It had been a tough day on the construction site, made worse by the hangovers the guys were still nursing after Jason's wild party. It was early evening and everyone had left except Randy, who was doing paperwork in his trailer office, and Pablo who was stressed out bending under the hood of a truck, trying to finish a particularly tough job, wrestling with a hard-to-reach nut he was trying to tighten. "Fuck!" he said, as the wrench slipped yet again. "Fuck you, assholes," he growled, addressing the nut and the wrench personally.

"You know, you'd make it easier on yourself if you used a longer wrench."

Pablo jerked up, hitting his head on the propped-open hood, and whirled round. "Who the fuck are you?" He was facing a swarthy young guy dressed in filthy jeans, worn-out boots and a sweat-stained old T-shirt. He had a distinctly gypsy look about him, a good-looking kid, though, with his square jaw, high cheekbones, and black hair falling over his brow. The thin T-shirt couldn't hide a ripped, muscular young body underneath. As he scrutinized him Pablo guessed him to be a few years younger than himself ..... maybe about nineteen. But whoever he was, he represented a challenge to Pablo, whose natural aggression rose to the surface.

Wearing his usual overalls, hanging by one strap over a shoulder, with nothing underneath, Pablo drew himself up to his full height and puffed out his chest. "So you think I should use a longer wrench, eh?" he sneered. "Well here's the news on that, dude ..... I'm the chief mechanic round here and I sure as hell don't need help from a loser like you. Who the fuck are you, anyway? Look like a drifter who hasn't seen a shower in a while."

"Yeah, well I've walked a long way to get here, man, and I don't need any crap from you. Is there a guy called Randy works around here?"

Pablo bristled at the sound of that name on this punk's lips. "What's it to you? He happens to be the boss here and anyone wanting to see him goes through me, get it?"

"Huh, that shouldn't be hard by the looks of you. Dude, I could whip your ass without blinking."

"Oh yeah?" snarled Pablo, dropping the wrench, spreading his arms wide and beckoning with his fingers. "Go ahead, asshole. Try me."

The boy lunged at Pablo who sidestepped and grabbed him from behind. But the boy was a fighter. He pushed back hard and they both fell backwards onto the ground, with Pablo crushed beneath him, stunned, and cushioning the boy's fall. They pulled apart and were instantly grappling, rolling over on the ground trading punches.

"What the fuck?" barked a deep voice. Hearing the noise Randy had come out of his trailer and now hauled them both off the ground by the neck. They stood before the towering construction boss and Pablo glared at the boy. "You wanted Randy? This is Randy ..... and he's my dad."

"NO!" the boy yelled. "He's my brother!"

Randy gazed at the boy, narrowing his eyes in disbelief. "It can't be ..... you've grown so much ...... is it really....?"

"It is, sir," said the boy, with tears running down his face.

"I lost touch with you ..... thought I'd never see you .... holy shit ..... my baby brother!" Tears filled the big man's eyes "Ben! Come here, kid." He held out his arms and the boy fell into them sobbing on his shoulder. Randy cradled him for a long time until he glimpsed Pablo standing stunned at a distance. Randy broke away and threw his arm round the boy's shoulder. "Pablo, I want you to meet Ben ..... my youngest brother."

Pablo stared at them and his mind went blank. He turned away and ran blindly to the gate.

"Hey!" Randy yelled. "Where d'you think you're going? Get your ass back here." Angry at being defied by his boy Randy's tone was harsh, in stark contrast to the tenderness he had shown to Ben. That difference was not lost on Pablo, but he didn't dare disobey Randy any further so he skidded to a halt and walked sullenly back.

"OK," Randy said. "Now I don't know what started that fight and I don't wanna know. But I want you two to shake hands and patch things up. Pablo and Ben glared angrily at each other, still wrestling with the bizarre notion that one of them was Randy's son and the other his young brother. But as such they both owed allegiance to the man looming over them so they reluctantly reached out and joined hands in a limp, halfhearted handshake.

"OK, home," said Randy, still reeling from the sudden appearance of his long-lost baby brother. He laid his hand gently on his shoulder and guided him toward the gate, with Pablo trailing behind them. At the truck Randy opened the passenger door for Ben, who leapt in followed by Pablo. With Randy behind the wheel the configuration was hard for Pablo to take ..... Ben pressed against his big brother, separating him from Pablo, who gazed grimly out the window.

Randy's mind was a whirl of joy and confusion so he turned, as always, to Bob, calling him on his cell phone to tell him briefly what had happened. So when they pulled up at the gate of the house Bob was there waiting to meet them with a broad smile. They climbed down from the truck and Randy said proudly, "Hey buddy, this is Ben, my baby brother."

"Not such a baby anymore, "Bob laughed genially. "Handsome young stud more like it."

"Who the hell's this?" snarled Ben defensively, noting the affection Randy showed to this muscular, good-looking guy.

Startled by Ben's rudeness Randy stammered, "Ben, this is Bob .... my ..... we ....."

"We live together," Bob jumped in rescuing him. "And I hope you'll look on me as a friend." He reached out, grabbed Ben's hand and shook it, despite the boy's lack of enthusiasm. "OK, first things first," Bob said, taking charge. "Ben, you look as if you could use a hot shower, and then we'll find you some clothes. After that, a good hot meal."

During this exchange no-one noticed that Pablo had run across the street to Zack's house, guessing that Darius would be there with Zack as he always was when they first got home from work. Pablo needed to talk.


When Bob and Randy brought Ben into their big master suite he looked around warily. Here's the bathroom," Bob said ..... "big, thick towel and everything you need. While you're showering I'll dig out some fresh clothes for you. We should probably toss yours as they seem to be on their last legs. Ben managed a grudging "thanks" and Bob left him to it.

In the bedroom he hugged Randy warmly. "I'm real happy for you, buddy. You've talked about baby brother Ben so often and I know you missed him. You must be over the moon."

"Yeah, of course, but ......" and Randy trailed off.

"I know, there are issues, Randy, lots of them, and Ben will need careful handling."

Randy bristled and shot back, "He's my brother ...... my guys don't need baby-sitting, man."

"Randy, when he last saw you, what was the deal with you?"

"Huh, I had just married that girl. He couldn't handle that - me with someone else - and he took off with Charlie, next oldest brother to me. And that's the last time I saw him."

Bob saw tears come to Randy's eyes and he said gently, "So the last he knew, you were getting married. And now here you are with me, Pablo and all the other guys. Don't you think that's gonna come as a bit of a shock? Ben must be ..... what .... nineteen or so? That's a lot for a young guy to handle. Listen, I'm gonna run down to the kitchen and get the twins to bring some food up to you and Ben so you can talk and get to know each other again."

"Yeah, well don't leave us alone just yet, buddy. And sorry I snapped just then. I need you, man. I always do." Big, macho muscle-stud though he was Randy had a plaintive, nervous expression on his face that made him look, Bob thought, not much more than a boy himself.


In the kitchen Bob briefly explained to the twins what was needed and then went back up to the room. He pulled out a white T-shirt, underwear, cargo shorts and sneakers, the smallest he could find though they would still be too big for Ben, who just then came out with a towel wrapped round his waist. "Hell," Randy said, "that's some build you got on you, kid. You must've been working out a lot."

"I carried on doing everything you taught me, sir, whenever I could get to a gym. I always wanted you to be proud of me."

Bob noted Ben's use of 'sir.' Natural, he supposed, as Ben must always have looked up to his powerful brother .... the King of the Gypsies ..... probably worshipped him ..... still does, Bob thought. He held out the clothes and said, "Hey, Ben, try these on for size. They'll be a bit big on you but you'll still look great in them." Ben glanced at Randy, as if asking for permission to accept things from this man and Randy nodded.

"OK, kid," Randy said, "so spill ...... what you been doing the last few years and how in the hell did you find me?"

As he dressed Ben told his story, hesitantly at first but gradually warming to his subject, especially after Randy handed him a beer and he sat on the bed. Seemed he had lived with Charlie for a while, "then I struck out on my own." He hesitated and looked anxiously at Randy. "Then I met this guy and we .... kind of hit it off. I moved in and we ..... we became ..... well more than just friends. I guess I .... I kind of loved him and it worked great for a while. But then he started demanding more, like forcing himself on me, and things got ugly. So I ended up slugging him and getting the hell out." Bob saw Randy stifle a 'that's-my-boy' grin.

"I pretty much lived rough after that but things got so bad I decided to look for you, sir. The last place you worked in Texas told me you'd left your wife and taken off for L.A. So I hitched here from Texas, did a lot of walking too. They had given me this forwarding address of some old motel on Hollywood Boulevard so I poked around there. Some woman in a bar round the corner, Sheila I think, told me the last she heard you'd become some kind of big shot with your own construction company over this way. So I poked around some more and then asked that snotty-nosed kid if he knew you."

Randy bristled again and he raised his voice. "That kid is my boy, Ben, and you'll show him a little respect. I adopted him. He's my son."

There was an ugly silence in the room which was mercifully broken by a tap on the door and the twins came in, each with a tray laden with steaming plates of food. Ben's eyes opened wide and he almost salivated. Long time since he had eaten properly. The twins smiled non-commitally, set the food on a table and pulled up two chairs.

"Ben," said Bob, "I want you to meet the twins, Kyle and Kevin. Guys, this is Ben, Randy's youngest brother. "Pleased to meet you, Ben," the twins said formally, each in turn shaking his hand, but Ben was too confused to reply.

"Right, well I guess we'll leave you to it," Bob said, more in the form of a question to Randy, who nodded with a slight smile. "Thanks, man," he said softly. "Thanks." Bob and the twins left the room.


While Randy and Ben ate and talked, trying to catch up on the lost years, there was also a lot of talking going on across the street at Zack's house. When Pablo had burst in steaming mad Zack knew he wanted to vent with Darius and had discreetly gone out to work on the yard.

Darius was wide-eyed as he listened to Pablo's frenzied account of Ben's sudden appearance, their fight and then ..... Randy's introducing Ben to Pablo as his youngest brother. "Wow," Darius said, "it's like the Prodigal Son coming home ..... or the Prodigal Brother."

"But you should have seen the way he held him," Pablo wailed. "I mean Randy really loves him .... more than me. Worst of it is, the kid's cute ...... really built, ripped bod, and the same handsome gypsy looks that Randy has. So where does that leave me? Out in the cold, that's where. He won't want me anymore. So I guess I'm outa here."

"Hey, duuude!" Darius said consolingly, "you're way over-reacting here. Did Randy say he's dumping you?"

"He didn't say it exactly but I could tell. Well fuck him, I'm a damn good mechanic and I can get a job anywhere. So I'll probably move out and ..... fuck you all."

"Including me?" Pablo saw the hurt look in Darius's eyes and for the first time focused on someone other than himself. "Sorry, Darius," he said, "I didn't mean that. But I guess when I'm gone you're gonna have a new room-mate, and I hope he's as good a fuck as I am."

The strength of Pablo's irrational vehemence shocked Darius. He suddenly understood his despair and also knew what his lover needed. He spoke with a tenderness that was unusual between these rowdy young guys. "First of all, kiddo, nobody is as good a fuck as you .... shit, with that flawless ass of yours? And second of all, I love you, dude, and I'm not gonna let you go anywhere. Whatever the deal is with this Ben guy, I'm gonna hold on to you, and I'm gonna keep on fucking you, got it?"

Pablo looked into the smiling pale green eyes and began at last to relax. He not only needed reassurance, he needed to feel loved. And he knew beyond a doubt that Darius loved him. All the bravado and anger born of desperation drained from him and he surrendered himself to his lover. His smile growing wider, Darius stood back and slowly took off his T-shirt, playing out that element of fantasy that always lurked in him just below the surface. He revealed his naked torso, his gleaming coffee-colored skin and ripped muscles. Then, the ultimate turn-on, he unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop. His massive ten-inch tool leapt out, hard as a rock.

"You go away from here, dude, and you'll never find anything like this. Come on, kiddo, you know what to do."

In quiet obedience now Pablo sank to his knees and took the long black rod into his mouth. With the acquired skill of long experience Pablo let it slide down his throat and he didn't even gag. Darius was right, this is what he needed, something familiar ..... familiar and erotic ..... someone he could trust when his whole world suddenly seemed on the verge of collapse. He felt Darius's hands close round his head, pushing it off his cock, then pulling it forward gently so his cock slid slowly back into his hungry mouth.

Pablo clenched his throat muscles round the long shaft and Darius moaned, "Oh, dude, you sure know how to make a guy feel good. No one does it like you. Shit, man, I need this as much as you do. I'm not letting you go anywhere, kid, even if I have to tie you down."

Those words made Pablo suddenly pull his head back off the cock, and he gazed up at the naked black boy looming over him. "I want it all, Darius, please. Show me you really love me, that you'll never leave me. I want it all .... I really need it."

Darius looked down at him and took a step back. "You've come to the right guy, boy," he said, with a rough edge to his voice. "OK, stand up and do what I tell you." Pablo sprang to his feet and stood obediently before his black lover, still wearing his old work dungarees held up by a single strap over one shoulder. Darius's heart melted. He loved Pablo like this .... his overalls hanging off him, arms streaked with grease, his face smudged, and wearing a woeful expression like a little boy longing for praise.

Darius walked forward and unclipped the strap at his shoulder. The dungarees fell to the floor with a slight thud .... and Pablo was naked. "Oh, shit," said Darius, running his hands over Pablo's smooth skin, over the shoulders, down the arms, then over the mounds of his chest and down the ridges of his ripped abs. "That is so fucking gorgeous, boy. Let me look at it."

He walked back a few steps and threw himself into an armchair. He raised his arms and linked his hands behind his head, gazing up at the doleful boy. "Turn around, boy." Pablo obeyed. "Holy shit," Darius groaned, staring at the perfect white globes that rose up below Pablo's waist. "That ass! I never get tired of that perfect ass. And I'm gonna make sure you stick around this joint, Ben or no Ben, so I can shove my prong inside it whenever I like." His voice had become even harsher now as he said, "OK, boy, on the bed ..... now!"

It was always easy to get caught up in Darius's fantasy, even now when Pablo's mind was so conflicted. Darius had managed to make his problems fade away, at least temporarily, and he jumped onto the bed on his back. Darius stood up and walked round the bed gazing down at him. "Asshole," he growled. "You think I'm gonna let you get away from me? Look at me, boy, do I look like the kind of guy takes that shit from anyone. You're stuck with me, man, like it or not. You get that?"

"Yes, sir," Pablo said meekly. It was rare that he called his lover 'sir' but right now this is exactly what he needed ...... he needed a dominant figure to take charge of him, knock some sense into him and forbid him to leave. There was a kind of safety in that, a rock foundation where he had been sinking in quicksand. He knew what came next and longed for it.

Darius was very familiar with the ropes hanging from the bedposts ...... Zack used them on him all the time. And now it was Pablo's turn. Darius yanked his wrist up to the post and secured it, then the other. Pablo knew what turned his lover on and he looked up at his wrists, tugged at them and writhed on the bed as if trying to get free. Darius's eyes gleamed and he instinctively began stroking his monstrous ten-inch tool.

"That's it, boy ..... that's what I like to see. OK, now tell me what you want."

Pablo became still and looked up at Darius ..... again that plaintive little-boy look. "I want you to fuck me, sir."

"Damn right I'm gonna fuck you." He knelt on the bed, hauled Pablo's legs up high like an expert, which he was, having done this countless times to his lover. "OK, boy, this is the cock you'll never feel again if you walk out on me." He pressed the head of his monster tool between the exquisite white mounds of Pablo's ass and steadily eased his hips forward. Pablo moaned as he felt the long shaft sliding deep inside his ass and come to rest.

Suddenly there was no fantasy, no master and boy, just two young guys expressing their love in the way they knew best. But still, in his fragile state, Pablo needed to make sure. "You do love me, Darius don't you? Say you do. I need to hear you say it."

"I'll do better than say it, kiddo ..... I'll show you." He pulled his hips back then eased his rod gently back inside. It was the tenderest fuck he had ever given Pablo and it sent his lover into a state of bliss that banished all his former fear and confusion. There was no sensation in the world like the long black cock that was steadily stroking the warm membrane of his ass, no sight like the comforting smile on the gorgeous black face of his lover.

And he loved being tied up. The physical helplessness was erotic, an antidote to the mental helplessness he had felt with the sudden arrival of Ben. He surrendered himself to his lover for a long, sensuous fuck that went on and on until he was floating in a glorious Technicolor world.

Eventually Darius said softly, "Now you know everything's gonna turn out just fine, and whatever happens, I've got your back, OK?" ... he grinned mischievously ..... "just like I do now, kiddo. But now you've gotta do something for me. While I plough that gorgeous ass of yours I want to see you shoot a load without touching yourself .... just to prove that you love me too."

"No problem there, dude," Pablo said. "That big pole of yours never fails ..... yeah keep fucking me dude .... I love it ..... I love you, Darius ......I .... aaah!" With a deep sigh he felt his own cock shudder, then felt warm juice splashing down on his chest and face.

Darius flashed a smile and said, "That's what I wanted to see, kid. You look fucking gorgeous when you shoot your load. Now here's it comes ....." And his cock erupted deep inside the flawless ass."

When their cocks were spent and their heartbeats returned to normal Pablo said, "Thanks, Darius. You're the best lover a guy could have. You made me feel safe again."

"All part of the service," Darius grinned pulling out his cock.

"OK, Darius, I'll take it from here," said a gruff voice. Randy had just walked in. "Thanks for calming him down but I'll take over now. Why don't you go and help Zack in the garden?"

"OK, sir," Darius grinned, and left him to it.


Looking up at his master Pablo had a moment of panic, not knowing what to expect, and he tugged at his restraints. Screwing up courage he asked, "Are you going to set me free, sir?"

"Hell no. You're right where I want you. There's stuff I gotta tell you, and I don't want you running away like a girl like last time."

Pablo winced at Randy's "like a girl". But he felt better when Randy knelt on the bed. Maybe, he hoped anyway, he was going to get fucked. But instead of pulling up his legs Randy gazed down at him, and Pablo, who was skilled at reading his master, saw a mix of annoyance and concern in his eyes.

"Now listen to me. Right now Ben is asleep upstairs. The kid's been on the road for weeks to get here from Texas ...... hitching rides, walking, sleeping rough. It takes guts for a young guy to do that, but he was determined to find me. And now I'm gonna take care of him like I always used to. OK, so where does that leave you? Where the fuck do you think? Right where you've always been ...... my boy, the kid I adopted." The look in his eyes grew more tender.

"Listen, Ben's my baby brother, flesh of my flesh, so of course I love him. But you ..... I chose you! When I first saw that scrappy young guy, a virtual prisoner of those morons in the desert, I saw something in you that reminded me of me. I knew right then I wanted you as my boy, and you lived up to that so well that I adopted you. So don't get any fucking stupid ideas that I'm gonna abandon you. You should know me better than that."

"Sorry, sir," Pablo said meekly.

"OK, now to seal the deal I'm gonna fuck that gorgeous ass of yours." He pulled off his T-shirt, yanked open his jeans and pulled out his thick cock. "I know, I know, you've just been fucked by your boyfriend's big black dick, but this is different .... this is me, your master, and you know what that means. It means this!" And now at last he pulled Pablo's legs straight up, holding them stiff, gripping his ankles. He looked down at his boy's ass, still with traces of Darius's cum oozing from it, and with no hesitation rammed his cock into it.

It was classic Randy, using his strength and sexuality to demonstrate his love for his boy. And that always worked on Pablo. The boy admired power and domination, it's what he loved about his master, and the merciless onslaught on his ass, painful as it was, was proof positive to him that he was still Randy's boy. He braced himself for what he knew would be a long, hard fuck and welcomed the feel of the thick piston powering inside him. It went on and on and all the while he looked up at Randy's steel-blue eyes, maintaining steady eye contact without flinching.

"That's it, boy," Randy growled as he pounded the young ass. "I know you can take it ..... that's why you're my boy. You feel that? You feel your master's rod hammering your ass? Does that feel like a man who's gonna cut you loose from his life? And it's not lust, boy. It's love. 'Cause I fucking love the hell out of you kid."

"Thank you, sir," Pablo moaned. "I'm sorry I ......"

"Never mind that. I want you to show me you're still my boy ..... and you know how to do that, kid. When I tell you......" Pablo watched the massive body pounding above him as the pace increased, the shaft pistoned inside him, and he felt the rough denim of Randy's jeans slamming against his ass. All pain was gone, replaced by sheer ecstasy as he felt all the might of this spectacular man focused on his ass. He struggled against the ropes binding his wrists and his body writhed, because he knew how much that turned Randy on.

His cock was pulsing, dripping pre-cum so it was easy to obey his master when Randy said, "OK, kid ..... this is it ..... Now!" Pablo felt his juice rising from his balls, racing through his cock, and he yelled, "I love you, sir" as streams of hot cum blasted over his heaving chest. The pulsing of his cock made his ass muscles clench round the steel rod in his ass and he heard Randy howl as his cock exploded deep inside him. His master's semen was pouring into his ass, a healing balm that soothed away all his anguish and fears.

All business now Randy yanked his cock out of his ass and towered over him, his cock still dripping cum. "Now maybe you'll get it, kid. You're my boy and you're not going anywhere. So don't let me hear any more of that bullshit."

At that moment there was a tap at the door and Zack poked his head in, "Everything alright fellas?" He came in followed by Darius.

"It is now," Randy said in a tone of satisfaction. "The kid's just been ploughed by his lover and then his master, so I guess we pounded some sense into him. Thanks for the loan of the bed, buddy. You can untie him, Darius. And if he feeds you any more bullshit ..... fuck him again."


An hour later the group had assembled for dinner at the long poolside table. As usual Randy was at the head, with Bob on his right and Pablo sitting proudly on his left, preening, as he exchanged confidential smiles across the table at Bob. 'Good,' thought Bob. He knew from experience that nothing restored a man's confidence in himself like a hard, raw fuck from the master. 'One problem solved,' Bob thought, 'the first of many, no doubt.'

The house had, of course, been buzzing with talk of Ben, who was still sound asleep upstairs in Randy and Bob's bed. The men talked earnestly with Randy and Bob about the possible ramifications of Ben's presence among them, but the boys were much more animated, led of course by Darius who loved new drama. So little was known so far about Ben that Darius pumped the twins for information as they were the only boys to have seen him besides Pablo. Pablo sullenly refused to discuss him, though he made it clear to everyone that Randy had shown him (in a way everyone understood) that Pablo was still his boy and always would be.

The twins gave what limited information they had (they had only seen him briefly, after all), then, professional as ever, stayed above the fray, concentrating on their daily task of cooking and serving dinner. The whole crowd was gathered and the twins had finally taken their seats, and still the buzz was all about Ben. But suddenly silence fell on the group like a stone and all eyes were on the door to the house, through which Ben had just appeared.

He had been roused from a deep sleep by the noisy chatter downstairs, so he had got up, pulled on the shorts Bob had given him, and come downstairs. But he hadn't been prepared for the sight that greeted him ...... a table full of men, with Randy sitting at the head. 'What the fuck?' he thought, though even in his state of shock it still registered on him that all the men were stunningly good-looking. But he couldn't cope with this, couldn't begin to get his mind round it and his instinct was to run back into the house.

"Ben!" The enthusiastic shout came from Bob. "Come join us .... meet the guys." He got up and strode over to him, putting his hand on his shoulder and gently propelling him to the table. "Now you won't remember all their names right now but I'll introduce them to you anyway," and he went quickly round the table naming all the guys. "Hey, guys, I want you to meet Randy's brother Ben."

"Hey, Ben," came a cheerful chorus of voices, with various follow-ups of, "Good to meet you" "Welcome" ..... "How ya doing?" Bob felt Ben's shoulder tense under his hand and said quickly, "Here, why don't you take my place next to Randy and I'll scoot down one." Still dazed and nervous, always on the point of fleeing, Ben nevertheless followed this guy's casual suggestion and sat down on Randy's right, flashing him a glance that was at once suspicious yet seeking his support.

This was his big brother, who had been more like a father to him, protecting and teaching him. The last time he had seen him he had just got married to a girl and now this! He was obviously the leader of this extraordinary group of men ..... and god knows what this Bob was to him ..... they seemed like ..... nah, he wouldn't even go there. Worst of all, he was now facing the tough young guy who claimed to be Randy's adopted son. He didn't know that Bob had arranged the seating on purpose. 'Might as well throw him in at the deep end,' Bob thought. 'Any brother of Randy's should be able to handle it.'

Ben felt one of the twins standing at his elbow offering a plate full of food. "Here, Ben," said Kevin softly. "It's one of our specialties. You'll like it." It turned out to be comfort food in more ways than one. It was delicious and he took refuge in it, keeping his eyes focused on the plate so he wouldn't have to interact with anyone, even Randy, who he had already talked to upstairs, though nothing had prepared him for this.

And he didn't once make eye contact with Pablo opposite him, which was fine with Pablo who had no intention of even looking at him. Pablo was galled by the imagined slight that Ben was seated to Randy's right while Pablo was relegated to the left side. So thank heaven for Bob, sitting on Ben's other side, who kept up an easy-going light conversation with him about what everyone worked at, about this house, Zack's house across the street and their plans to buy and renovate the house next door for Adam and Nate to rent.

So somehow Ben got through the dinner, ignoring everything except the food in front of him and Bob's gentle flow of words. When the meal wound down Bob noticed that Ben was yawning. Obviously his weeks on the road had exhausted him and he needed more sleep. "Eddie," Bob said, "did you make up the bed downstairs in the gym like I asked you?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie said brightly. "It's all ready and waiting."

Instinctively nudging his plans along Bob said, "OK, why don't you show Ben the way and Randy'll come down when he's all settled in?"

Eddie was the perfect choice as the boy to make Ben comfortable. As Ben stood up and joined him Eddie said, "This way, sir," falling easily into the use of 'sir' out of respect for the boss's brother. With his usual cheerful directness Eddie said, "I'm the assistant houseboy, sir, and we're going to the basement that's a combination gym and guest room. I think you'll be comfortable there ...... bathroom, small fridge with snacks .... and of course," he grinned mischievously, "if you wake up in the night and feel like working out .... hey, it's all right there."

Eddie fussed around making sure Ben had everything he needed, then said, "Well, if that's everything then, sir...." Ben looked at him and even managed a smile. "Yeah, I guess so. Thanks, dude ..... what was your name .... Eddie?" Eddie nodded, with a slight blush. "Yeah, well thanks, Eddie. You're OK."

Eddie almost skipped out of the room, passing Randy coming down the stairs. Randy and Ben confronted each other, then Randy took him in his arms. "Sleeping down here is only temporary, kiddo. If you stick around .... and I hope you do ..... we'll build you something of your own. I'll let you sleep now. I know this is all a bit confusing for you, kid, but it'll work out. And if you need anything you know where to find me." A final squeeze and he was gone.


It turned out that Ben did need something ...... he needed his big brother. He tried to sleep but the events of the day had been too overwhelming. Expecting to be embraced by Randy and his wife, he had found all this. The guy called Bob seemed kind of OK, but he would never like Pablo, he knew that. Eddie was a good guy too .... but the rest of the clan ..... he couldn't even think about them - tried to push them from his mind.

In Texas as a young kid, whenever he had felt restless and confused, he had always gone to Randy and crawled into bed with him, feeling warm and protected. He was nineteen now but was feeling as insecure as he had as a kid, so his instinct was the same. He got up, pulled on his shorts and sneakers and went upstairs. Finding himself in the garden he felt disoriented for a moment, then recognized the door leading to the stairs up to Randy's room. He went in and silently climbed the stairs.

He was about to knock on the bedroom door when he heard sounds from inside, like grunting noises, and he wondered if his brother was OK. He turned the knob quietly and opened the door a crack. He stood still for a moment in stunned disbelief, then recoiled. It couldn't be ...... it couldn't....! He was about to run away, but needed to reassure himself that it wasn't true so he opened the door a bit wider and peered in. It was true! The guy called Bob was lying naked on his back on the bed and Randy was holding his legs up high. And he was .... his big brother was ..... he had his dick in the man's ass! And he was pounding it hard.

Ben couldn't believe his eyes or his ears. "Oh yeah," Bob was groaning, "fuck that ass, man. God I love to feel your huge cock in my ass. Come on, man, pound it, hurt me man, like you always do."

"You got it, stud," growled Randy and his hips slammed forward, driving his cock deep inside him. "Man, I love that ass ...... it's mine ..... you belong to me ..... I love you, man."

Again Ben recoiled, denying the sight of his own eyes. He turned and was about to run back down the stairs but ..... but something drew him back. He peered in again, with no fear of being seen as both men were so passionately focused on each other, gazing into each other's eyes. Ben found himself transfixed as he watched the two gorgeous bodybuilders, their ripped muscles flexing in a frenzy of wild, raw fucking ...... making love?! Ben would never have admitted that his cock was growing stiff in his shorts ..... but it was.

Mesmerized by the sight of his brother fucking the ass of another guy Ben unthinkingly opened the buttons of his shorts and pulled out his rigid cock. He stroked it as he watched the two muscle-gods obviously reaching their climax. "You ready, man?" Randy was yelling. "Yeah," the other replied. "Let me feel it, sir. Let me feel your juice filling my asshole. Please, sir, pump your load inside me ..... aaagh!" Their screams echoed round the room as their bodies jolted and Randy came inside the guy, who shot semen all over his own chest and handsome face. Then Randy fell on top of him, sliding on the pools of cum, kissing him voraciously.

In a total trance Ben was holding his cock as he felt it pulse. He held his breath and clenched his jaw to stop crying out as his cock erupted and he saw his own juice pouring out in a massive orgasm ..... the first he had had in many days. For a while he stood spellbound, watching his brother kissing the other man, their bodies writhing together.

Then he blinked hard, as if a bright light had flashed on, and reality crashed in on him. He looked at the writhing bodies differently now, with something close to revulsion. Then he looked down at the pool of his own jism at his feet and that filled him with real disgust. His mind shut down .... he couldn't handle it ..... had to get away. He turned and ran down the stairs and across the lawn.


Next door, in Pablo and Darius's room, Pablo had been woken by the sounds coming from Randy and Bob. He grinned at the familiar sound and slid out from beside Darius who was still snoring gently. He eased himself to his feet and walked casually over to the window, wondering if the guys would come out to swim, as they often did after making love. But instead he frowned as he saw the furtive figure of Ben disappearing through the gate.

What the fuck? If Pablo had been woken by the men's shouts maybe Ben had been too. Pablo thought he had faintly heard footsteps on the stairs just now so maybe Ben had .... nah, surely he couldn't have ..... couldn't have ..... seen ...... "Holy shit." Quickly and silently Pablo pulled on shorts and sneakers and ran down the stairs.

Out on the street Pablo looked left and right ... no sign. On a hunch he ran to the left - uphill. His strong legs carried him fast almost to the top of the hill when he stopped. Still no sign of Ben and, when he stopped to consider, maybe it would be more logical for Ben to have run downhill - easier to get away fast. So Pablo turned and ran in the other direction, cursing himself for wasting so much time. His concern was for Randy more than Ben. He always felt protective of Randy and now that extended to Randy's brother, much as he disliked him.


Meanwhile Ben's confusion was turning to anger as he ran downhill. How could Randy do that? Sure, Ben himself had done that to the guy he had lived with for a while, and he liked it ..... but Randy, his big brother! And who was this asshole, Bob? What kind of hold did he have over Randy? Then, with a shock, he remembered the worst part ..... As he had watched he had been ..... what? ..... turned on by the sight of two beautiful, muscular men fucking? He had even jerked off - shot his load! Instinctively he rubbed his hands hard against his shorts to rid himself of any residual traces of jism.

He came to Figueroa, normally a busy street but now, after 2am, quiet. The bars had turned out and people dispersed except for a couple of rough looking guys on the street, leaning close in together ..... probably snorting coke or meth, he thought. Ben had all the same instincts as his big brother, and when Randy was in one of his rages he needed physical action ...... a fight or a good savage fuck. Ben was the same and, instead of avoiding the two guys, he ran straight for them, brushing past them so they spilled whatever it was they were snorting.

"Asshole!" they screamed after him. "What the fuck you doing, fucking moron? Ben wheeled round, eyes blazing. "Wanna make something of it, ass-wipes? Come on mother-fuckers, let's see what you got." It was pure Randy, picking a fight with two guys at once ..... except that Randy could have beaten them with one hand tied behind his back. Not so Ben, who had bitten off more than he could chew on. These guys were tough, high on meth, and they charged at Ben.

Ben was a fighter, trained by Randy and honing his skills on the hard-scrabble streets of West Texas. He lashed out with his fists and his feet, landing a few serious blows before one of the thugs got behind him and locked his arms round him and behind his head in a vise-like full-nelson. Ben was strong, but not strong enough to escape this hold. Helplessly he faced the other guy who charged and head-butted him, winding him, then flailed at him with his fists.

Ben writhed and tensed every sinew in his body in an attempt to escape, but he knew he could do nothing but flex his muscles to absorb the blows. All his rage and adrenaline didn't help. This was bad and he knew it. He was getting brutally gut-punched and was dazed with pain ..... when suddenly it stopped. Opening blurry eyes he saw the thug being pulled roughly away and, as he spun round, two arms, hands clenched together, slammed down into his stomach in a vicious double-forearm smash. The guy howled and slumped to his knees.

Pablo had arrived just in time to see Randy's brother being beaten up, so his reaction was instinctive. Now he turned round to help Ben escape but Ben seemed to be doing OK on his own. The guy was still holding him from behind in the full-nelson but Ben braced his legs and pushed the guy backwards, slamming him back against the wall behind him. He lurched forward then smashed him backwards again onto the wall. Pablo looked on with awe, realizing this was the same move Ben had used on him when they first met, falling backwards and slamming Pablo onto the ground underneath him.

"Behind you," yelled Ben, and Pablo whirled round just in time to see a fist flying toward him. He blocked it with one arm and smashed his other fist into the guy's stomach sending him reeling backwards. Pablo turned to check on Ben and saw that he had broken free, the thug groaning against the wall. "Behind you again," Ben yelled. Pablo's opponent had recovered and was again charging toward him. At the last moment Pablo side-stepped like a matador and yelled, "He's all yours, dude," as the guy sped past him.

"OK, man, so this one's yours!" Ben yanked the guy off the wall and spun him round so he staggered toward Pablo. As the guys lurched toward them Pablo and Ben raised their knees in perfect sync (they had both been trained by Randy after all) and the thugs' crotches slammed into them - two perfect ball crushers.

The men howled in agony, twisted and fell to their knees facing each other. Pablo and Ben each grabbed a head and smashed their foreheads together, then pulled the heads back and did it again. They paused as Pablo grinned at Ben and said, "One more time, don't ya think, dude?" Ben grinned back, "Yeah, why not? Goodnight, mother fuckers!" Triumphantly they slammed the heads together and the two men crumpled at their feet, barely conscious.

"You OK, dude?" Pablo asked, and Ben grinned, "Never better." The boys quickly checked to see that the groaning men had no permanent damage. "Nah," said Ben, "just cuts and bruises to remember us by. They'll live." He looked up at Pablo. ""Course, I could've taken both of them all on my own, no problem."

"Maybe so," Pablo grinned, "but it's always good to have backup."

"Yeah," Ben smiled, "especially backup like that. Thanks man." He held out his hand and Pablo gripped it firmly and warmly - unlike the limp, reluctant handshake when they first met.


They faced each other rather uncomfortably and took refuge in the thing they had shared - the fight. "That double forearm smash of yours is something else, man," Ben said.

"Yeah," grinned Pablo, "my signature move. But that back-slamming thing you do - it's an awesome move. What's it called?"

"I dunno," Ben grinned. "I call it my back-slamming thing."

They laughed and Pablo said, "Come on, dude, let's get back. Don't want Randy to get angry"

"Oh, he still does that, does he?"

"Dude, when he flies into a rage it's like steam coming from his nostrils. Anyway, what made you do a runner?"

Ben's face clouded over and he said, "I don't wanna talk about it."

"Come on, dude, I heard it too - Randy and Bob. Hell you have to get used that - they go at it every night - morning too."

Suddenly Ben stopped and glared at Pablo. "Who the fuck is this Bob anyway? Some kind of asshole with a hold over Randy? I tell you, man, if I stay on here he has to go."

"Hah, like that's gonna happen!" Pablo's eyes flashed and he clenched his fists. "Man, don't you ever say shit like that about Bob. He's the most gorgeous, kindest, gentlest guy on the planet. Randy's nuts about him and we all love him. And take it from me, dude, Bob's not going anywhere. Randy wouldn't allow it."

Taken aback by Pablo's spirited defense of Bob Ben looked sullen as they resumed their climb up the hill. "Shit, dude, I'm so fucking confused. I don't know which end is up. I wanna stay here close to Randy, I do, but I never know what's gonna happen next."

Pablo grinned. "Well let's see if I can give you some clues. Randy's the big boss but Bob kinda quietly runs the show. The other men are Mark, the cop; Zack the black leather guy: Hassan, the Marine who lives up the hill; Adam, the Aussie airline guy ...... and they've all got their boys. Darius is my lover - he's got this humongous .... well, never mind. Then there's Jason, the spectacular fireman who lives close by. You'll meet them all, dude, and one way or another you'll have to make your peace with them. Should be interesting."

Seeing Ben's confused frown, Pablo said, "Don't worry, dude, if you ever need therapy to sort yourself out there's always doctor Steve. He's terrific, gorgeous too and he's Randy's ...... huh, yours too, I guess ..... well, never mind, I'll let Randy tell you all about that."

"I dunno, man," Ben said morosely. "I don't think I can handle all this, especially this Bob thing. I mean, Randy's my big brother and ......" There was an uneasy silence. "So Randy really adopted you?" Pablo nodded enthusiastically. "Hmm, so you're Randy's son and I'm his brother." His face creased into a puzzled frown. "So what does that make me .... your uncle?!"

They stared at each other, then burst out laughing, uncontrollably, and all the pent-up tension evaporated. Pablo threw his arm over Ben's shoulder and they continued on up the hill. When they came in sight of the gate Randy and Bob were standing there.

The men watched the two boys in amazement, hearing the peals of laughter coming from them as they trudged up the hill. "Well," Bob said smiling at Randy, "God knows what happened down there, but ..... look at them. Didn't I once hear you say you hoped Pablo would get a boy of his own one day soon? Well ...... But meanwhile, there are a ton of bridges still to cross."

You can say that again," Randy said with a sigh. "God knows what comes next. I'm kinda out of my depth here, man. But you're good at shit like this. You'll help me, buddy, won't you?"

"Don't I always?" Bob grinned. "OK, brace yourself, big guy ..... here they come."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength - Chapter 168"


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