Most of the guys were gathered over drinks in the garden and the twins were setting up the dinner table when the gate opened and in walked three men who made their jaws drop. Zack, Darius and Mario were all shirtless in black jeans and boots, and Mario was wearing a cum-splashed leather harness. All three were smothered in dirt and cum, with sweat trickling down their faces and rippling muscles.

There was a momentary silence, then the whole group stood up with cheers and wolf-whistles. The three guys had obviously had hard-core sex and stood there looking well pleased with themselves. Jamie ran up to them, threw his arms round Mario and said, "Dude, you look totally awesome - way different from a hotel waiter. Wear the harness when you fuck me next, OK?" Bob interrupted them and asked, "You sure you're OK, Mario?" Mario grinned, "I'm excellent, sir - as you see." He stretched out his arms, displaying himself in all his raunchy leather glory.

At dinner the boys went into an instant huddle, listening wide eyed as Darius took the lead in a graphic description of their adventure. He had been at the center of the action, and didn't even hold back from admitting to his own rule-breaking behavior. It was all part of the fantasy, after all. The other boys were shocked at first by what Darius had done to Mario, but their instinct as always when one of them was in trouble was to circle the wagons and support him. Mario was impressed by their fierce loyalty to each other - a true band of brothers.

At the less noisy men's table Bob was saying, "Wow, Mario looks completely different from the classy Italian boy we first met, and I don't only mean the dirt and the leather. He looks kind of - tougher somehow, confident, more man than boy." Zack laughed. "Yeah, well fucking a leather master in the ass can do that to a boy. Guys, that boy is incredible - he really knows how to fuck - like a real master. You know me, top-man macho stud and all, but I swear I was on my back begging him to fuck my ass. You should try it some time."


When the group broke up for the night Randy did indeed 'try it' - not with Mario but with Bob, begging Bob to fuck him, in a dramatic role reversal. And in the apartment downstairs when Mark, Jamie and Mario went into the bedroom it was obvious to Mark what Jamie wanted. He was practically drooling as he gazed in awe at the young Italian with his handsome features and curly black hair. He was looking pornographic - a macho leather stud with his muddy black jeans and boots and the cum-stained studded leather vest stretched over his chest.

The three of them had not even cleaned up before dinner and now Mario looked at his dirt-streaked face and body in the mirror. "Disgusto!" he winced. "I cannot enter your bed like that. I look assolutamente ......"

".... absolutely fucking gorgeous," Jamie completed his sentence. He blushed, not quite sure where to go with this, so Mark jumped in and saved him. "Here," he said, grabbing an old blanket and throwing it over the bed. "Now who cares about dirt and jism? Mario, I think my boy has something to say to you."

Jamie stammered, "I don't care about the dirt and the jizz, dude, I want you just as you are." He sank to his knees and hugged Mario round the waist, pressing his face against the belt round his waist. "Dude, he breathed, "you are so fucking hot like that." He licked the ridges of his washboard abs, then moved higher and pressed his face against the harness, feeling the metal studs against his cheek and breathing in the smell of old sweat and dried cum. Then he fell back down below the belt and licked the shape of the long hard bulge under the jeans.

He felt hands under his armpits and Mario pulled him to his feet facing him. "I know just what you want, Jamie. Look at me." He took a step back and folded his arms across the harness on his chest. The young macho leather-boy looked spectacular and, acting on impulse, Jamie pulled off his T-shirt and board shorts and fell back naked on the bed, propped on his elbows.

They both looked over at Mark, who smiled and nodded slightly. Mark had always wanted this. Jamie had had friends before, especially Nate, but they were all just like him, boys who all mostly got fucked by their masters. But Mario was different, especially now after he had indulged in the leather scene and ended up fucking, of all people, Zack, the formidable leather master who rarely surrendered is ass and certainly not to a boy. Even though Mario was about the same age as Jamie he was mostly an aggressive top-man, and Mark knew, from daily experience, that that's what Jamie loved most. Also, Mario was more sophisticated and worldly than Jamie, so Jamie naturally looked up to him.

So Mark enthusiastically gave his consent for what came next. Apart from anything else, the sight before him was highly erotic - the gorgeous young blond surfer lying naked on the bed, gazing up at the rugged leather boy wearing jeans, boots and a harness, his curly black hair tousled and his handsome face streaked with dirt. Mark grabbed a beer from the small fridge in the room, sprawled in an armchair and prepared to watch. "Go for it, Mario - it's your show.

Mario knelt between Jamie's legs, flashed his gleaming smile and said in his lilting Italian accent, "You and I will be friends for a long time, Jamie, I feel that. And if Mark permits it I will enjoy fucking your perfect ass. That is what you want, isn't it?"

"Yes, sir, very much." He caught himself and said, "Is it OK if I call you 'sir'?" Mario smiled indulgently. "Jamie, you and I are equals, buddies - amici - but when we are like this you can call me sir if you like." His voice hardened. "Because I am going to fuck your ass, boy."

He pushed one of Jamie's legs up high and stared at the downy blond fur round his ass. With his free hand he unzipped his pants, pulled out his long, hard dick and pressed the head into the soft fuzz and against the hole. "Are you sure you want this, boy?" Jamie's heart was beating wildly. "Yes, sir - please, sir.....aaah." He sighed deeply as he stared up at the piercing green eyes and felt Mario's cock slide inside his ass.

The boys had already fucked each other at the hotel and again last night, but then it had been two young buddies getting it on. Now it was something altogether more exciting. This time Mario was a young leather stud, pornographically handsome in his leather harness, more master than boy. Still holding Jamie's leg high Mario ran his free hand over his harness as he slowly increased the tempo of the fuck. "Now, Jamie, you will see how a leather-boy fucks."

It was slow at first, with Mario staring down in wonder at his own big Italian cock moving gently in and out of the young surfer's ass. Jamie moaned, "Aaah that feels so good. I love your cock in my ass, Mario. I love it....." But as Mario saw Jamie's hungry eyes feasting on him he said, "I know you want more than this Jamie ......" He pulled up Jamie's other leg and let both of them drop over his shoulders. He leaned forward and pinned Jamie's wrists to the bed, so their faces were only a few feet apart. "You want to be my prisoner - as you are now. And you want it rough .... like this....".

Mario Pulled his hips back, stared into Jamie's blue eyes ..... and rammed his cock fast into the depths of the young surfer's ass. "Aaagh!" Jamie's scream echoed round the room and Mario said, "You want me to stop, boy?" In a sudden panic Jamie pleaded, "No, sir - I want it .... I want it real bad."

"OK, boy, you asked for it - you got it." He pulled back and plunged in again, his rod becoming a piston driving into the boy's hot ass. Jamie looked up wide-eyed at the incredible sight of the dark Italian leather-stud, body streaked with dirt and dried cum, pinning his arms to the bed and impaling his ass on his ferocious cock. The initial pain had dissolved into a kind of euphoria at being a helpless captive to the leather-boy, submitting to the relentless drilling of his ass.

Mario glanced over at Mark for his approval, and Mark smiled, sprawled in his chair, stroking the bulge in his jeans. It was a huge turn-on for him to watch his surfer boy get hammered by the beautiful young Italian. Mark knew his boy well and nodded his head in the direction of Jamie's trapped wrists. Mario got the message and smiled. He released his grip on the wrists and planted his hands instead on Jamie's chest so he was still pinned down.

His hands now free, Jamie reached up and ran them over the dirt-streaked harness on Mario's flexing chest. He grabbed the leather straps and pulled them toward him, matching the thrusts of Mario's hips. "You like it that much, eh, boy?" Mario grinned. In reply Jamie yanked the harness more fiercely, pulling the cock even deeper into his ass. Mario responded by pile-driving his iron-hard shaft mercilessly as he felt himself being pulled into Jamie's ass.

Again Mario looked over to Mark, who knew his boy's limits exactly and said softly, "Yeah - now." Mario looked back down at Jamie whose head was thrashing from side to side, his tangled blond hair falling over his face. Mario rolled Jamie's nipples in his fingers, increasing the pressure until Jamie was gasping in pain. But he welcomed the pain, caused by the gorgeous Italian leather-stud and he could take as much as Mario dished out.

But Mario had understood from Mark that Jamie was reaching his limit and he said, "Now you're gonna shoot that load for me, boy, while I pump jism into your hot ass." Jamie was on fire. "Yes, sir. Whenever you say." But suddenly Mario surprised him by smiling and slowing the pace of the savage fuck until it was back to the gentle rhythm he had begun with.

Mark gazed in awe at the boy's finesse. Zack had said he was a master fuck and here was proof. Mario took his hands off Jamie's chest and lowered himself onto his elbows on the bed on either side of Jamie so their chests touched and Jamie could feel the studs of the harness scraping his pecs and nipples. Their faces were inches apart and Mario's smiling green eyes gazed into Jamie's. "Jamie, my beautiful Jamie, we are going to have such good times together. We will make love like brothers, and sometimes I will be the rough leather-boy, tie you up and work on your beautiful body and ass. Would you like that?"

"Yeah," Jamie said breathlessly. "Dude, your cock feels so good in my ass I have to cum. Will you cum with me?" "Of course I will," Mario said. "You and I will always cum together. You see, Jamie - I think I am falling in love with you." He lowered his face onto Jamie's and they licked each other's lips, then pressed them together in mounting passion as their bodies shuddered and they felt warm juice flowing from their cocks - Mario's deep inside Jamie's ass and Jamie's between their bodies, smothering the already cum-stained harness.


"That was beautiful!" They looked up to see Mark towering over them, shirtless in just his blue jeans, and still stroking the huge bulge at his crotch as he gazed down at them. "How you doing, Jamie? You like that?" Jamie grinned up at the shirtless cop. "A whole lot, sir. It felt awesome. Looked awesome too."

Mario pulled his dick out of Jamie's ass, got to his feet and faced Mark. "Sir, that last thing I said to Jamie. "I'm sorry if I...."

"Don't worry, Mario," Mark smiled. "What I want most in life is to see my boy happy. You have made him very happy and I hope you do so again many times in the future. There is one condition, however. If I make my boy's ass available to you - yours has to be available to me."

"Willingly, sir. It would be an honor to be fucked by a man such as you."

Jamie was floating in a confusion of conflicting images. He had just been mightily fucked by the dominant leather-boy whom he had called 'sir'. Now that same boy was offering his ass to Mark - and calling him 'sir'. Mark, of course, ranked highest in this macho chain of command, making him even more imposing to Jamie. And now Mark thrilled him by saying to Mario, "You did a great job on my boy, Mario. It was real hot to watch ..... so hot that I'm all fired up."

Mark turned to Jamie. "So boy, you just got fucked gutless by this young leatherman here and you looked spectacular with his dick pounding your ass. But now it's my turn. You think you've got anything left for me?" Jamie's eyes gleamed. "Of course, sir - my ass belongs to you always." Mark was about to pull his dick from his jeans when Mario cleared his throat tentatively and said, "Er, sir .... if you would permit me to make a suggestion, there is something that would increase Jamie's pleasure."

"Sure, kid," Mark grinned. "What did you have in mind?" Mario remembered how, earlier in the day, Zack had taken off his harness and placed it ritualistically on Mario. He now did the same, unclipping the harness, placing it over Mark's shoulders and clipping it across his chest.

"Wow!" The exclamation came from Jamie. He was used to getting fucked by the cop in full uniform but he had never seen his Greek-god master in leather - had never even thought of it. But now....! Mark saw his reaction and smiled at Mario. "Great idea, Mario. You're getting to know my boy real well. OK, Jamie. On your knees facing the mirror."

Quick to obey he knelt on all fours before the mirror at the head of the bed and stared at the reflection of the blond leather-god behind him, his flawless muscles flexing under the cum-stained harness. He gasped as Mark yanked open his jeans and pulled out his massive rod. Mark walked behind Jamie and grabbed his waist from behind. He pressed his cock into the downy blond hair of the surfer-boy's ass and slowly pulled Jamie's hips toward him, forcing the ass back onto his cock.

As the long shaft slid into his ass Mark moaned, "Oh, man, I can feel the leather-boy's jism in your ass - so fucking hot." He began to fuck him gently while he said, "So Jamie. Looks like you've got a hot new buddy. Mario is one gorgeous stud. You both look great making love - I'm gonna get off watching that a lot."

"Thank you, sir," said Jamie, "but .... I will still be your boy, won't I, sir?"

A flash of irritation crossed Mark's face and he growled, "I'm not gonna dignify that question with an answer, boy - except for this..." He leaned further forward and grabbed Jamie's shoulders, then pulled him back and at the same time slammed into his ass, impaling it on his cock. Again and again he drove his rod into the cum-slick ass, driven part by anger but mostly by wild lust as he gazed down at the rippling back sloping down to the tight waist and the white globes of the ass rammed down on his cock.

Jamie stared wildly into the mirror, his eyes filling with tears of pain and ecstasy that his magnificent master was drilling his ass. Mark was riding Jamie's ass, making him feel like a young stallion being tamed by his master. So new was this image of Mark that in his delirium Jamie saw a new man, a spectacular leather-master, his chest straining against the harness, his blond hair falling over his chiseled features as he jack-hammered his boy's ravaged ass.

"Now get this, boy," Mark shouted, "This is your master fucking your ass. In uniform or in leather I will always be you master and your ass will always me mine to fuck - like this!" He increased the tempo of the savage fuck and said, "Tell me what you are. Let me hear it."

"I'm your boy, sir," Jamie howled in pain. "Again!" Mark yelled. "I'm your boy, you're my master. My ass is yours, sir. Please, I beg you .... please cum in my ass, sir." Through his tears Jamie stared into the mirror at the incredible sight of the blond leather-master, his muscles flexing, gleaming with sweat as his rod pistoned into his ass. He felt the cock pulse, saw the massive body shudder, heard his master scream, "Aaagh ... I'm cumming inside you, boy....!"

Jamie felt hot juice blast deep inside him, stream after stream, and he was only dimly aware of his own cock pouring cum over the bed. As their heaving bodies subsided they suddenly felt semen pouring over them. Mario had gazed in disbelief at this incredible display of raw masculinity as the muscular leather-god hammered his boy's ass. Impulsively he had pumped his dick over them and added his own flood of jism to their cum-soaked bodies.

Mario fell to his knees beside the bed and Mark grabbed his head from behind and pushed his face down on Jamie's. He ground them together, forcing them into a passionate kiss as he thrust his still-hard dick one last time deep in his boy's ass. His adrenaline racing Mark proclaimed, "I'm the master here and I say you boys will love each other. Mario, when I order you to fuck my boy, you will fuck him. Jamie, you will always be my boy, but when I tell you to give your ass to Mario, you will obey. And I will watch as you make love to each other. That's how it will be from now on."

Jamie and Mario could not have wished for anything better.


Breakfast was early the next morning in the garden and everyone was there. That included Jason and Hassan who, with Mark, were leaving for the day to attend an inter-agency training course, testing the coordination of the police and fire departments with the military in the event of an emergency. They would be sequestered together for the whole day.

Mario was not due to leave the house until later that evening to prepare for the next day's early shift at the hotel. Before breakfast he had been shown round the garden by Nate, the houseboy. "Not much to look at," Nate shrugged. "Landscaping has kinda run riot. Need a gardener really, but none of us boys are much good at that." Darius, rarely out of earshot, pricked up his ears and the wheels started turning.

So it was that over the buzz of conversation at breakfast Darius suddenly spoke up loudly, addressing Bob. "Sir, is Mario coming to live with us?" Conversation stopped and they all stared at Darius. Pablo kicked him under the table.

"What?" he said defensively. "I'm only saying what all you guys are thinking. See, sir, the way I see it is this. You've said Jamie needs a part-time assistant in the office, and we need a gardener to take care of the mess out here. Mario was great with the landscaping at the construction site - he knows all about it 'cause he used to work in landscaping with his dad in Italy. Plus, Mario is obviously going gangbusters with Mark and Jamie. So here's the deal. Mario comes to live here, works part time in the office with Jamie, and part-time as our gardener. All that, plus the guy's hotter than a pistol. See? Bingo."

There was a stunned silence. In his youthful enthusiasm Darius had clearly said too much, infringing on the masters' territory on household planning. But Bob rescued him. "Well, Darius, perhaps not something for discussion over breakfast, but you do have some interesting ideas, so why not come and see me later in my office and we can go over them, OK?"

It was the gentlest, most subtle put-down, leaving Darius beaming that he would be huddling with the boss to discuss his ideas. But there followed another uneasy silence as Mario blushed to be the subject of so much talk. It was the twins who salvaged things with a change of topic. "Guys," Kyle said, "me and Kevin are planning a special dinner tonight. It's all gonna be organic, local fresh food. If we have time we're going up to Topanga Canyon to a little market there, way off the beaten track. It's quite a trek but they have the best home-grown produce."

There was a murmur of appreciation all-round (except from Randy who wasn't big on 'this organic crap' as he sometimes called it, him being more of a steak and potatoes kind of guy.) Then Eddie piped up. "Hey, guys, if you're too busy I can go and get it for you if you give me a list. I like driving in the canyons with those great views. I'd be happy to go."

Bob smiled at him and ruffled his hair. "That's very good of you, Eddie. The twins do have a lot to do today. Just be careful - they're forecasting rain."


Right after breakfast Mark, Hassan and Jason all left together, but it wasn't until the afternoon that Eddie set out, after he had finished all his household chores. The twins had given him directions to the little market, a complicated route off Topanga Canyon and down narrow, winding roads. Eddie was feeling good. He was being helpful to the twins, Bob had ruffled his hair, and Hassan had given him a tight hug before he left, with a promise of a special evening together when they got back.

Now here he was driving his little old truck up in the canyons enjoying the view, made even more dramatic by the big, dark rain clouds gathering on the horizon. It was not entirely smooth going as he got lost several times. He tried to call the twins for more directions, but he couldn't get through as cell-phone service was spotty up here in the remote canyons. Also, his truck was acting up a bit, making a whining noise and driving rough. He told himself that as soon as he got home he'd ask Pablo to take a look at it. He'd fix it right away.

Eddie finally stumbled upon the market - more by luck than his sense of direction - and made all the purchases on the twins' list. He loaded them onto his truck and covered them with a tarpaulin as it was starting to rain. Rain was something of a novelty in Southern California and this promised to be quite a downpour judging by the black clouds that now hung right overhead.

But Eddie, didn't mind. Would be fun driving the canyons in the rain. He started off and realized that it was even harder getting out of the canyons than coming in. The twins' directions had confused him coming, and now he had to follow them backwards. So inevitably he got lost again but he wasn't overly concerned as he figured that if he drove long enough he would eventually hit the main Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

Trouble was, with the heavy dark sky, the increasing rain, and dusk falling, it was getting hard to see and for the first time he began to get nervous. He was driving along a narrow, remote road when suddenly the noise in his truck got worse. He steered to the side of the road - and it stalled. He turned the key in the ignition, the starter groaned half-heartedly, then went dead.

Shit. He thought of looking under the hood but by now the rain was torrential and he wouldn't have known what to look for anyway. Nothing for it, he would have to call the house for help. Not Hassan 'cause he was away with Mark and Jason, so he called the twins. No ring tone. He looked at the screen and his heart missed a beat .... "No Signal." Not surprising, really, way up here in this remote spot.

A wave of panic surged through him but he suppressed it and focused on his situation. Always best to stay in the car, he had been told, and anyway, where could he possibly go on foot in this weather? He would never find his way back to the market on foot, and there was absolutely no other traffic about on this remote road and in this weather.

Nothing for it, he would have to wait. He was way overdue at home already so the guys would soon get worried and send out a search party for him. The twins knew the approximate area he must be in and he had absolute faith that the guys would come to his rescue. Anyway, he smiled to himself, he wouldn't starve with all that food in the back. So he snuggled down in the seat, knowing it would be a long wait.


He was right about the reaction of the guys at home. The twins had become anxious about Eddie's continued absence - he was way overdue. They reported this to Bob and Randy. "It's easy to get lost up there, sirs," Kevin said. "We've done it ourselves several times. And now, in all this rain with darkness coming it would be a bit scary."

"But why wouldn't he call us?" asked Bob. The twins looked at each other with worried frowns. "Trouble is, sir, that up there cell-phone reception is kind of iffy. A lot of time there's no signal. 'Course, he could drive until he found a cell-phone signal ..... unless ..... unless he's had trouble with his truck. He mentioned the other day that it was acting up."

Randy wasn't saying anything but he was clenching his fists, his thoughts running back to when Eddie had just come to live with them and was harassed by two thugs who had known him when he worked as a bar-back in the Palm Springs leather bar. After the way Randy had dealt with them he was sure they wouldn't try the same thing again, but still he had an uneasy feeling and he sprang into action.

He called Pablo. "Hey, kid, get the boys in here now." They were there in seconds and Randy explained the situation. "OK, Pablo, I want you and Ben to take the twins and drive the exact route they tell you Eddie would have taken. The visibility's like shit but all of you keep an eye open for Eddie's truck that could have stalled anywhere. Jamie, I want you to try to contact Mark. I know he and the other two guys are pretty much sequestered on their training mission, but leave a voice mail, and keep trying. Same goes for you Darius with Hassan and Nate with Jason. Maybe one of them will check their voice-mails at some point.

Bob, you'll take charge here in case any calls come in, from Eddie or anyone else. I'm gonna drive fast straight up to that market. The twins can give me the address and I'll punch it into my truck's GPS tracker. I'll start the search from up there. My guess is Eddie's still in the canyons somewhere if he's got no cell signal. Any questions?" He didn't wait for any answer. "Good - let's get the fuck out of here."

Bob always loved Randy best as a man of action and he said, "If anyone can find him you can, buddy. Just be careful, that's all. Same goes for you boys. Drive carefully, Pablo." Then they were gone and Bob resigned himself to a long wait.


Eddie's long wait was almost over. Lulled by the drumbeat of rain on the roof he had dozed off for a while, but jerked back to life when he saw the flash of headlights in his rear-view mirror. "They were here! He was sure it must be the guys come to rescue him. He jumped out of the truck and, dazzled by the headlights, couldn't make out whose truck it was, or the shape of the tall guy striding toward him through the rain. Big guy ..... must be Randy.

But he got a shock as the guy came closer .... and he recognized him. He was huge, tall, massively built with a rugged, scarred face and long dark hair soaked by the downpour. "Well, what d'ya know?" rasped the deep voice. "What the fuck are you doing in a god-forsaken place like this? Eddie, right? - the cute bar-back from the Springs? Remember me - Thor?"

"Yes, sir, I do." Eddie's heart sank. Thor had been one of the regulars at the bar, big, brash, with a bad reputation, and Eddie had done his best to steer clear of him and his leering smiles. The bar owner, Mike, had protected him then but ....." Eddie took a deep breath to control his panic and explained his situation. "I got lost, my truck broke down and there's no cell signal so I was waiting for my guys to come and rescue me."

"Well the cavalry has arrived, kid. I live up here now, not far from here. I'll give you a lift to my place and you can call your buddies from there." Eddie hesitated and said, "If it's all the same to you, sir, I think I should wait for the guys to find me here."

"Shit, boy, that ain't gonna happen. They'll never find you in this out-of-the-way dump. Come with me and you'll be talking to them in minutes. He grabbed Eddie's wrist and pulled him away. But just as they reached his truck Eddie yanked his hand free. "I left my phone in the truck, sir," he lied. "I'll just run and get it."

He raced back through the rain to his truck, leaned inside, pulled a notepad from the glove-box, scribbled on it and left it on the dashboard. As he walked back to Thor's truck thoughts flashed through his mind about ways of escape, like making a run for it, but he knew Thor would catch him so he had no choice but to climb into the truck beside him.


A short time later, guided by his GPS, Randy pulled up at the market which was closed by this time - no customers in this weather. Randy banged on the door and an old Asian man opened it grudgingly. "Hey," Randy said - winning no prizes for courtesy - "you seen a young kid up here come shopping for stuff?"

The old guy's mood lightened. "You mean the kid the twins sent? Those twins are real nice guys whenever they come up here. I always throw in some freebies for them. But you missed the boy by a long way. He left here hours ago, just as it was starting to rain. He should been home a long time ago unless he holed up somewhere until the rain stopped."

"Thanks, man." Randy leapt back into his truck and drove off with an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.


As it turned out, Randy's anxiety was not misplaced. When Eddie and Thor arrived at the old, ramshackle house in an isolated part of the canyon Eddie tramped through the mud and followed him inside .... where Thor's up-to-now friendly attitude changed drastically. Eddie pulled out his cell phone but Thor snatched it from him.

"You're not gonna be needing that after all, kid. See, I've got other plans for you. You always gave me the cold shoulder in that bar. You coulda done yourself some good if you'd hooked up with me, but no, there you were struttin' around real full of yourself like your own shit don't stink. Well things are gonna change now, boy. See, you're mine now, you and that hot ass of yours."

Once again Eddie suppressed his panic and thought fast. Useless to resist - his only hope was to play for time. "I'm sorry, sir, I never knew that you wanted me. I didn't think I was good enough for a man like you, but now, sir," his mind went blank and he looked desperately around the messy, filthy room .... "now, sir, I would make a good houseboy for you. I could clean this room up and then scrub your toilet if you would like."

Thor sat in a chair and rubbed his chin. "Yeah, that would look real hot. Strip down to your shorts, boy. Quickly Eddie obeyed and stood in his tight gray boxer briefs and sneakers, flexing his muscles slightly to turn Thor on. "Oh yeah," growled Thor, rubbing the bulge in his pants. "Yeah, I could get off watching that for a while. Get me warmed up for the main event."


Randy was speeding round the dark canyon roads, skidding on the rain-soaked curves. He knew in his gut that the kid was in trouble and that hunch was soon to be reinforced when he suddenly saw in his headlights through the rain a small truck by the side of the road. Eddie's! He leapt out but his heart sank as he saw the door was left open and there was no sign of the boy. "Damn young fool," he thought, thinking at first that Eddie had set out through the rain on foot. But instantly he dismissed the thought as he knew the boy would have shut the door. And anyway he had drilled into the boys that in case of car trouble they should stay in their vehicle.

He looked inside and the first thing he saw was the notepad on the dashboard. There was one word scribbled on it: 'Thor'. What the fuck? Randy's mind flashed back to the thugs who had attacked Eddie that time. Neither was named Thor but he remembered that the bar owner, Mike, had said a lot of guys lusted for the young bar-back so ..... He yanked out his phone and ..... shit, no signal. He leapt back in his truck and drove fast to a more major road where he tried again. Thank god, he breathed and punched a stored number.

"Mike - thank Christ you're there. This is Randy." There was a laugh at the other end. "Hey, big-guy, how's it hangin'? When you coming back out here? Always good for business when you show up. And how's young Eddie doing with you guys?"

"That's what I'm calling about, Mike. Does the name Thor mean anything to you?"

"Hmm, sure, if you mean the guy who used to hang out here a lot. Bad news, he was. I was glad when he moved back to L.A. Living in some shack last I heard, in the wilds of Topanga somewhere." Randy's blood ran cold. "Mike, this is real important. I think he's got Eddie. Have you any idea ....."

"Wait a minute, Randy," Mike said, catching the urgency in his voice, and Randy heard him rustling papers. "Weird guy - he used to have his mail sent here to the bar - dodging debt collectors - and when he high-tailed it he left a forwarding address. Man, I hope I still have it here." There was a long pause and Randy sent up a silent prayer to a god he didn't believe in.

"Yeah, bingo. Here it is. You ready?" Randy grabbed his GPS and punched in the address Mike gave him. "Yes!" The GPS responded with directions from where he was - and it wasn't far. "Mike, you're a fucking saint. Remind me to suck your dick or something when I next come out there."

"Hey, listen stud," Mike said sternly. "You don't wanna tangle with that guy. He's real mean, about six-foot-four, built like a brick shithouse - used be a football linebacker. Last I heard he's a professional wrestler on one of those shitty small-time circuits. Never lost a fight, but he fights dirty and he's done real damage to some of the guys. Randy, you're tough but, that guy ... take it from me - don't mess with him, buddy."

"I have to, Mike. He's got my boy."


Things were not going well for Eddie. For as long as he could he had tried to keep Thor amused watching him as he cleaned house, then scrubbed the toilet, trying to look as sexy as possible so Thor would jerk off and lose interest in fucking him for a while. But Thor's attention span was as limited as his sense of humor and while Eddie was bent over the toilet Thor yanked down his briefs, stared at his ass and growled, "Oh, yeah," and slapped the cheeks roughly.

Shocked by the pain Eddie's reflex was to whirl round and confront Thor with blazing eyes. Thor snarled, "Oh, so that's how you want to play this, boy. Fine with me." He ripped off Eddie's shorts, grabbed his neck and pushed him through the door to the garage where Eddie gazed in horror. The dingy garage had been transformed into a torture chamber with ropes, chains and whips hanging on the wall. In the middle of the room was a wooden chair with arms, placed directly under a spotlight. Manhandling the boy Thor threw him into the chair and within minutes he was bound tight, his arms roped to the chair's arms, his ankles to the legs.

Eddie stared defiantly at the massive linebacker towering over him. He pulled off his dirty T-shirt and Eddie gasped, seeing his powerful body, the solid muscles scarred from his many bouts in the wrestling ring. His face twisted in an ugly leer as he raised his arms and flexed like a bodybuilder. "Great body, eh kid? Unbeaten in the ring. Nobody's a match for Thor, especially not you, boy. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a massive cock, already hard as a rock. He grabbed Eddie's hair, pulled his face up and growled, "Open up, boy." Eddie tried to resist but it was hopeless and when he opened his mouth he thought he would choke as the massive hunk of meat plunged into it and down his throat.

The face fuck was so brutal that Eddie was suffocating, on the point of passing out when, in an act of defiance, he bit hard into the cock. Thor howled and yanked his cock out. "You dirty little shit," he groaned. "OK, that's it boy - I don't take that from anyone, least of all a little ass-wipe like you. See this?" He pulled a long stock-whip off the wall and cracked it on the ground. He slapped Eddie across the face several times, then raised the whip. All the fight was gone out of Eddie and he closed his eyes, tensed his body and braced himself for the blow.

"You touch the boy one more time, asshole, and I'll rip your fucking balls off." Thor spun round to see that the garage doors had been flung open and the threatening voice came from a big, menacing figure backlit by truck headlights.


There was an ominous silence as the two men got the measure of each other. Despite himself Thor was impressed by this powerful, muscle-stud, a swarthy gypsy, standing there with water pouring off him, his boots covered in mud, his jeans and tank top clinging to his massive body. Randy realized that Mike had not been exaggerating. Thor was a mountain of a man, a muscular giant, his hulking, shirtless physique looming ominously, with the whip in his fist.

Eddie could have sobbed with relief. Randy was here at last. Everything would be OK.

"Who the fuck are you, asshole?" Thor growled.

"The guy who's gonna tear you apart, stud, if you don't back off. That's my boy you got there. He belongs to me."

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that." For a man of his size Thor moved with lightning speed, cracking the whip in the air and curling it round Randy's back and chest. He yanked it back, spinning Randy round howling as he crashed against the wall. Stunned, Randy saw the lash coming again and it bit savagely into his chest. Thor was a master of the whip and slammed it against the helpless bodybuilder again, ripping his tank to shreds as he staggered round the garage in a futile attempt to avoid the lash.

Then Thor curled the whip round Randy's legs and yanked him off balance. He crashed to the floor in a daze, helpless to avoid Thor as he loomed over him, grabbed him by the shreds of his tank and smashed the back of his hand against his face, one side then the other.

He threw him down contemptuously in a crumpled heap, then picked up the whip again. "Now I'm gonna finish your off, asshole. See, nobody ever beats Thor." Through a haze of pain Randy saw the arm raise high and knew that another brutal lashing of the whip would finish him. As the lash fell he raised his arm, let the whip curl round it and he yanked hard, pulling Thor toward him, making him lose balance and crash against the wall. Randy staggered to his feet, shredded tank hanging round his waist, his chest and back stinging with pain.

Both men were stunned now and circled each other warily, while Eddie watched in horror, tugging helplessly against the ropes binding him to the chair. Randy had never met a monster like this, a born fighter with the strength and bulk to back it up. For the first time in his life Randy sensed he might be outmatched, but the sight of the terrified boy struggling in the chair made his adrenaline spike as he realized what his defeat would mean for the kid.

Suddenly the linebacker made his move, charging forward with head lowered for a head-butt to the stomach. But Randy bent forward, absorbing the blow, and wrapped his arms round Thor's waist from behind. He hauled him up high, legs in the air, then drove him down head first into his raised knee. With a howl of agony Thor slumped to the floor rolled onto his back and his eyes closed. That was enough to finish any man, Randy thought.

He moved fast. He grabbed a knife from the wall and cut the ropes round one of Eddie's wrists. He was going for the other when Eddie's eyes opened in horror and he yelled, "Sir....!." Too late Randy felt the cold leather of the whip curl round his neck from behind. Unbelievably Thor had recovered and grabbed the whip he was now using to choke Randy.

Knowing he wouldn't last long Randy, with the instinct of a street-fighter, grabbed the whip round his neck to ease the pressure and staggered forward, pulling Thor behind him, making desperately for the door. When they reached it Randy took a deep breath, flexed his whole body and suddenly bent forward, yanking Thor off the ground, over his shoulders, over his head, and hurled him far out into the mud. Then with a blood curdling war-cry he launched himself, flying through the air, and landed on top of Thor in the deep mud under the pouring rain.


So began the last brutal climax of the fight as the two men rolled over and over in the mud, trading punches, with Thor trying to gouge Randy's eyes but Randy strong enough to pull his wrists apart. Eddie watched in terror as the two muscular fighters wrestled in the mud. Stripped to the waist, their naked torsos and faces were covered in mud, streaked by the torrential rain. They were on their knees, slugging each other, blow for blow, trying to weaken the other man into submission.

Eddie was struggling to free his other hand but it was bound tight so he worked on his ankles where the ropes were looser. Outside the men were again rolling in the mud, straining for advantage. Using all his massive strength Randy felt his opponent weaken. Thor too felt himself losing and acted in desperation. The dirty fighter he was known as in the wresting ring surfaced. As he lay helpless on the ground he grabbed a handful of mud and ground it into Randy's eyes.

"Aaagh!" Randy released Thor and scraped frantically at his eyes but he couldn't open them. He struggled to his feet but he was temporarily blinded and swung his fists wildly, desperately. Back on his feet Thor easily avoided the aimless blows and taunted him. "You're finished man. I told you, nobody beats Thor, never has. Look at you man - the big stud fighter staggering around, swinging helplessly like a blind fool. Give up, man, you're beaten. Submit - beg for mercy and maybe I'll go easy on your boy." He laughed sadistically ..... "Then again, maybe not. I'm gonna chain you up, man, work you over and fuck your sorry ass in front of your boy."

"Fuck you, man," Randy groaned, knowing he was finished. "Here it comes, stud," Thor yelled and smashed his fist against Randy's face, again and again, the big muscle-god staggering backward in the mud, refusing to give up. Thor slammed him in the stomach and then used a massive uppercut to send him flying backwards through the air and crashing to the ground.

Thor towered over him. "Now I'll make sure you never fuck ass again, stud. Like this." He raised his leg and smashed his boot down on Randy's balls, again and again, with Randy screaming in agony. In an instinct of self preservation he turned over onto his stomach and, face down, dragged himself a few yards through the mud before the pain overwhelmed him and he passed out. Thor hooked his foot under him and contemptuously flipped him over onto his back, snarling down in triumph at the broken man. The King of the Gypsies lay unconscious in the mud. He had been beaten.


"No!....." Before Thor could turn round he was hit from behind by a hard object that sent him crashing against the wall of the house. He managed to turn round and glimpsed a chair flying through the air, crashing into his face. Eddie had finally untied his legs from the chair with one hand but he still couldn't release his other hand. But when he saw his hero crash to the ground unconscious he stood up, holding the chair by the arm he was still tied to. He couldn't bear the sight of Thor standing in triumph over the boss so he wielded the chair like a club.

Taken by surprise, and weakened by the beating he had taken from Randy, Thor tried to shield himself but from somewhere deep inside Eddie found hidden reserves of strength and swung the chair wildly, smashing it down on the man he hated.

If it were not for the rain Thor would have triumphed, but the rain was pounding so hard on Randy's face that it washed away the mud and revived him. In a semi-conscious state Randy heard the sounds - Thor's howls of pain and Eddie's screaming obscenities. He struggled to open his eyes and saw the amazing sight of a brave young boy attacking the brute with a chair.

Randy crawled through the mud and a vision of Bob crossed his mind. "Help me, buddy," he groaned Any other man would never have been able to stand after the beating Randy had taken, but no other man had Randy's anger. His legendary rage took over and transformed him into a wild animal. Propelled by adrenaline and fury he staggered to his feet and stammered, "OK, Eddie, great job. But stand clear now - he's mine."

Randy became a mindless machine wading into the muscular giant, smashing his fists into his face with devastating force. Randy had sworn he would tear apart any man who harmed one of his guys, and that's what he did now. Totally out of control, all he saw was the thug who had hurt his boy and he knew he had to destroy him. Thor had no defense left and was spinning round like a rag doll. Randy was beating him to a pulp and, with one last massive blow, the giant rose in the air and crashed down unconscious in the mud, a broken man.

Standing there in a daze in the pouring rain Randy felt Eddie fall into his arms sobbing with relief. "It's OK, kid," Randy said, "it's over. You were terrific ..... we make a great team."


When Thor recovered consciousness he couldn't move. He gradually realized he was lying on his back on the garage floor, his arms stretched up and tied to hooks in the wall. He was also doubled over, his legs stretched back toward his head, his ankles roped to the same two hooks. He tried to move but he was firmly hogtied. He saw Randy towering over him in triumph.

"So, shithead, you've never been beaten in a fight, eh? Well I guess there's a first time for everything, asshole. And talking of assholes, look at that, Eddie. He nodded down to Thor's ass that was fully exposed now that his legs were stretched back over his chest and tied to the wall. He grinned at Eddie. "You wanna fuck it, kid?"

Eddie gazed at him wide-eyed. "Yes please, sir." Eddie stroked his dick a few times and it was soon hard. He knelt on the floor, leaned his hands against Thor's legs and pressed his dick against his ass. "No," Thor groaned .... I can't .... I've never been fucked." Eddie grinned. "Sorry, sir, all I wanted to be was your houseboy but now my master says I have to fuck your ass. After all, he won the fight." He drove his cock in like a spear, harder than he had ever fucked ass in his life. Thor screamed as he felt cock in his ass for the first time, and soon Eddie was pounding him brutally, deeper and deeper. It went on endlessly and it was a huge turn-on for Eddie to see the muscular giant writhing in pain, screaming for him to stop.

"Ask nicely, Thor," Randy said. "You've probably never begged for mercy, but give it a try." Thor screamed. "Stop ..... I've had enough. I've never been fucked in my life .... I can't take any more. Cum in my ass if that's what you want." Eddie grinned up at Randy. "I think he can do better than that, sir, don't you?" He pounded the ass like a wild young buck and Thor looked frantically up at him. "OK, stop, please. I beg you - please shoot in my ass. I give up ..... I submit, sir. Please sir, you win ..... I'm begging you .... Aaagh!"

"Now, sir?" Eddie asked Randy. "Good a time as any, kid." With one last agonizing thrust Eddie buried his cock deep in the beaten linebacker's ravaged ass and heard his scream of agony as his cock exploded inside him. Randy pulled Eddie to his feet, making Thor howl as the cock yanked out of his ass. "One last thing, kid." They stood on either side of him and Randy pulled out his cock. "This pig needs hosing down." Thor looked up in horror and screamed "No!" just as two streams of hot piss slammed into his face and over his chest.

Randy shook his cock dry and grinned with satisfaction. "Like I said, asshole, there's a first time for everything. You just got your ass ploughed for the first time, you called a boy 'sir, begged him for mercy and he shot his jism in your ass. Then two guys pissed all over you. That's a lot of firsts for you today, asshole. I'd like to stay and entertain you myself, but we gotta go. Man, I'd like to see your buddies' faces when they find you like this - hog-tied, stinking of piss, with a boy's jizz oozing out of your ass. Come on, kid, let's get the fuck out of this rat-hole."


As they left, the adrenaline drained from Randy and he became suddenly aware of how much he hurt. His entire body was on fire, covered in cuts and bruises, his head was pounding and, worst of all, his agonized balls were screaming with pain. As they reached the truck he fell to his knees and almost passed out. Eddie pulled him up and helped him into the passenger side. Eddie climbed in behind the wheel as it was obvious Randy was in no condition to drive.

They pulled away, with Thor's screams for mercy ringing in their ears, and Randy managed to open his phone. When he heard Bob's anxious voice he said, "It's OK, buddy, I got him. But I got beat up pretty bad ..... man I need you ..... I really need you." Bob told him that Mike had called him from the bar and filled him in, giving him Thor's address. Mark had come home and left again right away on his police motorcycle. Hassan and Jason were due home any minute.

Randy shut off the phone, rested his head back on the seat and closed his eyes. Bob ... he clung to the image of Bob. But his balls had become numb with pain and he panicked. Would he still be able to .....? He opened his eyes and said, "Pull over, kid." Eddie did as he was told and Randy turned to him. "Kid, you have a reputation as an epic cocksucker - best there is. Now I need you to prove it. See, my balls took a hell of a beating and I'm not sure if I can ....."

"I understand, sir. Leave everything to me." He unzipped Randy's jeans and pulled out his limp cock. He took a deep breath, leaned down and sucked the cock into his mouth. It was as if all the blow-jobs he had ever given, every cock he had sucked, had led up to this moment. The boss had saved him, and now he had to save the boss. He used every trick he had ever learned, burying his face in Randy's wiry pubic hair, then pulling back with pursed lips and plunging forward again.

At first there was no life but then he felt the cock jerk. He kept working, using his throat muscles and his warm saliva to coax the cock back to life. Randy felt his cock start to stiffen. He put his hand behind Eddie's head, pushed his face down hard into his pubic hair, then pulled it back, and down again. Each time Eddie felt the cock deep inside him he clenched his throat muscles hard as the cock withdrew, like he was trying to suck the cum from it.

And it worked. Randy's cock was getting hard and he moaned, "Jesus you're good at this, boy. Touch my balls." Tentatively Eddie stroked the balls with one finger, then two. Pain shot through them but the effect was to increase Randy's lust. Eddie's head was now pounding down onto the cock and Randy yelled, "Keep going, boy ..... stroke those balls, eat that meat, make it shoot. That's it, kid .... you're making me cum ..... here it comes, boy ..... Aaagh!" The huge body shook and Eddie felt hot juice pouring down his throat. He swallowed hard, big gulps as the cum kept flowing.

Randy breathed heavily and rested his head back on the headrest with a sigh. "Thanks, kiddo - man you are one fucking awesome cocksucker. Just what I needed." You've been amazing today kid - shit we make a great team."

Just then there was a knock at the steamed-up window and a red light flashed outside. Eddie lowered the window and found himself looking into the face of a cop ..... Mark. He shone his flashlight and saw Randy resting his head, and Eddie with cum dribbling down his chin. "Everything OK in here, guys?" Mark asked.

Eddie grinned. "It is now, sir. Everything's working just fine."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 192


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