The twins were doing famously as party organizers for Jason. They had cooked a terrific meal that was served by the two cater-waiters Nate and Eddie, looking gorgeous in white shorts and shirtless except for small white collars round their necks with black bow ties. But it was when the meal was over that the party swung into high gear and the twins stood up to face the audience, which was by now well lubricated with liquor.

Raising his hand for silence Kyle said, "Gentlemen. Jason has entrusted us with today's entertainment." A smattering of applause, then Kevin took over. "We and the other boys have been talking." There was a collective groan from the masters. They knew of old that that statement always spelled trouble.

"We are all a bit frustrated that we are the one's always to get fucked ..... some would even say 'fucked over'." ("No way .... shame!" came the lusty objections from the men.) "So, we decided that today would be a great opportunity to turn the tables ..... that's if our masters are men enough to take it." (More raucous protests from the men.) "This means," Kyle said over their ribald shouts, "that the boys are in charge ..... but there will be audience participation. To demonstrate, we are now gonna turn it over to the man who likes to call himself senior boy. Please, gentlemen, give it up for ...... Pablo!"

As they withdrew to the side Pablo bounced up before the audience and bowed, reveling in his turn in the spotlight. He raised his hand to quell the burst of applause and whistles and said. "Now the twins are running this show, but they have given each boy his choice of master. Not much doubt who mine will be .... my dad and sparring partner."

"You watch your lip, boy," Randy laughed.

"Now, when most of you guys fuck you probably take it nice and easy. But me and Randy ..... we never do anything nice and easy." He smiled as he growled, "We like to do it ....nice.... and rough!" Big cheers from the spectators. "So I'm gonna ask my master to follow my lead." He walked forward, grabbed Randy's hand and pulled him out front.

"This better be good, kid," Randy grinned.

"Oh, it will be, sir, if you do as I say." Pablo pulled off his shirt and Randy, facing him, did the same, all accompanied by drunken cheers from the group and enthusiastic barking from Billy. Then Pablo kicked off his sneakers, dropped his shorts and stood naked except for his white boxers. Randy gave a resigned shrug, kicked off his boots and dropped his jeans. He also (thanks to Bob) was wearing white boxers, and now master and boy stood facing each other.

"Sir," Pablo said, "I learned this from you when I saw you challenge a guy once. Both guys wrestle, ripping at each other's shorts, and whoever winds up naked first is the loser and..... guess what ..... gets his ass fucked by the other."

Randy grinned and visibly relaxed. "You sure about this boy? This is me you're talking to. OK, you're in charge. Just be prepared to get that sweet ass of yours jackhammered."

"Just as you say, sir," Pablo grinned. They began to circle each other, wrestlers looking for an opening. The crowd went wild, not least Billy, caught up in the excitement, barking frantic encouragement as he ran round and between them. He was, as always, just being protective of Pablo. The boy and his dog could read each other's minds .... they made a great team.

But even Billy hung back as a hush settled over the group, intently focused on the two men moving warily around each other. There was a gasp from the crowd as Randy made a sudden grab for Pablo's shorts. But the boy was agile and quickly leapt back out of reach. That was the match-up .... Randy's superior strength over Pablo's youthful agility. When they finally locked together Randy curled his foot behind Pablo's leg and yanked hard, sending Pablo toppling to the ground with Randy on top of him.

That was it, the crowd thought. The big bodybuilder could easily pin him, rip off his shorts, and that would be that. But Randy's over-confidence made him want to taunt the boy a bit so he didn't move in for the kill. Bad idea. Pablo squirmed underneath his master, his lithe young body wriggled free and he sprang to his feet. He looked down at the surprised Randy and grinned. "See, I don't get beat so easily, sir."

Randy leapt to his feet. "Yeah, but you do get beat, kid. Come on then...... let's see what you got." He opened his arms wide, teasing Pablo with feigned vulnerability, but Pablo had grappled many times with his master and knew his tricks. Lowering his head Pablo charged like a young bull, slamming a vicious head-butt into Randy's stomach. At the same instant he grabbed at his shorts and, as Randy staggered back winded, most of one leg ripped off. To huge cheers from the spectators Pablo waved the fragment triumphantly in the air.

Randy recovered his balance and looked down at his ripped shorts. His confident attitude shifted and he grinned ominously. "So, you thought I would throw the fight, eh kid? Well think again." He ran toward his boy and surprised him by pivoting behind him and wrapping one arm round his neck in a tight headlock. Pablo grabbed at the forearm clamped round his neck but there was no way he could pry it loose. He was helpless as Randy used his other hand to jerk at Pablo's shorts, ripping them bit by bit until all that was left was the waistband and shreds hanging from it.

The crowd agreed that Pablo was finished, but they didn't reckon with the fighting skills that Randy had drummed into him. Pablo clenched his fist, moved his arm forward, then slammed his elbow back into Randy's ribs. The big man howled and the shock made him loosen his hold round Pablo's neck, enough for the boy to slide his head under his arm and escape.

Again they circled round each other but with mere shreds hanging off Pablo's waist Randy taunted him. "What price your ass now, kid? You're done for. Might as well give it up to me now, kiddo, 'cause it's gonna get ploughed." Pablo knew that all it would take was one small tug at the remains of his shorts and he would lose the match. But he had one more trick to play, a dirty trick, maybe, but Randy had always told him, 'Whatever it takes, boy.'

And all it took was a whistle. Billy had been crouching nearby watching the fight intently, ready to spring to Pablo's defense if given the signal. And Pablo did just that with a low whistle. Unseen by Randy Billy rose off his haunches, ran behind Randy and stood still. Pablo watched his over-confident master waving the shreds of his shorts in the air. He seized the moment, ran forward and gave Randy a gentle push.

It wasn't much, just enough to make Randy to take a few steps back, bump against Billy and lose his balance. As he started to fall backwards Pablo grabbed the waistband of his shorts and the weight of the falling body did the rest. Pablo held on tight, a ripping sound filed the air, and Randy tumbled backwards over Billy, flat on his back ..... naked.

Bill barked jubilantly and the crowd stood up and went crazy. Pablo paraded before them, the shreds of his own shorts still intact, holding Randy's torn shorts high like a victory trophy. "Hey," Randy yelled from the ground. "That was double-teaming .... against the rules!" Pablo grinned down at him. "No, sir ..... your rule has always been 'whatever it takes'! Here boy." He crouched down, Billy leapt up against him and licked his face so joyously it seemed he knew he had stolen a victory for his master.

Randy grinned at the two of them, shook his head and said, "Son-of-a-bitch."


The crowd fell silent again as Pablo prepared to claim the winner's prize. His gorgeous, muscle-stud master lay on the ground looking up at Pablo with a mix of pride and frustration. In front of all the guys he had been beaten by his boy..... squarely if not entirely fairly. But he had to admire the kid's fighting spirit and was resigned to his fate. He even welcomed it as he felt his cock stir ...... despite the trace of humiliation he felt in front of the whole tribe.

Finally Pablo came to the end of his victory lap and knelt at Randy's feet. Now that the moment had come he felt a slight nervousness as he too realized the potential for humiliating his master. But the rules were the rules. Still, as he gazed into Randy's eyes he faltered. Randy smiled at him and said, "Go for it boy. Let me see you fuck your old man's ass. And don't hold back ..... you know I wouldn't. Make me proud of you, kid."

A surge of confidence swept through Pablo. He edged forward on his knees, pulled up Randy's legs and hooked them over his shoulders. The unfamiliar prospect of fucking his master was making his cock rock hard as he pressed the head into the tangle of black hair at Randy's hole. His heart was pounding as suddenly he pushed over the sphincter and felt the warmth just inside the ass. "Here we go, sir," he said tentatively as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into the chute until it came to rest, and he stopped still. His confidence started to ebb and he wasn't sure how to proceed.

Randy knew the boy needed a boost. "Hey, don't hold back, boy. It's not as if this is the first time you've done this to me. So forget those guys. This is about you and me. Hell, you're my boy. You know damn well what I would do. So give it to me, kid. I can take it."

That did the trick. It was a challenge by his master and Pablo rose to it. He gazed into the steady blue eyes and said, "OK, here it comes." He pulled his cock all the way out of the ass, then plunged it in hard, pulled back and slammed it in again. His cock became a pile driver pistoning into his master's body as the boy was driven wild by the erotic sight of the rugged, stubbled face thrashing in pain and ecstasy. He had watched Randy fuck other men savagely, most recently Jason, and he was determined to match his master's dominance.

The onlookers rose to their feet, awestruck by the incredible sight ..... the big construction boss on his back, his ass being pounded by his boy. The white globes of Pablo's perfect ass flexed hard as his hips pistoned mercilessly back and forth. They watched in breathless silence until, as always, Randy gave them their cue. "That's it, kid," he yelled at Pablo. "Come on, boy, slam that ass. Show them all you're my boy. Show 'em what you got, boy."

That unleashed a storm of cheers, whistles and bawdy encouragement. The show was spectacular. Randy had fucked most of them in the past and the other masters had endured the macho ferocity of his sexual dominance, and now here was the boss getting his ass brutally fucked by his boy. Most of the guys were rubbing the bulges growing in their pants, while Darius, true to form, had whipped out his camera and was discretely filming what he knew would be one for the history books.

When it came to fucking, Randy was a showman and he now deliberately kicked the show into high gear. "His body was writhing and flexing under the onslaught, his face contorted in pain as he yelled, "OK, boy, that's enough ..... you're too fucking rough, I can't take any more. Stop, now!"

"Fuck you, man," Pablo yelled. "You lost, I beat you, and you're getting your ass reamed. I've taken enough hard fucks from you.... it's payback time."

Fired up now the audience howled their support. "Right on, kid .... hammer that ass ..... make him feel it .... torture his ass."

Pablo fell forward and pinned Randy's wrists to the ground above his head. In this position the boy's body was raised and stiff over Randy, only his feet and hands touching the ground, so his entire weight was behind the merciless thrust of his cock into the suffering ass. "No!" Randy screamed. "I can't take any more. Please, finish me off ..... cum inside my ass. Please ..... no more ..... I give up ..... I submit ..... I submit, sir. My ass is yours."

The crowd became quiet again as they heard the master beg, jackhammered and humiliated by his own boy, his muscles bulging and gleaming with sweat as they flexed against the brutal attack on his ass. Pablo had never been so stoked. "OK, man," he yelled, "That's all I wanted to hear. So here it comes ..... let me see you shoot all over that gorgeous body...... aaagh!" It was a dual scream as master and boy both blasted huge loads, one inside Randy's ass and his own over his "gorgeous body" and face as Pablo had directed. This wild climax sent the crowd crazy with cheers, applause and howls of admiration for such an erotic show.

Pablo was elated as he gazed wide-eyed at his master's swarthy face, now smothered in cum. Randy laughed and said, "Come here, kid," and pulled him down on top of him, folding his arms round him. After their heavy breathing slowed Pablo whispered in his ear, "That was pretty much bullshit, sir, what you said back there. You could have taken me at any time and we both know it."

"Sure, kiddo," Randy said quietly, "but you gotta put on a show for folks ..... something they'll remember. And they'll sure as hell remember that. I love you, kiddo. We're a great team."

Pablo broke away, jumped to his feet, then reached down, grabbed Randy's hand and pulled him up beside him. Randy held Pablo's arm up high like a boxing referee proclaiming the winner. Another burst of cheers ...... for a show they really would remember for a long time.


It was a tough act to follow, but the other boys were determined. Naturally Darius was next, having been radically turned on watching his lover fuck the big boss. He was not about to be upstaged, but needed some props ...... wardrobe to be more exact ..... and he dragged a good-natured Zack into the house.

The drinking resumed amid much back-slapping and compliments for Pablo and Randy. Far from being humiliated Randy felt a surge of pride that his boy had used him to put on a spectacular show ....... Plus the fact that it had felt so damn good. In fact he whispered in Pablo's ear, "Hey, kid, maybe - just maybe - we should do that more often when we're alone. How about one night after work in my trailer office on the site?"

Pablo was about to give an enthusiastic reply when suddenly, "Wow!" Adam had been the first to see the stars of the next act appear from the house. They were a sight to behold ..... two magnificent black leathermen, both in boots and black leather chaps, bare-assed without jeans. They both wore leather caps and mirror glasses, Zack had a studded leather harness crossed over his massive chest and Darius wore a leather vest.

Ignoring the whoops and cheers of the audience they walked near to one of the tables and faced each other. After a long pause, where they saw each other reflected in their mirror glasses, they threw off their caps and tossed them into the crowd. Slowly, they removed their glasses and dropped them. Their faces came closer and their mouths clamped together in a long, ravenous kiss.

They finally pulled apart and paused again. Zack was standing with his back against the table, which had been cleared off except for the linen cloth that still covered it. Darius was running admiring hands over Zack's harness when suddenly he shoved against his chest and Zack fell backwards onto the table. He lay on his back, his ass hanging over the edge and the crowd gasped, realizing what was coming next. Darius stood back, spat in his hand and ran it up and down all ten inches of his enormous cock.

Zack had allowed himself to be dressed up and had gone along with Darius's charade so far. After Pablo's performance he kind of figured the way things would go, but now that the moment had come he had second thoughts and said, "Hey, man, I'm not sure I'm into this."

"Can't take it, uh?" Darius sneered. "Big tough muscle-stud like you? Guess you're just one of those leather guys who are all show. They stand around looking good but when it starts to get down and dirty there's nothing there, they chicken out. Is that it, big guy?"

Zack actually bristled at his boy's words and he growled, "Try me, asshole." Darius smiled down at his master, grabbed his legs and pushed them up in a V, pushing against the heels of his boots. In a standing position his rigid cock was pointing straight at Zack's ass and all he had to do was walk forward for the head of the cock to home in on its goal. It pressed against the warm hole and as Darius took small, slow steps forward his long pole began to disappear inexorably into the leatherman's ass.

Zack's eyes widened as he stared at his boy, feeling the cock penetrate him inch by inch by inch. Finally he felt Darius's pubic hair pressing against the cheeks of his ass and the whole length of the huge rod came to rest deep inside his ass. Impulsively Zack shouted, "Jesus, that is so fucking huge!"

The onlookers' awed silence was broken by a gale of laughter, the tension was released and Darius proceeded to put on his show, riding his master's ass, holding both feet high with one hand while raising the other arm triumphantly in the air, whooping like a young cowboy riding a stallion at the rodeo. Zack gripped the edge of the table to brace himself, clenched his jaw and flexed his muscles against the onslaught of the long black pole pounding his ass.

Zack had watched Darius fuck before, but it was always other guys who were impaled on his massive tool. It had tamed many a man in the past, most recently his young boss on the film set. But now Zack felt what they had felt, the full sense of invasion by the incredible cock. He gazed up at his gorgeous boy, at his muscular torso under the black leather vest that flew open as the hips pounded and his arm pumped in the air. The ridges of his washboard abs flexed, his flared lats narrowed down to the slim, tight waist cinched by the wide leather waistband of the chaps.

Darius was going wild. He lowered Zack's legs and hooked them over his shoulder. Then he reached forward and clutched the harness crossed over Zack's chest. As his hips pistoned forward he yanked on the harness, pulling Zack toward him to heighten the pressure as he impaled him on his cock. Zack instinctively removed one hand that had been clutching the table's edge and wrapped it instead round his own cock.

Spurred on by the wild cheering of the spectators and the erotic feeling of his boy's cock driving deep into the inner chambers of his ass, Zack began to pound his cock in his fist. "Man," he said breathlessly, "you are so fucking beautiful boy, and that cock......! It's making me so hot I gotta bust my load. Come on, boy, pound that ass. Let me feel your juice inside me."

Darius's steady smile and the rhythm of his hips was driving Zack crazy. "I said cum inside me, boy. That's an order. Your master is ordering you shoot, boy. Do it!"

The crowd fell silent, mesmerized by the spectacle of the leather master ordering his boy to shoot inside him. The roles had been reversed, then reversed again until they blurred into an erotic image of two leathermen, one getting his ass hammered by the massive cock of the other.

Darius gazed at his master and obeyed the order. "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Here it comes ....... I love you, sir ..... aaagh! His cock shuddered and erupted deep inside his master and he watched spellbound as Zack's magnificent body tensed, he threw his head back and howled as he pumped his cock to a massive orgasm, shooting semen high into the air, splashing onto his boy's face and chest.

As their cocks drained their bodies gradually became still and they gazed at each other in disbelief at what had just happened. "Awesome," Zack breathed. "Totally fucking awesome." And his head sank back on the table in exhaustion.


The onlookers went wild as the two leathermen got to their feet, Zack threw his arm over his boy's shoulder and they walked toward the din of congratulation. So, Pablo and Darius had set the pace, more liquor had flowed, the crowd was increasingly raucous and the other boys couldn't wait for their turn to come. Not surprisingly, then, what followed was a rampant orgy of boy-on-man action as the boys grabbed their masters and pulled them out front, turning the placid lawn into an arena where the men prepared to indulge the lust of their boys.

Jamie and Nate, close friends as ever, acted in tandem, standing before Mark and Adam. Quickly they stripped the men's T-shirts and shorts off them and the stunning men lay naked on the ground before them. The twins were next, dragging Bob and Jason from the table and asking them politely to take off their clothes. The four boys were soon naked too and gazed down at the incredible sight of the four muscle gods waiting for their asses to get ploughed.

"OK, guys," shouted Mark to the other three men. "Think they've got what it takes? Think they're men enough to fuck their masters?"

"Doubt it," said Adam. "Their dicks are good and hard but it takes more than a stiff dick to top a master ..... especially four studs like us."

"Can't be done," Jason agreed. "See them hesitate?" said Bob. "They're wimping out."

"Hey, guys," Jamie shouted. "Sounds like a challenge to me ..... let's get 'em." Acting in perfect unison the boys dropped to their knees, hooked their man's legs over their shoulders and pushed their cocks smoothly into their master's ass. Howls of delight filled the air as the boys gazed into their masters' eyes and pumped their hips with mounting exuberance."

Randy and Zack, who had already set a spectacular example, sat together, still naked, their backs against a table, legs stretched in front of them, sipping yet another beer. "Now that, buddy," said Randy, slurring his words and pointing his bottle unsteadily at the action, "is something you don't see every day of the week ..... a whole bunch of bodybuilders getting their asses reamed by their boys. It's enough to make a grown man weep."

"I dunno about that, man," stammered Zack, equally drunk. "I ain't gonna weep ..... I'm gonna jack off." He grabbed his semi-erect dick and began pumping it. Meanwhile, Pablo and Darius, still stoked from their own performances, circled the action ...... Pablo as ringmaster, yelling instructions and encouragement, and Darius as cinematographer, his camera at his eye, determined to record every detail for posterity.

The boys worked hard, gazing down at their masters' faces, then looking across at each other to coordinate their building rhythms. It wasn't long before the first howls of ecstasy pierced the evening air, immediately followed by others as eight cocks exploded in unison. It was raining semen, a cloudburst of cum as juice poured from the four men and splashed down on their heaving chests, while the boys blasted hot cum deep inside the ass of their master.

"Way to go, guys," shouted Pablo, waving an arm in the air like a circus ringmaster at the climax of a show, beaming at Randy and Zack who rose unsteadily to their feet, raising beer bottles in salute with hoarse, drunken cheers. They too had pumped their cocks as they watched the spectacular orgiastic event and had blasted their loads in time with all the others.

Randy threw his arm around Zack and slurred, "One hell of a tribal ritual, eh, buddy?"


So every man and boy had blasted his load ...... except for two, who had been more restrained in their reactions to the show. Eddie had removed the collar and bow tie he had warn as a server, pulled on a T-shirt and pressed close against Hassan, his eyes wide with wonder, his mind a whirl of amazement, admiration ..... and trepidation. As the cheers died down Hassan read his boy's thoughts. "So what do you think, kiddo? You wanna go for it .... show them what we can do?"

Eddie watched the triumphant boys returning to the table with their masters, bodies still streaming with cum. He was nervous as hell, but a big part of him wanted to show everyone that he was one of the boys, and that Hassan was his master. So he looked at Hassan and said hesitantly, "I .... I think so, sir .... as long as you'll....."

"I'll take care of you, Eddie ..... always. Just keep your eyes on me and forget everything else." He took Eddie's arm and they walked out front and faced each other. A hush fell over the noisy celebration as the guys regained their seats, watching in rapt silence out of respect for the boy's obvious nervousness and for the macho Marine who was guiding him. They saw Hassan pull off his tank-top and drop his shorts, and many hearts beat faster as they gazed at the beautiful, muscle-god soldier standing naked before his boy.

Smiling into Eddie's eyes Hassan gently pulled the boy's T-shirt over his head, and a gasp went up from the crowd as Hassan dropped to his knees. He quickly unbuttoned Eddie's shorts, letting them fall, and his cock sprang out, stiff as a pole. "Oh, mate," Nate said quietly to Jamie, "surely he's not gonna ..... " But he did. Hassan leaned forward and lowered his mouth over his boy's cock letting it slide all the way to the back of his throat. More gasps from the crowd as they watched the unbelievable sight of the rugged soldier, naked on his knees sucking his boy's cock.

Almost at once Hassan felt Eddie's cock shudder in his mouth and he knew well his boy's habit of cumming quickly and often, so he pulled back. He gazed up at Eddie and said, "Do you wanna fuck me, boy?" Eddie's heart was pounding, his cock dripping with pre-cum, real close to orgasm. "Yes, please, sir," he said firmly. Hassan fell on his back and, making it easier and more tantalizing for Eddie, grabbed his own ankles and pulled his legs back high in the air, exposing his ass, Eddie's target.

In a trance, oblivious of all the men and boys watching in mesmerized silence, Eddie fell to his knees, licked the palm of his hand and used it to lubricate his cock. He thought his heart would burst from his chest as he eased the head of his dick into the thicket of curly black hair round Hassan's ass. "Go for it, kid," Hassan said softly. "Make me feel good."

With that reassurance Eddie pushed his hips forward and suddenly felt the incredible sensation of his cock sliding over the sphincter then deeper into the soldier's hot ass. The feeling electrified his whole body and, as his cock came to rest in the warm velvet depths of the ass, he shuddered and screamed, "No!" And his cock erupted in his master's ass.

The onlookers were shocked that he had cum right away, and disappointed to be deprived of a show, like fans at a first-round knockout. The most shocked of all was Eddie himself who gazed at Hassan in wild-eyed panic. But Hassan just smiled. "It's OK, Eddie. Listen I know how you can cum as often and as fast as you like. It's one of the things I love about you. So look at me now, take your time ...... and fuck my ass, boy. That's an order."

"Yes, sir," Eddie said solemnly. And so he obeyed his master. Buried in the Marine's hot ass his cock had never lost its erection. He pulled his hips back and started to fuck, tentatively at first but gaining in strength and confidence. Realizing what was happening the crowd finally found its voice and cheered him on. Eddie was in heaven, gazing down at the spectacular soldier, his muscles flexing as his body jerked in response to the boy's hips pounding against his ass, the hard rod driving deep inside him. Eddie sensed that this was his moment .... the moment he could show the tribe that he truly was one of them, could prove that he was worthy of the magnificent Marine who was allowing him to fuck his ass.

The crowd was going wild again, with lusty shots of encouragement. But Hassan had been right about Eddie's youthful virility, his habit of cumming quickly and often, and he felt the boy's cock already pulsing inside him. "It's OK, Eddie ..... it's time. Let's show them, eh? Let's show them what a great team we are. Here, grab my cock with both hands."

Hassan was still holding his own legs high so Eddie's hands were free and he reached forward and wrapped both hands round Hassan's long, thick pole, linking his fingers so he was holding the cock tight. Without easing up on the relentless pounding of his ass Eddie ran his linked hands up and down the shaft, watching as Hassan's head thrashed in ecstasy. He had never felt so much a part of another guy as the pulsing he felt in Hassan's cock matched his own driving inside his master.

So the timing was impeccable. He could feel the blood racing through the veins of the cock in his hands, could almost feel the semen roaring up through it. He pointed the cock straight at Hassan's face and, as cum blasted from it and slammed into the gorgeous features, Eddie's own cock exploded in his master's ass for the very first time. The crowd went crazy, screaming and applauding as they gazed at the incredible spectacle of a boy pounding not only the ass of the muscle-god soldier put also his cock, holding it like a hose as it poured semen onto the soldier's rugged face.

It was truly a fitting climax to the event and everyone crowded round the two men as they rolled over the grass in a passionate embrace. When they could make themselves heard above the din the twins shouted, "And that, gentlemen, concludes the entertainment portion of Jason's party. We thank him for hosting it, and we hope you enjoyed it." Enjoyed it!? The guys were drunkenly ecstatic and the boys hoisted the twins on their shoulders and paraded them round the garden.

Randy grinned at Bob. "How about them twins then, eh buddy? Some boys you got there."

"I know," Bob beamed. "They promised us a party to remember .... and they sure delivered."


The memories lingered on ..... the hangovers too. However, the next morning Randy, ever the strict boss, said, "OK, guys. Great party ..... but it's back to work. So, dragging their hangovers with them, men and boys reported for work on time ..... Randy, Zack, Pablo and Darius to the construction site; Adam to his airline; Jason to the firehouse; and Hassan to the Marines. Nate and Eddie reported for a day's work up at Steve and Lloyd's.

So the house was unusually quiet. Mark had not gone to work as he was studying for a promotion on the police force that required certification. Bob too was working at home in his upstairs office and Jamie was sitting with the twins in the kitchen for a much-delayed meeting about budgeting for the extensive cost of food and supplies for the house.

Poring over lap-tops Kyle and Kevin listened intently to Jamie's long explanations of credit-card usage, invoicing and book-keeping, until finally he sat back and stretched. "Hey, dudes, all this talk of dry old figures is making me thirsty. How about we break for a beer?" With relief the twins happily produced three beers from the fridge and they pushed the lap-tops aside.

Conversation naturally reverted immediately to the events of the previous day as they re-lived the highlights. They focused on the roles they themselves had played out ..... Jamie with Mark and the twins with Bob .... which inevitably led to talk of their masters. They, like everyone else in the house, were aware of the strong attraction that existed between the two men, and they were also aware that Bob was alone in his office and Mark was studying in his apartment.

The three boys were still in the "boys-in-control" mode of yesterday and the light of mischief still danced in their eyes. "Don't seem right, somehow," Kyle said playfully, "those two guys working all alone out there." Kevin completed his thought, "So near and yet so far."

"Yeah, pity we can't nudge things along a bit," said Jamie. "Maybe I'll drop in on Mark, see if he wants a beer break." But just then fate intervened and gave them an opening. Bob came in and they all felt their cocks stiffen as they gazed at the square-jawed hunk looking gorgeous as ever, casually dressed, barefoot in shorts and an old gray T-shirt, thin enough to show every contour of his muscular body.

"Hey, guys, I'm out of beer up there. Thought I'd come down and restock." The twins eagerly grabbed a six-pack and handed it over. "As a matter of fact, sir," said Jamie, "I was about to take a couple to Mark as he's all alone." He shot a glance at the twins. "But we're pretty engrossed in all these figures here, sir, so I wonder if you could drop in on him instead."

"No problem," said Bob. "He can share this six-pack." Bob smiled to himself, smelling a rat as the boys had obviously abandoned their computers and were engrossed in nothing more than gossip. But never mind, the chance of visiting with Mark was never one to turn down. After he left the room the boys beamed at each other with high-fives all round.


Mark was struggling with his studies. He was sitting crossed legged on his bed, wearing just undershorts and an oversized old tank that hung loosely on his muscular torso, showing the cleavage between the slabs of his perfect pecs. Surrounding him were manuals and densely worded charts that were making his head spin. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Bob came in.

Mark flashed a delighted smile. "Hey, buddy, are you a sight for sore eyes or what? Looking gorgeous, as always."

"Huh, you should talk, stud. How come you always look so fucking pornographic even in a loose old tank like that one? You could wear a suit of armor and still look terrific."

"Yeah," Mark laughed, "but looks don't help with what I've got here. I'm supposed to be working up a project for cataloguing the inventory of seized evidence stored at the station and I can't get the figures to work out."

"Maybe this'll help," Bob smiled holding out the six-pack. "But let me take a look at that first. Here, shove over."

He sat on the bed, close up to Mark so they could both look at the charts. His cock stiffened as he caught the musky scent of Mark's body. He guessed that Mark had slept in these clothes (which accounted for the tang of sweat), fucked Jamie as soon as they had woken up (which accounted for the faint smell of semen), and then, without showering, had started work as soon as Jamie left to go speak to the twins. Bob willed his cock to go down, without success.

As Bob pored over the charts, checking Mark's figures, Mark looked at the handsome, square-jawed face close to his, the Superman features, tousled dark hair and the deep brown eyes focused on his work. Mark always got an erection when he saw Bob, but now that he was this close, aware of Bob's flawless body under the thin fabric of the T-shirt, his cock was hard as a rock. He was jolted from his lustful thoughts by Bob's voice.

"Here, what about this column for lost and mislaid evidence? Did you factor that in?

"Well .... no I guess not. I figured they wouldn't count as they don't exist, but now that you point it out....."

"I think you'll find that makes the totals come right." Bob was becoming intoxicated with the scent of the near-naked cop and pulled away in embarrassment, reaching for the six-pack. Still studying the chart Mark said, "It works! Hey, man, you're good you know that?"

Bob chuckled. "You don't know how good."

"Oh yes I do," Mark said, fixing Bob with his soft blue/gray eyes. There was a sudden frisson and a heavy silence hung in the air. Bob felt his heart pounding and he stood up hurriedly. "Well, I guess I better go back and check on the twins ......"

"Yeah, and I'd better get back to these ......" He glanced down at the papers, then raised his head and their eyes locked. They were breathing hard. Suddenly Mark reached up, grabbed Bob's arm and pulled him down on the bed. In seconds they were rolling over the bed, sending the papers flying onto the floor as they clawed at each other. Mark grabbed Bob's head, pulled it toward him and their mouths locked in a hungry embrace. Their tongues pressed against each other and suddenly they were sharing the same breath, one exhaling as the other inhaled. They tasted each other, smelled each other, felt each other's bodies as they breathed as one.

Mark was on top now and pulled back, kneeling astride Bob. "Shit, man," he said frantically, "every time I see you come into a room I wanna do this, pull you onto the floor and make love to you. Man, you are so fucking gorgeous, I ....." In his frenzy he reached down grabbed Bob's thin T-shirt in his fist, yanked it clean off and tossed it aside. "Oh, Jesus," he gasped, pressing his palms down on Bob's pecs, then twisting his nipples hard between his fingers.

"Yeah, man," Bob pleaded, "hard, do it harder. God, I love you Mark. He gazed up at the spectacular blond cop with his tank hanging loosely over the sculpted muscles of his chest and in a surge of passion clawed at him tearing the tank on one side. The ripped fabric was now hanging off one shoulder exposing his flexed torso, while his blazing eyes and tousled blond hair enhanced his sculpted Greek-God features.

The image was so pornographically beautiful, so wildly erotic that Bob flew into a frenzy and shouted, "Fuck me, man. Please fuck me. I need to feel your cock in my ass." Mark stood up on the bed, dropped his shorts and towered naked over Bob, heaving like a stallion before moving in for the kill. He dropped to his knees, yanked open Bob's shorts, pulled them down his legs and off. He pushed Bob's legs roughly in the air, eased forward, pressed the head of his cock between the globes of his ass and stared down at him. "I just want you to know, man, that every time I lay eyes on you this is what I want to do.

"Aaagh!" They both howled as the cop's rod drove suddenly into the warm depth of Bob's ass, not resting at the inner sphincter but sliding over it into the secret, sensitive inner chamber where it came to rest. And suddenly they relaxed ..... they were where they wanted to be. Mark smiled at Bob and said, "Hi, buddy." His hips pulled back, the cock slid almost out of the ass, then eased back in. And that was the rhythm ..... a slow, sensuous massage of the velvet membrane of Bob's ass. Their eyes never left each other as they made love ..... for that's what it was, making love, expressed through the language of raw, physical desire.

Imperceptibly Mark increased the pace until his cock was driving in with building passion. Bob was riveted by the sight of the blond muscle-god rising and falling over him, naked except for the shreds of his shirt hanging from one shoulder. Bob was being driven to the brink of orgasm .... but he didn't want this incredible sensation to end. So he pressed his hand against Mark's shoulder. Mark pulled out his cock and allowed himself to be pushed over onto his side, then onto his back. In an instant their positions were reversed, Bob was kneeling over Mark and he quickly slid his cock into the cop's ass.

"Oh, yeah, man," Mark breathed. "I jerk off fantasizing about that and now you're really here, inside me. Fuck me, man. Fuck that cop's ass." And so began a passionate session of love-making as the two flawless bodybuilders, one dark the other blond, fucked each other, trading off, first one on top then the other. It didn't matter which of them was taking the dick in his ass ..... it was all the same, they were together, venting the lust and desire that had been building between them for so long. Their bodies were on fire, their bodies tensed, veins bulging under the thin skin of their flexed muscles. And all that each man saw was the glorious squared-jawed beauty of the face staring back at him.

Bob happened to be on top when the climax came. He was fucking Mark with exquisite tenderness and he was now hypnotized by the blue-gray eyes smiling up at him. "I can't hold it back any more, Mark. You are so fucking beautiful, you feel so good, my cock is bursting. I gotta cum, man."

"Me too, buddy. OK, let's do it. Cum with me, man. Let me feel it." Their hearts pounded, their breath heaved ..... and then ...... "Aaah!" They were not shouts, just heavy sighs from both men as their passion overflowed at last. Mark felt Bob's juice flowing deep inside him and Bob watched in awe as Mark's cock shuddered, then erupted in a ribbon of cum that spurted up high and slammed against Bob's face and neck Another stream followed, this time splashing down on the mounds of Mark's heaving chest.

They paused to let their cocks drain, gazing at each other in wonder. Then Bob fell onto Mark and the two stunning bodies slid together on pools of cum, the fruits of their mutual passion. As they held and kissed each other they were sobbing ..... with tears of joy at the release of love and desire, but tinged also with tears of regret for what might have been.


Minutes later they sat on the bed drinking beer, warm with the afterglow of intense love-making. Mark grinned at Bob. "You gonna be alright, man ..... with Randy and everything?"

"Oh, sure," Bob said. "I wouldn't have said that until fairly recently, but over time he has accepted that you and I love each other and it doesn't threaten him as much. Oh, I'll tell him about this, of course ..... we tell each other everything ...... even that you took my ass. That would have enraged him before, but now he realizes that part of his attraction for me is that I'm my own man, an alpha male like him, free and determined.

"A man as beautiful as you would have been a challenge to him before, but now, you know, I think it only adds to his desire for me, the fact that a man like you loves me. And a friend into the bargain. It might help if one day, if you're in the mood, you two make love to each other. Don't get me wrong though. He and I are still inseparable and he's still the boss." He grinned. "Just that I've learned how to handle him."

"I know that," Mark said. "Well at least we've had this morning together and will have in the future." He grinned lasciviously. "You wanna go again?"

"What do you think?" Bob smiled. They locked together again, knocking the beer bottles off the bed, soaking the papers already scattered on the floor.


Meanwhile it was a tough day on the construction site, partly because Randy, Zack, Darius and Pablo were still nursing residual hangovers, but also because the complexity of the current overlapping projects was creating stress. But somehow they got though the day and Randy called a halt. The crew left, followed by Zack who drove Darius home, but Randy still had paperwork to go over in his trailer office. He had driven Pablo here, but Pablo was eager to stick around and wait for him as he wanted to finish some tough work on one of the trucks.

The boy's hangover had long gone, but he was still stressing as he bent under the hood of the truck, wrestling with a hard-to-reach nut he was trying to tighten. "Fuck!" he said, as the wrench slipped yet again. "Fuck you, assholes," he growled, addressing the nut and the wrench personally.

"You know, you'd make it easier on yourself if you used a longer wrench."

Pablo jerked up, hitting his head on the propped-open hood, and whirled round. "Who the fuck are you?" He was facing a swarthy young guy dressed in filthy jeans, worn-out boots and a sweat-stained old T-shirt. He had a distinctly gypsy look about him, a good-looking kid though, with his square jaw, high cheekbones, and dark hair falling over his brow. The thin T-shirt couldn't hide a ripped, muscular young body underneath. As he gazed at him Pablo guessed him to be a few years younger than himself ..... maybe about nineteen. But whoever he was, to Pablo he represented a challenge and his natural aggression rose to the surface.

Wearing his usual overalls, hanging by one strap over a shoulder, with nothing underneath, Pablo drew himself up to his full height and puffed out his chest. "So you think I should use a longer wrench, eh?" he sneered. "Well here's the news on that, dude ..... I'm the chief mechanic round here and I sure as hell don't need help from a loser like you. Who the fuck are you, anyway? Look like a drifter who hasn't seen a shower in a while."

"Yeah, well I've walked a long way to get here, man, and I don't need any crap from you. Is there a guy called Randy works around here?"

Pablo bristled at the sound of that name on this punk's lips. "What's it to you? He happens to be the boss here and anyone wanting to see him goes through me, get it?"

"Huh, that shouldn't be hard by the looks of you. Dude, I could whip your ass without blinking."

"Oh yeah?" snarled Pablo, dropping the wrench, spreading his arms wide and beckoning with his fingers. "Go ahead, asshole. Try me."

The boy lunged at Pablo who sidestepped and grabbed him from behind. But the boy was a fighter. He pushed back hard and they both fell backwards onto the ground, with Pablo crushed beneath the boy, stunned. They pulled apart and were instantly grappling, rolling over on the ground trading punches.

"What the fuck?" barked a deep voice. Hearing the commotion Randy had come out of his trailer and now hauled them both off the ground by the neck. They stood before the menacing construction boss and Pablo glared at the boy. "You wanted Randy? This is Randy ..... and he's my dad."

"NO!" the boy yelled. "He's my brother!"

Randy gazed at the boy, narrowing his eyes in disbelief. "It can't be ..... you've grown so much ...... is it really....?"

"It is, sir," said the boy, with tears running down his face.

"I lost touch with you ..... thought I'd never see you .... holy shit ..... my baby brother." Tears filled the big man's eyes "Ben! Come here, kid." He held out his arms and the boy fell into them sobbing on his shoulder. Randy cradled him for a long time until he glimpsed Pablo standing stunned at a distance. Randy broke away and put his hand on the boy's shoulder. "Pablo, I want you to meet Ben ..... my youngest brother."

Pablo stared at them and his mind went blank. He turned away and ran blindly to the gate.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 167


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