The weekend's sexual adventures had run their course and the next day it was back to work for all the men and boys. Work at the construction site had begun at 7am so Randy called a halt in mid-afternoon and brought Pablo and Ben home. He was eager to inspect the plans Mario had drawn up for re-landscaping the garden, while the boys were dying to go to the meeting Darius had re-convened after abruptly adjourning it the day before. As promised he had brought his camera, which he trained on the twins whose turn it was to tell their story of being tied up in the dunes by the cop.

The only one absent from the meeting was Mario, who had been working hard in the garden and had spread his landscaping plans over the outdoor table by the pool. As soon as Randy got home, without bothering to change out of his work clothes, he joined Mario and they were soon side by side, with Mario explaining his plans in detail. He described the plants and shrubs he intended to use and the landscape design he had created for them.

"Jamie's given me a budget, sir, so I know what we have to work with. One big problem I have, though, is that huge tree-stump over there, right in the middle of the ivy. I'm having to work my designs around it."

"Why don't you just remove the stump?" Randy asked.

"Oh that's not possible, sir. It was obviously a huge old tree with a deep root network. It's in the ground for good."

Randy grinned. "Kid, when you get to know me better you'll realize that when a guy tells me something's impossible I rise to the bait. Me and you together can do the impossible, boy. Wanna give it a try? I'll loosen the soil with a pick axe while you clear away the ivy."

"OK, sir," said Mario doubtfully and they went over to the big expanse of wild, ivy-covered land.


Upstairs in Darius and Pablo's room the boys' meeting was in full swing. The twins had been talking for some time to a wide-eyed audience of awestruck boys as Darius circled with his camera, carefully filming them from various angles. But the twins were becoming hoarse so Darius said, "Cut! OK, take five, guys. Let the twins rest their pipes."

The boys stood up and stretched their legs, and Eddie strolled over to the window. "Hey, guys, he said excitedly. "Take a look at this."

They all crowded round him and gulped hard at the sight below them. Randy, in his work clothes of grimy old tank top, cargo pants and boots was swinging a pick-axe at the base of the tree stump, his shoulders and biceps pumped, muscles gleaming with sweat in the hot sun, the wet tank clinging to his chest. He was an icon of erotic masculinity - at his magnificent best.

Nearby Mario, disheveled in an old dirt-smothered white T-shirt, jeans and boots, was bent over, yanking up fistfuls of ivy. The young Italian gardener stood up straight and ran the back of his hand across his sweaty forehead, leaving streaks of dirt on his handsome face, his tousled, curly black hair falling over his forehead. He smiled at Randy with the satisfaction of hard physical labor. And even from the bedroom window above, the boys could see bulges growing in Randy's work pants and Mario's jeans.

"Shit damn," said Darius, grabbing his camera. "This is gonna be one for prosperity."

"Posterity!" the boys all chorused, crowding together at the window to watch the action below.


Randy and Mario looked admiringly at each other. "Great work, kid," Randy said. "That ivy can be a bitch and you've cleared a shit load of it. And you're right about this tree-stump - it's a mother-fucker, but I felt it move. We'll have to work on it together."

His piercing blue eyes smiled directly into Mario's as he pushed his sweaty tank top off his shoulders and let it fall, hanging round his waist. Mario felt his cock rear up in his jeans at the sight of the shirtless construction boss, his muscles bulging from his strenuous wielding of the axe, sweat running down his rugged face and stunning torso.

Mario, less confidently, pulled off his filthy T-shirt and averted his gaze, feeling intimidated by the tall, swarthy gypsy as so many had been before him. But Randy, in his outspoken way, boosted his confidence.... "Shit, boy, that's some body you got on you - outstanding. No doubt about it, you're a looker, dude - good enough to eat." Mario blushed, flattered by the praise, especially coming from a man like this - and especially from a man with a bulge in his pants.

"OK, kid," Randy said, all business now. "Let's see how we're gonna attack this son-of-a-bitch. The soil's pretty loose around it now so I think if we work it together we can loosen the fucker some more. You get on one side and push while I pull from the other and we can rock it loose. It'll take a while but if we do it long enough it'll be ready for the next step.

They faced each other across the stump and Randy grinned. "OK, signore, let's see if those muscles are real or just for show. Mario smiled back, "Pronti, signore - I'm ready." He planted his boots firmly in the earth, leaned forward and grasped the log. He took a deep breath and pushed hard while Randy pulled. It barely moved but they both heard a root tendril snap somewhere deep down. And so they began working it hard, rocking it in a steady rhythm.

All their energy was focused on each other so they were unaware of Bob coming through the gate with Mark, who he had met outside getting home from work. They saw from a distance what was happening and Mark said, "Jesus, they're trying to uproot that old tree-stump. We gotta go help them."

He started to move but Bob put a restraining hand on his arm. "I don't think so, buddy. I've seen that intense look in Randy's eye before and I know what it means. See how he's looking more at Mario than the log? I don't think he'd appreciate the interruption. Let's go upstairs to the office." Silently, unobserved, they crept into the main house and up the stairs to the office, where Jamie was standing alone at the window.

"Hey, kiddo," Mark said, kissing him. "What's up? I thought you boys were all in a meeting?"

"Adjourned, sir," Jamie grinned. "The guys found something much more riveting downstairs. They're all standing at the window now pumping their dicks but I was afraid of shooting a load 'cause I was saving it for when you came home, sir, so I came in here."

Bob had gone to the window and said, "Jeez, I see what the boys mean. Take a look at this, Mark." At the window Mark put his arm round his boy and the three of them stared down at the action in the garden. Bob glanced over at the other building and saw the awestruck faces of seven boys at the two windows of Pablo and Darius's room. He also happened to glimpse Randy's fleeting glance up at them.

"Son-of-a-bitch," he grinned. "Randy knows he's got an audience. Normally he doesn't give a shit how he looks - he's the least vain guy I know. But even he's not entirely immune. When he's working like this with a guy like Mario and being watched by the whole house he knows how damn hot it looks and he'll play to the gallery."

Jamie said, "And Darius is filming the whole thing, sir, as you might expect."

"Of course he is," Bob laughed. "One for 'prosperity', I bet."

"That's what Darius said, sir."


Down below the action was becoming intense. Randy and Mario had been wrestling with the stump for quite a while and it was taking its toll. Their muscles were straining, pumped so hard the veins stood out, their faces and bodies pouring with sweat. But their labors were having an effect as the stump was now considerably looser, with the sound of snapping roots as it was rocked back and forth.

Randy had momentarily forgotten their audience and was no longer looking at the tree-stump. He was staring like a laser at the handsome Italian face and the stunning green eyes, hooded with long black lashes. Mario himself was hypnotized by Randy's piercing gaze and, as they labored in unison, their eyes locked, it was as if they were drawing strength from each other. But it was more than mutual hard labor. As they alternately pushed and pulled in unison, muscle-for-muscle, feeling each other's strength, the rhythm became hypnotic ..... sexual.

Each time Randy pushed the stump toward Mario it bumped his crotch and the bulge in his jeans. When it hit hard, making him gasp, he saw the lascivious smile in Randy's eyes, and then he knew .... Randy was playing this for sex too. When that realization hit Mario, Randy was transformed from a rugged construction worker into a raunchy sex object, his dark demon face tense with effort, his magnificent body straining, muscles flexed, sweat pouring off him. The picture was pornographic.

Randy was a master at this and Mario knew he was entirely in the man's power. "OK, stud," Randy said, "we've almost got it. I think if we exert the pressure on only one side we should be able to push it right out. I have an idea. See that rope up there?"

Mario looked up and saw above Randy's head a thick rope knotted round an extended tree branch. "That should do the trick. Here, come round this side and lean your back against the stump. I want to maintain its position - don't want it settling back down in the earth."

Mario did as directed. Facing Randy up close he jammed the heels of his boots in the earth and leaned back hard against the stump, keeping one side half lifted out of the hole. "Don't ease up, boy," Randy growled, pressing against him to make Mario hold firm, and reaching high up to the knotted rope.

"Son-of-a-bitch," Bob said to Mark up at the office window. "Look at that .... the man knows just what he's doing. He's totally seducing the boy. Just watch, buddy."

Mario was indeed being overwhelmed with lust. Randy was taller than the young Italian and as he stretched upward Mario found his face pressed into the deep cleft between the slabs of the construction worker's pecs. The sweat rubbed off on his face - the smell was pungent, the taste sour. His face was buried in the chest hair and reflexively he licked it, his cock pounding in his jeans as Randy's body rubbed against his face while he struggled to untie the rope high above.

"Shit," he heard Randy's voice rumble, "tough mother-fucker. Must have used it to tie up one of the boys when I punished him. Or maybe even Bob," he added pensively, and Mario felt Randy's cock jerk in his pants, pressed against him. Mario was intoxicated by the raw sexuality of this incredible man and began fantasizing about him roping a naked Bob to this very tree and working him over. Those stories were legendary in the house and now he himself was feeling the same muscular power Bob must have felt - and fallen in love with.

Mario was trying desperately to hold back his orgasm - but suddenly things got worse. "Almost got it," Randy grunted. "A bit more on this side." He reached to the side and, as he moved, Mario's face slid away from the cleft in his pecs, over the hard nipple, further sideways .... and into Randy's rancid armpit. He choked as his face was buried in the stinking pit-hair soaked with man-sweat. The smell, the taste were overwhelming.

"Aaah, that's it," Randy moaned, and with one final effort pressed harder against Mario who thought he would suffocate in the stench of Randy's pit. He felt pre-cum oozing into his shorts and knew he was about to shoot, when ...... "Got it!" Randy pulled away and held up the rope in triumph. "Good job, boy," he said, "you held the stump right where it was.

"Thank you, sir." Mario blushed, feeling disproportionately thrilled by praise from this man. Like many a boy before him he was hooked .... he would do anything for this man.

"OK, kid," Randy grinned. "Stand by for the big finish, boy. It's real simple." He looped the rope round the tree-stump, made Mario hold one end in each hand and pull, while Randy on the other side himself pushed forward against the stump. In that way they were both exerting pressure in one direction, Randy pushing, Mario pulling. "OK, kid .... let's finish the fucker off."

Mario pulled on the ropes, his adrenaline racing as he stared at Randy pushing against the tree-stump, first with his shoulder, then pushing with his hands, his arms outstretched, every muscle in his body straining and rippling as his boots dug hard in the earth for maximum thrust. The dark gypsy's massive body was spectacular, displayed in all the glory of rugged manhood. Mario had never seen anything like it.

Yes he had - in the movies! His mind flashed to his boyhood after Italy had been churning out Hercules movies where the muscular super-hero was forced to push a boulder, the overseer whipping his back to spur him on. Mario used to jack off in the dark of a near empty movie theater watching those scenes, and as sweat misted his eyes now, that's the erotic fantasy he saw again. The muscle-god's handsome face twisted in pain, his muscles bulged and sweated in agony as if he were being whipped into superhuman effort by his captors.

Suddenly Randy turned his back to the stump, pressed his lower back against it, flexed his legs and pushed backward, inching the tree further out of the ground. Mario was mesmerized by the wide back, muscles flexed, the flared lats tapering down to the narrow waist and the tank round his waist drenched with sweat. In his fantasy of Ancient Rome Mario imagined the streaks of dirt were whip stripes across the tortured back and the nape of the thick neck, with black hair hanging to the shoulders. No movie had ever been this erotic and the boy felt his balls ready to burst.

Randy turned round again to face him and groaned, "This is it, boy." He leaned down and grabbed the bottom of the stump rearing out of the ground and pulled on it, trying to tear the roots out. His agonized torso was spectacularly erotic, muscles screaming with pain, his face contorted with effort as he urged them both on to the final effort. Aaagh," he groaned ...... "mother-fucking son-of-a-bitch. Pull, man, pull - we've almost got the fucker. Do it man, let me see that body flex ..... let me see you shoot, man!"

"Aaagh!" Mario was lost in a homoerotic fantasy of rugged warriors, muscles, sweat and pain. All he saw was his own real-life Hercules in the ultimate trial of strength, his body being tortured beyond endurance. He could save his hero if he pulled hard on the rope, harder, harder .... "Aaagh ... aaagh ... aaagh!" His cock erupted in a massive orgasm, gushing hot juice into his jeans, and pouring down his leg as a huge stain spread over his crotch and down his pants leg.

"That's it, boy, I've got it now," Randy panted. "Come next to me and help me push - one last big heave will do it." In a total daze Mario ran round beside Randy and grabbed the bottom of the tree stump, Shoulder to shoulder they felt each other's muscles flex as they used all their remaining strength to heave the stump up out of the ground, roots tearing and snapping as nature submitted to man and the tree yielded up its century-old home in the earth.

"Yeaahh!" Randy howled triumphantly as it lurched free and crashed on its side, pulling the men with it, stumbling and falling forward onto the ground. They lay on their stomachs beside each other, face down in the tangle of roots, fibrous tendons and churned earth, their hearts beating wildly, breath heaving. They turned to face each other and Mario - his body exhausted, mind ablaze - gazed at the wild gypsy, his rugged features covered in dirt and sweat, his blue eyes gleaming.

Still in his world of super-heroes Mario was hypnotized by the muscle-god's jubilant face and fell on it, locking his mouth over the man's lips, ferociously kissing him, tasting his hot breath, inhaling the stink of man-sweat. In a frenzy he ran his hands over the veined muscles of the spectacular body, able at long last to touch the mythical Hercules he had so often lusted for in a darkened theater, the man who had just made him blast a massive load.

Randy, his body still on fire from his Herculean task, shared Mario's lust and he grabbed the boy, squeezing him tight as they rolled over in the dirt and roots. Randy was soon on top gazing down, and their eyes locked. "You know what you want from me, boy, don't you?"

"Yes sir - I want you inside me ..... please, sir, let me feel that massive cock in my ass."

Randy knelt between the Italian boy's legs and pulled his jeans down to his knees. He ripped open his own pants and yanked out his iron-hard rod. Randy ran his hands over his own chest, still streaming with sweat, then pushed two, three wet fingers into Mario's wide open mouth, forcing Mario to suck them and swallow his sweat. Then Randy wiped the sweat from Mario's face and this time pushed the dripping fingers into his ass, making him wince with pain. Mario gasped as Randy stroked the membrane in his ass and his prostate.

"Afraid, boy?"

"Yes, sir," Mario stammered. "The guys say it really hurts when you fuck a man."

"Yeah," Randy grinned, with a flash of pride, "I do have that reputation. But it depends on the man - on whether I like him or he's pissed me off. You I like, kid - a lot - and you sure haven't pissed me off. But, boy, I've gotta have that ass."

He pulled out his fingers, grabbed Mario's boots and pushed his legs in the air. He pressed the head of his cock against the boy's lubricated and loosened hole and paused, knowing exactly how to play on a boy's building desire.

Mario's mind was reeling and the wildest of all his movie fantasies now took over. He saw again the tortured Hercules, bare-chested, his ripped tunic whipped from his body, hanging round his waist. But now he was not pushing against a boulder. He was gazing down at the Italian servant boy - and he was going to fuck his ass. The muscles flexed, the black hair fell over his forehead and his eyes gleamed with lust.

This was the most homoerotic image of Mario's life. In his youth he had sat many times in dark theaters, jerking off as he watched the muscle-god's body enduring the labors of Hercules, whipped to super-human efforts, his clothes ripped to shreds. And he had dared to dream that this same demi-god was leaning over him, fucking his ass! Alone in the dark he had seen it, felt it, and pounded his cock until he shot his load.

But now .... now it was all coming true! He gazed upward and howled as he felt the hero's huge rod push deeper and deeper into his ass.


Upstairs the boys were silent, gazing down in rapt amazement at the astonishing sight on the bare earth, every one of them stroking his cock, except for the twins who stroked each other's. Of course, the boys could not know of Mario's pictorial fantasies, but they had home-made fantasies of their own. The leader of the tribe was asserting his rights as the ultimate master by claiming the ass of the young Italian gardener. Half naked in the dirt the handsome boy was getting fucked by the King of the Gypsies.

At the office window three other faces gazed down mesmerized. Bob had watched his lover display his incredible manhood - the phenomenal strength of his body and his hypnotic sexuality that held every man in thrall. The dark demon was fucking the gardener's ass - and Bob knew that he would be next. He longed for it, craved it. He too was under Randy's spell and at this moment would have done anything Randy ordered.

Mark was standing behind Jamie, his hands massaging his shoulders as they both watched the stunning scene. Mark pressed against his boy's back, both of them with roaring hard-ons. He had only recently come home from work, still in his uniform, and he was, as usual, horny as hell. His usual welcome-home fuck of Jamie had been waylaid by the events in the garden, but now as he watched Randy continue to plough Mario's ass, Mark's lust overwhelmed him.

He reached round Jamie's waist, untied the string of his surfer-trunks and let them fall to his feet. Frozen to the spot Jamie heard the zip of the cop's pants, heard his master spit saliva over his cock. The boy gasped and held his breath as he felt the familiar sensation of Mark's cock press between his cheeks and push gently but firmly down the chute of his ass.

This was always the epic moment of Jamie's day but now, with the air electric with sexuality, it was more intense than ever. He saw in the window the reflection of Mark's face over his shoulder, then looked down at his friend Mario being ass-fucked by Randy while Mark fucked him. He knew exactly what Mario felt because he felt it too. It was almost as if he were watching himself get fucked.

"Thank you, sir," Jamie breathed. "Please don't stop, sir."

"Not a chance, kid," Mark grinned., grabbing his waist and pumping harder.


By now Mario was floating between fantasy and reality. The dreams of his youth had become real as he watched the muscle-god above him, the rugged intensity in his dark, stubbled face, his body slamming down on him, pouring sweat over the boy's face and into his mouth. The sensation of the rod pistoning into his ass was overwhelming and he desperately tried to hold back his orgasm.

He just wanted to see it one more time - the fantasy he had created as a youth and lived with ever since. His imagination was at its peak. He wanted to see pain again in the hero's face so he reached up and dug his fingers into the slabs of his chest, into the sinews of his pecs, harder and harder. The handsome face twisted, the mouth opened and screamed in pain. It was magnificent.

This was it - the apex of all his fantasies. He was back in the darkened theater, looking up at the screen, at the captive Hercules being tortured physically and mentally, being whipped and forced to fuck his young servant boy, forced to pound his ass, knowing the lash would not stop until he came in his boy's ass. The boy looked up at the demi-god, grimacing in agony, pounding his ass harder and harder, faster and faster until the man screamed, "Cum, boy ..... for god's sake shoot your load .... I'm begging you ..... aaaghh!!"

The body shuddered and Mario felt the huge cock explode in his ass, hot juice slamming into him as his own cock jolted and a long ribbon of cum shot from it and onto the heaving chest of his hero.

Suddenly Randy reared back and pulled out his cock. He reached forward, put his hand behind Mario's head and pulled his face forward. With his free hand Randy held his cock inches from Mario's face. His eyes wild, manic, he yelled, "You just got fucked by a master, boy. Here's more...."

Mario stared in disbelief at the huge rod in Randy's fist, saw it shudder .... and he closed his eyes just in time as blast of semen slammed into his face, then another. Instinctively Mario struggled to turn away but Randy held his head like a vise. Mario opened his mouth, felt the pungent taste of hot cum pouring into it.... and he gulped down it like nectar from a god.

Which in this case it was.


The two orgasms unleashed multiple climaxes at the windows above. All the boys blasted their loads almost simultaneously on cue as they watched the master pump his juice into the gardener's face. Through the cum running down the glass they saw across at the other building a naked Jamie flattened against the window, his cock spurting jism all over it. Behind him the uniformed cop was pressed against him, pouring the last of his jizz into his ass.

Down in the garden the two men lay together exhausted, their bodies smothered in dirt, sweat and semen. As their heartbeats subsided Mario gazed at the man who had brought to life the fantasies of his youth that he had never shared with anyone. "Sir," he stammered, "That was .... just ..... spectacular, sir. You can never know how much it ...."

"Oh yes I can, boy. I could see you were flying in another world. Someday soon you should tell me about it and we'll really bring it to life. I love a boy with a sense of adventure - ready to drop all the inhibitions and let rip with the fantasies." There was a broad smile on Randy's dirt-smeared face. "Shit damn, you are one gorgeous young stud, boy. You belong here with us - you and that European classiness you have. Maybe some of it will rub off on our boys - they can be a bit rough round the edges."

"Rough diamonds, sir - the best kind."

Suddenly the calm was shattered by a clamor of cheers, applause and wolf-whistles as the boys poured out of the house in exuberant recognition of the two men. Randy jumped to his feet and pulled Mario up beside him, grabbing his wrist and raising his arm in the air in what Mario would have called a gladiator's triumphant salute.

Mario had shown yet another side of his rich personality, a far cry from the poised and elegant hotel employee they had first met. And Randy had once again firmly established himself as the supreme master, the boss, the homoerotic sex icon that took every man's breath away.

Bob came up to Randy with awe and lust in his eyes and said quietly, "You are one hot motherfucker. Got any left for me?"

"Always, man, but I warn you - I've got my blood lust up now."

"Wouldn't have you any other way," Bob grinned and they went upstairs.

After a smiling OK from Mark, Jamie ran up to Mario, his eyes gleaming. "Dude, that was totally awesome. I was dying to know what was going through your mind."

Mario grinned. "The man is amazing - unlocked a lot of my private fantasies. Come up to my room and I'll tell you. Besides, I can't believe my dick's as hard as a rock again. Maybe you can do something about that too while I tell you my story." And they too went into the house.

"Right, guys," Darius's voice boomed. "I got it all on camera - even while I jerked off. Not many people can do that, by the way. So, meeting in my room in ten minutes and we'll pick up our session that was so gorgeously interrupted. See you all there."

"Not me, you won't" The gruff voice was Pablo's.


The boys turned to look at him and Darius said threateningly, "Oh, and why's that?"

Pablo shot back, "Listen, asshole, when you tell these other guys to jump they all say 'how high?' Not me. I'm the boss's boy and that makes me the boys' boss around here, not you. So you can shove your meeting up your ass."

The boys looked stunned and Darius had the presence of mind to pull Pablo into the house and up to their room where the argument escalated. The twins, Eddie, Nate and Ben huddled together listening to the angry voices get louder. They knew this had been building for some time - ever since Pablo and Ben had attacked Nate and Eddie, and Darius had waded in, stopped the fight and punished the culprits. After that, the junior boys had looked up to Darius with respect and, if they had a leader, Darius was it.

The inevitable tension between the two had steadily become more and more bitter. They were squabbling over even petty things and their rivalry growing over the trumped-up leadership issue. The recent boys' meetings Darius had been calling provoked Pablo's resentment and insecurity, and now the sight of Mario providing Randy with such an epic fuck had unsettled him even more. Things had now come to a head as they as they faced off angrily in their room.

"Look, dude," Darius shouted, "just because you're Randy's boy doesn't make you the big enchilada around here. You have to earn respect, and all you seem to know how to do is beat other guys up."

"That so, asshole? And where do you come off thinking that almighty club swinging between your legs gives you the right to throw your weight around? You think guys are dying to get it shoved up their ass. Well get this, dickwad, it's just ten inches of black muscle, that's all, and don't think about using it on my ass anytime soon."

"Who needs it?" Darius shouted. "That tired old ass is starting to sag anyway, and if it comes to that, I don't even wanna sleep with you anymore. So let's call it quits and I'll move out and live with Zack - something I should have done a long time ago." Barely holding in his fury Darius stormed round the room, ripping open drawers and stuffing clothes into a backpack. Pablo joined in, grabbing Darius's stuff from the bathroom and jamming them in with the clothes.

His eyes blazing Darius sneered, "You know what? You act like you're some kinda king around here, but the only k thing about you, pal, is you're a royal pain in the ass."

"Just get the fuck out of here, asshole."

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you!" And Darius slammed the door behind him.


The acrimonious split was common knowledge around the house in minutes and the boys began taking sides. The group was so tightly knit and interdependent there was bound to be fallout, and first among the causalities were Ben and Eddie. They had become close after that first sexual night they had spent together after moving into their new rooms, and many nights after that. Eddie was a sensitive kid and was more upset than most by the fight between Pablo and Eddie's hero Darius, so he turned to Ben for comfort

He tapped on Ben's door and got a surly, "Come in." Ben had become almost like a brother to Pablo and was in no mood to hear anything said against him. He naturally shared Pablo's animosity toward Darius. "Fucking asshole," he growled even before Eddie had sat down. "All he's got is that ten-inch schlong that he waves around like some kind of fucking trophy."

"No," Eddie protested, springing to Darius's defense. "Darius is a great guy - he deserves to be leader. He's my hero."

"Yeah," Ben sneered, "well that just goes to show what a dork you are if you think Pablo couldn't drop him with one punch any time he wants."

"I wasn't talking about fighting," said Eddie, stung by Ben's response. "I was just saying ...."

"Well maybe you shouldn't say any more, kid, if you're gonna badmouth Pablo. What do you know about us guys anyway - you're just the houseboy."

That went through Eddie like a knife, his eyes filled with tears and he stumbled from the room. Angry as he was, Ben saw the look of pain in Eddie's eyes, the boy he had come to care for so much, and he stood up to go after him. But he stopped in confusion and threw himself back down on the bed slamming his fist into the pillow. "Shit - shit - shit!"


Nate sided with Eddie and hugged him when he came to him in obvious distress. "Don't worry mate, he'll come around. Ben's like Pablo - they both have that Randy Rage in them that makes them say stuff they don't mean. Stay with me and Adam for a while 'til the dust settles."

Nate was dead right about the notorious Randy anger. Right now, fists clenched, Randy was pacing his room while Bob looked on anxiously. Randy seethed, "I knew this would happen the last time Darius broke up that fight. He humiliated my boy by fucking him in front of everyone and ever since he's been throwing his weight around. I blame Zack."

"Please, Randy," Bob sighed, "not again. That's what you said last time. For God's sake, this is just an adolescent squabble between two boys. Let them sort it out themselves - no need for the men to get involved."

"Listen asshole," Randy said, his anger taking over, "anyone hurts my boy I'm there to protect him. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from that - do the same for your boys instead of letting them stay chained to that kitchen with no initiative to better themselves. I'm gonna talk to Zack."

Bob shot to his feet. "Listen, pal, the way I treat my boys is my business - and you're not going anywhere."

"Out of my way, asshole," Randy barked, grabbing Bob and shoving him aside so roughly he fell heavily against the wall.

Blinded by anger as he strode toward the gate, all Randy's old instincts of protecting his boys, no matter what, flared up as it had done all his life. He crossed the street and stalked into Zack's house. Sitting there alone Zack rolled his eyes and sighed as Randy came in. He had expected something like this and held up his hands in a conciliatory gesture.

"Now listen, man, I'm only gonna say this. Our two boys have had a fight and they'll work it out for themselves in time. There's no reason for us to be involved."

"Yeah, well if you were a bit more involved in raising your boy this wouldn't have happened. You're just like Bob. I told him the same thing - paying no attention to his boys while they sweat their lives away in that damn kitchen. He neglects them like you do that damn boy."

Zack stood up amazed. "You said that to Bob? You, er .... you didn't hit him did you?"

"He was blocking my path." Randy started sounding like a surly child. "I gave him a shove." Zack frowned. "Did he hurt himself?"

"Dunno, I ....." Alarm spread over Randy's face. "Shit - oh Jesus ....." He fled from the room, raced across the street muttering, "Fuck ... I've done it again ... fucking moron."

He burst into his bedroom where Bob was nursing a bruised shoulder. Randy stared helplessly and said, "You're still here."

"Of course I'm still here. What? You scared I would run away because you shoved me. Shit, man you've done a lot worse to me than that and guess what? Take a good look, pal - I'm still here, large as life and twice as ugly." Randy visibly relaxed and even managed a grin. "You're right," he said - "except for the 'ugly' bit. You're right about everything, as usual. That stuff I said about your boys was bullshit and way out of line. Oh man here I go apologizing again - you know I didn't mean all that stuff about...."

"Yeah, I know, I know," said Bob impatiently. "Oh, and just so you know, my boys have found a place in life where they're totally happy - both together, doing what they love and loved by me. They've found their plateau and don't want to climb any higher." Randy crumpled before him and Bob's heart went out to him. "Now listen, man, calm the fuck down. You know me, buddy. I don't want apologies - give me action. Remember that old saying - 'Make love, not war'?"

"Shit, man, I don't deserve you," Randy grinned, pulling off his shirt."


Calm, of a sort, was restored, but the stalemate persisted for several days. The boys mostly kept out of the way of Pablo and Darius - all except for Eddie who, in his simple wisdom, gamely tried to play the part of peacemaker. He decided first to try with Pablo. He knocked on his door and went in to find Pablo sitting dejectedly on his bed, gazing down at one of Darius's T-shirts clutched in his hand. The room was still a mess, strewn with the clothes Darius hadn't taken with him.

"I was wondering if there's anything you need, sir?" Pablo looked up in surprise. "No thanks, Eddie. By the way, I, er, hear that Ben was kinda mean to you a while ago. He didn't mean it, kid. He loves you, he told me so, and he gets real juiced when you curl up in bed with him."

"Thank you for telling me, sir. But ..... I'm sorry you're so lonely. Would you like a blowjob?"

The bold question made Pablo chortle in surprise. "Nah, but thanks for the offer, Eddie." He looked up at the eager young eyes. "Oh hell, why not? Maybe it's just what I do need." He lay back on his bed, unbuttoned his shorts and pulled out his limp dick. It didn't stay limp for long. Eddie knelt beside him and went to town, using all his expertise in rousing the cock to a hard boner. "Shit, Eddie," Pablo sighed, "I forgot what a badass cocksucker you are. That's fucking awesome, dude."

A plan was forming in Eddie's mind and he intensified his efforts on Pablo's now-pulsing prick. He knew exactly when to tease, to delay, and when to force a man's orgasm. This was a time for force. He licked, sucked, squeezed, gulped until Pablo was writhing on the bed, his moans growing louder and louder into a howl ..... "Yeaahh!" and he shot a massive load in Eddie's mouth. Eddie swallowed some, but held the rest of the jism in his mouth, his cheeks bulging."

"Dude, that was epic," Pablo said. "Just what I needed. D'you wanna stay and....."

Eddie didn't speak, but his eyes smiled his thanks as he squeezed Pablo's shoulder and ran from the room, leaving Pablo gaping after him.

Eddie ran downstairs and across the lawn. Jamie almost bumped into him and chuckled, "Hey, kiddo, what's the rush - where's the fire?" But Eddie remained tight lipped and ran through the gate, leaving Jamie staring after him, puzzled and a bit anxious.

Eddie rushed into Zack's house and found Darius alone, exercising. "Hey, Eddie," he grinned, "what are you....?" But he was stifled by the boy's lips pressing against his. Eddie's tongue pried open Darius's lips into an open-mouthed kiss and all of Pablo's cum poured from Eddie into his mouth. Darius swallowed hard, feeling the smooth, warm juice flowing down his throat.

"Jesus, dude," he was able to say at last. "You sure are full of surprises. What, did you cum in your own mouth?"

"No, sir," Eddie smiled, his eyes sparkling. "That was Pablo's."

Darius blinked and gulped, tasting the last of the cum .... and his eyes blazed. "You made me swallow that asshole's cum!!? You stupid little jerk - what the fuck were you thinking?" He jabbed at Eddie's shoulder. "Just get the fuck out of here, dipshit. Get out!"

Stunned, rejected once again by someone he loved, Eddie turned and stumbled from the house .... into the arms of Jamie. Uneasy when Eddie had rushed past him Jamie had followed him across the street and into Zack's garden. The boy sobbed on his shoulder as Darius rushed out, pulled him away from Jamie and threw his arms round him. "Eddie .... I'm sorry Eddie ..... I didn't mean that. I love you kiddo .... I was being a total asshole .... it's just that....."

"Sir," Eddie interrupted him, "I did it for you - to bring you two back together. I gave Pablo a blowjob and thought if you tasted his cum...... See, you're my hero, sir. I came to L.A. for you and I've always worshipped you. But now I've fucked everything up." He pressed his face against Darius's chest and Darius held onto him forlornly.

Jamie had watched with rising anger. "OK," he barked. "This has all gone far enough. It ends now!" He pulled Eddie gently away from Darius and dried his eyes with his fingers. "Eddie, you're terrific. What you did was the act of a true friend. We should all be as generous as you. Now I would like you to do something. In a few minutes round up all the boys and come and join us in the garden. This time it's me calling a meeting, OK? You, Darius - come with me."


Darius kissed Eddie, then sheepishly followed Jamie across the street and allowed himself to be pushed into a chair at the outdoor table. Then Jamie yelled up to Pablo's bedroom, "Pablo - get your ass down here."

What Jamie didn't know was that Bob and Mark were sitting out of sight round the corner sipping cocktails in the small pergola Randy had built. Hidden behind bushes they could see and hear the boys. At the sound of his boy's voice Mark stood up but Bob pulled him back down again. "Best not, Mark. We'll just listen and only butt in if they need us.

They saw Pablo emerge reluctantly from the house and Jamie sternly indicated the seat beside Darius. The two chastened boys glanced at each other, both wanting to say something, but their pride got in the way. Sitting in front of them Jamie took a deep breath.

"OK, guys, all this horseshit has gone too far. You both call yourselves leaders of the boys, so let's just see where you've led them this time. Because of your bone-headedness your anger has infected the whole group, and they've all taken sides. Ben has fought with Eddie and thrown him out of his room. Darius yelled at Eddie, called him a jerk and shoved him out. Even Randy and Bob got into an argument, not to mention Randy and Zack."

"All these guys love each other, but you took care of that, didn't you? You turned harmony into chaos because of some petty argument over what you call leadership. Well, way to go, guys. You should be proud of yourselves. You've set an example we can all follow. Not!"

Pablo and Darius wilted under Jamie's tongue lashing but they were saved from replying by Eddie's voice. "Now, sir?" The other boys were clustered round him at the gate and Jamie called out, "Sure ....come and join us guys." Eddie, Nate, the twins, Mario and a sheepish Ben crowded round the table and looked wide-eyed at Jamie.

"OK, dudes, I wanna make one thing clear. I've called this meeting to put an end to all the bullshit around here, not as some kind of 'leader of boys' - whatever the fuck that means - but as your friend. Darius is fond of calling us a 'band of brothers' and that's what we are. We have to protect each other, not attack each other. And we have to make our masters proud."

"And - get this straight - there are no leaders. We're all bosses of our own turf - the twins in the kitchen, Pablo and Ben in the motor pool and so on. But in this group we are all equal."

"Even me, sir?" Eddie said uncertainly.

"Especially you, Eddie. In fact you're more equal than any of us." He hesitated and blinked, confused about what he had just said.

"Thank you, sir," Eddie beamed, "I know what you mean."

"Good," said Jamie (because he sure didn't - well, sort of). "And that leads me to another thing kiddo. There's no reason in the world you have to call any of us 'sir'. The only guys we address as sir are our masters. You, Eddie, are a full member of this group, a great one - hell, if anything we should be calling you sir."

Eddie blushed red and said, "Thank you, sir .... er, Jamie. Hey, that sounds cool."

That lifted the tension and they all cheered and clapped him on the back. "Right," Jamie said when they all quieted down. I've almost finished and then I'll go back to being just one of the dudes like all of you. Now, when one of us is in trouble you know the drill - we circle the wagons and take care of each other. So now we'll heal the breach and make love, not war. As I see it Pablo and Darius hurt each other and Ben hurt Eddie. So stand up, guys - you know what you have to do. You've just gotta decide who fucks who. And you other guys, feel free to join in when the mood takes you."

Ben came up to Eddie and hugged him. "I'm sorry about that stuff I said to you, dude. You know I love you .... and now, to make things right, I want you to fuck my ass." Eddie beamed. "I always wondered what that would be like, sir - er, Ben." "Well now's the time to find out," said Ben, dropping his pants.

Darius looked at Pablo and said, "Dude, you know I didn't mean all that bullshit about your ass. It's still the finest ass on the planet. In fact, over at Zack's I kept on jacking off thinking about it."

"You did?" Pablo gave his crooked grin. "And all the time I was spilling my load thinking about that ten inches of yours. What I said about it earlier was a bunch of crap. Man, I want it bad."

Darius grinned, "OK, well I guess that settles who's gonna fuck who. On the ground, boy."

Back in the pergola Bob and Mark were dazzled, gazing at each other in disbelief. "Wow," Bob said, "that boy of yours is something else. A great little speech. Now that is leadership. He'd make a great cop - almost as good as you, officer."

Mark had tears of pride in his eyes. He could hardly contain his admiration or wait to give his reward to his naked man-boy. But for now it was the boys' scene and Mark said to Bob. "What do you say, buddy? Time to make our appearance, I think."

"Right there with you, officer. Lead the way."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 205


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