The next Saturday afternoon, a strange thing occurred at the house... it was empty - something that almost never happened given the number of guys who lived there. Jamie and Nate, both expert surfers, had taken all the boys down to the beach at Malibu for surfing lessons. Mario and Brandon had gone too as Brandon wanted to go boogie-boarding in shallow whitewater that required no leg action, and Jamie had promised to help him.

Zack, Hassan and Jason were spending the afternoon at Hassan's house on Mulholland, Adam was working a flight to Sydney, and Bob was at an all-day business conference. Randy had gone to the construction site as he often did on Saturday when it was quiet, to go over blue-prints and plans for upcoming contracts.

Mark, who had worked a morning shift, was the first to come home in the early afternoon. After eight grueling hours on his police motorcycle he was, as usual, horny as hell, with a persistent hard-on. Jamie was normally there to relieve him of that but this time Mark accepted that he would be home later. 'Kid has to have some time off,' he thought to himself. 'Can't always have my dick up his ass' ... he grinned ... 'though he wouldn't object.'

The thought of Jamie's ass made his hard-on even more urgent as he grabbed a beer from the kitchen and sat at the poolside table, still in his uniform. He luxuriated in the sound of silence - a rarity in this house - and started to relax. His thoughts were drifting - with recollections of his day and visions of his hot young surfer boy, when he was startled back to life by the ring of the bell at the gate.

Hmm, someone forgot his key, he thought. Lucky I'm home. He went to the gate, opened it and found himself staring at a tall good-looking guy in a uniform. He must have been near the same age as Mark, blond, ruggedly handsome with an obviously well-toned, lean body under his uniform - dark green pants and black boots, short-sleeved pale gray shirt with a glimpse of a white tank top at the open neck, He had a natural air of authority, though he was momentarily taken aback seeing a uniformed cop - and one as handsome as this.

"Er," he stammered, "I think maybe I got the wrong address. Does, er, does a guy called Randy live here?"

Mark flashed a gleaming smile. "Sure does, if you mean that big, tough, take-no-prisoners gypsy."

"That would be him," the guy said, relaxing and casting an admiring gaze over the stunning cop.

"Yeah," Mark grinned, "he can be scary at first but a great guy when you get to know him. Unpredictable, though, and steer clear of that anger that flares up out of nowhere. He's at work right now but he should be home later. You wanna wait? Here, take a seat - I'll get you a beer."

As they faced each other sipping beer the new guy was clearly a bit uneasy, but Mark said, "If I'm not mistaken that's the uniform of a Forest Ranger. Your name wouldn't be Pete by any chance?"

"How did you know that? Did Randy tell you how we met and .... Bob ... and everything."

"Everything," Mark laughed. "Not many secrets in this house. My name's Mark, by the way."

"And you ... er ... are you like Randy and Bob, you, er .... do you....?"

"Do I fuck? Hell yes. Matter of fact I came home horny as hell after my shift wanting to fuck my boy but he's still at the beach. I'm dying to get rid of this boner in my pants."

Pete laughed. "To tell you the truth that's kinda why I dropped by. I was in town and, like you said, I get real horny after working a long shift so, even though I've never been here before, I risked dropping by on the chance Randy was around. I don't generally ... I mean I'm not ...."

"I know your story, Pete," Mark laughed. "Nothing wrong with trying to get your rocks off and Randy's the guy to do it with." He stared Pete straight in the eye. "'Course, he's not the only one."

Pete inhaled sharply. "So I see. You, er, said Randy will be home soon?"

"Sooner or later," Mark said, "but don't worry, man, Randy's cool - and he doesn't own you after all. In this house we're pretty free in that regard. We get horny - we fuck. Simple as that. When their gaze met this time Mark definitely saw lust in the Ranger's eyes. He clinked bottles with him and said, "So here's to us."

They fell into an easy conversation, both of them being in law enforcement, and compared notes on the Police Department and Forestry Service. But conversation wasn't the only thing going on. First, there was a lot of drinking as the guys relaxed, coming down off tough tours of duty. And second - whether it was the booze, the rampant all-day buildup of testosterone, or the simple fact of staring into a gorgeous masculine face - whatever it was both men were sporting pulsing erections in their uniform pants.

Their voices drawled on but it was the language of the eyes that was really carrying the conversation - and it wasn't about law enforcement. Pete's voice was faltering as Mark's Greek-God face got the better of him and his words trailed off into silence. "Come on, captain," Mark said, "let's cut the bullshit. We both know what we want." They rose from the table, stared at each other and without breaking eye contact ran their hands over the other's chest and slowly unbuttoned the man's shirt.

"Shit, man, that's one hell of a build you got on you," Pete said, his hands probing under the police shirt squeezing the mounds of Mark's pecs through his T-shirt. Mark pulled the Ranger's shirt apart and gazed at the thin white tank stretched over the contours of his muscular chest and ripped abs. He stroked the tank with the back of his hands, then squeezed the hard nipples swelling under the thin cotton.

"Oh shit," the Ranger groaned, "that feels so damn good." He pulled off his shirt, pushed Mark's off over his shoulders and, still in T-shirt and tank-top, they went to town on each other's chest, rolling their tits with their fingers through the thin cotton, working them harder and harder until it became a trial of strength between the cop and the ranger.

As he moaned in an ecstasy of pain Mark saw for the first time the beauty of Pete's body - broad shoulders, flexed biceps and chest and his washboard abs outlined under his tight tank, ending at the tight waist cinched by the heavy belt of his uniform pants. The erotic sight spurred Mark on to more energetic punishment of his tits. "Go for it, Ranger," he growled. "I can take whatever you dish out and more."

The Ranger gave as good as he got, gazing in awe at the perfect symmetry of Mark's body under his T-shirt. They groaned in mutual pain and pleasure, turned on by each other's sheer masculinity. It was what had attracted Pete to Randy up at the lake, and now this macho cop had the same ball-busting effect. Pete clawed at the slabs of the cop's chest, digging his fingers into the shirt and dragging them down his pecs. The sound of tearing fabric turned him on even more as he saw Mark's T-shirt split at the shoulders until the shreds hung loose over his torso.

Mark snarled, "That's the way you wanna play it, uh stud?" He grabbed Pete's tank top by the neck and ripped it down hard, leaving fragments hanging from his shoulders and exposing his rugged chest. "Man, you are one hot mother-fucker." Mark leaned forward and clamped his mouth over one of his bulging nipples, biting it, teasing it with his teeth.

Pete clamped his hand behind Mark's head and pulled it tighter into his chest. "Yeah," he yelled, "bite it, man, hurt it, you'll see how much I can take from a stud like you." Mark bit the other nipple, then his chest and abs before pulling back fearing he could really do damage. Pete instantly lunged onto Mark's chest, licking it all over, then running his tongue over the ridges of his eight-pack abs.

When he stopped the men stared at each other, eyes blazing with lust. Their mouths came together in a ravenous, grinding kiss, tongues probing desperately. Finally they pulled apart, hearts pounding and, with a roar, Mark flung himself at Pete and they crashed to the ground locked together, rolling over and over, losing the last fragments of their shirts. The cop and the Ranger, stripped to the waist in uniform pants and boots, grappled with each other, flexing their muscles, grinding their crotches together.

Mark was the stronger of the two and Pete ended up lying on his back with Mark kneeling astride him, their breath heaving, eyes flashing. "What do you want from me, man?" Mark panted. "You want this?" He unzipped his pants, pulled out his long, thick cock and pointed it down at him. Pete gasped, "Oh shit, that is fucking huge, man." Mesmerized by the cop's rigid shaft the Ranger instinctively opened his mouth.

Mark fell forward and pinned his wrists to the ground. Arching over him, with just his hands and feet touching the ground, Mark's cock pointed ominously at his face. "This is it, man. When law enforcement gets in a fight the cop wins every time. And you know what the cop does to the Ranger?"

"Yes, officer," groaned Pete and opened his mouth wide. Mark stared down at him. "That face is so fucking hot, man ... I gotta fuck it." His cock rammed into Pete's mouth, so deep he choked desperately, tears sprang from his eyes and his body writhed in a hopeless attempt to get free. "That's it, big guy, swallow it, eat that cop's meat." Suddenly Mark pulled back, his cock sprang free and he taunted Pete. "You want more of that big dick, Ranger?"

"Yes, sir." Pete was near to sobbing as Mark pressed the length of his cock over his face. The Ranger kissed it, licked the solid round head, then all the way down to the crotch where the cop pressed his sweaty balls and damp pubic hair into his face. "Suck on those balls, man. They been bouncing in my shorts all day on that bike so they stink real good." Pete was suffocating in the wiry blond hair of his crotch and again struggled to get free. Mark had mercy and pulled away. "Let me hear what you want, Ranger."

"Please, officer," Pete moaned, "I want you to fuck my face. Shove you dick in my mouth, sir."

"You got it, stud." For the second time Mark drove his shaft into the Ranger's mouth and down his throat, then pulled back and fucked his face slowly, gently. Pete clenched his throat muscles round the long shaft, driving them both wild and to the brink of orgasm. But Mark pulled away at the last minute and leapt to his feet. "Not yet you don't, man. Not 'til I say you can. See how you go for this."

He fell to his knees between Pete's legs, ripped open his pants and pulled out Pete's pulsing cock, dripping with pre-cum. He leaned forward and sucked the whole length into his mouth, swallowing hard and squeezing it in his throat. "Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... that's ...." Pete's breath was rasping, heart pounding as he gazed down at the chiseled, Nordic blond face chewing on his dick. "Man you're gonna make me ... no ..." Pete tried desperately to push the cop's face away, but Mark grabbed his biceps and pressed them to the ground beside him.

"No, man," the Ranger screamed, "don't make me cum .... I want you to fuck my ass .... Please I wanna feel your dick in my ass .... I don't wanna cum ..... aaagh!" His body convulsed, he tried to hold back, but his cock exploded with warm sperm that Mark gulped down, stream after stream. Then he pulled off, launched forward and closed his mouth over Pete's, exhaling his own cum into him and forcing him to drink it.

Mark's eyes were gleaming when he pulled back, cum dribbling from his mouth and said, "Now what was that about your ass?"

Pete's eyes opened wide with fear. "Not now, man .... Not yet .... I just shot my load, I can't get fucked yet until......"

"I told you, Ranger, the cop rules." He gave a raunchy grin. "Now that you've cum it'll feel even better - hurt more." Without waiting for a response he unbuckled the Rangers belt, pulled his pants down over the ass and pushed his legs high in the air. "Look at that fucking ass. You didn't think I was gonna let you go without fucking it, did you, Ranger? A cop always gets his man .... and his ass. Don't worry - my dick's already lubed up from fucking your face."

Holding the Ranger's boots up high with one hand Mark licked his other hand and stroked the helpless ass. "Yeah, I wanted that ass the minute you walked through the gate, and now it's mine." Look at me, man .... look at that cop and tell him you want his dick up your ass."

Pete stared up at the half-naked cop flexing his muscles, as he stroked his cock. He gazed at the erotic Greek-God face and tousled blond hair and felt his cock getting hard again so soon. He lost all fear of pain, overwhelmed by one single desire - to get fucked by this incredible man. "Yeah, I want it, man. I wanna feel that cock inside me. You're so fucking hot, man ... fuck me ... please shove your dick up my ass."

Mark pressed the head of his cock against the hole and entered him, ramming his long rod deep inside his ass. The Ranger screamed and his arms thrashed as he tried to push the cop away. Mark shifted position quickly, pulled Pete's legs over his shoulders, dropped forward and pinned his arms to the ground. Feeling trapped Pete moaned, "I can't take it, man, it hurts so bad - your cock's ripping me open."

"OK, we'll stop," Mark said pulling his cock slowly back up the chute.

"No ... No ..." Pete said in a panic. "Don't stop, don't pull out. I need it, man. Fuck me..."

Mark pushed back in and said, "Relax, Pete ... don't fight it. Look at me ... look at that gorgeous cop as he fucks your ass."

Pete yielded to the ecstasy of the cock moving inside him, to the homoerotic sight of the shirtless, muscular cop rising and falling above him. Mark released his arms and Pete reached up to press his palms against the cop's pecs. He touched the sweat running down the cleft between them, then pushed his fingers into his own mouth and sucked in the salty taste.

"Damn, you feel so good inside me. Go deeper, man, let me feel it."

"If I do that I'm gonna cum. I'm so fucking hot my balls are gonna explode. You sure you want it all?"

"All of it, man. I wanna feel all of you." Mark stared into his eyes, mesmerizing him, and pushed his cock in deep, balls pressing against his ass. "OK, Pete, this is it. This is the best." Gently he pushed the head of his cock over the inner sphincter and into the deepest, most sensitive chamber of all. Pete's eyes opened wide and his scream echoed round the garden. Mark massaged the sphincter with the rim of his cock's head, sending the Ranger hurtling into a state of euphoria, jolting his body like a lightning strike.

"I'm cumming inside you, buddy," Mark said. "Feel my jizz in your ass....."

"Aaaagh !!" After a whole day astride his bike, all the pent-up pressure in the cop's balls now erupted in the Ranger's ass, pouring into the inner depths of his gut. The Ranger screamed as his own cock blasted a ribbon of cum up high that slammed onto the cop's bare, heaving chest.

They gazed at each other in disbelief as their cocks drained. Then Mark fell forward, their bodies sliding together on Pete's cum, and they kissed gently. Finally, as they lay together in total exhaustion Pete said, "Man, you are the hottest fuck I ever met."

"Does that include me?" the deep voice growled from the gate.


Startled the two men looked up at the muscular giant with more rage in his eyes than Mark had ever seen. Mark jumped to his feet and stuffed his cock back in his pants. "Hey, Randy," he said, "the Ranger here dropped by to see you and while we waited we kinda got acquainted....."

"You miserable cock-sucker," Randy roared, "you always have to take what's mine ... I should fucking kill you." His eyes blazed, fists clenched, veins standing out in his neck. "You fool Bob into thinking he's in love with you, you fuck him and try take him away from me. Then you take one look at this guy who belongs to me and shove your fucking dick up his ass. What is it about you cops - you think you're fucking gods who can help themselves to whatever they want."

"Hey, back off, man, you're full of shit," Mark blazed. "I didn't force Bob to do a damn thing - he fucks with me 'coz he enjoys it and he loves me. As for the Ranger here, we're just two horny guys getting their rocks off, and it was a spectacular fuck - better than anything he could get from a roughneck construction worker. As for him belonging to you it's time you wised up, asshole." He turned to Pete, still dazed on the ground, and held out his hand. "Come on, buddy, let's get the hell out of here."

But Randy grabbed Mark by the shoulder, spun him around and slammed his fist into his stomach in a brutal series of gut punches. Mark doubled over choking, but Randy pulled his head up by the hair and snarled into his agonized face, "It's about time I rearranged those pretty-boy looks of yours, officer." He raised his arm and smashed the back of his fist across Mark's face. Howling in pain the cop spun round, arched high in the air and crashed to the ground semi-conscious.

Pete was on his feet in seconds and threw himself at Randy. "You fucking crazy, man?" The Ranger slammed his fist into Randy's stomach but his solid abs didn't even feel it. He grabbed Pete's neck in both hands, impervious to the fist pounding his chest, and pulled him off his feet, choking him. Pete grabbed Randy's wrists and tried desperately to pull his hands off his neck but Randy's grip was like steel so instead Pete drove his fists into his stomach.

"That's it, hit me, man ... gut-punch me. Think you're tough eh? Shit, I've ripped apart men twice your size. You mother fucker, you were mine ... 'just between us' we said, and here you are pushing your ass onto the dick of the first guy you see, the asshole pretty-boy cop who's stealing my man Bob. You betrayed me, Ranger, and no-one gets away with that. See, I'm the boss around here." He let go of his throat, grabbed the back of his neck, pushed him toward a tree and pounded his forehead into the trunk until Pete slumped to the ground.

Randy had lost all control. He had already been angry about work when he came in and, horny as hell, had needed to fuck Bob but he was wasn't home. And when he opened the gate he was shattered to see the cop and the Ranger lying together shirtless, Pete bare-assed, Mark's jizz still oozing out of his ass. Fueled by a lethal combination of rage, testosterone and adrenaline, all of Randy's buried resentment of Mark erupted and he became the gypsy savage that always lurked just beneath the surface.

He strode over to the barely conscious cop, pulled a pair of handcuffs from his belt and went over to Pete, crumpled at the foot of the tree. He pulled him into a sitting position against the tree, yanked his arms round the trunk and cuffed him. Pete pulled instinctively at his bound wrists as he heard the gravelly voice .... "I'll deal with you later, asshole - after the cop."

Sprawled on the ground Mark was beginning to stir as Randy loomed ominously a short distance away. "Get up, motherfucker ..... Get up and fight." The shirtless cop dragged himself painfully onto his hands and knees and crawled toward the swaggering gypsy. Randy sneered. "Not the big tough police officer now, eh? Look at the muscle-stud cop crawling through the dirt at my feet. Great show for your boyfriend here who just took your cock up his ass. Come on, man - I said on your feet."

Mark grabbed Randy's leg and pulled himself forward. Slowly, painfully, he pulled himself up Randy's leg, his face rubbing against the dirt-caked jeans, reaching higher, grabbing his waist, then stretching his arms up to Randy's chest and digging his fingers into his pecs. "Oh, yeah," Randy sneered sarcastically, "that hurts. You're too tough for me .... I submit, officer ..." He laughed. "Like hell I do," and slammed his knee up against Mark's chest, sending the cop flying backward and crashing to the ground again.

Pete was pulling desperately at his wrists cuffed behind the tree, desperate to help but forced to watch his buddy get thrashed by the raging construction boss. Randy sneered at him. "So what d'ya think, Ranger? - look at your cop now. Don't think he'll be in much shape to fuck your ass again for a while. Guess you'll have to make do with my big club ripping you open. Later, big guy."

Randy looked down at the dazed cop groaning on his back, stripped to the waist, his bare chest and abs streaked with dirt, his tight waist cinched by his heavy black belt, legs motionless in his uniform pants and shiny motorcycle boots. Contemptuously Randy hooked his boot under him and flipped his limp body over, then again and again, rolling him over helplessly like a rag doll.

Finally Randy planted his boot firmly on Mark's chest and raised his arms. Flexing his biceps in a triumphant pose of victory he said to Pete, "Now who's the best? Tell me, Ranger, and make it good or the cop here gets more."

Desperate to save Mark more punishment Pete started to plead. "OK, you're the best ... you took the cop apart, man, he's nothing. You've destroyed him ... look at him, helpless under your boot. Please let him go. Do whatever you want to me, fuck my ass, but he's had enough."

"You hear that, cop? - your boyfriend's pleading for your pathetic ass. OK, you're finished, officer. He raised his boot and stomped on the bulge in Mark's pants. "Aaagh!!" Mark screamed, clutching his crotch. But the agonizing pain sent a jolt of adrenaline through him and, with his final reserve of strength, he yelled, "Fuck you, man" and grabbed Randy's boot. He pushed it up high, making Randy lose his balance, crash to the ground and roll in the dirt.

Mark pulled himself painfully onto his knees and managed to stagger to his feet, while Randy shook his head, roared with anger and vaulted to his feet. The cop and the construction worker, both shirtless, stripped down to pants and boots, were face to face, circling each other warily. But whereas Randy was pumped with anger and renewed strength, Mark was dazed and weak from his beating. He tried to focus but the gypsy face was a blur and he struck out wildly, his arms flailing in a futile attempt at landing a blow.

"That all you got, big guy?" Randy taunted, blocking the blows with his forearms, then flicking out his hand and slapping it across his face. First the back of his hand then the palm slammed across the agonized cop's face as his arms dropped limply beside him and he staggered backward, helplessly absorbing the blows. "This'll teach you to throw me to the ground, asshole. You get in a fight with me, you lose ... bad."

Randy could easily have done serious injury but even in his most savage fury there was an instinct deep within him that held him back from causing real damage. In fact he was toying with Mark, as a cat toys with a cornered mouse. He slapped his face, jerking it from side to side, the cop's handsome features wincing in pain, blond hair flying as he reeled backward, groaning as each blow landed.

"Stop!" Pete howled. "He's had enough ... you're torturing him ... he can't take any more ... let him go ... finish him off." The Ranger watched in horror as the raging gypsy slowly demolished the muscular cop. His sculpted face and bare chest streamed with sweat as he stumbled helplessly backward, arms hanging limply at his side, absorbing blow after blow as his head flew limply from side to side. In a haze of pain, growing steadily weaker, the tortured cop refused to let his knees buckle in defeat. "Go down, man," Randy barked. "You know you're finished. Give up."

Through painful, rasping breaths the cop gasped, "Go - and - fuck - yourself - asshole."

Randy roared in fury and frustration. "You son of a bitch, it's you gonna get fucked. I can drop you any time, stud - like this!" His slammed his fist into Mark's stomach making him howl in pain and fall forward against Randy's naked chest, hands stretched up gripping his shoulders weakly for support. But as the last ounce of resistance drained from him his knees finally buckled, he lost his grip and slid slowly down Randy's chest and collapsed to his knees with his face pressed against the gypsy's abs, arms hanging limply at his sides. He was finished.

Pete, sitting stunned against the tree, legs stretched out on the ground, gazed helplessly at the scene of total defeat and humiliation - the beautiful, macho young cop, stripped to the waist in his uniform pants and boots, slumped against the wild-eyed gypsy who had thrashed him so soundly. It was the most sadistic, homoerotic, pornographic scene Pete had ever seen. His own pants were still pulled down to his boots and he stared in disbelief at his own cock standing up stiff as a pole.

Randy grabbed Mark's soaking blond hair, pulled his head back and gazed with contempt at the rugged face streaked with dirt, his tears and sweat flowing down it turning the dirt to mud. "So much for the Greek God they all call you," Randy sneered. "Not so pretty now. You're nothing ... the big stud cop's at my mercy. I've broken you man ... let me hear you submit to the boss."

In a daze of pain and degradation Mark heaved a rasping breath and moaned, "Go - and - fuck - yourself." Randy roared, "Mother-fucker!" He ripped open his pants, yanked out his thick iron-hard cock and rammed it into Mark's sagging mouth, driving it in like a ramrod. Holding his hair he pulled Mark's face down on his cock, again and again, ignoring the cop's choking and his hands desperately clawing up at his chest.

Mark was suffocating on the massive cock when Randy suddenly pulled away and said. "I'll keep torturing you until you give up. Come on, stud, let me hear you submit."

Scarcely audible, Mark groaned, "Fuck you asshole."

Instantly the cock drove back in his mouth like a jackhammer and Mark would have passed out had he not heard the roar, "I am the best," and felt hot liquid pouring down his throat. He swallowed desperately, gagging on the rancid taste, when suddenly his head was yanked back off the cock and semen slammed into his face, blinding him, flowing down on his chin and chest.

Pete had trouble holding back his orgasm as he saw the handsome face sobbing in pain and degradation, tears and semen flowing down his chiseled features, his square jaw sagging open, dripping with cum. The Ranger was equally turned on by the rugged gypsy towering over him in triumph, gazing down contemptuously at the broken cop kneeling in abject defeat.

"You should have given up when you had the chance, big guy. You know you can't beat me. Now maybe you'll stay away from my man, or I'll thrash you worse next time. Look at you .... pathetic." He put his boot against Mark's chest, shoved him and sent him sprawling on his back. He sneered down at the helpless muscle-god in the dirt and growled. "See this, officer?" Randy stroked his rigid dick, proud of his talent for staying hard even after an orgasm. "Still hard as a rock, ready to finish you off, you loser."

With his boot he flipped the cop over onto his stomach. Face down in the dirt Mark had no fight left, even though he knew what was coming. "You know what I always say, officer - the punishment fits the crime. You fucked the Ranger so guess what's gonna happen to you, asshole, while your lover boy here is forced to watch."

Randy bent down, reached round Mark's waist, unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down to his boots. It was the final degradation. The cop's arms stretched upward in the dirt, the muscles rippled in his V-shaped back, narrowing down to his slim waist, then rising up over the white globes of his naked, vulnerable ass. His muscled thighs were bare, his black pants pooled degradingly round his motorcycle boots. The young, beautiful cop was a broken man.

"Oh, yeah," Randy bragged, "look at the globes of that gorgeous ass ... and it's all mine." He knelt astride Mark's splayed legs and slapped his ass. "Let's warm it up a bit, eh?' Then he spread the cheeks with his hand, spat in the hole .... and Mark howled in pain as he felt his ass impaled on the same huge pole that had fucked his face.

Once again Randy had that ingrained instinct not to damage his victim's ass, but still it was a savage fuck. As the long, thick shaft pistoned inside him Mark clawed his way blindly forward on his stomach in a futile attempt to escape. In a daze he saw ahead of him the blurred shape of the Ranger and, with a desperate lunge, grabbed at his boot, pulling himself forward inch by agonizing inch.

Randy looked up and shouted, "Man, that is some boner you got on you Ranger? Turns you on, does it, watching your big cop buddy get slaughtered, then get his ass ploughed by a brutal construction boss? Well hey, why not join in, big guy? Here, I'll give your buddy a hand." Without missing a beat of his cock Randy grabbed Mark's waist and heaved him forward. He grabbed Mark's hair and pulled his head back, so the sobbing, agonized face was now hanging right over Pete's cock, mouth sagging open.

"Here he is, man. Here's you police officer buddy drooling over your cock. Ooh, I can tell he wants it bad. Tell you what, Ranger, I'll give him a break. You shoot a load in his mouth, I'll cum in his ass .... and that's that - I'll let him go. Think you can do that?"

"Bastard!" Pete hissed, struggling against the handcuffs.

Randy slapped him across the face. "Wrong answer, Ranger. That attitude is just gonna make it worse for the officer here." He pushed Mark's head down so his lips were touching the tip of Pete's cock. Horrified as he was, Pete shuddered with lust looking at the muscle-cop's dirt-stained face poised over his cock. Randy snarled, "OK, let me hear you beg, Ranger."

"OK, I'll do it. What do you want me to say? Please, sir, make my buddy suck my dick. You win ... please, sir, let me fuck my buddy's face. I wanna ram my cock in his mouth."

"You asked for it, big guy." Clamping the back of Mark's head in his fist Randy slammed his face down and .... "Aaagh" .... Mark choked on the Ranger's cock deep in his already ravaged throat. It was a spectacular scene as Randy triumphantly rode the humiliated cop's ass while pumping his head up and down on Pete's long, stiff pole.

Pete knew he had to end this by cumming fast in his buddy's mouth. But it wasn't only that. As he had watched the muscle-cop get systematically demolished by the merciless gypsy, pounded into degrading defeat until his magnificent half-naked body was lying broken in the dust, Pete had felt consumed by a growing excitement, a raw kind of lust he had never experienced that both horrified and thrilled him.

He looked down at the blond head being forced onto his cock, then up at the triumphant look in Randy's gleaming blue eyes. Those eyes - mesmerizing, hypnotic, set in the handsome, stubbled face. "Yeah, look at me, Pete," Randy drawled. "You can't get enough, can you? Turns you on watching me tear apart your muscle-god cop, eh? You love what I can do to a big, macho stud with my bare hands .... demolish him ... same thing I could do to you one day, big guy. You can't resist, can you? Submit to me, man. You know you want to .... Say it ...."

Pete was lost in Randy's world, a world of alpha males and hard-core sex ... an erotic trial of strength where there was only one winner. "Yes, sir," he said. "I submit to you. You can do what you like to me ...whip me ... fuck me." His voice rose to a howl .... "I submit, sir......"

Mark felt the Ranger's cock explode in his mouth and the gypsy's cock blast juice into his ass. His body bucked in the throes of final defeat, made more humiliating by hearing his buddy submit to the gypsy. As always, Randy had won. Mark had fought against submission despite his torture, but Randy had extracted his surrender from Pete, the man Mark had fucked, the man who had now fallen under the hypnotic spell of the wild gypsy. Like so many men before him Mark's buddy had succumbed to Randy's sexual magnetism. More than ever, the Ranger was his.


Pete and Mark were still. Mark lay face down, motionless, his face still impaled on the Ranger's cock. Pete tried to shift but his arms were handcuffed so tight behind him he was helpless. He gazed up at the muscular construction worker towering over them, legs astride, arms folded across his bare chest in an attitude of triumph. Still dazzled by him, the Ranger's head fell forward and hung down in shame that he had surrendered to him so completely in mind and body - and knowing he would do it again.

Randy growled, "If you can still hear me, cop, let that be a lesson to you. Leave my man alone ... he's mine. You so much as touch Bob again, next time I'll fucking chain you up naked and torture you to death. I gotta get out of this shit hole." He spun round and had got halfway to the gate when it opened .... and Bob walked in. Still in his business suit after his meeting he stood in a state of shock. "Jesus Christ," he groaned. "What the fuck have you done?"

After a moment's hesitation Randy chose bluster. "I've done what any red-blooded male would do when I caught this son-of-a-bitch cop fucking my buddy's ass - doing to him what he always wants to do to you. So I fucking wasted him, showed him who's boss around here. He claims you're in love with him. Well all I gotta say to that is you should be a damn sight more careful what asshole you fall in love with."

"You're damn right I should ... asshole. Just get the fuck out of my sight." Randy stormed out of the gate, leapt into his truck and burned rubber speeding away.

Bob ran over to the men, took a deep breath to stay calm, and acted quickly. He lifted Mark off Pete and helped him up on his knees, coughing up semen that spilled from his mouth. On the cop's belt he found the keys and unlocked Pete's handcuffs. Rubbing his wrists Pete got unsteadily to his feet, pulled up his pants and said, "I gotta get out of this madhouse."

"No, Pete, please, not yet, not like this." Bob made Pete explain briefly what had happened and just then, with perfect timing, Zack and Jason came in from their afternoon with Hassan. "Thank god you're here," Bob said.

"What the fuck happened," Zack said incredulously. "Randy?"

"Who else? Listen, Pete, this is Zack. Please let him take you across the street to his house - he'll give you some brandy, food. I'll come across later once I've seen to things here. Jason, give Zack a hand would you please?" No one could refuse Bob so they helped the Ranger through the gate.

After they had left there was a squeal of breaks, several trucks drove up and boys spilled out of them like clowns from a clown car. The noise of laughter and high spirits was deafening until they crowded through the gate and stood in shocked silence. "Wait there a minute, boys," Bob said. "Jamie, Nate, come here and help Mark indoors. I'll be there in a minute. Kevin, Kyle could you rustle up some drinks, snacks - maybe hot tea too - and take them into Mark's apartment? Pablo, come here."

The boys did as instructed and Pablo sauntered forward with a defiant look, expecting the worst. "Pablo, there's a problem. Seems Randy went apeshit again, beat up Mark for some weird reason. Now I want you to take charge of the boys, don't let things get out of hand. I know how protective of Randy you are but right now you gotta take your place as a senior boy. Of course there'll be gossip but keep the rumors in check, and keep the house functioning. And don't worry, Randy can handle himself.

"I know he can, sir," said Pablo with a hint of pride. "Count on me, sir. I'll take care of things."

"Thanks kiddo. I knew you could handle it" Bob ran into Mark's place to take care of him.


Randy was driving aimlessly and as his no-damn-rules recklessness gave way to a slower pace, so his racing adrenaline diminished and reality began to return. The man had a lot of Jekyll and Hyde in him, and when his madness subsided some kind of muddled sanity took its place. Slowly he realized what he had done and the enormity of his recklessness crashed in on him.

He panicked .... Bob .... Bob would never forgive him, he'd leave him .... Where could Randy go? Back to Texas? "No," he yelled out loud. He pulled over and banged his hands on the steering wheel .... "No .... No .... No!!" He caught sight of himself in the rear view mirror and suddenly saw another face - just like his - his brother Steve. He'll know what to do .... he's a shrink, he'll stay calm, won't yell. Yeah, Steve.... He gunned the truck and took off.

Steve and Lloyd had just got home from work and were relaxing over cocktails on the deck of their Mulholland house overlooking the city. But suddenly the rustic calm was shattered by a truck screeching to a halt. Randy vaulted over the gate, came crashing through the house and onto the deck, chest heaving, eyes wild.

"Hey, Randy, "Steve smiled. "We do have a doorbell, you know."

"I've fucked up," Randy yelled with a touch of hysteria. "I've fucked everything up. I beat up Mark and now Bob will leave me 'coz he loves Mark and he told me to get out of his sight and I don't know what to do ...."

"Well," Steve smiled gently, "you can start by taking a seat and joining Lloyd and me in a drink."


Back at the house Bob and Jamie had helped Mark take a hot shower and they put him to bed. Randy's ingrained instinct to stop short of actual damage had paid off as there were no real injuries - only bruising, scratches and a mild concussion. Bob whispered to Jamie, "What he needs mostly is sleep. Do you want to stay with him?"

"It's my place, sir," said Jamie, taking off his clothes and crawling naked into bed with him, with his arm lightly over his chest. Bob smiled down at them, waited until he heard the steady breathing of sleep, then left and closed the door quietly behind him. As he went to update the twins his cell phone rang. It was Steve, alerting him that Randy was there and suggesting he come up and join them.

After changing out of his business clothes Bob dropped in to see Pete, but he too was asleep in Zack's bedroom and Zack promised to watch over him. With a deep sigh, Bob got into his Mercedes and headed up to Mulholland.

Back at the house the boys were huddling, chatting quietly with a sense of drama mixed with apprehension, knowing that what had happened was pretty major. Brandon pulled Pablo aside and said, "I'm real sorry, Pablo. Do you think Randy's gonna be OK?"

"Oh sure," Pablo said with an unconvincing attempt at bravado. "Randy's tough - him and me can take care of ourselves. There's always been this thing between him and Mark - rivals for Bob - so I can see why he busted up Mark, seeing him with his cock in the Ranger's ass. Mark shouldn't have done that so he was asking for it. Right now up at Steve's Randy's probably getting a tongue lashing from Bob, Steve and Lloyd, but that's not the first time he's been yelled at."

"But Randy's a good guy really," Brandon said, "someone should tell them. Aren't you gonna go up there and defend him?"

"Oh no," Pablo said firmly. "It's a rule of the house - when the masters are fighting the boys can't get involved. Definitely not. Stay away."

"Hmm," Brandon thought and he wheeled himself away over to Mario. He said quietly, "I'm going out for a little while, Mario." Mario frowned but Brandon cut off his protest. "Don't worry, I'll be fine - just something I gotta do on my own." Mario watched uneasily as he left.


Despite his bravado act Pablo had got one thing right. Up at Steve's house Randy was under attack from Steve and Lloyd, but mostly from Bob. Trying unsuccessfully to control his anger Bob jabbed a finger at Randy. "Do not ... do not insult me by apologizing. I've heard that tired song too often before - the I'll-never-do-it-again act, then a few weeks later the caveman crawls out of his hole and starts swinging his fists. This time it was Mark, our buddy, my friend ...."

"...and your lover."

Bob blazed, "What the fuck is your obsession with this guy? This paranoid fantasy that he's gonna steal me away from you. If anyone's gonna make me leave you it won't have to be Mark 'coz you're doing a pretty good job of that all by yourself."

Brandon heard these words as he climbed out of his truck and into his wheelchair. Fortunately the gate had been left open when Bob came in, and he had left the front to door open too, so with his heart beating wildly, holding down his fear, Brandon wheeled himself in.

"Shit, man, you're fucking pathological, you know that. You're so fucking arrogant, the king of the fucking gypsies, you think you own the fucking world. Don't you ever think of anyone else? You are the most sadistic, egotistical, self-absorbed, just plain selfish asshole I've ever ...."

"Don't say that .... It's not true .... It's not true!"

They all wheeled round and stared at Brandon, trembling in his wheelchair, white-knuckled hands gripping the arms, his terrified eyes blinking fast behind his black-rimmed glasses. His courage almost failed him but the sight of Randy reinforced him. He knew that if he stopped talking he would lose his nerve, so it all poured out.

"Randy is the kindest man I ever met .... he's my hero .... he's changed my life. He was the first guy ever to come to my house to help me when he installed those shelves and he did it, er, pro boner 'coz I had no money. He gave me the best job I've ever had in my life and made me a member of the crew ... he made me proud of myself. And I know that part of the reason he's building the new office is for me so I don't have to fight no stairs.

"Plus he rescued me when he beat up those redneck assholes who were attacking me on the street. And ... and ..." he lowered is voice, "he was the first man ever to fuck me, and he was kind and gentle and tender and I loved it and he can do it again whenever he wants."

Bob made a move to interrupt but Steve put a restraining hand on his arm and they continued to listen to the boy in amazed silence as he barreled on.

"Oh, I know Randy gets angry but he has to be rough 'coz he's the boss, in charge of everything - all those tough construction guys and all. And it was his anger saved me from those thugs the other day. He got plenty mad when he trashed them and pissed all over them. He was real brutal and I'm glad he was. He often gets angry with me and yells at me but I love it 'coz that's the way he treats everyone else." He frowned and blushed. "Oh sorry, that didn't come out right." He took a deep breath and continued.

"What I meant was he treats me like one of the guys, like I belong, and he doesn't let me get away with anything. He has confidence in me. Randy doesn't even see my wheelchair, just the kid who's in it. No one's ever treated me that way and, like I said, it's changed my life and ... and ... he's my hero, he's a great man and ... I love him .... I love him ... he's like the big brother I never had."

Tears were flowing now as he wound down. "They say Randy has fucked up, but please don't yell at him ... you wouldn't if you loved him as much as I do ....." His glasses were steaming up so he took them off and wiped them vigorously with his shirt, his head bent forward. He expected to be punished for his outburst - for even being here. It was a rule, Pablo had said ... the boys never get involved.

The awed silence in the room was broken only by Brandon sniffing back his tears. Mario had followed Brandon up here, concerned for him, and stood in the doorway having heard the whole speech. Randy had turned his back to the room and soon they found out why. When he turned round his face was streaked with tears. Ignoring everyone else he walked across the room, pulled Brandon out of his wheelchair and wrapped his arms round him in a bear hug, his legs hanging down, feet off the floor.

And there they stood, their tear-stained faces pressing together. The hug became so intense that Brandon could hardly breathe and he stammered, "Sir, you're ... you're hurting me."

Randy smiled, lowered him gently into his wheelchair and knelt beside him. "Sorry I hurt you there, kiddo, I hugged you too hard. But it's a strange thing, you often do hurt people when you love them too much." He glanced up at Bob who also had tears in his eyes. Then Randy looked over to the door and said, "Hey Mario, would you mind if I took your friend into another room for a while?"

"Fine by me, signore," Mario smiled, "provided Brandon wants it." Brandon nodded, "I think that would be cool, sir." Randy looked up at Bob who, after a reassuring smile from Steve, gave a slight nod. Steve raised his eyebrows at Lloyd who went to the guestroom door and held it open. Randy stood up, scooped Brandon into his arms, carried him across the room and through the door, which he kicked shut behind him.


Randy lowered Brandon onto the guestroom bed and sat beside him. He pulled his tank top from his back pocket, took off Brandon's glasses and used the shirt to wipe the tears gently from his face. "Sorry the shirt's so sweaty," he grinned. "It's been in a fight. Here, you wanna keep it for your collection?"

Brandon blushed. "How did you know I have a collection of your shirts, sir?"

"There's a lot I know about you, kiddo, starting with how brave you are. I guess you gave us all a piece of your mind out there, eh? That took guts, boy."

"Sir, am I gonna get into trouble for doing that? I know I shouldn't even have been there."

Randy ruffled his hair. "Kid, if anyone tries to give you trouble they'll have to come through me, and ...."

"......and that won't be pretty," Brandon grinned mischievously, making them both laugh. Then Brandon turned serious. "Sir, are you going to get into trouble for what you did?"

Randy stroked Brandon's hair. "'Fraid so, kiddo, I'm in big trouble ... I fucked up big-time ... totally wasted Mark. It's in the rules, I have to get punished by the tribe, especially by the guy I hurt most. I don't care about that .... I'm tough, I can take whatever Mark dishes out. What worries me is Bob. Mark's a special friend of his and I busted him up good. This may be the last straw for Bob and he'll finally leave me."

"Oh, he won't do that, sir," Brandon said cheerfully.

"Huh, you sound pretty sure, boy."

"I am, sir." He nestled against Randy and said, "See, when I went to see your brother, Dr. Steve, about my sexual consumption..."


"Yeah, that. Anyway Steve gave me homework to watch all the couples and see the difference between just fucking and making love. So I saw the look in their eyes that meant they were in love, but when I watched you and Bob making love, sir, it was different - a whole different thing. When Bob looked at you, well, sure it was love but ... I dunno, it was kinda like ... like he walked into your eyes .... like he became part of you somehow. He became ten times more handsome, like he glowed ... like a god or something." He blushed. "Sounds stupid - I'm not so great with words - but one thing I do know, Bob could never leave you, sir. He'd rather chop off an arm."

Randy stared down at him and said softly, "Thanks for that, kiddo. I really needed to hear that." Brandon was wearing his glasses again but Randy took them off and put them on the night table. "Brandon, it's been a hell of a day - rough, kinda brutal. What I need now is something sweet ... I mean someone sweet. Would it be OK with you if I, like...."

".... if you fucked me, sir? Sure, sir - I thought you'd never ask."

"You little punk," Randy chuckled. He stood up, kicked off his boots and dropped his pants. Brandon gasped seeing the swarthy gypsy tower over him naked. Randy pulled off Brandon's T-shirt and shorts and opened the drawer of the night stand. "Good old Steve," he grinned, "always prepared." He pulled out a tube of lube and squeezed some on his fingers that he pushed gently into the boy's ass. The rest he spread on his cock.

He knelt on the bed, pulled Brandon's legs over his shoulders and pressed his dick against his hole. "I wanna tell you this, kiddo. Any time you want this from me, provided Mario's OK with it, you come to me and I'll fuck you so good you'll be in fantasyland - like this. He pushed his cock over the sphincter and eased it into the boy's ass, but it was so huge it made him gasp.

Randy stopped instantly. "Sorry, kiddo, last thing I want is to hurt you ... you let me know if I do. We'll take it nice and slow. And so they did. The big blue-eyed gypsy slid his cock tenderly into Brandon's ass until it came to rest deep inside. He pulled back slowly and began to fuck like it was slow motion. Fantasyland or not, Brandon felt himself drifting into another world, maybe heaven, as he surrendered himself to the big, tough construction boss he worshipped.

He was getting fucked by his hero, the man who had changed his life, the man he loved and trusted like a big, protective brother. Maybe the man was a fighter, maybe he had just beaten a guy up, but now he was a tender giant as he lovingly caressed the boy's ass. Brandon ran his hands over the massive chest and sighed, "You are so beautiful, sir."

Randy rested his palms lightly on Brandon's chest as he led him the last few steps into his private world. He had earlier done the same to Pete as macho proof of his ultimate supremacy, but now he was with this brave, trusting boy. He smiled, "Remember what you said about the look of love on Bob's face? I'll show you what made that happen. Look at me, Brandon ... look into my eyes.

The boy gazed into the electric blue eyes and was overcome by the full magic of Randy's power. In those hypnotic eyes set in the dark gypsy face, like windows into a clear blue world, Brandon saw at last the pure essence of love and he was a lost boy. "Yes ... yes ... I love you, sir .... I love you," he sighed ..... aaahh." Joy overflowed in him as he poured juice over his own body and he felt Randy's semen flowing deep inside him.

As Randy fell forward and held him Brandon felt totally at peace, safe in the arms of the man he called his hero. When their heavy breathing subsided Randy propped himself on his elbow and gazed down at him.

"I'd like you to do me a favor, kiddo - be a friend to my boy Pablo. He's a great kid and idolizes me. Oh I know he antagonizes the other boys with his 'boss's-boy' thing but he's just trying to be dominant and aggressive like me. See he puts me on a pedestal and tries to copy everything I do, but I'm not such a great role model as you can tell. Then I go and fuck up, behave like a total asshole and put him through all this shit. He's probably feeling confused right now, so do you think you could, like, say to him what you just said to the guys out there about me? Might help to restore his faith in me."

"Of course I will sir. And, er, if you'd allow me to make a suggestion, sir .... as soon as you get home, fuck Pablo. That'll do more than restore his faith."

Randy grinned. "Smart kid," and ruffled his hair.


Outside, the small group was waiting apprehensively when the door opened and Randy walked out of the room with Brandon lying in his arms. They were both naked, Brandon was smothered in cum and his face was glowing. Randy walked over to Mario and gave the boy back to him, placing him gently in his arms. "Take care of him, Mario."

Then he turned to the three men to face his retribution. Buck naked, his muscular physique gleaming, his massive cock still dripping cum as it swung between his legs, Randy looked magnificent - the King of the Gypsies. He stretched his arms out to the side in a gesture of surrender.

"Here I am," he said. "Do to me what you have to."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 233


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