Randy and Bob were out of town. They had needed to get away from all the recent upheavals in the house so they had gone up to Jamie's shack in the dunes where they played out their own personal drama. In a series of passionate acts of sex and rediscovery they had reaffirmed their intense love for each other. At long last Randy felt completely secure in their relationship, and Bob had said, "Now, buddy, can we please get on with our lives ..... without the drama?"

"Agreed." Randy said. "No more drama." He grinned. "Though with that group of over-sexed guys back in the city, drama seems to go with the territory."

His words, unfortunately, were prophetic. Even as Randy spoke, the seeds of a whole new crisis were being sown in a seemingly innocuous post-sex conversation between Pablo and Darius. Flush with the excitement of fucking Pablo Darius said, "Hey, dude, you wanna see something real cool? Remember when Randy did his number on Jason ..... arm-wrestled him, then tied him up and fucked him ..... and I filmed the whole thing? Well look at this."

He flipped open his lap-top, opened a web-site, a couple of clicks .... and there it was. Pablo gazed open-mouthed at the video, frowning in confusion. "What the fuck .....?"

"Cool, eh, dude? It's so intense I thought more guys should see the video so I posted it on this triple-X site. It's popular too ..... hey, a construction worker fucking a fireman? ...... got lots of hits."

Pablo couldn't believe his eyes. "Holy shit, Darius, what have you done? Just wait 'til Randy and the guys hear about this ...... man, the shit's really gonna hit the fan."


Randy and Bob were to remain in blissful oblivion of all this for the rest of their idyllic few days in the dunes, where they lazed in the sun and surf, swam, made love, slept ..... made love again ..... and again. By contrast, and by default, it fell to Zack and Mark to grapple with the developing situation that threatened to rock the boat of domestic tranquility at the house.

As Pablo had predicted, the shit was gonna hit the fan ...... but not immediately. Darius stared at Pablo and said, "What's your problem, dude? It's a great video, got everything ..... muscle-gods wrestling, a fireman getting tied up and fucked by a construction worker. It's been picked up by other sites too ..... it's all over the place."

Pablo clapped his hand to his forehead. "Man, you have lost all your fucking marbles? Don't you know what this means? Has anyone else here seen it?"

"Not yet," Darius grinned. "I thought I'd have a showing for everyone after dinner, surprise them all."

"You'll sure as fuck do that, dude. Darius, don't you remember Randy's iron-clad rule? .... 'What happens in the house stays in the house.' There's a shit-load of stuff goes on here that's just between us guys, including when Randy initiates another guy ..... especially that! Thank god Randy's out of town. Now listen, man. First you gotta tell Zack."

"Well, I thought I'd...."

"For crap's sake stop thinking, dude ..... or start rather. Look, I better come with you."

Darius let himself be led out the gate, across the street and into Zack's garden where he was working out in just his old gray shorts. Pablo took the lead. "Sir, Darius has something to show you."

A few minutes later the three of them were huddled round Zack's computer and Darius had pulled up the video on the porn site. Still proud of his work Darius watched expectantly as Zack stared at the screen. It was only as he saw Zack's face cloud over, his jaw clench and his eyes blaze that it finally dawned on Darius that he was in real trouble. He half expected Zack to hit him, but Zack's anger was not hot ..... it was ice cold.

He looked up at them, his thunderous face still running with sweat from his workout, and with a huge effort he restrained himself, saying coldly, "Can this video be removed from the site?"

In surprise Darius said, "Well sure I could take it down, sir. But that would be a shame, seeing as how it's so popular and all. See, the thing is ....."

Zack clenched his fists and he said slowly, "The thing is, boy, it comes down. Right now! Do it!"

Zack's icy tone brooked no protest. It sent a stab of panic through Darius who immediately went to work on the keyboard, and in a few minutes he said meekly, "That's it, sir. It's gone." Seeing the cold fury in Zack's eyes Darius became defensive. "Don't worry, sir. You saw how I pixilated the faces so you can't really tell who the two guys are .....unless you know them real well. And the sound's not real great .... " then to himself, "yeah, I gotta work on that."

Ignoring him Zack said, "Pablo, take Darius to your room and keep him there. Get a disk of this thing and take it down to the living room. Do it .... now!" The boys stood up in nervous obedience and left the room. Zack flipped open his phone and dialed. "Mark? Your shift nearly finished? Perfect. Listen, we got a situation here. Could you try and grab Jason on your way home and bring him here with you? The three of us need to meet right away."


Half an hour later Zack, Mark and Jason were sitting together in the living room. Zack had pulled on a tank top and Mark and Jason were still in their uniforms having rushed over straight from work. The twins had brought them beers and then left to huddle with the boys. There was a stunned silence in the room as the three men watched the TV where Zack was playing the disk. When it finished Mark broke the silence. "You say this was posted on an X-rated web-site but it's now been taken down?"

"That's right," said Zack. "But while it was up it was picked up by other sites. Oh, man, just wait 'til Randy gets to know about this. It'll be me who has to face him. Darius is my boy so I'm responsible, and he'll sure as hell blame me."

"No point in alerting him and Bob while they're away," said Mark. "Let's leave them in peace 'til they get home." He looked anxiously at Jason.

"Hey," Jason said brightly, "at least Darius pixilated the faces so you can't recognize us ..... and I'd say we look pretty damn hot."

Mark couldn't hold back a grin. "Man, that vanity of yours overcomes anything, even this. But what about the fireman's uniform?"

"Hell, I'm shirtless so it's only the pants, and every fireman wears them ..... could even be a guy dressed as a fantasy fireman for kicks. Fortunately there's no shot of the badge on the helmet ..... that would have blown my cover. And I can tell you, my buddies in the fire house are not likely to go onto X-rated sites to watch man-on-man action." He laughed. "Man-on-girl, even girl-on-girl, but not guys. No, I think I'm pretty much in the clear."

"You blow me away," Mark said, "the way you're taking all this. Oh, sure, I know you were on full display in that fireman's calendar but that was for charity ..... and you weren't getting your ass fucked by Randy."

"No," Jason laughed, "that doesn't happen every day of the week, thank god. Listen guys, thanks for alerting me, but I've gotta get home. Gotta work out a bit then study for a promotion exam I'm taking."

They all stood up and Zack shook Jason's hand warmly. "Thanks for taking this so well, Jason. I'll take it from here. Gotta decide what happens to Darius ...... and then I'll have to face Randy.


Jamie, Nate, Eddie and the twins had huddled in the kitchen trying to follow what was happening. They knew it was serious as word had got out about the posting of the video, but as Pablo was with Darius, who had been confined to his room, they couldn't know the full story. Jamie seemed especially troubled. Suddenly he said, "Gotta go, guys," and he left the room.

Two minutes later he was facing Darius in his room and he came straight to the point. "Darius I gotta ask you one thing. That time when you first showed us that video, I remember saying as a joke that it was so hot if you posted it online it would go viral. Is that what made you do it?"

"Dude, I kinda knew you were kidding ..... but I gotta say it did give me the idea ...... bad idea as it turned out," Darius said morosely.

"Oh shit," Jamie said softly. "Well, hang in there guys." He gave both guys a hug and quickly left. As he ran outside he bumped into Mark and the two guys coming out of their meeting. Jason shot him a quick smile and walked to the gate. Jamie had a sad, anxious expression as he watched him leave, then he turned to Mark and said, "Sir, I have something to tell you."

In their apartment Mark started to take off his uniform as he listened to what Jamie called his 'confession.' "Sir, I think this is all my fault. I was the one who gave Darius the idea." He told him his story, ending with, "I was kidding, of course, but he took me up on it and now ....."

"Hey, hey, don't beat yourself up, kid," Mark said. "We all say a lot of things as a joke and you weren't to know what Darius would do. Sure, it's a serious business but you weren't to blame. Now, talking of serious business, what you gonna do about this?" He had stripped to the waist and pointed down to the bulge in his uniform pants.

"Oh, sorry sir." With all the concern Jamie had forgotten the daily ritual, and now he quickly stripped off his T-shirt and surfer shorts and fell back naked on the bed.

"That's my boy," Mark smiled. "Listen, the only mistake you can ever make is not being ready for this." He unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, hard cock. He threw Jamie's legs in the air, knelt between them and pushed his rod between the soft, blond fur and deep inside the ass he knew so well.

"Thank you, sir," Jamie moaned, and for a while he forgot his troubles as the cop pounded his ass. He looked up at the gorgeous Nordic face and felt the rough serge of the pants slamming against his ass as the cop's shaft pistoned inside him. Mark held back his orgasm as long as he could but finally he leaned forward, pinned Jamie's arms to the bed, and his intense blue-gray eyes bored into the boy's.

"Don't worry kiddo," he said gently. "You're always my boy, no matter what. Here, let me show you." He pressed his lips against Jamie's in a hungry embrace, his hips moved faster and faster, the steel rod pounded the boy's ass until finally ..... "Aaah." The cop moaned in ecstasy as his cock exploded inside the warm ass of his surfer-boy, and Jamie blasted a massive load of juice between them as he felt the weight of his master's body fall onto him.

They lay like that for a long time until Mark jumped up and wiped his cock. Quickly he shed his uniform boots and pants and pulled on his blue-jeans. He looked down at the cum-soaked boy and smiled. "God I love coming home to you, kid. I'm the luckiest cop on the world to have you as my boy. Man, I wanna fuck you again right now ..... but I gotta go check on Zack, make sure he's OK. Tough time for him." He bent down, sucked up a mouthful of cum off Jamie's chest, swallowed it and his eyes gleamed as he moaned, "Mmmm."

Then he was gone, leaving Jamie to return to his previous mood of doubt and self- recrimination. The euphoria of being fucked by Mark had buried his gloom for a while, but it was back and he couldn't rid himself of the sight of Jason as he had left. Even now he must be in his house, anxious about whatever repercussions might come.

Suddenly Jamie knew what he had to do. He jumped off the bed and without stopping to wipe the remaining cum off his chest he pulled on his shorts and sneakers and ran from the room.


Wearing just his gym shorts Jason was working out in the home gym he had created in a patio area beside his house. The muscles of his perfect 'Fireman's-Calendar' body gleamed as he put them through a punishing workout routine. He was sitting against an incline board straining in a set of incline bench presses when he saw Jamie walking across the lawn toward him.

"Hey, Jamie," he beamed, dropping the bar in its cradle. "Great to see you, kid." He saw the cum stains on Jamie's naked chest and grinned. "I see you've just been giving that police officer of yours your usual welcome home. So what's up, you come to be my workout partner?" The idea was very appealing to Jamie but he was preoccupied with something far more serious. He paused, frowning hard, then blurted out, "Sir, are you gonna lose your job, sir?"

Taken by surprise the fireman burst out laughing. "I seriously doubt it, kid. They need me too bad for their calendar." Then he got serious. "OK, is this about Darius and that video?"

"Yes, sir." The words tumbled out. "You see, it's all my fault. When Darius showed us boys the video I said it was so hot that if he posted it on the Web it would go viral. I was kidding, but he took me seriously and did it. So I have to be punished ..... for me and for Darius."

"Hey, hey, wait a minute here, slow down will you? First off, making a joke like you did is not a crime and you're not to blame. Sure what Darius did was a stupid and dangerous thing, but he's the one should be punished for it."

"But that's the point, sir. You're the one who was harmed, but you can't punish Darius 'cause he's Zack's boy so Zack will do that. So I'm here to represent the boys .... we kind of stick together with stuff like this. I gave Darius the stupid idea so, please sir, punish me."

Jason would have been amused if Jamie's expression had not been so anguished. Clearly the boy thought he was to blame and had come here on his own to be punished for it. Jason was not entirely convinced of his motive, as he remembered that when Jamie had been here before with Mark he had got off on being 'punished' by the cop and the fireman in a fantasy that made him cum bucketsful.

But Jason didn't want to make light of Jamie's solemn determination and just send him home. 'Well, why not?' he thought. He could go through a ritual punishment that would make Jamie feel better, give him absolution for his 'crime', and give him a sexual thrill into the bargain.

So Jason met Jamie's determined eyes with an equally serious look and growled, "OK, boy, if that's what you want. Lose the shorts." Jamie quickly kicked off his sneakers, dropped his shorts and stood naked before the tall, blond fireman.

Jamie thought of Jason as his master, second only to Mark, as Mark had said that Jamie would from now on be "our boy." But Jason's association with them and the other guys had brought the fireman a ton of trouble ...... first a pounding by Mark, then Randy and now this, a foolish act by Darius that could have cost him his job. Jamie needed desperately to make amends to Jason and this was the only way he knew how ...... to offer himself for punishment."

Behind Jamie was the slant-board, raised to a 45-degree incline, where Jason had been doing bench presses Jason shoved Jamie backward and he sat down hard on the seat, instinctively wrapping his arms behind him round the board. "That's right, boy," Jason said. He picked up a length of rope and tied Jamie's wrists behind the board. He looped a second rope round Jamie's neck and tied it loosely behind the board.

Suddenly the naked blond surfer was immobilized, roped by his arms and neck to the board, forced to stare up at the fireman who was picking up his discarded pants and sliding the belt from them. The muscle-god's near-naked body was still gleaming with sweat from his heavy workout and his soaking shorts clung to his hips, almost transparent so the shape of his long cock showed clearly underneath.

As Jamie gazed at him, all thoughts of why he was here faded ..... the video, Darius ..... all that was replaced by the pornographic image of the bodybuilder holding a belt. Jamie's cock had quickly stiffened until it now pointed straight up, hard as a rock. Jason paced and, holding the belt in both fists, pulled it and snapped it hard. "Is this what you want, boy?" he asked. "You wanna feel the belt across your chest?"

"Yes, sir. Please, sir. I want you to whip me, sir."

Like Jamie, Jason lost sight of why they were here. All he saw, as his cock swelled in his shorts, was the beautiful young surfer roped to the slant-board, his muscular body straining as he begged the fireman to whip him. It was just the two of them, master and boy ..... and the whip. He raised his arm and brought the belt down across Jamie's chest, making his body jerk as he moaned in pain and ecstasy.

Jason instinctively knew Jamie's pain threshold and used light strokes, just enough to sting. But as he whipped the boy again and again and watched the beautiful face fly from side to side, tousled blond hair flying, rope round his neck, Jason fell into a mild trance and increased the force of the blows. "You came here for punishment, boy, and that's what you'll get. God I love thrashing your hot young body. You like what you see?"

Like it? As he gazed at the fireman's gorgeous face, his perfect body, muscles bulging and flexing with each lash of the whip, Jamie was in ecstasy, feeling the blows but not the pain. "Sir," he moaned, "you look so beautiful you're gonna make me cum .... I can't hold back....."

"OK, boy, your master's gonna whip that juice out of your cock. Here, feel this ...." He aimed the belt so that the tip flicked against Jamie's rigid cock, again and again. Bouncing under each blow Jamie's cock was on fire, and each time he yelled, "Aaah, aaah, aaah. ...... aaagh! His last scream was matched by a huge plume of white juice blasting from his cock, rising in the air then falling back on his whip-lashed chest.

"Holy shit," moaned Jason, mesmerized by the sight of the bound young boy pumping cum over himself. He pulled his cock from his shorts, pointed it at Jamie, and shot a huge wad of cum that splashed in his face and streamed down his chest, mingling with his own pools of semen.

In a delirium of sexual overload Jamie closed his eyes as his heart beat wildly and he at last became aware of the stinging pain in his chest. But suddenly his trance was shattered by a loud scream. Jamie's eyes flew open in time to see a long belt curl round Jason's torso, sending him spinning across the grass and crashing to the ground. And there, towering over him, was Mark, shirtless and barefoot in blue jeans ...... a belt hanging from his fist.


A short time earlier, when Mark had been commiserating with Zack, he had not been able to stop thinking about what Jamie had said, nor the anguish in his eyes as he made his 'confession.' He knew his boy, he knew he wouldn't let it rest there. He was just like Mark himself .... always had to try and put things right. Suddenly Mark knew what Jamie would do, where he would go. "Hey, Zack, sorry to cut this short but I gotta go." And without even stopping to put on a shirt and shoes Mark left and jumped in his truck.

A few minutes later, still wearing only his jeans, Mark was at Jason's gate and he heard, before he saw, what was happening. "OK, boy, your master's gonna whip that juice out of your cock. Here, feel this ...." Hearing the sound of leather on flesh, then Jamie's screams, Mark charged through the gate.

He didn't stop to think. All he knew was that his boy was tied up by his wrists and his neck, getting belt-whipped by the muscular fireman. Adrenaline surged through the cop, clouding his judgment, and he pulled his belt from his jeans as he ran blindly toward the patio gym and smashed the belt across Jason's back, curling it round his chest.

Now he towered over the near-naked fireman who lay groaning on the ground. They had only recently become close buddies but now, in his rage, all Mark saw was a rival. "What the fuck were you doing to my boy, asshole? You were whipping the kid.... like this!" Mark raised his arm and rained blow after blow across Jason's back, chest, ass and legs as he rolled helplessly over the ground, trying desperately to protect his body from the brutal lashes of the belt.

Mark glanced up and saw his struggling boy roped to the bench, his chest striped with whip-marks, and the sight fueled his rage. "Mother-fucker," he howled and redoubled the strength of his blows. Desperate to escape the enraged cop Jason dragged his wounded body painfully along the ground and glimpsed something out of the corner of his eye ..... the belt he had dropped close to Jamie.

With all his remaining strength he launched himself forward, grabbed the belt, rolled over onto his back and, as Mark rushed toward him, Jason aimed the whip at his legs. The belt curled round Mark's ankle, Jason yanked hard and pulled the cop off his feet, sending him crashing to the ground, the belt flying from his hand. Now it was Jason's turn and, despite the pain he felt, he sprang to his feet and began lashing the shirtless cop lying stunned on the ground.

"Yeah," he yelled, "not the big stud cop now are you asshole? You fucking cops are all the same ...... a bunch of thugs. Well this is payback big guy." Again and again he lashed Mark's naked chest and back as Mark reached frantically for the fallen belt. Even as the whip rained down on his back he pulled himself to his feet and lunged for the belt. He grabbed it and sprang away from Jason.

Jamie was hypnotized by the sight as the men circled each other, eyes blazing, their bodies bearing the marks of the lash. The fireman's shorts had been shredded and hung round his waist, while the cop flexed his muscles, his jeans torn and filthy. Unaware that his cock had got hard again, Jamie watched fascinated as the brutal whip fight went into high gear. It was a pornographic sight as the two blond muscle gods traded blows, their belts curling round flexed muscles of chest and arms with resounding cracks accompanied by agonized howls of pain.

Their eyes blazed at each other as the whip fight became something more than defense of the boy. The men were transformed into fighting machines. They were so much alike, both stunning, muscular blond gods, powerful alpha males, that the very similarity that had made them friends now found expression in an inevitable male rivalry that lurked just below the surface. And they both knew that their boy was watching ...... watching to see which of his masters would triumph and force the other into humiliating submission.

Still the whip fight went on, the howls echoing round the garden as lash after lash bit into naked muscle, the men dodging and weaving to shield themselves from the blows. Exhaustion was taking its toll, sweat pouring from their ravaged bodies, when suddenly Mark landed a lucky blow. He aimed high and the belt curled round Jason's neck. Mark jerked the belt, Jason lurched forward and fell to the ground on his back, the belt still round his neck.

Mark was on him in a second, yanking one end of the belt so it tightened round his neck, pulling his head up off the ground. "You're finished, man," Mark growled. "Now let my boy hear you submit to me."

"Fuck you, asshole," Jason groaned, near to choking, and he raised his knee, smashing it into Mark's balls. The cop howled and the belt loosened, but still he held on. It was a standoff and could have continued to exhaustion but for the sound that now broke through their raging adrenaline rush ..... the sound of a young voice yelling, sobbing. "Stop, please stop. It's all my fault. Sir, I begged Jason to punish me .... and it made me cum. ..... please, sirs, please stop fighting."

They both glanced at the sobbing boy, then locked eyes with each other. Mark's head was clearing, rage subsiding, sanity returning. He pulled the belt from Jason's neck and stared down at him. "Is that true, man, what he says?"

"Of course it is, Mark. Think, man ..... I love that boy .... do you think I would hurt him? He came to me with some wild sort of confession and begged me to punish him. He needed it, so I punished him the way you would have, tying him up, whipping him carefully, just hard enough to make him shoot his load. You got it all wrong, man. I love Jamie." Tears came to his eyes. "Mark ..... you said that from now on Jamie was our boy. It would be the three of us."

Suddenly Mark was transformed from tough vengeful cop to the loving friend and master he always was, as the anger drained from him and he fell forward onto Jason moaning, "Oh god...." He held his cheek close to Jason and moaned, "Man, I've been such a damn fool. When I saw my boy tied up, getting whipped, I didn't think straight ..... I just lost it. I should have known you would never .... Oh man, can you ever forgive me?"

Despite his pain Jason managed a grin. "Hey, officer, you were doing what I would have done in your place .... protecting your boy. It's an instinct we both have. You just jumped to the wrong conclusion. Man, I love you both, you know that."

Any further reconciliation was cut short by the sound of Jamie's moans. They both leapt to their feet and ran to him. Jason untied his neck while Mark removed the ropes from his wrists and the boy lay back against the board staring up at them. He had tears in his eyes as he said, "Sirs, all this was my fault ..... Darius posting the video, and now you fighting each other ...... I really fucked up all round. I don't deserve to be your boy."

"Jamie, chill out will you?" Jason said. "There's a whole lot of blame to go round here but not for you ..... you've done nothing wrong so stop punishing yourself."

"Now wait just a godamn minute here," came the cop's voice. Jason looked sharply at Mark but relaxed when he glimpsed the twinkle in his eye. "Seems to me," Mark continued, "that if anyone is gonna punish the boy it should be a joint effort by both of his masters. Now I know you just took a hefty whipping, Jason ......."

"....yeah but you should see the other guy," Jason laughed pointing to the mirror.

"Whatever," Mark said, "so we're both pretty well done in, but what d'you think, buddy, you got anything left?"

Jason looked at the startled and confused Jamie. "For this hot surfer-boy? ..... always. Check this out, big guy." He pulled a pin out of the back of the slant-board and lowered it flat in a horizontal position.

Mark gazed down at Jamie now lying flat on his back. "You read my mind, stud. So let's see. Who goes first?" Mark pulled a coin from his jeans pocket, tossed it and slapped it on the back of his hand. "Heads," said Jason. Mark showed him the coin. "Tails it is. Looks like I get first crack at that sweet ass. Hold him down for me buddy."

Jamie's cock was hard as a rock again as he looked at the cop and the fireman, their muscular bodies both striped with the marks of the lash. He felt like a young slaveboy as his captors flipped a coin to see which one would fuck him first.

Jason pulled off the torn remains of his shorts and stood behind Jamie's head. He leaned over him, pulled his arms up and grabbed his wrists, pinning them to the board. He grinned up at Mark. "He's all yours, stud." Mark dropped his jeans pushed Jamie's legs in the air and knelt on the end of the board. Jamie caught the flicker of amusement in Mark's eye as he said, "Looks like you've caused me a whole mess of trouble here, kid ..... got me into a whip-fight with my buddy. Guess I'm gonna have to fuck some sense into you."

"Yes, sir. Please, sir." He always knew from Mark's expression when things were OK again, and this was one of those moments. From all the anguish he had gone though he now relaxed as he felt the familiar sensation of his master's long rod sliding inside his ass. Mark was smiling at him. "OK, kiddo, now let's cut all this crap about blame, punishment and the rest of the bullshit. You're my boy and Jason's and nothing's gonna change that."

"Thank you, sir," Jamie said softly as he felt the cop's shaft moving in his ass. He looked up and saw the rugged face of the fireman, blond hair falling over his brow, his muscular body leaning over him, his cock hanging inches from his mouth. He knew what was coming. Jason leaned further forward and locked mouths with Mark, while his cock lowered into Jamie's mouth and pushed to the back of his throat.

Jamie was in heaven, ass-fucked by the cop and face-fucked by the fireman, and he worked hard to be worthy of them. He squeezed his ass muscles tight round Mark's cock, and his throat muscles round Jason's. He heard their moans of ecstasy as they kissed each other and both fucked their boy. Jamie had trouble holding back the cum that was bursting in his balls and he sensed that his masters' cocks were getting ready to explode in his mouth and ass.

But suddenly Jason pulled out of his mouth and took a step back. "Hey, Mark, what was that you said about both of us masters punishing our boy together? There's only one real way to do that." He walked over to the full-length mirror on the wall and lay on the ground on his back, his head leaning against the bottom of the mirror. Mark looked down at Jason lying there, muscles flexed, stiff cock pointing straight up into the air, and grinned. "Gotcha, buddy. Great idea."

He pulled his cock out of Jamie's ass, put his hands under his armpits and pulled the startled boy off the bench and into the air. Dangling from the strong arms Jamie felt himself being carried to the wall and held over the prone fireman. "OK, kiddo, don't resist now," Mark said and began to lower the boy. Jamie instinctively raised his knees to his chest and watched the reflection of his body being lowered slowly over Jason until ..... he felt the tip of Jason's cock touch his ass.

For a second he tensed, but as Mark lowered him further he felt the head of the cock enter his ass. But Mark paused there, holding him suspended and Jason said, "Hey, man, you're torturing my dick. I wanna feel the boy's ass round my pole."

"Thought you'd never ask," Mark grinned. He suddenly pulled his hands away, releasing the boy and letting him drop in free-fall onto Jason's cock, the steel rod skewering his ass all at once as he sat heavily on Jason's pubic hair. "Aaagh," Jamie screamed in shock as fire shot through his ass and made his cock erupt in a long ribbon of cum that slammed against the mirror, then another that splashed onto Jason's face and all over his chest.

Not sure what had just happened Jamie gazed down at the gorgeous smiling face, dripping with cum. "Come on, boy," the fireman said, "fuck my cock." Jamie had fallen on his knees astride Jason, sitting on the stiff cock all the way inside him. His reflex was to ease the pain by raising his hips so the cock slid almost out of his ass, but then he lowered himself again, letting the head of the cock press deep and pass over his inner sphincter. "Oh, shit, "Jason yelled, "that is fucking awesome, boy. You look incredible riding my cock. Hey, Mark, you gonna grab a bit of the action here."

"You bet your life, I am." Mark dropped to his knees behind Jamie, pushed him forward so he got a clear view of his boy's ass. He eased himself forward and pressed the head of his cock right against the point where the fireman's cock was sliding into Jamie's ass. The boy's eyes opened wide as he realized what was about to happen, and he moaned, "No! No!" I can't, sir."

Mark's jaw clenched as he gazed at Jamie in the mirror. "Jamie, you're gonna get your ass ploughed by both your masters at once. That's what we want, so you gonna say no again?"

"No, sir, .... I mean yes, sir .... I mean, please fuck me, sir." Jamie would do anything for Mark and he pushed his ass muscles down hard, determined to take his cock. He gazed into the mirror at his own face, then at Jason's beneath him, then at Mark's over his shoulder. He saw Jason's body rising gently beneath him, his washboard abs flexing as he eased his hips upward, and then he looked up again at Mark, at the god-like face of his master, hypnotized by his intense blue-grey eyes.

In a trance he felt pain in his ass ..... no, not pain ..... a fullness ..... his ass was being stretched by ..... what ...? Then he heard the voice. "Jamie, I'm inside you. Relax, kid, we're both inside you. You're getting your ass fucked by both your masters." Mark had eased forward so his balls were touching Jason's and both their cocks pointed up like two poles pressed together.

As the two cocks filled his ass Jamie gazed at the incredible scene in the mirror. The picture was surreal, pornographic. He was getting his ass fucked by a cop and a fireman at the same time. He raised up on his knees, then lowered himself onto both iron rods. The sensation was unbelievable, like flames were shooting from his ass and engulfing his whole body. He rose up again and this time he dropped down fast onto the cocks, glorying in the feeling of them penetrating deep inside his ass.

There was no pain, just exquisite joy. "Yes!" he shouted, "YES!" and he lost all control. Soon he was bouncing up and down, faster and faster, so the cocks were like twin pistons in his ass. Mark gazed into the mirror and Jason looked up, both transfixed by the sight of the golden young surfer riding their cocks, blond hair flying, arms outstretched, his tanned, muscular body rising and falling as his tight ass squeezed their cocks together.

"Oh, man," Jason howled, "look at that young stallion go. It looks so fucking hot. Come on, boy, ride that fireman's cock. Shit, boy, you are so fucking gorgeous." He gazed wildly up at the beautiful body gleaming with sweat, gazed too at the face over his shoulder, the chiseled features of the cop. Jason felt an incredible intimacy with Mark knowing they were both feeling exactly the same sensation, their cocks grinding against each other in their boy's ass.

Mark smiled down at him, reading his thoughts. "Doesn't get better than this, buddy, both of us fucking our boy, watching this gorgeous young stud riding our cocks. I love you, man." Then he whispered in Jamie's ear. "You are the hottest, sexiest boy a man could have. I'm crazy about you kid. God, your ass feels great. I love you, kiddo."

Jamie was thrilled that he was giving the cop and the fireman the ride of their lives. He gazed at Mark's stunning Nordic face and reached behind him, putting his hands behind Mark's head and running his fingers through his hair. Mark reached round him and squeezed his nipples, sending jolts of pain and pleasure through his chest. And never did Jamie break his rhythm as his ass rose and fell on the two cocks. He was in a world of total euphoria ...... he could have stayed like this forever, his ass impaled on the twin shafts of these spectacular muscle-gods.

But Jason's body was shuddering and he groaned to Mark, "I can't take much more, buddy. Please, I gotta bust my load. Give the word, man ..... please."

"Right there with you, big guy. You too, boy ...... it's time. Come on guys ..... let's do it." Jamie was now riding them with the speed of a jackhammer, their bodies were on fire, they felt heat rising up through their legs as their balls exploded, cum raced up their cocks and "Aaagh!' they both erupted deep inside the furnace of their boys ass.

Jamie was watching a pornographic movie in the mirror .... a hot young surfer impaled on two cocks exploding in his ass as he watched his own cock erupt with jets of hot cum and his screams joined the shouts of the cop and the fireman shattering the stillness of the afternoon.

If Jamie could ever have frozen a moment in time, this would have been it, sharing the joy of extraordinary sex and intense love with two of the most beautiful masters a boy ever had.


It is often said that when public acts of disorder and damage occur it is not so much the crime as society's over-reaction to it that does the most harm. This was certainly to be the case in this volatile house of hot-blooded men. It had already begun with Jamie's imagined guilt in the video incident, leading to his mock punishment by Jason, then Mark's jumping to conclusions and the savage whip fight. But the three men had successfully put the drama behind them, turning discord into an act of love they would always remember.

But the reverberations of Darius's foolishness were still to be felt by other members of the group, notably Zack and Randy. Mark's suggestion had been to leave Bob and Randy in peaceful unawareness of the drama while they were away in the dunes, and it was only when Bob called Mark to say they were starting out for home that Mark finally told him the whole story.

Bob was alarmed and disappointed but decided not to share the bad news with Randy during the long drive back. He waited until they were a few minutes from home until he said, "Randy, I had some news from Mark that you're not gonna like." That turned out to be the understatement of the year. At first Randy was silent as he absorbed the implications of the story. Then his cold anger turned red hot and he exploded.

"Holy fucking shit! Jesus Christ, you know what this could mean? ...... We'll be splashed all over the Internet, Jason could lose his job and life won't be a picnic for any of us. The stupid fucking young dickhead. I've always said that what happens in that house stays in the house and he has deliberately disobeyed me. Just wait 'til I ......"

"Randy, please," Bob said, trying to calm him down, "please keep your cool. It's not as bad as all that ..... apparently you can't see the faces in the video and it's been taken down now, though other sites had already picked it up, it seems. So please don't over-react."

"Over-react!! Who the fuck are you to tell me how to react?" He saw Bob wince and immediately bit his lip. "Oh, shit, I didn't mean that buddy, you know that. Just lashing out at the guy nearest to me and that always seems to be you."

"Good thing it is," Bob grinned. "At least I know how to handle you."

But Randy was still fuming. "You know who I blame?" he yelled. "Zack, that's who. He has no control over his boy ..... lets him run riot. If he was my boy he'd feel the back of my fucking hand ...... I'd whip him into shape. Huh, Zack calls himself a master? Hell, I'll show him how a real man deals with this shit."

Bob sighed, realizing his mistake. By waiting 'til the last minute to tell Randy the news he had no time to calm down and he would still be seething with anger when he charged into the house. Jesus, Bob thought, he knew the weekend's tranquility was too good to last. Welcome home!

When they arrived Bob ran straight to Mark's apartment to get the latest on Jason's reactions. He thought Randy would join him there.... but he was wrong.


As it happened, Zack had finally got round to confronting Darius. He had waited until his anger cooled and he could think rationally, and he had finally called him into his house to face his punishment. Still unsure what form that would take he pushed Darius against the wall, tied his wrists together and pulled the rope through a hook high near the ceiling, stretching his arms above him.

Zack paced the room, glaring at the trembling boy. "Jesus, Darius, what am I gonna do with you?" He held up his fist. "Here, you think I should use this on you? Is this what you need, a good thrashing?"

"You bet your ass he does." Zack spun round to see Randy looming in the doorway, eyes blazing. "And if you're not man enough to do it, I will." He took a step forward and slapped the back of his hand contemptuously across Darius's chest.

Zack grabbed Randy's shoulder, spun him around and roared, "Take your hands off my boy!"

"Oh yeah?" Randy snarled. "You gonna make me, stud?" They glared at each other, two maddened bulls face to face, ready to do battle.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 160.


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