Bob had gone out on a limb to give the twins a birthday present they would never forget..... the breathtaking fireman, Jason.

The gorgeous, muscular young firefighter was not only featured in the twins' jack-off Fireman's Calendar, but a few weeks ago he had come to put out a fire at the house ..... and started a few fires of his own, beginning with sex with the twins. The traumatic chain of events that set off had now subsided and, despite the obvious dangers of inviting Jason back to the house, Bob had asked Mark to contact the fireman on his behalf.

In an erotic workout session in the firehouse gym Mark got to know Jason intimately, especially his strong streak of narcissism. But the cop had quickly established his superiority over the fireman in strength, looks and sexual power ..... not to mention muscle-worship in the mirror.

And now, at the big birthday party for the twins, Jason had shown up. The shirtless muscle-hunk was Bob's present for the boys, but the twins had ideas of their own. They chose as their ultimate fantasy to have Bob fuck the fireman as they watched ..... a huge turn-on for the twins and, as it turned, out for Bob and Jason too. Jason sighed to the cop, "I have never felt anything like that, man. Oh man, I love having your cock inside me."

Now all four men were taking a breather in the bedroom before part two of the twins' birthday present. Jason still couldn't get over the sight, when he first arrived, of all the spectacular men gathered round the table by the pool. It was a real gathering of the clan in the twins' (and Bob's) honor, but what stayed in Jason's mind most vividly was his brief introduction to Randy.

"When you've finished with the twins," Randy had said, "you come and see me and we'll talk. I'm the boss around here .... the name's Randy." Jason had stared at this rugged, muscular man with the handsome gypsy face and felt his cock getting hard in his pants.

So now, as he relaxed with Bob and the twins upstairs, Jason said to Bob, "This guy Randy ...... he said he wanted to talk to me. Do you know what that's about?"

"Oh, yeah," Bob grinned. "I have a feeling he'll be waiting for you. See Randy always has to welcome new men to the group in his own special way. We've all been through it. You should feel flattered that he wants to see you. He must think you're worthy of the group."

"What is it then ..... a kind of test?"

"Well .... it's more what you might call a trial of strength. It's a kind of ritual. You'll see....."


After fucking Jason Bob had got dressed again and was now barefoot in jeans and white T-shirt. The twins had wiped their cum off Jason, lingering longer than necessary as they ran towels over his magnificent chest. Jason then pulled up his fireman's pants and hooked the red suspenders over his shoulders, and both men were now sprawled in armchairs relaxing with a couple of beers. The twins were sitting opposite them, close together on the edge of the couch, backs straight, looking at the two muscle-gods with eager anticipation.

Bob sighed. "So what do you reckon, Jason? What are we gonna do with these two young hustlers now they're here?"

"I dunno," said Jason. "Thing is, they look pretty timid to me ..... not very adventurous if you know what I mean. I wouldn't want to do anything that would blow their innocent minds."

Bob grinned, pleased that Jason had immediately clued into the game and was toying with the twins. "Yeah, I know what you mean. They do look kinda innocent, sorta wet behind the ears now you mention it. Better keep it real vanilla ...... something pretty tame."

The twins always loved it when Bob went into this routine of talking about them as if they were just sexual toys, like rent-boys who had been hired for the afternoon. They quickly tuned into the fantasy that they were young hustlers who had been picked up by a cop and a fireman for their sexual pleasure. It was a huge turn-on for them. OK, so they were being treated like hustlers they would behave like it. Bob caught the trace of a smile that passed between them and he knew they were about to prove Jason wrong about that innocence thing.

Bob and Jason continued to size the boys up, planning their next move, but it was the twins who moved first. They stood up and faced the two men without expression. All this time they had been wearing the smart clothes they had put on for their birthday party ..... identical crisp blue cotton shirts and clean white shorts. But now it was time to get down to business.

Still poker-faced, like serious rent-boys, they slowly unbuttoned their shirts like strippers teasing the clients. They pulled the shirttails from their shorts one side at a time and let the shirts hang open, giving tantalizing glimpses of their smooth, lithe young bodies underneath. Bob glanced at Jason who was mesmerized by the performance and already stroking the bulge in his pants.

When the twins, in perfect unison, shucked off their shirts and stood motionless before them Jason gasped, "Oh, Jesus, look at these guys ...... we got ourselves a couple of beauties here."

"I should hope so, Bob said ...... they cost plenty ..... I wanted the best."

Jason took a swig of beer and said, "Yeah, but I hope they can do more than just stand there and model. I mean, I was looking for some kind of action ..... I wanna get my rocks off."

He expected the twins to approach him seductively, like a routine scene in a porn video. But this was not gonna be routine ..... far from it. The twins broke eye contact with the men and turned to face each other. They stared into each other's eyes and entered a sensual world they had been to so often before, a space that was at once intimate and infinite. Each one saw himself reflected in the eyes of a boy identical to himself ..... a reflection in a reflection, an image repeated to infinity.

As if hypnotized they raised their arms and each ran his hands over his brother's chest, caressing it lovingly. They touched the nipples lightly, stroked them, and smiled as they rolled them between their fingertips, softly sighing with pleasure .... "Aaah".

Jason could not believe his eyes. He grabbed his crotch hard as he stared at the handsome young twins turning each other on. Vain as he was, Jason had expected the boys to come to him ...... guys always did. But these boys were ignoring him ..... ignoring him! ..... reaching out to each other instead.

Bob smiled to himself, seeing Jason's awed reaction. He had seen the twins' act many times. It was one of his favorite things when he came home tired from work and jerked off watching them. He also realized that Jason's vanity was being deflated. Just as Mark had done, Bob wanted to prick the balloon of Jason's narcissism ..... and his twins were just the boys to do it.

The brothers were now pulling on the nipples, drawing each other closer, until finally their faces were inches apart. Jason's eyes opened wide as he realized what they were doing. "Holy shit," he breathed as the brothers' lips came together. They squeezed their nipples tighter and ground their mouths together in a ravenous kiss, arching their hips forward and rubbing the bulge in their shorts hard against each other.

"Man, I don't fucking believe this," Jason whispered to himself. Breaking apart, the twins kicked off their sneakers, unbuttoned their brother's shorts and let them drop. They were now naked except for white briefs hugging the mounds of their asses and the shape of their rigid cocks etched under the thin cotton. They reached behind their brother's head, pulled it forward and kissed again, then wrapped their arms round each other in a tight, sensuous hug.

Jason could not believe that these gorgeous young brothers were actually making love to each other and he turned to Bob. "This is un-fucking-believable, man. Did you know they were gonna....? You did, didn't you? They probably do this for you all the time, you lucky bastard." He turned his attention back to the twins, still locked in an embrace. "Hey, guys, turn round so I can see you. Come on, guys, please. You are so fucking beautiful. Please face me ..... please, guys ....."

Bob smiled to himself again as he heard Jason plead with his boys. He guessed, rightly, that usually Jason got his vanity stroked by other guys pleading with him. But not Bob's boys.

At last the twins acknowledged Jason's presence by turning to face him. They stood side by side, an arm thrown over each other's shoulder, their perfectly muscled young bodies tapering down to the white briefs round their slim hips. Jason gasped as he saw the clear outline of their cocks ..... so long and so stiff that the heads poked up over the waistband.

"Holy shit," he said again and stopped rubbing the bulge of his own cock, knowing that he was about to cream his pants. But he couldn't take any more as a mere spectator ..... he had to touch their smooth, tanned skin. He jumped up and took a step forward ...... but the twins turned their back on him. Jason stopped in amazement and frustration. No one turned his back on Jason. Usually when he walked toward guys they either fell on their knees before him, or touched his spectacular body in awed muscle-worship.

But the twins were walking away from him ..... toward the bed. Jason could do nothing but watch ..... and wonder. Standing beside the bed, their eyes fixed on each other, they slowly pushed their briefs down and their rock-hard cocks sprang free, the heads touching. "Shit damn," Jason breathed. He unzipped his pants, pulled out his shuddering cock and stroked it slowly with his left hand. He always jerked off with his right hand, and he knew that using his left would delay his climax that was burning for release.

The twins lay on the bed together, kissing for a while, and then Kyle twisted round to face in the opposite direction so that each boy's face was level with his brother's cock. Jason's groaned, "Jesus Christ .... ....!" The boy's closed their hands round their brother's cock ..... and began to lick the head. 'Surely not,' Jason thought. But it was true. The boys eased forward, pushed their mouths further down on the cock, further and further until their faces pressed into the tangle of their brother's light brown pubic hair.

Jason yanked his hand off his cock to stop it exploding. He raised his arms, linked his hands behind his head and paced round the room, unable to look at the incredible sight of the brothers locked in a passionate sixty-nine position, sucking on each other's cock. Jason was lost, confused. "Man, I've never seen ...... never thought of anything so .... so fucking beautiful in my life. I can't ..... I can't ....."

At long last Bob stood up, went toward Jason, took his face in his hands and kissed him gently on the mouth. Then he pulled back and smiled at him. "Now you know what real beauty looks like, Jason. Every time I see that I gaze at them in wonder and shoot a massive load. Now relax, Jason, trust me, and come here."

Bob pulled off his T-shirt and pulled his cock from his pants. They stood facing each other on opposite sides of the bed looking down at the erotic scene beneath them as the twins sucked each other's cocks with increasing passion. Instinctively Jason reached down to touch his cock but Bob whispered, "No".

Bob reached forward across the bed and placed his hands on Jason's shoulders. Gazing into Bob's deep brown eyes Jason did the same, so they were bracing each other across the bed. Jason was desperate to touch his cock and blast his load but Bob's grip on his shoulders restrained him. He tore his eyes away from Bob and lowered them to the bed beneath them.

The twins were in another world now, their own private world. Bob knew it was a secret space they had created long ago, of necessity, when they were all alone in the world, with only each other for love and protection. Some called the love they had for each other unnatural, but they didn't care ..... to the twins it had become the most natural thing in the world. Even now that they were secure in Bob's love, they still sometimes lost themselves in each other's arms, each other's eyes, and in acts like the one that was now dazzling Jason.

Jason was holding his breath, his heart beating wildly as he watched the twins increase the rhythm of their remarkable act. Their heads were pounding each other's cock, their faces slamming into the pubic hair with the passion of fraternal desire. Jason heard them groan, saw the pace quicken, saw the bodies stiffen, shudder ...... and suddenly he knew that the boys were drinking each other's cum.

He looked wildly up into Bob's calm face, then back down at the boys who suddenly flipped over onto their backs and smiled up at him. "Please, sir," Kevin said softly. "We would like to see you cum." It was not so much a request as an order ...... the twins had completely bewitched Jason. Digging his fingers into Bob's shoulder muscles to stop from touching his cock, Jason felt heat rising up from his balls, race through his cock, and he howled as it exploded in ribbons of white cream pouring down onto the gorgeous young bodies beneath him.

As his semen splashed down on their chests and faces Jason was aware of a second stream of cum joining his. He looked up and saw Bob smiling at him. Without touching their cocks both men had shot massive loads over the twins. The erotic display had been enough to release their orgasms in homage to the sexual power of the two stunning, daring young brothers.

And Jason, so accustomed to being worshipped, had just performed an act of worship himself.


The boys lay motionless on the bed, bodies covered in the semen of two men, and they gazed up at them with the light of mischief dancing in their eyes. They had played their part and now waited for their reward, handing control back to the men. They were immediately treated to the sight of two handsome faces above them coming together in a long, lingering kiss.

Finally they broke apart and Bob smiled down at the twins with a look of pride and intense love. Innocent they may appear, but they had captivated Jason with a stunning act and tamed a narcissistic muscle-god into a submissive worshipper of their beauty.

"Wanna beer?" Bob asked Jason, breaking the spell he was under. They zipped up their pants and, still shirtless, sprawled back in the armchairs, while the boys waited patiently, smiling at each other in the certain knowledge that they would get exactly what they wanted for their birthday.

Jason took a long swig of beer and said, "Man, that sure beats jacking off looking at myself in the mirror. I can't believe that you get to be with these incredible boys all the time. You are so damn lucky ....... no, sorry, I guess luck had nothing to do with it." Jason laughed. "I remember what I said to Mark .... 'it would take a real special man to have them as his boys. He'd have to be fucking gorgeous'. And here you are ..... fucking gorgeous."

"OK," said Bob, "so what's next? You shot such a monster load of jism just now that you'll probably want to kick back until you're juiced up again."

"Are you kidding?" Jason grinned, squeezing the fabric at his crotch, emphasizing the shape of the huge boner in his pants. "With you and your boys I could cum every ten minutes. Come on, let's take a look." They got up and stood at the foot of the bed.

Once again the twins felt like pieces of meat being examined .... and they loved it. "Here, you haven't got a good look at this yet," Bob said, leaning forward and pushing the twins' legs high in the air." Jason gaped as he saw their perfect young asses, a light fuzz of hair surrounding the holes that begged for attention. "Oh, man," Jason breathed, "that is so fucking beautiful. I have to ...." he looked up at Bob .... "Is it OK if I .....?"

"Go for it, stud, they're all yours." Jason fell to his knees and gazed at the tantalizing asses in front of his face. "Oh, shit," he moaned. Throwing caution to the winds he plunged his face against Kevin's ass and licked it hungrily, burying his tongue deep inside the hole. The juices of the moist membrane were like nectar to him and he groaned in ecstasy. He pulled back and moved over to Kyle, licking the soft downy fur round his ass, then pushing his tongue in deep.

Jason was going wild, licking, kissing, probing first one ass then the other. He looked up at Bob in a daze. "Oh man," he said, "these asses are so fucking sweet they could make a grown men weep." Bob's cock stiffened in his jeans as he held the legs high and gazed down at the handsome blond, his mouth and face smothered in saliva. The muscular young fireman had already busted a load just watching the twins, and now he was a slave worshipping their asses.

He was working himself into a frenzy, the muscles in his magnificent body rippling as he moved from one boy to the other, his head moving up and down as his tongue worked their asses feverishly. But Bob was startled when Jason suddenly leaped to his feet, wild eyed.

"Shit," he said feverishly, "I've gotta fuck those asses. Please, man, look ...." and he pulled his cock from his pants, hard as steel. "Please, man, I gotta bury my rod in those gorgeous young asses and empty my load inside them." His voice became plaintive. "I know they belong to you, man, but can I? Can I fuck them?"

"Hmm," Bob said, feigning doubt and prolonging Jason's suspense. "I dunno about that, man. It's really up to the twins. Guys, take a good look at the fireman here. Do you want to feel his cock in your ass?"

"Yes please, sir," they shouted in perfect unison.

"Guess that settles it then," Bob grinned. "Go for it, man."

In a frenzy Jason pulled off his boots, pushed the suspenders from his shoulders dropped his pants and his shorts. The twins' startled eyes opened wide as they saw the fireman naked for the first time, his muscled thighs and calves matching the perfection of his torso. Their cocks pulsed as they saw Jason spit in his hand and wipe it over his cock

Jason dropped to his knees on the bed and took over from Bob pushing Kevin's legs back. He pressed the head of his cock against the warm, moist hole and almost shot his load right there, just gazing at the young cum-soaked body ..... waiting for the fireman to fuck his ass. Jason saw Kyle's plaintive expression next to Kevin and said, "Come on, Bob. Help me out here."

Bob dropped his jeans and was finally naked like the other three. He knelt beside Jason and pressed his cock against Kyle's ass. "OK, guys," he smiled, "I know you have often blown your wad jerking off over the picture of the muscle-god fireman in your calendar. Well now he's right here, in the flesh ..... and he's gonna fuck you. Happy birthday, guys ......"

That was Jason's cue, and in perfect unison with Bob he pushed his long cock slowly, steadily into the boy's ass. Kevin looked up at him his heart pounding, and he said softly, "Thank you, sir ..... aaah." Jason leaned forward and pinned Kevin's arms to the bed, gazing at him with his piercing blue eyes. "You like that, eh kid? You like the big firefighter's cock in your sweet ass? Here, feel it." He pulled back and then Kevin felt the long stiff rod sliding back into him.

Bob matched Jason's steadily increasing rhythm as their cocks rode the young asses. Soon Bob said, "Hey, Jason. I think my boy here wants a fireman's dick in his ass too. How about it?" Seamlessly they switched sides and Jason pressed his cock against Kyle's quivering hole. But he frowned. "Nah, I don't think he wants it as much as his brother."

That drove Kyle crazy and he said urgently, "No .... I do, sir .... I do want it .... real bad ..... please, sir ..... please fuck my ass ..... aaah!" His frustration dissolved in the exquisite feeling of Jason's pole driving deep inside him. And so it continued, with Bob and Jason switching from boy to boy, fucking one willing ass then the other. The twins knew how to heighten the erotic sensation. They closed their eyes, felt the piston working in their ass, then suddenly opened their eyes and with a surge of surprise saw, as if for the first time, the spectacular men rising and falling over them.

It was Bob who sensed that the twins were reaching their climax and he said gently, "What do you want, guys?" The brothers looked up with glazed eyes and said together in dreamlike voices, "Please cum inside us, sirs." Bob glanced at Jason and they both felt the immense pressure rising in their cock and balls. When it exploded it was spectacular. There were four screams as the first blast of semen slammed into the boy's asses. Then Bob and Jason switched for the last time and poured a second load into the other boy.

They pulled back and watched in awe as the twins reached over to each other and stroked each other's cock, causing two massive orgasms, streaming fresh semen over their already cum-soaked bodies. The men pulled their cocks out of their asses, stood up and gazed in disbelief as the twins still stroked each other, their chest splashed with spurts of white juice.

"Let's do it man," Jason said softly to Bob. They held their cocks, pointed them down at the shuddering twins and blasted more cum into the handsome young faces. The twins gasped as they felt themselves drowning in semen, seeing through the white spray the glorious sight of their master Bob and the fireman of their dreams ..... the men who had just fucked their asses.


A few minutes later Bob was pulling on his jeans and Jason his yellow work pants, leaving the suspenders dangling at his sides. A wave of excited energy seized the twins and they sprang from the bed. They pulled on their briefs, gazed with sparkling eyes and spoke breathlessly. Kevin: "Thank you, sirs." Kyle: "The best birthday present ever."

They ran out of the room and down the stairs. Bob pulled Jason to the window and said, "Look down there." Jason's eyes opened wide. "Holy shit!"

Down in the garden the twins burst from the house and stood on the lawn breathless, their hearts pounding. The group of men round the table were stunned into silence as they gazed at the twins, in their white briefs, smothered with the cum of multiple orgasms, juice pouring down their faces, flowing over their beautiful bodies, and dripping into a pool at their feet.

As might be expected it was Darius who broke the silence, his fantasy machine going into overdrive. "Shit damn. Dudes, you look like the whole goddam football team tied you down and jerked off all over you." That unleashed a clamor of cheers, wolf whistles, applause and raunchy comments. Bob and Jason came out of the house, barefoot and shirtless, and stood behind the twins they had just fucked.

Bob said quietly to the twins, "OK, kids, you are definitely the stars of the show and you just made a spectacular entrance. But a star also has to know how to make an exit. Why don't you go dive into the pool and clean off." The twins walked proudly past the cheering group, with no hint of embarrassment, Bob was pleased to see. They stood at the end of the pool, paused, then rose up on their toes and executed a perfectly synchronized swan dive into the water, to more prolonged cheers.

The only man that was not joining in the general enthusiasm was Randy, as Pablo was very aware, seated opposite him. The boy was more interested in his hero than in the dazzling show put on by the twins, and knew that Randy had his eyes fixed on the fireman. "What you gonna do, sir?" Pablo asked quietly. Randy leaned across the table, smiled and ruffled his boy's hair. "You just look and learn, kiddo. Pay attention ..... and I'll take my cue from you."

"Right, sir," Pablo said, thrilled that Randy was about to exert his authority, and that he apparently, was to be a part of it. Bob and Jason walked over to join the men at the table and Pablo quickly shuffled sideways on the bench, making room for Jason to sit next to him ..... facing Randy. The rowdiness of the group died down as they all tuned in to the conversation, the confrontation actually, between Randy and the fireman. They all knew what was up and Darius rolled his eyes conspiratorially at the other boys, listening hard as he drank his beer.

"So, you said you wanted to talk to me," Jason said with a confidence bordering on arrogance. The knowledge that he had been a spectacular birthday present for the twins was a great boost to his ego and vanity, so now he had no reluctance to take on the apparent boss of the outfit. "Bob mentioned something about a trial of strength?"

"Yeah ....." said Randy, with a faint hint of his old Texas drawl. "Yeah ..... see, when a new man comes to the house he usually has to deal with me first. This is, as you see, an outstanding group of men and as I'm the boss I have to see if a guy has what it takes to be one of us. They've all been through it."

"Through what? What test of strength are we talking about here?"

"Well, it can take different forms. The most common is a simple bout of arm-wrestling, one fall only, no best-of-three crap or anything."

Jason flashed his gleaming smile. "OK, man, no problem ..... bring it on. But I should warn you that when I was an athlete at Kansas State University I was the Kansas Junior Arm-wrestling Champ."

"Is that so? Yeah, well look around you, Toto, 'cause I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

Darius happened to be taking a swig of beer and he did an elaborate spit take as he choked with laughter and sprayed beer over the table. Zack clipped him behind the head but couldn't suppress his own smile as the whole group broke into fits of laughter. To his credit Jason joined in, his appreciation of Randy growing in spite of himself.

"So let's go, stud," Jason said. "No time like the present. You, me, and a table between us. What more could we need?"

Darius nudged Pablo and indicated the camera he was holding under the table. "Gotta get this on camera, dude." he whispered, "This is gonna be one for prosperity."

"Posterity," Pablo murmured, kicking him under the table.

The men beside Randy and Jason shuffled aside on the bench to give them space, but Randy was becoming irritated by the vanity and arrogance of the fireman. Mark and Bob had already confronted it but Randy was less forgiving. Any hint of a challenge to his dominance in the house had to be dealt with. Plus the man was undeniably spectacular to look it, with his blond good looks and perfectly sculpted physique and the boys, at least, were drooling over the new muscle-god. No, the man had to be dealt with ..... put in his place.

Randy leaned forward and planted his elbow firmly in the middle of the table, his forearm raised. Jason did likewise and their palms slapped together, thumbs crossed, fingers wrapped round hands in a vise-like grip. Randy made laser-like eye contact and said, "Before we start, one other thing you should know, Jason. In this house we spice the contest up a bit. It's like this ...... the winner always gets to fuck the loser's ass. That's about it ..... simple as that."

Jason flinched imperceptibly, but what Randy said didn't really faze him. He knew he could beat this guy, big boss or not, and it would be a real turn-on showing off to the whole crowd as he stripped naked and fucked the boss's ass. "Ready?" came Randy's gruff voice. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Pablo gazing at him with his hero-worship expression and a hint of a smile. He knew Randy could take the fireman in a heartbeat but he also knew that he would put on a show first. "OK, kiddo ..... count us down." Pablo took a deep breath.

"Three....two .... one ..... go!" Muscles flexed, biceps bulged ..... and the match was on. There was no movement at first, just tense, straining muscles as the men stared at each other psyching each other out. Then the arms moved a little, one way then the other as each man gained a slight advantage. The seconds went by and to the onlookers the men seemed evenly matched, but Pablo knew better. He knew Randy's strength well, having been on the receiving end many times, and he caught the quick glance Randy threw at him, with a smile on his lips.

Pablo loved that Randy was showing off to him, as well as putting on a show for the other guys and especially for Jason. And he knew just what was happening as he saw Jason begin to force Randy's hand back further and further toward the table. There were muffled gasps round the table as the guys contemplated the possibility of the fireman beating the boss and then fucking his ass in a humiliating public display.

The back of Randy's hand was only inches from the table when he looked at Pablo and raised his eyebrows questioningly. Pablo ginned ..... time for his cue .... and nodded enthusiastically. And suddenly it was over. With a surge of unbeatable strength Randy easily pushed Jason's fist up and over, slamming it down on the table. Pablo had known all along that Randy was toying with Jason, and he glowed with pride as he gazed at his hero.

"Shit, damn," Jason groaned, dropping his face down on his aching arm on the table. When he finally looked up and stared at Randy the truth hit him, that this wild, gypsy-looking muscle-stud was going to fuck his ass. Mark had previously mentioned to him Randy's legendary, merciless fucks and Jason realized that arm-wrestling wasn't the trial of strength ...... the real one was just beginning.


Throughout the arm-wrestling bout Darius had circled unobtrusively with his camera. He was expert at staying in the background out of the contestants' eye-line, and now he was standing by the house, his camera to his eye. He trained it first on the big group of men sitting expectantly round the table, then panned round to the two bodybuilders facing each other at the side of the garden by the trees.

The men locked eyes, chests heaving, like gladiators preparing for the climax of their show. Jason, still defiant, pushed the suspenders from his shoulders and they dropped to his sides. Randy stared at the perfect, ripped musculature of the fireman and grinned. "Gotta hand it to you, man. You have a sensational body." He pulled off his own T-shirt and Jason inhaled sharply as he saw for the first time Randy's spectacular torso, muscles honed by years of hard labor on construction sites.

"OK, man, on the ground." Jason had accepted the terms of the challenge and knew he had no choice. He lay on the ground on his back, his head near the trees. Randy reached down, grabbed the bottom of Jason's heavy pants and in one move yanked them down his legs and off, holding them in his hand like a trophy. He looked at them and came to a decision. He unbuckled the suspenders from the pants and threw the pants down.

He smiled down at the naked fireman. "There's one other detail I forgot to tell you, man. As I said, the loser gets his ass fucked, sure, but I don't think I mentioned that be also gets tied up."

He walked toward the trees, grabbed one of Jason's wrists and tied one of the suspenders round it. Any other man would have objected that this was not in the original rules of the game, was like moving the goal-posts. But Jason's arrogance, his vanity, would not let him do that. He would show Randy ..... he'd show them all ..... how tough he was. "Go ahead, man, he growled. "Do what you want. I can take whatever you dish out, and more."

In a minute he was helpless on his back, his arms spread-eagled, each wrist tied to a tree on either side of him. There was a moment of panic where he looked back over his shoulder and pulled against his restraints. Darius tightened the focus on this glorious sight of the naked muscle-god, shoulders and arms bulging as his body twisted on the ground in a hopeless attempt to get free

Randy pulled open his pants and let them drop. Naked, he paced round his victim, gazing down in admiration at the fireman's magnificent body. "OK, man, this is it. This is how I have welcomed every man to our group." He dropped to his knees and hooked Jason's legs over his shoulders. Now that the time had come, fear struck Jason and he stared wildly up at Randy. "Just remember, man .... I never do this .... I don't get my ass fucked."

"Ah, don't feed me that bullshit, man," Randy growled "I know Mark and Bob have had their dicks in your ass. But you should've come to me first ..... I wouldn't have been so rough on you. As it is ....."

"Aaaagh!" The young fireman's scream echoed round the garden as he felt the huge steel rod pierce him, plunging right down into his gut. Pain roared through his body as the rod pulled back, then speared him again, more violently than before. Jason's head thrashed from side to side, his body writhed and he pulled desperately on his bound wrists in a futile attempt to ease the pain. He stared wildly up at the dark gypsy face above him, at the massive body slamming down on him again and again.

Randy saw the panic in his eyes and, without letting up on the attack on his ass, said, "OK, man, I'll give you a break. If you want me to stop, I'll stop. I just need to hear you beg, in front of all the guys."

Through his haze of pain Jason said, "You'll never hear that, asshole. I'll never beg to you."

"We'll see about that," Randy said, and speeded up the piston jackhammering the fireman's ass. He knew he could break the man ..... he could break any man ..... but that's not what he wanted ..... not exactly." He glanced over at Pablo and grinned, and Pablo knew what came next.

Randy pounded the ass brutally and knew that Jason was about to submit. Jason croaked, "OK, that's enough ...." But suddenly the pain stopped. The hug cock was still inside him, but it was no longer a weapon. In disbelief Jason felt it pull back, then slowly, gently, ease back into his ass, all the way deep, deep inside until it passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest.

Jason was mesmerized by the blue eyes smiling down at him. He had already felt the anger fuck of Mark, then the gentle, caring fuck of Bob, and now Randy's brutal hammering. But he had never felt anything like this new incredible sensation. It was not love or admiration, he knew that, not mercy for a beaten rival. It was ..... an act of raw masculinity by a dominant alpha male who could rip his ass to shreds but was instead holding back ..... a warrior restraining his instinct for conquest. The huge, thick cock was still a potential weapon but now the man was using it as a tool for victory of another kind.

After a long pause Jason felt the shaft pulling slowly back up inside his ass until it stopped, about to pull out, and he heard Randy's voice. "You were saying, Jason? 'That's enough?' You want me to stop fucking you, man? OK, I said you only had to ask ..... so I'll stop."

"No, no .... don't stop, man. Please leave your dick in my ass. Please don't stop. I want you to fuck me. Please, sir." Jason was staring up at the hypnotic blue eyes set in the dark stubbled face and all he knew was that he wanted to feel this incredible man cum in his ass.

"Tell me, Jason," Randy said softly. "Say it out loud so everyone can hear."

"Sir," Jason shouted. "I want you to fuck me, sir. I submit ..... you are the best. Please, sir, I'm begging you. I want you to fuck my ass, sir."

Randy flashed a brief smile at Pablo, then focused back on the man who had tears in his eyes. "OK, Jason. I told you, you had only to ask."

And so the construction worker began the strong, slow caress of the fireman's ass. Jason clenched his ass muscles round the huge shaft that was boring deep inside him, setting his ass on fire. He saw the powerful body restraining itself as it rose and fell gently over him and he was mesmerized by the steel blue eyes. Like so many others before him, Jason had surrendered to the powerful sexual magnetism of the king of the gypsies.

As Randy gazed down at the beautiful blond face he suddenly saw himself reflected in the deep blue eyes, felt himself drawn into them, into the magical world that only he and Bob shared. Instantly he knew that Bob must have felt this too when he had fucked Jason. Randy was jolted, thrown off-stride, and he knew this had to end. The startling experience had made his cock pulse and he felt the juice rising up from his balls.

"OK, Jason," he said, "you're gonna shoot your load all over yourself, but not until I say you can. First, you're gonna feel my juice inside you. Here it comes, man .....oh yeah ...." His body shook, the rod jerked inside the fireman's ass and Jason gasped out loud as he felt the cock explode deep inside him, felt the warm semen of this glorious man pouring into him. Jason's body was on fire, his balls were bursting and he was desperate to shoot. "Please, sir," he groaned. "Please let me cum. I beg you."

"You only had to ask," smiled Randy. "OK, do it, stud."

"Aaagh!" Jason screamed, not in pain this time but in ecstasy, as his cock jerked, his whole body spasmed and a huge plume of white cream arced into the air and splashed down on his chest, then another, pump after pump, until his body was smothered in pools of his own cum.


It was a long time before Jason's heaving body subsided and he felt Randy's cock pull out of his ass. Randy leaned forward and untied his wrists, throwing the suspenders over his cum-soaked chest. "Here," he grinned, "I think these are yours. He fell forward and pinned Jason's wrists to the ground, arching over him and gazing into his eyes.

"Now you know, Jason. You know why I'm the boss. You're a spectacular looking man and you are right to be proud of your flawless body ..... vain even, that's OK with me. All these men here are in awe of you, and the boys especially all want you. But the boys all have masters who love them and if you cause any trouble between them you'll answer to me ..... and I think you know what that means. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

Randy stood up and pulled Jason to his feet. After they pulled on their pants Randy ran his eyes over Jason's gleaming cum-soaked chest and face, put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Now, unless you have to report back to work, can you stay here for the night?"

"Yes, sir. It would be a privilege."

"Good. Now this tribe you see here is made up of several small families. Mine consists of my lover Bob, his twins, and my boy Pablo. Tonight you will spend with us. The two most precious things in life to me are Bob and Pablo, especially their asses. And to show how much I admire you, stud, I'm gonna let you inside both of them. Now that's a privilege. Plus I know they're longing to feel that big rod of yours inside them.

"But right now you're gonna get to know all the other men round that table, and tomorrow it's all fair game. By the way, I noticed the way you and Mark were looking at each other ..... shit you two look just like each other ....... and then there's Mark's beautiful young surfer boy, Jamie. You three would look good together ..... who knows?"

He threw his arm over Jason's shoulder, they walked toward the table and Randy said loudly, "Listen up, guys. Jason's OK ..... he's one of us." In the cheers and applause from the group only Mark and Zack held back, always resentful of these macho displays by Randy when someone new came to the house. They respected and admired Randy, and had themselves been subject to the same treatment, but they never thought of themselves as subservient to him. The cop and the black leatherman had no boss, and certainly not Randy.

Besides, Mark had seen how Jamie's eyes glowed as he had looked at Jason earlier and he now leaned close to his ear and whispered, "Don't worry, kid, I have plans for us. I know Jason wants to meet you properly, even though I told him you were off limits. I think he might invite us over to his place ..... and I think we might accept. That be OK with you?" His answer was a pair of shining eyes and then a pair of lips pressing against his mouth.

Randy was still holding the floor, proudly introducing Jason to the rest of the group. "Over there, that handsome stud is my younger brother Steve, next to his lover, our architect Lloyd. They live in a fancy house on Mulholland. And in their guesthouse lives that gorgeous Marine right there, Hassan, who will probably spend the night there with his boy Nate and Nate's other master Adam. Nate and Adam are both Aussies ..... Nate's our houseboy and Adam works for the airlines so he's always dropping in here to make sure Nate's being treated OK.

"I think you've already met our resident leather stud, Zack, and his boy Darius, and nestled up against Darius for protection from this horde is young Eddie from Palm Springs. Those three will no doubt be sleeping together in Zack's house across the street. And last but not least is my boy Pablo who you'll be getting to know a whole lot better tonight, right kiddo?'

"Right, sir," Pablo said proudly.

So that's our tribe, Jason. Whad'ya think?

"Un-fucking-believable," said Jason. "The most beautiful bunch of guys I've ever seen."

"Well you'll fit right in, calendar guy. Shove over guys and make room for him. And keep your hands off him, boys ..... no licking that jism off his chest."

Bob got up from the table and walked over to Randy with a broad smile. "Well, big guy, I guess you showed Jason and everyone else who's the boss around here. And I suppose you've promised my ass to Jason. I saw the look that passed between you ..... that special look of ours that I thought was unique to us. Well I have a confession. When I was fucking him I felt it too. I mean he's so fucking gorgeous. We're gonna have to be careful there."

Randy grinned. "No sweat, buddy. You and I are solid, and I'll prove it. All that fucking has made me hot for the ass I really want. Let's cut out of here for a while."

"Man, I'd follow you anywhere," Bob laughed. "After all, you're the boss."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial of Strength" ..... Part 153


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