Ben was having the time of his life up in the dunes with his older brothers Randy and Steve. Among other things he appreciated their reassurance about his master Jason, the fireman who was currently assisting with fighting the huge forest fires in New Mexico. And Jason himself occasionally managed to get a call through to Ben's cell phone.

"That was Jason," Ben said, as he hung up, his eyes sparkling. "No kidding," Steve chuckled. "How's he doing with those fires?"

"Doing great, sir, and you'll never guess. He's met that guy that Randy and Bob keep talking about. What is he, a Forest Ranger or something, called Pete? I've never met him but Jason says I will soon. Seems they'll be working the fires together." His mind at rest Ben settled down for what passed as family fun for the next two days.

Pete had flown out that morning at dawn from L.A. to Albuquerque and been transported to the command center set up in the fire area. With his long experience as a Forest Ranger Pete was closely familiar with fire prevention and fire-fighting techniques and had already worked on fires in the Angeles National Forest. But with his upcoming promotion to chief Park Ranger in L.A. he had been assigned to work a couple of days with one of the L.A. squads assisting with the huge fires in New Mexico, to get a bit more hands-on experience in the worst conditions.

The command center which was a scene of controlled chaos - a lot of action, with crews coming and going. Pete met with a deputy chief who explained that manpower was stretched thin so the best way for the Ranger to participate was to be hooked up with one of the firefighters, 'twinned' as they called it, and Pete would shadow him for the days he was here. It would be a guy from the California crew as he would no doubt work with them in the future.

"We never turn down one more pair of boots on the ground," the deputy grinned. "Come with me to the rest area and we'll see who's about to go back out to the field." Pete was led to a large tent where guys were checking in and out, some eating, many resting on camp beds before going back on duty.

"Hey, guys," the deputy said. "This here's Pete, a senior Forest Ranger from L.A., come for some field training and to give us support. I need to twin him with one of the L.A. guys here, someone about to go back out to the line. Any volunteers?"

"Guess that would be me, sir" said a voice in the back. A tall blond fireman stood up, wearing heavy yellow firefighting pants and red suspenders over his sweat-stained dark blue T-shirt.

Pete took a sharp intake of breath. This was the buddy of Randy and Bob whom he had spoken to once briefly on the phone. They had never met but Pete would have known him anywhere from the picture in his girlfriend's fireman's calendar - 'the August page', as Bob had said.

"Good, thanks, Jason," the deputy said. "You know the drill, keep him close at all times, don't get separated. Take him over to the quartermaster and get him kitted out."

Jason walked through the crowd and came face to face with Pete. The fireman's chiseled features broke into a gleaming smile as they shook hands. "Welcome to the inferno, officer. Good to see you, man. Let's get you some clothes." As they walked out to the supply tent Jason said, "Actually we already spoke briefly on the phone when my buddy Bob asked you to contact me and have me call my boy Ben. Thanks for doing that, though god knows how you got through all the bureaucracy here."

"I can be pretty persistent, sergeant," Pete said.

"Yeah I bet you can," said Jason eyeing him up and down. Pete felt the first stirrings in his uniform pants. "Here we are. You're gonna need a T-shirt, boots and the regulation heavy-duty pants. Then the jacket, helmet and the rest of the gear. And I gotta get out of this sweat soaked T-shirt. Shit, I change these fuckers about five times a day."

Jason matter-of-factly lowered his suspenders and pulled his wet T-shirt off over his head. Pete stifled a gasp as he saw Jason's upper body - a flawless physique of rippling muscles, broad shoulders, big rounded pecs, ripped eight-pack abs and a slim waist cinched by a wide belt. He was damn gorgeous - and he seemed to know it as he grinned confidently at Pete.

Much less confidently Pete shrugged off his uniform shirt and pulled off his T-shirt. "Wow." Jason stared at him impressed. "That's some build you got on you man. Work out a lot?"

"Five, six days a week."

"Me too." Jason flexed his muscles slightly, instinctively showing off to the hunky newcomer, a move that wasn't lost on Pete. Bob had mentioned that Jason had a narcissistic streak. 'And why not?' Pete thought. Jason was even more stunning in person than his calendar picture.

"I hear you might join that crazy tribe of guys back in L.A." Jason said. "I got a gym at my house near theirs - we should work out together when this mess is over and we get back home."

"I'd like that, sergeant - a lot."

"But, business first, eh? You know how it works, officer. You stick close to me all the time - mustn't get separated. I'll show you the ropes. We take our rest periods together, eat together and work together. We'll probably be sick of the sight of each other by the time it's over."

"I kinda doubt that somehow, sergeant," said Pete.

"Yeah, maybe you're right," Jason grinned. "Look, let's drop all the 'sergeant-officer' shit, eh? Jason and Pete, OK?" They shook hands firmly and Pete felt his cock get stiff.

But no, Pete knew he had to forget all that. This was serious business, he was here to work. And besides, he was still intimidated by Jason. He didn't know the guy yet - didn't know anything about his personal life or his preferences. So hands off.

Hell, he thought, working with this guy might not be so easy after all.


Jason and Pete were assigned as a two-man unit of a suppression crew. They were strategically located with a water tender in an area where sparks flying from the main fire were falling and the resulting spot fires had to be knocked out fast to prevent new blazes. It was intense work that required all their concentration and close collaboration. The principal fire was somewhat distant from this spot but the heat was intense and their faces and bodies were soon streaming with sweat.

They quickly established a rhythm of instinctive cooperation, spotting flare-ups and responding rapidly. All of Pete's previous sexual stirrings were forgotten as he worked with Jason in a tight bond of mutual support and protection, each of them reading the other's mind in precarious conditions. And yet, deep in Pete's subconscious, there was a visceral thrill of working shoulder to shoulder with this incredible man.

And so the day wore on, growing hotter and hotter under the blazing New Mexico sun. Pausing only to drink water, plenty of it, they soldiered on in a union of physical and mental intensity, watching each other for early signs of heat stress or dehydration. Safety was the prime consideration and there was one close call. Running to quench a spark Jason tripped on a fallen branch and went sprawling close to where the spark was flaring up dangerously.

Pete reacted instantaneously. He pulled the stunned fireman from the path of the approaching fire, doused the flames quickly and pulled Jason to his feet. Unsteadily Jason fell against Pete to catch his breath and Pete wrapped his arms round him to support him. Their eyes met and, despite the layers of heavy protective clothing separating them, Pete felt a sexual charge flash through his body.

"Thanks, man," Jason gasped. "I owe you one." As they disengaged and went back to work Pete thought, what did that mean - owe you one? Was Jason saying that they ....? But, angry with himself for the absurd thought, Pete shook it off and applied his full concentration to the work at hand.


After many hours of intensely physical work they were feeling the full effects of heat stress and they were relieved when a back-up crew came to replace them and take control of the water tender. Breaks from work were mandatory and they were transported away from the fire to the rehab sector where they were checked for dehydration and given food and an opportunity for several hours of sleep.

Jason and Pete realized they were starving hungry and with huge relief they shed their helmets and heavy jackets, got heaping plates of food and sat at a table facing each other. They were both wearing their dark blue T-shirts, so drenched with sweat that they clung to their muscular bodies, still pumped from hours of hot manual labor. The red suspenders stretching from their pants up over their shoulders accentuated the bulge of their pecs under their T-shirts and the width of their shoulders.

They ate ravenously, mostly in silence, their first chance to size each other up. Neither man knew too much about the other. Pete knew from his former girlfriend that Jason was kind of notorious from his picture in the calendar, and she said all her girlfriends lusted for him. But how did Jason feel about this adulation from women? Did he do what Pete himself had done until recently - fuck a girl most every night? It was easy to believe as much, watching the macho fireman laughing with his buddies in the testosterone-heavy atmosphere of alpha males.

Bob had mentioned Jason's narcissism and also his boy Ben, but what did that mean? His son, maybe? What? Pete fancied he had picked up some sexual vibes from Jason but maybe that was just Jason showing off ... or Pete's wishful thinking. Pete felt out of his depth. He was so new to all this. How did it work? It was easier with Randy around as he didn't give a shit about anyone and always took what he wanted. But what of this guy? What did he want?

Jason, far more self-assured than Pete, nevertheless wondered about the new guy. Randy had mentioned that Pete went out most nights drinking with his Forest Service buddies and, with his healthy sexual appetite, ended up fucking at least one girl a night, so that pretty much defined him.

True, Jason had heard on the grapevine that wild things had gone on up by the lake but that was probably just Randy taking what he wanted. Randy could make any guy do anything. Then there was Randy going ballistic when Pete met Mark, but who knew with Randy? Anything could make his anger flare up. No, Jason had to assume that Pete was happy with his drinking buddies and their girls so, even though he was very attracted the handsome Ranger, he decided to leave well enough alone.

Having eaten his fill he stood up and stretched. "Man, I need a couple hours sleep." Pete looked dubiously round the rehab tent which was a hive of clamorous activity and the only reason some of the guys could sleep on the camp beds was out of sheer exhaustion. Plus the insidious smoke from the fires invaded even here and hung obstinately in the air.

"I read your mind, Pete," Jason grinned. "Don't worry, I don't usually take my breaks here. There's a place way down the hill where the smoke is less and the silence is golden. I usually sleep there and keep my radio on for when the call comes to go back to work. Come on, buddy, follow me.

They went out and stumbled down the hillside to a safe zone far below the fire, which was blowing in the opposite direction in the updraft on the hills. The sky cleared, the discordant sounds faded and Jason led them to a grove of trees. "I discovered this myself," he said. "No one else comes here. We'll be left alone to sleep in peace - just the two of us." Pete felt his cock pulse but willed his incipient erection away.

Jason had brought a blanket with him that he spread on the ground in the shade of a tree. "Shit this fucking shirt stinks," he said. "See what I mean, Pete? You change these things every chance you get." As casually as he had done before Jason dropped his suspenders and pulled off the sweat-drenched T-shirt. He stretched wearily and again Pete inhaled sharply as he saw Jason's glorious body gleaming wet in the dappled sunlight streaming through the leaves.

It was such a stunning sight that it could have been a set-up for another calendar picture - the handsome blond fireman, stripped to the waist, the red suspenders hanging down over his yellow firefighter pants clinging to his slim waist. Pete was glad of his own bulky pants that hid his instant erection. He too dropped his suspenders and pulled off his shirt. Out of the corner of his eye he thought he caught a glance from Jason that could have been lust - or it could have been Pete's imagination. Wishful thinking again.

"OK, sleep," Jason grinned, throwing himself onto his back on the blanket, edging over to the side. "Here, buddy, the blanket's just big enough for two. Can't sleep on the bare ground here - too much brush and thorns. He stretched his arms up with a deep sigh and closed his eyes. But Pete hesitated.

Until a few weeks ago he would have had no problem sleeping beside a buddy, as he never had lustful thoughts of this kind, at least consciously. But his experience with Randy, Bob and Mark had awakened desires in his subconscious and brought them to the surface. He had always had an overactive libido (hence a girl every night) but now his sex-drive took a new turn. He had discovered a whole new world, but a world where he was still groping to find his way.

Which is why he hesitated now, gazing down at the shirtless muscle-god, an irresistible focus for his newly liberated desires. His cock was throbbing so hard in his pants he knew he could not trust himself to simply fall asleep beside the beautiful man. There was only one thing to do. "Hey, Jason," he said. "I'm gonna take a leak."

"Mmm, OK," murmured Jason, already half asleep.

Pete walked over to a bush and stood behind it peering through the branches at the fireman stretched out on the ground. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his rock-hard cock from his pants. He took his hands off as he knew that the slightest touch could make him cum. Instead he raised his hands to his nipples and stroked them, moaning softly, his gaze riveted on Jason.

The breeze rustled the trees and the sunlight shining through them played like a kaleidoscope over Jason's muscular torso and chiseled features, glinting in his unruly blond hair. When he stirred, his muscles rippled and gleamed under the sheen of sweat that covered them and Pete was mesmerized by the slabs of his pecs, his washboard abs and his lats sloping down to his tight waist disappearing into his heavy yellow pants. It was like a homoerotic work of art.

Suddenly Jason stirred in his sleep and his hands moved unconsciously to his chest. He rested them on his pecs, thumbs touching his nipples, then sighed as his hands slid down over his razor sharp abs and came to rest with his fingers under the belt of his pants at his waist. That unconscious action was seriously erotic for Pete, almost as if the fireman's vanity was showing itself even in sleep - as if he were getting off on himself in a mirror and caressing his own body. Jesus, Pete would love to see him do that.

Pete was losing all sense of time and place. The stunning image of the sleeping demi-god filled his consciousness and sent fire racing from his cock throughout his body. He gasped quietly as Jason moved his left arm back up over his head .... and the right hand he pushed deeper under his pants. Still deep in sleep he had to be touching his own cock, holding it maybe? Pete fantasized that Jason was holding a pose, waiting for the camera flash - another homoerotic image for the calendar.

Pete didn't dare touch his cock as he knew it would explode. Instead, his fingers were now working his tits as he watched mesmerized. He squeezed them hard, then licked his finger tips and rolled them tightly over his nipples, using his finger nails to cause maximum pain. He was driven by instinct. Maybe hurting himself like this would decrease his sexual urges, make him lose his erection. But he didn't yet understand the aphrodisiac of pain so the reverse was true.

His cock was pulsing harder ... he was being driven wild, watching Jason's right arm flex as he what? .... grabbed his cock under his pants? ... it had to be that .... had to be ... "Aaaagh!...."

His fingernails bit into his nipples and he looked down in surprise to see his own cock blast a stream of semen onto the bush, splashing against the branches, dripping from the leaves.

His mind shut off, taking refuge in absurd musings. What a waste of semen - to soak a bush. And now that the bush was coated in the stuff did that make it more flammable if the fires reached here? Was cum flammable? He chuckled to himself. He was sure that nobody in the history of the world had ever asked himself that question.


But that crazy question broke the spell he was under. He had busted his load, he could relax and finally sleep next to the gorgeous fireman with no problem. As he pushed his cock back in his pants and buckled his belt he realized that he had never cum like this before - without touching his cock, simply looking at a man - a man who was sleeping.

He felt exhilarated, like a man who had just made a new discovery. And now there was no hesitation. He wanted to sleep next to Jason. He walked quietly to the blanket and lay on his back beside Jason, taking care not to touch and wake him. Jason grunted and stirred in his sleep, his hand withdrew from under his pants and his arm moved back up over his head.

Pete turned on his side and found himself staring at Jason's armpit. His curly blond armpit hair was damp and Pete watched mesmerized as beads of sweat trickled slowly from it, ran down his side and onto the blanket. Pete knew he should be feeling tired but how could he sleep in such close proximity to this beautiful man? In a trance he leaned forward, watched the trickle of sweat up close ... then poked out his tongue and gently caught one of the drops. It tasted salty, musky ... it tasted like nectar from a god and Pete's head swam with the pungent aroma.

Jason sighed deeply and Pete pulled back sharply, scared that he would wake and catch him out. That would surely ruin their partnership, a partnership he was coming to value. He closed his eyes and tried to relax but sleep wouldn't come. The deep breathing of the man beside him that should have been soothing, instead excited him. This was a moment in his life that may not come again and he couldn't let it drift away in sleep.

So he opened his eyes. He propped himself on his elbow and gazed down in awe at the shirtless fireman. He studied the contours of his physique in detail. It was flawless. As Jason breathed deeply his chiseled pecs rose and fell and sweat trickled down the cleft between them. His washboard abs flexed slightly and Pete stared down at his waist where a suggestion of light blond pubic hair poked out of the low-slung pants.

And the face! The classically sculpted features with the strong, square jaw, prominent cheek bones, high forehead with damp tousled hair falling over it. The full lips were parted slightly as he slept ... they were inviting, intensely erotic, and Pete longed to clamp his mouth over them. He moved his face closer, closer, until their lips were almost touching - but not quite.

Pete matched the rhythm of his breathing, inhaling the air that Jason breathed out. The aroma was intoxicating, the very essence of his maleness, and for a split second Pete almost pressed their lips together ... but he pulled back just in time, scared of his own impulses. By now his cock was rigid once again.

To minimize his desire he moved his eyes away from the seductive face, down over his chest and abs. Just as perspiration had trickled from the fireman's armpits, so sweat ran off his pecs into the cleft between them, then flowed slowly down over the ridges of his abs and gathered in a pool at his navel. Moving now on impulse, but still cautiously, Pete bent over Jason's waist, lowered his head and sucked the pool of sweat into his mouth.

Taking a big chance he moved back up to Jason's face and dribbled the sweat into his half-open mouth. It was the closest he could come to touching him. Jason frowned in his sleep and ran his tongue over his own lips, but his eyes didn't open and he immediately settled back into the steady breathing of deep sleep.

Pete was emboldened, realizing that Jason was sleeping so profoundly. Must be something he had learned to do - after a rugged, hot day's work he relieved the tension by falling into a deep sleep, immune to all sounds and movement around him. That was why he had not responded to Pete licking his armpit or navel, nor to his breathing inches from his mouth and even dribbling his own sweat into it. Pete wondered for a moment if Jason was faking it, only pretending to be unconscious. But no, there was no mistake. The fireman was in a dead sleep.

The Ranger got on his knees beside the body and let his eyes travel down the body to ... to something he couldn't believe. Jason's firefighter pants were thick but not thick enough to hide an obvious boner growing inside them. Jason grunted ... "mmmm" ... and his eyelids flickered. He was clearly dreaming - but dreaming of what, Pete wondered. Of sex presumably, but with whom - man, woman - alone on front of a mirror?

Jason had previously undone his belt for comfort and his pants were slung low, allowing the pubic hair to poke up over the top. Pete was salivating, dying to know what his cock looked like. Was it as perfect as the rest of him? Urged on by Jason's heavy breathing he thought, why not? He would go for broke.

Carefully he found the zipper's pull tag and was relieved that it slid easily. He eased it down gently inch by inch, right to the bottom. The fly fell apart and Pete's heart beat fast as he saw the outline of a long, thick cock under his shorts. He looked at the fireman's eyelids - motionless now - and proceeded to the most difficult part. Very gently, holding his breath, he lifted the waistband of the shorts and pulled it down over the cock.

First the bulbous head appeared, then gradually the whole length of the cock, inch by inch by inch. As the tangle of blond pubic hair became visible Pete pulled the shorts down over the balls and let the waistband come to rest beneath them. Jason had stirred only once, making Pete stop, his heart beating so fast he was afraid Jason would hear it. But now here it was - the fireman's cock in all its glory.

It was magnificent, a long straight shaft from its big round head to the bush of curly blond hair at its base. Pete leaned back and gazed at the incredible sight - the shirtless muscular fireman stretched out before him, his cock exposed. He was like a demi-god on a sacrificial slab, his body on offer as a gift to his captor.

There was no stopping now - Pete had to go all the way. He bent forward, poked out his tongued and touched the middle of the shaft. Good, no reaction. He ran his tongue up the whole length, all the way to the head and dared to lick the hard, sensitive corona. "Mmmm" Jason moaned and a faint smile came to his lips. Pete hoped that for Jason this was an extension of his dream and was relieved when he settled back to his steady breathing.

Pete gently lowered his face into the damp pubic hair and breathed deeply, inhaling the musky, essence of the man's sexuality. Pete was lost, he had to go on to the ultimate prize and damn the consequences.

By now Jason's cock was standing straight up, which made it easier. Pete opened his mouth wide and lowered it over the head of the fireman's cock, careful not to touch it at first. His mouth moved halfway down the shaft, paused and then he gently clenched his throat muscles round it, mouth to cock for the first time.

It was like a still life - the Forest Ranger bent over the half-naked fireman, his mouth clamped over his cock. Pete paused and waited. Jason stirred in his sleep, murmured a muffled, dreamlike "mmmm" and Pete felt the cock push into his mouth. It was as if Pete were fulfilling Jason's dream, bringing it to life.

Emboldened he pulled slowly back, then eased down gently onto the fireman's rod. He couldn't believe he was here worshipping the stud fireman he had first seen in the calendar. The blond muscle-god was beneath him and he was sucking his cock! It took all his self-control to not pound the cock, but that would have broken the spell. So he carefully moved his mouth up and down the pole, tasting the pungent flavor of pre-cum in the back of his throat.

Jason was still asleep, dreaming and moaning quietly. "Mmm, aahhh." His body tensed, his muscles rippled, his cock pulsed and Pete thought he would wake up, but instead he groaned softly and shuddered. "Oh ... yeah ... aah!" As he sighed, his cock poured semen into the back of Pete's throat and he swallowed it all.

Instantly scared that the fireman would wake up Pete silently pulled his mouth off Jason's cock, gulping down the last drops of cum and saw a faint smile on Jason's face - his wet dream was over. His head fell to one side with a satisfied grunt, and he sank back into his deep sleep.

Pete stared down at him in disbelief at what had just happened. This gorgeous fireman whom he had previously seen only in a beefcake picture in a calendar - he had sucked him off in his sleep and swallowed his jizz. Pete had not dared to explore his desires in the waking world, but he had become part of Jason's erotic dream while he slept. Best of all Jason would have no memory of it when he woke, just a wet dream, so Pete's secret lust would be safe.

Just to be sure Pete very carefully pulled up Jason's shorts and pants and fastened them loosely. He pulled back on his knees and gazed transfixed at the sleeping muscle-jock who had just cum in his mouth. He couldn't waste this vision before him - had to cum again. He unzipped his own pants, pulled out his cock and stroked it. The result was instant. He held his breath, his cock shuddered .... and sprayed semen over the fireman's prefect body.

As Pete gathered his breath he smiled to himself. The picture had evolved from erotic to pornographic - the fireman was still lying shirtless under the dappled light from the trees, but now his magnificent body was running with semen from the Ranger's cock.

Pete had an inclination to lick the body clean of cum, but at last exhaustion overwhelmed him. Without even the strength to push his own cock back in his pants he fell onto the blanket beside Jason, closed his eyes and slept.


A couple of hours later Jason stirred. In the dim confusion of his slow return to consciousness he remembered his dream. It was so vivid, so erotic, that it had to be a wet dream. He opened his eyes and smiled. Yup, there it was - his own jism on his stomach. He heard breathing beside him and was momentarily surprised to see the man lying asleep beside him.

Then it all came back .... of course ... Pete, the Ranger who was working with him. He grinned. That would explain his dream. But then he frowned as he saw the Ranger's cock hanging out of his pants. He looked back at his own pants and they weren't open - they were loosely fastened. This couldn't be his own cum on his chest ... it had to be ....

"What the fuck?" he said out loud. "Hey, wake up!"

Pete woke from a deep sleep and slowly regained his senses. He looked at Jason, at his cum-streaked abs and then, in horror, at his own cock hanging loose.

"Did you bust a load over me while I was sleeping?"

Imagining that he heard anger in Jason's voice Pete blushed deeply. He scrambled to his knees and stuffed his cock back into his pants. There was no way out .... better to confess the whole thing, so he looked down at Jason and blurted out the truth.

"Man, I ... I'm sorry, man ... it's just that ... shit you looked so fucking hot lying there, I ... I went behind the bushes and shot my first load just looking at you. Then I tried to sleep but you were having some kind of erotic dream ... probably fucking some girl or something ... and I lost another load all over you."

"Wait, wait a goddamn minute here." Still on his back Jason propped himself on his elbows. "I'm sure I lost a load in my sleep and yet my pants feel dry."

Pete grimaced in humiliation. "That was me too. Shit, this is so embarrassing .... I knew you were dreaming so I undid your pants and ... and .... took your cock in my mouth and ... kinda sucked you off."

"Kinda sucked me off?? There's no 'kinda' about a blowjob, man. And what, you swallowed my fucking jism?"

Pete was a picture of misery. "Look, man, there's no excuse, but I apologize anyway. I realize you're not into this kind of stuff with a guy and, shit, even if you were you'd never choose a guy like me - you're way out of my class. Obviously you won't want to work with me anymore so I'll tell the chief we didn't get along and ask to be reassigned. You can turn me in, if you like, I wouldn't blame you, and I'll go back to L.A. The promotion will be history and I deserve it."

"Will you shut the fuck up, Pete?" Pete was shocked into silence. "Who said I don't get into 'this kind of stuff'? And who said I'm way out of your class? You're full of shit, you know that? Who the hell do you think I was dreaming about? You, of course, asshole. Why do you think I volunteered to work with you? I knew I wanted you the minute you walked into that tent."

Jason grinned. "Man, you have no idea how hot you are, do you? I'm flattered that you beat off looking at me, sucked my dick and shot another load over me. Surprised too. I didn't think you were into guys after all I've heard about the stud Ranger who fucked a different girl every night."

"I didn't dig guys until I met Randy and Bob."

"Yeah," Jason grinned. "Those guys will do that to a man - any man."

"But I wasn't sure about you either," Pete said, "looking so macho with all those firefighters."

Jason threw his head back and laughed. "What? Spending all my time with Randy, Bob and their tribe didn't give you a clue? And I know you've heard about my vanity, beating off looking at myself naked in a mirror."

Pete grinned, "Yeah, I'd sure like to watch that."

"Later, buddy," Jason smiled. "And who do you think my boy Ben is - my son? Shit, I'm what we call the boy's master. I fuck his sweet ass every chance I get and he fucking loves it. You can watch that too if you like. But tell me the truth, buddy ... how's your cock right now?"

Pete grinned shyly. "Hard as a rock"

"Me too, buddy. Listen, Pete, when you pulled me to safety earlier today and held me up, I could have stood on my own but I just wanted your arms round me a bit longer. I had a monster boner. I said then that I owe you one for saving my life there so let me ask you this. You've seen that picture of me in the calendar. If you were looking at it right now, what would you want to do with that hot, blond firefighter - bare chested, ripped body, gorgeous face?"

Pete jumped to his feet and stared down at Jason. "I'd want to fuck him in the ass."

"Good answer," Jason laughed. "So go for it, big guy." Pete stared in disbelief as Jason ripped open his pants and slid them and his shorts down to his knees. His cock sprang up like a steel rod. Then he slid his boots toward his butt on the ground, bending his knees and exposing his naked ass. Pete stood astride him and pulled his cock out of his pants. "Shit damn," Jason said, "I knew you were endowed but that's some club you got there. Here, I'm gonna need this."

He licked his hands and ran them over the still-sticky cum on his chest and abs. He rubbed his hands together, making a slick goo, reached up and spread it over the Ranger's cock. Then he lay back, stretched his arms up in a V above his head and grabbed a low branch of the bush behind him.

Jason always put on a narcissistic show and now he gripped the branch hard, looked up at his hands as if they were tied, flexed his stretched torso as if trying to get free and winced, his tousled blond hair falling over his face. His blue eyes gazed up at the Ranger and he moaned, "I'm not sure if I can take that pole of yours, man ... it's so fucking huge."

"Fuck you, man," Pete growled. "You don't flaunt that gorgeous body and get me all fired up without getting my dick way up inside your ass. So brace yourself, stud." Pete dropped his pants and shorts to his ankles, knelt down between Jason's legs and pushed them higher. He looked down at his hole, ringed with fine blond hair and pressed the head of his cock against it.

As he stared into the intense blue eyes his imagination kicked into overdrive and he said, "Something you don't know, stud, is that while I slept I dreamed too. I dreamed that me and my Ranger buddies were so pissed off about our girls drooling over the arrogant fireman in the calendar, flaunting his looks, that we captured him, tied him up and gang fucked his ass. I was the last one of the Rangers to pound his tortured ass and it went like this...."

Jason winced and his body struggled as Pete plunged his steel rod in his ass and all the way down his chute, slamming into the tender membrane down deep. "Aaah," Jason howled, "I can't take that, officer. It's too damn big."

"Shut the fuck up, sergeant. Like it or not, you're gonna get your ass ploughed by a Ranger."

And so the violation of the firefighter's ass began. Jason gripped the branch above his head and writhed as if in pain, which only spurred Pete on to fuck harder. Jason gazed up at the muscular body pounding down on him, at the slabs of his hairy chest, his broad shoulders, bulging biceps and his abs that rippled as his hips drove forward.

Pete leaned forward and pinned Jason's biceps to the ground. The expression on the Ranger's rugged face was intense as he growled, "Man you are so incredibly hot, so fucking gorgeous I could pound that ass all day. And I know you want it, don't you? Say it, man."

"Oh yeah. Shit, that feels good. Look at me, man .... look at that hot fireman, tied up, getting gang fucked by a bunch of Rangers. Watch that body struggle." Jason tensed, pulled on the branch, flexed his muscles as his body thrashed from side to side in apparent agony, his chiseled features twisted in pain. "I can't take any more, man. You're gonna make me bust my load ....."

Pete had never seen anything as stunningly pornographic as this. The calendar picture had sprung to life - and he was driving his cock into the ass of the man writhing helplessly beneath him. Pete couldn't take any more either. It was so fucking intense that he .... "Aaagh!" The Ranger's cock exploded in the fireman's ass just as Jason's spectacular body jolted, as if electrified, and his cock blasted hot jizz over his abs and chest, even up to his face.

The two men gazed at each other in disbelief, their chests heaving, eyes ablaze. At last Pete pulled his cock out and fell on top of Jason, licked the cum from his face, his eyes, his lips ... and they kissed voraciously. "Shit, man," Pete gasped. "I have never, ever ....."

"OK guys - break's over. Back in harness." It was Jason's radio squawking. Instantly they jumped up, pulled up their pants and put on their T-shirts that had dried in the sun. They pulled their suspenders up over their shoulders, picked up their jackets and trudged up the hill. They didn't say a word. They didn't have to.

They went back to work with the same intensity and regard for safety, staying close to each other as they tramped over the smoldering brush damping down fires. Sure they were looking out for each other as firemen do, but there was a lot more than that. Intensely focused as they were on the fire, each time they caught each other's eye they remembered the grove down the hill and their cocks got stiff in their pants.


And so it continued, with fires smoldering beneath their feet and in their loins as they worked shoulder to shoulder. In the frenzy of work they had no opportunity to repeat that ecstatic event, but they both knew their time would come. Intensity such as they had shared was not a one-off.

When Jason's term of duty ended so did Pete's. They arranged to travel together in the group of L.A firefighters back to Burbank airport in L.A. As they were coming into land Pete looked apologetically at Jason. "I took a cab to Burbank on the way out so I guess I'll take another one to my house up in the Angeles Forest."

"The hell you will," said Jason. "Didn't you say you had a meeting with Bob tomorrow?"

"Yeah," said Pete enthusiastically. "He wants to show me the house he's gonna buy and rent out to me. That guy is so fucking generous - and hotter than a pistol."

"Damn right," Jason grinned. "OK, so that's settled. Stupid to go up to the forest and come all the way back down tomorrow. I live a stone's throw from their place so you come and spend the night with me and you go meet with Bob in the morning."

"But won't Ben be there waiting for you?"

"'Course he will. He's my boy. But don't let that worry you. He's as much an exhibitionist as I am. You may have to watch us for a spell, but..."

"... but I sure won't say no to that. OK we're landing. Fasten your seatbelt, sergeant, it might be a bumpy night."


When they got off the plane they said warm goodbyes to their buddies, fist bumps all round, then found Jason's truck that he had parked at the airport. It was a fairly short drive to Jason's house down in the Arroyo Seco and when they drew up at the gate it burst open. There stood Ben, beaming like a lighthouse, in gym shorts, tank top and unlaced sneakers. He had obviously been working out in Jason's gym, a party pump to get himself ready for his master's return.

Jason, wearing his regular uniform pants and dark blue T-shirt, leapt out of the truck, opened his arms wide and Ben fell into them. It was an intense, emotional reunion as Jason held his boy tight and Ben kissed and licked his face, whimpering like a puppy welcoming his master home. Pete remained in the truck, giving the two time alone for their private moment. He was moved as he watched them and realized how deep the love could be between man and boy.

At last they separated and gazed at each other. "Looking good, kiddo," Jason grinned.

"You too, sir. Look, I was pumping up for when you came home." He grinned mischievously raised his arms and flexed his biceps in an attempted bodybuilder pose.

"Impressive," said a voice over his shoulder. Ben whirled round to see Pete, the tall Ranger in his gray, short-sleeved shirt with a white triangle of tank top at the open neck, dark green pants and black boots. Ben gasped and blurted out, "You're Pete .... and you're hot." He blushed as he felt his already hard cock pulse in his shorts. "Sorry, sir - I didn't mean that ... well I did but...."

Pete laughed good-naturedly and Jason leapt in to save the boy. "Sorry, Ben, I didn't have a chance to tell you. You're right, this is Pete who I've been working with the last few days. He's got a meeting with Bob tomorrow so I suggested he stay here tonight, if that's OK with you. 'Course, first things first. You and me have to say hello properly first, don't we?"

"I hope so, sir. I haven't cum for two whole days - been saving it up."

"Excellent," Jason grinned. He winked at Pete and pulled Ben aside for a quiet word. Soon Ben broke away and confronted Pete. He tried a formal approach but that soon fell apart. "Sir, me and Jason have decided that we are gonna ...." he grinned, "we're gonna have sex and if you feel like it we would like you to watch."

"If I feel like it!" said Pete. "Try and stop me."

"Awesome," Ben said and ran back through the gate toward the outdoor gym on the patio. Jason turned to Pete and smiled. "Well, what d'you think?"

"Like the boy said - awesome. He's beautiful - a hot young gypsy stud - dark good looks, great little body. Looks a whole lot like Randy - kind of a junior version."

"Yeah, well that's 'cos he's Randy's kid brother - the prince to the King of the Gypsies," he laughed. "But he's my boy and Randy doesn't interfere - not much anyway. He certainly wouldn't object to what I'm gonna do to the boy now. It's the thing Ben likes best, which is why he ran over to the gym. See all those mirrors? I told you about me and mirrors, and Ben's caught the bug. Look at him admiring his reflection. Come on, buddy, you can give me a hand. Just play along, OK?"

They approached Ben who turned away from the mirror and faced his master. Jason stood there looking stern with his arms folded across his chest. "OK, while I was away I heard tell that you were a real bad boy. Is that true?"

"'Fraid so, sir," said Ben jauntily.

"This is no laughing matter, boy. Apparently you slugged Eddie and Nate, you badmouthed your older brother Steve and then, to top it all, you accused young Brandon of playing what you called 'the cripple card' and tipped him out of his wheelchair. That is not the behavior of a boy of mine."

Chastened now Ben said, "You're right to be mad, sir, but I said sorry to all of them and then Randy and Steve punished me big time up in the dunes."

"And that's it, uh? Case closed? So now I'm supposed to cuddle you and make love to you as if nothing happened? Pete, you're looking at a boy who needs a dose of discipline. Come on, buddy, give me a hand here." Jason pushed Ben under the chin bar facing the mirror and Pete saw that there were already ropes hanging from each end. Apparently this was not the first time the bar had been used for more than chin-lifts and Jason had said this was something his boy liked best.

As Pete grabbed one of Ben's hands he saw that the boy was not looking too scared. Quite the contrary actually. Jason tied one of Ben's wrists to the rope at one end of the chin bar while Pete did the same with the other. They stood back and looked at the hot young gypsy boy, arms stretched up in a V, facing the mirror, waiting for his 'discipline'.

"OK, Pete I want the kid naked. You take the top. Jason leaned forward and pulled Ben's gym shorts down and let them drop round his ankles. Pete watched in awe as his cock sprang out rock hard. He grabbed Ben's tank top and realized there was only one way to take it off. He yanked it hard and it ripped off his body. Pete held it in his fist and Ben gazed at him defiantly, despite being naked and stretched in bondage.

God, Pete thought, the boy was sexy, stretched naked, his shorts pooled round his ankles over his old unlaced sneakers. His eyes were at once insolent, mischievous and lustful. Pete tossed the fragments of his tank aside and stood back to watch Jason.

Jason stood beside Ben, looking in the mirror and slowly pulled his T-shirt off over his head. Ben whimpered as he saw Jason stripped to the waist. His cock bounced even though, Pete thought, the boy must have seen this many times. Pete knew how he felt - his own cock had bounced many times looking at the shirtless fireman.

Jason reflexively turned to the mirror and flexed his muscles. "See that boy? See that hot fireman? You know what he's gonna do to you, don't you?"

"He's gonna shove his dick up my butt," Ben said. At the same time Pete, playing his part as requested, unbuttoned his uniform shirt and pulled it off, exposing his tight white tank top stretched over his muscular torso.

"See, boy?" Jason said. "You thought you were gonna get off easy with me, but there's two of us now and I hear the Ranger here can be plenty rough. Ben pulled on his ropes and whimpered, but Pete saw the first drops of pre-cum dripping from his cock.

Jason walked behind his boy and pressed his rigid pole between the globes of his ass. "Tell me, boy. Tell me what you're thinking."

"Sir ... sir, I was scared when you were away, in the fires, and I said my prayers, begging you to come back. I wanted to feel your cock in my ass so bad. Please, sir. I know I fucked up, but I'm still your boy, sir, and ... and I want your dick in my ass. Please, please fuck me ... aaagh!"

Ben howled as Jason grabbed his hips and drove his cock deep inside his boy's ass. "Thank you, sir, thank you." Tears flowed down Ben's cheeks - tears of relief, of joy, and of pain as his master's cock pistoned inside him. He looked frantically at the mirror image of the bound gypsy boy writhing in bondage, and at the god-like face over his shoulder as his master ploughed his ass.

"Don't you cum yet, boy," Jason ordered. "I wanna feel that sweet ass round my cock."

"No, sir. I'll try not to." Ben clenched his ass muscles round his master's cock and was rewarded by Jason's groan. "Yeah, oh yeah that tight ass feels great." Jason glanced over at Pete who was transfixed by the sight of the fireman pounding the gypsy boy's ass. He nodded to him and glanced down at Ben's pulsing cock.

Pete was only too willing. He dropped to his knees, grabbed the boy's cock and lowered his mouth over it. "No .... No ....aah," Ben whimpered as he gazed in the mirror and saw the fireman behind him pile-driving his ass and the Ranger on his knees sucking his cock, his back muscles rippling under the thin fabric of his tank. When he felt Pete's throat clamp round his cock Ben tensed. He tightened his ass round Jason's dick and moaned, "Sir, I can't take anymore, sir. Please, permission to cum, sir?"

"You've been saving it up for two days, boy, so go for it. Give the Ranger something to drink. I'm gonna bust my load in your ass, kid. Here it comes .... Yeahhh!" Ben shuddered, "Fuck, oh fuck, fuuuck!" His cock exploded in the Ranger's mouth, all the pent up jism he had been saving for this moment. For an instant Pete choked, then swallowed, gulp after gulp, tasting the young gypsy's sweet cum pouring down his throat.

Feeling he would suffocate Pete pulled his mouth off the cock, but it kept erupting, splashing cum on the Ranger's rugged face, in his eyes, down his cheeks and running down his neck onto his chest. "Aaah," he moaned and stood up, wiping cum from his eyes. "Shit damn, I can't see."

Jason yanked his cock out of Ben's ass and growled, "Did I say you could do that to my buddy? You need my permission to pull a stunt like that, boy. OK, that's it. I'm gonna loan your ass out to the Ranger. Come on, Pete. Make the little punk squirm."

Pete pulled off his tank top and stood shirtless glaring at the boy whose lithe young body hung limply from the ropes. "Clean this off, boy!" Thrilled by his first sight of the Ranger's muscular body naked to the waist, Ben strained to lean forward and frantically licked his face, his eyes, his neck, even sucking the cum out of the hair on Pete's chest. "OK, that's enough," Pete said. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his roaring had dick. "See this big rod, boy? You're master is loaning your ass out to me so you know what I'm gonna do to it, don't you?"

"Fuck it, sir?" Ben blinked hard.

"Damn right, and I won't stop until you bust another load. I just sucked you dry, but let's see if you really are the potent young buck they say you are." He walked behind Ben, looked over his shoulder at the mirror image ... and slammed his cock into the cum-soaked ass. "Ah ... ah," Ben moaned, "I'm not sure I can shoot another ....."

"Yes you can, boy," Jason growled, "or I'll whip you 'til you do." He stood beside Ben facing the mirror and said, "Look at this, boy, then tell me you can't cum. Jason kicked off his boots, unbuckled his belt, let his pants drop and stepped out of them butt naked. Ben and Pete both gasped at the sight of the naked muscle-god, flexing his muscles, admiring his own reflection.

There was a second chin bar beside the one Ben was tied to that Jason used for chin-up contests with guys. Jason jumped up and grabbed it, then pulled himself halfway up and hung there motionless. His shoulders and arms bulged with the strain, lats flaring, chest bulging, abs clenched tight, legs spread wide. His whole magnificent body was spread-eagled as it hung naked from the bar taking the strain.

"This hurts like crazy, boy, but you can release your master by shooting another load. Look at that body, look at that beautiful man hanging there, his muscles cracking, veins popping. Feel the Ranger's piston in your ass. It's up to you, boy. You've gotta shoot. Set me free, boy ..... shoot!"

Ben was pulling frantically at his ropes dying to touch his cock. Then Pete did it for him. While he fucked him Pete reached round and wrapped his fist round Ben's cock. That pushed the boy over the edge. He was getting ferociously butt-fucked by the Ranger as he gazed at his master, his naked body looking more spectacular than it ever had. "OK, sir," he gasped. "I'm cuming, sir, I'm cuming .... fuck, fuck, fuck."

Pete squeezed Ben's cock as it blasted a ribbon of thick juice that arched high in the air and splashed onto the mirror, running down the reflections of the Ranger, the fireman and his boy. Pete yelled as his cock erupted in the boy's ass and Jason dropped to the floor. He quickly untied Ben who fell into his arms, sobbing, "Thank you, sir. Thank you. That was the best ever, sir."

Pete pulled out of Ben's ass and Jason grinned at him over Ben's shoulder. "And that, buddy, is how a boy welcomes his man home from the wars."


They showered all together, then pulled on T-shirts, relaxed over beers and ate dinner. Now that the excitement had calmed down they chatted about what came next. Jason leaned back in his chair, linked his hands behind his head and flexed his arms (always posing).

"So, Pete, tomorrow Bob's gonna show you the house he's gonna buy and rent out to you. And then my bet is you're gonna meet the rest of the tribe. That'll be festive. They always lay on something special for a new arrival. Most of the men you've already met, except for Adam, the Aussie in the house next door, and Hassan the big stud Marine, part Arab, part Asian."

"And they all have their boys, is that right?"

"Sure, you'll meet them too. They'll go ape-shit over you, don't you think, Ben?"

"Totally ape-shit," Ben grinned. "And what's more, sir, if you end up living in that house at the top of the hill you'll be right next door to Brandon's apartment building. Brandon's my pal - everyone's pal - and a great guy. His legs don't work so he's in a wheelchair but he's incredible - he can do practically everything we do."

"I bet he can," Pete said, "just like my younger brother. He lost the use of his legs too when he was young and he uses a wheelchair, but I always took care of him and he's a real champ. He's just starting college and he's got a girlfriend. Those guys value their independence, I know, but maybe, if I'm this kid's neighbor, I can be of some help to him."

Jason and Ben grinned at each other. "Oh yeah," Jason chuckled, "I don't think there's much doubt about that."

And so they went to bed together. A few nights ago Ben was sleeping between his big brother, Randy and Steve. Now here he was lying between the fireman and the Ranger. As he drifted off to sleep Ben snuggled close to Jason and murmured, "Good, ain't it, sir?"

Jason folded his arms round him. "Very good, kiddo. Now go to sleep or the Ranger and me'll have to fuck that sweet ass again."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 242


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