The first day of the trip to Chicago had been crowded with activity - much of it sexual, given the over-active libidos of the three lusty men - the chiseled leader Bob, Hassan the Marine, and Jason the fireman. Their boys added their own surge of youthful testosterone - the beautiful twins Kyle and Kevin, the gypsy boy Ben and the cheeky young Eddie. As if that weren't enough, had been joined by the two Chinese waiters who had served them at dinner, the exotic identical twins, Lee and Toni.

The six boys had indulged in a wild boy-orgy. When the marathon finally ended they had all collapsed in a heap on the bed, sliding together on pools of cum and filling the room with the jubilant laughter of six beautiful young men who had just had mind-blowing sex.

Meanwhile the three men in another room had drunk too much brandy and flaunted their macho bravado in a sexual contest. It was like something out of a porn movie, except there had never been one as hot as this - three drunken muscle-studs getting their rocks off - the Superman fucking the ass of the blond fireman, while the rugged Marine pinned him down.

Now an exhausted silence had settled over the large hotel suite as the men and boys paired off at last to sleep - Jason and his boy Ben in one bedroom, Hassan and his boy Eddie in another.

The two sets of twins, enchanted with each other, were in the master bedroom, lying entwined in each other's arms.

Left alone for a few minutes in the sumptuous living room Bob suddenly felt bone weary but he had one more thing to do before he slid into bed beside Jason and Ben. One name had kept cropping up during all the activity as an expert in all things sexual. Randy, whom Eddie had described as the tribe's "big badass boss", seemed to hover over the group even though he was far away in Los Angeles. Now, sprawled in an armchair in just his boxer shorts Bob pressed a button on his phone, held it to his ear and smiled. "Hey, big guy. Didn't wake you, did I?"

There was relief in Randy's voice as he said, "I was just thinking about you buddy. Didn't wanna call and interrupt anything you were doing." He let the thought hang like a question.

Bob grinned, knowing his lover well. "As a matter of fact we had a great first day but it's over and I'm gonna hit the sack. And no, before you ask, I haven't been fucked - not yet anyway though it's still in the cards." The silence at the other end showed that Randy was still uneasy with that concept .... had never quite let go of the idea that he owned Bob's ass. So Bob said, "But I miss you like crazy, Randy, and I'll be home in a couple of days."

"Miss you too, buddy, and I've got a few ideas for when you get here. I got something for you."

Bob chuckled, "You gonna tie me up and whip me like the old days?"

"Close but not exactly," Randy said enigmatically.

"You're not making sense," Bob laughed. "Guess I'll have to wait 'til I get home. By the way, you've gotta give the twins some lessons about bondage and knowing a guy's limits. They're confused about that and want you to teach them."

"Glad to," Randy said. "You know I love those kids as much as you do. Shit, it'll be good to have the family together again. I miss you, Bob. Guess I already said that, didn't I?"

"You did, but I like hearing it. I miss you too, and I love you."

"You know I'm crazy about you, man," Randy said. "Get some sleep now. 'Night, kiddo."

'Night, Randy." As Bob shut off the phone he realized that his heart was beating fast and his cock was stiff as a flagpole.


The next morning it was late when the men and boys grudgingly stirred themselves awake after a night of dead-to-the-world sleep, the result of too much brandy and sap-draining sex. Bob was the first to rouse himself. He pulled on one of the hotel's thick terrycloth bathrobes and quietly left Jason and Ben to take care of their morning hard-ons. Jason was already climbing aboard his willing gypsy boy as they heard the soft click of the door closing.

Bob was in search of coffee to clear his fuzzy head, and he didn't have far to go. As soon as he went into the living room his nostrils were assaulted with the welcoming smells of breakfast, including a jumbo pot of coffee. The twins were standing together in white T-shirts and boxer briefs and they flashed identical smiles as Bob came in.

"Good morning, sir," said Kevin. "We got up early through force of habit, ready to make breakfast as usual." Kyle took over. "But then we realized that this time all we had to do was pick up the phone and - bingo - here's breakfast, courtesy of room-service. Do you think the other guys are awake yet?"

Bob grinned. "What I think is that the other guys are taking care of business - their usual morning ritual involving the boys' asses. How about those twins? They still here? How was it with them?"

"It was intense, sir," said Kevin dreamily, "really wonderful." Kyle frowned. "But sir, we hope you didn't mind that we spent so much time with them.... like, fucking and all."

"Mind?" Bob laughed. "Don't I keep telling you you should get out more and meet boys your own age? It's like you're chained to that kitchen. I never thought it would be twins, but you four sure look hot together - the best of the East meets the best of the West. I hope they're gonna stick around."

"They want to, sir. They asked if they could show all of us around Chicago - you know, all the cool tourist places plus their favorite restaurants that tourists don't know about. Also, sir, I think they would like to know you and Hassan and Jason better...." Kevin trailed off, rather embarrassed, and Kyle added, "See we kinda opened them up to a lot of things they'd never done before so they're .... kinda ....."

"Opened up, as you say," Bob laughed. "You've paved the way of us guys, eh? Sounds great. But right now, about that breakfast. We don't have to wait for those other four fuckers - and I use the word in its literal sense.


Bob was right on the money there. In one bedroom Jason was redeeming his macho status after being fucked last night by Bob and Hassan. He was ploughing the ass of his gypsy boy with even more intensity than usual and Ben was in heaven. This was the way a boy should always wake up - getting his ass ploughed by a blond muscle-god fireman.

In the other room Eddie was watching for signs of life in his master and lightly running his finger over his chiseled features, round the contours of his pecs and over his nipples. "Don't stop boy," Hassan whispered, still half asleep.

When Eddie saw him stir he kissed him lightly on the lips. "Mmm, tastes good," Hassan murmured without opening his eyes. "Now how about taking care of this ....?" Lazily he pushed the bed sheet down and his huge cock sprang up with its usual morning hard-on. This is what Eddie loved best, servicing his master's sexual needs, especially when the naked Marine lay back passively and left it all to him.

The boy closed his mouth over the long rod and sucked it lovingly as only he could - 'best little cocksucker on the planet' as Hassan called him. "Oh yeah, boy," he sighed, "eat that soldier's cock. Make him bust his load." But Eddie had other plans. Just as Hassan was on the brink of orgasm Eddie pulled his mouth off his cock and knelt over him, straddling his chest. He reached behind him, grabbed hold of the huge cock and guided it so the tip was pressing against his ass. Then, slowly, he lowered himself down onto it, moaning as he felt his master's big tool disappearing into his ass.

Hassan raised his arms and linked his hands behind his head, gazing with love and lust at the handsome, fresh-faced urchin with the laughing eyes rising and falling on his cock. "God, I love you, Eddie. Work on my tits, kid." Eddie leaned forward and stroked the slabs of the soldier's chest that flexed under him. He brushed the back of his fingers over Hassan's nipples, knowing that the light touch turned him on more than a heavy squeeze.

Hassan lay back and let the young urchin boy make love to his body while he rode his cock. They had slept deeply, with no sex all night, so Hassan had built up a big head of stem. And his boy was expert on exactly how to excite him. "That is so fine, boy ... now make me shoot in your ass ... oh man..." Eddie was riding the soldier's cock like he was bouncing up and down on horseback and in seconds he saw Hassan fling his arms to the side, his head thrashing from side to side as he howled, "aaagh!" and his cock blasted hot cum deep in his boy's ass.

When Hassan was drained, Eddie sat down heavily on his master's shaft and grabbed his own cock, holding back his orgasm until he had permission. Hassan lifted up on his elbows and smiled at his boy. "OK, kiddo, let me taste that sweet juice...." He opened his mouth wide, Eddie squeezed his cock once - and his aim was true. A ribbon of semen spurted from his cock, flew through the air and splashed into Hassan's mouth. Hassan swallowed it and the several streams that followed.

There was a knock at the door. It opened a crack and Bob poked his head round it. "Sorry to interrupt gentlemen but breakfast is served." Hassan and Eddie grinned guiltily, with cum dripping out of the soldier's mouth and down his stubbled chin. "Well," he grinned, "I think I've had my fill of protein for the day, but coffee smells good. Come on, kid - I know my dick is a perfect fit inside your but lift that sweet ass off before I bust another load inside it."

The door opened wider and Jason, Ben and the twins crowded in and stared at young Eddie sitting proudly astride his master. Hassan grinned, "What you are seeing now, friends, is exactly how a boy should treat his master first thing in the morning."

"I know," Jason smiled, ruffling Ben's hair. "I just got the treatment."

"Sirs," the twins urged, a tad impatiently, "breakfast is gonna get cold."

In a few minutes they were all sitting round the large table, most of them wearing just undershorts, and the twins were serving them a much-needed hot breakfast. They were all ravenous after the exertions of the night before. Suddenly a voice said, "Sirs, may we help with that?" It was Lee who had suddenly emerged from the bedroom with Toni, both wearing their black briefs and nothing else. With their fat-free, smoothly-sculpted bodies and exotic, smiling faces they looked spectacular.

"We insist," Toni said. "You guys are expert at many things, as we have found out, but we are the experts at serving meals to beautiful men. That's what we were doing at dinner last night."

"Yeah, and that's not all you served up last night, dudes, and I've got the video to prove it," Eddie laughed, waving his camera.

Amid the general laughter the twins took over from Kyle and Kevin and moved behind the men, bending over to serve the food, pressing seductively against their backs and making no secret of the bulge in their briefs. "Hey you guys," Bob said, "you carry on like that and we'll be spending the whole of the weekend in this hotel fucking our brains out."

"Nothing wrong with that, sir," said Eddie cheekily and got a playful clip behind the head from Hassan. "You forgot something kid," Hassan said. "This trip was supposed to be all about smartening up and getting an education. Can't spend the whole time in your undershorts .... though you wouldn't hear me complain...."

"Sirs," Lee said, "it would be an honor for my brother and me to show you around Chicago. We know the city well. Just tell us what you would like and we'll show it to you."

"There you go again," laughed Jason. "Shouldn't be throwing offers like that around in this group. You'll be back in bed so fast your head will spin."

"Ok, guys," said Bob bringing the salacious banter to a close, "let's finish our breakfast, hit the showers, put on something decent and see what Chicago has to offer. Toni, Lee - enough of this serving nonsense. This weekend you're part of our group so you sit right here by me. You're obviously gonna be good friends of my boys so I wanna get to know you."

And the Chinese twins took their places at the table.


For the rest of the weekend Bob tried to ensure that the educational component of their trip took precedence over the purely sexual. It wasn't easy, but the Chinese twins helped out in their role as tour guides, taking them first up the Willis Tower (or Sears Tower as they still called it) where everyone gasped at the view from the 103rd floor Skydeck. Eddie grinned mischievously at Hassan. "OK if I do my King-of-the-Word act like I did from the hotel balcony, sir - whack off and shoot a load over the edge. Should look great floating all that way down to the city."

"Behave, kid," Hassan grinned. "You're supposed to acting like a young gentleman, and it might surprise you to learn that gentlemen don't usually jack off and blow a load from the 103rd floor."

From there they took in the museums and Wrigley Field that Ben and Eddie wanted to see, but a lot of time was spent walking the Lakefront Trail and on the beach where Bob suspected that the main attraction for the boys was showing off to each other.

Both sets of twins set the pace walking ahead of the others, deep in conversation. Bob understood that they had a whole lot in common - a tough early life, running away from foster homes (in America) and orphanages (in China), then living rough just so they could remain together. In their fight against the world the main imperative was that they not be split up. Bob understood all this and encouraged their growing friendship.

Ben and Eddie were also locked in excited conversation, nudging each other, and Hassan joked to Jason, "Hmm, probably not swapping impressions of the museums would be my guess." Jason laughed, "Nah - more likely swapping sightings of hot Chicago guys on the beach."

Lee and Toni took them to restaurants that were off the tourist track, and later in the evening they returned eagerly to the hotel suite to start on endless permutations of sexual pairings - in twos, threes everything up to a full on orgy of three macho men and six beautiful boys. And so the Chinese boys got their wish of getting to know Bob, Hassan and Jason - very well.

And that's pretty much how the weekend progressed until finally Kyle and Kevin had to say a tearful farewell to Lee and Toni, after extracting from them a firm promise to visit Los Angeles as soon as they had time off from work. It was a bitter-sweet parting for men and boys as they had enjoyed what Ben called an 'epic trip', but they were eager to be reunited with the guys back home and tell their story. Eddie was clutching Darius's camera tightly, as if it contained the crown jewels - which in one sense it did.

Bob's thoughts, of course, were focused on seeing Randy again and as the time grew nearer his cock got stiffer. When they checked out it was as if Randy was watching over them when the receptionist said, "Sir, there was a phone message from your friend Randy." He smiled, "And, if I may say so, he took the words right out of my mouth." He handed Bob a slip of paper that read, "Your limo awaits, sir." Randy had arranged the limo to the airport, just as he had when they had arrived.

"Son-of-a-bitch," Bob murmured to himself with a private smile.


At Los Angeles Airport Randy and Zack were sitting on the edge of the empty baggage carousel waiting for the arrival of the flight from Chicago that Darius breathlessly announced was "on approach." Randy had driven his truck and Darius had accompanied Zack in his so there would be room enough for everyone. Darius was hopping around Baggage Claim gazing prematurely up at the staircase that the guys would come down from the gate.

Sitting on the carousel's edge low to the ground shoulder to shoulder with Zack Randy had his arms wrapped round his knees and he was staring blankly ahead. "Hey," Zack laughed, "for a guy about to be reunited with the man he's crazy about you sure look like a rainy Tuesday night. What's up, big guy?"

Randy said, "Oh, nothing. Sure I'm real stoked at seeing Bob of course, but - that's kind of the point. Shit, man, it scares me that I miss him so much. I think about him all the time, jack off thinking about him, about fucking him and .... doing other stuff with him. Hell, I used to pride myself on being independent, the big guy who owes nothing to nobody. But now I'm nothing without him - he's my life. What the fuck happened to me?"

Zack grinned, "You fell in love, buddy, simple as that, and for the first time in your life. They call this a fear of commitment, but hell, you're already committed - hook, line and sinker."

"Yeah, but the thing is I don't know how to show him. Sure, I'll fuck him, but part of me wants to tie him up and whip him, dominate him .... own him and his gorgeous ass. That got me in a shit-load of trouble in the past - even made Bob leave me for a while. My brother Steve says I show my emotions through my fists. God knows I don't wanna hurt Bob - and yet part of me still does."

"Tell me about it, buddy," Zack said. "I have that thing in me that when I see something real beautiful it feels so painful that if I can't own it I want to destroy it. That's why in the past I tied up and whipped Mark, and before that, Bob. I'm not proud of it, but I'm a man like you, Randy, and when I want something I have to own it. It's easy with a boy like Darius who wants to give himself to me, but a rugged muscle-stud like Bob - shit, only a man like you can make a man like him fall in love."

There was a silence as they digested this. Then Zack said, "You know that old phrase - 'the biggest sex organ is the brain'? (Except with you, maybe, and that massive schlong of yours.) Anyway, perhaps the brain's your answer. You've thought about Bob and done all kinds of shit to him in your imagination and it made you shoot bucketsful. So take a leaf out of my boy Darius's book. He's called the king of fantasy and sometimes it actually beats the real thing."

"I know what you mean," Randy grinned. "Thanks for listening, buddy. You're a real pal."

As if on cue they heard Darius's voice shouting, "Here they come .... Here they come!" There was sudden pandemonium as the loud carousel warning buzzer sounded and the boys bounded down the steps into Baggage Claim, whooping at the sight of their friends. Their hugs with Darius were so extravagant it looked like a reunion after a year-long absence instead of three days. Zack greeted Hassan and Jason warmly and the baggage started coming down the chute, prompting the boys to jostle for a good position by the carousel amid the growing crowd.

But there were two men who ignored all of this. Bob had come down the stairs last, walking slowly as he searched for the baggage claim stubs. Randy had a stab of panic not seeing him with the others, and when he appeared he strode quickly up to him. For a few seconds they stared at each other shyly, then Bob said, "Hey, big guy. You miss me?"

"Asshole," Randy smiled and took him in his arms. They were together again and as they hugged in the middle of the baggage hall it was as if a bubble closed round them, isolating them in their own private world. The noise of the jostling crowd around them, the excited voices of reunion, the loudspeaker announcements, the thud of baggage onto the carousel - they knew nothing of this. It all faded into stillness, the still silence of two men in love.


"Hey, there's one, that's ours." Eddie was jumping up and down as he spotted one of their bags sliding onto the carousel. Within a few minutes the group was together with their bags around them. Randy and Bob were smiling over it all, glowing so bright that Jason joked, "Better get out of here, guys, before security arrests these two for being flammable."

It was a festive group that climbed into the two trucks in the parking garage and they were soon fighting the traffic on the 405 Freeway. Bob was next to Randy in his truck and the twins were in the back seat. "Sorry, guys," Randy said, "not a limo this time - just a big old dirty truck."

"It's the big old dirty truck driver that impresses me," Bob grinned. "At least you wore a shirt. Not exactly a limo driver's uniform, but I doubt that the limo driver would have been able to give me what I need right now." Randy grinned lasciviously and they fell silent, leaving the conversation to the twins telling the story of their new friends, the other twins back in Chicago.

In Zack's truck Jason and Hassan were with Zack in front, while Darius, Eddie and Ben chattered nonstop in the back. Ben and Eddie talked over each other with disjointed fragments of their story, 'spilling the beans' in a jumbled heap, but Darius said, "The thing is, dudes, did you get it on video? And I'm not talking 'Our-sightseeing-in-Chicago' crap."

Eddie produced the camera he had been hugging to him and said triumphantly, "Sightseeing? You wait 'til you get a look at these sights, dude, you'll go apeshit. It's all here - well most of it. Even when I was sucking cock I set up the camera on a table and focused it on us. Some stuff happened when I wasn't in the room, but I was pretty much everywhere."

"You can say that again," grinned Hassan over his shoulder.

When the two trucks pulled up at the house there was more mayhem as Pablo, Jamie, Nate and Mario tumbled through the gate and Mark followed. After the chaotic greetings died down Bob took charge. "OK, boys, could some of you take the bags up to the rooms?" They scurried to obey while the twins ran to the kitchen and in minutes they were bringing out drinks and appetizers for the men. "Hey that was fast," Bob said, "What d'ya do, pull these out of a hat?"

"Out of the refrigerator, sir," Kevin deadpanned. As the men sat at the outdoor table and got reacquainted over drinks Darius pulled Eddie aside and spoke conspiratorially. "Listen dude, I'm going up to my computer and start editing the footage in this camera. You wanna come, see how it's done? You were the director so you should be there."

"You bet," beamed Eddie and he followed Darius into the house.


At first Darius was all business, sitting at his computer and running the video Eddie had shot, while Eddie sat next to him watching intently. Eddie had always admired Darius, hero-worshipped him even, and he felt proud to participate in this project. "Wow," Darius said as it started playing, "so these are the Chinese twins everyone's been going on about. Look at those cute bodies and those gorgeous faces. You think they like black boys with huge black dicks?"

Eddie frowned in thought. "I don't think they mentioned that, but they're sure to like you when they come out here. Shit, there's enough of you for both of them. Kind of like one night Ben and me ordered one big steak that served two."

Darius grunted but was immersed in the video as one torrid scene followed another. "Here look," he said. "See how this scene goes a bit wobbly at the end? So what we'll do is cut it here and do a slow fade into the next. Now let's see ..... shit damn, you actually tied those twins up with your neckties? Man, that's hot."

Darius was trying to keep focused but his professionalism was waging a battle with his hormones. Professionalism lost. Inevitably his hormones took over and he rubbed the bulge in his shorts that was growing bigger in response to the steamy action on the screen. He wanted to stroke his cock but he also needed both hands on the keyboard and mouse. "Son-of-a-bitch," he growled, "I can't do this. I gotta bust a load first."

"Maybe I can help, sir," Eddie said, automatically lapsing into the 'sir' in admiration of the black muscle-boy and in preparation for what came next. "After all, I've already seen the video - what I mean is, I saw the live action - I filmed it!"

"Yeah," Darius grinned, still staring at the screen, "you did at that - a fine job, boy. So maybe you can help me out here. Go ahead - do your thing, kiddo."

Eddie shivered with excitement. This was the act where he was a master. He had raised the blow-job to an art-form, though he didn't have much opportunity to practice it on the monster shaft of the boy that he idolized. He slid to his knees and tucked himself under the table facing Darius's open legs and gazing in awe at the head of the cock that was poking out of the bottom of his shorts.

He heard Darius's voice above him talking to the screen. "Wow, that is intense, man, fucking awesome ...." Eddie deftly unzipped the shorts and out flopped the massive ten-inch schlong, already semi-erect. Instinctively Darius raised his butt an inch off the chair and Eddie pulled the shorts down round his ankles. He was not wearing underwear so the black cock flopped onto the chair between his legs, the head hanging over the edge right in front of Eddie's eyes. It was so beautiful that the boy's eyes and mouth watered and drool ran down his chin.

He saw the cock pulse as Darius's voice overhead groaned at the screen, "Jesus that is fucking gorgeous ... far out, man!" Eddie leaned forward and licked the head of the cock hanging over the chair, then ran his tongue the whole length of the hunk of meat until his face was breathing in the damp spicy smell of the black boy's wiry pubic hair. Then, with a loud sucking sound, Eddie inhaled the now-rigid cock into his mouth and drove his head forward.

It had been so long since Eddie had sucked Darius that he had forgotten just how long his cock was. Now he remembered as the long pole sank deeper and deeper down his throat and came to rest at last, making Eddie choke. It was rare that Eddie gagged on a cock, after all his experience, but he did now, and his head swam as he breathed frantically through his nose, fearing he would suffocate and pass out. He gulped, then pulled back, expertly using his throat muscles to massage the huge black cock.

Darius felt the exquisite sensation in his groin race up through his body, but he kept his eyes riveted to the screen. Then as a new scene flashed on the screen Darius could not believe his eyes. There in front of him was the naked Marine Hassan, with his boy kneeling before him licking his cock. Darius guessed what had happened. When Eddie and Hassan had gone onto the hotel balcony Eddie had set up the camera on a table with a wide angle shot focused on the two of them, just as he had later when he joined in the action with the twins. It was his way of getting as much on the record as possible. "Good boy," Darius muttered.

Inevitably the men occasionally moved out of frame but Darius could fix that in editing, but right now to hell with editing - this was a fantasy come true. He was watching the muscle-hunk Marine flex and moan as his cock was being sucked by the very same boy who was right now working on Darius's cock. "Holy shit, this is fucking unbelievable," Darius said, words that made Eddie suck harder and faster.

Eddie knew something was up but he didn't know what until he heard the voice of his master ....

"Man, that mouth of yours is incredible, boy. Damn, I love fucking your face."

The truth hit him. Darius was watching the balcony scene where Eddie and Hassan were naked and he was sucking his master's thick shaft. It was like he was repeating the scene now, only this time on Darius's cock, and he knew Darius was feeling exactly what he saw Hassan feeling on the screen. The dual images overwhelmed Eddie, like he was sucking Hassan and Darius at the same time. The visual was Darius's huge black cock but the soundtrack was the deep voice of his master.

"That's it, boy, eat that soldier's big chunk of meat. Nobody makes me feel like this except you. I should keep you permanently tied to the bed so I can shove my prong in your mouth whenever I want."

Eddie was now sucking in a frenzy, letting the long rod piston in his mouth, desperate to please the Marine and the black boy, both of whom he idolized. There had never been a movie like this and Darius was going wild, not only watching and hearing the action but feeling it too as the boy under the table buried his face between his legs, eating his cock. Darius saw the Marine react exactly as he himself was reacting - the flexing muscles, the thrashing head, the groans of ecstasy - and he knew he couldn't hold back much longer.

Just then on the screen he saw Eddie pull back and say, "OK if I make you shoot, sir?" Hassan yelled frantically, "Fuck yes .... eat that cock ....make me cum in your mouth, boy. Swallow your master's hot juice .... Here it comes, boy ..... aaagh!"

"Aaagh!" Darius echoed Hassan's yell, driving his cock deep into the boy's throat and erupting inside him, panting hard as he heard Hassan's rasping breath. Beneath him Eddie was swallowing frantically, gulping down Darius's river of juice, just as he had Hassan's. Hassan's? Darius's? In the euphoria of the moment it was all the same and his own cock exploded, pouring cum all over the bedroom floor.

Even as Darius saw Hassan scoop Eddie up off the floor, he now pulled up Eddie and their mouths locked, exchanging semen just as Eddie had done with Hassan. As they embraced they once again heard Hassan's voice on the video. "Damn, you're sensational, kid. You give great head - the best cocksucker on the planet."

Darius gazed at him with a gleaming smile. "I second that, kiddo. The very best."


A few minutes later the two of them came racing out of the house knowing they were late for dinner. The guys were already gathered round the poolside table and they looked up at the elated pair, with Eddie trying unsuccessfully to wipe semen from his lips and chin. There was a burst of laughter and applause and Ben shouted, "So, did you get to see the video, dude?

"See it?" Darius laughed .... "I felt it, thanks to my buddy here." Eddie grinned and blushed as he took his seat. To cover his embarrassment, and seeing the empty chairs at the head of the table, he asked, "Hey, where are Bob and Randy?"

Hassan said, "They told us not to wait dinner for them. Said they had stuff to do upstairs and it might take a while." There was an amused exchange of looks round the table. In the brief silence that followed Eddie pumped his fist in the air and yelled, "Go, Randy." As they all stared at him he grinned impishly and shrank back in his seat, like a turtle withdrawing quickly into his shell after sticking his head out too far.


The guys all thought they knew what the "stuff" was that Randy and Bob had to do upstairs but, as it turned out, they were pretty wide of the mark.

Over drinks round the table the two men had left the talking to the other guys. They didn't so much talk to each other as stare at each other, as if to reassure themselves that the other was really there after their separation. The lustful look that passed between them was a masturbatory image all on its own. They excused themselves, told the guys not to wait dinner and went upstairs. They were barely through the bedroom door when Randy pulled Bob roughly into his arms and they kissed for long minutes.

When at last they broke apart Randy grinned, threw his am in the air ... "Ta-da!" ...and pointed with a flourish like the host of a game show. Bob looked up where he was pointing and saw, newly installed from a ceiling beam, a chin-lift bar. "That's the present I got for you buddy."

"Oh yeah?" Bob said suspiciously. "Does that mean your gonna hang me from it and whip me as a punishment for leaving you? Just like the old days?"

"Kind of," Randy said, "but don't worry, I'm not going back to the old days - not really. He pulled Bob down beside him on the couch and looked at him earnestly. "Man, I missed you so much it hurt, and jacking off thinking about you didn't help much. I admit, when I jerked off I was thinking of the old days, how you looked when I worked you over, 'cause there's part of me that still wants that."

"Let me see," smiled Bob. "Something like, 'you can take the guy out of the cave but you can't the caveman out of the guy'. Or maybe: 'once a fist-swinging gypsy always a gypsy."

"Something like that," Randy grinned. "Anyway, it's not enough to just plough your ass, man, although you are gonna get fucked. But before that I know just what I'm gonna do."

"Don't I get a say in this?"

"Hell no. I'm still the King of the Gypsies and you're my man to do what I like with." His voice took on a hard edge. "Get up."

Bob got to his feet, tingling with that old familiar combination of excitement and fear. When Randy was in this mood anything could happen. He kicked off his loafers and stood under the chin bar wearing his usual beltless blue-jeans and a V-neck white T-shirt stretched over his muscular torso.

Randy picked up two leather wrist restraints, padded softly on the inside, and buckled them round his wrists. Bob's mind flew back to that first night in the motel room where Randy had made him kneel in the shower after first putting down a soft towel to ease the pain on his knees. That single gesture had reassured Bob that the man would not hurt him beyond his limits - and he knew that now, feeling the soft padding round his wrists.

But Randy was rough as he threw ropes over the chin bar, attached them to the restraints and pulled the ropes taut, stretching Bob's arms up in a V but leaving some slack so he felt no real discomfort, though his biceps flexed as his short sleeves slid back off them. Randy stared into his eyes, a look that united them in their own private world, and he reached down and stroked Bob's crotch, feeling the stiff rod of his cock running down his leg under his jeans.

"See, I can always do that to you, man. And you want this as much as I do - don't you?"

"Yes, sir," Bob replied softy, hypnotized by the steel blue eyes.

Randy walked away, pulled off his T-shirt, grabbed a beer and threw himself into an armchair facing Bob. He took a slug of beer with a satisfied gulp and gazed at his bound lover. "Yep, I jerked off picturing you like that and now here you are. It's how it has to be, man, you at my mercy." He took another swallow of beer and went on, "Not sure what I'm gonna do with you this time, stud, but I gotta tell ya, I've been thinking a lot lately about that day I met you and took you to that sleazy motel.

"Remember that? How you came onto me in your sleep and I got so mad I tied you to the bed and pummeled you, made you scream and beg for mercy. I went crazy and I'm still not sure if I was punishing you or your beauty. Shit, you were the most beautiful man I had ever seen and, though I'd never wanted another man in my life, I wanted you, and that made me even madder - at myself.

"But I'm the kind of guy who always gets he wants, then I own it and show it who's boss. Remember how I tied you to the john and pissed all over you, then made you crawl butt naked over the floor for food that you ate like a dog?"

Bob breathed deeply, seeing the humiliating image as vividly as if it were yesterday. His cock throbbed in his jeans and started to ooze pre-cum. Randy glanced at the bulge down Bob's leg and said, "Yeah, I see you remember - and it still turns you on like it did that first day. It was so fucking hot watching that big, macho muscle-stud crawl on his belly and surrender to me. See, I needed to own you like a guy owns an animal, a rare purebred stallion that belongs to me and only me. And just as a man has to dominate the thoroughbred, I had to tame you.

"So I whipped you, made you beg me to stop .... then beg me for more. When I'd worked you over, tied up at my mercy like you are now, I cut you down and let you go. I regretted that, though I would never admit it even to myself. Then, a couple of days later while I lay on the bed cursing myself, there was a knock on the door .... It was you - you'd come back and at that moment I knew I had you and I'd never let you go again. So I started over."

Bob was being driven wild, seeing every image that Randy described, remembering his relief at being released, then his need, his hunger to see the man again, driving around aimlessly until he found himself back at the hotel. He was an alpha male, a top business executive, but now he had only one thought - to surrender completely to this incredible man. So he did.

Randy continued to lead him down the path of painful, thrilling memories. "When you came back you were dressed in your business clothes, white dress shirt, red tie and slacks that hugged your thighs. I tied you up like that, spread-eagled against the wall and lay back on the bed gazing at you, knowing that I now owned you and could do anything I liked with you - just as I can now. Then I stood up." Randy stood up, walked toward Bob and acted out exactly what he had done that day.

"I ran my hands over your shirt like this, feeling those hard, chiseled muscles underneath. And I could relax now - I had nothing to prove. You had come back to me and I knew you were mine. But I still had to show you I was your master, that I could still hurt you, so I ripped the dress shirt off you and stood back looking at you in your white T-shirt just as you are now, arms stretched up, your muscles rippling underneath.

"I resented your beauty - in a way I always have. You were the perfect man, the young, gorgeous, successful business executive, way out of my league, an itinerant gypsy construction worker in a greasy tank top and filthy jeans with a dirty stubbled face. There was only one way I could show you I was boss - whip you. So I grabbed the neck of your T-shirt like this ..... and I yanked it down so it fell in shreds round your waist."

Randy stepped back and stared at his captive now stripped to the waist as he had been back then. "You looked - you look - incredible and I knew if I whipped you then I'd cut you to ribbons. So I ripped off my filthy tank that disgusted me and fell back on the bed."

Randy again sprawled in his chair and stroked the bulge in his pants. "Then I realized that for the first time in my life my cock was rock hard just looking at another guy. I hated that, it angered me, and my first thought was that I had to destroy you for that to keep my own sanity. But then everything changed as I saw you struggle against the ropes, your spectacular body writhing, and you spoke. Remember what that macho stud said?"

Bob was back in that room gazing at the shirtless construction worker as if in a trance. He remembered everything and repeated it. "I surrender. I submit to you, sir. I couldn't stay away. You're my master - you own me. Do what you want to me, sir." Bob's voice got louder. "Please, sir, whip me, whip my body, make me crawl, make me beg."

He was pulling frantically against his restraints, just as he had that day, in a whirl of confusion and desire. He didn't know what was happening to him. He pulled himself up to the bar, his body struggled, his muscles flexed, his legs thrashed wildly in the air and he screamed, "I submit to you, sir ... I submit ... aaagh." Semen blasted from his cock and ran down his leg inside his jeans.

Randy watched mesmerized as Bob slumped back to the ground, his arms stretched up hanging from the ropes, and a huge wet stain spread down his jeans. Just as he had before, Randy gazed in disbelief at the spectacular man who had just surrendered to him. Spellbound by the sight he pulled his own cock out of his pants, stroked it a few times until his eyes opened wide and he howled as a ribbon of cum blasted from his cock, rose in the air and splashed down on his heaving chest.


As if he were emerging from a past life back to the present Randy shook his head and stared at the man before him. Hanging limply from the ropes, shirtless, his ripped T-shirt hangin round his waist, Bob was sobbing, emotionally shattered by replaying the vision of the day he had met the construction worker in a bar and his life had changed. Transformed from a dominant alpha male he had fallen under the spell of a wild, charismatic gypsy and surrendered to him.

Although he had not known it at the time, he had fallen in love - totally, irrevocably in love. The enormity of the event he had just re-lived crashed in on him now and left him sobbing in a daze of confusion, helplessness .... and indescribable joy. Randy leapt to his feet, and threw his arms around him, kissing his face, his eyes, his neck and whispering in his ear, "Sssh, sssh, I've got you buddy. I'm here and always will be, to love and protect you."

He tore Bob's shredded shirt from around his waist and used it to wipe the tears from his face and the sweat from his body. "I love you, man," Randy said soothingly. "That's all you ever need to know .... I love you." Recovering slowly Bob smiled through his tears. "You sure have a weird way of showing it. But hell, you're the most exciting man I've ever known."

Randy stepped back and gazed at his lover, still stretched up to the chin bar. "I think that's how I like you best," he said, "tied up shirtless and barefoot in beltless blue jeans. Shit, man, I'm hard again already just staring at you. You look fucking spectacular." Randy ran his hands through his hair in a gesture of frustration. "Man, I'm so fucking crazy about you I don't know how to show it."

In a ritual act of worship Randy stripped naked and fell to his knees. He prostrated himself on his stomach and crawled toward the object of his devotion, the man who had enslaved him. Bob's cock became rock hard in his jeans as he watched the muscular construction worker drag himself naked across the floor, his rugged gypsy face raised up hungrily, longingly.

Randy reached forward, grabbed Bob's leg, pulled himself forward and licked his feet. He pulled himself higher and licked the wet patch on his jean, sticky with Bob's cum. He unbuttoned the jeans and pulled them and Bob's shorts down round his ankles, gasping as Bob's cock sprang out fully erect. He pressed his cheeks against the cum-covered muscular thigh and licked it clean.

As Randy buried his face in the musky pubic hair Bob's cock pressed against his face. At last Randy opened his mouth and sucked in the full length of his lover's cock, pumping his face over it, savoring the pungent taste of pre-cum. His arms still stretched taught Bob felt his heart racing as he looked down at the handsome, stubbled gypsy face pounding his cock, his black hair flying, eyes blazing with lust.

Again Bob imagined Randy on that first day standing over him with the whip, the magnificent all-powerful muscle-stud with the piercing blue eyes. And now here he was on his knees, naked, humbling himself by sucking Bob's manhood in an act of adoration. Bob shuddered, he pulled against his restraints, longing to touch the face beneath him. Then he suddenly he saw the blue eyes look up and pierce his and that was it..... "I love you, man," Bob screamed as his cock emptied a flood of semen into Randy's mouth.

Randy gulped hard, swallowing every last drop of the nectar, then sprang to his feet, once again the man in charge. He kissed Bob voraciously, sharing the semen mouth to mouth. Then he pulled back, his eyes ablaze. "You're a fucking spectacular son of a bitch, you know that?"

He got behind Bob, grabbed his hips, pushed his iron-hard rod between the mounds of his ass, then pistoned it deep inside. He pulled back and drove it in again .... pulled back a third time, paused, then plunged his cock inside with the lion roar of a triumphant male as his cock exploded deep in his lover's ass.


After Randy released Bob they held each other silently for a long time. And now, after a quick shower, they were sitting on the couch together winding down with a beer. "We should be making an appearance at dinner, you know," Bob said. "After all that screaming they'll start to think you've finally done me in and are burying me in the back yard."

"Asshole," Randy grinned. "Dinner can wait." One thing he enjoyed was kicking back with Bob after great sex. "Now, about those twins of yours. You say they want lessons in bondage?"

"Well yeah. Specifically in knowing when the tied-up guy has reached his pain limit. Seems they had trouble with that with each other and with the other twins. They went too far and the boy had to use the safe word, which of course breaks the rhythm and cools the heat of the moment."

"Yeah," said Randy, rubbing his stubbled jaw in contemplation. "Thing is, that's not easy to teach - not something you can explain with chalk on a blackboard. Only way to do it is on-the-job training. Reckon I'll have to take them down to the basement and show them how it's done - give them a practical demonstration."

"You won't hurt them, will you?"

"Hey, buddy, relax. They're your boys aren't they? You think I would ever hurt anything that belongs to you?" He grinned suggestively. "Now you yourself - that's a different matter."

"No kidding," grinned Bob, rubbing his wrists. "Now I don't know about you, but I'm starving."

Down in the garden the men and boys round the dinner table had heard the howls and screams coming from the master suite upstairs and some of them, especially Mark, had started to get uneasy. Then suddenly all their concerns vanished as Randy appeared with his arm over Bob's shoulder. They looked jubilant and were greeted by a roar of cheers and applause.

Clearly something pretty dramatic had gone down from what they could see. They could all sense the jubilation in Bob and Randy, but they could not really conceive of the phenomenon that had caused it. They could never know what the guys knew, or feel what the guys felt.

That was something unimaginable - except in the secret world shared by two beautiful men who were wildly in love.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 212


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