"So that's our tribe, Jason," Randy said. "Whad'ya think?

"Un-fucking-believable," said Jason. "The most beautiful bunch of guys I've ever seen."

"Well you'll fit right in, calendar guy. Shove over guys and make room for him. And keep your hands off him, boys ..... no licking that jism off his chest."

Randy had just introduced all the men to Jason, and his authoritative tone came naturally after he had initiated the gorgeous fireman into the group in his own inimitable way. Jason had surrendered, like so many before him, to the incredible sexual magnetism of the 'king of the gypsies.' The fireman had come to the house as Bob's birthday present to the twins and had been a huge hit with them. Now, having survived the boss's rigorous induction he sat down at the crowded birthday lunch table to a buzz of enthusiastic welcomes.

Bob got up from the table and walked over to Randy with a broad smile. "Well, big guy, I guess you showed Jason and everyone else who's the boss around here. And I suppose you've promised my ass to Jason. I saw the look that passed between you ..... that special look of ours that I thought was unique to us. Well I have a confession. When I was fucking him I felt it too. I mean he's so fucking gorgeous. We're gonna have to be careful there."

Randy grinned. "No sweat, buddy. You and I are solid, and I'll prove it. All that fucking has made me hot for the ass I really want. Let's cut out of here for a while."

"Man, I'd follow you anywhere," Bob laughed. "After all, you're the boss."


Soon after they left, this major gathering of the tribe began to break up into smaller groups. The boys clustered together, with an exhilarated Darius taking the lead. He had filmed the whole amazing scene between Randy and Jason but had not, of course, been a witness to the erotic birthday celebration upstairs between Jason, Bob and the twins. Now he aimed to put that right, always eager for more masturbatory images to add to his collection of fantasies.

"OK, dudes," he said to the twins in a conspiratorial tone. "This is what's known as the debriefing. Now you have to tell us everything that happened upstairs ..... every detail .... no holding back. And make it good ...... exaggerations permitted."

Zack rolled his eyes at Jason and Mark. "That's my boy. But don't think he's all gift-of-the gab, Jason. As a matter of fact he's maturing quite nicely ..... even has a boy of his own, young Eddie, the kid you see there gazing up at him adoringly. Hey, Darius, when you've wrung all the juice out of the twins there, why don't you bring Eddie across to my house, let him relax with us a bit. Don't want him overdosing on fantasy with you guys."

The thought of being with Zack and Eddie was an image for Darius that competed with the twins' tale and soon won out. Darius stood up and said, "Later, guys," then to Eddie, "come on kiddo, our master calls." Eddie followed Darius to the gate, thrilled with the prospect of spending time with the two black muscle-studs ...... his master and his master's master.

Jason had been invited by Randy to spend the night with him, Bob, Pablo and the twins ..... "getting to know the family," as Randy had said, though everyone had a fair idea what that euphemism meant. But before he left the table the fireman huddled with Mark and Jamie.

"Man, I hope all this hasn't screwed up our friendship at all," Jason said. "That workout we had in the firehouse gym, Mark, really stoked me, and I meant what I said about doing it again." He glanced at Jamie whose eyes were riveted on him. And Mark, I would really like to invite you and your gorgeous boy here to my house, though I remember you made it clear that Jamie is strictly off limits."

Mark grinned at Jamie, "Yeah, well maybe we can re-think that one a bit, eh kiddo?" and he could see from Jamie's sparkling eyes (not to mention the bulge in his shorts) that that prospect was a hit with him. "So sure, Jason, just name the day."

Meanwhile at the other end of the table Nate was listening with rapt attention to the conversation of four other guys, Adam, Hassan, Steve and Lloyd. He looked from one handsome face to the other and his body tingled with expectation.

Steve was saying, "OK, fellas, looks like the party's pretty much winding down here. Hassan, I assume you're taking Adam and Nate to your place, but the day is still young, the sun is still high, so why don't you join Lloyd and me for drinks by our pool when you've .... er ..... taken care of your own business," and he grinned at Nate.

But Nate hesitated as he surveyed the wreckage on the meal table left by fifteen hungry guys. Jamie came to the rescue. "It's OK, dude, me and Pablo and the twins can take care of the clean-up. Shit, if it was me being invited by those four studs you wouldn't see me for dust."

"Hey, watch it, kid," smiled Mark. "Sorry, sir," Jamie grinned back.

And so the party broke up with a last whispered word from Jamie to Nate. "And don't forget that debriefing thing of Darius's. When you come back, dude, I want to hear everything .... like who did what to who and how often. Got it?"


Nate was in his favorite place, sitting between his two masters Hassan and Adam in Hassan's jeep as it followed Lloyd's BMW up the winding hill to Mulholland Drive high above the city. Adam had flown in from Sydney just in time for the birthday party so he had not yet had the chance to spend time alone with Nate. That came next, Nate hoped, a hope that was reinforced by Adam's arm round him squeezing his shoulder. They left the talking to Hassan.

"So, Nate, what do you think of the new guy, the fireman?"

"He ..... he's very attractive, sir," Nate stammered.

"Attractive! He's fucking gorgeous, kid, and everyone knows it. I just wish Randy hadn't done his macho number on him that he always does. I know Mark and Zack didn't approve and I can't say I enjoyed watching it."

"Still," Adam said, "Jason took it like a real man .... and I'll tell you something else. A guy as vain as that knew how incredibly hot he looked struggling and suffering in bondage..... and he worked it like crazy. Hell, it was like something out of a porn video ..... the muscular, naked firefighter being tied up and fucked by the stud construction boss. Anyway, it's all over and Jason got Randy's seal of approval."

Adam heaved a deep sight. "Still, I know what you mean, Hassan. It's good to get away from all that raw testosterone flying around and spend time in your little house with our boy here." Nate pressed against Adam as he felt his arm tighten round him.

When the small convey arrived at the house the gate swung open and the BMW drove to the entrance of the main house. Steve and Lloyd went in to set up drinks by the pool. The jeep drove round to the back where Hassan jumped out and ran down the steep path to open up the guest house he lived in. Adam and Nate pulled out their backpacks and Adam impulsively took Nate in his arms and gave him a long, lingering kiss.

"I've missed you, mate," he said in his strong Australian accent. "Missed you a whole lot."

"Me too, sir," Nate said softly.

"Hey," Adam smiled. "You can cut the 'sir'. Like we said, when it's just the two of us we're mates, OK?"

Nate grinned. "OK, si.... OK, mate."

Just as they got to the house Hassan came out. He had already changed into swim trunks and said to them, "Listen, guys, I have a feeling you'd like a little time alone with each other ..... get reacquainted, kind of."

"You sure, man?" asked Adam.

"Sure I'm sure. After all, I get Nate every Thursday when he comes up here to clean my house and ..... well...." and Hassan actually blushed. "Anyway, I'll go and hang with Steve and Lloyd by their pool until you've ....." and he blushed again. "Take good care of the big guy, kiddo," he said to Nate, brushing his cheek with his hand, and then he was gone.

Adam and Nate gazed after the tall Marine in his swim trunks bounding up the path to the main house, his sculptured muscles gleaming in the afternoon sun. "You know, Nate, I always forget how gorgeous the man is. Sometimes back home I lie in bed beating my meat thinking of the big Marine fucking you and it always makes me shoot a huge load. He has been taking good care of you, I hope?"

"Oh yeah," Nate grinned. "Every Thursday."

Adam laughed, then gazed at his handsome boy standing on the lawn. "OK, kid, now it's my turn. And the first thing is to get you out of these clothes." Nate stood still and let his master undress him. Adam pulled the boy's T-shirt over his head, then unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall round his ankles. Nate stepped out of them and Adam stood back to admire him. His eyes ran over the ripped young body, naked now except for his sneakers and long gray socks pulled up over his shins, a look that always turned Adam on.

"Holy shit, you are one hot young stud, boy. You want your master to fuck that ass of yours? "

"Yes, please, sir," Nate said, mesmerized by the sight of the tall, handsome Aussie hunk, looking superb in a black T-shirt that hugged the contours of his muscular torso, tapering down to the brown belt at his slim waist of his beige cords pants, his legs astride, brown boots firmly planted on the patch of grass in front of Hassan's house. To Nate the man was a god and his cock was rigid as a pole as he stood motionless, waiting. He knew he could shoot his load just by looking at this muscle-stud, but he held back ...... saving it.

Adam smiled and shook his head. "Boy oh boy, you look so fucking beautiful standing there ...... and that gorgeous cock of yours ..... looks like it's in need of attention." Adam surprised Nate by dropping to his knees in front of him. He took hold of the stiff cock and licked the head, making Nate gasp when he lapped at the hard rim of the head. Then he pressed the tip of his tongue into the hole and savored the taste of the pre-cum oozing from it.

Nate was beside himself. He had not cum since his last time with Hassan, saving himself for Adam, so he had built up a big head of steam. "Oooh," he moaned. "Don't do that, please, mate..... it's gonna make me cum." Adam grinned up at him. "That's OK Nate ..... any time you like. Believe me, I'm gonna make you shoot several loads before we go up to join the guys." He reached forward and clamped his hands round Nate's hips, the hard rod inches from his face. Then he eased forward and Nate felt his cock sliding into his master's mouth.

He couldn't breathe as he looked down at Adam's strong, chiseled features and the square jaw clamped hard round his cock. As Adam gripped Nate's hips and pulled them toward him the muscles of his arms flexed so hard that the short black sleeves of the T-shirt slid back off the bulging biceps. Nate's legs went weak and he thought he might pass out. He had known Adam would fuck him but he wasn't expecting to see the muscle-god on his knees, eating his cock like this. His heart beat wildly, he felt heat rising from his balls and he knew he couldn't hold back any longer.

He shouted, "I can't stop it ...... I'm cumming, sir ...... aaagh!" All his pent up lust suddenly exploded in his master's mouth and he felt his juice pulsing into the back of Adam's throat, again and again. Mesmerized, Nate watched Adam's throat work as he swallowed his cum. Then suddenly Adam pulled away, jumped to his feet and clamped his cum-filled mouth over Nate's. The warm cream passed back and forth between them and Adam went wild, kissing the boy's lips hard then running his mouth over his cheeks, forehead, and eyes. And all the time cum oozed from his mouth, smothering Nate's face.

Nate was in a daze, feeling his own cum and Nate's saliva all over him, seeing through a veil of semen the wild-eyed face of his exhilarated master. Adam took a last swallow of cum and gazed at Nate's cum-soaked face. "Oh man," he gasped, "you look so fucking hot like that. I gotta fuck your ass, boy." His voice became harder. "On your back, boy."

Instantly Nate fell onto his back on the grass and stared up at Adam. He loved it when the usually calm, rock-steady man went wild like this but he had never seen him so stoked, so ferociously horny, so beautiful. Adam's body was fired up, heat racing through him as he gazed down at Nate, naked except for his socks and sneakers.

"Shit damn, the number of times I've busted my load thinking of you, boy, and now here you are ..... naked at my feet, waiting for your master's big pole to ram your ass. Adam lifted his foot from the ground and planted his boot firmly on the middle of Nate's chest. "Look at me, boy. You're at my mercy. I can do anything to you." Nate looked up spellbound at the brown eyes boring down into his, the heavy boot pressing down on his naked chest. He was trapped by the tall, powerful muscle-god, and he gasped when he saw what came next.

Adam raised his arms, reached behind his neck and pulled at the top of his black T-shirt. The tight shirt rose slowly over his ripped abs, his chest and shoulders and he tossed it aside. He was now stripped to the waist and Nate stared at the spectacular body, slanting down from broad, hard shoulders, over flared lats to the tight waist cinched by the brown belt. As the T-shirt had pulled out of his pants it had pulled up on his shorts and the white cotton waistband now showed an inch above the belt, a striking contrast to the golden tan of his eight-pack abs.

The man was stunningly beautiful and instinctively Nate's hand went down to his cock, already hard again so soon after his multiple orgasm. Adam increased the pressure of his boot on Nate's chest and stretched his arms out to the sides, displaying his perfect physique, like the victor after a wrestling match, preening in triumph over his fallen victim.

Nate felt his cock tremble as his master said tauntingly, "That's it, boy, stroke that cock ..... look up at your gorgeous master and beat your meat." He pressed his boot a bit harder on his chest. "Feel that, boy? You're trapped, and you know what's gonna happen? The big muscle stud is gonna ram his pole up your ass, boy. See this?"

He grabbed his crotch, squeezing his hands round the outline of the bulge in his cords. "This is the rod that's gonna fuck that helpless ass of yours. Yeah, pound that meat, you little fucker ..... show me you want my dick in your ass ..... show me how much I turn you on." He was shouting now. "Show me how much you love me, Nate!"

Nate was in a frenzy, pounding his cock faster and faster, gazing up at the man he worshipped. Yeah, he would show him ..... he would show him he loved him, he would show him he longed to feel his dick inside him. He would cum for him again ...... he would cum ..... right now ..... "I love you, sir!" ..... and a long ribbon of cum shot from his cock and splashed onto the boot on his chest.


Nate had closed his eyes when he blasted his load, and when he opened them again Adam was kneeling astride him. They were mates again. Adam smiled down at him, leaned forward and kissed his mouth hungrily. He pulled back and said, "I love you, Nate .... you are everything I could want in a boy. Now, I've made you cum twice in quick succession, and I did that deliberately so you wouldn't shoot a load as soon as you felt my dick sliding in your ass. Now I can fuck you for a long time without you cumming.

Nate grinned, "I wouldn't count on that, mate."

"That sounds like a challenge, kid. Look at this," Adam said, stroking the massive bulge in his tan cords. "My cock is throbbing, kiddo, straining to get into your ass. You wanna see?" He unzipped his pants and his cock sprang out, long and hard as iron. "Here, touch it." Nate reached forward and gently stroked the huge shaft, bulging veins etched along its length as it pulsed for release, and he imagined how it would feel in his ass.

Suddenly Adam fell forward and put his hands on the ground above Nate's head. He raised himself up on his feet so he was spread-eagled above Nate, only his hands and boots touching the ground. His long body was arching over the boy, his cock pointing straight down at the boy's face. Nate stared up at the magnificent body, reached up and ran his hands down the flared lats and over the flexed abs, coming to rest round the tight waist. It was Adam's waist that Nate found the biggest turn-on, especially now that the top of his white shorts showed above the waistband of his pants against the tanned skin.

He reached further round until his palms cupped the hard globes of Adam's ass through the cords. In a daze he pressed down on the ass, pulling the hips toward him ...... and he opened his mouth. "Yeah that's it, boy," he heard Adam say. "Open wide and taste your master's cock. Make it feel good, boy.

Nate thought his heart would leap from his chest as he tasted the pre-cum at the tip of the cock, then felt the rod push into his mouth, deeper and deeper until it came to rest at the back of his throat and Nate's face pressed into the damp, wiry pubic hair. He breathed deeply through his nose, intoxicated by the musky taste and smell of this glorious man.

Adam pulled back and Nate again put his hands on the sides of his waist, feeling the leather belt, the cotton shorts and his rippling lower abs. He was hypnotized by the erotic sight of the slim waist of his shirtless master right above him. Adam's chest and shoulders flexed as he did a series of pushups over the boy, his hips rising and falling, his long cock sliding into his mouth. Nate lost all sense of where he was, focusing only on the leather belt, the white waistband of the shorts and the tan skin.

He clenched his throat round the cock and swallowed hard, tasting the pre-cum in the back of his throat. His face was again buried in the pubic hair, he was dimly aware that he was shaking, that his cock was once again throbbing ..... that his juice was pouring out of it. He felt the liquid splash on his chest and he couldn't believe that he was cumming for a third time. But he had no control ..... Adam was so beautiful, so incredibly hot, that Nate had once again surrendered to him completely.


Nate was sobbing now, all his resistance and inhibitions gone. "I'm sorry, sir," he stammered. "I lost my load. I had to cum again, but I was trying to save it for when you fucked me." Then with an edge of panic, "You are still gonna fuck me, sir, aren't you?"

Adam grinned and waved his rock hard cock in Nate's face. "Look at this huge piece of meat, boy. Do you think it's gonna be satisfied with anything less than your sweet ass? And don't worry about shooting three loads. You've still got more in you, boy ..... at least you will when you feel this rod in your ass."

Nate was totally in his master's power now and watched spellbound as Adam stood up, kicked off his boots, unbuckled his belt and let his cords drop round his ankles. He stepped out of them and towered over his boy, naked except for his white boxer briefs with his steel rod standing straight out of them. The muscular, tanned body was magnificent and Nate reflexively reached down to his cock again, but Adam stopped him.

"Don't you cum again, boy. This time you're not gonna cum until I hear you beg for my permission to shoot, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

Adam dropped his shorts and fell to his knees between Nate's legs, hooked them over his shoulders and pressed the head of his cock against Nate's hole. Nate held his breath, waiting for his master's rod to penetrate him ..... but that would have been too easy. Adam wanted him to be desperate for it, so he held back, teasing him.

"Feel that cock against your hole, boy? How many times have your jerked off thinking about that? How many times have you dreamed of me pulling off that black T-shirt you like so much, standing over you and stripping naked? How many times have you narrowed your eyes and imagined you could see my face gazing down at you as I got ready to push my dick inside your ass. Could you feel it sliding inside you ..... could you feeling it going deep, right down into that warm secret place deep in your gut? Did it make you shoot your load? Tell me, boy. How often? Tell me......"

Nate was going wild with frustrated lust and anticipation and he stared up into the penetrating brown eyes. "Many times, sir ..... all the time. Every night in bed I think of you, picture you .... your face, your body ..... and I see you naked, feel your cock sliding into my ass and I don't even have to touch myself ..... I cum all over myself, and I go to sleep like that, covered in the juice that you made me shoot."

"But Hassan fucks you."

"Yes, sir, every time I come up here, and it's great. He's very good to me, sir, and I love him. But sometimes I'm missing you so much that, as I look up at him, I half close my eyes and his face becomes yours, and his cock becomes yours and ...... and I feel you fucking me, sir."

"Does it feel like this?

"Aaah ..... aaah ..... oh, god ..... aaah!" Nate gasped, his chest heaved and his heart pounded as, at long last, he felt the head of Adam's cock slide over his sphincter and the long, hard rod push slowly passed the warm membrane of his ass, deeper and deeper until it came to rest way down inside him.

"There," Adam said softly. "That's what we both jack off to, Nate, when we're thousands of miles apart. But there's no ocean separating us now, mate, and I am really gonna fuck you. But I warn you ..... I haven't busted my load for days now, saving it for you. I've watched you cum three times and I've held back. Now my fucking body is on fire, boy, and my balls are bulging with hot juice, waiting to explode. So this is not gonna be our usual love fuck. This time it's raw, male lust. I am hot for you, boy, white hot, and I am gonna fucking ream your ass.

"But while I pound you I forbid you to shoot. You'll want to like crazy but you don't shoot another load until I hear you beg and give you permission. Is that clear?" Then more gently, "Is that what you want, Nate."

"More than anything in the world, sir." His eyes brimmed with tears. "I'm your boy, sir. I love you ..... I want to feel you ..... I want you to hurt me ....."

Adam fell forward, pinned Nate's wrists to the ground and gazed into his pleading eyes. They had an understanding. And so it began. Adam's hips pulled back slowly until the head of his cock slid back over the sphincter and out, resting on the outside of the hole. Adam ran his eyes over the handsome boy trapped beneath him .... his captive .... his lover .... his boy!

He was overcome by his beauty and it was as if an electric charge ran through his body. He yelled, "God I love you, boy!" ...... and he rammed his cock back into the hole like a spear, piercing it right to the back of his ass. Nate screamed, and his screams served only to drive Adam to greater frenzy. His long shaft pulled back, them pierced the ass again ..... and again and again. His cock became a jackhammer, driving into the ass like a machine, powered by visceral lust.

Adam was like a stallion, rearing up wild-eyed, aware only of the fire in his raging cock. Nate had never seen him like this, never felt him like this, and he gritted his teeth until the pain had passed and his ass surrendered to the exquisite sensation of his master's piston drilling into him. First pain and then passion, both almost made Nate pass out, but he fought against unconsciousness, desperate to endure the ecstasy of his master's assault on his ass.

Adam's fiery eyes blazed down at the boy whose ass was impaled on this thundering cock. "Man, I love that hot ass. I'm gonna fucking ream your ass, boy ..... it's mine ..... you belong to me, kid. Show me ....."

Nate clenched his ass muscles, squeezing them round the rod that pistoned inside him. He looked up at the spectacular muscle-god, the sun streaming behind him, his body gleaming, dripping with sweat. Nate lost all sensation of pain, all inhibition as he drifted into another world where all he saw was the glorious man hammering his ass. He yelled, "Yeah, fuck my ass, sir ..... harder ..... I love your cock in my ass .... I love it ..... hurt me, sir ...... rip my ass!"

Into Adam's delirium of uncontrolled lust Nate's words broke through .... "hurt me, sir" ..... and knew he was in danger of going too far. His hunger for this boy was so intense that he knew he could ravage his ass, proving his love by inflicting pain. He took heaving breaths and gazed down at the boy helpless beneath him, the boy who trusted him to love and protect him. His lust cooled, his body slowed and his cock eased gently in and out of the tender ass.

His voice was soft. "Do you want me to cum inside you, boy? Do you want to feel my juice pour into your ass?"

"Yes please, sir," Nate moaned ...... "please....."

He gazed up at the heaving body and watched it spasm, watched the face rear back, saw the mouth open and scream ..... "Aaaaagh!" Nate felt the cock shudder inside his ass and then explode, blasting juice deep inside him. All of Adam's pent-up desire that had built up inside him, in his balls and his cock ..... all of it now erupted in one spectacular orgasm as his cock pumped stream after stream of juice inside his boy.

Nate gazed in awe at the incredible sight of the muscle-god, his master, writhing and thrashing as he emptied his load into him. The sight, the sensation, brought him to the brink and he began to beg. "Please, sir. I have to shoot so bad, sir. Please let me ..... please say I can cum, sir. You said I could if I beg, sir. Please ....."

Still pinning his wrists to the ground Adam smiled down at him. "OK, mate. Go for it. Cum because you love me. Show me how much you love me, mate."

He loved the sight of his boy's eyes opening wide, of his body writhing beneath him, of his cock shuddering and shooting a ribbon of cum that arched upward and splashed against Adam's chest, followed by another, and another.

Finally, when they were still, Adam fell forward onto his boy, their cum-slicked bodies sliding together. They stared into each other's eyes and Adam said softly, "You OK, mate? I didn't hurt you too much?"

"I never felt better in my life, mate," Nate grinned. "You know, I love jerking off thinking about you but, when it comes right down to it, there's absolutely nothing like the real thing, is there?


Steve, Lloyd and Hassan were well into their cocktails, lounging in the sun by the pool. They had heard all the moans, groans, howls of pain and passion coming from down the hill and Steve grinned. "Man, reunions are great, aren't they? Hey Lloyd, why don't you fly to Sydney and stay with Adam for a week or two and then we could have a noisy reunion like that?"

Lloyd shot back, "What makes you think if I was with Adam I'd ever come back? I'd probably apply for Australian citizenship."

Steve was about to deliver a taunting comeback when suddenly they saw trudging up the slope from the guesthouse two figures in swim trunks and semen. At least, that's the way they looked as their bodies gleamed with what had to be the juice of many orgasms. And there was a distinct glow about them and dazed smiles fixed to their faces.

"Hi, guys, what you been up to?" Hassan asked nonchalantly, his eyes sparkling.

"Hassan," Steve said, "take this word of advice from Doctor Steve. When you see two men smothered in jism, with stupid smiles on their faces, glowing bright enough to set the sagebrush on fire ..... it's a pretty safe bet they've been fucking. That, plus the noises from down the hill like animals in heat."

Above the laughter he said to the new arrivals. "Come join us, guys. You could probably use a drink. But first you might wanna wash all that white stuff off you. Lloyd gets restless when there's a heavy smell of jism in the air." Lloyd threw a pillow at Steve, while Adam and Nate took up Steve's suggestion and dived into the pool.

A few minutes later they were all lounging on chaises and Nate was listening to the raunchy conversation of the four guys. He was, of course, the only boy there and felt just a bit self-conscious in the macho company of the doctor, the architect, the Marine and the airline crewman, so to hide his nervousness he did what came naturally to him. He jumped up and started to clear up, gathering up empty bottles, folding towels and plumping up cushions.

Hey, Nate," Lloyd said. "You're not at home now ..... you're not our houseboy ..... not yet at least. Here, you want something to do? Come and help me get some food ready."

Jumping at the chance Nate eagerly followed Lloyd into the house. Adam frowned and said, "You know, sometimes I worry about Nate being the houseboy and all, with the lowest seniority in the house. I mean, he loves doing it but I think that somehow that's all he sees himself as. He's worth much more than that, though ..... a smart kid, great personality .... not to mention hot as a pistol. What do you think, Steve? You're the therapist."

"Funny you bring it up, Adam," Steve said. "I've seen him come up here every week and Lloyd and I were talking. We'd love to have him take care of our place too, but obviously he's already got his work cut it with the guys' big complex down there, Zack's house and Hassan's place. But what if he were to take on an assistant .... you know expand his horizons, turn his skills into a small business? It could be the making of him ..... a real boost for his self-esteem."

"You know, there could be a lot in that," said Hassan, "don't you think, Adam?" Adam was enthusiastic and they got to mulling over the ways it could work. Pretty soon Lloyd and Nate came out with trays of food and more drinks. As they sat around the table by the pool Adam broached the subject with Nate and the boy's eyes sparkled. The idea had never occurred to him, but now that they mentioned it .....

"Thing is," said Hassan, "finding the right guy to take on as your assistant."

"Oh, I don't think there'd be a problem there," said Nate. "You know Eddie, the young bar-back in that little beer joint in Palm Springs. Well he's crazy about Darius ..... he's become his boy really ..... and he keeps talking about one day moving to L.A. He always helps me when he's here, was great at helping put the twins' birthday party together. He'd be a natural ..... 'Course, we'd have to run it by Darius and Zack, Bob and Randy too, and I'd talk to Jamie about payroll stuff, but I think I could persuade them all ..."

He broke off, seeing Adam and Hassan smiling at him already grabbing hold of the idea and running with it. Steve grinned at the guys. "See what I mean?.... could be the making of him."


They let the matter rest there until they could talk to the other guys, though the notion continued to percolate in Nate's eager young mind. It wasn't long, however, before liquor and the heavy aura of testosterone in the air turned the conversation to an even more raunchy and uninhibited shade of blue. Lloyd was noticeably restless and jumped up to go in and 'take a leak', he said.

Steve grinned and shrugged. "You all see that boner in Lloyd's shorts? Shit, it's so big it almost hits you in the face. God, I know him so well. He has such a huge sex drive that, surrounded by all you gorgeous guys, he goes crazy for cock. He can be a real sex pig sometimes ... and the raunchier the better. He exhausts me with his need for hard-core action."

"Think he's jacking off in there?" Hassan grinned.

"Maybe so ..... but I think even he would see that's a waste with so much prime beef out here. Tell you what ..... when he comes out, if he's still got that hard-on in his shorts maybe you guys could all help me out. I know exactly what he wants."

Before they could reply Lloyd emerged from the house and his boner seemed bigger than ever. As he stood and looked down at the four stunning, near-naked men, his cock got visibly harder.

OK, buddy," said Steve, jumping to his feet, his voice taking on a hard edge. "Strip off those shorts and get on your fucking knees." Instantly Lloyd was transformed from smooth-talking architect to obedient sex slave, dropping the shorts and falling to the grass on all fours.

Taking their lead from Steve, the other three guys stood up and all got naked. They gazed in awe at the muscular stud on his hands and knees, his head bowed in willing submission. Slowly he raised his head and his handsome face looked from one gorgeous naked bodybuilder to the other, their already-hard cocks just inches from his face. He was actually drooling.

Inhibitions had been lowered by all the liquor so Steve found it easy to adopt the tone he knew was a massive turn-on for Lloyd. "OK, pig, push that ass in the air and tell me what you want." Lloyd pushed his ass higher and moaned, "I wanna feel dick in my ass. I wanna get fucked so bad."

Steve grinned at the other guys, moved forward and held his rigid cock against Lloyd's waiting hole. "OK, stud, here it comes...." and he rammed his pole ferociously inside his lover's ass, making Lloyd's head jerk back and his mouth open in a guttural howl. "Oh, yeah .... fuck me, man, fuck my ass ..... come on man ..... pound that ass."

The men gazed in awe at the two lovers, the one subservient, on all fours, begging to have his ass ploughed, the other magnificent as his heavily muscled body moved back and forth, hands gripping Lloyd's hips pulling his ass back savagely onto his long, thick rod. Steve looked at the guys, his eyes gleaming, knowing how totally awesome he looked jackhammering his lover. Hassan, Adam and Nate were all stroking their cocks and could have cum all over Lloyd, he looked so damned hot, but Steve had other ideas.

As it happened Hassan was standing right in front of Lloyd's head as it flew back again, the jaw sagged and the mouth opened wide. Steve motioned with his eyes from Hassan's face to Lloyd's head. The cue was unmistakable and just as Lloyd started to scream again Hassan's thick cock plugged his mouth, turning the scream to a choke as Lloyd swallowed desperately to control his gagging. "Yeah," Hassan yelled in triumph. "That's U.S. Marine prime beef in your mouth, man. Eat it .....!"

Hassan and Steve looked at each other with the acknowledgement of two powerful macho studs, both ploughing the shuddering men on his knees between them. Adam glanced anxiously at Nate and was happy to see the look of awestruck wonder on his face as he stroked his cock hard. Adam whispered in his ear, "Don't cum yet, mate ..... you're gonna need it."

Hassan was matching Steve's rhythm stroke for stroke. The feel of the architect's throat clenching round his cock, and the sight of the handsome doctor pounding ass was bringing the Marine to a climax. "Here it comes, big guy," he yelled. "Drink that soldier's juice" ..... and he blasted what felt to Lloyd like a gallon of hot, pungent liquid deep down in his throat.

Lloyd's eyes were flowing with tears as he swallowed desperately, his face buried in the stinking black pubic hair of the sweaty Marine. Steve's huge cock still pistoned in his ass and he was on the verge of passing out when suddenly the cock pulled out of his mouth and he took gulps of air as his head fell limply forward.

But instantly a hand grabbed his hair and pulled his head back up. Adam stared down at the incredible sight of the handsome face, gleaming with sweat and tears, the mouth sagging open, semen dripping from it down over his chin. Adam was so turned on he growled. "Now let's see what you can do with a big hunk of Aussie meat, stud. Open wide, man ......" Lloyd's objections were stifled by the long pole sliding into his cum-filled mouth, driving down into his already ravaged throat.

As Lloyd gagged again, Adam looked up at Steve and grinned, "Come on, stud .... let's fuck." The two muscle gods got off watching each other pound the suffering man. They matched each other's hammer blows, loving the feel of the hot membrane round their cocks. "Shit, your man is a great fucking cock-sucker, Steve," Adam said. "He has one hot fucking mouth. You want me to bust my load inside him?"

"Yeah, finish him off, man. Let him have it.....!"

"Here it comes, Lloyd," Adam yelled. "Aussie juice from Down Under. Aaah...." His cock erupted and this time Lloyd did momentarily black out. When he came to seconds later he was swallowing, gulping hard, choking on the river of cum pouring down his throat. He was sobbing as the long cock pulled slowly out of his mouth ..... but incredibly it wasn't over.

Adam grabbed his hair again and snarled down at him. "Hope you like Aussie cum, Lloyd, 'cause there's another Aussie here .... and he's my boy. Now I always make sure my boy gets what he wants, and right now he wants to stick his young cock in your mouth. Come here, boy."

Nate stood beside Adam and looked down at the shattered face, tears pouring down his cheeks, cum flowing from his open mouth and over the square, stubbled jaw. Nate almost came looking at the pornographic image, but he knew he had to hold back. Adam growled, "Look at my boy, Lloyd, and tell him what you want. And ask him real nice, you hear?"

The handsome, ravaged face gazed up at the young boy and he croaked in abject humiliation, "I want you to fuck my face, sir. Please .... shove you cock in my mouth ..... sir."

Nate glanced at Adam for his nod, then lined up his cock with the open mouth and slowly pushed it inside. "Aaah," he sighed as his rod slid down into the cum-slicked throat. It was the exquisite, warm feel that turned him on, sure, but more than that it was the idea that he was going to empty his ball-sac into this gorgeous man's mouth and add it to the pools of cum left by both his masters, Hassan and then Adam.

Nate had already cum four times earlier with Adam, but even so he knew he would not last long here, it was such an overwhelming sensation as he felt the throat squeeze his cock. He knew he was lost when he looked up and saw Steve, his hips pounding back and forth, his steel blue eyes boring into his. "That's it, Nate ..... good boy ...... fuck that gorgeous face. I know you wanna shoot your load ...... so do I, so we'll do it together."

The sight of the spectacular Steve, the sound of his deep voice, were mesmerizing for Nate, as he fucked Lloyd's mouth. "You know, Nate," Steve continued, "I haven't fucked you yet but soon I'm gonna ask Adam and Hassan if they'll let me. Would you like that?"

Nate gulped. "Yes please, sir."

"OK, but first you have to help me finish off this man on his knees here. Can you shoot when I tell you too?"

"Definitely, sir."

"OK, just watch me." Nate saw Steve's muscular body move faster and faster, heard Lloyd's muffled moans become more desperate as the rods in his ass and mouth pushed harder. Nate looked down at the handsome, tortured face of the architect, then up at Steve, and he gasped as he saw his two masters standing on either side of him. All three men were smiling at him, urging him on. "You ready, Nate?" Steve asked. "'Cause I'm hotter than hell ...... shit, I love this man's ass ..... here it comes .... I'm gonna shoot, guys .... Aaagh!'

His load that had been building all this time finally erupted deep inside Lloyd's ass as Steve's sculpted muscles flexed, his body shuddered and his head flew back in ecstasy. Nate stopped breathing ...... there was only one thing he could do as he gazed at the three glorious faces. For the fifth time that day the lithe young body convulsed, he screamed and his cock exploded in Lloyd's tortured mouth.

There was a stunned silence, broken only by the heavy breathing of the two men who had just emptied their loads in Lloyd. Steve at last pulled out of his lover's ass and came round to stand with the other three men at Lloyd's head. He pulled it up by the hair and they all stared down at the defeated, humiliated face, pornographic now as tears and sweat poured down it and semen still flowed from the open mouth.

Steve grinned down at him. "I know that's exactly what you wanted, buddy. Am I right?" A trace of a smile crossed Lloyd's face as he groaned hoarsely, "Yes, sir .... exactly."

"So what do you say to Hassan and Adam, and especially to their boy, Nate?'

The handsome architect's tear-soaked face gazed up at them. "Thanks you, sirs. Thank you."


It was some time later, after a long swim, more food and more drink, that the sexual vibrations in the air came to a rest and the group sat relaxing by the pool. Lloyd's sexual urges had been more than satisfied, and he had become what he wanted ...... a sex pig, used and dominated by these gorgeous men. He had even suffered the ultimate humiliation of being face-fucked by their boy after calling him sir. As for Nate, all his earlier reticence and shyness had disappeared after he had played his part in the sexual domination of the handsome architect.

Hassan sighed with total satisfaction. "Man, that was a hot afternoon ..... and I'm not talking about the weather. We should do it again while Adam's here ..... or something like it. Maybe next time, Steve, you can work on a different ass," and he grinned at Nate. "Say, I wonder if the guys in the house are having as much fun. What did Randy say to Jason? Something about getting to know the family? Come on, Doctor Steve, you're the therapist, you seem to know everything about everyone."

Steve laughed. "I wouldn't go that far, but one guy I do know about is my brother Randy. No mystery there. 'Course, we all saw him do his number on Jason, proving he was the best with his superior strength and sexual magnetism. We've seen that before, but what's different this time is that Randy wants to prove even more to Jason.

"I think he and Bob felt something special stirring in them for the fireman, so Randy wants to show him that he's more than brute force and a great fuck. That's why he used the word family .... which is what they are .... Randy, Bob, Pablo and the twins. And he wants to prove to Jason that he's the undisputed head of that family, that they all worship him. Bob obviously has been deeply in love with Randy from the day they first met ..... Pablo, his adopted son, idolizes him as his hero ..... and the twins love him because Bob does.

"You see, Randy takes his own strength and sexual superiority for granted. But what he values most is his family. And that's what he wants to show off to Jason."

"And how does he do that?" asked Adam.

Steve smiled knowingly. "Oh, my brother has his ways. That's what makes him the boss."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Part 154


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