After Jason's initiation by Randy a lot happened at the house in the next few days. Adam said goodbye to Nate and flew back to Australia with a promise to return in a couple of weeks. And Nate turned his attention to the young Eddie, Darius's new boy, offering him the chance to move here from Palm Springs and try out for the job of assistant houseboy, subject to a meeting of all the boys to interview Eddie and decide if he was worthy of joining them.

Work resumed and the strong vibrations set off by Jason's presence dissolved in the resumption of the house routine. The only one still troubled by thoughts of Jason was Mark .... not for any negative feelings against him ...... quite the reverse. He was troubled by his own attraction to the fireman ..... and by Jamie's obvious fascination with him.

Jason too felt a strong attraction and had nervously invited Mark and Jamie to come visit him. Mark had accepted but, despite the intriguing prospect of spending time at Jason's house, doubts were now taking root, and as he rode his police motorcycle round the city those doubts grew until they became an obsession. He couldn't rid himself of the image of Jason and Jamie together, although such paranoia was completely without foundation as paranoia usually is.

It had been a particularly tough shift and he was in a surly mood when he finally got off work and strode into the house, taking off his helmet. The prospect of seeing his boy waiting for him, as he always was, naked on the bed, lifted his spirits. But when he went into their apartment his mood darkened when he found it empty. He stormed up to Bob's office assuming Jamie was still working there ..... and found only Bob. "Where the fuck's Jamie?" he growled angrily. "You make him work late?"

Bob reared back with a wide-eyed grin and held his hands up in a surrender gesture. "Hey, don't arrest me, officer. I didn't do it." His good-humored tone calmed Mark down and Bob explained, "I gave Jamie the afternoon off and he went surfing. He's just late back is all."

Mark paced the room. "Sorry for coming on so strong, buddy. You know I don't blame you. It's just that he's always here waiting for me and, after everything that's happened here I ....."

Just then the door burst open and Jamie rushed in breathlessly, shirtless in surfer shorts, his chest crusted with salt and sand. Mark turned on him, "Where the fuck have you been? Have you been with Jason?"

Jamie and Bob both did a surprised double take. Jamie stammered, "Jason, sir? No, why would you think ....? I'm sorry, sir, but the surf was great and I lost track of time. When I realized how late it was I sped back home and ..... and I got pulled over by a cop and got a speeding ticket." Shamefacedly he pulled the ticket from his pocket.

Mark glared at him. "Give it to me .... I'll take care of it. Now get your ass in the bedroom and wait for me."

Jamie scurried from the room and Mark paced again. Bob looked at him with concern. "Hey, Mark, what's going on here? Why on earth did Jason's name come up?" He frowned. "So that's what all this is about. Let me guess ..... Jason is totally gorgeous .... handsome face, perfect physique ..... and you .... you of all people ..... feel threatened."

"Shit, man, you didn't see the way Jamie looked at Jason when he was here. The only time I've ever seen that look of worship in his eye is when he looks at me."

Bob laughed. "And now you're afraid that Jamie and Jason ..... oh, get a grip, Mark, you know that's totally irrational. You've been working yourself up into a state, putting two and two together and coming up with fifty. Anyone can see Jamie's crazy about you ..... shit, he's the one who's always afraid you'll leave him, not the other way round. Now don't bug me with any more of this crazy talk. Go make your peace with the boy. Fuck him, look into his eyes, and you'll see that this is all a cop's paranoia. Get the fuck out of here, asshole."

Mark smiled for the first time. "Thanks, buddy .... shit, you know me better than I know myself. I gotta go ...." He spun round and left the room.


When he threw open the door to their bedroom Jamie was lying naked on the bed on his back, his customary position when Mark came home from work. As the cop stared down at the beautiful young surfer his doubts came flooding back and he blurted out, "You sure you haven't contacted Jason since he left here?"

Jamie was scared by Mark's accusatory tone. "I swear to you, sir. Of course I haven't."

"But you did like him .... found him exciting ..... the big hot fireman?"

"Yes, sir. I guess everyone did. He's beautiful .... he'd be a wet dream for a lot of guys."

"But not for you, eh? Listen, Jamie, you're mine, no one else's, is that clear? Dammit, I'll show you who your master is." He ripped open his uniform pants and pulled out his already stiff cock. With his eyes riveted on the waiting boy, he spat in his palm and rubbed it over the long pole. He knelt on the bed, pushed Jamie's legs high in the air and gazed down at him.

"You really want this, boy? You want your master's rod in your ass?"

There were tears of confusion in Jamie's eyes. "You know I do, sir. I love you .... no one else. Please, sir ...... fuck my ass."

"OK, I believe you, Jamie. Here ....." He pressed the head of his dick in the soft blond fuzz around Jamie's ass and the sensation sent a jolt of excitement through him. "I love you, Jamie." His hips jerked forward and his cock plunged into the depths of his boy's ass.

Jamie's head flew back with the shock of pain and the ferocity of the attack. He always loved getting fucked by his master as soon as he came home, but this time was different. As the huge rod rammed into him like a pile driver Jamie stared up at the uniformed cop. Mark's eyes were ablaze with determination to assert his dominance over his boy, and his tousled blond hair fell over his face as his body slammed into the young surfer again and again.

Jamie flinched each time the rough serge of the uniform pants banged against the cheeks of his ass, accompanied by a spearing pain deep inside him. Mark despised violence and always fucked his boy gently, lovingly, but his irrational fear now drove him to prove sole ownership of the boy. He fell forward and gripped Jamie's biceps, pinning his arms to the bed. "Feel that, boy? Feel that cop pounding your ass? That's your master ..... he owns your ass. You belong to him, no one else. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Jamie whimpered. "I love you, sir." The rod pierced his ass even deeper as he felt the full power of the muscular cop slamming into him. Jamie moaned, "You're hurting me, sir. Aaah! My ass ..... the pain ..... please, sir ..... please, I love you, sir. ..... Please don't hurt me ..... I think I'm gonna cum, sir ....." His body shuddered, he gazed into Mark's rugged, ferocious face, felt the jackhammer in his ass and ..... "aaagh" ...... Jamie screamed as his cock shot a ribbon of cum over his chest, up over his face and into his hair.

The sight of the beautiful blond boy twisting in pain beneath him as his cock erupted was too much for Mark and with one last plunge he blasted his hot load deep inside his boy's ass. He came again and again in an act of domination, of ownership, over the helpless young surfer.

As his cock drained inside the hot ass Mark stared down at the face grimacing in pain and suddenly sanity flooded back. What had he done? He had hurt the boy he loved ..... his crazy obsession with Jason had made him lose all control. "No," he whispered as, very gently, he pulled his cock back out of the sore ass. "Forgive me Jamie. I never meant to hurt you."

As the pain subsided Jamie whispered, "Sir, I'm sorry I was late and got a speeding ticket. I know you had to punish me, sir. But you won't send me away will you, sir?"

Mark's eyes filled with tears. "No, Jamie, no, it wasn't your fault .... that's not what this was about. It was me being a total asshole. All day I kept seeing Jason in my mind, Jason and you, and I was jealous .... scared. I mean, he's so fucking gorgeous I thought you ....."

"Sir, I love you ..... I'm your boy ..... and I would always obey you. I would never do anything with Jason ..... ever ..... unless you gave me permission."

Mark held his boy tight. "Yeah ... well we'll see about that, kiddo."


It rained solidly for the next two days. Summer rain was a rarity in Southern California but occasionally the northern edge of a tropical storm pushed up from Mexico and brought a much-needed drenching to the sunbaked city. But, welcome as it was, the storm also brought its share of problems, flash floods, flooded road intersections, and arroyos transformed from dry beds to raging torrents.

But as always when the storm passed, the day dawned brilliantly sunny, the crystal clear air washed clean by the deluge. And that was the day Jason had invited Mark and Jamie to lunch.

It wasn't far to go. Jason lived only a few miles away in the Highland Park neighborhood in a small rustic house hard by the Arroyo Seco. The house was small but the garden was extensive, with a lawn sloping down to the arroyo. As its name suggested, it was usually dry, a mere trickle of water, but that day it was in full, raging flood after the rains.

Mark and Jamie arrived dressed casually, Jamie in surfer shorts and a faded blue T-shirt, Mark in jeans and a white V-neck T-shirt. They rang the doorbell and there was Jason, smiling broadly. He was barefoot and shirtless in old cargo shorts, but he had obviously been cooking as he wore a white cotton apron tied at the waist and looped round his neck, so his chest was partially covered. Odd as the apron seemed Jason looked stunning, his shoulders and lats bare, his rounded pecs just visible. And the sculpted features were wreathed in a smile. ('Shit, the man would look gorgeous whatever he wore,' thought Mark.)

"Welcome," Jason said, giving Mark a firm handshake. Seeing Jamie hanging back he said, "You too, gorgeous," and gave him a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. Mark saw Jamie's body stiffen and knew he had an instant erection. He felt his resentment building and willed himself to stay calm. Fuck, he had to get over this Jason and Jamie thing, but it wasn't easy. His skin prickled as he saw the two men close together, smiling at each other. Mark decided there and then there was no way he was gonna let Jason get physical with his boy .... no way!

"How about that rain?" Jason was saying. "I'm lucky the house didn't flood, the water in the arroyo almost came over the bank. It's still raging right at the end of the garden .... quite a sight. So, what can I get you guys to drink?"

"Oh, that reminds me," said Mark. "I only just got off work and didn't have time to get any wine. Let me run up to that liquor store on the corner of Figueroa ..... won't take long."

"You don't have to do that, man," Jason protested.

"No, I want to. Can't come empty-handed. Make yourself useful, Jamie. Might pick up some cooking tips." As he went toward the door Mark pulled Jason aside. "I wanna make one thing clear, man ..... Jamie is strictly off limits. He's mine, so don't try anything."

Jason was stunned by the fierceness of Mark's tone and disappointed that he felt he had to issue this surly warning, which Jason found offensive. He thought their friendship was stronger than that. But he didn't protest, saying simply, "Got it, man, loud and clear."

When Mark left Jason was still so taken aback that he felt nervous around Jamie, afraid even to touch him. So it was something of a relief when Jamie said, "Hey, I think I'll go take a look at the arroyo. I can hear the rushing water from here."

"Yeah, well be careful, kid. It's flowing real fast so don't get too close."

"It's OK, sir," Jamie grinned. "I live half my life on the water. "Course, I usually have a surfboard under me."

He ran out of the house and across the lawn. The arroyo was still in full flood, wide and deep, and the speed of the water was awesome. As Jason had warned, it was something to be treated with respect, but with the impetuousness of youth Jamie went right to the edge. His eyes were riveted on the river, not on the ground beneath him which was soggy and unstable after the rain. Suddenly he felt the ground slide from under him and before he could step back the earth crumbled into the water taking Jamie with it.

The kitchen had a view of the garden and Jason had seen Jamie crossing the lawn, but he was preoccupied still with thoughts of what Mark had said to him so curtly. He had been hurt by Mark's tone and thought morosely, 'So that's what it's gonna be ...... a contest.' He had expected more from their friendship, something more intimate and trusting. Ah, well, so be it ....."Aaagh!"

The sound made him jerk his head up in time to glimpse Jamie at the river bank just before he disappeared with a howl of alarm. Jason's reaction was instantaneous. He sped out into the garden, ripping off the apron and dropping it on the lawn. In seconds he was at the bank of the arroyo aghast at what he saw. Jamie was in the rushing water, up to his head, one arm desperately gripping a low branch of a bush. But the bush was loose in the wet soil and, dragged by Jamie, was itself sliding into the torrent.

In an instant it and the boy were being swept downstream. Jason dived into the water and, despite the whirl of the current, stroked strongly, desperately and managed to come close to the helpless boy. With one arm he grabbed at Jamie's shirt under the water and with the other reached out for a branch of another bush on the bank. The sudden jolt wrenched his arm agonizingly and the pain in his shoulder was intense, but his grip was solid and he began to pull himself and the boy up the bank.

Jamie had been submerged all this time and Jason managed to fold his arm round his waist, applying every ounce of his strength as he dragged them both slowly up the bank. Finally he fell on top of Jamie on the wet grass, coughing up water and gasping in great gulps of air. He recovered quickly and rolled off Jamie. "Jesus Christ," he groaned. Jamie was lying motionless, his face ashen ..... and he was not breathing.

Jason's firefighter training kicked in automatically and he began a routine he had performed before in the line of duty. He put his fingers into Jamie's mouth to make sure it was clear, then pushed his forehead gently back. He took a deep breath, pinched Jamie's nose and clamped his mouth over his, exhaling sharply into him. He watched Jamie's chest rise, removed his mouth, and saw with relief the chest falling as air escaped from his mouth. It was working.

Jason continued the process, repeatedly clamping his lips over Jamie's mouth, until suddenly the boy's head jerked sideways and he started to cough up water. He was only semi-conscious and Jason noticed a bruise on his forehead where he must have hit his head in the fall. But suddenly Jamie's eyes flickered open, he looked up into the blue eyes of the handsome face above him and moaned, "Mark...." He raised his hand to touch Jason's face but his arm dropped back limply at his side. He had passed out.


Mark came through the gate carrying a bag with several bottles of wine. His thoughts were still on Jason, hoping he had taken to heart his warning about leaving Jamie alone. Suddenly he stopped and frowned at the sight of Jason's apron on the lawn. "What the fuck....?" and he bristled with anger. He dropped the bag and looked around, clenching his fists. Suddenly, in the distance he saw Jason ... and he had Jamie in his arms.

It had been a long, exhausting walk back along the bank of the arroyo, with a drenched Jamie lying limp and heavy in his arms, but Jason knew he had to get him into a warm bed fast to avoid shock and hypothermia. So he was relieved by the sight of Mark ..... though not by his reaction. Mark raced toward him yelling, "What the fuck's going on? What have you done to him, man? I warned you ....."

He stopped when he saw the exhaustion in Jason's eyes. Jason extended his arms forward, holding Jamie like an offering. "Here's your boy, Mark. Take him." Mark reached forward and Jason placed the limp body gently in his arms. "He fell into the arroyo. He took in a lot of water and he's had a mild concussion but he'll be fine. He just needs a warm bed and rest ..... and then he'll be all yours again. I'll go make the bed ready."

Jason turned and walked toward the house, water streaming from his body, muscles still taught from the extreme effort of the rescue. Mark looked down at his boy's pale face, then up at the receding figure of his rescuer. His thoughts were whirling.


A few minutes later Jamie was in Jason's bed, having been towel dried and wrapped by Jason in a thick terrycloth robe. Still stunned by the whole event Mark marveled at the care and gentleness with which Jason tended to the boy. "Here," Jason said, "I'll leave a few bottles of water by the bed 'cause he'll have to drink plenty of fluids, and I'll make some tea for when he wakes up .... hot, sweet tea is what he'll need."

It must have been the returning warmth and sound of voices that made Jamie's eyes flicker open for a moment. He gazed up at Jason, then at Mark and began to ramble incoherently, still in a mild delirium. "I'm sorry, sir ..... I couldn't help it .... I thought it was you ..... and I kissed Jason ..... we kissed each other .... I felt his mouth on mine .... I know I'm your boy, but ...." Tears started to flow. "Please forgive me, sir .... don't send me away .... I tried to......"

As his voice trailed off Mark stroked his cheek. "It's OK, Jamie, everything's OK. You did great, kiddo .... you're safe now. Try to get some sleep." But he needn't have bothered because Jamie was already sound asleep." Mark gazed down at the face of the boy he had almost lost and tears filled his eyes. He looked around for Jason .... but he was gone.

Mark sat with Jamie for a while, and when it was obvious that he was sleeping peacefully he went downstairs and into the kitchen. Jason was working at the counter and didn't look up as he said, "The water's on for tea and I think I can salvage lunch. The chicken's gonna be a bit tough and I had to throw out the spinach but ....."

"Jason!" Mark interrupted. "Please, man. Look at me .... please." Jason raised his head and stared into Mark's troubled eyes. "You saved my boy, man. You risked your life to save my boy. I don't know what I would have done if ....." He took a deep breath. "And after the way I spoke to you, man ..... treated you like shit, almost accusing you of .....'

He faltered, then took another breath. "Man, I've been a total asshole, a complete fucking dickhead. You heard my boy up there .... he was frightened of me, afraid of what I'd do to him. But it's me who was scared ..... scared of Jamie leaving me for you. I mean look at you, man, you're so fucking gorgeous .... What a fucking idiot I've been. Shit, I don't deserve to have Jamie as my boy or you as my friend. Maybe I should just ......"

But the rest of his words were stifled as Jason grabbed his head, pulled it forward and clamped his mouth over his in a long, passionate kiss. Finally he pulled away and looked into Mark's eyes. "Now let's get a few things straight here, buddy. First, what I did for Jamie was all in the line of duty .... it's my job ..... saving people. You would have done exactly the same. And as for you, you were just being protective of your boy, keeping me at arm's length just in case ..... Well, maybe you were being a bit paranoid, but if I had a kid like Jamie I'd do whatever the hell it took to protect him, just like you."

Mark stared at the handsome face for long seconds, then pulled Jason into a bearhug and another ravenous kiss. Suddenly all the conflicting emotions of the last few hours boiled over into pure, raw passion. Their bodies were grinding together, hands roaming over backs and shoulders, tongues probing deep into mouths. Their lust was mounting, their cocks were throbbing and they were on the verge of cumming in their pants when suddenly the door opened and there stood Jamie. "Er, sorry to interrupt, sirs, but I was wondering about lunch. I'm starving hungry."


The meal was a strange mix of celebration and reticence, their emotions still in a state of confusion, each of them careful to say the right thing. With his usual youthful resilience Jamie had recovered quickly, still warmly wrapped in Jason's terrycloth robe. But he was mostly silent during the meal, watching keenly as the men talked ..... mostly about mundane things ..... their jobs, the gym, Jason's house .... both of them self-consciously avoiding the main topic that sat heavily like an elephant in the middle of the room.

It was the after-lunch drinks that helped loosen things up, the mood mellowed and the trauma of the last few hours dissolved. Jason ventured a few words with Jamie, keeping carefully to safe topics like his favorite surfing beaches. Mark watched the two of them and suddenly his authoritarian cop attitude kicked in and he jumped to his feet.

"OK, guys, that's enough of this pussy-footing around the subject. We're walking on eggshells here. Jason, could we use your bedroom again?"

Jason was surprised by Mark's commanding tone but turned on by it too, so much that he felt his cock stirring in his shorts. "Sure, man, of course. Let's go."

Upstairs in the bedroom Jamie looked at Mark nervously and saw the hungry look in his eye that was so familiar to him. Instinctively he did what he always did in this situation ..... he got naked. He opened the robe, let it drop to the floor and stood naked before them. He fell onto his back on the bed and gazed up at his master. "Are you gonna fuck me, sir?"

"No, Jamie ..... Jason is."

In the stunned silence that followed Mark turned to Jason, put his hands on his shoulders and stared evenly into his blue eyes. "Man, Jamie and I owe you a debt of gratitude we will never be able to repay. I treated you like shit and then you risked your own life to save Jamie's. I will always look on you as my friend and ..... hell, I love you, man. But right now there is only one thing I can do to make amends to you, only one thing precious enough for me to offer you ..... Jamie's ass."

He looked down at the bed and smiled. "And before you start panicking, kid, don't worry ..... I'm not giving you away to Jason ..... I'm sharing you with him ..... offering him your ass. I hope to be doing that a lot. Is that something you would like?"

Jamie swallowed hard. "Yes, sir, very much, sir. Thank you sir."

"OK, then," Mark grinned at Jason. "Go for it, man."

Jason looked into Mark's face and they shared a smile of two similarly beautiful men who knew that together they were entering a new and exciting world. Jason pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts and instinctively looked into the mirror at the head of the bed. Flexing his muscles he gazed in admiration at his reflection. He spat in his hand and slowly stroked his long, hard cock, then smiled down at Jamie. "Are you sure you want this, Jamie."

Jamie was drooling at the sight of the naked, blond muscle-god and whispered, "Absolutely, sir. Yes, please, sir."

With all the confidence of a man secure in his beauty, Jason knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed, pushed Jamie's legs back and gazed at the perfect ass. "Oh, man," he breathed, then leaned forward and licked the soft, downy blond fuzz round the hole. He pushed his tongue inside the hole and breathed in the boy's musky essence as he heard him moan in ecstasy.

But soon he knew this would cause him to climax, so he pulled away, knelt on the bed, grabbed Jamie's ankles and pushed his legs high in the air. He pressed the head of his cock against the wet ass and paused. "One thing I should tell you Jamie. I think I'm falling in love with your master. Is that OK with you?"

"Absolutely, sir," Jamie breathed, his eyes sparkling.

And that was it. Jason's hips eased forward and they both felt his hard rod sliding into the exquisite warmth of the tender young ass. It didn't stop, even when the head pressed against the inner sphincter and passed over it into the secret place that only Mark had ever visited before. Jamie's eyes opened wide and for a split second he saw not Jason's face but Mark's, and in that instant he couldn't tell whether it was Jason's cock inside him or Mark's. It was as if they were both fucking him.

It was a fleeting impression, but soon it happened again as the incredible fuck continued. Jamie's ass was on fire as he felt the long, hard pole penetrating him, faster and faster, just as Mark always did. It could have been Mark fucking him, could have been his face staring down at him, the fireman and the cop were so alike, the same blue eyes set in the classically etched features, square jaw, high cheek-bones, blond hair. And the same perfectly muscled physique rising and falling over him.

The exquisite fuck went on and on and Jason felt jolts of pleasure radiating from his cock throughout his body, so intense it was almost painful. He looked at the lithe, young surfer's body writhing in ecstasy beneath him, his tanned face twisting from side to side, tangled sun-bleached hair falling over his brow. He was exquisitely beautiful and many times Jason had to pause to stop his cock from erupting.

Mesmerized he looked up at Mark and moaned, "He's perfect, man. He's absolutely perfect. I love your boy, Mark. I love him...."

"Good ..... I do too." Mark was smiling as he quickly stripped naked and dropped to his knees beside Jason. "I want to share him with you, man. You're gonna be so good for my boy. You want that, Jamie?"

"Yes, sir. It makes me feel ...." As he gazed up at the two blond Greek gods side by side, naked, one sending shafts of pleasure deep inside his ass, Jamie was at a loss for words. But he could show them .... could show off for them. Moaning softly he stretched his muscles and reached up behind him to the corners of the bed, turning his head sideways into a profile view. Jason stared down at the naked boy spread-eagled beneath him and felt his cock pulse.

Mark breathed in his ear, "I know just what you're feeling, buddy. He always makes me feel the same." Jason tore his eyes away from Jamie, stared at Mark and their mouths closed in a warm silent kiss. Seeing the two stunning men embracing each other put Jamie over the edge. "No," he moaned, "I can't hold back, sirs ..... you're gonna make me shoot ....."

The men broke apart and stared down at the frantic, writhing body. "OK, Jamie," Jason said. "I'm gonna cum inside your sweet ass ..... now. His body shook and his cock blasted hot cum inside the deepest cavity of Jamie's ass. At the same time Mark stroked his cock and spurted jets of semen over his boy's chest, face and hair.

Jamie screamed as he felt the fireman cumming inside him and saw the cop blasting cum all over him ..... "Aaagh!" His scream filled the room and his body thrashed wildly as his cock exploded in a massive orgasm, his first for his two new masters.


At least, it felt to Jamie as if he had two masters. Of course, he had been Mark's boy almost from the day he met him, and no one had actually said that Jason was a new master. But as he gazed up in exhaustion at the cop and the fireman, kissing each other again, Jamie had an overwhelming sense that his life had just changed.

His great (irrational) fear had always been that Mark might give him away to another master, and in fact Mark had just offered Jamie's ass to Jason. But it was not fear Jamie was feeling now but exhilaration. He thought that Mark and Jason might be falling in love but, far from excluding Jamie, it was clear that Mark intended to share him with Jason. Mark's earlier fear of Jason's attraction to Jamie had been turned on its head. From the moment he saw Jamie unconscious in the arms of the fireman, his rescuer, the inevitability of their union was born.

So for the first time that afternoon the three men relaxed with each other. The elephant in the middle of the room had been chased away decisively and from now on it was fun. They swam in Jason's small pool and when they had dried off and dressed, Jason said," Here guys, let me show you something I'm proud of." He took them to the garden at the side of the house and stretched out his arm .... "Ta-da!"

Mark and Jamie looked wide-eyed. "Now that is impressive, Jason," Mark said. Jason had created a small but fully-equipped gym in a semi-enclosed space, with a roof, a solid rear wall covered with mirrors and two side walls consisting only of posts supporting the roof. Other mirrors were carefully angled so a body could be seen from all sides.

Pleased with their reaction Jason said, "Mark, you know that I like working out on my own so I got tired of the gym at the fire house and decided to build my own. I work out here a lot."

"I bet you do," Mark grinned. "But I hope you'll rethink that 'working out alone' thing. Maybe you could tolerate me as a workout partner, maybe even help me train my boy here?"

"It would be an honor," Jason smiled. "Here let me show you something else." He flipped a switch on the wall and the area was bathed in light coming from strategically placed spots in the ceiling, showing off their bodies in the mirrors to brilliant effect. Jason laughed. "A shrine to narcissism."

"Yeah, it looks like it," said Mark pointing to obvious splashes of dried cum on the lower parts of the mirrors. "Work out, then reward yourself by jacking off to your own pumped reflection. Hell, I'm all for that, eh Jamie?"

"Yes, sir, Jamie said quietly. The boy had become rather subdued as they were shown around, and that mood continued as they sat drinking beer at the table on the lawn. Both men picked up on it and Mark said, "OK, kiddo, what's up? Can't keep anything from me, you know, and you shouldn't from our buddy. Remember, you owe him big time."

Jamie looked from one to the other and took a deep breath. "Sir, what I did today was real stupid. Jason could have been drowned saving me and I gave you both a whole lot of trouble and anxiety. I'm ashamed of myself, sir, and I don't think I can earn your respect again until ...."

"Until you're punished for what you did, is that it?" Jamie nodded silently. There was a long silence as Mark considered Jamie's words. Then he stood up and said sharply, "Agreed. Stay here, boy. A word with you Jason." The two men walked a short distance away and conversed quietly.

"Man," Jason said, "he doesn't have to do this. It was an accident, no need for punishment."

"You don't get it, buddy. In Jamie's mind he's lost face ...... he did something stupid and had to be saved. He's proud of his skills in the surf and here he almost drowned. He wants to show us he's still worthy of us, worthy to be our boy. He wants to prove he's a tough young stud by taking punishment. See, Jason, for these boys punishment is a rite of passage. They've all gone through it .... shit, they welcome it. I heard that you punished Pablo real good ..... slapped his ass around and it made him shoot his load. See what I mean?"

Jason still hesitated but Mark reassured him. "Don't sweat it, Jason. I have a punishment in mind that'll blow his mind, and establish him as our boy once and for all." He turned back to Jamie, sitting morosely at the table. "Hey, Jamie, Jason and I are going out for half an hour. Why don't you make use of that gym over there? Toughen up for when we get back."

Mark grabbed Jason's arm and guided him toward the gate. Jason grinned, "You know Mark, what you said back there ..... 'our boy'. I like the sound of that."


Sometime later, taking Mark's advice, Jamie was working out hard in Jason's gym, barefoot in just surfer trunks, his body glistening with sweat. Working on his body, he thought, might help him get rid of the nagging feeling that he wasn't worthy to be the boy of two such glorious men, a boy who was so pathetic he had to be pulled out of the river half-drowned. He was pushing himself hard, so focused that he was startled to hear the rough voice behind him.

"This the young surfer boy you mentioned, sergeant, the one who gave you so much trouble today?"

Jamie spun round and his knees nearly gave way. Standing inside the gate were a cop and a fireman. The cop was in his black uniform with its white triangle of T-shirt at the neck, thick leather belt and high shiny motorcycle boots. The fireman was wearing heavy boots, yellow work pants held up by red suspenders over his dark blue short-sleeved shirt with navy T-shirt underneath. They were both wearing their uniform helmets.

"Yeah that's the one, officer," the fireman said. "Usual thing, going too close to the river and falling in .... damn near killed me rescuing him. He shouldn't get away with a stunt like that."

"Hmm, looks like an arrogant young buck to me. Maybe we should teach him a lesson."

Jamie gasped as they took off their helmets and the handsome blond cop and near-identical fireman strode toward him. They each grabbed one of his arms and twisted it behind his back, pushing them up behind him in a painful hammer lock. "Yeah, not so tough now, are you, boy," the cop said. "Guess me and my buddy are gonna have to rough you up a bit. Hell, you're a good-looking young stud ..... hot body .... all that surfing, eh? Looks like we're gonna have some fun working you over. Hey, sergeant, see those ropes up there?"

Hanging on hooks high up on posts at the sides of the gym were lengths of ropes from previous gym workouts. The men worked fast and a few minutes later they stood back to admire the results of their efforts. Jamie's arms were stretched tight out to the sides his wrists tied to the hooks near the ceiling. He was forced to stand on his toes, all his muscles straining. It was dusk now and when the fireman flipped the light switch the near-naked body was suddenly perfectly illuminated by the overhead spotlights.

"Oh shit, man, I can't wait to work this boy over," the fireman said. "Look at that fucking body."

"Yeah, pretty hot stuff. But let's give him some time to think about what he's done." They walked back to the middle of the garden and sprawled in lawn chairs gazing at him.

Jamie was in a daze. He always loved it when Mark tied him up and fucked him but this ..... this was incredible, tied tight under flattering spotlights under the lustful gaze of the cop and the fireman. Deep down he knew that this was Mark's way of punishing him and giving him a thrill at the same time, but the fantasy was so real that he instinctively began to struggle.

He looked up at his bound wrists and tugged. He twisted his body, kicked his legs, then pulled himself up off the ground in a vain attempt to break the ropes with the weight of his body. Jason was breathing heavily gazing at the stretched, muscular young body straining and writhing, hanging from the ropes, his faded blue surfer trunks hanging low on his slim waist as it twisted under the lights. "Holy fuck, man, that is totally fucking awesome. Shit, Mark, your boy is one spectacular young buck."

"Our boy, Jason. Come on, let's turn up the heat." They got to their feet and walked up to the struggling surfer. Mark grabbed his tousled blond hair and stared into his face. "So, you know what's gonna happen, punk? You're gonna get worked over good by a cop and a fireman. But first you gotta lose those shorts." He unlaced the front of the shorts and as they fell Jamie's cock sprang up rigid as a pole.

"Well, will you look at that fucking boner," the fireman laughed. "Shit, boy, so you get turned on by guys in uniform, that it? That's some piece of prime meat you got there?" He slapped the cock, making it spring up and down, then the cop joined in and Jamie gasped as his cock bounced under the blows, getting harder and harder until he was on the point of busting his load when suddenly they stopped and the cop said, "Careful, man, don't want him to shoot his jism or stuff like that. Here, get his legs."

In a few seconds Jamie's legs were spread wide, his ankles tied to hooks at the bottom of the poles. The surfer was spread-eagled, naked, as if he were lashed to a St. Andrews cross. In helpless bondage he was at the mercy of the fireman and the cop, his muscles stretched to their limit, blonde hair falling over his face. He was bound so tight that now he panicked a little and pulled again at his wrists in a futile attempt at escape.

"Hey," Jason said, "we can sure use these, man." He picked up from a bench two long lengths of cord that he used in his workouts. Handing one to Mark he slapped the other against the leg of his pants with a loud crack. "Yeah, these'll do great. Here, let's see." He came up to Jamie and lightly slapped the cord on his cock, watching it coil round it. Then he pulled it off sharply, making the cock bounce as it uncoiled. "Aaah" Jamie moaned softly and pre-cum began oozing from his cock. Jason did the same thing again, and again, mesmerized by the sight of the cock bouncing under the whip."

The cop said, "Hey, buddy, look at the jizz dripping from his dick, you're gonna make him shoot his load like that. Come on, man, let's get stripped for action." They stepped back a few feet, Jason pushed the suspenders from his shoulders and both men slowly unbuttoned their shirts. Jamie watched in a trance as the men pulled their shirts off.

They stood before him in T-shirts, Mark's gleaming white, Jason's dark blue, both stretched over their magnificent torsos, flaring down from wide shoulders to tight waists. They were magnificent and Jamie pulled instinctively at his restraints, desperate to touch his shuddering cock. He gasped as they pulled their T-shirts from their pants waistband, crossed their arms and pulled them up, over their ripped abs, chest, lats and shoulders and tossed them away.

They wound one end of the cord round their hands and let the long length hang at their sides. Jamie was mesmerized by the two specular muscle-gods, the cop and the fireman, stripped to the waist, their torsos flexing as they gripped the cord. Then he heard the cop growl. "OK, boy, this is it. This is your punishment. You're gonna get that gorgeous body whipped by a cop and a fireman. It's what you deserve boy."

This was beyond fantasy for Jamie as he saw in the mirror the erotic sight of the young surfer, spread-eagled naked in bondage about to get tortured by the shirtless cop and fireman. He saw the cop's muscles ripple as he cracked the rope against the ground, saw the spectacular fireman flex as he prepared to whip him. The pornographic image overwhelmed him and he desperately needed to touch his cock. He pulled desperately at the ropes, his arms and shoulders straining, his thighs bulging as his legs heaved at the ankle restraints.

He had to touch his cock, he had to shoot his load ..... he had to .....aaagh!" His cock shuddered, reared up and exploded in a stream of semen that arced high in the air and splashed on the ground, a tribute to his captors. His body thrashed in bondage and he screamed as his cock erupted again, then again. Finally his heaving body subsided .... he was spent .... and his cock was swinging between his legs, dribbling cum.

Jason gazed in disbelief at the handsome young surfer hanging limply from the ropes, his body gleaming under the lights, a pool of semen at his feet. "Jesus Christ, Mark, that is just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life."


The next hour was a blur of sexual overload and multiple orgasms for the captive surfer. In a daze he watched as the muscular men raised their arms and he felt the ropes curl round his helpless body. He flinched under each lash, but he was bound so tight that his body had to take the full force of the punishment. In truth, Mark and Jason knew his pain threshold and the ropes fell across his naked flesh just hard enough to sting sharply without doing real damage.

But it felt real to Jamie as he watched the bare-chested fireman and cop, their muscles flexing as they whipped his chest, his thighs, jolting his whole body under the sting of the lash. His cock was rock hard again as he heard the cop say, "Come on buddy, let's go for that gorgeous ass." Suddenly Jamie felt the cord curl round his hips and lash hard against the mounds of his ass. "Aaagh" The pain was becoming intense and he looked at the men with pleading eyes.

"Come on, boy," Mark yelled. "You know you love getting your ass whipped. But you know how to stop this. You know what to do ..... show your masters how much it turns you on, boy. Submit. Let me hear you beg."

"Yes, sir," Jamie yelled, his ass on fire. "I submit, sir. Please I beg you .... I can't take any more ..... my ass ....aaagh!" He felt one last lash biting into the flesh of his ass and for the second time a ribbon of cum blasted from his shuddering cock."

But there was no let-up. Jason walked round behind Jamie and gazed at the white ass striped with the marks of the lash. "Holy shit, man, we've warmed him up real good. Look at that ass .... I gotta have it, man. Hold him tight ..... I don't want him to move."

Mark came close, pressed his chest against Jamie's and wrapped his arms round him in a tight bear hug. He gazed into Jamie's eyes and said quietly. "Jason's gonna fuck your ass now, kiddo. You OK?'

Jamie's eyes were shining as he whispered, "Yes sir .... very OK." Then he inhaled sharply as, for the second time that day, he felt the fireman's long dick slide into his sore ass and the fucking began. He gasped as he felt the hips pounding forward, felt the coarse pubic hair slamming against the inflamed flesh of his whipped ass. The naked young stud was trapped in the cop's arms as the fireman invaded his helpless ass.

In a delirium of pain and pleasure Jamie gazed wildly into Mark's eyes and saw his smile. "Now you're gonna do it again, Jamie. Just for me this time. I want to feel your juice on my body. Look at me Jamie." Then to Jason, "OK, buddy, finish him off. I know your balls are bursting. So let it go, man."

Mark pressed his mouth against Jamie's, grinding their lips together, probing the boy's mouth with his tongue. Crushed between the two bodybuilders Jamie had no choice. In a whirl of sensations he heard Jason howl, felt his cock erupt in his ass, felt Mark feeding on his mouth. His own scream was stifled by the gag of Mark's mouth as once again he shot another load and he felt his body sliding against Mark's, lubricated by his own warm semen.

Jamie was reeling now and only dimly heard his master's voice. "Now you're gonna do the same for Jason. That's an order, boy. I know you can ..... you can do anything when I fuck you." The positions were quickly reversed. Jason held Jamie from the front in a vise-like grip, and behind him the boy felt the familiar sensation of the cop's huge dick pushing into the furnace of his cum-slicked ass.

He had lost count of how many times he had cum, but he knew he had to do it again. It had been an order. He gazed at the beautiful face of the blond fireman, felt his lips against his, felt his master pounding his ass, heard his triumphant yell as he blasted another huge load of cum inside his ravaged ass. And, unbelievably, Jamie felt his cock pouring more warm juice over the abs of the fireman pressing against him.

Seconds later the two men were gazing in awe at the blond surfer hanging in the ropes, his stretched body dripping with cum, head hanging down, sobbing from exhaustion and exhilaration. He had received the punishment he had asked for ...... and it had been one of the most thrilling experiences of his life.

Mark put his hand under Jamie's chin and raised his head. "You are an awesome young stud, Jamie. I love you, and I would like to share you with Jason. But if that's not what you want, just tell me and I won't do it."

Jamie gazed into his master's blue eyes. "I do want it, sir. It would be an honor. It's just .... I mean ..... sir ..... I'll still be your boy, won't I?"

Mark laughed, "More than ever, kiddo. Ever and always. I am proud to call you my boy."


It wasn't hard for Jason to persuade Mark and Jamie to spend the night with him. They were all still dazed by the extraordinary events of the day, and exhilarated by the awareness that they were all entering a new chapter of their lives. Jamie was in a rare kind of heaven as he sat at dinner between the two muscle-gods, smiling to himself. He could hardly believe that he now belonged to a cop and a fireman, who had stripped him naked, tied him up, whipped and fucked him. And he knew there was more to come.

He was suddenly jolted out of his reverie by the ring of his cell phone. With a consenting nod from Mark, he left the table to take the call. It was Darius. "Listen, dude," he said breathlessly, "I assume you're still with those two gorgeous hunks, but we need you back here by tomorrow evening. See, that's when I've called a meeting of all the boys to interview Eddie. You know Nate wants to hire him as his assistant, and Eddie's crazy about being my boy, but we all have to make sure he has the right stuff to become one of us. I may have to ask Zack to help me with that.

"Oh, and by the way, before the meeting we wanna get together with you, dude, to get all the scoop on what went down at Jason's today. You know the drill. We want the whole story .... if there is one, that is."

Jamie grinned. "Oh, there's a story alright, dude. Trouble is, I'm not sure you'll ever believe it."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ...... Chapter 156


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