"I'm home, sir! I'm home!" Ben burst into the bedroom where Randy and Bob were standing close together and they pulled apart in surprise. "Oh, sorry, sirs .... should have knocked, I guess .... but I'm home, sirs."

"We see you are," Bob grinned, "and glowing so bright you could set the house on fire." Randy had never seen his kid brother so excited. "OK, kiddo, sit down and tell us all about it." The men sat on the bed and Ben sat facing them. For the first time Ben had spent the evening and night with the muscle-stud fireman, Jason, and now the whole story came tumbling out, disjointedly, with Ben not pausing for breath.

"Well, sir, it was totally awesome ...." and on he went, falling over himself in his excitement until Bob finally laughed and said, "Enough! .... "I think we get the picture, Ben. So what d'ya think, Randy? Think our little brother's in love?"

"Sure sounds like it," Randy agreed. Any lingering objections Randy might feel about Ben being with Jason were banished by the sheer joy on Ben's face. He had never seen him so excited and his heart went out to him. "So, did he ask you to be his boy?"

"Not yet sir but I'm seeing him again tomorrow - if that's OK, sir - and he said he wants to ask me something real important."

Randy huffed. "Just tell him you want to be his boy. Be like me .... when you want something just go for it - grab it. That's what I did with Bob here," he grinned.


Good thing it was Saturday as the boys spent most of the day grilling Ben about Jason, every last detail. In fact it was such a hot story that Darius filmed Ben telling it. "Definitely one for the archives," he said. "So, dude, does that mean you're Jason's boy now?" Ben blushed. "No, Jason didn't say anything about that, but he put a toothbrush on one side of the sink and said that's my side, and he put my clothes in a drawer and said that was my drawer."

Darius threw his hands in the air. "Well what more do you want, dude, an engraved invitation? Your own side of the sink, your own drawer .... you'll be wearing each other's underwear next."

"We already are," Ben grinned. "I'm wearing his boxer briefs right now, a pair he's already worn twice!" He blushed. "My own kinda got soaked in cum." Then he frowned. "But I'm not gonna wait for him to ask me. Randy says I should just go for it and tell him I want to be his boy. Whenever Randy wants something real bad, he said, he just grabs it - like he did with Bob."

"Yeah, well you're not Randy, and Jason's not Bob," Pablo said with an edge to his voice. Although he and Ben worked together and had become best buddies, there was always a competitive streak between them. And while Pablo was envious of Ben and the idea of him maybe becoming Jason's boy, on balance he was pleased, as that cleared the deck for Pablo with Randy. The adopted son wouldn't be competing with the kid brother for his attention.

"Well, I think it's brilliant, mate," said Nate in his thick Australian accent. "I mean I know you've got Randy and Bob but that's family, and it's different when you have a real master, especially one as hot as Jason. I should know, mate .... I've got Adam. All the guys in Sydney lusted for him and now he's mine ..... or I'm his, I should say."

Jamie put his arm round Ben and said, "It would be great for Jason too. Like I told you, Jason's basically lonely - never had a relationship, never had a boy. If it works out for you two it would be the best thing for you both."

The twins were practical as ever, and Kyle said, "Ben, if Jason does ask you to be his boy you're gonna have to learn how to cook for him. And Jason eats real healthy food. So come and help us prepare dinner and we'll give you some tips."

"Thanks, guys," Ben said, then he grinned at Eddie. "What about you, Eddie? You approve of Jason? After all, you've got your own master, Hassan, that hot stud Marine who's every guy's wet dream. Do you recommend it?"

Eddie blushed as all eyes turned to him. "You bet, sir, it's awesome. And like I told you, tomorrow I'm gonna be working with Darius on that film shoot for the Marines that's gonna star Hassan in all his combat gear and stuff. So I say definitely. If Jason asks you, you should just go for it. Any boy would be crazy not to say yes to that fireman."

Surprisingly Eddie had the last word and now it just remained to see how it would all play out. Ben spent the afternoon in the kitchen learning all he could from the twins. They even suggested a dinner menu for Jason in case Ben ever got the opportunity to cook for him.

That night, as arranged, Ben slept with Randy and Bob and was kept busy seeing to their sexual needs. Finally exhausted he slept between them and, while he loved the warmth of their bodies next to his, his dreams floated down the hill to Jason, who must be getting home from work right about now.

Ben's love for Randy and Bob was the quiet, steady love of family, of absolute security, and he knew it would last forever no matter how many mistakes he made. But his love for the man he was dreaming of was different. It was new, exciting, and transformed him from little brother to a master's boy - or so he hoped. The uncertainty of this disturbed his sleep and made him even more determined to confront Jason with his request as soon as he saw him tomorrow.


Morning came at last and Ben woke early, too excited to sleep any longer. He slid quietly out of bed and went to the kitchen. The twins were already there, in just their undershorts, still drowsy with rumpled hair. They always went to the kitchen first thing to get the coffee going and make a start on breakfast for all the guys. "Jeez," Ben said, "you guys always look gorgeous even this early with sleep still in your eyes. Sorry I kinda monopolized Bob last night."

Kyle grinned, "That's OK, Ben. Bob's taking us out for the day and tonight he's gonna sleep with us, so he'll make it up to us." Kevin took over. "OK, so why don't you practice your cooking and make breakfast for Bob and Randy and we'll supervise? Kind of a rehearsal."

Soon Ben was walking into the master bedroom, proudly carrying a big tray laden with food. "Wow, Bob said. Well whoever's boy you end up as the guy is sure gonna be well fed. You all set for this afternoon with Jason?"

"Yes, sir. The twins have given me all kinds of notes about food and even suggested a menu for dinner. I know my way around Jason's kitchen so I'll give it a shot. That's if he even still wants me after I tell him I want to be his boy. Maybe it'll scare him off. Anyway, he'll be home from work at two in the afternoon so I'm going then. I'm real nervous though - kinda paranoid that he'll call me and cancel."

"Hey, kiddo," said Randy, "don't sell yourself so short. You're a great young guy, not to mention gorgeous, and what's more you're my brother. And we don't get nervous about other guys - we make them nervous. Hell, that's what I always seem to do anyway." He laughed and ruffled Ben's hair. "Now go and clean up and get ready for your big date. And don't forget - you have any trouble, you call me. I've got your back, little brother - always."

A bit later Ben was trying to decide what to wear. Last time he dressed preppy in a smart Polo shirt. But this time he would dress casually - for sex-appeal. He chose a basic white tank top that fitted him snuggly across his chest, showing off his pecs and his ridged abs. Surfer shorts, he thought, his dark blue ones with a broad white stripe across the top of the ass that accentuated his perfect round buns. And flip flops.

When he went to say goodbye, Randy said, "Holy shit, kid, that looks sexy as fuck. Better get out of here before I change my mind about Jason and keep you for myself." Bob hugged Ben and said, "You look good enough to eat, Ben. You have nothing to worry about - he'll be crazy about you." Ben wished he had Bob's confidence. The closer the time came the more nervous he got that Jason would find some excuse to cancel.

Then, as he drove down the hill, it was as if his fears had come true as he heard the text-tone on his smart phone and he saw that it was from Jason. His heart missed a beat. He pulled over and rested his head on his arms on the steering wheel. "Shit, shit, shit". He felt sure Jason was canceling. It had been a onetime deal after all. He felt crushed. He took a deep breath, his heart pounding, plucked up his courage and opened the text.

"Big warehouse fire. Big mess. Mopping up. Home a bit late. Make ur-self at home. Miss you, kid. Can't wait. J."

"YES!" Ben pumped his fists and gave silent thanks to whatever god was up there. Jason was coming - a bit late - but he missed him! 'Can't wait,' he had said. Ben's mind sprang into action. He had to be good and ready for him. He'd be weary after fighting a big fire, probably want a drink. Too tired for sex, maybe, but who cared? He was coming home - and he missed him!"

Even pulling up at the gate made Ben's dick hard. He went round the side of the house as he knew the back gate was usually unlocked, and went in. At the house door he groped high on a ledge where Jason had said he kept the spare key. He couldn't feel it at first and panicked.

No, there it was. He let himself in and walked through the silent house, remembering the first time. The kitchen where they had had eaten dinner and talked and talked. The bathroom where he had been so nervous he had missed the toilet bowl, pissed partly on the floor and cleaned it up in a panic. And the bedroom, where Jason had fucked him for the first time and then folded him in his arms as they slept. Ben had a strong urge to jerk off over the bed, but checked himself. He had to save it for when Jason came home.

'When Jason came home !! ......' He would want a drink and he'd probably be hungry. Ben got busy and a short time later he stood by the outdoor table where he had set out beers and sandwiches he had made - healthy ingredients, of course, he had made sure of that. And then he waited. He didn't sit down but stood still like a footman waiting for his master to return. His master..... if only ..... but at least he felt like his boy - standing at attention, waiting.

Then, at last, he heard a truck screech to a halt outside and a door slam. And the gate opened.


Jason came in and they stood silently gazing at each other. Jason was clearly exhausted after hours fighting the warehouse blaze. When they had finally got back to the firehouse he hadn't even stopped to change out of his firefighting gear and had driven straight home. Hot and sweaty he had pulled off his T-shirt and now stood stripped to the waist, suspenders dangling at the sides of his heavy yellow pants, his handsome face and muscular body streaked with smoke, dirt and sweat. He was a mess - and he looked spectacular.

His tired eyes brightened at the sight of Ben, standing nervously by the table, looking stunning in his surfer shorts and the white tank that contrasted with his dark gypsy looks. Still holding his T-shirt Jason silently raised his arms to the sides and Ben ran forward, whimpering like a dog whose master has just returned home. He fell against Jason's naked chest and felt the fireman's arms fold round him.

Jason gazed into Ben's eyes. "Hi, kiddo." He closed his mouth over Ben's and instantly they were locked in a ravenous embrace, tongues probing, lips grinding together. Finally Jason held Ben at arm's length and said, "You look so fucking gorgeous boy, a sight for tired eyes after the day I've had. Man I'm exhausted."

Ben took that as his cue. "Come and sit down, sir. You need a drink." He led Jason to the table where Jason sank down with relief, impressed by the beers and sandwiches Ben had set out for him. He laid his T-shirt on the table and pushed it across to Ben. "Here, you want this, Ben? It's so ripped, filthy and soaked in my sweat it's not even worth washing."

"Thank you, sir." Ben's eyes were shining. "I'll keep it always" ..... he smiled mischievously ..... "and I won't ever wash it."

Jason laughed and he took a long swig of beer. "God, that feels good. And you .... look at you. You are great to come home to, boy."

Was that a hint? Whatever, Ben decided to take the bull by the horns just like his big brother would have. "Sir, I know you're tired and need to rest, but before you do there's something I need to ask you."

"Hmm," Jason said, "well I need to ask you something too - but you go first."

Ben took a deep breath and clenched his fists round the T-shirt he was holding. "Sir, I would like ...." he gulped ..... "I would like to become your boy, sir." So there it was .... the request hung in the air as Ben blushed, gazing at the blue eyes piercing his. Suddenly Jason threw his head back and laughed.

Ben was deflated. Was his question that funny? It suddenly felt ridiculous ..... a man like Jason, who had never had a boy. Why in the world would he ever take on a kid like him? His eyes filled with tears but Jason grabbed his hands. "What's so funny, Ben, is that you just stole my thunder. That was gonna be my question to you .... how would you like to be my boy?"

Ben blinked in bewilderment, not sure what he had just heard. Then the truth hit him and he launched himself across the table and hugged Jason hard, kissing him all over his face. "Sir .... thank you sir, thank you. I can't believe you actually..... I mean ..... I'll be the best boy you could ever have, sir. You'll see. Wow ...... awesome .... totally awesome."

Jason pulled back for his own protection and smiled. "So can I take that as a yes?" Ben sat back down and gazed speechless at his gorgeous new master. Then Jason got serious.

"Look Ben, I'm gonna get a couple hours sleep soon and I want you in my bed with me - our bed I should say. But before that I want to make a few things clear. When I make a commitment like this it's for the long haul, like I told you before. I'll take care of you and I expect total loyalty and obedience from you. Now, Randy and Bob and their boys are your family, I know that, so I don't expect you to move out of your home up there. But I do insist on seeing a lot of you and expect you to come here whenever I want - or you want."

His mood lightened. "Now, I've never had a boy before, but I know what I want, so let's see here. Hot young stud? Check. Tough and independent? Check. Handsome? Check. Muscular? Check. Gorgeous butt? Check. But I'll tell you something else about that. I love fucking your ass but you're a real alpha boy, not a bottom boy all the time - what the Brits call a bum-boy. No, I'll get off watching my boy fuck, and I'm even gonna have you fuck me." Ben's cock was throbbing now. "You're a brave young buck and I like that. Which reminds me, how come you ever got up the courage to ask to be my boy?"

"Oh, that's easy, sir, it was Randy's idea. He said I should be like him .... when he really wants something from a guy he just goes for it - like he did with Bob. Said I should do the same."

Jason chuckled. "Damn, that big brother of yours is something else. Never ceases to amaze me. I see why you love him so much, and why you're so much like him." He took another slug of beer, then stretched. "Man, I'm tired. But you know what else I am? ..... fucking horny as a stallion. When I'm fighting a big fire the adrenaline rush always makes my dick hard."

"Oh, I can take care of that, sir." Ben stood up, grinning mischievously. "A boy has to serve his master, doesn't he, and I can do that right here if you would just lie back on the grass, sir."

Jason grinned at his boy's confidence and enthusiasm, two of the qualities he admired most in him. He stood up and pulled his pants' heavy red suspenders up over his shoulders. He walked round the table, then lay on his on his back on the grass. He looked up at his boy, his excited, swarthy face set against the clear blue California sky, and sighed deeply .... this was the perfect antidote to the chaos and tension of the blaze he had been fighting.

Jason opened his mouth to speak but Ben said, "Sshh ..... leave everything to me, sir." Ben looked down at his own arms and ran his hands over them - his forearms, biceps and up to his shoulders. Then his hands stroked over his tank top, over his chest and abs, then back up to his nipples that he squeezed through the thin cotton. He moaned softly, "Oh yeah ..... oh yeah." He was getting off on himself, showing himself off, much as he would have in front of a mirror, though this time his master was his mirror. And his master was transfixed by the sight, his cock rock hard in his uniform pants.

Smiling down at Jason with a roguish look in his eye, Ben loosened the string round the waist of his shorts and let them drop. Wearing nothing underneath his cock sprang out at full mast and he stood over Jason naked except for his white cotton tank. With his thumbs he stroked the fabric over his nipples lightly back and forth making his cock jerk and his head roll from side to side. "Holy shit," Jason breathed, "that is fucking beautiful, boy," and Jason squeezed his own tits beside the red suspenders.

Ben was having the time of his life, turning on his master. He turned round and Jason gasped, seeing the perfect white globes of Ben's ass rising up naked just below the bottom of his tank. "Oh, man, I've gotta have that ass," Jason said, as Ben ran his hands over it, clenching his cheeks, almost like a stripper in a bar. Jason was stroking the bulge in his pants and said, "Shit, boy, you're gonna make me shoot my load."

Ben whirled round and his look was no longer mischievous .... it was fierce. "No, sir. You can't cum until I tell you to." Taken by surprise, Jason grinned. Just who was the master here, him or Ben? "I told you I would take care of you, sir, and I will." He walked forward and stood astride his master, then dropped to his knees straddling his chest. He lowered himself until he felt the tip of Jason's cock touch the cheek of his ass. Moving side to side he brushed his ass lightly against the rigid cock.

"Oh shit, that is so fucking hot, boy." Giving himself up to the exquisite sensation at the tip of his cock, sliding against Ben's ass-cheeks, Jason threw his arms above his head on the ground. Ben leaned forward and grabbed Jason's biceps, pinning his arms to the ground. The boy positioned himself so his master's cock was now pressing against the warm hole of his ass. Ben said, "Sir, do you want to feel inside your boy's ass, sir?"

"You know the fuck I do. Come on boy. Give it to me. I'm your master, goddamit. Give me that ass of yours." Still pinning Jason's arms to the ground and smiling down at him, Ben lowered his ass slowly so the head passed over the sphincter and just inside. Then he stopped ..... he knew how to tease a man and drive him crazy. "More, boy, more. I'm ordering you now ..... fuck my dick, boy."

It was more a plea than a command, but Ben obeyed, lowering himself until he was sitting on Jason's wiry pubic hair and felt the long pole pressing against the back of his ass. Then he rose up all the way and sat back down slowly, feeling his master's cock slide deep inside him, watching Jason's face writhe beneath him. The muscles of Jason's perfect torso flexed and strained under the red suspenders, as he tried to get free. Ben rose and fell on his cock faster now, still holding the fireman captive and driving him wild.

Fuck, thought Jason again, who's the master here, him or me? He tensed his arms, exerted all his strength and pushed them off the ground, forcing Ben back up. Knelling upright now, Ben sat down hard on Jason's cock and the fireman impulsively reached up and grabbed Ben's tank at the neck. As Ben raised himself up off the rod inside him, Jason pulled down on the tank, pulling his boy back down on his cock.

And so the fuck went into high gear, the rhythm intensified, and it was hard to say who was in command, Jason yanking down on Ben's tank, or Ben, physically on top and dictating the pace of the action. All of Jason's pent up tension and adrenaline now drained from him and he lost the last shreds of inhibition. Ben gazed down in awe as his master's blue eyes flashed, the face flew from side to side, blond hair flying, and the muscles flexed, smeared with dirt and sweat, veins bulging, suspenders tight over the mounds of his pecs.

As Ben turned up the heat, his ass bouncing on the fireman's rod, Jason howled, "Come on, boy, show me what you got. Fuck my cock, boy .... harder .... Fuck me, boy .... Fuck me!" In his frenzy Jason yanked down on Ben's tanks so hard that it ripped down the middle and hung in shreds from his shoulders. The fantasy of the young buck riding his cock, like a wild young gypsy boy riding a stallion bareback, black hair flying, naked except for the shreds of his tank hanging on his muscular body ..... it all drove Jason crazy.

"Man, I've gotta shoot," he yelled. Make me cum, boy. Please, let me bust my load in that gorgeous ass. You're driving me wild, boy. I'm so close..... please .....!

Ben gazed down at the gorgeous fireman begging for release. He pounded the cock with his ass, grabbed his own cock and pointed it down at his master. "OK, sir, now....!" His body convulsed and a long ribbon of cum spurted from his cock all the way to Jason's handsome face, splashing down onto the sculpted features, into the open mouth and flying blond hair. He saw Jason's incredible body shudder, heard him scream and felt the cock erupt inside him.

The outpouring of their passion seemed to last forever, drenching Jason's body in semen and flooding Ben's burning ass. Master and boy were both pouring sweat, their breath heaving.

But finally they were still, gazing at each other in wonderment, not quite sure what had happened. It was as if their roles had been reversed. Ben had got his ass fucked by his master, but it was as if the boy was in control. He was on top, setting the rhythm, dictating the moment of orgasm, with his master begging for release.

As for Jason, it had been perfect. From the start, what he loved about Ben was his youthful masculinity, his toughness, the fearless, macho young buck. That is why he wanted him as his boy, a boy who could match him. Jason recalled when Randy had first met him and thrashed him. Painful as it had been, there was something erotic about submitting to the spectacular King of the Gypsies. And now Randy's kid brother was his boy, had just fucked his cock, still held it captive in his ass, staring down at him, his torn shirt hanging over his naked, heaving chest .... like pornographic art.

Jason grinned up at him. "One thing's for sure, boy. Randy would be damn proud of you. And so am I."


From then on Ben became the loving, dutiful boy serving his master. Jason's exhaustion returned and he allowed himself to be helped to his feet and led inside. Ben carefully undressed him, turned on the shower and took him inside, soaping up the magnificent body and running his hands lovingly over the flawless muscles, massaging his shoulders and back. He cleaned his face, then kissed it with a quiet, "I love you, sir."

He fell to his knees and washed Jason's feet and legs, then reached round and soaped the hard globes of his ass. He ran his wet hands over the balls and cock, which was already iron hard again. He looked up at Jason and raised his eyebrows questioningly. "Later, kid," Jason grinned. "Right now I want you in my bed."

Ben dried them both off and Jason sank thankfully into bed, pulling Ben down beside him. They turned onto their sides toward each other, their arms across each other, face to face on the pillow, feeling each other's breath on their faces. In seconds they were fast asleep.

A few hours later Ben slid carefully off the bed, went to the kitchen and pulled out the dinner menu the twins had given him. Jason woke to warm smells floating from the kitchen and he went in, amazed at the spread on the table and the boy bending over the stove, in just his surfer shorts. "Hey, kiddo," he said, "let me find one of my shirts for you." He chuckled. "Hell, first my undershorts, then my T-shirt ..... before long you'll be wearing more of my clothes than I do."

Soon master and boy were sitting facing each other at the table. Their life together had begun.


Of all the boys in the house, Ben was one of the toughest, and young Eddie, the houseboy, one of the shyest, even calling some of the other boys 'sir', including Ben. But Ben wasn't the only one having one of the best days of his life - so was Eddie. The two boys had even made a pact. When they eventually got back to the house they would share their stories - Ben's experiences with Jason and Eddie's adventures with Hassan. And some adventure it turned out to be!

For some time now Darius had been putting his experience with his camera to use, working with the film crew that produced recruitment videos for the Marines, simulating actual battlefield operations - glamorizing them somewhat for maximum impact. They always used Hassan as the featured actor with his squared-jawed chiseled good looks and sculpted, muscular physique. His exotic Arab/Asian features also satisfied the Marines' need for racial diversity, and over time he had become the Marines' publicity poster boy.

So today Eddie was at a pitch of excitement sitting beside his hero Darius, the stunning black boy with the huge cock who Eddie had always lusted for. It was before dawn and Darius was driving them to the remote canyon that the Marines publicity department used as a location for scenes of soldiers on active duty. Once again Darius went over the setup for Eddie.

"I'm real glad I could get this gig for you, Eddie, 'cause I know you'll have a blast. You'll be Third Assistant Director for the day, really just a glorified gofer doing the grunt work and reporting to me as Second AD. So no fooling around - it's all business, a tough shoot with a lot of frayed nerves. Except for lunchtime," he added with a mysterious smile. "The First AD is Christian - a Golden Boy whose rich mommy and daddy got him the job. He can be a real arrogant prick most of the time, but not with me .... not any more, anyway." Again that mysterious smile.

"Hassan is the star of the show but, although you're his boy and he loves you to death, don't be surprised if he pays you no attention. He takes the job real serious and enjoys the company of his fellow Marines, who treat him with awe and respect. Personally I think a lot of them would like to fuck with him, but that is definitely not on the cards. Anyway, you stay close to me and do what I tell you and you'll do just fine."

Eddie's eyes sparkled at the prospect of working all day with Darius, taking orders from him. For the rest of the trip they talked shop, with Eddie asking endless questions about filming and Darius answering willingly. He was proud of the skills he had learned and knew that the director valued him, sometimes even taking suggestions from him about specific shots.

Eddie's heartbeat quickened as they bounced over the rough terrain to the dirt parking lot. As they got out of the truck a distinguished older guy with close-cropped gray hair passed by. "Hey, Darius, good to see you. This the new guy? Welcome aboard, kid. You're in good hands with Darius - just do whatever he tells you. See you on set." For some reason his words made Eddie's cock stiffen in his shorts.

"That was the director," said Darius. "Now stay here a minute while I go sign us in. He walked behind some nearby trees and was lost from sight. Eddie was tingling with excitement, wondering where Hassan was, when suddenly he heard a voice. "You the new Third AD, boy?" It was a tall blond around thirty, good-looking but with a ton of attitude. "Well I'm the First AD, name's Christian, and I give the orders around here. What experience d'you have?"

Eddie gulped. "Hi, Chris, I'm Eddie. Experience? I don't have any really. I'm a houseboy."

"The man's eyes blazed. The name is Christian, never Chris, but you have to call me 'sir' always. Houseboy, uh?" he sneered. "Well the first thing you can do is get me coffee from the mess tent. A houseboy should be able to handle that." He sighed and rolled his eyes. "But with no experience, god knows what use you'll be or what you're even doing here."

"He's with me, Chris." They both whirled round to see Darius. He had changed into the gear he usually wore on set - fatigues, boots and a sleeveless denim shirt open down the front. He looked stunning. "Oh," Christian said, visibly deflating, the air of pomposity hissing out of him. "Oh, sorry, Darius, I didn't know. I was just .... er ..... I was .... OK, guys, carry on." He turned and hurried away, missing his footing and stumbling. Darius chuckled. "That's Golden Boy."

"Well," Eddie grinned, "he shouldn't wear such tight jeans 'cause you could see his dick getting hard as he looked at you. Is that why he gives you no trouble? I almost thought he was gonna call you sir."

Darius laughed and ruffled Eddie's hair. "You'll find out, kiddo. Lunch breaks can be a lot of fun around here. Now come with me." Eddie followed him behind the trees and gazed awestruck at the scene of feverish activity, several huge dark green tents, generator trucks, trailers, lights, camera equipment. Darius suddenly became all business, but there was still a sparkle in his eye. He tore a sheet off the clipboard he was holding.

"Here's the latest revision of the call-sheet - changes all the time. I want you to take it to wardrobe and makeup - the middle tent over there - and give it to the guy sitting just inside." He grinned. "It's what Christian told me to do the first day I got here. You'll see...."

Eddie walked through the chaotic set to the wardrobe tent, hearing the din of loud voices before he reached it. Inside he blinked as his eyes adjusted from the sunlight and his jaw dropped. The tent was crowded with Marines talking loudly, laughing, ragging each other, their coarse jokes laced with obscenities. But it was the way they were dressed - or not. Some were shirtless in fatigue pants and boots, others wore olive green tanks, some were stripped down to their skivvies. The air was heavy with testosterone and the stink of man-sweat.

Eddie was getting caught up in the fantasy when someone next to him said, "That the new call-sheet, kid?" He snatched it from him and Eddie was reluctantly about to leave when he heard, "Hey, Hassan, you get any hotter looking, stud, and the next movie you'll be in's gonna be porn. Guy like you could make a bundle in that racket."

"Yeah, and you'd be watching every one, Sanchez. Nah, don't fancy the idea of you and your big dick jerking off all over the screen watching me. I'll stick to this - leave the porn to you, pal."

Eddie stared wide-eyed at the make-up area where Hassan was standing stripped down to his fatigue pants with a couple of women rubbing stuff over his chest, black and brown smudges for dirt and grease, red strokes for cuts, and painting camouflage stripes on his face. Eddie almost came in his shorts, he looked so hot, head and shoulders above his buddies. Suddenly, across the noisy crowd Hassan glanced at Eddie and winked quickly, unseen by anyone else, then quickly refocused back on the activity around him. That wink almost made Eddie shoot his load. The spectacular Marine, undoubted star of the show, had noticed him. And Eddie was his boy!


The rest of the morning was pretty much a whirl as Eddie stood close to Darius and carried out his orders, fetching pieces of equipment, clearing things off the ground that shouldn't be in the shot, sometimes even tweaking the actor's uniforms to just how the director wanted them. Once he even had to throw more dirt over Hassan's sweaty green tank top, though by this time Hassan was so much in his role that he didn't even acknowledge Eddie when he darted forward.

Watching Hassan in his combat gear, the iconic image of a Marine in battle, Eddie was so turned on that he knew he would have to go somewhere quiet in the lunch break and jack off. But when lunch finally came Darius grabbed two bottles of water from the catering truck and pulled Eddie away. "We'll eat later, kid, when the crowd's thinned out. Come with me."

Eddie followed him up a slope away from the set, then quite a way up a secluded path and into a clearing ringed with bushes. He was bewildered but drank his water, trusting Darius to know what he was doing. He became even more concerned when he heard footsteps in the gravel and through the bushes came .... Christian.

The Golden Boy stared at Darius and then glanced nervously at Eddie. "Don't worry, he's cool," said Darius, a rough edge to his voice. He shucked off his shirt and stood stripped to the waist in his fatigues and boots. With his ripped ebony physique he looked spectacular as he assumed a commanding stance, legs wide, arms folded across his chest. Eddie stood back near the bushes, watching fascinated, and saw Christian swallow hard.

The tall blond approached the daunting black man and fell to his knees before him. Linking his hands behind his back as if they were tied he leaned forward and used his teeth to pull down the zip of Darius's pants. Then he probed with his tongue until finally Darius's huge tool fell out of his pants and hung down between his legs, all ten glorious inches of it. "Oooh," Christian moaned, the black horse-dick hanging inches from his face. As if in a trance he ran his tongue up the long shaft, from the bulbous head, all the way up to the wiry, damp, black pubic hair, burying his face in it and inhaling deeply.

It didn't take much of this for Darius's cock to swell to its whole magnificent length, with Christian gazing at it mesmerized. "OK, boy," Darius growled, "you know what to do ..... and make it good." The handsome blond gazed up at the black muscle-boy towering over him. "Yes, sir," he moaned and took the cock in his mouth, letting it slide deeper and deeper, all the way down his throat. Breathing through his nose he didn't gag once and Eddie realized that he had done this many times before. This was Darius's hold over him. The arrogant, high-and-mighty, domineering rich boy worshipped the young black construction worker and his enormous dick, and here he was kneeling in abject submission before him.

Darius reached forward and grabbed a fistful of blond hair. He pushed the face back until only the head of his cock was in his mouth and Christian looked up at Darius, eyes brimming with tears. "Come on, boy," Darius growled, "show us what a good little cock-sucker you are." He pulled Christian's head forward, impaling it on his cock, and so began a ferocious face fuck as the black boy pulled the blond's face back and forth, driving his cock deep into his throat. Now he was gagging and choking on the huge piece of meat, tears streaming down his face, as he beat his own cock in his fist.

But Darius wanted more. Suddenly he pulled out and Christian gasped, gazing up at him. "Hands and knees, boy," Darius barked. Christian obeyed instantly and Eddie watched in awe as the tall, good-looking blond knelt on all fours, his ass pointing upward. Darius grinned over at Eddie and stroked his long, hard rod, already lubricated by the man's saliva. He dropped to his knees behind Christian, pulled his too-tight jeans down below his ass and said, "Here it comes, boy - what you jack off every night thinking about." With one savage thrust he rammed his horsemeat deep into the blond's ass and grinned with satisfaction as he heard him scream.

"Boy," he yelled, "you're gonna get that rich white ass of yours fucked rotten by the construction worker's big black cock. Here .... feel it." Christian bucked and heaved as the huge rod pistoned inside him, pounding him into a world of ecstatic pain. After several minutes Darius paused and shouted, "You want more, boy? You wanna feel that pole work your sorry ass?"

"Yes, sir," Christian yelled. "Please, sir, give me more. I love that cock .... I dream about it .... please fuck my ass, sir." Darius grinned at Eddie. "Yeah, maybe. But I'm gonna let my buddy here decide that. If you give him a good time so he gets his rocks off I'll fuck your ass good. You think you can do that, boy?"

"Yes, sir, anything. Just please don't stop fucking me, sir." Darius smiled at Eddie and with a beckoned him over with a nod. Quivering with excitement Eddie took his place at Christian's head and pulled out his cock, already hard as a rock. Darius grabbed Christian's hair and pulled his head back so he was facing Eddie's cock, inches from his face. "See that dick, boy? Now I want you to suck it and suck it good. I wanna see the Golden Boy, the bossy First AD, get his face fucked by the young Third AD, the 'houseboy' you insulted. That'll turn me on and make me ream your ass so hard you'll never forget it. OK, Eddie, get to work."

Darius still gripped his head by the hair and Christian drooled open-mouthed, tears running down his face as he gazed at Eddie's cock. Darius said to the awestruck boy. "OK, kid, this is an order from your boss. You're gonna put your cock in that mouth and pound that face for me." Then he grinned. "Make me proud of you, kiddo, and make your friend back on the set proud too. I'll tell him what a stud you are."

The reference to Hassan did it, and Eddie felt a surge of the testosterone that had washed over him from the Marines. He pushed the head of his dick just inside the open mouth, took a deep breath .... and rammed it to the back of Christian's throat, just as Darius drove his cock savagely into the Golden Boy's ass. His body shook and he screamed into the gag of Eddie's cock. But Christian longed to please Darius, and he knew he had to please his friend. So he clenched his throat muscles round Eddie's shaft as it pounded his face.

Christian was getting hammered at both ends and he was afraid he would pass out, but the sheer euphoria of feeling the black pile-driver in his ass kept him going. Darius and Eddie were having the time of their lives as they grinned at each other. Darius was Eddie's hero and now here he was teaming with him to double-fuck their arrogant young boss. Eddie thought he had never seen Darius look hotter as his gleaming muscles flexed, his hips pounding against the pulverized ass.

After long minutes Eddie said, "Sir, I don't think I can hold back. You look so beautiful, I'm real close. Can we.....?"

"OK, kiddo. You here that, dude?" he shouted to Christian. "We're gonna shoot our loads inside your ass and your mouth. But we gotta feel you cum first. You wanna feel my jism in your ass, boy? So let me feel your body bust its load." His mouth stuffed, Christian was moaning loudly. His body started to shake, he screamed into his gag, his body bucked violently and then went rigid as semen poured from his cock onto the dirt beneath him.

His whole body tensed, his ass muscles clenched around the pole inside him, and his throat squeezed the cock in his mouth. Darius opened his eyes wide and yelled to Eddie, "Right on, kiddo. Let's drown the fucker in jizz." They both threw their heads back and howled as their cocks exploded, one pouring hot juice deep in the man's shattered ass, and the other blasting cum down his throat.

It took a long while for the trio to calm down but finally Darius's long pole slid out of the shuddering man's ass and Eddie pulled away from his mouth. Christian stayed on all fours for a while, regaining his breath and scattered wits, but finally Darius pulled him to his feet. Without making eye contact he pulled up his jeans, picked up his shirt and wiped the sweat from his face and chest. Then he dared to look Darius in the eyes and said, "Thank you, sir. Thank you." He stumbled across the clearing and disappeared through the bushes.

Darius and Eddie zipped up their pants and left too. As they walked down the sandy track back to the set Eddie gazed at Darius in adoration. "That was totally awesome, sir. Now I know why Christian would never dare give your orders .... never say anything to you."

Darius laughed. "Yeah, about the only thing Golden Boy ever says to me is, "Please, sir. Fuck my ass, sir. One of the advantages of having a big black dick I guess." He threw his arm over Eddie's shoulder and their peals of laughter carried all the way down the canyon.


So work resumed and the pace became even more frenetic as the day wore on. But finally the director said, "OK, let's set up for the last scene, guys. Now this one has to show the guts and brotherhood of the Marines, who always take care of their own. The idea is that after a battle one of the youngest soldiers has been hurt and we get a shot of the captain carrying him to safety. Hassan, you ready?

Hassan came out of the wardrobe tent and Eddie gaped. He was shirtless except for the last shreds of a torn shirt hanging from his shoulders. Wearing torn fatigues and boots, his body was covered in grease and dirt and streaks of blood, signs of a brutal battle and he still had black camouflage stripes on his rugged square-jawed face. He was an almost pornographic symbol of a soldier after the heat of battle.

"OK, who's the wounded young soldier?" the director barked Christian stepped forward and murmured, "Sir, the young guy we were gonna use was called away by his commander. But all we need is a young-looking guy who's light enough for Hassan to carry for several takes."

"Jesus Christ," said the director in frustration looking around at the assembled men. "Shit, you guys are all too old or too fat. Jesus fucking Christ." Darius was standing behind Eddie and gave him a shove. Eddie stumbled forward, confused, and the director said. "Hey you're the Third AD aren't you? You fit the bill exactly .... young, innocent looking, nice body but not too heavy. Do you need him anymore Darius?" Darius shook his head decisively.

"OK, kid you just volunteered. No big deal, you just have to play dead ...... or unconscious at least. Think you can do that?" Eddie blinked and tried to think of a response, but the director said, "Good, then for god's sake guys get the kid kitted up - just fatigues, no boots - too heavy - and dirt and bloodstains on the chest and face. And do it fast before we lose the light."

The next few minutes were a daze for Eddie as he was whisked into wardrobe, stripped and given fatigues to wear, while the makeup women daubed dirt and bloodstains on him. He stumbled outside and came face to face with Hassan. But Hassan was all business and barely glanced at him. Darius was speaking quietly with the director.

"Sir, instead of just opening on the soldier why don't we have him come through those bushes there. They're not too thick and it would look pretty dramatic." The director grinned. "You're full of neat ideas, kid. OK, guys, throw some lights on those bushes over there for me."

Someone grabbed Eddie's arm and pulled him round behind the bushes, where Hassan and the director joined him. Eddie felt himself being scooped by Hassan with one arm under his back and the other under the crook of his legs. Lying in Hassan's arms he heard the director say, "Here, try this," and he draped one of Eddie's arms loosely behind Hassan's neck.

"Yeah, perfect. Now go limp boy, close your eyes and drop you head back like you're unconscious. That's all you have to do ..... leave the rest to the soldier here. The director disappeared and they were left alone behind the bushes. Hassan looked down briefly and said, "You OK?" "Yes, sir." "Good, do just as he said." Hassan looked straight ahead again, his jaw clenched as the director shouted, "Stand by everyone. Mark it. And .... action."

With Eddie lying across his arms, his arm limply round his neck, Hassan moved forward and stumbled through the bushes. He paused, looked down at the young soldier, then gazed determinedly ahead, strode across the set, the camera following him, until he was out of camera range. "Cut! That was perfect guys. But I want a couple more takes for coverage - close-up and longshot. I'm nervous that we're losing the light, so can we go again right away?"

Without loosening his grip on the boy in his arms Hassan strode back behind the bushes, and once again, "Mark it .... and .... action." And so it went for several more takes. Behind the bushes once Eddie opened his eyes a crack and he saw above him the exotic sculpted features the Marine, the broad shoulders and hard biceps taking the strain, and the strips of shirt clinging to his naked chest. He stunk of sweat and Eddie felt drops falling from Hassan's face onto his. Eddie was glad that the fatigues they had given him were loose, or everyone would have seen the shape of his huge boner inside them.

Before the last take there was a slight delay for a lighting adjustment and as Eddie lay in Hassan's arms his tendency to fantasize, learned from Darius, kicked in. He actually felt like a wounded soldier being rescued by his captain, being carried to safety in his strong arms. It felt so real, with Hassan being so much in character, his body taught, his expression tense and resolute. Eddie's imagination ran riot and he wondered what would happen to the young soldier when the captain got him to safety and laid him down. Would the captain stay with him, take care of him?

His fantasy blotted out the shout of "action" - this was too real - and he felt himself being carried once more through the bushes and across the set. But instead of stopping, this time he was aware of Hassan striding forward energetically and the sounds growing faint.

On the set the director was saying, "And that's a wrap. Thanks guys, great day, we got some terrific footage." Everyone not involved in the last scene had already left and the rest of the crew now followed them. The director grinned at Darius. "Thanks for your help, Darius and for your suggestions. That last idea was brilliant - made the shot. Hassan seems to have done his disappearing act again. Always leaves right after we wrap. Run after him and make sure he and the boy are OK. The kid was perfect ..... might use him again."

As he left, Darius winked at Christian who nodded with a slight smile. There was no sign of Hassan or Eddie so he gathered his gear and ran toward the parking lot. He finally saw them up ahead but ..... what the fuck? Eddie was still lying limply in Hassan's arms, and he was striding toward his jeep. Was it Darius's fantasy or ...? It was as if the scene was continuing ..... as if the Marine captain really was carrying the young soldier away from the scene of battle.

His jaw dropped as he saw the Marine lay the limp body carefully across the back seat of his jeep, then jump in behind the wheel and drive slowly away. "Holy shit," Darius said, "what the fuck's going on?" He jumped into his own truck, made sure his camera was there, and took off after the jeep. Darius's fantasy wheels were spinning into overdrive .... a fantasy where a handsome, muscular Marine was driving a wounded young soldier away to a place of safety.

But where too, and what was he gonna do with him then?


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Part 184


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