Jamie was in a rare kind of heaven as he sat at dinner between the two muscle-gods, Mark and Jason, smiling to himself. He could hardly believe that he now belonged to a cop and a fireman, who had stripped him naked, tied him up, whipped and fucked him. And he knew there was more to come. But he was suddenly jolted out of his reverie by the ring of his cell phone and he left the table to take the call.

"Listen, dude," Darius's voice said breathlessly, "I assume you're still with those two gorgeous hunks up there, but we need you back here by tomorrow evening. See, that's when I've called a meeting of all the boys to interview Eddie. You know Nate wants to hire him as his assistant, and Eddie's crazy about being my boy, but we all have to make sure he has the right stuff to become one of us. I might have to ask Zack to help me with that.

"Oh, and by the way, before the meeting we wanna get together with you, dude, to get all the scoop on what went down at Jason's today. You know the drill. We want the whole story .... if there is one, that is."

Jamie grinned. "Oh, there's a story alright, dude. Trouble is, I'm not sure you'll ever believe it."

He reassured Darius that he'd be there for the meeting, but right now his mind was entirely focused on the prospect of spending another erotic night and a day with Mark and Jason before giving 'the scoop' to the guys and then joining in their initiation of Eddie.

In the meantime, however, the wheels were already in motion for Eddie's orientation into his potential new job as assistant houseboy. Nate was spending the day showing Eddie round the house, explaining what his job would entail. Next on the agenda was a visit to the Mulholland Drive property they would be cleaning, the house of Steve and Lloyd where Hassan also lived in the small guest house.

Nate knew it was important that he and Eddie should get familiar and comfortable with each other as they would be working together most of the time, with Nate as Eddie's boss. Darius had encouraged this and had told Nate privately that, although Eddie was Darius's boy, Nate should feel free to do whatever it took to establish his authority over the boy and make him feel at home in the house. "Whatever it takes, dude," Darius had repeated with a lascivious grin, "provided I get to hear all the details afterwards." (Grist for his fantasy mill.)

Now, as Nate drove Eddie up the winding road into the Hollywood Hills he glanced at him sitting nervously beside him. He looked much younger than his 21 years and very vulnerable. He was slim and surprisingly pale despite living in Palm Springs, the resort city of eternal sunshine. His body was nicely trim, though, with a few tattoos that gave him the look of a young punk. Pablo had probably summed him up best: "He's cute, real cute ..... nice face, handsome in a boyish kind of way. A bit thin for my taste but I can soon beef him up in the gym."

Nate knew that coming to live here would be a major move for the young guy, who had led a fairly solitary life since he arrived in California from Nebraska two years ago and landed the job of bar-back in a small beer bar in Palm Springs. He lived alone and his sex-life was pretty much limited to the occasional blow-job in the back room of the bar. He had known only older leather guys until the day his life changed when Zack and Darius had dropped into the bar.

As he sat silently beside Nate Eddie had one thought uppermost in his mind ..... he really, really wanted this job. Being shown round the house by Nate had been an eye-opening experience for him. He had already met all the guys at the twins' birthday party but going into each of their rooms was like getting a glimpse into their private worlds, the inner sanctums, and Eddie felt strong sexual vibrations in all of them.

Reading the silent boy's thoughts Nate said, "So what do you think so far, Eddie, seeing all the rooms you're gonna have to take care of if you work here?"

"Awesome, sir," Eddie ventured. Nobody had ever called Nate 'sir' before and it took some getting used to but he knew it was proper for Eddie to call him that. He laughed and said, "Come on, kid, you can do better than that. When you see all those rooms, what's the first word that comes into your head?"

There was a pause, then Eddie said, "Sexy."

"Much better," Nate laughed, "right on the money. Not surprising, though, as I hear you've already had sex with some of the guys, right?"

"Yes, sir ..... Darius and Pablo in the shower, soaping them down and ....." he blushed "..... giving them blow jobs, sir. And Darius was the first man ever to fuck me. Then Randy trained me in the gym and I shot my load when he leaned over me. And I'll never forget being with Zack and Darius." Eddie's eyes sparkled. "It was a real fantasy getting fucked by those two gorgeous black leather studs."

"Wow, mate, you've got around, haven't you? Yeah, there's a lot of sex in this place, that's for sure. But you mustn't let it get in the way of your work. That always comes first, OK? Anyway, now we're going up to see Steve and Lloyd's big house and Hassan's place just down the hill from them. You haven't really met Hassan properly yet ... only at the party. He's my master when Adam's not in town," Nate said proudly. "I think you'll like him.


Eddie was all wide-eyed wonder as they pulled up at the impressive gate on Mulholland Drive. After Nate pressed the bell the gate swung silently open and they drove down the long driveway to the imposing front door. Steve stood there waiting for them, wearing a broad smile and not much else except gym shorts. His muscular body gleamed with the sweat of obvious exertion.

"Hey, Nate, good to see you. You too Eddie."

Lloyd appeared, also wearing only gym shorts, and draped his arm round Steve's shoulder. "Hi, Eddie," he smiled. "Nate giving you the grand tour? You like what you see so far?"

Eddie gulped and managed to murmur, "Yes thank you, sir." Like?! His cock was rock hard in his shorts as he gazed dumbstruck at the near naked doctor and architect, each of them a picture of masculine perfection with their handsome faces and ripped, muscular physiques, pumped from the result of rigorous exercise in their home gym.

"Hey, Nate," Steve said, "we're in the middle of a workout right now. Why don't you go down and show Eddie Hassan's house first, then come back up here? I don't think Hassan's home from work yet .... I think he said he's involved on one of those photo shoots they do over there at the Marine recruitment office. But you have a key don't you?" Steve playfully slapped his own cheek and grinned. "Good one, Steve. Of course he has a key, dummy ..... he's up here all the time taking care of his master."

Nate blushed and Eddie still stood rooted to the spot. Both boys would have loved to watch these guys working out together but Nate pulled himself together and said, "Right, sir. Thank you, we'll be back in a while."

Reluctantly they left the main house and trudged round the back, past the pool and down a short path to the guesthouse nestled on a slope. Nate produced the key, opened the door and they went in and gaped at the mess inside.

"Huh, same as usual," Nate grinned. "This may be a small house, mate, but it's by far the messiest one I clean. Hassan's a Marine, see, and when he comes home he usually strips off his work clothes, fatigues and all, and throws them on the bed. Then he puts on gym shorts and a tank and works out outside in the sun. After that he does the same with his gym gear and I usually find his sweaty jock, shorts and tank on the pile of clothes on the bed."

Nate picked up the jock, sniffed it and threw it back down on the bed with a frown of disgust. "Whew, told you so ..... stinks of sweat and piss, dried cum too. Eddie my boy, Hassan is a gorgeous hunk and one of the sexiest guys you'll ever meet, but one of the messiest too. Look outside as well ..... gym equipment all over the place, and the porch hasn't been swept since I last did it. Shit, this can't wait 'til my next regular visit. Here, this'll be a tryout for you. Why don't you make a start in here, throw these filthy clothes in the laundry hamper and straighten the bed while I make a start outside?"

"OK, sir," Eddie said eagerly. He was so riveted by the pile of Hassan's discarded clothes on the bed that he barely noticed Nate leaving the room. As the door closed behind him Eddie gazed around the disheveled room. He had described all the guys' rooms he had seen so far as sexy but this was something else again. The whole place seemed to ooze sex .... the tangled sheets on the bed, the military fatigues, khaki tank and sweaty gym clothes thrown all over it, socks and underwear scattered on the floor.

The boy raised his eyes and his jaw dropped as he found himself gazing at a big Marine recruiting poster on the wall .... "The Few, The Proud, the Marines". The rugged soldier on it was depicted in full action mode, Rambo-style, his rugged face and muscular body streaked with dirt and stripes of camouflage paint, wearing camouflage fatigues and tank-top with an ammo belt slung over his shoulder.

Eddie could hardly believe his eyes. The guy in the picture was Hassan.

Then he recalled a snatch of conversation he had overheard at the twins' party where Hassan had been describing his job in the Marines Public Affairs office in L.A. Part of it was involved with shooting stills and videos for Marine recruitment, and Hassan had mentioned that they wanted a real Marine as the model, so they often used him. Hell, Eddie thought, just the sight of that picture would be enough to make him sign up.

Eddie reached down to make a start on the clothes and the first thing he picked up was the khaki tank top. Without thinking, he pressed it over his nose and breathed in the strong rancid smell of man-sweat. He looked at the poster, at the tank stretched over the soldier's muscular chest and wondered if this was the very one whose smell was right now filling his nostrils. Either way it gave him a huge boner in his shorts.

He threw it down and picked up the gym shorts, sniffing them hard, then an old pair of socks from the floor, and the stink of the soldier's sweaty feet made him giddy. All the time he was gazing at the rugged Marine in the poster, hardly able to believe that these were actually the same man's clothes.

Finally his gaze settled on the ragged, stained jock-strap. He picked it up, pressed it hard against his face and breathed in deeply. His head swam with the stench of male juices ..... sweat, dried piss and what had to be old semen. The smells made him fantasize ..... is that all Hassan wore when he worked out here? Had he shot a load of cum in his jock while he lifted weights looking at himself in the mirror? Or maybe some guy had gone down on him, clamped his mouth over the bulging jock, licked it, sucked it, and made the soldier cum in his jock that way.

Eddie looked again at the gorgeous Marine in the poster. He stared at the bulge in his fatigue pants and wondered if he had been wearing this very jock under them. He licked the jock, sucked at the thin cotton, then crammed it into his mouth, breathing in through his mouth. In a daze he stared into the slanting brown eyes of the Marine on the wall and heard the imaginary deep voice say, "Go for it, kid."

In his fantasy he imagined going down on his knees, opening the fly buttons of the Marine's pants, pulling them down and staring at the sweaty jock bulging over his balls and cock. The huge balls spilled out of the side of the jock and the hard, massive cock was visible through the thin wet fabric, so long that the tip of it poked out of the top. In his daydream, he went to work on the jock, pressing his cheek against the fabric, licking it, sucking it, tasting the sweat and piss through it, then running his tongue the length of the cock through the thin cotton.

Instinctively Eddie had actually knelt on the bed before the Marine in the picture, had pulled out his own cock and was pumping it hard. He gazed at the soldier, smelled his balls, tasted his sweat as he sucked on the jock crammed in his mouth. His imagination was reeling. He thought he saw the solider move, saw his face writhe in ecstasy, heard his voice .....

"That's it, kid, work it ..... lick those balls, suck that big cock. You ever made a Marine bust his load, kid? You're getting me close ..... here it comes boy ..... drink that soldier's spunk boy, you want it?

"Yes, sir!"....... The jock fell from his mouth as he heard the shout. Hypnotized by the picture he saw the spectacular body heave, heard the Marine yell and saw his cock explode with streams of come splashing over the bed. Over the bed? Suddenly the fantasy dissolved into reality. Eddie was shaking as he felt his body drain, the tension released, and he gazed down at the tangle of clothes on the bed drenched in his own cum. At the same time he heard another voice ..... not the Marine's this time ..... Nate's!

"Holy shit, Eddie, what the fuck are you doing?"


Eddie jumped to his feet, trembling so hard he could barely stand up. Blushing deep red he opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. Nate gazed at the boy, at the cock hanging out of his shorts still dripping cum. Then his eyes traveled over the cum-soaked bed and up to the Marine poster on the wall. So that was it. Nate couldn't help smiling inwardly as he took in the scene. What Eddie had obviously just done was exactly what Nate himself had done on several occasions.

But that was after Nate had got to know Hassan and become his boy. But this was Eddie, the new kid. Nate had left him here to tidy up the room ..... it was his first tryout ..... and he had spent the time gazing at the Marine's picture and jacking off over his clothes. Finally Eddie found his tongue and words came stumbling out.

"Sir, I couldn't help it, sir. I saw the picture and .... it was so hot that I ..... then I picked up his clothes and sniffed them and I don't know what ..... I mean .... it was such a hot fantasy, sir, and I had to cum ..... I couldn't help it ......" Tears welled in his eyes. "I blew it, sir, didn't I? I'll never get the job now ..... and I wanted it so bad......"

The tears started to flow and Nate's heart went out to the boy, with his crumpled face and drooping body. Instinctively Nate realized this was his own first test as a boss, and his thoughts raced trying to decide what to do.

He sympathized with the boy's lust for the magnificent Marine .... shit, he thought, who wouldn't get carried away? But at the same time, Eddie had disobeyed Nate's orders, had failed his first test as his assistant. He wondered .... what would his master Adam do to him, Nate, or what would Mark do to Jamie in such a circumstance? That cleared his mind and he knew that he had to assert his authority, something he had never done before. He had to discipline the boy, but with the same leniency that he knew Adam and Mark would show.

"OK, Eddie, first I want you to pull yourself together and stop crying. I don't think he" (nodding to the poster) "would approve of that, do you? OK, what you did was wrong, you disobeyed me. I told you to pick up the clothes not shoot jism all over them. A while ago I told you that there are a lot of sexual vibes around these guys, but you mustn't let it distract you ..... the job comes first. I know that guy on the wall there would turn anyone on, so I sympathize. I may still hire you, but you have to be punished ..... it's a rule of the house."

Eddie perked up and dried his eyes as he saw a glimmer of hope. "Yes, sir. I know, sir. Anything ..... I'll do anything to make it come right."

"OK, strip naked." Instantly Eddie pulled off his T-shirt, ripping it in his haste. He kicked off his sneakers, dropped his shorts and stood naked before his new boss.

Nate gulped and his heart went out to Eddie, his pale young body trembling in front of him, eyes downcast. He remembered how he had been when he first met Jamie and Mark ..... overawed, nervous, insecure. This kid was so..... so vulnerable, and Nate realized for the first time the power that a boss has over a boy like this .... a power for good or for harm. Nate determined that he would use his for good ..... and he knew exactly how.

"Turn round, boy." Eddie obeyed and Nate murmured "holy fuck" as he stared at the cheeks of the boy's ass. The body was slim but well-formed and the tight waist narrowed down to perfectly shaped, firm round globes. No problem here, Nate thought to himself as his cock stiffened in his shorts. "You been fucked before, boy?"

"Yes, sir, by Darius and Zack."

"Hell, if you've taken those two massive black dicks up your ass you'll have no problem with mine." He grabbed Eddie by the back of his neck and pushed him face down on the bed. Eddie stretched his arms up and grabbed the corners of the bed. He raised his head to gaze into the mirror at the head of the bed and saw Nate strip naked and kneel over him. "OK, Eddie, now you're gonna get your ass fucked by your boss. It's a rite of passage in this house. It's happened to all the boys. You ready?"

"Yes, sir ..... please, sir."

Nate spat in his hand and ran it over the length of his cock. Then he pushed the head between the ass cheeks and pressed it against the hole. Jesus, it was still a tight ass even though it had already been opened up by Zack and Darius. But he felt the sphincter relax and his cock slid gently into the young ass, hot as a furnace. Nate felt the body tense defensively beneath him and saw Nate's hands grasp the corners of the bed in a white-knuckle grip. "It's OK, Eddie, you can relax now. I'm not gonna hurt you."

Eddie looked up at Nate in the mirror. "Thank you sir. Please fuck me hard, sir. I deserve it."

Nate wasn't sure whether this request reflected Eddie's need to be punished, or simply his need for a good hard fuck. In any case Nate decided to take it slowly, and the result was an erotic warmth that spread through both their young bodies. "Good boy," said Nate. "Your boss is fucking your ass for the first time. You're Darius's boy but he said that getting fucked by me is 'part of your job description' and you have to take it whenever I feel like it."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." Nate's confidence was building and he knew he was going to enjoy asserting his authority over the boy. The tempo quickened and soon his cock was pumping hard in and out of the tight ass. Eddie had lowered his face onto the bed and was breathing deeply. Suddenly he was overpowered by the smell of sweat, piss and cum and he realized that his face was buried in Hassan's dirty gym shorts, smothered by his own cum.

It made him dizzy and he began to moan, "Oooh .... fuck me, sir, fuck my ass good. I love your dick in my ass, sir." Overwhelmed by the smell of Hassan's sweat Eddie's senses were reeling in confusion and it almost felt as if it was the Marine's cock inside him. Nate was aware that Eddie was lying on Hassan's dirty clothes and guessed something of what he was feeling. He knew he should end it.... and besides, his cock was already shuddering in the boy's ass.

"OK, kid, this is your punishment. I'm gonna shoot my wad in your ass ...... here it comes, boy ..... aaah!" Eddie pushed his ass upward to receive the full length of Nate's cock as it erupted deep inside him. As he felt the warm juice pouring into his ass and smelt the rancid essence of the Marine, Eddie screamed into the shorts and felt the sticky warmth under him as his body went rigid and he shot his second load of cum onto the bed.

Gasping he looked up into the mirror and saw Nate's face smiling down at him. "Thank you, sir," Eddie moaned. Again he buried his face in the shorts as Nate fell on top of him. They lay still like that for some time, the only sound being their heavy breathing ..... the only sound until the heavily accented tones of a deep voice behind them.

"What the fuck.....?"


Both heads shot up and two shocked faces looked in the mirror. Silhouetted in the doorway, back-lit by the sun, was the tall, looming figure of the Marine ...... identical to the soldier in the poster. In a moment of panic Eddie looked sideways at the poster, absurdly half expecting to see it blank, that the Marine had stepped down from the wall. It was the same muscular body in camouflage fatigues and boots, same khaki tank stretched over the bulging chest ..... the same exotic square-jawed features streaked with dirt and camouflage paint, eyes hidden behind mirror sunglasses. Only the ammo belt was missing.

The horror-struck boys sprang to their feet and stood trembling before the fearsome warrior. Behind his glasses Hassan's eyes took in the astonishing scene ..... two naked boys, one having obviously just fucked the other, and the chaos of the bed, rumpled sheets strewn with dirty clothes, all covered with what looked like pools of semen.

Surprisingly it was Eddie who found his voice first. Driven by blind panic he blurted out the whole story: "It was my fault, sir, not Nate's ..... please don't blame Nate, sir, it was all me. I was gonna tidy the bed but I saw your clothes and smelt them ..... I saw you picture on the wall and it was so hot, sir ..... I stuffed your jock in my mouth and jerk off and spilled my jism all over the bed. But Nate caught me and punished me by fucking my ass, sir. It wasn't his fault...."

His voice trailed away as his impulsive burst of courage faded. Hassan looked at the earnest young face and it was all he could do to stop himself from bursting out laughing. Stifling a grin he said, "Hmm ..... some punishment! From where I stood it looked like you were enjoying every minute. Still, you get an A for honesty, kid, that's for sure. OK, Nate, what have you got to say for yourself?"

Nate was blushing deeply. "It .... it's like Eddie said, sir, only it's all my fault. See Eddie's working for me .... well, maybe not after this ...... and I was supposed to be in charge and I let it happen. I was trying to punish him, sir."

Hassan took off his glasses and his beautiful slanted eyes gazed at them both. Nate was his boy and knew the soldier well, and his keen eye glimpsed the amusement behind his stern look. "OK. I come in and find two naked boys fucking ..... on my bed! That can't go unpunished. You, boy," (to Nate) "I'll deal with you tomorrow. Report to me here at 1800 hours for your dose of military discipline."

It was Nate's turn to stifle a grin .... and the boner in his shorts. "Yes, sir .... understood, sir."

Hassan turned his gaze on the terrified Eddie. "As for you, boy ..... now what am I gonna do with you? You're new here so you may not know that there's a rule around here that the punishment has to fit the crime. All day I've been working on a recruitment photo shoot in this military gear and war-paint, just the way I look in that poster over there. Those blazing hot lights made me sweat like a pig. I stink and was looking forward to a good, long shower."

He paused and Eddie wilted under the soldier's piercing eyes as he continued. "OK, from what you say you got turned on by my stinking clothes ..... you licked them, stuffed my jock in your mouth and busted your load. As I said, your punishment will fit the crime, so I'll forget the shower ..... and use you to clean me up instead. I think you'll know what to do."

Eddie gazed in bewildered awe as the Marine stood before him, legs astride, raised his arms and linked his hands behind his head, his elbows stretched sideways. The boy hesitated uncertainly and again glanced at the poster on the wall for inspiration. Nate gave him a shove and he stumbled forward. It was true, the soldier did stink of sweat ...... and suddenly Eddie knew what he had to do.

Weak at the knees be came close to the Marine and looked at the sweat-soaked tank, the gleaming, olive skin ..... and the armpits raised up on full display. "That's it, boy," Hassan growled, "start with the pits."

Eddie stretched his head forward and tentatively licked under the arms, savoring the sour, salty taste of the sweat trickling down them. "Oh come on, kid you can do better than that," Hassan barked. He clamped one hand behind Eddie's head and pressed his face hard into his armpit. Eddie almost passed out as he gagged on the wet, wiry hair choking him and felt the dampness oozing into his mouth. Almost suffocating he pulled back, coughed, and gazed desperately up at the soldier.

"Shit, I don't think you're cut out for this, kid," Hassan said. "I thought you said you got off on the smell of Marine sweat."

"I do ... I do, sir. Please give me another chance. I can do better."

Hassan linked his hands behind his head again and relaxed. "OK, kid, show me. Show me how much that sweating Marine turns you on."

Desperate to please Hassan, Eddie went to work. This time he pressed against the soldier and sucked on his armpit, taking the coarse black hair into his mouth and breathing in lungfuls of the rancid smell. His head swam but he was in heaven. He licked the armpit clean, then bent lower to the tank. He sucked in the wet fabric and clenched it in his teeth, squeezing hard so the sweat oozed out of it and ran down his throat.

Then he cleaned the other armpit in the same way, moving slowly lower until his cheek was pressing against the front of the tank and he felt the hard mounds of his pecs underneath. He felt Hassan's heartbeat against his face, and his legs almost gave way beneath him.

"OK, boy, that's enough there. Now do the rest." His face still inches from Hassan's chest Eddie saw the khaki tank rise as Hassan pulled it off from behind, used it to wipe the war-paint streaks from his face and tossed the shirt aside. Suddenly the boy was looking at the cleft between the soldier's rounded pecs as sweat trickled down it. He pressed his face into the chest and inhaled deeply ..... "aaah....!" Eddie was dimly aware of his cock throbbing .... and he lost all his inhibitions.

He went wild, lapping at the smooth skin, over the mounds of the chest, brushing the nipples, then down to the stomach, running his tongue between the ridges of the washboard abs. He heard the Marine sigh and his own cock was now shuddering so bad he was afraid he would cum all over him. But then he heard the deep voice ..... "On your knees, boy."

The naked boy dropped obediently to his knees and his heart missed a beat as he found himself facing the huge bulge in the soldier's fatigues. He remembered the same bulge in the poster, but now it was real ..... this was the man himself and the bulge was inches from his face. Again the commanding voice. "Go for it, boy."

With trembling fingers Eddie pulled down the zip of the pants, opened up the fly and he gulped as he saw that Hassan was wearing a jock-strap underneath ..... not the soiled white jock from the bed, but khaki, matching his uniform. Without hesitating this time he licked the bulge with the tip of his tongue and tasted a mix of man-juices ..... sweat, dried piss and cum.

Growing impatient, Hassan unbuckled his belt, yanked open his pants and let them fall round his ankles. Eddie gazed in awe at the fully exposed jock. Earlier he had fantasized about it while looking at the picture ..... and here it was, exactly as he had imagined ..... the balls poking out of the side, the shape of the stiff cock obvious under the thin fabric, so long the head was sticking out above the waistband. He was yanked out of his trance by Hassan growling, "Quit pussyfooting around, kid. Come on, clean up my stinking crotch."

He didn't need telling twice. He reached forward to the waistband of the jock and slowly pulled it down, clear of the waist, over the hips and.... "Aaah" ..... suddenly the huge rod sprang free and hit the boy in the face. The shock of the blow and the overpowering smell of the sweaty crotch drove him to renewed effort. His tongue again started to work feverishly, licking the fully exposed balls, sucking them into his mouth, then running his tongue along the deep crevice of the groin where the smell and taste were the most pungent.

Finally he pulled his head back and stared at the huge pole pointing at his face. For a moment he was frozen in place, but he still heard the soldier's voice. "What's the matter, kid? You scared of this hunk of prime Marine beef? Too much for that mouth of yours, eh?"

"No, sir," Eddie sprang back into action. "I can take it, sir." If there was one thing Eddie did well it was sucking cock, even one as intimidating as this. He leaned forward, pressed his lips over the head, then pushed further, feeling the long shaft slide into his mouth. When he felt it deep in his throat he clenched his throat muscles hard round the cock and heard Hassan yell, "Yeah ..... oh shit man, that is fucking great."

As Eddie moved his head back and forth, taking the entire length deep down his throat Hassan looked up at Nate in the background and moaned, "Fuck, Nate, this boy of yours is one hell of a cocksucker." He clamped his hands behind Eddie's head and rammed his face down into his pubic hair. "That's it, kid, eat that fucking meat."

Nate had been watching in the background, transfixed by the whole show. He had pulled his cock from his shorts and was stroking it hard as he saw Hassan slamming the boy's head into his crotch again and again. Soon the Marine went back to his earlier position, hands behind his own head, elbows outstretched. His stomach muscles rippled as his hips moved back and forth, pounding Eddie's hungry mouth. To steady himself Eddie reached forward and gripped Hassan's hips, his fingertips feeling the hard mounds of his ass flexing as it pushed forward.

The sight was one of the most incredible Nate had ever seen, the naked Marine, pants pooled round his ankles, his cock pistoning in the mouth of the slim, naked boy kneeling in worship before him. It was too much for Nate and he felt the blood pounding in his cock, felt semen racing through it and he screamed as a ribbon of cum blasted from it across the room.

Eddie was in a world of sensual overload, where all he felt was the Marine's rod pounding his face, all he tasted was cock, all he smelt was the sweaty crotch, and all he heard was Nate's scream. His mouth was impaled on the huge shaft so Eddie breathed in frantically through his nose and the soldier's pungent smell overwhelmed him. His body convulsed, he screamed into the gag of the cock and felt his own cock explode, again and again, in a huge multiple orgasm. He instinctively jerked his head back and Hassan's cock sprang from his mouth.


There was a sudden silence as Eddie's head dropped in exhaustion. But when his eyes opened he found himself staring down at the soldier's combat boots and the fatigues pooled around them. And he was horrified to see his own cum splashed all over them. He had only one thought as he gasped, "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to ..... I'll clean them off right away, sir."

His face fell to the floor and he began to lick the soldier's boots frantically, sucking in his own semen, lapping at the leather in a desperate attempt to clean off the evidence of what he had done. Bent over at Hassan's feet he worked feverishly, but suddenly he felt his head pulled up by the hair and he saw the Marine's blazing eyes, heard his snarling voice.

"I don't give a shit about the boots, boy, but what about this?" He slapped his cock hard against Eddie's cheek. "It's still fucking hard, boy ..... see the pre-cum dripping from it?" He pressed the sticky tip of his cock against Eddie's lips, then pulled his head back again and glared at him. "What the fuck you think you're doing? ...... You lick my body, suck my balls, then work on my dick and bring me right up the edge of busting my load ..... and then nothing! You pull your mouth off my cock! You two both get to shoot your wad ..... and here's my rod still loaded with spunk."

Suddenly he yanked Eddie's hair so hard the boy shot to his feet, his terrified eyes staring into Hassan's face. "Look at me, boy. Do I look like the kind of guy who gets jerked around by a punk like you? So, you didn't wait for me to shoot inside you? OK, well, I tell you this, boy, I am gonna cum inside you, and it's something you won't forget in a hurry."

Hassan gripped Eddie round the waist, picked him up bodily and flung him down on the bed where he landed heavily on his back, the wind knocked out of him. The soldier kicked off his combat boots, stepped out of his pants and jock, strode to the bed naked and knelt between the legs of the trembling boy. He pointed to the poster on the wall. "See that, boy? What is it?"

Eddie croaked, "It's a Marine, sir ..... a gorgeous, hot Marine, sir.

"So hot he made you jack off all over this bed, right? Now look at this, boy." Hassan slapped his own chest. "This is the same hot fucking guy. Only this time the Marine's stripped naked and you know what he's gonna do, boy? He's gonna fuck your ass until he busts his load inside it."

Hassan heaved Eddie's legs over his shoulders and stared down at his frightened face. He spat in his hand, gripped his rigid cock and in one ferocious move shoved it between the cheeks and deep inside the tight, warm ass. Eddie screamed as he felt the huge shaft impale his ass.

"Quiet! Look at me, boy. Now, you won't yell again 'cause there'll be no more pain. Earlier you shot your wad looking at my picture. Now you're gonna cum looking at me while I fuck that tight little ass of yours." Eddie gazed up at the dark, exotic face, still streaked with dirt, jet black hair falling over the brow. He saw the heaving body, muscles rippling as it rose and fell above him. And Hassan was right ..... there was no more pain, only the exquisite sensation of the soldier's cock moving in and out of his ass.

Eddie glanced sideways at the Marine in the poster, then up at the same man leaning over him, the real one, and this Marine, stripped naked, was fucking his ass. It was a pornographic fantasy come to life ..... beyond fantasy ..... a sensation so real, so erotic, that Eddie lost all sense of time and place, aware only that he was entirely at the mercy of the muscular soldier driving his piston into his ass.

The jackhammer was relentless, merciless and as it went on and on Eddie couldn't get enough. He pushed his ass up high to take in every inch of the pounding rod, and when the head pierced his inner sphincter he knew that was it ..... he had to cum. "Wait for me, Eddie," Hassan said, reading his thoughts. "And this time I really am gonna cum inside you. You ready, kid? Here it comes....."

And as Hassan had ordered, there was no yelling. Eddie saw the soldier smiling down at him, saw the body jolt and felt his warm juice flooding his ass. The incredible sensation in his ass sent flashes of ecstasy through his body, into his balls and up through his cock, which exploded all over the smooth white skin of his young body.


A few minutes later Hassan had pulled Eddie up off the bed and scooped him into his arms. He held him close and whispered into his ear. "I'll tell you a secret, Eddie, just between you and me. Sometimes I look at the Marine in the poster and he turns me on so much I jerk off over the bed just like you did." Eddie's eyes were sparkling as Hassan pulled back and said, "You're a terrific, kid, Eddie. I look forward to getting to know you better. Hey, Nate, you better damn well hire this boy."

"I intend to, sir. No matter what the other guys say."

"OK, now I'm really gonna take a shower and you guys better get your asses up to Steve and Lloyd. And remember, Nate ..... report to me at 1800 hours sharp tomorrow. "Sir, yes, sir," Nate grinned, saluting. He gave his master a long hug and left the room. Eddie pulled on his shorts and was about to follow, but Hassan stopped him, grabbed the sweat-soaked khaki tank top off the floor and used it to rub the cum off the boy's chest.

"Can't go into polite company with jism all over you, kid," Hassan grinned. Then he picked up his rancid old jock from the bed, the one Eddie had crammed into his mouth. He bundled it up with the tank and stuffed them both into Eddie's pocket. "Keep them, kiddo, to remind you of today. Just between us two, eh?" Eddie's eyes filled with tears and he flung his arms round Hassan. "Just one thing, Eddie," Hassan added. "Don't you dare wash them."

Eddie grinned. "Never, sir. No fear of that."


"So," Nate grinned as they trudged away up the slope, "you've met Hassan."

"Yes, sir," Eddie said. He frowned. "Sir, I know you're his boy so I hope you don't mind that he ..... that we .... "

"Nah, no worries there, mate," said the Australian. "It's cool with me. In fact, when it's your turn to come up here and clean his place, then whatever the big stud Marine wants to do ..... well, he's the boss." And that ended the subject. "OK, that's that ..... now for Steve and Lloyd."

When they went into the main house they heard Steve shout, "In here, guys, we're just finishing up." They went into the big room that the men had converted into a gym, and stared in awe at the two handsome bodybuilders, stripped down to just their gym shorts. Despite the heady sexual experiences the boys had just been through their cocks stiffened at the sight of them.

"Take a seat, guys," Steve said. "We've almost finished, then we'll show you around. Just one more thing. We always finish up with this little contest to see which one of us gets to fuck the other in the shower. You ready buddy?"

They dropped to the floor, flat on their stomachs facing each other. Lloyd grinned, "OK, go!" and they began to do pushups, their already pumped muscles flexing hard as the contest progressed. Eddie moaned inwardly, 'Jesus, would today never quit?' It was nonstop sexual fantasy. He gazed in a trance at the two muscle-gods as they punished their already exhausted muscles. And the loser was about to have his ass fucked by the winner.

As he sat watching Eddie put his hand in his shorts pocket and stroked his cock, rigid despite the fact he had cum so many times already. The grunting grew louder, the pace slowed, they strained hard .... and finally it was Lloyd who collapsed, defeated, flat in the ground. "You lose, buddy," Steve yelled. "Your ass is grass." Eddie tried to imagine the handsome architect standing naked in the shower, his ass being pounded by the muscular doctor. And suddenly he felt a sticky wetness on his leg. He had emptied another load of cum into his shorts.

Steve jumped to his feet. "OK, guys, sorry for the wait. Before we shower we'll give you a quick tour and then settle on days and times and things. We are so grateful you boys will be cleaning our house. Hassan speaks very highly of you," he added with a knowing smile. He and Lloyd had noticed the big wet patch on Eddie's shorts and flashed a grin at each other .... but discretely chose not to say a word.


Half an hour later the boys were driving down the hill back to the house and Nate said, "OK, now for the boys' inquisition." Seeing the alarm on Eddie's face he added, "Nah, no worries, kid, it'll be a piece of cake. The twins are rooting for you and Jamie too ..... he's real kind like Mark. Darius, of course, 'cause you're his boy. Maybe a little turbulence from Pablo, though. He thinks 'cause he's Randy's boy, his adopted son and all, that he's the boss."

Nate was dead right. When they went through the gate the meeting was already in session. All five boys were sitting on one side of a long table in the garden, with Pablo and Darius in the middle. Nate took his seat at the end of the bench and Eddie stood nervously before them all. The word 'inquisition' still rang in his head.

"OK," said Pablo formally, this is a meeting of the boys to see whether Eddie has what it takes to join the house and become one of us." Darius sighed and rolled his eyes ..... Pablo was gonna milk this for all it was worth. "Now first, Eddie, tell us why you want to come and live here with us."

"Because he's crazy about me, dude," Darius chimed in before Eddie could reply. "Hell, he went nuts for me the minute we met, and now he loves me a whole lot ..... what's not to love?"

"I think Eddie can speak for himself," Pablo said sarcastically. "He's got a tongue, hasn't he?"

"You bet he has," said Nate, thinking of the recent licking scene with Hassan.

Darius was getting steamed. "I'm his master so I think I can speak for my boy, asshole. All you want is to show off your ...."

"Eddie," Jamie interrupted firmly, rolling his eyes at Nate who grinned back. "Now that you've met everyone in the house, are you sure you feel comfortable with the idea of living here? It can be a tough crowd, you know, and there are rules, discipline, punishment sometimes.

"I have no problem with that, sir," Eddie said boldly. "I've had my share of punishment and I don't mind it at all," he said grinning at Nate. "And I've had a crash course in all the house rules from Nate."

"Well, better Nate than never," said Darius with a huge grin, causing a gale of laughter from all the boys except Pablo.

"OK," Pablo said, miffed at being upstaged by Darius. "Let's cut to the chase here. There's a whole lotta sex goes on around here .... between the boys, with the masters ..... and you can't be squeamish about that. You have to be ready to put out ..... fuck and get fucked. Often you'll be expected to shoot more than one load a day." His eyes narrowed. "So tell me this, boy ..... today, for example .... how many time have you cum already today?"

Eddie frowned and thought hard for a minute before replying. "Seven, sir."

Pablo and the boys gaped. "Seven?!" Pablo said. "No way! You're kidding, right?"

"No, sir." Again Eddie concentrated and started to count off on his fingers. "One: as Darius fucked me when we woke up. Two: jacking off watching him get dressed. Three: jerking off over Hassan's bed looking at that Marine poster of him. Four: getting fucked by Nate as a punishment. Five: shooting my load over Hassan's boots after I licked the sweat off his body then sucked his cock and balls. Six: getting my ass fucked by Hassan. Seven: creaming my shorts watching Steve and Lloyd in a gym contest to see which one would get to fuck the other."

He paused and thought some more. "That's it, sir .... seven, that's all ..... if you don't count the times in between when I jacked off on my own."

There was a stunned silence as the boys tried to take in the dimensions of this sexual marathon. Finally Pablo cleared his throat. "Er..... and when you jack off alone .... what are you thinking about?"

Eddie grinned, "Hot guys like you, sir"

"Good answer, dude," yelled Darius, slamming his hand on the table, and the group again broke into peals of laughter.

"OK," said Pablo finally. "You get my vote, kid ..... how about you guys?

"Unanimous," yelled Darius, jumping the gun.

"Not so fast," said Pablo. "A show of hands first." All the hands shot up.

"Unanimous," Darius shouted again.

"Oh, just one more thing," said Pablo. "How often have you been whipped, Eddie?"

Eddie looked shocked. "I ..... er ..... whipped, sir? I've never been whipped, sir. I don't think I could ever ....." and his voice trailed off as he saw the disappointed faces round the table.

Pablo said, "You see, boy, everyone here has to be able to take a whipping. Most of us have. If you can't, then ..... well ......" and he shrugged.

Darius jumped up. "Guys, I vote we adjourn until tomorrow. There's someone I need to consult."

Relieved at this temporary solution everyone agreed and the meeting was over. Darius grabbed Eddie's arm and steered him toward the gate. "Don't worry, dude, I know just the guy to help us out of this. He pulled out his phone and punched the speed-dial for Zack.

"Sir? Is that you, sir? We've hit a kind of snag here. There's one more thing Eddie has to do ..... and I need your help."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 157


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