Mark and Jamie had endured a near separation, painful retribution and finally reconciliation with the help of their friends. Nate had been a go-between for his 'best mate'; Bob had been a loving support to them both; and Jason, the gorgeous fireman, had provided for their sexual needs. And finally Steve, their therapist, had devised a stunning punishment for them both. Now it was the turn of the twins, who provided a private dinner for them in their room, leaving them alone for their final act of reconciliation with a cheeky, "Bon App├ętit, sirs."

It was as well they were not dining with the other guys downstairs where things were not nearly as harmonious. Dinner was delayed as the group waited for Randy and his two boys to come home from the construction site. But finally the gate burst open and Randy swaggered in with Pablo and Ben.

Randy was in his usual work outfit of old sweaty tank top stretched across his chest, dirt-covered cargo pants and heavy work boots. Copying their master the boys were similarly dressed, similarly filthy, but they seemed to wear it as a badge of pride. They too adopted Randy's swagger, apparently oblivious of the fact that their lateness was delaying dinner.

Bob shook his head and raised his eyebrows at Zack and Adam. They had all noticed lately an increase in Randy's smugness bordering on arrogance. He was feeling real good about himself. He had a loyal adopted son and young brother, who both worshipped the ground he walked on. The two boys had bonded as a team and become heroes when they had rescued Eddie in the ocean rip-tide. Randy's pride in them boosted his already inflated ego.

And above all Randy had Bob, a devoted and gorgeous lover. While Bob was loved and admired by all the guys and exerted considerable authority in the house, Randy was still the ultimate boss of the tribe, as he had been right from the start. So Randy's self-confidence - his self-importance - was at its height. Making no excuse for their lateness Randy threw an arm over the shoulder of each of his boys and sauntered on. Irritated by their cocky attitude Bob called out. "Get a move on Randy, dinner's been ready for a while." Then he added with a smile, "Even the boss has to respect the rules, you know."

Randy called back, "Fuck that, man. I don't follow the rules .... I make the fucking rules. Come on kids, let's go get cleaned up. You can shower with me."

That put-down of Bob surprised everyone, and Zack growled, "That guy's getting way too full of himself." He grinned at Adam. "What d'ya think, buddy, maybe we ought to do something about that when we're up at the lake?" A trip to the lake in the mountains had been planned for Randy, Zack and Adam, and their boys Pablo, Darius and Nate.

"Yeah," Adam smiled back at Zack. "We Aussies have an old saying that no man's too big that he can't be cut down to size. I'm with you, buddy."

Darius nudged Nate and grinned mischievously. "Hey, kid, guess that goes for Pablo too. He's been getting real uppity lately, with that 'senior boy' act he pulls - the 'boss's boy' bullshit. No reason we can't give him a reality check too. Can't let the guys have all the fun, can we?"


The ensuing days saw the chaotic preparations for the guys' trip up to the lake in the Angeles National Forest high above the city. Pablo, Darius and Nate noisily pulled all the gear together ... the rowboat and fishing gear, of course, along with clothes, food supplies and camping gear.

Jamie was happy to get away from the house for a while and smiled to himself as he drove to Steve's Beverly Hills office for the last of his therapy sessions. He was relieved that he and Mark were not involved in the trip because of Mark's work schedule. The last few days had been like a honeymoon. They spent a lot of time together, made love a lot and settled into a reborn relationship that was more passionate than ever. So more of the same was just fine for Jamie.

His happiness was tinged right now with the prospect of seeing Doctor Steve again, for the first time since Steve had devised the extraordinary punishment at his house, where Mark had been tied up and fucked by Steve's lover Lloyd before Jamie's agonized eyes. Steve's methods sure were unusual, Jamie thought, wondering what the handsome doc had in store for him this time.

He was a bit nervous as he sat waiting in the outer office with the receptionist, but when the door to the inner office opened and Steve stood there, Jamie's apprehension dissolved, replaced by something quite different - a boner in his shorts. In spite of the smart business suit Steve wore, his muscular body was still evident under the white shirt and tie, and his handsome, sculpted features were lit up with a smile. He was one hot doctor.

"Hey there, Jamie. Come on in." Then to the receptionist. "And no calls or interruptions, Ruth." She smiled, familiar with the request. "Of course, doctor." She knew that Steve's methods were unorthodox and required total privacy.

Steve held the door open for Jamie who brushed past him, feeling for an instant the bulge of his chest under his shirt. His boner grew even harder. He sat in the big armchair in front of the desk and Steve sat behind the desk, lolling back in his chair and loosening his tie. He gazed at the hot young surfer, dressed casually in shorts and a pale blue T-shirt that hugged the contours of his perfectly built torso. Jamie wasn't the only one to have a hard-on.

"OK, Jamie, so how are you and Mark doing now?"

Jamie's eyes sparkled. "Everything's real great, sir .... better than it's ever been."

But Steve saw a blush come to his cheeks and sensed a residual shyness. "Jamie, I know what we did with Lloyd and Mark at my house must have been painful for you, but consider it part of your therapy. Apparently it worked, as it made your relationship with Mark stronger than ever. But today I want to concentrate on something else - your drug use at the beach.

Jamie winced. That was something he wanted to forget, and he blurted out, "Sir, that was a one-time thing - the first time I ever used drugs."

"I know that, Jamie, but we want to make absolutely sure it's the last. See, crystal meth is a very seductive drug - has a habit of staying in your subconscious memory, a bit like forbidden fruit. Once you taste it you'll always want another bite of the apple, or as the druggers say, just another bump. Now try to tell me what you remember most about being high that day."

Jamie wriggled uncomfortably, and said softly, "Feeling real sexy, sir."

"Exactly, Jamie. Crystal gives you a sense of sexual euphoria that heightens the lust for whoever you're with - in your case this Troy character, who I understand from Mark is no great beauty. But to you he seemed desirable and, high as you felt, you wanted him to fuck you. But I'll bet that neither one of you could get much of a hard-on. See, crystal excites the brain rather than the dick, and the brain is said to be the most powerful sexual organ in the body.

"So that's what we want to concentrate on today. Believe me, even though you are convinced you will never use the drug again, there will be times when, for example, you are feeling horny, maybe jerking off thinking about Mark. And suddenly your subconscious memory kicks in and you feel an urge to 'do another bump' of crystal. But if you did, you'd be jerking off for hours trying hopelessly to maintain an erection and reach orgasm.

So my objective today is to show you that crystal or any other drug is an inferior way of satisfying your sexual urges. It is no match for the real thing. See, sex itself is the drug, but it's not a bad thing to be hooked on if you keep it under control. Steve got up from behind his desk, walked round and pulled up chair facing Jamie. He sat down, their knees almost touching. He undid his tie and let it hang round his neck, and undid another button of his shirt. "Are you feeling comfortable, Jamie?" he asked.

"Very comfortable, thank you, sir," Jamie replied staring at the handsome face then down at the shirt, open far enough to revel some chest hair and a glimpse of the white tank under the shirt. ""Now I'm going to show you that pure sexual desire can be more potent than any drug. I just want you to look into my eyes, and don't look away." That was easy. Jamie was mesmerized as he stared into the beautiful, limpid blue eyes.

Steve rarely used hypnosis on his patients, though he considered it an effective therapy, but it was something similar to that that he used on Jamie now. His deep voice became soft, hypnotic as he said, "Tell me what you see, Jamie. Be free to tell me everything you are feeling."

Relaxing into a semi-trance Jamie said, "Sir, you are so gorgeous, sir - your eyes, your face. You are very sexy, sir, real hot, and you give me a hard-on in my shorts, sir."

"Good, very good, Jamie. Now follow my train of thought. First, cast your mind back to the beach and imagine how you felt when you made love to Troy." Jamie winced. "I felt warm and tingly from the crystal, sir, but...."

"But what, Jamie?"

Jamie sighed deeply. "But Troy was ..... I mean I didn't really want to .... I mean he wasn't...."

"Wasn't Mark?"

"That's it, sir," Jamie smiled. "That's exactly it. Thank you."

"OK, Jamie, you're doing very well. Now look deep into my eyes and tell me what you see this time." Jamie was falling deeper into a trance as he said in a monotone, "I see you, sir and .... and my own reflection in your eyes. I see myself, sir ..... and ...."

"And who's that with you, Jamie?" Steve said seductively. Jamie furrowed his brow and then smiled. "It's Mark, sir ..... it's me and Mark."

"Good, good." Steve's voice lowered, became more hypnotic. "He's in his uniform, Jamie, just come home from work. What does he do when he comes into the bedroom?"

"He makes me get naked .... sometimes even ties my wrists to the bed. Then he looks down at me and slowly unbuttons his shirt. I see his white T-shirt underneath and the bulge of his chest. My cock is raging hard as he pulls off his shirt. He looks so hot in his T-shirt, tucked into his pants at that slim waist of his, and he flexes his muscles. I know what he's gonna do next.

"He reaches behind his head and pulls up on the T-shirt. It slides out of his pants, up over those perfect abs, over his chest, over his shoulders, up over his arms ..... and there he is, stripped to the waist with that gorgeous body of his. I can see it all so clearly, sir. I pull at the ropes round my wrists wanting to touch him, and sometimes I even shoot my load right there just looking at him, he's so beautiful."

"Jamie," came Steve's mesmerizing voice. "I have some crystal in my desk. Would you like to do a bump and then beat off thinking of Mark?"

Jamie looked alarmed and said loudly, "No, sir, no! I just want Mark .... that's all I want, and I want him to fuck me."

"And does he?"

"Yes, sir - always. I can see him now standing there stripped down to his uniform pants and those sexy black motorcycle boots. He flexes his gorgeous abs, just above the big leather belt round his tight, tight waist. He's driving me crazy, and then he yanks his pants open and pulls out his huge cock, holding it in the palm of his hand.

"You like Mark's cock, don't you, Jamie? What does he do with it?"

"I can see it all, sir. He licks the palm of his hand and runs it up and down his shaft. He kneels between my legs and I pull them back, waiting to feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole. He leans forward, grabs my bound wrists in his fists, and presses them down on the bed. I'm trapped beneath him. I can feel the heat of his body leaning so close to mine. I smell it, taste the sweat dripping from him onto my face."

Jamie's voice became louder and he gripped the arms of the chair and squirmed as if tied to it. "Then I hear his deep voice .... 'I love you, Jamie. You're my boy' .... and ..... and ...."

"And what Jamie ..... tell me."

"...and suddenly Mark pushes his cock deep, deep into my ass, then pulls back and plunges in again. I stare at him ..... I feel his rod in my ass ..... I'm his boy! ...... I scream and my cock explodes and my jism shoots all over his chest ..... and I cum again and again.....aaagh!"

Jamie's head flew backwards, he stared wildly at Steve and shot a massive load of cum into his shorts. His breath heaving, heart beating wildly he gazed into Steve's smiling blue eyes .... Then he slumped in the chair and his head dropped forward onto his chest exhausted.


The doctor leaned forward, cupped Jamie's chin and gently raised his head until their eyes met. Steve smiled and said, "So, Jamie, how did that compare with a crystal high?"

"It was awesome, sir. It was real ..... the drug thing never felt real somehow. Just the thought of Mark always makes me high." He frowned. "Still ......"

"I know what you're thinking, Jamie. It always works with Mark. Hell, the mere image of him beats any drug hands down. But what about other guys? If you ever had sex with any of the other guys in the house, would you be tempted to boost the experience with a hit of something? OK, we can test that out too." He turned Jamie's swivel chair so he was facing the far wall.

"You see over there, Jamie? The dumbbells and the chin bar? Sometimes my days are long and stressful and I find it helpful to exercise if ever I have half an hour between patients, or a patient cancels." Steve's voice again took on the deep, mesmerizing tone he had used before. "So stay seated, Jamie, relax and leave everything to me." Steve stood up, walked round and sat behind his desk, straightening up the jumble of papers and files.

Jamie gazed at the stunning doctor in his elegant beige suit, tie hanging loose round his neck, top two buttons of his shirt open. But what was he doing ..... going back to work? He saw Steve lean back in his chair, yawn and stretch his arms up high. Then he stood up, took off his jacket and draped it round the back of his chair. He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt to the elbows and walked to the other side of the office. Jamie swiveled in his chair, keeping his eyes fixed on the gorgeous doctor, his muscular torso and white tank clearly etched under his shirt.

Over by the weights Steve stretched again and undid a few more buttons of his shirt, which fell open to reveal the thin cotton of his tank pulled tight over his chest. Jamie was falling back into the semi-trance Steve had induced in him earlier and he stared intensely at him, aware of nothing else in the room but the glorious image of the doctor.

Suddenly Steve dropped to the floor and began a series of push-ups. Even the view of Steve's back was a turn-on, muscles straining under the shirt, his flared lats flexing, tapering down to the elegant brown leather belt round his slim waist, the mounds of his perfect ass tight under the beige fabric of his suit pants. In his trance Jamie unthinkingly unbuttoned his shorts, pulled out his cock and began stroking it.

Steve soon sprang to his feet, pulled off his shirt and stood breathing heavily, his torso bulging under his white cotton tank. He picked up the dumbbells and did several sets of heavy bicep curls, until sweat starting oozing through his tank that clung, wet and nearly transparent, to his heaving chest. Jamie gazed spellbound at the muscle god as he pulled off the wet tank and admired himself in a mirror, stripped to the waist, the brown belt of his beige slacks low round his narrow waist, a white strip of his undershorts showing above the belt.

He flexed his muscles and smiled at Jamie. "Look good to you, kid?"

Jamie spoke in a trance. "It looks awesome sir ..... so beautiful."

"Yeah, well you wanna do a line of crystal? That would make it look even better. I'll get it out of my desk."

"No, sir, no .... please. Don't stop, sir. Nothing could make it look better than it does now."

With a smile of satisfaction Steve turned back to the mirror, then looked up at the chin bar. He jumped up, grabbed it in a wide grip and proceeded to pull himself up in a series of chin lifts. Jamie gasped ..... this was better than being stoned .... way better He beat his cock faster as he stared at the handsome, muscular doctor, his body straining with effort as he pulled up on the bar and lowered himself. His broad shoulders grew hard as rocks, his biceps bulged, his pecs flexed hard and his lats flared. His V-shaped torso narrowed down past his eight-pack abs to his waist that disappeared into the white strip of his shorts at the belt of his slacks.

Jamie gasped, "Sir, that is so hot. It's such a huge turn-on that my cock's ..... it's so hard, sir. I can't hold back, sir."

"No need to hold back, Jamie," Steve panted. "Do what you need to do."

"OK, sir ...... here it comes, sir ..... I ...... aaagh!" Steve hung from the bar and watched as Jamie pumped his cock, threw his head back and sprayed a long plume of cum out over the floor. He kept his gazed fixed on the shirtless doctor and came again, his body shuddering, his heart beating wildly.

Steve dropped to the floor, went into the bathroom and came back with a long, thick towel that he used to dry his face, his chest and back. He pulled a clean shirt from a drawer, pulled it on and let it hang open. He sat opposite Jamie again and used the towel to dry Jamie off as much as possible, then pushed the boy's cock back inside his shorts and buttoned them up. He rested his hands on Jamie's knees, leaned forward and smiled into his eyes."

"You were great, Jamie. A very good session. I told you I would show you there are a lot better ways of having sex than getting a sexual high on crystal. Of course, you proved that you're addicted to Mark by the way you talked about him - and believe me, there are a lot worse addictions than that. And even with me, just looking at me made you shoot another load so soon after. And in both cases I tempted you by saying it would be better with a bump of crystal, but you refused it right away."

"It would have ruined it, sir. I loved the sex the way it was. It was real .... spectacular. Drugs would have got in the way and turned it into a whole different thing - kinda fake. Thank you for showing me that, sir. When I think of that day on the beach I feel more stupid than ever."

"Good. But remember what I warned you of, Jamie, how the memory of your drug high could resurface when you least expect it - like a flashback. And if ever it does, Jamie, it's essential that you call me right away. I'll give you my private cell number, and I'll always answer."

"Thank you, sir." He blushed. "Today was great.... I mean you are so ..... I wish...."

"Hey, hey, kiddo," Steve laughed. "I guess, like all good hypnotists, I should snap my fingers and bring you out of your trance, and you'll remember that your master is, as they say, the most beautiful cop ever to straddle a Harley. And you're the boy he loves." Steve stood up and buttoned up his shirt. "I reckon Mark will be home from work soon and I know who he'll want to find naked on the bed, waiting to get fucked."

It was, indeed, as if Jamie snapped back to reality and he stood up and smoothed his shorts. "You're right, sir. I gotta go. Thank you for everything, sir." After a quick hug he ran to the door and just as he was leaving Steve said, "Hey, Jamie, give my best to Mark and ...." he ran his eyes over the gorgeous young surfer .... "and tell him from me he's a real lucky guy."


When Jamie got home the house was surprisingly quiet, a complete contrast to the rowdy scene he had left when Pablo, Darius and Nate were packing up the trucks for their trip up to the lake with their masters. They had finally left and as Jamie walked in he was greeted by a hug from Ben. Over time Ben had developed a warm affection for Jamie, both for his own laid-back nature and the fact that he was the boy of the beautiful cop, Mark.

"Hey dude," Ben said, "you don't look any the worse for your session with Doctor Steve. Huh, if it's anything like the time I had with that muscle-stud you're feeling pretty damn good right now."

"It was awesome, dude. I'll spill all the beans, as Darius would say. But how are you? Not feeling too bad about Randy going off with Pablo?"

"Nah, I'm pleased, actually. I dunno, Pablo was going through one of his macho phases. You know, that 'I'm-senior-boy-and-you're-not' kind of thing. I was getting a bit sick of it - needed some time apart. Anyway, Bob wants a meeting with the boys who are still here. Come on."

Bob was at the table by the pool with the twins and Eddie and, as Ben and Jamie joined them, Bob gave Jamie a dazzling smile. "Hey there, surfer boy, no need to ask if your therapy with Steve went well. It's written all over you." Jamie smiled and blushed. "OK, guys," Bob said, "Mark will be home from work soon, but now that Randy and the others have left I wanted a quick word with you. First of all I don't want you to feel bad about not going to the lake and being left here with only Mark and myself for company."

There were loud protests all round. It was a thrill to be "left here" with Bob, whose kindness matched his stunning beauty, and with Mark, the cop they all loved and admired, and who they knew was in love with Bob. "OK, OK," grinned Bob, quieting them down. "Now Eddie, with Nate gone you'll need help keeping the house clean, so what if I ask Ben here to give you a hand?"

Eddie's eyes glowed as he glanced at Randy's hot young brother. "Yes please, sir. That is if Ben doesn't mind..."

"I think it'll be kinda cool, kiddo," Ben grinned, putting his arm over Eddie's shoulder. He liked this young kid ... felt protective toward him .... and Eddie admired the boy who shared his big brother's dark, handsome gypsy looks.

"Good," Bob said. "You know guys, I think we're gonna have a great time here together. And it'll sure be more peaceful than the group at the lake." He smiled. "I think you all caught the uneasy undercurrents flowing there. Think those guys have a few things to work out between them. In the meantime, Jamie, Mark will be home any minute. Shouldn't you be upstairs getting ready for him?"

"Yes, sir," Jamie grinned and ran to the house, to cheers and wolf-whistles from the boys.


Bob was right about trouble brewing amongst the other group. Randy and Pablo had left first, with the rowboat and fishing tackle loaded in the back of Randy's big truck. Darius and Nate were left to pack all the rest of the gear in Zack's truck in which they and Adam were to ride together. So Randy and Pablo led the way, as befitted the boss and his boy, the two thought.

And that was the problem. The atmosphere in the lead truck could best be described as smug. They were satisfied with themselves - boss-senior and boss-junior - with the dog Billy sitting proudly between them as if even he felt his status of head dog (albeit the only dog.) Randy had largely stayed aloof from the fray during the Mark/Jamie mess and left Bob to offer support and guidance. Hell, Randy thought, the cop was in love with Bob wasn't he? Let Bob handle it.

Pablo was feeling equally full of himself, now that he alone among the boys had a boy of his own .... the boss's very own young brother Ben. In truth, Pablo and Ben had become more buddies than master and boy, though it boosted Pablo's ego to think of himself as a junior master and Ben as his boy. He grinned at Randy. "Can you see them following us, sir?"

"Nah, Zack's truck is no match for this one. We'll be there way before them - out fishing on the lake while they're unpacking all the gear and food." He gunned the truck faster along the curving road climbing into the Angeles National Forest.

It might have surprised Randy and Pablo that the guys in Zack's truck were in no mood to play domestic help at the beck and call of "the boss" and "the boss's boy." Far from it .... they were plotting. The light-hearted banter among Zack, Adam, Darius and Nate was all about how they would deal with inflated egos. "OK, guys," Zack said finally, "so we're agreed. We gotta give those guys a shove so they take a header off their high horse. So here's the plan..."

They were all up for an afternoon's sport at the expense of Randy and Pablo, though Zack emphasized, "Nobody gets hurt though. This is just to show them what we think of them, so no pain." He grinned maliciously. "Well .... not much anyway....."


They finally bumped over the almost hidden dirt track and parked just behind the small beach at the lake. This was the secret place Randy had known of and had taken Bob there early in their relationship to sort out their complex feelings in various intense sexual encounters. When Zack, Adam and the boys got out of the truck they found what Randy had predicted. The row-boat was out in the middle of the lake with Randy and Pablo lounging in it, languidly fishing.

"Huh," Darius huffed, "looks like we're the houseboys, left to unload all the gear and the food."

"Now we gotta play this cool," Adam said. "It's what's called passive-aggressive ...." he grinned ".... until it becomes aggressive." So they did what Randy had expected them to do and the gear was neatly spread along the back of the beach, and food and drink was ready by the time the boat came slowly to shore. Randy and Pablo leapt out, heaved the boat up the beach and stood together grinning - gloating, as the guys saw it.

"Good job, guys," Randy said condescendingly. "OK, let's eat." They all threw off their clothes, sat crossed legged in the sand and reached for the chicken legs and beer. But it wasn't the jovial group that it usually was on such party occasions as this. Randy and Pablo pretty much kept to themselves as if they were sharing some private joke. The others kept glancing at each other waiting for their cue from Zack.

Becoming aware of the unusual silence, Randy noticed the meaningful looks that passed between Zack and Adam. But he misinterpreted them, assuming that Zack and Adam were winding up for one of their bondage sessions, where the black leather stud tied up the Aussie and worked him over. It was common knowledge that the two of them indulged in an S&M session once in a while, and this seemed a good time and place for it.

So Randy was not surprised when Zack stood up and growled at Adam, "You ready, man?" Adam jumped smartly to his feet and said, "Yes, sir." He followed Zack obediently to the trees behind the beach. As they were about to enter the forest Zack turned and said to Randy, "Hey, man you wanna join us this time? You're good at his kind of stuff."

Randy smiled smugly. "Sure, man. I always knew you'd need my help with the Aussie one day. Takes a real man to work over a stud like that." As Randy got up Zack snuck a secret grin at Adam and rolled his eyes. Zack grabbed from his truck several lengths of rope and a wide, black leather collar, and Randy smiled, recognizing the instruments of bondage.

As they disappeared Pablo stood up to follow them but Darius said, "Sit, down, dude," and pulled him back down on the sand. Pablo flared up. "You don't tell me to sit down, asshole. I'm Randy's boy - I go everywhere with him."

"Not his time, dude," said Nate. "I know Adam, and this is strictly between the men."

"Fuck you, guys," Pablo pouted but knew they were right. He rolled over, ready for a nap.


Before they had left, the three shirtless men had pulled on jeans and boots as they would be going through some heavy brush, headed for the clearing in the forest they were all familiar with where Randy had tied up Bob so long ago. When they arrived Adam stood obediently under a tree, his head bowed, while Randy helped Zack prepare the ropes, attaching two long ropes to rings on opposite sides of the collar.

Zack raised Adam's head up by the chin and said, "You ready, big guy?" "Yes, sir," Adam replied, though Randy couldn't see the quick smiles that passed between them. He had his back to them, looking for a suitable tree for their task. Then it all happened in an instant. He felt the touch of cold leather as the slave collar was quickly padlocked round his neck. Suddenly he found himself a prisoner as the long ropes were held taught by Zack and Adam, who tied the ends to trees on opposite sides of the small clearing.

"What the fuck ....?" Randy yelled. Taking the advantage of surprise they ran forward and each grabbed one of Randy's flailing arms, using all their strength to pull them behind the prisoner's back and tie the wrists. They pulled his arms up high behind his back and tied the end of the rope to the collar, making his solid shoulders and chest bulge. Roped by the neck, his arms stretched up behind him, Randy became like a wild stallion - his magnificent body rearing, bucking, thrashing in a frenzied attempt to break free.

"Mother-fuckers!" he yelled. "What the fuck are you doing?" You're making a big mistake, assholes. I'm the boss around here and I'll fucking kill you when I get free." His body writhing in frustration he screamed at Zack, "You, dickhead, you're fucking fired, as of right now. And you, Aussie prick, I'm gonna throw you and your boy out of that house so damn fast your head'll spin. I'm the boss around here and I'm ordering you to cut me loose right now!"

"Not a chance," Zack grinned, his arms folded across his massive chest, standing clear of the flailing legs. "You can't fire me, man ..... I'm a partner in the firm, remember? You try to break that and I think Bob and Mark would have something to say."

"As for me," Adam said, "me and my boy have a lease on that house, signed by Bob. You really think he's ready to evict us?"

They were right. Randy was helpless, all tied up by ropes and by logic. "Fuck, you!" he screamed in frustration. "Why are you doing this, you fucking assholes? You're nothing around here, and I'm the boss."

Zack shook his head. "Listen to yourself, Randy. If you could only hear yourself as we've all heard you lately. You and that boy of yours seem to have gone on some superiority jag, arrogant, swaggering around like your own shit don't stink. Well here's the scoop on that, man. All the men in this group are equal, even though you've lately been treating us like shit .... even Bob, that gorgeous guy who worships you.

"And you've trained your kid to think the same, with all that 'senior boy' crap. Well the boys are all equal too, even young Eddie who still calls Pablo 'sir'. We're just a bunch of men and their boys, Randy. Nobody is 'nothing around here', as you insultingly claim - and nobody, even you, is the lord and master."

Randy's tortured gyrations died down, as if the stallion had exhausted himself and now pawed the ground, wild eyed, chest heaving, steam blowing from his nostrils. At first Randy had flat out rejected Zack's accusations, but now he began to glimpse a grain of truth in them. Worse was Zack's mention of Bob. Did Bob share their opinion of him? Had he been arrogant even with him? Jesus, what would Bob have thought if he really had insisted that Zack be fired and Adam evicted? Shit, that was a stupid-ass thing to say. But Randy was tough and prepared to accept whatever these guys threw at him next.

Just then came the sound of voices, and bodies crashing through the undergrowth. The loudest voice was unmistakable - Pablo's - screaming obscenities and threats. The men watched as the three boys broke into the clearing, with Pablo in exactly the same bound predicament as Randy.

While Pablo had slept, Darius and Nate had slipped a collar round his neck and tied his wrists behind him, jerking him awake. Before he could fully gather his wits Pablo was pulled to his feet and held helpless by the two long ropes clipped to the collar. And that's how they had pulled, half-dragged Pablo through the brush to the clearing, all naked except for the boots they had managed to pull on.

Pablo's muscular body was scratched and smeared with dirt, but Nate and Darius were having trouble holding onto the ropes as the tough young stud yanked against them. So Adam and Zack quickly helped them attach the ropes to trees on opposite sides of the clearing, just as they had with Randy, facing his boy now a few yards apart like mirror images. But Pablo was so incensed that it barely registered that Randy was as much as prisoner as he was.

"You mother-fuckers," he yelled, a repetition of his master's words. "I'll beat the shit out of you when I get free. You know I can take you both on and whip your asses in a hot minute. Get 'em, Billy ..... attack!" Billy had followed them, enjoying, as he always did, any rough-housing between the boys. Now he ran around barking wildly - not with anger, though, but excitement. This was fun. Soon he flopped down at a distance and watched, his tail wagging furiously.

Ignored even by his dog, Pablo's frustration peaked and he yelled, "Darius, we're through, you asshole, and you" (to Nate) "I never wanna see your smart-ass Aussie face again." He looked wildly at Randy. "Sir, tell them to let me go. Tell them who I am - the boss's boy. Tell them they can't do this to me. Order them to ....."

"Shut up, boy," Randy growled and Pablo's voice died as he gazed at his master in shock. Randy had heard his own words coming out of Pablo's mouth and was embarrassed by them. "Listen to yourself, boy. You're talking pig-headed fucking bullshit. And that's why the boys are doing this to you."

"He's right, dude," said Darius calmly. "Man, I love you but you've become real uppity lately with all this senior-boy crap. You and me used to be buddies, equals, but now you're Ben's so-called master you've become a royal pain in the ass. So Zack and Adam said we could do to you what they're doing to Randy. Kinda knocking you off that pedestal you've climbed onto."

"OK, guys, enough speeches," Zack said. "Let's get down to business." He picked up another length of rope he had brought from the truck and pulled from his pocket two sets of tit clamps, chained together in pairs. Zack attached one pair to Randy's nipples and Adam used the other pair on Pablo. They tied an end of the rope to each of the chains and tightened it. Tied together, Randy and Pablo groaned and pushed their chests forward to ease the pressure of the clamps pulling on their nipples. The clamps did not bite hard but the pain increased if one of them pulled back, stretching the rope.

"Hey that's hot, dude." Darius nudged Nate as they both stared at master and boy, the slave collars round their necks held taught by ropes stretched sideways to the trees, and their chests tied together by the tit clamps. They were at each other's mercy, trusting each other not to relax and pull back. It was not so much pain as humiliation that both men felt.

Humiliation was the whole point and Zack rubbed it in. "So here we are," he gloated, "the big boss and the boss's boy tied up and helpless. You don't look so full of yourselves now - no swaggering around like leaders of the pack. Maybe this'll bring you down to the level of mere mortals like us. 'Course, we could whip you both but our aim is humiliation not physical pain - well not too much pain. We don't want bruised bodies, but bruised egos. And the best way to humiliate a macho guy and his stud boy is - you guessed it - to tie them up and fuck them.

"So who goes first? Darius, I think the biggest guy should take the biggest cock, and your ten inches sure qualifies. And I'll give the master the humiliation of watching his boy get fucked by my big black club." Randy took a breath to speak but thought better of it and clenched his jaw stoically, preparing to ride it out.

Not so Pablo. "No!" he yelled. "They can't do this, sir. You're the boss ..... they can't do this to your boy. Tell them...." Pablo yanked at his arms stretched high up his back but as he did so his body jerked back and pulled the rope between him and Randy tight, sending sparks of pain through their nipples.

"Shut the fuck up, boy," Randy yelled. "You're squealing like a girl. Accept it, we're prisoners and we're gonna get our asses fucked. So take it like a man."

Pablo blushed crimson, stung by the force of his master's reproach. He saw Randy's blue eyes pierce him like lasers and he knew suddenly that Randy was submitting to this willingly. And now Pablo understood why. Randy was a real man, big enough to accept the accusations made by the guys that they had been on a high-and-mighty ego trip. And Randy was accepting his punishment like a real man. For the rest of the ordeal Pablo did not take his eyes off his master's, absorbing from them his strength and stoicism.

Nothing more was said as Darius walked behind Randy, and Zack stood behind Pablo. Darius reached round, yanked open Randy's jeans and pushed them down to pool over his boots. He was amazed to see Randy's long, thick cock spring out hard as a rock. Pablo was already butt naked, and Zack pulled his rigid cock from his black jeans. From then on Darius took his cues from Zack. They spat in their hands and rubbed the spit over the assholes of their prisoners, pushing their fingers inside. And finally the moment had come.

They both pressed the heads of their cocks against the holes and Zack gave the word. "OK, Darius ..... now!" There were no screams at first, just sharp intakes of breath as Randy and Pablo felt the big black cocks sliding inside them. Pablo was used to getting fucked by Darius's huge cock so Zack's was not so big a challenge. It was tougher for Randy. The ultimate top man he rarely got fucked and certainly not by anything as massive as Darius's long ten inches. His body stiffened but he maintained laser-like eye contact with Pablo.

But as the cocks pulled back, then began to piston inside them it was not so much the pain in their asses that made them groan. It was the fiery sting in their nipples every time they jerked as hips slammed forward against their asses and the chain of the clamps pulled tight. As the pounding intensified they tensed their bodies, trying not to move as they got savagely fucked.

It was now that Randy's powerful mastery over his boy became absolute as he stared into his eyes, projecting the strength Pablo needed to withstand the pain in his ass and his tits, and the even worse indignity of seeing his master get fucked before him, wearing a slave collar. Randy was tough enough to withstand any pain or degradation but he knew that his boy had limits as he watched his eyes falter.

Zack was aware of this too and, after both asses had taken a fierce hammering, he looked at Randy and said, "You know how you can stop this, man. I know you would never submit from getting ass-fucked, but look at your boy, man. You know I could rip his ass and I know you don't want that. So I wanna break that arrogance, see that pride of yours humbled as you submit to me. It's up to you man. You save your pride or you save your boy."

Randy knew he was beaten. He could take whatever they threw at him but he saw Pablo's face grimacing as tears spurted from his eyes. "OK, man, you win. Ease up on my boy. You want me to beg, don't you? OK, I'm begging .... I give up ..... I submit, sir."

Zack caught Darius's eye and nodded to him. Hearing the gypsy boss beg and submit to Zack while Darius fucked him was a huge turn-on for the boy and he howled, "I'm cumming, sir .... I'm cumming! .... Aaagh!" Zack grinned. "Right there with you, boy ..... oh yeah!" With that jubilant shout of triumph ringing in their ears Randy and Pablo felt semen pouring into their asses from the two huge black cocks. Master and boy had been degraded, bound and fucked in the humiliating collapse of their once overweening pride."


"Hey guys," Adam shouted. "You gonna let the Aussies get a piece of the action here?" Zack was wiping off his cock and he grinned, "Sure, stud, go for it .... you and your boy."

The tension lifted somewhat as Adam and Nate, smiling broadly, stepped forward and removed the tit clamps from the captives' chests. Adam threw the clamps to the ground ..... but not the rope that had connected them. "This is a little trick we use a lot Down-Under," he said. ""I'm sure you guys are familiar with it. Here, Nate, grab his balls." Nate put his hand round both Randy's balls and pulled them gently while Adam tied the rope round the base of the scrotum. The balls bulged under the pressure of the tight rope. With the other end of the rope they did the same thing with Pablo, so this time master and boy were tied together not by their nipples but by their balls.

"OK, mate," Adam said to Nate. "You take the big guy and I'll see to his boy." So that's what it was to be. Randy would be fucked by the houseboy while he watched Pablo's ass get taken by the tall, muscular Aussie. Again he gazed penetratingly at his boy, but this time there was a glimmer of a smile in his eyes. This time it was not tortured tits but tortured balls. But rather than the pain they had felt in their nipples, the feeling in their balls was more erotic as the rope tightened between them.

"OK, mate, you ready?" Adam said. "No need for lubricant this time .... these cum-slick asses are already primed." And for the second time the two captives felt a cock easing into their asses. But this time was more pleasure than pain. Adam was much less forceful than Zack had been and Pablo arched his hips forward to relieve the pressure on his balls and Randy's. For Randy, Nate's cock was a cinch after Darius's monster, though he still felt the indignity of being publicly fucked by the houseboy. Nate, though, was awestruck by the unaccustomed sensation of being inside the ass of the big boss.

As the fuck went on and on, the only pain was when Randy or Pablo relaxed, the rope between them tightened and they gasped as pain shot through their balls. But mostly they pushed their hips forward, making their abs and their asses flex with the strain. It was a spectacular sight, the big, muscular gypsy boss, tied by a leather collar, his body arched, his balls roped to his boy's, similarly bound a few feet away. This was one for the archives, Darius thought. One thing he was never without was his camera, and now he had it trained on the awesome display.

"Alright," Adam said at last. "This time I don't want to hear a submission ..... I want to see it. I think you know what that means, and that's one reason we tied your balls. So go for it, guys. Randy, you're getting your ass ploughed by the houseboy and I want you to thank him in the time-honored way. Your boy has to do the same while I pound his ass.

Randy and Pablo's cocks had been hard for a long time, and as the Aussie cocks hammered their asses they were both close. Randy knew how to end it. He stopped arching his back, pulling back so the rope tightened between their balls, sending jolts of erotic pain through them. He jerked back again and again, tugging at Pablo's balls. Their balls were being stretched, their stiff cocks bouncing, with a sensation of pain and euphoria. Randy grinned at his boy. "Come on, kid. Let's do it. Let's show them what we're made of. Make me proud of you kid."

Pablo gazed in awe at his master. The boy had been fucked by two cocks but finally it was his master, bound as he was, who was making him cum, insistently tugging at his balls. His cock throbbing, Pablo yelled, "Thank you sir ..... you're making me shoot my .... Aaagh!"

Darius had trouble holding his camera steady on the spectacular climax of the event. Master and boy were bound tight by the ropes on their slave collars, arms stretched up behind their backs, making their chests and shoulders bulge with the strain. Their balls were stretched by the rope between them and "aaagh!" their shuddering cocks erupted with great plumes of semen that arced high into the air, hung there, then splashed back down onto their tortured bodies.

Adam and Nate howled as they came inside their asses, then pulled out and joined the cheers and applause coming from Zack and Darius. Randy grinned triumphantly at his boy who smiled back in awestruck admiration, a feeling shared by all the guys there.

Sure Randy had been taught a lesson, his arrogance deflated. He had been ass-fucked, degraded and forced to submit. But now as they looked at him - jubilant, magnificent - they realized that is wasn't swagger and conceit that made a boss. It was something bred in the bone, a virility, a strength that made him universally recognized as a master. Randy was man enough to admit error, to take his punishment and still emerge triumphant. No doubt about it. Randy was the boss, and Pablo was the boss's boy.


Half an hour later the men and boys were sprawled on the beach, sipping beer almost as if nothing had happened. When Randy punished a man and it was over .... it was over. That was the end of the story. And it was true in reverse too. Whatever Randy and his boy had been subjected to it was all finished, no hard feelings. They had been shown the error of their ways, had paid the price, shaken hands, and now settled in for a good time with their buddies.

Darius actually set the tone by treating the whole experience as an erotic spectacular, one for the books, and he couldn't wait to regale the guys at home with all the details, exaggerations and all. "It's gonna blow their minds," he enthused, wide-eyed, "make up for the dull old time they've been having while we're away.

But he was wrong there. Actually, the guys left at home wouldn't have minded having "a dull old time" if it meant some peace and quiet where they could simply enjoy each other's company. Bob and Mark, of course, loved spending time together, and the boys - Jamie, Ben, Eddie and the twins - loved being with them.

But the boys couldn't know that Bob had plans for them. From the privacy of his room he called Mark at work. "Don't want to interrupt, buddy, is this a good time? Great, it's just that I wanted to run by you an idea I've had. I already called Hassan and Jason and they're on board, so here's what I had in mind. Mark chuckled as he heard the details. Sounds terrific, buddy. And you're sure you want Hassan, Jason and me in full uniform?

"Yeah," Bob laughed," that's the whole idea. The cop, the Marine, the fireman and the businessman with five young bucks to service them. That's a fantasy you don't come across every day of the week. Let's see what the boys make of that.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 178


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