"Randy, I had some news from Mark that you're not gonna like."

After their idyllic few days in the dunes Bob had waited until the last few minutes of the long drive home before giving him the news that Darius had posted on the Web the video of Randy fucking Jason. And "not gonna like" turned out to be the understatement of the year. At first Randy was silent as he absorbed the implications of the story. Then his cold anger turned red hot and he exploded.

"Holy fucking shit! Jesus Christ, you know what this could mean? ...... We'll be splashed all over the fucking Internet, Jason could lose his job and life won't be a picnic for any of us. The stupid fucking young dickhead. I've always said that what happens in that house stays in the house and he has deliberately disobeyed me. Just wait 'til I ......"

"Randy, please," Bob said, trying to calm him down, "please keep your cool. It's not as bad as all that ..... apparently you can't see the faces in the video and it's been taken down now, though other sites had already picked it up, it seems. So please don't over-react."

"Over-react! You know who I blame?" Randy fumed. "Zack, that's who. He has no control over his boy ..... lets him run riot. If he was my boy he'd feel the back of my fucking hand ...... I'd whip him into shape. Huh, Zack calls himself a master? I'll show him how a real man deals with this shit."

Bob sighed, realizing his mistake. By waiting 'til the last minute to tell Randy the news he had no time to calm down and would still be seething with anger when he charged into the house.

So as soon as they arrived Bob ran straight to Mark's apartment to get the latest on Jason's reactions. He assumed Randy would join him there.... but he was wrong.


As it happened, Zack had finally got round to confronting Darius. He had waited until his anger cooled and he could think rationally, then called the boy into his house to face his punishment. He made Darius strip naked and pushed him back against the wall. He tied his wrists together and pulled the rope up high through a hook near the ceiling, stretching his arms above him.

Zack paced the room, glaring at the trembling boy, trying to figure out what came next. "Jesus, Darius, what am I gonna do with you?" He held up his fist. "Here, you think I should use this on you? Is this what you need, a good thrashing?"

"You bet your ass he does." Zack spun round to see Randy looming in the doorway, eyes blazing. "And if you're not man enough to do it, I will." Randy took a step forward and clamped his hand round Darius's throat.

Zack grabbed Randy's shoulder, spun him around and roared, "Take your hands off my boy!"

"Oh yeah?" Randy snarled. "You gonna make me, stud?" They glared at each other, two maddened bulls face to face, straining for battle.

Zack tried to control his anger. "I don't wanna fight you, man, but by god if you lay another finger on my boy, so help me I'll....." He stopped abruptly as Randy contemptuously slapped his hand across Darius's chest. It was a direct challenge for which there was only one answer.

"Mother-fucker!" Zack yelled and smashed the back of his fist across Randy's face, sending him staggering backwards against the wall. Zack sprang at him but with the lightning reflex of a fighter Randy raised his knee and crashed it into Zack's stomach. Zack fell to his knees and Randy slumped against the wall, stunned by the vicious blow.

Zack dragged himself to his feet, Randy pushed himself off the wall and, both of them dazed, they circled each other looking for an opening. The two muscular bodies crashed together in a brutal bear hug, squeezing, clawing, groaning in a trial of strength pitting muscle against muscle, two evenly-matched construction workers. They were both wearing jeans and T-shirts, but as fingers sank into flesh the T-shirts quickly ripped.

Finally they separated, their hands gripped each other and their arms raised high in a classic wrestling move, each man pushing the other for strength advantage, shirtless, with the shreds of their T-shirts hanging round their waists. Bound as he was Darius was helpless to come to the aid of his master and watched horrified as the advantage shifted from one fighter to the other, sweat glistening on their flexed muscles.

In a sudden move Zack tore his hands away from Randy's, clamped them round his neck and pushed him against the wall. Zack's vise-like grip tightened round his throat and Randy felt his head spinning. In desperation he brought his arms up between Zack's, smashing sideways with enough force to send Zack's arms flying outward and breaking his grip. With a split-second advantage Randy turned the tables, grabbing Zack's throat and spinning him round, back against the wall.

Zack grabbed Randy's wrists, pulling frantically to wrench them apart. But as their blazing eyes locked Randy gasped, "Give up, man. You know someone's gotta get punished for what your kid did. Think what I'll do to the boy after I beat you. You man enough to take the punishment for him?"

Even as his vision blurred and his body weakened Zack realized the truth of Randy's words. He had to protect his boy from the man's fury ...... and there was only one way left. He let go of Randy's wrists, his arms fell to his sides and his body went limp against the wall. Still gripping Zack's neck Randy heaved him around and slammed him face first against Darius.

Still in a daze Zack felt his arms being raised up high. Randy used the loose ends of the rope securing Darius to tie Zack's wrists in the same position. The two black men, master and boy, were now tied together at the wrists, face to face, chest to chest, bodies and crotches pressing against other, with Darius's head slumped over his master's shoulder.

Randy stood back, regaining his strength and looking at his two victims with satisfaction. Without another word he reached round Zack to rip open his fly and yanked his jeans down below his ass. He ran his hands over the hard black mounds and grunted, "OK, so your ass is gonna take your boy's punishment stud. It feels like this....."

In one swift move the construction worker pushed his thick pole between the globes and slammed it deep into the Zack's ass, smiling as he heard the black bodybuilder's scream echo round the room. He pulled his cock clear out of the ass, then drove it in again, even deeper. When Randy fucked as a punishment it was savage and Zack knew he was in for a brutal pounding. Pain flamed through his body, his muscles tensed, and he clenched his jaw tight to stop himself giving Randy the satisfaction of more screams.

But if the searing physical pain was intense for Zack it was nothing to the mental anguish Darius was feeling. With each thrust of Randy's cock Zack's body was slammed harder against Darius. The boy felt the jolt of pain racing through his master, felt his muscles flex, saw the gray eyes grimace in agony only inches from his face.

But the worst feeling was immense guilt as Darius knew it was all his fault. He was the one who should be punished but, to protect him from Randy's rage, Zack was enduring the onslaught for him. The boy would rather have suffered the pain himself than to feel it searing through the tortured body of his master.

But there was nothing Darius could do to help him. Well, almost nothing. As the jackhammer continued to piston mercilessly in his ass Zack's eyes began to stream tears, his jaw unclenched and his mouth fell open, about to scream. To stifle the sound Darius instinctively clamped his mouth over his master's and drew his breath into himself. Then he exhaled into Zack's mouth, breathing for him, taking away that burden at least, breathing life into him so he could better withstand the pain of the steel rod driving inside him.

Zack forced his tongue deep into his boy's mouth as their lips ground together. Their bodies shook as if they were both being impaled on Randy's cock. Finally Darius could take no more and tried one last desperate thing to ease Zack's pain. He pulled his head back, gazed into Zack's eyes and moaned, "Make him cum, sir. Please make him shoot his load......"

That was it. The boy's words penetrated Zack's dazed mind and suddenly he knew how to beat Randy .... a desperate move he had used once before. Racked by the agony of the piston ravaging his ass, the trembling heat of Darius's body pressed against his, and the tearful eyes of his boy begging him to end it, Zack reacted viscerally

Summoning up all his remaining strength he clenched his ass muscles tight round Randy's cock, squeezing it so hard that Randy howled in pain. The piston stopped, clamped in the vise-like grip of Zack's ass, and Randy suddenly knew that Zack had taken control. "No!" he howled. "Fuck you, man." The pain was excruciating and he tried desperately to pull out but his cock was trapped. "Fuck you, man," he screamed again......"aaah!"

"You're finished, man," Zack growled. "There's only one way out. You gotta blow your load. Come on, man, let my boy hear you submit to me." Taking a deep breath Zack squeezed his ass muscles harder, crushing the cock in his furnace ass. Randy's scream echoed round the room as he yelled, "OK, OK ...... that's enough ..... aaagh, my cock! ..... you're killing me ..... I give up ...... I submit ...... I submit ..... aaagh!" His cock shuddered in agony as cum blasted from it, squeezed from it by Zack's merciless ass.

"OK, boy," Zack yelled, "it's over. Cum with me boy." The fire in Zack's ass shot into his balls, up the length of his cock and as it exploded Zack finally let out the scream he had been holding in. Darius howled too as they both blasted streams of cum between them, soaking their bodies that shuddered against each other, master and boy. Zack felt the relief of Randy's cock going soft in his ass and the three men slumped together. The only sound was their rasping breaths, until ......

"What in God's name is going on here?!"


Bob stood in the doorway staring in disbelief at the bizarre tableau ..... Darius and Zack pressed chest to chest their arms stretched upward, tied at the wrists, and Randy slumped against them, his cock still in Zack's ass. Having heard the screams as he approached Zack's house, and knowing the fury Randy had felt, Bob instantly understood what had happened. Now it was his turn to seethe with anger.

He stepped forward and pulled Randy off Zack. Quickly and efficiently Bob loosened the ropes from the two men's wrists and pulled them free. He glared at Randy and Zack. "OK, you two ..... outside .... I have something to say. Darius, sit down and wait. I'll come back for you."

Bob was in full command! He stormed out of the house, meekly followed by Randy and Zack. They went across the street to the main house and the two men stood before Bob like two misbehaving kids summoned by the headmaster.

"You know," Bob began, barely holding his anger in check, "the real test of a tribe when it's been harmed is how the tribe reacts. And this one has failed miserably. Sure, Darius made a stupid and potentially dangerous mistake and he needed to be punished. But instead, all the men here seem to have blown up in a fit of irrational anger and turned us into a tribe of savages. First Mark sees Jason punishing Jamie, which leads to a brutal whip fight between them, he told me. Now you two have brawled with each other and ended up in some kind of bizarre punishment spectacle. Have you all completely lost your fucking minds!?"

Zack opened his mouth to protest but Bob silenced him. "OK, Zack, I can guess how all this started and I know you were only protecting your boy." He glared at Randy. "But you! You know damn well that a man does not interfere when a master is disciplining his boy. Hell, that's a rule you yourself made way back." Bob snarled contemptuously. "So once again the famous Randy rage has taken over. The big bad boss is acting like the schoolyard bully. Way to go, stud. Well I tell you right now, that's enough ..... it ends here!"

Out of the corner of his eye Bob glimpsed the twins hovering at the kitchen door in case they were needed. They were. "Hey, guys, bring a couple of beers out here, will you? Make sure they're ice-cold. These two men need to cool off." He turned back to Randy and Zack. "You two have always been best buddies together. So stop behaving like savages and for the love of god, patch things up!"

Bob turned on his heel and strode out of the gate, leaving behind him two stunned men. The twins quickly brought out the cold beers and left the guys sitting at the table facing each other. After an uneasy silence Zack said, "Jeez, Bob can be way rougher on a guy than you are, man. Hell, I'd rather get a whipping from you than a tongue-lashing from him."

"Yeah, damn right," said Randy. Their eyes met and they grinned at each other. "Better do what the man says, though." They clinked bottles and took a swig of their ice-cold beer.


Bob went back to Zack's house and found Darius hunched in a chair, arms round his knees, eyes glistening with tears. He moved to stand up but Bob waved him down. "It's OK, Darius, stay where you are ..... you look like you could use a rest. It can't have been a picnic for you."

"It's no more than I deserve sir," Darius said plaintively. "But it wasn't me that got hurt.... it was Zack ..... Zack got punished for me, to protect me. Sir, you don't know how rough Randy can be when he's angry ......" He tailed off seeing Bob smiling at him. "Oh, I guess you do know, sir ..... of course ..... sorry about that."

"Look," Bob said, "I've just spoken to Randy and Zack and I think there'll be no more trouble from them. Pretty sure of that," he smiled. "So I suggest we put the whole affair behind us."

"Oh I can't do that, sir," Darius protested. "See, I realize now that I fucked up big time. Thing is, I'm kinda proud of the videos I make here .... I'm real good at it, sir ..... but no one ever sees them except the guys here. I just thought this would be a way of more people seeing my work ..... damn, I know that sounds pretty lame, sir. Stupid idea. But the thing is I fucked up, could have screwed things up real bad for everybody, and I need to be punished. Worse than that, Zack took my punishment for me....." The memory of that made him tear up again.

"OK, Darius, I agree that you have to be punished, but I don't think Zack had decided what he would do to you. What kind of punishment do you think you deserve? "

Darius frowned in thought. "Sir, I let Zack down and I need to show him that I can take a hammering, something that shows how tough I can be.... not just the clown with the camera ...... a guy who deserves to be Zack's boy. The other boys are thinking I'm some kind of prize jackass, so I need to show them too. I could have harmed all the masters in the house, so somehow I have to make amends to them all." He smiled ruefully. "Pretty tall order, eh, sir?"

"Hmm ..... not too tall for us though, eh kiddo? I think we can work something out. Yeah, I think I know just the thing that'll cover pretty much all that and even make you more hero than clown." Darius perked up. "I'll have to run it by Zack and the guys, but I think I can swing it." He chuckled. "Tell you the truth, kid, I think they're a bit scared of me right now." Another thought hit him. "That famous camera of yours, Darius. Does Pablo know how to work it?"

Surprised, Darius said, "Yes, sir. I showed him what to do in case I'm not around when something big happens. Why, sir?"

"Oh, just an idea. Now why don't you relax .... open a beer .... and when I've finished talking to Zack he'll come back and see you. He'll be fine, I promise. My guess is he'll probably want to fuck his boy."

"No problem there, sir," Darius grinned.

"You're a good boy, Darius. I can't imagine the house without you, and when this is all over you'll be as popular as ever ..... more, even."

Darius's eyes were now brimming with tears of another kind. He stood up and threw his arms round Bob. "Is it OK to say I love you, sir?"

"It's always OK to say that, kiddo. Even Randy wouldn't be mad at you for that, though, as you said, he can be plenty rough when he's angry ...." He grinned. "Take it from one who knows!"


Randy and Zack were on their second beers that had been brought out by the ever-attentive twins. It hadn't been hard for the men to reconcile, even after the ferocity of their recent explosion of raw, macho rivalry. The two guys were alike in many ways and they respected each other ..... tough alpha males who took no shit from anyone. Randy was to blame this time, of course, but Zack understood why he had behaved the way he did.

Randy saw himself as the boss, responsible for everything that happened in his tribe, protective of all its members. The incident of the video had shocked him as it was a threat to the privacy and integrity of the house, so he had, characteristically, reacted with an eruption of anger. He knew he could not directly punish Zack's boy, beyond mere taunts. Punishment had to be master to master and Zack was the obvious target.

Zack got all this and now the men were talking and drinking amiably together as Bob joined them. After his earlier scathing diatribe they looked at him warily but Bob was all business. "I've been talking to Darius, Zack, and I think I have a plan." He explained his idea to them and they saw the wisdom of it. "I'll talk to Hassan," Bob said, "see if he can join us. "I'll also run it by Mark. Right now I guess he's in there making love to Jamie again."

"Yeah, so what else is new?" Randy grinned. "Shit, that cop can't keep his hands off his hot young surfer-boy."

But Bob was frowning as another idea had occurred to him. "You know, I don't think it's a good idea for Eddie to see Darius get punished. He worships Darius, looks on him as his master, and I don't want to shatter any illusions he has. How can we avoid that?"

"Easy," said Randy. "I'll call my brother Steve, have him ask for Eddie to go up there and clean his place. I somehow don't think the kid will mind being alone with Steve and Lloyd for a while."

"Perfect," Bob said. "So that's all settled. Now, Zack, I think your boy is waiting for you in your house. He's still pretty shook up ...... racked with guilt and self-doubt. He's not even sure you still love him."

"Oh, I'll soon take care of that," Zack grinned. He stood up and shook Bob's hand. "Thanks for everything, buddy. You sure know how to pour oil on troubled waters. I love you, man."

"Yeah, yeah ..... now go and take care of your boy." Zack strode out through the gate and Bob picked up one of the beers the twins had left for them. He breathed a satisfied sigh, then threw his head back and took a long drink.

Randy was looking at him intently. "Feeling pretty pleased with yourself, eh man?"

"Well," Bob shrugged, "things do seem to have worked themselves out pretty well."

"With more than a nudge from you ..... not to mention a tongue-lashing for me and Zack."

"Oh that, yeah ..... I thought we'd get round to that." Bob actually blushed.

"Cut me down real good in front of Zack, didn't you?"

"Now Randy you know that wasn't my intention ....."

Randy cut him off. "And that 'schoolyard bully' crack ..... that was cold, man, real cold. Below the belt." Seeing Bob's discomfort Randy grinned. "Not that I didn't deserve every word you said. I was way out of line and you told me so. You took charge, you were the boss. Thing about that is, when you get like that it's a huge fucking turn-on for me, buddy. Now, we've got a situation here that's all out of whack, and we gotta take care of that."

They gazed at each other and Bob saw the subtle change in Randy's blue eyes, from gentle to hard as steel. They both knew that the balance of power had changed ..... Randy was back in charge. "Upstairs," he growled. In instant obedience Bob stood up and followed Randy into the house. His cock was raging hard in his jeans.


In the bedroom Randy stood legs astride, arms folded across his chest staring at Bob. He was still shirtless since his T-shirt had been ripped off him in the fight with Zack. Under Randy's withering gaze Bob instinctively pulled off his shirt, kicked off his loafers and dropped his jeans. Naked, he fell onto his back on the bed and automatically stretched his arms up to the corner bedposts.

Randy picked up two much-used lengths of rope, tied Bob's wrists to the posts and stood back to admire his captive. For as many times as they had played out this scene, it never lost its power to excite them ..... right from the very first time, long ago, in the run-down motel room where they first met and the swarthy construction worker had shown the handsome, muscular business executive tied to the bed just who was boss. The scenario was always much the same, but it never failed to turn them on as powerfully as it had that first time.

And now, like so many times before, Randy gazed down at the naked bodybuilder, at the sculpted features of his gorgeous face, at his sinewy muscles flexing against the ropes. "Jesus Christ, man, you are so fucking gorgeous, such a fucking turn on. Look at you .... the big alpha male, the boss who took command and whipped us all into shape. And now there he is ..... roped naked to the bed, helpless, waiting to have that perfect body worked over by the big construction worker ..... the 'big bully'. Oh, yeah, you'll pay for that crack, stud. You shredded me good, man, but you know what's gonna get shredded now? Your ass!"

Bob looked up to his wrists and jerked them as if to get free, his body writhing on the bed, muscles rippling as they strained in bondage. Randy ripped open his jeans and pulled out his iron-hard cock. As he stroked it he moaned, "Shit, man, you don't know how much that turns me on, seeing you struggling like that." Of course Bob knew! .... which is why he was doing it. He knew exactly how to excite the man towering over him.

Randy fell to his knees on the bed, grabbed Bob's ankles and pushed them high. "Oh, man, look at that gorgeous ass. It is gonna get fucking reamed, man. And you know with me there's no lame-ass foreplay ..... I cut right to the chase."

"Aaaah...." he sighed in ecstasy as his cock plunged into his lover's ass. Bob's head jerked back, his dark hair flying, tears springing to his eyes as he felt the thick iron rod pierce him and settle in the warm depths of his ass. Once again, like so many times before, he felt the thrill, the pain, the joy of that first plunge into his ass. Aware that Randy was still smarting from the tongue-lashing Bob had given him, he knew full well that Randy was reasserting his natural authority over him. So he braced for one of Randy's legendary, ferocious fucks.

And that's how it started out at least, as Randy pulled his cock back, paused, then drove it like an iron spike back into his shuddering ass. Bob howled in pain, but that soon dissolved as he looked up into the hypnotic blue eyes set in the dark gypsy face, and he was drawn, as always, into the magnetic sexuality of the man. He was totally in his power.

Randy leaned forward, clamped his hands over Bob's biceps, pinning them to the bed, and pierced him with a penetrating gaze. "Schoolyard bully," he growled. "So that's what I am to you eh? OK, so that's what you'll get man ..... get your ass reamed by the bully. Like this ......." His jaw clenched, his hips moved back and pistoned forward, once again impaling Bob on his thick shaft. But Bob's scream died down as he saw a smile creep into Randy's eyes.

"Then again, there are worse ways for a bully to take his revenge. You probably expect me to jackhammer you, right? Well how about this instead?" Bob felt Randy's cock pull slowly back, then ease forward gently, brushing against his warm velvet membrane and sending sparks of pleasure flying through his body. Far from being brutal, the fuck became an erotic massage.

God, the man knew how to fuck! His arms pinioned to the bed Bob watched the spectacular, muscular body rise and fall over him as the thick rod moved inside him. He gazed up into the limpid blue eyes and he was lost, lost in the magical spell cast by the man. Randy knew it and smiled again. "OK, bullies don't usually offer a choice, but this one's going to. You can either take a belt-whipping worse than you've ever felt, or you can take a fuck that'll drive you crazy ..... but you won't shoot your load without my permission. So what's it be, buddy?"

Almost hypnotized by the voice and the eyes Bob moaned. "I want you to fuck me, sir. Please ...... I won't cum until you say I can."

"Easier said than done, man," Randy grinned, and began a long, sensuous fuck that sent Bob into another world where all that existed were the sexual desires of mind and body. He gazed into the blue eyes, saw his own reflection floating in them and became one with the man he loved. He was mesmerized by the extraordinary blending of body and spirit. As he saw himself in Randy's eyes, felt his manhood pushing deep inside him, it was almost as if ...... as if he were fucking himself. There was no separation. They were one.

His mind was floating, his body was on fire ..... and he had to cum. He had to. "Please, sir," he moaned, "I need to cum. I can't hold it back ..... you're so fucking beautiful, so strong ...... I love you, sir. Let me show you how much ..... please, sir."

Randy's voice was firm. "You'll show me how much you love me by obeying me. I forbid you to cum." As he said those words Randy moved into a sensual, rhythmic fuck, his hips moving slowly but firmly, sliding his cock deep into his lover's ass, passing each time over the inner sphincter, sending Bob into flights of ecstasy. He lost touch with reality. It felt like he had shot several loads, even though he was still holding back in obedience to his master.

But it was agony for him, indistinguishable from the joy he felt. He was clenching his ass muscles, flexing his prostate in a desperate effort to hold back his orgasm. But the more he did this, the greater the pleasure Randy felt in his cock. Randy gazed down at the beautiful face tossing from side to side on the bed, dark hair tousled, tears streaming down the cheeks

Bob's cock was pulsing, straining to explode, and he moaned disjointedly in his trance. "Please, sir ..... I can't take any more ...... you're torturing me ..... your cock is driving me crazy I have to shoot ...... please let me shoot, sir, I'm begging you ......"

Randy realized that Bob was reaching the limit of his endurance and spoke more softly now. "Are you sorry for shredding me the way you did? You know I'm the boss, don't you? I'm your master .... I own you, man."

"Yes, sir ..... yes, sir!" Bob sobbed desperately. "You're the boss, my master. I'm sorry for what I said. Please, sir I submit to you ...... please, sir, let me cum...."

"That's what I needed to hear, man. OK, you'll know when to shoot ...... you'll know." He pulled his cock back all the way out of Bob's ass and let the head rest against the hole. There was an agonizing wait. Then suddenly, with a warrior's howl of triumph, Randy plunged his long, thick rod one last time into the furnace, hammering it deep into the fiery depths like a steel spike.

"Aaagh .....!" Bob's scream filled the room, echoing off the walls. His eyes shot wide open, his body arched upward, shook violently, and a massive stream of white juice blasted from his cock and slammed into Randy's face above him. As he felt Randy's hot semen pouring into his ass Bob shot again and again, covering his lover's abs, chest and face with semen that dripped back down onto him.

His body took a while to stop shaking, but when Randy was sure he was OK he reached forward, untied his wrists and fell on top of his lover. Bob clamped his arms round Randy and hugged him tightly, licking his face, kissing it voraciously, savoring the bitter/sweet taste of his own cum. Finally Randy pulled his head back and Bob gazed up at the swarthy gypsy face, the proud forehead, high cheek bones and square stubble jaw all dripping with cum.

Randy flashed a gleaming smile. "Not bad for a schoolyard bully, eh?"


It was late the next afternoon that the stage was set for the last act of the affair of the video. And it was like theater, with groups of men gathered round, some to watch, others to take part in the performance. Eddie was the only member of the tribe not present, summoned by Steve and Lloyd to come up to Mulholland and clean their house (at Bob's request, of course.)

But all the others were there, including Hassan and Jason standing in a group with the men. All of them had just got off work and were still dressed in their work clothes. The boys stood a little apart in another group, tingling with a mix of eager anticipation and some anxiety for their friend Darius. Pablo was holding Darius's camera, checking to make sure he remembered all of his friend's instructions on its use.

Soon there was a collective gasp as Zack came out of the house leading Darius by a short rope attached to the leather collar round his neck. Zack was shirtless in black leather pants and boots. Darius was naked. They stood before the group, with Darius hanging his head.

"I think we all know why we are here," Zack said. "My boy has made a serious error of judgment bringing potential danger and harm to the whole house. The damage appears to have been contained but the boy has to be punished. As all the men here were at risk in their various capacities in life, they will all partake in the punishment. That's all I have to say."

As Zack led the naked boy toward the trees Randy looked quietly at Bob and grinned. "So what are you, buddy ..... producer, writer and director of this movie, with Zack as your star?

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." Bob gave a wide-eyed shrug. "Well, somebody had to do it. You guys were pretty much making a hash of it, just beating each other up. But you got one thing wrong. Darius is the star ..... at least he'll think so. And that's all part of the plan. And he'll have a terrific supporting cast." He nodded at Pablo and grinned. "And it's all being filmed. As Darius would say, this is a major event and has to be recorded ...... for 'prosperity'!'

The hammock strung between the trees at the edge of the lawn had of late been used only by men seeking a quiet way of relaxing their bodies and minds, sprawled in the cool shade. Its other use, as an instrument of punishment, had not been seen for a long time. That was about to change. Darius was lying in it spread-eagled on his back, his wrists tied by Zack to the upper corners and his ankles to the lower. His ass hung just over the edge of the hammock.

Zack stared down at him. "You ready, boy?"

"Yes, sir!" Darius said resolutely, determined to prove himself to his master that he could take his punishment like a man.

Zack took a couple of steps back and called over to the group. "You first, I think, Hassan." He had called on the man least impacted by the affair, but who stood to be tainted by association with the group." The Marine strode forward and looked down at the nervous face staring up at him. Darius couldn't help his instant erection. The soldier was spectacular, with his sculpted, olive-skinned muscles and his exotic face, slanted eyes and jet black hair. Coming straight from work he was still in his military fatigues, khaki tank-top under sleeveless marine shirt.

Darius watched in awe as Hassan shrugged off the shirt, pulled the tank off over his head and stood looking magnificent, stripped to the waist, his muscles flexed in anticipation of his role as the first to punish the boy. He looked at Zack who nodded slightly. Time to begin. Hassan unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick club of a cock that was already hard at the sight of the naked black boy in bondage before him.

He spat in his hand and spread his saliva over the length of his cock. He pressed the head of his cock against the hole of the boy's ass, spread his arms, reached up high and took hold of the hammock supports at the trees. To Darius he looked pornographic, the handsome Marine, shirtless, muscles rippling as his arms stretched upward. Hassan hesitated until Darius mouthed the words, "Fuck me, sir."

Hassan eased his hips forward and his cock glided into the black ass, farther and farther until it came rest deep inside. Encouraged by the look of ecstasy in Darius's eyes Hassan pulled back and began to fuck in earnest, his arms, chest and abs flexing as his stretched upward, holding onto the hammock ropes and pulling himself forward into the boy's ass.

Darius gazed in awe at the spectacular Marine pounding his ass, his magnificent body straining backward against the ropes, hips pumping forward. Darius's cock started to shudder and Hassan, knowing the boy had a long way to go, decided not to prolong the punishment. Besides, the ass was so hot that his cock was bursting to explode. He saw the boy gazing up at him wide-eyed, saw the huge black cock shudder and, just as it erupted, his own cock blasted its load deep in the boy's ass. He held his cock inside the boy, savoring the feeling of the warm velvet lining of the ass, and Darius again mouthed his words ..... "Thank you, sir."


The other men followed in quick succession. "Mark," Zack said, "I know you, Jamie and Jason had a tough time as a direct result of what Darius did. So the boy owes you a debt of remorse. Why don't you come and collect?" Mark grinned at Jason and they walked across the lawn together. They stood at the foot of the hammock, Mark in his black cop uniform, Jason in yellow fireman's pants with red suspenders over his navy blue T-shirt.

Darius gazed in disbelief as the cop and the fireman began to strip to the waist. Mark unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, then pulled his white T-shirt off over his head. Jason let his suspenders drop to his sides and pulled off his T-shirt. They stood there shirtless, two blond muscle-gods, alike in their perfectly sculptured bodies and square-jawed faces. Darius could hardly believe his eyes. He pulled at his restraints, instinctively wanting to touch his cock, which was already rigid again so soon after his orgasm.

"You first, buddy," Mark said. "Don't worry, his ass is still slick from Hassan's huge load of jism. Just dive right in." As Jason grinned down at Darius's awe-struck face his vanity came into full play and he took full advantage of the opportunity to show off his incredible physique. He pushed the head of his cock against the boy's ass and pressed his fists against his own hips, flaring his lats in a classic bodybuilder pose. Holding the pose he pushed his hips forward and felt his cock slide into the cum-slicked ass.

For Darius it was the awesome sight of the shirtless fireman as much as the feeling of the rod pumping inside him that turned him on, as Jason flexed his way through several bodybuilder poses while his cock ploughed the boy's ass. "Hey .... Adonis," Mark laughed, "give it up for the law, here." Mark pulled his cock out of his uniform pants and shouldered Jason aside. The fireman's cock slipped out of Darius's ass, to be replaced by the cop's big tool.

Mark grinned down at Darius. "This here's for Jamie and me, boy. Not often I feel the inside of your hot ass." Now Darius understood why every day Jamie ran to his room as soon as Mark got home and offered his ass to him. It not only felt incredible, the sight of the god-like blond cop was enough to send spasms of lust pulsing through him.

But suddenly the pounding stopped as Mark pulled his cock out and grinned at Jason. "Come on, man, help me out here. Let's show him what the law does to a boy who screws up so bad." They stood one on each side of him, beating their meat, gazing first into each other's eyes, then down at the boy. Mesmerized by the spectacle of the glorious muscle-gods towering over him pounding their cocks, the cop on one side, the fireman on the other, Darius was dimly aware that cum was again surging from his balls and through his cock.

Mark yelled, "You ready, stud?" and Jason replied, "Right there with you buddy." And that's when Darius lost it again. Showers of cum poured down onto him from the two hunks, splashing into his face, over his shoulders and chest. Frantic to touch his cock he pulled at his restraints, writhing in the hammock. But he needn't have bothered. He had already blown another wad over himself, his cum mixing with the juices of the cop and the fireman.


Drenched in cum, his body aching from struggling in the ropes, his ass sore from the cocks of the Marine, the cop and the fireman, Darius groaned when he saw two more men looming over him ..... Bob and Randy. "Think he's had enough?" Bob asked.

"Hell no," Randy said. "He's gotta feel my rod in his black ass yet." Dressed in his usual work gear of cargo pants and greasy old tank top Randy didn't pause to take anything off like the guys before him. When Randy fucked, he fucked. So he tore open his pants, pulled out his cock and in one ferocious move slammed it into Darius's ass. Seeing Zack tense and take a warning step forward Randy grinned, "Don't worry, big guy. I ain't gonna hurt your boy. But I gotta add my jizz to the juice of all my buddies."

Randy knew just what he was doing, and he did it fast. He increased the tempo of his fuck, hammering the ass just short of the point where it started to hurt and said, "OK, boy, you wanna feel the boss's hot juice in you?" Darius moaned, "Yes, sir, please, sir."

"OK, but don't you dare come again .... you save that for your master. Here it comes, boy," and Darius felt another cock explode inside his ravaged ass.

He closed his eyes in near exhaustion, and when he opened them he saw Bob's beautiful face smiling down at him. Bob was in his business suit still, and all he did was slip off his jacket and loosen his tie. That's all it took to excite Darius, as Bob's sculpted muscles showed through the thin cotton of his white shirt, pecs bulging, biceps pushing back the short sleeves.

Knowing that Darius had already taken four huge cocks in his ass Bob was gentle, and Darius relaxed as he felt his cock slide easily inside his ass that was so drenched in cum. He knew that Bob had set this whole thing up, transforming his punishment into a sexual spectacular, and he gazed at him with love and gratitude. "Thank you, sir," he moaned. "I love you, sir."

"And I love you, Darius. Here, let me show you." Tenderly he stroked the sore insides of the boy's ass with his cock, easing it deeper and deeper until it passed over the muscle of the inner sphincter and his warm juice flowed inside the secret chamber of the boy's ass. He smiled at the exhausted boy. "There, that wasn't so bad, was it? And now kiddo, you have to make your peace with your master." He and Randy stood back and yielded the space to Zack.

Zack stared down at his boy, who by now had tears running down his cheeks. Darius was relieved to see Zack's gleaming smile. "You did great, kid. Think you can take one more dick in that sweet, sore ass of yours. Think you can cum one last time?"

"For you, sir, always."

"OK. This is not a punishment fuck, Darius ..... it's a forgiveness fuck." He pulled his hard black rod out of his leather pants and pushed it easily inside the cum-slicked ass. He didn't have to fuck for long as the emotions of both master and boy were running so high. Darius gazed at the man he worshipped and smiled weakly through his tears. "I'm sorry for what I did, sir. I'll be good from now on ..... no more screw-ups ..... I promise, sir."

"I know, Darius. I know you're a good boy and I love you. So I'm gonna shoot inside your ass while I watch you cum. Come on, kid, show me how much you love me." As Darius gazed up at his beautiful master, ebony muscles gleaming, handsome black face smiling down at him, he felt the cock shudder in his ass and pour juice inside him, the juice of forgiveness. "Thank you, sir," he said. "I love you." And for the last time his cock spurted white cream all over his cum-drenched body.


After he had untied the ropes binding Darius and removed the collar Zack walked back to the group of men. "Thanks, guys," he said, "you're the best," and there were firm handshakes all round. Suddenly there was an eruption of cheers and whistles from the boys as they ran eagerly to the hammock, crowding round and helping their hero gently to his feet. They supported him as his legs buckled and walked him slowly to a bench. He lowered himself to the seat but suddenly sprang back up. "Ouch!" He rubbed his tender ass. "Guess I won't be sitting down for a while, eh, guys?"

The tension broken, they all laughed and the congratulations poured out. "That was spectacular, mate," Nate said. "You were awesome." The others added their praises and Darius glowed, the hero of the hour. He looked at Pablo. "Did you get it all, dude?'

Pablo waved the camera and grinned, "Every last fuck, dude. And this one really would go viral."

"Don't tempt me," Darius smiled wanly. Then he looked anxiously at Pablo. "Dude, me getting gang-fucked like that ..... I mean, me who always fucks you ..... I hope you didn't ...... well, kinda lose resect for me, maybe?"

"You kidding, dude?! You've never looked so fucking hot. Man, as I watched you take all those cocks up your ass I could only think of one thing. I couldn't wait to feel your long ten inches inside me. How long before you ......?

"Hell, get a couple beers inside me and that sweet ass is mine, kiddo." He grabbed the camera Pablo was holding and held it high. "But first we watch this ...... I've never starred in my own movie before." Pablo draped Darius's arm over his shoulder and helped him toward the house, followed by raucous laughter and cheers from men and boys alike.

Zack grinned at Bob and Randy and shook his head. "That's my boy."


Bob persuaded Hassan and Jason to stay for dinner, and as the men huddled together over beers Hassan was looking thoughtful. Intuitive as ever, Bob asked, "So what's running through that military mind of yours, buddy?"

"Well, I've been thinking," Hassan said. "Say what you like about the video that started all this, but I gotta say it's pretty damn good. I mean, the boy's got a real talent for camera work and he knows it. But no one ever sees his stuff except us, and that's why he put it on the Web. I think Darius really needs to spread his artistic wings, and an idea occurred to me.

"See, my work in the Marines' L.A. office here is mostly about recruitment and making publicity videos. You know they often use me as a model in them. Well it just so happens that right now they're looking for a talented young guy to intern as the Third Assistant Director on the shoots ..... you know, basically a gofer who helps out with everything and learns the ropes as he goes. You think that's something that might appeal to Darius?"

"Are you kidding?" said Zack. "Working on a film set, surrounded by hot Marines all dressed and geared up for battle? Hell, that would sure stoke the fires of his fantasy. What d'ya think, Bob?

"I think it's a terrific idea. Course he'd be spending a lot of time with you Hassan, so I hope that'll be OK with Nate ..... Nate's your boy after all." He grinned at Zack. "..... and OK with you Zack ...... you better be sure of that."

They chewed over the subject a bit more, then let it drop for later consideration.


Meanwhile, what about the one boy missing from the day's action ..... Eddie? He knew about the video, of course, and sensed that Darius might be in trouble, but Eddie had a healthy streak of denial about the man he looked on as his master. Darius was his hero, could do no wrong.

Deep down Eddie had a feeling that there was more to the call from Steve than just asking him to come up and clean the house. It wasn't his regular day after all. Never mind ...... the very thought of an afternoon with the muscle-stud doctor and the handsome architect made Eddie's cock stir in his shorts. All afternoon he worked hard cleaning the whole house, though he was frequently distracted by the sight of Steve and Lloyd working in their office, and even more when they took a break, stripped down to their Speedos, had a swim, then lounged by the pool.

Actually Steve had been watching Eddie intently. Three men ... first Zack, then Randy and Bob ..... had mentioned their concerns about the boy's apparent lack of sexual limits. He loved being tied up and fucked but seemed to ignore his own pain threshold, never used the safe word, always wanted more, despite the pain.

As a therapist Steve had encountered this masochistic tendency in a few men before and knew just how dangerous it could be in a boy if he were with the wrong man. He talked it over with Lloyd as they lazed by the pool. "I'm not technically the boy's therapist but I really think I should tackle the subject with him. But words alone won't help. I can talk 'til I'm blue in the face but he'll only hear what he wants to hear." He grinned at Lloyd. "You know my methods, buddy, unorthodox to say the least. What the boy needs is a demonstration. Think you can help me out with that?'

"Hey, count me in, man. You know I'm always up for some rough stuff with you, big guy."

"OK," Steve grinned. "We're on, then." He looked up at Eddie who was cleaning the windows. "Hey, Eddie, why don't you take a break and come sit with us? I need to talk to you."


TO BE CONTINUED IN "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 161


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