After Bob and Randy's separation they had been reunited in a stunning climax where Bob had displayed a humbled Randy to the whole group of men and boys. Now their love was more passionate than ever, re-established on a stronger foundation of two equal alpha males, no longer prey to the caveman impulses of the wild construction worker.

But the dramatic events of the past weeks still reverberated round the house and it took a while for the dust to settle and for the everyday routine to be restored. But work resumed, peace replaced discord, and the group breathed a collective sigh of relief. All of them, that is, except for two of the boys.

Pablo and Ben, fiercely loyal to Randy, had kept a low profile as events unfolded, but they had been shattered by the sight of their master, bruised and whip-marked, being led naked through the house by a rope attached to the leather collar round his neck, stumbling after Bob in humiliating surrender. The rest of the guys were focused on the well-being and survival of the tribe, but Pablo and Ben had a narrower focus - avenging Randy.

Pablo, as Randy's adopted son, proudly described himself as "the boss's boy." Ben had picked up on Pablo's hubris and, as Randy's young brother, thought of himself as being something special. So there was no way they could accept the concept of Randy being in any sense diminished. He was the boss, he always would be, and if he had to use his fists to prove it, so much the better. And if he didn't - they would.

They had no concept of the nuances that had been at play between Bob and Randy - all the talk of what makes a real man. To them, Randy was a dominant man because he was tough, ruthless, and could beat any man into the ground. And if anyone thought differently, Pablo and Ben would deal with them. All the boys tended to model themselves on their masters but Pablo and Ben took this to a macho extreme. They were now tighter than ever and thought of themselves and Randy as a fierce tribe of three against the world.


Plans went ahead for the construction of the new apartment for Ben, Eddie and Mario, a priority project for Randy. A preliminary task was to prepare the site by pulling down the existing sheds and clearing out all the trash. It was a simple job and the boys eagerly volunteered. Randy agreed to let them do it themselves and, as Pablo and Ben were already experienced young construction workers, he nominated them to supervise the other boys.

But that was Randy's mistake. With no masters involved, Pablo and Ben made it clear right from the start they were in charge and they didn't hesitate to throw their weight around. And if ever the other boys touched on the subject of Randy's recent humiliation Pablo shut them up. "We're here to work, guys, not waste time talking about something that should never have happened in the first place. Randy's still the boss, we're his boys, so you take your orders from us."

The senior boys, Jamie and Darius, rolled their eyes to each other. They had experienced Pablo's 'boss's-boy' bravado many times before and took it all in stride. In any case, Jamie and Darius were not really involved in this project. Jamie was working hard with Mario on the backlog of office work that had accumulated in Bob's absence. And Randy had told Darius, "I need you for a while on the construction site to help with a couple of new projects. Later today you can come back here, see how the boys are getting along and lend a hand if necessary."

The twins had their hands full, as always, in the kitchen, so it mostly fell to Nate and Eddie to assist Pablo and Ben - and to bear the brunt of their bossy attitude. With Nate's cheerful Aussie spirit and Eddie's youthful enthusiasm they accepted Pablo's orders without question - for a while. But his heavy-handedness gradually got to them, aggravated by Ben's tendency to adopt Pablo's domineering swagger. They were both trying to ape Randy, proving their own dominance and, by extension, his.

Eager to please, Eddie was working energetically on clearing away the remains of an old shed, but Pablo didn't let up. "Hey, boy," he barked, "did I tell you to start work on that pile of crap? You only do what me and Ben tell you to do, get it?" Chastened, Eddie blushed and looked to Nate for support. With his typical Aussie directness, Nate said, "Hey, back off, mate. Eddie's working damn hard and he don't need you tearing him down all the time."

Pablo's eyes smoldered and he poked Nate in the chest. "Listen, asshole, Randy put me and Ben in charge and he's the boss of this house. If he was here he'd smack you around for talking back like that."

"Not if Bob had anything to do with it," Eddie said impulsively. "You saw what he did to Randy. Seems to me he's the real boss. Dude, Randy's my hero after he saved me from that guy Thor and the only one he'd be smacking around here is you. So like Nate said, back off."

Eddie had pushed the wrong button by referring to Randy's domination by Bob and Pablo's response was instant. He swung the back of his hand across Eddie's cheek, sending him sprawling to the ground. Nate stepped forward to retaliate but Ben grabbed him under his arm in a vicious head lock, propelled him forward and slammed his head into a post. Nate slumped to the ground, barely conscious.

Eddie staggered to his feet. His arm had been badly hurt in his fall but he punched Ben in the chest with his one good arm - without much effect. Ben simply flexed his muscles and smiled, then jumped behind Eddie and clamped his arms round him and up behind his neck in a full-nelson. Eddie was helplessly trapped, facing Pablo, who sneered, "See, kid, Randy trained his boys to be fighters like him, so we don't take crap from no one, especially from the houseboy."

He punctuated his words with punches to Eddie's stomach, knocking the wind out of him. "Hey, Ben," he said, "how about we show this kid how Randy's boys deal with assholes who talk back. Hold him against that post." Ben released the full-nelson and pushed Eddie face-first against the post, pulling his arms forward from the other side so he was pressed helplessly against it.

Pablo came up behind him, yanked down his shorts and sneered, "Oh yeah, that ass is just begging to get reamed. And you know how Randy would do it? Like this....!" He drove his dry cock into Eddie's ass making him howl in pain. Ben was stretching Eddie's arm's forward and he screamed, "No! .... my arm hurts real bad." It was worse even than the pain in his butt as Pablo gave him what he called a Randy special, a savage, merciless pounding.

The noise became loud enough to rouse the other boys in the house. The twins came running from the kitchen and Jamie and Mario from the office. Aghast at the scene of Eddie screaming, getting brutally fucked against the post, and Nate lying beneath it, they all piled on, trying to pull Pablo and Ben away. But their efforts played into Pablo and Ben's delusion that they and Randy were battling the rest of the guys for supremacy. They let Eddie slump to the ground and pulled back against a wall, standing shoulder to shoulder, their fists raised.

Wild-eyed, Pablo yelled, "This is payback for everything you guys did to Randy. He's still the boss of this house and we'll prove it." Totally out of control Pablo was, of course, misstating the situation. Devoid of logic, all he and Ben saw was the image of Randy's humiliation, and all they knew was that they had to avenge him. Pablo directed his fury at the twins. "You two, you're Bob's boys and he started all this, so let's see what you got, assholes. Bring it on!"

Outraged by the sight of Nate and Eddie on the ground, the twins charged in first, but they were Bob's boys - conciliators, not fighters - and Pablo and Ben easily beat them back with karate kicks to the stomach, making them double over on their knees. Jamie and Mario got in a few good punches, but Randy had trained his boys well and they easily sent the two sprawling on the ground. Pablo sneered at them. "Come on you losers - six of you against two of us and look at you all, groveling at the feet of the boss's boys. Nothing but a bunch of pussies."

"Does that include me, dude?" It was Darius. Engrossed in the fight, no one had noticed him come in - sent by Randy, as he said, to 'check on how the guys are doing and see if they need any help'. Did they ever!

Darius sized up the situation in a flash. He had known of Pablo's fury at Randy's humiliation and had an idea he might take some kind of physical revenge. Darius was not only Zack's boy but Randy's construction assistant and over time he had developed into a leader of the boys. His easy going manner masked a fierce determination underneath, and his strong muscular black body was something to be respected or, as in this case, feared. He modeled himself on Zack, a tough black muscle-stud who took no crap from anyone.

"What the fuck?" Darius growled, staring at Pablo and Ben in their defensive stance. "Have you two shitheads lost all your fucking marbles?" Jamie scrambled to his feet and said, "Thank God you're here, Darius. They've gone ape-shit - totally out of control. I think they've hurt Eddie and Nate bad, but we don't know how to ...."

Darius cut him off. "I'll take care of this, dude. Listen, has Mark got any spare handcuffs in your place?"

"I know he does," Jamie said breathlessly. Darius grinned. "Good, go get a couple of pairs fast. We're gonna need 'em." Jamie sprinted toward the house and Darius strode fearlessly toward Pablo and Ben, who flinched for the first time. Like Zack, Darius always worked stripped to the waist, in black jeans and boots, and he was an intimidating sight as he flexed his gleaming ebony muscles. "So, boy, what was it you called us - a bunch of pussies? Well this cat has claws, dude .... see?" He raised his hands and cramped them in the shape of steel claws pointing straight at their faces.

Unnerved, Pablo and Ben both took a swing at Darius, but he ducked and charged forward, simultaneously ramming his head into Pablo's chest and slamming his arm against Ben's stomach in a forearm smash. As their knees buckled, Darius formed his menacing claws again, one behind each head and slammed their foreheads against each other. "Aaagh!" Pablo and Ben recoiled, screaming in pain, and fell to their knees.

Before the boys could recover their wits, Mario sprang forward and helped Darius pull the stunned boys back to back, their hands behind them. Jamie raced out of the house and together they cuffed the boys' hands behind their backs. Darius roped the cuffs together so the boys were tied to each other back to back. Dazed, they slumped against the wall.

"Over here, guys" the twins shouted, on their knees attending to Eddie and Nate. Kyle said, "I think they're hurt bad. Can you talk, guys?" Painfully Eddie said, "I hurt my arm when Pablo punched me to the ground .... it got worse when Ben held my arms while Pablo fucked me. I saw Ben slam Nate's head against the post. Is he OK?" Nate managed a painful grin. "I've felt better, mate .... Got a sledgehammer in my head, though."

Darius took charge. "Listen, dudes, I know we boys stick together and solve our own problems - but not this time. These guys need medical help so we've got no choice - we gotta get the men involved. Let's hit the phones, guys."


Darius called Zack who said he'd bring Randy from the construction site right away. The twins called Bob, knowing that his level-headed approach would be needed in this volatile situation. But someone else got home before they did - Mark. His shift had ended and he was looking forward to Jamie waiting for him, as usual, in their bedroom. Instead, Jamie came running toward him as he came through the gate, still in his uniform.

"Holy shit," Mark said, "what the fuck's going on here." Jamie calmly and concisely told him what he knew. "The four boys were working on the project, sir, but it seems that Pablo and Ben were doing their big-boss number over Eddie and Nate and ended up beating them bad. Ben held Eddie while Pablo fucked him and his arm's been injured. Ben slammed Nate's head against a pole so he's not in good shape either. But Darius saved the day and we handcuffed Pablo and Ben with the cuffs you had in our room. Hope that's OK, sir."

"Thanks, Jamie, you did great," said Mark grim-faced and walked over to the group. He dropped on one knee and checked out the injured boys, using his cop's basic medical skills. Touching Eddie's arm made him squeal in pain. Nate's vision was blurred and he looked like he might pass out. "I'm taking them to the hospital," Mark said. "They need emergency medical care. Give me a hand you guys."

Jamie and the twins helped Mark lift the boys up gently, just as Zack, Randy and Bob came through the gate together. They had all been given the basic details on the phone and Randy now strode ahead of them across the lawn with a face like thunder. But Mark forestalled him. "I'm taking Eddie and Nate to the emergency room. I can drive fast with the flasher and siren on my truck. I think it's best if you all stay and clean up here and, Bob, maybe you could call Hassan and Adam at work and alert them to come to the hospital."

Bob helped Mark get the boys in his truck while Randy glared down at Pablo and Ben, who were still sitting dazed against the wall. Pablo looked up at Randy and stammered, "We .... we did it for you, sir."

"Untie them, Jamie," Randy ordered, but Jamie frowned. "Sorry, sir, I'm afraid I can't do that. We used Mark's spare handcuffs and he's the only one with the key."

"Right - they'll have to stay here then 'til Mark gets back. The rest of you - inside." He strode ahead of them and the boys saw that his fists were clenched.


It was a solemn group that met in the living room. Jamie, Mario and the twins were still shaken and sat close together on the big couch. Darius stood behind them, mad as hell that Pablo and Ben had lost their cool but rather proud of himself for having saved the day by overpowering them. Randy, Bob and Zack sat facing the boys and Randy took the lead, under Bob's watchful eye.

"OK, we know how you guys always circle the wagons when one of you is in trouble, but this time it's serious and I want the truth - all of it - no holding back, no exaggerating," glancing at Darius. And so, bit by bit, the whole story was pieced together with all the boys giving their own accounts in turn. The three men looked grim and Randy had one question: "Pablo said, 'We did it for you, sir'. Any idea what he meant by that?"

The boys shifted uncomfortably and exchanged looks. It was Kevin who spoke up. Well, sir, one thing Pablo said to us was, 'This is payback for everything you guys did to Randy. He's still the boss of this house and we'll prove it.' Randy glanced uneasily at Bob who touched his arm lightly.

Bob took over. "Boys, it seems you're to be commended for the way you acted in all this, especially you, Darius, for beating back Pablo and Ben. You're a credit to Zack. For now, we should wait for word from Mark at the hospital. I've called Hassan and Adam and they're already on their way there. Now Randy, Zack and I need to talk, so why don't you boys go out and keep an eye on Pablo and Ben until Mark can release them?"

As they headed to the door Zack shook Darius's hand warmly, then pulled him into a hug. "Bob's right, kid, I'm real proud of you. You're becoming quite the leader .... seems like I owe you a reward. They grinned knowingly at each other and Darius said, "Thank you, sir. But there's one more thing me and the guys have to do." He walked determinedly out the door.


As the five boys approached them Pablo and Ben looked up defiantly, though deep down they knew they were in a whole mess of trouble. "What the fuck's going on?" said Pablo. "Take these damn cuffs of us."

"Shut the fuck up, boy," Darius barked. Darius and Pablo had been lovers from way back so the tone shocked Pablo as the shirtless black muscle-boy towered over him. "From now on I do all the talking, and I tell you right now that I've had it up to here with this 'boss's-boy' bullshit you keep spilling. If anyone calls the shots around here it's me, got it?" He glared down at the two of them, and they flinched under his gaze.

"You know, asshole, that kid Eddie is real special to me. He admired me when he was just a bar-back in that leather bar and the reason he's living here now is because of me. He may be just a houseboy to you, but he's tough, hard-working - a real good kid, worth ten of you. He fought off that guy Thor and saved Randy - and he worships Randy for rescuing him. Randy loves the kid and now you've put him in the hospital - and 'you did it for Randy' whatever the fuck bullshit that is. You two are fucking shithead bullies for picking on that kid."

Emboldened by Darius's tongue lashing Jamie lit into Ben. "What Darius says about Eddie goes for Nate too. Mark and I met him first and he became my best friend .... we went to Australia together. He's a lot of fun and I love his easygoing Aussie attitude to things. What the hell did the guy ever do to you, Ben, that you should beat him up so bad? You better hope to god that's he's got no serious brain damage."

Mario and the twins stayed silent but they joined Darius and Jamie in a semicircle round the boys slumped against the wall. It was a version of circling the wagons but this time not for protection but punishment. Darius sneered, "Words won't have any effect on these shit-for-brains assholes .... after all they call themselves 'men of action'. So let's give them some action, Jamie. Kyle, Kevin, get behind them."

Darius untied the rope linking their handcuffs, freeing them from each other but leaving their hands cuffed behind them. The twins stood between them and the wall so Pablo and Ben were leaning back against their legs. Darius grabbed Pablo's hair and pushed his head back against the twins' legs. Taking his cue from Darius, Jamie did the same to Ben and they both looked up with fear in their eyes for the first time.

Darius laughed mockingly. "Hey, you're the tough boss's boys - red meat kinda guys. So you're gonna enjoy this big hunk of prime beef." He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his massive ten-inch prong. "Open up, asshole." He forced Pablo's mouth open and drove his huge shaft straight into it and deep into his throat, making Pablo gag helplessly. Ben knew he had no choice and opened his mouth that was instantly filled by the young blond surfer's dick.

"Come on, dude, let's give their faces the pounding they deserve," Darius said. "You guys, hold their heads tight." And so the punishment began, increasing in intensity as Darius and Jamie slammed their hips forward, ramming their cocks deep down the throats of the 'boss's boys'. They gagged and choked, tears streaming from their eyes, breathing desperately through their noses to avoid suffocating on the merciless cocks.

Pablo especially was having a hard time swallowing Darius's huge black club. He had sucked Darius's cock many times before but Darius had always gone easy, knowing that his cock was a weapon. Not this time, though. His anger was building as he thought of Eddie getting knocked to the ground, then being held by Ben and raped by Pablo. So now he showed no mercy as his rod pistoned into the ravaged mouth and Pablo screamed into the gag. As for Ben, he was accustomed only to giving gentle blow-jobs to his master Jason, and now, as Jamie picked up on Darius's frenzy, Ben felt the full savage force of a relentless dick pounding his face.

Darius was savage but he had learned a lot from Zack - like don't lose control, and know when a guy reaches his limit. "OK, that's enough," he growled and pulled his long dick out of Pablo's mouth, nodding at Jamie to do the same. Free of their gags, Ben and Pablo coughed and choked, drool running from their mouths and down their chins, tears streaming from their eyes.


Standing with his legs astride, arms folded across his bare chest, Darius was a formidable sight looking down at them with contempt. But Pablo slowly regained some of his former defiance. He had inherited much of Randy's notorious anger, and his humbling by Darius in front of the other boys was devastating for him. Although he was still sitting on the ground he suddenly managed to kick out his leg against Darius's in a futile attempt to drop him with a karate kick.

But that served only to make Darius even more scornful. "Oh yeah, I forgot - you're the big karate champ. Well listen to me, champ, one more move like that and I'll twist your fucking nuts off ..... get it?" Again his hand formed a claw and he squeezed it round Pablo's balls.

As pain flashed through him Pablo pleaded, "OK, I get it. Please, sir ..... I'll do whatever you say, sir." Darius released his balls and grinned. "That's better." He grabbed their T-shirts and hauled them to their feet, ripping the shirts clear off their bodies in the process. "OK, guys - give me a hand here." They all helped him manhandle them over to the long table by the pool where Darius shoved them forward, bending them chest-down across the table, side by side.

Darius yanked their shorts down over their asses and they dropped round their ankles, their naked asses pointing upward, helplessly exposed. He slapped their asses a few times and said, "See that, guys? I think these pussy boys want a little ass-play here. You know how Randy always says the punishment should fit the crime. Well now, let's see here. Young Eddie got held down by Ben and got his ass raped by the boss's boy. Guess the punishment for that is pretty obvious. Come round here, Jamie."

He and Jamie walked round to where the boys' heads were pressed on the table, turned sideways to face each other. They reached over them and pulled their cuffed wrists high up their backs, their arms bent up behind them in a painful hammer lock. As Pablo and Ben groaned, Darius said, "Yeah, that'll hold them good. OK, Kyle, Kevin, I know you're pretty peace-loving, you being Bob's boys and all, but these guys hurt you too and Zack taught me there are times in life where you have to hit back. So prime the pumps, dudes, and go for it."

The twins' cocks were still hard from watching the savage face-fucks so they licked their palms, lubed their rods and walked up behind Pablo and Ben. Acting in unison as always, they leaned forward and clamped their hands on the small of the boys' backs, pressing their stomachs hard against the table, while Darius and Jamie pulled their arms tight up their backs from the other side of the table. The twins pushed their dick-heads between the cheeks of their asses and looked up at Darius for the signal.

By now Darius was the undisputed leader of the pack. Mario was hanging back, not feeling qualified, as a newcomer, to actively join in, and he looked uncertainly at Darius who said, "That's OK amico .... just stand back and watch how the boys take care of business in this house. OK, twins, rough is the only language these guys understand, so let 'em have it."

The twins glanced at each other and jerked their hips forward, plunging their cocks into the asses, watching their bodies buck helplessly and hearing their painful groans. The twins were not used to this kind of action and again they looked up at Darius who was grinning at them. "Good start, dudes - now harder next time. Look at me, guys. Remember your buddies Eddie and Nate, what these guys did to them. Right now they're at the hospital. You gonna let these motherfuckers get away with that? Your cocks are weapons, boys. Use 'em!"

The twins were inspired by the determined look in Darius's eyes and they did as he told them. Soon they were fucking ferociously, harder than they ever had, doing it for Eddie and Nate, with Darius urging them on. "That's it, kids, pound their sorry asses, hear them scream. You gotta humble them by shooting your jizz inside them - but they gotta beg for it. Hear that, assholes?"

Ben gave in first. He was not used to getting his ass ploughed like this and he moaned, "OK, guys, I can't take any more. Please cum inside me .... please." Darius said, "Yeah, but we gotta hear it from your buddy too. Wanna hear him submit to the twins. How about it, Pablo?" Ben's face was pressed sideways staring into Pablo's eyes. Like his master, Pablo was not one to submit, but Ben pleaded with him. "Please, man, just say it. My ass hurts so bad. Please beg them to cum."

Despite his anger and defiance Pablo could not stand seeing Ben get hurt, so he shouted, "OK, I submit. Shoot your load inside me. Please, sirs. I....I'm begging you." Darius grinned at the twins. "OK guys, that did it for me, so let loose. I'll help you." Puling on Pablo's arms Darius flexed his biceps, his shoulders and chest, flashing a dazzling smile that lit up his handsome face. He looked magnificent and it was the sight of the black muscle-boy as much as their need for revenge that made the twins pump their loads into the asses of the sobbing boys bent over the table.


It took only a few seconds for the positions to be reversed. The twins stood at the heads of Pablo and Ben, pulling their arms up behind them in the same hammerlock, while Darius and Jamie stood behind their butts, their cocks good and ready. Darius knew Ben could not take his huge ten-inches so he left him to Jamie. "OK," he said triumphantly, "stand by for the big finish guys!" He drove his cock mercilessly into Pablo's cum-slick ass, and he bucked and screamed so violently that it was hard for the twins to hold him down. Jamie followed suit with Ben, though not as savagely as Darius, knowing how sore Ben's inexperienced ass must feel.

Already Ben was groaning with pain, though not as loudly as Pablo's screams when Darius started going full bore, his huge black rod tearing into the cauldron depths of the boy's tortured ass. "OK, boy, you know that my weapon can spilt your ass wide open, so you better start talking. First of all, who's the boss around here - who's the leader of this group?"

Feeling the intense pain deep in his ass Pablo knew he was finished and there was no way to resist. "You are, sir," he screamed. "Please, sir .... I submit to you. You're the boss."

"Damn right, so if I order it, you'll apologize to Eddie and Nate by kneeling to them and taking their dicks in your mouth?"

"Yes, sir. I'll suck their dicks, sir. I'm sorry for what I did ..... just stop hurting my ass, sir, I beg you. I can't take any more. Please, have mercy on me."

Darius grinned at Jamie. "That's good enough for us, eh, buddy? What say we put these two pussy boys out of their misery?" Jamie nodded, "Any time you say, dude." Darius shouted, "Let's do it. This is for Eddie and Nate ..... yeaahh.....!" He felt the warm jizz speed through the length of his cock and explode deep inside the blazing ass, just as Jamie screamed "Yes!" and let loose a torrent of juice in Ben. Their orgasms had been building pressure throughout the punishment and now erupted again and again in a final act of retribution.

Darius yanked his long cock out of Pablo, bringing one last agonized scream, and he turned to face Mario who had been watching the whole scene in awe. Darius's face broke into his dazzling smile. "And that, amico, is how the boys take care of business."


Indoors, Bob, Randy and Zack had heard the commotion coming from the garden, but Zack said the boys were simply dealing with the situation in their own way. Bob agreed that they should be left alone, though Randy looked tense, thinking of his adopted son and young brother. So it was a relief for him when the shouts and screams died down and they felt it was safe to go outside and check on things.

They stood astonished at the sight that met their eyes - Pablo and Ben bent over the table, hands cuffed behind their backs, cum running out of their asses and down their legs. Darius, Jamie and the twins were busy stuffing their dicks back in their shorts. Zack went and talked earnestly to Darius, a kind of debriefing, making sure that things hadn't got out of control and gone too far.

Mark simply said to Jamie, "Everything OK here, kiddo?" Jamie grinned, "Very much so, sir." Mark looked at the juice running down the boys' legs. "You gonna have any of that stuff left for me later, kid?" "Absolutely, sir. For you, always."

Randy was checking on Pablo and Ben, still slumped over the table, when suddenly the gate opened and Jason came in. He had got Bob's call explaining briefly what had happened and as soon as his shift ended he had jumped in his truck still in his firefighting gear. "What the fuck?" he yelled, seeing his boy Ben bent over the table, cum running down his legs, tears drying on his face. He blazed at the men. "What the fuck have you done to my boy?"

"Jason," Bob said, touching his arm. "There's an explanation. I think you'll understand when...."

His words trailed off as the gate opened and Mark came in with Hassan and Adam - and with a much better explanation than Bob could ever give. Hassan was supporting Eddie whose arm was in a sling, though he was managing a wan version of his usual smile. Adam had his arm round Nate whose neck was in a brace.

There was a stunned silence, then Mark addressed them all. "OK, guys, it's not as bad as it could have been. Eddie broke his arm and dislocated his shoulder when it was pulled so hard by ....." He let that sit, glancing briefly at Jason. "But they reset the shoulder and the arm is a simple fracture and should heal quickly. Nate had a CAT scan and there's no permanent damage, though they recommend wearing the brace for a while to support his neck, which got badly bruised." He smiled. "But they have no other problems that a good hot meal won't put right." He pulled a key from his belt and un-cuffed Pablo and Ben.

A commotion erupted as the other boys crowded round Nate and Eddie, wanting to hug them but holding back, afraid of hurting them. The men shook hands with Mark while Jason held a sobbing Ben in his arms. Bob checked with Randy and Jason to make sure that Pablo and Ben were OK, physically at least, then consulted briefly with all the men.

Bob raised his voice. "OK, guys, listen up. I suggest that Pablo and Ben go up to Pablo's room and take a hot shower. The other boys, you go to the kitchen and help the twins rustle up some hot food for Nate and Eddie and the rest of you. And Darius, as you seem to be in charge here I trust you to keep the peace in there."

"Absolutely, sir," said Darius, fully into his leadership role. Zack had his arm round him and his eyes shone as he said quietly, "That's my boy."


After the boys left, the whirling emotions among the men round the long table were daunting - shock, anger, regret, humiliation. Bob saw the guys as a confused and struggling orchestra that would need all the conductor's skill to keep them from becoming discordant. And Bob had to assume the role of conductor.

"First, guys, I want to say a big word of thanks to Zack. His boy seems to have really blossomed into a leader and, whatever just went on out here, I think we can say that the boys took care of things in their own way under his guidance." Zack grinned at Bob and the pride in his eyes was enough response. "Look, guys," Bob continued, "there's obviously a lot of strong feelings around this table, but I think we owe it to Hassan and Adam to speak first as their boys were the victims. Hassan?"

"My first concern is to get my boy the hell out of here," Hassan said. "You all know Eddie's a plucky, hard-working young kid and the thought of him getting beaten and raped by a couple of thugs for no reason except to prove how tough they are ......" He unclenched his fists and took a few deep breaths to check his rage. "I won't try to assign blame, though I damn-well know who'd be first on my list," glaring at Randy. Seeing Bob wince he concluded, "I better say no more. But when I go home later I'll be taking Eddie to stay with me, at least until emotions have cooled around here and he's not in danger anymore."

"Thanks, Hassan," Bob said, "I understand your anger - we'd all be just the same if our boys were the victim. Adam?" The Aussie looked around at them all. "Well, mates," he said, "I can only echo what Hassan said so .... er .... forcefully. I've gotta take care of my boy, so he'll be living with me for a while. No way he and Eddie can work as houseboys, anyway, until they've healed. I leave it to you guys to decide whatever punishment has to be dished out."

Bob said, "Thanks, Adam but, knowing how this house works, I have a feeling that you're gonna be involved in the punishment. Now there's a lot of blame to go round here - starting with me. The boys were obviously reacting to the humiliation of their master and part of that's my fault. After we left the motel the other day and the boys saw me dragging Randy in here I should have realized how shattering it must have been for Pablo and Ben to see their hero degraded .... "

"Now stop right there, buddy," Randy interrupted. "If anyone's to blame it's me. I've been humiliated a lot lately and I've learned a lot, thanks to you, Bob. But that's nothing like the shame I feel at the way my boys have behaved. Trouble is, all I've ever taught them is how to use their fists to stay on top." He grinned ruefully. "Bob's knocked the caveman out of me but I still have two junior cavemen licking their wounds upstairs. And I apologize to Jason. Ben's an impressionable young kid and seems to have fallen under the influence of Pablo and his take-no-prisoners toughness. They think of themselves and me as three against the world."

"Don't go so hard on yourself, Randy," said Jason. "He's my boy now and I should have worked harder to soften him and counteract the other influences in his life. By nature he's a tough young gypsy kid, which I love about him, but I gotta teach him better. I plan on taking him to live with me full-time and work on that. As for punishment, I know how things work around here and I know I'm responsible for my boy, so I'm ready."

"Yeah," said Bob gently, "so since you bring it up, let's talk about punishment ........"


Upstairs in Pablo's room the two boys under discussion were sitting mournfully on the bed after their shower with towels wrapped round them. It was only when they had seen Eddie and Nate walk in, with Eddie's sling and Nate's neck-brace, that the enormity of what they had done hit them. And now neither of them could quite remember exactly what had made them act so stupidly in the first place. Nate and Eddie had both been working hard and they were great guys .... Pablo had even taken Eddie under his wing when he first arrived at the house. All they knew right now was that they had fucked up big time and would have to be punished.

The mood was heavy and they were sitting in silence when the door opened and there stood Randy. They leapt to their feet so fast that Ben's towel slipped off him and he stood naked, reflexively covering his dick with his hands. "No need for that, kid," Randy said. "Nothing I haven't seen before." Ben blushed and grinned nervously.

"OK, sit down guys." They sat on bed and Randy sat facing them. "OK, so we all fucked up, all three of us. You know, I've learnt a lot from Bob the last coupla weeks and I should have passed some of it onto you - not let you run roughshod over the boys as you have been. Pablo, I'll do my best to correct that in the future, and Ben, I'm sorry you have been influenced by me and Pablo as some kind of macho ideal - slug first and ask questions later - or maybe never."

"So here's the deal. Ben, I'm gonna split you and Pablo up on the work site. Instead of working as a mechanic you'll be working under Darius. Pablo, right now I'm delaying the plan to have you become the equipment manager. You'll still be the mechanic - you're the best there is - but after today I can't trust you to hire and supervise other guys. That'll come later. Huh, right now new hires would probably be suing us for workplace abuse."

"Ben, Jason will be taking you to live with him full-time. He's a great guy and can teach you things I can't. I'm too black and white - more black than white if it comes to it - and he can show you the grays in life." He paused and gazed at them with a mix of love and frustration. Deep down there was a small part of Randy, the residual caveman part, that couldn't help being proud of their physical strength.

He sighed. "The thing is, guys, whatever my failures with you, there is absolutely no fucking excuse on god's green earth for you beating up the boys the way you did. It's by far the worst act of brutality among the boys this house has seen. You could have severely injured them and Hassan is dead right to take Eddie out of here. Apart from anything else you've humiliated me far worse than Bob ever did. And you know what hurt the most? It's when you said, Pablo, that you did it for me."

Pablo flinched. "You are gonna punish us, sir, aren't you."

"Damn right," Randy said. "Now it seems that the boys already taken their revenge in the traditional way - face-fucking and ass-fucking you both. And I hear we've got Darius to thank for that .... he's turning into real solid guy. Anyway, what I have in mind for you is something else and, believe me, it's gonna hurt you much more than Darius's ten-inch pole ever could.


There was a punishment that Randy had used before - and it had since become something of a house ritual. Pablo and Ben had committed the ultimate crime of attacking and injuring two of the most vulnerable boys - and everyone knew they had to be punished beyond the summary revenge the boys had already dished out. The men had already agreed on the form of punishment .... it had to be public, and would involve the two boys' masters - Randy and Jason.

So the next day, as the guys came home from work, they all gathered solemnly in the garden, most of them still in their work clothes. The men were quite a sight - Randy in his usual cargo pants and greasy old tank top, Zack shirtless in black jeans and boots, Mark in his full cop uniform. Jason was still wearing his heavy firefighting pants, with red suspenders over his blue uniform T-shirt, and Hassan was in military combat fatigues and boots with a sleeveless camouflage shirt open over his chest. Adam came in wearing jeans and a white shirt, and Bob hovered in the background in dress slacks and white shirt, his tie loose at the open collar.

The boys stood nervously in a group - this was the masters' show. They all knew Pablo and Ben had committed an unforgiveable act but their instinct, as always, was to feel a certain solidarity with two of their own group. Nate in his neck-brace and Eddie with his arm in a sling, felt uneasy at being central to all this and stood close to Darius and Jamie for moral support.

Zack stepped forward with two chairs, placing them side by side, and called Pablo and Ben to the front. "Sit down," he ordered. They obeyed and Zack roped their wrists behind them. They knew their punishment was about to begin as Randy and Jason came forward holding whips. They both braced themselves, almost welcoming a whipping from their masters to prove their remorse. So they were surprised when Mark stepped forward.

"You all know," he said, with the authority of a cop, "that these boys have to be punished. But in the tradition of the house, the masters are responsible for their boys' actions and have to share in the retribution. The injured parties were primarily Eddie and Nate, the boys of Hassan and Adam. So, gentlemen?"

Hassan and Adam stepped forward and faced Randy and Jason. The spectators held their breath watching the erotic tableau of the Marine and the handsome Aussie face to face with the construction boss and the fireman. A gasp went up as Randy and Jason ritualistically handed the whips to Hassan and Adam. Pablo and Ben looked on in fear, assuming, like everyone else, that their masters were inviting the Marine and the Aussie to administer the whipping, as their boys had been the victims. Hassan and Adam stripped for action - Hassan shrugged off his camouflage shirt and Adam pulled off his T-shirt.

But what happened next brought expressions of shock from the onlookers and an anguished "No!" from Pablo and Ben. Randy and Jason fell to their knees before the two shirtless men who opened their pants and pulled out their cocks that they stroked to a rock-hardness. "No!" The boys pulled frantically against their restraints as the shattering realization hit them that Randy and Jason were to endure the punishment on their behalf, beginning with a submissive act of contrition. And it would be their agony to have to watch.

Hassan and Adam draped the whips round the kneeling men's necks, grabbed their heads and pulled them forward onto their cocks, sliding them down their throats. The men gagged, took a desperate breath as the cooks withdrew, then tried to relax their throats as the rods plunged in again. The group watched in an awed silence as the face-fuck picked up speed until the rods were driving like pistons into the handsome, tortured faces of the fireman and the construction worker. Pablo and Ben tried to avert their heads but found themselves horribly mesmerized by the sight of their masters' faces being hammered - because of them.

Hassan growled down at Randy, "This is what you get, man, when your boy injures mine. The so-called 'boss's boy' beat and raped an innocent kid - my boy - and it's the boss who'll pay. You ready Adam? Let's give it to them." They pulled their cocks all the way back, then plunged them in one last time, blasting a stream of semen deep inside, forcing the men to gulp down the bitter juice.

Their cocks pulled out immediately and slammed another load of jism into the rugged faces. The fireman and the construction worker gazed up in abject submission, their mouths sagging open, oozing cum that mixed with the tears and semen running down their faces and onto their chests.

Adam and Hassan stepped back and stuffed their cocks back in their pants, while Zack and Mark came forward and pulled the suffering men to their feet. They led them over to a tree where they had previously hung two sets of ropes from a long branch with leather restraints at the ends. Mark pushed the fireman's suspenders off his shoulders then tugged on his T-shirt until it tore and fell to his waist with the dangling suspenders. Zack grabbed Randy's tank and ripped it hard so it fell in shreds round his waist. It was the work of seconds to secure their wrists in the shackles and pull the ropes taut, so their muscular bodies were stretched upward as if they were bound on a rack.

The crowd was mesmerized by the pornographic sight of Randy and Jason bound side by side stripped to the waist with cum running down their faces and chests. The handsome blond fireman's sculpted muscles rippled as his stretched body twisted in helpless bondage, the red suspenders and ripped blue T-shirt hanging from his waist. Next to him the dark, muscular gypsy gazed stoically ahead, his shredded tank hanging round his washboard abs.

Adam and Hassan took over again. They stood behind the bound men, pulled the whips from around their necks and began to lash their naked torsos, lightly at first but gathering force until the whips were curling round their backs and chests, their bodies writhing as they pulled themselves up on the ropes, their legs thrashing wildly. The onlookers were spellbound and Pablo and Ben sobbed as they watched their masters twisting in pain.

When the lashing finally stopped, Hassan and Adam took a break, leaving the men on humiliating display, their muscles striped with marks of the lash, sweat and cum flowing down their chests and soaking their pants. Pablo and Ben had tears streaming down their cheek as they gazed at their masters - and it was all their fault! It was the worst pain of their lives.


After a few minutes Bob went quietly over to Hassan and Adam and said softly, "Time to end it, guys." They nodded and went back to the tree, but this time they faced the boys. Adam unzipped his pants and said, "Now we're gonna fuck your masters in the ass but we already shot a big load so you're gonna service us. Open up, boys."

Grateful to at last take some part in the punishment Pablo and Ben opened their mouths and felt the semi-hard cocks push into them. They wanted their masters' torment to end and it seemed this was the only way so they sucked hard on the cocks, which soon became stiff in their mouths. The desperation they felt was acute, knowing that they were making the cocks hard so they could be driven into their masters' asses.

And that's just what happened. The men pulled out, walked behind their captives, reached round and yanked open their pants, which pooled round their ankles. Seconds later the two muscular bodies bucked as their asses were impaled on the poles spiking into them. They clenched their jaws as they hung on agonizing display before the group, getting their asses pounded by the Aussie and the Marine.

It was the ultimate humiliation and the spectators were disturbed by the sight of the big rugged boss and the muscle-god fireman enduring the mental and physical anguish of being ass-fucked in front of them all. Their stretched, naked bodies jerked with each thrust of the pistons in their asses, their muscles flexing and straining against the ropes binding them. Bob caught the eye of Adam who nodded in assent and shouted to Hassan, "OK, soldier, let's finish them off. You boys, on your knees. You can end this by making these men bust their loads."

Eagerly the boys dropped to their knees before their tortured masters. Their hands still tied behind their backs they sucked the cocks into their mouths and worked on them feverishly, desperately trying to end their masters' misery by making them cum. As Randy and Jason were pounded from behind their hips jerked forward, slamming their dicks down their boys' throats.

Finally the boys felt the cocks pulse, they heard their masters howl and felt warm liquid blast into their mouths. They swallowed hard, then opened their mouths and gazed pleadingly up at Hassan and Jason, letting cum stream down their chins as proof that they had done as ordered. This erotic display was enough to end it. "Aaagh...." Hassan and Adam yelled as their second orgasms of the day erupted deep in the asses of the two tortured men.


The sight was extraordinary. The construction worker and the fireman hung their heads .... their naked bodies covered in sweat and semen, asses impaled on the cocks of the Marine and the Aussie, while their boys sobbed at their feet. Mark and Zack ran forward to release the men while Bob untied the boys' wrists and scooped them up into his arms. They wept on his shoulders and Pablo pleaded through his sobs, "You won't give up on us, will you, sir?"

"Hey," Bob consoled him, "I haven't given up on Randy, have I, so why should I give up on his boys? I love you guys, and the next step for you two is a session with Doctor Steve - see if he can straighten you out."

Bob pulled back and addressed the group. "Guys, I want you to take one last look at this, because all of it has to end right here and now. Randy and I, in resolving our personal problems, set in motion a train of events that escalated and led to this, which none of us can be proud of. We are a tribe, a family of men and their boys. We love and support each other, so there is no room for this kind of anger and discord. That's enough, guys. It ends now!"

In response they all ran forward, the boys clustering round Pablo and Ben, folding them in their arms, embracing them back into the 'band of brothers'. The men were showing their admiration for Randy and Jason with hugs and handshakes.

There was one man who held back. Zack was gazing in awe at the magnificent Bob, his shirt and tie now hanging open over his chest, his stubbled jaw set, his fists clenched. Zack recalled a long time ago when they were together up in the dunes and he, Zack, overwhelmed by Bob's beauty, had impulsively tied him up and worked on his perfect body. Then Zack was the leather master and Bob was submissive. But now things were different, and this was a new Bob, a macho, alpha stud who aroused a whole different kind of lust in Zack.

"He's fucking gorgeous," the black leatherman murmured to himself, starting to fantasize. "I gotta get him back up to the dunes - but this time it'll be different. He'll be in charge, like he is now. I'll do whatever he says, give him whatever he wants. Man, I need that." And Zack rubbed the bulge throbbing in his pants.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 198


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