"Wow!" Jamie wasn't usually at a loss for words in Mark's company, even though most people treated the Greek-god cop with awed deference. Bu right now 'Wow' was the only word that Mark's boy could come up with as they stood together gazing down at the Pacific Ocean from the terrace of their suite in the cliff-top Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel.

"Impressive, eh, kid? I thought you'd like it. I was about time I brought you down here so we could live it up for a few days .... you deserve a little taste of luxury. This is the same place Bob brings Randy sometimes when he feels that his man should shed the grime of the construction site and become civilized. This struck a chord in Jamie and suddenly light dawned. "Sir, is this the place where Bob and Randy met that Italian pool-boy? Darius tells the story often and it gets sexier every time. He even knows the guy's name - Mario I think."

"Yeah, this is the place," Mark grinned. "Talking of which, why don't we go down to the pool and have lunch there?" So a short while later they were lounging on chaises by the pool, drinks by their side. Many eyes focused on the two blond men in swim trunks with flawless muscular bodies, their handsome faces turned up to the sun, eyes closed. Suddenly they heard a heavily accented Italian voice say, "Buongiorno, gentlemen. Do you have everything you need?"

They opened their eyes and found themselves staring up into a square-jawed handsome young face with high cheek-bones, dark curly black hair and stunning green eyes. He was wearing the informal pool-attendant uniform of white T-shirt and white pants. "Ciao - my name is Mario. If there is anything you need, anything at all, please feel free to call on me."

Mark was the first to recover and said, "As a matter of fact, Mario, we could use another round of drinks when you have a moment."

Mario flashed a set of gleaming white teeth set off by his darkly bronzed face. "I have a moment right now, signore. Always for you I will have 'a moment' as you say." Bowing slightly he left and they watched him move smoothly between the chaises toward the bar. "That's him!" said Jamie excitedly. "That's Bob and Randy's guy, Mario - he still works here."

"Yeah, he works it alright," Mark smiled. A few minutes later they watched the tall young Italian wending his elegant way back to them bearing a tray with their drinks. His tight white T-shirt and pants left little to the imagination - broad shoulders, muscular arms, rounded pecs and slim waist and hips. As he bent over them to put down their drinks they couldn't miss the long bulge in his pants. And when he turned round and reached up to adjust the umbrella Mark and Jamie rolled their eyes at each other. The round globes of his perfect ass bulged under his tight pants.

Mario smiled at them again. "Signori, if you will be taking dinner in the restaurant later I can enter your name now as reservations fill up quickly."

"No thanks, Mario," said Mark. "I think we'll call room service and have dinner in our room."

"Ah, molto bene," smiled Mario. "After the pool closes I join the room service staff. I know your room number and will make sure I am your waiter if you would like."

"Yes, we would like," Jamie blurted out, and blushed at his own impulsiveness.

"Until later then, signori." Mario flashed another smile and, as he turned to leave, the guys could swear he flexed his ass under his pants. Mark smiled at Jamie's lustful expression. "You want him, kiddo?"

Jamie blushed again. "Well .... only if you want it too, sir. But do you think he wants us?"

"Are you kidding?" Mark laughed. "He was practically eating us alive. So yeah, it's fine with me - he's a beautiful young man so we'll entertain him together. We'll have fun. It'll be a little adventure for us. You sure you're OK with that?"

"You bet, sir. Absolutely."


They spent much of the afternoon by the pool, ordering more drinks and a light lunch, which were all served by Mario, despite the fact that there was a fleet of other pool-boys weaving through the chaises attending to guests. It seemed that Mario had designated himself as their sole waiter. His attention to them was always the polished professionalism the hotel was known for, but behind the proficient smile that he bestowed on all the guests they detected an extra gleam in his eyes for them, a subtle hint of intimacy that went beyond simple courtesy.

And on the several occasions they got up and dived into the pool together many gazes were fixed on them, but they couldn't miss the ardent green eyes of the young Italian staring at them. Eventually, as the sun began to get lower in the sky Mark said, "Hey, kid, enough of eating, drinking and lounging. You wanna keep that gorgeous body of yours toned up for me, don't you? So let's go for a run on the beach."

They walked over to the gate and Jamie glanced around to catch another glimpse of Mario but he was busy at the bar concentrating on drinks orders. So Jamie followed Mark down to the long winding path from the cliff top to the beach and they began their jog, splashing through the shallow surf of the long, curving beach.

They ran in silence, Mark full of his usual confidence and pride in his boy, but Jamie with more conflicting thoughts. He loved being out of town with Mark, just the two of them, and the taste of Ritz luxury was the icing on the cake. But he couldn't rid his mind of the sexy Italian ..... his muscular body, square-jawed features, curly black hair and piercing green eyes. The image even caused his cock to swell in his shorts as he ran.

But no, this was not how it was meant to be. His hard-on should be for Mark, not Mario. Did Mark have a hard-on, he wondered, and if so was it for Jamie or the pool-boy? Jamie was in a whirl of confusion. He had told Mark he wanted Mario, and he did, but so did Mark, and who did Mark want most, and which of them did Mario want most? They had never had three-way sex outside of their group, certainly never with a stranger as gorgeous as this... and...

"You OK, Jamie?" Mark's voice broke into Jamie's troubled thoughts and his attention snapped back to the man he idolized, running steadily beside him. "Don't think so much, kiddo. This is our time to relax together. Just go with the flow and everything'll be just fine, you'll see."

Trust Mark to read Jamie's mood so accurately. His words reassured him and he smiled at Mark, saying simply, "Thank you, sir." And they both understood what the thank you was for. Jamie took a deep breath and looked forward to the evening.


When they got back up to the hotel they walked through the pool area where the action was winding down, with only a few guests left. There were only a couple of pool-boys working now and Mario was nowhere to be seen. Jamie didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved. Maybe it had all been harmless flirting and wouldn't lead to anything anyway. Italians are probably like that, he thought vaguely.

When they got to the room they showered together, which would normally have included sex - at least Jamie on his knees sucking his master's dick - but this time they just hugged and kissed, repressing their sexual urge without really knowing why. Maybe intuitively holding it in reserve for later. They pulled on shorts and T-shirts and Mark ordered drinks from room service.

"Ten minutes," said Mark as he put down the phone. It was a long, mostly silent ten minutes with Jamie's apprehension at seeing Mario again transmitting itself to Mark. When the knock at the door finally came it made them jump. Mark went to the door while Jamie held his breath.

But it wasn't Mario. Instead a distinguished-looking older man wheeled in the drinks cart with a smile and pushed it out onto the terrace. "Going to be a great sunset, gentlemen. Enjoy your drinks, and call us when you're ready to order dinner." Mark signed the bill, tipped him in cash and the waiter left.

He was right about the sunset. Hovering close to the horizon was a string of clouds into which the sun was sinking, setting them on fire with scarlets and golds in contrast to the pale turquoise of the sky, and flaming the tips of the cresting waves. Mark and Jamie sat facing each other on the terrace, Mark poured the drinks and they clinked glasses. "This is the life, eh, kiddo?"

"It sure is," said Jamie. "Thank you for bringing me here, sir." But Mark noticed that the usual effusiveness in his boy was somehow muted, and he guessed why. "OK, Jamie, this is about Mario, isn't it? Come on, level with me. The truth, now."

Jamie looked into Mark's steady eyes and blurted out, "What if you like him more than me, sir?"

Mark took a sharp intake of breath and turned his face to the ocean, controlling the flash of irritation that ran through him. When he turned back to face his boy the annoyance was gone but his expression was serious. "Jamie, people say that there is no such thing as a dumb question, but that was the exception - the dumbest I've heard. I thought you were over that insecurity you've always had about me. Let me make it clear one more time - you are my boy - I love you and you will always be my boy - just you, no one else."

He took a couple of deep breaths to stay calm. "You know, kiddo, I'm beginning to be sorry we ever met the guy if he's gonna get in the way of what should be a perfect time for us. It's not a big deal, after all. The pool boy is just a little adventure for us, a bit of fun, but if he upsets you then we won't see him, it's that simple."

"No, it's not that sir ..... it's just that he's so good-looking, so sexy."

Mark stood up, grabbed Jamie by the elbow and marched him off the terrace and inside to face the full-length mirrored doors of the closet. He yanked Jamie's T-shirt off over his head and pointed to the mirror. "What do you see there, boy? Describe it."

Jamie gulped hard, then stammered, "A young man, sir." Mark insisted, "I said describe him." Jamie knew he had to obey and cleared his throat. "He's tall, good body - really ripped - handsome face, dark tan, messy blond hair like a surfer. That's about it, sir."

"No it's not," said Mark. "Let me help you out here. The boy is fucking drop-dead gorgeous, one of the finest I've ever seen, and he's also bright, funny, kind and real masculine - when he's not being stupidly insecure. Any man would be proud to have him as his boy - but I'm the one who got him and I'm not gonna let him go." He took him in his arms and kissed him. "OK, end of lecture. Now - how about those drinks?"

Jamie grinned at Mark - "sorry, sir". He put his T-shirt back on and they went back out to the terrace. "Anyway," Jamie said as they sat down and resumed their conversation, "maybe Mario's forgotten all about us - he was just flirting. After all, he didn't bring our drinks. But I don't care," he said brightly, "I have the most important man in my life with me in this awesome place and ....." He gazed at Mark whose face was illuminated by the golden light of the setting sun. "...... and you look incredible, sir - like a god. I love you so much, sir, and I promise I won't go all stupid again."

"Yeah," Mark said, draining his drink. "Well, even if you do you've always got me to give you a kick up the ass. Talking of which .... I'm hungry - for dinner and for your ass. They went inside and looked at the room service menus, made their choices and Mark phoned in the order. "Half an hour? Thank you," he said and put down the phone. "That gives me just about enough time to prove to you what I was saying. Actions speak louder than words, kiddo, so how about a little action here?"

Jamie knew what preceded 'action'. He stood up, pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts and smiled shyly at Mark. Mark gazed at him in awe, came close, ran his hands over his chest, then shoved him hard enough for Jamie to fall on his back on the bed. Again Mark stared at his naked boy and said, "Jesus, you're gorgeous. You're everything I want, kiddo - nobody else. Look at this...." He dropped his shorts and out sprang his already hard cock. "That's what you do to me, kid. And now I'm gonna fuck my boy's sweet ass."

Wearing just his T-shirt he fell forward and clamped Jamie's wrists to the bed. "You know what to do, boy. Jamie raised his legs, offering his ass, and the head of Mark's cock instantly pressed against into light fuzz of blond hair round the warm hole. "See, I told you - they belong together," Mark smiled. "You want your master's dick in your ass?"

"You know I do sir. It's what I wait for every day when you come home from work. I always ...... aaagh!" His words were stifled by the sudden invasion of Mark's long rod and the momentary jolt of pain, which immediately faded into a euphoria that was as intense as the first day Mark had fucked him.

Mark leaned back, releasing the boy's arms and pulled his T-shirt up over his head, very slowly, knowing the effect his naked torso had on his boy. In a trance Jamie reached up and pressed his hands lightly on Mark's magnificent chest, feeling the muscles rippling under his palms. Although this was a daily event in their lives Jamie always fell under the spell of the chiseled Greek-god features and the hypnotic blue-gray eyes.

His hips rising and falling as he eased his cock in and out of the warm, moist ass, Mark sighed, "Jesus your ass feels beautiful, Jamie. Every time is like the first ...." he smiled, "...though fucking you in these surroundings makes it even more special. You're my prince, Jamie, my young blond Prince Valiant, lying there on this soft bed looking so handsome, so fine. And I've made you my prisoner, put a spell on you and you've begged me to enter you."

In tune with Mark as ever, Jamie saw the whole picture, stretched his arms up and clutched the headboard, writhing, tossing his head as the powerful muscle-god impaled his ass on his long shaft. "Holy shit, that looks spectacular, boy. You are so fucking gorgeous you drive me wild. Man, I've gotta have that ass." His eyes blazed now as he increased the tempo and his cock became a piston driving remorselessly into his boy's ass. He grabbed one of Jamie's legs, pushed it up high and looked down at his own cock drilling into the hole.

Jamie's eyes opened wide as the onslaught continued and gazed up at the wild-eyed face with the blond hair flying. "Yes, sir, yes," he moaned,. "Fuck me, sir .... hard .... please ....I love it when you fuck me hard. I love you, sir ..... I want more .... but, I .... I think I have to ..... I ..... I'm sorry, sir......aaagh!"

Mark watched the beautiful young body shudder, saw the boy's cock spasm and blast a long stream of cum over his chest and face and into his tangled blond hair. The sight was too much for him and he yelled, "I'm cumming, Jamie .... I'm cumming in your ass .... Aaah." His breathing was ragged as his cock poured its load deep inside the awestruck boy. When he was almost drained he pulled out, grabbed his cock, and blasted a final load over Jamie's heaving body.

He gazed wildly down at Jamie's sparkling eyes, both men panting and gleaming with sweat. He was about to fall on top of him when suddenly...... there was a knock at the door. "Fuck!" Quickly Mark got to his feet, wrapped a towel loosely round his waist, walked to the door and opened it.

"Dio Mio!" Mario gasped and took a step back from the meal cart, gazing in disbelief at the muscle-god standing before him, naked except for the towel, his body heaving, sculpted muscles rippling and gleaming with sweat, his eyes wild, tangled blond hair falling over his handsome face. It was the most spectacular sight he had ever seen. There was a stunned silence and then, from somewhere deep inside, Mario's professional instincts kicked in and he struggled to regain his poise.

"Er .... good evening, signore ..... room service."


They stared at each other in silence for a moment, then Mark smiled. "Hi, Mario ... sooner than expected," he said, as a rather lame explanation of his near-naked, breathless state. Mario needed no explanation, however, as it was obvious what Mark had been doing. This impression was dramatically reinforced as he wheeled the cart in and saw Jamie lying on the bed.

Jamie had hastily pulled a small towel over his still half-hard cock but he was otherwise naked and as breathless and sweaty as Mark, his eyes shining and his wet blond hair clinging to his forehead. To clinch the matter his body and face were smothered in what had to be semen. "Hi," Jamie said weakly, blushing deep red.

Despite the fact that Mario's cock was throbbing in his pants he had by now completely regained his professional poise and, like a good room-service waiter who has seen it all and been trained not to react, merely smiled and said, "Good evening, signore." Even as Jamie lay cum-covered on the bed, with only the fragile fig leaf of the small towel hiding his hard-on, the only thought that flashed through his mind was that he wished Mario would stop calling him 'signore' and call him Jamie instead.

Mario was now wearing the room-service uniform of monogrammed white polo shirt and black slacks - still quite informal given the location of the hotel on the laid-back Southern California coast. "Would you care to have dinner on the terrace, sir?" he asked Mark.

"Yeah .... er.... sure," Mark said, but as he strode past him to open the terrace door wider for him the towel dropped from his waist and he was facing Mario buck naked. "Aaah," Mario sighed, unable to divert his gaze from the long, thick cock swinging between this gorgeous man's muscled thighs. Mark quickly scooped up the towel and tied it back round his waist, saying with a sheepish grin, "Sorry about that."

There is no need to apologize, signore. Room service staff see many things in the course of our day, though never any as beautiful as ......" Mario checked himself and blushed. "Now it is my turn to apologize, sir. I spoke out of turn." He busied himself setting up the dinner on the terrace, then wheeled the empty cart back and presented Mark with the bill. Mark signed it, then pulled out his wallet to give the tip in cash, but Mario rested his hand lightly on Mark's arm.

"Please, signore, I wish no offense, but could you do me the honor of not offering me a gratuity? I serve you with the greatest pleasure and - somehow ....."

"I understand completely," Mark smiled, putting his wallet away. "You'll come later to clear away the dinner things?"

"Indeed, sir. Buon appetito, signore." And with a slight bow he turned to go, smiling at Jamie as he left. "Arrivederci, signore - until later." He left the room and they heard the rattle of the food cart grow fainter down the hallway.


"What was all that about, sir - the money and all?" Jamie had not grasped the subtleties of what had just happened, so Mark explained.

"Mario was making it clear that he doesn't want us to think of him as staff that should be tipped. He's putting himself on a different level. Money can be demeaning and tends to muddy the waters, and Mario wants to serve us just because he likes us. 'Course - exactly what he wants to serve us I'm not certain, though I'm pretty sure it's not just dinner. Also, it was a roundabout way of suggesting that he can't be bought - that whatever he does is not for money .... unlike some guys who rent themselves out to hotel guests for a generous tip." Mark grinned. "I like him for that - the guy's gone up in my estimation."

A frisson of irritation shot through Jamie - that was not what he wanted to hear - but it disappeared just as quickly. Mark put his arm round his shoulder. "OK, kiddo, that's enough about Mario. We're not gonna make this trip all about him. A quick shower - no funny business - and then dinner."

A few minutes later, wearing clean T-shirts and shorts they were sitting facing each other. The table had been immaculately set with classic silverware and crystal, and Mario had left the silver dish covers over the food to keep it warm until they were ready. Mark removed them and gazed at the food. "Wow," he said, "now we know we're in a classy joint kiddo. Just look at that."

Jamie's eyes opened wide and he realized how hungry he was, so he dug right in, without the constraint of having to observe the decorum of the main dining room. It was just the two of them .... the only person he had to impress was Mark. And he had already done that.


It was a magical time for them, with a bright moon illuminating the terrace and flecking the sea with silver. Conversation flowed easily, mostly about the guys back home, and as Mark watched Jamie talking effusively he congratulated himself that he had helped his boy shed his unfounded anxiety that he might somehow lose Mark's favor. After their sensational pre-dinner sex surely, Mark thought, Jamie could no longer fear anything from Mario, even though the waiter had practically caught them in the act and seen Jamie near-naked and covered in cum.

So it was with confidence that, when the meal was over, Mark picked up the phone and asked room service to come and clear the table. The atmosphere suddenly became rather more tense, charged with anticipation about what came next. As they sipped coffee Mark's soft blue-gray eyes fixed Jamie with a reassuring smile.

Then the knock came. "Come in!" The door opened and Mario entered pushing the meal cart, empty on top but with an array of bottles on the shelf below. Still dressed in his white Polo shirt and black slacks, Mario was, as usual, the consummate professional, with his gleaming smile and lilting Italian accent. "I hope dinner was to your liking, gentlemen. It is my pleasure to offer you drinks of your choice as a token of my happiness at being able to serve you today."

"Gee," Mark smiled, "you didn't have to do that, Mario, but it sure is appreciated. Er, what time do you get off tonight?"

Again the sparkling smile. "I am already 'off' as you call it, signore. This is my last task of the day. Would you care to take coffee and brandy inside, sir while I clear the terrace?"

"Mario, would the hotel allow you to join us in a drink?" There - Mark had broken the ice.

"Probably not," Mario said. "The management has a policy of staff not - come se dice? - not fraternizing with the guests." A surge of disappointment ran through Mark and Jamie. Then another smile. "Pero, as I am now off duty I consider myself my own man - free to choose my own friends to ..... fraternize with."

"OK, then," Mark beamed. "Let's fraternize."


Mario busied himself clearing away the dinner, stacking the dishes on the cart, then setting up coffee and drinks on the table inside. It occurred to Mark that as he worked Mario was now halfway between staff and friend, until he became fully the latter by sitting at the table with them. Instantly the tension eased and Mario changed from attentive waiter to charming Italian friend. As they sipped cognac he conversed easily, mostly with Mark, as Jamie was overcome with an attack of shyness, despite Mark's efforts to include him.

Mario said suddenly, "I would like to make clear that this is the first time I have befriended guests in their room, sirs." Then he blushed. "No, to tell you the truth, the second time."

"The first time being with Randy and Bob?" Mark grinned. Mario inhaled sharply. "How did you know that, sir?"

Mark laughed. "They're friends of ours - we all live together." Mario frowned. "They did mention the men they lived with - two beautiful black men, I think, and a blond police officer who ......" suddenly he stopped and sat back in his chair with a look of alarm.

"Yeah," Mark chuckled, "that would be me. I'm the cop, but don't worry, kid, I'm not gonna arrest you - maybe handcuff you but no arrest." He was teasing, of course, but he saw a flash of excitement cross the dark, handsome face and Mark winked at Jamie. Now that the sexual constraints had been breached Mark said, "OK, guys, let's cut to the chase here. We all know what we want and it looks as if I'll have to get the ball rolling." He stood up. "Come on, Mario, don't be shy."

Slowly the Italian got to his feet and both Mark and Jamie gazed at the huge bulge under the black pants, stretching halfway down his thigh, the obvious result of the mention of being handcuffed by a cop. Jamie remained seated, still shy and unsure of himself. Mark reached behind his own neck and pulled up on his T-shirt. Mario watched mesmerized as first the cop's washboard abs were revealed, then the slabs of his chest, his flared abs and finally his wide shoulders as he tossed the shirt aside.

Mesmerized, Mario did the same, pulling his shirt off over his head. Mark and Jamie gasped as they saw for the first time what they had guessed, from the moment they saw him by the pool, lay under his tight shirt. His body was just about perfect - lean, finely sculpted muscles, tight, ridged abs, beautifully etched pecs, broad shoulders, and smooth, tanned skin. To say nothing of the square-cut Italian features and curly black hair - a classical Roman statue come to life.

"Damn that's gorgeous," Mark breathed. "You are a beautiful young man, Mario. Come here." In a trance Mario came and stood before the blond muscle-god and sighed as Mark ran his hands over Mario's face, down his neck and over his chest. "Your skin is like silk, boy .... god you're hot." He could feel the body tremble under his hands as he stroked the nipples with the back of his fingers, then rolled then lightly in his finger-tips.

Gazing into Mark's eyes Mario raised his hands and did as Mark was doing, daring to rest his hands on Mark's shoulders, then his waist, stroking the ridges of his abs, then his chest, and finally squeezing his nipples. The two men stared at each other and increased the pressure in their fingers until they were squeezing hard. The Italian's breathing became ragged as he felt the pain in his chest radiating through his whole body and he saw himself reflected in Mark's blue-gray eyes. "È magnifico - cosi bellissimo ....." His body shuddered and "aaah." He sighed deeply and threw his head back as his cock gushed warm semen in his pants.

Mark smiled at him and said softly, "That was beautiful, Mario." He pulled the boy's head toward him and pressed their lips together. But at last Mark pulled back and looked over Mario's shoulder to tell Jamie to join them. But Jamie was gone.


Startled they both glanced quickly round the room, then heard a sound out on the balcony. "Shit damn," said Mark, partly at his own neglect of Jamie but mostly his impatience at Jamie's apparent petulance and - again - that damned insecurity. He made a move toward the window but Mario put a restraining hand on his arm. "Please, signore, allow me to go to him. I know exactly what your boy is feeling. I can make it right." With a sigh of frustration Mark let him go.

Mario picked up two brandy glasses and went out to the terrace, still shirtless. He sat facing Jamie, who turned his head to the ocean. "Please, signore ...... may I call you Jamie?" Surprised by the charming way the heavy Italian accent pronounced his name with a soft J, Jamie tuned to look at him and said, "Sure, dude, I don't like all that 'sir' business anyway."

"I thought you would not," Mario smiled. "Jamie, I have to apologize for what I have done. I know exactly how you feel. Mark is your man - your master, as I think you say - and you are very protective of him. If I were in your happy position I too would fight to hold onto a man as magnificent as that. But you have nothing to fear, Jamie. You are a very beautiful boy and Mark is fortunate to have you. I see the way he looks at you and he is crazy in love with you.

"What you two have is rare and special, and I have blundered between you. That is unforgivable of me. Never would I harm the love you share together, so I will leave. I had hoped you and I might become friends, but I see now that cannot be. I am sorry, Jamie, and I will leave you alone with your Mark. You are a wonderful boy."

Mario brushed his arm and stood up to leave but Jamie pulled him back down. "No, Mario, please don't leave. That's not what I want. I'm being stupid. Mark told me that and now that you speak to me I can see just how dumb I've been. It's just that you are so fucking gorgeous and when I saw you and Mark together I .... guess I kind of panicked. But please don't leave. I really want you to stay, dude, and I'm sure Mark does."

There was a long pause as they both sipped their brandy and Mario gazed into Jamie's earnest blue eyes. Then he flashed that smile and said, "If you really wish it, Jamie, I will stay - but only on one condition. Come with me." He took him by the hand and they went in to confront Mark. "Sir," Mario said, "I thought I should leave, but Jamie says he wants me to stay, so I will on one condition. Please, signore .... would you allow your boy to fuck my ass?"

Mark smiled broadly. As a cop he was expert at sizing people up quickly and he understood exactly what was going on. "Well sure, if that's what Jamie wants? Do you Jamie?"

Still a bit stunned Jamie said, "Yes please, sir."

"OK," said Mark, "but I have a condition too ..... that I get to watch. Wow, watching my beautiful blond boy fuck a handsome Italian stud? Doesn't get much better than that."


Mario turned to Jamie and gently pulled up his T-shirt and tossed it aside. Then he unbuttoned Jamie's shorts and let them drop. He was wearing nothing under them and Mario stood back to gaze at him and his rock-hard cock. "Che bello! It will be an honor to offer myself to you, Jamie."

Mario kicked off his loafers, unzipped his pants and let them drop. He was wearing tight gray boxer briefs and he deliberately took his time folding his pants knowing that Jamie and Mark were staring at the incredible mounds of his ass bulging under the thin cotton.

He smiled at Jamie, slid his fingers under the waistband of his shorts and slowly pushed them down. His cock sprang free and Jamie and Mark saw for the first time the long rigid pole that they had up to now only seen outlined in his pants. "You see, Jamie, your master made me 'shoot my load' as you say, but my cock is already hard again as I gaze at his beautiful naked boy and wait for him to take my ass. Are you still sure you want me, my friend?"

Jamie grinned at him and matched his refined Italian accent with his best macho American. "You bet your sweet ass I do, dude. But first, I'm gonna clean that jism off your cock." He fell to his knees and licked all the way up the long shaft, tasting the sticky cum that Mark had made him shoot in his pants. Then he stood up and said, "OK, dude, now for your ass." He put his hand on Mario's chest and shoved. Mario fell heavily on his back on the bed and smiled up at him. "I am all yours, amico. Do with me as you want."

"Damn right I will." Jamie knelt on the bed and pushed Mario's legs up high. He gazed down at Mario's hole, surrounded by a curly fuzz of black hair, then looked up at Mark. "Look at this, sir. Get a load of this gorgeous ass." Mark stood beside him and Mario watched as the two gorgeous blond studs, master and boy, looked down appraising his ass. It was so erotic that Mario almost shot another load. "You're right, boy, it's perfect," Mark said, "and it's all yours."

Jamie bent forward and buried his face between the cheeks, pushing his tongue into the hole, loving the musky taste of the hot Italian ass while Mario moaned, "Oh...oh Jamie - that feels so good." Jamie had learned this from Mark who did it often to him before he flipped him over and fucked him, and now Jamie ate Mario's ass hungrily, bringing him to the edge of orgasm.

But he pulled back up on his knees, let Mario's left leg fall on the bed and pushed the other leg up high so he had a clear view of his ass. He pressed the head of his cock against the hole and felt it flinch. With some alarm Mario said. "You must be gentle with me Jamie. I rarely get fucked - I am, as you say, a top man."

Not this time, buddy," Jamie growled. Now I'm on top. You want to be my friend? .... mi amico? Then you gotta learn to take my dick in your ass, dude."

He glanced up at Mark who grinned down at him. This rough-trade kind of talk was unusual for the usually soft-spoken Jamie, and Mark realized that Mario's tactic of giving Jamie the upper hand had worked and replaced Jamie's shyness with macho toughness. "OK, amico, here it comes." Jamie could have slammed Mario's ass but his gentle side prevailed and he eased his cock gently inside, pausing whenever he saw Mario wince. Mario breathed deeply to absorb the pain and closed his eyes.

"Hey, Mario," he heard Jamie's voice. "Look at me. I'm inside you, dude. Look at my eyes and the pain will go away." Still frowning Mario did as he was told and found himself gazing into the smiling blue eyes of this beautiful fair-haired boy. And he was right .... the pain was gone and infinite pleasure suffused his body. He saw the young surfer's muscular body pull back, then lower itself onto him as the rod slid inside, deeper and deeper coming to rest at the back of his ass.

Jamie grinned down at the dark, model-handsome face. "Now, dude, I'll show you something Mark taught me, something he always does to me. His hips eased forward, the head of his cock pressed against the deep membrane ..... and then suddenly slid over the inner sphincter into the deep, hot chamber that no cock had ever visited. Mario's eyes shot open, his body shuddered and suddenly - "Aaagh .... Aaagh ..... Madre di dio! .... Aaagh" - his cock exploded, blasting ribbons of cum up over his chest, his face and into his curly black hair.

For Jamie the sight was spectacular, the muscular young Italian writhing beneath him, his handsome, masculine face thrashing from side to side as he smothered himself in his own cum. It was enough to make Jamie blast a load deep in his ass but he heard Mario's desperate voice pleading, "Don't stop, Jamie, please don't stop. Keep fucking my ass - I love it so much."

That's all Jamie needed to hear. Holding Mario's left leg high he looked down at the gorgeous ass and began to drive his cock in and out with increasing force until his rod became a piston. Mario was going wild, staring up wide-eyed at the beautiful young American hammering his ass. Jamie's eyes gleamed as he said, "This is what I wanted, dude, from the moment I saw that gorgeous ass flex under your white pants by the pool. You've got a sensational ass, man. Yeah, we can be friends, Mario .... I'll fuck your ass, you'll fuck mine and I'll fuck you again."

He let Mario's leg drop onto the bed and Mario pulled his heels toward him and pushed his ass up to receive the full power of the boy's pile-driving rod. Jamie dropped forward, grabbed the Italian boy's wrists and pressed them onto the bed above his head. Sweat dripped from his face onto Mario's and he said, "This is how it feels to get your ass fucked by a young American buck, dude. This is why I'm the cop's boy because I'm so fucking hot and so fucking gorgeous, and that's why I'll always be his boy."

Mario was drifting into a world of raw carnal pleasure where all he could see was this beautiful boy dominating him. Without thinking he moaned, "I love your cock in my ass .... I love it .... I love you, Jamie." Jamie glanced up at Mark who was standing over them naked, awestruck, stroking his iron-hard cock. "Please, sir," Jamie said softly, and Mark smiled.

He walked behind Jamie, leaned forward and gripped his waist. He looked over his shoulder and caught Mario's disbelieving, wild-eyed gaze. "Non," he moaned, "non è possibile."

But it was more than possible - it was inevitable. Mark could not watch the incredible sight of his boy being so macho, so dominant, without giving Jamie the same treatment. He always loved fucking Jamie the boy, but fucking Jamie the hot-blooded man, that was a whole different thing. All he had to do was position his cock between the white globes of Jamie's ass and the boy did the rest. Jamie's cock slammed into Mario's ass and, as he pulled back, he found himself impaled on his master's huge shaft.

"Aaagh" he yelled and the spasm that jolted his body was like a charge of electricity running through his cock to Mario's ass and surging through Mario's heaving body. "Aaagh!" Mario echoed Jamie's cry of ecstasy as he felt Jamie's cock pulse in his ass like it was about to explode. But one thing Jamie had learned, getting fucked every day by the gorgeous cop, was how to hold back his orgasm. He took a deep breath and his hips rocked between Mark's cock and Mario's trembling ass.

It was a sublime experience for them all. For Mark, as Jamie did all the work, it was like getting his cock fucked by his boy's ass. Jamie felt like a bottom boy and a top man all at the same time, feeling his master's rod piercing him while his own cock drilled into the Italian boy's ass.

And for Mario it was like something in an erotic dream. He gazed up at two stunning faces, the young surfer pounding his ass and, smiling down at him over Jamie's shoulder, the spectacular blond muscle-god. As Mark's rod drove into Jamie's ass it pushed Jamie's cock deeper into Mario. For the young Italian it was like getting fucked by master and boy at the same time.

"That's it, dude," Jamie said breathlessly .... "you feel my master fucking your ass, you feel both our cocks?" But Mario was lost for words as he looked from Jamie to Mark and back, sensing the thrust of Mark's cock into Jamie's ass and Jamie's into his own. As the rhythm intensified the sensation was overwhelming and Mario pleaded with Jamie. "Prego, amico .... it is so beautiful .... I have to .... I cannot stop ..... mi scuso, amico ..... aaagh!"

And once again Jamie was treated to the sight of the handsome young Italian pouring juice over his already cum-soaked chest. "Do it, Jamie," he heard Mark's deep voice in his ear as his master pushed his cock deeper into his ass and at last over the inner sphincter. "Thank you, sir!" Jamie howled and his cock blasted hot semen into the cauldron of Mario's ass.

Jamie and Mario stared into each other's eyes, bewitched by the sensation of having made love for the first time. Jamie fell forward onto him, feeling his ass pulling off Mark's cock, and the boy's mouths came together in a ravenous kiss that they had both craved from the first moment their eyes had met. They kissed each other's lips, cheeks, eyes, and Jamie licked the cum from Mario's face and shared it with him as their mouths joined once again.


"Stand up, Jamie!" The command came from behind him and Jamie immediately got to his feet and stood to one side. Bewildered Mario stared up, his eyes opened wide in disbelief and he gasped, "Dio mio!" Standing before him was the unbelievable sight of the muscle-god Mark, naked except for one thing, a black police uniform shirt, unbuttoned, hanging open over his bulging chest.

Out of habit Mark always packed the shirt when he went on a trip in case he encountered an emergency where he had to exert his authority until the local cops arrived. But Mario knew none of this. All he saw was the spectacular police officer towering over him with his steel-hard rod standing out from his mass of blond pubic hair and pointing straight at him. The black shirt bore the police badge on the breast pocket, his name plate, and police flashes on the short sleeves that gripped tight to his rock-hard biceps. But what riveted Mario was what hung out of his breast pocket. Handcuffs.

Shocked, he realized that Mark had not cum with him and Jamie, that his balls were still bulging with juice that had to be released. He remembered first entering the room, seeing Jamie who had just been fucked by his master, and longing to know what it felt like. He knew now that he was about to find out. In an instinctive gesture of submission to this god-like man he flung his arms up above his head, stretched them in a V and gripped the bars of the headboard.

Without a word Mark picked up his and Jamie's thin T-shirts and tied one round each of Mario's wrists. He pulled out the handcuffs, two sets, and with a cop's quick efficiency, secured one end of each round Mario's protected wrists and the other round the bed posts. Mario lay frozen in fear and exhilaration, having never experienced anything like this before, though he'd had dreams about it - wet dreams.

Mark stood back and stared at his handsome young prisoner. "Now, my boy here told you that if you wanna be his friend you have to take his dick in your ass, which you did magnificently. But one thing he didn't tell you, kid. You wanna be his friend, you have to take his master's dick in your ass too. You ever been handcuffed and fucked by a cop before?

"No, sir, never." "You want it?" "More than anything, sir." Mark grinned. "Yeah, well don't worry, kid - my boy here gets it every night of his life and he always comes back for more. OK, Jamie, tell your friend what he has to do first."

Jamie grinned down at Mario, "First of all, dude, you have to try to get free."

As if born to play the role of captive Mario knew instinctively how to act. He looked up at the handcuffs and tugged at them. The steel did not cut into his cloth-covered wrists so he was able to pull hard and in seconds his muscular young body was writhing on the bed, his handsome face frowning in desperation, his curly black hair falling over his forehead.

Mark gazed down in awe. "Oh, shit, that is fucking gorgeous. That macho young Italian stud handcuffed to the bed, trying to escape, knowing he's gonna get that perfect ass fucked by a cop. OK, boy, this is what it feels like to take a cop's night stick up your ass." He grabbed Mario's ankles and pushed his legs high in the air. He was a master at this and it took one swift move to kneel between his legs, push his knob into the thick black fuzz round his hole and sink his long shaft deep into the boy's hot, cum-filled ass.

Mario's body shuddered and his breathing was ragged but he didn't scream as he felt no pain, only the intense euphoria of the cop's rod sliding into his ass. He gazed up at the Nordic blond face, at the mesmerizing blue-gray eyes and the incredible chest under the open black shirt. As if I in a dream he heard the cop's deep voice. "That feel good, boy? You like getting your ass fucked by a cop's big club?"

"Si signore," Mario moaned. "Thank you, sir. Please fuck me sir."

Mark reared back and pulled off his shirt. Mario lowered his legs, pulled his heels toward him as he had done with Jamie, and raised his ass as an offering to the master, gazing enthralled at Mark's now-naked torso. Mark fall forward and pressed his hands round Mario's biceps pinning them to the bed, the boy's arms still stretched upward to the handcuffs round his wrists. Their faces close, Mark stared wildly at his beautiful young Italian prisoner.

"OK, kid, I already let my boy fuck you and my dick is wet with the cum he poured into your ass. But you've got the master inside you now, boy.... and it feels like this." Instantly Mark increased the tempo and force of the fuck, his cock pile-driving into the cum-slick ass and watching as the dark, sculpted face went wild, tossing frantically from side to side, groaning, pleading for Mark to stop, begging him to continue.

In a blur he saw the god-like face staring down at him and he lost himself in an ecstasy of pure lust. All he knew, all he wanted, was this spectacular man pounding his ass. He lost all restraint, all inhibitions and laid himself bare as tears flowed from his eyes. "Aaah," he moaned breathlessly," please fuck me, sir, hard .... hurt me .... I am yours, signore, do anything you want with me. Fuck my ass, sir. I love you sir. I will do anything you say ...."

Mark realized that Mario was becoming delirious, out of control, and knew he had to end it. "OK, boy, you'll do anything for me? So cum for me ..... let me see you bust your load, kid. Do it for me ..... it's an order .... I'm cumming in your ass, boy ..... Now!"

Mario lost all sense of time and place, all awareness of anything except the heat of the cop's juice pouring into his ass. He didn't hear himself scream, hardly felt his cock gushing once more over this own chest. Then his mind went blank and he felt he was drifting away, but he was brought back to consciousness by the sound of Jamie's voice. "Mario .... Mario .... amico .... open your mouth."

Mario opened his eyes and saw through his tears the blurred image of his blond friend standing over him. Obediently he opened his mouth and instantly felt warm liquid splashing into his face and down his throat. "Drink it, dude. Prove you're my friend. Drink my juice." Mario swallowed hard, realizing he was drinking the cum of the beautiful boy who had fucked him, whose master had fucked him. It felt like a ritual bonding as he gulped his friend's semen, savoring the musky taste, gulping down every last drop.

Finally he lay back on the bed exhausted and Mark and Jamie gazed down at him in awe .... the beautiful, proud Italian boy, so poised gliding through the hotel, admired by all and now lying handcuffed to the bed, his body smothered in sweat and semen, cum splashed his black hair and mixing with tears on his face. He had taken both their cocks in his flawless ass, master and boy, but still he managed to smile weekly up at Jamie. Jamie grinned back. "That does it, dude - no question about it. From now on we're buddies - friends - amicos .... capisce?


After showering together Mark asked Mario when he was back on duty. "Not until eleven tomorrow morning, sir, for lunches at the pool." Mark glanced at Jamie who nodded enthusiastically. "Would you be able to spend the night with us, sleep with us and maybe let us see some of that top-man side of you? Is Jamie's ass a big enough temptation?"

Mario flashed his smile. "The only temptation I need is to be with you and Jamie, sir. It would be an honor to share your bed." And so that's how their weekend shaped up, with Mark and Jamie blissfully alone while Mario worked, and then welcoming him back when he was free.

In addition to more sexual exploration, Jamie's liking for Mario deepened and it turned out they had a lot in common, not least their aptitude for finance. In his spare time, Mario explained, he was taking classes in business administration, but what he really wanted was on-the-job training, an intern position with a company if he could find it. Jamie looked sharply at Mark, who knew exactly where his mind was going, but they let the subject drop for now.

As Mark re-packed his cop shirt his thoughts turned briefly to his work and, unaccountably, to Jason and the dangers he faced every day as a fireman. Maybe it was a premonition, though Mark was not to know that he was soon to witness a traumatic and dangerous event that would leave Jason emotionally shattered and near to despair.

It would fall to Mark to heal his friend, a task that would bring the cop and the fireman closer together than ever before, physically and emotionally, and test the strength of the love they had always shared.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 188


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