The construction on the house next door was in full swing. The guys had bought it as investment property and were to rent it to Adam and Nate, but only after extensive remodeling, with Randy and Zack in charge. Bob had stopped by with Mark and Jamie to see what kind of a start the guys had made. "Wow," Jamie said, stunned by the erotic sight.

"Wow, indeed," Bob chuckled. "It's like a scene from some porn movie." They were looking at four men and four boys, all stripped to the waist, muscles rippling as they worked in the midst of debris, pulling down parts of the house that were to be remodeled. Randy, was in the center of the controlled chaos, shirtless in cargo pants and boots, with a tool belt slung round his waist. Zack was in his customary black jeans and boots, no shirt, and Darius, as always, copied him.

The handsome Aussie, Adam, was stripped down to just jeans and boots, alongside his boy Nate, dressed the same, as was the shirtless blond fireman, Jason. Pablo and Ben were laughing together, on their backs under a sink. "Hey, you guys," Randy shouted at them. "No fooling around down there. Less mirth more muscle .... I've got my eye on you two."

Bob, Mark and Jamie gazed in awe at the hectic scene, at the muscular bodies streaked with dirt, sweating in the warm sun. Mark turned, looked at Bob and smiled. "OK, buddy, as always you see more than most of us - the back story - so what gives? Fill us in."

So Bob talked about the new friendship of Pablo and Ben that was woven through with a competitiveness that could flare at any time. He also talked about Adam and Ben, recalling the last time they worked together like this, when Adam had ended up tied up at the mercy of the black stud leather-god. "I shouldn't be surprised to see some more man-on-man action from them this time, too," Bob said.

"OK," Mark smiled. "You're the cool, detached observer, but I bet you've got your eye on one of those guys too, other than Randy I mean." Bob blushed. "See, I knew it," Mark said. "And it's not hard to work out who it is. I'd bet on Jason .... am I right?"

Bob blushed deeper and gazed at the gorgeous fireman as he worked, muscles rippling with exertion, blond hair falling over the chiseled features of his face. "You gotta admit, he is one spectacular hunk of man," Bob mused. "I remember the time he fucked me, he got off on himself in the mirror first. That turned me on so much I shot my load watching him, then came again when his cock was inside me. I still beat off thinking about it. Jason's vain about his looks, of course, but I find his vanity a huge turn on. Yeah, he's quite a guy....."

Mark let Bob indulge his reverie for a while, then said, "You know, Jason and I get on real well but I haven't spent much time with him lately. And believe it or not, I think the guy sometimes feels kinda solitary living in that house of his all alone. In a way his beauty sets him apart from the guys he works with, and he doesn't socialize much. So I was thinking, as soon as there's a break from the work here, how about we pay him a visit? I know he'd get off on that. We should take Jamie and the twins, too .... he'd get off on that even more."

A smile crossed Bob's handsome, square-jawed features, so Mark persisted. "So how about it, buddy? You think Superman could handle an afternoon with a blond cop and a blond fireman?"

"Mmm ...." Bob said thoughtfully, but his sparkling eyes gave away his enthusiasm. "Think we can handle that, Jamie?" Jamie's eyes sparkled too. "Sounds like a plan, sir."


The work on the house continued throughout the weekend, but the following week Randy pulled Zack, Darius, Pablo and Ben back to their regular construction work, which left a few idle days on the house. Adam and Nate made the most of it, walking together through the deserted shell of their soon-to-be home. The remodeling was already taking shape and, like any new couple in their first home, they talked about colors, furniture layout and landscaping.

Then they came to the empty master bedroom, which was still pretty much intact, needing the least remodeling. They stood for a minute soaking up the vibes of the bright, airy room, then Adam grinned at Nate. "So this is it, mate. What d'ya say - you wanna take it for a test drive?"

Nate's eyes gleamed mischievously. He saw an old blanket crumpled in the corner of the room, shook it out and looked around the room. "Here, I think, don't you?" and he spread the blanket on the bare floor up against a floor-to-ceiling window. "Yeah, that looks about right," said Adam. "Perfect place for the bed, except that it looks a bit lonely down there ..... needs company. So let's see ...... OK, I'm just getting home from work and you're waiting for me."

Adam left the room, closing the door behind him. Nate loved Adam's sense of make-believe and waited with mounting excitement as he heard footsteps on the bare boards, the door opened and Adam came in. "Hey there, mate. You miss me?" He stretched. "Hell of a day at work. Smells like you've got something real tasty for dinner on the kitchen stove .... but from where I stand there's something even more tasty in here. So go for it, mate. Show me how pleased you are to see me."

Nate was trembling, totally into this fantasy of how most evenings would be from now on. He knew exactly what to do. He kicked off his sneakers, pulled off his T-shirt and dropped his shorts. For some reason he blushed as he stood in his white boxer briefs before Adam, as if on inspection for the first time in their new house. "Oh, yeah," Adam moaned. "Beautiful. Now that's what I wanna see every time I come home from work - my handsome boy waiting for me. Turn around."

Nate did as ordered and immediately felt Adam's hands running over the cotton briefs stretched over the mounds of his ass. "Brilliant," said Adam in his thick Aussie accent .... "and it's all mine." He pushed his fingers under the waistband and slid the briefs down to the floor. Adam fell to his knees, pulled the ass cheeks apart and buried his face between them, pushing his tongue deep into the warm hole. Nate moaned, reflexively grabbed his stiff cock and began to stroke it. Pre-cum was already dripping from it as he felt Adam's tongue probing his ass, and he knew he had to cum.

So did Adam, so he pulled away, reached round and pulled Nate's wrists away from his cock. "Not yet, mate. I've gotta enjoy you first." He sprang to his feet and said, "On your knees, boy, hands behind your back." Nate knelt in the middle of the blanket facing Adam, who smiled down at the lithe body and handsome, boyish face. He unbuttoned his shirt slowly and pulled it apart, exposing the slabs of his flawless chest. Then he shrugged it off and let it fall to the floor, pleased by the gasp he always heard from Nate when the boy saw him shirtless.

Stripped to the waist Adam pointed down at Nate. "Now that, boy, is how it's always gonna be when I come home and decide what I'm gonna do with you." He paced round the room never taking his eyes off Nate. "But before I do anything you'll wait for me right there while I shower."

Adam walked into the empty bathroom and closed the door behind him. Alone now, kneeling on the blanket, hands clasped behind him, Nate was quivering with excitement as he waited. Ever since he and Jamie had first seen Adam, the handsome flight attendant walking down the aisle of the 747 bound for Sydney, Nate had lusted for him. At first Nate thought that his best friend Jamie would be the one Adam liked best, as the beautiful surfer rode the waves of Manly Beach in Sydney, sparkling with joy like a young blond god.

But Jamie was devoted to Mark, everyone's wet dream of a cop, and it became clear that Adam liked the boyish good looks, openness and high spirits of his fellow Aussie. Then came Adam's posting to L.A. and Nate became Adam's boy. And now, a dream Nate could never have dared to dream, they were to live together .... in this very house ....and sleep together in this very bed.

He snapped out of his dream-world as he looked down at the old blanket, substituting for a bed. But suddenly the dream came true again as the bathroom door opened and Adam stepped out, buck naked. Actually, Nate's daydream had lasted only a few minutes and, of course, Adam hadn't showered. It was all part of Adam's teasing fantasy to turn his boy on ..... and it worked!

Nate gazed in wide-eyed awe at the naked, dark-haired muscle-god, at his broad shoulders, muscular arms, magnificent chest and washboard abs. The biggest turn-on for Nate was the Speedo-shaped band of white skin below his waist, with sharp tan lines top and bottom, contrasting with the golden tan of his body. And from it hung his beautiful, long, uncut cock. This gorgeous man was his master, his lover, his mate!

With a whimper Nate fell forward and crawled toward Adam. He had lost all sense modesty or decorum, his sole focus being his master's cock swinging between his legs. When he reached it he scooped it into his mouth and felt it stiffen as he swallowed it to the back of his throat.

"Yeah," Adam groaned, "suck that cock, boy. Make it good and hard ..... make it wet for when it slides into your sweet ass." Nate was going wild, grabbing Adam's waist and pulling his hips forward so the hard rod pistoned inside his mouth, slamming against the back of his throat. It was driving Adam to the brink of orgasm, but again he stopped it, pulling his cock out of Nate's mouth just seconds before it exploded.

He leaned down, grabbed Nate and, with one strong move, pulled him bodily off the floor and held him draped him across his arms, smiling down at him. "Oh yeah, mate," he said, "we are gonna have so much fun in this house." He chuckled, "I guess, according to custom, I should have carried you across the threshold like this, but this is even better." He carried Nate to the blanket, bent forward and gently laid him onto his back. He stood up and gazed down at him.

"And now, boy, for the first time in this house, I'm gonna .... fuck .... your ..... ass!"

There was no more teasing, no more fantasy ...... this was the real thing. As he had done so often before Adam gabbed Nate's ankles, pushed his legs back and eased his iron rod into his ass, pushing it slowly until he touched the back of his ass, then pushed some more, over the inner sphincter and it came to rest in the warm, soft cavity deep inside him. "Aaaah!" Nate sighed, gazing up at Adam. "That feels awesome, sir. God, I love your cock in my ass."

"Yeah," Adam said, "and you're gonna feel it every single time I come home .... and then some." He hooked Nate's left leg over his shoulder and pushed the right leg far back, giving a clear view of Nate's ass. Adam had seen an old mirror still attached to the wall on his right that gave a side view of the two bodies, one kneeling straight up, his cock driving rhythmically into the exposed ass of the other.

"Look at that, Nate, look at us in the mirror. Spectacular, eh? This house has never seen anything that hot, I guarantee. They both gazed at their reflections and were spellbound, as if they were watching two gorgeous strangers, the older one posing, flexing his muscles as his hips moved back and forth, his huge cock sliding into the beautiful young ass. It went on an on until Adam knew neither of them could hold back much longer.

"God that's beautiful," Adam breathed. "Look at that muscle-stud fuck his boy, slamming that ass. You think the master can make his boy bust his load without touching his cock?"

"I think so, sir. The master is so hot .... that body, the face .... Look at him pounding his boy. Oh yeah, he's gonna make the boy shoot. He can't hold back ..... look ....!" They saw the boy in the mirror shudder, heard him yell as white juice pumped from his cock all over his heaving body.

Adam yelled in triumph, "That's it, boy, now watch the master cum inside him ..... here it comes, boy .... Now!" The hips slammed forward one last time, the muscular body in the mirror tensed and froze, the head flew back and a howl of triumph echoed round the empty room as he flooded his boy's ass with his cum.

Finally they tore their gaze away from the mirror and gazed at each other, eyes sparkling with jubilation and pure happiness. "Welcome home, kiddo," Adam said. "This is our home .... and you're my boy."


Adam and Nate were not the only ones taking advantage of the break in construction. Mark was keen to put into practice the idea he had proposed to Bob, and made an early morning call to Jason. Sounding as casual as he could Mark said breezily, "So what's up, buddy? You working today?"

"Nah, worked a lot of overtime on that big York Avenue fire so I've got a couple of days comp time off. Thought I'd just kick back around the house, work out some, clean up the garden, make myself some lunch" .... he chuckled .... "the usual home-body things, you know."

Mark heard a trace of loneliness in his voice and replied, "Yeah, me too. I worked the York Avenue job too so I'm taking time off like you. Maybe I'll drop by and look in on you later .... make sure you're eating properly."

Jason laughed and his voice brightened. "Just what my mother would say. But that would be great, Mark. Always enjoy the company of a handsome stud cop, you know that. You'll have to take me as you find me, though. House is a bit of a mess. So see you later then, maybe."

Mark smiled as he hung up the phone. What he hadn't told Jason was that he was pretty much alone too as the house was very quiet. Bob had not gone into his office today, and he and Jamie were upstairs in the home office working on the remodeling budget as Randy had now given them all the final specs. So Mark went up to see them.

"Well you're a sight for sore eyes," Bob beamed as Mark walked in. "A prettier face than these spread-sheets and statistics."

Mark laughed. "Huh, don't think I've ever been compared to a spread-sheet before. Glad I came out on top. Where's everyone else?"

"Well, as you know, Randy, Zack and their boys are putting in a full day's work on the main construction site, and Eddie is up at Hassan's house, where he seems to spend more and more of his time with his "big stud Marine" as Randy calls him. Says Hassan needs his help with a landscaping project, but I suspect what Hassan really needs is the boy's ass, which Eddie is more than willing to offer up.

"And the Aussies are out furniture shopping. Nate's helping Adam spend some of that generous moving allowance he got from his airline in the transfer. So, Mark, that leaves just you, me and Jamie - and the twins, of course, weaving some kind of culinary magic in the kitchen as usual. Why? You have something in mind?"

Well," Mark grinned conspiratorially, "I just got off the phone with Jason who's spending the day at home alone, kicking back and ...... cooking for himself. So I was thinking we could all surprise him ....... "

Bob interrupted "....... and maybe take over a sample of the twins' magic, which I'm sure is a damn sight better than anything the fireman can rustle up for himself. What do you think, Jamie? Think the spreadsheets can wait?"

"Well, sir," Jamie said with mock seriousness, "given a choice of the figures or the fireman ..... I'd have to go with the fireman, sir."

Mark ruffled his hair. "That's my boy. OK, guys, lets break the news to the twins."


Mark had been right about Jason. He was indeed feeling a bit solitary as he attacked the ivy that was threatening to overwhelm parts of his garden. He had done his usual early-morning workout in his patio gym and was now ripping at the ivy with more ferocity that it merited. It was only ivy, after all, and he realized the plant was not really the source of his frustration. He was feeling somehow detached from the world and wondered why.

After his workout he had, as usual, jerked off looking at his own magnificent reflection in the mirror, where the glass was stained with many previous narcissistic blasts of semen. Could it be his vanity, his lust for his own beautiful face and body, that set him apart from others? It was true that he loved the sight of gorgeous, muscular men. That is why he took refuge in the mirror as there were few men who could match his own beauty ...... except ..... except for the guys in Randy and Bob's house.

He still fantasized about working with them on the house construction, all of them shirtless, their muscles rippling with physical exertion. But it was the two guys watching them who had turned him on the most, clothed as they had been. Mark, of course, the Greek-God blond cop, he considered as his best friend, and he got a boner whenever he saw him. But there was another guy who had the same effect, the guy with the dark Superman looks and body .... Bob.

Jason pretty much kept his lust for Bob under wraps as he was well aware of Randy's passion for his lover, and he didn't want to tangle with the boss again, not because he was scared of him but because it would have caused trouble and embarrassment for Bob. So any move in that direction had to come from Bob himself, as only Bob understood his deeply complex relationship with Randy. Jason recalled vividly the time he had tied Bob to the bed and fucked him, but that was only with the consent of Randy, who had supervised the whole thing.

Jason was becoming morose, he realized, and shook himself back to reality. He had gone straight from his workout to the gardening, so he was still wearing only his thin, sweaty workout shorts. And now he was surprised to find that his thoughts of Bob had caused his cock to get rock hard, and his shorts were spiked over the tent pole of his full-on erection.

And then, all of a sudden, there he was ..... the man himself. Jason had been surprised to hear a truck pull up outside, followed by slamming doors and excited voices. The gate swung open and there stood Bob, followed by a smiling Mark and three eager boys - Jamie and the twins - carrying bulging shopping bags. Jason leapt to his feet and smiled at them, his near-naked body, streaked with dirt and sweat, gleaming in the mid-morning sun. In fact he was back-lit by the sun, creating a halo effect round him reinforcing the impression of a young blond god.

Jason laughed. "What's this, a group intervention or something .... to cure me of my addiction to work .... and working out?"

"Yeah, you can think of it like that," Mark said. "We've come to rescue you from the drudgery of the solitary life. The boys here are gonna cook lunch for us later so forget the kitchen, forget that ivy you're brutalizing ..... forget everything except having a good time."

"OK, officer," Jason grinned. "Let me just clean up a bit. I'm a mess after a sweaty workout and all that grubbing round in the dirt. No way to greet guests." He picked up the garden hose, turn it on and held it over his head, letting the water pour over him. The men gasped as they saw the perfect physique glistening under the impromptu shower. "That's more like it," Jason said as he turned off the water. "Human again."

But he looked more god than human to the onlookers who gazed in awe at the spectacular sight. The sculpted features and rippling muscles, streaming with water, sparkled in the sunlight and the soaking shorts clung to his hips and thighs, with the huge cock clearly outlined under the thin, wet fabric.

It was only then that Bob walked forward and shook Jason's hand almost shyly. Neither man knew that the mere touching of hands caused an instant erection in the other .... though they could have guessed it as their eyes met, shooting sparks. "Must feel good to get away from that construction job for a while, I bet," said Bob. "Randy always drives his guys hard. Thanks for helping out with that, by the way. You didn't have to."

"I enjoyed it," Jason grinned. "And anyway it gave me a chance to see you again." Instantly he blushed deep red knowing he had gone too far, and Bob blushed too. An awkward silence followed, broken mercifully by the eager chatter of the boys. Jamie and the twins had taken the groceries to the kitchen and brought out beers for the three men. "We'll make a start on lunch soon, sir," said Kyle, "but in the meantime could we try out your gym equipment over there?"

"Sure you can," Jason smiled. "Go for it guys." The boys were all dressed casually, like Bob and Mark, in shorts and T-shirts, and when they got to the patio and surveyed the equipment they pulled off their shirts and began to try it out ...... well, began to fool around would be more accurate, as they were too giddy for a serious workout. But Bob good-humoredly went to join them and take charge.

"Come on, guys, no screwing around here. You're way overdue for a decent workout." He pulled off his T-shirt and prepared to work with them. "OK, Jamie, on the bench-press, Kevin on the chin bar and Kyle take the cables."

Jason and Mark sat at the lawn table sipping beer and watched Bob's efforts to corral the boys into serious effort ...... without much success. There was more laughter than lifting and Bob soon gave up and joined in the fun. The men watched the shirtless muscle-stud horsing around with the boys, the delight in his eyes, his tousled dark hair falling over his handsome face. Jason smiled. "The boys are crazy about him, aren't they?"

"Isn't everyone?" agreed Mark, his eyes shining.

Jason gazed hard at him. "You're totally in love with him aren't you, Mark?"

Mark looked at him, blushing slightly. "That obvious, uh? Jason, I've been in love with that guy ever since the day I pulled him over and he rolled down the window of his car and looked up sheepishly at me. I was on patrol in Griffith Park and saw him on a remote hillside road. He had not only just done an illegal U-turn he was obviously just coming off a three-martini business lunch.

"I could have thrown the book at him but instead I kind of lost my mind and made him walk to a clearing in the bushes and strip off his business clothes. He looked so fucking gorgeous standing there naked in the dappled sunlight that I busted my load in my uniform pants. I must have been crazy ...... he drove me crazy. I let him off, of course, but after he drove away I realized I still had his driver's license so I took it to his house and ....."

"......and the rest is history. Well, buddy, since we're spilling our guts here I gotta confess that I've always lusted for the guy too, he's so beautiful, so gentle and ..... well, the real essence of masculinity, somehow. Once Randy "allowed" me to fuck Bob while he watched and I've never forgotten it. I still beat off thinking about it." He chuckled. "But with you around I could never get a look in there."

"Oh, I don't know about that. You should have heard the way Bob talked about you when we were watching you work. He still remembers that fuck too ...... still jacks off thinking about it too, just like you." Jason was stunned into silence but just then Bob flopped down at the table, having given up on coaching the boys. He grabbed a beer and said, "So, guys, what's up? Been talking about me?" he joked. "Only the good stuff only, I hope." He couldn't have known how good, and he was suddenly struck by the almost guilty silence between them.

"You were talking about me, weren't you? Shit, guys, I ....." But words failed him, failed them all as a heavy silence hung over them .... heavy, but loaded with emotion .... and longing.

They were alone in the garden, the boys having disappeared into the house to make a start on lunch. The men sipped their beers, trying to avoid eye contact but found themselves drawn to each other again and again, exchanging furtive glances. Finally Mark, the voice of authority, had had enough. He was the only one of the three still wearing a shirt and he suddenly stood up and pulled it off.

"He spread out his arms and flexed his muscles. "OK, guys, look at that and raise your hand if you've got a big boner in your shorts. Bob and Jason grinned and raised their arms. "And you're not alone," Mark said, grabbing his crotch and squeezing his hands round the outline of the long, hard rod underneath. "So what are we gonna do about that, men?"

Suddenly Bob stood up and said, "Don't go anywhere, guys ..... back in a minute .... quick phone call." He ran over to the house, out of earshot, and pulled out his cell-phone. "Hey, Randy, how's it going? ..... Me? Oh I'm kinda playing hooky from work. I'm over at Jason's with Mark and we're just kinda hanging out and ....."

"And you're all gonna have sex," Randy said, cutting to the chase as usual. "Well that's been a long time coming .... could see it a mile off."

"And ..... you'd be OK with that?"

He heard Randy chuckle. "Buddy, are you calling me to get my approval? Do you need it?"

"Well, no, I guess not. But I'd like to have it just the same."

"Hey, buddy, have a little fun. I know how you've been lusting for those two guys, so go for it. Just remember this, though. I'm having a long, hard day here on the site, and when I get finished I'm gonna be covered in dirt and grease and sweating like a pig. So when I come in the first thing I'm gonna need is your ass. You gonna be ready for me?"

"Yes, sir .... Absolutely, sir."

"And you can drop the 'sir' bullshit. You know you don't have to call me that."

"I know, but I like to .... I want to .... sir."

"Yeah, yeah...." (Bob could hear the satisfied smile in his voice.) "I gotta get back to work. Have fun, asshole."

Bob pocketed his phone and walked back to the others with a big smile on his face. "So," Mark grinned, "the lord and master give his OK?"

"No, I ......" Bob started to protest, blushing. "Shit, man, you know me so well. Yeah, well, it's not like the old days ..... Randy just told me to go ahead and have fun."

"You hear that, Sergeant?" Mark said to Jason. "The big guy's been cleared by the boss to mix it up with the cop and the fireman. Shit, he doesn't know what he's getting into. Let's show him, man."

They grabbed him, one under each arm and frog-marched him backwards to the gym on the patio. Bob was startled, but exhilarated to feel himself in the power of these two blond symbols of authority, the macho studs that he lusted for so much. So he allowed himself to be forced back onto the patio, where the men quickly stripped him naked. They forced him down onto a big workout mat and made him lie on his back.

"Hey, officer," Jason said as they gazed down at him. "Look at that huge boner. One touch would make that thing start gushing ..... we can't allow that. Come on, man, give me a hand."

He grabbed two ropes that he used for skipping and gave one to Mark. They each tied one end round each wrist, then pulled Bob's arms up and out and attached the other end to posts supporting the patio. They stood back and surveyed their work. "Yeah," Mark said, "that should keep his hands away from his cock. Come on man, try to stroke that big rod of yours. Make it cum, man."

As he looked up at the two blond muscle-gods there was nothing Bob wanted more than to beat his meat and shoot a load. So he pulled at the ropes and twisted his body in a hopeless effort to at least touch his cock. Jason watched the erotic display and moaned, "Holy shit, it's just like Superman spread-eagled in bondage. Hell, Mark, why did you have to make him do that?" He turned his back and paced the room. "Just looking at him will make me jizz all over him."

"Not so fast, Sergeant. Didn't you ever have that fantasy of a fireman and a cop getting it on? Maybe start by working out together?" Mark dropped his shorts, kicked off his sneakers and faced him, naked. It was a challenge and Jason grinned, "You got it, stud. OK, let's see how many chin lifts you can do. He dropped his thin shorts and the two men stood under the wide chin bar, facing the wall mirror, with Bob bound at their feet.

Bob was dazzled by the sight of the two naked men as the contest began. They jumped up, grabbed the bar, and were soon hauling themselves up to the bar and back down in a set of grueling chin-lifts, their shoulders and biceps bulging, lats flaring, faces contorted with painful effort. Bob stared up at the two rival bodybuilders in their test of endurance, and they themselves were transfixed by the mirror image of the naked cop and fireman and their straining muscles. Bob struggled, aching to touch his cock, and when he felt the first drops of their sweat splashing onto his face and saw pre-cum oozing from their rigid cocks he almost lost his load.

And yet he instinctively held back, clenching his ass tight to prevent an orgasm, as he knew there was more to come. And he was right. Their muscles were now nearing the failure point and they groaned loudly, heaving themselves up one last time .... and suddenly Jason dropped to the floor, followed a split second later by Mark. They grinned at each other, breath heaving in exhaustion and finally Mark panted, "We can call that a draw, buddy. God, you looked spectacular in the mirror"

"You too, stud," Jason agreed, turning again to look at their reflections. "Look how those biceps are pumped now, and those rock-hard shoulders." He flexed hard in several bodybuilder poses as he had done so often before in front of the mirror. "Remember when you did this in the firehouse gym, buddy, looking in the mirror and getting off on yourself?"

"Hell yeah," said Mark. "You don't have an exclusive on muscle worship, man. Watch this!" Bob groaned as he gazed up and watched Mark match Jason, pose for pose .... biceps flexed, then fists on waist flaring their lats forward. It was a pose-off between the cop and the fireman and Bob was going wild. "Guys, don't do this to me. Come on, guys, untie one of my wrists so I can touch my cock. You're killing me here."

But they ignored him, getting off on themselves and each other in the mirror. "Shit, man, that is fucking spectacular," said Jason. "I love watching a man make love to himself in the mirror."

"Damn right," said Mark, "and when I do, it always looks so fucking hot it makes me bust a massive load in seconds." Jason grinned at him in the mirror. "Sure sounds like a challenge to me ..... OK, man, you're on."

They each grabbed their cock and started to pump. Bob looked up in a panic, realizing what was about to happen. "No, guys .... No! I want to feel you, touch you. I wanna work my dick, guys ..... please."

Mark and Jason watched their own magnificent bodies, then looked down at the pleading muscle-stud thrashing in bondage at their feet. "Shit, that is so fucking hot," Mark groaned. "Here, man." He turned his head sideways to face Jason. Their faces closed together and their lips met in a grinding, man-on-man kiss. Their eyes glanced sideways and they were mesmerized by the reflection of the naked cop and fireman kissing, bodies pumped to the max, with the helpless Superman writhing in bondage beneath them.

Then came the climax - a spectacular contest of strength and sexual power. Mark and Jason pulled apart and, as if reading each other's mind, each man jumped up to the bar and held on by one arm, the other hand pounding his cock. Bob watched in disbelief as the two muscle-gods swung naked above him, arms stretched, shoulders and biceps bulging, lats flaring, taking the full weight of the magnificent bodies. Defying each other they hung on, beating their meat wildly, sweat pouring off them onto Bob's face and body.

Hypnotized by the sight Bob pulled frantically at his restraints and yelled, "I can't take any more, guys. That is fucking pornographic .... it's making me .... "Aaagh!" His cock exploded in a long ribbon of cum that arced upward and splashed down onto his chest. Mark and Jason stared down at the bound Superman, his body smothered in cum, then looked back at the reflection of two bodybuilders, hanging by one arm, their muscular bodies twisting as they pounded their cocks. "This is the best," Jason yelled. "It's never been like this. Let's do it, man!"

Incredibly they flexed their arms and, with the last ounces of strength, pulled themselves higher. They howled in the ecstasy of pain flashing through their bodies and down to their cocks, forcing an eruption of hot juice that spurted high and rained down onto the man beneath them. Bob opened his mouth to shout but he choked on the musky taste of semen pouring into his throat. As he swallowed frantically he lost all control ..... and his cock exploded again.

Finally drained, Bob lay exhausted, his heart beating wildly. He was dimly aware of the thud of feet as the two men at last dropped from the bar and fell into a supportive embrace, having tested each other to the limit in a macho trial of strength and raw sexuality.


"Guys," Bob moaned as his heaving breaths and heartbeat subsided. "This is torture. That was so fucking hot .... you've gotta untie me ..... I wanna cum again."

"Oh, you'll cum again," Mark grinned .... "many times. But first you have to learn how it feels to be the prisoner of a fireman and a cop. We don't fool around, man." He turned to Jason. "Guess that was another tie, man. You wanna go for best of three?"

"Try me, asshole," Jason growled and raised his arms high in the traditional wrestling opening challenge. Mark matched him, their palms came together and their fingers locked. Then it was a pure contest of strength as each man tried to force the other's wrists back in an effort to make his legs buckle and eventually force him to his knees. Bob watched wide-eyed, his cock already growing stiff again at the erotic sight of the two blond muscle-gods pushing against each other, muscles flexing as they strained for advantage.

The advantage went back and forth as the two men held each other's steely gaze. But at last one man's superior strength began to show. His opponent groaned as his wrists were forced back and he had no more strength to retaliate. His only option was to the bend his legs and sink slowly to the floor and onto his knees. Bob gasped as he saw the defeated Jason kneeling at Mark's feet.

The triumphant Mark grinned down at him. "No tie that time, buddy. I win ..... the cop beats the fireman. OK, man, you know the price of defeat. Open up."

Jason obediently opened his mouth. Mark stroked his own cock a couple of times to bring it to a rock-hard erection, then pushed it slowly into Jason's mouth until he gagged. Mark pulled back, then pushed in again, holding Jason by his tousled blond hair as he fucked his face.

Bob started to struggle again. "No, I can't take this, guys. It is such a fucking turn-on." He was spellbound by the sight of the muscular cop's hips ramming forward as he fucked the handsome face of the defeated fireman, making him groan into the gag of his cock. It was the ultimate humiliation for the blond muscle-god, being tortured by the victorious cop, spit running down his chin and tears spurting from his eyes.

"No, please," Bob begged. "Don't cum again. Please, man, at least let me feel you touch me."

Suddenly Mark pulled his cock out and Bob was amazed to see the two men grin at each other. "You hear that, buddy?" Mark said to Jason. "That man wants to be touched. Guess there's only one way to do that. Why don't I join you down there?"

He dropped to his knees on one side of Bob and Jason turned round to kneel on the other side. Facing each other across Bob's bound body Mark said, "OK, Jason. I'd say we've pretty much done each other, don't you think? What say we let our buddy here see a little action, eh?"

"All for it," Jason grinned. He turned his attention to Bob's rigid pole that was pointing straight up. "Wow," Jason said. "Looks like that cock is in need of attention. OK if I go first, now that you've got my mouth good and wet sucking your dick?" At Mark's nod of consent Jason leaned forward, lowered his mouth over Bob's cock and let it slide to the back of his throat.

Bob's body jerked and he raised his head to see the beautiful blond face start to work on his cock. At last the frustration was over. He was no longer being ignored, being left to writhe in his restraints as he watched the two blond studs test each other and turn each other on to the point of orgasm. Now, finally, Bob was the focus and he felt the exhilaration of flesh on flesh. He looked up at Mark who was smiling down at him.

"Worth the wait, eh, buddy? You gotta admit, I sure know how to put on a show to turn you on. And there's more ..... Hey, Jason, shove over. Bad manners not to share, you know." The euphoria for Bob was seamless. As Jason pulled back off his cock another mouth took its place and Bob watched the square jaw open and take in the full length of his rod. He saw the cop's chiseled features rise and fall, felt heat radiate from his balls throughout his body.

From then on it was a feeding frenzy on his cock, as first one blond stud sucked it only to be shouldered aside by the other. The physical sensation was intense but even more erotic was the sight of the cop and the fireman fighting for a taste of his cock, their handsome faces pressed together, salivating over him. This was a fantasy he had never dreamed off and he wanted to delay his orgasm as long as possible so he struggled to free himself so he could push the faces off him.

"No, guys, please .... It's so fucking hot, you guys are so gorgeous you're gonna make me cum again. Hold off, men, don't make me cum .... not yet ..... I .... no!" .... His muscles flexed, he felt heat rise from his balls, flash through his cock and .... "Aaagh!" .... His cock exploded in one of the hot mouths. Then as the other mouth took over he shot again.

He had closed his eyes, but when he opened them again he saw the two faces closing in on his, felt two mouths pressing on his and, as he breathed in, he sucked in the warm juice spilling out of their mouths. Mark and Jason each reached a hand to his chest and squeezed a nipple, still crushing their mouths against his. Bob flew into a fantasy world of pure, raw sex and his cock kept spurting juice high in the air as the cop and the fireman worked on him voraciously.

At last he was drained and the two men were on their feet, gazing down at the bound Superman, his body still shuddering, mouth sagging open, cum oozing from it down over his chin, tears flowing from his eyes."


In his delirium Bob heard Mark's voice. "Think we're finished with you, big guy? Think again. When the forces of law and order join together and work a guy over, they don't let him off so easily. Here, Sergeant," he said to Jason, "take a look at this. He pulled Bob's legs up and back, exposing his ass.

"Oh, shit," Jason said, "man I gotta get me a piece of that perfect ass." He dropped to his knees, reached over for a tube of lube he kept for jack off sessions, and squeezed it over his cock. As he lubed up his big rod he gazed into Bob's eyes. "Man, this is what I wanna do to you every time I lay eyes on you. God, I want your ass."

He placed the head of his cock at the sphincter of Bob's ass, his hips lunged forward and his long cock drove into the hole like a piston, pulled back and speared it again. Bob's head flew back, but then he raised it and gazed at the incredible sight of the magnificent body rising and falling over him, the face of a young god smiling down at him.

"Oh, yeah, man," Bob moaned, "fuck my ass good. Man, I've waited for this ...... you are so fucking hot. Come on, man, let me feel that dick in my ass." Bob's hungry words spurred Jason on to increasing frenzy until his cock was a jackhammer and Bob felt his pubic hair slamming against his ass cheeks. Finally he averted his gaze from Jason's face up to Mark's and the cop knew what he wanted.

Jason hooked Bob's legs over his shoulders and Mark knelt down beside the bound man. He reached forward and quickly untied his wrists. Bob's arms were suddenly free and he laid them limply at his sides, waiting for Mark's next move. Mark lay on his side beside him and pushed his arm under Bob's head until it was lying on his bicep. He leaned forward and closed his mouth gently over Bob's, pressing their tongues together. Then Mark pulled back and gazed into Bob's eyes. "That feel good, buddy?"

"Yeah, Mark .... he's fucking me. That beautiful man is fucking my ass. God, it feels so hot." Bob looked up at Jason, his naked body gleaming with sweat as he drilled Bob's ass. Tears began to flow from Bob's eyes and Mark leaned close and licked them from his cheek.

It was driving Jason wild. As he stared down at the two stunning men making love, the Greek God and the Superman, he moaned, "That is so fucking beautiful. I've never seen anything that hot in my life." He voice rose, "Man, I love fucking that ass ....I love that ass!" and his cock became a steel rod as it pistoned faster and faster.

Mark lay his head beside Bob's and they both stared up at the handsome wild-eyed face and spectacular body heaving over them. Mark urged him on. "That's it, Jason, give it to him .... pound that ass, man. I love this man, buddy, so make him feel good." He saw Jason shudder. "You close, man?" Mark said. "You ready?"

"I have to, man," Jason pleaded. "It's so fucking hot I gotta cum. Help me, man." Mark turned so his face was directly over Bob. "This was all for you, buddy. I'm in love with you, man." Their mouths closed together again, this time in a ravenous display of raw passion. With his free hand Mark reached down and stroked Bob's already throbbing cock. They heard Jason yell, "Yeah, this is it ..... I love you guys...... Aaaagh ....!" And he exploded inside Bob's ass.

Mark felt Bob's body convulse, could almost feel the hot jism pouring inside him. Kissing him hungrily he pounded Bob's cock harder, heard the muffled scream and felt Bob's cock shudder as it poured juice over both their bodies. Watching in awe, his heart still pounding, Jason pulled his cock out and fell forward onto the men beneath him. The three of them writhed together on the bed, their mouths crushed together in the single embrace of three beautiful men.


As they calmed down and lay together Bob knew there was one last act to play out. Gazing up to the sky he said, "You know, guys, one thing I told Ben recently when I fucked him was to make sure, when he shot his load, that the other guy gets off too. And the young punk said, 'You mean gets his rocks off, sir?'" He turned to Mark ..... "so how about it buddy?"

"Way ahead of you, Bob," Mark said. "You know I have to fuck your ass and making you cum one last time .... How many times is it now?"

"I lost count," Bob grinned.

"Hey," said Jason, with a trace of narcissism, "I want to see what it looked like last time," and he traded places with Mark. Lying on his back beside Bob, their faces side by side, Jason looked up as Mark pulled Bob's legs over his shoulder. "No need for lube this time," Mark smiled. "Jason made you ass good and ready. Here it comes, buddy." Mark eased his cock inside Bob and began to fuck him tenderly, lovingly.

"Aaah ..." With heavy sighs from both men, their eyes locked together, the gentle fuck went on and on. Jason gazed up at the naked cop, his flawless body rising and falling over the man he loved, and moaned. "Mark, you look so fucking gorgeous like that. Can I ..... ?"

"Sure," Mark smiled. Gently he eased out of Bob's ass, held Jason's leg back and pushed his cock into his waiting ass. Bob and Jason gazed up in disbelief as the spectacular man fucked first one ass then the other, back and forth. It was a wild mix of alternating sensations for each man....... the feel of the huge cock plunging into his ass, then the euphoria of watching the other man get fucked, and the almost unbearable anticipation until the cock plunged in again.

Mark, the magnificent police officer, was the ultimate authority figure, in total command of both of them as he fucked them in turn. And it was he who decided when the moment had come. He was inside Bob when he said, "I want you both to jack off and shoot when I tell you to." They obeyed him, their eyes never leaving his, as he increased the rhythm of his hips and the speed of the piston in Bob's ass. His body shuddered, his eyes opened wide and he shouted, "Now, guys. Now!"

"Aagh .... Aagh .... Aagh!" There were three tumultuous orgasms, as Mark exploded in Bob's ass, and Bob and Jason pumped semen from their cocks over their own bodies. Mark pulled out of Bob and plunged his cock into Jason, shooting one last load deep inside him.

Their breath heaving, Bob and Jason gazed in awe at the triumphant cop. He had fucked them both, and they were both in love and in lust with him. The spectacular Greek God had proven beyond doubt that in every way .... physically, sexually, passionately .... he was supreme .... the ultimate man.


"Sirs, lunch is served!" Jamie and the twins looked down at the tangle of limbs on the floor, and the men gazed back at the three handsome boys standing rather formally above them.

But the formality didn't last long as the men leapt to their feet and Jamie said, "Sirs, it seems you are all covered with ..... stuff ..... so may we clean you up before lunch?" Without waiting for a reply they picked up three hoses they had found lying in the garden and turned them on, spraying the naked bodybuilders, who howled as they tried to shield themselves from the blast.

The laughter eventually died down but it set the tone for the rest of the day. Jason pulled on gym shorts and found two spare pairs that he tossed to Bob and Mark. The boys served lunch outdoors and they all sat down in a festive mood at the overloaded table. The boys were caught up in the men's exhilaration and when Mark and Jason went indoors to get an extra table, Jamie and the twins looked at Bob expectantly, their eyes sparkling.

Bob grinned at them. "Yeah, yeah, we had a terrific time and when we get home I'll give you all the details so you can pass them on to Darius for his 'family archive' as he calls it." Their eager faces gazed at him, wanting more. So Bob rubbed his chin pensively.

"But you know ..... seems to me I was .... what you might call ..... 'on the receiving end' of all the activity .... The odds were stacked two against one. Randy's always says I should be more assertive ...... so I'm thinking I need to get my own back. Call it Bob's revenge. But I'm gonna need some help with that .... to even the odds. Would you three boys be up for that?"

Their eyes opened wide. "You bet, sir," they said in unison.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 171


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