After a tumultuous day, dinner at the house that evening was a joyful clatter of young voices. All the boys had a story to tell: Darius and his exploits with the Marines, the boss he had tamed with his cock, and his night with Hassan. Nate, thrilled about Adam's projected move to Los Angeles and how Adam had confronted Hassan. Jamie's excitement at the day he and Mark had just spent at Jason's house and the delights of being shared all day by a cop and a fireman.

The masters listened to the overlapping voices with amused indulgence ..... except for Bob, whose antennae picked up a certain uneasiness with the twins as they detached themselves from the group and busied themselves with the trappings of dinner. He followed them into the kitchen and watched them work in silence, with slightly pinched faces.

"OK, guys, something's up, I can see that. Now sit down, have a drink and tell me.... Was it all the stories the boys were telling out there? Were you, er, envious?"

"No, sir," Kyle protested ..... "Well, not really. We're really happy for them and everything that's happened. It's just that .... well...."

"Just that you didn't have a story to tell, that it? Nothing much happens to you .... Am I right?"

The twins exchanged glances and it all came out in a rush. "Well, sir," Kyle said, "sometimes it seems that guys we get friendly with are kind of taken over by the other boys. I mean, like, Jason, sir. We were the ones who met him first, and you gave us that great birthday present with him, but now he spends all his time with Mark and Jamie and we never even get to talk to him. And, well ....."

"Hey," Bob interrupted, "I remember how Jason loved being with you guys ..... he went ape-shit over you ..... he still talks about it. You want to see more of him? No problem, I know he'd jump at the chance. Come to think of it, it's time you got out of this kitchen more often." He thought for a minute, then said. "Listen, I didn't want to jump the gun on this but I may as well tell you now. Jason has told me he wants to give a party at his house soon, his way of saying thanks to all of us. He's inviting everyone ..... us, Steve, Lloyd, Hassan, and now Adam too.

"It'll be a big affair so he's going to hire caterers. Well, I said why not keep it in house? Seems to me you two are the best caterers in town and if you took on Nate and Eddie as cater-waiters you could handle it. Now, it would take a lot of planning with Jason. You'd have to spend a couple of days there, getting used to the kitchen and his setup, working close to him as he explains what he needs. I think you could handle it ..... if you want the job, that is."

Their shining eyes answered for them. A couple of days with Jason, the gorgeous fireman who had been their birthday present, the man the twins had mesmerized by making love together while he watched. Their minds were racing ..... and not only with plans for food. They had something else in mind entirely.


When the dinner finally wound down, couples started to pair off. Steve and Lloyd left together. Nate fairly dragged Adam off to his room, still high as a kite over the thrilling prospect of living with him as his boy. Mark and Jamie went to their large ground-floor apartment, taking Jason with them. Darius and Pablo couldn't wait to get to their room so Darius could demonstrate how he had subdued Golden Boy, his arrogant boss.

While the twins and Eddie cleared away the debris of dinner, Hassan stood up and said his goodbyes. Bob gave him an especially long, warm hug. Observant as ever he had watched Hassan during dinner and perceived a trace of melancholy in him, even in the midst of all the high-spirited laughter. And Bob understood.

He knew, of course, that Nate considered himself as Hassan's boy when Adam was back in Sydney, which was most of the time. But now Adam was going to live in L.A. full-time and Nate was thrilled that he would live with him. So where did that leave Hassan? Bob had got the full, undiluted story from Nate about Adam's confrontation with Hassan and knew that harmony had been restored between the three of them. But still ......

Bob's heart went out to the gorgeous Marine, whose beauty always seemed to get him into trouble, despite his best efforts to isolate himself in his solitary little home in the hills. He had had clashes with several of the men over their boys ..... and now this thing with Darius, stirring up resentment and envy.

As Bob finally pulled back from the hug and looked into Hassan's beautiful, sad eyes he couldn't help saying, "You know we all love and respect you around here, buddy. And you know everything's gonna turn out fine ...... I guarantee." Hassan's eyes grew moist and he impulsively pulled Bob into another tight embrace. The thought flashed through his mind that if this beautiful, kind, generous man were not already in a solid relationship with Randy he might even ..... Then the thought was gone, but both men had stiff cocks in their pants as Bob watched Hassan leave. Bob resumed his seat at the table next to Randy.

"So what was all that about?" Randy smiled, knowing his lover's compassionate nature.

"Oh, I dunno, man. Nate, Adam, Hassan. Strange how one boy's happiness means another man's sadness. Guess it all balances out." Just then Eddie was at Bob's elbow clearing the last dishes, and Bob looked up at him. "Hey, Eddie, you're now doing two days a week up on Mulholland cleaning Steve and Lloyd's place and Hassan's guest house, is that right?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie said brightly. He loved his days up there, high in the hills with those men.

"Well......" Bob said thoughtfully. "I have a feeling that Nate will want to stay around here for the next few days, close to Adam. So how about you take the next two days and spend them up there? Nate can concentrate on this house while you're there. That work for you?"

"Absolutely, sir," Eddie said, his eyes shining. "Thank you, sir," and he ran back to the kitchen.

Randy grinned at Bob. "Now what is that devious brain of yours cooking up now?"

"Oh, nothing ..... just a hunch."

"Yeah, well don't forget I've got needs too. You gotta hunch what I need right now?"

Bob laughed, and parroted Eddie. "Absolutely, sir. Thank you, sir."

"Asshole!" Randy threw his arm over Bob's shoulder and they went quickly up to bed.


As Eddie drove Nate's old truck up to Mulholland the next morning he was feeling the excitement he always felt when he came up here, remembering things that had happened to him on previous trips. The first time he met Hassan was when the Marine had come in unexpectedly and found him having sex on his bed with Nate. He had "punished" Eddie by making him lick his sweat-soaked body clean. Eddie had sucked Hassan's cock, drunk his hot cum, then taken the soldier's dick in his ass.

He remembered how Hassan had called him a "terrific kid" and had made him a present of his dirty tank and jock strap that stank of sweat and cum. They were now Eddie's prized possessions and many was the time he had held them up to his face, breathed in, and jerked off, with the image of the hot, muscular soldier vivid in his mind.

It was Steve, though who had suggested that Eddie come up to clean their houses twice a week. Steve, Lloyd and Hassan had taught him all about safe limits in bondage, and Hassan had finally made the boy submit to him. They liked the boy so much that Steve had suggested that Eddie should come there two days a week instead of one? "Seems to me that his job description just got a lot longer. A ton of new things he's gonna have to do for us from now on."

Most times Eddie came here with Nate and they cleaned as a team. This time, though, Eddie knew that Nate would stick close to Adam at home so he was on his own, which did make him a little nervous. He had never worked there two consecutive days before and he wasn't sure why Bob had suggested it. But Bob was the boss and always knew what was best for him.

When he pulled up at the main gate Eddie decided to clean Hassan's house first as he would no doubt be at work already. Then he'd make a start on the big house after Steve and Lloyd left for work. So he threw his bag of cleaning gear over his shoulder and ambled along the path that led down the hill to the guest house. But when the house came in sight he stopped dead in his tracks. Hassan was outside his house working on his small garden.


'Working' was an understatement. 'Taking out his frustrations' would have been closer to the mark. After leaving the big dinner party the night before he had come straight home and sat outside in the starlight having a last drink before bed. He sighed deeply ..... here he was again, alone in his own little world. Oh sure, he was totally accepted by the men down in the house as a respected member of their tribe, and at work he was popular with the other Marines. But now that Nate was firmly in the arms of Adam, was going to live with him, Hassan started to feel the downside of his solitary existence. He suddenly realized with a jolt how much he needed a boy in his life.

He had slept fitfully, feeling the emptiness of his big bed. Finally he had given up on sleep, made himself a pot of strong coffee, then pulled on sneakers and an old pair of cargo shorts. He had a couple of days off work to compensate for the weekend he had just worked on the film shoot, and he decided to work off his gloomy mood in the garden. Physical activity was what he needed. So here he was, on his hands and knees in the dirt, punishing the weeds as if they were responsible for his troubles. "Fuck you," he said out loud as he yanked them out of the ground and tossed them aside. "Fuck you."

"Excuse me, sir?" Hassan's head jerked upward and he shaded his eyes from the morning sun. It was Eddie! Startled, he said, "Oh ..... sorry, kid, I didn't mean you. I was ..... er ..... talking to the weeds."

"Yes, sir," Eddie said, as if that were the most natural thing in the world.

Hassan smiled, then burst out laughing, feeling a lightness he had not felt for days. "Good to see you, Eddie. But this is not your regular day to clean is it?"

"No, sir, but Nate is ..... well, kinda busy with Adam, so Bob suggested that I come up here today and do my two days here back to back."

"Oh he did?" Hassan smiled, remembering Bob's consoling hug and his words "everything's gonna turn out fine ...... I guarantee." 'That Bob.....' he thought, shaking his head. "Well, great idea," he said to Eddie. "There's a fresh pot of coffee inside. Help yourself. The place is a bit of a mess I'm afraid .... I just got up."

"Oh I don't mind at all, sir. I'm used to it." Hassan smiled, remembering how Eddie had once jerked off and blasted a load of jism all over his old shorts, tank and jock-strap lying on the unmade bed. He couldn't resist saying, "Sorry about all my underwear and stuff on the bed."

"No worries, sir. I'll take care of it."

'Yeah, I bet,' Hassan said under his breath, grinning to himself.

Eddie went inside and Hassan resumed his assault on the weeds, though he felt much more kindly disposed to them now. Hell, he suddenly felt kinder to the world as he heard Eddie busying himself in the house. After a while he felt a need of his company and shouted, "Hey, Eddie, "you wanna drop what you're doing and come give me a hand out here?"

Eddie appeared at the door with a wide grin as he looked down at the shirtless soldier on his knees, his muscular chest and handsome face streaked with dirt. "See that patch of scrub over there," Hassan said. "I was thinking of clearing it and planting vegetables in it. Nothing like home-grown veggies you know. I was gonna tackle that big bush but maybe you could help by pulling out the smaller clumps of sage brush next to it. Better take your T-shirt off or it'll get filthy.

"Sure thing, sir," said Eddie, eager to be of help to the sexy Marine, and he whipped off his T-shirt. Like Hassan, he was wearing just cargo shorts and sneakers. Immediately he began ripping at the scrub while Hassan took a small axe to the obstinate bush. They worked close together in silence for a while in the growing heat as the sun higher climbed in the sky. After a while Hassan paused and looked across at Eddie who was lost in concentration as he tugged vigorously at the sage, throwing clumps into a growing heap. He was so intent on his work that he was oblivious of Hassan's gaze .... and his smile.

Hassan's heart went out to the eager boy, his face set in earnest determination as he worked. He was a hell of a young guy, loyal, hard-working ...... tender but with and edge of toughness to him. He was not what Hassan was used to at all. Most of the time the soldier was surrounded by the macho bravado of boastful young Marines. Even the other boys down in the house had been toughened up by their masters and were now self-assured, especially the scrappy Pablo who had taken on a lot of the traits of his master Randy.

But Eddie was different .... innocent, enthusiastic, eager to please. He was new to all this and worked hard to prove himself. Hassan found him moving, felt protective toward the boy and had a sudden urge to hug him. But he stifled the urge and got back to his battle with the bush. It took a good hour for them both to clear the plot of ground, by which time they were covered in dirt, with sweat dripping from their faces and running down their chests to their shorts, forming big wet patches at their crotches.

As they surveyed their handiwork Hassan grinned at Eddie. "We done good, boy. We deserve a beer." Taking that as his cue Eddie ran inside the house and came back with two beers. He sat cross-legged on the lawn facing Hassan, who sprawled on his side gazing at him. "You know, kid," the soldier said, "your body's coming along real fine with all those workouts Darius and Pablo are putting you through. You've become quite the looker."

"Thank you, sir." Eddie blushed under the streaks of dirt on his face. Hassan could see he was nervous, but he was also aware of the boner he was trying to hide in his shorts under the wet patch of sweat. And Hassan realized that his own cock had been growing steadily into a stiff erection. As they drank thirstily there was a slight tension in the air, despite Hassan's effort to help the boy relax by talking about his life in Nebraska before he left for California.

Instead of dissipating, the tension intensified as Eddie stared earnestly at the macho, shirtless soldier with an obvious bulge in his shorts. The cause of their uneasiness was becoming obvious to Hassan and he decided to confront it head on. Their conversation died away, followed by a tense silence, and Hassan said, "Do you want to get fucked, Eddie?"

"Yes please, sir," came the instant reply.

Hassan was charmed and moved by Eddie's boyish directness and it made him laugh. Eddie blushed and said, "Sorry, sir. Did I say something wrong?"

"No, Eddie," Hassan smiled, "what you said was absolutely perfect. Now stand up and drop your shorts." Eddie sprang to his feet and obeyed, standing naked before the sprawling Marine in just his old, unlaced sneakers, trembling in anticipation. "You're not nervous are you?" asked the soldier."

"A little bit, sir."

"OK, listen to me. If you and I are to be friends you mustn't be nervous of me, ever. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, sir.' Eddie took a deep breath. "I'm not nervous now, sir."

"Good." Hassan saw him relax visibly, the tension draining from his body. "OK, now turn around." Hassan gazed at the twin white globes of the boy's ass. "Wow, that ass of yours is just about perfect, boy. You been doing a lot of squats in the gym?"

"Yes, sir. I told Pablo I wanted an ass like his one day." He blushed as Hassan laughed again.

"OK, now here's the deal. After all that gardening I'm feeling real lazy, so you're gonna do all the work." He rolled over onto his back, raised his arms and laced his fingers behind his head, his biceps bulging, lats flaring. "Right, now get me naked." Eddie's heart was beating wildly but he took a couple of deep breaths and got to work. He pulled off Hassan's sneakers, then leaned down, unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down. He was wearing nothing underneath and Eddie gasped as the soldier's huge cock sprang up, stiff as a tent pole.

Eddie pulled the shorts all the way down, then folded them neatly and placed them carefully on the ground as if they were a precious object, which they were for him. His precision made Hassan smile and he said, "OK, now stand astride me. Eddie obeyed and gazed down at the dark, chiseled features, the head still resting on hands linked casually behind it. "I think you know what to do now, boy."

He did. He lowered himself until he was kneeling astride Hassan, sitting lightly on him just below his chest, his cock flopping into the deep cleft between the Marine's hard, round pecs. He felt the stiff rod rubbing against his back and heard the deep voice say, "Go for it, boy." Eddie raised up a little, reached behind him and eased the cock into the crack of his ass.

He took a deep breath, then slowly sank down, letting the long pole slide into him. He was so relaxed now, with such longing to feel the soldier's cock inside him, that there was no pain, no cry, just a long satisfied sigh ....."aaah." He felt the head of the cock penetrating him, deeper and deeper, until he was sitting on Hassan's wiry pubic hair, the cock fully inside him.

He gazed down at the rugged face moving from side to side, moaning with pleasure. Suddenly he felt Hassan's hips jerk up, pushing the head of his cock even deeper into his ass and over the inner sphincter. The boy had not been ready for that. His body jolted, his cock pulsed and he gasped, "No .... No ..... I can't .....aaagh!" and a huge plume of white juice shot from his cock and splashed over the soldier's face. He stared in horrified disbelief at what he had done. But the sight of the rugged, exotic face covered in dirt and sweat .... and now semen .... was too erotic and he couldn't hold back a second jet of cum that splashed down like the first.

Eddie was aghast and started mumbling. "Sir, I didn't mean ..... I couldn't help ..... I just ...." But he stopped as Hassan gazed up at him and laughed, wiping his face with his fingers and licking the cum off them. "Eddie, Eddie," he said at last, "don't apologize. You never have to apologize for cumming with my cock in your ass. I love the taste of your juice." He stroked Eddie's chest and said, "Now, the guys in the house say that you are a regular little gusher ..... you can cum more times in a day than most guys do in a week. So let's see if they're right, shall we? Now, fuck my cock, boy. Come on ... make me feel good."

Hassan's high spirits were infectious and once again Eddie relaxed, determined to please this gorgeous man. He rose up off the cock, then sank down on it, again and again, an eager young stud excitedly riding the big horse dick. "That's it," Hassan laughed, "ride 'em cowboy." He twisted Eddie's nipples in his fingers, sending a charge through his body as he moaned in ecstasy. Eddie leaned forward and laid his hands on Hassan's pecs, feeling the muscles flexing under his palms.

Impaled on the huge rod pistoning inside his ass, gazing down at the handsome face, Eddie was alarmed to feel his cock bulging again. Hassan caught his look of desperation and said, "It's OK, kid, this time I'm right there with you ..... your ass is so fucking hot you're driving me crazy. This time we'll do it together. You ready? Oh, shit, this is too fucking beautiful, man. "Aaagh." The soldier's head flew back as his cock exploded deep inside the young ass. Eddie howled as he felt Hassan's pulsing cock pouring its juice into him, and he blasted another stream of cum, this time over the slabs of sculpted chest.

"Jesus," Hassan groaned through heaving breaths, "that felt so fucking good. But I haven't finished with you yet, boy." Hassan was fired up now and Eddie felt a mix of fear and exhilaration as he saw the Marine's eyes blaze, his muscles flex as he began what was to be a marathon fuck session.

"Here, I wanna see that ass." He grabbed Eddie round the waist, lifted him up bodily and twisted him round so he got a view of his back and his ass. Using the great strength in his arms he moved the boy up and down on his cock, making his own dick hard again. With mounting lust he watched his long rod disappear between the twin white globes, then he lifted the ass up and pulled it back down onto him. "Oh shit, boy, that looks fucking incredible.

But soon Hassan tired of being in the bottom position and his natural macho dominance took over. He pushed the boy sideways and they both rolled over so that Eddie was face down and Hassan was on top of him. He pulled the boy up onto his hands and knees, kneeling behind him, all the time keeping his cock buried in his ass. Hassan growled. "Now I'm gonna work that sweet ass so hard, boy, that you'll shoot load after load of jism. That what you want, boy?"

"Yes please, sir," came Eddie's muffled voice. The soldier clamped his hands round the boy's waist and began to pound his ass again. He pulled the young ass back onto his cock, again and again, driving it deeper and deeper. Eddie saw his own sweat dripping onto the ground from his face, felt the soldier pile-driving him from behind, his balls slapping against his ass. It was sexual overload and he knew he had to cum.

"Come on, boy, Hassan yelled, show me how much you want my dick in your ass. Do it, boy. Show me." He was rewarded by a loud scream from Eddie as he blasted yet another load of cum onto the ground. "Yeah!" Hassan shouted, pumping his fist in triumph.

With one powerful move he put his arms round Eddie's chest and pulled them both up onto their feet. From behind he pushed the boy toward the house until he was facing a mirror Hassan used for his outdoor workouts. And again the soldier's long shaft pistoned inside him, ferociously, endlessly. Dazed, now, Eddie saw over his shoulder in the mirror the wild, dark face, still covered in dirt, sweat and semen. "Aaagh!" It was that pornographic face and the feeling of the cock jackhammering his ass that made him shoot again. He looked down and saw his own juice running down the length of the mirror.

And so it continued ..... on the ground, against the wall, in every position, with Eddie's ass impaled on the piston of the soldier's huge rod. He lost count of how many times he had cum and was near exhaustion when he found himself on his back, his legs hooked over Hassan's shoulders. The soldier was smiling down at him now as he gently massaged his burning ass with his cock. "You are one hell of a guy, Eddie. You're a truly great fuck. And now I want you to cum one last time. But this time it's gonna be different. This time it'll be because you love me.

And it was true. Eddie felt the cock still moving slowly inside him, but it was not that that made him shudder. It was the eyes, the exotic, slanted brown eyes ..... it was the strength, the kindness .... the love he saw in them. His body trembled with a sensation he had never felt before. The rest of the world faded away and all he saw was the face ..... the eyes. A warmth infused his body ..... he felt safe, loved and he heaved a deep sigh of pure happiness as he felt semen shooting from his cock one last time, and hot juice pouring inside him from the man he knew he loved.

He loved him! He was in love! The sensation was so new, so strange, that it overwhelmed him and he started to sob uncontrollably. It was the only reaction strong enough for what he felt .... a bewildering mix of joy, fear and confusion. Sure, he had admired and lusted for other men, especially Darius, but now, for the first time in his life, he had found real love .... and he didn't know what to do with it. It was terrifying. Then he heard the voice. "It's OK Eddie ..... I know what you're feeling and it's OK."

In a daze Eddie murmured, "But it can't .... I mean .... you're so beautiful, sir .... you could have anyone. But me, I'm ..... well, it's only me."

Hassan's voice was stern. "Eddie, don't ever again let me hear you say 'It's only me'. You're a terrific, loving, beautiful young guy ..... he smiled a dazzling smile ..... "not to mention a sensational fuck."

Eddie's heart leapt, his tears stopped flowing and his watery smile turned to laughter. "That's more like it," Hassan said. "That's my boy."


Half an hour later, after they had showered together, they were sitting on the porch in their shorts drinking coffee. "Hey," Hassan said, "how about we make a run to the nursery and pick up some plants and seedlings for our garden. We'll plant them together, OK?" ('Our garden! Plant them together!' They were magical words to Eddie.) "And I was wondering, as Bob said you should spend two days up here cleaning my house and Steve's, how would you like to spend the night here? Save you a trip down the hill and back."

Eddie blushed, his heart pounded and he covered the bulge in his shorts with his hands. Work with this gorgeous man in the garden, then spend the night in his bed? He could hardly believe it ..... but ..... Hassan sensed a moment of hesitation. "I know, kid, you should clear it with Darius. Call him right now on his cell."

Darius was thrilled to bits. "Hey, kid, that's great. And a word of advice. Whatever happens between you and that gorgeous Marine .... like in the future and all ..... just go for it. It's the chance of a lifetime. Oh, there's just one condition, one thing you gotta do for me."

"I know, sir, you want me to give you details ..... 'spill all the beans' ..... when I see you."

"You got it kiddo," Darius laughed. "You learn fast."

Next, ever cautious, Hassan made a quick call to Bob to clear it with him. Bob chuckled over the phone and said, "Of course it's OK, buddy ..... it's great ..... kinda what I was hoping for."

Hassan smiled and shook his head. "You son-of-a-bitch. I kinda guessed you were up to something. What are you anyway, the puppet master who pulls all the strings in that house?"

"As many as I can get my hands on," Bob laughed. "Right now I have my hands full of the twins, putting them to work with Jason .... or on Jason." Forestalling Hassan's obvious next question Bob said, "Don't ask, buddy. Just take care of that boy ..... and make sure he takes care of you."

Seeing the smile on Hassan's face as he shut off the phone, Eddie said, "You love Bob, don't you, sir?"

"Doesn't everyone?" Hassan said. "Come on kid, let's get those plants."


Bob had decided that the twins needed to be pushed from the nest a little, like fledglings. He wanted them to be bolder, more independent, less reliant on his advice and permission. So when Jason had told him that he had finally decided on a day for his party and would like to start planning with the twins, Bob made a decision. He had anticipated their immediate reaction when they heard the news, and it came right away. "Can you come with us, sir?"

"No," Bob said decisively. "This is a project you should tackle on your own, and I'm confident you can do it. I want you to get to know Jason better so you can anticipate his needs and provide the best catering service and party planning he could ever have. Now, I suggest you go around noon. I know Jason worked a night shift and he told me when he gets home he'll work out for a while to relieve the stress, then have a nap. He sleeps deeply but he said it's OK to wake him up."

Bob saw a look of anxiety pass quickly between the twins as they contemplated all this, and he made them sit down. "Now let me tell you a few things, guys. You mustn't be scared of Jason. Oh sure, he's an incredible looking guy, with that flawless face and body ..... a hot fireman, a real authority figure. But as I said earlier, he likes you a lot, was crazy about what you did for him on your birthday. So whatever you do for him now, he's gonna love.

"So my advice is, be bold, be creative, follow your instincts. Don't be afraid to act decisively because I know Jason will go for that. And above all, never forget you're my boys ..... look at me, guys. You're my boys. Make me proud." The twins gazed at the gorgeous, dark haired muscle-god, the man that Randy worshipped and everyone in the house loved and admired. And they were his boys! They could do anything! And right there they determined they would.


However firm their resolve, the twins were tentative as they quietly opened the gate to the garden of Jason's house. They had been there before so they knew what to expect ..... or thought they did. But they weren't ready for what they found. They saw noting at first, just the rather unruly garden, and heard in the distance the sound of the stream running along one side of it, the stream where Jamie had once fallen in and been rescued by Jason.

They walked round to the open patio on the side of the house where they knew Jason had set up an extensive gym. And there he was ..... not working out .... but fast asleep on the ground. Taken aback they looked at each other but said nothing. They always intuited what the other was thinking so words were unnecessary. They walked forward silently and took stock.

Their first reaction was an instant hard-on. Sprawled asleep on his back the fireman looked magnificent. Stripped down to dark blue shorts his incredibly muscular body gleamed with a slight sheen of sweat, the result, no doubt, of a heavy workout. Not far away his fireman's uniform ...... boots, yellow pants with red suspenders, uniform shirt and blue T-shirt ..... lay scattered over the ground. Evidently he had come home from his shift, stripped down to his shorts and immediately begun his workout ...... as Bob had said, to relieve his stress. After that, fatigue must have overcome him and he simply sprawled on the ground and slept.

And here he was! His muscles were still pumped from the workout and the twins gazed in awe at the broad shoulders, arms stretched above him, bulging biceps, the slabs of his chest rising and falling in sleep, his lats sloping down to a tight, slim waist, and the incredible ridges of his eight-pack abs. His shorts, still wet with sweat, clung to his muscled thighs, with the bulge of his cock clearly outlined underneath. His legs, like his arms, were sprawled out so he was casually spread-eagled on the ground.

And the face ..... the finely chiseled features, square jaw, prominent cheek bones, high forehead and short blond hair. His eyes were closed as his head moved slightly, sighing in sleep. He was simply spectacular, a true muscled god, and twins could have shot a wad in their shorts just looking at him. But just then Kyle's eye caught sight of something else and he nudged Kevin and pointed at the mirror in the gym. It was smothered in a white, creamy liquid that still ran slowly down the glass.

They looked at each other and smiled. They had heard of Jason's vanity, his love of his own body, and it was obvious that, at the end of his workout, before he slept, he had gazed at his perfect physique in the mirror, probably flexed and posed, and jerked off looking at the magnificent reflection. The fireman's narcissism made him only more erotic in the twins' eyes, and they were both now nursing huge boners.

They didn't know what to do. Bob had said they could wake him up but ..... Their minds in sync, they both imagined standing over him, maybe, beating their meat, and cumming all over his face. That should wake him. But Bob's words rang in their ears ..... "Be bold, be creative, follow your instincts. Don't be afraid to act decisively because I know Jason will go for that."

Well they sure knew what their instincts were. They wanted sex with the fireman ..... if they dared to. They could just wait and hope for Jason to wake and take the lead, or they could take the initiative. ("Be bold .... be creative.") It was Kevin who noticed something that made his heart pound. Kyle followed his gaze and saw that, as Jason's arms were splayed out above his head in sleep, his wrists were close to two of the uprights supporting the roof of the open patio. But what really made their pulses race was the sight of two skipping ropes lying close by.

The gazed at each other and nodded slightly. Truth be told, it was their cocks that were doing the thinking for them now. They had to do it ..... they had no choice ..... they had to be bold. "Make me proud."


It was easier than they had thought ..... the light, nylon cord of the ropes was perfect for the job. And when Jason had told Bob that he slept deeply he wasn't kidding. Obviously working all night on a fire truck, followed by a punishing workout, was a surefire recipe for sound sleep. He didn't feel a thing as the twins worked, one on each side of him. They wound the soft cord carefully round his wrists and attached the other end to the post. They held their breath as he moaned and moved slightly, but then he was still again.

Their task complete they stood back and gazed down at the bound, muscular blond. What now? "Just wait, I guess," Kevin whispered. They didn't have long to wait. Soon Jason moaned again and stirred, trying to turn onto his side in his sleep. But he couldn't. Something stopped him. Dreaming maybe, he jerked his hand but ..... He moaned again, his eyes half opened and he looked up drowsily at his wrist that wouldn't move. It was tied ..... with a rope. So was his other wrist!

Now his eyes shot open, he stared upward and ..... swimming into focus were the twins. Shock and panic caused an adrenaline rush and he groaned, "What the fuck ....?" He yanked harder at his wrists and shouted now, "What the fuck.....? Did you do this? .... what the fuck is this? Untie me, guys. This is not funny .... it's not cool. Let me go."

But the twins didn't move, gazing in awe at the spectacle of the near-naked fireman, spread-eagled, trying to get free, his glorious muscles flexing and bulging as his helpless body writhed on the ground, his handsome face thrashing desperately from side to side. It was a spectacular sight, so erotic that the twins turned away to avoid shooting their load.

"Fuck you, boys!" Jason yelled. "Don't you dare turn your backs on me. Shit, when I get outa this I'm gonna fucking thrash you both, then ream your sorry asses." Tempting as that idea was, the twins had something else in mind and they turned to face him. As he continued to hurl threats at them they reached behind their necks and, moving in unison, pulled up on their T-shirts.

Still Jason struggled, yelling, "Untie me, dammit, or I'm fucking well gonna make you wish ..... " But his voice trailed off as he saw the shirts rise up over their tight abs, their perfectly defined chests, then off over their heads. They stood there shirtless, identical images of youthful perfection. The awesome sight calmed him and he tried reasoning with them. "Ok, guys, so that's it .... you want me to fuck you, right?"

"Not exactly, sir," said Kyle, as they stood one either side of him. Acting in perfect unison again they reached down, each one grabbing a side of his shorts and pulling them down from his waist, over his ass, down his legs and off. They looked on wide-eyed as his cock sprang free ..... stiff as a poker. "See?" Jason said, still reasoning with them. "Just untie me and we can..."

But again his words died as the twins kicked off their sneakers, unbuttoned their shorts and let them drop. "Oh, shit," he groaned as he gazed up at the beautiful young twins, their lithe muscular bodies naked now, slim hips, handsome, smiling faces, light brown hair blowing in the soft breeze. "Oh, shit. That looks so ........ What you gonna do to me, fellers?"

Kevin smiled shyly. "Bob told us to follow our instincts, sir, and be good for you ..... so we will." For a moment they turned to face each other, came close and kissed each other, long and hard.

"Oh, shit," Jason moaned again, struggling to free himself. "Guys, at least untie one hand so I can touch my cock." He assumed they were going to give him a repeat performance of when they had made love to each other, sucking each other's cocks. He felt sure of it when they broke apart, walked closer to him and Kyle fell to his knees in front of his brother. He held Kevin's stiff cock, licked the whole length of it, then lowered his mouth over it.

But Jason was surprised when Kyle pulled back and let the wet cock drop from his mouth. Kyle stood up, grabbed Jason's ankles and pulled his legs up high. Jason saw Kevin's cock running with his brothers spit, saw him drop to his knees between his legs ..... and at last he understood. Kyle had simply lubricated his brother's cock in preparation for ..... "NO!"

Jason protested loudly but the twins paid no attention ("Be bold.") Kevin eased his hips forward, pressed the tip of his cock between the hard mounds of Jason's ass and said softly, "This is for you, sir." Jason's eyes opened wide and he pulled again at his wrists as he felt the boy's long cock slide all the way into his ass, coming to rest deep inside. The slim hips pulled back and the cock began to move back and forth, gently, caressing the velvet lining of his ass.

"Aaaah" Jason sighed. "Oh man, that feels so..... oh shit." He looked at Kevin's angelic face, saw his body move rhythmically as his cock massaged his ass. Then he looked up and saw an identical face, Kyle's, standing tall above him, holding his legs up and apart, a triumphant smile on his face. Jason's reflex was to touch his cock so he pulled again at his wrists, but he heard Kyle's soft voice say, "Please, sir. Please leave it to us. Let us give you pleasure."

And it was then that Jason gave in and submitted his body to the gentle nurturing of these incredible young men. The tension drained from him as he gazed up at Kyle's smiling face and felt his brother's cock work his ass, sliding against his prostate, easing down deep inside him.

A warmth spread slowly from his loins and suffused his whole body as he yielded control. Jason, the hot stud fireman, the authority figure respected by all, worshipped by many, the muscle-god, the natural top man, was now tied on the ground, surrendering his glorious body to these two beautiful identical twins. Kevin worked him with long, languid strokes and Jason breathed, "Oh, yeah, boy, that feels incredible. Fuck that ass ..... fuck it, boy ... don't stop."

But then suddenly it did stop. Kevin pulled his cock out of his ass and Jason said in alarm, "No, don't stop ..... I want more ...."

"Like I said, sir," Kyle smiled. "Please leave it to us." Kyle lowered Jason's legs to the ground, then knelt beside his brother and hooked the legs over his own shoulders. Now the boys were side by side, both gazing at him in awe of his beauty, as Kyle took his turn. As his brother had, he eased his stiff cock between the cheeks of Jason's ass, pushed, and slid it all the way in. And again Jason moaned as he felt the twin's identical cock slide deep inside him.

He stared up at the brothers, kneeling side by side, their shy faces smiling down at him. Kyle fucked him gently for a while .... and then the twins began trading off on his ass. In a seamless, coordinated move Kevin took over, fucked for a few minutes, then yielded the ass back to Kyle. Jason was being driven wild as his ass was shared by the twins. He lost all awareness of which one was fucking him ..... they both were ..... each in turn ..... using the ass of the bound fireman like their personal sex toy.

Then he gasped as he saw their faces turn to each other and their mouths came together. He was mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful young brothers kissing each other passionately as one of them, Kyle this time, drove his cock into his ass. The fireman's muscles flexed, his body trembled and he pulled frantically at the ropes binding him. "Please, guys, please ...... you're driving me wild .... I gotta shoot ..... let me touch my cock .... please.

Kyle broke away from his brother and smiled. "No need for that, sir. If you want to cum, sir, my brother will oblige you." Jason could hardly believe it as Kevin moved on his knees round to his side, smiled at him and said, "This also is for you, sir." He leaned forward, lowered his head and slid his mouth over Jason's rigid shaft, letting it slide deep down his throat.

"Aaaah!" Jason gasped, his breath heaving, heart beating wildly. "Oh, God ...... holy shit, I .... Jesus that feels ...." He raised his head off the ground and saw Kyle kneeling over him fucking his ass, while his brother sucked his cock, his face buried in Jason's blond pubic hair. Jason's cock had already been at the point of orgasm .... all he had needed to do was touch it. But this was better than a touch ..... Kevin's warm, soft mouth squeezing round his cock.

In his delirium he heard Kyle's gentle voice again. "Now, sir, I would like to cum inside you, and my brother wants to drink your juice. Please help us do that, sir. You are so incredibly beautiful you are making me cum ...... now!"

Jason looked up at Kyle, felt the boy's cock moving inside him while his twin clenched his throat round Jason's cock. His body shook, his face thrashed from side to side, his gleaming muscles flexed as he pulled frantically at his restraints and ....."Aaagh ..... aaagh ..... aaagh!" The fireman's cock erupted deep inside the hot young mouth as his brother's juice blasted into his ass. Semen continued to pour from Jason's cock as Kevin's throat clenched round it, swallowing hard. Then, at last, his cock was drained and he felt the cock in his ass become still.

He was dazed, exhausted ..... but the twins' youthful energy was limitless. They sprang up on their feet, faced each other across Jason, leaned across him and kissed. Kevin's mouth was still full of Jason's semen and Jason saw it oozing from their mouths as they passed it back and forth, sharing the bitter-sweet taste. Jason was mesmerized by the erotic spectacle, a fitting end to the scene ..... as he thought.

But then the twins broke apart and gazed down at him again. "Sir," Kevin said. My brother would like to drink your cum now.... and I have not shot my load yet. So before we release you, you must indulge us one last time." As the boy's meaning seeped into his consciousness Jason groaned, "No, guys, please. I just blasted a huge load .... I can't ..... I'm finished ...."

Kevin glanced at his brother, then back down at the exhausted fireman. (Be bold.) He cleared his throat. "Sir ..... with all due respect sir ..... you're the one who's tied up so .... so you'll be finished when we say you're finished."

Jason's eyes opened wide with the last vestiges of anger and he yanked at the ropes. "Fuck you, boy, who the fuck do you think you're talking to .....?" But exhaustion overwhelmed him and his body collapsed back in helpless surrender. He closed his eyes, aware of movement around him, aware of someone kneeling over him, aware of a tongue licking his limp cock. He couldn't believe it was happening again. No, there was no way he could take it, no way his cock would get hard again.

Except ...... It was his narcissism that did it. His eyes closed, his senses heightened, he imagined how it must look ..... the beautiful muscle-god fireman, staked naked on the ground, spread-eagled, helpless at the mercy of beautiful twins. In his mind he saw their lithe young bodies gleaming in the sun, their handsome faces gazing down at their victim as they worked on him, one fucking his ass while the other sucked his cock. He saw the blond bodybuilder struggle, saw his body writhe, heard his moans of ecstasy.

It was like looking in a mirror. That always made his dick hard .... and, amazingly it was hard now as he felt it being swallowed by a hot hungry mouth. He braced to feel the brother's cock pressing into his ass .... but it didn't come. He opened his eyes and gasped. Kevin was kneeling over him, his cock pointing directly at his mouth. "My brother chose your ass, sir, but I choose your face because it is so incredibly beautiful.'

"No," Jason started to say frantically, "no, I mmmm..." His words were stifled by the gag of the young cock pushing into his mouth and down into his throat. "Don't worry, sir," Kevin said. "You are so hot I can cum right away, but I will wait until you shoot your load inside my brother's mouth. He wants it so bad." As Jason felt Kevin's cock pounding his face he was amazed that his own cock, so recently drained of cum, was pulsing in Kyle's mouth. Again he saw a vivid image in his mind ..... the narcissistic fantasy of the helpless, naked fireman, tied up at the mercy of these young twins, eyes spouting tears as one boy hammered his face while the other was eating his cock, waiting for it to explode in his mouth.

It was overwhelming and he felt his cock pulse, then shoot a stream of cum into the back of Kyle's throat. "Yes!" yelled Kevin in triumph as his cock erupted in Jason's mouth. Jason swallowed the boy's juice, the cock pulled out and his head sank back in total exhaustion. The elated twins leapt to their feet and stood one on each side of him. They gazed in awe at the pumped, exhausted body stretched in bondage, the beautiful face with tears streaming from the eyes and cum flowing from the mouth. Jason gazed up at them and moaned, "No more, guys."

"Sir," said Kyle, "you have never looked more beautiful." Kevin smiled, "So please allow us to show you how beautiful you are. They took hold of their cocks, stroked them, harder and harder ..... their bodies tensed, their breath heaved and they shouted in unison. "Thank you, sir!" Two ribbons of creamy white juice spurted from their cocks and splashed down on the muscle-god lying bound at their feet.

After the twins' orgasms had paid homage to the fireman's beauty Jason smiled up at them. "You are fucking awesome, guys. Fucking awesome. Man, that was a hell of a job interview."

"Does that mean we get the job, sir?" Kevin asked.

Jason jerked against the ropes and grinned. "Do I have any choice?"

"Not really, sir," they laughed.

As they knelt beside him, untying the ropes and massaging his wrists Jason said. "Now I gotta sleep for a bit, while you go and check out my kitchen and make a list of everything you need for the party. And while you do that I want you to think about something. See, it's not only the food. I gotta think up some entertainment for these guys. They've all been so good to me .... Bob, Randy, Mark, Zack and the boys, and they'll all be here, so I want something real special. You guys seem to be real inventive, so you think you can come up with something?"

"Absolutely, sir," they said together, their eyes shining. "Actually, we've been talking to the other boys .... kinda fantasizing ..... you know ..... and we already have some ideas that'll make your party one for the record books ..... or as Darius would said, "One for prosperity!"

One thing was for sure. "Make me proud," Bob had said. And the twins knew they had.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 165


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