Eddie was spinning into a fantasy. He had spent a great day with Darius on the canyon location of a recruitment video being shot for the Marine Corp's publicity department. Darius was one of the crew and Eddie his assistant. And what thrilled Eddie was that his master, the muscle-god Marine Hassan, was the featured actor in the video.

"OK," shouted the director, "this last scene is meant to depict the guts and brotherhood of the Marines, who always take care of their own. The idea is that one of the youngest soldiers has been hurt in battle and we get a shot of the captain carrying him to safety. Hassan, you ready?"

But there was a hitch, as the young Marine scheduled to play the injured solider had been called away. Darius pushed Eddie forward and the frustrated director said, "Hey, this kid'll do fine .... young, innocent looking, nice body but not too heavy. OK, kid you just volunteered. No big deal, you just have to play dead ...... or unconscious at least. Think you can do that?" He didn't wait for a response. "Good, then for god's sake guys get the kid kitted out - just fatigue pants, no boots - too heavy - shirtless with dirt and bloodstains on his chest and face."

The next few minutes were a daze for Eddie as he was whisked into wardrobe, stripped and given fatigue pants to wear, while the makeup women daubed dirt and bloodstains on his face and naked chest. Then he stumbled outside and came face to face with Hassan, who was shirtless except for the last shreds of a torn shirt hanging from his shoulders. Wearing torn fatigues and boots, his body was covered in grease and dirt and streaks of blood, signs of a brutal battle, and he still had black camouflage stripes on his rugged square-jawed face. He was an almost pornographic symbol of a soldier after the heat of battle.

But Hassan was all business and barely glanced at Eddie. Someone grabbed Eddie's arm and pulled him round behind some bushes, where Hassan and the director joined him. Eddie felt himself being scooped up by Hassan with one arm under his back and the other under the crook of his legs. Lying in Hassan's arms he heard the director say, "Here, try this," and he draped one of Eddie's arms loosely behind Hassan's neck.

"Yeah, perfect. Now go limp boy, close your eyes and drop your head back like you're unconscious. That's all you have to do ..... leave the rest to the soldier here." The director disappeared and they were left alone behind the bushes. Hassan looked down briefly and said, "You OK?" "Yes, sir." "Good, do just as he said." Hassan looked straight ahead again, his jaw clenched, as the director shouted, "Stand by, everyone. Mark it. And .... action."

With Eddie lying across his arms, his arm limply round his neck, Hassan moved forward and stumbled through the bushes. He paused, looked down at the young soldier, then gazed determinedly ahead and strode across the set, the camera following him, until he was out of camera range. "Cut! That was perfect guys. But I want a couple more takes for coverage - close-up and longshot. I'm nervous that we're losing the light, so can we go again right away?"

Without loosening his grip on the boy in his arms Hassan strode back behind the bushes, and waited for the next take. Eddie opened his eyes a crack and he saw above him the exotic sculpted features of the Marine, the broad shoulders and rock hard biceps taking the strain, and the strips of shirt clinging to his naked chest. He stunk of sweat and Eddie felt drops falling from Hassan's face onto his. He was glad that the fatigues they had given him were loose, or everyone would have seen the shape of his huge boner inside them.

They did a few more takes, and before the last one there was a slight delay for a lighting adjustment. As Eddie lay in Hassan's arms that's when his fantasy kicked in. He began to actually feel like a wounded soldier being rescued by his captain, being carried to safety in his strong arms. It felt so real, with Hassan being so much in character, his body taut, his expression tense and resolute. Eddie's imagination ran riot and he wondered what would happen to the young soldier when the captain got him to safety and laid him down. Would the captain stay with him, take care of him?

Then, the final take, and Eddie felt himself being carried once more through the bushes and across the set. But this time was different. Instead of stopping just out of shot, Eddie felt Hassan striding forward energetically and the sounds of the crew grew faint. On the set the director was saying, "And that's a wrap. Thanks guys, great day, we got some terrific footage." He grinned at Darius. "Thanks for your help today, Darius. One last thing .... Hassan seems to have done his disappearing act again. Always leaves right after we wrap. Run after him and make sure he and the boy are OK."

Darius gathered his gear and ran toward the parking lot. He finally saw Hassan up ahead but ..... what the fuck? Hassan was striding toward his jeep with Eddie still lying limply in his arms. Was it Darius's fantasy or ...? It was as if the scene was continuing ..... as if the Marine captain really was carrying the young soldier away from the scene of battle.

His jaw dropped as he saw the captain lay the limp body carefully across the back seat of his jeep, then jump in behind the wheel and drive slowly away. "Holy shit," Darius said, "what the fuck's going on?" He jumped into his own truck, made sure his camera was there, and took off after the jeep. Darius's fantasy wheels were spinning into overdrive .... a fantasy where a handsome, muscular Marine was driving a wounded young soldier away to a place of safety.

But where too? And what was he gonna do with him then?


Lying in the back seat of the jeep Eddie was in a daze. Maybe it was simply fatigue ..... or a fantasy .... or both. He was exhausted, that was for sure, having got up before dawn and spent a long, hectic day at the beck and call of Darius and the crew. Not to mention hot sex with Darius during the lunch break where they had double teamed the arrogant First AD, the Golden Boy. Excitement and adrenaline had kept Eddie going, but now, lying on his back, fatigue caught up with him and he was drifting between waking and sleep.

But it was more than just fatigue ..... much more. Hassan had carried him to the jeep without a word, as if he were actually carrying an unconscious soldier. And now here Eddie was lying half asleep stretched out on the back seat, still shirtless, wearing nothing but military fatigues.

His mind drifted, his limbs felt heavy and he confused fatigue with injury. His floating memory saw a young soldier, his chest and face smeared with dirt and bloodstains, lying limply in the strong arms of the handsome, muscular Marine captain, being carried to safety. He saw the captain gently place the injured young private in the jeep and drive him away.

He hallucinated that he was the young soldier, drifting in and out of consciousness, the only sound being the rush of air outside and the hum of traffic, which lulled him inexorably towards sleep. The drive seemed endless and the last thing the soldier was aware of before his mind shut down was that he was in the power of the Marine ..... and that his cock was growing hard in his fatigues.

Then Eddie was fast asleep - and dreaming.


How long had it been? Was this all a dream? The boy was only dimly aware of the jeep bumping over rough ground, coming to a stop, and then strong arms lifting him out. His eyes flickered open and he thought he glimpsed the tense face of the captain, but he instantly lapsed again into unconsciousness.

Much later his senses returned one by one. Hearing first - the persistent dry chirping of cicadas. Otherwise silence. Then the sensation of warmth and softness beneath him. And finally light - a dim light pressing on his closed eyes. Where was he? What was happening? He tried to unscramble his thoughts, but they were jumbled fragments ..... a crowd of Marines. ....... noise, activity ..... a soldier carrying him ..... a journey."

His arms ached and he tried to move them ..... but he couldn't. A sudden panic woke him up and his eyes jerked open. He looked up at his wrists - tied to bed posts. He was lying on a bed. He looked down and saw that he was wearing only military fatigue pants - shirtless, barefoot. He was helpless - a prisoner.

Reflexively he pulled on the ropes binding his wrists and writhed in what he sensed was a futile attempt to get free. He soon gave up the struggle and fell still, awaiting his fate. He focused now on his surroundings, a dim room lit only in the middle by an overhead light where he lay on some kind of bed. The edges of the room were in shadow, but by straining his eyes he could make out something on the walls - hooks, chains, a whip was it? In the ceiling above him was a heavy beam, from which hung chains and shackles.

A mild panic seized him, heightened when suddenly he saw something stir in the darkest corner of the room. It was a tall shape - a man - and as it came forward he gasped. It was the Marine captain - tall muscular, stripped down to camouflage pants and boots, with the shredded remains of his shirt hanging over his naked chest that was covered in sweat and the marks of battle. His black hair hung over his chiseled Arab/Asian features, still bearing black camouflage stripes.

The effect on the boy was awe and confusion. A normal reaction would have been terror, but somewhere deep down Eddie knew this was Hassan, a man he worshipped and trusted completely. But that was deep in his subconscious, serving only to remove the panic that would otherwise have gripped him. In his real-life fantasy he was still the young wounded private who had been carried away from the other Marines and brought to safety. Safety? Here in this unknown place, tied to a bed in a dim room with chains hanging on the walls?

He winced, not sure of anything - except the one thing he could not deny. As he looked up at the rugged Marine his cock was rock hard in his pants. The soldier had tied him to the bed so what was he going to do to him? He thought of the chains, the whip ..... so he was surprised by what came next. The captain took a bowl and a cloth from a side table and pulled up a chair beside the bed. He sat next to the soldier, dipped the cloth in the warm water in the bowl and rubbed it gently over his face and chest, cleaning off the grime and marks of combat.

"I checked you out while you slept, soldier, and there are no bones broken. You feel OK?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir ...... except - where are we - and why am I tied up? The captain's almond shaped eyes stared down at him and then glazed over as if he were drifting to another time and another place. "I will tell you a story, boy, and then you'll know why you're here. Years ago I was a young corporal in an Arab army in the Middle East. I ended up in an interrogation unit, a cell equipped with instruments of what we called persuasion but others called torture. It was our job to extract information from enemy soldiers we captured.

"One day I was assigned to work on a blond American, a corporal like me. He was a spectacularly handsome soldier, like a Greek god, chained to the cell bars, stripped to the waist in camouflage fatigue pants and boots. He faced a mirror on the opposite wall so he could watch everything that happened to him. But he was a tough son-of-a-bitch and wouldn't talk, so I worked him over good .... electrodes attached to his nipples and balls that made his magnificent body jerk with pain ..... then the lash across his chest and back. His screams echoed round the small room but he wouldn't submit.

"I found myself sexually roused by the sight of this muscle-god in chains, tears running down his handsome face, his tortured muscles gleaming with sweat. Leaving the electrodes on his nipples I went behind him, pulled down his pants and pushed my huge cock in his ass. As I hammered his ass I turned up the electric current so pain radiated from his chest and his ass impaled on my cock. Moving from a world of pain to a world of ecstasy, the soldier gazed at his tortured body in the mirror and in his delirium screamed, 'Fuck me .... Fuck my ass!'

"I felt his body shudder, his muscles flexed, and his ass muscles squeezed my cock as he howled and a huge ribbon of semen blasted from his cock across the room and slammed into the mirror. I shot the most glorious load in the soldier's ass, then walked round to confront him. As his blue eyes met mine we both knew. Despite the extreme circumstances there was lust in both our eyes ..... an understanding, a respect .... a kind of love.

"He told me his name was Mark, and I knew I had to own this man, so I told him my plan. The torture would end, I would release him and take him to my small house in the middle of the Arabian desert from where escape was impossible. There the American soldier would become my sex slave, chained naked to the wall, there for me every day for me to use as I pleased. I would fuck his ass, his mouth, stretch his body on the bed, whip it, devise new torments so I could watch his magnificent body writhe for my pleasure. And sometimes, when my lust was sated, I would make love to him, kiss his handsome face, fuck him gently, make him fall in love with me all over again.

"But it was not to be. He goaded me into longing for him to fuck me, and the thought of this muscular soldier's cock in my ass overcame my judgment. I released him, and gave my ass to him. But while he was fucking me he overpowered me and left me bound and helpless on the floor of the cell as he escaped.

"All I knew was that he was a Marine living in Los Angeles and that his name was Mark. After our war ended I gained asylum in the United States and joined the intelligence branch of the Marines. Recalling my house in the Arabian desert I bought a small, remote house here in the Mojave Desert, an old ranger station. I dreamed of using it to make amends to Mark.

"I learned that he had become a cop and began a search for him. When I found him I begged him to come to my house in the desert. In the basement, the very room you are lying in now, he found me chained naked to the beam you see above you, as I had chained him in that prison cell all those years before, and he did to me what I had done to him. He whipped my naked body, my ass and my cock. And at the end we made love, here on this very bed.

"Mark became my friend, but I always harbored the fantasy of capturing a soldier and bringing him to this house as my sex slave. Then, today, I knew the time had come. When I picked you up and carried you away in my arms I looked down at you and knew I had my man. I brought you here and tied you to the bed, knowing you would try to escape. But there is no escape. Outside there is only sand, as far as the eye can see, so you are my prisoner. You are a beautiful boy, soldier, and I will own you."

Eddie knew that every detail of Hassan's story was true - he had heard it told by the boys many times and had fantasized about what it would be like to be a sex slave to this incredible man. And now it was true, though the fantasy he had jerked off to so many times was clouded by the confusion in his mind. Ever since he had lain in the Marine captain's arms he had felt like the wounded young private, taken away to safety, but waking up in this dimly lit basement, tied to the bed, dressed in only in military fatigue pants.

He was entirely at the mercy of the Marine gazing down at him with lust in his eyes, and he felt a stab of fear run through him. His throat was dry as he stammered, "Sir, what are you going to do to me?"


The captain walked over to a switch on the wall and slowly the light became brighter. Eddie gasped as he saw more clearly the chains and shackles on the bare brick wall and hanging from the beam. There was a mirror on one of the walls and in the ceiling above him. The Marine smiled. "I don't have all the equipment I had in that cell in the desert, but enough to work on my young private and take him into my special world of pain and infinite pleasure."

"I told you my story, boy, because you are my new Mark, my new soldier in chains. I will work on your beautiful body chained to the wall and will bring you to such a state of ecstasy that you will finally beg me to fuck your ass. So I will fuck you, you will drink my semen and I will make you fall in love with me, just as I did to Mark. You are young, potent, full of juice, and I'm sure your cock can shoot many loads of that juice. You will cum again and again for me, the floor will flow with your cum, until I have drained you dry. You see, soldier, I am not only your captain .... I am your master."

By this time the bound young soldier was breathing heavily, his heart beating wildly. He was at the mercy of the magnificent Marine who would use him as his sex slave, day after day. This was his life, now .... he would belong to him, serve him, worship him. The captain would own his ass and his huge cock would fuck it again and again, time after time ..... he would ...."aagh!" The soldier yanked desperately at his restraints, his head thrashed from side to side, his body bucked and writhed and .... Aaagh" ...... his cock exploded in his fatigues, blasting so much cum that a wet stain began to spread over the fabric at his crotch.

He looked up wildly at his master, who gazed at him with a satisfied smile. "I see you know how to please a man, soldier. And every time you please me I will show my favor by making love to you. I assume that you have never given your ass to another man, never felt a man's rod driving inside you. It is painful, but a pain that becomes a pleasure like no other."

The captain unzipped his pants and pulled out a long, thick hunk of meat that he let swing between his legs. "This," he said, "is the weapon I will use to spear your ass. Watch .... do not turn your head away." Eddie watched mesmerized as the Marine stroked his cocked and it began to swell in his fist.

And now the fantasy was complete. The dark basement became a prison cell, and the Marine captain was so persuasive, so ominous, that Eddie became the young private, an innocent young man who had never before had a sexual experience with another man, never contemplated it, but who had, despite himself, just spilled his load in his pants simply by looking at the incredibly beautiful Marine, heard his story and learned his own fate.

The cock had now grown to an iron-hard shaft and the boy was afraid of how it would feel. "Look at it, boy," the captain said. "Look at this rod and tell me you want it in your ass."

But the young soldier responded only by pulling hard at the ropes binding him in another futile attempt to free himself. A scowl of displeasure crossed the Marine's face and he quickly knelt on the bed, straddling the boy's body. "You will learn that it is useless to deny me anything boy," he growled. "I can make you submit .... like this." He leaned forward, rolled the boy's nipples between his fingers, then squeezed them hard. Pain speared through the captive's chest, his body arched, tears sprang to his eyes.

"This is an order, soldier. Tell me you want my cock inside you ..... beg me to fuck your ass." The pressure on his nipples was brutal now as the fingers rolled over them, pulling, squeezing. Tears poured down the soldier's face as he shouted, "Yes, sir .... please, sir. Please fuck my ass sir .... I beg you, sir."

The pain stopped and through his tears the young soldier gazed up at the warrior's dark, chiseled features, still striped with black camouflage paint. It was so ruggedly beautiful, so erotic that, even though the pain had stopped the boy murmured, "Please sir, please put your cock in my ass."

"Your ass is mine to do with as I please, soldier. I could shatter it with this huge tool of mine but you have pleased me so I will instead make love to it. And when you feel my juice pouring inside it, you will beg to become my slave. First we shall see if you truly want me, boy."

He leaned forward and untied Eddie's wrists and freed his arms. He stood up and said, "Show me your ass, boy." Eddie lowered his arms, grabbed his legs behind his knees and pulled them back, displaying his ass. "Oh yeah," the Marine moaned, standing at the foot of the bed. "That sweet ass belongs to me and now it will feel a man's rod in it for the first time." He knelt between the raised legs, spat a gob of saliva onto the ass and massaged it with his fingers. He pressed the head of his rigid cock against the boy's trembling hole and said, "Are you sure you want this boy? I could take you by force, but I prefer you to want me."

"I do, sir. I want your cock inside me, sir. Please .... I beg you." The captain's hips pressed forward, the head of his cock slid inside the moist young ass and moved slowly forward until it pressed against the warm membrane deep inside. The boy's eyes opened wide and he moaned loudly, absorbing the initial shock of pain that slowly transformed into an indescribably erotic pleasure.

The Marine grabbed the boy's wrists, letting his legs fall onto his shoulders. Holding onto the wrists he fell forward, pushing his arms once again above his head and pinning his wrists to the bed. The young soldier gazed in silent awe at the spectacular body poised over him, the straining arms, bulging pecs, ridged abdominal muscles and flared lats that tapered down to the tight, slim waist cinched by the heavy belt of his fatigues.

The dark exotic face smiled down at him. "This is how I dreamed of Mark - at my mercy, my cock deep inside him. Now I have you, and that beautiful body looks perfect impaled on my rod. So now, soldier, I am going to fuck you." The cock drew back, then pushed slowly into the ass again, easing in and out, the tempo increasing, until the young man's ass was being rhythmically pounded by the piston of the Marine's cock.

Eddie felt the drip of sweat falling from the Marine's face into his, as the rigid shaft hammered into him. He looked over the captain's shoulder and saw in the ceiling mirror the reflection of the young soldier pinned to the bed, and the broad back of the Marine rising and falling over him. He caught glimpses of the massive cock as it withdrew from his ass, then plunged back in again .... and again and again. It was driving him wild and his own cock began to shudder.

Eddie's mind went dark. All he knew was that he was a young rooky Marine in bondage, at the mercy of this powerful captain, the uniformed muscle-god reaming his ass. When the captain finally leaned back and released his wrists, Eddie instinctively reached up and ran his hands over the muscular shoulders, down the wide lats then over the hard abs. Then he pressed his palms against the mounds of the sculpted chest.

He was hypnotized by the eyes that gazed down at him and by the low, deep voice that said, "Now, soldier, you will feel your master's juice in your ass, and you will shoot another load for me." He saw the magnificent body flex, saw the face rear back and the mouth open in an animal howl as warm liquid erupted deep in his ass.

The boy dug his fingers into his mater's solid pecs and felt his cock shudder, then blast a stream of cum that shot upward and slammed into the captain's chest. "Again, boy." The slanted eyes mesmerized him and in total obedience he shot another blast of cum, then another until semen was pouring down the cleft between the Marine's bulging pecs.


The boy now surrendered totally to the power of this incredible man .... he belonged to him. He offered no resistance as the battle-scarred captain lifted him off the bed, and he must have blacked out momentarily. When he came to he was aware that he was standing, half hanging, his arms stretched upward with manacles round his wrists. He opened his eyes and gasped at the reflection he saw in the mirror on the opposite wall.

The young rookie Marine, shirtless, barefoot, in ragged fatigue pants, was chained to the beam high above his head, his lithe young body stretched upward. Barely recognizing himself, the sight of the bound soldier made Eddie's cock grow stiff in his pants once again.

"Beautiful, is he not?" The deep voice came from the shadows and the boy strained to see the Marine walk slowly forward. Reflexively he pulled at the shackled wrists as he stared in wide-eyed fear at the whip hanging round the captain's neck. The Marine held up a wide, black leather collar and ritualistically buckled it round the boy's neck. The hypnotic voice resumed.

"That is how I remember my beautiful Mark, chained in the cell, waiting for the whip to lash his incredible body. But first I did this." He unzipped the boy's pants, pulled them down just below his ass, and his raging hard cock sprang out. "Yes .... Mark's cock was hard as steel also just from looking at me, waiting for me to work on his body. And I will do the same to you, soldier, as I did to him. I brought him to a stunning orgasm."

The captain stood back, pulled the whip from around his neck, a whip made up of loose leather braids, a cat o' nine tails. Genuinely scared now that the towering Marine was really going to hurt him Eddie tensed his body and closed his eyes. But when the whip fell across his chest it was light - more a caress than a lash. Eddie opened his eyes and saw the dark eyes boring into his with a hint of a smile. Then he knew he was safe and that no harm would come to him.

With fear removed, Eddie once again drifted into the fantasy of the mirror image of the young soldier in chains, undergoing the initiation of the whip administered by the exotically beautiful captain. It fell across his chest a little harder now, enough to make his flesh tingle and his cock tremble. He felt it curl round his shoulders and he tensed his six-pack abs to absorb blows against them.

The Marine sighed. "Ah, your body looks so beautiful in chains, flexing against the whip, like a young captive soldier under interrogation. Tell me, soldier .... who do you belong to?"

"To you, sir. I'm at your mercy, sir."

The captain walked behind his prisoner and lashed his back several times, harder now, knowing that the boy's pain tolerance was greater in his back. Eddie groaned in ecstasy, watching the chained soldier in the mirror, his rigid cock standing out before him, his body jerking each time the whip fell across his back.

Then it stopped and Eddie felt his master's hands stroking the white globes of his ass. "Beautiful," the Marine sighed. "The ass I have fucked, and will fuck again and again. But now it will feel the sting of the whip, and this time you will do for me what I made my beautiful Mark do. I watched the muscles of his gorgeous body tense, he screamed, and a ribbon of semen burst from his cock and splashed on the floor of the cell."

Eddie felt the first lash fall across his ass, hard enough to make his hips jerk forward and his cock to pulse. By now he was mesmerized by the chained soldier in the mirror, getting his ass whipped by the rugged muscle-god behind him. The soldier was in a trance, yelling, "Whip me, sir. Please, sir, whip my ass." Eddie was drowning in the erotic sight .... a pornographic image of uniformed Marines come to life, one torturing the other.

He felt another blow, then another, heard the whip snap across his ass, saw the half-naked soldier writhing in chains. He felt heat rising up his legs and into his balls and his heart was pounding as he saw the boy in the mirror open his mouth in a scream. He saw his cock shudder and erupt in a stream of cum that shot across the room and splashed onto the glass.

But the whip only increased, in speed and intensity. "Come on, boy, let me see more ..... I want the floor flooded with your juice." Eddie lost all control as he watched the writhing soldier pour streams of semen onto the floor. His body was stunning - stretched upward, every muscle flexed and trembling as his cock kept spewing cum. In his delirium the reflection became an image of Mark, the tortured muscle-god in military fatigues, chained just like this, his ass whipped and fucked by his Arab enemy, screaming as he blasted semen across the cell in the desert. Then Eddie went blank.

He felt the Marine's hand under his chin, raising his head, and he opened his eyes to see the handsome face staring at him. "That was spectacular, boy. You have proved yourself worthy. You will stay here forever, your only task to please me. You will be fucked, whipped, chained ..... every indignity my fertile imagination can dream up. You will be my prized possession." Eddie gazed into the hypnotic eyes, whimpered, and a final spurt of cum oozed from his cock and dripped to the floor.

Suddenly the silence was broken by the sound of a vehicle outside. The Marine smiled. "And, I will share my prized possession with my buddies. I will show you off, let them work on that pretty body of yours. You will be theirs to enjoy." He left the basement and went upstairs.

A stab of panic ran through Eddie. This was something new, completely unexpected. He had never been so sexually aroused as the last few hours and he loved the fantasy of Hassan, a Marine captain, holding him captive. But just him and Hassan, nobody else, not a stranger who would not love him as Hassan did. He had heard how scenes like this could get out of control, how men could get carried away and really hurt a helpless young guy like him.

His euphoria drained from him, his cock went limp and his head fell forward in despair. He heard the faint sounds of voices from the room above. But all he could do was wait.


"I had a feeling you would come," Hassan was saying, "and I'm glad you did. I've got quite a scene going on here and I want you to be part of it." He explained the details of the boy he had chained in the basement. "Now I know you'll tune into this real easy, and you look perfect for it, so follow me."

Eddie's heart beat fast as he heard heavy footsteps on the basement stairs. The door opened and Hassan stepped from the shadows. "A buddy of mine just showed up," he said, "and I know he's really gonna enjoy you. We'll probably trade off fucking you, and then maybe I'll leave him alone with you .... let him work you over in his own way."

That scared Eddie and he moaned, "No, sir .... Please, I ......"

"Did I give you permission to speak, boy? You forget already? .... I own you, I can do what I like with you, and so can my buddies." Trembling now Eddie saw another figure come in and stand in the shadows. His face was obscured but Eddie could see that he was a tall, black, muscular guy, another Marine apparently in military camouflage pants and boots, with a rough sleeveless denim shirt hanging loose over his sculpted chest. Eddie could only imagine what this tough black Marine would do to him when they were alone.

A heavy silence hung in the air as the newcomer gazed from the shadows at the young soldier helpless in chains, his pants pulled down below his ass and his balls. His cock hung limp but dripping with cum and the floor was slick with it. The room was stinking of sweat and semen.

"Shit damn," the black soldier said, "You've got a live one this time, buddy. He's a gorgeous young stud, a real keeper. Man, am I gonna have a great time working this kid over."

The words terrified Eddie and fear blinded him to all else, even the soldier's voice. But then .... surely .... he recognized the voice. It couldn't be, but .... And then the man stepped forward, with a big smile on his handsome face. Darius. His friend Darius, his hero, the man he had always lusted for. Relief poured over him, so strong that tears came to his eyes and he began to sob quietly with relief.

But Darius did not react. Instead he turned to Hassan and said, "Hey, I gotta get a shot of this .... it's so fucking hot." He turned the lights up brighter and held up to his eye the camera he had been carrying. He circled the chained soldier filming him from all angles, then pulled up his pants and zipped them up for a shot of him simply stripped to the waist. He kept filming as Hassan walked up close and smiled to see the look of relief and gratitude in the kid's eyes. "Arms hurt do they, soldier?" he asked running his hands up and down the up-stretched arms.

"Yes, sir," said Eddie, realizing that his arms really did ache from being pulled up for so long. The Marine reached up, unclipped the shackles from the chain and reattached the chain to the back of the collar round the boy's neck. As his arms dropped with relief to his sides the shackles were re-attached behind his back. "At ease, soldier." The boy spread his legs and his head fell limply forward.

"Holy shit," Darius groaned, "that is so fucking hot. Let me see his face. The captain grabbed the boy's tousled hair and pulled his head up to face the camera. "Perfect," said Darius. Eddie looked in the mirror and saw a young soldier, stripped to the waist, chained by the neck, his hands shackled behind his back. The rugged Marine captain was pulling his head up by the hair, like a trophy on display for the black muscle-boy who was filming the whole thing. Eddie had never felt so degraded - or more turned on - in his life. He was a captive to be used any way these men wanted.

"OK," Darius said, lowering his camera, "enough for now." He went over to the shadows and grabbed something he had put down on the floor when he came in. "Here, man, I picked up a six-pack on the way. Care for a beer?"

"Do I?!" Hassan laughed. "Working this kid over has given me a giant thirst. Here .... he pulled over a bare table and a couple of chairs..... "park it here, man." They sat at the table, facing the boy from a few yards away, opened their beers swallowed deeply. Darius tilted back in his chair put his feet on the table and wiped his mouth. "Shit the young rookie looks hot like that. What you done to him so far, buddy?"

"Oh, I tied him to the bed and got him all fired up by telling him my story of torturing that gorgeous, blond American G.I. back in my army days in the desert. Shit, he was so fucking turned on that he shot a load right there in his fatigues. Then I tortured his tits and made him beg me to fuck his ass. So I fucked him and he shot another load of jism. I chained him up like you saw him, whipped his chest and back, and when I whipped his ass he shot another load of juice clear across the room. Man, it just wouldn't stop pouring out of him. That's why the floor's so wet."

"Hell, the guy's a real gusher. Three times already eh?"

"Damn right, but I aim to drain the fucker dry. Long way to go yet. Hey, look at this." He jumped up, walked over to the prisoner, unzipped his fly and pulled out the boy's cock. "See, what'd I tell you? Hard as a rock again." He pushed the mouth of his beer bottle between the boy's lips, tilted his head back and he gulped thirstily. Then he poured the rest of the beer over his captive's head, watching with satisfaction as it ran down his face and over his body. He sat back down, opened another beer and grinned at Darius. "Tell you what, I bet you a twenty I can make the fucker cum again just by sitting here and talking to you."

"No way," Darius laughed. "OK. You wanna throw your money around, man - you're on." He reached in his pocket and slapped a twenty-dollar bill on the table, which Hassan matched. They drained their beers and opened another, drinking freely. They loosened up - two muscle-stud Marines, one an exotic Arab/Asian, the other a handsome black buck - two soldiers getting drunk, laughing about what they were going to do to the chained rookie.

"I tell you one thing, man, that boy has gotta get a taste of this." The black guy stood up and ran his hand down his right leg, tracing the shape of the long rod that stretched from his crotch almost to his knee.

"Holy shit," said the Marine. "Man that poor fucker's gonna scream like a stuck pig when you shove that pole in his ass. Tell you what - we'll toss for who goes first. He pulled a coin from his pocket. "OK, call." The black guy laughed. "Hell, I want me a hot piece of tail, so 'Tails'."

Eddie was deep in fantasy world. He looked in the mirror and saw the shirtless young rookie, barefoot in military fatigues, chained by the neck, hands manacled behind his back. And in front of him were two drunk Marines raucously debating how they were going to work him over, betting on which one would get to fuck him first while the other whipped him. It was an erotic scene out of a wet dream and his cock was dripping with pre-cum. He watched spellbound as the soldier tossed the coin, caught it and yelled, "Tails it is. Lucky bastard, you go first."

Eddie looked again at the reflection of the muscular young soldier in chains waiting helplessly for the two Marines to get to work on him. He thought of the long bulge in the black guy's pants and shuddered at the thought of the huge club driving into his ass while the captain whipped his chest. It was driving him wild and he felt his balls and cock bursting.

The two Marines were still drinking and laughing, and the black guy was saying, "So how long you gonna keep him here?" The captain replied, "Indefinitely, man. Like you said, he's a keeper so he belongs to me now, my new sex slave. Shit I can fuck and whip this boy's ass forever and he'll stay chained here as long as .... Aaah!" Suddenly his head jerked back as hot semen slammed into his face and poured over both of them.

"Holy shit," the captain said, wiping semen from his eyes and seeing the incredible sight of the rookie Marine tugging against the collar round his neck while his cock shot ribbons of cum onto the table before them. The two soldiers gazed in awe, then roared with laughter. "Guess I win the bet," said the captain, pulling the two twenty-dollar bills toward him. "Hey, buddy, you think these twenties are still legal tender if they're stuck together with jism?"

More boisterous laughter, and the black guy stood up, shrugged off his shirt, and said. "OK, the young punk just shot a massive load, so it's time to strip for action." He shrugged off his shirt and let it fall. "Hey, boy, feast your eyes on this." He unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive ten-inch black pole. "This is what's going into that sweet ass of yours, boy." He walked toward him and stroked his face. "Shit, you're a real beauty. Am I gonna enjoy fucking you!"


The captain picked the whip up off the floor and stood in front of the boy. He held his chin and gazed into his face. He surprised Eddie by coming closer and kissing him hard on the lips, pushing them open with his tongue and grinding their mouths together. He pulled back and, in a tone Eddie knew so well, said softly. "I love you, boy."

He stood back, grabbed Eddie's hips and turned him sideways to the mirror. Turning his head to the mirror he said, "Watch." Darius yanked the boy's pants down and they pooled round his ankles. He spat in his hand, rubbed his wet fingers over the boy's hole and pushed two inside. Then he spat on his cock and stroked it slowly. "You ready for this, boy?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie croaked. "Yes please, sir." He and Hassan watched in the mirror the incredible sight of the long black pole pushing between the rounded white globes, then disappearing, inch by inch, into the naked boy's ass. Hassan twisted Eddie's nipples hard in his fingers and the boy gasped, looking first at the huge black cock sliding in and out of his ass, then up at the chiseled, dark features of the Marine, striped with camouflage paint, and the dark eyes smiling at him.

From the moment Hassan had said 'I love you, boy' the words had the effect of shifting the scene from fantasy to reality. And in Eddie's mind the reality of being chained in Hassan's house and worked over by his master, Hassan, and his hero, Darius, was, if anything, even more erotic than watching the young rookie Marine get tortured by two drunken soldiers.

As if reading his mind Hassan smiled at him and said, "Now, while Darius fucks your gorgeous ass, kiddo, what else do you want?" Eddie knew exactly what he wanted, the thing that had made him shoot a load just hearing about it. "I want you to whip me, sir. Please, sir."

And so began what could have been a nightmare for any boy, being worked on by both men at once, but for Eddie it was far from hell .... more like heaven. Hassan raised the whip and lashed it lightly across his chest, while the black cock pushed ever deeper into his ass. Both men knew Eddie's limits and took him right up to them. The cock hammered faster, the whip stung harder until Eddie knew he could not take much more.

"I'm still gonna drain you, boy," said Hassan. "So if you don't wanna get hurt, cum for me again.... Now!" On command Eddie obeyed and blasted yet another load of cum, once again splashing on his master's chest.

And there were more orgasms to come. The men switched roles and as Hassan fucked him and Darius worked on his tits he came again. Then the chain was lengthened so the boy was able to kneel, with the sight of two huge cocks inches from his face. Using the wet cloth he had used to clean the young soldier's body, Hassan wiped the two long shafts clean and they took turns fucking his face. Eddie was unaware when he shot another load, which he did again and again ..... all of them merging into what seemed like one continuous orgasm.

It went on and on, but what had become an orgy of lust finally died down from sheer exhaustion. Hassan grinned at Darius. "Think our boy's had enough, buddy?" Darius sighed. "Dunno, but I know I sure have. I just have to get another shot of this, though."

He grabbed his camera from the table and aimed it at the pornographic image of a muscular young soldier, butt naked, kneeling on the floor, his hands shackled behind his back, his head help taut by the chain that stretched from his collar to the ceiling above. His eyes were hollow with exhaustion, tears flowed down his cheeks, semen spilled from his mouth, over his chin, and dripped onto his dirt-streaked chest.

For Darius it was a final dramatic shot of a young rookie soldier who had been carried off and imprisoned by a rugged Marine captain, hung in chains and worked over for hours by two drunken soldiers. He now knelt in abject degradation, knowing that his fate was to be an everlasting slave to the magnificent muscle-god, who now towered over him. Hassan grabbed the boy's hair, pulled the head up and said, "There, look in the mirror, boy. A rookie soldier keeling in total surrender to his captain." Eddie whimpered and a final spurt of cum oozed from his cock. "That's what your life's gonna be from now on. You get it?"

"Yes, sir, thank you, sir." Darius pushed in for a tight close-up of the boy's pitiful, cum-soaked face. Hassan unhooked the chain from his collar, released his hands from the manacles, and Eddie fell forward on his stomach. Hassan and Darius stood at a distance and the boy dragged himself over the cum-drenched floor toward them. Coming closer he reached out, clamped his hands round Hassan's boot and pulled himself forward, dropping his head on the boot in total exhaustion.

Hassan looked down at him and smiled. "I think this is where we came in, boy." He bent down, lifted the boy up and held him lying limply across his arms, just as the young rookie had lain in the arms of the Marine captain on the film set, what seemed like a long time ago. Hassan carried his naked boy upstairs into the bedroom and laid him gently on the bed. Darius had followed, and the two men stripped off their pants and boots.

Too exhausted to do anything else they lay down on either side of the boy. Sleep came quickly but, before they drifted off, Hassan whispered in Eddie's ear, "You OK, young Eddie?" Eddie pressed against him and murmured, "Best ever, sir. That was awesome. I love you so much, sir ....." And he was asleep in his master's arms.


They slept late, and when they stirred it was to the stink of sweat, semen and stale beer. "Shower," ordered Hassan and the three of them went outside, dazzled by the desert sun, to the outdoor shower. It could easily have become a continuation of the night's activity but Hassan grabbed Eddie's rigid cock and said, "Enough! I'm starved and I'm gonna take you two into Palm Springs for breakfast."

"Sir," said Darius tentatively. "I gotta tell you that last evening when I followed you here I called Zack on the way and he said the construction site's closed for a couple of days so he's coming out this morning to join me. I hope that's OK, sir."

"That's terrific. We'll make a great foursome. Hey, tell you what. Why don't we spend the weekend in the Springs? I'll treat us to one of those private, secluded hotels and we can lie back in luxury ...... room service, drinks by the pool. Be a contrast to last night but we can still get up to stuff. Maybe even entice a couple of hot pool boys to join us. Think they would?"

Darius laughed. "Us four .... you kidding? Try keeping them away."

"OK it's a deal. But I better call Bob and let him know what's going on - see if he can spare Eddie for a couple of days."

Bob was enthusiastic. "Great idea, buddy. Only thing is I imagine you guys got up to some pretty hot stuff last night and I'm sure Darius filmed it, so the boys will be dying to see it. Seriously, though, your timing's great. The house is pretty quiet right now. Seems to be a time for the masters to get reacquainted with their boys. 'Quality time' Mark calls it.

"With the construction site closed Randy's taken Pablo up to the lake for some fishing and who-knows-what else. Mark's taken Jamie down to San Diego, Ben's with Jason of course, and Zack's coming out to join you guys. That leaves me and the twins in the house, and Adam and Nate are coming from next door to join us. Actually, you know me ..... I have plans for the five of us, so just as well no one else is here. So go for it, buddy. And take care of young Eddie.... but I imagine you've already done that."

Hassan shut off his phone with a grin and murmured. "Hmm, 'quality time' - so that's what they're calling it. Now that would be something to watch."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 185


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