Work resumed on the remodeling of the house next door with no mention of Zack's domination of Adam and Nate the evening before, though everyone knew every last detail of it thanks to Darius and his highly erotic video. Randy's every effort now was to keep the men focused on the work at hand, and by the end of the day the house was looking great, the work nearly completed. So he called a halt and the crew left - all except for Pablo and Ben.

They stayed behind working on a nagging electrical problem they had been trying to fix. Their annoyance and frustration were raising the tension between them that had been building for several days. A complex electric wall-socket in the kitchen was causing the problem. Ben had been trying to activate it on his own, but when Pablo inspected it he said irritably, "Shit, that's no damn good, boy. You can't wire it like that. It'll short-circuit in no time and could cause a fire."

The criticism stung, and Ben's mounting resentment of Pablo's position as his boss boiled over and he lost his temper. "Oh yeah? If you're so fucking smart, why don't you fix it yourself, asshole? I quit for the day."

"You'll quit when I tell you to quit, boy. I'm still your boss, remember?"

"Oh yeah? Well I'm Randy's brother, you're only adopted, so when I say I quit .... I quit."

He turned and walked through the door but Pablo followed him outside and grabbed him. The inevitable fight followed. Instantly they were rolling over the grass outside the house, trading punches and obscenities. The sparks were flying and the fight was so intense that they were oblivious of anything else ...... even the actual sparks coming from the wall socket in the kitchen. Pablo had been right. Ben's wiring was dangerous, and they had neglected to turn off the current. The socket was glowing hot and smoke started to rise from it.

Next door the rest of the guys were kicking back after the day's work. Jason and Randy were chatting over cold beers, when suddenly Jason glanced at the house next door and shouted, "Holy shit .... smoke! There's a fire!" As they bolted for the gate Randy growled, "Those fucking boys of mine. I should have known."

Wrestling frantically on the ground the boys were panting hard, taking heavy breaths of air ..... and smoke. In their frenzy they suddenly became aware that smoke was pouring from the kitchen window. The fight was abandoned as they leapt to their feet. Looking around desperately they saw a garden hose lying close by, grabbed it and dragged it into the kitchen. The fire from the wall socket was really taking hold now, with sparks still flying and flames licking up the wall.

Together they pointed the hose at the source of the fire and were about to turn it on when it was suddenly wrenched from their hands. "No!" Jason yelled. "No water on an electrical fire." His professional eye had summed up the situation in an instant and he took charge. He saw a couple of buckets of sand in a corner, left over from the construction work. "Quick, Randy," he said. "And Pablo, turn off the current - now!" Jason and Randy grabbed the buckets and heaved the contents at the fire's source, smothering the flames. Pablo ran to the junction box and pulled the master switch, knocking out the electricity. Thanks to Jason's quick thinking the emergency was swiftly brought under control.

Wisps of smoke still curled from the socket that Jason inspected and declared safe. He turned to the boys, standing in shock, and said, "Never use tap water on an electrical fire guys. The minerals in water conduct electricity and you could be electrocuted." He grinned at them. "At least you've learned one lesson from this little crisis, guys."

Randy was not nearly so forgiving. "Yeah, and that's not the only lesson they'll learn." His face was thunderous as his gaze travelled over the damage to the wall and ceiling and finally lighted on the shaken boys. "OK, what's the story?" he growled.

"It was all my fault, sir," Pablo said. "We fucked up the wiring and forgot to turn off the current."

"But how the hell did the fire take such a hold? What the fuck were you doing all that time?"

There was an uneasy silence as Pablo and Ben glanced at each other. Then Pablo took a deep breath and said, "We were fighting, sir - outside in the garden."

"Jesus fucking Christ," Randy yelled and paced the room, running his hand through his hair in frustration. "You could have burned the fucking place down .... all the work that's gone into it ..... you fucking assholes, I should ....." He tailed off as Bob and Zack came into the room. Randy stood fuming, clenching and unclenching his fists, while Jason explained briefly what had happened. Bob threw a cautionary look at Randy, and Zack took a close look at the damage, running his hand over the wall.

"Hmm, no structural damage .... looks like you caught it just in time, Jason. Needs a couple new drywall panels, new baseboard, new wiring and electrical outlet, and a fresh paint job on the wall, ceiling and window frame. Hey Randy, you lend me Pablo and Ben and we can fix it pretty fast ...... should set us back a day at the most."

Distracted with anger Randy said, "What? Oh yeah, sure, buddy, thanks. And the asshole boys will work without pay." He took a step towards them but Bob put a restraining hand on his arm. "Pablo," Bob said, "go to your room and stay there until Randy sends for you. Same goes for you Ben .... go wait in your basement room."

As the boys fled the room Randy looked sharply at Bob, but let himself be led back to their house and upstairs to their room, where he paced and fumed. "Stupid little shit-for-brains fuckers. I trusted them to work together .... I made it clear, 'no fighting', and they flat out disobeyed me. I blame Pablo .... he was supposed to be in charge .... he was Ben's boss and he fucked up. I'll whip their fucking asses for this. Where's Pablo, in his room? I'll fucking beat the crap out of the boy."

He took a few steps toward the door but Bob blocked his way. "Randy, cool it for a minute. You're angry right now and not thinking straight. Maybe you should ....." but he realized he had gone too far as Randy's eyes blazed.

"Are you telling me how to raise my boys, asshole? Out of my way!" In his rage he grabbed Bob and flung him savagely aside. Bob lurched backward, crashed over a table and fell, hitting his head on a corner of the table as he collapsed to the floor.

In an instant sanity flooded back to Randy and he stared in horror at Bob groaning on the ground. He fell to his knees, scooped Bob into his lap and cradled his head that was bleeding from a cut on his forehead. "Oh, man ..... I didn't mean ..... oh shit, buddy, not you of all men. I'm sorry, buddy. Here ......." He ripped off his tank top and dabbed at the wound.

Bob managed a grin, "That shirt is so damn filthy it'll infect the wound and likely finish me off. Now calm down, man, and get the first-aid kit from the cupboard."

In less than a minute Randy was tenderly dabbing antiseptic on the wound, which was not much more than a graze despite all the blood. "Feel OK?" Randy said anxiously. "Shit, man, why do you put up with me? I can be such a royal pain in the ass."

Bob grinned. "The pain you cause in my ass I can take ..... I love it. The head - not so much."

"I don't know why you stick around with a dumb son-of-a-bitch like me?" Randy groaned. Then, in a sudden panic, "You won't leave me, will you, man?"

"Oh shut up, Randy. Here, stick that tape across the wound and help me up." On his feet he regained his balance and said, "OK, first a drink. And then, when you've thought it over, you can call the boys in."

"What the hell would I do without you, man? Will you ... will you stay here when I talk to them?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Bob grinned.


Pablo was miserable as hell and he unloaded on Darius. "I'm such a fucking loser, Darius. I'm trying to be the big boss, showing Ben the ropes and there we are brawling in the garden while the house is burning down. I get so fucking angry sometimes. Guess I'm just not cut out to be a master."

"Sure you are dude .... you're just learning how to do it. You're just like Randy - his anger has got him into a whole mess of trouble lots of times." He chuckled. "And I've got most of it on camera to prove it. Good job he's got Bob to keep him in check. Maybe, instead of copying Randy all the time, you should watch how Bob does it instead." He grinned at Pablo's mournful face. "Ah, don't sweat it, dude. Once Randy's punished you it'll be over, you'll see."

Another boy thinking about his impending punishment was Ben. Fortunately he wasn't alone in his basement room .... Eddie was with him. Of course, details of the incident had spread round the boys like wildfire (thanks largely to Darius, the town crier) and Eddie immediately ran down to give Ben support. Eddie was the junior boy in the house but, as houseboy, he had learned to take care of the men in many ways. He admired Ben, with his wild gypsy looks, and knew how tough it could be for a new boy in the group, a newcomer himself not so long ago.

Also, he was afraid Ben might panic and run away, so now he sat with him and lent an ear to his troubles. "I fucked up big time, Eddie. I messed up the wiring and Pablo was trying to teach me the right way but I flared up - I guess I take after Randy with my anger. I mouthed off to Pablo, said I was Randy's brother and he was only adopted. Shit, I'd have taken a swing at any guy who said something like that to me. But why did Pablo take the blame? Told Randy it was all his fault when he knew it was mine."

Eddie smiled. He had learned a thing or two by now. "Masters always take the responsibility for their boys," he said. "That's the way it is in this house. I've seen Randy do it for Pablo. Darius even told me that Randy once took a whipping for Pablo when Pablo had done something real bad to one of the guys. If I were you, I'd fess up to Randy, but he'll probably consider you both guilty anyway. One thing's for sure. Randy knows how to punish a guy."


With that dubious reassurance ringing in his ears Ben heard a knock on the door and Jamie came in. "Hey, dude, Bob asked me to come get you. Randy wants you and Pablo up in his room. Wouldn't keep him waiting if I were you." He hugged Ben and murmured, "Good luck, dude."

The vibe in Randy and Bob's bedroom took on the air of a minor inquisition. Randy stood legs astride, arms folded across his chest, staring stone faced at Pablo and Ben who stood with their heads bowed and their hands clasped behind their backs. Bob sat at a distance, careful to be in Randy's eye-line .... just in case.

"Right," said Randy. "Talk. And I want the truth." They raised their heads and Pablo went first. He had more experience of a Randy inquisition than Ben did. "Like I said, sir, it was all my fault. We were having trouble with the wiring. We should have just switched off the current and left it 'til tomorrow. Ben started to leave but I followed him and tried to stop him and .... and we had a fight. We didn't notice the fire until just before Jason ran in and stopped us from using the hose. I was in charge so it's my fault. Punish me, sir, not Ben."

"That's not true, sir," Ben blurted out. "I'm the one to blame. I fucked up the wiring and when Pablo corrected me I got pissed off and said I was quitting. I badmouthed him, saying I was your brother but he was only adopted." He gulped as he saw Randy's fist clench. "He told me not to leave but I did. So I caused the fight ..... sir."

Randy stared hard at them both. Despite his anger he couldn't help feeling a twinge of admiration for the boys' insistence on taking the blame for each other. He glanced over at Bob, then back at the boys. "OK, it's obvious you both share the blame. Ben, I put Pablo in charge and what you said to him was disgusting. I'll say this once and for all .... Pablo is my adopted son - I chose him to be my boy and when I put him in charge, he's in charge. You behaved stupidly - could have burned the house down and injured each other. You have to be punished.

He turned to Pablo. As for you, boy, you failed as a boss. You could have handled the situation differently. Just because someone disobeys you, you don't beat the shit out of him. Where the fuck did you learn that?"

Pablo's eyes had a glint of defiance. "With all due respect, sir .... from you. Many times I've seen you slug a man on the crew who disobeyed and badmouthed you." He blushed as he realized he had been too outspoken. He was Randy's boy alright.

Unsure how to respond to this obvious truth Randy glanced at Bob who raised his eyebrows in a smile that said, 'you walked right into that one, buddy'. Feeling the conversation slipping away from him Randy clenched his fists and said, "OK, I've had enough of this. Tomorrow you two will work with Zack without pay to repair the damage to the house. We'll have to manage without the three of you at work." The boys braced themselves for the punishment decision.

"I won't tolerate this bullshit behavior from you or anyone .... undermines discipline in all the boys. Go downstairs, strip naked and stand in the middle of the lawn so everyone can see your disgrace. Don't say a word to anyone."

The boys knew better than to say anything except a humble, "Thank you, sir," and left the room.

Randy was breathing heavily as he looked over at Bob. As Pablo had said, Randy had disciplined many men, sometimes with his fists. He was the boss, after all. But Bob knew that punishing his boys was different - real tough for him. He came up and touched Randy's arm.

"So?" Randy asked, with part defiance, part fear of Bob's verdict.

Bob spoke gently and carefully. "Well done, buddy. But it does sound as if Ben was mostly to blame and started the whole thing. So don't you think you're being a bit hard on Pablo?"

Bob saw Randy tense as he growled, "I know what I'm doing, man. A long time ago I punished Pablo and Darius the same way when they were still getting to know each other. This'll be the making of them. And it'll do what I've been aiming for all along .... help my boy Pablo to become a master. You'll see."


Dinner was at the long table in the garden as usual, and consisted of a large group at Randy's urging. Of course all the guys in the house were there, along with Jason who was something of a hero having extinguished the fire with lightning speed and prevented the boys from electrocuting themselves by using water on the fire. Hassan had come down from his house and was sitting next to his boy Eddie, who was always nervous at tense events like this. And Bob had urged Steve and Lloyd to join them.

Such a large group was usually a cause for boisterous chatter and laughter .... but not this time. They all knew the details of the accident and knew that Randy was about to punish the boys. There was always a ritualistic aspect to Randy's retribution, and it was the public humiliation as much as physical pain that was the hardest to endure. But in the case of Pablo and Ben, the worst aspect was that they had angered Randy, let him down - the man they both idolized.

Even before everyone assembled for dinner Randy had already set the stage for the event. The two boys were standing naked under a tree branch that jutted over the lawn not far from the dinner table. They were standing face to face, chest to chest, their arms stretched straight up wrists roped together and tied to the branch above them. They were tied so tight they could barely move and were forced to gaze into each other's eyes.

Before the twins served dinner Randy strode out of the house, shirtless in jeans and boots. He faced the men at the table and came straight to the point. "Gentlemen, you all know what this is about. These two men have betrayed the high standards we set in this house. They have behaved recklessly and could have burned down the house next door. Worse, they could have caused injury to the men who responded to the emergency and, by using a garden hose on the fire, could have electrocuted themselves." His voice faltered over those words.

"Tomorrow they will work to repair the damage to the house, but first they have to be punished. I take full responsibility for them as they are both my boys - one my brother and the other my adopted son - so their punishment falls to me. I don't want to hear any objections or pleas for leniency from anyone. This is my business and I'll do it my way. That's all I have to say."

He picked up off the ground a length of rope that he circled round their waists and tied it tight, so their waists, stomachs and crotches were pressed tightly together. They were immobilized, joined together almost as one, so both would feel each other's pain. Randy stood to the side of them and pulled his belt from his jeans. His voice was grim as he said, "Six lashes each."

With no hesitation Randy raised his arm and lashed the belt across the white globes of Pablo's gorgeous ass. Ben stared into Pablo's eyes and, though his body jolted against him, Pablo clenched his jaw and endured the pain without expression. His eyes bored into Ben's only inches away as there was a loud crack and the belt fell across Ben's ass.

Ben was determined to be as stoic as Pablo, so he too gritted his teeth and made no sound, though pain seared his ass and tears sprang to his eyes. He saw a faint smile of support and encouragement on Pablo's face, and from then on he gazed into his steady eyes to gain strength throughout the punishment. The belt curled again round Pablo's ass, then Ben's but neither of them flinched. They took courage from each other, from the intensity in their eyes, making the pain possible to bear. It was a trial of strength that they would endure together.

But as the belt bounced off the cheeks of their asses a third time, marking them with red welts, the effect on the onlookers was harrowing. They could all imagine the pain and humiliation the boys were feeling and everyone wanted it to be over. Tears ran down Eddie's cheeks and Hassan put his arm round him and pulled him close.

After the fourth lash of the belt Steve made a move to stand up and protest, but Bob put a restraining hand on his arm and whispered, "Sshh - Randy knows what he's doing." In fact Bob was the only one who was not horrified. He knew Randy well - had undergone similar treatment from him in the past, and one thing he was sure of was that Randy knew a man's limits. He would inflict pain on the boys, but no more than they could bear.

So came the fifth lash, then a pause, and then the final blow .... harder than all the rest. Pablo was tough and endured the pain, but he could see that Ben was at his absolute limit. His body jerked under the lash, tears ran down his cheeks and he opened his mouth to scream. Instantly Pablo closed his mouth over Ben's, stifling any sound and pushing his tongue inside his mouth.

Surprised by the tenderness of Pablo's kiss Ben's pain diminished and he kissed Pablo back until their mouths were grinding together hungrily. Ben had endured his first real punishment from Randy with the support of Pablo, the intensity of his eyes and now the warmth of his unexpected kiss. Ben knew he had been saved by Pablo's strength and concern for him.

And Ben was shocked to realize that his own cock, pressed against Pablo's stomach, was hard as a rock."


"Hey, Kyle, Kevin, where's dinner? I'm starved."

Randy never ceased to amaze. After whipping his boys' asses he took a couple of deep breaths, then turned and shouted for dinner. Traumatic as it had been for those watching, for Randy it was all over. He took his place at the head of the table and took a slug of beer that the twins brought him.

Bob was sitting on his right, and he pushed at him a clean white T-shirt he had brought with him for just this purpose. "Put this on, Randy," he said quietly. "You're at the dinner table." Randy's eyes flared for a second then settled into a grin. "Fuck you, man," he said and pulled the shirt on. Randy was obviously feeling pleased with himself.

But the same could not be said for anyone else and it was Mark who spoke up for them all. "Aren't you gonna to cut them down, man?"

"Not yet," Randy said firmly. "They still got stuff to work out between them."

All the onlookers had been awestruck by the way the punishment had ended, with the two boys kissing fervently, united in their shared pain and humiliation where Pablo had helped Ben through the ordeal. But now, following Randy's lead (as always) dinner got under way and the conversation gradually became more animated. But all the boys glanced frequently over to their two bounds friends, longing to run over and release and comfort them.

Pablo and Ben were now resting their chins on each other's shoulders while they recovered from the stinging pain in their asses. After a while, as their breathing and heartbeats subsided Pablo heard Ben's voice over his shoulder. "Is it over?"

"Oh yeah. Once Randy's punished a boy that's it - he puts it behind him."

The guys at the table didn't hear Ben's words .... all except Randy and Bob who were sitting closest to them. Randy raised his eyebrows at Bob and they strained their ears to hear what came next. Unaware that anyone else could overhear them, Ben pulled his head back and stared into Pablo's eyes, only inches from his.

"How come you took the blame, dude? You knew it was all my fault .... I behaved like an asshole .... but you didn't tell Randy."

"Ben," Pablo said gently, "I was your boss - Randy put me in charge of you. And if a boy fucks up, the boss takes responsibility, it's that simple. Randy's done it for me many times ..... took a whipping for me once that I should have had. Watching that was the worst punishment I ever had."

"So that's why you took the blame?"

"Well, that and I wanted to spare you the punishment. See, kid, you're new to this game. Randy's whipped me before, I'm used to it and know I can take it, but I knew it would be tough on you so I thought if I got punished I could save you the pain." He looked ruefully up at the ropes and grinned. "See how that turned out."

"I used to get punished by Randy when I was little and misbehaved," Ben said.

"Yeah, but Randy sees you as a man now and I knew he would dish out a man's punishment. I didn't want to see you suffer that. But Randy knew the truth. He always does. When he punishes his boy it's to teach him something ...... it's because he loves him."

Ben grinned. "He must love you a whole lot, then."

"Enough to adopt me," Pablo said.

Ben winced. "Oh, man, I'm sorry I said that stupid thing about adoption and all. I was angry."

"Yeah," Pablo grinned, "we both share that anger thing of Randy's .... Gotta get a handle on that, dude. You should have a session with Doctor Steve."

"I already did," Ben smiled," but it didn't have much to do with anger management."

Pablo grinned back at Ben. "You know kid - you're alright. You're like I was when I first came here. I like you, boy. That's why I tried to shield you from the whip. I tried to protect you."

"Thank you, sir." The 'sir' surprised them both, but Ben was seeing Pablo in a whole different light. As he gazed into Pablo's eyes he saw much more than the tough, aggressive young stud he already knew. He saw kindness, affection, generosity. With his strength and encouragement Pablo had helped Ben through the ordeal. Here was a boy - a man really - who had learned a lot and could teach him a lot - take him under his wing, look after him. Ben admired Pablo and wanted to be his friend. No - more than that .... he wanted much more than that.

Pablo saw a change in Ben's expression. "What?" Pablo said.

"Sir, I want you to teach me all the stuff you know. I want to be like you." He took a deep breath. "Sir, I want to be your boy."

It took Pablo a moment to grasp what Ben had said. His boy! He knew how much guts it had taken for Ben to say the word, and Pablo's eyes grew moist as he stared at him. Then, impulsively, he pressed his lips against Ben's. His tongue parted them and forced his mouth open in a kiss, tentative at first but building to a passionate embrace. In the shared pain of punishment, the physical intimacy of being tied together, and the revelation of mutual affection, the whole dynamic of their relationship had suddenly changed. It had become rock solid.

Rock solid too were their cocks, rising up between them like poles, pressed hard against each other's stomachs, flesh squeezed against flesh, still roped tightly together. Finally Pablo pulled back from the kiss and held Ben's eyes sternly. "You wanna be my boy? OK, boy, then first things first. You gotta cum for me .... make your master shoot his load." They pressed their bodies even tighter together, cock rubbing against cock, writhing as much as they could despite the rope round their waists and the ropes pulling their arms up taut.

They stared into each other's eyes, two naked, muscular boys grinding their chests, their stomachs and their cocks together with mounting lust. "Here it comes, boy," Pablo said. "This is how it's gonna be with us." They stared at each other, lost in each other's eyes, as they writhed together with mounting frenzy. Their bodies shuddered, their cocks pulsed and Ben shouted, "Thank you, sir!" They both howled - "Aaagh!" - and their cocks erupted, shooting twin spurts of hot juice between their stomachs and chest and up to their necks.

They came again and again until they were soaked in their own juice, their cum-slicked bodies sliding against each other. Their heartbeats pounded against each other and their heads fell forward onto each other's shoulder in physical and emotional exhaustion.


For a moment there was dead silence. Conversation had already died when the spectators had become aware that something extraordinary was taking place. They had watched the boys' growing intimacy, watched them smile, then kiss hungrily, then writhe against each other in an obvious display of sexual desire. It was a stunningly erotic sight. Their stretched muscles strained against the ropes, their young bodies gleamed and the white globes of their asses, striped with red belt marks, flexed as they pushed against each other. Then the climax, the screams ..... and then the silence.

The boys especially had watched their buddies with growing intensity, willing them to endure the punishment, and now it was the boys who broke the silence. Darius, Jamie, Nate, Eddie and the twins all stood up, as one, and broke into cheers and applause. The men were startled to see this spontaneous outpouring of support from their boys. Darius looked down at Randy with an eager, questioning expression and Randy nodded. "OK, kid."

The boys ran over to Pablo and Ben and quickly untied the ropes round their waists and wrists. They collapsed into waiting arms, hugged in warm embraces, with noisy congratulations. Darius's eyes shone as he smiled at Pablo. "That was totally awesome, dude .... what you did for Ben and all. I love the hell out of you, dude."

Finally Pablo and Ben broke free of the effusive crowd and walked over to Randy. They were not aware that Randy and Bob had heard everything they had said to each other so they were surprised by Randy's first words to Ben. "You got something to ask me, kid?"

"I do, sir," Ben said boldly. He cleared his throat. "I would like to become Pablo's boy, sir."

Randy grinned at him. "Oh you would, would you? And how does Pablo feel about that? You think you're ready for that responsibility, boy? Think you can handle being a master?"

"Absolutely, sir. I know I can, sir, for sure. But we need your approval, sir."

Randy glanced at Bob with a look of gloating triumph. Bob smiled and said under his breath, "son-of-a-bitch."

"OK," Randy said. "I think you are ready, Pablo, and I would never let anyone else but you take on my little brother as his boy. But you have to prove to all the guys here that you're man enough. There's one ritual that always happens here whenever a man takes on a boy."

"Yes, sir?"

"The master fucks his boy. But by the looks of that jism all over you, you've both just busted a load. So, Ben, make your new master hard again." Ben's eyes sparkled as he fell to his knees at Pablo's feet. Pablo looked down at his eager gypsy face and said, "You OK with this, boy?" Ben's reply was an emphatic "Yes, sir!" He rested his hands on Pablo's hips, leaned forward and scooped his semi-hard cock into his mouth.

Bob and the rest of the men regained their seats at the table and watched avidly, while Randy stood beside his boys, legs astride, arms folded over his chest, master of them both. Ben worked hard on Pablo's cock, squeezed his throat muscles as he pulled his mouth all the way back to the head, then plunged it down hard and buried his face in Pablo's wiry pubic hair, wet with sweat and cum.

It didn't take much of that before Pablo was good and hard. He grabbed Ben's hair and pulled his face off his cock. Ben gazed upward, his mouth drooling with spit, and heard Pablo's order. "On you back, boy." Ben obeyed instantly and Pablo knelt between his legs on the grass. He looked straight into the boy's eyes and said, "Now I know you've only ever done this once, with Bob, so I'll ask you again. Are you sure you want this, boy?"

"I'm sure, sir. Please let me feel your dick in my ass."

"Good answer," Pablo said, with a sudden mischievous smile. He was still a young dude himself, after all. He licked his hand and pushed two wet fingers into Ben's ass, loosening him up. He spat on his cock, pushed Ben's legs up and eased forward. He pushed his hard, wet rod against Ben's ass and eased it inside, hearing the gasp and seeing the jolt of pain cross Ben's face. Slowly he pushed it deep inside, then paused, letting Ben get used to it until the pain morphed into pure pleasure. "OK now, kid? You ready?"

"Yes thank you, sir. I'm ready." And so the fuck began .... slow, gentle at first, building to an insistent rhythm of hard rod sliding easily in and out of the young, inexperienced ass. "That feel good?" Pablo asked with a smile.

"Feels awesome, sir. I want to be a good boy for you. Will you fuck me often?

"Oh you'll be good, I'll make sure of that. And yeah, I'll fuck you a whole lot. But right now, let's put on a show for these guys. Here we go....." Suddenly Pablo increased the pace and his cock became a piston driving into the hot young ass. Pablo fell forward and pinned Ben's wrists to the ground above his head. They gazed wildly into each other's eyes as the pounding continued. "OK, kid," Pablo shouted, "let the guys hear what you are. Tell them!"

"I'm your boy sir." "And what do you want?" "I want you to fuck my ass, sir. I want to feel you cum in my ass, sir. Please, sir, I'm so close. Please cum in my ass."

"Try stopping me," Pablo grinned. "OK, kid, here it comes. Shoot for me, boy ..... now!"

"Aaaagh!" The screams rang round the garden as Pablo's body bucked, they shuddered and Ben shot a ribbon of white cream that splashed against his master's chest. He raised his hips to get the full impact of Pablo's cock as it drove deep one last time and erupted in Ben's ass, anointing the new boy with the juice of his master.

The entire group rose from the table and erupted in cheers and applause in a standing ovation, not only for the boys but also for Randy who had once again proved himself the consummate master. Randy towered over his two boys, glowing with pride and the immense satisfaction of knowing that his plan had worked. The outcome was exactly what he had wanted since his boys first met.

He grinned over at Bob who shook his head and gazed in awe at the man he loved. As before, the only words he could muster were, "Son-of-a-bitch."


Dinner resumed, with Pablo and Ben taking their places on either side of Randy, easing themselves down gently on their sore, red-striped asses. In the ensuing clamor of voices Pablo turned to Darius, seated on his other side, and said quietly, "You OK with all of this, dude, Ben being my boy and all? I don't want it to make any difference to us."

"Dude," Darius beamed, "it sure will make a difference. When I fuck that sweet ass of yours from now on I'll not only be fucking the cutest boy on the planet but a master too, with his own boy. That is gonna be so damned hot. I am so stoked, dude. Having a boy-master as my lover is gonna be such a blast."

When dinner broke up the guys all thanked Bob and Randy for another spectacular show and paired off with their respective boys, all so sexually charged and nursing huge boners they couldn't wait to hit the sack. Pablo and Darius asked Ben to sleep with them and he excitedly agreed. But before that Randy told Ben to wait in the basement as he wanted a word with him.

Pablo dropped into Bob and Randy's room and Randy beamed at him. "I'm real proud of you, boy. You handled Ben just right. You helped him through the punishment, impressed him afterwards to the point where he couldn't wait to become your boy. And when you fucked him you eased into it gently, rather than jackhammering him right away ...."

"..... as some macho stud King-of-the-Gypsies would have done," Bob said, smiling at Randy.

"Asshole," Randy grinned. "Anyway, Pablo, when I've had a chat with Ben I'll send him up to you and Darius. Take good care of him, kiddo. He's real precious to me, as you are too."

Pablo's eyes were moist as he said, "Thank you, sir. I'll try to teach Ben everything you've taught me, and you know I'll protect him as fiercely as you would." He hugged Randy tight, then turned to Bob and hugged him too. "You're an awesome young man," Bob said. "I love you, Pablo." Then Pablo was gone, to report back to Darius, as required - always.

With a long, satisfied sigh Randy turned to Bob and grinned, "Now try telling me I don't know how to handle my guys, asshole. Shit, watching them bang away sure made me horny."

"Me too," Bob said. "But while I was watching their gentle fuck I couldn't help thinking about that macho stud who jackhammers his way into a guy's ass. Now that really made me horny."

The king of the gypsies gave Bob a lecherous smile. "Oh you're gonna get it ....later dude."


In the basement bedroom Ben heard a tap on the door. Randy came in and sat with him on the bed. "I just came down to check on you, little brother, make sure you're OK with everything. Here, stand up a minute and turn around." Ben stood with his back to Randy, who pulled down his shorts and looked closely at his ass, still striped with red whip marks. Randy leaned forward and ran his tongue over the white globes, licking the stripes. "That feel OK now?"

"Not painful anymore, sir. In fact," he grinned, "I'm not feeling any pain at all right now"

Randy pulled his shorts back up, pulled Ben down beside him again and threw his arm over his shoulder. "Yeah, all in all a pretty good day for us as things worked out, wouldn't you say? You know, when I first saw you and Pablo together on the construction site .... after you'd stropped fighting, that is .... I knew right away what I wanted. I knew you would need a lot of support and guidance but I get so busy I was afraid of neglecting you.

"Pablo has turned into a great guy - he's tough, bright and loyal. I love him like a son, and I know he loves me," he grinned, "not always as a father, either. But I'm crazy about you too, kiddo, and I wouldn't entrust you to anyone less than Pablo. And you know, if you run into problems, you or he, or both of you, can always come to me. So, you feeling OK about all this?"

"Oh yeah, sir. I think I'm a bit in love with Pablo, but maybe I'll think of him as my third-oldest brother, after you and Steve." A silence followed and Randy saw a cloud pass over Ben's face.

"But...." Randy said. "There's a 'but' in there somewhere."

"Well sir," Ben stammered uneasily. "It's just that ..... well. what you said about Pablo not always loving you as a father ..... I mean you fuck him all the time, sir, and you fuck Bob, of course. You even fucked our brother Steve, and you've fucked every man in this house, sir, except ...."

Randy sprang to his feet. "What! You saying you want me to fuck you, boy? Me?! But you're my baby brother!"

"Not such a baby any more sir - I'm nineteen and I know what I want. And on the subject of babies, it's not as if we'd be making any if you fucked me." He grinned impishly.

Randy sat down again unsure whether to groan or laugh. Ben stood up and faced him. Slowly, seductively, he pulled off his T-shirt, unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop. He stood there naked, his cock standing straight out hard as a rock.

"Holy shit," Randy said. "Kid, I remember seeing you when you were two-days old ..... and now look at you .... a big, beautiful young buck. Shit, boy, I've got a fucking boner in my jeans just looking at you." He stared at him intently, trying to see him not as his brother but instead as just a beautiful young man who, in any other circumstances, he wouldn't hesitate to fuck.

"I must be going crazy," Randy said in a daze. "Get on the bed." Randy stood up and Ben lay on his back on the bed, splaying out his arms and legs in a youthful attempt at seduction. He watched as his magnificent brother pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his boots and pulled off his jeans. Ben gazed at the naked muscle-god with the long thick rod, hard as steel, and began to stroke his own stiff cock.

Ben said softly. "You are the most beautiful brother a boy ever had, sir. I've always thought so. Even as a young boy I used to think of you naked like that and every night before I went to sleep I jerked off thinking about you .... most of the time about you fucking my ass. Please fuck me now, sir. Please ..... please ...."

Randy was bewitched by the boy's beauty and his obvious craving to feel his cock in his ass. He knelt between his legs, grasped his ankles and pushed them high in the air. He pushed the head of his cock against the moist hole and, gazing into Ben's blue eyes, so like his own, he eased his cock inside his ass, pushing it deeper and deeper until it came to rest against the inner sphincter. "Please, sir....." Ben whispered. Randy pushed again and felt the head of his cock slide over the inner sphincter, into the heat of the deepest chamber of his ass.

"I'm inside you, Ben," Randy said in disbelief. "I'm deep inside your beautiful ass." Ben stared up at his brother's rugged, stubbled face and his spectacular body, felt his cock buried deep inside him. Suddenly he saw Randy's eyes open wide, saw tears flowing down his cheeks as his cock pulsed inside him and he felt hot liquid pouring into the depths of his ass.

His brother was cumming inside him. The brother he had always worshipped, adored, desired, was cumming inside him. Ben felt his body catch fire. All he could see was Randy, Randy, looming over him, cumming inside him and ...... "aaagh!" A huge plume of white juice blasted from his cock, followed by another and another, arcing high in the air and splashing onto his brother's face. Ben was sobbing as his cock took on a life of its own and kept shooting like a fountain, with stream after stream of semen soaking both of the brothers.


"No .... No," Ben sobbed. I wanted to feel ....."

"Sshh," Randy smiled. "That was only the start, boy. Now we've done that I'm really gonna fuck your ass. Here ...."

Gently he pulled back, then eased his still-hard cock back inside Ben's soft velvet ass. He watched Ben relax, his breathing less ragged, and all Randy's misgivings disappeared. He wanted to fuck this boy, wanted to make him feel good ..... to love him. And so he did, for a long time, while they continued to gaze at each other, two gypsy faces, man and boy, two near-identical pairs of blue eyes piercing each other as they felt the warmth of fraternal love and physical ecstasy.

Finally Randy said softly, "Kiddo, I could go on fucking that ass all day, but you're making me so fucking hot, I gotta cum again. You with me?"

"I'm real close again, sir. I can cum whenever you tell me to."

"OK," Randy grinned. "How about right now?"

"Sounds good to me, sir," and his impish grin reappeared. Randy pulled all the way out, then drove his cock in hard, a hint of the savage Randy, and that pushed Ben over the edge. He stared at his brother and said, "Thank you, sir. I love you, sir .... Aaah." And with a deep sigh he shot a stream of juice over his own body as he felt Randy blast another load inside him.

As their cocks drained there was a silence as neither knew what to say or do next. Then Randy's face crinkled into a smile, broader and broader until he began to laugh. It was infectious and Ben laughed with him, until the room rang with their uncontrolled joy at being together. Randy fell forward and closed his mouth over Ben's, kissing him tenderly.

Finally he pulled back and let his cock slide at last out of Ben's ass. "Sir," Ben said anxiously. "Sir, you'll do that again to me soon, will you sir? I'm mean, you'll still fuck me, sir. It wasn't just a one-off kind of thing."

"Kiddo," Randy smiled, "nothing that beautiful could be a one-off. Sure I'll fuck you again .... whenever you want it. But right now I'm sure Pablo and Darius are wondering what's keeping you so long. You better go and tell them exactly what kept you ..... and as Darius would say, 'exaggerations accepted'."

"No need to exaggerate, sir," Ben grinned. "How could I ever improve on that?"


Not long after that, Randy, showered and relaxed, was lying naked next to Bob in bed. "You know, buddy, if it's OK with you I think I'll take Pablo and Ben for a trip up to the beach at Guadalupe next week - spend a couple of nights in Zack's shack in the dunes, just the three of us. Be good for them to get away after all this."

Then his expression changed and he looked hard at Bob. "So buddy, what I did with Ben ..... you OK with that? You don't think it's too weird?"

Bob smiled. "Randy, you know my philosophy ...... guys should always try to make each other happy - doesn't matter how, just as long as they cause no harm. And judging by the glow round you when you came in I'd say you and your kid brother made each other happier than clams at high tide. And as Ben so wisely said, you weren't exactly making babies."

Randy ran his hand over Bob's chest. "Course, you know what makes me happiest of all, man."

"Shit, Randy, don't you ever quit? You're insatiable ..... a fuck machine."

"Never heard you complain, buddy. Come here...."


Right around that time another couple was making plans. Eddie was spending the night - again - with Hassan up at his small house in the hills. As they nestled together after sex the Marine said, "You know, kid, I've gotta go up to Vandenberg Air Force base for a meeting next week. It's real close to the Guadalupe Dunes so I thought maybe we could take a couple days off, spend them at Mark and Jamie's shack on the beach. What d'ya say?"

"Could we, sir?" Eddie's eyes gleamed. "That would be awesome, sir. Just the two of us in the dunes. I can open up the shack while you're in your meeting ..... get it good and ready for us," he said with a mischievous smile.

Now, the two shacks were a couple of miles apart in the remote dunes. They were the last ancient relics of a whole community of shacks in the Guadalupe dunes, lived in by bohemian artists and writers in the 1930s, '40s and '50s - the Dunites as they called themselves. But now the two surviving shacks sat lonely and silent in windswept solitude most of the time.

But not next week. One would be host to the gorgeous Marine Hassan and his boy Eddie. The other would be brought to noisy life by Randy, his boy Pablo and young brother Ben. It was almost inevitable they would all meet up at some point ..... a volatile mix of two dominant masters and three oversexed boys. The possibilities were endless .......


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Part 173


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