The group had dispersed for the weekend, masters bonding with their boys, for what Mark had called "Quality Time".

Of course, it all depends on how you define Quality Time. For Hassan, Eddie and Darius (and later Zack) in the desert it meant a hot military fantasy. For Bob, the twins, Adam and Nate left back at the house the 'quality' meant high quality group sex. Mark and Jamie were on their way to San Diego, while Ben was with Jason, proving that he was the perfect boy for the fireman.

As for the boss, Randy, and his boy, Pablo, they had taken an unexpected detour on their way up to a fishing trip at the lake in the mountains. Pablo had expertly groped his master on the ride up there and fired him up to the point that Randy had impulsively turned off the highway, driven into the woods, thrown the boy to the ground and fucked his willing ass.

After he had vented his lust on the boy Randy gazed down at him. "Shit damn, I love you, boy. You're a sensational fuck ..... you and Bob are the best." Pablo beamed with pride at being compared with the spectacular Bob. "And that's just the beginning, kiddo. I'm gonna take you to the lake and we're gonna do a whole lot of fishing and a whole lot of fucking. I'm your master and I'm gonna prove it. Man, you don't know what I've got in store for you. You ready?"

"Yes, sir, of course. I'm the boss's boy, sir."

Randy hauled him up to his feet, Pablo pulled up his shorts and they both stuffed their cocks back into their pants. Randy pushed Pablo into the truck, then walked round and jumped in behind the wheel.

"Hey," Pablo said, "where's Billy?" The dog had sat calmly watching the whole show and now he was ambling around sniffing at the spot where Pablo had lain and got fucked. He lifted his leg and pissed long and hard on the very spot. Then he leapt into the truck beside Pablo.

As Randy turned the truck around he chuckled. "Never fails. That damn dog of yours always has to have the last word."


The rest of the drive continued in a comfortable silence. Pablo again slid his hand between Randy's thighs, resting it lightly on his jeans, but this time the action did not lead to an explosion of lust as it had before. They had released the sexual tension in their loins and could now relax, though Pablo always had a semi-erection in his shorts when sitting next to his master.

Randy appeared to be deep in thought and at one point, almost absent-mindedly, he touched Pablo's hand and said quietly, "When we're up there, kiddo, there's something important I need to discuss with you." Then he fell silent again, leaving Pablo in a state of some apprehension. He was afraid of any change between them as, right now, he felt as happy as he could ever be.

But the excitement of arriving at the lake cleared any such anxiety from his mind. They bumped over the long dirt trail through the trees and came to a halt at the clearing and small beach that had long been a secret hideaway of Randy's that they had come to regard as their own. There was not another soul for miles.

In a burst of activity they unloaded their gear and Pablo helped Randy lift the rowboat off the truck. Even Billy joined in, leaping onto the flatbed and dragging his own special blanket down onto the ground at the back of the beach. "Creature of habit, that dog," Randy laughed.

He stood back and watched Pablo's earnest face as he worked energetically to sort out their gear on the beach, always trying to prove himself to his hero. His heart went out to the boy and a wave of man-to-boy love swept over him. He walked forward and pulled the boy into his arms, holding him tight for long seconds. No words were spoken - none were needed.

It was already hot, with the late-morning sun blazing out of a cloudless blue sky, and Randy said, "OK, last man in the water gets his ass fucked." Instantly they stripped naked, which gave Pablo an advantage as he was in shorts and sneakers while Randy had to take off boots and jeans. So Pablo was in the lead as he made a dash for the water, but Randy's powerful strides soon overtook him and the big man launched his body in a long dive into the water an instant before his boy.

They stroked out to deeper water, with Billy barking madly from the beach. Randy turned round to confront Pablo and pushed his head playfully under the water. When he broke surface again and took deep spluttering breaths, Pablo stammered, "You win, sir. Do I get fucked now?" and he pressed his naked ass against Randy's cock.

"Later, kid," Randy laughed. "Don't worry, you're gonna get your ass fucked good, but I don't want this trip to be nothing but a fuckfest. There's stuff we have to discuss - not to mention fish to catch. Let's get the boat." They ran out of the water, pulled on swim trunks, then dragged the boat to the water's edge. They loaded their fishing gear, a six-pack of beer and a boisterous Billy into the boat. Pablo jumped in and grabbed the oars while Randy shoved the boat into the water and leapt in.

In just a few minutes they were anchored in the middle of the lake, fishing lines stretched over the side. Master and boy lay together on their backs in the stern, Pablo resting his head on Randy's outstretched arm, while Billy sat up front, his head resting on the side, tongue hanging out, gazing lazily at the birds swooping over the still water.

Again Pablo said, "Good, ain't it, sir." Randy edged closer to him. "The best, kiddo."


Pablo felt he was in paradise as he lay with the man he worshipped as mentor, master and dad. They lay for a long time, just enjoying the closeness, but then a niggling thought surfaced that Pablo had been storing in the back of his mind - the 'serious subject' Randy had mentioned. "Sir," he said," breaking the peaceful silence. "Earlier you said there was something important you wanted to discuss with me."

Randy stirred. "Yeah, right .... well this is a good a time as any, I guess. Why don't you break out the beer?" They sat astride one of the bench seats facing each other and Pablo unscrewed the tops of two beers. He gazed into Randy's steady blue eyes, waiting a little nervously. Randy took a deep breath and began.

"You know that Bob and me, and Zack and Mark are the directors of the construction company. Well we had a long meeting before we left and made some major decisions about the company. Thing is, it's grown so big lately with four sites and a fifth about to come on line, and we feel it's become a bit unwieldy. Companies that grow fast tend to do that. The chain of command is muddled, so we decided to split the company into several divisions.

"On the operations side I'll still be the boss with Zack as my second-in-command and Darius my assistant. But the mechanical maintenance, the heavy machinery, will become its own division - and you'll be in charge. I've watched you work, kiddo, and nobody knows those trucks, bulldozers and all the rest like you do, but with five sites there's a shitload of work and you're stretched too thin. So you're gonna have to hire some new workers to help you.

"What about Ben, sir?"

"Yeah, I've watched him too and he seems to really love the work and helping you. How do you think he's doing?"

"He's come along great, sir. He has a real knack for it and he's gonna be a great mechanic."

"Right, so he's gonna be your assistant, sometimes working on his own when you're on other sites. Now, you'll be reporting directly to me, but you're gonna have to get involved in procuring new machines, leasing, budgets, hiring, and you'll be liaising with Jamie on all that stuff. Bob is the big money man, of course, working with the banks, but he wants to create a finance division - budgets, personnel, a shit load of stuff and put Jamie in charge. You get on OK with Jamie?

"We're good buddies," Pablo said. "He's real solid - takes after Mark, always real calm, and keeps me calm when I flare up - as I do, sir, just like you. I guess most of us boys become like our masters, don't we, sir?"

"I like to think so," grinned Randy. "Anyway, all this is part of my big plan for you, boy. If all goes well I eventually want to spin off the maintenance into a separate company - and it'll be your company. With a big enough staff you can even contract with other outfits and do their maintenance too. Think you'll be able to handle something like that, kid?

Pablo's eyes were shining. "With you backing me, sir, I know I can."

"Good, so we'll see how things go. But I warn you, if you fuck up I'll whip your ass."

"And if I don't fuck up and I do real good, sir?"

Randy smiled. "I'll still whip your ass."

"Thank you, sir," said Pablo with his trademark crooked grin. Suddenly it all sank in and he threw himself forward, pulling Randy into a tight hug that gave them both hard-ons. "I'm so happy, sir. I don't know how to thank you.

"I do," grinned Randy, stroking the bulge in his swim trunks. He reached forward and pulled Pablo's shorts down over his cock that sprang out rock hard.


Randy stood up, balancing himself in the gently rocking boat. He pulled off his swim trunks and stood naked astride the bench facing Pablo, still sitting astride it, his face now inches from the thick club swinging between his master's legs. "OK, boy, you wanna thank me? Go for it."

Pablo leaned forward and gripped Randy's muscular thighs to steady himself. He was salivating as his face bent close and closer. Almost there he stopped to gaze at the long horse-dick and ball-sack, hanging from the bush of wiry black pubic hair. He inhaled deeply, savoring the musky smell of the sweaty crotch. He had to have it, to taste it, to give pleasure to the man he worshipped.

He stretched out his tongue and touched the tip of the cock, tasting the first hint of pre-cum. Then he ran his tongue up the length of the shaft feeling it grow stiff against his mouth. He heard the deep voice growl, "Come on, boy, eat it .... go for the balls. Pablo swooped under the now-rigid cock, opened his mouth wide and sucked in both of the musky balls. His mouth was jammed full and he had to stop himself choking, breathing through his nose. When his mouth relaxed he rolled the balls round inside it, squeezing them, pulling on the ball-sac.

"Shit that feels good," Randy groaned. He reached forward, grabbed his boy's head and took charge. He pressed it hard against his balls so Pablo's nose was pressed into the sweaty tangle of pubic hair. Then suddenly Randy yanked the boy's head off his balls, howling with the jolt of pain as his nuts were squeezed and plopped out through the tight lips. He grabbed Pablo's hair in one hand and his own stiff rod on the other.

"I know you'd like me to pound your mouth with this rod, boy, but not this time. This time it's to show you how much I love you, kiddo." Gently he pulled Pablo's head forward by the hair and his mouth opened wide to take in the beer-can-thick pole. Pablo felt it sink slowly to the back of his throat, rest there a while, then pull slowly back and pause. Pablo raised his eyes upward and saw the swarthy gypsy face gazing down at him. "Man, it feels so damn hot fucking my boy's fine young face. You like it like this, kiddo?

Pablo managed to nod slightly and mumble, even though his mouth was crammed full of his master's meat. Randy began a slow sensuous fuck of his mouth, pausing often to tease the boy, making him desperate to feel the cock slide in deep again. Randy was a master at using his cock to drive a man wild.

When the head touched the membrane at the back of his mouth Pablo felt the bitter-sweet taste of pre-cum trickling down his throat. His face pressed against Randy's damp pubic hair, he inhaled deeply through his nose, intoxicated by the musky smell of man-sweat. He swallowed hard, squeezing his throat muscles round the thick pole. He was mesmerized by the touch, the smell and the taste of this spectacular man, his master, the man he worshipped.

Randy now had his hands round his boy's head, moving it slowly back and forth on his cock. Pablo reached round and cupped his hands over his master's naked ass, pulling it toward him and watching the slim hips move forward. He felt Randy's cock throb in his mouth and knew what came next. He heard Randy's low voice. "That's your master's cock making love to you, boy. Now you're gonna show your dad how much you love him by drinking his juice and shooting your load without touching your cock. Here it comes, boy..... here it comes."

"Aaah," he sighed deeply as his cum began to pour down his boy's throat. Pablo swallowed hard and fast, his muscles clenching tight as if he were squeezing the cum from his master's cock. He was in heaven, here in the middle of the lake, servicing this glorious man, drinking hot liquid from his cock while his own cock blasted a load onto the bench before him. His cock drained, Randy pulled it out of Pablo's mouth and sat down astride the bench facing him.

"God I love you, boy," he said. He pulled his head forward and locked their open lips together, sucking the cum from Pablo's mouth as they breathed the same air back and forth.


Eventually Randy stood up, pulled a blanket out of the small aft locker and spread it on the floor of the boat. "Look what you do to me, boy," he said stroking his still-hard cock. "Shit, I can't get enough of you, kid ..... you drive me crazy." Pablo, ever the perfect boy, always anticipating his master's needs, scrambled off the bench and lay on his back on the blanket.

Sitting quietly in the prow of the boat Billy watched his two masters attentively, his head cocked to one side. Whenever they fucked he knew never to intervene, but curiosity always kept his gaze riveted on the action. Now he saw Pablo grab his legs behind the knees and pull them back, displaying his ass to the rugged muscle-stud towering naked over him.

"Damn that ass," Randy growled. "I'm a fucking slave to it." Then he asked the familiar question. "What do you want from me, boy?"

"Please, sir, I want to feel my master's cock inside me. I want you to fuck my ass, sir."

Randy dropped to his knees and leaned forward, pinning Pablo's wrists to the floor above his head and pressing the head of his stiff rod between the perfect white globes of his ass. "OK, boy, you thanked me by sucking my dick and drinking my jism. Now I'm gonna thank you for being the finest boy a man could have. I love you, kiddo." Gently he eased his hips forward and felt the head of his cock pass over the sphincter and into the soft warmth of the young ass. He paused and asked, "You want it all, boy?"

"Yes please, sir." Pablo felt the exquisite sensation of his master's cock sliding slowly into his ass, past the sensitive velvet membrane, deeper and deeper until it passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the innermost cavity. Pablo gazed up at the swarthy gypsy face staring down at him .... the long black hair falling over his forehead, high cheekbones, square, stubbled jaw and the eyes .... the steel blue eyes like lasers boring into his.

Pablo had a sudden impulse to touch his shuddering cock and struggled to get free, but Randy effortlessly held his wrists tight. "God, I love to see you struggle like that, boy. But you know it's hopeless - you're in my power, my prisoner - always will be. I'm your master, I own you, and I'm gonna make love to your ass."

Pablo was overwhelmed with emotion and tears sprang to his eyes. He felt the long pole pull out of his ass, pause, then push gently back inside. Nobody knew how to fuck like Randy. He could use his cock as a battering ram, pile-driving a man's ass until he begged for mercy. But sometimes, as now, he could use it to make exquisite love - to tease, tantalize, enthrall, drive a man wild with desire. Pablo could hardly believe that this thrilling man was his master and that he was here, in the silence of the lake, making love to him.

The tears now flowed from his eyes and ran down his cheeks as he moaned quietly, "Thank you sir. I love you .... I love you so much." Randy said nothing - just smiled down at his boy and continued to massage his ass with his long, hard cock. It was as if they were drifting beyond time and space, master and boy making love, floating on the gentle swell of the lake in a world of water and sky.

Pablo was on such an emotional high that tears continued to flow. He closed his eyes .... and suddenly felt a long warm tongue licking his tears. He looked up and saw Billy's face up close, felt his hot breath as he tried to comfort his weeping master. He heard Randy chuckle, "It's OK, Billy, he's not sad. He's doing just fine. That right boy?"

Reassured, Billy withdrew to his seat in the prow and Pablo gazed up at Randy. "That's right, sir .... being with you, your cock inside me, it's just ....." but he choked up. He was on such a high that he never wanted it to end, and he felt a stab of fear. "Sir, I'll always be your boy won't I? Even when I'm more grown up and have a company of my own, you'll still make me feel like this, won't you, sir?"

"Hey, you're stuck with me, kiddo. Feel this." He pressed Pablo's wrists down hard on the blanket in a vise-like grip. "You're mine, boy - I'll always be your master and I'll fuck you and make love whenever I want. You'll see - when you're grown up it'll be even hotter. Get used to it - this is your life now, kid. And right now what I want is to bust my load in your ass."

Randy moved his hands from Pablo's wrists to the blanket beside his head, still gazing at him, still rhythmically sliding his cock deep in his warm ass. Free now, Pablo reached up and ran his hands gently over the swarthy face, hypnotized by the pale blue eyes. He stroked his neck, then rested his palms against the square slabs of his master's contoured pecs. "Please, sir," he said in a trance. "I think I have to cum, sir. Please help me, sir."

"Whatever you say, kiddo." Pablo felt the huge rod shudder in his ass, felt hot juice flow into him as his own cock shot a ribbon of cum up to the big man's chest. For a moment there was silence, then Randy's powerful voice echoed across the lack - "I love you, boy .....! Aaagh!" He threw his head back with a primitive howl, like a wild coyote baying at the moon.

Then he fell forward and covered his boy's body with his own, their cheeks pressing together, breaths heaving in complete harmony. The intense emotion had exhausted them. There were no more words, just the feel of each other's naked bodies, then silence and sleep. Billy did not take his eyes off them even as he flopped onto his belly and rested his head on his outstretched paws. He watched them intently until, lulled by the gentle rocking of the boat, even his eyes became heavy and finally closed.

And there they all slept, in a rowboat riding silently at anchor in the middle of the lake - a man and his boy and his dog.


The soothing motion of the boat was suddenly interrupted by a tug to one side. The fishing line went taut, causing Billy to growl and Randy to stir. "Hey, kiddo," he said. "Wake up. I do believe that's lunch." He realized his cock was still inside Pablo's ass and eased it out gently, causing Pablo to stir with a sleepy "mmm".

Randy knelt at the side of the boat and checked the line. Pablo, quickly wide awake, tugged the line on the other side and shouted, "This one too sir." He hauled in a heavy largemouth bass and displayed it to Randy, who compared it with the bass he had just reeled in. "Oh," Pablo said, disappointed, "Yours is bigger than mine, sir."

"You can say that again, kid," Randy grinned looking down at the long thick club swinging between his legs. Pablo opened his eyes wide and licked his lips hungrily. "So what are we having for lunch, sir?"

"The fish, asshole. We'll save the other thing for desert."

"Mmm, Swiss roll," Pablo deadpanned. "My favorite."

Randy smacked his boy lightly round the head. "You're getting way too full of yourself, kiddo. Just because you're a sensational fuck. Now just for that you get to row ashore .... let's see how fast you can do it."

Randy was always challenging his boy and Pablo loved proving his strength. He pulled up the anchor, sat down and grabbed the oars. Randy sat in the stern facing him, his arms folded like the slave-master in a galley, urging him to row faster. A smile crossed his face as he watched his tough, eager kid flexing his muscles, his arms and shoulders bulging as he pulled frantically on the oars. Billy stood up in the prow like an ancient figurehead, his ears flying backward, as the boat skimmed over the water and soon crunched up on the beach.

"Not bad, kiddo," Randy said, "not bad at all. From now on you're the official oarsman. Now let's get this show on the road, I'm fucking starving." They hauled the boat up the beach and unloaded the fish and their gear. Randy pulled out of his backpack two pairs of old, thin boxer shorts and threw one pair to Pablo. Wearing only the shorts, they hauled the small barbecue from the back of the truck and Pablo set to work on the coals while Randy cleaned the fish and Billy sniffed around waiting for scraps.

It was a scene of quiet domesticity, but for master and boy it was almost as good as sex (though not quite). Pablo loved being alone with his hero, working alongside him, feeling his flesh brush against his, and it was pure happiness that made his cock strain against the thin fabric of his shorts. Pablo put the foil-wrapped potatoes on the grill and Randy produced the fish. But they were getting in each other's way and Pablo said, "Hey, you're cramping my style here, sir. Why don't you crack open a beer, relax over there and watch the master chef at work?" He loved putting on a show when Randy was watching him.

Randy, often so keyed up, now relaxed totally. He sat on the ground leaning against a tree, swigging beer and watching Pablo go to work at the barbecue, his hands skimming and back and forth over it like he was playing a Giant Wurlitzer. His athletic young body moved gracefully, his bright-eyed face concentrated intently on his task, and Randy's heart went out to the boy who was trying so hard to please him.

His heart wasn't the only organ that stirred, and he rubbed his hand over the bulge in his shorts. He had a side-on view of the boy, of the mounds of his perfect ass straining against the thin shorts, accentuating his slim waist and muscular thighs. The bulge under the front of his shorts suddenly brushed against the warm barbecue, causing a loud "Ouch!" But instantly he grinned over at Randy and said, "Not to worry, sir. No damage done."

"Good, 'cause I'm gonna need that later." That sent another frisson through Pablo's cock, though he wasn't sure what Randy meant.

Soon the meal was ready and, after dishing up a bowl of dog food for Billy, Pablo served up the food on the beach and all three of them sat together wolfing it all down. The conversation was dominated by Pablo who, in his mind, was already firmly in his position as Director of Maintenance. Randy listened, amused and impressed, by his boy's enthusiasm.

"See, sir, the guys I hire are gonna have to want to work with us not only for the money but because they love big machines and engines. And I'll try to assign each of them to just one or two of the sites so they get familiar with the equipment. See machines are like people, sir, you really got to get to know them.... and even then they surprise you." He smiled his crooked smile. "Just like you, sir."

Randy grinned, knowing that he still had a few surprises in store for his boy. "By the way, sir," Pablo rattled on, "that backhoe on site three is on its last legs - I'll have to get together with Jamie and see if it's best to buy or lease a new one." And so the stream of consciousness continued until even Pablo ran out of words.

"Very impressive, kiddo," said Randy, finally getting a word in edgewise. "I can see I'm gonna have to be careful or my maintenance director's gonna steal my job." Pablo grinned and looked down at Randy's shorts. "It's not your job I want, sir."

"Asshole," Randy grinned, pulling Pablo beside him. They lay together, Randy's arm round his boy, Pablo resting his head on Randy's shoulder. They sighed with utter contentment and Randy became nostalgic.

"You know, I still remember that day at that rundown gas station in the desert when Mark and I rescued you from those thugs, the Baxters. My first sight of you was when you were tied up in their dingy garage, body stretched, striped with grease, and wearing those old overalls you still wear. I knew right away I had to waste those fucking bastards and get your free."

"And as I recall, sir you demolished them and left them chained up, screaming for mercy with those serrated jumper cables clamped on their tits."

"Yeah, but here's something I never told you, kiddo. That first sight I got of you made my cock go stiff in my jeans. You looked so fucking gorgeous straining against those ropes, that muscular young body of yours flexing and rippling under the dim lights. And then when I got a look at your ass bulging inside your overalls...... Shit, if the fucking Baxters hadn't been there I'd have worked you over myself. I could have shot my load just looking at you."

Pablo had a confession of his own. "When I saw you burst in there, sir, at first I thought you were one of the bad guys, a biker buddy of the Baxters come to take over from them. But even though I was in real danger, you were the hottest man I'd even seen and my cock got hard waiting for you to start in on me. I hated those guys, but .... you took my breath away and I would have gladly taken whatever you dished out."

There was a log silence as Randy stared at his boy, thinking about that time, seeing the young mechanic struggling in bondage. Finally Pablo said, "The Baxters are not here this time, sir - just you and me."

Without a word Randy stood up, walked over to the truck, pulled a bundle out from behind the seats and threw it over to Pablo. "Here's another of the surprises you talked about, kid. Pablo picked it up and knew immediately what it was - his old mechanic's dungarees.


It only took Randy a few minutes before he was sitting back in the ground against a tree, another beer in his hand. But this time Pablo wasn't next to him. Randy was gazing at him and moaning, "Yeah, that's it, that's just how it was. Shit damn, boy, you look so fucking hot."

It wasn't the derelict garage in the desert but it looked just as good. Pablo, the young mechanic in old gray greasy dungarees held up by a strap over one shoulder was tied to a tree. His wrists were tied behind his back and there was a rope round his neck. A three-foot length ran from it, the other end tied round the tree. He had some room to maneuver but he was otherwise helpless, at the mercy of the same gypsy biker-stud who had burst into the garage so long ago.

Pablo stood still, staring at the man he had wanted from the first moment he saw him. As if reading his mind Randy said, "Yeah, look at you, boy. That day in the desert I was cheated out of busting my nuts looking at you and working you over. Instead I rescued you from those thugs, told you get behind me on my motorbike and to hang on tight as it was gonna be a long ride. And I still remember what you said .... 'I'll hang on tight to you as long as you like, sir.' So I took you home, made you my boy and adopted you, so that scared young mechanic I had first seen in tied up in a garage would always be mine to do what I like with."

"Yes, sir," Pablo whispered.

Randy leapt to his feet and yelled, "What, boy? .... I can't hear you boy. I said I can do whatever I like to you."

"Sir, yes sir," Pablo shouted. "I'm yours, sir, to use however you want, sir."

"That's better, boy." Randy took another long slug of beer, then wiped his mouth with the back of his fist. He paced around the beach keeping his eyes on the young mechanic, rubbing the bulge in his shorts with his free hand. Pablo saw the blue eyes flashing, the body tense, muscles flexing, and he knew what that meant. In this state Randy was as much animal as man, a stallion pawing the ground, nostrils steaming, before the charge. Deep down Pablo knew he was safe but the sight of this muscular gypsy glaring at him sent a frisson of fear through him. It was as if they were back in the gas station - except now they were alone.

Randy drained his beer, threw away the bottle and came close. He ran his big hand over the boy's face, over the forehead, the neck and cheeks, and Pablo had a moment of panic that he was going to hit him. But Randy grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, their faces inches apart. "I'm gonna let you off easy for now, boy, just so long as you do exactly what I say so I get my rocks off."

He ran his hands over Pablo's chest and squeezed his tits, making him inhale sharply. Then he reached round him and squeezed his hard, round butt. "Oh shit, boy, that is fucking gorgeous. Man, you are gonna get that ass ploughed over and over, and I warn you, I fuck hard." Finally he unhooked the single strap at Pablo's shoulder and let it fall, so the young mechanic was naked to the waist, his dungarees hanging loosely round his hips.

Pablo braced for an expected blow of some kind .... but nothing. Instead Randy walked back across the small beach and leaned against a tree staring intently at the nervous mechanic. "I said I wanna get my rocks off, boy, but this time you're gonna do all the work. You gotta turn me on, boy - make me bust my load."

Pablo knew exactly what to do - what turned his master on the most. He craned his head round trying to see his roped hands behind his back. He tugged at them, trying to pull them apart, growing quickly more frantic. He paced around, as much as the rope round his neck would permit, then tried to walk farther, jerking his head forward in a vain attempt to snap the rope. His frenzy increased, his attempts to get free became ever more desperate.

"Holy shit," Randy breathed, "that is fucking spectacular." He rubbed the bulge in his shorts with one hand, and twisted his nipple with the other as he watched the young, shirtless mechanic, his dungarees hanging round his waist, his muscles flexing and straining as he paced desperately, tugging at the ropes round his wrists and neck. His handsome features twisted in pain and his black hair flew as his face jerked from side to side. As his arms strained behind him his shoulders and biceps bulged and his chest heaved.

Through narrowed eyes Pablo saw Randy reach into his shorts, pull his massive cock out over the waistband, clamp his fist round it and start to stroke the long shaft from head to balls. That sight made Pablo groan and redouble his frantic efforts. Now it was real ..... he was desperate to touch his master, kneel before him, wrap his mouth round his cock. Tears of frustration welled in his eyes, as he struggled in helpless bondage.

Randy dropped his shorts and, still stroking his cock, walked toward the young bound mechanic. "Man you're driving my cock wild. It's bursting to shoot, but not until I see you bust your own load." He reached into Pablo's dungarees and pulled out his rigid cock.

Pablo knew what he had to do but he couldn't do it, despite his hard-on and despite the erotic sight of the rugged gypsy standing right before him ordering him to cum. It was not so much that he had already cum so often already. It was the frustration that his bondage had not involved any real pain. He had waited for his master to hurt him, longed for it, and he knew that pain would release the juice building in his balls.

"You little punk," growled Randy, his eyes flashing with anger. He knew his boy well and knew what he was waiting for. "OK, asshole, you asked for it." He strode over to the truck and reached into the glove compartment. He came back to face the boy who winced with fear. "This is gonna hurt, boy, until I see jizz spurting from that cock of yours." Pablo gasped as he saw the serrated alligator clips Randy was holding. He held his breath as his master clamped them over his nipples .... then howled when he felt the first stab of pain radiate over his chest.

In truth the pain was not extreme.... Randy had not chosen the most brutal set of clips, the kind he would have used on a beaten enemy. But Pablo had to flex his pecs hard to ease the pain that seared his nipples and made his eyes water. He stared desperately at the dark, stubbled face and saw in it what many a terrified rival had seen before - a savage - a man who always got his way.

Pablo instinctively struggled harder, desperate to free his hands and pull the clips off. He braced for more pain from his master, but .... he was shocked to see the big man drop to his knees in front of him. He leaned back on his haunches, his magnificent naked body flexing as he gazed up at his boy and pounded his meat. "OK, you're my boy and I can make you do whatever I want, right?"

"Yes, sir," Pablo stammered through a haze of pain in his chest.

"So do it, boy, I'm ordering you. I wanna feel your jism all over my body and in my face. I wanna drink your juice, boy. So do it .... Now!"

Pablo flew into a world of pure lust. He gazed down at his spectacular master on his knees, leaning back on one elbow, pounding his cock with his free hand, offering his muscular body for his boy to anoint with semen. The pain in the boy's tits disappeared, replaced by a burning sensation that spread over this entire body, shooting up his legs, into his balls, his cock and ..... "Aaagh" ..... exploding in a shower of semen that splashed down onto his master. A second stream slammed into his face, into his open mouth, and Randy gulped it down, swallowing his boy's warm sweet juice.

When Pablo's body stopped trembling and his cock ran dry, the pain suddenly returned to his chest and he moaned loudly. Randy leapt to his feet and slowly, gently squeezed open the clips, hearing his boy gasp as the serrated edge broke clear of the flesh. He leaned forward and licked Pablo's nipples tenderly, making the residual pain fade away. Randy's mouth was still full of cum and he pressed it over Pablo's, sharing the pungent taste between them.

Eventually Randy pulled back and smiled at Pablo. "Not bad, eh boy?" Pablo's eyes sparkled. "Awesome, sir. Thank you. You are ..... totally awesome."


They went for a swim, a lazy swim as they were winding down from all the sexual activity of the day so far - Pablo getting fucked on the drive up here, getting fucked again in the boat, then roped to a tree and splashing semen into his master's mouth. Nevertheless, their sexual antennae were still tuned to high, as evidenced during their swim.

Randy playfully rubbed the back of his hands against Pablo's still-raw nipples under the water, making the boy gasp and his cock spring to life. He grabbed a piece of driftwood, rested his arms over it and sighed as Randy swam up behind him. He felt the hard rod press against his ass underwater, then slide into it. Randy reached round his chest and gently rubbed the back of his fingers against the boy's nipples while they floated on the gentle swell. And that's all it took. In less than a minute Randy's juice was flowing into Pablo's ass and the boy watched as his own cum floated to the surface of the water.

"Shit," Randy said, after they had left the water, dried off and settled down to beer and snacks, watching the sun begin to sink toward the surface of the lake. "I said I didn't want this weekend to become a fuckfest, but I can't keep my hands off you, kiddo, or my dick out of your ass."

"You haven't heard me complain, sir," Pablo grinned. He got up to prepare dinner and the rest of the day could only be described as mellow. After dinner they took Billy for a walk through the woods, then decided to call it a day and turn in. The night was warm and the full moon began to rise over the lake turning the water to silver. Billy sank down with a contented sigh on his own blanket and the two men lay together naked on their big, soft quilt on the sand. But they both had an impulse that, before they slept, they needed to vent their lust one last time.

"Kiddo," Randy said, "you've done so much for me today, given me your ass over and over, there's something special I want to do for you, something to show you just how much I love you." Pablo looked at him with wide-open questioning eyes. "What, sir?"

Randy smiled at him. "I want my boy to fuck his master's ass."

Pablo gasped but Randy put his finger to the boy's lips to silence him. Everything was quiet now except for a breeze rustling the leaves, and the moon bathed them in an ethereal light. "It's perfect," said Randy softly. His body tingling, Pablo pulled himself up and knelt between his master's legs. He pushed them up, pressed his hard cock into the thicket of black hair round the hole and said, "I love you, sir." Easing his hips forward his cock slid easily into Randy's ass, then pulled back and drove in again.

It felt unreal ..... Pablo who had been ploughed so many times was now fucking his master's ass. He gazed into the smiling blue eyes, leaned forward and rested his palms on the mounds of Randy's chest. Randy licked his own fingers, reached up and gently stroked Pablo's still-tender nipples. Even Billy opened his eyes at the unusual sight of a boy fucking his master. As he gazed into Randy's dark rugged face Pablo was seized with the kind of raw, animal lust that Randy felt when he worked on a man's ass, the power that made him such an incredible fuck. Randy saw that light dawn in his boy's eyes and he said, "Do it, boy .... the way I would."

Pablo reared back, let one of Randy legs drop and pushed the other high in the air so he could look down and see his cock driving into his master's ass. The fuck became ferocious, his cock a pile-driver and Pablo threw his head back and howled at the moon. His body shuddered, his eyes opened wide and he shouted, "I love you, sir .... I love you!" His juice erupted in Randy's ass as Randy pumped his cock and spurted cum over his own heaving body.

After he had emptied his load into Randy Pablo fell forward into his outstretched arms. "Thank you, sir ... thank you." Randy grinned, "You did great, kid. Just the way I would do it." He twisted onto his side so that Pablo was lying behind him, his cock still buried in his master's ass. It was only then that exhaustion caught up with them. Close by, Billy closed his eyes with a heavy 'show's-over' sigh. Randy grinned, "He's got the right idea, kiddo. Sleep."

But it wasn't so easy for Pablo whose cock still tingled in the warm ass, and he kept wriggling against Randy's back. Randy growled drowsily, "I said go to sleep, boy. That's an order."

And, as always, Pablo obeyed.


While Randy and Pablo were in the wilderness, another man and his boy were in an environment that could not have been more different. Mark had taken Jamie away for the weekend headed to San Diego, and on the drive down Jamie had talked excitedly about the new plans for the company where Jamie would become the finance manager, reporting to Bob.

Mark had been involved in the decision making and had pushed for Jamie's promotion, and he was happy to sit back and listen to his boy's enthusiastic plans. "Yeah," Mark said when he could get a word in sideways, "I was thinking that this calls for a real celebration, which is why I decided to change our plans and made you dress up a bit." They were both neatly dressed in jeans and Polo shirts, with slacks and jackets stowed in their luggage. "This weekend we're gonna live it up, kiddo. You deserve it."

So they didn't make it as far as San Diego. Instead, a few miles south of Laguna Beach, Mark pulled off Coast Highway and drove down a long, palm-fringed driveway, ending up at the grand entrance to the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. "Wow," said Jamie, gazing out at the well-manicured forecourt and the uniformed attendants serving the well-heeled guests.

The staff were used to seeing Mercedes and Jaguars sweep up to the door, and the snooty ones among them frowned at the unusual sight of a truck drawing to a halt. But their attitude changed as they saw who got out - a tall, handsome man with a muscular build, blond hair and the stunning profile of a Greek god. With him was a young man, maybe in his late teens, who was a junior version of his companion - a beautiful boy with his youthful, finely etched features, unruly blond hair and athletic build. They caused quite a stir on the forecourt and a young attendant rushed forward. "Welcome, sirs. Allow me to take your luggage."

Heads turned as Mark and Jamie walked across the marble lobby to reception, where a clearly impressed, attractive young man welcomed them and checked his computer. "They're all gorgeous," Jamie whispered. "Yeah," Mark grinned, "they hire them for their looks."

"Sir," the receptionist said, "I would be happy to offer you an upgrade to an ocean-front suite with balcony on the top floor. We are pleased to provide it to our special guests. With an accent on the 'special' he gave Mark and Jamie a dazzling smile.

Once inside their spacious room Jamie ran to the window stepped onto the balcony and gazed at the sweeping ocean view. "Wow," he kept saying. "Look at that huge pool down there."

Mark put his arm round him. "Impressive, eh, kid?" I thought you'd like it. It's the same place Bob brings Randy sometimes when he feels that his man should shed the grease and grime of the construction site, lose his dirty tank top and become civilized. Though I gotta say Randy in a blazer and slacks looks like a fish out of water. You know what they always say - you can take the guy out of the construction site ....."

"..... but you can't take the construction site out of the guy," Jamie laughed. "But that's why Randy's so incredibly hot, why Bob's so crazy about him." Suddenly a light dawned on Jamie. "Sir, is this the place where Bob and Randy met that Italian pool-boy? Darius tells the story often and it gets sexier every time. He even knows the guy's name - Mario I think."

"Yeah, this is the place," Mark grinned. "Talking of which, why don't we go down to the pool and have lunch there. Your board shorts will be fine."

A short while later they were lounging on chaises, drinks by their side. Many eyes focused on the two men in swim trunks with flawless muscular bodies, their handsome faces turned up to the sun, their eyes closed. Jamie felt he was in a dream, when suddenly they heard a heavily accented Italian voice say, "Buongiorno, gentlemen. Do you have everything you need?"

They opened their eyes and found themselves staring up into a square-jawed handsome young face with high cheek-bones, dark curly black hair and stunning green eyes. He was wearing the informal pool-attendant uniform of white T-shirt and white pants. "Ciao - my name is Mario. If there is anything you need, anything at all, please feel free to call on me."

Mark was the first to recover and said, "As a matter of fact, Mario, we could use another round of drinks when you have a moment." Mario flashed a set of gleaming white teeth set off by his darkly bronzed face. "I have a moment right now, signore. Always for you I will have 'a moment' as you say." Bowing slightly he left and they watched him move smoothly between the chaises toward the bar. "That's him!" said Jamie excitedly. "That's Bob and Randy's guy, Mario - he still works here."

"Yeah, he works it alright, Mark smiled. "Look, he coming back already." They watched as the tall young Italian wended his elegant way back to them bearing a tray with their drinks. His tight white T-shirt and pants left little to the imagination, with his broad shoulders, muscular arms, rounded pecs and very slim waist and hips. As he bent over them to put down their drinks they couldn't miss the long bulge in his pants. And when he turned round and reached up to adjust the umbrella Mark and Jamie rolled their eyes at each other. The round globes of his perfect ass bulged under his tight pants.

Mario smiled at them again. "Signori, if you will be taking dinner in the restaurant later I can enter your name now as reservations fill up quickly."

"No thanks, Mario," said Mark. "I think we'll call room service and have dinner in our room."

"Ah, molto bene," smiled Mario. "After the pool closes I join the room service staff. I know your room number and will make sure I am your waiter if you would like."

"Yes, we would like," Jamie blurted out, and blushed at his own impulsiveness.

"Until later then, signori." Mario flashed another smile and, as he turned to leave, the guys could swear he flexed his ass under his pants. Mark smiled at Jamie's eager face. "You want him, kiddo?"

Jamie blushed again. "Well .... only if you want it too, sir. But do you think he wants us?"

"Are you kidding?" Mark laughed. "He was practically eating us alive. So yeah, it's fine with me - he's a beautiful young man so we'll entertain him together. We'll have fun. It'll be a little adventure for us. You sure you're OK with that?"

"You bet, sir. Absolutely."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 187


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