In the first pale light of dawn a small, old truck drove up the winding hill to the house on Mulholland. When it crunched to a halt the driver leapt out, jumped the gate and ran excitedly down the drive toward the guesthouse. Nate had done this before, dropping in on Hassan early in the morning before he left for work. He knew that Hassan liked morning sex and the boy always looked forward to waking him up and offering him his ass.

Today was Sunday, not his usual day, but to tell the truth Nate had felt a bit uneasy yesterday, knowing that Hassan was spending a long, hot day on the film set with Darius. Never mind, this would make things right. Nate was Hassan's boy and his master would enjoy fucking him before he left to pick Darius up from home for another day's work.

Nate had it all worked out. He wouldn't knock .... just go in quietly and surprise Hassan by falling into his arms in bed. Hassan would love that. So he slipped in and stood in the dark waiting for his eyes to adjust to the gloom. But as the shape on the bed became clearer he thought his eyes were playing tricks. It couldn't be! Hassan was lying on his side and pressed against him was Darius. They were asleep ..... and Darius's cock was buried in Hassan's ass.

Nate couldn't know that this had been the culmination of a long, tiring but exhilarating day on the film set for both of them. It had been a day heavy with testosterone, with rugged, shirtless soldiers re-enacting wartime scenarios for the Marines' promotional video. In the lunch break Hassan had secretly watched Darius using his huge cock to tame his arrogant boss.

After working until 1am Hassan had suggested that Darius spend what was left of the night with him so they could make an early start next morning. But, haunted by the memory of Darius's long rod pistoning in the guy's ass, Hassan had had erotic dreams about what it must feel like having that gorgeous cock in your ass. Well, one thing led to another and ......

But Nate knew none of this, of course. In fact, as he stood there in shock, his mind went a total blank. In a daze he left the room and closed the door quietly behind him. All he knew was that he had to get away. In a confused panic he started to run, scrambling up the path, stumbling, falling onto his stomach, dragging himself through the dirt then pulling himself back on his feet. His eyes were blinded with tears ..... he stumbled again and fell ..... into a pair of strong arms.

He let himself be held tight as his body heaved with sobs. "Hey, hey," said a deep, gentle voice. "It's OK, everything's OK. I've got you now." The voice calmed Nate and as he pulled back he found himself staring into the face of ..... Adam.

Adam brushed the tears from Nate's eyes and asked in his reassuring Australian accent, "What the hell's happened to you, kiddo?" His voice hardened. "Has somebody hurt you?"

Nate couldn't begin to get his mind around what he had seen, let alone explain it, and least of all to Adam. Adam! Suddenly he realized ...... Adam was here! With his arms round him. His spirits lifted and he stammered, "You're here, in L.A.! What.....why....?"

Adam smiled. "I was on reserve in Sydney and got a call at the last minute to fill in for a sick flight attendant. We only landed at LAX a couple of hours ago. Didn't take the crew bus. I rented a car and drove straight to your house. That's why I'm still in uniform. Your truck was not there so I took a chance you'd be here. I drove straight up and saw your truck. I thought I'd surprise you. Evidently I did ....... OK, your turn. Can you tell me what's going on here?"

Nate clammed up, looking sullen and bewildered. Obviously not the time to interrogate him, so Adam asked simply, "You're still my boy, aren't you?"

That jolted Nate out of his silence. "Yes! Of course, sir .... more than ever."

"Glad to hear it," Adam grinned, 'cause I've got some news for you. And let's drop the 'sir' for now. We're mates too remember." As if to prove it his Australian accent got thicker. "OK, mate, I'm taking you for a slap-up breakfast at that coffee shop on Figueroa. What do you say to bacon and eggs, sausage, hash-browns, all the trimmings? I've had nothing but airline food since yesterday, and you look like you need some hot coffee inside you. I'll drive you in my rental and we'll come back for your truck later. What d'ya say, mate?"

Suddenly the shock and panic lifted from Nate like storm clouds parting. The sun was shining .... he was with his gorgeous master and all was right with the world.


Adam was right about the coffee .... gave Nate just the jolt he needed. As they dived into their food Adam broached the subject again. "You ready to tell me what all that was about, mate?"

Nate looked at him intently. "You know, in my rounds cleaning the house I see lots of private things and it's part of my job to keep my mouth shut. 'Discretion' is the word Bob used when he hired me."

"And you just saw something that you didn't like but it's private and you don't want to talk about it. OK, mate, I respect that and admire you for it. Just so you know .... you ever have a problem, you share it with me. That's what mates are for." Nate nodded with a relieved smile. "OK," Adam continued, "so it looks like I'm gonna have to do all the talking and I think you're gonna like what I have to say."

Nate saw Adam's eyes sparkling and a shiver of excitement ran through him. "I've told you that I'm now a senior purser, meaning I'm usually in charge of the cabin crew on flights. Well, I've been offered a promotion." He paused, letting the suspense build. "The airline has a sizeable crew base here in Los Angeles as we have flights out of here to Australia and New York. And ...... they've offered me the job of being in charge of the cabin crews based here."

He paused again to let this sink in, though Nate didn't dare to think what he thought he thought. "'Course," Adam continued with mock seriousness, "it would mean I'd have to relocate to Los Angeles, find a place to live and possibly a roommate. It'd have to be a real mate, someone I like a lot. And being horny most of the time .... the guy would have to be up for getting his ass fucked a lot .... maybe every day ..... maybe twice a day....."

His words were stifled as Nate threw himself across the table and hugged him, sending his coffee cup flying. Aware of the spectacle he had created Nate pulled back, stared at the mess on the table, then up at the elderly waitress standing over him. The motherly type, she smiled down at the young boy with the shining eyes.

"Freshen your coffee for you, young man?"


After that Nate couldn't wait to get home. Adam had just come off a 15-hour flight and hadn't slept for 24 hours, so he needed a bed. When they got to the house it was quiet. Being Sunday, no-one was up yet except the twins who were already in the kitchen making a start on breakfast, which was always an elaborate, rather chaotic affair on weekends. Bob insisted that the whole group ate Sunday breakfast together "like any normal family." Except that they weren't exactly what you'd call a 'normal family' .... far from it.

From the kitchen window the twins had a view of most everything that went on and they were surprised when the gate opened and Nate came in, pulling after him Adam, looking gorgeous in his airline uniform. The twins knew better than to call out to them as they disappeared into the house. It was obvious what was on their minds.

In Nate's bedroom he closed the door behind them and suddenly wasn't sure what to do next. He was overcome with an illogical shyness. That's one of the things Adam loved about him and he took over. "OK, let's see here," he said. "Now it looks like we might be living together quite soon so we gotta work things out, get some system going here." As he rubbed his chin in thought Nate didn't miss the twinkle in his eye. "You know what Jamie and Mark do, don't you?"

"Oh yeah, mate, everyone knows about that. Every time Mark comes home from work, after that motorcycle's been throbbing between his legs all day, Jamie has to be waiting for him naked on the bed. Sometimes Mark is so horny he falls on top of him in his uniform, yanks out his cock and fucks him.

"But other times, Jamie told me, Mark grabs a beer first, sits and watches Jamie, then slowly starts to take off his uniform. Jamie said he always has to grip the bed hard to stop shooting his load right there 'cause Mark looks so incredibly hot as he slowly strips. By the time he's stripped down to his boxers Jamie is going crazy, dying to get fucked, but Mark doesn't make his move until he hears Jamie begging for it. And then the cop fucks Jamie's ass."

Adam could see that, as he told the story, Nate's cock had stiffened in his shorts. "Hmm," Adam said, "and that happens every day, uh? Seems to me we should take a leaf out of their playbook. Every day, uh? What say we take it for a trial run right now? After all, I've just come off a 15-hour flight and I'm horny as hell, so now's the perfect time. As I recall, your part would be easy. So get to work kid." And to Nate's surprise he left the room.

Adam ran down the stairs and out to the kitchen. "Hey, guys," he grinned at the twins.

"Welcome back sir," said Kevin. "You're looking more handsome than ever, sir," Kyle added.

"Thanks, guys. You're both looking good enough to eat, too. Look I need to hit the sack soon, but before that could I grab a beer? I could murder a cold one." Kevin opened the fridge, rummaged in the back and pulled out a bottle. "Carlton Draught, sir. We always keep a supply of Australian beer for when you come."

Adam smiled and shook his head. "I always forget how terrific you guys are. Thanks, I'll see you later. I think Nate's waiting for me right now." The twins gave him an 'of-course-he-is' look.

Up in the bedroom Nate was lying on the bed naked, tense with anticipation, his cock hard as a rock. It was not only the immediate prospect of seeing Adam come in, it was the thought that, if things went as planned, this would be a daily ritual when Adam moved here. It was something the boy hardly dared hope for, so he concentrated instead on the here and now. He heard footsteps on the stairs and caught his breath as Adam walked in.

Tall, ruggedly handsome with his finely etched features, strong jaw and high cheekbones, Adam was still wearing his smart black uniform, white shirt and red tie. The formal look was accentuated by the black peaked cap he wore, shading his face, and by the gold rings round his jacket cuffs denoting his seniority. The man was the image of masculine authority as his hypnotic brown eyes focused on Nate.

"Good," he said simply, in approval of the naked boy lying before him. He raised the beer he was holding and pushed the tip of the bottle under the peak of his cap, tilting it back casually on his head, showing his short dark hair. He paced for a minute, then sat down in the armchair facing the bed. He sighed deeply, loosened his tie a little and undid the top button of his shirt. Sprawling in the chair, legs stretched before him, he took a long swig of beer. Staring at Nate with laser intensity, his free hand ran lightly over the bulge in his pants.

The sight was so erotic that Nate felt his cock shudder and he knew he was close to blowing a wad. He took a deep breath, raised his arms and (remembering what Jamie had told him) gripped the corner-posts hard, steeling himself to prevent a premature orgasm. He couldn't keep his eyes off the uniformed man sprawled in the chair and his thoughts were racing.

He remembered the first time he had ever seen Adam, a flight attendant on the plane he and Jamie had taken to Sydney. They had just settled into their seats when Nate felt Jamie nudging him frantically, saying, "Dude, will you look at that!" Walking down the aisle, smiling left and right at passengers, came one of the most gorgeous men they had ever seen, his smart uniform doing little to hide his muscular body underneath. When his dazzling smile had lighted on them he made them feel they were the only people on the plane.

Later, for the meal service, he took off his jacket and Jamie had whispered, "Wish he'd take off the shirt too. Man, I'd love to see that body." And now, in Nate's bedroom, that's exactly what was going to happen. Because here he was, the same spectacular man, in the same uniform, sprawled in the chair only feet away, sipping a beer.

Not only that, Nate was naked on the bed, clinging tightly to it, waiting for the man to start working him over. And not only that ..... he was going to live with this man .... he was going to be his boy ...... he was going to lie naked on the bed every day just like this waiting for his master to come home and fuck him. That thought alone almost made him blow his wad, but he gritted his teeth and held on.

Adam took another slug of beer, then stood up, shrugged off his jacket, and reached into a closet for a hanger. He draped the jacket round it and hung it in the closet ..... in Nate's closet, next to Nate's clothes! He stood facing Nate, undid his tie and let it hang loose round his neck. He undid two more buttons on his shirt, which fell open to reveal the top of a white tank underneath. He rolled up his shirtsleeves to the elbows.

Then he yawned and stretched. He raised his arms, elbows out to the sides, put his hands behind his head and pushed his elbows back, stretching his chest and upper body to relieve the ache in his muscles after his long night's hard work. He moved his head round from side to side, getting the kinks out of his neck.

Nate gazed in awe at the stunning man, his lats flaring, chest bulging under the tank and shirt. 'So fucking gorgeous,' Nate murmured to himself, his body shivering, his cock and balls bursting to explode. Then Adam reached up high and stretched again, sighing deeply.

Nate was lost. The ruggedly masculine face was stunning. And the body! It was stretched to the max now and Nate gazed at the broad shoulders, at the lats tapering down to the slim waist, cinched with an elegant black belt, and below that the growing bulge under the uniform pants. As he stretched upward his shirt pulled up from his waistband, a loose, disheveled look now, ready to be pulled free.

Adam lowered his arms and slowly, very slowly, he unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, revealing the tank stretched over his chest and washboard abs. He pulled his shirt from his waistband, shrugged it off and stood facing the bed, his perfect torso clearly etched under the tight, white tank top. He paced the room like this, driving Nate wild. Then, reaching behind his neck, he pulled at the back of his tank and Nate watched it slide slowly up over his abs, over the slabs of his chest, then his shoulders until it came free.

Nate held his breath as he gazed at Adam, shirtless now, stripped down to his black uniform pants and shiny black shoes, still holding the tank at his side. His brown eyes bored into Nate's and his deep, Australian voice said, "And now, boy, I'm gonna fuck your ass.

That was it. Nate gripped the bed hard, his body tensed, shuddered, and .... "aaagh!" .... his cock exploded in a fountain of cum that rose high, hung suspended in air, then splashed down onto his naked body and face. His eyes opened wide in a panic. "Sir, I'm sorry ..... I didn't mean ..... I just couldn't hold back..."

"No worries, mate," Adam grinned. "That's what I was waiting for. Now you're mine .... just the way I want you."


"Well almost the way I want you," Adam said. "I wanna make sure you can't touch that cock and shoot another load before I say you can. Nate's arms were still spread above his head, his hands gripping the corner bedposts, and Adam quickly made that permanent. He twisted his tank into a rope and tied one of Nate's wrists to the post. Then he slid his belt from his pants and used it to secure the other wrist.

He stood back and surveyed the naked boy. Instinctively, knowing how much it turned Adam on, Nate pulled at his wrists and his body twisted, trying to get free. "Perfect," Adam said quietly. "Just perfect." Incredibly Nate's cock was already hard again and he was longing to feel Adam's touch ..... but still it didn't come. Instead Adam surprised him by thrusting his hands in the pockets of his beltless slacks, pushing them down slightly so the white waistband of his shorts became visible just above the pants. He looked stunning as the muscles of his upper body flexed and gleamed in the sunlight from the window.

Again, the laser focus of the brown eyes as Adam's face became serious. "OK, Nate, I have to ask you if you're sure what you want. 'Cause if you live with me this is how it's gonna be from now on. You'll be my boy and every day it'll be the same as you're seeing now. When I get home from work you'll be naked on the bed waiting for me. I'll usually relax with a beer, then strip off my uniform as you just saw. Then I'll fuck your ass, for as long as I like. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," Nate croaked, his throat dry.

"If it's been a really tough day I might need to fuck you again. We'll sleep in the same bed, always, and during the night I usually wake with a stiff dick so I'll push it into your ass again. See, I crave that sweet ass of yours ..... can't get enough of it. But more than that .... I love you, Nate, and we'll live together as master and boy, as lovers, as best mates. We'll be the two Aussies. You think you can handle that, Nate? Is that really what you want?"

Nate was near to tears (and close to another orgasm). "That is really what I want, sir. Really, really. I want it so bad."

Adam smiled "OK, then it's a deal." He kicked off his shoes, unzipped his pants and let them drop. He was wearing white Calvin briefs and his long stiff cock was clearly visible under the thin cotton. Suddenly he turned, picked up his unfinished beer and took another slug. Nate had been expecting to get fucked right away and went wild with frustration watching the near-naked muscle-god casually walking round the room, tilting his head back as he drank, his rigid cock bulging under his briefs.

In a haze of desire Nate remembered that Jamie had said Mark made him beg to get fucked ..... and now he understood. His body was aching with lust as he said, "Please, sir. Please, I want you to fuck me, sir. I need to feel my master's cock in my ass. Please, sir, I'm begging you. Please, please fuck me."

Adam stopped pacing and grinned at him. "Thought you'd never ask, mate." He pushed his briefs down and his huge cock sprang free. He walked to the foot of the bed and stared down at the beautiful bound boy, his body writhing in anticipation of what was about to happen. "God, you look beautiful, boy. Hey, maybe some days I'll just leave you tied to the bed like this and I'll come in from time to time, fuck you ass and leave you there for the next time. You'd be my fuck slaveboy in bondage all day long. Think you'd like that?"

"Yes, sir, yes .... I would love that." The prospect of that hot scenario, and the sight of the naked Aussie about to fuck him made his cock throb and pre-cum was oozing from the hole and running over the head. He was desperate now. "Please, sir. Please fuck me. I want to feel your cock in my ass." It happened quickly. Adam knelt between his legs, grabbed the ankles and pushed them up high, eased forward and pressed his cock against the hole. His hips slammed forward driving his rod deep inside Nate's burning ass.

"Aaah ..... aaah .....aaah, "Nate yelled, in the euphoria of at last feeling his master's long pole bury itself in his ass. "Don't come yet, boy," Adam ordered. "Whatever you do don't cum." Nate took deep rasping breaths and managed to stammer, "No, sir. No, I won't."

Adam pulled back, then eased his cock back deep inside his boy, beginning one of his long, languorous fucks that went on and on sending Nate soaring into his own special heaven. What turned him on even more was hearing Adam's deep voice as he fucked. "Shit that feels great. See, mate, while I'm fucking you I own you, and you do just as I say. You don't shoot your wad until I give you permission and, when I tell you I want to cum inside you .... well, you know what to do."

"Yes, sir," said Nate, momentarily clenching his ass muscles round the thick shaft as if practicing the move that he knew made Adam go crazy and cum. Adam pulled all the way out, then pushed in deep, over the inner sphincter, bringing tears to Nate's eyes. "You feel that? Feel it? Well get used to it, kid, 'cause that's how it's gonna be all the time from now on ..... every time I come home .....and when we're in bed at night, out by the pool in the sun, or on the grass in the moonlight ..... I'm gonna make love to you everywhere."

And still his long shaft moved in and out of his boy's ass. "I'll take you away on trips, up to the dunes, and I'll fuck you in the truck on the way, then on the beach, in the shack, in the ocean. See, Nate, I love to fuck, it's an obsession, and your ass is gonna get it over and over again. You ready for that?" Nate gazed up at him, speechless.

"Maybe sometimes we'll go away with Mark and Jamie, the four of us. Mark and me, we'll switch, and I'll let him fuck you while I fuck Jamie. Then we'll make you and Jamie fuck each other and we'll get off watching you two best buddies make love to each other. We'll make you and Jamie suck our dicks and drink our hot juice. See, Nate, that's what it's gonna mean to be my boy. What d'ya say to that?"

Nate gulped hard. "Sir, you're making me so hot I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out."

"Me neither, mate. "OK, it's time. I wanna cum. You know what to do. " Sure he did .... he'd done it so often before. As the cock pushed deep inside him he squeezed his ass muscles tight round it and heard Adam gasp. The cock pulled out slowly through the clenched asshole, then Nate released his grip for an instant, allowing the cock back in, then squeezed again. He relaxed and clenched over and over, like he was fucking Adam's cock, and Adam went wild.

"I can't take any more," he moaned. "Your ass is so fucking hot, boy, and you are so fucking beautiful. You're gonna make me cum ..... and I wanna watch you shoot. Come on, boy ...... now! "Aaagh....!" Two screams rang round the room as Nate felt the huge rod shudder in his ass and explode with hot juice that poured deep inside him. He felt his own cock get ready to burst, it jolted, then he watched in awe as a ribbon of white cum spurted from it and splashed onto the magnificent chest above him.

They had cum at last, in a spectacular double orgasm. Through his heaving breaths Adam said, "Now you know, mate. That's what it's gonna be from now on, over and over. 'Cause you're my boy ..... and we're mates .... and we're gonna live together!"


Nate would have loved to lie in Adam's arms forever ..... but duty called. As he pulled on his shorts and T-shirt he said, "I really should be helping the twins and Eddie with breakfast. It's a big affair on Sundays, what Bob calls 'our family breakfast.' Is it OK if I.....?"

"No worries mate," Adam smiled lazily from the bed, luxuriating in the after-glow of great sex with his boy. "I want to try and catch up on sleep anyway. Not sure if I can ..... best way to beat jet-lag is to stay awake to fit in with local time. So you go ahead and do your thing with the twins. But as soon as you're finished with your work you're all mine again .... OK, mate?"

"Sure thing," said Nate, already fantasizing about spending the day in bed with Adam. He was over the moon ..... it was a new beginning ..... the first day of the rest of his life.

Even before he went out into the garden the sound of raucous voices told him breakfast was already in full swing. All the men were sitting at the big table by the pool, Randy at the head and Bob next to him with a contented smile. Mark and Jamie were there with Jason; Zack and Pablo of course; even Steve and Lloyd ...... a real gathering of the clan.

Only Darius and Hassan were missing, already at work on their second day of the film shoot in the distant canyon. Nate was relieved that they weren't there. He wasn't sure how he'd react when he saw them again ..... he couldn't rid himself of the shocking sight of them lying naked in bed with Darius's dick in the soldier's ass.

Fortunately Nate was distracted by work. The twins and Eddie were running energetically back and forth to the kitchen carrying trays of food and Nate joined them. "Glad you could join us, dude," said Kyle. Nate caught the conspiratorial grin that passed between the twins. "What?" he asked in mock bewilderment. But work took over again and it wasn't until they were all sitting at the table with the others that Kyle's curiosity overflowed and he said to Bob, "Sir, I think Nate has a secret hidden away in his room."

That comment stopped all conversation dead in its tracks as all eyes turned to Nate. He blushed in the sudden silence but it was clear he was bursting to share some big news. He cleared his throat and said, as calmly as he could, "That's right ..... upstairs in my bed is Adam. His plane landed early this morning and he came straight to me and we f......"

".... fucked like jack-rabbits," grinned Randy lasciviously. "Glad to see you two are upholding the traditions of the house."

"Yes we did, sir," Nate blushed again.

"But wait, there's more," Bob laughed, "by the looks of you .... like the cat who ate the canary."

"Wasn't a canary he had in his mouth," grinned Pablo.

"The thing is," Nate said, raising his voice against their loud kidding, his eyes sparkling. "The thing is ......" it all came out in a rush ..... "Adam is going to work at his airline's base here. He's moving to L.A. and, when he's found a place to live he wants me to live with him."

There was a stunned silence as they all gazed at Nate who was glowing with pride. Suddenly the silence was broken by a deep Australian voice. "Hey, Nate, turns out I was too wired to sleep so I took a shower." All eyes turned to the house. Striding out of it was Adam, naked except for a towel round his waist. "You got a shirt and shorts I can wear?"

The group erupted in a burst of shouts, applause and whistles. Taken aback Adam grinned and bowed slightly, causing the towel to drop from his waist. He caught it and grinned ..... "Oh what the hell...." and slung it over his shoulder. The wolf whistles became deafening as they all gazed at the tall, naked, muscular hunk, his deep tan set off by the tan lines above and below the white globes of his ass, his long cock swinging between his legs.

"Hey, stud," Randy yelled, come and take a seat. A guy looks like you he don't need clothes. Shove up, kids. As they made room for Adam Bob whispered to Kevin and he ran into the house to get a pair of Bob's shorts for Adam to wear. Meanwhile, there were noisy congratulations and a volley of questions hurled at the Aussie, while Jamie threw his arm round Nate's neck and said, "Wow, dude, that is awesome ..... you're gonna live with Adam! ..... I'm real happy for you. It'll be way cool when you two to get together with Mark and me."

Adam was looking round the table. "Great to see all you guys again. The gang's all here .... except ..... where's Darius? Hey Zack, don't tell me you finally kicked his ass out of the house?"

Zack laughed. "Nah, he's working with Hassan on that Marines recruitment film they're shooting. Called me last evening ..... having a blast, he said. Seems they didn't finish until one in the morning so Hassan took him up to his house and he spent the night there so they could get up first thing and go back to the set. Don't worry, when he comes back this evening he'll 'spill all the beans', as he calls it, bombarding us with all the details."

Adam's face clouded over imperceptibly. "Not all the details, I bet," he thought to himself. Suddenly it all became clear. Darius had slept the night with Hassan and Nate had surprised them in the morning. And from Nate's reaction there must have been some pretty hot action going on. He bristled and made an effort to stifle his rising anger. At least for now.

Breakfast was such a boisterous affair that no one noticed the cloud that passed momentarily across Adam's face. (No one except Bob, that is. He didn't miss a thing.) For the rest of the meal Adam was engulfed in the general good-humor, until at last he said to Nate, "OK, mate, now I'm really starting to feel that jet-lag. I've gotta hit the sack. You coming?"

Nate cast an anxious look at the twins, not wanting to leave the clean-up to them, but they grinned and Kyle said, "Hey, dude, your master calls. And when your master calls....."

So the two got up and left the table, followed by more wolf whistles and ribald encouragement. Adam grinned and said to Nate. "First we sleep, kid, and later we'll go up to the Mulholland house and rescue your truck that we left there. A quick there-and-back, no hassle." But a slight tremor went through Nate at the thought of that house and what he had seen there.


After fucking Nate again Adam finally let jet-lag take its toll and he fell into a deep sleep, with Nate in his arms. But while Adam breathed deeply Nate, without the benefit of jet-lag, could not fall asleep, so he eased himself gently off the bed and went to join Jamie and the other boys. They spent the day talking excitedly about the prospects for the future, and it was not until late afternoon that Nate peeked into the room and saw Adam stirring. He went in and smiled down at him. "Hi," he said shyly as Adam pushed down the sheets and lay there gorgeously naked with a stiff boner. Nate started to unbutton his shorts, saying, "Do you want me to ....."

"Of course I do, mate," Adam laughed, "all the time. But we gotta get serious now .... plenty of time for that later. We've got all night .... and all the nights after that when we're living together. But first things first ..... we've gotta go and get your truck, and by the time we get back the guys will have dinner ready. I'm starved." He pulled on jeans and boots, and the crumpled white tank he had used to tie Nate's wrist.

As they drove up the hill in Adam's car he became serious. "Nate, I just wanna tell you that I worked out what happened .... what you saw that upset you so much. Were they having sex?"

Nate shifted uncomfortably. "No, they were asleep but..." his voice cracked "...but Darius's cock was in Hassan's ass."

Adam gripped the steering wheel hard and clenched his jaw, and they drove the rest of the way in silence. When they pulled up at the gate Nate's old truck was still there, of course, and he got out of Adam's car and yanked open the truck door. But just then came the sound of another vehicle coming round the bend and screeching to a halt at the gate. Hassan and Darius in the Jeep.

Nate's heart started thumping and his instinct was to drive away fast, but he stopped as he saw Adam leap from the car just as Hassan got down from the jeep. He stood rooted to the spot and watched as Adam strode up to the soldier and glared at him, their faces only inches apart. "I wanna talk to you, man," Adam growled.

"I know," said Hassan, a note of contrition in his voice.

"Nate," Adam said, "you don't have to stay. Go on home and I'll be there shortly." With that, Adam spun round and followed Hassan down the steep path to his guesthouse. Nate was scared about what was going to happen down there, but his immediate concern was Darius, getting down from the Jeep and walking toward him.

Nate didn't know what to say ..... didn't even know what he felt about Darius .... so Darius took the lead. "Dude, when we saw your truck here this morning we kinda guessed that you had looked in on ..... well, on us ..... and all ....." His voice faltered. "Jeez, dude, seeing that, you must've .... I dunno, I ..... It's just that it was real late and all day we'd been .... oh shit I won't even insult you trying to explain. Dude, I know you're Hassan's boy and .... but I love you, man ..... and now I've gone and fucked everything up like I always do. I'm sorry, dude. God, that sounds pathetic, don't it, but ..... I'm really sorry dude."

Nate gazed at him, the normally funny, mischievous, cocksure young black guy now fidgeting uncomfortably before him, tears in his eyes. And Nate felt sorry for him. He knew how Darius had a habit of fucking up .... but after all was said and done, being in bed with Hassan after a long day with him ..... well, what was a horny young stud supposed to do?

Maybe Nate wouldn't have felt so generous if he hadn't still been under the spell of Adam's great news, feeling the happiest he had ever felt and wanting his friends to share that happiness with him. But he was feeling generous .... and forgiving. Suddenly he threw his arms round Darius and they embraced in a long tearful hug.

Finally Darius pulled back and smiled at Nate, "Dude, you are one hell of a guy. Are they all like that Down Under? I gotta go there someday. Listen, Hassan was gonna drive me back down to the house but maybe I can cadge a lift from you, eh?"

Nate thought for a minute and said, "Nah, why don't you take my truck, here's the keys. I'll wait for Adam to drive me home. I kind of wanna make sure everything's OK between him and Hassan. See you at the house."

With a last impulsive hug Darius jumped into the truck and sped off down the hill. When he got home he went straight across the street to see Zack. He needed to make a clean breast of everything. So he launched into the story of his weekend ..... the part he had played in the movie, the director's praise of him, him taming his arrogant young boss with his monster cock and finally ..... the way he had fucked Hassan in bed.

He waited nervously for Zack's reaction and was relieved to see a gleaming smile. Zack had felt some resentment at Hassan being so close to Darius, and would have been mad if Hassan had fucked his boy ..... but this way round, well, that was different. "Fucking eh, boy," he said, "you showed 'em all, uh? I'm real proud of you, kid ..... and you deserve a big reward."

Zack rewarded him in the time-honored way and the boy's ass was sore for the rest of the day.


While the boys were mending fences, though, things were not going nearly so smoothly with Adam and Hassan. When they had walked into Hassan's house the air had a heady mix of testosterone, anger, macho rivalry and .... despite everything ..... male sexuality as the two men stared at each other. Hassan was, as usual after a shoot, wearing military fatigues and boots and, stretched over his muscular torso, a khaki tank that had become ragged and sweat-stained after the grueling two-day shoot.

Hassan gazed at Adam in jeans and boots and the white tank top, which had also become torn and dirty from being tied round Nate's straining wrist. Both men felt their cocks stiffen and in any other circumstances heavy macho sex would have been the inevitable outcome. But still they were consumed ..... with anger on Adam's part, and acute discomfort on Hassan's. It was Hassan who broke the silence.

"Nate saw, didn't he? When I saw his truck up at the gate I realized ....."

"You hurt him, man," Adam exploded. "You hurt our boy. You swore you would protect him and you hurt him instead. By some miracle of timing I was here to take him in my arms or God knows what he would have done. Nate is a terrific young guy .....cheerful, honest, trusting ..... and you nearly ruined it all for him. What the hell were you thinking, man, or was your dick doing the thinking for you ..... or maybe I should say your ass!?"

Hassan winced as Adam snarled the last word. He sighed deeply and said, "I have no defense, Adam. It was just that after a long day in ...... no .... no explanation either. You're right, I let you down and I was the cause of Nate's misery. You're right to ream me out, man. Go ahead and punish me ..... God knows I deserve it."

Adam ran his hand through his hair in frustration. "Man, I feel like beating the shit out of you, but ... I just don't understand how .... I mean ..... what happened? .... tell me how it happened."

Hassan looked him straight in the eye. "OK, first thing I wanna say is that none of this was Darius's fault. Whatever he did ..... I told him to do it."

"You told him!?"

"We were exhausted when we came in and fell right into bed. But I was restless, couldn't rid my mind of ..... well, during the day I had secretly watched Darius fuck a young guy with that huge, gorgeous dick of his and I guess I was dreaming about how that would feel. During the night Darius got up to use the bathroom and I was tossing on the bed here."

"Show me," Adam said with a hint of menace in his voice.

Hassan lay back on the bed and sprawled in a spread-eagled position. "I was only half awake and I saw Darius come out of the bathroom and stand watching me, just where you are now. I saw that long dick and I .... hell, maybe I was half dreaming but I ......" He stretched his arms up to the bedposts and slipped his hands through the loops of cord that were still there, tugging at his wrists as if he were tied tight, writhing on the bed just as he had with Darius.

Adam's heart was beating fast as he looked at the spectacular Marine, a true muscle god, his handsome face still streaked with dirt, broad shoulders and bulging biceps straining against the ropes, his magnificent chest flexing under the torn, sweat-stained tank. The sight was wildly erotic, pornographic, and Adam unthinkingly unzipped his jeans, pulled out his stiff cock and began to stroke it. "Then what happened?" he asked.

Hassan spoke as if in a trance, transported back to the scene. "I saw the gorgeous black boy standing there, the same boy I had watched earlier fuck that guy with his huge cock. His cock was hard as he came forward and knelt at the foot of the bed."

"Like this?" Adam said softly, kneeling between Hassan's legs. "Then what?"

"I looked up at the boy and said 'Fuck me, boy. Fuck the soldier's ass with that huge black cock. I wanna feel your cock in my ass'."

Adam was hypnotized by the lilting voice, by the exquisite, square-jawed, rugged face, begging to get fucked. He quickly ripped open the soldier's fatigues, pulled them down below his knees and pushed his legs up. They hooked over Adam's shoulders, the pants pooling round his boots. Adam stared down at him and took over the narrative. "Then the boy pressed his dick against that hungry ass of yours ..... like this. I bet he paused as he stared into those beautiful eyes that were begging him to fuck you. He must've felt his cock throb, then he did this .....!

"Aaagh! Aaagh!" The soldier screamed as Adam slammed his cock into his ass. It was like a spike being driven deep inside his body, the sudden pain radiating through him, making his body buck and strain against the ropes, his agonized face thrashing from side to side, his long black hair flying. Adam flashed on Nate's tear-stained face and his anger returned. This was the man who had hurt him. Worse, the man was stunningly beautiful, irresistible .... to Darius, to Nate, to all men .... Adam included!

So it was anger, envy, lust and revenge that drove Adam to fuck the Marine savagely, his cock becoming a jackhammer, a piston drilling deep into his ass. And it was just what Hassan needed. He had hurt the boy, and he deserved to be hurt by the master. He endured the pain in his ass to blot out the worse pain of guilt and shame. Impaled on the brutal rod he gazed up at the handsome face and yelled, "Fuck me, man .... fuck my ass .... harder, man ..... punish me ..... make it hurt. Rip me open, man."

Adam fell forward and pressed his hands against Hassan's rock hard chest. As his hips pounded faster he squeezed Hassan's nipples through the thin fabric of the tank, harder and harder, making the soldier scream in pain. Adam ripped the tank away from the nipples and attacked the naked flesh savagely. The pain was now so excruciating that Hassan's only instinct was to make it stop. He yanked hard at the ropes and pulled his wrists free.

He grabbed Adams wrists, trying to wrench them apart. But Adam's grip was solid, so Hassan retaliated by making Adam suffer the way he was suffering. He slammed his hands against Adam's chest and squeezed his tits, hearing his scream. He grabbed at the tank, bunched it in his fist and pulled it to shreds so he could work on the bare nipples.

They were like two raging stallions, their bodies bucking and heaving as pain speared through them. As the shreds of their shirts hung loose they tortured each other's nipples without mercy. They flexed their pecs hard to brace against the pain, both howling in the heat of combat as they matched muscle against muscle in an agonizing trial of strength. And still the piston continued to drive into Hassan's ass as they both came close to the limit of their endurance.

Then suddenly: "NO.....Stop .....!" They didn't hear at first. "Please, stop it ..... STOP!"

Nate's horrified voice shocked them back to sanity. Their hands fell away from each other's chest and Adam's cock became still, buried deep inside Hassan. A stunned silence followed. Nate gazed spellbound at the two men, their bodies heaving, both stripped to the waist except for the shreds of their tanks clinging to their pain-racked chests. The word "revenge" was not even in Nate's vocabulary, but if he had ever sought revenge, this was it, seeing Adam's huge cock inside Hassan's ass, in place of the one that had shocked him so much earlier.

Adam jolted back to reality and realized that he had gone further than he ever intended in hurting Hassan, driven not only by anger but by lust and even envy for this impossibly beautiful man. Hassan, recovering from the acute pain in his chest and ass, gazed up at Nate, the boy he had hurt so badly. His eyes begged for forgiveness as he turned his head sideways toward Nate and opened his mouth wide.

Instinctively Nate knelt on the bed beside Hassan's face, gazed at him with a slight smile, the smile of forgiveness, and eased his hard cock into the soldier's mouth. As he moved it slowly back and forth Adam matched him with a similar gentle rhythm in Hassan's ass. And this was it, the ultimate poetic justice. Hassan had hurt Nate by begging Darius to fuck him, and now he was being fucked in the ass by the master and in the face by the boy.

But it wasn't really justice, or revenge, or submission. No, it was a restoration of harmony between these three men, two masters and a boy, reuniting them in a renewed expression of their mutual love and affection. Nate needed one last act to feel completely whole. "Sirs," he said, "would you cum for me, please? And make me cum? I love you both, you know."

And the two masters obeyed their boy. Adam felt his cock bulge inside the soldier's fiery ass, Hassan clenched his throat round the boy's cock ...... and only the sound of heavy breathing accompanied the three euphoric orgasms that poured from their cocks, one deep inside Hassan's ass, one in his throat, and his own over his magnificent olive-skinned body.

It was really the boy who had restored peace among them ..... Nate, whose happiness on this day blazed so bright that it was irresistibly contagious .... to his friend Darius, and to the two men in whose arms he now lay in blissful contentment.


Dinner that evening was a joyful clatter of young voices, of "beans being spilled" as Darius laughingly said. They all had a tale to tell, Darius most of all who had the boys' rapt attention as they hung on his every word like kids listening in wide-eyed wonder to a fairy tale. Well, maybe the tale of his adventures with the Marines did contain exaggerations (it was Darius after all), but it was no fairy tale. It actually happened in every erotic detail. Eddie, in particular, gazed in awe at the man he idolized, drawn into the fantasy of Darius as rugged Marine.

Pablo too bathed in Darius's reflected glory, knowing that his lover would act out some of these fantasies in bed later that night. And Nate, of course, couldn't stop talking about his day with Adam, the story of Hassan, and above all Adam's move to Los Angeles. Jamie's excited voice chimed in with the day he and Mark had just spent at Jason's house and the delights of being shared all day by a cop and a fireman.

The masters listened to the overlapping voices with amused indulgence ..... except for Bob whose antennae picked up a certain uneasiness with the twins as they detached themselves from the group and busied themselves with the trappings of dinner. He followed them into the kitchen and watched them work in silence, with slightly pinched faces.

"OK, guys, something's up .... you can't fool me. Now sit down, have a drink and tell me...."

They obeyed, of course, and gradually it came out, with nudging from Bob. "Was it all the stories the boys told out there? They're real stoked, all of them ..... were you, er, envious?"

"No, sir," Kyle protested ..... "Well, not really. We're really happy for them and everything that's happened. It's just that .... well...."

"Just that you didn't have a story to tell, that it? Nothing much happens to you .... Am I right?"

The twins exchanged glances and when Kevin spoke for them it all came out in a rush. "Well, sir, we were talking and, well, sometimes it seems that guys we get friendly with are kind of taken over by the other boys. I mean, like, Jason, sir. We were the ones who met him first, and you gave us that great birthday present with him, but now he spends all his time with Mark and Jamie and we never ever even get to talk to him. And, well ....."

"Hey," Bob interrupted, "I remember how Jason loved being with you guys ..... he went ape-shit over you ..... he still talks about it. You want to see more of him? No problem, I know he'd jump at the chance. Come to think of it, it's time you got out of this kitchen more often." He thought for a minute, then said. "Listen, I didn't want to jump the gun on this but I may as well tell you now. Jason has told me he wants to give a party at his house soon, his way of saying thanks to all of us. He's inviting everyone ..... us, Steve, Lloyd, Hassan, and now Adam too.

"Anyway, it'll be a big affair and he told me he can't do it himself so he's going to hire caterers. Well, I said why not keep it in house? Seems to me you two are the best caterers in town and if you took on Nate and Eddie as cater-waiters you could handle it. Now, it would take a lot of planning with Jason. You'd have to spend a couple of days there, getting used to the kitchen and his setup, working close to him as he explains what he needs. I think you could handle it ..... if you want the job, that is."

Their shining eyes answered for them. A couple of days with Jason, the gorgeous fireman who had been their birthday present, the man the twins had mesmerized by making love together while he watched. Their minds were racing ..... and not only with plans for food. They had something else in mind entirely.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 164


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