Everything had been going so well. Up at the lake in the Angelus Forest Randy had become closer than ever to Bob, the man he worshipped. Bob had taken control and proved his love and forgiveness through passionate sex.

Then Randy's kid brother Ben had, literally, fallen out of a tree at their feet. By now Ben looked upon Bob as an honorary second big brother, and Bob and Randy sealed the deal by double teaming the boy's ass. After Ben had triumphantly ridden both their cocks together, Randy laughed, "Not every day that a boy gets his ass fucked by both his big brothers at once, eh kiddo?" The small family that Randy took such pride in had never been closer.

But a few days later everything fell disastrously apart. Ben's obsession with the gorgeous fireman, Jason, had not abated, despite Randy's adamant opposition. Randy caught the boy jacking off, gazing at the calendar picture of the shirtless fireman and, in his fantasy, making love to him. Randy's notorious anger erupted into violence. He slammed his hand across the boy's face and, when Bob came to the rescue, Randy hurled him savagely against the wall.

In confusion Randy dropped to his knees by the bed and threw his arms round both injured men, kissing their faces. "Ben, Ben, I didn't mean that. Forgive me, little brother." He looked helplessly at Bob. "I just got so mad all of a sudden. I didn't mean to ..... Man, I swore to you in the forest 'never again' and now here .... Bob, please, what I said in the forest .... that was real .... this is not real, buddy."

"Looked pretty damn real to me," Bob said coldly. "I don't care for myself .... I've felt your anger before. But Ben! Your kid brother! You hit your kid brother, Randy!" They stared at each, with panic in Randy's eyes, sadness in Bob's.

Zack intervened and said, "Here, Bob, help me get Ben across the street to my place." Ben let himself be helped up by Zack and Bob, and he left the room with them without looking at Randy. Bob did glance at Randy but didn't trust himself to say anymore. Best leave him on his own for a while to cool down, he thought.

So Randy was left alone, sitting on the edge of the bed, elbows on his knees, his face buried in his hands. His mind was still reeling - "what a fucking mess." After everything he had said to Bob, the man he loved - "never again, buddy" - he had sworn it. And Ben, the kid brother he had found again, loved, and sworn to protect. Things had been so great between them in the forest - so much love. But now the memory he had of the proud, happy young kid up there had been replaced by the gut-wrenching image of the boy cowering on the bed, cheek swollen, scared to death of his big brother How had everything gone so wrong so soon?

So much for family .... he had sure busted that up. His fucking anger! Sure he was angry, but he had taken it out on the wrong guys. He took a few deep breaths. Got to get it together .... got to focus. His anger was all out of whack .... got to focus it on one thing, on the real problem, and take care of it once and for all.

And then he had it .... suddenly it all fell into place. Ben wasn't the problem, nor Bob, god knows. Nor was he himself when it came down to it. No, Randy knew where the problem lay. He stood up, left the room, strode across the garden, through the gate and leapt into his truck.


Jason was alone in his house, working out on his patio gym, stripped down to his usual thin, ragged gym shorts. He was surprised to hear car tires crunching on the gravel outside and a door slam. He dropped to the ground from his chin bar and waited. The gate flew open and there stood Randy, shirtless in jeans and boots.

Jason smiled welcomingly. "Hey, big guy. This is a surprise. What can I do for you?"

Randy yelled across the garden. "You can keep your hands off my little brother!"

Jason sighed, approached Randy and spoke calmly. "So that's what this is all about. Randy, you may have noticed that I have been keeping my distance from your house for this exact reason. You have this crazy hair up your ass about me taking your brother away from you. Oh, and you'll notice I didn't say little brother. In case you hadn't noticed, Ben has grown up. He's nineteen, over the age of consent. So if it's all the same to you, I'll wait and see what he consents to .... not you."

Randy tensed and clenched his fists but the muscular fireman was not intimidated by the 'big boss' who right now was clearly out of control. Jason tried for conciliation and looked him straight in the eye. "Look, Randy, I don't want to cause trouble here, but I'll tell you straight, I took a liking to the kid and I know he likes me. Man, I'm not gonna 'take him away from you', whatever that means, but if he wants to see me I'm not gonna wait for your permission."

Fire burned in Randy's eyes. What got to him was Jason's calm, steady demeanor as he faced him down. The man was not only a perfect physical specimen but he was strong, defiant, and Randy was not used to being defied. His fury at a pitch, his reaction was inevitable. He swung his arm and smashed the back of his fist against Jason's face. The near-naked fireman spun round, flew backward through the air and crashed into the dirt, stunned by the savage blow.

In a daze, he was only dimly aware of Randy's tirade as he towered over him. "Not so tough now, eh, asshole? That's what a man gets for messing with my family. I raised that boy - took care of him for years - and no hot-shot muscleman is gonna get between us now. So go back to your mirror, stud, and jerk off looking at yourself. That's the guy who really gets you off - the asshole in the mirror - so leave my boy alone. I'm the boss here, man. Get it?"

During Randy's outburst Jason's head had cleared and his anger rose at the man's arrogance. He hadn't picked this fight with Randy but now he had no option. As Randy reached down to grab him, Jason raised his right leg in a karate kick, swinging his foot hard against Randy's jaw, sending him crashing onto the patio amongst the gym equipment. Now both men were crawling on the ground, shaking their heads, trying to clear them. Jason was the first to stagger to his feet, but he was disoriented, rubbing his jaw, waiting for his eyes to focus.

Randy, a hardened street fighter, came to his senses more quickly. Lying among the scattered gym gear his hands groped round him and he felt the rope that Jason used in his workouts. He pulled himself to his feet and came up behind Jason. Still reeling unsteadily, the next thing Jason knew was something clamping tight round his throat. His hands shot to his neck and he felt the rope. He tried to get his fingers round it, frantically clawing at it to ease the pressure on his throat, but Randy had him in a vise.

Pressed against Jason's back Randy yanked him round by the neck to face the mirror and sneered, "OK, stud, you get off watching that muscle-god pose in the mirror, so how do you like that pose? Look at that face - not so gorgeous now, twisted in pain. I knew those muscles were only good for show. Not much use now, are they?" Jason's body flexed and strained, biceps bulging as he pulled helplessly at the rope round his neck, seeing a blurred vision of Randy's face over his shoulder, taunting him in triumph.

Jason felt his mind grow hazy, his muscles cracking under the strain. But anger kept him going .... damn the man, and his arrogance .... and adrenaline raced through his body. With his last ounce of strength Jason pulled away from the mirror and staggered off the patio, with Randy still behind him, choking him. Jason stopped clawing at the rope, raised his hands and clamped them behind Randy's head. He inhaled deeply, flexed, and jerked forward. With a supreme effort he yanked Randy off the ground and launched him forward high over his head.

The big man flew through the air, across the lawn and landed hard on his back in the dirt. It was a heavy fall and, after the earlier karate kick, Randy was momentarily stunned beyond action. Jason seized his advantage. As he rubbed his bruised throat, his earlier attempt at reasoning was replaced with anger at this wildly deranged man. He charged forward, hauled the limp body to its knees and clamped his arm round Randy's neck from above in a vicious headlock.

Locking his hands under Randy's throat Jason flexed his biceps and Randy howled in pain as the arm gripped his head like a vise. Jason straightened up, pulling Randy to his feet, and dragged him head first toward the patio. Randy saw what was coming and yelled "No!", but there was no escape from the brutal headlock. Charging forward, Jason slammed Randy's head straight into one of the patio posts. Ignoring the big man's howl of pain, he pulled back then slammed the head again ..... and again. Only then did he release him.

The massive body slumped to the ground and Jason looked down with satisfaction at the once-proud muscle stud, the so-called King of the Gypsies, dragging himself painfully on his stomach through the dirt in a hopeless attempt at escape.

It was a rare sight of abject defeat. Jason knew that if Randy hated a man enough he could tear him apart in a fight .... he could take on two men, three even. Jason had heard the story of the time three thugs had run Bob off the road and seriously injured him. Randy had later confronted them all, thrashed them and left them with their balls tied together. Then he had pushed their truck to oblivion over the side of a ravine.

But this time there was no hatred driving Randy. Even as he had fought Jason, part of him knew his anger was irrational. Jason had done him or Ben no harm and deep down Randy knew this. He had just needed a way of venting his anger. Days earlier Randy had sought physical punishment from Bob but had found only love. Perhaps in some perverse way Jason was to be the instrument of his punishment, something Randy still needed.

As he crawled in the dirt his incredible body, a fighting machine, could have mustered the strength to retaliate. In the dirt of West Texas he had many times endured a beating, fought back and emerged triumphant. No, it was not his body that was defeated, it was his spirit where there was no fight left. Fists were not the answer to his problems so he had nothing left. Let Jason do his worst.

But these thoughts were all deep in his subconscious, and right now his animal instinct was to crawl away. As Randy dragged himself through the dirt there was a part of Jason that pitied him ..... but a bigger part that wanted to humble this crazed tyrant of a man. "You're not going anywhere, stud," Jason growled, "not 'til I've finished with you."

Jason dropped to his knees astride Randy's lower back and reached for the rope that had fallen to the ground. He leaned forward, grabbed Randy's arms and pulled them down to his sides. Holding his wrists in an iron grip he forced his arms up behind his back in a vicious hammerlock and swiftly tied the wrists together. He forced the wrists upward, putting agonizing pressure on his arms bent up behind his back and making the big man howl in pain. He yanked the end of the rope upward and tied it round Randy's neck, so he was hogtied in helpless humiliation.

But that was only the start. Jason leapt to his feet, reached down and yanked Randy's jeans down below his ass. The perfect, rock-hard mounds were an erotic sight and Jason's cock grew stiff in his shorts, pumped with adrenaline from the heat of battle. Jason dropped his shorts and the naked muscle-god fireman stared down at the hogtied King of the Gypsies. This was man-on-man action and testosterone filled the air as one muscular alpha male prepared to torture the other.

Again Jason dropped to his knees, this time between Randy's legs. He leaned forward and clamped his hands on the small of Randy's back, pressing it into the dirt. The big boss was immobilized, his arms roped behind him and tied to his neck, his ass held firmly in place, vulnerable, helpless. Jason said, "OK, stud, we all know how you like to strut your stuff and pound ass until your victim begs for mercy. Well let's see how you like a taste of your own treatment." Some shreds of pride clung to Randy as he growled, "Go fuck yourself, asshole."

Jason smiled contemptuously. "Now we both know that's not gonna happen, man. Quite the opposite .... your ass is mine. This is gonna be from me, Ben, Bob and all the other guys you've treated like shit. You've always looked on me as some kind of narcissistic pretty boy. Well here's the other side of me, man. And it won't be so pretty."

"Aaagh!" Randy's scream echoed round the garden as he felt the long, dry shaft driving into him, staking his ass to the ground. The fireman pulled back and skewered his ass again, to more resounding howls of pain. Jason pressed down hard on the small of Randy's back, trapping the ass so the hog-tied muscle-stud was helpless against the ferocious piston drilling into him. "See how it feels, man?" Jason shouted as his hips slammed down relentlessly. "This is what you always do to prove your manhood, show them all who's boss - with your cock and your fists. Well you sure don't look like the boss-man now."

It was a relentlessly savage dry fuck - and it went against all Jason's instincts. He was not a violent man .... fucking for him was a demonstration of love, not anger. Even this time it was not anger that drove him, but an urge to puncture the arrogant man's ego, bring him down to earth - humiliate him. And this was graphic degradation as the powerful construction boss howled, his body flexed and shuddered under the jackhammer of Jason's cock. His arms and shoulders bulged as he yanked desperately against the rope binding his wrists behind him, pulling them painfully upward to his neck.

Tough as he was, Randy was near the end of his endurance. His head was swimming after being pounded against the pole, his back ached from being slammed to the ground. And, most agonizing of all, his ass was being deep-drilled by the fireman's merciless cock. Jason's spectacular body was flexing and gleaming in the sun, sweat pouring from his handsome face down onto his tortured prisoner. "Can't take anymore, eh stud?" Jason taunted. "Come on boss-man, give up. You know you're finished. Submit to me, man! Now ......! "

He pulled all the way out, paused, then plunged his cock all the way down, smashing it deep inside Randy's ravaged ass. "Aaagh! Aaagh! OK, I give up .... I can't take any more .... You win .... I submit to you. I submit....."

Jason's cock exploded deep inside the construction worker's ass, streaming with hot juice as the defeated body bucked and heaved in pain. Jason pulled out, leapt to his feet and shot one last load over his bound captive. He paused, then as a final act of total degradation, unleashed a torrent of piss over the bruised and battered flesh. He hooked his foot under Randy's chest, flipped him over onto his back, and gazed down at the rugged face, streaked with dirt and tears. He smiled with wry satisfaction at the semen spread over Randy's chest. The broken stud had suffered the final humiliation of shooting his load as he was fucked by the man who had demolished him.


Jason pulled on his shorts and, when his heaving breath subsided, said, "I didn't start this fight Randy - you did, for some warped reason of your own. But it's finished, and I'm gonna ship you back home where you belong." The beaten man was in no position to resist, his body limp, his spirit broken. Jason hauled him to his knees, then to his feet, and dragged him outside, his arms still bound behind him, jeans still hanging round his legs.

When they got to Jason's truck there was only one thing for it. He pulled down the tail gate and hauled the bound body onto the tarps spread over the truck bed. He slammed the tail gate shut, leapt into the cab and started off. It was not a long drive, but not a smooth one either, up the twisting road from Jason's house, then up the even steeper corkscrew road to Randy's.

In the back of the truck, his arms helplessly hog-tied behind him, Randy had no defense except to flex his muscles as his body rolled from one side of the truck bed to the other, banging against the metal sides with every screeching turn. Finally, mercifully, he heard the crunch of gravel under the tires as they pulled up at the gate. Jason opened the tailgate and pulled Randy from the truck.


Sitting round the table by the pool, Bob, Mark and Zack had been talking about Randy in worried tones - where he had gone and what in god's name he would do next after slapping his young brother and injuring Bob. They had left him alone in his room but had not seen him since. Then, suddenly, their questions were answered. The gate was flung open and Jason, walked in, naked except for gym shorts, heaving Randy with him, his feet dragging over the ground, jeans wrapped round his ankles.

Jason flung him forward with a look of contempt and the big boss crashed face-down on the grass. The guys saw that he was hogtied, his arms bent painfully behind him, wrists tied high up his back and roped to his neck. He lay there inertly, his body covered with dirt and sweat. Cum still oozed from his ass and ran down his legs, and he stunk of piss. Bruised and battered, the King of the Gypsies had taken a beating. It was a picture of total degradation.

The three men leapt to their feet and Bob ran over to kneel beside his lover and untie his wrists. Jason looked down at Bob, then up at Mark and Zack with a pained expression. "Guys, I never wanted this. You know I deliberately stayed away from here when the situation with Ben arose. I never looked for a confrontation with Randy, least of all a fight. But Randy came to my house, insulting me and looking for a fight. I had to defend myself. I'm a man, after all, and this guy was so out of whack, out of control that I had to teach him a lesson and bring him down to earth .... literally."

The guys were silent, knowing that Jason's words had the ring of truth. They had no doubt that Randy had been the aggressor. As he continued, Jason's voice became less intense, contemplative even. "Tell you the truth, guys, deep down I don't think Randy had that old fighting spirit in him - didn't hate me enough. We all know that when he's really mad, Randy can come back from a beating and always win a fight. Sounds strange, I know, but I got a sense that Randy kind of needed to be punished like that," and he nodded down to the broken muscle-stud who was being helped to his feet by Bob.

Zack sprang forward and helped Bob support Randy. Standing unsteadily between them, his arms over their shoulders, Randy allowed himself to be half carried into the house.

Mercifully the boys had not witnessed the traumatic sight of Randy's humiliation, engrossed as they were watching a video in Pablo and Darius's room. All except the twins, that is, who were working in the kitchen from where they had a clear view of the garden. Now they ran out and their primary concern was for Jason, who had a bruise on his face, rope marks round his neck and scratches over his body. Like all the boys, the twins knew the rule of not getting involved in a dispute between the masters, but they looked up at Mark with concern.

"OK, kids," Mark nodded, slipping into his role of take-charge cop, "Take Jason inside and clean him up." Mark and Jason had been close friends for a long time now, and before they went in Mark pulled Jason aside. "You OK, buddy?" Jason nodded with a grim smile. "Nobody's gonna blame you for this," Mark said softly. "We all know the insane rage Randy was in. He'd already hit Ben and hurt Bob." Jason clenched his fists at the mention of Ben, but Mark said, "Yeah, I know, I know. I'd have done the same, worse even, if he'd struck Jamie like that. Now let the twins patch you up," he grinned, "restore that natural beauty of yours."

So the twins took Jason into the kitchen, pulled out the first-aid kit and gently dabbed at the bruise on his face and the marks round his throat, and cleaned the scratches on his body. They were relieved to see that the fireman's beauty had survived unscathed. Kyle grinned, "A couple of days and you'll look like your old self, sir." Kevin added, "Just like you do in the calendar, sir. That's a nasty bruise, though."

"Yeah," Jason grinned, "but you should see the other guy."

"Oh we did, sir. We did."


Mark had looked into Randy's room to reassure himself that Bob and Zack were coping, and to get the keys to Randy's truck from his jeans pocket. Then he went into Pablo and Darius's room where they were huddled with Jamie, Nate, Eddie and Ben, trying to make sense of what had happened. They looked up anxiously as the cop strode in.

"OK, guys," Mark said in his no-nonsense manner. "I won't beat around the bush .... Randy and Jason have been in a pretty big fight. Randy came off worse but he's real tough as we all know, so he'll recover fast with Bob taking care of him. A word of warning, though. I don't want you to start speculating about what happens next. The men will sort everything out so I want you to steer clear of it and not get involved. No gossip, no rumors, is that clear?" and he looked directly at Darius. "I know how you guys can be."

They shifted uncomfortably as Mark continued. "Jamie, here are the keys to Randy's truck that's parked at Jason's house. In a few minutes I want you to go to the kitchen where the twins are cleaning Jason up, and let him drive you down to his place. Make sure everything's OK there ..... help Jason clean things up. Stay with him for a while if you like, then drive Randy's truck back up here, OK?" Jamie nodded obediently.

"You other boys, I want you to take care of Ben, who unfortunately got hurt in the middle of all this. I want to make it clear that none of you are at fault here .... nobody ..... so just calm down and let us guys take care of it. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," they said in unison, and Mark left the room. There was silence for a while but then Ben spoke up. "Mark was wrong about one thing .... it is all someone's fault - mine! If had never blabbed about how much I liked Jason none of this would have happened. Now they've had a knock-down drag-out and my brother's been hurt. I'm starting to think I should never have come here, and the only thing I can do is get the hell out."

He stood up to leave but there were howls of protest and they pulled him back down on the bed. It was Darius who confronted him. "Now listen to me, dude. First thing - you don't run away. We've all tried that at one time or another and, take it from me, it can be a real downer. They always come and find you and it's a big relief when they do. So don't bail on us, kid.

"Second of all, don't blame yourself, dude. There was nothing wrong in your getting a hard-on for the fireman. He's fucking gorgeous after all." Surprisingly Eddie piped up, "That's right, Ben, we're all hot for Jason. My cock goes hard every time I see him and when I'm cleaning the twins' room I often pull out their calendar and beat off looking at his picture." He stopped suddenly, blushing deeply as he realized he had said too much. But they all laughed and from then on the tension was broken.

Pablo gave his take on it. "Ben, you, me the twins, Bob and Randy are family - kind of like a family within a family. All the best families have fights and then patch things up." Jamie added, "The main thing is, kiddo, you'll always have us boys to look out for you. That's what we've always done. When anyone of us in trouble we circle the wagons."

"Like I always say, dude," Darius laughed, "we boys are a band of brothers."


Up in Randy's room things were not so light-hearted. They were pretty grim, in fact. Bob, Zack and Mark had helped Randy into the shower and then Mark, with his cop's first-aid training had gone carefully over Randy's body and determined that there was no lasting damage. "No bones broken," he said to Bob, pulling him aside. "He's tough as nails. He'll recover quickly - physically, at least."

"Yeah, that's what worries me, Mark. God knows what's going through his mind right now."

"What kills me," Mark said, "is that this whole Ben and Jason thing has got totally out of control - and they haven't even been seeing each other, not done anything. But Randy's gone totally unhinged over it. It runs real deep, and if you ask me, what the guy needs is a ton of therapy."

Bob was thoughtful for a moment, then said, "Mark, could you and Zack leave us alone for a while? I'm real grateful for all your help, but I think he's gonna sleep now. I know him, and after a fight he usually sleeps and, when he wakes up, he's back to his old self .... whatever that means right now."

Mark gave Bob a hug which, as usual, made their dicks stiffen in their pants, and then he and Zack left them alone. Since getting out of the shower Randy had been in a kind of daze and now, lying in bed, he was already half asleep. Bob sat beside the bed and, just before he fell asleep Randy reached over and squeezed Bob's hand. Then there was silence.

Bob pulled the covers up to Randy's chin, then stood up and paced the room. He was uneasy, with no idea where to go from here. He was out of his depth. But at last he came to a decision, went over to a corner of the room and pulled out his cell phone. "Hey, buddy, I'm glad you're there. Listen, man, I need your help .... or more specifically Randy needs your help. Is there any chance you could come over?"


It was an hour or so before Randy swam slowly back to consciousness. As Bob had predicted, sleep for Randy was like a balm, his body was recovering, but as thoughts crowded back he flinched at the memory of what happened and the mess he was in. 'Got to get it together,' was his first conscious thought. 'Gotta get a grip.' He forced himself to open his eyes and slowly a face came into focus. 'Good, he thought - Bob.'

But Bob had left the room. The face that now smiled down at him was his brother Steve's. Randy frowned and growled his first words ..... "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"And hello to you too, big brother," Steve grinned. "Bob called me - asked me to come over. Seems like you got yourself into a whole mess of trouble again. No surprise there."

"Oh yeah .... well it's none of your business, man. It's strictly between me and Bob."

"Apparently not," Steve sighed. "Seems it involves a lot of other guys - the whole tribe, in fact. Bob gave me the complete story and I'd say it could be quite serious. Randy, I'm here not as your brother but as your therapist. Now I know from the past that you're just as likely to slug me and throw me out of the room .... but I really hope you don't."

Randy turned his head away and breathed deeply. He was confused, scared, and he did need to talk. Steve was as good as anyone, he guessed. He threw the covers back, strode across the room and got two beers from the small fridge. Randy was wearing only clean white boxers that Bob had put on him, and the fact that his body bore the marks of a fight - scratches and bruises - only added to his intense sexual attraction. Brother or not, as Steve sat watching him he felt his cock getting hard.

Randy sprawled in a chair facing Steve and said grudgingly, "OK, you're the shrink, bro, you go first." Steve smiled at him. "Well, suppose you tell me the first memories that come to you."

Randy took a gulp of beer and Steve saw his eyes get moist. "I hit Ben .... our little brother .... I swiped my hand across his face and he fell down. Then I manhandled Bob and hurt him. After that I went to the root of the problem and started a fight with Jason, but he thrashed me, tied me up and fucked my ass. Then he pissed on me and left me stinking on the ground." He suddenly sounded aggressive. "But I could have beaten him if I'd really wanted to. Guess I didn't really have much fight in me."

"And why do you think that was?" asked Steve patiently.

"I..." Randy began belligerently, and then seemed to crumple. "Man, the problem wasn't Ben or Bob or Jason. It's me, bro - I can't handle this family thing. It was all going so well - me the head of our little family - Bob, Pablo, Ben, the twins. I loved the idea .... too much, I guess. When Ben took a shine to Jason I saw it as him breaking up the family, disobeying my authority. I couldn't have that so ..... well, you know me, Steve....."

"You lashed out with your fists - your remedy for everything. Well, you've pretty much described the issue perfectly. The challenge now is to find the answer. First let me say that Ben's attraction to Jason is perfectly normal in a young member of a family, feeling secure and confident (all thanks to you) and ready to spread his wings. In Texas you had a family of five young brothers who you raised and protected and who worshipped you, obeyed your every word. But now it's different. This new family is growing up .... and that's what Ben's doing."

"Yeah, but how can I be the head of the family after everything I've done? Jason was right to beat me up, and I'm glad he trashed me in front of the other guys. That's the real me, Steve, a fucking loser, with no right to have a family."

"Ah," Steve smiled, "the old familiar problem .... low self-esteem. Randy, I just don't get you .... still trying to prove how macho you are. You're not a gypsy scratching out a living on the streets of West Texas anymore. You've come up in the world, man. You're a successful owner of a fast growing construction company, the money's rolling in, and you have that incredible, beautiful man, Bob, who's nuts about you. And between you you've built up this tribe of extraordinary guys here. You have an adopted son and a kid brother who idolize you. So what the fuck are you still trying to prove, man?

"You know, the trouble with you, Randy, is you have no vanity .... you have no idea what you are. You are a born leader ..... you rule that construction site and every man there respects you as the ultimate boss. More than that, you are so fucking gorgeous, with a rugged sexuality that leaps out of you, it's almost scary. You are everyone's wet dream - the boys here worship you and the guys respect you, no matter how crazy you get sometimes. Every man deep down lusts for you."

Randy winced. "After everything I've done ... been a total asshole ..... fucked everything up? Who the hell would lust for me now?"

There was a long silence as Steve gazed at him. "Well .... me for a start."

"You!? Now way, man .... that's bullshit ..... you're my brother."

"Yeah, a brother who's sitting here gazing at that magnificent battle-scarred body of yours and that stunning gypsy face and my cock is so hard I can feel pre-cum oozing from it. You always do that to me, man. I don't care if you've gone wild, got thrashed and trussed up. Don't you get it? That makes you even sexier, even more of a man." Steve leapt to his feet. "Here..."

Having come straight from the office Steve was wearing his smart work clothes that he now proceeded to strip off - the tie, starched white shirt, slacks, shorts and loafers. Within seconds he was naked and Randy was gazing at his flawless body and ruggedly handsome face. "You're fucking gorgeous yourself, bro," Randy breathed as he rose to his feet and dropped his boxers. The brothers stood naked facing each other, both with rock-hard cocks.

Steve dropped to his knees, reached out for Randy's cock and bent forward, sucking the thick cock into his mouth and pushing his face forward into the black tangle of Randy's pubic hair. Randy gazed down at the broad-shouldered stud, his muscles rippling, and knew he was close to losing his load in his brother's mouth. "No, man," he said, "not like that." He pulled Steve up onto his feet and gazed at him. "On the bed, man. I'm gonna fuck your ass."

Obediently Steve threw himself on his back on the bed and gazed up at the swarthy giant looming over him. "God, you're beautiful Randy. You know how often I've jerked off thinking about you ... getting fucked by my big brother?" Steve put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back, offering his ass to Randy. Randy spat in his hand and wrapped it round his thick cock, stroking it slowly. Then he dropped to his knees between Steve's legs, pressed the head of his cock against his brother's hole and pushed it inside his ass, further and further until it came to rest against the warm, velvet membrane deep inside.

He eased his cock out, then back in slowly, gently, again and again, and the big body beneath him shuddered in ecstasy. Randy moaned, "Man that feels incredible." He turned his head to the side and looked at the mirror beside the bed. "Look at that, bro, two gorgeous bodybuilders, one ass-fucking the other."

"Oh, shit," Steve said, "that looks awesome, man, fucking pornographic." It was true, one muscular body marked by bruises and scratches, the body of a fighter .... the other flawless physique honed to perfection at the gym. Steve was stroking his cock and said, "You are such a turn-on, man, I can't hold out much longer ..... I'm so close."

"No!" Randy growled. He pulled Steve's hand off his cock, grabbed both wrists and, leaning forward, pinned them to the bed above Steve's head. "Your mine now, man, and you do as I say. I'm the boss and you cum when I say you can, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Steve said, gazing up at the swarthy face, stubbled jaw, pale blue eyes and long black hair.

"And you're not gonna need to touch that cock. I can make any man bust his load without touching himself." Randy was in his element, the powerful muscle-god, the ultimate alpha male whose sexual magnetism was overpowering. He let the fuck go on and on as two pairs of steel-blue eyes bored into each other. Randy watched with satisfaction as the struggling body writhed beneath him, muscles rippling, the cock shuddering, dripping pre-cum that ran down the shaft and into the sweat-soaked pubic hair. He smiled at the tortured look in Steve's eyes.

"Please," Steve groaned. "Please, sir, I can't take anymore. You're driving me crazy. I gotta cum. Please sir, let me shoot. Let me feel your juice inside my ass. I'm begging you, sir."

Randy grinned and said, "Oh, I love to hear a man beg, especially a muscle-hunk like you, bro." With Steve totally at his mercy, Randy felt the power coursing through him; his self-doubt was vanquished, his dominance restored. The boss was back. He flexed his muscles and smiled down at his brother. "OK, stud, I've tormented you enough. You can cum when I do. Here we go." His piston pounded Steve's tortured ass harder, faster, until .... Aaagh!"

Randy's triumphant yell was drowned out by his brother's own scream as Steve saw the body shudder above him and felt the hot liquid pouring deep inside his ass. "Aaagh," Steve yelled again as his cock erupted with ribbons of white cream, pushed out of him by his brother's cock and splashing down on his face and chest.

The eruptions continued, the bodies shook, the faces contorted in ecstasy, until finally they were spent and Randy fell forward onto his brother's chest, their bodies sliding together on pools of jism. They were laughing now and Randy said, "That was one hell of a therapy session, brother. You're one crazy shrink, but you sure know how to restore a man's confidence."

Steve grinned, "And you, big brother, sure as hell know how to fuck."


After they cleaned up Steve guided Randy through a more orthodox therapy session. They talked about family, how it evolves and grows, and what it takes to be the head of the family. "Different from being boss of a construction crew," Steve grinned. "Being head of a family calls for finesse, not fists."

As Steve's calm logic sank in Randy felt increasingly embarrassed at his wild, erratic reaction to Ben's desire to spread his wings and spend time with Jason. Steve asked Bob to join them and together they reassured Randy he could quickly re-establish his authority over the boys - no fists required.

The three men took a breather, but Randy was impatient to act. He called in Pablo, Ben and the twins and they sat crossed-legged on the floor facing him. Randy leaned forward in his chair and spoke earnestly to them. "Like, I've said, before, guys, we're all family in this room - including my brother Steve here. All families have arguments, and it was me and my anger that caused this one. But with a shrink like Steve to help us, and hard work from us all, we can stay strong. We've just gone through a kind of trial of strength, me especially, and from now on things will be different - starting with Ben." He smiled at his young brother.

"Little brother, I was wrong about you and Jason. I'll make my peace with the guy and of course you can go see him. He's a good guy...." he grinned and rubbed his jaw .... "and one hell of a fighter." He paused. "OK, that's all I've got to say for now - except that I love you all. Right now I want to be alone with Bob." He shot him a look. "We've got a few fences to mend."

The boys stood up, some of them misty eyed, and hugged Randy one by one with a heartfelt "Thank you, sir." Randy held onto Pablo for a long time and whispered, "Thanks for sticking with me kiddo." Pablo rewarded him with his crooked smile. "Always, sir - you know that."

When they had left, Steve smiled at Randy and said, "See, big guy, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

"Fuck you, man," Randy grinned, "and thank you. You're the best shrink a brother could have." They hugged, Steve left and Randy picked up the phone. He had a conciliatory conversation with Jason, long enough to make amends, to restore their friendship and to reassure him that Ben was free to come and see him. Then, at last, he turned to Bob and stammered, "Man, I don't even know where to begin. It's hard for me to find the words ...."

"Then don't," Bob smiled. "Just show me, buddy, the way you always do." Bob stripped naked and lay on his back on the bed. "I want to get ass-fucked by the boss."


A short while later Ben was sitting alone under a tree in the garden trying to get his mind around all that had happened. His emotions were mixed - excitement that he was free to see Jason, but some apprehension. Would Jason still want to see him after the big fight with Randy? Would he consider Ben too much trouble, the boy with the over-protective big brother, the boy who had brought him nothing but grief so far? Ben sighed in confusion and just then his cell phone rang. He opened it and heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, Ben, it's Jason. I had a call from Randy a while ago and .... well, things seem to be all patched up and ..... well, I ..... I mean you're probably busy later but .... on the off chance you're free .... I was wondering how you'd feel about coming here for dinner this evening, just you and me. No sweat if you're too busy but ....."

"Yes sir! I mean no, sir, I'm not too busy. I can come .... I mean I'd love to come. Thank you, sir, that would be awesome. What time, sir? OK, I'll be there."

Ben shut off the phone, his heart racing ..... and a boner sticking up in his shorts. He got up and started to pace. Then he got nervous. Suddenly the gate opened and Jamie came in, having helped Jason clean up after the fight and driven Randy's truck back.

"Hey, Jamie," Ben shouted. "Dude, could you help me out with something?" Jamie smiled, having been with Jason when Randy had called him, so he knew the coast was clear for Ben and knew that Jason would be calling him. Jamie sat under the tree with Ben and smiled at him. "So, dude, has he asked you?"

"Jason, you mean? Yeah and I'm real stoked about it but .... well I'm a bit nervous too. See I think I really, really like Jason, but when we had those group sex games here, at the end he said he really wanted to fuck my ass. Well, I'm thinking maybe that's all he wants ..... I mean a young kid like me .... and he's this gorgeous stud fireman that everyone lusts for. Well, what else would he want from me but a young piece of ass, then dinner and it's 'Thanks a lot, kid, that was great' .... and that's it. And another thing - you and Mark are kinda best buddies with Jason so .... like, are you OK with all this, Jamie?'

Jamie laughed. "Hey, hey, slow down, dude. One thing at a time. OK, first, you're right that Mark and me are real close with Jason ..... there was even talk at first of me being boy to both of them. But you know I'm so into Mark ..... I worship the guy .... that we knew it wouldn't work. I mean, we all three fuck from time to time, and that's awesome, but basically Jason's simply our best buddy, and we've come to know him real well."

Jamie paused to let that sink in, then continued. "OK, so what about Jason? People always get the wrong idea about the guy ..... I mean, he's so fucking gorgeous everyone thinks he's Mr. Popular, has sex all the time and gets off on people drooling over him. But actually it's quite the opposite. He's told us that his looks set him apart from other guys. The other firemen respect him and all, but they never socialize with him. Guys are kinda scared off by his beauty - resentful sometimes.

"So he's always lived alone, has never had a relationship - no boy or anything - and if you want my opinion he's a bit shy ..... and lonely, real lonely. Mark thinks that's one reason he likes getting off on himself in the mirror. It's not vanity, really - it's just that he's got nobody else. By the way, Mark and I think that mirror thing is hot and we love watching it." Jamie grinned. "But as for what he wants from you, dude, well I guess you're just gonna have to find that out."


Talking with Jamie had helped a lot, but Ben was still nervous as he tried to decide what to wear. As sexy as possible, he thought at first, but then realized it was a dinner invitation so, like, no tank tops or anything. He settled for a plain blue Polo shirt, cargo shorts and sneakers. He tried to do stuff with his hair but eventually gave up and left it flopping over his face as usual.

As he drove down the hill his nerves increased and he was plagued with images of how Jason would look, what he would be doing. Probably working out in those thin, sexy shorts of his, pumping his muscles to impress Ben. Nah, the guy didn't need to impress anyone. Jason could be reading from the phone book and Ben would still get a hard-on. He had one now, more or less permanently since he had heard Jason's voice on the phone.

But it would be all about sex, Ben knew that. It was during that hot sex with him, in front of all the other guys at the sex games, that Ben had fallen in .... well, fallen in whatever it was with Jason. He was so consumed with these thoughts that it was a shock to find himself drawing up to Jason's gate. He looked in the rearview mirror and tried to smooth his hair but .... ah, to hell with it. He'd probably be naked in a few minutes anyway, working out with Jason in front of the mirror, then getting fucked. His heart was beating wildly as he paused at the gate, took a deep breath, and walked in.

Nobody. The garden was silent, no sign of Jason, certainly not using the patio gym. Ben panicked. Maybe he had got the wrong day, wrong time. Maybe Jason had cooled on the idea ..... maybe he should leave.

"Hey, Ben!" the cheerful shout rang across the garden as Jason came out of the house. "Sorry, kiddo, I was immersed in the kitchen with the tap running so I didn't hear you."

Ben's jaw dropped. Striding toward him Jason was dressed in a white V-necked T-shirt, clean blue-jeans, with casual topsiders on his feet. The word that ran through Ben's mind was 'preppy,' a far cry from the near-naked muscle hunk he had expected. His spectacular body was still obvious, etched under his T-shirt, but as he came toward Ben, wiping his hands on a dish towel, Jason was the image of domesticity.

He threw open his arms, folded them around Ben and kissed him hard on the mouth. Instead of the smell of sweat that he associated with Jason in his gym, Ben breathed in the fresh, clean scent of bleach on his gleaming white shirt. Jason held him at arm's length, beaming. "Well here we are at last, Ben. Had to jump through some hoops along the way, but we finally made it. God, it's good to see you .... you look terrific, as always. Come into the kitchen."

Ben followed Jason into the kitchen which was a scene of fevered activity and enticing smells. This was obviously going to be much more than beer and a sandwich. "Take a pew," Jason said. "Just let me check the stuff in the oven and I'll be right with you."

Ben sat at the big table and looked around. It was more than just a kitchen ..... a big room, part dining room, with comfortable chairs. Reading Ben's mind Jason said, "I designed it like this ..... wanted it to be comfortable 'cause people usually gather in the kitchen and talk to the chef while he's cooking. Not that I have a lot of company," he added quietly, almost to himself. He closed the oven door and grinned. "I thought we'd push the boat out a bit and start with martinis. You up for that?'

"Yes please, sir," Ben said in a bit of a daze. He would have said yes to anything right now. He gazed at Jason as he rattled the martini shaker. He couldn't remember ever seeing Jason dressed like this ..... hardly ever saw him with a shirt on. As he watched the gorgeous fireman, who was plainly enjoying himself, Ben saw him in a whole different light ..... a real man, not just a sex icon or a picture in a calendar. If anything he looked even sexier in regular clothes, with the V-neck T-shirt stretched over his gorgeous chest, biceps bulging under the short sleeves, and Ben's boner got harder in his shorts.

Only thing was, would there be any sex? Ben had feared it would be all just a quick fuck and a quick meal, but now it seemed the opposite - an elaborate meal and ..... maybe that's it, no sex?" Then suddenly, as he poured the martinis, Jason put all Ben's fears to rest.

"Ben, I wanted to ask you something .....can you stay all night? I'll call Randy to clear it with him, but I wanted to check with you first, see if you'd be OK with that. What d'ya say?"

Ben blinked, taken aback. Then he found his voice. "I say yes, sir. Yes please, sir. Yes, please. That would be way cool, sir."

Jason laughed, "Well I think we can manage a bit better than cool, eh? Kick the temperature up a notch?" He raised his martini glass and Ben copied him. "So here's to a great time together, kiddo. Here's to us." And they clinked glasses.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 182


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