Eddie, the shy young new boy, had always been scared of Randy. The rugged construction

boss was so far above him and his reputation was so fearsome, his anger legendary, that Eddie tried to give him a wide berth. But that was before Eddie was attacked by two thugs and was rescued by Randy after a vicious fight where Randy had taken a brutal beating.

Eddie had knelt over his fallen hero, licking the wounds on his face. When Randy woke up his pale blue eyes bored into Edie's and Randy kissed him. From then on the boy was lost, falling under the hypnotic spell that had captivated all the other men before him. His heart beat wildly, his cock got hard, and he murmured, "Thank you for saving me, sir. I think I love you, sir."

Later, when Eddie told his story to Darius, Darius guessed the truth. "I should have known. The big muscle-boss saved you and now ..... you've got Randy fever. Don't worry, dude, it's happened to all of us. He's so incredibly hot no one can resist him." When Eddie said he knew exactly what he wanted now, Darius smiled, "You know, kiddo, Zack always tells me that when you want something really bad, just go for it. That's what you should do."

So it was that a few minutes later as Randy and Bob relaxed in their bedroom there was a timid knock at the door. Randy leapt to his feet, yanked open the door and there stood the shy Eddy. "Hey, kid, what's up? You doing OK now?

"Yes, sir ..... thanks to you, sir. And that's what I came for ..... to thank you for rescuing me." But after that he stood in silence, nervously shifting from foot to foot.

Bob smiled at him encouragingly. "Is there something else you want to say to Randy, Eddie?" Bob grinned at Randy, having a fair idea that the boy was feeling something much stronger than gratitude. But Eddie just bit his lip nervously.

"Hey, come on kiddo, out with it," Randy said. "If you didn't come here just to thank me, what else do you want?" He laughed. "You want me to fuck you, or something?"

"No, sir ......" Eddie gulped .... "I mean yes, sir ..... that is what I want ..... please, sir." He blushed a deep red.

There was a stunned silence and Bob's heart went out to the boy. He stood up and gave Eddie his warmest smile. "I know just what you mean, Eddie. Most guys in this house have wanted that at one time or another. And I'll tell you a secret ..... I want it all the time."

"You do, sir?"

"All the time. I admire your courage coming here and asking for what you obviously want real bad. I heard you're a tough kid, the way you helped Randy beat those guys. Seems you swing a mean shovel. So what about it, Randy? You owe him one. Why not give the boy what he wants?" Randy grinned in amusement and nodded.

"Sir," Eddie said timidly to Bob. "Only thing is, the boys say that Randy can be real rough. Does it hurt a lot, sir?"

"Only at first, Eddie," Bob smiled. "After that it's the greatest feeling in the world." He grinned at Randy. "Trust me, I should know."

Randy roared with laughter and stood up to face Eddie. The boy wilted at first under the piercing gaze, but he took a deep breath, strengthened his resolve and stood up visibly taller, looking directly into Randy's eyes. "That's better, kid," Randy said. "A boy has to be tough to get fucked by me and you already proved yourself out there today when you whacked those bastards. And rumor has it that you asked Zack to tie you up and whip you. How was it?

"It was awesome, sir," and again Eddie blushed.

"No need to get embarrassed about it, kid. Good training for a boy. OK, let's see you naked."

Again Eddie's courage almost failed him. He was aware how slim and pale his body was in contrast to the bronzed muscularity of the other men in the house, and especially facing this ultimate image of powerful manhood. But again he gathered his strength and pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his sneakers and dropped his shorts. He stood there in just his tight white Calvin briefs, his head hanging down. But then he raised it slowly and looked up at Randy with determination in his eyes.

Randy smiled. Above all he liked toughness in a man and this kid had it, young and slight though he was. "Turn round, kid." Eddie obeyed and Randy gazed admiringly at the round cheeks of his ass, bulging under the white cotton briefs. "Oh, yeah, now that is a real sweet ass," Randy said, stroking the cheeks with the practiced hand of a master. "Tight too, I bet. Think you can make my cock feel good in there, boy?"

"Yes, sir, please sir," Eddie said firmly.

Randy turned him round and looked down at the shape of the boy's cock under his briefs. "Decent sized prick, too, good and hard. And talking of stiff dicks ..... you know me and Bob here just got through a pretty hefty sex session and I shot two massive loads, one all over his face and another in his ass. So now you've gotta get my rod hard again, kid. You any good at sucking cock?

"Yes, sir, I'm an expert at that, sir. That's what I used to do all the time in the back room of the bar in the desert."

Randy and Bob both couldn't help smiling at the boy's simple honesty, but they were moved too by the thought of this shy young kid on his knees in the bar sucking the cocks of all the leather bears lined up to fuck his face. "You deserve more than that, kid," Randy murmured, mostly to himself. And at that point Randy knew he had to give Eddie the best fuck of his life.


"OK, kid. We're not in a dingy bar now. We're in the master bedroom shared by me and this gorgeous man of mine." He smiled. "And you're gonna suck the big thick cock of the King of the Gypsies. You ready, boy?"

Eddie's head was swimming and he almost shot his load at the sound of the deep voice, but he managed to stammer, "Ready, sir." He sank to his knees and pulled down Randy's boxers, gasping at the huge chunk of meat that flopped out and swung between the muscled thighs. He gazed at it in awe, and sensed that all his hours of sucking cock had been preparing him for this moment.

He leaned forward, stuck out his tongue and gently licked the tip of the cock, tasting for the first time the musky male essence of the man. He licked all round the head, stuck the tip of his tongue in the hole, then worked on the corona, the hard, sensitive ridge round the base of the head. He heard Randy groan softly "Yeah." Then Eddie ran his tongue up the long shaft to the base and buried his face in the wiry black pubic hair, breathing deeply.

He pulled back and stared at the heavy ball-sac hanging behind the cock. He knew that the balls had taken a heavy pounding in the fight, stomped on by the boots of the two thugs. Tentatively he leaned forward and licked them lightly. Randy said, "Don't worry, kid, Bob already took care of the damage down there, so just go for it." Eddie opened wide and sucked in first one ball, then both. They were still tender and Randy groaned loudly, "Oh, yeah, boy, that feels great. Suck on those balls, boy."

Almost suffocating from the balls crammed in his mouth Eddie ran his tongue over the hard globes and, breathing through his nose, smelled Randy's cum that had dripped down from Bob's face earlier when he was kneeling before him. Randy's shaft was now rigid and lay heavily on the boys upturned face. Eddie knew it was time for the main event.

He pulled back and gazed at the long pole pointing at his face. His heart beating wildly he took the head into his mouth and eased forward with no hesitation until the thick rod was deep in his throat and his face came to rest in the pubic hair. He knew of long experience what to do next. He clenched his throat muscles round the cock, pursed his lips hard, then slowly drew back, letting the cock slide out slowly in the tight grip of the throat and lips.

"Holy fuck," Randy moaned. "That is fucking awesome, boy." He clamped his hands round Eddie's head and pushed it off his cock, gazing down at the eager young face, mouth sagging open drooling with spit. "Kid, you are one hell of a cock-sucker ..... I gotta get more of that. Keep sucking, boy." He pushed his head back down on his cock then pulled it back slowly.

Reveling in his skill and the effect it was having on his master Eddie went to work, squeezing the cock with his throat muscles as his face was forced down and up. After a few minutes of this Randy was going wild, moaning obscenities as heat radiated from his cock all through his body. He could easily have busted his load in the boy's mouth but he wanted to save it. "Hey, Bob," he said, "this kid is an awesome little cocksucker, you gotta feel it. Come here."

The sight of his lover's body flexing as he got sucked had stiffened Bob's cock and he was good and ready. He dropped his shorts and stood next to Randy. Still grabbing Eddie's head Randy pulled his mouth off his own cock, moved it over and pushed it down onto Bob's. Bob moaned with pleasure as he felt the boy's expert mouth tight round his cock, squeezing it as he had Randy's. Eddie managed to look up and almost creamed his shorts as he saw the two beautiful muscle-gods, naked, their huge rods pointing at his face.

Randy had his arm over Bob's shoulder and he said, "OK, boy, let's see what you can do with these two hunks of prime beef, eh?" Eddie was in fantasyland. This was the biggest cock-sucking challenge he had ever faced and he rose to the occasion. He sucked first one cock using all his skill to bring it to the brink of orgasm, then switched and worked on the other. In their euphoria the men turned their faces toward each other and their mouths joined in a ravenous embrace, their exhilaration making them pound the eager young face even harder.

Eddie's throat was raw but he didn't feel any pain. All he felt was the ecstasy of two huge rods as the gorgeous bodybuilders pounded his face in turn. It was Bob who gave in first. He gazed down at the frenzied young cocksucker, then at Randy and moaned, "I can't take any more of this, man. He's too fucking good. It's gonna make me bust my load, I can't hold back."

"Go for it, man, Randy said. "Fill his mouth with jism .... make him choke." And that's exactly what happened. "Aaagh!" Bob rammed his cock in deep and Eddie felt a stream of juice slam against the back of his throat. He gagged and gulped desperately, tasting the musky liquid flowing down his throat. His screams were stifled by the huge cock erupting inside him as he felt his own cum spurting into his briefs, soaking them and flowing down his leg.

Suddenly Bob pulled out and blasted another load of cum into the boy's face, running down it and dripping onto his chest. Through the film of semen Eddie saw the muscular body shudder over him as the cum kept pouring from the cock. But finally it was over and Eddie's head dropped forward. He felt it pulled up by his hair, and Randy gazed down at the elated boy, his face covered in Bob's juice, mouth sagging open with semen spilling from it onto his chest.

"You look fucking beautiful like that, boy. Stand up." He pulled the boy to his feet and grinned, "Hell, your fucking shorts are soaked, you creamed them real good. Take 'em off." Quickly Eddie pushed them down round his ankles. Randy grinned, "Kid, anyone who can give my man a spectacular orgasm like that deserves the best .... and you're gonna get the best. I haven't busted my load yet, but I'm gonna."

Randy clamped his hands round Eddie's slim waist and hoisted him bodily in the air, holding him up high and staring up at the helpless boy dangling above him. "Boy.... you are gonna get so fucking fucked!" He hurled him away and the naked young body flew through the air and slammed onto the bed on his back. Stunned, Eddie shook his head and gazed in disbelief at the dark, stubbled face and piercing blue eyes as the naked muscle-god approached him. He knew he was about to get ass-fucked by the King of the Gypsies.


Randy knelt on the bed, grabbed Eddie's ankles and pulled his legs up high. He looked down at the vulnerable hole and launched a gob of spit straight at it. "That's all you're gonna need, boy," he said, his voice taking on a harsher edge now. Holding the ankles with one hand he used the other to work the spit into the hole. "Oh, yeah," he growled. "That is one tight little ass. You sure you can take my thick pole, boy?"

"Yes sir," Eddie said resolutely. Scared as he was he craved the moment when he would feel this incredible man's cock inside him. And then it came. "OK, kid. With me you don't get foreplay. You get this." Eddie's eyes opened wide and he stopped breathing as he felt the thick rod push quickly inside him, all the way down the chute of his ass. "And you get this ...." With one final push the head of the cock passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the hot, secret chamber deep inside him.

Fire shot from Eddie's ass through his body. He gazed up at the rugged face, the square stubbled jaw and the electric blue eyes staring down at him. He squeezed his ass tight round the cock, his body convulsed and he screamed as a long ribbon of cum spurted from his cock and splashed onto his face and in his hair. Then he shot another load, and another.

Randy gazed down in awe. "Shit, my boy Pablo told me you cum a lot, a regular little gusher, and now I see he was right."

"I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to .... I just couldn't hold back ..... I..."

"Hey, never apologize to a man who has just made you blow a load like that. Besides, there's gonna be a lot more. See, kid, now you're really gonna get fucked."

Bob was watching in the background and winced when he heard that. He knew full well that, with Randy, those words were always followed by one of his wild, savage fucks. Bob's ass had felt the onslaught many times ..... so he was relieved when it didn't happen. Instead Randy pulled slowly back, then eased his hips forward until the head once again came to rest in the burning depths of the boy's ass.

He was gentle for a while but gradually revved up the pace until his cock was working the ass like a piston. He expected the boy to cry out, beg him to stop, but instead Eddie's eyes gleamed with the desire for more. This is not what Randy had expected but if the boy wanted it, so be it, and he started to pound the ass harder and harder to the point where it was a classic, ferocious Randy fuck. His hips moved like a jackhammer, the steel rod piercing the fiery depths of the young ass.

Still the boy did not scream. Randy saw a manic light in his eyes as Eddie lost control and shouted, "Fuck me, sir. I love it ..... fuck my ass harder ...... please......."

Randy recalled what Zack had told him after he had whipped the boy. Eddie had a masochistic streak that could go past the danger point where he lost control and put himself at real risk. And that's what Randy was seeing now. Suddenly his cock slowed to a gentle stroking of the tender ass and Randy said quietly, "You've had enough, boy .... you're pushing too far."

"No, sir. I want it .... I want it to hurt .... you've gotta fuck me real hard ....."

"Quiet!" The voice was fierce, the eyes blazed. "Since when did a young punk like you dictate to a man like me how I should fuck? So keep your mouth shut!" The ferocity of Randy's command made Eddie flinch and tears came to his eyes. Out of the corner of his eye Randy saw Bob take a step forward with a look of alarm, and that was his cue. He smiled at Bob, then looked down at Eddie with kindness in his eyes. Time to teach the kid a lesson.

His cock kept up its gentle rhythm, sliding in and out of the hungry ass, and now Randy's voice was tender. "Eddie, there's more to getting fucked by a master than brute force. Any guy can fuck you hard, can hurt you, that's easy, but there are not many guys can do what I'm gonna do to you now. He leaned forward and pinned Eddie's hands to the bed above his head, their faces now very close. "Look at me, Eddie. Look into my eyes."

Soothed by Randy's deep voice, Eddie looked up at the stunning, dark gypsy face, chiseled features, stubbled chin, unruly black hair. But it wasn't just the rugged beauty of the face ..... it was the power, the mesmerizing sexuality that radiated from it. And the eyes! .... the pale blue hypnotic eyes that now pierced Eddie's and made him shudder. The boy had fallen totally under Randy's spell. In this magical world nothing was real except the man ..... his face, his body, the eyes ..... and the cock working deep inside him.

"That's it, kid," Randy said softly, "look at me. You see yourself in my eyes?"

"Yes, sir," said Eddie in a trance.

"That means we're joined, and it means I can make you do anything. Are you gonna do what I tell you to, Eddie?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, now you can feel my thick rod moving in and out of your ass. It's making love to your ass, Eddie, and it's gonna make you shoot another huge load. But only when I say you can." He paused and his eyes gleamed. "Eddie ..... do you love me, Eddie?"

"Yes, sir. I love you, sir," and tears began streaming down his face

"OK, I want you to show me how much. Look at my body flexing over you, feel my sweat dripping down on you, feel my cock sliding in your ass .... look into my eyes, Eddie ..... into my eyes. That's it. And now you're gonna feel the master's juice pouring into your ass. And when you feel it I want to see you shoot a load all over yourself. Here it comes, boy ...... now!"

Eddie was drowning in this man, drowning in his eyes, as the massive body shuddered and he felt hot liquid flowing deep inside him. Randy was cumming inside him! This spectacular man was blasting his load inside him! He couldn't believe it, couldn't believe the sensation as his own body shook and he felt hot juice surging up through his cock, bursting out of it and splashing on his heaving chest.

He thought he must have passed out for a moment because when he opened his eyes Randy was smiling down at him. "And that, young Eddie, is what it feels like to get fucked by the boss. So now, at last, you're full member of the tribe, kiddo, because you've been fucked in the ass by the King of the Gypsies."


A few minutes later Eddie was pulling on his clothes, his mind still reeling. At a loss for words he threw his arms round Bob in a tight hug, then gazed at the man who had just fucked him and fell into his arms. Randy said in his ear, "Eddie, I know you have Zack and Darius to protect you but if you ever need my help ... or anything else, anything .... I'm here for you, boy. Now, I'm sure Darius is downstairs waiting for you to 'spill the beans' as he calls it, so go spill them. You're a great kid. You'll do well in this house. You belong here."

Eddie's eyes were moist as he gazed at Randy one last time, then ran to the door. He paused and looked back with a grin. "Sir, that thing you said ....'or anything else.' I'll take you up on that, sir." Then he was gone.

Randy laughed. "The little fucker. Oh yeah, he'll fit right in here."

Bob was looking at Randy in awe. "Man, you were great with him. It's something he'll never forget. I've never been so proud of you ..... or so in love."

Randy gave an embarrassed shrug. "Yeah, yeah, OK. Now let's get the hell out of Dodge. I'm done with all this. Like I told you before, I need to be alone with you somewhere .... just us two ..... simple ..... the way we started. Let's hit the road first thing tomorrow. Think you can swing it, a few days off from work?"

Of course he could. Bob could do anything to be alone with Randy, out of town. Early next morning he walked through to the office where Jamie was already at work. The boy flashed a smile at him and Bob thought, for the umpteenth time, how perfect the young blond was as Mark's boy. "Morning, Jamie. Er, I have a favor to ask. That shack in the dunes that Mark bought for you. I wonder if you would let Randy and me use it for a few days."

"Hmm." Jamie frowned doubtfully and rubbed his chin. "I dunno ...." Then his eyes lit up with mischief and he gave another dazzling smile. "Just kidding. Of course you can, sir, it would be an honor." He pulled a key out of a drawer. "Here, I always keep a spare key. Keep it, sir."

He gave Bob a tight hug and Bob felt the stiff bulge in his surfer shorts. He grabbed it playfully and said, "Save this for Mark, kiddo. He'll be home soon after his night shift, and you know what that means."

"I do, sir," Jamie grinned. "And he won't even stop to take off his uniform."


There was electricity in the air as Randy and Bob drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, with the sparkling ocean on the left and the mountain foothills on the right. They had driven for an hour in near silence, basking in the joy of being together, shoulder to shoulder, leaving the upheavals of the house behind them. It was just the two of them now, and the sense of freedom was so strong it was strangely inhibiting ..... they hardly knew what to say to each other.

One thing was certain ..... there was a palpable aura of sex filling the cabin of Randy's truck, and it was that that inhibited them. They both had raging hard-ons and hardly dared look at each other. Instead they stared straight ahead at the road, both men acutely aware of the cocks throbbing in their shorts. Finally it was Randy who broke the silence.

"That thing you said to Eddie yesterday, when he said he wanted me to fuck him. I remember your exact words: 'I know just what you mean, Eddie. Most guys in this house have wanted that. And I'll tell you a secret ..... I want it all the time'." Randy turned and looked at Bob. "Did you really mean that, buddy?"

Bob smiled. "You know, at work when I'm chairing a meeting in the boardroom, looking at all those droning faces, my mind often wanders to our bedroom, where I'm tied naked to the bed getting my ass ploughed by a big muscular construction worker. It makes me so hot I almost cream my pants under the boardroom table. Yeah, buddy, I meant it. I want it all the time.

Randy's eyes flashed. "Me too." Suddenly he wrenched the steering wheel and drove the truck off the highway onto an unmarked dirt trail leading into the hills. Bob was startled but knew from Randy's clenched jaw that he was in charge. The truck bounced along the track for a while as it headed higher into the hills. They were in a small canyon now and heard the sound of running water. Randy steered toward the sound, between two big boulders, and the truck came to rest by a mountain stream, with a small waterfall splashing down into a pool below.

But Randy was in no mood to look at the scenery. He leapt out of the truck, strode round to the other side, yanked the door open and pulled Bob out. Gripping his arm he pushed him round to the back of the truck and pulled down the tailgate. Randy stared into Bob's startled eyes, then grabbed him on the sides of his waist, lifted him up and laid him on his back on the tarps in the flatbed of the truck.

Instinctively Bob raised his arms and grabbed the hooks behind him in the corners of the flatbed, flexing his stretched muscles under his T-shirt. Randy gazed down at him spread-eagled in the truck. "Shit, man, you are so fucking beautiful. I gotta fuck you, buddy. I've got to." He quickly ripped open Bob's cargo shorts, pulled them down over his legs and hurled them aside. Then he yanked off his own T-shirt and dropped his shorts, freeing his massive cock that sprang up like a pole.

Naked now, in just his old sneakers, Randy leapt onto the flatbed of the truck, standing astride his lover. Bob looked up at the swarthy muscle-god towering over him, eyes blazing from his rugged gypsy face, and the sight almost made him shoot his load. He had seen that wild look in Randy's eyes many times before. The man was fired up, chest heaving, and Bob knew his ass was going to get hammered. Randy gazed down at him as if in a trance and moaned again, "I gotta fuck that ass, man."

Randy dropped to his knees between Bob's legs and the sight of this gorgeous, muscular alpha male lying beneath him, waiting, overwhelmed Randy and he lost control. He yelled, "I gotta see that body man ..... it's so fucking hot...... I want you naked....." He grabbed the neck of Bob's T-shirt and with one powerful heave ripped it clean off his body and tossed it contemptuously aside. "That's it, man, I got you naked now and your mine ..... and I'm gonna fuck your ass!"

Bob was transfixed by the steel blue eyes piercing his as he felt his legs being lifted and hooked over Randy's shoulders. He felt the head of his cock pressing against his hole and then ..... nothing. Randy was driving him mad. "Please, sir, please fuck me. I need to feel your cock in my ass. Please, sir, I'm begging you ..... aaagh!" His scream echoed round the canyon as he was impaled on the steel rod drilling into his ass and coming to rest deep inside him.

Randy's eyes blazed down at him. "I love to hear you beg, man. That's what I was waiting for. Your ass is mine, man." There was no warm-up, no foreplay. Randy's hips pulled back and his cock once again slammed into the helpless ass, beginning his trademark, brutal fuck. Bob had known it was coming but this time was more ferocious than most as Randy vented all his pent-up lust and longing by jackhammering his lover's ass.

As the pounding increased he gazed down at the beautiful body writhing and flexing under the full fury of the merciless cock. God he looked sensational ..... and the face ..... the gorgeous sculpted features wincing as the face thrashed from side to side in pain. In pain .... In pain. Lost in a daze of physical lust Randy frowned, unable to understand the look of pain. Then suddenly his mind cleared and he realized with horror that he was the cause of the pain .... he was reaming Bob's ass, hurting him .... hurting the man that he loved more than his own life.

"No!" he moaned, almost pleading, and his cock became to rest in Bob's ass. "Oh, man, what have I done .... why do I do this to you? You are the last man I would ever want to hurt ..... and yet I do all the time. Why, man? All I want to do is make love to you, to show you how much I love you."

Bob managed a smile. "Then do it, buddy. You can make love like no one else in the world." The soft brown eyes stared up at him. "Please, Randy ..... make love to me."

Randy bent forward and lowered his face to Bob, at the same time pulling his cock slowly back then eased it gently forward past the tender membrane, massaging the ravaged ass ..... making love to it. Bob felt Randy's lips press against his, their mouths opened and their lips sealed them tight. Both breathing through their mouths, one exhaling as the other inhaled, they were sharing the same air, passing it back and forth, intoxicated by the sensation that they were sharing the breath of life, sustaining each other.

Bob ran is hands over Randy's muscular back, down the deep ridge between his trapezius muscles, then underneath to stroke the ridges of his abs, then his pecs, where he felt the pounding of Randy's heart, matching his own He had the sensation of complete union, joined as they were by their locked mouths and by Randy's cock probing deep into his ass. And as their passion intensified so did their breathing ..... the same air flowing faster between them. Their chests heaved against each other, their bodies moved in unison as they shared life itself.

Finally Randy pulled his head back and stared at Bob. They saw themselves reflected in each other's eyes and instantly they were in that secret magical world where bodies and souls became one. They smiled in the joy of a shared understanding that this was the real world, separate from that other messy life with all its distractions and reversals. This was the world where they would live together forever, bound by a love that was unfathomable and eternal.

Bob heard Randy's low deep voice. "I'm gonna cum inside you, buddy. Keep looking at me .... stay with me." Their eyes opened wider, their gentle gaze became a gleam, then a blaze as their bodies shuddered together, and they howled as their juice poured from their cocks ..... Randy's into the furnace of his lover's ass and Bob's over both their chests. Still their gaze held in the ecstasy of the moment until their orgasms subsided and Randy fell forward onto Bob, their bodies joined once again, this time with a thick, creamy layer of cum.

As Bob lay under the weight of Randy's body he started to feel it shudder. And suddenly he realized that Randy was sobbing. Bob held him tight and heard Randy's low voice in his ear. "I am so fucking in love with you man ..... and it scares me to death."


Startled as he was, Bob understood all the implications of this. The moment was so intense that Randy felt lost. But with a deep sigh Bob thought that now was not the time to confront it. That would come later. For now, he thought, as he heard the enticing sound of the waterfall behind him, this magical time and place should continue to weave its spell. With a sudden effort he heaved Randy's body off him, leapt to his feet and stood astride him in the truck, a reversal of Randy's earlier stance. "I don't know about you, big guy, but I need a swim."

He vaulted over the side of the truck, ran naked to the pool beneath the waterfall, and jumped in with a loud splash. He let himself sink blissfully below the cool water, and when he burst to the surface he saw Randy standing above him on the bank. Even after all this Bob gasped at the sight of the naked bodybuilder, back-lit by the sunlight shimmering round him, giving new meaning to the term muscle-god.

With a rebel yell Randy leapt in beside him and within minutes the two men were locked together in the water, wrestling, rough-housing, kissing, groping ..... and laughing with the release of pent-up lust, the reaffirmation of love, and the sheer joy of being alone together.

Finally Randy hauled himself from the pool and leapt to his feet. From the bank he reached down, grabbed Bob's hand and pulled him up beside him. In one continuous move he flipped him over and down onto the grassy bank. He knelt over him, his rugged face streaming with water, and he fell forward, pinning Bob's wrists to the ground. He grinned down at Bob. "You know what's gonna happen now, man. You're gonna get it again."

Bob's eyes gleamed up at him and he said, "I don't think so, buddy. Not this time." Using all his strength he pushed up one of his wrists and with a massive heave threw Randy off him and onto his back. (Deep inside he knew that the powerful Randy must have allowed this to happen. But no matter ..... he had Randy where he wanted him.) Their positions reversed, Bob had Randy pinned and his legs hooked over his shoulders.

Randy gazed up at him in mock defiance. "Go ahead asshole. You think you're man enough to fuck your master's ass ....... Aaagh." Using Randy's own tactic, Bob had speared Randy's ass in one long plunge of his cock. With a gleam in his eye Randy yelled, "No, please, sir, please don't hurt me, sir. Your cock is so huge it's gonna rip me open. Have mercy, sir."

Then they both burst out laughing as Bob rested his hands on Randy chest and Randy pressed his palms against Bob's. The rest of the fuck was a wild, abandoned display of lust, love and playful role reversal, which turned Randy on big-time. He loved it whenever Bob assumed the role of tough, alpha top man, and he loved the feel of the huge cock pounding his ass as the sensational body bucked and plunged over him.

It went on and on until Randy pleaded, "Please, sir ..... please, I can't take any more. My ass .... the pain in my ass ..... you're too big. Please let me cum. Please, sir, I submit. I'm your slave sir. Finish me off, sir."

"Fuck you, asshole," Bob grinned. "OK, here it comes." And they both blasted their loads as their cocks pulsed and their bodies shook with laughter.

When it was over Bob stood up and pulled Randy to his feet and into a long embrace. But at last Randy pulled away and said, "Let's get the hell out of here, man." They gathered up the discarded clothes and threw them into the back of the truck. Buck naked they climbed into the cab and Randy backed the truck up and bounced back down the dirt track.

Fortunately the big truck was higher than most other vehicles on the main road so other drivers missed the sight of two naked bodybuilders sitting shoulder to shoulder in wild abandon, groping each other's cocks as the truck sped up Coast Highway.


But the euphoria of the drive had dissipated by the time they finally pulled off the road and bumped over the sand to the shack in the dunes. All the way up the coast Randy kept looking over at his naked lover, at his glorious body dappled by alternate sunlight and shadows as they sped along the road, at his perfectly chiseled features, square-jaw, high cheek bones, tousled dark hair. He was stunningly beautiful ..... too beautiful!

Randy's unease only increased as they sat facing each other outside the shack sipping beer, having stowed their gear inside. Randy's cock was hard as he gazed at Bob. He kept looking away and flinching as if from a light that's too bright, then gazing at him again. "Shit man," he said suddenly. "This hurts too much. I gotta go." He put down the beer stood up and took off, running down to the water, plunging in and swimming far out with powerful strokes.

Bob knew exactly what was going on. Their almost mystical experience by the pool, the wild sex and the most passionate surge of love they had ever felt ..... all of it was too intense for Randy, unnerving, and he was, in his own words, 'scared to death'.

Theirs was a love that was all-consuming, something that Bob, with his gentle temperament, welcomed in his life. But Randy was different .... for him all-consuming became overwhelming. Randy was a loner at heart, a true gypsy. He was a fighter, which explained his anger and his compulsion for savagery, so the idea of domestic bliss was completely alien to him. He had accepted his natural role of boss in the house but he would just as soon have been out on his own, fighting his own battles.

Bob mused on this for a long while, and when at last he looked up, he gasped. Randy was striding out of the waves, his magnificent body streaming with water, gleaming in the dazzling sunlight. He was a god .... but a god beset by demons. Well, Bob thought, time to battle those demons ..... time to tame the wild man.

Randy grabbed another beer and flopped back down on the porch. After an uneasy silence Bob said, "I know what you're feeling Randy. I've seen it before in a man you admire. A long time ago when Zack and I were alone up here on the beach he looked at me and said something strange. He said he found beauty so painful that he often wanted to demolish it ..... like the time as a kid he saw a field covered in a pristine carpet of freshly-fallen snow. Its beauty was so perfect it disturbed him and he ran all over it and churned it up. He said my beauty was like that ..... it hurt him so much that he tied me up, stared at my body, and whipped me. And only when he felt he had tamed my beauty did he make love to me."

"Yeah," Randy said," Zack told me all that. That's what I admire in him, he's open and honest. Me and Zack are a lot alike and I understand everything he said. I feel the same about you, man. It's why, every time we're together, you are so fucking gorgeous that I get scared and I hurt you, fuck the shit out of you, tie you up sometimes and whip you. I gotta own you, man, that's the only way I know. Buddy, I love you more than life, but it makes me do crazy things. And .... there are times I think I can't take it .... that I'd be better off alone."

Bob stood up and walked over to a lone post sticking out of the sand, the remains of a shed that once stood there. He leaned back against the post and put his arms round behind it. "Look at me, Randy. What does it make you want to do?" He struggled as if his hands were tied and his muscles flexed and gleamed in the sun. Randy eyes blazed and he sprang to his feet.

"Fuck you, man, you know damn well." He ran to the truck, pulled out a length of rope and his belt. Quickly he tied Bob's wrists behind the post and breathed heavily as he watched Bob writhing again trying to get free. "Fuck you, man, you're driving me crazy. Here, is this what you want?" He raised his arm and slammed the belt down across Bob's chest, whose screams caught the wind and soared over the dunes. Again and again the belt lashed against the chiseled body and Randy's eyes blazed as he saw the handsome face writhing in pain.

The pain .... there it was again .... pain in his lover's eyes. "NO!" Randy screamed, curling the belt round Bob's neck and leaving it there. "Fuck you, man. I can't do this .... I'll destroy you ..... I can't love you, man ....I gotta leave you .... I'm bad for you ...... leave me alone......"

He turned and ran desperately down the beach ..... away from the pain, away from his demons, away from the man he loved so much that he had to leave him. He had to be alone."

His body still shuddering in pain, Bob gazed after the figure of the man he loved disappearing rapidly into the distance. Randy had gone, afraid of Bob, afraid of himself, afraid of their love. Bound naked, body striped with the marks of the lash, belt still curled round his neck, Bob knew that all he could do was wait. This was the moment of truth for them both.


It was mostly anger that propelled Randy's long, powerful strides over the sand. As always when he was angry and confused he sought refuge in physical exhaustion. He considered himself a physical being, a machine, a fighter, a winner .... but love fucked all that up. He had no time for it. "Fuck him," he panted as he ran. "Fuck him."

It was several miles before even he became exhausted. He slowed his pace and sank down on the sand, sitting with his legs drawn up, hugging his knees. "Fuck him," he shouted into the wind. "Fuck him .... Fuck him." As he gazed out to sea Randy tried to sort through the tangle of his conflicting emotions, trying to make sense of it all. Before he met Bob, he thought, he had known who he was. First he had been the head of his gypsy-like family, protecting his five younger brothers and seeing them safely out into the world. After that there was a brief marriage but it didn't work out. He was not a man to be tied down.

So at last he was alone, an itinerant construction worker, self-assured, a brooding loner, quick with his fists, fucking whenever and whoever he wanted ..... free to be himself. But then he met Bob and he .... what? .... fell in love? Randy?... the tough guy who owed nothing to anyone, no obligations or entanglements? In love? No way! Maybe that's it, he thought ....that's why he always hurt Bob. He resented him! For the first time since his little brothers left home someone needed him. Randy was beholden to someone, tied to him ..... tied down!

God, he was confused. His reflections were all focused on himself, and he realized he was wallowing in self-pity. So he turned his thoughts to Bob ..... and that made him smile. Shit, the man was gorgeous, wasn't he, with that magnificent muscle-god body? And that face, chiseled features like Superman, proud square jaw, tangled dark hair. And the eyes, the soft brown eyes glowing with kindness.

And he had to admit he was one hell of a fuck. Randy pictured Bob lying on the flatbed of the truck, felt again the incredible sensation as his cock glided into his warm ass. He was looking down again into Bob's warm eyes that glistened with tears of love. Yeah, no doubt about it, Bob was totally in love with Randy ..... worshipped him. As Randy worshipped Bob. What?! He winced ..... but yes, it was true. He couldn't get away from it. Randy loved Bob, worshipped him .... he would lay down his life for him. But could he commit his life to him?

There it was ... the choice. Randy could either go on his way, be free, independent, the tough loner he had always enjoyed being. Or he could commit himself body and soul to another man. He gazed out to sea and suddenly there was a flash as the sun caught the curling top of a cresting wave. Randy winced and reflexively shielded his eyes. When he opened them again he saw his future with a stunning clarity that took his breath away.

He was in love! ...... crazy, wildly in love with the most beautiful man on the face of the planet. Bob, that gorgeous, strong, kind, wonderful man. That was his future, that was his life, to spend the rest of his days with Bob, protecting him, loving him. Bob, the man who even now was tied helplessly waiting for him, worrying, hurting. Hurting! Randy leapt to his feet. "No! Enough! Never again," he howled. He would never again hurt the man he loved.

He had to go to him ..... tell him, show him, that he loved him more than ever ..... that he would love him for the rest of his life. "Hold on, buddy," he said. "I'm coming." He turned and ran, his feet pounding, splashing in the shallow water as he raced to face his future.


Bob was trying to stay calm, but even his faith in Randy's love had faltered in the loneliness of this windswept place. His eyes were fixed on the far horizon, peering anxiously into the mist and spray. And then there it was ..... a speck that, as it grew larger, was unmistakable. Nobody moved like that, ran like that, looked like that. It was Randy coming back for him. But Bob held his breath, unsure of what Randy would say to him.

In the event he said nothing. As Randy saw Bob in the distance, the image coming closer and closer, it was as if he were seeing his lover for the first time. About fifty yards away he stopped running and walked slowly toward him, awestruck by the sight of the spectacular man bound to the post, belt round his neck, his muscles rippling in the sunlight, his handsome face glowing with expectation. Randy's heart was pounding. Bob had never looked more beautiful in his life.

Six feet away Randy stopped and sank to his knees in the sand. He took his own rigid cock in his hand and sank back on his haunches staring up at his bound, naked lover. He stroked his cock, harder and harder, gazing upward, never breaking contact with the soft brown eyes. The sky, the sand, faded way, and all Randy saw was the god-like image of the magnificent man he was committing his life to.

The breeze became still in deference to this supreme act of worship. Randy howled into the stillness and his cock exploded in a river of semen that arched high in the air, then splashed down onto his chest and face. It was followed by plume after plume of white liquid, smothering his heaving muscles, a spectacular tribute to the man he loved.

Randy paused, then fell onto his belly and started to drag his naked, spent body slowly through the sand. It was like a religious penance as he crawled painfully forward until he could reach out and grab Bob's leg, pulling himself forward and lowering his face to the foot. He kissed it, licked it, then ran his tongue up the leg, pulling himself higher until he was on his knees.

He looked up at Bob, his face covered in sand and semen. His gaze was plaintive, his eyes filled with tears as he moaned, "Forgive me, buddy. I love you, man .... I've always loved you, always will. You're my life. Forgive me for all the times I've hurt you, all the pain I've caused. Please, man ..... show me you forgive me.

Bob had watched the whole spectacle with mounting desire for the proud, rugged muscle-stud debasing himself before him, dragging his body through the sand and kissing his feet. Bob's cock was rock hard and close to orgasm. Gazing down at the begging face he silently willed Randy to take hold of his cock. Reading his thoughts Randy grasped the long shaft in his fist, pointed it straight at his face and opened his mouth.

He heard Bob's gentle voice: "There's nothing to forgive, Randy. I love you." His cock shuddered and blasted a long stream of cum that flew straight into Randy's mouth and slammed against the back of his throat. Kneeling in an act of communion Randy swallowed hard and felt the liquid flow down his throat like nectar. He gulped again and again as the cock continued to pour semen into him and he savored the exquisite sweetness of his lover's juice, the balm of love and forgiveness.


It had been a catharsis, a watershed in their lives. Bob, though, supremely confident in their love, had expected nothing less and was determined to put it behind them. After Randy had untied Bob, kissing him voraciously, and they had swum together in the ocean, they were now sipping beer on the patio as before. But unlike before, there was no tension in the air. Bob said with a smile, "Now, buddy, can we please get on with our lives ..... without the drama?"

"Asshole," Randy grinned, but they both knew that there had been a shift in their relationship, leaving it more solid than ever. And in future, whenever Randy tied Bob up, fucked the shit out of him and even whipped him, as he surely would, it would be because they both wanted it, with no hint of real anger. At long last Randy felt secure with Bob and he could direct his anger and his fists in other directions.

"OK, agreed." Randy said. "No more drama." He grinned. "Though with that group of over-sexed boys back in the city, drama seems to go with the territory."

His words, unfortunately, were prophetic, as a new drama was about to unfold that would engulf the whole house. Even as Randy spoke the seeds were being sown in a seemingly innocuous post-sex conversation between Pablo and Darius. Flush with the excitement of fucking Pablo Darius said, "Hey, dude, you wanna see something real cool? Remember when Randy did his number on Jason ..... arm-wrestled him, then tied him up and fucked him ..... and I filmed the whole thing? Well look at this."

He flipped open his lap-top, opened a web-site, a couple of clicks .... and there it was. Pablo gazed open-mouthed at the video and frowned in confusion. "What the fuck .....?"

"Cool, eh, dude? It's so intense I thought more guys should see the video so I posted it on this triple-X site. It's popular too ..... got lots of hits."

Pablo couldn't believe his eyes. "Holy shit, Darius, what have you done? Just wait 'til Randy and the guys hear about this ...... man, the shit's really gonna hit the fan."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 159


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