"OK, Ben," Steve smiled. "So let's cool this thing down by treating it as a therapy session."

In the doctor's office Randy had just introduced Steve to Ben as their brother. Still in a state of shock Ben had been embarrassed to feel his cock getting hard when the handsome doctor had held him in a long emotional hug. Randy had left them together for Ben's therapy session and Ben now sat facing Steve looking a bit lost, like a little boy in the oversized armchair.

He watched silently as Steve took off his jacket, draped it over his desk chair, rolled up his shirt-sleeves, then walked round and perched against the front of his desk, smiling down at Ben. Seeing Steve's muscular chest more clearly now, outlined under the fine cotton of his white shirt, and his forearms flex as he gripped the edge of the desk, Ben felt his cock growing hard again and blushed.

"Right," Steve said, "so tell me Ben, was that a boner I felt when I hugged you, and that I'm seeing right now under your jeans?"

Stunned, Ben blushed deeply and blurted out, "I'm sorry, sir. I know it was wrong of me to ....."

"Ben, let's get one thing straight. There's no right and wrong in this room. We just want to explore your concerns and get at the truth. So why don't you describe the confusion you've been feeling since you first arrived and met the guys?" As Ben gazed at this handsome, soft-spoken man he suddenly felt confident that he could tell him anything, and it all tumbled out.

He described how he had first hated Pablo until they had fought off two thugs together and bonded as friends. He had also hated Bob at first, until Bob had a long talk with him and gained his confidence. "See I'd never let anyone near my ass, sir, I was too macho for that, but Bob ..... Bob fucked me, sir ..... in the ass. It was awesome, sir, and in the morning Bob fucked me again and Randy watched, beating his meat, and he blasted a huge load all over us."

When Ben had run out of steam, the doctor asked him a follow-up question. "One clarification I'd like, Ben ..... have you ever sucked another man's cock?"

Ben's eyes sparked with indignation. "Definitely not, sir. I could never do that."

Steve gazed at him through narrowed eyes. "You know, Ben, it sounds to me the root of your confusion is all about sex. You disliked Pablo and Bob at first because Randy loves them both and has regular sex with them. You see yourself as a macho guy, too tough to suck cock or get fucked, and yet you let Bob fuck you. And you loved it when your big brother shot his load over you. Plus, you got a boner when I hugged you. Do you still have it, by the way?"

Ben blushed again. "Yes, sir. I do, sir. Whenever I look at you, sir"

"And what would you like to do about that?" Ben was thrown off balance by the unexpected question, so Steve persisted. "Now come on, Ben, we have to break though these sexual hang-ups of yours. I said my methods were out of the ordinary. We're alone, won't be interrupted, it's just you and me. So, what would you like to do with that big boner in your jeans?"

Seeing the handsome doctor smiling down at him, the spitting image of Randy, Ben felt somehow liberated, free to say what he liked. "Well, sir .... see, I really get off on big muscular bodies. I've seen Randy and Bob naked and that turned me on a lot. But you, sir .... well, you're wearing a suit, but I think your body is gorgeous underneath because when you hugged me and I felt it, that's what gave me a boner."

Then it all came out in a rush. "Anyway, what I'd really like is for you to take off your shirt, sir, and I'd like to stroke my dick and maybe cum just looking at you." He blushed again at his own boldness and mumbled, "Sorry, sir .... sounds stupid."

Steve chuckled. "Not stupid at all, Ben, don't apologize. It's great. It's what we shrinks call a break-through. I think I can help you out there, and after that we might even go one better - or even two better. But first things first eh?" He turned round to his desk and buzzed the intercom. "Er, no calls, Ruth and no interruptions, OK?"

"Certainly, doctor ..... no interruptions .... absolutely."

Steve went to the door and locked it. Then he turned toward Ben and started to loosen his tie.


Steve knew exactly what he was doing. He had diagnosed Ben as having sexual inhibitions based on a confused sense of masculinity. The boy's difficult life, including recent weeks on the streets, had led him to prize manliness and toughness above all, and that extended to the macho sexual role he saw for himself - always a top man.

Bob had gone a long way to diminish that perception by becoming the first man to fuck him, and it was now Steve's goal to complete the process. After all, Ben had joined a tribe of highly sexual men where everything was fair game, and he had to loosen up sexually before he could really fit in with them.

Steve's methods may have been unorthodox - of course they were - but they were effective. His aim now was first to stir up Ben's latent sexual fantasies and then to shock him into action. But first he planned to tease him - to rouse his sexual longings enough to shed his inhibitions. And Steve knew just how to do that - he had done it often enough with his lover Lloyd who went wild with frustration when Steve deliberately ignored him. Which is what Steve did now.

He loosened his tie a little and unbuttoned his shirt collar. He rolled his sleeves up higher, just below the biceps and walked away from the door. Ben braced himself for the doctor to approach him ..... but he didn't. Instead, he walked behind his desk and stretched, as if he were beginning his work day. He raised his arms and stretched them sideways in a bent-elbow position. Breathing deeply he pulled his arms back, making his shirt stretch across his sculpted chest. Ben could see its outline clearly under the white tank top that he wore under the shirt. Then the doctor relaxed and sat down at the desk, sorting through a pile of papers there.

Ben's cock had grown harder than ever as he watched the stunning, muscular doctor and imagined what his body must look like without a shirt. But his lust was matched by his frustration as Steve appeared to ignore his presence in the room. He was his brother, for god's sake, and Ben was supposed to be having a therapy session, so why didn't he damn well ......?

But his exasperation faded as he watched Steve pause in his paper shuffling, run his hand through his hair as if weary of the work and, with a big yawn, stretched his arms up and out in a V, so his shirtsleeves fell back over his huge biceps that flexed hard in the stretch. God he was gorgeous and Ben felt his cock shudder, but he did not dare to say anything, knowing he was completely in the hands of the therapist, his big brother Steve.

The doctor went back to his work but, to get more comfortable he undid his tie completely and let it hang loose. He undid a few more buttons of his shirt so it fell open revealing a triangle of the white tank underneath. By this time Ben was going crazy with desire and began stroking the bulge in his jeans. Steve's gradual teasing, under the guise of a doctor weary of work, was having exactly the effect he intended.

Ben watched the doctor concentrate on his papers, making notes, and the boy's frustration was mounting again when suddenly the doc threw his pen down and said, "Shit". He stood up and stretched again. He walked from behind the desk to the middle of the office, still paying no attention to Ben. Apparently the doctor had decided to abandon his work and ease his frustrations through exercise. Ben stared wide-eyed as Steve unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, pulled it out of the waistband of his pants, shucked it off and threw it over the desk.

Ben gasped as he finally got a good look at the doctor's torso bulging under the white tank ..... his broad, hard shoulders, muscular arms and sculpted chest straining under the white tank. The boy looked on spellbound, rubbing the bulge in his jeans, as Steve fell forward onto the floor and began a series of muscle-flexing pushups. Ben stared at his back muscles rippling under the tank, his wide lats tapering down to a slim waist cinched by the elegant leather belt of his suit pants. His body gleamed under the office lights and his shoulders and biceps bulged as he punished his muscles to exhaustion.

Ben was so mesmerized by the incredible sight that his only focus was on Steve, as his own cock shuddered under his jeans and he rubbed the bulge in mounting frenzy. This spectacular man was his doctor, his brother, Randy's brother. .... and he was alone with him in his office. His cock was so hard now that Ben was moaning, aching for release.

The climax came quickly. Groaning loudly Steve made a final mighty effort and pushed his body up one last time. Then he sprang to his feet, looked at himself in the wall mirror and smiled at the reflection of his magnificent body, pumped to the max. The mirror was behind Ben's chair so Steve was facing him. Stoked by his physical exertion Steve reached up behind his neck, grabbed his tank and pulled up it slowly. At last Ben was to see the flawless body ..... first the eight-pack abs, then the chest and then the whole chiseled torso as the tank came off and was flung to the floor.

"Oh yeah," Steve said, smiling at the man in the mirror, running his hand admiringly over the slabs of his chest. "Yeah, that looks great, man .... look at that fucking gorgeous body."

Ben could not believe his eyes .... the muscle-god, stripped to the waist, was getting off on his own pumped body. The boy was hypnotized and the rest of the room blurred as he saw only the shirtless doctor, his bulging muscles gleaming with sweat. Ben stopped rubbing his bulge, held his breath, felt his heart pounding ..... and .... "Aaagh" .... his cock exploded in his jeans. He felt a sticky wetness oozing through his shorts in a never-ending outpouring of pure lust.


Ben was not sure whether to be proud or ashamed of his spontaneous orgasm, but as he stared up anxiously at Steve he was relieved to see him smiling down at him. At last the doc was paying attention to him. "Well done, kiddo," Steve said. "Not bad at all. We're getting there, making you loosen up, feel freer with your sexuality. Gotta lose those inhibitions. Sex should be fun, not something to get hung up on." He walked over to the desk, picked up his shirt and pulled it on loosely, letting it hand wide open to show his ripped abs and chest.

He rolled the sleeves up as high as they would go, baring his biceps and making his shoulders bulge under the shirt. "OK, now we move onto the next stage of your therapy. First I have to examine you to make sure there's nothing physically wrong anywhere." He hung a stethoscope round his neck. "Right, I need you to take your clothes off and get on the exam table over there."

Ben blinked in surprise. What little he knew about therapy was that it was all talking. Physical exams were for medical doctors. "Yeah," said Steve, reading his mind. "I'm not like most therapists, especially when it comes to treating patients with sexual problems. Then a physical exam is necessary, so hurry up. At this point Ben would have done anything the doctor told him to, so he quickly pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his sneakers and dropped his shorts. He blushed when he saw the big damp patch on his boxer briefs, but pushed them down his legs.

His blush deepened as his cock sprang out, hard as a pole despite his recent orgasm. His reflex was to cover it with his hands but the doctor said matter-of-factly, "On the examination table please." Ben sat on the table, then twisted round and lay flat on his back. As Steve bent over him his shirt flapped open, reminding Ben of a doctor's open white coat, except that he was now staring at the naked chest above him.

"Hmm, you've got a great young body, Ben. Very impressive." He put the stethoscope buds in his ears and pressed the diaphragm on Ben's chest. "Sorry, it's a bit cold at first. Now breathe deeply." He checked the chest, the stomach, and down to the area just above his pubic hair, ignoring Ben's cock which stood up like a tent pole. "OK, everything seems to be in order."

He pulled on latex gloves and squeezed lubricating jelly on the fingers. "Slide your feet back toward you, please, I just have to check your prostate." He pressed a pedal and the backrest rose slightly so Ben could see what was happening. Ben pulled his legs back, bending his knees, and the doctor pushed one leg back with his left hand and pressed the fingers of his right hand between the cheeks of his ass. He eased one finger into the hole and gently probed inside, massaging his prostate with the end of his finger. Then he inserted a second finger and they explored the warm membrane of his ass.

Ben's body jolted with a whole new range of feelings. His ass was alive, and every time a finger stroked his prostate his cock shuddered. "Very good," the doctor was saying. "You know you have a prefect ass, young Ben. That fuck you took from Bob obviously worked wonders."

The mention of Bob fucking him, and the sensations radiating from his ass as Steve probed it, brought back all the memory of Bob's gorgeous body bending over him, his cock sliding inside him. As if in sync with this image Steve momentarily withdrew his fingers, shucked off his shirt, and pushed his fingers back inside. Ben gazed at the handsome doctor, shirtless now, and wondered what it would feel like to get fucked by him. He felt fingers probing him but imagined it was Steve's cock.

The combination of his fantasy and the fingers massaging his prostate even more vigorously sent Ben over the edge. Shafts of intense pleasure shot from his ass through his whole body. He reached up and touched the slabs of Steve's naked chest, gazed up at his handsome face and murmured, "Sir, you're making me .... I have to, sir .... I'm sorry, I .... Aaagh!" His cock, pointing straight up, erupted in a ribbon of cum that shot up onto the doctor's chest, again and again until white juice was running from Steve's neck down over his chest and abs.

"Very good, Ben," the doctor said in a calm, professional voice. He withdrew his fingers and pulled off the latex gloves. He sat beside the exam table and watched as Ben's heavy breathing subsided and his heartbeat returned to normal. But one thing that did not return to normal was Ben's cock, which still stood proudly to attention despite his two orgasms. Maybe a permanent erection was the new normal for Ben who, since his arrival in this town, had been exposed to one exciting sexual stimulus after another.

"Well, Ben, I have to say you surprise me. My aim has been to relieve you of that buildup of sexual energy so that you can start thinking with your head and heart rather than your cock. But I see we're not there yet. You're nineteen, right? Would I be right in thinking that since puberty your cock has been more-or-less hard all the time?"

"Pretty much, sir," Ben said. "But see, until I got to L.A. I never really had any chance to, like, let off steam."

"Yeah, that's what I figured. We call it unfulfilled sexual desire, or sexual repression. And that's what we have to try and correct today. Somehow I have to drain that beautiful cock of yours, kiddo. If you're up for that" .... he grinned .... "no pun intended. So, you want to continue with your treatment?"

"Yes please, sir!" Ben's eyes sparkled. "Very much, sir."

"OK, let's take a look at that ball sac first. Steve's hand closed gently round Ben's balls and massaged them, making Ben start moaning all over again. He looked up at the shirtless doctor's chiseled features and saw the blue eyes smiling down at him. "Well," Steve said, "no problem with your testicles ..... everything where it should be. But that permanent boner is starting to concern me. I'm afraid you'll have to cum again, kid."

A hint of panic crossed Ben's face and he said, "Oh, sir, I don't think I can, sir. I've already shot two big loads and ......"

"Trust me, boy. If I say you can cum again, you will. This should do it. For a minute Ben couldn't grasp what was happening, as Steve lowered his head forward, place his lips on the head of Ben's cock, then swallowed all of it deep into his throat. "Aaah .... Aaah .... Aaah!" Ben gasped. In his weeks roughing it on his long trek north Ben had had no sex - had not fucked anyone nor had a blow-job, much as he had wanted it. This is partly what resulted in the build-up of sexual frustration that the doctor had diagnosed.

But now! Now he felt his body catch fire as the hot mouth moved up and down his stiff shaft. He was getting sucked off by his doctor ...... his brother ..... the magnificent Steve. He looked down at the head moving up and down over his groin, saw the broad, bare shoulders bulge as one hand rested on Ben's thigh, the other on his waist. Steve wanted to end this quickly so his rhythm increased, his mouth gripping the cock tight as he took the head deep into his throat.

Ben was overwhelmed by the intense physical sensation and even more by the unbelievable fantasy that his brother Steve was noisily sucking his cock. His cock was burning hot, he felt it shudder and he yelled, "Thank you, sir. Thank you, I ..... aaagh" He shot yet another load of cum, this time in his brother's mouth, and felt the throat muscles squeeze round his cock as they gulped the boy's warm juice. Suddenly Steve pulled off him, gazed at him, then closed his mouth over Ben's, letting the cum flow from his mouth into the boy's. They passed it back and forth, sharing the juice of Ben's unbelievable third orgasm.


Steve stood up and ran his eyes over Ben's still trembling body, his young gypsy face wet with sweat and tears. "Jesus you're a beautiful kid - the image of Randy, only younger. Anyway, that finally did the trick. You've lost your hard-on at last, kiddo. That soft dick is proof of our success - and I gotta say it looks just as pretty soft as it did hard. OK, Ben, you can get up now - we've finished with the table. Your exam's over."

Unsteadily Ben got to his feet and watched as Steve retrieved his shirt and was about to put it back on when he looked down at his chest and saw Ben's cum still running down it from when he had shot over it. "Shit, can't mess up my clean shirt with all this juice of yours. Here." He picked up his tank from the floor and grinned as he threw it to Ben. "Wipe me off kid. It's your jizz that did the damage after all."

Ben was about to obey when he suddenly had an impulse to go one better. He put his hands on Steve's hips, leaned forward and started to lick. He ran his tongue up the cleft between Steve's pecs, scooping up his own cum and swallowing it. Then he lapped at the rest of the muscular torso, the slabs of the chest, the abs and waist, sucking in the pungent liquid. Finally he pulled back and used the tank top to wipe the body dry.

He grinned up at Steve, his mouth and chin smothered in cum. Steve thought he looked beautiful, the young gypsy face shining with the look of triumph Steve had seen so often in Randy's eyes. The boy had taken the sexual initiative, proof that his therapy had worked. But then Steve looked down and said, "Oh-oh, I can't believe it. Hell, you're a tough nut to crack, boy. Look at that boner of yours .... hard as a rock again. You've already cum three times. I was trying to drain you dry but, shit, I guess I'm not the shrink I thought I was. You should cum again but I got no more tricks in that therapy bag of mine.

"Oh, no problem there, sir," Ben said confidently. "I got it covered. See, when Bob fucked me and made me cum he taught me that you always have to make sure that the other guy gets his rocks off too. It's only fair." Steve watched in amazement as Ben took control. He sank to his knees at Steve's feet and salivated as he gazed at the bulge in the doctor's smart dress pants. He reached forward, unzipped the fly, put his hand inside and pulled out the stiff rod that had been straining inside.

Ben had a flicker of doubt as he saw for the first time the huge, thick cock, just like Randy's. But his determination was strengthened when Steve voiced his own doubts. "Are you sure about this, Ben? You told me you could never take another man's dick in your mouth."

Ben saw this as a challenge and, just like Randy, his gypsy toughness always made him rise to a challenge. "Absolutely sure, sir. You've been real good to me, sir. Now I have to do something for you." With his hand clasped round the thick shaft Ben leaned his face forward and smelt, before he tasted, the big round head. He licked it tentatively and he flinched at first, but then his senses were engulfed by the musky smell and taste of the pre-cum oozing from it.

This was his brother's cock, the man who had already made him shoot three loads of cum. The huge rod mesmerized him, he breathed in deeply and wrapped his mouth round the whole head. Then impulsively he pushed his head forward so the long pole slid down his throat and the head rammed against the back of his throat. Tears sprang to his eyes and he choked, pulling off the cock swiftly and coughing loudly.

Concerned, Steve said, "You want to stop, Ben? You don't have to do this, you know."

"No, sir," Ben said adamantly. "I know I can do it. I want to, sir. Please don't stop."

This time Steve took control and, holding Ben's face he very gently slid his cock inside his mouth, pausing frequently to let the boy gets used to it. And Ben did get used to it fast, feeling for the first time the special pleasure that comes from sucking a man's cock, especially the cock of his gorgeous brother! He learned quickly how to breathe through his nose and relax his throat, allowing the long pole to slide all the way down. He was moaning now through the gag of the cock and his eyes sparkled as he managed to look up at the shirtless doctor.

Briefly he pulled his head back and gasped, "I love this, sir. I love sucking your cock." Then he plunged onto it again. Still gripping Steve's hips, he pulled him toward his mouth, ramming the rigid cock deeper and deeper into his throat, burying his face in Steve's damp, pungent pubic hair. Steve gazed down in awe at the young gypsy face feeding on his cock, moaning in ecstasy as tears poured from his eyes.

"Man," Steve groaned, "you are a great little cocksucker ..... yeah, keep going like that and you're gonna make be bust my load in your mouth. Is that what you want, Ben?" Without missing a beat Ben looked up at him with pleading eyes and moaned "mmmmm ...... mmm!"

Steve grinned. "I'll take that as a yes, kiddo. OK, then, make me cum, Ben." Instinctively, the skill coming naturally to him, Ben tightened his throat muscles round the throbbing cock and pushed his head forward until his nose buried itself in the tangle of pubic hair and he breathed in deeply. It was total sensual overload as Ben smelled the masculine essence of the man, heard him groan loudly, felt the cock shudder and warm liquid blast into the back of his throat.

His gag reflex almost made him choke, but it was his swallow reflex that saved him. Gulping furiously he felt the bitter-sweet taste of Steve's semen flowing into his mouth, down his throat and deep inside him. He loved it! He loved the taste of the man, loved the intimacy of swallowing his male essence, his juice, the outpouring of his lust.

But at last Steve's cock was drained and Ben pulled back, panting heavily, heartbeat racing as he gazed up at the gorgeous doctor, stripped to the waist, his cock still dripping cum. He glanced down and saw a pool of cum on the floor .... his own ....his fourth orgasm. Steve shook his head as he looked down at Ben's enraptured face, and said. "Ben, you look so fucking beautiful like that."


But then suddenly, as if on cue, all hell broke loose. Simultaneously the locked door rattled as someone tried to force it open, and the intercom sounded. "I'm sorry, doctor. I told him your strict instructions were not to be disturbed but your brother insisted ....."

"It's OK, Ruth," Steve cut her off, leaning over the intercom. "Thanks, I'll handle it." Stuffing his cock back into his pants Steve unlocked the door and opened it wide enough for Randy to burst in, wearing jeans and the sweaty tank he had worked out in at the gym. His eyes blazed at Steve as he said, "Listen, man, nobody locks me out, especially when my two brothers are on the other side of the door. You're lucky I didn't bust the door down. What the fuck's been going on here?"

He looked down and saw Ben on his knees, butt naked, gazing up at them, tousled black hair flopping over his face streaked with tears, his mouth sagging open with semen oozing from the corners and dripping down his chin onto his bare chest. Randy caught side of Steve's open fly on his pants and growled, "Shit, man, have you been face fucking my little brother?"

Steve was used to Randy's tirades and faced him unflinchingly. "He's my little brother too, Randy, and yes he's just sucked my cock, but only because he asked to. And he was sensational at it. He's learnt to take charge of his own sexual needs, he's becoming assertive .... just like you taught him, bro. I thought you'd be proud of him." Steve grinned. "He's shot four loads of jism so far.

Randy's anger faded as he looked at Ben's shining eyes, his face glowing with excitement. He had seen exactly the same jubilant look on Pablo's face every time he fucked him and now he grinned down at his brother. "Shit, boy," he said, "I brought you here for a therapy session with Doctor Steve and it looks like to you got it - and a lot more. That your jizz on the floor there? Four times, eh? Hell you could give young Eddie a run for his money. That kid can cum every ten minutes if you let him. OK, you ready for me to take you home?"

"No, sir. Not yet." Ben's voice was firm, bordering on defiance.

"What?" Randy barked in surprise, with a flash of anger hearing the boy say no to him.

"I'm not finished, sir. I want to suck your dick." It sounded more like an order than a request.

Randy frowned, then looked at Steve. "What the fuck you been doing to the kid, bro?"

"Teaching him to lose his sexual hang-ups and be as forceful as you are. See that defiant look on his face? Should be familiar to you ..... you see it every time you look in the mirror."

Randy looked back down at Ben, and it was true. The boy knew what he wanted and wasn't scared to ask for it. It was the toughness that Randy always admired in a boy. And Steve was right. Randy saw himself in Ben's steely eyes and the bold set of his jaw. His little brother was becoming a man. Even though he was kneeling naked on the floor, cum running down his chin, Ben was full of pride. And Randy loved it! "OK, kid," he said. "Get ready, 'cause your big brother's gonna fuck your face."

Randy ripped open his jeans and pulled out his massive cock that was already hard as steel. Ben gazed up in awe at the big construction worker in his sweaty tank top, and two pairs of blue eyes locked in an intense communion of fraternal love. Ben opened his mouth, not in submission but as a provocation to his big brother. Randy's reflex was always to ram his cock deep into a man's throat .... but not this time. This was his little brother .... the boy he had always loved and protected.

He placed his hands gently on the sides of Ben's head and said quietly, "I love you, boy." Ben replied, "Thank you, sir." Randy pushed his hips forward and gently slid his big tool into the mouth, already slick with the cum of their brother. After his session with Steve Ben had learned to relax and swallow cock easily, so there was no hint of gagging as he felt Randy's pole slide deeper and deeper into the back of his throat.

Randy sighed deeply. "Holy shot, that feels fucking incredible, kid. The doc here trained you well. You OK?" Ben looked up wide-eyed, his eyes sparkling, and managed to nod his head. "OK, kid, then here it comes. Eat your brother's meat, boy. The gentle tempo quickly accelerated and became a full-on face fuck, though Randy used all his skill to avoid hurting his brother.

After all the years of closeness with Randy, even snuggling in bed with him for comfort, Ben had never felt more intimate with him as did now, feeling, smelling, tasting the musky essence of his manhood as his face sank into the tangle of wiry, damp, black pubic hair.

Steve was watching in increasing excitement, his cool professionalism replaced by sexual lust as he saw his older brother fuck the mouth of his youngest. Instinctively Steve pulled out his cock, already hard again, wrapped his hand round it and pumped it. Randy saw this out of the corner of his eye and grinned, "Hey, bro, you wanna grab a slice of the action here .... show a little brotherly love?" Randy pulled his cock out and Ben's protest was instantly stifled by another cock replacing it, being stuffed into his mouth.

It was beyond Ben's wildest dreams as his two big brothers traded off, first one driving his cock into his mouth, then the other taking over. Glancing up he saw Randy strip off his tank, saw the almost identical brothers gazing down at him, both shirtless, their muscles rippling as each in turn fucked his face. Finally, his throat was getting sore, slammed by two huge cocks in turn.

Randy was a master at this and sensed that the boy was reaching his limit. OK, Steve," he grinned, "I think our little brother is good and ready. Let's give him something to drink. They pressed close together so that both their cocks were pointing at Ben's face. He opened his mouth wide and, in wild amazement, felt the heads of both cocks push just inside his mouth.

"OK, my brothers," Randy yelled, "this is it!" Their bodies shuddered and now Ben really did almost choke as he felt their cocks explode simultaneously in his mouth and two rivers of cum poured inside him. Gulping frantically he managed to swallow most of the bitter-sweet juice as he felt his own cock blasting yet another load of cum onto the floor. It was beyond fantasy ..... his two gorgeous brothers emptying their cocks into his mouth at the same time.

But it was not quite over. Before they were drained dry, they pulled their cocks out of his mouth and Randy said, "Hey, Steve, you got any left?" Steve grinned, "You bet I have." Randy pointed his cock at Ben's face, "OK, let's wash those tears off his face. Let him have it, bro." Ben stared in awe and shut his eyes just in time as two more streams of cum slammed into his face, into his hair, running down his forehead and cheeks and dripping from his chin onto his chest. He was soaked in the semen of his two big brothers.

Randy and Steve breathed deeply as they looked down and watched Ben recover slowly. He hung his head in exhaustion for a while, then raised it, wiped the cum from his eyes and looked up at them. The brothers were anxious that he was OK, but their concern faded as they saw a big triumphant grin spread slowly across the dark, gypsy features of the handsome young face.

Randy and Steve exchanged smiles, then Randy looked back down at Ben. "Welcome to the family, little brother. You're one of us."


Cleanup took a while after Steve grabbed towels from his private bathroom and he and Randy wiped Ben's face, his hair and body. Ben pulled on his shirt, jeans and sneakers and Steve flung a spare T-shirt at Randy. After Ben wiped Steve's chest and face the doctor put on his shirt, tie and jacket.

Steve was transformed back to the cool, matter-of-fact doctor. "OK, Ben, now we need to schedule a follow-up visit to make sure the therapy's working and we're still on track. So why don't you go out to my receptionist Ruth and make an appointment?" Randy could swear he saw a change in Ben's body language - more poised, greater confidence as he strode to the door, unlocked it and went to the outer office.

Randy shook Steve's hand warmly. "Man, I gotta thank you. You worked wonders on the boy. I don't know what you did in here .... I know, I know, all that doctor/patient privilege bullshit .... but Darius will get it out of him. Nothing stays secret in that house for long. Still, I guess it's all out of Ben's system now."

Steve shrugged. "Well .... maybe not quite everything." Randy looked at him and frowned. Suddenly light dawned and he said firmly, "You didn't fuck his ass, did you?"

Steve laughed. "No I didn't, unless you count a standard prostate finger exam. But you're on the right track, bro. Now that Ben has sampled most other kinds of sex and is feeling more assertive about it, I'm sure he feels ready for that ultimate sexual experience. And he won't give you any peace 'til he gets it."

"Yeah, but Bob already fucked him and he got off on it big time. So what's your point?"

Steve smiled and shook his head. "Jeez, Randy, you really can be dense sometimes. You have no sense of your own power, do you - no vanity? Sure Bob fucked him and when Ben told me about that he let slip the phrase, 'Bob was the next best thing to Randy." Randy flinched at the thought that dawned on him. "That's right, Randy. Who's the guy Ben looks up to most in the world, the man he idolizes? He has always worshipped you, you're his hero. And now that he's feeling sexually adventurous, it's you he wants, big brother. .... he wants you to fuck him.

"No fucking way!" Randy spun round and paced the floor. "That, Steve, is never gonna happen ..... never."

"OK, OK .... just thought I'd throw it out there. You saw how badly Ben wanted to suck your cock, after all. And, if you recall, you once fucked me in this very office."

"Sure," Randy growled, "but I was angry, just trying to prove you couldn't be my real brother."

"Yeah, and look how that turned out," Steve grinned.

Randy tried unsuccessfully to stifle a smile. "Of course," Steve continued, "as a doctor I couldn't condone you doing that with Ben. But as your brother - and his - I'd say fine, go for it. Probably be good for you both."

Seeing Randy's discomfort Steve said, "OK let's forget it .... for now anyway." He looked through the open door to the outer office. "Hey listen. Ruth's just got off the phone. Let's listen to how Ben handles her.

"Hi, Ben," Ruth was saying. "Sorry to have kept you waiting. Everything OK with you?"

"Yes, ma'am," Ben said, his eyes shining. Very OK, actually. And doc says I should schedule a follow-up visit."

"Very well," Ruth said, turning to her computer. "When would you like to come back, then?"

"As soon as possible, ma'am," Ben said eagerly. "As soon as you can."

Through the door Steve nudged Randy and they both chuckled.

"Well," Ruth said gently, "it's customary to let at least a week go by before the next visit."

"Oh," said Ben, disappointed. "No sooner than that eh? OK, then, a week from now, same time, same place. Can you do that ma'am?"

Ruth, a middle-aged, motherly sort of woman, smiled at his youthful exuberance. "Let me check here .... mmm .... yes, we can do that. OK, same time next week. Would you like me to note it down on a card for you?"

"No need, ma'am. I'll remember it for sure."

Randy came out and put his arm round Ben's shoulder. "Thanks Ruth," Randy smiled. "And I won't bring him next time. Ben will be on his own."

"Oh, I'm sure that will be fine," Ruth said.

"Me too, ma'am," Ben grinned. "Just fine."

"Oops," Ruth said, "before you go let me just get that." She pulled a couple of sheets of tissue from a box and wiped behind Ben's ear. "That's got it. Something on your neck," she said.

Ben blushed, grinned at Randy and they left the office. Ruth smiled at Steve. "Well he seems like a happy young man .... and he was so nervous when he came in. You've always told me your therapy methods can sometimes be a bit unorthodox, doctor, but they certainly seem to work their magic.

"Yeah, Ruth," Steve grinned, "they do, don't they? They sure do."


"I've got some good news!"

It was Friday evening and Bob was seated at one end of the dinner table facing Randy at the other end. Pablo was on Randy's right and Ben on his left, both of them talking animatedly to Randy who was glowing with the justified pride of a father and brother. The rest of the clan was ranged along the table and the noisy chatter fell silent as Bob tapped his knife against his glass. That's all it took for Bob to command instant respect and silence from the group.

"And the news is that escrow closed today on the house next door and we now own it." He paused to let the cheers and applause die down. "We got it for a great price as it's pretty run-down, and you all know that it will be rented to Adam and Nate as this house is bursting at the seams. But there's no doubt it's a fixer so there's a lot of construction work needs doing. While the house was in escrow Lloyd has been drawing up architectural plans with Randy who has already set up a work schedule.

All eyes turned to Randy. "Right," the boss said, his tone more commanding than Bob's easy-going little speech. "So here's what's gonna happen. I've been speaking to Zack and he and I will be in charge of the remodeling. That means that Darius will be working with Zack, and Pablo and Ben will be doing the technical stuff like electrical and plumbing. You'll all be paid at your regular rate, not overtime rate, as this is a family project.

"Adam and Nate want to be involved as they're gonna be the ones living there, and Jason has also offered to lend a hand, paying us back for work we did recently on his place. Jamie, I know you and Bob have already worked on a preliminary budget, but when I've had a good look at the place I'll give you a time estimate and a list of materials and you can give me the final figures The twins, Kyle and Kevin, I want you to keep this place going, as usual, and provide food for the troops to keep them fit and happy. You can help them when you're free, Eddie, though I know you'll be wanting to go up to Hassan's place often to carry out your duties there."

"Yes please, sir," said Eddie with a wide grin.

Randy leaned forward and ruffled Eddie's hair, smiling. "You and that big stud Marine of yours kid. Keeping you happy, is he?" Then it was back to business. "OK, that's about it, guys. Any questions?"

There was an awed silence for the boss, then Darius asked, "When do we start, sir?"

"Tomorrow morning, Saturday, 8am sharp. We'll work weekends and evenings and whenever any of you can be spared from your regular work. I want this job finished fast, with our usual quality work, no cutting corners, OK? That's it then." From the end of the table Bob smiled at Randy and felt his dick get hard. As always, Randy was the undisputed boss and, if anything, was even more forceful now that Ben, after his 'therapy' with Steve, had lived up to Randy's expectations as a tough, opinionated young stud, a junior version of himself.

Bit by bit Bob had found out what happened back then in Steve's office, mostly from Darius. After Ben's extraordinary visit with the doctor, the boys had huddled together and Darius had said, "Now spill, Ben - all the details - exaggerations accepted. And forget all that doctor/patient stuff, dude. We're all family here. After all, everyone has a doctor fantasy...." Pablo rolled his eyes ..... "well I know I do, especially when the doctor looks like that hunk Steve. And you actually lived the fantasy, dude, so I'm gonna get your story on camera."

So for the first time in his life Ben found himself staring into a camera lens and recounting his sexual exploits with Steve. Darius's eager enthusiasm was infectious and Ben found himself enjoying it all. He felt like the star of the show ..... which, of course, he was.


Next day around noon, having endured a morning's banging and sawing from next door, Bob stopped by with Mark and Jamie to see what kind of a start the guys had made. Mark was not directly involved in the project as he had a heavy workload right now, owing to his recent police promotion, and he was working back-to-back shifts. In fact he was wearing his uniform now as he was off to work shortly. Normally Jamie would have been unable to take his eyes off the gorgeous cop he idolized, but now he gazed wide-eyed at the workers. "Wow," he said.

"Wow, indeed," Bob chuckled. "It's like a scene from some porn movie." They were looking at four men and four boys, all stripped to the waist, muscles rippling as they worked in the midst of debris, pulling down parts of the house that were to be remodeled. Randy, having shed his usual tank top in the noontime heat was in the center of the controlled chaos, shirtless in cargo pants and boots, with a tool belt slung round his waist. Zack was in his customary work gear of black jeans and boots, no shirt, and Darius, as always, copied him.

The handsome Aussie, Adam, was stripped down to just jeans and boots, and next to him his boy Nate, dressed the same, as was the blond fireman, Jason. The onlookers could not see Pablo and Ben at first but they followed the sound of laughter and saw them both crammed under a sink, on their backs wrestling with some plumbing. "Hey, you guys," Randy shouted at them. "No fooling around down there. Less mirth more muscle .... I've got my eye on you two."

"I bet he does," grinned Bob. "He's crazy about those kids and they know it." Sure enough, the laughter didn't stop, just toned down to high-spirited giggles after they shouted back to the boss, "Yes, sir!" Ben was dressed like Randy in cargo pants he had borrowed from Pablo, and Pablo was naked under his customary work dungarees, hooked over one shoulder.

Bob, Mark and Jamie gazed in awe at the hectic scene, the muscular bodies streaked with dirt, sweating in the warm sun. Mark turned, looked at Bob and smiled. "OK, buddy, as always you see more than most of us - the back story - so what gives? Fill us in."

"Yeah," Bob said thoughtfully. "Well take Pablo and Ben, for instance. What do you make of them, Jamie?"

Jamie paused to consider. "Well, sir, they've become best buddies after that fight where they tag-teamed those guys and beat them up. But they're still competitive with each other, both kinda full of themselves ..... one the boss's son and the other his brother. I think they'll always be friends, but it would only take one spark to set them off."

Bob said, "Right on the money, I'd say. You seem to have nailed that situation, Jamie." Bob smiled at Mark. "Your boy's pretty smart, officer."

Mark ruffled Jamie's hair. "That's what I love about him ..... that and his gorgeous ass. You gonna have it good and ready for me when I get home, kiddo?"

"Absolutely, sir," Jamie grinned.

Bob continued. "And look over there. Adam's working close with Nate, but who does he keep glancing at?"

Mark enjoyed playing this game with Bob. "Hmm ... well now you mention it .... Zack, I guess."

"Bingo! Now, there's a story. Adam's a deep one. To all appearances a dominant alpha male, a man's man .... except with Zack! Adam told me he used to hang out at the leather bars in Sydney, and Zack, of course, is the ultimate, dominant leather icon, every man's fantasy top man. You know, they say we all have another side to us - kind of yin and yang - and Adam sure does around Zack. The tough black guy brings out a whole different Adam, the Adam who got tied up and worked over by Zack the last time they worked together like this. So I shouldn't be surprised to see some more man-on-man action from them, too."

"OK, Mr. Smart Observer," Mark smiled. "You're so cool and detached, but I bet you've got your eye on one of those guys too, other than Randy I mean." Bob blushed. "See, I knew it," Mark said. "And it's not hard to work out who it is. I'd bet on Jason .... am I right?"

Bob blushed deeper and gazed at the gorgeous fireman as he worked, muscles rippling with exertion, blond hair falling over the chiseled features of his face. Bob's tone was dream-like. "You gotta admit, he is one spectacular hunk of man. I remember the time he fucked me, he got off on himself in the mirror first. That turned me on so much I shot my load watching him, then came again when his cock was inside me. He's vain about his looks, of course, but I find his vanity a huge turn on. Yeah, he's quite a guy....."

Mark let Bob indulge his reverie for a while, then said, "You know, Jason and I get on real well but I haven't spent much time with him lately. And believe it or not, I think the guy sometimes feels kinda solitary living in that house of his all alone. His beauty kind of sets him apart from the guys he works with .... they're good guys, friendly but cool, he once told me, and he doesn't socialize much.

"So anyway, Bob, as soon as there's a break from the work here, what say you and I go visit him? I know he'd get off on that. We should take Jamie and the twins, too .... he'd get off on that even more." Mark saw a smile cross Bob's handsome, square-jawed features.

"So how about it, buddy? You think Superman could handle an afternoon with a blond cop and a blond fireman?"

"Mmm ...." Bob said thoughtfully, but his sparkling eyes gave away his enthusiasm. "Think we can handle that, Jamie?"

Jamie's eyes sparkled too. "Sounds like a plan, sir."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength - Chapter 170"


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