Hassan, Eddie and Darius were in Hassan's house in the desert. After the Marines video shoot earlier in the day they were still dressed in military fatigues and had treated Eddie to an incredible military fantasy. Eddie had became a young rookie soldier at the mercy of a muscle-stud Marine captain and his buddy, a black soldier with a huge ten-inch cock.

Darius's master Zack was coming to join them the next morning. "That's terrific," Hassan said. "Tell you what. Why don't we spend the weekend out here in Palm Springs? I'll treat us to one of those private, secluded hotels and we can lie back in luxury ...... room service, drinks by the pool. Maybe we can even entice a couple of hot pool boys to join us. Think they would?"

Darius laughed. "Us four .... you kidding? Try keeping them away."

"OK it's a deal. But I better call Bob and let him know what's going on - see if he can spare Eddie for a couple of days."

Bob was enthusiastic. "Great idea, buddy, and your timing's great. We can manage without Eddie as the house is pretty quiet right now so. Seems to be a time for the masters to get reacquainted with their boys. 'Quality time' Mark calls it. Randy's taken Pablo up to the lake for some fishing and who-knows-what else. Mark's taken Jamie down to San Diego, Ben's with Jason of course, and Zack's coming out to join you guys.

"That leaves just me and the twins in the house, and Adam and Nate are coming from next door to spend time with us. So go for it, buddy. And take care of young Eddie.... but I imagine you've already done that."

Hassan shut off his phone with a grin and murmured. "Hmm, 'quality time' - so that's what they're calling it. Now that would be something to watch."


The 'quality time' at the house turned out to be pretty quiet at first. Soon after Bob hung up the phone the gate opened in the hedge separating the guys' big house from the Aussie House next door - as Darius always insisted on calling it - and in walked the Aussies themselves.

The tall, muscular Adam with his golden tan and stunning good-looks worked for an Australian airline and was more-or- less permanently based here in Los Angeles. His boy Nate had moved from Sydney not so long ago, initially to be with his friend Jamie. But his dream had been to become houseboy for this tribe of gorgeous men and their boys, and that dream had come true.

It was almost inevitable that Nate would become Adam's boy and when Randy and Bob bought the house next door they leased it to the Aussies. As houseboy Nate worked closely with Bob's boys, the twins Kyle and Kevin, as they were the chefs for the whole group - or master chefs Bob called them as they had previously worked in a gourmet restaurant and always came up with awesome meals for this hungry bunch of guys. They may have been Bob's devoted boys but in the kitchen they were the masters.

As soon as he came in Nate huddled with the twins and they went off to the kitchen together to prepare breakfast. Bob greeted Adam with a hug, feeling his solid muscles under his clothes. He was wearing jeans and an old sleeveless T-shirt that, although it hung loosely on him, did nothing to hide his perfect physique. Bob was in his usual plain white V-neck T-shirt and cargo shorts and, as Adam said in his thick Australian drawl, "Looking spectacular as always, mate."

"Yeah," Bob grinned. "Well you're not exactly chopped liver yourself, though you look good enough to eat .... a hot Australian stud .... that Nate's a real lucky guy. Which brings me to a plan I had in mind for the five of us. Looks like we have the place to ourselves with everyone away so here's what I was thinking." Then he checked himself. "Hey, first let me go and get the coffee - save the boys a trip." Adam sat at the long table by the pool, the guys' usual gathering place, while Bob went to the kitchen.

He heard voices as he approached, but when he opened the door they stopped abruptly and the boys faced him with a guilty look. Nate actually blushed, and Bob didn't need a blush from the twins to tell him they were up to something. He knew his boys well. "Just came to get the coffee," Bob deadpanned. He breathed in the cooking smells. "Mmm - something smells good in here...." he grinned playfully.... "whatever it is you guys are cooking up."

He left and Nate said, "You think he heard?" Kyle shook his head, "Nah," and Kevin added, "Anyway, we've nothing to be ashamed of. We'll be doing it all for them. Just hope it works."

Outside Bob put the coffee tray on the table and sat facing Adam, who stretched his arms up, turned his face to the sun and said, "Hmm that feels good, mate - another 'perfect day in paradise' as they say here." Bob's cock stirred in his shorts as he watched Adam's muscles ripple as he stretched, his handsome upturned face catching the morning sun. "So," Adam said, "what about these plans you're hatching, mate?"

"Well," Bob grinned, "I'm not so sure now, after my trip to the kitchen. To misquote Robert Burns - 'The best laid schemes o' boys and men oft get fucked up'....."


They sat chatting over their coffee for only a few minutes before Nate and the twins came out looking rather coy and holding a tablecloth and cutlery. "Sirs," Nate said, obviously plucking up courage, "me and the twins have been talking." Here we go, thought Bob suppressing a grin. Nate was already faltering so Kyle took over. "Sirs, we would like to make this day special for you by waiting on you, allowing you to simply enjoy each other's company." He looked for help to Kevin who continued for him. "Think of it as being poolside at a classy hotel with three pool-boys to serve you, waiting on you hand and foot."

Bob laughed. "Only thing about that, guys, is there's no hotel anywhere that has such gorgeous pool-boys as you three. Hmm, hand and foot, eh? I did have other body parts in mind, but hey, what the hell? What d'ya think Adam?"

"What do I think? Let's see, now - great house, great pool, gourmet food, three hot young studs to serve it ..... all that and a flawless muscle-god to share it with. Yeah, I think I'll give that a try." He grinned. "Like I said, buddy, another perfect day in paradise."

Growing in confidence Nate said, "OK, sirs. If you would kindly move over to the chaises here we'll set the table for brunch." Kevin added, "Bit late to call it breakfast."

Bob leapt to his feet. "We'll do better than that. How about a swim, Adam? You wanna borrow some Speedos?"

"Borrow?" Adam gasped in mock horror. "I'm an Aussie, mate, and I'll have you know that Speedos were invented a hundred years ago in Sydney on Bondi Beach. I lived in Speedos back home. See? ...." He pulled his loose shirt over his head and dropped his jeans. He smiled broadly and held out his arms in a stunning display. Under his jeans he had been wearing dark blue Speedos that hugged his hips and set off the ridges in his eight-pack abs and his rock hard thighs - but most of all his perfect bubble butt.

There were four instant hard-ons under shorts as Bob and the boys gazed in awe at the spectacular Aussie with the flawless, muscular physique, golden tan, classically handsome features, short black hair ..... and a bulge that looked like it was gonna burst from his Speedos. He grinned at Bob. "OK, buddy - your turn."

Bob smiled back and pulled from his pocket a pair of black Speedos. He waved them in the air and said, "See .... I too come prepared." He kicked off his sneakers and dropped his shorts. The guys watched in awe as Bob's still-hard cock sprang free. Looking sexy as hell in just his white T-shirt he now teased them by taking his time - picking up his shorts, folding them and placing them on a chaise. Then, with his back to the pool he reached behind his neck and slowly pulled up his T-shirt - over his washboard abs, over the slabs of his pecs and off.

The guys had all seen him naked before, especially the twins, who slept with him often, but it was always an awe-inspiring sight - the square-jawed Superman features and spectacularly ripped body, with the iron-hard cock standing out from a thicket of black pubic hair. Under the intense gaze of four spellbound faces Bob grabbed his Speedos from the table, bent down, pulled them over his feet and up his legs.

He had difficulty stuffing his rock-hard cock into the Speedos and, when he held out his arms in a copy of Adam's display, there was a long bulge under the Speedos stretching sideways up to the waistband, the tip of his cock visible at the top.

There was a stunned silence, and then the boys fulfilled their pledge of taking care of their masters. The twins dropped to their knees before Bob and leaned forward. Kevin ran his tongue over the Speedos up the full length of the bulge, while Kyle pressed his tongue into the hole at the head of the cock poking out the top, licking the pre-cum oozing from it. Nate copied them, kneeling at Adam's feet and licking the bulge through the shiny fabric. The boys' plan was progressing nicely.

Bob and Adam were staring at each other, each mesmerized by the other's beauty as they felt the damp warmth of their boys' mouths over their Speedos. In unison they raised their hands to their chests and slowly stroked their nipples, groaning in ecstasy. "Shit, man," Adam groaned, "you are so fucking gorgeous. I could bust my load just looking at that smoking hot body." Bob smiled, "Same here, buddy, but don't cum yet. I think our boys have other ideas."

They sure did and even while they were licking their masters bulges they shot glances at each other to make sure they were acting in sync. Both men's cocks' were now swollen to their full length and the boys grabbed the Speedos at the sides, slowly pulled them down to below the balls, and just missed being hit in the face by the rigid cocks that sprang out.

Kyle and Kevin together licked their master's shaft, and then Kyle took the full length into his mouth and down his throat. At the same time Nate, who had Adam's huge rod all to himself, pressed his lips over the head, put his hands behind Adam's now naked ass and pulled his hips forward, savoring the taste of the long pole as it slid down his throat.

The two men couldn't take their eyes off each other. It was mutual muscle worship while their boys worked their cocks. "Oh, man...." Adam sighed, raising his arms and linking his hands behind his head, flexing his biceps and flaring his lats as his hips thrust forward. He smiled at Bob. "That look good to you, mate? Your turn. I wanna watch Superman fuck the beautiful young faces of the boys kneeling at his feet." Bob clamped his hands behind the twins' heads and his pecs bulged as he pulled their faces toward him - one boy sucking his cock while the other licked his balls.

While the twins performed the sensuous double act on Bob that they had perfected over time, Nate clenched his throat muscles round the hard Aussie cock pounding his face. Bob and Adam, two flawlessly ripped athletes, naked except for their Speedos pulled down below their balls, gazed at each other's body then into each other's brown eyes, seeing in them their own reflection. As they fucked their boy's faces it felt as if they were fucking each other. It was sensual overload, each man overwhelmed by raw lust for the other and finally Bob said, "I can't take this, man. You and the boys are gonna make me bust my load."

"Whenever you're ready, mate." Their hearts pounded in their chests, their breathing got ragged and they shouted in unison, "Yes!....Yes! .... Aaagh!" Nate felt one last thrust of Adam's hips against his face and his cock erupted deep in his throat. Nate gulped frantically, determined not to spill a drop of his master's warm juice. The twins' faces were pressed together side by side as Bob's cock poured semen into Kyle's mouth. When he felt drained he pulled out, thrust his cock into Kevin's mouth and was rewarded with another explosive orgasm.

And still the men gazed at each other, their shuddering bodies subsiding and a smile coming to their eyes. Finally Bob came out of his trance said to Adam, "OK, stud, now how about that swim?" The boys jumped to their feet and watched as the men pulled up their Speedos, went to the edge of the pool and dived in, their bodies flashing in a perfectly synchronized dive.

Some boys might have felt they were being ignored, but not these three. It was all part of their plan. "You think it's working?" asked Kevin.

"You kidding?" grinned Nate. "You see the way they looked at each other? Our plan's working just fine, mates - it's foolproof."


Bob and Adam spent a long time in the pool, rough-housing in the water with as much physical contact as they could get away with without actually cumming again. When they dived under the water, out of sight of the boys, their lips brushed together and soon their mouths were grinding against each other, clamped so tight they were able to stay underwater longer by sharing the same breath back and forth. Their arms were clamped round each other, their Speedos pressed together, and when at last they burst to the surface they took in great lungfuls of air, laughing with the sheer joy of male intimacy.

They reluctantly pulled themselves out of the pool, water streaming down their glistening bodies, and the twins were waiting with big white towels. They dried them off, standing behind them and pressing their crotches against the men's asses. Then Nate announced with a flourish, "Sirs, brunch is served."

The boys had been busy while Bob and Adam frolicked in the pool and now the men gazed at the fruits of their labors. The table was set with a white linen cloth, silverware, elaborately folded napkins, jugs of juice and a pot of coffee, and standing behind the table were three of the most beautiful waiters ever to serve food. "Wow," Adam said, wrapping the towel round his waist, "this really is a five-star hotel."

"We'll be right back with the food, sirs," said Kevin, and the boys ran back to the kitchen. Bob and Adam sat at the table opposite each other and there was a sudden shyness between them. They became aware just how shamelessly they had flaunted their bodies in a blatant display of muscle worship and mutual lust, to the point of orgasm as their boys sucked their cocks. They remembered their long underwater kiss, and knew it was time to cool things down a bit

So desire was replaced by formality as Adam said, "You know, Bob, even though we live right next door to each other you and I we never seem to spend time alone together. Either you're just leaving for work or I am. Sure, we're together at group functions like meals, but you've got Randy and the twins and I've got Nate so ..... well, the fact is that we don't have any....."

".... quality time together," said Bob, completing his thought ..... "get to really know each other." He grinned. "Still, I think we just made a start on that, Adam." There was that topic again and Adam tried to shift the subject. "So what was this plan you thought the boys were hatching?"

"Oh, that," Bob laughed. "Tell you the truth I think we're living it. Don't you have a kind of feeling we're being manipulated?" As if on cue the exuberant boys came from the kitchen bearing gifts - gifts of mouth-watering smells and dishes of food. They spread the feast before their masters, refilled their glasses with juice and stood back with napkins over their arms.

But Bob was frowning. "Adam, old buddy, you say this is like a five-star hotel. Well in that case it seems to me that the guests should get whatever they ask for ..... even if they ask for the company of the wait staff. What d'ya think?"

"Hmm," Adam mused. "I agree, but on one condition ..... that they take their shirts off and let us see if they're hot enough to join us."

"OK," Bob grinned. "So, you pool-boy-waiters, how about it?"

Solemnly Nate and the twins pulled off their T-shirts and held their arms out to the side just as Bob and Adam had done earlier. They were all wearing colorful board shorts tied at the waist and they flexed their naked torsos. "Holy shit," said Adam, "now that's what I call service with a smile. Look at those fucking bodies, man. I say they're in."

"And I'd say you're right. OK, guys, come and eat with us. Take a pew." Eagerly the boys sat at table - the twins on either side of Bob, and Nate next to Adam. If ever Darius's camera was needed it was now - a stunning domestic shot of two shirtless muscle-hunks and three shirtless boys, their bodies gleaming in the midday sun.

With healthy appetites they dug into the food and the first part of the meal was eaten in virtual silence, with words replaced by the language of the eyes. Bob and Adam looked up frequently from their pates, stared into each other's eyes and felt their cocks stiffen in their Speedos. Their unspoken thoughts were more powerful than words could ever be. The boys caught every nuance of their looks and shared secret smiles between them. It was going well.

But eventually conversation resumed and rapidly became more animated, with Adam and Bob sharing stories about their work, and the boys gossiping and exaggerating about what might be going on between Hassan, Eddie, Zack and Darius in the desert - not to mention Randy and Pablo in the mountains, Mark and Jamie in San Diego, and Ben and Jason down the hill.


As the meal finally wound down the boys jumped up and started carrying dishes back to the kitchen, leaving the men talking softly to each other over coffee. When they came back out the boys were carrying a large blanket, a sheet and pillows. They spread the blanket on the grass, laid the sheet on top and put the pillows at the head - almost like an outdoor bed.

Kevin took the lead. "Sirs, we were thinking that ..... as you're still wearing Speedos and all ..... you might like to relax in the sun after such a big meal." Kyle added, "We've got it all ready for you," pointing to the sheet and pillows on the grass.

Bob smiled at Adam and rolled his eyes. "Better do what they say, I guess. Always best to take the advice of hotel staff - especially if they're young and gorgeous. Come to think of it I could use a nap after all that food." He stretched his arms upward, flexing his shoulders and biceps, and once again Adam was dazzled by the stunning looks of the tousle-haired muscle-god, his square jaw stretched open in a wide yawn.

"Just lead the way, buddy," grinned Adam. They got up from the table, walked across the lawn and flopped down on the sheet that was already warmed by the sun. They lay on their backs close together, luxuriating in the warm softness of the grass and the blanket beneath them and the pillows under their heads. "Man, Adam sighed, "doesn't get much better than this."

"Sirs," said Nate, "maybe you should have suntan lotion on you in case you fall asleep in the sun. We could help you with that if you like, sirs."

Closing his eyes lazily Bob said, "Sure, why not? Go ahead - we're in your hands." Nate grinned at the twins and raised his eyebrows with a look that said, 'He sure got that right.' They grabbed tubes of lotion they had brought out with them and Nate knelt between Bob and Adam at their legs, while the twins knelt straddling their waists. The men moaned as they felt hands smoothing lotion over their chest and legs, hands that hovered erotically over their nipples and their inner thighs just below their crotch.

Nate stood up, then knelt behind their heads, the bulge in his shorts between their faces as he gently smoothed lotion over their necks. He and the twins were now moving in perfect unison and, at a signal between them, the twins lowered themselves slowly until they were sitting on the bulges in the men's Speedos. As they reached forward and ran their hands over the corded ridges of the men's abs the twins moved their hips back and forth, the asses of their board shorts rubbing against the bulging Speedos.

Bob and Adam moaned in ecstasy and both now opened their eyes, first looking upward at the intense boyish face of Nate, then forward to the incredible sight of the twins grinding their asses over their throbbing dicks. They groaned as they watched the twins' beautiful young faces turn to each other, they licked each other's lips and then kissed each other long and hard.

The display of boyish love overwhelmed Bob who turned his head toward Adam. "You ready, man?" Spurred on by the erotic sight of the twins, Adam moved his face close to Bob's, their lips met, their mouths locked and they were sharing the same breath back and forth, just as they had under water. They each felt the same intense sensation, making love to each other while the twins ground their asses over their cocks in their Speedos.

There was no holding back. The men's rippling bodies shuddered against each other, they screamed into the gag of the other's mouth as they felt their cocks erupt into their Speedos. The

boys watched the men beneath them in awe and intuitively pulled their cocks from their shorts. It took only a couple of strokes before their cocks were streaming cum down on their masters, smothering their heaving bodies with splashes of white, creamy juice.

The silence that followed was broken only by the heavy breathing of five men and the soft breeze blowing over their exhausted bodies. Finally the three boys stood up, then knelt beside their masters, the twins beside Bob, Nate beside Adam. They were back in service mode as they bent down and began cleaning up the men's still-heaving chests. Voraciously they licked the gleaming flesh, slurping up the pools of semen they themselves had just poured over them. The taste was a pungent mix of cum, sweat and scented lotion, but they reveled in their task.

When they had swallowed most of the semen they grabbed the big fluffy towels the men had dropped and wiped their chests clean, then replenished them with lotion. They gazed down at the repairs they had made and realized there was one more task. The Speedos were now soaked in cum and had to be removed. They pulled them down, over the cocks that flopped out and hung to the side, slid them all the way down the legs and then off.

"But what about the tan line?" Adam protested. Bob laughed, "Fuck the tan line, buddy. With or without you'd always look gorgeous and you know it."

Now to finish the cleanup. Switching masters, the twins knelt and buried their faces in Adam's thick pubic hair, wet with sweat and sticky with cum. Nate did the same with Bob and in unison all three boys licked clean the cum-soaked crotches, cocks and balls. This time, though, they savored the taste and smell of their masters' juices rather than their own, and their cocks grew stiff. Again the men moaned but this time it was partly from fatigue as well as pleasure.

The boys stood up and Nate said. "Now we'll let you sleep, sirs, while we clean up the kitchen."

The men sighed and closed their eyes, their shoulders and thighs touching lightly. After having shot their loads twice, with another near-orgasm under water, the men were exhausted and their minds drifted lazily over the image of each other's stunning body and face. Halfway toward sleep Adam murmured dreamily, "That was great, buddy, but what I really wanted was ...."

"You read my mind, Adam ......" said Bob, but then their minds went blank and they slept.


These final thoughts just before sleep haunted their dreams, which were similar for both men - an erotic jumble of two men in bulging Speedos swimming together, kissing, writhing naked over the ground. They saw vivid images of the faces, the ripped bodies and the raised asses, and saw themselves crawling toward the ass but somehow being restrained from touching the perfect white globes.

Tossing in frustration the men ended up on their sides, turned toward each other, still deep in dream-filled sleep. Adam flung out his arm and it came to rest over Bob's waist, the hand settling on the cheeks of his ass. Bob's arm lay straight down between them and his fingers curled automatically round Adam's semi-erect cock.

In the kitchen the boys had finished loading the dishwasher and cleaning the counter-tops, and now gazed through the window where they had a perfect view of what was happening on the grass outside. "Told you," said Kyle. "How much you wanna bet, Nate?" Nate grinned, "A tenner. I know I'm right - it'll be Adam on top ..... look at the way he's grabbing Bob's ass." Come on, let's go outside for a closer look.

They approached quietly and stood at a discreet distance. As the men stirred in sleep they moved close together, their chests touching. There was a placid smile on their faces sensing, even in sleep, the scent of the other man's breath wafting into his face. The incredible sight of the two gorgeous muscle-hunks entwined in sleep fascinated the boys, who were all rubbing the bulges in their shorts.

Adam stirred and turned over onto his stomach. As he slid his arm from around Bob's waist Bob jerked, his dream interrupted. His breathing became shallow and his eyes opened slightly. His hazy vision saw only the muscular back next to him, sloping down to a slim waist, then rising up over the rounded white globes of the ass he had been dreaming off. Was this still a dream? Bob forced his eyes open, inhaled deeply and reassured himself that this was real - the man was real - the ass was real .... the same ass he had tried so desperately to reach in his dream.

Obsessed by the ass he ran his hands over it, lightly so as not to wake the sleeping man. Bob was wide awake now, fixating on the ass. He had to have it, to taste it. Carefully he edged away from Adam, stood up slowly, and gazed at him, sleeping on his stomach, his arms stretched up in a V on the sheet, biceps and shoulders hard, his flared lats sloping down to the tight waist - and that ass.

Bob lowered himself to his knees between the splayed legs. He leaned forward, gently pulled the ass cheeks apart and salivated at the sight of the hole, surrounded by a dark fuzz of soft hair. "Holy shit," he murmured. He lowered his head and gently licked the ass, savoring its musky taste and smell. His pushed his tongue into the hole and probed the warm, damp membrane inside.

Adam was stirring now but not yet awake, still wallowing in erotic dreams of the man like Superman. He felt his ass getting wet, something probing it but, in that common dream state, his body became limp, unable to move. His arms upstretched, he dug his fingers into the sheet in a hopeless attempt to drag himself away. His body slumped .... he was helpless .... at the mercy of .... surrendering his body .... to Bob. He moaned in his sleep, "Help me .... fuck me, sir ..... fuck my ass ...."

Bob knelt upright, his cock hard as a rock at the sight of this rugged alpha male, the ultimate top-man, spread-eagled on the ground, his body flexing as he tried hopelessly to crawl away. And the muscle-stud was begging to get fucked ..... that glorious white ass with the Speedo tan lines waiting for another man's dick to push inside it.

Bob eased forward and clamped his hands over the tight waist, pinning it to the ground. Adam was now as helpless in reality as he was in his dream. But suddenly his dream world was shattered by a searing pain in his ass. Barley awake he screamed, "Aaagh .... no!" as he felt an iron rod driving in and out of his ass like a piston. "My ass," he screamed, "you're killing my ass! What the fuck's happening....?"

Suddenly the pain stopped, he felt himself being thrown over onto his back and he was gazing up at the chiseled torso and intense face of the man from his dreams. "This is what's happening, stud." Bob stroked his huge cock in his fist. "This, in your macho ass. I'm gonna fuck you, man. Sure, you're every guy's wet dream of an alpha fuck-machine .... they line up to get ploughed by your massive pole, but not this time, big guy. This time the big Aussie stud is gonna take it in the ass."

He grabbed Adam's legs behind the knees and pushed them back. "Here it comes, man." He pressed the head of his cock against the hole and jerked his hips forward, driving his shaft into the helpless ass, burying it deep. Adam's head jerked backward with another scream, but instantly the pain dissolved, replaced by a feeling of euphoria.

He gazed up at Bob's intense eyes, at the magnificent body pounding him, and he pleaded, "Yeah, fuck me Bob ..... hard .... I need it. Aaah...!" as the cock drove even deeper inside him. He groaned, "Ever since I saw you stuff your gorgeous cock inside your Speedos I knew what I wanted. I wanted it in my ass. God you're a beautiful man. Fuck me, Bob. Fuck me hard."

Bob released his legs and fell forward, pinning Adam's wrists to the ground above his head. Their faces inches apart, their eyes bored into each other's as Bob's cock pounded Adam remorselessly. "Man, it feels so good to fuck the ass of a dominant top-man like you," Bob said. "Your ass is so fucking hot. That body .... that face." He leaned lower and their mouths joined in a ravenous kiss.

Watching spellbound Nate pulled a ten-dollar bill from his pocket and gave it to Kyle. "You win the bet, guys. I never thought I'd see my macho master beg to get his ass fucked like that. And he's loving it. The boys pulled their cocks from their shorts and stroked them hard as the incredible fuck continued.

The kiss had finally ended and now the men locked eyes as Bob's body rose and fell over Adam, the cords of his muscles flexing hard, gleaming in the midday sun. Bob smiled. "Shit, as soon as you dropped your jeans this morning and I saw your bubble butt straining under your Speedos I knew I had to fuck it. It looked so fucking hot. Man it feels good ..... my cock's on fire .... I can't hold back much longer, buddy."

"Me neither," Adam groaned. "Come on, man. Really give it to me and let me feel that hot jism gush inside me." Bob grinned, "You got it, man." He knelt upright, grabbed Adam's ankles and pushed them high in the air. With that leverage he increased the tempo and the force, his hips pounding back and forth, his rod jackhammering the Aussie's burning ass. "That's it, man," Adam yelled. "Take it, man .... take my ass ..... aagh ....!" His body shook and his cock exploded with cum that blasted up and slammed into Bob's chest, just as Bob howled and his cock poured semen deep inside the gorgeous man beneath him.

It was only a moment before Adam slid from under Bob, leapt to his feet and used his foot to push Bob onto his back. "It's not finished, man," he said. "This is not finished," grabbing his cock that was amazingly still hard as steel. "Tell me you want this in your ass, man. Tell me."

"Yeah, fuck me, man. That cock is so fucking gorgeous .... I want it in my ass .... make me shoot another load." Bob put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back, exposing his ass to the man towering over him. Adam fell to his knees, grabbed Bob's hips and in one ferocious move drove his cock into Bob's ass. Bob screamed with the sudden shock, but then opened his eyes and stared up at the muscle-god gazing down at him, his sculpted square-jawed features, his muscular, athletic physique, bronzed down to the tan line at his waist.

"Oh man," Bob moaned, "you look so fucking hot, and you sure know how to use that dick. That's why you're a top-man, why everyone wants you to fuck them. Man, you fuck so good .... you're gonna make me bust another load, man. Cum inside me, stud - let me feel your jizz in my ass." Yelling in triumph they shot yet another load of cum, one blasting up to Adam's chest, the other flowing deep inside Bob.

Adam fell forward and they held each other tight, rolling over the ground and laughing in the sheer joy of raw masculinity shared by two spectacular men.

Kyle grinned at Nate and handed back his ten dollars. "We all win, dude. We're even ..... our masters are even. Come on, let's show our respects."

Bob and Adam had fallen exhausted onto their backs side by side, gazing up at the sky, their breath still heaving. Suddenly there came into their field of vision three young faces gazing down at them. The three shirtless boys standing beside them moved in unison, unlacing their shorts, letting them drop and stroking their stiff cocks. They took it in turns to speak.

Nate: "Sirs, we want to thank you for making our plan a total success." Kyle: "You gave us exactly what we wanted and much more." Kevin: "You were spectacular, sirs, and we're proud to be your boys."

"And now you're gonna take your reward," Bob grinned.

"Yes, sir," they said in unison. The pumped their cocks harder and harder, turned on by the incredible sight of two muscle-gods lying together, their bodies gleaming with sweat and semen. The boys tensed, they howled ecstatically and three cocks exploded in a flood of semen that showered down on their masters. Laughter again rang round the garden, until Bob jumped to his feet and said, "Jesus, we're a fucking mess. Everyone .... into the pool."

The water churned and laughter rang out as they grabbed, groped and wrestled each other. But finally, tired out, they came to rest, propping their arms on the edge of the pool side by side. It was Nate who plucked up the courage to ask Bob, "Sir, you've seen what our plan was and it worked a treat. But didn't you have a plan too?"

"Oh that," Bob laughed. "That's for later. Seems to me we've done everything this morning .... or almost everything. As I recall, the pool-boys have not yet got their asses fucked. Now I call that a complete waste of three hot young asses, so we're gonna correct that. After all, I never knew a pool-boy who didn't want to get fucked in the ass. But to make it more interesting, we're gonna switch boys .... I get Nate and Adam gets the twins. And when we're finished ploughing you, we'll switch back and start all over. You ready for that?"

The boys grinned at each other and Kyle said, "Like you said, sir, there isn't a pool-boy in the world who wouldn't want to get fucked in the ass by men like you. And we're no different."


While their boisterous weekend continued, the mood was more mellow in the big truck barreling along the Angeles Crest Highway toward the mountains. Pablo was in his favorite place, sitting between his hero Randy and his faithful dog Billy, who was hanging his head out the window inhaling the enticing smells in the air speeding past the truck. Randy had a satisfied, even smug, look on his face as he concentrated on the road, and Pablo was .... simply in heaven.

After a long silence Pablo smiled up at Randy. "Good, ain't it, sir?"

"Yeah, kiddo - the best." Another silence, then Randy took his eyes off the road to glance at his boy. "You know, Pablo, I brought you up here for a reason other than fishing - and I don't mean sex." He grinned. "I can have your ass any time and any place I want it."

"Yes, sir," said Pablo emphatically.

"You see," Randy continued, "I thought it was about time we cleared the air between us, kinda got reacquainted. Ever since my kid brother Ben appeared out of nowhere your nose has been a bit out of joint. I know it was tough for you suddenly feeling you had to compete with my brother, a boy very much like you. Not that you ever complained to me."

"I didn't feel I should say anything, sir. Didn't want to unload my troubles on you."

"But that's just the point, boy. You're becoming a man now and I'm raising you to be like me - well, minus some of the anger, maybe. When I feel bad about something I don't bottle it up - I charge right in and say it. I want you to be man enough to do that too, especially with me. I love you, boy, and when I had to break up that fight between you and Ben I hated having to punish you both.

"Listen, kid, there's one thing I want you to remember. You are my boy, my number one boy, my adopted son, and I'm crazy about you. That's why, in the end, I gave way and didn't stand in the way of Ben becoming Jason's boy. Jason'll be good for him, and I hoped it would make you more secure, make you feel less competitive toward him. You understand that?"

"Yes, sir." Randy grinned at him again. "Good I'm glad we cleared that up. Now we can enjoy ourselves at the lake. They drove on in silence, feeling more comfortable with each other than ever. Pablo casually reached over and wedged his left hand between Randy's thighs. It was not an overtly sexual act, he just wanted to feel closer to his master. But he hadn't realized that Randy's cock ran down his right leg under his jeans, and Pablo's fingers automatically curled round the huge bulge.

"Easy, kid," said Randy. "I'm driving. Save it for the lake." Pablo withdrew his hand but his own cock was already swelling and soon his fingers were back round the bulge of Randy's cock, even stroking it lightly as he felt it get hard. "I said cool, it boy," Randy snapped. "Go stroke your dog, or something."

"Sorry, sir," Pablo said, with his familiar crooked, mischievous smile, and without moving his hand. "But I thought you liked it when I did that. See, your cock's getting real hard."

It was true, Randy was feeling a familiar heat rising up his legs into his balls. "Goddamit, boy." He slammed his hands down on the steering wheel and wrenched it to one side, spinning the truck off the road and onto a dirt track leading into the forest. Startled, Pablo withdrew his hand and sat with his hands folded demurely in his lap. But it was too late - Randy's blood was up - and flooding into his cock. The truck screeched to a halt under a stand of trees. Randy jumped from the truck, strode round the other side and yanked open Pablo's door.

"Out," he barked. Billy leapt to the ground and Randy reached in and pulled Pablo out by the scruff of his T-shirt. He hauled him round to the back of the truck, pulled down the tailgate and pulled himself up backwards so he was sitting on the tailboard, leaning back against the rowboat tide down on the flatbed. Pablo was left standing, facing him, a bit scared by Randy's sudden change of mood. He watched as Randy yanked open his jeans and pulled out his massive beer-can cock, hard as iron.

"You see this, boy?" he growled. "You're responsible for this ..... so now you eat it."

"Yes, sir," Pablo said obediently and, resting his hands on the tailgate he leaned forward and slid his mouth over the huge rod, swallowing it down his throat with practiced efficiency. Randy reached forward and clamped his hands over his boy's head. He pressed it down hard onto his cock, then pulled it back and rammed it down again. It was a savage face-fuck, the kind that thrilled Pablo who swallowed hard, trying desperately not to choke. He knew his master's cock well having sucked it countless times, so when he felt it shudder he braced himself for the sudden blast of semen slamming down his throat.

"Nah!" Randy pulled out his cock leaving the boy gasping. "Not like that. You got me all fired up, boy and you're gonna get the whole works. Stand up." Pablo pushed himself back off the tailboard and stared into his master's blazing eyes. "Take the shirt off." Instantly Pablo yanked his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. Randy was leaning back on one elbow, stroking his cock with his free hand. "Flex for me."

Pablo put on a show, posing like a professional, knowing what turned his master on. "Oh, yeah," Randy moaned, "yeah, that looks hot - you're coming along just fine, kid. Beautiful. Now turn around - show me your back." Pablo obeyed, pressing his hands into his hips and flaring his lats. They were nicely ripped, but what had Randy's attention now was the perfectly molded bulge in the shorts. Intuitively Pablo put his hands in his shorts' pockets and pulled them forward, stretching the fabric tight over the mounds of his ass.

Randy stopped stroking his cock to prevent an orgasm. "Drop the shorts." Immediately Pablo complied and stood naked, his shorts round his ankles. "Holy shit, that's an ass that could make grown men weep." Randy jumped down from the truck and ran his hands lovingly over the flawless white globes. "Hell, I remember when Mark and me first rescued you from those thugs in the desert. We both drooled when we saw that ass and I knew I had to own it."

He pressed his cock against the boy and it slid upward, crushed between his own stomach and the ass cheeks. He moved it up and down against the crack and moaned, "Man, my cock feels good. It belongs in your ass. You want it, don't you boy? You wanna take your master's pole in your ass?

"Yes, sir. Please, sir. Please fuck me, sir."

Randy spun him around and clamped his hands round his waist. He lifted him off the ground, held him up high and shouted, "You're mine, kiddo, my number one boy - and I'm gonna fuck your gorgeous young ass." His muscles rippled as he held the boy, then threw him down on his back on a patch of grass. Billy, who been sitting quietly watching, half rose from his haunches ready to spring to his master's defense. But he sat down again, a growl dying in his throat. This was his master's master and he knew he would not harm the boy.

Pablo pulled up his legs from behind his knees, offering his ass to the swarthy King of the Gypsies. "That's it, boy, show me your ass," Randy said, pulling off his T-shirt and revealing his chiseled torso. He dropped to his knees and fell forward, supporting himself with his hands beside the boy's head, his stiff rod touching the hole of his ass. He smiled down at Pablo.

"This is what you want kiddo - it's what you always want. Here it comes...." He slammed his cock deep into the boy's ass and Pablo's mouth opened in a soundless scream. He was used to the pain, which dissolved in an instant as soon as his master began hammering his ass. He reached up and ran his hands over the slabs of Randy's chest and, as the pounding continued, he rolled his nipples in his fingers and started to squeeze them hard.

"You little fucker," Randy grinned. "OK, kid, you asked for it." The fuck was ferocious, and Pablo tried to inflict maximum pain in Randy's chest. Their bodies were alive, on fire, as the pain and the passion intensified. Pablo stared up into the steel blue eyes and groaned, "Sir, I can't ..... I can't ..... aagh...!" His cock blasted a ribbon of cum up so high it splashed into Randy's face, just as Randy's cock exploded in his boy's ass. Their bodies shuddered as their cocks kept pumping juice, but at last Randy fell on top of his boy and kissed his face, his eyes and his mouth, grinding their lips together ravenously.

Finally Randy pulled back, his eyes gleaming, and said, "Shit damn, I love you, boy. You're a sensational fuck ..... you and Bob are the best." Pablo beamed with pride at being compared with the spectacular Bob. "And that's just the beginning, kiddo. I'm gonna take you to the lake and we're gonna do a whole lot of fishing and a whole lot of fucking. I'm your master and I'm gonna prove it. Man, you don't know what I've got in store for you. You ready?"

"Yes, sir, of course. I'm the boss's boy, sir."

Randy hauled him up to his feet, Pablo pulled up his shorts and they both stuffed their cocks back into their pants. Randy led Pablo to the truck and pushed him inside, then walked round and jumped in behind the wheel.

"Hey," Pablo said, "where's Billy?" The dog had sat calmly watching the whole show and now he was ambling around sniffing at the spot where Pablo had lain and got fucked. He lifted his leg and pissed long and hard on the very spot. Then he leapt into the truck beside Pablo.

As Randy turned the truck around he grinned. "Never fails. That damn dog of yours always has to have the last word."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 186


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