"Sirs, lunch is served!" Jamie and the twins looked down at the tangle of limbs on the floor, and the men gazed back at the three handsome boys standing rather formally above them.

The matter-of-fact statement brought Bob, Mark and Jason down to earth. The three men had been floating far above it in a series of sexual fantasies where Bob had been tied up and forced to watch the cop and the fireman work out naked in a contest of strength and mutual muscle worship. Then the two blonds had fought over Bob's stiff cock, taking turns sucking it, and finally they had taken turns fucking his ass. So much intense activity, so many orgasms had left them in an exhausted pile on the floor. Hence the tangle of limbs.

The boys' announcement of lunch may have been formal, but that formality didn't last long as Jamie said, "Sirs, may we clean you up before lunch?" Without waiting for a reply they picked up three hoses they had found lying in the garden and turned them on, spraying the naked bodybuilders, who howled as they tried to shield themselves from the blast.

The laughter eventually died down but it set the tone for the rest of the day. Jason pulled on gym shorts and found two spare pairs that the tossed to Bob and Mark. The boys served lunch outdoors and they all sat down in a festive mood at the overloaded table. The boys were caught up in the men's exhilaration and when Mark and Jason went indoors to get an extra table, Jamie and the twins looked at Bob expectantly, their eyes sparkling.

Bob grinned at them. "Yeah, yeah, we had a terrific time and when we get home I'll give you all the details so you can pass them on to Darius for his 'family archive' as he calls it." Their eager faces gazed at him, wanting more. Bob rubbed his chin pensively.

"But you know ..... seems to me I was .... what you might call ..... 'on the receiving end' of all the activity .... The odds were stacked two against one. Randy always says I should be more assertive ...... so I'm thinking I need to get my own back. Call it Bob's revenge. But I'm gonna need some help with that .... to even the odds. Would you three boys be up for that?"

Their eyes opened wide. "You bet, sir," they said in unison.

Mark and Jason reappeared carrying a large table between them, which they placed end-on to the existing table so the boys were able to spread out the abundance of food, and seating was less crowded. Not that they minded being crowded together. Sexual vibrations still reverberated in the air and, through the surface laughter, the three men still exchanged suggestive glances, unable to detach completely from the extraordinary events of the morning.

The boys too picked up on the vibes and tingled with anticipation, privately fantasizing about what might come next. Jason cleared his throat and raised his glass. "Gentlemen, a toast to the twins and Jamie for treating us to this perfect meal. It sure beats my usual protein shake and tuna sandwich. The boys deserve a reward."

"Oh, they'll get their reward," Bob grinned. As Bob and Mark raised their glasses, the boys gazed lustfully at Jason, exchanging mischievous glances with Bob. This was not lost on Mark who smiled at Bob, knowing that something was in the air - and he had a fair idea what it was.

But when the meal was over the exuberance and the energy seemed to diminish rather than heat up as the boys had expected. Jason stretched and yawned. "I don't know about you guys but after all that action and now all this food, I could use a nap."

"You read my mind, buddy," said Mark. "You, Bob?"

"Sure," Bob replied. "I'll just give the boys a hand clearing all this away, then I'll come and join you."

Jason and Mark left the table and, still wearing just gym shorts, they lay down side by side on the lawn under the shade of a tree. And seconds later, as Bob and the boys passed them on the way to the kitchen, they were already asleep. In the kitchen Bob had a brief, intense conversation with Jamie and the twins. A short time later they came back out to the garden and gazed down at the two near-naked blonds. Asleep on their backs, their arms were stretched out on the ground above their heads and the mounds of their chests rose and fell with their steady breathing.

Bob shook his head and said, "Ah, they look so peaceful lying there. Seems a shame to wake them. Maybe we should put out plans on hold. What d'ya think, guys?"

"I dunno about that, sir," said Jamie. "What's that saying - all's fair in love and war? And this is a bit of each, isn't it, sir?"

At these astute words from Jamie Mark's eye flickered slightly and Bob could swear he saw a trace of a smile cross his lips. He was hearing everything! That did it. "OK, boys," Bob said quietly. "Let's do it." The twins were standing behind the men's heads and looked down at the upstretched arms and open palms resting on the ground. They quickly pulled off their T-shirts and, in perfect unison, dropped to their knees right on top of the men's palms, trapping their hands. They leaned forward and grabbed their forearms for good measure.

Abruptly aware that their arms were pinned to the ground the men looked up with a start and Jason, who really had been asleep, blurted out in shock, "What the fuck .... hey, what the fuck's going on?" He struggled to free his hands but they were clamped firmly to the ground. He and Mark looked up to see Bob and Jamie smiling down at them. "What the hell you doing, man?"

"Well," Bob said calmly, "in simple language, 'getting my own back'. See, I'm in charge now .... yeah, the guy you just double teamed big time. Let's see now .... you tied me up, forced me to watch you two muscle-worship each other, then made me cum in your mouths, and for a grand finale fucked my ass, one after the other. It was two against one, and I don't consider that very sporting of you guys. So I rustled up some recruits and evened up the odds. Jamie, your math is good. What do you make of it?"

"Well, sir, I was always taught that two against one is in the same ratio as four against two."

"Forget your damn ratios," Jason said, "and call your troops off. Just wait 'til we......" His voice trailed off as he saw Jamie pull off his T-shirt, and he and Bob dropped their shorts. "Holy shit," Jason moaned as he gazed up at the gorgeous man and beautiful boy towering naked over them. The bodybuilder and the surfer looked spectacular as they flexed their muscles and began casually stroking their cocks."

"See these, guys?" Bob smiled lasciviously. "We're getting them good and ready 'cause we're gonna shove them in your ass. And we can't leave the twins out so they're gonna shove their dicks in you too." He looked at the twins. "You boys good and hard back there?"

"Hard as a rock," said Kyle. "Ready for action, sir," grinned Kevin."

"So that's the plan, guys. We're gonna take it in turns, alternate, so each of you is gonna get ploughed by four different cocks. If that sounds too complicated for a simple cop and a fireman to work out, think of it this way. You're gonna get gang fucked, guys. The big stud cop and the big blond fireman are gonna get their asses gang fucked by the man you worked over and his three boys. You get the picture?"

"I think they do, sir," Kyle said. "Do you see what we see?"

Jamie's eyes opened wide. "Wow, look at that, sir. Like two tents at the circus." Side by side, two poles had risen under the gym shorts of the trapped men. Bob grinned. "Guess the prospect of getting gang fucked doesn't exactly turn these guys off. Come on, Jamie, let's see what we've got down here."

They dropped to their knees, Bob beside Mark and Jamie beside Jason. "Follow my lead, kiddo." Bob looked into Mark's eyes and saw in them a mix of affection and desire. Bob knew that Mark could easily escape from the twins' hold but he also knew he didn't want to. He leaned forward and licked the thin cotton of the shorts stretched over the tip of Mark's cock. Then he lowered his mouth and sucked in the whole cock, shorts and all. Jason gazed up at the blond surfer and moaned as Jamie did the same to him as Bob did for Mark.

For Bob and Jamie there was something uniquely erotic about the feel of the stiff cocks in their mouths under fabric. Their mouths clamped over the shape of the long rods but were denied the experience of flesh on flesh. The separation gave them only a faint taste and smell of the cocks - a tantalizing promise of the full sensation to come.

Mark and Jason too felt the same exquisite frustration as saliva soaked through their shorts and they felt the damp warmth of the mouths but they were denied contact with the membrane of the men's throats. Jason was moaning in the new sensation of having his cock teased this way. "Shit, Jamie, that feels so ..... so fucking hot ..... but I gotta feel the real thing. You're driving me wild, boy. Let me feel your mouth round my cock ..... please."

Bob pulled back and smiled at Jamie. "Great to hear a hot-shot fireman beg, eh Jamie?" He grinned at Mark. "You feel the same, officer?"

"Fuck you, man. You know what I want." He was smiling at Bob, exhilarated by the idea of being worked over by the man he loved. "OK, Bob said to Jamie. Let's have mercy on them, uh? Let's see how long they can last ..... I give it about a minute."

In unison Bob and Jamie pulled down the waistband of the shorts and two cocks sprang free, standing erect as poles. They bent down, man and boy, and closed their mouths over the pulsing cocks, taking them deep down into their throats. Mark and Jason moaned in ecstasy as they raised their heads and saw the gorgeous faces of the muscle-god and his young surfer side-kick rising and falling on their cocks. And in fact they lasted much less than a minute.

"Oh, shit, man," Jason groaned. That is so fucking hot I can't take much of this."

"Me neither," said Mark, gazing at Bob and feeling his throat muscles clench round his cock. "Man, I'm real close .... real close ..... I gotta ....." Jason groaned. But suddenly Bob pulled off Mark's cock and pulled Jamie's head off Jason's. They both howled in in the frustration of denied release. They had been so close ......

Bob grinned down at them. "Can't let you get off that easy, guys. See I'm running this show and I think a dose of frustration is good payback for the treatment you gave me. Besides, it's about time the twins got their chance. Bob and Jamie got to their feet and stood beside the tormented men.

"OK, guys," Bob said. "One thing Randy taught me is that physical restraint is all well and good, but there's an even more effective way to bend a man to your will .... sexual restraint. He would untie me and tell me I was free to go, but by that time I lusted for him so bad that I didn't move - I was totally in his power. So let's give it a try. Kevin, Kyle, why don't you release the guys?"

The twins stood up and the men's hands were released. "OK, Mark, Jason ..... you're free to go. Unless you want more, that is. What d'ya say officer?" Mark groaned. "Son-of-a-bitch ..... I want you, man, you know that." Bob gave a satisfied smile and turned to Jason. "And you, stud ..... you wanna get sucked and fucked by me and these guys?"

"Yes, sir," was Jason's simple reply, spellbound by the sight of the man looming over him.

"OK!" said Bob, knowing he now had total control ..... and it felt great. He pulled the men's gym shorts down their legs and tossed them aside. "OK, twins, there they are buck naked. It's your turn. And I know from experience you are two of the best, most beautiful cocksuckers there are. So go for it, guys."

The twins stood where Bob and Jamie had been and smiled down at Mark and Jason. "Shit, Mark," Jason said, "I could shoot a load just looking at these two. OK, boys, suck our dicks now. We wanna cum real bad."

The twins knelt down but instead of leaning forward as Jason had told them to do Kevin smiled at Jason and said calmly, "I'm sorry, sir, but right now we are taking orders only from Bob. And he told us to take our time." Kyle added, "Oh, and by the way, sir, Bob also told us that if you touch your cock, even once, we're to leave you and go back to the kitchen. 'Leave you high and dry,' is what he said, sir, if that makes sense."

Mark grinned and turned to Jason. "Makes sense to me ..... we're sure feeling high but so far we're dry as a boner. Better do what the boy says, buddy. You're a son-of-a-bitch, Bob, you know that? And as for you, Jamie, when I get you home you'll pay for this."

"I hope so, sir," smiled Jamie, having the time of his life.

The twins did Bob proud, taking their own good time and driving the men wild. First they indulged in their usual opening ritual, guaranteed to make a man crazy. They looked at each other, smiled their inscrutable twin smiles and kissed each other ..... the long, loving fraternal kiss of two beautiful, identical boys. Jason had seen this before and that time it had made him cum. Now he groaned, "Holy shit, that looks ...." and his hand move instinctively to his crotch.

"U-uh!" Bob warned and Jason held back. "Fuck!" he moaned and the muscles of his incredible body flexed hard as he controlled himself. But then Mark and Jason saw relief in sight as the twins broke apart and again smiled down at them. At last they leaned forward and their mouths came close to the cocks ...... close enough to lick off the oozing pre-cum ..... and then swooped past until their mouths lowered onto the men's washboard abs.

"No!" Mark yelled in a pitch of frustration, prepared to cum inside Kyle's mouth, only to be denied once again. Side by side the twins began to lick the stomachs, running their tongues lovingly between the deep ridges of the rock-hard abs, feeling them ripple beneath them. The men had never been turned on like this before and, as they watched the gorgeous young twins making love to their abs, one touch of their cocks would have made them explode. But even this they were denied. Never had frustration felt so exquisite.

Making the sensation more intense, as the twins moved back and forth over them, the men's rigid cocks rubbed up and down the cleft between the boys' pecs. It was as if they were fucking the boys' chests and the sensation drove them wild.

But Bob had trained the boys well. They sensed that the combination of their tongues licking the men's abs, and their pecs rubbing against their cocks, was driving the men to the edge of orgasm. So they raised their heads, kissed each other again and looked up at Bob. Kevin said, "Sir, may we suck the gentlemen's cocks now, sir?" Bob smiled. "I don't see why not, but you know my rule .... the guys have to really want it. Why don't you ask them?"

The twins looked down at the men who were writhing in anticipation. "Gentlemen," they said in unison. "Would you like us two brothers to suck your cocks?" Jason took a deep breath about to yell at them, but by now he had learned compliance. Controlling himself he said, "Yes we would ..... please boys." Mark said softly, "That goes for me too, boys. Please....."

The twins looked back at Bob for his approval and he grinned. "Not often you get two alpha stud muscle-gods begging for you to suck their dicks, eh? So go for it guys ..... and stand by for blasting."

He was right. Still taking their time the twins smiled at each other, then at Mark and Jason ..... and finally bent forward and lowered their warm mouths over the pulsing cocks. The two muscular bodies jolted as the men saw the identical heads rising and falling above them, and felt the exquisite sensation of the warm membrane of the young mouths caressing their cocks.

All the pent-up lust and sexual frustration that Bob had so skillfully created, the juice straining in their balls, the blood gorging their cocks ..... all of it now at last found release. Bob and Jamie watched in awe as the chiseled features tensed, the blond heads flew back and two howls pierced the air. "Aaagh!" The cocks exploded in the twins' mouths, flooding them with the hot juice of two macho sex-gods, stream after stream that the boys gulped down voraciously.

When the deluge finally slowed the twins pulled off the cocks, leaned forward and pressed their mouths against the men's, letting the warm semen flow between them. Mark and Jason wrapped their hands round the twins heads as they drank nectar from their mouths.

Bob and Jamie gazed down in awe. Bob was exhilarated by the way he had taken control of the men, exerted his power, leading them along a jagged path of fantasy and frustration, to their ultimate euphoric climax.

He smiled at Jamie and said, "Hey, kiddo, I think we're pretty good at this, don't you?"


After that it was all plain sailing as Bob geared up for the fuck marathon. With Jamie and the twins beside him he smiled down at Mark and Jason, their breath still heaving, cum still oozing from the corners of their mouth.

"OK, guys, now what was it you said to me, Mark, when you had me spread-eagled on the ground? Went something like: "When the forces of law and order join together and work a guy over, they don't let him off so easily." Well, I guess I'll take a leaf out of your playbook now that the cop and the fireman are the ones lying naked on the ground. The boys and I are not finished with you either. Now for the fuck-fest I promised you.

He turned to the boys. "You know that feeling, guys, when you've just busted your load and you get fucked again right away? It hurts, right?" The three boys grinned and nodded, having all received that treatment from their masters .... the price they paid for being so seductively beautiful. "Right, and these big muscle-studs have just shot massive loads. So let's fuck!"

And so the fuck marathon began, with Bob as the ringmaster. The twins led the way, moving in perfect unison as usual as they dropped their shorts and fell to their knees. Kyle eased his cock inside Mark while Kevin took Jason. Bob had been right - there were a few seconds of pain but then the cop and the fireman surrendered themselves to the sensual enthusiasm of the young brothers. After pounding away with youthful exuberance, the twins seamlessly switched and the men had the other-worldly sensation of being fucked by a second boy identical to the first.

Sensing that everyone was close, and wanting to delay their orgasms Bob said, "OK, guys, we'll take over now. I want you to save it for later." The twins stood up and Bob and Jamie took their places. "Two down, two to go," Bob said. "You take the cop first, Jamie." Jamie looked down at his master and Mark grinned at him. "OK, boy, do it. Just remember that when I get you home I'm gonna plough your ass just as hard as you fuck me now."

His words had the opposite effect from what he was expecting. Spurred on by the prospect of a ferocious fuck by the cop later, Jamie grinned and rammed his cock forcefully into his master's ass, drilling it harder than he ever had before. Mark stared at him in disbelief at the strength and frenzy of his boy's pistoning rod. It was a powerful new sensation ..... and he loved it.

Bob was similarly rough with Jason, hammering his ass as he said, "I want you to remember this, Jason. I want you to jack off a lot thinking of me fucking you." Through his ragged breaths Jason grunted, "I already do, man. But from now on I'll be thinking of this." His muscular body was jolted with the impact of Bob's hips slamming against his ass.

But again, as Bob sensed an imminent climax he suddenly pulled out and said, "OK, that's enough Jamie. Time for the big finish." Jamie reluctantly pulled out of Mark who grinned up at him and said, "Later, kiddo."

They traded places and Bob knew that it was time to bring things to a head. He gazed into the cop's blue-gray eyes and said softly, "You knew this was gonna happen, Mark. I've been longing to push my dick into your ass."

"And I've been aching for it, big guy. What took you so long? I love you, Bob. Fuck my ass, man." And so Bob eased forward, pressed the head of his cock through the light blond fuzz round Mark's hole and slid his cock deep inside his ass. At his side Jamie did the same for Jason. The fireman gazed up at the tanned young surfer with the beautiful face and tousled blond hair. He always envied Mark, having this gorgeous young buck as his boy, and now he moaned, "Oh yeah, do it boy ...." as he felt the cock glide gently into his ass.

After all the heat and passion, and near-orgasms, these were now love fucks - no games, no teasing, just eyes filled with love and affection and a gentle massaging of warm moist asses. Mark's eyes were moist with tears as he looked up at the beautiful man rising and falling above him. "Man, I love you inside me," Mark breathed. "I can't get enough of you, buddy. I'm in love with you, man."

Beside him Jason was basking in the unaccustomed sensation of being fucked by the young surfer, his lithe, youthful body honed to perfection by hours spent in the waves. The dual fucks became rhythmic, Bob and Jamie rising and falling in unison over the blond muscle-gods beneath them. The twins stood over them, stroking their cocks gently, mesmerized by the fantasy of their master fucking the ass of the stunning cop and their friend Jamie topping the gorgeous fireman.

It was Jamie who made the final call. Seeing the longing in Jason's eyes the boy asked simply, "Would you like me to cum inside you, sir?"

"Yes ..... yes ...." Jason looked up at Jamie and Bob. "Please, guys .... I'm so fucking close."

Bob took control. He looked up at the twins stroking their cocks and said, "Get ready, guys."

He smiled down at Mark. "And I know you're ready, stud. You wanna feel my juice inside you?"

"Oh, man," Mark groaned, his muscles flexing in lustful anticipation. "Please, man...."

"OK. At last I'm gonna let you two touch your cocks." He raised his voice. "This is it, men. Make it good!"

There was a final burst of frenzy as Mark and Jason at long last wrapped their hands round their cocks and pumped hard, the twins matched them stroke for stroke, and Bob and Jamie reared back, holding the man's legs high in the air, their hips moving faster and faster, drilling the asses with increasing force. The climax came quickly as the pent-up lust that had been building through multiple ass fucks finally erupted. Bob stared wildly down at Mark and yelled, "I'm cumming, man ..... I'm cumming inside you!"

That was the signal and the whole placed rang with the jubilant shouts of six triumphant men. As the cop and the fireman felt hot juice pouring deep inside them they pumped their cocks to a shattering climax and they exploded in ribbons of juice that splashed over their muscular chests, their faces and into their tousled blond hair.

The sight was overwhelming for the twins. They exchanged knowing smiles and pointed their cocks downward. There was a pause, and then suddenly the four men beneath them felt warm juice raining down on them. Their world was awash in semen, pouring into asses, flowing over heaving, muscular bodies, into faces, as three men and three boys poured out their desire for each other. But at last they were drained dry and they all collapsed in a heap of writhing limbs and passionate embraces, lubricated by the musky taste of warm semen.

Mark smiled at Bob. "Man, when you take control you sure know how to put on a show."


The rest of the afternoon was mellow in contrast to the sexual euphoria whose vibrations still hovered in the air. Bob and Mark lazed in the shade, talking in soft voices about everything and nothing, just happy to be together. The twins brought out a snack and sat with Jason and Jamie at the table, listening spellbound to the many anecdotes of his life as a fireman.

As the afternoon wound down Bob said to Jason, "You're coming back for dinner with us, of course, buddy. And I want no more of this mooning around the house on your own. If ever you need company there's a house full of men and boys who'll welcome you with open arms. That right guys?" Bob said to the twins who licked their lips in an exaggerated display of lust.

When they got home Mark pulled Jamie into their apartment and carried out his threat to work Jamie's ass as ferociously at Jamie had his. And upstairs Bob waited for Randy, remembering his earlier promise: "When I get finished with work I'm gonna be covered in dirt and grease and sweating like a pig. So when I come in the first thing I'm gonna need is your ass."

And suddenly there he was, bursting through the door in his ragged, sweat-stained tank, mud-covered jeans and boots. His steel-blue eyes penetrated Bob's like lasers. "OK, man," he growled, "now you've finished play-acting with your buddies, get ready for the real thing. I don't care how many times you got fucked. Nobody fucks like me. He ripped open his jeans and pulled out his cock, already hard as steel.

As Bob gazed at the dark, savage gypsy, images of every other man faded from his mind. In a trance he stripped off his T-shirt and shorts and stood naked before his lover, running his hands over the thin, ragged tank, feeling the hard slabs of his pecs underneath. "On the bed," Randy growled. "I'm gonna fuck your ass, man."

Bob obeyed. He knew this was going to be a savage fuck, the kind that set Randy apart from all other men, the kind Bob loved. Randy had to reassert his dominance, and there was only one way to do that. He rammed his steel rod into Bob's ass, fell forward and pinned his wrists to the bed above his head. He gazed down at his lover with such intensity that Bob was hypnotized by the blue eyes. "Please, sir," he moaned. "Please, I need your cock in my ass."

And he got it ..... a long, savage jackhammering by the rugged gypsy, sending Bob spinning into that special world where only they existed. It went on and on until Bob howled, "I'm gonna shoot .... please, sir, cum inside my ass." He felt Randy's sweat dripping on him as the massive body shuddered, the huge cock pulsed and erupted at last deep inside him. Bob screamed, "I love you, sir," and he blasted a stream of cum that splashed on Randy's sweat-soaked tank.

They were both panting hard, staring at each other, and slowly Randy's wild-eyed gaze softened into a smile. "Whatever you did today, buddy, you're home now, with me. Never forget ..... you're my man ..... and I'm the boss."

Bob grinned. "How in the world could I ever forget that?"


So the break from the house remodeling was over and the next day Randy assembled his crew ..... Zack and Darius, Pablo and Ben, Adam and Nate ..... and work resumed. Randy pushed them hard and it wasn't long before the construction was in its final stages. Even though the men and boys concentrated on their labors, no one could fail to notice the frequent glances that passed between Adam and Zack. Instinctively, though, they made no comment as they all assumed it was a private matter just between the two men.

Everyone except Nate, that is. Nate was devoted to Adam. He idolized everything about him - his macho strength and beauty, his undisputed masculinity, his confidence, his kindness - he was the quintessential man. But just as he loved everything, Nate wanted to know everything about his master. He was not only Adam's boy, they were mates, and Nate wanted to be as close to Adam as possible, to share everything. So on a break when they sat under a tree sipping water Nate broached the subject with his usual Aussie directness.

"Sir, I would like to know all about you and Zack."

Adam was taken by surprise. "Shit, you don't mince words, do you mate? Wow, me and Zack ..... that's a complicated story."

"Oh I know most of the stuff," Nate said, "the stuff that happened last time when the leather-stud tied you up and worked you over - and you came back for more. Darius told me all about that."

Ah, yes," Adam smiled. "Darius, of course. No secrets in this house." He gazed at Nate's wide questioning eyes and, after some reflection, said, "You're right, mate, you deserve an explanation so I'll do my best.

"I've told you before how I used to hang out at the leather bars in Sydney. I looked pretty hot in leather and a lot of the guys wanted me." Nate's cock stiffened - he could well imagine the scene. "So I fucked a lot of guys - tied them up and worked them over, whipping most of them, but always careful to respect their limits. Some of the guys were younger, like you, some the same age as me and some older. But I was always the top guy, the big leather master - there was never any question about that.

"But you know, in the back of my mind I often wondered what those guys felt like when they submitted to me, bound and completely at my mercy. I know they all got off on it like gangbusters. When I'd finished working them over and they were still tied up, I stood before them in full leather, holding the whip. Then, while I whipped their chests, I ordered them to cum. And every one of them busted his load right away. It was if they worshipped me as a leather god. And I wondered if I would ever meet another leather master who'd be so hot, so charismatic, that I would want to submit to him like that.

And then I met Zack. I knew right away he was the guy - that I'd met my match. See, Nate, every guy has inside him a deep desire to play the opposite role once in a while. Bob calls it the yin and yang of a man, where an alpha male, a master, submits to a man as macho as he is. That's why I let Zack do what he did last time ....." he stared hard at Nate .... "and why I'm gonna do it again." There was a long silence, then Adam said. "OK, Nate, that's the best explanation I can give ..... how does it make you feel?"

Nate smiled slightly and, in reply, cupped his hand round the shape of his huge boner in his shorts. Then he looked directly into Adam's eyes. "Can I watch, sir?"

Adam jerked back in disbelief. "Watch!? You wanna watch you master get tied up by a black leather-god, whipped, fucked, humiliated until he submits and begs the guy to let him cum? 'Cause that's what it is, mate ..... and you wanna see all that? No way! You wouldn't last five minutes before you tried to fight Zack off and rescue me."

"That wouldn't happen, sir. He could tie me up too. I just want to watch. Zack wouldn't hurt me, I know he wouldn't. And Darius would be there with his camera .... he always is .... and he's my buddy."

Adam stared at Nate and, not for the first time, was blown away with admiration for him. "God, I love you, kid. I'm proud you're my boy ..... and you'll get what you want.


It all went down the next day. The crew was winding down, looking forward to a cold beer after a grueling day. Zack was, as usual, stripped down to his black jeans and boots and his ebony muscles gleamed with sweat. He looked magnificent. As he unbuckled his tool-belt he fixed Adam with a piercing gaze. "It's time, man." Adam nodded and walked with him to the gate, with Nate and Darius following. Zack had been intrigued by the idea of having master and boy tied up at his mercy, and of course the whole thing fed Darius's insatiable hunger for fantasy.

As they followed the men Darius said quietly to Nate, "You sure you're OK with this, dude?" Nate nodded enthusiastically. "Don't worry, dude," Darius said, "I'll be there. I'll make sure you don't get hurt." He held up his camera. "Just make sure I get plenty of good footage."

The boys always took care of each other.


Across the street in the garden of Zack's house, everything was in place and Darius had the wildest impression that he was about to film a porn movie. Adam was standing barefoot between two trees, stripped to the waist in beltless blue jeans. His muscular body was spread-eagled, his arms stretched up and out, wrists tied to the trees, his legs spread wide, ankles tied to the same trees. Facing him, about fifteen feet away, was his boy Nate, similarly tied to two trees, but only by the wrists, not feet.

Nate was butt naked and his cock stood out stiff as a pole before him, staring at Adam who looked like a pornographic icon, a bound muscle god stripped down to just blue jeans. His handsome faced turned up toward his bound wrists and he pulled against the ropes, testing their strength. He was bound tight. His arms flexed and the muscles in his body rippled as he twisted in bondage. His torso was stretched upward so tight that the white waistband of his undershorts showed above the waist of his jeans, right at his tan line.

Suddenly Adam's face froze as he saw Zack coming out of the house. He was wearing tight leather pants with a thick belt, and heavy black boots. Hanging open over his chest was a studded black leather vest, exposing the mounds of his muscular chest. Round his neck hung a leather whip with many braids of rawhide - a cat o' nine tails - and as he strode toward Adam he was pulling on black leather gloves.

He stood before the bound Aussie stud and stroked his gloved fingers against his nipples. "Oh, yeah ..... perfect. You know, sometimes boys just don't do it for me. Nothing I like better than having a big, gorgeous alpha stud at my mercy. Oh yeah, I'm gonna enjoy working you over, man. Suddenly he squeezed Adam's nipples hard in the leather gloves and the Aussie's handsome face contorted in pain, though he refused to give the leatherman the satisfaction of hearing him moan.

But there was a whimper behind Zack and he turned as if in surprise to see the naked boy tied to the trees. "Well, well," he said, "what do we have here? Yeah, you're a hot young stud, a real looker. You're gonna watch your master suffer ..... but ..... maybe I'll start with you." He pulled the whip from his own neck and draped it round Nate's. Slowly he pulled it off and as Nate felt the leather braids slide round his neck he panicked. This wasn't supposed to happen.

"NO!" The scream came from Adam as he pulled frantically at his restraints. "No! We had a deal. Not the boy. Whip me, man. Whip me, not him."

Zack pretended not to hear him. He raised the whip and let it fall lightly across Nate's chest, making him whimper. Nate looked frantically at Adam who was struggling mightily, but helpless to rescue his boy. Then Nate caught Darius's eye ..... and Darius smiled and winked at him. Suddenly Nate's fear subsided. Darius knew Zack, knew his methods ..... Darius knew everything and had said he would not let Nate get hurt.

And Darius was right. As Adam pleaded with Zack, the leatherman finally turned around and said, "Hey, stud, it's either him or you who gets it. But I sure do like to hear a top-man beg."

"OK, then, I'm begging you, leave the boy alone. Whip me, man. Whip my body hard, I can take it." Zack appeared unmoved. "Please, I beg you. Whip me, sir."

"Ah," Zack grinned, "the magic word. OK stud, you asked for it." He raised the whip and lashed it across Adam's chest, again and again, not with full force but firmly enough to make red stripes crisscross his chest. Zack stopped and said, "What d'ya say, man? Let's hear it."

With tears brimming in his eyes he said, "Thank you, sir."

"Aaah," Zack growled, "this is a toy," and he threw the whip aside in disgust. "Now this is more worthy of a big guy like you. From the ground he picked up a coiled bullwhip, unfurled it and cracked it on the ground. Try this on for size, stud. He wielded the long braided whip high in the air, and coiled it round Adam's torso. It wound round his back and onto his chest, the tip flicking against his nipple. Aaagh!" This time Adam couldn't just grit his teeth and he let out a shout that echoed round the hills.

"Yeah, that's more like it." Zack came close to Adam and pushed the whip handle under his chin, raising his head and forcing him to look into his eyes. "Now I know a stud like you has whipped many men and made them bust their load. So let's see here....." He ripped open Adam's jeans, tore open his shorts and watched the rigid cock spring out. "Oh yeah, man, you're almost there Just look at that fucking rod. Man, a good whipping sure turns you on. Shit, I could whip an orgasm out of you in seconds. But.... maybe something new this time."

He turned round and walked toward Nate. "Holy shit, kid, you must like watching your master get lashed. Look at this." He rand his gloved hand over Nate's cock that was hard as iron. As Nate had watched Adam endure the whipping, had watched him suffer and heard him scream, his master had never looked more magnificent. His sculpted features ran with tears, his beautiful body writhed in bondage as his muscles flexed hard to withstand the pain."

Zack smiled. "I know, kid, he looks spectacular doesn't he? And this time it's his boy who's gonna save him. See I can make him cum easy, but I'm not so sure about you. So, I'm gonna whip that gorgeous naked body of his, and his ass, and I won't stop until you both shoot your load. It's up to you, boy." Nate gasped, feeling the burden falling on him.

Zack walked back to Adam, untied his feet, pulled down his jeans and shorts and flung them aside. Stripped naked, his feet untied, Adam had more room to move but still tugged hopelessly at his bound wrists. Zack walked behind him and began whipping his muscular back and ass, grinning as he saw the lash bounce off the white globes of his ass. He applied only minimal strength, knowing that a few light lashes would be enough.

Nate watched in awe as his beautiful master, stripped naked, twisted in bondage. He heard the crack of the whip across his ass, then his back, saw it coil round his chest. It was pornographically erotic and Nate's cock shuddered.

Suddenly Zack stopped and walked round to face Adam. He shrugged off his vest and stood stripped to the waist. He flexed his muscles and cracked the whip on the ground like a lion tamer - except that Adam was the man he was taming. "OK, stud," Zack said, "look at me. This is it. You can't hold back, man. You're finished." He curled the whip round his chest, back and ass and shouted, "Let me hear you submit, man .... let me see you cum."

Adam was driven wild by the feel of the lash on his body and the sight of the stunning black leather-god whipping him to submission. In his euphoria he reached up, grabbed the ropes binding his wrists and pulled himself high, so he swung in the air, feet off the ground. The naked Aussie writhed, muscles flexed, legs kicking wildly, his spectacular body thrashing frantically as the whip curled around it.

"OK," he yelled, "I submit, sir, I can't take any more .... you win, I submit. Hanging high in the ropes his body shuddered and a long ribbon of cum blasted from his cock, arced high in the air and splashed at Zack's feet, a defeated man's tribute to the leather master.. At the same time they heard a scream from behind and they looked up to see Nate's naked body shake as his cock pumped semen in a stream that spurted forward and fell on the ground with his master's.

Adam and Nate gazed at each other and a flicker of a smile crossed their faces. They had never felt closer to each other since the day they met.


"I gotta fuck!" Hearing Adam surrender to him and then watching master and boy shoot their load as he had ordered, Zack was in supreme control. He needed to fuck, but he was still in the mood to taunt his captive. He walked over to Nate and cupped his cheeks in his hands. "Oh yeah, now that is a sweet young ass."

"No!" Again the anguished cry from his bound master. "Keep your hands off him, man. Fuck my ass."

Zack chuckled. "Shit, man, you can do better than that. I still wanna fuck your boy's ass but I'll take yours if I hear how much you want it."

"Damn you, man," Adam growled, but he knew he had to bend to Zack's will. "I do want it man. I want it real bad. I wanna feel that huge black rod in my hole. I'm begging you, sir. Please fuck my ass."

"OK, you convinced me, stud." Zack yanked down Adam's jeans and shorts and pulled them off, then stood back and admired his naked captive. "Beautiful," he breathed. "Fucking gorgeous." He walked round behind him, reached round to his chest and squeezed his nipples hard with his leather-gloved hands. Adam winced with pain and flexed his pecs to absorb the pain. Then Zack raised his hands to Adam's face and said, "Make them wet, big guy."

Adam spat in the gloves, again and again with as much saliva as he could muster. He knew that the wetter the gloves the easier it would be on his ass. Zack moved his hands back round to Adam's ass and pushed two wet leather-clad fingers into his hole, massaging it, preparing it for the much tougher challenge of his huge tool. He stroked his own cock with the wet gloves, then pressed the head of his cock against Adam's sphincter.

"Here it comes, man." Adam's body tensed, he inhaled sharply and then .... "aaagh" .... he yelled as the iron rod rammed inside him. Quickly Zack pulled back, plunged in again .... and the fuck began. Nate watched in awe, instinctively pulling at his own restraints as he was shocked by the obvious pain Adam was suffering, but despite himself felt his cock get hard again as he watched the gorgeous Aussie get hammered by the black leatherman.

"OK," Zack said, "I know how much that hurts, man, so I'll stop as soon as you bust another load. But you just shot a huge load so you may need help with that. Darius, untie the boy."

Quickly Darius obeyed him, whispering in Nate's ear as he freed him, "You doing OK, dude?" Nate nodded and he shining eyes gave Darius is answer. Darius went back to his camera. This he mustn't miss.

"Right, boy," Zack said. "It's up to you now. You gotta turn your master on so much he busts another load. Then I'll cum in his ass and it's all over. Let's see how much you love this guy."

At last Nate had a chance to help Adam, and he knew exactly how to turn him on. While Zack pounded Adam's ass Nate fell on his stomach and crawled toward his master. When he was almost there he reached toward him, grabbed his ankle and dragged himself forward until his face was on his feet. He licked Adam's feet hungrily, then moved higher, wrapping his arms round his leg and pressed his cheek against Adam's thigh in an act of pure worship.

Despite the pain from the huge cock drilling his ass Adam looked down at his beautiful boy and his cock got stiff. Seeing this Nate pulled himself higher, his face level with his cock. He looked up and said quietly, "I love you, sir. More now than ever before. Please cum for me, sir. Let me drink your juice." He clamped his mouth over Adam's cock and began to suck it as never before, knowing that he could provide the means for Adam's release. He squeezed his throat round the long shaft, pulled all the way back, then rammed his face forward again.

After his massive orgasm so recently, Adam thought he had no juice left, but as he felt the black cock driving into his ass, and his boy's warm mouth wrapped round his cock, he hurtled into a world of pure lust, where sexual desire overwhelmed all else The naked muscle-god pulled hard against his ropes, his body tensed, shuddered, and in his wild delirium yelled to Zack, "Thank you, sir!" Then to Nate, "I love you, boy ..... aaagh!" His cock exploded in Nate's mouth just as he felt the exquisite pain of the black shaft plunging deep inside him and hot juice pouring from it deep into his gut.

Without touching himself Nate too blasted another load onto the ground at his master's feet. It seemed like all three men gushed semen for a long time, until finally Zack pulled his cock out of Adam's ass. Pressing against his back he reached up and untied his wrists. As he did so, he whispered in Adam's ear. "You are one fucking spectacular man, Adam. Working you over makes me feel ten feet tall. You're so fucking gorgeous ..... a hell of a guy. Thanks, buddy."

Released, Adam fell to his knees into Nate's arms and they lay on the ground wrapped in a tight embrace of total exhaustion. Zack smiled down at them and said quietly to Darius, "We'll leave them there, kiddo, they need time alone. Did you get all that on camera, boy?"

"You bet, sir. The best ever." He got one last shot of Adam and Nate, their limbs entwined, then lowered his camera. "And that's a wrap."


The next day work resumed on the remodeling with no mention of Zack's encounter with Adam and Nate, though everyone knew every last detail of it thanks to Darius and his highly erotic video. Randy's every effort now was to keep the men focused on the work at hand, and by the end of the day the house was looking great, the work nearly completed. So he called a halt and the crew left - all except for Pablo and Ben.

They stayed behind working on a nagging electrical problem they had been trying to fix. Their annoyance and frustration was raising the tension between them that had been building for several days. A complex wall-plug in the kitchen was causing the problem. Ben had been trying to activate it on his own, but when Pablo inspected it he said irritably, "Shit, that's no damn good, boy. You can't wire it like that. It'll short-circuit in no time and could cause a fire."

The criticism stung, and Ben's mounting resentment of Pablo's position as his boss boiled over and he lost his temper. "Oh yeah? If you're so fucking smart, why don't you fix it yourself, asshole? I quit for the day."

"You'll quit when I tell you to quit, boy. I'm still your boss, remember?"

"Oh yeah? Well I'm Randy's brother, you're only adopted, so when I say I quit .... I quit."

He turned and walked through the door but Pablo followed him and grabbed him. The inevitable fight followed. Instantly they were rolling over the grass outside the house, trading punches and obscenities. The sparks were flying and the fight was so intense that they were oblivious of anything else ...... even the actual sparks coming from the wall plug in the kitchen. Pablo had been right. Ben's wiring was dangerous, and they had neglected to turn off the current. The plug was glowing hot and smoke started to rise from it.

Next door the rest of the guys were kicking back after the day's work. Jason and Randy were chatting over cold beers, when suddenly Jason glanced at the house next door and shouted, "Holy shit .... smoke! There's a fire!"

As they bolted for the gate Randy growled, "Those fucking boys of mine. I should have known."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 172


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