"I sure am," Hassan smiled at Eddie. "Now it's my turn. I'm gonna make love to him and make him cum again and again."

"Guess that's our cue guys," Randy said to his boys. "Come on, let's go jump in the ocean and wash off all this jism." They ran out of the shack leaving Hassan and Eddie alone. Hassan knelt beside the bed and Eddie looked up at him nervously. "Did I do OK, sir?"

"OK!? You were spectacular, kid. You gave the boys the best reward they could have wished for. I love you like crazy, Eddie. You call Pablo and Ben your heroes, but you know who my hero is? You, kiddo."

Eddie's eyes glowed. "Thank you, sir. Are you gonna fuck me now, sir?"

"Dumb question, Eddie. You know damn well I am."


And so they we're all set for a great weekend together, better than all the others oddly enough, because of the dramatic way it had begun. Later, as they trooped over the dunes into the small town for dinner, they all felt the glow of achievement. Pablo and Ben, having fearlessly rescued Eddie, had firmly established themselves as a real team, sharing the satisfaction of having saved their young friend who now looked up to them as heroes.

Randy had the intense pride of knowing now that his son and his brother were joined together in a bond of friendship and strength .... they had taken determined steps on the road to manhood. Eddie too had taken several steps off the lowest rung of the ladder. His feeling of shame had been supplanted by the pride he felt in having risen to the challenge of giving the boys, as Pablo had said, "one hell of a fucking reward." And Hassan, having experienced the anguish of almost losing his boy, found his love for him stronger than ever ..... not only his boy - his hero!"

Two days later Hassan's jeep followed Randy's truck home, five bronzed bodies streaked with sand and dry semen, and five faces glowing with the pleasure of male companionship.

But as they finally reached the house their happiness bubble was about to burst. They found the place in anxious confusion. Jamie was missing.

Mark had just come home from work and, still in uniform, was pacing like a restless animal. Bob met the returning group and explained what was happening. Mark had let Jamie know that he would be a bit late home as he was dropping by to visit with Jason. But, as always, he expected Jamie to be at home waiting for him when he came in. He wasn't. Nate said that Jamie had left that morning to go surfing, as he always did on Sunday, but there had been no word from him since, and now no sign of him.

Jamie was always home for Mark without fail, so obviously something was wrong and Mark was summoning all his professional skill to remain calm and resist panic. He was questioning a nervous Nate. "Usually, sir, I go surfing with Jamie," Nate said, "but today I wanted to stay with Adam - we're still getting the house straight, see." Mark's professional eye noticed him shift uncomfortably.

"That's not all, Nate, is it? Tell me, boy"

"Well sir it's nothing really, but Jamie wanted to go to a beach we don't usually go to as I don't like the surfing crowd there. A lot of them are stoners, sir, real full of themselves and ..... well, I just don't like their company. Jamie goes there 'cause the surf is great - but I give it a miss."

Mark felt his hackles rise and he turned to Adam. "Hey, buddy, is it OK with you if Nate shows me where this beach is in case anything's happened to Jamie there?"

"Sure, man, if you think it'll help. I know you'll take good care of him for me."

So it was settled. Mark and Nate jumped into his truck and they set off, with Bob's reassurance that he would call Mark if they got any word, or if Jamie showed up. Mark drove fast but expertly, knowing that driving in a panic could be deadly. Anyway, his police uniform was insurance against getting stopped for speeding. It was half an hour before they reached the remote beach and bumped over the grass to where the surfers parked their cars.

Nate grabbed Mark's arm. "It's there, sir .... look .... Jamie's truck, but no surfboard. He must be still out there. What the fuck's he doing?" Mark was already out of the truck and striding over the sand and scrub toward the beach. Nate ran after him and before they got to the group of surfers he grabbed Mark's arm. "Sir, I think it would be better if I met them alone. Seeing a uniformed cop would make them clam up. They know me. I can get the truth out of them."

Mark saw the sense in this and hung back, just out of sight but within earshot. He was also within range of the heavy smell of grass wafting thought the air. Nate sauntered casually up to the group and one of the guys shouted, "Hey, the Aussie. Long time no see, dude. You don't come with Jamie anymore. Come and join us, dude. We got some killer weed."

"Nah," Nate grinned casually. "I gotta get back. Actually I only came to see Jamie. You guys know where he is?" There was a lot of coarse laughter, like it was some crude in-joke. One of them sucked on a joint, held his breath and, as he exhaled said, "Round behind them rocks, dude. He's with Troy so I wouldn't disturb them if I was you." More guttural laughter.

"OK, thanks a lot, dude. I'll come and join you another time. Take it easy, guys."

He walked away as nonchalantly as possible and rejoined Mark who was already headed for the rocks the guy had indicated, out of sight of the main group. Actually they hardly needed directions. The smell of grass led them there like a beacon. They came between two of the rocks and, looked down on a secluded clearing of sand ..... and they froze.

Jamie was there asleep on his side. Nestled behind him was the guy they called Troy, a tall, skanky-looking dirty blond, with a swimmer's body, older than the other guys. They were both naked, both asleep, but what rooted Mark and Nate to the spot was that Troy's dick was buried in Jamie's ass.

Mark took a deep breath to steady himself and keep control. He looked down at one of the surfboards, its surface spread with drug paraphernalia, razor blades, rolled-up dollar bills, a bong, a baggie full of grass, and lines of white powder lined up on the board. Silently Mark bent down, pressed his finger into the powder and rubbed it on the tip of his tongue.

He looked at Nate and said softly, "Meth .... crystal meth."

It took a moment for Nate to take this in. He stared at Mark in disbelief, then down at his best friend, passed out naked on the sand with this drugger's cock in his ass. Nate had tears in his eyes as he looked back at Mark and said, "Please, sir ....." He was scared what Mark would do, and his tearful face and pleading voice did have a restraining effect on him. Mark breathed deeply and went automatically into police officer mode.

"Get up!" he shouted and the two men slowly regained consciousness. Jamie opened his eyes and gazed blearily at Mark, but he was totally wasted, tweaking on meth and didn't really understand what was happening. All he saw was the cop towering over him and he grinned. "Oh hi, sir. Come and join us. Troy's got some great stuff. You wanna hit?" Feeling sick to his stomach Mark reached down, grabbed Jamie's wrist and pulled him roughly to his feet. Nate stepped in to support his friend who swayed against him.

Troy was pissed and said, "Who the fuck are you, man? Is this a raid?" Mark's only thought was for Jamie, and though he could have thrown the book at this skanky pothead all he wanted was him out of his sight. He yanked him to his feet, put his hand round his throat and his voice was ice-cold.

"Now listen up, asshole. You're lucky I'm not one of those cops who beats the shit out of pricks like you, 'cause I'm this close to doing just that right now. You're a fucking shithead loser, but I'm not gonna waste my time on a piece of crap like you. But here's what you're gonna do. You're gonna get the hell out of here right now and you never come back. You're finished with this group.

He pulled out his phone and took a picture of Troy. "I'll show this mug-shot to the local cops and tell them to keep an eye on this beach. And if I hear that you've so much as shown your pathetic face here just once I'll see to it that your ass is thrown in jail for a long, long time. It would be a pleasure to think what the guys inside would do to that sorry ass of yours .... every day and every night. You get it asshole?"

When Mark was in this mood he could be truly terrifying. He scooped up the drug paraphernalia and put it in an evidence bag he always carried. Scared witless, Troy picked up his surfboard and stumbled to his car. Mark strode round to the startled group. "One of you guys, go drive your buddy away from here. He has no business behind the wheel of a car, though personally I don't give a shit if he kills himself."

Startled by the sight of a uniformed cop the group instantly scattered, picking up their boards and scampering like scared rabbits to their cars. In seconds the place was deserted except for the cop and the two boys standing bereft in the evening breeze. Mark's mind was reeling but he kept his professional poise and forced himself to think clearly. He reached into the pocket of Jamie's shorts, pulled out his keys and held them out to Nate. "Nate, can you take Jamie's surfboard to his truck and drive the truck home?"

"Sure, sir. Will you .... I mean .... be OK with Jamie. I mean you won't.....

"Don't worry, Nate. I won't hurt him, if that's what you mean. Not yet, anyway. You're a good kid, Nate. You did great. Thanks for your help today."

Nate hauled the surfboard to Jamie's truck and took off. Mark wrapped Jamie's arm round his shoulder and half dragged him to his truck. He threw him into the passenger seat and slammed the door.


In the truck the full horror of the situation crashed in on Mark. As a cop he had seen what meth could do to a guy - ruin his life - and he had come to hate the drug, which was endemic in some communities. And to see his own boy, the boy he loved and trusted, tweaking on meth disgusted him. What made it worse was that Jamie, feeling the full sexual impact of the drug, was rambling .... "you wanna suck, my dick, sir? .... I feel so horny ... you wanna fuck my ass?"

"Shut the fuck up!" Mark screamed at him. That shocked Jamie into silence and soon he dozed off into a fitful sleep. They drove the rest of the way in silence and when they drew up at the house Mark yanked open the passenger door, pulled Jamie out and half carried him through the gate, through the basement door and down the stairs. Jamie collapsed on the bed, staring up blankly at the cop.

And it was then that Mark finally lost it. The sight of his scruffy, bedraggled boy, matted blond hair caked with sand, his dilated eyes staring wildly, revolted him. "You mother-fucker," Mark screamed. He grabbed Jamie's shorts and ripped them clean off, leaving Jamie wearing nothing but sneakers and a loose, dirty tank top. Mark sat on the bed and heaved Jamie across his lap, head and feet near the floor, his bare ass pointing straight up - the ass that used to be Mark's but had just been fucked by a scruffy deadbeat wasted on crystal meth.

It was all so sordid it threw Mark into a towering rage. "I've finished with that ass, boy .... never want to see it again ..... and I'll make sure no one else does either." He raised his arm and slapped his palm hard across one of the white cheeks, then slammed the back of his hand across the other cheek. Ignoring Jamie's screams Mark put all his strength into the beating, first his palm then the back of his hand, again and again. He would have caused real damage but suddenly a hand caught his wrist and held it tight.

Mark looked up angrily .... into the eyes of Bob. Frantically he shouted, "He deserves it, man. He's high on meth .... let himself get fucked by some raunchy guy. He's not my boy any more .... I can't, Bob, I can't ....." He pushed Jamie off his lap, stood up and looked down at his pants ...... smothered in cum. Jamie had shot a load while Mark was slapping his ass. "That's fucking disgusting, boy, he yelled. You're disgusting. Stay out of my sight." He stumbled up the stairs with Bob following him, leaving Jamie in a crumpled, sobbing heap on the bed.

As they emerged from the house the twins were waiting for them. "Thank god you're here guys," Bob said. "Look, I want you to go down and take care of Jamie. Clean him up as best you can, make him drink plenty of water, and keep him warm, under lots of covers. When the pain wears off he'll probably crash from the effects of the meth - fall into a deep sleep. But keep an eye on him, and if there's any problem call me right away. I know I can trust you guys."

Right, sir," Kyle said. "Don't worry," Kevin added. "We'll stay with him. He's our friend."

Nate was hovering nearby looking close to tears. He had called Bob on the way back and explained everything. Now Bob turned to him. "Nate, thanks for everything, you've done. But go back to Adam now. He'll be worried about you. Tell him what's happened."

Bob turned his attention to Mark who was standing in a daze rubbing his sore hands together. Bob put a hand under his elbow and said gently, "Hey, buddy .... come with me." He led him upstairs to his and Randy's bedroom suite, where he knew they would have privacy as Randy was across the street having a drink with Zack. Those two knew only that Jamie had been found but nothing else. Better for Randy not to get wind of this right now, Bob thought, knowing his fierce zero tolerance for drugs.

Mark sat on the bed, his eyes staring blankly ahead, wet with tears. He sounded delirious as he moaned, "He was my boy.... my beautiful boy ..... my Jamie. I loved him, man .... but I can't any more. I can't look at him....." he stared down at his stinging hands which reminded him of what he had done and looked up in a panic. "I hurt him, man ..... do you think I hurt him ......?"

"Nah, he'll get over that in no time. Right now I bet he's fast asleep, and the twins are keeping watch over him. Jamie's gonna be fine, which is more than I can say for you. Here, get that damned uniform off." Bob unbuttoned Mark's shirt, pulled it off, then the T-shirt. He pushed him onto his back on the bed, pulled off his boots, then the uniform pants and shorts.

Naked, Mark looked up at Bob and moaned pitifully, "He used to do that when I came home. I remember his ass as he turned round and pulled off my boots .... that gorgeous ass .... and then I fucked it. Always - as soon as I came in." Tears started to flow as he gazed at Bob. "Now I don't have him ..... I'll miss making love to him. I'll miss him, Bob."

Suddenly the look of panic returned. "You gotta help me, Bob. You're the only other man I really love ..... and now he's gone you're all I've got, man. Help me, buddy ..... please....."

Bob smiled. "You know, Mark, that I'll do whatever you want. I hate to see you hurt. So what can I do for you?"

"Make love to me, Bob. Please, let me fuck you like I used to fuck him. Take his place, buddy."

"No, Mark - I can never, ever take Jamie's place. But I will make love to you. I could never refuse you that." Bob understood that Mark needed the feel of human flesh - untainted flesh. He pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his loafers and dropped his jeans. Naked, he lowered himself onto the bed beside Mark, who pulled him into his arms in an embrace fraught with pain and desperation. He kissed Bob's face, licked it, then ran his tongue down his neck over his chest, the ridges of his abs and buried his face in his pubic hair. He was trying to drown his sorrow in an even stronger emotion .... his love and lust for Bob.

"I love you, man," he moaned. "This is how I used to make love to Jamie." He rose onto his knees and flipped Bob onto his back. He pulled Bob's legs over his shoulders, licked his own palm and stroked his cock. "This is how I fucked him ...." He drove his cock into Bob's ass and heard him gasp. "That's it, man, that's just what he always did - that gasp of pleasure. Then I fucked him like this." He pulled his cock back and, gently at first, began to massage the warm membrane of Bob's ass.

"Yeah, boy, Mark said as if in a trance, "that feels great. You have the sweetest ass in the world - and it's mine." He blinked in confusion. "See, man, that's what I'd say to him, and I'd fuck him faster and faster like this. Then I'd fall onto his wrists and pin them to the bed while he gazed up at me and he'd tell me over and over how much he loved me." Bob knew that Mark was in a place of deep hurt, delusional. And suddenly Mark was looking down at Jamie. "But you didn't love me at all, did you, you little fucker? You gave your ass to another guy. So this is the last time I'm ever gonna fuck you, boy, and I'm gonna make it hurt, like you hurt me."

Mark's eyes were blazing now as the gentle fuck accelerated into a hard-driving piston, ramming into the back of Bob's ass, pulling out then driving in deep again. "You feel that, punk? You feel you're master's rod pounding your ass? Make the most of it, asshole!" Mark totally lost control and his cock became a jackhammer, driving savagely into Bob's ass. It was a brutal revenge fuck and all Mark saw beneath him was Jamie's treacherous face.

Bob understood all this - that he was taking the hammering that Mark intended for Jamie. His face tossed on the bed in pain as the cop's huge shaft ripped into his ass. Mark's ferocious strength was pinning him down, and Bob's writhing body could not escape. But the pain was becoming too much and he knew he had to pull Mark out of his trance. So he pleaded loudly, "Mark, Mark ..... it's me - Bob. Please stop hurting me ..... please, Mark ..... I love you, man."

It worked. Suddenly Mark stopped, blinked hard, frowned .... and he saw Bob's face, the beautiful face of the man he loved. He saw the magnificent body, flexing hard and streaming with sweat, felt the heat of Bob's ass round his cock. The truth crashed in on him and he howled, "NO!" His body convulsed, his cock exploded in Bob's ass, and he felt the splash of warm juice on his chest and face as Bob blasted a long ribbon of cum onto him.

There was a heavy silence as their breaths heaved, their hearts pounded and cum and sweat dripped off Mark down onto Bob. As Mark's body recovered, so did his mind, and the impact of what he had just done hit him. With another howl he fell on Bob, held him, kissed him, in a frenzied confusion of passion for Bob, shattered love for Jamie, and morbid pity for himself. "No, man, no," he moaned. "I didn't mean .... I'm sorry, man, I ....it's just that everything's so ..... so bad."

He collapsed in Bob's arms, his body heaving with wracking sobs


It took a long while for Mark's sobbing to subside. Bob realized that this had been a catharsis for Mark. It was what he had needed to purge him of his shock, pain and desperation. Despite the pain, Bob was grateful to have been the means of that cleansing, and now his mind turned to more rational thoughts of how to handle the situation. "First," he said out loud, "brandy!"

He extricated himself from Mark's arms and got from the cabinet two large snifters of cognac. They pulled themselves up and sat shoulder to shoulder on the bed against the headboard. "Bob," Mark said, his habitual calm restored to his voice, "I can never apologize enough for...."

"Then don't try," Bob smiled. "You were in real pain and I was able to absorb some of that from you. What are friends for, after all? Besides, a fuck from you, no matter how rough, is always a thrill."

"Buddy, I've never loved you more than I do now, now that I'm thinking straight again." A long pause as took a hit of brandy. "Hell, I may be thinking straight but I still keep flashing on the sight of Jamie, stoned out of his mind with that moron's dick up his ass. I'll never get over that, man .... I'll never be able to forgive him .... never again think of him as my boy. Him and me .... we're done for."

Bob sighed. "Pretty bleak picture, eh, buddy?" Then he smiled as he sipped his brandy. "But here's a couple of platitudes for you .... 'never say never'.... and 'love conquers all'. Trite, I know, but bear with me.

"Now I'm not sure what all happened in this room, but one thing I am sure of. When you said about Jamie, 'I loved him .... but I can't anymore'. Well that was bullshit, buddy. Deep down you still love the hell out of him. I realized that when you were pounding my ass and talking as if I were Jamie. Oh sure, you're mad as hell and you need to punish him. But you love him, Mark. Love like yours doesn't just go up in a puff of smoke." He grinned. "Even if that smoke is from grass."

Mark looked up sharply and said, "Man, you're something else." Then he relaxed again. "I hear what you're saying, buddy, but after what Jamie's done ..... I dunno, man. He's just not my boy anymore."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 175


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