It had come as more of a bombshell to Darius than a proposition. Hassan, sitting opposite him and Zack, had come straight to the point. "Look, I just came from the film set as you can tell from my clothes, so I can't stay long .... gotta get home and clean up."

The soldier had been working all day on another promotional video for the recruitment service of the U.S. Marines, where he was a popular featured actor with his squared-jawed chiseled good looks and sculpted, muscular physique. His exotic Arab/Asian look also satisfied the Marines' need for racial diversity in the videos where they simulated training and battle operations.

That explained the gear he was wearing .... battle fatigues and boots, a khaki tank stretched over his sculpted chest and a sleeveless sweat-stained military shirt over that. He still had not removed the dark camouflage streaks painted on his face. As he had said, he needed to clean up and was longing for a shower as he stunk of grease and sweat from being in the merciless sun all day. But the erotic look and smell of the man caused instant erections in the pants of Zack and Darius, master and boy.

"But I had to come and talk to you," the Marine continued, "as the matter has come to a head. See, on the set the director reminded me again that he really needs a guy to intern as a Third Assistant Director on the publicity movies we make. Now that's a pretty lowly position .... more like a gofer at the beck and call of the director, the crew and the Marines on the set. Not much money, either, but a ton of film-making experience, and a chance to work his way up.

"He's looking for a young guy with a natural talent behind a camera and a basic knowledge of movie making, and above all a guy who's willing to learn. It can be tough. We put in long days under hot lights, usually on location in local canyons to re-enact battle situations, that kind of stuff. Hell," he laughed, "a lot of the guys end up looking like me, sweating like a pig in all this gear and war-paint. Glamorous it ain't I can tell you.

"Anyway I told the director I might know just the guy." Hassan looked directly at Darius. "I was referring to you, kid. Those videos you've shot here are terrific .... even if they do sometimes land you in trouble. So, what d'ya think?"

Darius was stunned. A flood of fantasies began pouring through his overactive imagination .... spending the day with Marines in uniform and battle gear under the sun and hot lights in a remote canyon ..... working all day with Hassan and his fellow soldiers .... doing whatever grunt work the soldiers and the crew tell him to do. Hassan read his mind. "But like I said, Darius, it's not at all glamorous, not much money attached ......" he grinned "..... and no sex, either."

Darius really didn't hear the last bit. He turned to Zack, his eyes sparkling. "Could I, sir? Would you let me? Please say yes, sir ..... Please!"

Zack understood his boy's eagerness. It's true he was good with a camera and some of the videos he had made were excellent. He also sensed the boy's frustration that no one outside the house ever saw his work, which is why he had made the stupid move of posting one of the videos on the Web, getting himself into big trouble.

Still, Zack had some reservations. "See, Hassan, Darius already has his day job working as Randy's assistant on the construction site, which takes up pretty much all his time. I wouldn't want him to piss Randy off ......"

"Hell no, we sure don't want that," Hassan grinned, rubbing his jaw, remembering times when he had done just that and run into Randy's fist. "But there's no problem there. See, the talent, the guys in front of the camera, are all Marines .....have to be the real thing ..... but the crew are all civilians, most of them moonlighting from their regular jobs in movies and TV. So we nearly always work on weekends when they're free." He grinned. "It's the same thing with the porn industry. The crews there are moonlighting professionals so they do a lot of weekend shoots.

He saw Darius's eyes gleam. "And that, kid, is positively the only similarity between us and porn movies. Like I said, this is serious stuff ..... no fooling around and absolutely no sex."

Zack foresaw another problem. "I guess Darius would be spending a whole lot of time with you, Hassan. How do you think that's gonna sit with Nate? He's your boy after all."

Hassan had a fleeting suspicion that Zack, always possessive of his boy, was asking this as much for his own reassurance as he was for Nate's. "OK," Hassan said, "let me make this clear one last time. This is a business proposition, nothing else. Sure Darius will be with me a lot, but these movies are serious stuff .... it's damn hard work. I'll be making that clear to Nate and I'm emphasizing it with you now, Zack. But if you still have reservations I'll let it drop."

Zack saw the panic in Darius's eyes and he smiled. "Nah. I wanna see my boy get ahead in the world and this looks like a great opportunity. OK, boy, I say go for it." He reached out and shook Hassan's hand. "Thanks for suggesting Darius, buddy. He has my blessing."

Darius's eyes sparkled and Hassan was once again all business. "Now the reason that the director is stressing out is that we have a major shoot coming up this weekend in a canyon we use quite a distance away. It's a complicated setup and he says he has to have a First, Second and Third AD on board. So you think you could be available at 5am Saturday morning, Darius? Best if I drive you there and bring you back. You up for it, kid?"

"You bet, sir. You bet!" Even though Hassan had stressed 'no sex', Darius's cock was already hard in his shorts and his fantasy wheels were in overdrive.


It was still barely daylight when Hassan picked Darius up in his Jeep and they took off on their one-hour drive to a canyon in the Sierra foothills, part of a ranch that was often used by film crews. Hassan was in jeans and a sleeveless black T-shirt as he would change into the military gear he would wear throughout the shoot. Darius noticed an extra focus in the Marine today, a seriousness that he always applied to his job. His conversation was all about the day ahead.

"When we get there I'll have to go straight to the tent they have set up for wardrobe and makeup .... just a fancy name for getting us kitted out in battle fatigues and making us look dirty and sweaty, with camouflage marks on our faces. I'll introduce you to the Second AD who'll be your boss for the day." He frowned slightly. "His name's Christian and you'll have to go easy with him. He can be kinda arrogant ...... thinks he's all that and a bag of shit, if you know what I mean. His parents are rich and they pulled strings to get him the job. He badly wants to be First AD so he brown-noses the director a lot."

That didn't sound too promising to Darius but he didn't care. One thing the guys in the house had given him, especially Zack, was a healthy dose of self-confidence, so he could take attitude from this guy and let it bounce off him. He grinned to himself. Sure couldn't be worse than what Randy had dished out when Darius had first come to the house all that time ago.

Finally the Jeep swung off the highway onto a small road leading into the foothills. The whole place seemed deserted, in the middle of nowhere, but suddenly they rounded a bend and Darius gazed at the scene in awe. Even at this early hour the small canyon was a hive of activity, with various dark green tents set up for equipment, catering, and one big dressing room. As Hassan leapt from the jeep a tall older guy with close-cropped gray hair came over.

He shook Hassan's hand. "Hey, big guy. Welcome to chaos. Shaping up to be one hell of a day. Go and get kitted out, stud." He looked at Darius in a distracted sort of way, what with everything else on his mind. "You must be the new Third AD. Hey, Christian," he yelled, "get your ass over here."

A tall guy with a shock of blond hair came running over. Darius's first surprise was how young he was ...... looked just a few years older than Darius. Same height too .... but there the similarity ended. He was what Darius would have called a Golden Boy, with his shock of fair hair, tanned features and slim but very trim body. With his usual laser focus Darius noticed right away the nice round bulge of his ass in his shorts. When he spoke his voice was smooth, refined, and even if Hassan had not already told him so, Darius would have guessed that he came from money.

The director said, "This is the new intern for Third AD .... what's your name, kid? ..... Darius, right? OK Christian, he's all yours," and he turned away to attend to a million other things.

Darius held out his hand with a gleaming smile, "Hey, Chris, good to meet you."

Bad start. The young man gave Darius an icy stare and said condescendingly, "The name is Christian. Please don't refer to me as Chris again. You'll be taking orders from me today, but there's no need to call me 'sir.' We're pretty casual around here. You're a construction worker, I hear, Darien."


"What? Yeah, whatever ...." He looked down at a clipboard and said, "Crowded day today so I don't have time to show you around, but the first thing you should get familiar with is the coffee machine over there. Bring me a cup now."

Hassan had primed Darius well so he gritted his teeth and went for the coffee. Huh, he wondered what that other 'construction worker', Randy, would have made of a guy like this. Mincemeat probably. He brought the coffee to Christian who tore a sheet off the clipboard and said, "This is the latest revision to the call-sheet .... damn thing keeps changing. I want you to take it over to wardrobe and make-up, the big tent over there. It's important so get a move on."

"Yes, si ....." Darius began but checked himself. Never would he call this arrogant prick 'sir'. He ran over to the tent, walked in ..... and stood rooted to the spot. Not only was it full of Marines, they were all in various stages of undress ..... some shirtless in fatigues, others stripped down to dark green boxers, others in nothing but T-shirts or tank tops with their cocks swinging free.

The air was full of testosterone, with a din of bawdy shouts, obscenities and good-natured ribbing. "Hey, man, better cover up that big schlong of yours ..... this ain't no X-rated movie." "Yeah, well you'd be the expert on porn, asshole. I seen you watching it often enough, beating your meat and blowing your jizz all over the screen." This provoked a macho bout of towel snapping, with the soldier dodging the slaps round his bare ass, making his 'big schlong' bounce in the air.

Darius was awestruck. He could never have imagined this in his wildest fantasy ...... but he knew he would from now on. And in the middle of all the activity stood Hassan, wearing nothing but a khaki jock strap, head and shoulders above the fray, and above it too in his calm attitude. He was by far the most stunning man in the place and the others seemed to be treating him with awed respect. Definitely the star of the show, Darius thought.

Suddenly the First AD came up and snatched the call sheet out of his hands. Mesmerized by the spectacle of the near-naked Marines Darius dawdled, but then snapped back to business and muttered, "Shit ..... Christian." He ran back out to find Christian glaring at him. "Where the fuck have you been, boy? All you had to do was deliver the call sheet. Now try to get this into your thick skull. You do what I say and you do it fast. When I give an order you move that black ass of yours, capisce?"

Darius felt his blood rising and clenched his fists. He knew that Zack would have slugged the man but Hassan's warning still rang in his head so he gritted his teeth and said nothing. The next few hours brought more of the same. Christian didn't even make another stab at his name, referring to him always as "boy". But Darius did his best to let it all bounce off him.

Instead, when shooting began, he concentrated on the activities of the crew, especially the Director of Photography, the lighting and cameramen. He quickly grasped some of the techniques and was so fascinated by the process that he was not even distracted by the Marines, now in full battle gear and makeup. Well, not too distracted.

There was a break as they began setting up the next scene ..... a casualty shot where a wounded man was carried off on a stretcher to illustrate the Marines' comradeship and teamwork. But suddenly there was a disturbance as the First AD consulted urgently with the director about the 'wounded man'. "He what?!" the director bellowed. "He fucking called in sick? He's supposed to be sick. All he has to fucking do is lie on a stretcher. Shit, and we don't have a stand-in on set. The script specifically says the casualty has to be a young black soldier .... racial diversity and all that. Where the fuck are we gonna find .....?"

Gazing around helplessly his eyes settled on Darius, standing quietly in the background. "Hey, that kid there ..... that's just the look we're going for. Hey, kid, think you could lie still on a stretcher for a couple of hours? That's all you have to do. No experience necessary." Darius was stunned, but Christian quickly stepped forward.

"No, he's my Third AD ..... he's not available."

"Fuck you, Christian," the director yelled. "Get him into wardrobe and makeup now! Just boots and fatigues, no shirt, plenty of mud and grease ..... like he's just been dragged off the ground. No blood though. We're going for heroic, not gruesome. And make it quick .... we can't take another delay."

Darius was swept up in a welter of activity. As he was shoved toward the dressing-room tent his last sight was of Christian, fuming in frustration. In the tent everyone clustered round him. His shirt and shorts were taken off him and they found military fatigues and boots that fit. Wearing those he was pushed into a makeup chair where he watched in a daze as makeup mud and dirt were rubbed over his chest, he was spritzed with fake sweat, and camouflage lines were streaked on his face.

When he finally stumbled out onto the set, blinking in the sunshine, the director said, "Perfect! .... great look, kid. Huh, you should do this for a living." ('If only,' Darius thought.) He got down and lay on his back on the stretcher on the ground while the director said, "OK, guys, here's the deal. You're a band of brothers .... Semper Fi and all that ..... caring for one of your own. You kneel over him, checking him out, comfort him, that kind of stuff .... improvise ..... then you pick up the stretcher and carry him away.

"And you, kid, don't do anything except gaze up at the guys with relief and gratitude. For God's sake don't ham it up, no groaning, and keep your eyes open. Don't want anyone to think you're dead or anything. Now, I'm gonna cover the shit out of this scene ..... I need a ton of footage for editing, so there'll be lots of takes. OK, let's try one. Mark it. And action....."


As Darius's dazed mind began to clear he looked up and saw ...... half a dozen Marines gazing down at him, most of them shirtless or in ragged tank tops, some with ammo belts slung over their chests. Their battle-weary faces were dirty and dripping with sweat (in this grueling heat the sweat was real). Then one of them, a muscle-hunk with chiseled features and buzz-cut hair, knelt down and checked him for injury. He ran his hands over Darius's waist and abs, pressing his ribs and chest, then squeezing his neck. 'Relief and gratitude' the director had said, but no mention of lust and a roaring hard-on, which is exactly what Darius had.

The sight of the gorgeous muscle-stud warriors leaning over him made him feel he was in his own bed dreaming. But then he felt their hot sweat dripping down on him and knew it was no dream ..... these guys were for real. Maybe they were acting, but their intense focus on him, six hot soldiers gazing anxiously down at him, went way beyond fantasy.

"OK cut!" Thank God, thought Darius .... another minute of that and he'd have creamed his pants. "Good, guys," the director said, "but I want to see more concern this time. Several of you kneel beside him, check him out. We won't be using the sound but you can talk ..... comfort him, reassure him. Got it? OK, let's go again. Take two. Action."

This time it was far more intense. Three of the guys knelt by him, one feeling his legs, another gripping his hand, while the shirtless hunk with the buzz-cut stroked his forehead and bent low, whispering in his ear, "It's OK, buddy, just relax, we're gonna take care of you." Jeez, Darius thought, the last time a guy said that to him the next thing he felt was a dick in his ass. It was all he could do to stop himself from kissing the thick lips of the hot young Marine.

And so it went, for take after take, each time a bit different but always a pornographic fantasy. He fantasized that when they finally carried him away the six muscular sweat-soaked Marines would hold him down and gang fuck him. That was the dream anyway. The stark reality was several hours baking in the sun, gazing up at these glorious macho soldiers, muscles gleaming, armpits stinking with sweat, their soaked fatigues clinging to their bulging crotches.

"OK, that's great guys. Now we're ready for the lift. And remember ..... teamwork. You're one unit so you all bend down together, grab a handle each, flex those arm muscles and lift. Then you carry him slowly away .... and keep going, I want a good long-shot."

And that's exactly what happened ..... the guys were all real Marines after all, drilled in coordination. Darius watched breathlessly as they all bent over him, six shirtless, dirt-streaked young soldiers dripping sweat all over him. Their shoulders, biceps and chest flexed, gleaming under the hot sun, as they took the weight and heaved the stretcher off the ground. Darius felt himself being raised up slowly until he was level with their crotches and tight waists. Lying suspended just below their bulging chests his senses were filled with the stink of their armpits and the sight of their rugged faces staring down at him.

He drifted back to his earlier fantasy: he was helpless, being carried away by six gorgeous, battle-hardened young Marines to ..... where? Farther up the canyon where they would tie him to the stretcher and work him over? He watched their straining muscles, the intensity of their sweating faces ... he smelled them, heard their groans .... and he felt his cock ready to explode.

No moaning the director had said, so he breathed hard, his mouth locked open. The buzz-cut hunk was smiling down at him. Sweat dripped from his armpit straight into Darius's mouth. He swallowed ..... the taste was bitter ..... and his cock erupted in his fatigues. Despite all his efforts he uttered a soft moan, his body shuddered slightly and he winced as his head jerked.

Fortunately his fatigues were loose so he knew his huge boner was hidden. 'So that's why they're called camouflage pants,' he thought. As his cock drained in them he relaxed and made an effort to control his breathing.

"Cut! Terrific guys. Looked great. And you kid, that little moan and twitch of the head when they lifted you, like you were in pain ..... that was a great touch. Think you can do the exact same thing in the next take?"

Jeez, thought Darius, that might take a few minutes.


Never in his life had Darius faked an orgasm. But he did now ..... several of them. If the director wanted the same look in each take the only way Darius knew how to do it was to imagine an orgasm like the first one. Not that that was hard as he gazed up at the rugged young soldiers, their muscles flexing each time they lifted the stretcher.

But after many takes the director said, "OK, men, that's a wrap on that sequence. Thanks, guys, you were great ..... you too, kid. Like I said, you should do this for a living. Right, this seems like a good time to break for lunch. One hour, folks."

The Marines reached down, pulled Darius to his feet and congratulated him. "Right on, bro," said the buzz cut, shaking his hand and pulling him into a tight hug. "I could really believe we were rescuing you .... really got into it." Darius felt the soldier's sweaty flesh pressing against his and he had to arch his back so the guy wouldn't feel the hard-on in his pants. "Third AD, right? See you around the set, then." They all left and Darius knew what he absolutely had to do. He was so stoked he had to jerk off. But first ....."

"So, you think you're the big movie star now, do you boy?" Christian, of course. "Well, Cinderella, the ball's over and you're back to being Third AD. After lunch you're all mine and, like I said, when I give you an order you move that black ass, capisce?"

"Darius 'capsiced' that Christian was going to be a bigger prick than ever from now on, angry at him being singled out and his success with the director ..... though something told Darius that there might be more to the guy's bad attitude than just arrogance. Whatever ..... first things first. His cock and balls were bursting.

He skipped the crowded mess tent where everyone was already eating and walked off on his own up the canyon, then round behind a rock to a grassy space hidden by trees. This would do fine. He leaned against the rock, zipped open his fatigues and pulled out his bulging ten inches. He stroked it slowly, closed his eyes and saw again the erotic images of the last few hours. He saw himself lying shirtless on the stretcher, saw the six burly Marines leaning over him, watched the buzz-cut kneel, smooth his brow and whisper in his ear. Wow, this was gonna be a doozy of an orgasm. He could feel it churning in his balls and moving up his pulsing cock.

"What the fuck .....?" Christian again! "I saw you sneaking up here, knew you were up to something." Darius stayed calm and, still holding his cock, stared straight at the tall blond. "You know, boy, I can get your black ass fired for this ....." His words died in his throat as Darius dropped his arms by his sides and let his cock do the talking for him, the fully erect ten inches sticking out of his pants like a tent pole. He saw Christian gulp hard as his jaw dropped.

Darius smiled inwardly. He had seen that look before .... many times. It was always the look on Pablo's face just before they had sex ..... wide-eyed, drooling as he gazed at his lover's massive black rod. Well, if he could turn that tough, macho young stud into a drooling wreck he could certainly do a number on this pompous young prick. "You were saying, dude? What, you ran out of insults?"

Christian swallowed again and gazed at Darius. With his skill at erotic images Darius always knew how hot he looked himself, especially now ..... shirtless in military fatigues and boots, his lithe, muscular body covered in dirt and sweat, gleaming ebony skin, handsome face, square-jawed features and close cropped black hair. Not to mention the long black ten-inch pole sticking out of his fatigues. He knew he looked like a pornographic wet-dream ..... and he knew that was exactly the picture that had Christian rooted to the spot.

Darius began again to stroke his cock with one hand and squeeze his left nipple with the other. He flexed his muscles, threw his head back and moaned. That always brought Pablo to his knees. But Christian was not quite there yet.

Darius opened his eyes and murmured, "Hey dude, help me out a little here. We're all alone, far from the other guys. I'm certainly not gonna talk, cause I'd get my black ass fired. So we're safe. What are you waiting for?"

In a trance Christian felt his legs move slowly toward the stunning icon. This was something new for him. A handsome young man, Christian had led a sheltered, privileged life in his wealthy family, which is why they had arranged this job for him. In the macho, testosterone-heavy world of the Marines, surrounded by hot, half naked soldiers, Christian had felt strange new stirrings within him but he could never lower himself to get too close to these military grunts, his social inferiors. Then he had been put in charge of the black construction worker, and all his ruling-class instincts reached their peak. He would show the boy who was boss.

But now he stood in front of this handsome, muscular young stud, stripped down to combat pants and boots, and he felt his knees go weak. So weak that his legs buckled and he found himself kneeling at his feet, his face only inches away from the massive black shaft pointing straight at his mouth. Moving mechanically, losing all control of his actions, he reached forward and placed his hands tentatively on the belt round Darius's waist. Then his hands rose up and lightly stroked the ridges of his washboard abs.

Sighing deeply, his hands moved down past the waist and over the rough fabric of the pants, feeling the shape of the muscled thighs underneath. Finally he gripped the waist again and dared to gaze up at the gorgeous face above him. He swallowed hard and croaked, "I've never done anything like this before."

"Yeah, but you know you want it. Come on, dude ..... eat it." The fact that this was the guy's first time excited the hell out of Darius but he knew not to force anything, knew that the guy had to make all the moves. And Christian did. His hands slid round to the back of Darius's waist and his fingers curled round the hard mounds of his ass. Slowly he pulled the ass forward, saw the abs ripple, the waist come closer, and then ...... the head of the cock touched his lips.

As the tip of his tongue probed the hole he experienced his first pungent taste of pre-cum. It was at that point that he lost every inhibition he ever had. He opened his mouth wide, pulled the body toward him and felt the steel rod slide into him. It seemed like it would never stop, sinking deeper and deeper, easing down his throat until it stopped and he gagged. He was choking but still he pressed hard against Darius's ass, forcing the cock to stay deep inside him.

'Shit,' thought Darius, 'the guy's a natural. Time for me to take over.' He grabbed a handful of blond hair and pulled Christian's head back so his cock slid almost all the way out. He paused. "I said eat it, boy." Then slowly he pulled the head toward him until the face was buried in his pubic hair. Again Christian gagged and thought he would puke with the stink of the sweat-soaked, wiry black hair in his nostrils and the pressure of the cock against the back of his throat.

Again and again Darius moved his hips, burying all ten inches of his cock in the hungry mouth, looking down at the tears running down the handsome face, the tousled hair matted against his forehead. 'Nah,' Darius thought, 'gotta give the guy the full treatment.' He pulled the head back sharply off his cock and the tear-stained face looked up at him, mouth sagging open, overflowing with drool. "More," he moaned hoarsely.

"Oh you'll get more, dude, but not in your mouth. How's about I shove my dick in your ass?"

"I can't ...... I could never do that."

"Okey dokey. Never mind then. We'll skip that."

"No..... I do want it. Do it ..... now!"

"Whoa!" Darius was not about to take any more orders from this guy. "If you want it, boy, you gotta ask for it."

A look of panic crossed Christian's face. He gulped hard, swallowed his pride and said. "OK, please fuck my ass." Darius frowned and shook his head. Christian became desperate. "Please, please fuck my ass. I want to feel that gorgeous cock inside me. Please ..... sir."

"Bingo," Darius grinned. "OK, boy, but you do just what I say and you do it fast. When I give an order you move that white ass of yours, capisce?" Christian nodded helplessly. "OK, on your back ..... now!" Christian scrambled onto his back on the grass and Darius reached down and yanked off his shorts. He dropped to his knees between his legs, pushed them up and hooked them over his shoulders, dropping forward and pinning Christian's wrists to the ground above his head. He pressed the head of his cock against Christian's hole.

Christian gazed up in awe at the shirtless black muscle-boy stretching over him, muscles flexed, eyes boring down on his. Aware of how stunning he looked Darius asked, "You like that?"

Christian was mesmerized. "It looks so beautiful. You are so fucking hot .... Please, I want to feel your cock in my ass ..... please, sir."

Darius grinned and gently eased his hips forward until the head suddenly pushed over the sphincter and into the ass. An unaccustomed shaft of pain shot through his ass and Christian winced, struggling to get free. "You want me to pull out, boy?" Again Christian panicked. "No, no. I can take it. Stay in me .....please ..... fuck my ass, sir."

Darius knew he had him. More forcefully now he pushed his hips forward, felt his cock slide into the virgin ass, deeper and deeper until it came to rest against the hot membrane at the back. He paused, then with one last thrust the head pushed over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the fiery depths of his ass. Christian's eyes flew open, he screamed, his body shook and a long ribbon of cum blasted from his cock, followed by another, splashing onto his chest, into his handsome face and tousled blond hair. He was being fucked in the ass for the first time, and for the first time in his life had shot a load without touching himself.

"Way to go, boy," Darius said. "OK, now we got the first cum shot out of the way I can really fuck your virgin ass. He pulled all the way out, then pushed slowly back inside. He saw the tension leave the face as Christian relaxed into the gentle rhythm of the huge shaft moving inside him. Darius was an expert. Hundreds of times he had driven Pablo wild, filling his ass with his monster dick. Just as he had watched Pablo's ecstatic face he now saw Christian entering a whole new world, gazing up at this spectacular boy, feeling his incredible cock moving inside him.

On and on it went, and Christian felt sensations of a wild euphoria racing through his body, sensations he had never felt before. Still pinned by Darius he pulled at his wrists and moaned, "Please, sir, I need to cum again. Please let me touch my cock."

Darius grinned and repeated familiar words he had heard from Randy and Zack. "'No, need, boy. Never is with me.' You want me to make you cum? All you have to do is ask."

"I am asking, sir. I'm begging you. Please, sir. Please make me shoot another load, sir."

"Okey dokey," Darius grinned. He pulled all the way out ..... then rammed his cock hard inside the ass, driving it fast and deep into the fiery chute and coming to rest deeper than ever before. The body beneath him jerked uncontrollably ..... "aaagh!" ..... and another stream of cum blasted out of his cock, this time spraying Darius's ebony skin with his warm juice.

Darius watched with satisfaction as Christian's body shuddered, racked with sobs of ecstasy, and his cock finally drained. "So that's it, boy," he said. "Fucked for the first time. That rich white ass of yours has just been hammered by the young construction worker's big black cock."


When Darius had reassured Christian that they were alone, he didn't know that was not entirely true. Busy as he was, Hassan had still been keeping a protective eye on Darius all day, especially when he was with the overbearing Second AD. He had seen Darius walk up the canyon and thought he just needed some time to himself, but he became concerned when he saw Christian follow him. So he too had followed at a discrete distance and stood shielded by trees watching, ready to intervene if Christian tried to work Darius over.

It quickly became clear that it was the other way round and Hassan smiled to himself. He should have known that the boys from that house could all take care of themselves. They had been well-trained by their masters, and none of them would have been intimidated by a pretentious guy like this, not matter how rich he was. Pablo would no doubt have slugged him, Jamie would have humbled him with a tongue lashing .... but Darius was using the biggest weapon he had. Now that's intimidation, Hassan grinned.

Reassured that Darius needed no help Hassan was about to walk away, but as he watched the huge black cock driving into the blond's mouth, something kept him rooted to the spot. He knew of Darius's massive endowment of course, it was the stuff of legend in the house, but he had never watched it perform so dominantly. And when Darius began to fuck Christian in the ass Hassan reflexively pulled out his own cock and began to stroke it.

He was mesmerized by the sight of the piston sliding in and out of the white ass, and by the look of rapture on Christian's face. He wondered what it must feel like, having that long tool driving inside you. Hassan himself rarely took dick in his ass, didn't even think about it, but now that he watched Christian squirm as his ass got hammered, he tried to imagine what he was feeling. The cock was so beautiful, and Hassan looked on spellbound as it moved in and out of the boy's ass. He heard Christian beg Darius to make him cum, saw Darius pull back, then slam his hips forward and plunge the long shaft hard inside the boy, forcing his cock to explode.

Hassan looked down at the tree trunk in front of him and saw semen running down it .... his own. The sight of Darius's huge black cock, the thought of how an ass must feel getting fucked by it, had caused him to blow his wad. But now he instantly came to his senses, stuffed his cock back in his pants and quickly walked back to join the other soldiers in the mess tent.

A few minutes later he and other crew members watched in disbelief as two figures came ambling toward the tent chatting amiably, with Darius's arm thrown casually over Christian's shoulder. "Shit," the director said to Hassan, "your boy sure seems to have tamed that arrogant young prick Christian. I'd love to know how he pulled that off."

No you wouldn't, Hassan grinned to himself.

Actually, after getting his ass reamed by Darius, Christian would have done anything for the beautiful black boy ..... he was putty in Darius's hands. But Darius didn't have a mean bone in his body, never bore a grudge, and remembered Randy's rule of the house ...... 'a boy misbehaves, he gets punished, and that's an end of it'. So no hard feelings. After they stood up and brushed themselves off Christian had said, "Thank you, sir,' but Darius chuckled. "Hey, you don't have to call me 'sir' ..... let's keep it casual. 'Dude' is usually good enough."

He smiled at Christian. "Look, dude, the reason I'm here is to learn the business, so I'll be grateful for anything you can show me. So let's work together, OK? It'll be fun." He held out his hand and Christian shook it warmly, smiling for the first time that day. "And, er ..... " Christian stammered, "in the future, if you're not doing anything for lunch, maybe you could ...."

"....maybe I could teach you a few more of the things I know. Right on, buddy ..... it's a deal."

When they got back to the set Darius flopped exhausted into the chair marked 'Second AD'. Christian said, "I'm going to the mess tent. Would you like me to bring you out a plate of food and some coffee?"

"That'd be great, Chris, just great." Darius sprawled in the chair and smiled to himself. One thing he knew for sure. Zack would be proud of him.


It turned out to be a very long, grueling day. After dark the director wanted some solo shots of Hassan and kept just a skeleton crew as he didn't want to rack up a lot of overtime. Darius stayed on as he needed his ride home with Hassan, and as he was the only one of the AD's left he worked with the director, impressing him with his knowledge and enthusiasm. The shots included several of Hassan, stripped to the waist, leaning against a rock as if recuperating after a firefight and pouring a bottle of cold water over his head to cool off.

The director said, "Here, kid, take a look at the shot through the camera." There was something hugely erotic about looking through a viewfinder at the spectacular Marine with water pouring over his exotic face and gorgeous body and Darius's cock swelled in his pants for the millionth time that day. "What d'ya think, kid?"

Darius was an expert on beautiful men and knew how to a make hot man look hotter. "It looks great, sir. But I think it would look even better if, after a few seconds, he turned his head to the side, gazing into the distance, so we could get him in profile ..... then have him clench his jaw. It would be a perfect shot for a slow fade-out."

"Hey, great idea, kid. You know, you're not half bad at this. We'll make a director of you yet."

It was 1am before they finally wrapped and Darius was sitting beside Hassan in the Jeep on the way home. Hassan grinned. "Well, looks like you were a big hit with the director, Darius ..... with Christian too, it seems. Well done, kid. Er, it'll be almost two by the time we get back and we have to leave tomorrow at 7am so it kinda makes more sense for you to stay at my place and we'll go straight from there in the morning. I'm bushed and I'm sure you are."

Once again Darius felt his cock jolt in his shorts. He knew there was only one bed in Hassan's small house and he wasn't sure if he could survive a night sleeping with him .... but, hey, he wasn't about to turn that down. And Hassan was right about one thing. They were both exhausted after a long, hot day on the set.

So when they finally went into Hassan's house their only thought was sleep. Too tired even to shower, they simply stripped off their sweaty clothes and fell into bed naked. Before drifting off to sleep Darius said, "Sir, thank you for setting all this up for me. I had a great time today."

"Me too, kiddo," Hassan murmured ..... and then he was asleep.


Asleep .... and dreaming. Hassan's subconscious mind would not let up. Although firmly embedded in the world of the Marines he was not immune to the testosterone-laced atmosphere when rugged, half-naked soldiers were crowded together as they had been in the dressing room tent, and much of the day his cock bulged hard under his jock-strap. But tonight his dreams centered on a different image ...... the euphoria he had seen on Christian's face as the long black cock drove deep into his ass.

His dreams shifted and teased, as dreams usually do, and at one point Christian's face morphed into his own. It was him lying on the grass feeling the huge rod slide into his ass. Man, it felt hot as he looked up at the black boy leaning over him, his hips pumping rhythmically. The image was so erotic it almost woke him and he became dimly aware of his own stiff erection before he fell back into a fitful sleep.

Darius was having problems of his own, his sleep interrupted by the restive movements of the man lying next to him, the sound of his breathing, the smell of his sweaty body. Darius had a constant hard-on and there was only one thing for it. He had to jerk off. He eased himself to the edge of the bed, slid carefully off it so as not to wake Hassan, and crept silently to the bathroom.

Through the half-open door he gazed at the man on the bed. The sheets had slid off him as he tossed and turned and he was now lying naked on his back, the sculpted muscles of his incredible physique gleaming in the dim light as he stirred restlessly. His arms were thrown above his head, so he was sprawled spread-eagled on the bed. His handsome, rugged face tossed from side to side and it was obvious to Darius that he was dreaming ..... an erotic dream judging by his cock that reared up like a tent pole.

By now Darius had walked out of the bathroom and stood stroking his cock, gazing down at the pornographic image before him. And it was at that moment that Hassan opened his eyes.

In that twilight state between sleeping and waking Hassan half imagined that he was still dreaming. There, in the shadows, was the black boy he had seen in his dreams, stroking the long black cock that had buried itself in the blond boy's ass.

Disoriented Hassan looked up over his shoulder and glimpsed the loops of rope at the bedposts that were always there for use with Nate. Instinctively he stretched his arms and pushed his hand through the loops, pulling his wrists tight against the cord in imagined bondage. Then he struggled as if trying to get free, showing off his magnificent naked body, his muscles flexing, bulging, straining, his head thrashing from side to side.

Darius was spellbound. This was the same spectacular Marine he had seen earlier in the tent, stripped down to his jock-strap, standing head and shoulders above his admiring fellow soldiers. It was the same man he had seen through the viewfinder, shirtless in fatigues, relaxing against the rock, pouring water over his stunning face and body. And now here he was, struggling buck naked, tied to the bed by his wrists. He was staring at Darius ...... and Darius knew beyond a doubt what the soldier wanted. Incredible as it seemed, he was waiting to get fucked!

In a trance, not sure if this was all a dream, Darius walked forward and stood at the foot of the bed, hypnotized by the exotic, slanting eyes boring into his. He knelt on the bed between Hassan's legs .... and almost lost his nerve. Then he heard the deep, accented voice. "Fuck me, boy. Fuck the soldier's ass with that huge black cock."

Darius almost lost his load right there, but he held back. His cock was now roaring hard and he pushed Hassan's legs up high and pressed the head of his cock into the thicket of black curly fuzz at the ass and against the warm hole. The face was incredibly beautiful as it whispered. "Fuck me, boy. I wanna feel your cock in my ass."

Darius eased his hips forward and felt his cock slide endlessly into the soldier's ass, deeper and deeper until it came to rest. "Aaah...." Hassan sighed deeply. His mind flashed on the look of total ecstasy on Christian's face. So this is what it felt like! The exquisite sensation radiated from his ass all through his exhilarated body and he moaned again, "Fuck me ..... fuck my ass."

Darius gazed down at the rugged soldier's hungry eyes staring back at him. Hassan was tough, a man's man, and Darius knew that he wanted it rough. So he pulled back and drove the spike deep into his ass again, watching the euphoria on Hassan's face. "Harder, boy." He raised his voice to a shout ..... "Fuck me, man!"

Darius's cock was so big that he was always careful how he fucked .... but not now. The Marine was begging for it ..... and he let him have it. Losing all restraint he began to pump the soldier's ass, pounding it, spearing it with his iron-hard rod.

In his whirling imagination Hassan saw the image of the long cock pumping the ass of the young blond, then imagined that same cock driving into his own ass. All the pent-up testosterone of the day erupted and he went wild, his beautiful face thrashing in pain and pure ecstasy. "Shit that feels awesome .... man, I love that pole in my ass. Yeah, hammer that ass, boy."

The words sent Darius over the edge and his cock became a jackhammer pistoning in the ass of the naked Marine as he writhed on the bed, his gleaming muscles flexing, his spectacular physique pumped to the max as he pulled desperately at his restraints. His black hair flew as his dark, exotic Arab face tossed wildly from side to side. It was one of the most erotic images Darius had ever seen, a pornographic icon, the naked muscle-god bound and helpless, his gorgeous body impaled on the massive black cock.

Hassan looked up wildly. "I gotta touch my cock, boy. I gotta shoot."

Darius smiled ..... "No need with me, man, not with my cock. Here ......" As he had with Christian, he pulled all the way out, paused, and then with a violent thrust of his hips drove the massive iron stake deep into the cauldron of the man's gut. Hassan's body convulsed, his ass was on fire, and he screamed, "I gotta cum ..... I'm gonna shoot ..... ..... I'm cumming ...... aaagh!" A huge stream of cum blasted from his cock, then another and another, splashing onto his face and chest, mixing with the pools of sweat.

At the same moment the boy's cock shuddered deep in his ass and Hassan felt hot cum pouring inside him, bathing his shattered ass with the juice of raw youthful passion. As their rasping breaths subsided Hassan yanked his wrists from the cord loops and clamped his hands round Darius's ass, pushing it hard against his ass to keep the entire length of his cock in him.

Then he let go, swung one leg over to the side and twisted his body around, so his back was pressed against Darius's chest, his ass against his pubic hair, the cock still embedded deep inside him. Their hearts stopped pounding, their breathing subsided, and they lay exhausted. No words were uttered and in minutes they had fallen into a deep, untroubled sleep.


In the first pale light of dawn a small, old truck drove up the winding hill to the house on Mulholland. When it crunched to a halt the driver leapt out, jumped the gate and ran excitedly down the drive toward the guesthouse. Nate had done this before, dropping in on Hassan early in the morning before he left for work. He knew that Hassan liked morning sex and the boy always looked forward to waking him up and offering him his ass.

Today was Sunday, not his usual day, but to tell the truth Nate had felt a bit uneasy yesterday, knowing that Hassan was spending a long, hot day on the film set with Darius. Never mind, this would make things right. He was Hassan's boy and his master would enjoy fucking him before he left to pick Darius up from home for another day's work.

Nate had it all worked out. He wouldn't knock .... just open the door quietly and surprise Hassan by falling into his arms in bed. Hassan would love that. So he slipped in softly and stood in the dark waiting for his eyes to adjust to the gloom. But as the shape on the bed became clearer he thought his eyes were playing tricks. It couldn't be ..... it couldn't. Hassan was lying on his side and pressed against him was Darius. Both men were naked and it was clear that Darius's cock was buried in Hassan's ass.

Nate went blank. Unable to think he left the room and closed the door quietly behind him. All he knew was that he had to get away. In a dazed panic he started to run, scrambling up the path, stumbling, falling onto his stomach, dragging himself through the dirt then pulling himself back on his feet. His eyes were blinded with tears ..... he stumbled again and fell ..... into a pair of strong arms.

He let himself be held tight as his body heaved with sobs. "Hey, hey," said a deep, gentle voice. "It's OK, everything's OK. I've got you now." The voice calmed Nate and as he pulled back he found himself staring into the face of ..... Adam.

Adam brushed the tears from Nate's eyes and asked in his reassuring Australian accent, "What the hell's happened to you, kiddo?" His voice hardened. "Has somebody hurt you?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength - Chapter 163


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