The sex games at the house .... four-men-in uniform/five-naked-boys .... had been a huge success. Mark grinned at Bob. "That was a great show you put on, buddy. Brought back old memories."

Meanwhile Randy had been up at the lake in the mountains with Zack and Adam and their boys, but he had been uneasy and phoned Bob. "I'm coming to get you," he said, "you and Ben. I miss the hell out of you, buddy. Me, you, Pablo and Ben, we're family and things don't feel right without you. Besides I've gotta make up for the lousy way I've been treating you. We've got another couple of days up here, so I'm coming back to get you and bring you to the lake."

His timing was impeccable as the games had just ended when he walked in, and they all sat at the table for a quick drink before Randy drove Bob and Ben back to the lake. The boys all chattered animatedly, all except for Randy's kid brother Ben who was sitting close to Jason, gazing admiringly up at him. They had been paired together in the sex games and Ben had been dazzled by the extraordinary sex he had shared with the gorgeous fireman, and still felt the contagious effect of Jason's erotic narcissism. Every time Jason smiled at him Ben blushed.

All this was not lost on Randy. Every time he glanced at his kid brother the boy was staring at Jason with an adoring look. Bob, too, knew exactly what was going on (he remembered the way Ben gazed at Jason after their wild sex scene) and he was relieved when Randy stood up and said, "OK, time to go." Before they left Randy spoke gently to the twins, who reassured him that they preferred staying at home rather than joining the rough and tumble at the lake. Bob flashed a quick smile at Randy. For all his toughness and aggression the big boss could be surprisingly kind and gentle with people he loved.

Randy's truck was soon roaring up the freeway, with Ben sitting between him and Bob. Randy was shirtless in cargo shorts and sneakers, and Bob and Ben wore only the shorts they had pulled on quickly when Randy had arrived. There was silence at first, and Bob knew Randy was brooding over the attraction that Jason and Ben had openly displayed toward each other.

Randy admired Jason in some ways and had to admit he was a great looking man, but he didn't approve of Jason's vanity and exhibitionism, something he saw as less than masculine. Whatever else he was, Jason certainly wasn't the guy for his little brother.

Bob sensed a storm brewing so he distracted Randy with a vivid account of the night he had spent with Ben. He described the extraordinary way that Ben had ridden Bob's cock and had then been transformed into a young version of Randy, pacing the floor like a young stallion and finally fucking Bob savagely just as Randy would have done.

Randy's eyes gleamed. "He did that? Just like me, you say? A chip off the old block, eh boy? I'm proud of you. Damn, I wish to hell I'd seen that. Maybe you can give a repeat performance when we get back."

"Yeah," Bob went on, grinning at Ben, "and afterwards as we lay there together Ben asked if it would be OK if he could think of me as an older brother. Said it would be cool to have two."

"Damn right," Randy said enthusiastically. "We're family. You and me, Bob, we'll both be big brothers to the kid .....and we've got Pablo and the twins too. I like that." There was another silence as Randy smiled to himself, fairly glowing with the idea of their little family. Bob relaxed, thinking that he had poured some oil on what could have been troubled waters. But then Ben blew it.

"There's another thing, sir," Ben said boldly. "Would it be OK if I went over to Jason's soon on my own and spent some time with him?"

Bob tensed as he heard Randy's sharp intake of breath. "No," Randy growled, "that would not be OK. Permission denied."

"But sir," Ben protested, "I know Jason likes me a lot and I sure as hell like him so why...."

Randy slammed his hands on the steering wheel. "I said no, boy! I'm your brother, the answer's no and that's the end of it!"

Ben was cranking up for another protest but, as Randy stared stonily at the road ahead, his jaw clenched, Bob looked at Ben with raised eyebrows and shook his head. Ben took the hint and settled into a sullen silence.

Grateful for the reprieve, Bob thought to himself, 'Better let that one percolate slowly. Not gonna be an easy sell.'


As the miles flew by the mood in the truck lightened. It took all of Bob's peace-making skills to make it happen as he entertained Randy with a long recitation of their sex games - the dramatic sex scenes between Hassan and the twins, then how he and Mark had been serviced by Jamie and Eddie. But he trod carefully, avoiding any mention of Ben's erotic sexual acts with the narcissistic Jason that had ended with the naked, bound fireman humbled on his knees.

As he told his stories to an amused Randy, Bob made several deliberate mistakes which, as he had hoped, prompted Ben to jump in and correct him .... "no, sir, it wasn't like that...." With increasing enthusiasm Ben joined in and was soon entertaining his big brother by telling chunks of the story himself. Bob smiled inwardly at the change in Ben, from sullen to sunny. Once again Bob had managed to blow the storm clouds away - at least for now.

The atmosphere became even more festive as the truck bounced over the dirt trail toward the beach by the lake. When they came to a halt Ben leapt from the truck shouting "We're here, dudes," and ran into the welcoming arms of his pals Pablo, Darius and Nate. In the truck Randy gave a big sigh and smiled at Bob. "Well, buddy, you worked your magic again. That boy's putty in your hands. 'Course, I am too ..... but you know that." He pulled Bob's face toward him and pressed their mouths together hard.

When Randy and Bob got out of the truck they were greeted by Zack and Adam with warm handshakes. Soon everyone was sprawled on the small beach drinking beer while the boys listened with wide eyes and gaping jaws to Ben's account of the men-in-uniform sexual extravaganza back at the house. Zack and Adam smiled indulgently, but Randy seemed distracted, gazing at Bob who was laughing along with the others.

Abruptly Randy stood up and said to Bob, "Come with me." Bob pulled on sneakers and the two men disappeared into the trees. They pushed their way through the dense undergrowth and Randy said, "You know where we're going, don't you?"

"I can guess." Finally they broke through the bushes into the clearing where earlier Zack and Adam had tied Randy up and whipped and fucked him. They had had enough of Randy's arrogance, lording it over all the other guys and, as Zack put it, "treating us all like shit, even Bob, that gorgeous guy who worships you." Randy had accepted his punishment but could not rid his mind of the truth of Zack's words. He had recently hurt and humiliated Bob, the man he loved more than life itself, and Randy being Randy, he had to make amends.

As they stood facing each other in the clearing Randy explained all this to Bob. "That's the reason I came back for you, buddy, and brought you here ..... to show you how much I love you and to prove to you how much I regret the way I've been treating you." There was a long pause as a faraway look came to Randy's eyes.

"Do you remember the first time you and I ever came here, Bob? God I was a fool. I knew something was happening to me then but I didn't know it was love. Whatever it was, I resisted it like hell and resented you. I left you tied to a tree right here, but that summer thunderstorm broke - pouring rain, jagged lightning - and I suddenly realized you were in danger tied to that tall tree. As I stumbled blindly back to you through the bushes in the driving rain it hit me like one of those lightning flashes ..... I was in love with you! Those were the longest few minutes of my life until I found you again and released you."

"Yeah," Bob grinned, "and I remember how flaming mad I was with you. I could have been killed! You needed to make amends to me and, when the lightning had passed, you didn't resist as I tied you to the same tree and whipped you with my belt and then fucked your ass. We fought, rolling in the mud, and you over overpowered me. Then, in the drenching rain you did something you had never done to a man ..... you fucked me. And it was then that I knew I was totally and forever in love with you."

They gazed at each other, remembering that long-ago moment when they had realized they were in love. Then Randy frowned. "Man, I'm crazy about you but sometimes I still treat you like shit. You know me, man - I gotta get punished for that ..... by you .... like that first time when you tied me up, whipped me and fucked my ass. I want you to do it again, buddy."

Randy slid the belt from his shorts, handed it to Bob, ripped open his shorts and let them drop. Naked, he walked over to the same tree as before, pressed his chest against it and wrapped his arms round it. Bob watched Randy's ritualistic moves in silent awe. His lover was offering to him his back for whipping and his ass for fucking.

As he gazed at the rugged man they called the King of the Gypsies, the muscles of his broad back flexing in anticipation of the whip, Bob's heart went out to his lover. In many ways Randy was a primitive. He had been raised to be physically tough, to settle every problem with his fists, and that impulse applied even when he was the one deserving of punishment. It had to be physical - to be whipped like an animal being tamed. Only through bodily suffering could he purge his guilt.

The ultimate alpha male, the big, handsome boss, feared by other men, Randy sometimes seemed to Bob to be the very opposite, such as now when he was waiting to be chastised like a wayward child. God, Bob loved him. He had feared him at first (didn't everyone?) but as he had grown to know him, had seen into his soul, he loved him for his contradictions. He knew that Randy needed him and Bob would always be there for him ..... like right now when he had been told to whip him.

Bob wrapped the end of the belt round his fist and raised his arm. He braced himself, paused, then lashed the broad back with the belt. Randy barely flinched, except for a bulge in his biceps as he locked his arms tighter round the tree. Another lash .... then another, and now Bob saw red welts rising on the hard-muscled flesh. He heard Randy moan, somewhere between a sob and a whimper ..... and suddenly Bob came to his senses.

Daring to disobey Randy, shaking off his demands, Bob threw the belt to the ground in a gesture of self-disgust. With a whimper of his own he fell against Randy's back, wrapped his arms round the tree over Randy's and licked the nape of his neck. "Man," he said, "I love you - I'm in love with you. Why in the world would I whip the man I worship? You agonize over the way you've hurt me, the man you love, and I'm asking myself the same ..... why in god's name would I hurt you?"

Now it was a definite, deep sob that Bob heard as a tremor ran through Randy's massive body. He turned his head to the side and Bob pressed his cheek against it. "I can't whip you, buddy. But that's not all I did to you that first time. There was that other thing. Brace yourself, big guy." Bob ripped open his shorts and pressed the head of his dick against Randy's ass. "Here it comes, buddy," and he pushed his rod deep inside in one long dry fuck that made Randy howl. But instead of trying to ease away from the cock Randy pushed back against it, desperate to feel the pain of the long dry shaft penetrate deep inside him.

"Yeah, man," he yelled, "fuck me ..... fuck my ass, man. Hammer that ass ..... I need it, man."

Bob couldn't bring himself to whip his lover, but he could sure as hell fuck him. And he did, with mounting intensity, until his cock was like a piston, driving deep into the cauldron of the big man's ass. Randy flexed hard, grinding his body against the tree and, as he tensed, the muscles of his ass clenched round Bob's pounding cock. Bob pressed harder against Randy and the two became one, a mass of writhing muscle, two bodybuilders joined by the cock of one invading the ass of the other.

Randy didn't feel the pain in his ass from the pile-driving cock, he was so overwhelmed by the euphoria of being fucked, punished by the man he loved. "Yeah, hammer that ass, man ..... do it hard ..... I deserve it man .... hurt me ..... torture that ass."

Once again Bob had a moment of clarity. 'Hurt me? Torture my ass?' "NO!" Bob shouted and yanked his cock out of Randy's ass, making him scream as the pole withdrew and his ass muscles slammed tight. Bob was angry with himself, angry with Randy that they had been driven to this animalistic frenzy in what should have been a scene of reconciliation. Was he becoming like Randy, solving problems with violence and pain? No, Randy's way was wrong. Far from being an animal Bob was a gentle, loving man. Isn't that what Randy loved most about him, after all? And Bob had a quite different, more subtle way of purging Randy's guilt.

His voice a blend of anger and remorse, Bob ordered Randy, "On the ground." He yanked him away from the tree and pushed him to the ground. Randy lay on his back in the dirt, naked and confused about what was happening. He saw Bob kick off his sneakers, drop his shorts so he too was naked. They were equal - two naked alpha males trying in their own different ways to prove the depth of their love for each other.

Bob stretched his arms out sideways, towering over Randy. "Look at this, man - what do you see? A big muscle-stud who gets off on whipping your body and torturing your ass? Or a simple man who is so much in love with you he would give his life for you? What do we have together, man .... a deep, loving union of souls, or a circle of violence where you lash out at me and I retaliate by lashing your body? Look at me, Randy ..... look into my eyes, and which of those do you see there?"

Randy gazed up at the soft brown eyes set in the handsome face, at the tangled dark hair, the chiseled features, high cheekbones and square jaw. His eyes ran down the perfect physique - broad shoulders, rounded pecs, washboard abs and tight waist, and the gorgeous cock standing out stiff as a pole. Randy's eyes brimmed with tears as he said, "I love you, man ..... I worship you .... but I never know how to show it, except with a raging fuck. I know I often I lose my cool and hurt you .... I get like a fucking animal ......" His voice choked and the tears started to flow. "I don't know what to do, buddy. Show me what to do."

Bob smiled down at him. "Leave it to me, buddy." He dropped to his knees between Randy's legs, leaned forward and pinned Randy's wrists in the dirt above his head, their faces close.

"See, buddy" he said, "it's not your body that's the problem - god knows that's superb - no, it's that fucked-up mind of yours. It's a mass of contradictions ...... you're strong, rugged, a real alpha male, a natural master, scared of nothing .... except love. When love stares you in the face it frightens you to death - you become insecure, out of your depth - so naturally you hit out. It's the nature of the beast - like you once said, the caveman dominating his mate. Well I'll show you there's another way, and I'll punish that screwed-up mind of yours for hurting the man who loves you."

Randy had listened in silenced, soothed by the deep, gentle voice, and awed by the sheer beauty of his lover. Bob pulled back, upright on his knees, pushed Randy's legs high in the air and smiled down at him. "God, you are a spectacular hunk of man, you know that? Just look at you ..... how could you ever fear that I would abandon that? Now it's my turn, buddy .... my way of showing you love."

This time there was no whip, no brutal dry fuck. Bob leaned forward and pushed two fingers into Randy's mouth, getting them good and wet. Then he worked the fingers round his asshole, teasing the sensitive membrane, pushing the fingers into the hole, working them inside, massaging the prostate. "Oh, man," Randy moaned, his cock shuddering and oozing pre-cum, his piercing blue eyes boring into Bob's.

"What do you want, buddy?" Bob asked softly.

"I want you to fuck my ass, man. I want to feel that beautiful cock inside me. I want to watch my man while he fucks my ass." Bob smiled, hooked Randy's legs over his shoulders and pressed his cock against the moist hole. "This is what love feels like, buddy," he said, pushing the head of his cock over the sphincter, pausing just inside the ass. He pushed a bit farther, pulled back, then massaged the prostate with the head of his cock, short thrusts back and forth against the warm membrane.

Randy groaned in ecstasy, closing his eyes then opening them to see, as if for the first time, the stunning muscle-god working on his ass. The cock moved deeper ..... paused, tantalizing ..... then pressed on, sliding slowly down the chute until it came to the inner sphincter, paused again, then passed over it, coming to rest in the deepest, secret chamber of Randy's ass.

"Aaah!," Randy moaned, closing his eyes and tossing his head.

Bob spoke gently. "Look at me, Randy, look at my eyes. That's love, man - the kind of love that stays forever. And feel my cock ..... it's where it belongs, resting deep inside your magnificent body." Randy was mesmerized as Bob continued. "Look at my face, my body. Look at the man who loves you ....." (Bob's voice hardened) ".... the man you hurt .... the man you humiliated .... and feel the pain of the pain you inflicted."

This, finally, was torture, as Randy heard the words and accepted the truth .... the agonizing truth of the way he had injured this incredible, beautiful man. Tears were streaming down his face as he moaned, "No..... no ..... I didn't mean ..... I lost my cool .... lost my mind. I was arrogant .... some stupid ego trip and I .... lost sight of you, man. I'm sorry, Bob. Can you ever forgive me .... I mean really forgive me, man?"

Bob was smiling now. "Randy .... this is what forgiveness feels like." He pulled back from the depths of Randy ass, all the way up the hot chute, almost out, then stopped. "This is forgiveness from the man who's crazy in love with you, man." He pushed his long rod back down into the ass, faster this time, not stopping until it reached the end, passing again over the inner sphincter and.... "Aaagh." .... his cock erupted with the balm of forgiveness pouring deep into the King of the Gypsies.

Randy's body shook as he gazed up wide-eyed, mesmerized by the beautiful man cumming inside him. Bob saw Randy's cock shudder and ordered him, "Don't cum! You cum when I say you can."

"Yes, sir," Randy moaned, now completely under the spell of his gorgeous lover.

"You've done your penance, Randy, confessed your guilt. But now you have to show how much you really love me." Bob's cock was still hard in his lover's ass despite his orgasm, and he now pulled back all the way, then pushed his cock back deep inside, the beginning of a long, slow, sensual fuck that drove Randy wild. He looked deep into Bob's eyes, seeing in them his own reflection. He ran his hands over the muscular body rising and falling over him, and felt his lover's rod easing deep inside him. He heard the soft, deep voice - "Tell me, man."

In his euphoria Randy could think of only one thing to say. "I love you, man. I love you ..... god, I love you. Let me show you .... please ..... let me show you....."

Bob smiled and again reached forward to pin Randy's arms to the ground. "OK, man. While I fuck your ass I wanna see that gorgeous alpha stud submit to another man .... submit to me, body and soul. I want to watch your face as you cum for me, watch that spectacular body flex its muscles and shoot its load. Do it, man. Do it.... NOW!"

"Aaagh! .... Aaagh! .... Aaagh! .... Randy's body bucked and heaved, his head thrashed from side to side, black hair flying over his face as his screams echoed round the clearing and his cock exploded with ribbons of juice blasting upward and slamming against his lover's chest. "I love you, man - I submit!" he screamed as he struggled under Bob's solid grip, arms pinned by his fists, ass speared by his cock. Randy's veined muscles flexed and strained, his body writhing in ecstasy. It was exactly the erotic picture Bob had longed to see.

Minutes later they were lying in each other's arms in the dirt, their bodies slick with the cum that had poured out of Randy. Their faces inches apart, Bob smiled and said, "Remember, buddy? This is just how it was the first time we fucked, only then it was pouring with rain and we were lying in mud. This time it feels even better."

Randy was more serious. "I swear to you, man ..... I swear to god I'll never hurt you again."

"Hey, hey," Bob grinned. "Don't make promises you can't keep, Randy. The man I love is a man who can be tender and protective one minute, then erupt in anger the next. You are not only the most gorgeous man on the planet, you're gloriously unpredictable, and that's what I love about you. You'll hurt me again, Randy, but there's one thing you'll never do, and that's drive me away. You're stuck with me buddy...." he laughed ".... just like our bodies are stuck together with jism right now."

That jerked Randy out of his serious mood and made him laugh. He hugged Bob tighter and soon they slept, their bodies streaked with dirt and dappled by the sun glinting through the leaves overhead.


When Randy slept he did so with his senses still alert, something he learned living like a gypsy in hard-scrabble West Texas where danger always lurked. And now he jerked to instant consciousness at the sound of a rustling in the bushes. On full alert, he strained to hear. Most likely just a deer, but could be something as ominous as a mountain lion. But suddenly there came the sound of a branch cracking, a heavy thud and a voice - "Ow!"

"What the fuck...?" Randy was on his feet in a second, followed groggily by Bob. They looked down to the ground and Randy said, "Jesus Christ - what are you doing here?"

Ben looked up at them with a guilty grin, rubbing his ass that had taken the brunt of the fall. Bob reached down and gently pulled him to his feet. "You OK, Ben? Can you stand OK?"

"Sure, sir, no bones broken - just a bruised butt is all." He was smiling bashfully at Bob, but glanced over his shoulder at his big brother, glowering at him, arms folded across his chest.

"OK, junior," he growled. "Explain yourself - the truth."

Ben gulped and took a deep breath as he faced the two men. "Well, sir, see I wanted to talk to you both about something and when the guys said you had gone off into the woods I kinda ...... well, like, followed you. But I got lost and when I came to the clearing you were ....." He paused, blushing, and Randy barked, "I was what, boy?" Ben gulped again.... "you were getting whipped, sir ..... by Bob, sir."

As Randy's body tensed Ben soldiered on. "Well, sir, I should have just left .... probably ..... but it looked so hot that I stayed and watched. I climbed up to that tree branch to get a better view and ..... I watched the whole thing. The leaves are real thick up there, so you couldn't see me. Anyway, it was all totally awesome so I was beating my meat all the time. After you had busted your load all over Bob - that was the best part, by the way, sir - and you both fell asleep I wanted to cum too, looking at you. So I jerked my cock faster and faster but I guess I was bouncing on that branch and .... and the stupid thing broke and ..... well, I fell down on my butt and ..... you woke up ..... sir."

Bob and Randy looked at each other - and that was a mistake. They caught the gleam in each other's eyes, they tried to stifle a grin, which became a smile, which burst out as sputtering laughter. The thought of the boy stretched on a branch, looking down, beating his meat, making the branch snap .... it was just too good.

"And did you cum?" Bob asked.

"Not yet, sir. I was getting there, when .... the stupid thing broke."

Making an effort to control their laughter Randy turned to Bob. "So what d'ya think, buddy? What we have here is a voyeur .... a real-life Peeping Tom ..... hiding in the trees and jerking off watching us fuck. That's bad. Can't let him get away with that. So what should we do?"

Ben stared at them, his eyes wide with a mix of fear and mischief as Bob stroked his chin in thought. "Well..... your philosophy, buddy, is always that the punishment should fit the crime and go for where the culprit is most vulnerable. And I'd say that the most fragile part of this boy right now is the butt that he fell on."

"Ah!" Randy saw the light. "Butt fuck, you think? Not bad, buddy. But which one of us?"

"Well, that's pretty obvious. He watched both of us - we were both victims - so ......"

"So both of us," Randy concluded in triumph. "We might add to the bruises on his butt but .... what the hell .... let's go for it. But we both had huge orgasms just a while ago, so were gonna have to get our dicks hard again." Randy threw his arm over Bob's shoulder and they both looked down at Ben. "So what's the quickest way to do that, you think?"

Ben's cue was unmistakable. He fell to his knees in front of the two naked muscle-gods pressed close together. He gazed up at their ruggedly handsome faces, then down over their heavily muscled torsos, eight-pack abs and slim waists. Most riveting of all, though, from the thickets of black pubic hair, two long, thick cocks swinging inches from his face.

In the trees he had beat his meat watching the two bodybuilders from a distance but now he was so close he could smell their sweat and the still-damp cum that clung to their pubic hair, their cock and balls. He inhaled sharply and almost lost his load he was so overwhelmed by the smell of their manhood. He had to taste it.

He leaned forward, pushed out his tongue and licked one of the cocks from the head all the way up to the wet pubic hair that he sucked into his mouth. Then he faced the other cock and gave it the same treatment. He pulled back, spat hair out of his mouth, and gazed at the cocks that were already showing signs of swelling. He didn't look up at the men. He was mesmerized by the two massive cocks, and his challenge was to get them hard.

It didn't take long. He bent down, scooped one head into his mouth and pushed his face forward, swallowing the whole cock deep in his throat. He felt it swell, stiffen until it was hard as steel. His attack on the other cock had the same effect. Soon he pulled back and gaped at the two shafts, fantasizing that he was a young captive soldier, forced to prepare the very weapons that were to pierce him.

Then came the command. "On the ground .... strip naked." Obeying instantly, Ben pulled off his T-shirt, lay on his back and wriggled out of his shorts. He lay back naked, gazing up at the rugged muscle-gods who were about to fuck his ass. Randy stroked his cock. "Man, that looks good enough to eat, wouldn't you say, buddy? Hell, I want first crack at that ass." He fell to his knees, pushed back one of Ben's legs and gazed down at his ass. "Here it comes, boy. In one quick move he drove his cock deep inside his brother's ass, pulled back and buried it again.

"Now, boy, you sorry you spied on us?"

Despite the pain Ben groaned, "It wasn't exactly spying, sir, I...."

"I said, are you sorry, boy!?" Randy barked, spearing his ass savagely again and again.

"Yes, sir...... I'm sorry, sir .... please, sir."

Randy felt a gentle pressure on his shoulder as Bob said .... "Hey, buddy, let me get a piece of the action here." Grudgingly Randy pulled out and Ben sighed with relief. Bob quickly took over and slowly eased his cock into the boy's ass. As he fucked him slowly he smiled at him. "So, Ben, like Randy said, you've gotta think of me, too, as your brother. How does it feel to get fucked by your other big brother?"

"You were the first man ever to fuck me, sir. It feels awesome. I love it, sir." He could have gone on for hours like this, getting his ass fucked by this gorgeous man ..... but it was not to be. Randy took over again, with something very specific in his mind. He lay on his back next to Ben and said, "Get up, kid." Ben got to his feet and looked down at Randy who spread his arms out invitingly. "Here, boy. Remember what you did at the house with Bob?"

Ben knelt astride his brother's chest, facing him, reached behind him and grabbed Randy's cock. He positioned the head against his ass, then sank back down onto it with a huge sigh until he was sitting on the wiry pubic hair. Randy moaned, "Oh, yeah boy, that looks great, feels incredible. Ride it, kiddo, ride your big brother's cock." Just as he had done with Bob, Ben moved up and down, lowering himself further each time so the cock pierced deeper and deeper. His own cock was shuddering, oozing pre-cum, but he knew he couldn't come without Randy's permission.

"You're opened up real good, now boy. You're ready. Now, like Bob said, you've got two big brothers now and they both want that ass. Come here, kid." He glanced up at Bob with a slight nod, then put his hand behind Ben's head, pulled him forward and clamped their mouths together. Ben opened his mouth and felt Randy's tongue against his, and they were soon grinding their mouths together in an embrace that was anything but fraternal.

Ben was so engrossed in the erotic taste of his brother that he was hardly aware of Bob kneeling behind him, or his hands resting on his hips. Then everything changed as he felt the head of Bob's cock pressing against his ass on top of Randy's. His head jerked up and he realized with horror what was happening.

"No!" he yelled. He looked down at Randy and said, "No, sir .... I can't .... I know I can't...."

"Hey, hey, kiddo. Look at me, look at me .... look into my eyes." Despite his fear Ben obeyed and, as always, became mesmerized by the steady, steel-blue eyes. "You gotta trust me, Ben. You trust your big brother, don't you? I've always taken care of you haven't I?" Ben nodded. "This is gonna be new for you, kid, and I know you can do it. I want you to try 'cause I know how much you're gonna love it. Now look at me. Concentrate."

As Ben became hypnotized by his brother's eyes his fear began to fade. Even when Bob pushed his cock against him he didn't flinch. Randy was right. Getting fucked in turn by both men, then riding Randy's cock had opened up Ben's ass, relaxed the muscles, and now, when the head of Bob's cock pushed into him he felt as much pleasure as pain. "That's great, Ben, you're doing great. Keep looking at me."

Bob eased further into Ben's ass, feeling the exquisite sensation of his cock sliding against his lover's inside the warm ass of the beautiful gypsy boy. Bob leaned back, pushing right up against Randy, so that both their cocks were pointing straight up. Randy's eyes gleamed as he saw the ecstasy on Ben's face, saw him rise up, then lower himself carefully onto both cocks. He rode them both slowly, gently, up and down. There was a glow round the boy as he gazed down at Randy. "I love you, sir. I love you both. I love your cocks in my ass .... but it's gonna make me shoot, sir."

"OK, Ben, but wait 'til we both cum inside you. Ben increased the tempo as he rode their cocks with growing confidence, heard their moans building, then heard Randy say, "I love you boy ..... here it comes ..... you feel it Bob? Aaagh!" Ben could not believe the sensation of both huge cocks erupting in his ass, filling him with hot semen, as he saw the euphoria in Randy's face, heard it in Bob's shouts. Nor could he believe the huge plume of white cream that blasted from his own cock, stream after stream slamming into his brother's face and onto his heaving chest. "I did it, sir," he screamed in triumph. "I did it. Thank you, sirs. I love you!"

Knowing that Ben's pain would return right after his orgasm Randy pulled out, quickly followed by Bob, and Ben gasped as his ass muscles contracted suddenly. Bob lay down beside Randy and Ben fell across them both, kissing them both in a frenzy, licking the cum from Randy's chest, then kissing them again, letting the semen flow from his mouth into theirs.

Finally Ben pulled back and said, "Wow ..... wow." Randy laughed. "Well that was new. Not every day that a boy gets his ass fucked by both his big brothers at once, eh kiddo?"


Half an hour later they pulled on their clothes and Randy said, "Time to get back to civilization, guys." As they tramped through the forest the little group glowed with exhilaration. Bob and Randy had proved once again, in spectacular fashion, that their love was rock solid, overcoming any trials they might confront. And Ben was floating on air, having proved his toughness and his love for both of his big brothers in a spectacular sexual act. Having been double-teamed by Randy and Bob, Ben somehow felt like more of a man, with renewed confidence, bold enough to face anything .... to ask anything.

And it was just at the moment that Bob said, "Hey Ben, you never did say what made you follow us out here. Something you wanted to ask, you said?" As soon as the words left his mouth Bob could have bitten his tongue as he guessed what the subject might be.

"Oh yeah," said the newly assertive Ben. "Well see, it's about Jason." He felt Randy stiffen so he directed his appeal to Bob. "I been thinking. Like, now that you are my big brother too, sir, you can give me permission to see Jason, can't you?"

Bob tried to laugh it off. "Ben, we all know who calls the shots where you're concerned."

"But, sir, I'm nineteen and I want to start calling my own shots." He turned to Randy. "Sir, you let me have sex with Bob, so why can't I with Jason?"

Lost for an answer Randy hesitated. "Why? Because I said so!" And there it was - the last lame, desperate resort of every parent trying to lay down the law.

Bob leapt into the breach. "We're almost back at the beach, guys, I can hear the boys. Why don't we drop the subject for now, eh kiddo?" Ben clenched his jaw and with a huge effort stayed silent. But his mood lightened as soon as they broke through the trees at the beach and he was engulfed by the boys, Pablo, Darius and Nate, eager to hear of Ben's adventures.

"Hey dude," Darius gushed, "you're just in time. We were just gonna take the boat out. Come with us." Ben didn't have much choice as he was manhandled onto the boat and they pushed off into the lake. As he sat in the prow of the rowboat facing the three boys it was like an inquisition, being forced to relate every detail of his trip to the clearing, the things he had seen and his fall from the tree,

"Hey, mate," Nate laughed, "looks like we gotta give you tree-climbing lessons." But Ben ploughed ahead, right up to the climax where he was double fucked by Randy and Bob. "No way," breathed Darius. "You rode both of those huge poles, dude?"

His story over, Ben lapsed into silence, seemingly unimpressed by being the star turn in the group. His mind was elsewhere and his buddies picked up on it. "So what else is there, mate?" Nate asked. "You got that lost-a-dollar-found-a-dime look in your eye."

"Ah," Ben said, "..... it's Jason still." The boys had all heard from Jamie, and then from Ben himself, the whole story of Ben's wild sex with Jason, his eagerness to see the fireman again and Randy's refusal to let him. "After I got double-teamed and Randy was so proud of me I figured he might have loosened up, so I asked him again but it was the same story. Even the mention of Jason's name made him bristle and it was like he slammed the door shut. For Randy the subject's closed and I don't dare bring it up again. I just don't understand him. I'm nineteen .... what right does he have to keep me all to himself?"

"He's your big brother and he's the boss," Pablo said firmly. "That's what gives him the right, dude. Randy makes all the rules and when he says no he means no. So I wouldn't push it, if I were you. Like he said, case closed." Although Pablo and Ben were friends and worked together, deep down Pablo had always felt a kind of rivalry with Randy's kid brother and had disliked the whole idea of Ben and Jason together. Jealousy maybe, but whatever the motive, Pablo shared Randy's view. Anything that Randy did or said was right in Pablo's eyes.

Darius was more sympathetic. "One thing you gotta know, dude, is that although Randy has accepted Jason into the group he's still kinda leery of him. They've had some pretty rough knock-down-drag-out fights and there's still some bad blood on Randy's part. Maybe it's because the fireman is so damn gorgeous and everyone lusts for him. Randy specially don't like Jason's narcissism - getting off on looking at himself in the mirror - though personally I find that pretty damn hot.

"Don't forget, Randy was the same with Hassan .... especially after the time Pablo got infatuated with that stud Marine and took off with him. See, Randy's real protective of his boys and, what's more, you're his kid brother so he sure as hell doesn't want to lose you to one of the other masters - especially a guy like Jason.

Nate tried to cheer Ben up. "Hey, no worries, mate .... don't sweat it. One thing I've learned in this house is you never know what's coming up next. Things change, guys change so there's a chance everything'll work out OK. We're your mates, Ben, you've always got us, so let's concentrate on having a good time together while we're here, eh?"

Nate's cheery Aussie optimism did rouse Ben's flagging spirits and he was able to push Jason to the back of his mind for the rest of the trip.


The rest of the weekend was a blast and there was a big reunion of men and boys when the noisy group finally arrived back at the house. Work resumed and they got on with their lives, in which the Ben/Jason issue didn't feature as a topic. All, that is, except for Ben.

Now that he was back home, gazing at the garden, the site of his great sex with Jason, the fantasy returned stronger than ever. The irony was that Randy's adamant refusal had only increased Ben's obsession with the fireman. Jason was the forbidden fruit, taunting Ben hanging just out of reach. Jason was smart enough not come by the house, even though he too had felt something special for the boy and wanted to see him. But he had tangled with Randy before and considered it best to stay out of it and let events unfold by themselves.

And they did. A few days later Ben was alone in his room staring into the mirror. He had borrowed from the twins their Fireman's Calendar and it was now propped up beside the mirror, open to the August page - the picture of Jason in all his shirtless fireman's glory.

Remembering the thrill of watching Jason get off on himself as he slowly stripped before the mirror, Ben pulled off his T-shirt, wiped it over his face and tossed it aside. He kicked off his sneakers, then unbuttoned and dropped his shorts. "Wow," he said softly, gazing at himself, running his hands over his perfect young chest and squeezing his nipples. His cock stood out hard as a rock and he looked from his own reflection to the picture of Jason. "You like that, sir? It's all for you. And I want to see you do that again, sir, you look so hot."

Ben stroked his cock with one hand and squeezed his nipple with the other. He looked from his own face to Jason's and imagined them together, standing side by side before the mirror, jacking each other off. "Please, sir," Ben moaned. "I want you to fuck me, sir. Please push your big dick in my ass, let me feel that gorgeous body against mine." He moved closer to the mirror, closer to the picture, and as he gazed at it his fantasy came to life.

In his imagination he saw the fireman push the suspenders from his shoulders and let them hang. Jason ripped open his fireman's pants and pulled out his stiff dick. "Fuck me, sir," Ben moaned .... "fuck me." He felt the fireman's chest against his back, felt the stiff rod enter his ass. He was getting fucked by Jason, by the spectacular fireman he had lusted after for so long. "Make me cum, sir ..... you're making me cum ..... you're so beautiful, sir .... I love you .... aaah ...." Jism blasted from Ben's cock, splashed against mirror and poured down the glass.

Ben took hold of the picture and held it against the mirror beside his own face. He leaned forward and kissed his own reflection, closing his eyes and fantasizing it was Jason kissing him. He pulled back and gazed at the picture. "Sir, I love you. I love you ..... fuck me again, sir."

"NO!" Ben whirled round and froze in horror. Randy sprang forward, grabbed the calendar and stared at the picture. White with anger he flung it across the room, then raised his arm and slapped the back of his hand across his brother's face, sending him sprawling on the bed. He glared at the mirror - that damned mirror - and slammed the side of his fist against it, making it splinter into a spider's web of cracks.

His body heaving, eyes blazing, he gazed down at his terrified boy. "When I say no to you, boy, I mean no. You disobeyed me ..... you still lust for that asshole slab of muscle who's in love with himself. I guess I have to really teach you a lesson, boy," and he slid his belt from his jeans. But as he raised it a hand grabbed his wrist and a deep voice said, "No, Randy. That's not the way." Randy whirled round and came face to face with Bob.

Bob stared at him. "You going crazy or something? Look," pointing to the calendar on the floor, "the boy was jacking off to a picture! Randy, you must be losing your fucking mind."

But once again Randy's legendary anger had erupted and clouded his mind. "He wants that fucking fireman! My little brother wants to abandon me for him. Well that ain't gonna happen, man. I'll make damn sure of that. Out of my way." Bob stood his ground, blocking his path, so Randy grabbed him and hurled him out of his way. Bob bounced off the wall, staggered across the room and fell stunned on the bed on top of Ben, as Randy stormed out of the room.


Randy stumbled across the garden in a daze, trying to grasp what he had just done. Blindly he lurched forward ..... and crashed into Zack, who had just come through the gate. Zack held him firmly at arm's length as Randy spoke incoherently. "I .... I think I hurt them ..... Bob ....Ben ..... I got mad. I swore I never would again ..... but I did. Man, I just got so mad, I...."

Calmly Zack cut him off. "Where are they?"

"In Ben's room. I got rough with them, then I couldn't think. I got scared and ran away."

"You?" Zack said contemptuously. "You ..... ran way? Man ever since I've known you I've never known you run away from anything. Now get the hell back up to that room and make sure they're OK. Now!"

"Yeah....yeah .... I gotta go back." His mind reeling Randy raced to the door and up the stairs. He ran into the room where Bob was comforting Ben on the bed. Randy dropped to his knees, by the bed and threw his arms round them both, kissing their faces. Ben, Ben, I didn't mean that. Forgive me, little brother." He looked helplessly at Bob. "I just got so mad all of a sudden. I didn't mean to ..... Man, I swore to you in the forest 'never again' and now here .... Bob, please, what I said in the forest .... that was real .... this is not real, buddy."

"Looked pretty damn real to me," Bob said coldly. "I don't care for myself .... I've felt your anger before. But Ben! Your kid brother! You hit your kid brother, Randy!" They stared at each, with panic in Randy's eyes, sadness in Bob's.

"You're gonna be fine, kiddo." It was Zack, who had followed Randy and was now inspecting Ben's face. "Worst you'll get, kid, is a black eye. The boys'll be real impressed .... you'll be their hero ..... tough stud like you. Bob, help me get Ben across the street to my place. But I warn you, Ben," Zack smiled, "Darius is there and you know he won't sit still until you give him all the gory details."

That made Ben laugh and he let himself be helped up by Zack and Bob. He left the room with them without looking at Randy. Bob did glance at Randy but didn't trust himself to say anymore. Best leave him on his own for a while to cool down, he thought.

So Randy was left alone, sitting on the edge of the bed, elbows on his knees, his face buried in his hands. His mind was still reeling - "what a fucking mess." After everything he had said to Bob, the man he loved - "never again, buddy" - he had sworn it. And Ben, the kid brother he had found again, loved, and sworn to protect. Things had been so great between them in the forest - so much love. But now the memory he had of the proud, happy young kid up there had been replaced by the vivid image of the boy cowering on the bed, cheek swollen, scared to death of him. How had everything gone so wrong so soon?

So much for family .... he had busted that up. His fucking anger! Sure he was angry but he had taken it out on the wrong guys. He took a few deep breaths. Got to get it together .... got to focus. His anger was all out of whack .... got to focus it on one thing, on the real problem ..... and take care if it once and for all.

And then he had it. His mind cleared suddenly and he saw it all. Ben wasn't the problem, nor Bob, god knows. Nor was he himself when it came down to it. No, Randy knew where the problem lay. He stood up, left the room, strode across the garden, through the gate and leapt into his truck.


Jason was alone in his house, working out on his patio gym, stripped down to his usual thin, ragged gym shorts. He was surprised to hear car tires crunching on the gravel outside and a door slam. He dropped to the ground from his chin bar and waited. The gate flew open and there stood Randy, shirtless in jeans and boots.

Jason smiled welcomingly. "Hey, big guy. This is a surprise. What can I do for you?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 181


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