The drama that had begun with Darius's foolish mistake was finally over, culminating in the spectacular climax of his 'punishment.' Tied spread-eagled in the hammock, the naked black boy had been fucked in turn by all the men ..... the Marine, the fireman, the cop, the business executive, the construction worker and finally by his master, the black leather-stud. It was beyond the wildest fantasy that even Darius's fertile imagination could ever have dreamed up.

Now he was a hero to the other boys and he spent the next hour with them crowded into his room watching spellbound as Pablo screened the video he had made of the entire show. As Darius said proudly, "The first time I ever starred in my own movie!"

But there was one boy absent from the group ..... Eddie. That was Bob's idea. "I don't think it would be good for Eddie to see Darius get punished," he had said. "He worships Darius, looks on him as his master, and we don't want to shatter any illusions he has." Randy had come up with the solution. "I'll call my brother Steve, have him ask for Eddie to go up there and clean his place. I somehow don't think the kid will mind being alone with Steve and Lloyd for a while."

Eddie had a vague feeling that there was more to Steve's request than just needing him to come and clean the house. It wasn't his regular day as houseboy there after all. Never mind ...... the very thought of an afternoon with the muscle-stud doctor and the handsome architect made Eddie's cock stir in his shorts. So there he was working hard cleaning the whole house, though he was frequently distracted by the sight of Steve and Lloyd working in their office, and especially when they later stripped down to their Speedos for a swim, then lounged by the pool.

Actually Steve had been watching Eddie intently. His therapist mind had been busy, running over something he had heard from three men ..... first Zack, then Randy and Bob. They had all mentioned their concerns about the boy's apparent lack of sexual limits. He loved being tied up and fucked but seemed to ignore his own pain threshold. He never used the safe word and always wanted more, despite the pain.

As a therapist Steve had encountered this masochistic tendency in a few of his patients before and knew just how dangerous it could be in a boy if he were with the wrong man. He talked it over with Lloyd as they lazed by the pool.

"I'm not technically the boy's therapist but I really think I should tackle the subject with him. Words alone won't help, though. I can talk 'til I'm blue in the face but he'll only hear what he wants to hear." He grinned at Lloyd. "You know my methods, buddy ..... unorthodox to say the least. What the boy needs is a demonstration. Think you can help me out with that?'

"Hey, count me in, man. You know I'm always up for some rough stuff with you, big guy."

"OK," Steve grinned. "We're on, then." Eddie was at the far end of the house cleaning windows so he had not heard their conversation, but now Steve shouted over to him. "Hey, Eddie, why don't you take a break and come sit with us? I need to talk to you."

Eddie's first reaction was nervousness. He was in awe of this stunning couple, with their muscled physiques, handsome square-jawed faces and their air of professional success and power. In their beautiful home on Mulholland high in the Hollywood Hills they seemed so far out of his league, the shy bar-back turned houseboy, the most junior of all the boys in his house.

Up to now, on his regular day to come up here and clean, Eddie had always been with Nate, and together they worked on this house and Hassan's guesthouse just down the hill. Secretly (he never told anyone about this, not even Nate or Darius) he would watch Steve and Lloyd surreptitiously, stroke his cock and cum in his shorts, then hurry to the bathroom to clean off. When he cleared up their bedroom, picking up their discarded gym clothes and underwear, he was so turned on that he buried his face in the sweaty clothes and jerked off again.

And now here he was alone with the men, and what's more he had been summoned to join them as they lounged in swim briefs by the pool, their perfect physiques gleaming in the afternoon sun. No wonder he was nervous! What did Steve want to talk to him about? Had he done something wrong? Was he about to get fired? He hurried over to them and stood almost at attention, hoping he was simply going to get new cleaning instructions.

Steve liked the boy a lot ..... his naïve charm, simple honesty, lack of attitude or pretention of any kind. And, as Lloyd had remarked to Steve, "He's a really cute kid, you know, handsome face, great young body now he's been working out with Darius. He's eye candy, that's for sure." Steve looked up at Eddie with a broad smile, determined to put the nervous young kid at his ease. Ever the therapist he knew the way to do it.

"Hey, Eddie, before you sit down with us, could you do me a favor? On the counter in the kitchen there's a tray of sandwiches. Would you go and get them, and bring out some beers while you're at it?"

"Of course, sir, right away," Eddie said brightly and ran indoors, happy to do what he was used to doing ..... being of use to the men. Lloyd smiled at Steve. "You're good at this, buddy, helping the kid relax."

"I should be, Lloyd, it's my job. The kid's out of his depth, so the best thing to calm his nerves is to give him a purpose, something to do that he's good at. You know, buddy, I feel kinda protective of the boy. According to Zack his life in that leather bar in the desert bar was real limited .... the shy young bar-back from Nebraska who gave blow jobs to the leather daddies in the back room." He grinned. "One thing he got out of it, though, was practice ....... the men in the house say that he gives the best blow jobs in town .... a real expert it seems."


Steve's confidence-building tactic worked. When Eddie reappeared with a tray, heavy with sandwiches and beer, he seemed to have gained confidence. He set it down, complete with napkins and a few extra munchies he had added, and took a seat himself. Not sure what to do next his confidence ebbed, but again Steve came to the rescue with easy conversation.

"Here, Eddie, grab a beer, and eat up. It's good having you here on your own..... Lloyd and I don't often get to talk to you ..... gives us a chance to get to know you a bit." Steve's deep, gentle voice helped Eddie relax again as he opened a bottle. "So, how's it going down there with all those guys, kiddo? Must be a challenge cleaning up after that crowd."

"Oh, I love it, sir, and the guys are great to me ..... even Randy, though I was scared of him at first."

Smiling at Eddie's wide-eyed frankness Steve said, "Yeah, that big brother of mine can be real intimidating. But you'll never have a better protector, and deep down he can be kind and gentle."

"I know sir. I was scared at first when he fucked me but it was totally awesome, especially when he ......" Suddenly he blushed, realizing he had gone too far.

Steve laughed. "Don't worry, kid, I know about all the sex that goes on in that house. A lot of it can get real rough, too. Have you ever, er ......?"

"Oh yes, sir. Zack and Darius showed me first, tying me up and all, and when they whipped me it made me cum real fast. I wanted them to keep doing it but Zack said I'd had enough. But really I hadn't, sir. I loved the feeling of it and I could have taken a lot more."

"Tell me about it," Steve said casually. "Lloyd here is just like that ...... can't get enough of me, eh, big guy?"

"Yes, sir!" Lloyd grinned, stroking the bulge in his Speedos. Eddie picked up on the way they held each other's gaze and saw the outline of Steve's stiff cock under his briefs. There was a heavy silence for a few seconds, then Steve turned back to Eddie. "Actually, some days we have a pretty heavy session in the basement before dinner. I take Lloyd down there, show him who's master around here. Sure feels like we're headed that way right now, eh, Lloyd?"

There was a subtle change in the atmosphere as Steve and Lloyd stared intensely at each other. Suddenly Eddie felt that he was the third that makes a crowd ....... the men needed privacy for their "heavy session". He stood up, clumsily knocking against the table in his haste, and said, "OK, sir, well I guess I should be going. I've finished my work here.... the windows were the last. So thank you for the beer and food, sir."

He hesitated as he found himself staring at the two huge bulges under the Speedos. This was not lost on Steve who smiled up at him. "Running away so soon, Eddie? We must've frightened you off with our talk of rough sex."

"Oh no, sir, nothing like that. In fact I ....." He trailed off, instinctively covering his own bulge in his shorts with his hands."

"So why not stick around?" Steve said lightly. "You could watch how a handsome architect gets some of that arrogance knocked out of him." He grinned at Lloyd. "Besides, having an audience turns Lloyd on. Tell you what, why don't you take all this stuff back to the kitchen and tidy up in there while I get things set up in the basement? Then you can join us whenever you're ready. That work for you?"

Did it! This was the boy who jerked off just catching glimpses of them working or by smelling their sweaty clothes, and now he was being invited to watch their private rough-sex session in the basement. He knew where the room was but neither he nor Nate had ever been there. The men preferred to clean that room themselves. But Eddie knew that's where they had sex together .... and now he would actually get to watch what they did!

He cleared his throat and mumbled. "Yes, sir ..... thank you, sir. That would be fine." (Fine? he winced to himself ..... stupid word to use.) His nervous excitement was obvious as he clumsily set about clearing the table, knocking empty bottles over trying to put them on the tray. Finally he picked up the loaded tray and turned toward the house, muttering, "Sorry, sir .... thank you, sir. See you in ..... soon, sir."

Steve and Lloyd smiled as they watched him stagger back to the house. "He's just beautiful," Lloyd laughed. "Cute as a button and nervous as a rabbit. Hope we don't blow his mind down there. Come on, let's get this show set up, or this boner is gonna explode in my Speedos."


Eddie had never worked so fast. He couldn't wait to run downstairs .... didn't want to miss a thing ..... but the boy's work ethic was strong and he was determined finish his job here. He threw the bottles in the trash, put the leftover food in the fridge, loaded the plates in the dishwasher and cleaned the countertops. Then, taking deep breaths he, illogically, looked at himself in the mirror, smoothed down his T-shirt and tightened the drawstring on his shorts. He was ready.

His heart was beating wildly as he opened the door to the basement stairs and went slowly down the steps. There was another door at the bottom and he stopped .... should he knock? ..... no, mustn't interrupt. The door creaked as he opened it and crept in. At first he could barely see anything, it was so dark, just black walls and ceiling and two shadowy figures, one moving in the middle of the room, the other standing by the wall. Eddie stopped .... and waited.

What happened next made him gasp. It was pure theater. Slowly the ceiling lights came up, spotlights that cast pools of a soft red glow on the floor. On the black walls hung pieces of equipment ...... ropes, shackles, whips. It all reminded Eddie of pictures he had once seen of a dungeon. But it wasn't the room that made his heart pound and his knees buckle.

The figure in the middle of the room was Lloyd, but a much different Lloyd from the proud, confident architect Eddie was used to. He was still wearing only his black swim briefs .... but now had a collar round his neck attached by a long rope to the wall, allowing him to reach as far as the middle of the room, like a dog tethered by the neck.

But that was not all. His elbows had been pulled back and his arms draped backwards over a horizontal wooden pole behind his back. His wrists were tied in front of him at waist height. He could walk, move around the room within the range of the rope, but his arms were immobilized, held tight by the rod behind him, wrists bound just out of reach of his crotch. His biceps and shoulders bulged with the strain and his chest was flexed, vulnerable.

Eddie almost creamed his shorts as he gazed at the perfectly muscled gym-built physique, at the handsome, square-cut features, gray eyes and dark hair. He was a gorgeous man but his arrogance was now tamed as he jerked at the rope tied to his neck as if trying to get free. His arms strained forward against the pole, trying to break it, making his shoulders, chest and abs flex hard, gleaming under the red overhead lights.

Spellbound, Eddie gazed at the spectacle, but his trance was broken by Steve's deep voice. "You like my prisoner, Eddie? Magnificent isn't he?" Steve, also still wearing just his dark blue Speedos, had walked away from the light switches and was now running his hands over the captive's bulging chest and washboard abs. "Yeah ..... perfect ..... and he's completely at my mercy. What d'ya think, kid?"

Eddie gulped, cleared his throat but no words came out. There were no words to describe what he saw. Steve focused his attention on Eddie and saw the huge bulge in his shorts. "You too, eh, kid? He does the same to me," and he pulled his Speedos tight across his long hard cock straining to break free. "OK, let's see here, let's get you comfortable." He grabbed the neck of Eddie's T-shirt and pulled it off over his head. "That's better ..... wow, it's more than better. You got a great little body going on here." He stroked his hand over Eddie's nipples making him gasp and he had to stop himself from blowing his wad in his shorts.

"Don't cum yet, boy. Long way to go yet. You'll know when it's time." Steve looked again at the architect straining against the rope. "You wish that was you there, Eddie, tied up, waiting for me to work you over?"

Yes, sir," said Eddie, finding his voice at last, his eyes gleaming. Steve saw that almost manic gleam and was reminded again why they were here. That was the hungry look that could easily get the boy into real trouble. Steve hoped that he and Lloyd could help Eddie see just how dangerous it could be if things got out of hand.

Steve went over to the wall and pulled off it a whip with multiple braids of leather, a cat o' nine tails. He stood before Lloyd, jabbed the end of the whip under his chin, pushing his head up and forcing him to look into his eyes. They both understood that they had worked out this scenario as a lesson for Eddie. And yet, ......

As they gazed into each other's eyes they fell easily into the fantasy of the moment, two near-naked men in a dungeon, one tied helplessly, straining against the rope round his neck, at the mercy of the other. They had played sex games in this room many times before, some of them pretty hard-core, and every time the fantasy was so erotic that it felt real.

Lloyd, always confident to the point of arrogance in public, was sexually compulsive and had a strong masochistic streak in private. Like many other successful, powerful men, he had a perverse, deep-rooted need to be sexually degraded. When he had first met Randy, the construction boss had taken one look at the handsome, well-dressed architect and decided that he needed to "dirty him up a bit". He had subjected Lloyd to hard, greasy, menial labor on the construction site that left him groveling in the mud at the feet of the muscle-stud boss.

Now that Lloyd and Steve were lovers, it was Steve who always assumed the dominant role. He was Randy's brother alright, with the same strain of natural authority in him, though less savage than the macho, anger-fueled roughneck. Lloyd willingly submitted to Steve's natural domination ..... and yet it was not quite that simple. The two men were both successful professionals, alike and equal in so many ways. So, as sexually turned on as Lloyd was, deep down he felt an edge of resentment as he stood bound and helpless, waiting to be worked over by his dominant partner.

All of this was in play now as Steve prodded the whip under his chin, with a gloating smirk, and Lloyd stared back at him with a look of defiance. As always Steve was awestruck by the sight of the handsome, near-naked man straining in bondage. "Look at you, man," he taunted him, "big, gorgeous muscle-stud at my mercy. Shit, if your gym buddies could see you now. They're used to you flaunting your perfect body as you work out, not roped like an animal. You know, you could save yourself a thrashing by submitting right now, begging me to set your free."

"Go fuck yourself, asshole," Lloyd growled.

Steve's eyes blazed. "So that's the way you wanna play it, stud. OK, you got it." He raised the whip and brought it crashing down in a series of quick lashes across Lloyd's shoulders, chest and abs. Lloyd jerked backwards howling in pain, ducking and weaving to avoid the whip. His muscles flexed hard as he pushed his arms forward against the wooden rod behind his back in a desperate attempt to break it.

Eddie was mesmerized. Steve had made him sit in a chair by the wall out of harm's way and he had a perfect view of the two bodybuilders, one lashing the whip against the muscular body of the other as he stumbled round the room, his neck pulling against the rope that tethered him, his magnificent body exposed helplessly to the blows raining down on him.

The tortured muscle-god was taking the thrashing of his life. In a futile attempt at relief he strained his hands down to touch the cock bulging in his briefs, but it was just out of reach. Maddened, he turned sideways and pounded the end of the rod against the wall in a futile attempt to push it out through his arms.

"That's not gonna help you, man," Steve gloated. "Face it, you're trapped, you're finished, stud. Give up ...... you know the word ..... 'submit'." That's all I need to hear from you."

"Go ... and ... fuck ... yourself," Lloyd repeated slowly. Defiantly he flexed his chest forward, blatantly offering it for more punishment. "I can take anything you dish out and more ..... aaagh!" He screamed as Steve lashed the exposed chest even harder.

Maybe Lloyd could take this but Eddie knew he couldn't. He gripped the seat of his chair to stop touching his cock, but it was no good. The image was pornographic, the beautiful muscle-god roped at the neck, face twisted in pain, muscles rippling under the lash, gleaming with sweat in the red lights. Hypnotized by the awesome sight Eddie felt his cock bulge, shudder and explode in his shorts. He hung his head and moaned, overwhelmed by what he had seen.

For the boy it was all so graphically, painfully real. He couldn't know the back-story behind the men's sex games, or the dynamic of their relationship, nor the fact that this was part of their plan to educate him. Nor did he know that, as real as the tortured prisoner scene had become, Steve never lost control, always whipped Lloyd way below his endurance level. With a whip like this with its leather braids, it was easy to simulate vicious blows without inflicting real harm.

But to Eddie it had become painful to watch as the muscular body became striped with the marks of the lash. Now that he had cum his capacity for fantasy lessened and he started to moan softly. He looked up as the punishment continued, the whip falling relentlessly on the tortured body. Steve heard Eddie's moans and was aware that he had creamed his shorts. Time for the next stage of the boy's education, he thought, and he shouted to Eddie.

"All he has to do is shoot a load from his cock to submit to me, boy. Maybe he needs some help with that. Get your ass over here ..... and that hot mouth of yours." Eddie obeyed instantly and the whipping paused. "See that bulge in his Speedos, boy? I'm told you're the best little cocksucker in town. Maybe you can help this man to submit. On your knees, boy."

Eddie sank willingly to the floor in front of Lloyd, grateful for the opportunity to help bring his torment to an end. And this was something where he was an expert. He pulled the Speedos down and the rigid shaft shot out like a pole. Eddie realized that it must have been hard ever since the ordeal began. He leaned forward, pressed his lips against the head of the cock and let the shaft slide quickly all the way down his throat.

He clenched his throat muscles round it and managed to look up at the stunning bodybuilder, arms still trapped round the wooden pole, body striped by the lash, face twisting in ecstasy now as he moaned, "Oh, man ...... shit that feels fucking incredible. That mouth is so hot." Then he gritted his teeth. "But you're not gonna make me cum, neither one of you. I'll never submit."

"Oh yeah?" Steve snarled. "We'll see about that." He had walked round behind him. "Man, look at the globes of that perfect white ass between the tan lines. They're rock hard. Better loosen them up a bit. Come on boy, suck that dick."

Eddie heard the crack of the whip across Lloyd's ass, heard him yell as his hips jerked forward and rammed his cock deeper into his throat. Eddie gagged and realized that this was going to be a blow-job like none he had ever given. As Lloyd braced for the next lash his hips moved back and the cock slid partway out of the boy's mouth. Then the whip cracked again, the body jerked forward and the cock slammed hard into his mouth.

Steve didn't let up, increasing the rhythm of his blows, watching the white mounds bounce under the whip. As Lloyd howled with each blow his hips lurched forward, his pubic hair smashed into the boy's face, the cock rammed into him and Eddie choked again. It took all his skill, perfected in that back room of the bar, to swallow the cock down again and again without passing out. But Steve had told him to make Lloyd cum and he knew he could. Of all the leathermen who had fucked his face in that back room, none had ever resisted his expert mouth before without a massive orgasm.

Tears spurted from Eddie's eyes as Steve continued to flog Lloyd's back and ass, and the cock pistoned into his mouth with each blow. Steve's whip was driving the shaft down his throat! He worked his throat, squeezing the cock when it was deep inside and gripping it hard as it withdrew. He saw the magnificent body writhing above him as the lash cracked against it, heard Lloyd's moans and realized that his screams of pain had been transformed into groans of pleasure. The pain in Lloyd's ass faded as the sensation in his cock intensified.

"Oh shit, man" he moaned to Steve. "This kid is driving me wild ...... that mouth of his, so fucking hot. But you can whip me all you like, man, I'm still not gonna cum. Aaah! Oh, man, my cock is feeling so damn good ..... yeah suck it boy, while my master whips my ass. Shit damn ..... fuck you, boy, you're making me so fucking hot ...... you're making me ..... I can't hold back .... you're making me shoot .... damn you, boy ..... fuck you ...... aaagh!"

Eddie felt the cock jolt, shudder and release a blast of hot cum that poured down his throat. Frantically he swallowed stream after stream, tasting the man's sweet juice as the bound body convulsed above him and Eddie's own body jolted as he blasted another load of jism over Lloyd's bare feet.

It took a long while for Lloyd's cock to drain, then at last to pull back up the throat and out of his mouth. With cum spilling out of his mouth and down his chin Eddie rose to his feet. He stepped back and watched wide-eyed as the bound and broken bodybuilder sank to his knees, sobbing in humiliation.


The kneeling muscle-god looked spectacular, head bowed in defeat, shoulders and biceps bulging as the arms strained against the pole behind his back. Steve stood triumphantly before him and pulled his head up by the hair, forcing his handsome face to look up, tears streaming down his cheeks, mouth sagging open. "You ready for your master's cock?" Steve growled. He pulled his hard rod out of his briefs and rammed it into Lloyd's mouth, making him choke. Still grabbing his hair Steve hammered the helpless face, but Lloyd looked so erotically beautiful in his misery that Steve soon felt his cock bursting for release.

He pulled out and aimed his cock at the handsome, defeated face. Steve gloated, "Your gym buddies should see you now, stud ..... a bodybuilder on his knees, broken and humiliated. You're finished, man." Suddenly his cock exploded, slamming cum straight into Lloyd's face, into his hair, his eyes until it was running down to his neck and dripping onto his chest.

Eddie gazed in awe at the architect's stunning face, its square jaw, chiseled features, once proud but now grimacing in abject degradation, smothered in semen and tears. It had been the most spectacular display of one man breaking another, but, as fired up as he was, Eddie was relieved that it was over. There had been something in Lloyd's endurance of the whipping and his refusal to submit that somehow disturbed him. He sat back in his chair. Well, at least it was over.

But Eddie was wrong. Steve had cupped his hand under Lloyd's chin and forced him to look up at him through the mist of cum and tears. The look they shared was intense, charged with the erotic pleasure of one of their hottest sexual confrontations ..... but this time mixed with an understanding that there was one more act to play out .... this time for Eddie.

A glimmer of a smile in Steve's eyes was quickly replaced by a snarl. "Look at you, stud ..... whipped, sucked off by a boy, face fucked, kneeling in defeat. I've broken you, man, you're finished. Now you have to say it. Give up, man .... submit and I'll set your free. Let me hear the word."

There was a long, heavy silence as Lloyd's gaze up at Steve became one of steely defiance. "Go to hell!" It was the insolence of the tortured rebel ..... the ultimate challenge.

Steve's eyes blazed and he slapped the back of his hand across his captive's face. "Fuck you, man. Fuck you! What do I have to do to break you, asshole?" He grabbed the collar round Lloyd's neck and yanked him to his feet. He picked up the whip from the floor and shouted, "Is this what you want, stud, more of this? You wanna feel the whip curl round that gorgeous body of yours? OK, asshole, you asked for it.

Eddie could not believe that it was starting again and his body tensed as he leapt to his feet. He saw the whip rise and lash the body again, only this time the captive did not buck and weave in defense. He stood still, a defiant smile on his face as the blows fell across his chest, abs and shoulders, and curled round his back, striping his muscles with angry red welts. "Come on, man," Lloyd taunted. "That all you got? That's nothing .... come on, whip me, man, hurt me. You don't get it .... I love pain .... I can take everything you can dish out and never give in."

Angered by Lloyd's taunts Steve redoubled the blows, but still Lloyd defied him, cum still pouring down his handsome face. Incredibly his cock was roaring hard and as the lash curled brutally round his whip-striped muscles he screamed ...."Aaagh!! ..... and his cock exploded in a stream of cum that smashed against Steve's chest.

Enraged, Steve used every muscle in his body to defeat the spectacular bodybuilder, but still Lloyd roared in defiance. "That's better, big guy. Come on, man, harder ..... rip those muscles apart. Make me suffer. Thrash that gorgeous body. Break it, man!"

"NO!" Eddie leapt forward. "Don't listen to him, sir .... he doesn't mean it, sir. Please stop ...... you're really gonna injure him sir. He doesn't know what he's saying. He only wants more pain to show you how tough he is." He tried to grab Steve's arm and make him stop, but his efforts were feeble against Steve's strength.

"Back off, kid," Steve growled. "What do you know about any of this?"

"I do know, sir," Eddie pleaded desperately. "I did the same with Zack and Randy. I went mad ..... I never wanted them to stop hurting me .... no limits. Please, sir..... stop whipping him, sir." His mind was reeling and he started to sob. "OK, sir, what if I say it for him? I'll say it, I don't care .... I'll say it for him. I submit, sir. I submit. Please, I can't take any more ...... I submit!"

Suddenly everything stopped. Steve and Lloyd gazed at each other in a true moment of triumph, while Eddie stood trembling, wild-eyed, breath heaving. Then Steve turned to Eddie smiled and took him into his arms, holding him tight and kissing his cheek. He said softly into his ear, "Good boy, Eddie. That's what I wanted to hear." He pulled back and smiled into his eyes. "I wanted you to understand. Everyone has limits, kiddo, and it's dangerous to ignore them. This was our way of convincing you."

Eddie's tear-stained eyes gazed at Steve, trying to understand. "You mean .... you mean ..... this was all for me, sir?"

"Well, not all of it," Steve laughed. "Lloyd and I had a great time too .... one of the best ....... especially my gorgeous, sexy man here. Come on, kid, give me a hand."

Following Steve's lead Eddie untied the wrists at Lloyd's waist and grabbed the bar as his arms fell, while Steve unbuckled the collar from his neck. Lloyd fell into Steve's arms in a tight bear hug. "Thanks, buddy," Lloyd said. "You were incredible ..... God, I love you."

They broke apart and Lloyd folded his arms round Eddie. "You too, Eddie, you were terrific. Boy, you are one hell of a cocksucker ..... .that blowjob was awesome. Any more where that came from?"

"Any time you like, sir. Whenever I come up to clean, if you want." Seeing the whip marks on Lloyd's flesh he licked his shoulders and chest, then licked Steve's cum off his face. Steve watched deep in thought, then said, "Hey Eddie, you don't have to run away right away, do you? How about you stay on, help us make dinner and then spend the night with us. Maybe even give us the benefit of that mouth of yours a couple more times. How's that sound?"

It sounded great! .... spend the night with these two muscle-gods after everything he had seen?

But seeing him hesitate, Steve smiled, "I know, you have to clear it with the house. Here's my phone. Er, from what I hear Darius is probably shacked up with Pablo right around now, so I suggest you call Zack. Eddie instantly got hold of Zack who jumped at the idea. The house was still resonating with the wild events of the day, Darius was spending the night with Pablo, so it was much better for Eddie to come back in the morning when things had settled down.

"Good, that's settled then," Steve smiled as Eddie snapped the phone shut. "But you know, what Lloyd and I did here was kind of an experiment and every doctor likes to be sure his therapy has worked. So before we go upstairs I'd kinda like to put it to the test. Would you be up for something like that, Eddie?"

Eddie wasn't exactly sure what he meant, but he had an idea that Steve and Lloyd would be putting him through some kind of trial and already his cock was getting stiff again. He nodded in agreement and Steve said. "OK, but before we start there's one important thing to do. I want you to call Zack back and ask him a question......

Zack was surprised to get another call from a hesitant Eddie. "Sorry to trouble you again, sir. I've been told to ..... I mean, I want to ask you something. Sir, do you think I can trust Steve?"

Taken aback for a second, Zack grinned as he realized that Steve had told him to ask this. Part of the boy's training, no doubt. "I'm glad you checked with me, kid, and the answer is yes. Steve is one of the good guys and you can do whatever he tells you to do. Not only can you trust him, you'll probably have a whole lot of fun doing it, too. So go for it, kid. You have my blessing."

As Eddie put the phone down Steve said, "And remember, boy, always before you do anything like this you have to be certain you can trust the guy. Don't take the guy's word .... check with one of us. OK, now let's get you naked. Come on Lloyd, old buddy. Give me a hand here."


At any other time Eddie would have been scared. But Zack had said he could trust Steve and he would never have said that if it wasn't true. So he felt no fear, despite his present predicament ..... only intense excitement.

He was in the middle of the room, sitting naked in the plain wooden chair, his arms resting on the chair's arms, wrists tied to it. His ankles were tied to the front chair legs. He was not in any discomfort, but he was immobile, except for minimal flexibility of his torso and head. Lloyd and Steve were still stripped down to their swim briefs, with the addition now of unlaced sneakers. They paced around looking at the boy, sizing up the opportunities he presented.

"So what are we gonna do with you, boy, Lloyd said? You know all you have to say is 'submit' and you're free. You gonna talk or are we gonna have to make you?"

Eddie watched the beautiful men moving through the spotlights, their muscles gleaming as light and shadow played over them. He could have cum just looking at them but knew that's not what was expected. He also knew instinctively to say nothing, certainly not the safe word. So he simply stared ahead defiantly. His cock was rigid, his body trembling with anticipation.

"Hey, buddy," Lloyd said, "looks like we got ourselves an insubordinate boy here who's not talking. Guess we're just gonna have to teach him a lesson."

"Damn right," said Steve. "Here, let's show him we mean business. He went to the light switches and manipulated them, turning the spots down to dark red pools of light. Eddie gasped as a hard white light flashed on and he caught sight of himself in the wall mirror, the stark light shining down like a cone round him. The rest of the room was in shadowy red.

Yeah," said Steve, "Now there you have a boy waiting to be interrogated. That's what they do in the military when an enemy prisoner won't talk. What we need for a defiant kid like this is an expert at military interrogation. Hey, wait a minute. Keep an eye on him buddy ..... make sure he doesn't try anything stupid. I'll be right back."

To Eddie's surprise he left the room and his footsteps receded upstairs. There was a deep silence as Lloyd towered over him, arms folded across his chest. Eddie's fantasies were running wild and he imagined himself being worked over by this muscle-god. He could have shot his load ten times over ...... but instead, all he could do was wait.

As it happened, Steve's timing was perfect. Just as he walked out of the house Hassan was walking down the drive, just off work. "Hey, Hassan, I want you to do me a favor." Hassan turned and grinned, and Steve shook his head. "Perfect, just perfect." It was one of those days that Hassan had spent filming a Marine training video, so he was in the usual action gear of fatigues, boots, khaki tank and sleeveless uniform shirt stretched over his muscular olive-skinned body. He still had not removed the dark camouflage streaks from his face.

Quickly Steve explained what had been going on and what they needed now. "You don't want me to shower and change, first?" Hassan asked.

"Don't you dare," Steve grinned. "You look exactly right just the way you are."


Time was starting to drag in the dark room and Eddie shifted in the chair as much as the ropes would allow. Suddenly he heard footsteps, the door opened, Steve came in and closed it behind him. He whispered a quick word to Lloyd and they went and leaned back against the wall, lit only by the dim red lights. Eddie was left alone, sitting under the harsh white light. He looked at himself in the mirror and all he saw was a young guy, tied to a chair naked, waiting for his interrogation to begin.

As the minutes ticked by Eddie came to understand the value of trust. He should have been terrified, but he knew for sure that nothing bad was going to happen to him ...... and besides, he knew the safe word. Eddie was starting to understand how the game was played. But he also knew that it had to feel real.

Finally he heard heavy footsteps on the stairs ..... boots. The door opened and a tall, shadowy figure stood in the gloom. It came slowly forward and as it caught the red overhead lights Eddie gasped. It was a broad-shouldered muscular soldier in combat gear, his face streaked with camouflage paint, eyes hidden behind dark mirror glasses. He gazed down at the boy, who instinctively pulled at his restraints.

Deep down Eddie knew this was Hassan, of course, but now the fantasy was so vivid that he really was a soldier who had come to interrogate him. Darius had once told Eddie in lurid detail of that long-ago time when Hassan, a soldier in the Arabian Desert, had interrogated Mark, who was then an American soldier, torturing him chained to the wall of a cell. And now it was Eddie's turn, a naked boy tied helpless in a dungeon. Despite all the assurances he had received, he felt a tremor of apprehension run through him. This felt real!

The Marine reached forward, grabbed his hair and pulled his head up to face him. Eddie gazed up at the stunningly beautiful soldier with his dark Arab/Asian features and muscular body, now brilliantly lit under the stark white light shining down on his captive. Feeling safe after what Zack had said, knowing Steve was watching from the shadows, Eddie's mind, free of fear, could focus on the fantasy he was living. It was real. He was a young, naked prisoner in bondage at the mercy of this formidable, powerful Marine.

The soldier whipped off his dark glasses and the exotic dark eyes bored into his. The deep, lyrical, strangely accented Arab voice was full of menace. "So, you are the boy who refuses to talk. That is why they have sent me ..... I can make any prisoner talk. You can save yourself much pain and torment, boy, by submitting to me right now." But Eddie was gripped with a new defiance and remained silent. "Very well. It shall be as you wish."

Eddie was mesmerized by the sight of the soldier shrugging off his shirt and pulling his tank off over his head. He stepped back under the red lights, stripped to the waist, and flexed his magnificent body. His voice was louder now, harsher. "Look at me, boy. You dare to defy me? No one defies me ..... I will break you, boy. You do not yet understand my power. Look at me!"

The voice alone was enough to excite Eddie's lust, but now, as he watched the incredible shirtless soldier pace before him, muscles rippling under the dappled light and shadow he knew he was already lost. He pulled at his restraints and caught sight of himself in the mirror struggling, a naked boy waiting for this Marine muscle-god to work on him. The sight, the fantasy was overpowering. Eddie lost control, felt his body shudder, his cock pulse and he screamed as a ribbon of cum shot from him and splashed on the floor at his feet.

He heard the soldier's guttural laugh of triumph. "You see, boy, how my mere presence is enough to break a man. But we have not finished." He glanced over to the instruments of torture on the wall but shrugged contemptuously. "Huh, I have no need of those toys. I have a weapon of my own that always brings a man to his senses." He unzipped his fatigue pants and pulled out his thick, hard cock. "A few minutes of this boy and you will be ready to submit."

He yanked Eddie's face back again, the mouth fell open and he rammed the cock straight down his throat. Eddie choked and gagged on the huge shaft..... but he knew that he could withstand this weapon of torture. He had been well trained. So he clenched his throat muscles hard and heard the Marine gasp in surprise as he pulled his cock back, then pushed it again down the hot chute that squeezed it tight. Eddie felt a defiant need to fight back, to show this man that he may be a boy but he was tough, not so easy to break.

Hearing the soldier moan in a mix of pain and ecstasy Eddie sensed that his arrogance had been punctured. So he applied all his skill, squeezing his throat then relaxing it, making his mouth fuck the soldier's cock. Now it was his turn to demonstrate his power ..... and it didn't take long. The more the soldier pounded his mouth the more his cock shuddered, bulged ..... and then "aaagh!" The Marine screamed as he exploded in Eddie's mouth, streams of bitter-sweet juice that Eddie's practiced throat swallowed easily in big triumphant gulps.

The cock finally pulled out and Eddie looked up at his surprised face, taking one last arrogant gulp to prove that no man's cock would ever make him submit. Hassan's eyes blazed with anger as he stuffed his cock back in his pants. "No man has ever defied me that way ..... resisted the power of my cock. You are tough, boy, a worthy adversary. But you have angered me. Now I will make you submit with my own bare hands .... no whip, no chains ..... just these," and he rubbed his fingers together.

He walked forward again and, locking eyes with his captive, stroked his nipples, rolling them between his fingers. Eddie breathed in sharply, feeling jolts of pleasure flare from his chest through his body. But quickly the pleasure turned to pain as the Marine increased the pressure, and soon Eddie's nipples were being ground between the vise-like fingers. Men had played with his nipples before but never like this. He held the soldier's gaze, determined to be strong, but soon tears were flowing from his eyes.

"You cannot withstand this, boy," the soldier growled. "No man can withstand this. You will have to bow to my superior strength." But Eddie resisted, despite the now agonizing pain in his nipples, radiating through the young body that strained helplessly against his restraints. His head was thrashing from side to side, tears streaming down his cheeks ..... but he would show how tough he could be ..... he would not give up.

"You know I am your master, boy," the menacing voice said. "Now I will break you .... right now ..... like this!" Suddenly Eddie felt a shaft of agonizing pain spear through him, worse than anything before. Hassan was using his fingernails to bite into the flesh of his nipples. The intense pain drained the last ounce of resistance from him. "No, no," he howled, "I can't .... It's too much ...... I give up ...." In his delirium he searched desperately for the word. "I .... I ..... I submit, sir! I submit!"

Instantly it all stopped and his writhing body became still as he felt the worst of the pain draining from his chest. Through his tears he looked up at Hassan's face, and it was smiling down at him. "You did very well, Eddie. I love a strong boy who resists. It looks so hot. It is very exciting for me when I hear a tough young man like you submit to me, but I am glad you have learned when to give up Thank you, Eddie. Now, do you want to cum again?"

Eddie was in thrall to this glorious man. Yes, he wanted to cum again. "Yes, sir, please, sir."

"Very well. Your nipples are raw now, more tender than they have ever been. If I just stroked them you would cum. To do more would cause you exquisite pain .... but it will be fleeting and will end as soon as you shoot. Here, this is for you, Eddie." Still smiling down at him Hassan suddenly squeezed his nipples tight. He was right ....... the pain was excruciating, as if his chest had burst into flames. "Aaaagh ..... " Eddie felt his cock explode, saw a plume of white juice rise up and splash against Hassan's bare chest. And the pain instantly stopped

It was over. Steve and Lloyd walked out of the shadows and Steve said to Hassan. "Thanks, big guy. That was just what we needed. And as for you, kid, you've learned your lesson and your limits. You know when to submit, and you looked incredibly beautiful while you did." "Hotter than a pistol," Lloyd agreed."

"Thank you, sirs," Eddie said, managing a smile through his tears. But as he gazed up at them his eyes were still pleading, and Steve smiled. "Boy oh boy. you never get enough do you? OK Lloyd, let's finish him off." The both pulled their cocks from their Speedos, rock hard after what they had witnessed, and stroked them faster and faster. It didn't take much before Steve said, "You ready, buddy?"

"Right there with you, man." Their bodies flexed and their cocks erupted with a shower of semen that slammed into Eddie's face until he felt he was drowning in the cum of the two magnificent men.

In his ecstasy Eddie had the crazy, fleeting thought that, if he drowned, there would be no better way to go.


A few minutes later as they were walking toward the pool for a cleansing swim Eddie was in some kind of heaven. That feeling intensified as he heard Steve say to Lloyd and Hassan, "Hey guys, what say we ask Nate if he can spare Eddie to come up here two days a week instead of one? Seems to me that his job description just got a lot longer. A ton of extra things he's gonna have to do for us from now on."

"Fine with me," Hassan said, throwing his arm over the boy's shoulder. "There are other changes in the wind too. Before I came home I dropped in on Zack and Darius with a proposition."

Actually it had been more of a bombshell to Darius than a proposition. Hassan had sat at the outdoor table facing him and Zack, and had come straight to the point.. "Look, I just came from the film set as you can tell from my clothes, so I can't stay long .... gotta get home and clean up. But on the set the director reminded me again that he's looking for a guy to intern as a Third Assistant Director on the promotional videos we make. Now that's not a grand position .... more like a gofer at the beck and call of the director, the crew and the Marines on the set. Not much money, either, but a ton of film-making experience, and a chance to work his way up.

"He's looking for a young guy with a natural talent behind a camera and a basic knowledge of lighting, editing, that kind of thing, and above all a guy who's willing to learn. It can be tough. We put in long days under hot lights, usually on location in local canyons to simulate battle situations, that kind of thing. Hell," he laughed, "a lot of the guys end up looking like me, sweating like a pig in all this gear and war-paint. Glamorous it ain't I can tell you.

"Anyway I told the director I might know just the guy." He looked directly at Darius. "I was referring to you, kid. Those videos you've shot here are terrific .... even if they do sometimes land you in trouble. So, what d'ya think?"

Darius was stunned. A flood of fantasies began pouring through his overactive imagination .... spending the day with Marines in uniform and battle gear under the sun and hot lights in a remote canyon ..... working with Hassan all day and guys like him .... doing whatever grunt work the soldiers and the crew tell him to do. Hassan read his mind. "But like I said, Darius, it's not at all glamorous, not much money attached ......" he grinned "..... and no sex, either."

Darius really didn't hear the last bit. He turned to Zack, his eyes sparkling. "Could I, sir? Would you let me? Please say yes, sir ..... Please!"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 162


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