On the ride back home after leaving Jason's house Mark and Jamie were mostly silent at first. It was hard to find words to discuss the events of the day, where Jamie had watched as Mark had endured physical and sexual domination, all to help Jason confront his mental demons and restore his belief in his own manhood after his failure to rescue a fire victim.

Steering with one hand Mark reached over and squeezed Jamie's hand in his. "You were great today, kiddo, steady as a rock. You'd make a good cop, you know that? You were perfect backup - calm, in control - and the way you supported young Ben! He wouldn't have made it without you. I wasn't sure about leaving Ben alone there with Jason, still so unpredictable. I sure hope the kid's having the effect on Jason that Steve anticipated."

"I wouldn't worry about that, sir," Jamie said. "Ben's tougher than people think - something he learned from his big brother .... he's a junior version of Randy. I know Jason's crazy about him and you know what they say, sir - 'love conquers all'. I bet they're asleep in each other's arms right now." Jamie's youthful insight was right on the mark.

Mark squeezed his hand tighter and they drove on in silence, which was suddenly broken by the ring of Jamie's cell phone. He thought it might be Ben, but the excited voice at the other end said, "Jamie, mi scusi, amico, for calling so late but another waiter has just traded shifts with me and I have two days off. I have to come to L.A. for some - come se dice - some errands, yes? and I would love to drop by to see you. I know you are very busy with your work, but ....."

"Hang on a second, Mario" said Jamie excitedly. He checked with Mark who grinned and said, "Sure, tell him he can stay a couple of nights if he wants to." Mark was grateful for the change of subject and for Jamie's sudden surge of exuberance. Jamie gave Mario the good news and they promised to touch base next morning. His eyes were shining as he looked up at Mark. "Thank you, sir. Be great to see him again. Wonder how he'll react when he sees all the guys."

Mark chuckled. "What I wanna to see is how the guys react to him. A hot young Italian in the mix should really stir things up. I can't wait.


The following morning Eddie was raking leaves outside the gate. It was a part of the day he really loved, when all the guys had gone to work leaving him alone to get on with his job of cleaning the house, doing yard work, making it ready for when they all came back. He looked forward to their praise, especially from the big bosses, Randy and Bob, who never failed to thank him for his efforts, with one of them usually ruffling his hair.

This was his territory, and today he was king of the house as Nate had gone out shopping for supplies with the twins, leaving him alone, except for Jamie working upstairs in his office. Eddie had never been happier in his life than he was working for these sensational guys, especially now that he was Hassan's boy. As he worked his thoughts ran in a continuous loop on the night he had just spent with the handsome Marine, folded in his arms after getting fucked by him.

But suddenly his daydreams were interrupted by a small car that drove by slowly, stopped uncertainly, then backed up and pulled into the parking area. A head with black curly hair leaned out of the window and a heavily accented voice said, "Scusi, but is this the house of Mark and Jamie?"

"Er, yes, sir," said Eddie, taken aback, "and of Randy and Bob and Pablo and the twins and...."

"Excellent!" The man jumped out of the car and flashed a gleaming smile. "I have come to see Jamie. My name is ....."

"Mario, I know."

"You know my name?"

"Oh yes, sir, Jamie said you would be coming." For Eddie, this beautiful young man with a lilting foreign accent, dressed in blue-jeans and a sexy white linen shirt, might as well have come from Mars instead of from Italy by way of Laguna Beach. His exotic looks and flawless physique, visible under the thin shirt that hung open nearly to the waist, stunned the shy young houseboy, whose nervousness took refuge in words - lots of them. Impulsively, without pausing for breath, he launched into what Nate always laughingly called his nervous babble.

"Jamie told us a lot about you, sir, and Darius asked lots of questions .... he's Zack's boy and he keeps tabs on what's going on in the house .... they live across the street, and they work with Randy and Pablo and Ben .... Pablo is Randy's boy, the boss's boy, and Darius's lover, and I'm the assistant houseboy and work under Nate .... he's Adam's boy, they're both Aussies and live next door .... Darius calls it the Aussie house .... and I'm Hassan's boy, he's the hot macho Marine who lives up at Steve and Lloyd's house and most of the time I spend the night with him and he fucks me a lot and I cum a lot .... I can cum lots of times, sir .... the other day I came seven times and Hassan calls me his regular little gusher and....." he was finally running out of steam ".... my name's Eddie, by the way."

Highly amused at this confusing deluge of names and information Mario stepped forward, shook Eddie's hand and said with a smile, "Buongiorno, Eddie."

"Bon what, sir?

"Buongiorno - it's Italian for Good Morning. And the Italian for friend is amico, and that's what you and I will be. Is it OK if I hug you?" Despite his nerves Eddie nodded enthusiastically and allowed himself to be wrapped in a tight, warm embrace. He felt Mario's exposed pecs pressing against him and the long bulge in the jeans rubbing against his. The scent was intoxicating, a warm, musky smell, (an Italian cologne that Mario sometime splashed on).

This time Eddie's impulsiveness took the form of action, not words. He gazed into Mario's exotic green eyes and, without thinking, pressed his lips against Mario's mouth, pushing it open with his tongue. He was floating as he tasted, smelled, the exotic essence of this handsome young man. Eddie clung tighter, his body shuddered against Mario's and he sighed, "Oohh..." He pulled back, blushing deeply, and looked down at the cum stain spreading down his shorts and the juice running down his leg. "Sorry, sir, I couldn't help it, I...."

"No need for apologies, Eddie. After all, you are as your Hassan says - come se dice? - a regular little gusher, yes?" Eddie grinned shyly and, to relieve the boy's embarrassment, Mario said, "You know you do not have to call me sir, Eddie."

"Oh, I pretty much call everyone here 'sir'. I don't mind - I like it, sir." Mario smiled at the eager face staring up at him. "By the way, Eddie, is Jamie at home?"

Eddie jerked back to reality and welcomed the chance to be of service. "Yes, sir, he's in his office. Follow me." As he led Mario across the lawn Eddie was cursing himself. Shit, he had talked too much, he knew that, and losing his load like that ..... what would Mario think of him?

In fact, Mario was totally charmed by this sexy young boy's shyness and impulsiveness. Of course, Eddie had not yet learned that these were the very qualities that all the guys loved about him - and hopefully he never would.


Jamie was concentrating so hard on the spreadsheet on his computer that he didn't even hear the door open. "Che cosa, Jamie? The numbers on your screen are more interesting than me?" Hearing the lilt of the familiar Italian accent Jamie's head jerked up. "Dude! You're here!" He stood up and threw his arms round Mario, then held him at arm's length and gazed at his gorgeous friend, his linen shirt hanging open casually but elegantly over his muscular chest. "Wow, you look spectacular, dude - that shirt is so sexy."

"Oh, just something I brought from Italy. And look at you, amico, the hot young surfer. Is that what you wear to the beach?" Jamie was, as usual, barefoot in his old surfer baggies and loose, faded tank top. Eddie was staring open mouthed - "wow!" - the elegant, dark-haired Italian boy meets the casual, blond Southern California dude. Jamie turned to him and said, "Hey Eddie, this is my friend Mario from ...." He broke off noticing the big wet patch over Eddie's crotch and grinned. "Oh, you already met, I see. He's pretty hot, eh?"

Eddie stammered, "I'm sorry sir, I couldn't help ....." but Jamie cut him off, laughing. "Don't worry, Eddie, he has the same effect on me." Just then the door opened and Bob came in, straight from his office in a smart business suit and tie. "Hey, is this a private party or can anyone join in?" He took off his jacket, threw it over a chair and beamed at the young Italian. "Mario! Jamie told me you were coming. Good to see you again. Randy and I still talk about that time we met at the hotel."

"I too, signore, think fondly of our meeting." Mario blushed and went to shake hands with this man whose face reminded him of Superman, but Bob pulled him into a tight hug. Mario's dick got hard in his jeans as he felt the muscular torso rippling under the shirt. Bob pulled back and looking approvingly at Mario's classy, well-tailored shirt, flapping open over his chest. "Hey, nice shirt, kiddo - Italian I bet. Sure beats this plain old thing of mine .... I call it my uniform shirt - standard Brooks Brothers issue - buy them by the dozen."

Mario smiled the dazzling smile that had first seduced Bob and Randy a long time ago. "So welcome to our house of ill-repute, Mario. I hope we'll be seeing you here often, and I'm sure we will if Jamie has anything to do with it. And talking of Jamie..." he looked at his watch .... "isn't Mark working the early shift today? Which means he'll be home any time now, kiddo."

Jamie glanced at the time on his computer and jumped to his feet. "You're right, sir." His whole laid-back demeanor changed and he was suddenly charged with energy. "I gotta go ..... is it OK, sir .... can you take care of Mario for a while?" Bob grinned lasciviously - "Love to."

Jamie dashed out of the room and Mario smiled at Bob. "Is it always like this when Mark comes home, sir?"

"Always. Jamie knows that after several hours of that police motor-cycle throbbing between his legs Mark will be horny as a stallion and there's only one remedy for that. It's a daily ritual with those two ..... and just in time, too, judging by the sound of that truck outside." In a minute the door burst open and Mario gasped.

Standing in the doorway was a cop in full black uniform - the shirt, with badge and police flashes, stretched over his muscular chest and a triangle of a white T-shirt at his neck. The shirt sloped down from broad shoulders to a tight waist cinched by a heavy black leather belt. The black pants were tucked into high shiny motorcycle boots and he was still wearing his helmet - white with its silver badge and black peak.

The vision was incredibly erotic, something straight out of pornographic drawings Mario had seen often. He had never seen Mark in his police uniform (only the shirt when Mark had fucked him in the hotel room) and now his jaw dropped and his dick grew rock hard again. But Mark had eyes only for Bob. He took off his helmet, ran his hand through his tousled blond hair and said, "Come here you gorgeous stud." The two men wrapped their arms round each other in a long, tight, sensuous embrace.

The electricity between them was palpable and Mario was mesmerized by the sight of the gorgeous, dark-haired business executive and the iconic blond cop locked together. This house doesn't quit, he thought. He had only been here a few minutes and already the cute houseboy had shot his load hugging him, then his handsome young surfer friend Jamie had welcomed him, and now this - two spectacular alpha males in an erotic embrace. What was it with these guys - something in the water?

Finally the two muscle-gods separated, Mark beamed at Mario and shook his hand effusively. 'Hey there, Mario, great to see you again. You look terrific. Does Jamie know you're here?" Bob answered for him. "Your boy left here a few minutes ago and he's probably waiting for you."

"He'd better be," Mark grinned. "Why don't you come with me, Mario - see the kind of welcome a cop gets from his boy?" Ready for anything by this time, Mario grinned at Bob and Eddie and followed Mark out of the room."

Only then did Eddie speak up. "I should get back to my yard work, sir. I kind of ..... got sidetracked."

Bob looked down at the wet stain on Eddie's shorts and grinned. "I see you did - an Italian distraction would be my guess," and he ruffled the boy's hair affectionately. Eddie loved it when Bob did that. "You know," Bob continued, "those leaves out there can wait. Why don't you stay a while and tell me how things are going for you here? Long time since we had one of our chats, and I've missed that. Here, have a beer."

Bob took two beers from the small fridge and Eddie sat down. After Hassan, Bob was the man Eddie loved most - one of the big bosses but so kind, not to mention totally gorgeous. Eddie was in heaven. And one thing he knew ..... when Bob hugged him, as he knew he would, the stain on his shorts would grow even bigger.


Mario knew what to except when he followed Mark into the bedroom Mark shared with Jamie, but still he was dazzled by the sight that met his eyes - the beautiful young blond with the seductive face and athletic surfer's body lying naked on the bed, his eyes sparkling as he looked up at the uniformed cop towering over him. "Hope it's OK with you, kiddo," Mark said, "but I invited Mario here to watch. Thought he should be witness to the highlight of our day."

Jamie's smile broadened .... he didn't mind at all. He loved showing off to his new friend, and in a light-hearted way he was boasting to the classy young Italian. Look at me, he thought, just a California surfer dude, but look what I've got ..... I'm the boy of the most gorgeous cop ever to straddle a Harley, and he fucks me every time he comes home from work.

Mark's mind was running on roughly similar lines, but unlike Jamie he gave voice to his thoughts. "Look at that, Mario, and that's what I always find on my bed when I come home, waiting for me to shove my dick in his ass. I'm usually so fucking horny I don't even wait to get naked .... just get right down to it. OK, show me, boy!"

Watching in awe, Mario had another huge hard-on in his pants. Seemed like he'd had a more or less constant erection ever since walking into this house. Jamie put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs up high, showing off the perfect globes of his ass - white against the tan lines of his golden skin. "Shit, see what I mean, Mario? You know what turns me on most? - that light fuzz of blond hair round his hole. Man, all day long I think of burying my face in that."

And that's what he did now. He knelt on the floor at the end of the bed and pushed Jamie's legs farther back. He leaned forward and licked the soft fur, then pushed his tongue deep inside the warm, velvet ass. Mario almost came in his jeans as he watched the police officer eating his boy's ass, and saw Jamie throw his head back with the ecstatic sensation of his master's tongue licking the sensitive membrane inside him.

Suddenly Mark pulled back and smiled up at Mario. "Hey, kid, you gotta get a taste of this - it's fucking awesome." For a moment Mario didn't grasp what he was hearing but when Mark stood up, grabbed Jamie's ankles and pushed his legs higher he knew what he had to do. Flashing a smile at Jamie he knelt on the floor between Mark and the foot of the bed. Jamie's ass was right in front of him, the downy blond hair wet with Mark's saliva, and it was irresistible.

Just as Mark had done, Mario pushed his face into the warm, wet ass, hungrily licked his friend's hole and pushed his tongue inside. Jamie groaned as he saw the curly black hair of the young Italian munching on his ass. Jamie looked up at Mark and moaned, "Thank you, sir."

Mark finally pulled Mario's head back and said, "Hey kid, I know you Italians can get pretty hot-blooded, but leave a piece of that ass for me, won't you?" He let go off Jamie's legs, stood back, and Mario got to his feet and smiled at Mark, licking his lips. "Taste's great, eh kid?" Mark said. "But let's find out what the boy really wants. Usually he tells me, but why don't you ask him this time?"

Mario looked down into Jamie's shining eyes. "Cosa vuoi, amico? Tell me, Jamie - what do you want?"

"I want to feel my master's cock in my ass. I dream of it all day. I want the police officer to fuck me."

"Just what I thought," Mark said, yanking down the zip of his uniform pants and pulling out his long, hard pole. He pulled Jamie right to the edge of the bed, grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs high and wide apart. Mark was still standing, legs astride - no kneeling this time - with his cock pointing straight down at the waiting ass. "Shit, boy, you make me so fucking horny. Here it comes, kid....." From high up, his hips fell forward and his rod plunged into Jamie's hole, driving all the way in and coming to rest deep inside.

Jamie's ass was well lubricated by the spit of two men but he screamed at the sudden invasion of his master's huge tool. Leaning forward on his boy's ankles, Mark pulled his cock back, then buried it once again into the warm, moist ass. Mario gazed in disbelief at the rugged cop in full black uniform, his boots planted firmly on the floor, his cock pistoning in the ass of the writhing young surfer whose tousled blond hair was flying as his face thrashed from side to side.

"Yeah, take it, boy," Mark growled. "Feel that cop's huge club pounding your ass." Soon Mark felt the body shudder under him and he looked up at Mario who by this time had pulled his cock from his jeans and was stroking it hard. "My boy's real hot this time ..... won't last much longer without losing his load. See that cock of his? Help your buddy out, kid."

Mario dropped to his knees by the bed, leaned forward and slid his mouth over the shuddering cock. Mark knelt on the bed, dropped one of Jamie's legs onto the bed and pushed the other leg further back, giving him a clear view of his ass, of his cock driving into it and the head pounding up and down on Jamie's dick. With his free hand Mark grabbed the curly black hair, pulled the head back, then forced it back down on the cock, making Mario choke and gag. Jamie was moaning loudly, gazing in awe at the cop who was simultaneously pile-driving his ass and pounding his friend's face down on his cock.

Jamie was going wild and Mark taunted him. "You feel that, boy? You feel you're master's rod in your ass and your buddy's mouth on your cock. What d'ya say, boy?"

"Thank you, sir. Thank you ..... but I don't think I can hold back ......"

"You don't cum 'til I say you can, boy," the cop ordered. "I wanna hear you plead first. Turns me on hearing a boy beg his master for release."

Jamie was close to sobbing by now, the strain in his bulging cock and balls was so intense. "Please, sir, I love you, sir - I love feeling your cock in my ass and my buddy's mouth on my dick. It feels so hot I gotta cum, sir. Please .... please let me shoot my load, sir. I'll be a good boy for you, sir, but please help me. My dick hurts so much, it's gonna burst. I'm begging you sir..... have mercy ..... let me cum, sir."

"That's what I wanted to hear. OK, kid ...... now!" Mark slammed his cock one last time deep into Jamie's ass and jammed Mario's head down on his cock. Jamie screamed out loud and Mario screamed into the gag of his cock as it exploded in his mouth, spewing hot jism that Mario gulped down frantically. Swallowing hard, Mario was barely aware that his own cock had erupted over Jamie's writhing body.

"Here, boy," Mark ordered, pulling Mario's face up to his and clamping their mouths together. Mark sucked Jamie's cum from Mario's mouth and they passed it back and forth while Jamie gazed up mesmerized at the rugged cop and the young Italian stud, both drinking his cum.


But far from feeling sated Mark's lust had been fired up even more. It had been a long shift on the throbbing motorcycle - and he had not even busted his load yet. He pulled his dick from Jamie's ass and leapt to his feet. "You, boy," he ordered Mario. "On your feet - and get naked." Without hesitating Mario obeyed, pulling off his shirt, kicking off his loafers and dropping his jeans. He was wearing only black European style briefs that accentuated his ass and the bulge of his cock that he had stuffed back inside.

"Turn around!" Mario obeyed. "Shit, that ass is fucking gorgeous. I gotta have it. OK, get on the bed naked, beside your buddy.' Again Mario obeyed instantly and, with a quick, excited glance at Jamie, lay on his back beside him. They watched the cop pace the room like a stallion in heat, and then gasped as Mark unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. The T-shirt underneath stretched over his chest and accentuated his shoulders, biceps and V-shaped lats tapering down to the leather belt round the narrow waist of his pants.

He dropped to his knees between Mario's legs and said, "So, you saw what I did to your buddy's ass. You want the same treatment, boy?" Mario, even though he prided himself on being a top man, wanted it more than anything. "Si, signore. "Yes, sir. Please, sir."

"Right." Then Mark delivered the final seduction. He reached behind his neck and slowly pulled up on his T-shirt, revealing his slim waist, eight-pack abs, the slabs of his chest and his broad shoulders as the shirt came off. "Dio mio," Mario gasped, dazzled by the sight of the muscle-god, stripped to the waist, preparing to fuck his ass. Hypnotized by the pornographically erotic image Mario intuitively raised his legs, offering his ass to the shirtless cop.

Mark spat in his hand and stroked the boy's ass, lubricating it and pushing two fingers inside. Mario groaned and grabbed Jamie's hand beside him on the bed. Jamie squeezed it and they glanced at each other, two young buddies at the mercy of a cop. Mario braced himself for the forceful fuck Jamie had endured, but he was surprised as Mark pressed his cock against his ass and gently slid it inside. Warmth suffused Mario's body as he gazed up at the gorgeous blond cop, his naked torso rising and falling over him as his cock massaged his ass.

"Dio mio," Mario sighed, "è magnifico. You are so beautiful, sir. Fuck me... please ...." Although Mario had cum so recently it was not long before his cock was throbbing. Mark expertly brought him to the edge of orgasm and suddenly pulled out. He looked at Jamie and said, "You want more of this, boy?" Jamie grinned, "Always, sir."

And so began a long slow fuck of both boys, with Mark alternating from one to the other, bringing each one to the brink of shooting his load, then teasing them by pulling out and focusing on the other. He was driving them wild as he pushed his cock first in one ass then the other. They looked at each other and felt closer than ever, knowing that they were both feeling the same intense thrill as they got ploughed by the same magnificent cop.

Mark smiled, "So what do you want, guys?" They replied in unison. "Come inside us, sir."

"You first, signore," Mark grinned, pulling Mario's legs over his shoulders and easing his cock back inside his ass. "OK, boy," Mark said as he fucked his ass. "This time I'm gonna pump my juice inside you and, when I do, you shoot that load - and that's an order." Mario's body was shaking as he felt the cop's shaft pulse inside him, saw the muscular body flex, heard him howl .... "aaagh" .... and suddenly his ass was bathed in the juice of this incredible cop. "Thank you, sir," he shouted as his own cock shot a ribbon of cum over his chest, then another all the way up to his face.

Instantly Mark pulled out, pushed his cock into Jamie and shot another stream of cum deep into his boy's ass. As they recovered he smiled down at their glowing faces - the young blond and the dark, handsome Italian. Mark sprang to his feet and Jamie grinned, "Welcome home, sir."

"Thanks, kiddo. It's always a pleasure."


Later in the day Mario was treated to the homecoming of the other members of the tribe. First came Nate and Kyle, home from their shopping trip. "Hi, mate," said Nate genially, "I'm Nate, one half of the Aussies." Mario shook hands with the good-looking, cheerful young man. "And I'm Kyle." Mario gazed mesmerized at the tall, beautiful boy with the flawless, athletic build. "And I'm Kevin." Mario did a double take seeing the twin come through the gate with a shopping bag. "Two of you!" he gasped, and his head was starting to reel.

He was spared any more introductions for the rest of the afternoon until Nate and Eddie started setting the outdoor table for dinner and he sat down with Bob, Mark and Jamie over drinks. Suddenly the gate burst open and in strode the big boss, Randy, with two boys. Randy was wearing his habitual work clothes of old, faded tank top, dusty cargo pants and boots, and he walked straight over to Mario and took his hand in a bone-crushing grip.

"Hey, Mario, good to see you again - long time since our hot session in the hotel all that time ago. Jeez, I'd almost forgotten how fucking hot you are. Here meet the boys. This is my boy Pablo and my kid bother Ben." Pablo shook hands tentatively, always a bit slow to welcome a newcomer to the house, him being the boss's boy and all. Ben was more effusive. "Wow, I've never met a real Italian before. I'm Jason's boy - he's a fireman and..... oh, here he is now."

In came another stunning blond, like something out of a fireman's calendar (which he was) in casual clothes that seemed designed to display his spectacular body (which they were). He put his arm round Ben and shook Mario's hand. Next, through the gate from next door, came a tall athletic man with dark hair, chiseled features and a generous smile. Nate rushed up and said, "This is Adam, the other Aussie. I'm his boy and we live next door." Adam shook Mario's hand and said, "Good on ya, mate, you finally made it up here. Welcome to the fun house."

They all took their places round the table and Eddie was bringing up more chairs when he suddenly spun round and ran to greet the man who had just entered. He was a tall, exotic-looking muscle-stud of a man, (a mix of Arab and Asian, Mario guessed) with square-jawed features and jet black hair. He was wearing military fatigues and a sleeveless olive-green shirt and Eddie pulled him over to Mario. "This is Hassan," he said proudly. "He's a Marine and I'm his boy." Hassan grinned, ruffled Eddie's hair, and said, "Happy to meet you, Mario"

Dinner was brought out by the twins and conversation got louder, with many questions for Mario about Italy, and cheeky enquiries from the boys about his adventures with guests at the hotel. "Not so many," Mario smiled good-naturedly. "Only two actually." Bob laughed, "And all the men involved are sitting at this table. We should feel honored to be in such an exclusive club."

Randy's commanding voice interrupted the banter. "Where the fuck are Zack and Darius? Working late, I hope, not fucking their brains out. Plenty of time for that later."

As if on cue a truck drew up outside the gate and Mario nearly dropped his fork as he saw two tall, muscular black men walk in, one older than the other, both dressed alike - shirtless in black Levi's and work boots. They had presumably come straight from the construction site, Mario thought, and they were spectacular. Both had perfect, sculpted physiques, the older with a stunning face and shaved head, his body gleaming like ebony, the younger one boyishly handsome with a mischievous smile.

Mario had not had that much experience with black men. There were none in the Italian village where he was raised, and at the hotel where he worked he had just a few black friends on the staff. But he had seen photos and erotic drawings in magazines of black bodybuilders and these two looked as if they had stepped straight from those pages.

The younger one ran across to the table, flashed a smile at Mario and pumped his hand. "Hey, dude, you must be Mario. Shit, you're even hotter than the guys said. Great shirt by the way. Yeah, we've heard all about you, dude, first from Randy and Bob and then a few days ago by Mark and Jamie. Man, you guys sure work it at that hotel by the sounds of things."

"Only twice," Jamie interjected, embarrassed by Darius's loose tongue. Zack came up to intervene and said, "Hey Mario, good to meet you at last. I'm Zack and this motor-mouth is my boy, Darius." Mario stood up and shook hands. As Zack's big hand squeezed his and he looked into the hypnotic gray eyes he felt his cock grow rigid in his pants. But Darius, still gabbing on, squeezed himself onto the bench beside Mario and pulled him down beside him.

"Now listen dude, us boys tell each other everything here - we call it spilling the beans - and we wanna hear all the stories a hot stud like you must have. I film a lot of stuff too so I've gotta get footage of you," he grinned, "especially if I can get you to take your shirt off."

"OK, kiddo," Zack grinned indulgently, "why don't you pause for breath and leave the guy alone for five minutes?" Mario turned to Jamie on his other side and conversation picked up again.

During dinner the one subject that was avoided was what exactly Jamie and Mark had in mind for Mario - whether he might even be a candidate for joining the group. From what Jamie had already told them about him it seemed like a possibility, especially as the company was expanding and being reorganized, with new staff hires likely. But they all trod carefully as it was early days - the guy had just shown up for god's sake - and it would be a business decision, not an appropriate subject over dinner..

But there was one guy who played by his own rules - didn't give a shit about what was 'appropriate' - and just charged in. That would be the boss. Randy's mind was racing ahead and, in the middle of the conversation, said suddenly, "You know kid, if you're thinking of coming to work for us it would be a good idea if you took a look at one of the construction sites and got to know what our company does and how it works. There's a lot of grunt work goes on."

There was a pause in the conversation and Mark looked pissed that Randy had stepped in as the big boss and made assumptions and suggestions about the young guy he and Jamie had brought here. Sensing the undercurrents round the table as always Bob looked over at Mark, grinned and gave a helpless shrug of his shoulders. Mark couldn't help smiling back at him.

These subtleties were lost on Randy who ploughed ahead. "Take tomorrow, for example. Darius is my assistant but he's currently working on the landscaping for the site that Zack's in charge of, so I can assign him to show you around there. What d'ya say, kid?"

Mario was bewildered that everything was moving so fast, getting his first taste of Randy's macho style. There was an exchange of looks around the table - an encouraging nod from Jamie who loved the idea of Mario joining them; a resigned smile from Mark who saw no harm in it; and an enthusiastic look from Darius, his eyes shining. Mario himself was in a magical world surrounded by these spectacular men and their boys, and the thought of joining them was enticing. Plus, though he could barely allow himself to admit it, the thought of spending time with these two incredible black men on a construction site gave him a huge boner in his pants.

So.... "Molto bene," Mario said. "Excellent, sir. I would like very much to do that - very much."


So early next morning Mario found himself walking through the gates into a world heavy with testosterone, with the clamor of heavy equipment and the shouted obscenities of rugged construction workers. "Welcome to our world," Darius said by his side. This is what keeps our lives ticking and the money rolling in. Just watch for a minute and get the feel of it.

As Mario looked wide eyed at the ferocious activity and the crew of macho guys he once again had the familiar feel of his cock getting hard. But amid the grime and swirling dust he felt out of place in the same white linen shirt and blue jeans he had worn yesterday.

But Darius's chatty enthusiasm was infectious as he showed him around, explained the various projects going on and greeted most of the crew cheerfully by name. Then suddenly Mario caught sight of a broad black back bending under the open hood of a truck. The man straightened up, turned and Mario's jaw fell open. It was Zack, shirtless as always in black jeans, his incredible body pumped with exertion, gleaming with sweat and striped with dirt and grease. His chiseled, ebony features broke into a gleaming smile and he said, "Hey, Mario, welcome to the madhouse. My boy treating you OK?"

"Perfectly, sir. He is an excellent guide."

"Yeah, that's not his only talent, as you'll probably find out. Darius, why don't you show him what you're doing with the landscaping?" And Zack dived back under the hood of the truck.

Mario said, "I'd love to see it, Darius. Before I left Italy I worked in my father's landscaping company so I learned a lot about it, though I'm sure the soil is different here."

"Tell you the truth," Darius grinned, "plants and stuff are not my strong point so if you feel like giving me a hand that would be real cool." Mario agreed enthusiastically and Darius said, "OK, but first we gotta get you kitted out. Can't get down and dirty in those clothes, dude." He led Mario to the trailer office and poked through a pile of dirty laundry heaped in a corner.

"Here," he said, "an old pair of Zack's jeans and my boots. They should fit. He stood back and watched as Mario changed clothes, with no hint of embarrassment, no inhibition. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it over a chair. "Jesus," Darius said, "Jamie said you were hot but that is some kickass body you got on you dude." Mario merely smiled, kicked off his loafers, unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down his legs.

"Holy shit," Darius said as he looked at the tall, dark Italian wearing only the black briefs that showed the bulge of his ass and his crotch. "That ass is flawless, dude. Right up there with my lover Pablo's, which I might mention I plough at least once a day. Lose the briefs too, dude." Mario grinned, flattered by Darius's effusive praise and slowly pulled down the black briefs, letting his still-hard cock spring out. He stood there naked with his gleaming smile.

Darius gulped and said, "Dude, you are fucking gorgeous - no wonder you got fucked by the cop and his boy. Is it OK with you if I....." Without waiting for a reply Darius unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. "Merda!" Mario gasped out loud, gazing in disbelief at the huge black club that sprang out. "I have never seen such a ..... it must be at least twenty-five centimetri."

"Don't know about all that shit, dude, but it's a good ten incher. Lots of guys have measured it. You don't mind if I .....?" Darius wrapped his fist round his cock and began to stroke it, gazing at the beautiful naked Italian standing before him. Mesmerized by the handsome black boy with the long pole Mario instinctively stroked his own cock. "Magnifico," he breathed, "bellissimo!"

"You said it, dude," Darius grinned. "In English that's 'abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous.' Either way, dude, you're a fucking knockout." Darius walked closer and with his free hand tweaked Mario's hard nipple. Gazing into Darius's eyes, as green as his own, Mario licked his own fingers and rubbed them against Darius's nipple. The heat rose quickly as they pumped their cocks and squeezed each other's nipples hard.

"Damn," Darius said, "I can't take this, dude, you're so fucking hot. Come here." He leaned forward and pressed their mouths together, each one probing with his tongue, tasting, smelling the essence of each other. They stopped kissing and gazed into each other's eyes, seeing their own reflection. "That's when it gets awesome, dude," said Darius softly. "It's making me real close. Come on, man, stroke that fucking dick. Splash that jizz all over my hot body."

Darius was so raw, so earthy that Mario couldn't hold back. "OK, my friend," he shouted. "Here it comes .... Aaah...." Their cocks erupted at the same time, blasting ribbons of cum that passed each other in mid air before splashing on their heaving chests. "Incredible, dude," Darius gasped. Their hearts were beating so fast and their breath rasping so loud that they didn't hear the trailer door open.

"So how's the landscaping coming along, guys?"


They broke apart and looked at Zack in alarm, but were relieved to see him smiling. "It's OK, guys, I understand. You leave two hot over-sexed boys in a small trailer and this is what you get," he grinned, his eyes focused on the jism running down their chests. "I'd have joined you except I was working," he said pointedly, "and that's where you should be, Darius. As for you, kid ...." He walked up to Mario, grabbed the back of his head and pulled it toward him, grinding his mouth against the boy's, almost suffocating him as he sucked the air from his mouth.

He pressed his sweaty, greasy chest against Mario's, then suddenly pulled back and laughed to see Mario gasping, wide-eyed, his cock already hard again. "You're lucky I'm so busy, kid, so the stuff I had in mind for you will have to wait." He turned and strode out of the trailer.

Darius grinned. "You heard what the man said, dude - back to work. Come on, put on those jeans and boots and if you need a T-shirt you'd better take this," reaching into the laundry pile again. ""It's an old shirt of Zack's - stinks of grease, his sweat and probably some of his dried jism he's wiped off his chest, but somehow I don't think you'll mind that."

When they stepped out of the trailer Mario felt like a different man - the cool, well dressed Italian transformed into a young construction worker in the boss's stinking clothes. And when Darius led him over to the wall at the edge of the site he somehow felt fired up, ready for work, his testosterone surging. But first he made a quick call to Jamie. "Jamie, my friend, I have a confession. I kind of had sex with Darius, and got kissed by Zack."

"No sweat, dude," Jamie laughed. "That kind of stuff goes on all the time in this group - just as long as it stays in the group. Everyone's fair game, especially a hot newcomer like you. I can't wait for you to come home, 'spill the beans' as Darius would say, then spend another night with me and Mark. Oh - sounds like he just got home. Gotta go, dude .... you know.. ...."

When the landscaping work began it turned out to be mostly a combination of Darius's brawn and Mario's brain. There were a lot of different varieties of large shrubs in terracotta pots that Darius was able to heave around on his own, his muscles rippling as he worked. "Wow," Mario said, "I see now where that sensational body of yours comes from, amico. But if you want my advice I would position the pots differently. Ecco - this variety needs shade so it should go against the wall, and this one has to have full sunlight so it needs to be in the open."

"Who knew?" laughed Darius. "Shit, I'm glad you're here man or I'd fuck up royally. Give me a hand here." They worked well together, with Mario more than pulling his weight. The sun was blazing down so when Mario straightened up to take a breather he pulled Zack's filthy T-shirt off over his head, wiped his face with it and stuffed it in his back pocket, determined to take it home with him. He decided that some of the pots needed topping up with soil, a process that soon covered his naked torso and face in dirt that streaked as sweat ran down him.

Darius stood back and gazed at him. "Holy shit, dude, you looked hot before in those fancy Italian duds, but now you look fucking spectacular, stripped to waist all filthy and stinking with sweat - a hot young construction worker. Stud, I could shoot another load all over you." After placing the pots and topping them up they were now watering them with hoses. Darius laughed. "But maybe this instead of jism." He pointed his hose at Mario who immediately fired back.

They were screaming with laughter, getting good and wet, when suddenly they heard Zack shout, "Hey you guys, quit horsing around and give me a hand here." They looked up and were surprised to see the site mostly deserted. The crew had come to the end of the project they were working on so Zack had let them leave early and now only he was left, struggling with a beam he was trying to move into position. He looked incredible, his muscles straining as he held the beam high above his head, his arms stretched wide.

They ran over to him and he grunted, "See the hooks on the top of each end? They need to be hooked over the loops at the end of those cables hanging down. I want one of you on each end and as I raise the beam, hook it up." They got into position and Zack said, "OK, one at a time - Mario first."

Mario reached up and grabbed the rope while Zack strained to raise the end of the beam high enough to hook it. Mario was pressed close to the straining body, the flared lats close to his face and he was intoxicated with the smell of the sweat running down the flexing muscles. Suddenly Zack repositioned himself and his stretched armpit pressed over the boy's face that became buried in the soaking wiry armpit hair. Mario was stifled and breathed in hard, the hair in his mouth, smelling and tasting the pungent sourness of the black muscle-god's stinking pit.

He choked and felt his cock pulse in his jeans. He would have busted a load had not Zack shifted again and with a final heave raised the beam high enough for Mario to slip the hook over the loop. "Great, kid," Zack grunted, "one down one to go. Hey, Mario, I keep losing my footing, the ground's so soft. Get down there and slide that plank under my feet."

Mario dropped to his knees and pushed the plank forward so Zack could plant first one boot on it, then the other. Seconds later a shout from Darius meant that the other side was hooked in place. With a sigh of relief Zack lowered his arms and grinned. "Great teamwork, guys ..... and talking of teamwork ...." he looked down at the shirtless Italian stud kneeling at his feet, his handsome face streaked with sweat and dirt, his black curly hair matted, and water running down his muscular chest. "What do you see down there, Darius?"

"A gorgeous grungy face, sir, a hot young stud construction worker, real down and dirty."

"Yeah, me too, kiddo, but I see something else too .... a hungry mouth. You know what I think?"

"Right there with you, sir." In a daze Mario gazed up at the two spectacular, black bodybuilders, stripped down to black jeans and boots, towering over him. He guessed what came next but he could hardly believe it and he shuddered with fear and exhilaration. The men unzipped their pants, pulled out their huge black cocks and let them swing between their legs, inches from his face.

"I'm the boss of this site," Zack growled, "and the job comes with some perks. New hires have to pay their respects to me and my boy. I think you know what to do, kid."

The usually poised, elegant young Italian was in a whole new world. Here he was, filthy dirty, sweating like a pig, on his knees before the black muscle-stud construction boss and his boy, their huge black cocks swinging in front of his face. He pulled out his own cock and stroked it a few times. Then he leaned forward, poked out his tongue and licked the tip of the boss's cock, tasting the pre-cum oozing from it. Intoxicated by the taste and smell he licked the whole shaft, from the tip to the rancid black pubic hair.

He felt the huge club swell, growing longer and thicker until it stood out stiff as a pole pointing straight at his mouth. He took a few deep breaths, opened wide and leaned forward, letting the whole stinking shaft push into his mouth and down his throat. He choked, gagged, tears spurting from his eyes, but instinctively breathed through his nose so he could continue, pulling back to the head, then pushing forward again on the massive cock.

"Shit," Zack grunted, "for a classy Italian kid you make one hell of a cocksucker, boy. Yeah, swallow it, stud, eat that big hunk of meat." Mario was losing all sense of where he was. All he felt was the thick cock stuffing his mouth, all he knew was that he had to please this incredible man. He stretched out his arms and grabbed Zack's hips to steady himself as his face moved faster, pulling back then plunging his face down into the damp mass of pubic hair, breathing in hard so he was filled with the taste and smell of the boss's sweaty crotch.

He was so overwhelmed that his cock was trembling, close to orgasm, when suddenly Zack pulled out and said, "OK, now do my boy." Darius's cock was rock hard, all ten inches of it, and Mario gasped, "Non è possibile ..... is too big .... I can't ...." but his words were stifled by the massive pole pushing into his mouth and sliding all the way down his throat. Darius was used to the reaction of guys sucking him, their wide-eyed shock, their desperate gagging, and he knew Mario could not take much of this.

He crammed his rod several times into Mario's mouth but soon glanced at Zack. "OK if I finish him off, sir? Zack grinned, "Go for it, kid." Darius pulled back, then drove his rod deep into the Italian boy's throat where it exploded, blasting a hot load of juice that Mario gulped desperately. But he had no time to recover before the cock pulled out and was replaced by another, gushing more jism deep inside him. He was swallowing frantically but he was suffocating on cum He thought he would pass out when suddenly the cock pulled out and he heard Zack's voice.

"Look at that face, boy" he said to Darius. "Fucking filthy. He needs a wash. You got any more, kiddo?" "For this young stud? Sure, sir. Let's do it." Mario stared in disbelief at the two huge black cocks pointing at his face. He saw them pulse, the holes open and he was blinded by the final blasts of hot jism splashing into his face.

Zack and Darius gazed down in awe at the handsome young Italian on his knees, his mouth sagging open with cum oozing down his chin. His face was wet with tears, sweat and semen streaking the dirt on his face and flowing down onto his muddy chest. He gazed up at them and moaned, "Thank you, sirs. Thank you..... I .... Aaagh!" His cock exploded with ribbons of thick cream that rose high, then splashed down onto the boots of the two construction workers. Impulsively he fell onto his stomach and hungrily licked his jism off the boots.

When they were clean Zack hooked his foot under Mario's stomach and flipped him onto his back. The humbled Italian stud lay there exhausted, his beautiful body and face smothered in dirt, sweat, and the cum of two dominant black construction workers. Zack laughed, "Welcome to our world, kid. That was your initiation. You look fucking spectacular. Come here...." He reached down, grabbed Mario's hand, pulled him to his feet, and wrapped his arms round him. "You OK, kid?"

"Very OK, sir. That was all new for me, sir, and it was wonderful."

"You were pretty spectacular yourself, stud. Tell you what, if we cut out now and go to our place we'll have a couple of hours before dinner. I'd like to show you a few of the scenes me and my boy get into. You into leather?"

"In pictures, yes, sir. I have jerked off looking at drawings of leather-men, but I've never actually seen.... well, I mean I would like to very much, sir. But I have to call Jamie first."

They hosed each other down, then Mario called Jamie. "That would be so cool, Mario," Jamie enthused, pleased that Mario was fitting in so well. "I've played out a few scenes with them and it's really, really hot. So go for it, amico, and I'll see you for dinner. Mark and me can't wait to sleep with you tonight now you've learned some new things getting the 'Zack treatment'.

"By the way, Mario, it's important to know that you can trust Zack completely - he's an expert at all that. Darius can get carried away sometimes with all his fantasies, but Zack will take care of you .... trust me."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 190


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