The trip to the lake had started with a bang ..... more specifically Randy and Pablo getting their asses serially banged by Zack and Darius, then Adam and Nate. It was all because of the insufferable ego-trip that Randy been on with his boy. "You've been treating us all like shit," Zack had said. "Even Bob, that gorgeous guy who worships you." So they had taught Randy a lesson, and his arrogance had been deflated. But he was man enough to admit error, to take his punishment and still emerge triumphant. No doubt about it. Randy was the boss, and Pablo was the boss's boy.

A bit later the men and boys were sprawled on the beach, sipping beer almost as if nothing had happened. Whatever Randy and his boy had been subjected to it was all finished, handshake, no hard feelings. Darius saw the whole experience as an erotic spectacular and couldn't wait to regale the guys at home with all the details, exaggerations and all. "My video of it is gonna blow their minds," he enthused, "make up for the dull old time they're having while we're away."

Actually, the seven guys left at home wouldn't have minded having "a dull old time" if it meant some peace and quiet where they could simply enjoy each other's company. Bob and Mark, of course, loved spending time together, and the boys - Jamie, Ben, Eddie and the twins - loved being with them. Bob met with the boys shortly after the group had taken off for the lake.

"First of all," he said, "I don't want you to feel bad about not going to the lake and being left here with only Mark and myself for company." There were loud protests all round. It was a thrill to be "left here" with Bob, whose kindness matched his stunning beauty, and with Mark, the gorgeous cop they all loved and admired, and who they knew was in love with Bob. "OK, OK," grinned Bob, quieting them down. "Now Eddie, with Nate gone you'll need help keeping the house clean, so what if I ask Ben here to give you a hand?"

Eddie's eyes glowed as he glanced at Randy's hot young brother. "Yes please, sir. That is if Ben doesn't mind..."

"I think it'll be kinda cool, kiddo," Ben grinned, putting his arm over Eddie's shoulder. He liked this young kid ... felt protective toward him .... and Eddie admired the boy who shared his big brother's dark, handsome, gypsy looks. "Good," Bob said. "You know guys, I think we're gonna have a great time here together."

What the boys didn't know was that Bob had plans for them. From the privacy of his room he called Mark at work. "Don't want to interrupt, buddy, is this a good time? Great, it's just that I wanted to run by you an idea I've had. I already called Hassan and Jason and they're on board, so here's what I had in mind. Mark chuckled as he heard the details. Sounds terrific, buddy. And you're sure you want Hassan, Jason and me in full uniform?

"Yeah," Bob laughed," that's the whole idea. The cop, the Marine, the fireman and the businessman with five young bucks to service them. That's a fantasy you don't come across every day of the week. Let's see what the boys make of that.


Bob wouldn't be putting his plan into effect until the next day, a Saturday, when they would all be off work. Right now the twins were in the kitchen preparing dinner and, as Bob had suggested, Ben was working with Eddie, substituting for Nate as houseboy.

Eddie looked up to Ben, as Randy's tough young brother, and instinctively called him 'sir'. However, at the moment Eddie was relishing his role as expert and mentor as he showed Ben around the house and explained the houseboy's chores and responsibilities. This was Eddie's territory and Ben smiled indulgently as he watched the young kid enthusiastically take charge.

"So that's pretty much it, sir," Eddie said. "Actually, with Randy, Pablo and Darius all away, and Adam and Nate gone from next door, it's a pretty light load right now. So why don't you tidy up Randy and Bob's room and I'll see to the rest?" He touched Ben's arm and said conspiratorially, "But I gotta say one thing, something that Nate taught me. Going into everyone's room the way we do, we sometimes see things - kinda private things - that we have to keep quiet about. "'Discreet' is the word Nate used. We have to be discreet."

"Sure, I get it," Ben grinned, though his curiosity was tweaked by the ideas Eddie had stirred in him, thoughts that were still rattling round in his head as he walked upstairs to the master suite shared by Randy and Bob. As he walked into their living room the concept became reality as he looked around and saw the men's clothes scattered around. He picked up Bob's suit jacket and pants folded over a chair-back and put them on a hanger and into the closet. He ran his hand over the fine fabric of the suit, imagining it stretched over Bob's muscular body, then picked up the discarded tie and saw in his mind Bob's beautiful, square-jawed face.

He had often seen Bob come home from his work at the big corporation where he was an executive, elegantly dressed in his expensive suit, and Ben always got a hard-on just looking at him, he was so fucking gorgeous. Randy had said Bob was a Senior Vice-President of the firm, and Ben smiled to himself as he imagined the stunning boss walking through the office, with all of the staff, male or female, fantasizing about getting fucked by him. Ben sure would.

He caught sight of Bob's white dress-shirt thrown over another chair and picked it up. Was it clean or dirty, he thought? To make sure he pulled it open to the inside of the armpit, raised it to his face and breathed in deeply. The smell of Bob's dried sweat made Ben's cock jump in his shorts. It was dirty alright - must have been worn all day.

Ben remembered the time Bob had picked him up from Steve's office on his way home from work. Sitting beside him in the sleek Mercedes, Ben had been aware of the sweat stains making the shirt cling to Bob's chest under his jacket. It was all he could do to stop himself leaning down, pulling open Bob's suit pants and sucking his cock.

He shook his head, roused himself from his fantasies and took the shirt through to the laundry basket in the bedroom. And it was here that his imagination really took flight. The bed sheets were rumpled from the previous night when Randy and Bob had slept together and no doubt made love. Ben bent down and pressed his face against the sheets Sure enough he smelled the unmistakable pungency of semen - a lot of it. He licked the sheet, trying to taste the juice that must have poured out of the two muscle-studs.

But again he shook his head and realized he had to pull himself together. He stood up, intent on throwing all the dirty clothes and sheets into the laundry. But it was a losing battle. Looking down at the bed again he saw two tank tops .... the white fine-cotton one Bob had worn under his dress-shirt, and the ragged, crumpled gray one Randy always wore on the construction site, streaked with grease and sweat. And that wasn't all. As Ben reflexively held Randy's tank to his nose he smelled cum on it too. He got a sharp picture of Randy's triumphant grin as he used the tank to wipe from his chest and face the cum that Bob had spurted over it.

"Shit damn," he groaned and had to stop himself busting his load, feeling instead the pre-cum oozing into his undershorts. From then on Ben was lost. He laid out the two tanks side by side on the bed. From the floor he picked up Bob's white boxers and placed them just below the white tank. Then he grabbed Randy's cum-stained jock strap and put it below the ragged grey tank. Side by side the underwear represented the striking difference between these gorgeous lovers - the handsome, elegant business executive - and the rough, macho construction worker with the dark gypsy looks.

His imagination in overdrive Ben walked round the bed and then saw something that made him catch his breath. Ropes! - tied round the posts at the head of the bed. Obviously one of the guys was tied to the bed while he got his ass fucked. That had to be Bob, submitting to the animal magnetism of the master. Ben saw clearly the handsome business executive gazing up at the construction worker, begging him to fuck his ass.

In a daze Ben dropped his shorts and gazed at the ropes, then at the clothes laid out on the bed. He stroked his cock, but stopped immediately as he knew he was close to shooting a load. He couldn't help himself. He threw himself face down on the bed on top of the dirty underwear. He pulled from beneath him Randy's filthy jock and stuffed it into his mouth. His saliva made it wet and, as he clenched his jaws again and again, he tasted the juices oozing from the jock, the bitter taste of man-sweat and semen.

In a wild frenzy of lust Ben reached upward and grabbed the ropes hanging on the bed-posts. He pulled himself up so his cock was rubbing against the two tank-tops. As he tasted, smelled the sexual juices of his big brother he became him, hallucinating that he was the construction worker fucking the businessman whose underwear was rumpled beneath him. Holding onto the ropes he was rubbing his body against the sheets, grinding against the clothes, fucking the man, hearing him beg. In his mind he heard the executive plead, "Fuck me, sir, please fuck my ass. I want your dick inside my ass so bad. I'm tied up helpless. Please, sir ..... fuck me .....!"

"OK, stud," Ben moaned out loud. "God, you look gorgeous, that hot, naked body roped to the bed, your master pounding your ass. Here it comes, man. I'm cumming inside you ...... aaagh!" Ben felt warm liquid explode from his cock between him and the bed, pouring all over the men's underwear beneath him. His heart was pounding, breath heaving as he kept cumming, until finally he was spent and the vision of Bob getting fucked faded from his mind.

"Well done, Ben ..... that looked real hot, boy." Ben's eyes shot open in alarm and he rolled over to see ...... Bob, standing in the doorway smiling broadly. In a panic he leapt off the bed and unthinkingly grabbed both tank tops from the bed and wiped the cum from his chest and the sweat from his face. That made Bob laugh. "Jeez, Ben, you do take after your brother. That's exactly what Randy does after he's fucked me and I cum all over him."

Ben started to gush incoherently. "Sir, I ..... I didn't mean ..... I mean .... I'm sorry, sir. I was just ...... well, like you saw, sir ..... but after what Eddie told me about ......"

"I know, I know," Bob smiled, "that discretion thing. Well we can still be discreet if neither of us blabs. I certainly won't. And I'm sure I can rely on your discretion too, Ben."

Ben couldn't believe Bob's reaction .... amusement more than anything else. He was trying to think of something to say when Bob said, "Sorry to interrupt your work, Ben. I was upstairs in the office with Jamie and came down to get a file we needed. Here it is. OK, carry on cleaning the room, Ben." He walked toward the door, then turned round and said, "Oh, by the way. Those two tank tops you just wiped yourself with - don't throw them in the laundry. Just push them under the bed for now. I might need them later."

He went out of the room, leaving Ben gaping behind him. But he did as he was told and stuffed the shirts under the bed.


His mind still reeling Ben finished off the bedroom, changing the sheets on the bed and throwing the dirty stuff into the laundry hamper - all except the tank tops, of course. He looked at the pristine bed and imagined Bob pulling back the sheets later and climbing into it naked. He shook his head. "Gotta get out of fantasyland," he said to himself. Downstairs he ran into Eddie and didn't say a thing, of course, though Eddie looked at the flush on his face and guessed something had happened.

"Everything go OK up there?" Eddie asked. Startled, Ben stammered, "Sure, of course. Bedroom looks great ..... clean bed and all ..... ready for Bob to ......" His blush deepened.

Still not entirely convinced Eddie said, "OK, maybe we should go and help the twins serve dinner. In the kitchen the twins also noticed the flush in Ben's cheeks and grinned at each other. After all this time, being close to Bob and all, they had developed an intuition about what went on in the house and guessed that Ben's first stint as houseboy had involved more than just sweeping floors.

Dinner, served at the outdoor table by the pool, was not the usual rambunctious affair. It was surprising what a difference it made not having Pablo and Darius there, showing off to Randy and Zack. Adam and Nate were absent too, and the remaining two men and five boys enjoyed the calm of the evening, with the setting sun turning the sky crimson. With this soft radiance bathing their faces, everyone looked more handsome than ever, and they all felt a sense of privilege being in a group of such beautiful men.

The conversation started out casually enough but soon came round to the topic of the men and boys by the lake. Mark said lightly, "Wonder if Zack and Adam did some kind of number on Randy, and the boys on Pablo. I think everyone noticed how full of themselves they've been lately." He looked at Bob and clenched his jaw. "Shit, man, I really didn't appreciate the way he spoke to you, putting you down with that crack of his - 'Fuck you, man, I don't follow the rules here - I make the fucking rules.' That crossed the line."

"Yeah, well ....." Bob shifted uncomfortably. He didn't want to be disloyal to Randy but he realized Mark was right. And he had to admit that the comment had hurt. Randy was rarely as disrespectful of him as that. Bob was about to make some non-committal response when his cell phone rang. He looked at the screen and grinned. He actually blushed as he said, "Hey guys, excuse me for a minute, I have to take this .... it's ...." And he walked off into the shadows, leaving no doubt among the guys who the call was from. "Hey buddy," Bob said, keeping his voice low. "How's it going up there?"

Randy's voice was hesitant. "Er, kinda rough at first but nothing me and my boy didn't deserve." Randy was no good at small talk and charged right in. "Listen, man, I've been a total fucking dickhead - to all the guys but especially to you. I guess ever since Ben came back into my life I've been on some asshole ego-trip - you know, being the boss with two tough boys and a gorgeous lover. But I treated you like shit, man, and I swear to god as soon as I get home I'll make it up to you ..... if you're there. You will be there, won't you, buddy?"

Bob smiled. Randy suddenly sounded like a little boy, scared he would be deserted. "Randy, old buddy," Bob said, "of course I'll be here, waiting for you to 'make it up to me.' Sure, you behave like a Neanderthal sometimes, but you're the most gorgeous, exciting Neanderthal ever to walk the earth. I've weathered more than a few tough words from you - punches even - and I'm still here. Hell, remember that time you dragged me naked through the desert roped behind your truck?"

He could almost hear Randy blush. "Yeah, well that was me in my caveman days, doing anything to keep my mate from leaving me. But I guess it was you who tamed me, eh? I just want you to know that I love the hell out of you, man, and I'm sorry for all the shit I've ever put you through. So you'll ..... you'll be there when I get home?"

"I'll be here - in my cave waiting for my caveman."

"One other thing, buddy, while I'm away could you take care of Ben for me? I feel kinda bad about bringing Pablo up here and not Ben. I don't want him to feel left out."

"Oh, I don't think you have to worry about Ben, Randy. He's having a great time so far and I have a feeling there's more to come - much more. I'll take good care of him. You and the guys just have fun at the lake - and bring home a ton of fish for the twins to cook, OK?"


Bob was beaming when he got back to the table. "That was Randy," he said. "Oh, really?" said Mark grinning at the others, "we'd never have guessed."

"Anyway," said Bob, "he's doing great and I got the impression that Zack and the others have already dealt with that ego-trip thing you were mentioning, Mark. I told him to bring home plenty of fish for you guys, Kyle and Kevin, and he made a point of telling me to take care of Ben here. Though I kind of have a feeling you know how to take care of yourself, kiddo."

Ben blushed deep red as Bob continued. "Now that so many of the guys are away I wanted to sort out the sleeping arrangements for tonight. Mark and Jamie, I assume you'll be sleeping together as usual...." he grinned ".... and I use the term 'sleeping' loosely. Eddie, I know Hassan is away at Camp Pendleton tonight so I was wondering ......"

"Er..." Eddie went to say something but hesitated and looked at the twins for support. Kyle jumped in. "Sir, Eddie and us were talking and we were wondering ..... well, Zack asked us to keep an eye on his house while it's empty so ..... do you think it would be OK if we and Eddie stay there together?"

"Sir, it was my idea," Eddie blurted out. "See me and the twins work together a lot round the house, but we've never spent the night togeth ......" His courage failed him, he blushed shyly and fell silent.

Bob chuckled. "I think it's a great idea, kids. The twins and I sleep together a lot when Randy's gone so it's about time Eddie had a chance to see whether two is better than one. OK, so that leaves you all alone, Ben, and Randy's afraid you'll be lonely so....." he looked around the table and shrugged "looks like you guys are all taken, so I guess it's up to me. Feel like bunking in with me tonight, Ben? When the big brother's away, the kid brother's a great substitute. What d'ya say, Ben?"

Ben's eyes sparkled. "I say yes, sir ..... a definite yes."


The mood round the table shifted subtly from high-spirited to horny. Talk of who would sleep with who had roused all kinds of sexual images that the guys were eager to make real. Mark and Jamie were the first to leave the table, each of them with bulges in their shorts. Eddie helped the twins clear the table and disappeared into the kitchen. They hurriedly loaded the dishwasher, spurred on by the thought of the three of them spending the night in Zack's bed and feeling the vibrations left there by the spectacular black leather-god.

That left Bob and Ben at the table, draining their drinks. There was a tension between them, an eager anticipation as they both recalled Ben's early sexual impulses as he writhed naked, face-down on Randy and Bob's bed and shot a load of cum over their tank tops crumpled beneath him. Bob broke the tension by saying, "So, Ben ..... shall we?" Ben nodded with an eager smile, and they got up and walked together toward the house.

When they entered the bedroom Ben asked, "OK if I jump in the shower real quick, sir?" The sheets are clean and I'm not .... I mean I might still have ......"

"...... some cum smeared over you from before," Bob grinned. "Sure - it's what Randy usually does - then makes my dick hard when he comes out naked except for a towel round his waist."

The shower was a quick one and when Ben came out through the bathroom door both men stared at each other. Ben looked just like a junior version of Randy with a towel hanging low on his waist, his disheveled wet black hair falling over his dark face. And Ben was stunned looking at Bob. He was lying on his back on the bed, naked except for the cum-stained tank top that Ben had earlier shot his load over. Bob had evidently pulled it out from under the bed and it was now stretched over his muscular torso.

Even more erotic was the way Bob was lying, his arms sprawled upward on the bed, hands almost touching the ropes hanging round the bed-posts. Ben flashed on the image of Bob tied to the bed the way Randy liked him, waiting for the big construction worker to fuck him. He looked so hot that Ben was momentarily frozen to the spot, not sure what he should do.

All the other boys in their turn had discovered that Bob was an expert at playing out their fantasies for them, and now it was Ben's turn. As the boy hesitated, Bob said gently, "Ben, you know that Randy always does exactly what he wants - no inhibitions. Well, you're his brother aren't you?"

Ben grinned. He stopped thinking and started feeling ..... channeling his brother. Dropping the towel he knew he looked good naked, and saw Bob's dick get hard and rise up from his dark pubic hair like a tent pole. Ben knew he wanted that cock inside him but, like Randy, his instinct was to take charge. There was only one way to do both. He climbed onto the bed and knelt astride Bob's chest. They gazed at each other with a slight smile, then Ben licked his fingers seductively, reached behind him and pushed his fingers into his own ass.

"Yeah," Bob sighed. "That's it, man." Still on his knees astride Bob, Ben eased himself back until he felt the hard knob of Bob's cock touch his wet asshole. Ben grinned and said, "This is for you, man" (the 'sir' was gone). His hips sank lower, the head of Bob's cock pressed harder until it suddenly plopped inside him. Ben groaned, "Oh, man, your cock feels great in my ass. Here it comes, man." Gazing into Bob's eyes Ben slowly, very slowly, sank lower, feeling the huge rod sliding deeper into his ass until finally he was sitting on the wiry thicket of Bob's pubic hair. "How's that, man?" Ben said, feeling very much in charge.

Bob gazed up at the ripped young body, the solid round pecs and the ridges of his abs flexing as the boy clenched his ass muscles round Bob's shaft. "Man, your ass feels great wrapped round my dick," Bob groaned. His head flew back and he grabbed the ropes tied to the posts. "Yeah, man ..... let me feel it. Let me feel your ass fuck that dick." Ben was awestruck by the gorgeous man, arms stretched upward pulling on the ropes, his body writhing under the tight tank, his cock throbbing in Ben's ass. "Oh yeah, man," Ben growled, sounding like his big brother. "You're gonna get it."

He rose up on his haunches, his cock sliding back up Bob's chute, then sat down heavily, making Bob gasp as he felt his cock plunge into the warm, soft membrane of the young gypsy boy's ass. Excited by the look of ecstasy on the rugged face Ben moved faster, pumping up and down on the long pole, clenching his ass muscles tight round it. Impulsively he reached down and grabbed the neck of Bob's white tank, clenching it in his fist and pulling on it, raising him slightly off the bed while Ben's ass rode his cock.

Ben jerked on the tank with one hand and raised his other arm high in the air. Bob was mesmerized by the erotic sight of the young buck whooping like a cowboy riding a stallion, pulling on the reins while his ass bounced up and down. Ben was getting his ass fucked but, like his big brother, Ben was the one in control. He looked just like Randy in the heat of sex, his blue eyes gleaming, black hair flying, and Bob moaned, "Yeah, fuck me, man .... fuck that cock ..... let me feel it ...... fuck me, man!"

Ben looked down at the chiseled features and the writhing body and realized that Bob had slipped his hand through loops at the end of the ropes. As he tugged on them his biceps bulged, his chest heaved and his head thrashed from side to side. And suddenly Ben realized that this is the sight his brother Randy saw every time he fucked Bob, and he understood why Randy was so crazy in love with him. Seeing what his brother saw Ben felt the rush of Randy's intense sexual dominance. He felt strong, powerful .... Ben felt like Randy.

That fantasy of Randy fucking Bob, the sight of Bob in ecstasy, and the feeling of Bob's cock in his ass like a steel rod all combined to push Ben over the top. He grabbed his cock and pointed it at Bob's face. "Here it comes, man," Ben yelled. "Shoot your load, fucker! Aaagh!" As Ben sat hard on Bob's cock Bob screamed as his cock exploded in the tight ass. At the same time he saw the pornographic image of the dark, muscular young gypsy pointing his cock at him .... saw the cock blast a long stream of white juice that slammed into his face.


Bob closed his eyes as he felt Ben's cum streaming down his face. When he opened his eyes and the film of cum cleared he watched in awe. Ben was transformed .... striding naked round the room, no longer the obedient young boy trying to prove himself by copying his big brother. He had become his brother - every move, every set of the jaw and flash of the eye - the image of Randy, awakened in him by the extraordinary feeling of sexual domination over his lover, by the sight of Bob beneath him begging to get fucked.

Ben reached under the bed and pulled out the crumpled tank-top he had thrown there earlier - the filthy gray tank that Randy wore at work, greasy, stinking of sweat and cum. Ben pressed it against his face and breathed deeply, soaking in the taste, the smell, the very essence of the brother he worshipped. He pulled the tank on, over his head and down over his torso. It was looser on him than on Randy but it completed the picture of the junior version of the boss.

Bob gasped as he gazed upward, confused at what he was seeing. It was Randy - only a younger version. Apart from Ben's youthfulness and smaller frame it was the same - the same dark gypsy looks, the same steel-blue eyes, but above all the same sexual power that radiated from the body as he paced the room like a stallion in heat. And as he always felt with Randy, Bob felt an exhilaration tinged with fear at what came next.

Ben stopped pacing, leaned down to the bed and yanked on the ends of the rope, pulling the loops tight around Bob's wrists. A hint of a smile crossed Ben's face. Now Bob was his prisoner, now he had this rugged bodybuilder in his power. He had never felt so strong .... never felt more of a man! Instinctively Bob did what he always did for Randy - he struggled to get free, his body thrashing in bondage, muscles rippling as they strained against the ropes.

Ben's cock was as hard as a rock again as he gazed down at the spectacular muscle-god tied up and at his mercy. Again he was seeing what Randy saw and he knew this is the image that roused Randy's passion and his savagery - as it did now for Ben. Adrenaline surged through him and with a howl he threw himself across Bob's face, grinding his chest against it so Bob was stifled, overwhelmed by the feel, the taste and smell of Randy's tank.

He was choking as the greasy fabric pressed against his nose and mouth and he felt the young muscles rippling underneath. Bob was on the point of busting another load when suddenly Ben pulled away. As Bob recovered he realized that Ben had also inherited his brother's innate sense of when a man was about to cum.

Bob was speaking to Randy. "I want you to fuck me, sir. I want to feel your cock in my ass."

Ben smiled, hearing the words Randy always heard, and just like his brother he went into action. He pulled Bob's legs over his shoulders, leaned forward and ran his hand over Bob's cum-soaked face and neck. He reached down and used the cum to lubricate the man's ass, pushing two, three fingers inside it. "OK, man," he growled. "This what you want?" With no hesitation Ben drove his cock hard inside Bob's ass, not stopping even at the inner sphincter but ramming the head of his cock over it and into the most sensitive depths of his ass.

Bob threw his head back and screamed as Ben immediately pulled back and began to hammer Bob's ass with ferocious intensity. It hurt. Ben had the strength and savage instinct of his brother, but there was a difference. Randy was a master fuck, with an instinctive sensitivity tempering his force. He knew exactly how to go right up to his captive's limits, surpassing them only at the moment of orgasm. Ben had not yet developed this finesse ....he was raw, with the wild exuberance of youth, and his hard rod pistoned inside Bob's ass without mercy.

Bob howled so loudly that Ben reached forward as he fucked, grabbed Bob's tank and ripped it clean off, twisting it and clamping it over his open mouth. He tied it tight behind his neck and grinned. "Bite down on that, man. Taste me!" Bob didn't need Ben's words to make him instinctively bite down on his gag to ease the pain. He tasted liquid oozing from the cloth, the taste of cum that Ben had sprayed all over Bob's tank minutes before. Bob gulped hard and felt the bitter-sweet liquid streaming down his throat.

Ben gazed down at Bob's now-naked chest and the sight made him lose all control. He fell forward and clamped his hands onto Bob's flexing pecs. He squeezed them hard, then went for the nipples, clamping them in his fingers, grinding them, torturing them, unaware of the pain he was causing. The prisoner thrashed desperately, pulling at the ropes. Ben he saw the tears flowing from Bob's eyes, saw the body convulse as he screamed into the gag, "aaagh" ..... and blasted a stream of juice over his writhing body and his tear-stained face. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he knew that this is what always made Randy cum.

Ben screamed, "I'm cumming, man - I'm gonna shot my jizz in your ass..... aaagh!" It was the most intense, most prolonged orgasm Ben had ever experienced as his hot semen streamed into the innermost depths of the muscle-god's ass. He gazed down at the rugged face, streaked with sweat and tears, groaning into the gag as Ben's cock drained into his ass.

But when his cock subsided, when his orgasm was over, reality crashed back onto him. Suddenly he was Ben, Randy's little brother, the boy who worshipped Randy and now Bob. As the fantasy dissolved he realized what he had done. Quickly he untied the ropes, ripped the gag down from Bob's mouth so it hung round his neck. He fell forward and kissed his lips, then licked the tears from his cheeks, from his eyes, then kissed him some more. He wanted to say something, to explain, to apologize for his frenzy, to try..... but words failed him.

Then suddenly everything was alright. He felt Bob's strong arms fold round him and heard his deep voice in his ear. "You were spectacular, kiddo. You sure are Randy's brother. He would be proud of you." Those were the words Ben needed to hear as he nestled again Bob's chest.

They lay there silently for a while, then Ben said, "Sir, I went too far, didn't I? Kinda lost control."

"Yeah," Bob smiled, "that's something you haven't learned from Randy yet, but of course he's a master at that. But I gotta say, in every other way you're exactly like your brother."

Ben lay quietly for a minute, then said, "Sir, I was thinking. How would it be if I thought of you as my big brother too?. Then I'd have two. Don't you think that would be cool?

"Fine with me, Ben," Bob chuckled, "but we'd have to see what Randy says about that."

Another silence, then Ben said, "Well, sir, I thought I was substituting for Randy right now..... so if I say it's OK ... it must be OK

"You little punk," Bob laughed, pulling Ben closer. As he lay there waiting for sleep, Bob realized how much Randy's influence had been hovering over them. It was as if he had been there with them. Bob smiled to himself. Even in his absence Randy's power was always felt. Present or not, Randy was the boss .... no doubt about that.

Bob murmured, "I love him a whole lot, you know, Ben." Ben gazed at him. "I know you do sir, and I'm glad you do." He frowned slightly. "Sir, you will take care of him won't you? I mean, he gets into trouble sometimes, like I do, so ...... you'll take care of him, sir?"

Bob smiled. "Randy and I take care of each other. Always have, since the day we first met."


After the success of Bob's fantasy trip with Ben he was even more confident of the plans he had in store for the boys the next day. He was up early, leaving Ben dozing in bed, and went down to the kitchen where the twins, early risers as always, were already preparing breakfast with Eddie's help. Their furtive smiles between them made Bob pretty sure that their night all together in Zack's bed had been one to remember.

"Low-key breakfast this morning, guys," Bob said. "Just spread the food out here on the kitchen table and you can all help yourselves. Lunch is the biggie - got some special guests coming. Mark's upstairs fucking Jamie - what else? - and then he's going over to Jason's. I need to have a word with you guys, though.

Just then Ben sauntered in yawning, followed by Jamie. It was Saturday, an easy day for them - usually. But today would be different, as word had already gone round that Bob was planning something. As they sat round the table drinking coffee and munching on breakfast Bob said, "Guys, I want you to be on your best form today. Got some visitors coming over and I want you all to give them the kind of service they expect. You'll all be serving boys today and I want you all to dress alike - something real simple.

Bob was known for his talent for creating great fantasies for them, as Ben had just discovered, and they glanced at each other in eager anticipation. So they all chipped in, clearing away breakfast, tidying the house and garden, and helping set up drinks at the outdoor table.

It was a little before noon that the five boys gathered together, grinning at each other a bit self consciously. They had obeyed Bob's instructions about clothes and were all wearing white boxer briefs that accentuated the globes of their bubble butts, and simple white T-shirts stretched over their lithe, muscular young bodies. They all had white napkins draped over one arm, the perfect army of gorgeous young waiters.

Bob was upstairs, the guests had not yet arrived, so they waited, passing the time horsing around, flicking their napkins at each other's asses like jocks in a locker room. Suddenly they stood to attention as they heard the sound of a truck pull up outside. Bob came striding out of the house and they were amazed to see him in his business suit, shirt and tie. Handsome, athletically built, he was everyone's wet dream of a gorgeous young executive.

He opened the gate and the boys stood slack-jawed. The cop came in first, followed by the fireman, then the Marine. Mark was in his full black police officer uniform, black shirt over white T-shirt, high black motorcycle boots, heavy leather belt round his tight waist. Jason was in his yellow fireman's pants and boots, held up by red suspenders over his dark blue uniform T-shirt. Hassan looked intimidating in his Marine uniform - olive green fatigue pants with tan military boots laced over them. Over his tight green tank top he wore a uniform shirt with sleeves rolled up above the biceps. And there greeting them was the handsome business executive in his smart black suit.

Standing shoulder to shoulder the boys went weak at the knees and Eddie blurted out, "Wow - oh man - wow!" "Sssh," hissed Kevin, and they all stood to attention, waiting for their orders. "Guys," Bob said to the men, "these are our waiters for the afternoon. They'll serve lunch later and they are entirely at your service. Anything you want, just say the word."

"Hell," said Jason, "great looking young studs, I'll say that. And look at those bulges they've all got under those shorts? Looks like they're good and ready for us, eh?"

"Turn around," came the sharp, authoritative voice of the Marine. In perfect unison the five boys turned and flexed their butts under their shorts. "Oh, shit, man," Hassan said, "I'd damn sure like to bury my face in those mounds."

"All in good time," Bob laughed. "First I want you to get good and comfortable. There's drinks on the table, and then I've got something for you that'll loosen things up and get the ball rolling. Mark and Hassan sat on the bench, backs to the table, undid a few buttons on their shirts and leaned back with their elbows on the table, making their shirts pull open exposing more of Mark's T-shirt and Hassan's tank. Bob took off his jacket, loosened his tie and sprawled in a chair at the end of the table facing the boys. Jason took the chair at the other end and, eager as always to show off his incredible body, he dropped the suspenders, pulled off his T-shirt and pulled the suspenders back up over his naked chest.

The men sipped on beers as they evaluated the boys. "Hey," said Jason, "I've stripped for action so how about the boys take off their shirts and let's see what they've got?" The boys instantly obeyed and stood shirtless, their hands behind their backs, legs apart like soldiers at ease. They were all embarrassed by the swelling boners under their boxer briefs and, as they looked at the four muscle-gods at the table, three in uniform, Eddie mumbled, "I think I'm gonna cum." Ben hissed out the side of his mouth, "Don't do it, dude. Save it. You're gonna need it."

"Now that is what I call prime meat," said Mark with a special grin for Jamie. "So what you got in mind, Bob? What's this ice-breaker scheme you got?" He laughed. "Not that there's much ice to be broken."

"OK," Bob said. "Boys, I want you to come here and write your names on these slips of paper." They walked forward and leaned over the table, men and boys feeling each other's heat close up. There wasn't a cock among them that wasn't stiff as a pole. The boys scribbled their names and withdrew, then Bob folded the papers and threw them into the helmet Mark had taken off. "OK," Bob grinned, "now we'll see who gets who." He grinned at Hassan and pushed the helmet toward him. "I think the military should go first, so how about it, captain?"

"Thanks, man, "Hassan said. "Damn, right now I'd kill for a blow-job." He reached into the helmet pulled out a paper and handed it to Bob. "Bob opened it and grinned. "The twins it is. OK guys, the soldier says he's in urgent need of a blow-job. Let's see what you got?"


The twins watched in awe as Hassan stood up, pulled off his shirt and walked over to a tree. He leaned against it, raised his arms and lightly gripped branches above him, shoulder-width apart and about head high. The Marine looked incredible stripped down to his fatigue pants, boots and olive-green tank stretched across his bulging pecs. Lounging against the tree, his arms stretched up, elbows bent, his biceps flexed and his lats flared down from broad shoulders to slim waist. He looked spectacular - and the twins had been drawn to service his cock.

They glanced at each other, then walked toward the Marine and knelt at his feet. "Suck my dick," the captain growled, as if this were a hazing ritual for new recruits. Kevin reached forward and unbuttoned the soldier's pants, pulling them apart so the huge tool sprang out, almost hitting his face. They both looked up at the exotic, squared-jawed Arab/Asian face then down at the cock that was already oozing pre-cum. Kevin nodded slightly to Kyle who leaned forward, sucked on the pre-cum, licked the bulbous head of the massive cock, then took it in his mouth. He paused, then pushed his head forward and swallowed the whole shaft down his throat without gagging.

"Oh yeah," Hassan moaned, throwing his head back. "Shit, that feels good. Come on, boy, eat that soldier's fucking cock." He dropped one hand from the branch, wrapped it round the boy's head and began pumping it back and forth on his cock. "Man that feels so good it's gonna make me bust my load." But suddenly Kyle yanked his head free and Kevin said, "No, sir, please - don't come yet. We want to prolong your pleasure. Please, let me try, sir."

Reluctantly Hassan reached up and grabbed the branch again, his arms stretched out to the side, then upward from the elbows. Kyle stood up and Kevin took over, taking the soldier's cock in his mouth and plunging forward so his face buried itself in the wiry, black pubic hair, sticky with sweat. The twins had sucked Bob's cock so many times they were experts and Kevin's mouth pistoned back and forth on the steel rod. "Boy," Hassan groaned, "I am this close to touching my cock and shooting a load right into that gorgeous face of yours."

Unseen by Hassan, Kyle had run to the edge of the garden and picked up two lengths of rope. Kevin pulled away from Hassan's cock and said again, "Please don't shoot, sir. Here, let us make it easier for you. Intrigued, Hassan did not resist as Kevin stood up and they each bound one of the Marine's wrists to the tree branches. "There, Kyle said with a smile. Now you can't touch your cock, sir, and we can give you more pleasure."

They both dropped to their knees and sucked his cock in turn, taking care to pull away just before the soldier's orgasm, then waiting until the cock stopped throbbing and the other twin took over. But Hassan was going wild as the pressure built, he was about to cum, but each time was denied at the last minute as the boys pulled away. "You little fuckers," he yelled, I said I wanted a blow-job, one that would make me shoot. You're driving me crazy like this. I wanna fucking cum, boys. For god sake stop torturing my dick like this and make me shoot!"

The twins glance at each other and stood up. They turned away from the suffering, bound soldier and addressed the other boys. "Boys, the Marine Captain wants to shoot his load but he doesn't approve of our methods. Maybe you can be more effective and give him the service he needs.

"OK, OK, me first," said Ben stepping forward, with Jamie and Eddie lined up behind him.

The helpless soldier looked at them in bewilderment, three gorgeous young bucks lining up to suck his dick. He had never before been so hot to shoot his load and he pulled desperately at the ropes, his muscles flexing and bulging. If only he could touch his cock he could make himself cum. But instead Ben dropped to his knees and licked the head of his cock, pushing his tongue inside the sticky cleft, then running it the length of the thick shaft. Hassan moaned, "Suck my dick, boy. Make me cum ..... make me cum."

Ben impulsively plunged his mouth down over the cock and Hassan looked down at the handsome, dark gypsy face and moaned, "At last ...." But Kyle instantly grabbed Ben's hair and pulled his face off the cock. Ben looked up at the twin's smiling face and realized what he was meant to do. He took the cock into his open mouth again but didn't close it, allowing the cock to slide against the moist membrane of his mouth as he pushed forward. "No," Hassan moaned. "Eat it, boy ..... eat it!"

The twins were standing on either side of him and Kevin said, "It's much more exciting this way, sir. Trust us, you'll enjoy this. They leaned forward and he felt their lips rubbing against his as they treated him to one of their famous twin kisses. Again he pulled desperately at the ropes as the beautiful twins kissed him and the young gypsy boy sucked his cock. He was floating in a world of sexual excess. His balls bulged and his cock ached to explode but he knew he had to surrender to these boys.

With a quick glance at Mark for affirmation Jamie took Ben's place kneeling before the bound Marine. He knew exactly what to do, having teased Mark often by bringing him to the edge of orgasm then pulling back. So Hassan's torment continued as Jamie expertly licked his cock, sucked the head, but pulled away as soon as he felt the cock start to throb.

But there was worse. The twins smiled at Hassan and ran their hands over his tank top, feeling the mounds of his pecs underneath. Suddenly they pulled down on it, ripping it so it fell in shreds round his waste. They gazed at his naked muscular torso, leaned forward and ran their tongues over his ripped abs, over his chest and then ..... over his nipples. "No," he moaned softly as they pressed their tongue against his nipples then clenched them lightly in their teeth, biting vey gently, releasing, then biting again.

Hassan looked down and saw the two beautiful, identical faces working on his tits while he felt Jamie's warm tongue licking the sensitive membrane of the head of his cock. He pulled frantically at the ropes binding him and yelled, "No! I can't take any more. I gotta cum. Let me cum, boys. Please."

And suddenly it stopped. Jamie jumped to his feet, the twins pulled away from Hassan and faced the boys. "OK, guys. The captain's begging to cum, so now's the time. Now which of us is to have the honor of drinking the soldier's juice? There was silence and then Eddie, who had been standing shyly in the background, raised his hand. "Me, sirs? .... Please."

The twins smiled and Kevin said, "Who else? Who else should have the pleasure but the soldier's own boy? Besides, he's the best damn cock-sucker in the house. OK, dude, go for it."

Eddie had watched the show with mixed feelings - anxious for his master but enthralled by the pornographic sight of the bound soldier writhing in frustration as one boy after another sucked his cock. Now, as he looked at the shirtless Marine, roped to the tree, muscles gleaming, his shredded tank hanging round his waist, his cock stiff as a pole, Eddie thought he had never seen anything more beautiful. He walked forward, pressed his lips against Hassan's and kissed him hungrily. Then he pulled back, gazed into Hassan's eyes and saw him smile. Hassan said softly, "Make me cum, Eddie."

"Yes, sir." Eddie dropped to his knees and gazed at the cock he had sucked so many times. He leaned forward, steadied himself by pressing his hands against Hassan's hips, and in one move took his master's cock deep into his mouth. Eddie was expert at this, knowing how to give the ultimate pleasure to his soldier. He clenched his throat muscles hard round the thick rod and heard Hassan shout, "Yeah ..... suck that cock, boy. Make your master shoot his fucking load in your mouth."

Hassan's dick was on fire after its long torment, and all Eddie had to do was pull back once, then ram his mouth forward until his face was buried in the thick tangle of pubic hair. He held it there, clenching and unclenching his throat round the cock he worshipped. All the tension, the pent-up frustration, the agonizing pressure in Hassan's balls, raced though his cock and it exploded. "Aaagh! Drink that juice boy .... swallow your master's cum. Drink it, boy."

Eddie didn't even pull back or flinch. As the cock erupted deep down in his throat he gulped hard, swallowing stream after stream of the hot semen that had been building up in the tormented Marine. It took a long time before the flood abated, but finally Eddie pulled back and grinned up at his master, cum spilling from his mouth and running down his chin. Hassan smiled down at him, then said to the other boys. "OK, boys. Why don't you give Eddie the reward he deserves."

They circled round Eddie in admiration of their shy young friend and pulled their stiff cocks from their briefs. Their own climaxes had been building from the beginning and it took only a couple of strokes. Eddie gazed up at the four gorgeous boys, watched them stroke their cocks over him, saw streams of white jism pour from then and felt them slam into his face. He was drowning in cum and, as the torrent continued, he burst into joyful laughter, ecstatic at pleasing his master and now being soaked by the semen of all his friends.

The twins quickly untied Hassan and he leaned down, scooping his boy into his arms and hugging him so tight Eddie was almost crushed by the powerful arms. There was a momentary silence, then the boys burst into raucous cheers and whistles, joined by Bob, Mark and Jason who rose to their feet in a standing ovation.

The twins walked back to the table to the congratulations of the men, especially from Bob whose eyes gleamed with pride. Buttoning his pants Hassan brought Eddie over and as they sat down Bob looked at Eddie smothered in cum and asked, "Do you want a towel, kiddo?" Eddie grinned at him. "No thank you, sir .... I like it like this. There was more laughter and they all raised their glasses and bottles to Hassan, Eddie and the twins.

When the noise died down, Bob looked at them all and said, "OK, guys .....who's next?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 179


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