Jamie's emergence into manhood was reaching its climax. On his trip with Mark to the Guadalupe Dunes his transformation from insecure surfer boy to self-assured young man - Mark's 'new man' - had been heightened by some wild sexual scenes involving Bob, Mark and the twins. Jamie had been the driving force. He was in charge and had cracked the whip - on one occasion even literally.

Mark was proud of the new Jamie, and the final act was to take place the following Saturday when they were both due up at Steve's house for the dinner the doctor had suggested. It was to be a gathering of four men rather than three men and a boy, where newly confident Jamie would be calling nobody 'sir'. Steve had suggested they come up in the afternoon for drinks round the pool before an early dinner.

Mark was a little nervous for Jamie's sake, hoping he wouldn't be intimidated taking his place as an equal among three stunning alpha males. Was it too much to ask of him? It had been Steve's idea, but was this another one of his crazy schemes, or a shrewd plan to put the final touch on Jamie's transition from boy to man?

Jamie had chosen to wear blue-jeans, flip-flops, and a navy blue Polo shirt that set off his golden tan and blond hair. The shirt was snug enough to show off his athletic build but loose enough to look smart. Mark had just come out of the shower with a towel round his waist and said, "Damn, boy, you look good enough to eat." They laughed as they looked down at the tent-pole under Mark's towel.

"I've got my swim trunks under my jeans, sir," Jamie said, "so I guess I'm ready for anything."

"Atta boy," Mark smiled, pleased that the self-assured tone was still there. Maybe this had been a god idea after all. On the drive up to the house Mark reminded Jamie, "Don't forget, for the rest of the day you don't call anyone 'sir'. You're one of the men."

Steve was at his front door to meet them and any residual doubts they had were immediately dispelled as Steve hugged first Mark, then Jamie. He held Jamie at arm's length and said, "Wow, all the rumors I've been hearing about you are true, man. Quite the stud. Come on, Lloyd's out by the pool.

Lounging by the pool Lloyd squinted up from his chaise and shielded his eyes. He looked flawless wearing a black speedo to preserve his tan lines. "Greetings, men," he said cheerfully. "You sure are a sight for dazzled eyes. The sun's perfect, guys, so get those damn clothes off."

He watched as Mark stripped down to his swim trunks, then gazed up at Jamie as he slowly pulled off his shirt. "Holy shit," he murmured under his breath as the tall blond surfer stood shirtless, his torso gleaming in the sun. "The, er ... the suntan cream's right there."

Jamie poured some from the bottle and spread it over his face and neck. Lloyd's jaw dropped as the young jock ran his hands over his shoulders, his chiseled pecs and washboard abs, then reached round to his back. He dropped his jeans, leaned down and oiled up his legs, so Lloyd had a clear view of his flawless ass pushing against his swim trunks.

"Oh, man," Lloyd said. "Sorry guys, but I gotta get a feel of this." He got up from his chaise, his gym-honed, tanned physique glowing, his handsome features lit with a smile. He had seen the change in Jamie right away - his confident stance, self-assured attitude, a cocky smile on his gorgeous face.

"Hey, so this is the new Jamie I've been hearing about. Come here, buddy. Give me a hug."

The two men, one blond, one dark, grinned at each other and their equally muscled bodies came together in in a cock-stiffening embrace. Mark looked questioningly at Steve.

"Don't worry, big guy," Steve smiled. "I have everything in hand. Just go with the flow, buddy."

He turned to the other two. "OK, if you guys can disentangle yourselves, who's for margaritas?" There was a full pitcher on the table and Steve poured.

They lounged around the pool sipping drinks and for a while it just was the silent language of the eyes - rather a furtive language as Jamie and Lloyd exchanged glances, their cocks still pumped from their hot embrace.

Steve and Mark lay on their stomachs on adjoining lounges grinning speechlessly at each other, their dicks growing hard underneath them. When their smiles began to feel inane Steve broke the silence.

"You know Mark, when you first came to my office for therapy all that time ago I was expecting some dumb jock cop with an attitude, and when you walked in I was speechless - not the best condition for a therapist to be in, by the way. You were so fucking gorgeous ... what does Bob call you, 'the most beautiful cop in creation'? I got an instant hard-on, and you know what? I still have the same reaction whenever I see you - like when you walked in today and stripped down to your swim trunks ...." he laughed ... "the hunk in trunks."

"Thanks, man, coming from you that's quite a compliment. It takes one to know one. I mean look at you .... sensational body, chiseled features. You're the mirror image of Randy - only the polished version. And I gotta tell ya, you're not the only one with a boner."

"Polished? Well, it's true that I'm not so handy with my fists as my big brother - or his boy for that matter."

Mark sighed. "Huh, there's a story brewing there too. Pablo's reaction to the new, macho Jamie bordered on hostile. And Bob tells me Randy's warning to the boy was so tepid they ended up sparring like boxing partners and Randy praising the boys fighting skills. Not exactly the best way to warn Pablo off picking a fight with Jamie."

"Yeah," Steve sighed, "Pablo can't let go of that old 'boss's boy' routine, and he's real antagonistic to anyone who threatens his position as senior boy. And I agree, basically Randy encourages that tough side of him. Don't worry, though Mark, I'll keep an eye on things and if the shit really does hit the fan I have a solution in mind."

"Don't you always? Hey, as you're the shrink with the drinks, how about a refill?"

"Coming right up, stud. And hey, you guys over there, if you can stop making cow eyes at each other how's about Jamie tells us all about his adventures in the dunes?"

The party was loosening up, the margaritas flowed, Jamie took the stage confidently and held Steve and Lloyd spellbound with his blow-by-blow account of his life-altering trip with Mark. "Man," he concluded, "you missed a mind-blowing sight there - two hot muscle-gods, the cop and the superman, roped together and fucking the bejesus out of each other. I guarantee you've never seen that before, eh?"

"Damn right," said Lloyd. "Hell, you should stage that again so we can all jerk off and shoot our wads.

Jamie grinned lasciviously. "Dude, there are other ways of getting your rocks off, you know."

He glanced at Mark to make sure he hadn't gone too far but Mark's proud smile reassured him.

The thought hung in the air until Steve plucked it down and ran with it. "OK, guys, quit making out like a couple of high-schoolers and cut to the chase. Mark and I have a ring-side seat and a couple of stiff rods. So just do it."

Jamie hesitated so Mark took him aside and they spoke quietly. "Is it OK, sir?" Jamie asked.

"Hey, Jamie, no 'sir', remember? You're a man now and a real man fucks when he wants to fuck, so go for it. What's it gonna be, big guy ... top or bottom?"

Jamie gave a full-throated laugh. "You have to ask, man? I think you know the answer to that."

He walked over to a chaise, pulled off the full-length cushion and threw it on the deck. "OK, Lloyd ... on your back, now!" Lloyd scrambled onto the cushion, lay flat on his back and gazed up at the young blond athlete towering over him, legs astride, arms folded across his chest.


Lloyd - himself a gorgeous man with a stunning body and face - had always been addicted to beautiful men, especially hot-looking muscle-jocks. He followed them around at the gym and then jerked off in the shower. Muscle worship was his favorite thing, especially when the object of his desire ended up shoving his dick in Lloyd's ass. That was why, every night, he beat off watching Steve strip off his clothes, then submitted his ass to him and begged to get fucked.

Boys were not such a turn-on for Lloyd, and before now he had put Jamie in that category. But now he was looking up at a real man, a dominant young jock who had clearly left boyhood behind. If Lloyd had seen such a muscle-stud at the gym he would probably have creamed his shorts.

He almost did now but Jamie's commanding voice said, "Lose the speedos, stud. Let's see what you got in there." Lloyd slid his hands under his speedos and pushed them down slowly over the bulge until his big, uncut cock sprang out iron hard.

"Yeah, I thought so," Jamie said. "Can't get enough of this, eh, man?" He raised his arms and flexed in a bodybuilder pose, showing off his hard biceps, shoulders and chest.

"Oh fuck," Lloyd breathed, "that is so fucking beautiful, man." He stroked his cock as Jamie went through several competition poses - pressing his fists into his hips as he flared his lats and flexed his washboard abs - thrusting his leg forward, displaying his muscled thighs and calves, the result of so many hours on a surfboard.

Jamie grinned. "That get you off, man, that hot surfer jock posing for you, flaunting his hot bod, flexing those muscles? That what gets you stoked, makes you wanna bust your load? You're a real stud, Lloyd .... bet you shoot a massive load all over those beautiful pecs of yours. Come on, big guy, let me see you pound your meat looking at me. Makes me feel real hot being worshipped by a hot guy like you. Look at that bulge in my shorts."

Lloyd was going wild. This was exactly what he loved most, what he longed to do with every hot guy in the gym. And Jamie knew this. Among the guys Lloyd was completely open about his body-worship obsession, and now Jamie, free of his former inhibitions, put on a show for him.

Jamie saw the pre-cum oozing from Lloyd's cock and grinned, "How about this?" He turned his back to Lloyd, leaned forward and touched the ground so his shorts stretched across the perfect globes of his ass. He reached behind him and pulled his shorts down over his ass-cheeks.

"Incredible ass," Lloyd groaned, beating his cock harder, pushing it close to orgasm. When Jamie turned round, the waistband of his shorts had been pushed lower, exposing his blond pubic hair and the base of his cock. "You wanna see it, man. You wanna see what the surfer's hiding under his shorts?"

"Yeah, man, let me see it .... please, buddy, show me your fucking rod."

Lloyd was mesmerized by the stunning image before him. Everything in the background faded as he watched Jamie pull his shorts down slowly, in short jerks, exposing his cock - inch after inch after inch. "Here it comes, buddy ... this is what you've been waiting for."

He finally yanked his shorts down so his cock sprang out rock hard and his balls hung over the waistband of the shorts. Lloyd panted, "Fuck ... oh fuck ... that beautiful schlong...." Jamie stroked it slowly, first with one hand then with two fists folded round it, making his biceps bulge.

It was too much for Lloyd - the tall blond athlete towering over him, the muscles of his perfect torso rippling in the sunlight as he stroked his penis, his handsome face rolling from side to side in ecstasy. Lloyd was pounding his cock to his climax but Jamie wanted to cock-tease him 'til it hurt so he shoved his cock back in his shorts and the frustrated architect stopped jerking off.

"I know you drool over those musclehunks at the gym, Lloyd," Jamie teased, "but you ever wonder what the guy does when he gets home? I'll show you." He walked to a nearby glass door and opened it, positioning it at an angle so he could see his reflection in it and Lloyd could see both the muscle-boy and his reflection.

"Here's what he does, man. Before he takes a shower he catches sight of his reflection in the glass door and he can't resist. He gets off on himself.... like this. Staring at his reflection Jamie ran both hands slowly over his abs, then up over his pecs, his neck and his face, then ran his fingers through his tousled blond hair.

He sighed deeply, "Man, that body feels great .... see that gym-jock getting off on himself, worshipping his own beautiful body? Makes him wanna show off the boner under his shorts."

He loosened the string of the waistband, pulled the shorts open exposing the mass of tangled blond pubic hair. "Oh yeah," he moaned, moving both hands back up to his pecs, then slowly lowering them down over his abs and inside the shorts, pushing them down until they fell round his ankles. Naked, he held out his arms to the side as an act of homage to himself.

He murmured, "Look at that beautiful young stud stripped naked ... the tan-lines round his gorgeous ass." He turned his back on Lloyd who gasped as he saw Jamie cup his hands round the white globes, then run his hands down his bulging thighs. Jamie turned back round, gazed into his own eyes in the mirror and stroked his cock slowly with one hand while he squeezed his nipple with the other. "Damn that feels good," he said to his own reflection.

Lloyd moaned, "Shit, man, that's fucking incredible ... so fucking hot." He stroked his cock again, lightly this time as he wanted this vision to last as long as possible before he came. A few feet away Steve and Mark, stunned into in disbelief, were doing the same thing, stroking their cocks, mesmerized by the sight of the young athlete getting off on himself.

Jamie squeezed his nipple hard, rolling it in his fingers, moaning louder as he applied more pressure and beat his dick harder. "Aaagh," he howled .... "the pain .... the pain in my chest."

His chiseled features flinched in agony as his head thrashed from side to side.

Jamie had entered his own narcissistic fantasy ... it consumed him and became real as he groaned to the young bodybuilder in the mirror, "They're torturing him, man. They've got the surfer tied up naked and they're torturing his tits ... his chest is on fire ... he can't take anymore .... he's begging for mercy .... stop ... please ... I submit...!"

Lloyd saw it all, exactly as Jamie described, the handsome young surfer taken prisoner, his beautiful body tortured, as he screamed for mercy. Lloyd yelled, "I can't take it, man ... I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna bust my load ....."

"NO!" Jamie abruptly ended the fantasy and dropped his hands to his side. "Take your hand off your dick, man. Now!" Lloyd had been on the brink of orgasm but he obeyed and his cock pulsed without cumming. Jamie walked away from the door toward Lloyd until he was towering over him, his youthful physique gleaming with a sheen of sweat. "Put your hands behind your back." Lloyd obeyed, pushing his hands under his back as if they were tied together. His cock still shuddered as he watched, hypnotized by the sight.

And the view was spectacular. Jamie went into another bodybuilder pose, his hands behind his head, arms out to the side, bent at the elbows. His voice was mesmerizing to Lloyd. "Watch this man." He took a deep breath and flexed his entire body as if in competition, his biceps and shoulders bulging, the slabs of his chest rippling, his abs razor sharp. And his cock was standing straight out before him like a pole.

"See that, buddy? See that naked jock posing for you, letting you muscle-worship him? You get off on that man, don't you, and you're dying to touch your dick. It's throbbing, you can feel the jizz straining in your balls. I can make you cum man. Look at this body, look at the cock and tell me what you want, man."

"Man, you're torturing me," Lloyd yelled. "You know what I want ... I want you to fuck me!"

"What's that?" Jamie said, flexing harder. "You wanna get fucked by the muscle-jock you've been worshipping? You want that gorgeous body leaning over you, his eyes burning into yours and his dick sliding in your ass? His dick's gonna torture that ass, man, and you're gonna beg for more ... you're gonna submit to him, man."

Jamie flexed even harder, making his veins pop out. "Look at that beautiful fucking stud, Lloyd. Look at that dick ... imagine it ramrodding your ass. You feel it, buddy? I know you can feel it - you can see that body pounding you, the face dripping with sweat as the young buck howls like an animal and you feel his jism slamming into your ass. That want you want, Lloyd? You want me to fuck your ass?"

Clenching his hands behind his back Lloyd flexed his muscles and screamed, "Yeah, I want it, man. I wanna feel your cum in my ass. Please, man, I'm begging you .... Fuck me ....fuuuck me ... aaagh!' His body jerked, his cock pulsed .... and blasted semen over his heaving chest, his face and his dark hair.


"Holy shit." That was Steve, slack jawed with amazement. He and Mark had watched in awe as Jamie, in the role of master, seduced Lloyd into a body-worshipping fantasy that ended with the handsome architect begging to get fucked in the ass.

"Jesus," Steve said, "that is exactly Lloyd's ultimate fantasy - going home with a bodybuilder from the gym, muscle-worshipping him as the guy strips naked and gets off on himself posing in front of a mirror. And now the climax of his fantasy - getting his ass fucked by the muscle-god. Damn, I could go for that myself - letting that sexy young buck fuck my ass."

Mark was glowing with pride (and lust) as he gazed at a Jamie he scarcely knew - the daring exhibitionist. "Steve, old buddy," he said, "even the new Jamie can't fuck both of you at once. But," he grinned, "there's always an alternative."

"Oh, Jesus," Steve gasped. "The minute you came into my office that first time my first impulse was for you to fuck me. But I was your therapist and professional ethics reined me in, so I could only dream of it. Well to hell with ethics. Now I'm just a guy begging to get fucked, like my lover is begging your boy."

Steve stood and, just as Lloyd had done, picked up one of the full length chaise cushions and threw it on the deck, end-on to the one Lloyd was lying on. He dropped his swim trunks and lay naked on the cushion on his back head-to-head with Lloyd.

Steve groaned as the cop locked eyes with his. Mark pulled off his swim trunks, his huge dick sprang out and he stroked it. "You sure you want this, doc? You want the cop's rod inside your ass?"

"It's been a fantasy of mine for years, man. And at last ....."

Lloyd was only dimly aware of what was going on behind him, so riveted was he by the sight of the naked surfer stroking his dick to rock hardness. Lloyd's Speedos were still just below his balls so he bent his knees, raised his legs and pulled them off over his feet.

"Hold it right there," Jamie growled. Lloyd kept his legs up, grasped them behind the knees and pulled them back, offering his ass to Jamie. "Man that ass looks good," Jamie sighed, letting go of his cock and using both hands to squeeze his own nipples, his cock sticking straight out and dripping pre-cum onto Lloyd. Lloyd groaned in desperation, "Don't cock-tease me anymore, man, please. I need that dick inside me...."

Jamie dipped his fingers into a jar of lube Steve had left on the table and greased up his dick. He dropped to his knees behind Lloyd's ass, grabbed his ankles and pressed the head of his dick between the cheeks. Then Jamie raised his head and looked straight at Mark, who had lubed up his cock and was kneeling between Steve's legs, facing Jamie across the two bodies. He matched Jamie by pushing Steve's legs up high and pressing his dick against Steve's hole.

It was symmetrical - Lloyd and Steve lying head to head, their asses waiting. Jamie and Mark faced each other pushing their captives' legs so far back that their feet touched and the men's hands linked together round them. They knelt on the opposite man's outstretched palms so they were trapped. Mark stared in awe at Jamie and silently mouthed the words, "You are so fucking hot, Jamie." Then out loud, "You ready for this, buddy? You ready to show these two hunks who's the boss around here?"

"You bet I am," Jamie grinned. "Let's do it."

Lloyd was on fire. "I want it so bad," he groaned. "I'm begging you. Please, sir .... Fuck me.... He was near to sobbing as he felt the surfer's long rod penetrating him, sliding down his greasy chute and pressing against the hot membrane deep inside.

At the same time Mark smiled at Steve. "Been a long time coming, doc, but here it is." Steve stared up at the Greek-God face and magnificent torso as he felt the cop's shaft push inside him, pull back, tease him, then push deeper and deeper. The doctor's chiseled features, so like his brother Randy's, winced in ecstasy and his muscles flexed.

"OK, Jamie," Mark shouted, "Let's fuck!" and in seconds man and boy were pounding ass. Lloyd was in a daze, gazing up at the muscle-jock he had body-worshipped. The cock he had gazed at in awe was now pistoning in his ass. And Steve's own dream was coming true, getting his ass pounded by the beautiful cop he had fantasized about for years.

For the first time Mark and Jamie were working together as two alpha top-men, gazing at each other in triumph. Mark was thrilled by his boy, seeing the passion on his face as he fucked just as Mark himself fucked. He was a junior version of his master, which turned Mark on to a pitch of excitement. Through his panting breaths he growled softly, "You are gonna get so fucking fucked, boy." Jamie grinned, "Thank you, sir."

As they hammered their captives' asses master and boy challenged each other. "That all you got, stud?" Mark said. "You call that fucking?" Come on man, make the fucker bust his load."

"You're on," Jamie shot back. "Ten bucks says I'll make my man shoot first."

They were transformed into two brawling buddies who had captured two men in a contest to see who could make his victim submit first. Sweat dripped off their faces as they impaled the asses on their pile-driving cocks, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, urging the tortured men to shoot their loads.

"Come on, man," Jamie yelled at Lloyd. "You wanted the jock's dick in your ass. Imagine those bodybuilders at the gym tying you to a bench and group-fucking your helpless ass, forcing you to cum. It's what you want, man."

Mark stared down at Steve, writhing helplessly beneath him. "Don't let me down, doc. It's what you've always wanted - the cop's nightstick in your ass. Look at me, man, the muscle-god reaming your ass. You wanna feel my jizz in your ass, you know it. But you gotta shoot first, doc. Come on ... do it!"

Behind him Steve heard Lloyd scream, "Yeah, yeah .... oh fuck ... fuck .... fuuuck ...." Lloyd's cock exploded for a second time and semen splashed all over his heaving body. Seconds later another scream and another eruption of jism - this time from Steve as he gazed up at the cop he had idolized for so long.

A jubilant Jamie smiled at Mark and said, "I win, man. My man shot first."

"Yup, you're the man, Jamie. You wanna finish them off?" He gazed into his boy's eyes as they still pounded ass. "Come on, stud, let's see what you got. I'm gonna shoot ... you with me?"

Jamie grinned, "Right there with you, big guy. Let's do it. "Aaaagh." Both muscular bodies reared up, muscles rippling, heads thrashing as they poured jism into the ravaged asses of the doctor and the architect.

Jamie let go of Lloyd's legs and pumped both fists in the air with a triumphant shout. "I am the best!" He was magnificent and Mark's eyes gleamed with lust as he said softly. "You are gonna get so fucking fucked, boy."


There was only one thing for it .... the pool. They all dived in and splashed and roughhoused with the exhilaration of four men glorying in their potent manhood.

Then Mark and Steve went to the kitchen to prepare dinner while Lloyd and Jamie, despite the glow of spectacular sex, fell into a discussion of the new house for Pete and Brandon. Lloyd was the architect and Jamie (with Bob's help) controlled the budget. This continued for a while at dinner, then Steve took over with hilarious tales of his patients (no names, of course).

But hovering over it all was a thick cloud of testosterone created by the earlier orgy of mind-blowing sex involving new experiences for all four men. So, no matter how congenial the conversation, sex still ruled. Mark shot meaningful glances at Jamie, while Steve looked at Lloyd, eager to be alone and try out some of the new ideas inspired by Jamie's erotic display.

So, by mutual but unstated consent the party broke up early and, after intense hugs and promises of a repeat performance soon, they parted. Steve and Lloyd went straight to their game room and Mark and Jamie sped off down the hill in Mark's truck.

Mark drove fast and they both knew why. He had been dazzled by Jamie's sexual virility which had intensified his lust for the macho young stud. Also, part of him needed to reassert his authority over his boy.

Jamie's feelings ran along the same lines. He had loved displaying his new role of top man to Mark, but it was kind of exhausting and he urgently needed to surrender himself to his master, to resume his role as the cop's boy.

When they pulled up at the house, the remains of dinner were still on the outdoor table and men and boys were still gathered round it. They stirred as the two came in, eager to get 'the scoop' as Darius put it, but as they crossed the lawn Mark waved them off with a "later guys" and they disappeared into their apartment.

Inside, Mark stared at Jamie like a bull in heat pawing the ground with lust. Jamie was still wearing his old swim trunks and had pulled on a thin tank-top in the truck. He stood almost at attention waiting for the command to get on the bed. But it never came.

"Man, you drove me wild this afternoon," Mark said. "You looked so fucking hot, such a fucking stud dominating Lloyd. He might as well have been crawling at your feet - Steve too. But the thing is, boy, you're mine .... you're the cop's boy ... and I want you .... more than I've ever wanted you before. Let me see that fucking body."

He reached forward, bunched the tank top in his fist and, with one jerk, ripped it clean off. He raked his hands down the boy's bare chest and squeezed his nipples. "You're cock hard?" he barked. "Let's see, boy." He grabbed the swim trunks and, like the shirt, tore them off and stared with satisfaction at the rock hard cock that sprang up.

"Damn, I love you, boy," he yelled. He clamped his hands round Jamie's waist, lifted him bodily and flung him down hard on the bed, on his back. Jamie looked up at Mark's blazing eyes as the cop stripped naked. He had never seen such ferocious lust in his master's face before and for a moment it scared him.

Mark spat in his hand, rubbed the spit over his cock and growled, "You see this, boy? See this cock? You know where it belongs?"

"In my ass, sir .... please sir."

"Damn right!" Mark launched himself forward onto Jamie's trembling body. He pushed his legs in the air and plunged his cock into Jamie's ass, making the boy buck and scream. "You want it, boy? You want it rough?"

"Yeah," Jamie moaned. "Please, sir, give it to me .... make me your boy."

Mark pinned the boy's arms to the bed and pounded his ass, more savagely than ever before. Jamie went wild, pounding his fists on Mark's bulging chest, then squeezing his nipples ferociously. "Fuck me, sir," he begged. "Hurt me, ream my ass, sir. I love you, sir, I'll always be your boy .... aaah .... you're making me cum. Please, sir ... permission to cum, sir?"

"Yeah .... here it is .... here's your master's jizz in your sweet ass. Cum for me, Jamie. Show me you're my boy." He watched as the macho young jock jerked under him, he screamed and shot a stream of cum that flew up and splashed on his master's chest.

"That's my boy!" Mark shouted and his own cock erupted deep in the cauldron of his boy's ass.

When his cock had drained Mark collapsed on top of Jamie, held him in a bear hug and kissed him ferociously, his cock still inside him. He slowly regained his breath and said softly, "You were spectacular today, Jamie. You made me hotter than hell. I always wanna see you like that - except in here. When we're alone you're my boy and I'm your master and I can fuck you as hard and as often as I like, OK?"

"Absolutely, big guy" Jamie smiled mischievously. Mark laughed at his impertinence, then said. "You wanna go again?"

"Yes please, sir. Absolutely."


The old saying, 'every cloud has a silver lining' works in reverse too. No matter how dazzling, every light throws a shadow and that was the certainly case with Jamie's brilliant transformation. The first flickering embers of discord had already been visible when Mark and Jamie came home from the dunes and all the boys reacted enthusiastically except one - Pablo. He saw Jamie's rise to manhood as a threat to his own dominant position among the boys, the 'boss's boy' as he persisted on calling himself.

Some conflicts take only a small spark to ignite them, but when they burst into flames the fire spreads rapidly. The spark in this case was struck several days later when Jamie had been working hard in the office with Brandon, going over the many details of the budget and supply requisitioning for the bungalow up the hill that Bob and Randy had bought and was to be remodeled for Pete to rent for himself and Brandon.

Escrow on the house had closed and Randy had designated a small crew to work on it, including several of the boys. The masters always gave the boys as much responsibility as possible, so Pablo and Darius were to head up the crew, Brandon would monitor supplies as they arrived, and Jamie was in charge of the budget under Bob's supervision.

It had been a long day for Jamie and Brandon as the budget was nearing completion and Jamie's nerves were a bit on edge, though Brandon's amiable company helped a lot. It was the end of the workday and Jamie stretched his limbs. "This is probably a good place to stop for the day, buddy. We can finish up the rest tomorrow. Bob said he doesn't need these figures until last thing tomorrow so we've plenty of time. Don't know about you but I could murder a beer."

Just then the office door burst open and Pablo marched in. "Hey, you got those figures for Randy? He wants them right away."

"No," Jamie said calmly, "Bob said they won't be needed until late tomorrow."

"That so?" sneered Pablo. "Well you got that wrong, asshole, 'cos Randy wants them now and he's the boss. You'll have to work overtime and let me know when they're done."

Weary as he was Jamie was needled by Pablo's high-handed attitude. He might have taken it before .... but not anymore. His alpha male kicked in and his voice took on a hard edge. "Now look, here, pal, Bob is my boss and I take orders from him. If Randy wants to override Bob, which I seriously doubt, he can come to me himself instead of sending his errand boy. The office is closed, Brandon and me are off the clock. So come back tomorrow, dude."

Pablo's temper flared and he jabbed his finger at Jamie's chest. "I don't take that kinda talk from no one, shithead, especially not some pretty-boy surfer with no guts. You've got that cop fooled into thinking you're now this big macho stud, but that's bullshit. I'm the boss around here, the senior boy, and I'll fucking wipe the floor with you to prove it. You wanna take this outside?"

Jamie restrained his growing anger and backed away with his arms stretched up in a truce gesture. "I don't wanna fight you, Pablo, but don't push me any further or, by god, I'll ....."

"Please," Brandon interjected, alarmed that the situation was escalation out of control. "Don't fight, guys, there's no need for that. Back off, Pablo, or...."

"Or what?" Pablo sneered. "Stay out of this, punk, and leave it to the big guys. Let me remind you, kid, you're in a wheelchair so what you gonna do? You gonna wheel yourself outside and beat me up? Yeah, like that's gonna happen." He shoved Brandon's wheelchair with his foot and sent it banging into the wall.

That did it for Jamie. One thing that made him madder than anything was hearing Brandon sneered at, and he sprang to his defense. "You worthless piece of shit," Jamie yelled. "OK, man ... outside."

They crashed through the door together and out to the lawn. Pablo, the skilled young fighter, trained by Randy, had quick reflexes and, in a kickboxing move, swung his leg high and slammed his foot into Jamie's stomach, sending him crashing to the ground. Pablo towered over him and jeered, "See what I mean, asshole? I can drop you or anyone else in a second. Get up, loser. Get up and fight."

Jamie pulled himself up painfully on all fours but Pablo kicked him again and sent him sprawling. This happened several times, with Jamie rolling over the grass clutching his stomach in pain. Pablo could have finished him off right there except that a strong tug on his arm pulled him away.

Brandon had wheeled himself down the ramp from the office and now rolled to Jamie's defense. Pablo spun round and yelled, "I warned you, boy .... stay out of my way or I'll hurt you." But Brandon charged again, only to be checked by a raging Pablo who shoved his boot against the arm of the wheelchair and pushed it over on its side, sending Brandon sprawling on the grass.

The distraction gave Jamie a moment to catch his breath and his rage exploded when he saw Pablo attack his friend. All the strength and courage that had been building in him over the last week now came to a climax in a burst of adrenaline and macho defiance. He sprang to his feet and snarled, "You fucking coward ..."

Pablo took a swing at him but Jamie blocked it with his forearm, then another. In surprise Pablo hesitated for an instant and when Jamie saw an opening his slammed the back of his fist against Pablo's cheek, sending him staggering backward. Stunned, he threw out his arms to keep his balance, leaving himself open to an onslaught of blows from the ferocious young jock.

Pablo was wearing his usual dungarees but the single strap had broken and they now fell down round his ankles. Near naked, he fell back against the wall of the house and Jamie was on him in an instant. He clamped his hand over Pablo's face and slammed his head back against the wall until Pablo's eyes went glassy and his slid down the wall and slumped to the ground.

In the fight Jamie's tank top had been ripped off his chest and his shorts were torn, and he looked a ferocious figure towering over his victim, his breath heaving. "See, asshole, Randy's not the only fighter around here. The cop you sneered at is a champion boxer and trained me to defend myself. And now the high and mighty boss's boy is gonna get what he's had coming to him for a long time."

He looked over to Brandon who had hauled himself into a sitting position. "You OK, buddy?"

"Never better," Brandon grinned. "I know how to fall. Go on, stud, give it to him."


Jamie dragged the naked Pablo onto his stomach in front of one of the floor-length windows of the house. Pablo groaned but was so dazed he offered no resistance. Jamie pushed his legs apart and knelt between them. He pulled his cock out of his ripped shorts and spat on it. With his free hand he grabbed Jamie's hair and pulled his head back so he got a view of himself reflected in the window - a blurred view in his dazed condition.

"See that, dude? Who's the loser now? You got beat ... you got thrashed ... and now the boss's boy is gonna get his ass fucked by the cop's boy." Jamie pushed his rigid cock between the cheeks of Pablo's famously perfect ass ... and rammed it deep inside him. The piercing shaft of pain jerked Pablo out of his stupor and he screamed and reflexively tried to claw his way forward.

There were low spikes along the edge of the flower bed under the window and Pablo grabbed onto two of them and desperately tried to pull himself forward off Jamie's cock. But his ass was impaled on the shaft and when Jamie pressed his hands down on the small of his back he was trapped. There was no fight left in him and there was nothing Pablo could do but endure the pain and scream.


Those screams brought the house to life, and it was Randy who reacted first. He and Bob had been talking in their bedroom upstairs. He ran to the window, saw that his boy was in trouble and rushed out the door. One of Randy's strongest instincts had always been to protect his boys, an instinct that overrode all others, especially logic. So as he ran from the house, followed by Bob, the big gypsy had only one thought in mind.

"Mother-fucker" he yelled racing toward the boys.

"Freeze," commanded a voice from the gate. Mark had been Zack's house across the street straight after work and, still in his uniform, he too had followed the sounds of Pablo's screams. "Leave them alone, man. It's between the two of them."

Distracted only for a moment Randy reached down and yanked at Jamie's torn shorts, but they came off in his hand and Jamie, immersed in his anger, never stopped hammering Pablo's ass. Yelling obscenities Randy raised his leg to stomp on Jamie but he was pulled back by Bob.

"Randy, do what Mark says. Leave it to them ... you'll only make things worse."

"Get your hands off me, man. He's hurting my boy." But Bob tightened his grip on Randy's arm. "Fuck you, asshole," Randy yelled. His anger raging he turned round swinging his fist which caught Bob on the jaw and he staggered backward and crashed to the ground.

"NO!" Mark howled and he sprang toward Randy, his own anger bursting into flames. Not only was his boy in danger from Randy, but he had just seen the man he idolized beaten to the ground by the wild gypsy, who was clearly out of control. He had to be stopped.

Randy was unnerved by what he had done, slugging Bob, something he had promised never to do again. But he had to save his boy who was screaming in pain as his ass got hammered. These conflicting thoughts made Randy hesitate in confusion .... and that was his undoing.

Mark was on him in a second, fists flying, every blow landing ... on his face, his chest, in his stomach ... until Randy was flailing round the garden like a rag doll. He made a few attempts at defending himself but his irrational anger had destroyed his fighting instincts and he was finished. With one last massive blow from Mark, the beaten gypsy spun round and crashed to the ground close to his tortured boy.

All Mark's professional instincts kicked in and he acted fast. Like any seasoned cop he pulled several sets of handcuffs from his belt and used his foot to turn the semi-conscious Randy onto his stomach beside his boy. He cuffed Randy's left wrist to Pablo's right and looped the cuffs over one of the spikes. Then he cuffed Randy's other wrist to another spike and did the same with Pablo so master and boy were splayed out on the ground face down next to each other.

By now the garden was getting crowded as the other men and boys came out of the house or home from work. Pete, Adam and Nate had come from the house next door and Pete had gone straight to Brandon and sat him back in his chair, none the worse for his spill. Nate, Eddie and Ben all stood close to Brandon in a state of nervous excitement.

In charge of it all was Zack who had crossed the street from his house with Darius. "Stand back, guys," he ordered in his deep commanding voice. "Just let this play out ... nobody interfere." Darius's ingrained reflex had been to grab his camera as he left the house and was now unobtrusively filming in the background. Right now he was focused on Mark.

Mark glanced anxiously over at Bob but saw that he was moving and being tended to by the twins who had come running from the kitchen. Then he turned his attention back to Randy who was stirring painfully and tugging at the handcuffs.

"You fucking bastard," Mark growled. "Once a caveman always a caveman, I guess. You slammed your fist across Bob's face and knocked that beautiful man to the ground, and you know what that means. I can't let you get away with that, man."

Randy managed to raise his head and look at the reflection in the window. He saw the cop unbutton his uniform shirt and shrug it off. He pulled his T-shirt off over his head and stood there shirtless in black uniform pants and his high black motorcycle boots. He stared at Randy's reflection. "You know what's gonna happen, man. It has to."

With his foot he pushed Randy's legs wide apart and knelt between them. He spat on Randy's hole, licked his fingers and pushed them in his ass to loosen it up. Randy groaned but made no move to resist. He was still reeling from having hit Bob and, in his own ritualistic code of conduct, he needed punishment to assuage his guilt.

Mark looked at Jamie beside him and said, "You OK, buddy?"

"Yes, sir ... just a few bruises. But I gotta do this sir ... for me and for Brandon."

"I know, kid. And I'm right there with you." He grinned wryly. "Guess we had our rehearsal with Lloyd and Steve the other day."

"Guess so, sir. Only this time it's for real." He turned his attention back to ramrodding Pablo's butt, a fuck that had already lasted a long time. Mark pushed his thick cock against Randy's hole and then, with one savage thrust, buried it deep in the gypsy's ass to the sound of Randy's howls that matched his boy's.

There was silence among the mesmerized onlookers, except for the faint sound of Darius's camera as he recorded yet another pivotal scene in the annals of this remarkable house.

In the background the gate opened quietly and Steve came in. Zack had called him when the trouble began and he had driven down here fast. He said softly to Zack, "What the hell's going on, Zack. No don't tell me. It's pretty damn obvious." He gazed at the extraordinary spectacle of the cop and his boy side by side, pounding the asses of the gypsy boss and his boy. "Guess we could all see this coming for some time. Nobody badly hurt, I hope."

"Nah, just a few bruises, hurt feelings - and two very sore asses. God knows where it all goes from here, though. Any ideas?"

"Oh yeah," Steve smiled, "I think we can steer this into a good place, Zack. I have a plan."

"Trust you, doc," Zack grinned. "I thought you would. That's why I called you. But right now I guess all we can do is stand back and enjoy the show."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Part 251


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