The new boy, Eddie, had sailed successfully through his interrogation by the boys, who were to decide whether he had the right stuff to join the group. The clincher had come when Pablo questioned his sexual endurance by asking how many times he had cum that day.

Eddie had counted off the number of orgasms so far and come up with the total. "That's it, sir .... seven ..... if you don't count the times in between when I jacked off on my own."

That staggering sexual marathon had been enough to impress Pablo. "OK, you get my vote, kid." The vote to accept Eddie was unanimous and the meeting was breaking up when Pablo had an afterthought. "Er, just one more thing, Eddie. How often have you been whipped?"

Eddie looked shocked. "I ..... er ..... whipped, sir? I've never been whipped, sir. I don't think I could ever ....." and his voice trailed off as he saw the disappointed faces round the table.

Pablo said, "You see, boy, everyone here has to be able to take a whipping. Most of us have. If you can't, then ..... well ......" and he shrugged.

Darius jumped up. "Guys, I vote we adjourn until tomorrow. I need to consult someone."

Relieved at this temporary solution everyone agreed and the meeting was over. Darius grabbed Eddie's arm and steered him toward the gate. "Don't worry, dude, I know just the guy to help us out of this. He pulled out his phone and punched the speed-dial for Zack.

"Sir? Is that you, sir? We've hit a kind of snag here. There's one more thing Eddie has to do ..... and I need your help."


Nate was concerned about the hitch in his plans to hire Eddie, whom he had come to like and respect a lot. But he agreed to let Darius handle the problem. If any of them knew how to deal with Pablo it was Darius, after all. And besides, his plan was to consult Zack, the ultimate expert in leather-sex and discipline. Seemed like a great idea.

So it was that after dinner that night Zack sat at the table in his garden sipping coffee and Darius and Eddie stood before him. Darius had explained what had been said at the meeting and they now waited nervously for Zack's advice. They gazed in awe at the handsome black muscle-stud in a white T-shirt that contrasted perfectly with his gleaming ebony skin, his biceps flexing as he rested his elbows on the table. Despite the tension in the air both boys had stiff boners in their shorts.

"Hey, kids, relax," Zack said. "Take a seat and have some coffee. No problem we can't solve together, eh?" and he smiled warmly at Eddie. "So, from what you say Nate wants to hire Eddie and the boys all agree, only Pablo has raised this objection. OK, well let me say right off the bat that the idea that Eddie has to get a whipping before he can come and live here is total bullshit. That's not what this house is all about. Don't worry, kid, it ain't gonna happen."

"But sir," Eddie blurted out, "Pablo said that all the other boys have ...."

"Don't worry about Pablo," Darius grinned. "I can handle him. Hell, I'll tell him he's never gonna feel my cock in his ass again. That'll do it."

"Now listen, Eddie," Zack said, "it's true that most of the boys have had a whipping from time to time. Hell, when you first met Darius and me and we put on a show in the back room of your bar you saw me whip him good when he was tied up wearing nothing but leather chaps. Remember?"

"I can never forget that, sir," Eddie said softly, his cock getting even harder at the thought.

"OK, but there are a couple of things you should know about that. "First, Darius really wanted it." Darius grinned, with a thumbs up. "And second, he is my boy and he trusts me absolutely."

"But I trust you too, sir."

Zack looked sternly at him. "Don't you ever say that you trust anyone outside this house. Too many boys have got into trouble like that. If I find out that you have, I'll ..... "

"You'll whip me, sir?" Zack grinned and shook his head. "Thing is, sir, I want to be like the other boys ..... I want to do what they've done so I'll feel I belong. Please, sir ......"

Zack gazed at the boy with newfound respect. The shy young kid was beginning to show just how tough he could be. After some thought, Zack said, "OK, Eddie. If that's really what you want, that's what you'll get. But if we're gonna do it we have to do it right." He stood up. "I'm going inside, but I'll be back in a minute. Get him ready, Darius. You know what to do."

Left alone Darius gazed at Eddie with a gleam in his eye. "You scared, kiddo?"

"Yes sir, I am," Eddie said quietly.

"Don't be. Zack can be a mean son-of-a-bitch but he would never hurt one of his boys .... never. OK, now the first thing is, you have to get naked .....


A few minutes later Darius stood back and looked proudly at his work. Under a tree stood the naked boy, arms raised up and out, wrists tied to a branch overhead, high enough to stretch his slim body so his feet still touched the ground. His was shivering with fear that had made him lose his erection and his cock swung between his legs.

"Perfect," said Darius. "Hell, dude, you look real hot. Zack's gonna love working on you."

In a moment of panic Eddie had second thoughts and was about to ask Darius to untie him when suddenly he gasped. Zack came striding from the house, a stunning leather god in heavy boots, leather pants and a black leather vest hanging open over his bare chest. He wore a black leather cap on his head and mirror sunglasses, and in his hand was a whip with many narrow strands of leather, a cat-o'-nine-tails.

Darius smiled to himself. Zack looked spectacular and knew exactly what he was doing. That kind of whip caused minimal pain, far less than a belt, say, or a stock whip. But that subtlety was lost on Eddie who instinctively pulled at the ropes in another jolt of panic. Zack came close and Eddie held his breath. Instead of seeing Zack's eyes he saw himself, a scared, naked boy, reflected in the leatherman's mirror glasses.

Nervous as he was, the sight of his own reflection, set in Zack's handsome face, was so thrilling that it gave him courage. And when Zack took off the glasses Eddie suddenly knew that everything would be OK. The pale grey eyes bored into his, and behind the sternness Eddie saw kindness, affection. The deep voice had the same mix of authority and compassion.

"Now I'll ask you one more time, boy. Are you sure you want this?"

"Yes, sir. Definitely, sir." Eddie wanted this more than anything.

"Now listen carefully. You're in my power ...... a naked boy tied up at the mercy of a leather stud holding a whip. Let me see you try to get free."

Eddie looked up at the ropes and pulled hard at them, his young body struggling and writhing, face grimacing with effort. But it was no good. He was Zack's prisoner and he gazed again into the cool, gray eyes. "Good," Zack said. "Now here's the deal. The whipping will get harder and harder and it'll hurt. But when you know you can't take any more you use the word 'submit' and it will stop."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." The look in Zack's eyes, the sound of his voice describing what was about to happen, took away some of Eddie's fear and his cock began to get semi-hard.

In the background Darius had his own stiff erection as he watched his master training this novice boy. Darius knew what his role was to be. He had run into the house and grabbed his camera. Hell, he thought, when the guys see this they'll see what Eddie's made of and there'll be no more objections. He held the camera to his eye and murmured, "And......Action!"

And action is what he got. Zack raised his arm and cracked the whip sharply across Eddie's chest, just hard enough to make him flinch. The result was amazing ...... as the boy felt the lash his cock sprang to attention in an instant erection. Zack smiled in surprise. "Holy shit ..... you wanted this, didn't you, boy? Have you jerked off at night thinking about it?"

Eddie blushed, "Yes, sir. But I never thought I could really take a.... Aaah!"

He yelled as Zack surprised him with another blow, then another, then a rain of lashes across his chest, his stomach his arms and down across his thighs. Aware now of the boy's desires Zack steadily increased the intensity of the blows and took him almost to his pain threshold, then stopped. The pale young body hung from the ropes shuddering, feeling more alive than it had ever been.

"What do you say, boy?" Zack barked.

"Thank you, sir..... thank you, sir," Eddie shouted.

"You want more, don't you?

"Yes please, sir. I want it real bad."

"OK, kid, you asked for it." Zack threw off his cap, shucked off his vest, and now the whipping began in earnest, the strips of leather dancing in the air, then cracking across the boy's chest. It required all Zack's skill to calibrate the blows, hard enough to hurt him as he wanted but not to the point where he would submit.

Eddie felt the sting of the whip across his naked body as it spasmed with each blow, his rigid cock bouncing before him. He gazed at the incredible black leather-god, stripped to the waist in tight leather pants and heavy boots. His muscles flexed and gleamed as his arm crashed down, his rugged, square-jawed ebony face and shaved head making him the ultimate, pornographic picture of the leather master.

As Eddie gazed at him and felt each lash biting his flesh he was suddenly transported to a place he had never been before, a world of pain-as-pleasure. And he lost all control. "Whip me hard, sir," he yelled. "I want to feel it ..... hurt me, sir. I need it."

Zack moved behind him and said. "OK, now for that tender ass of yours, boy. And this is gonna hurt." Eddie yelled as he felt the whip sting his ass with a new kind of pain. The white globes of his ass bounced under the lash of the leather braids and Darius had trouble focusing his camera as he saw the red welts rise on the pale skin. But still Eddie pleaded for more.

Zack glanced at Darius, then down at a second whip he had brought out and dropped on the ground. Darius understood his cue. With perfect timing the twins came out of their small guesthouse on the property, attracted by the noise, and stood spellbound by the incredible spectacle. "Here, Kyle, take over," Darius said handing him the camera. "Hold it steady now and focus on Eddie." He stripped naked, picked up the second whip and stood before the boy who was jerking forward as his ass got whipped.

In his haze of ecstatic pain Eddie's eyes opened wide as he saw his naked young master, muscles rippling, his ten-inch cock hard as iron. "Oh yes," he breathed as the truth dawned on him. "Yes, please, sir ..... please......"

Darius caught Zack's eye behind Eddie, and saw the look of caution on his face. He knew he had to be careful. So he brought the whip across Eddie's chest lightly at first, then with more stinging blows, while Zack lashed the boy's back. Eddie began to hallucinate, in a fantasy world where he was tied up naked and being whipped by two black muscle-studs, the shirtless leather master lashing his back and the naked muscleboy with the huge cock whipping his chest. Somewhere there was pain, but it was veiled in pure rapture .... his body was on fire.

He wanted this to last forever ..... but he was unaware of Zack's signal to Darius. Darius dropped the whip and took the camera back from Kyle. Zack knew that Eddie was reaching a threshold where he was at risk of slipping into a harmful unreality. He had to bring it to an end, and he knew exactly how. He walked round and faced him. "OK, boy, that's it. Now I'm gonna make you submit."

"No," Eddie yelled defiantly. "I'll never submit. Fuck you!"

Zack knew that, in his delirium, Eddie was trying to goad him to do more. So Zack feigned anger. "OK, asshole," he raged, "nobody speaks to me like that, least of all a punk like you. So here it comes, boy." Zack raised him arm and slammed the whip across his chest, knowing he was taking the boy over his pain threshold. He delivered a second blow and he saw the look in Eddie's eyes that he wanted to see. Reality was back, the fantasy gone. The head jerked back and his eyes opened wide. This was real pain .... and he couldn't take it.

"You want more, boy?" Zack shouted ..... "Like this?" The third blow did it. The pain was too much and Eddie shouted, "No, sir .... Please, sir ...... I can't take any more. I submit to you, sir. Please .... I submit." And the whipping stopped.

He stared at Zack, the magnificent leather-god who had whipped him into submission, standing before him his muscles heaving. He yanked at the ropes desperate to touch his raging cock .... but he was a prisoner. His body shook, thrashing in the ropes, he felt fire racing through him, his cock shuddered and he screamed, "I submit, sir ....I submit ....aah .... aah ... aaagh!."

He saw a plume of white liquid burst from his cock, arch high in the air, then splash onto the ground at his master's feet, followed by another and another.

It was a while before his body stopped shaking and he hung from the ropes, his head sagging down as he sobbed quietly, "I submit, sir."


The next thing Eddie felt was a hard chest pressing against his as a strong arm folded round him. Zack's other arm reached up, he quickly untied the ropes and Eddie let himself slump in Zack's safe embrace. Memory started to flood back of what he had shouted to Zack and he moaned, "I'm sorry, sir ..... what I said to you ..... I didn't mean it, sir ....."

"Hey, kiddo, relax. It was all in the heat of the moment." He pulled back a little and stared into Eddie's teary eyes. "You were terrific, kid. You're on hell of a tough boy. But listen to me, this is important. You have something inside you that makes you lose control and want more and more pain. You have to be real careful. Never, ever, let anyone tie you up and whip you except guys in this house. And if I ever find out that any of them has hurt you I'll ......"

"....whip the shit out of them, sir?" That was Darius, grinning broadly.

"Here, Darius, take your boy." Zack eased away from Eddie, who fell into Darius's arms.

"Did I do OK, sir?" Eddie asked.

"OK? Look at this, dude," and he pulled back to show Eddie his rigid cock. "I could have cum just looking at you, but I'm saving this boner for your ass. You were awesome, kid, and I've got the evidence to prove it." He waved his camera in the air. "Just wait 'til the guys see this!"

The boys' meeting reconvened the next day in Darius and Pablo's bedroom. They sat around the TV and Darius stood beside it like a showman about to unveil his latest, greatest movie. When the video began he expected howls and cheers from the boys but ..... there was complete silence. The boys watched in wordless awe as the dramatic scene unfolded of the boy, bound naked, being lashed by the ultimate leather master. Darius had edited the eruption of cum into slow motion, and the video ended with Eddie sobbing, "I submit sir." Darius froze the video on the image of Eddie hanging from the ropes, his exhausted body striped with the marks of Zack's whip.

Only then did the room erupt into cheers and whistles. Pablo stood up, pulled Eddie to his feet and shook his hand warmly. "That was spectacular, kid. Welcome to the group. You're one of us." As Darius looked on proudly, Jamie, Nate and the twins stood up and clustered round Eddie, showering him with hugs and congratulations.

Eddie glowed with excitement at being embraced by this incredible group of guys. For the first time in his life he did not feel alone. He belonged.


And so another notch was added at the very bottom of the house's totem pole ..... for a wide-eyed, star-struck boy, the only member of the group to call every other man 'sir'. The boys treated him like a kid brother, looking out for him, mentoring him, lecturing when necessary. As for the men, he had been well and truly broken in .... disciplined and thrilled by Hassan, and introduced to the pleasures of the whip by Zack. He was already in love with Bob, of course, and stood in awe of the gorgeous cop Mark.

Then there was Randy. Eddie was still scared of the 'gypsy king' as he thought of him. The rugged construction boss was so far above him and his reputation was so fearsome, his anger legendary, that Eddie tried to give him a wide berth. But all that was about to change and Eddie would come to be grateful for Randy's terrifying rage.

While Eddie was back in Palm Springs working out his week's notice at the bar, Zack had placed a discreet call to Mike, the bar owner, to make sure he was on board with the idea of Eddie moving on. It turned out that Mike was all for it.

"Do him a world of good," Mike said. "About time he came out of his shell and saw a bit more of life, rather than living alone in that dingy apartment out here and working as a bar-back. And hell, what's not to love about living with an incredible bunch of studs like all of you?" He laughed, "Shit, if I didn't have this bar to run I'd consider applying for a job there myself."

Then Mike became more serious and confidential. "And to tell you the truth, Zack, it'll be good for him to get away from a couple of guys out here who've been harassing the poor kid. The Krieger brothers ..... bikers, real low-life assholes who've done time in prison. I've 86'd them from the bar but they still hang around Eddie and I'd hate for him to fall into their grubby hands. So good riddance to them. Treat the boy well, Zack .... he's a good kid. And when I'm next in L.A. maybe I'll drop in and see you all ....." he chuckled ".....then spend the next few months jerking off thinking about it."

"You're welcome anytime, big guy," Zack laughed. "And don't worry about Eddie ..... he's in good hands."


By his third week in the house Eddie had hit his stride in the daily routine, working hard, eager to prove himself. Nate was impressed with his attitude to his work, and the other guys had got used to his being around and liked him a lot. As Mike had hoped, he really was coming out of his shell, and joined in more and more of the boys' activities.

It was late one afternoon and Eddie was working alone in the house. Nate was up at Hassan's place and all the other guys were still at work. Even Jamie wasn't upstairs in the office as he had gone out with the twins buying supplies. Eddie had finished cleaning inside the house and was now outside the gate, sweeping up the piles of leaves that remained after a strong Santa Ana wind that had blown for a couple of days.

He was bent over, shoveling the leaves into a trash bin, concentrating so hard that he did not hear the two bikes come quietly to a stop a bit down the hill. The first thing he heard was a familiar guttural voice. "Well, well, so this is where you finally washed up, boy." Eddie looked up sharply and terror gripped him. Like lightning he turned and ran through the gate, trying to slam it shut, but a heavy foot in the door prevented it.

He ran toward the house but he was overtaken. Strong arms grabbed him, spun him around and he found himself looking into the sadistic eyes of the Krieger brothers. He knew he was no match for these two brutal thugs ..... heavy-set, tattooed, bearded, in motorcycle leathers, black T-shirts and leather vests. They were his recurring nightmare. They had harassed and terrified him in the desert, which is why he kept to the bar and his apartment. He didn't want even to imagine what they would do with him if they got him alone. And now it was happening.

One of them held him tightly from behind while the other clamped his hand round Eddie's jaw. "Thought you'd given us the slip, didn't you, boy?" He sneered sarcastically. "Real cute leaving the desert like that and not leaving us your forwarding address. Took us all this time to track you down, but these days you can find anyone, even a young punk like you. Guess you're gonna have to pay for all the trouble we've gone to. OK, Bert, let's get a look at that ass.

"Sure thing, Lenny." His brother yanked down Eddie's shorts and they both ran their hands over the cheeks of his ass. One of them slapped it hard and when Eddie struggled the other slapped his face. Helpless and scared as he was he faced them defiantly. "You gotta get out of here. Mike told you to stay away from me."

The older of the two, Lenny, laughed sneeringly. "Is that so? Well, kid, seems to me you ain't got Mike to protect you anymore."

"No, he's got me!"

Lenny spun round and looked at the towering figure in the gateway, a big, muscular construction worker in old jeans and boots, his sculpted chest rippling under a ragged, grease-stained tank top. Eddie felt hope surge through him as he gazed at Randy.

The thug was taken aback but quickly recovered his wits. "Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm the guy who's gonna throw you two assholes off my property. And that's my boy you got there. Let him go."

Lenny's lip curled. "Make us, stud."

"OK, if that's the way you want it," said Randy calmly. He strode forward and just as Lenny started to move Randy broke stride, raised his leg in a high karate kick and slammed it across the thug's stomach. Lenny howled and dropped to his knees clutching his stomach. In a lightning follow-up Randy smashed his fist into Bert's face and he joined his brother on the ground. Freed suddenly, Eddie quickly pulled up his shorts

"You OK, kid?" Eddie nodded at Randy. "OK, stay out of the way while I take care of these two asswipes."

And he did, swinging into action with flying fists and legs. As each of the bikers staggered to his feet the wild man sent them flying again. They were both groaning on the ground as Randy ran toward Lenny to finish him off. The thug gazed in terror at the approaching demon and gathered enough strength for one last desperate move. He lifted his leg and kicked wildly. He was lucky. His boot slammed hard into Randy's balls, and the shaft of pain made him howl and fall the ground in agony

Lenny took his chance, staggered painfully to his feet and stood over the fallen construction worker who was still groaning in pain. "Not such a hot stud now, are you? How about this?" He raised his boot and stomped hard on Randy balls, causing another howl of pain. "Here, Bert, come and grab some of the action here." Bert had dragged himself to his feet and now joined his brother stamping viciously on Randy's crotch as he twisted and writhed on the ground in a futile attempt to protect himself.

"That'll teach you to mess with the Kriegers, asshole," Lenny panted. "OK, bro, his balls have had enough." He sneered. "His stud days are over. .... let's finish him off." Bert pulled Randy to his feet by his tank, ripping it to shreds. He held him from behind, his arms under Randy's armpits and round his neck in a brutal full nelson. Randy was a natural fighter and could normally have powered his way out of the hold. But spears of pain shot through his body from the hammering to his balls, and all he could do was flex against the onslaught of Lenny in front of him.

"Asshole mother-fucker," Lenny sneered. "I'm gonna enjoy this." His fist slammed into Randy's stomach, then across his face, one side and then the other. The construction worker's tank hung in shreds round his waist as his chest and stomach took the brunt of the beating while Bert tightened his hold and cheered his brother on.

Desperately Randy flexed his muscles against the flailing fists and writhed in a helpless attempt to free himself, but his strength failed his weakened body. Randy had survived many a beating in his life but he knew that this one would finish him. In a haze of pain he was dimly aware of movement behind Lenny, and suddenly the thug howled and dropped to his knees. Behind him stood Eddie, swinging the shovel he had been using to scoop up leaves and had now used for a different purpose entirely. He had smashed it against the biker's back.

Bert was still holding Randy in a vise-like grip until he too felt the full force of the shovel and he too fell to his knees, stunned. Randy was free, but dazed and stunned, and he fell to the ground, clutching his shattered crotch and groaning in pain. The two bikers regained their senses and turned their fury on Eddie, who was looking on in terror, determined not to leave the wounded Randy but not sure what to do next.

"You fucking little bastard," Lenny screamed and launched himself at Eddie. He picked him up bodily and said, "Come on, Bert, let's get the fuck out of here and teach this little punk a lesson. Eddie fought, kicking and scratching, but felt himself being carried helplessly to the gate. He screamed, "Sir, help me. Please, sir, they'll kill me."

The terrified voice pierced Randy's numbed consciousness. He opened his eyes and saw the young boy being carried away. And that's when his anger took over. "NO!" Despite the searing pain in his balls he dragged himself to his feet and with the howl of an enraged animal launched himself forward. Wounded he may be but rage and adrenaline surged through him and all he knew was that he had to save the boy. He threw himself at Bert, grabbed the back of his head and smashed his forehead against the gatepost.

As Bert sagged to his knees Lenny released Eddie and sprang to his brother's defense, to be met by Randy's fist square on his jaw. Randy's body became a lethal weapon as he pulled Bert up, smashed his fist across his face, sending him flying. Lenny got the same treatment and soon Randy was out of control, his fists and feet flying as he totally demolished the thugs.

From a distance Eddie looked on in awe at the shirtless construction worker, a fighting machine, his body bruised, face cut, but his powerful muscles rippling as he spun in a blur of action until finally the brothers lay annihilated in a heap on the ground. Randy stared down at them with blazing eyes, his body heaving with rasping breaths.

"Get those ropes, kid," he gasped as he dragged the unconscious bodies across the garden and threw them against a tree. Eddie ran to gather up the ropes by the garden shed and give them to Randy who, with the last ounces of his strength, tied the brother's arms tight round the tree.

He stood up, wild-eyed. It was over, and now the adrenaline that had fueled his churning body drained away. He had nothing left. Pain surged back through him, his vision blurred .... and he pitched forward, crashing heavily to the ground.


Horrified, Eddie fell to his knees beside his fallen hero and turned him onto his back. He knew he should go and get water but couldn't tear himself away from the man who had rescued him. He pulled off his own T-shirt and wiped it gently over Randy's face to clean off the dirt and streaks of blood. "Sir, please open your eyes. Please wake up, sir." He looked down at the dark rugged features, and instinctively moved to tend to the cuts and bruises. He leaned forward and began to lick the cuts, using his saliva as a healing balm.

But Randy had not lost consciousness. Of long experience he knew how to fight and how to recover. So when he had hit the ground he closed his eyes and lay still, breathing steadily, waiting for his strength and clarity to return and for the pain to subside. He was tough and resilient and now that the danger was over he knew that all he needed was a few minutes' rest.

But he had not expected to feel the warm tongue tenderly washing his face, massaging the bruises. It was strangely soothing and he relaxed into it, his eyes closed. Then he was astonished to feel warm lips press lightly against his, the tongue trying gently to open his mouth.

Eddie had no idea why he was doing this ..... it just felt right. He pulled back and said softly, "Please, sir, please wake up. I'll do whatever you say. Just come back, please."

He gasped as suddenly Randy's mouth opened in a gleaming smile and said, "I'm not going anywhere, kid." The eyes opened and he smiled up at Eddie's anxious face. "Thanks for your help back there, kiddo. Couldn't have done it without you and your shovel. We make a great team." Impulsively he reached up, pulled Eddie's head down onto him and their mouth's locked in a tight embrace, Randy's tongue hungrily exploring the boy's mouth.

When Randy pulled Eddie's head back his pale blue eyes bored into him ..... and the boy was lost, falling under the hypnotic spell that had captivated all the other men before him. His heart beat wildly and, incredibly, he felt his cock getting hard in his shorts. He murmured, "Thank you for saving me, sir. I think I love you, sir."

"Well now that's a good thing, young Eddie. So how about dragging that hose over here and giving me some water. But just then they heard a voice. "Holy shit, what the fuck....?"

It was Mark, towering over them in full uniform, just off work. He took in the whole scene with his expert eye .... Randy with his ripped shirt, cuts and bruises, the shirtless Eddie kneeling over him and two unsavory-looking characters tied to a tree, stirring back to consciousness.

"Hey," Randy grinned up at Mark, "the cavalry's arrived. Just in time, officer, to take care of those shit-for-brains assholes over there. Don't worry about me ..... the boy's taking good care of me, eh Eddie?" Eddie melted under his gaze.

Mark strode over to the tree and the Krieger brothers groaned as they saw the uniformed cop. "Not a word out of you," Mark ordered, reached down and pulled their wallets from their pants pockets. He unclipped his police-issue phone and spoke into it with his usual calm professionalism.

Eddie had dragged the hose across the lawn and was gently running it over Randy's face, and he gulped the water down thirstily. Just then it seemed like everyone came home at once. Zack, Darius and Pablo came in from work together, shortly followed by the twins and Jamie with full shopping bags. In the first few chaotic seconds Darius saw the red slap mark across Eddie's face and took him into his arms, and Pablo and the twins helped Randy to his feet.

Eddie glanced at Zack and said, "Those guys from the desert, sir, that Mike told you about." Zack's eyes blazed and he and the others approached the thugs menacingly. But Mark barred their way. "No further guys. These men are in police custody and we'll do everything by the book. I ran a make on them and they've got rap sheets as long as my dick." ("That long!" Darius grinned at Jamie.) "Parole violation for this one, outstanding bench warrant for the other. They've done plenty of prison time and it looks like they'll be going down for a lot more. I've called for back-up so let's just cool it 'til they get here.

Easier said than done. Zack and Pablo fretted over Randy who was still wincing with the pain in his balls. And the boys crowded round Eddie, agog to hear a (literally) blow-by-blow account of the incident. Before the backup cops came another car drew up at the gate ..... Bob's Mercedes. He was met inside the gate by Mark who quickly and coolly explained the situation. "Seems like once again Randy and his fists saved the day. He got pretty banged up, but he'll live and my guess is that what he needs most in the world now is you."

"Thanks, Mark." Bob walked across the lawn and the group parted as he approached Randy, whose face lit up instantly. He grabbed Bob's arm and forestalled any expressions of concern in his usual blunt way by cutting right to the chase. "Good, you're here, buddy. Come with me, I need you." He steered Bob forcefully to the house, leaving the others gaping in their wake.


When they got to their bedroom Bob took Randy by the shoulders and stared in concern at the cuts on his face and bruises on his chest. "Jesus, Randy, that must have been a hell of a fight. You're a mess."

"Yeah," Randy grinned, "but you should see the other guys."

"I did," said Bob. "Beaten to a pulp, I think is the phrase. But seriously, you sure you're OK?"

"No sweat, man, the face'll heal and you know me, body like the Rock of Gibraltar." He faltered. "But talking of rocks, buddy, those pricks did a real number on my balls .... stomped them good. They're kinda numb and that's where you come in. I wanna make sure ...."

"......that you can still get your rocks off," Bob grinned. "Leave it to me, man. Never known a time when I couldn't get a rise out of you."

Bob was in his business suit and tie and all he shed was his jacket before falling to his knees in front of the battered construction worker. Carefully he unbuttoned Randy's jeans and pulled them down over his cock and balls. "Aaaagh," Randy yelled as the denim scraped his balls. Jesus, Bob thought, they really are a mess, and he gazed at the long, thick club swinging limply between his legs. Usually by now it was rock hard and Bob felt a stab of fear.

But this was Randy, the toughest, most sexually potent man he had ever met. Plus he loved Bob and would do anything in the world for him. Bob leaned forward and licked the long, lifeless shaft from the head right up to the sweaty pubic hair. But nothing stirred so he tried again, and again. Finally he risked touching the balls lightly with his tongue, to be met with another 'aaagh' as Randy jerked his hips backwards.

Bob gazed up at his face staring forlornly down at him. What drove Randy, the thing at the root of his power, was his incredible masculinity and sexuality. What he couldn't solve with his fists he solved with his cock. But now ......" The light of panic dawned in his eyes.

Bob stood up and gazed directly into his eyes. "Randy, remember when I was in a coma, hovering between life and death? Remember how you brought me back to life? You held my cock under the bedcovers, stroked it and told me over and over that you loved me. My cock stirred and, in the depths of my coma, I heard you .... and I came back." Bob reached down and held Randy's cock lightly in his hand.

"You told me you loved me then. Do you still love me, Randy?"

"You know damn well I do, man. You're my life."

"Then show me. Randy, I want you to fuck me. Think of all the times you tied me up, watched me struggle, and fucked the shit out of me. I want it now, man. I crave it. Please, Randy ..... show me you still want me, you still love me. He gazed into the steel blue eyes ...... and felt the cock stir in his hand. He smiled, "That's better. Now we'll try that again."

When he dropped to his knees again the cock was already semi-erect. Bob licked it again, it grew hard and he took the rigid shaft in his mouth until he felt the head press deep in his throat. Randy grabbed the back of Bob's head and soon he was forcing his face into his pubic hair again and again. Finally he pulled his cock out and shouted, "The balls, man. Suck the balls!"

Bob opened his mouth wide and as gently as he could he sucked in the balls, first one, then the other. A scream echoed round the room and Bob tried to pull back but Randy's hand clamped his mouth on the balls, despite the pain that he felt. This was Randy and pain empowered him .... roused every sexual impulse in him. "That's it, man, eat those balls, chew on them, man ..... hurt them!"

Bob obeyed, clamped his mouth hard round the balls and sucked hard. It was excruciating for Randy, sending shafts of pain through his heaving body ...... and he loved it ..... he was alive ..... he was in love. He shouted in triumph, "Your master's back! Here it comes ..... I love you, man!" The balls were rock hard, and so was the cock as it exploded in a stream of white juice that flew high in the air, seemed to hover, then splashed down on Bob's face below. It was followed by another jet, and another, until Bob felt he would drown in his lover's semen.

When he pulled back Randy looked down at Bob, his eyes wild, his body heaving. He was on fire ..... first the fight that always made him horny as a stallion, then his display of enduring love for Bob that nothing and no one could destroy. He shouted in jubilation, "I love you, man."

He put his hands under Bob's arms, pulled him up and threw him on his back on the bed. He gazed down at the gorgeous executive in shirt, tie and dress pants, the dark hair, chiseled features and body of a god straining under his business clothes.

"Man," Randy said, close to tears, "you are the most beautiful thing ever to come into my life. I'm crazy about you .... I can't get enough of you. Look!" and he pointed to his cock, still rock hard even though he had just shot a massive load.

"Are you gonna fuck me, sir?"

"Damn right I am."

He tore the belt from Bob's pants, ripped them open and pulled them down below his knees. He threw his legs in the air, knelt between them and with one mighty thrust plunged his cock deep in his lover's ass, taking satisfaction in the scream that bounced off the walls. And so began a classic Randy fuck ..... wild, ferocious, his hips slamming forward, driving his cock into the ravaged ass like a piston.

As his balls slapped against Bob's ass the pain in them was agonizing and it drove him to even wilder abandon. He gazed down at the muscle-god beneath him in his shirt and loosened tie, his perfect body straining under his clothes, writhing under the assault on his ass. The beautiful face winced with pain, tousled dark hair flying as his head thrashed from side to side.

But as his ass was impaled on the relentless cock Bob's pain subsided and he gazed up in awe at the stunning construction boss above him, his dark gypsy face cut and bruised, his shirtless body gleaming with sweat and the marks of battle, the bulging chest, ripped abs, slim hips pounding down on him, the torn shreds of his tank hanging round his waist. He had fought two men, suffered a vicious beating, rescued a boy and was now pounding ass like a wild stallion. He was magnificent, a pornographic muscle-god ..... and Bob was in ecstasy.

The jackhammer rammed into him again and again until finally Bob was pleading, "I've gotta cum, man. You're so fucking hot I've gotta cum. Please, sir .... Please."

"OK, mother-fucker ..... here it comes!" With one last frenzied lunge Randy's hips smashed forward and his cock exploded with a flood of semen deep in the furnace of his lover's ass. He watched in awe as Bob screamed and a long ribbon of cum spurted from his cock high in the air and splashed down on Randy's chest.

They stared wildly at each other. This was it, their world. No matter what battles had to be fought, no matter how many beautiful men passed through their lives, it was really all about the two of them ..... just them ..... Randy and Bob, sharing a love that was unfathomable, indestructible and, they were sure, eternal.


As they lay back afterwards catching their breath Randy turned to Bob, his eyes shining, and said, "Hey buddy, let's get out of town. I need to be alone with you somewhere. I mean, I love these guys, they're our family, but sometimes it all gets too much ..... you know, all that recent stuff with the new guys Jason and Eddie. Don't get me wrong, I think they're gonna be great, but suddenly I have a hankering for it to be just us two, simple, the way we started. How about a few days like that away somewhere? What do you say, buddy, eh?"

"Sounds like bliss on a stick to me, buddy. Let's do it."

But even as they were making plans, someone else in the house was planning a brief interruption in their lives before they took off together. After Mark, as the arresting officer, had gone off in the patrol car taking the thugs for booking, Darius had taken Eddie across the street to Zack's. He was taking care of him, making sure he was recovering ..... and 'debriefing' him, of course, listening wide-eyed to his story. "Sounds like you were the hero of the hour, dude. Hell I can just picture you swinging that shovel to drop those two guys and rescue Randy."

"No, no," Eddie protested. "It was Randy saved me. Sir, you should have seen him, he was magnificent, like something out of a Rambo movie the way he totally demolished those guys. And afterwards, when he was on the ground, I was licking his face trying to clean it and he opened his eyes and stared at me, then he pulled my face to his and started to kiss me ..... It was ..... I dunno ..... I suddenly felt ..... I mean he's so incredible, I....

"Hey, hey, dude, what's going on here?" Darius looked at Eddie's shining eyes and grinned. "So that's it, I should have guessed. The big muscle-boss saved you and now ..... you've got Randy fever. Don't worry, kid, it's happened to all of us. He's an incredibly hot sexy stud.... no one can resist him."

"Yes but you don't understand. I know what I want, sir. The way he looked at me and all .... I know exactly what I want." He spilled the whole truth to Darius who smiled reassuringly at him. "You know, kiddo, Zack always tells me that when you want something really bad, just go for it. That's what you should do."

"OK, sir," said Eddie, his eyes shining, and he stood up.

"Hey, hey not so fast. I didn't mean now. Wait 'til tomorrow at least"

"No, sir. I gotta go now ..... right now, or I'll lose my nerve.


Bob and Randy were still sitting in their room, in their boxers, sipping beers and making plans for their weekend getaway. Calm had replaced the wild sexual vibrations in the room, but suddenly there was a timid knock at the door. "Come in," Randy shouted. Nothing happened. He leapt to his feet, yanked open the door and there stood Eddy. On hearing Randy's shout he had almost lost his nerve and run away, but now he stood nervously facing his hero.

"Hey, kid, what's up? You doing OK now?

"Yes, sir ..... thanks to you, sir. And that's what I came for ..... to thank you."

Randy laughed as he sank back in his chair. "No need for that, kid. We take care of each other in this house no matter what."

"Thank you, sir. I ......" His words died and he became even more nervous, shifting from foot to foot.

From his chair Bob gazed up at him and smiled encouragingly. "Is there something else you want to say to Randy, Eddie?" Bob had a fair idea that Eddie was feeling something much stronger than gratitude and he grinned at Randy. But Eddie just bit his lip nervously.

"Hey, come on kiddo, out with it," Randy said. "If you didn't come here just to thank me, what else do you want?" He laughed. "You want me to fuck you, or something?"

"No, sir ......" Eddie gulped .... "I mean yes, sir ..... that is what I want ..... please, sir." He blushed a deep red.

There was a stunned silence and Bob's heart went out to the boy. He stood up and gave Eddie his warmest smile. "I know just what you mean, Eddie. Most guys in this house have wanted that at one time or another. And I'll tell you a secret ..... I want it all the time."

"You do, sir?"

"All the time. I admire your courage coming here and asking for what you obviously want real bad. I heard you're a tough kid, after the way you acted today, helping Randy beat those guys. Seems you swing a mean shovel. So what about it, Randy? You owe him one. Why not give the boy what he wants?" Randy grinned in amusement and nodded.

"Sir," Eddie said timidly to Bob. "Only thing is, the boys say that Randy can be real rough. Does it hurt a lot, sir?"

"Only at first, Eddie," Bob smiled. "After that it's the greatest feeling in the world." He grinned at Randy. "Trust me, I should know."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 158


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