Eddie gasped, "Did I do it sir. Can I be your boy?" The Marine Captain threw his head back and roared with laughter. "You're my boy, kiddo - even if I have to chain you to the wall to prove it."

Hassan and Eddie were lying naked in the dirt outside his house, their bodies smothered in dirt, sweat and jism. They had started out doing the mundane chore of gardening but they soon got sidetracked into wild fantasy sex. Turned on by the filthy condition of his boy, Hassan had taken him into an imaginary world where he was worked over by a bunch of greasy Marines in the motor pool. They held him down while their captain, Hassan, fucked the young prisoner then threatened to carry him away to his house in the hills and chain him to the wall as his sex slave.

When the fantasy ended they rolled over and over in the dirt, master and boy, laughing with the joy of sharing something wild and raging hot. When at last their energy was exhausted Hassan knelt over the elated boy and stared at his face, covered in dirt, sweat and semen. "Damn you're filthy, kiddo. Didn't you say you have a party to go to? We gotta get you cleaned up." Don't want you to let the side down. You are my boy, after all."


The party Hassan referred to was being given by Brandon, mostly for Eddie's benefit. The twins, who seemed to know everything about the group, had earlier explained the situation to Bob.

"See, Eddie used to be Brandon's best friend. Well now Brandon's gone up in the world - he's Mario's boyfriend, has a great job with Jamie, and he's real close with Randy and Pablo - so Eddie's feeling a bit left out. I mean, Eddie's real happy with his boyfriend Ben, and of course he's over the moon at being Hassan's boy. Brandon's still friendly but it's not the same as it was when Eddie first met Brandon and brought him into the group. So we dropped a few hints and Brandon has invited Eddie and Ben up to his apartment for dinner, Mario too of course."

Eddie had spent the previous night at Hassan's house, and the day too when they got down and dirty in their grubby Marine sex fantasy. Which is how they came to be rolling in the earth together until Hassan reminded Eddie of the party.

After they had showered together and Eddie was drying off, Hassan threw him a new brown Polo shirt he had bought for him. "Present for you, kid ..... matches your eyes." He watched him pull it on, then his shorts and sneakers, and Eddie stood to attention, presenting himself for his master's approval.

"Good enough to eat, kiddo. Shit damn, that was fucking great sex. I'm gonna miss you, kiddo. So listen, I got some work to do on my jeep, fix an oil leak, but when I'm done do you still want me to drop by Brandon's place after dinner ... kinda crash your party?

Eddie's eyes gleamed. "Yes please, sir, would you? The guys would really get off on that. Though there will be four of us and we can get pretty rowdy. Think you can handle that?"

Hassan laughed. "Don't worry about me, kid. I can get pretty rowdy too ... as you just found out." He took his boy in his arms and hugged him. "Thank you, sir," Eddy said. "That was the best sex ever. I love you so much, sir." The mischievous smile was back. "And you really can chain me up if you want to."

"Be careful what you wish for, kiddo. Now get your ass outa here." Hassan watched affectionately as Eddie scampered up the hill to his truck. He grinned and said to himself, "Four rowdy ones, eh? Shit, can't be worse than a locker room full of Marines."


As he drove home down the hill Eddie was bristling with excitement, bursting to tell the boys about his latest fantasy with Hassan. He ran into the house and straight up to Ben's room where he was trying on clothes. "What d'ya think dude? Casual or formal?" Ben held out a tank top in one hand and blue T-shirt in the other - Ben's definition of casual and formal - just like his big brother Randy. "You're all dressed up, Eddie - never seen that fancy shirt before."

"It's new," Eddie said - "present from Hassan. But, dude, you're never gonna guess what me and him did - well, what Hassan did to me. He took me on this epic Marine fantasy and..... No wait, I'll save it 'til we're up at Brandon's so I can tell you all together."

"No, dude, tell me now," Ben pleaded, his eyes wide with curiosity. "Did he fuck you?"

Eddie shrugged impatiently. "Well of course he fucked me, he always does. But it was the stuff he said to me that made it so awesome .... No, I said I'd save it for Brandon and Mario too, so get a move on." He pointed to Ben's left hand. "The blue T-shirt - it'll match your eyes. Hey, that's just what Hassan said to me." He watched as Ben pulled on the shirt. "Wow, that looks real cool on you, man. Nice and tight - shows off that hot body of yours and, like I said, matches your baby blues. Dude, I always get a boner looking at you."

"Like this one?" Ben grinned. He unbuttoned his shorts and his stiff dick shot out. "Can't go out of the house like this, man."

"OK, OK," Eddie huffed. "We're already late but this won't take long." He dropped to his knees and meter-of-factly sucked Ben's cock into his mouth like it was a routine household chore. Which it was, actually and, as Eddie said, it didn't take long. For as often as Ben got his dick sucked by him, Eddie was such an expert that it always felt like the first time. He cupped Ben's balls in one hand and squeezed the base of his scrotum with the other hand, like a cock ring.

"Oh man," Ben breathed, wrapping his hands round Eddie's head and pulling him closer and faster onto his cock, burying his face in his black pubic hair. Eddie worked his magic, squeezing and releasing his throat muscles round the cock as it pulsed and as he squeezed and pulled on the scrotum. Ben had one time told Eddie it was like milking a cow, which had pissed him off. In any case it wasn't milk that spurted out ... something much more to Eddie's taste - jism. As Ben moaned in euphoria and blasted cum Eddie swallowed hard enjoying the familiar taste of his boyfriend's warm juice.

Holding much of it in his mouth he stood up and they clamped their mouths together, completing the well-worn ritual by sharing Ben's semen. Ben pushed his cock back in his shorts and folded his arms round Eddie. Ben had been taught the technique of hugging by an expert, his brother Randy, and now pressed himself hard against Eddie and flexed his body so Eddie was aware of every rippling muscle under Ben's shirt - not to mention the shape of his cock in his shorts.

Their faces were inches apart and they looked into each other's sparkling eyes. Ben said, "I love you, dude. You're awesome and you give amazing head. Show me how much you love me." Eddie gazed into the dark gypsy face with the startling blue eyes, high cheek bones and long black hair - a junior version of Randy. He felt Ben's body and his crotch pressing against him ... and Eddie lost it. Lost his load, that is, as his cock erupted in his shorts.

"Shit," he said, pulling away and looking down at the stain spreading quickly over his crotch. "These shorts were clean on today and all my others are in the dirty laundry. And we're running so late. Gotta clean up. He headed for the bathroom, but caught himself, came back and kissed Ben on the lips. "I love you too, Ben. You're such a stud, a gypsy like your old man, and such a perfect cock. And when we hit the sack later I'm gonna fuck your sweet ass. Or maybe you can fuck me. Maybe both. Whatever - right now I gotta get rid of this stain."

In the bathroom he ran a cloth under the hot tap and rubbed at the cum stain. But that only made it worse - bigger. "Shit," he said, then shrugged. "Oh well, can't be helped, we're so late. Maybe they won't notice.

Those guys - not notice a monster cum stain? Was he kidding?"


Of course they noticed. As soon as Eddie and Ben burst through the door of Brandon's apartment Mario and Brandon came out of the kitchen and their eyes went laser-like straight to Eddie's crotch. "I can see why you're late, amico" Mario grinned. "You pissed your pants?"

"Either that," Brandon added, "or - could it be... say it isn't so ... could it possibly be ... jism?"

Eddie bristled. "Well I sure as hell didn't piss in my pants," he said angrily. They stared at him for a moment, then his eyes crinkled into a smile and everyone burst into raucous laughter. And that set the tone for the evening. Brandon reached up from his wheelchair and Eddie bent down to give him a long hug. "Great to see you, dude," Eddie whispered. "I've missed you." He stood up and joined in the hug Ben was giving Mario. Then Ben dropped to his knees beside Brandon and gave him a hot, opened mouthed kiss, tongues and all.

Brandon's cock got hard and he said, "Hey, careful, Ben, or I'll end up with a piss stain as big as Eddie's"

"It's not piss!" Eddie protested. He grinned at Brandon and murmured, "Asshole - yeah, I've missed you alright."

Ben was jumping up and down and blurted out, "Guys, Eddie's got this incredible story about him and his hunky Marine. He said he'd spill the beans when ...."

"OK, OK," Mario smiled, "but first things first. Let Brandon and me make sure everything's - how you say - hunky-dory in the kitchen, then we'll have some wine before dinner and listen to Eddie's big 'avventura'."

Mario had a certain air of authority among the boys if only for his air of European sophistication. He was dressed casually but stylishly in Italian-cut tan slacks and Benassi slide sandals, and a black Polo shirt that hugged the contours of his torso and highlighted his classic good looks with his tousled black hair. Brandon, who these days tried to match his lover, was in beige shorts and a black V-neck T-shirt with the words 'Hot Wheels' printed cross the chest.

As usually happens when a group of friends get together they all gathered in the kitchen where Brandon busied himself reaching for the pull-down shelves Randy had installed. He selected a few herbs and sprinkled them on the casserole simmering on the stove, filling the small kitchen with enticing aromas that made Eddie say, "Dude, that smells awesome - when we gonna eat?

"After drinks ... and this," Brandon said with a grin and a flourish. "Antipasti." He stole a glance at Mario to make sure he had got it right, then pulled a big tray from the fridge containing appetizers that he had prepared earlier. He put it on his wheelchair tray table, then pulled from the fridge a bottle of white wine and grabbed four glasses and a corkscrew.

The way he whirled round the kitchen in his wheelchair was impressive, though the boys had got so used to it that, despite the 'Hot Wheels' shirt, they barely noticed his wheelchair anymore - just his expertise in the kitchen. He had learned much of this from Mario who watched from a discreet distance. Mario knew this dinner was important to Brandon, mostly to make amends to his friend Eddie for having neglected him, but also to flaunt his newly acquired culinary skills.

Mario had also learned the importance of not offering too much assistance, of not hovering and doing things for him. Mario felt that they were equals and it was important that Brandon felt that too, despite their differences in style. The other thing Mario realized was that Eddie was bursting to tell his story so he followed Brandon into the living room and watched him set everything on the low table in front of the couch.

Brandon handed the bottle to Mario and said, "Here, Mario, you were the waiter ... you open it." Mario did so with professional grace and Brandon grinned, "Watch this, guys." Mario poured a little in Brandon's glass and stood back. Brandon swirled it around in his glass, held it up to the light, then sniffed it. He took a sip, rolled it round in his mouth then swallowed. "Mmm," he said, closing his eyes. "Fruity ... but with a hint of musk if I'm not mistaken."

"What does that mean?" asked Ben wide-eyed" "He don't have a clue," Eddie said, and once again the group fell about laughing. "You don't get it, guys," Brandon protested. "When Mario takes me to Milan I gotta know stuff like that." Mario quickly poured all four glasses and sat down. They took a drink and silence descended, all eyes trained on Eddie.

"OK," said Eddie wide-eyed, hamming it up. "Picture it. Here I am lying naked on the earth, smothered in dirt, and Hassan says he likes working on dirty boys. He asks me, 'You like it dirty, do you, boy? You'd sure get off on me and my Marine buddies when we're working in the repair shed of the motor pool.' He says they get real down and dirty there, stripped to the waist, their bodies covered in oil and grease, and I almost blew a wad when he said, 'A hot young buck like you shows up we'd strip him naked and work him over'. His buddies would hold me down to the floor while he fucks me."

"No way," said Ben, his eyes wide with excitement. "I bet they do stuff like that, too."

"Yeah but wait, it gets better," Eddie said, milking the moment for full drama. "See, we're now in this hot fantasy where he says that he's the captain of the group (Hassan's a Marine Captain by the way) and he would throw me over his shoulder, take me up to his house and keep me prisoner, chained naked to the wall so he could fuck me and work me over whenever he wants."

"Dude, that is so hot," said Brandon, stroking the bulge in his shorts. "Do you think he'd really do it?"

"I guess he would if I got him good and mad." Eddie too was rubbing his crotch. "See, I wouldn't be his boy anymore, I'd be kinda like his sex slave. Picture it, guys, he'd leave me chained to the wall naked all day waiting for the hot Marine Captain to come through the door sweaty and horny. He'd strip off his uniform, whip me, work me over and end up fucking my ass with his huge schlong. Man, I can see it now, I can hear the clanging of the chains as the solider fucks me. I can feel his cock pounding my ass and .... Aaah ....."

Eddie blushed as he looked at the three boys staring at him enthralled. Then a grin spread over their faces as they lowered their eyes to the stain spreading over the bulge in his shorts. "Well," Eddie said defensively. "Just goes to show how hot Hassan is when I think about him. Imagine what it would be like if he actually did it."

"You'd be gushing a river," Mario smiled.

"Damn right." Eddie was regaining his bravado. "And you guys gotta admit one thing ... this here ain't piss - it's honest-to-god jizz."

Another gale of laughter followed until Eddie flapped his hands for silence. "And .... wait, listen up, guys .... Hassan said that, once he's finished working on his jeep fixing an oil leak, he might have time to drop by here after we've finished dinner." There were murmurs of reverential awe as Eddie looked round at them triumphantly, having delivered the best news of all.

"In the meantime," said Mario, "Brandon and I have got to put the finishing touches to dinner. He went to the kitchen and, before he followed him, Brandon wheeled himself over to his big collection of porn videos. He looked them over, then pulled one out and threw it on Eddie's lap.

"Here dude, you and Ben amuse yourselves with this until dinner. As we're on the subject of Marines, this is a military fantasy where a bunch of Marines go on maneuvers and end up fucking each other. Except that, as I recall, the so-called Marines look more like a bunch of primping porn boys who can't act. They should have taken lessons from Hassan."


Dinner was a festive affair, though it began with a list of complaints from Eddie about the video. Brandon had been right about how bad it was. Eddie and Ben had played with their dicks, waiting for the money shot that never came. Eddie considered himself an expert on all things military and spoke authoritatively about stuff the movie got wrong. "Still, what d'ya expect from a bunch of porn stars who've never been inside a Marine camp like I have."

"And who've never been chained to the wall by a Marine Captain, either," Mario smiled. "You should have been a consultant on the movie ... and the fluffer. Hell, you'd have sucked those dicks hard in seconds."

"He's right, Eddie," Ben gushed. "Maybe you should apply for the job. You're a natural."

"Huh," Eddie huffed scathingly. "Why in hell would I wanna hang round a bunch of phonies who can't act and can't get it up, pretending to be Marines, when I've got the real thing in my bed?"

"OK, OK," Mario laughed. "Basta - enough about the movie. Tell you what, we'll all watch it after dinner and you can give us a frame by frame critique, Eddie."

During the meal Mario watched Eddie and Brandon carefully. He was well aware that Eddie had been feeling a bit shut out by his friend, especially as they had been so close when they first met. It was inevitable that Eddie would no longer have his exclusive attention as Brandon got familiar with all the other members of the tribe, had got a job with Jamie and the protection of Randy. Mario caught the glances they exchanged over dinner and thought he would nudge things along. They needed to spend a little time alone together.

"Hey, Brandon," Mario said, "I've just realized that we don't have any ice-cream to go with those berries you bought for dessert." He touched his fingers to his lips. "Perfect end to a meal - frutti di bosco e gelato - berries and ice-cream. Would you mind making a trip down to the grocery store and picking up some ice-cream while Ben and I clear away dinner?" He raised his eyebrows and glanced surreptitiously over at Eddie.

Brandon got the message right away and gave a quick smile of recognition. "Sure, good idea, amico. Eddie, you wanna come with? In case my wheels get stuck or something?" He frowned at his shorts. "But you can't go in those - people will think you can't stop creaming your shorts - which is true but we don't want them to know that. Here put on this old pair of mine."

Eddie jumped at the idea of spending a little time alone with his old friend. Even the simple act of putting on Brandon's shorts made him feel closer to him already. Brandon went out to his own truck, hauled himself into the driver's seat, expertly folded his wheelchair and tucked it behind the seat. It took all of thirty seconds and Eddie didn't even notice, which pleased Brandon.

As they took off down the hill they quickly fell into their old style easy chatter, mostly swapping stories about boyfriends. "Mario is so cool, Brandon said and he's taught me so much already."

"Yeah," Eddie deadpanned, "like wine-tasting." He imitated his voice - 'Fruity but with a hint of bullshit.' Sure sounded fruity to me."

"I was kidding, dude," Brandon laughed. "But seriously, Mario is talking about us going to Milan. I Googled it and it looks great but kinda classy so I gotta know how to behave."

At the grocery store they bought several flavors of ice-cream and stowed the bag in the back of the truck. As they pulled out of the parking lot Brandon said, "Look, Eddie, I wanna say sorry for getting kinda carried away with my new life and neglecting you. After all, if I'd never met you that day wheeling up the hill I'd never have ended up with a new family, new job and new Italian lover. I owe it all to you. But we're still good aren't we? I mean, you're still my best friend?"

Eddie leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "'Course we are, only I'm not sure about the 'best friend' thing. I mean best friends don't fuck do they?"

"Oh no?" Brandon grinned reaching over and grabbing Eddie's crotch, feeling his dick get hard in his shorts. "Nothing's changed in that department, kiddo .... least, I hope not."

"OK," Eddie said, "let's take it for a test drive." He reached over, unzipped Brandon's shorts and pulled out his cock that was already hard as a poker. "Just like old times," Eddie said. He shifted in his seat, leaned down and slid his mouth over Brandon's cock, taking it all the way in.

"Oooh yeah," Brandon sighed. "I remember that. Not something you forget in a hurry." He carried on driving, wobbling a little. He took one hand off the hand controls Pablo had installed for him, reached over and yanked open Eddie's shorts. His stiff cock sprang out and Brandon started to stroke it. By this time they were going up the twisting hill toward home and he suddenly swerved, almost ending up in a ditch. He pulled his hand off Eddy to grab the brake handle and said nervously, "Dude, this isn't working."

"You're right, kiddo," Eddie agreed. "And Randy, for one, wouldn't approve. He's real strict about that. You know what he always says - 'if you wanna suck dick, pull over'. And I wanna suck dick like we used to."

"Okey-dokey," said Brandon. He pulled the truck off the road under some trees in a dark stretch of the road with no houses. "It's too crowded in here, though. Come round here and give me a hand."

They were falling easily back into that old buddy thing where they were perfectly in sync. Eddie jumped out, ran round and lifted Brandon out in his arms. He carried him round to the back, unlatched the tailgate and lowered him gently onto the soft tarps spread over the flatbed. He jumped in, pulled off his own shirt and Brandon's. He lay beside him and grinned, "Just like old times, eh dude?" He pressed against him and they kissed more and more fervently as they rediscovered the youthful lust that had been dormant for a while between them.

"Oh man," sighed Brandon, pulling back, "I've missed that. Something else I missed too..."

"Me too, dude." Eddie spun round so he was lying head-to-toe with Brandon. He ripped open Brandon's shorts, pulled out his stiff cock and, with practiced efficiency, lowered his mouth over it until he was pressing his face in his friend's pubic hair. "Oh yeah," Brandon moaned. "God, I forgot how awesome you are at this." Eddie raised his head briefly and said, "Yeah, people always do - until the next time." Then he went back to giving him the best blow-job in town.

Brandon had to reciprocate. Sixty-nine-ing each other had always been one of their favorite, and most frequent, activities. He pulled open Eddie's shorts, his cock sprang out and Brandon licked the pre-cum already oozing from it. He licked the head and sucked it lightly, teasing Eddie, holding back from going down on him the whole way. Eddie, his mouth full of cock, was mumbling frantically but unintelligibly something Brandon took to mean, "Suck it, dude, suck."

"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to speak with your mouth full?" Brandon said. "I should get Mario to give you etiquette lessons." Eddie moaned even more desperately into the gag of the cock so Brandon relented and slid his mouth all the way down his friend's pulsing rod.

Brandon quickly matched Eddie's rhythm. They were good at this, giving each other exactly the same sensation as they were getting so it almost felt like sucking their own dick. So, as Brandon paused at the head of Eddie's cock and his lips pressed round the hard rim of the corona, Eddie did the same to him. Then, in perfect sync, they sank slowly down the whole length and squeezed their throat muscles tight. They sensed when the other was about to cum and instantly relaxed until they felt the cock stop shuddering. Then they began again.

And so it went for a long time, on the flatbed of the truck, under the trees in the dark, two best friends getting reacquainted, with the best twin blow-jobs ever. Brandon had learned this technique from Eddie when they first met and now all those lessons paid off in a perfect union of mouth and cock.

When their sides started to ache they rolled across the flatbed from side to side, still sucking and moaning in ecstasy. When they stopped Eddie was on top. He pressed his hands on the floor beside Brandon's head, his arms rigid, raised himself onto his feet, his body arched above his friend, and started to do pushups. His face rose and fell on Brandon's cock while his hips moved up and down as he lowered his own cock into Brandon's mouth.

Now, with control of both his mouth and his cock Eddie's expertise reached its peak as he rose and lowered his taught body. He fine-tuned his rhythm, bringing them both to the brink of orgasm, then slowing down and driving them both wild - arousing them to exactly the same pitch of intensity. Gym-trained by Hassan, Eddie could do infinite pushups, as he did now. They ended only when Brandon used his upper-body strength to push him off.

Without breaking their rhythm Eddie rolled underneath Brandon. But Brandon, of course could not raise up on his feet and do as Eddie had done ... so Eddie did it for him. He grabbed Brandon's waist and pushed his body up and down, controlling the rhythm as they continued to feast on each other's cocks.

But even this marathon bow-job had to come to an end, and they naturally reached their climax simultaneously. Eddie was on top again and he pulled off Brandon's cock and grinned back over his shoulder. "You ready, dude?" Brandon nodded eagerly, making his face pump Eddie's cock even faster. Eddie sucked faster too and it only took seconds. They could have cum a hundred times already - but now they did as Eddie fell on top of Brandon for the last time.

They moaned loudly, their faces buried in the other's pubic hair. Their cocks shuddered .... and erupted in an outpouring of cum that had been building right from the start. They gulped frantically, swallowing the other boy's cum in a frenzied reaffirmation of their friendship. Eddie suddenly pushed himself up, pulling his face off Brandon's dick and Brandon's off him. But they were still cumming, splashing jism into each other's face.

At last Eddie rolled onto his back, turned round face to face and they kissed, their cum blending together in their mouths as they sputtered with laughter. Again they hugged and rolled over and over in the truck. Eddie was aware of rolling over something soft but barely felt it as they were so engrossed in their boisterous play. Nor did they hear the engine shut off close by, but they sure as hell saw the bright light flashing in their faces and heard the deep voice. "Freeze."


Even this shock could not dispel their high spirits completely, though they were suddenly scared as they blinked into the light and vaguely made out the tall shape looming behind it. "Don't make a move .... keep your hands where I can see them." With difficulty as they lay together they both raised their hands halfway up. At last the light swung away from their faces and played over the flatbed checking the contents.

The boys could see now that it was, of course, a cop, his face hidden behind his motorcycle helmet. "Busted," Eddie whispered to Brandon, gripping his hand in the air. The cop slowly unbuckled his helmet and pulled it off. As he did so their fear drained away. It was Mark.

But he wasn't smiling. Grim-faced he said, "What the fuck were you boys doing?" They looked up at him guiltily with cum oozing from their mouths and running down their chins."

"Sucking cock, sir," Eddie said, stating the obvious, with a trace of his impish smile.

"See, sir," Brandon chimed in, "we hadn't seen much of each other lately so we thought we'd get kinda reacquainted ...."

"...half naked in a truck by the side of a public road," Mark said. "Haven't we guys drummed into you boys how dangerous it is to have sex in public?"

"Well sir," Eddie said, "Randy always says not to suck and drive and 'if you wanna suck dick, pull over', so we did."

"Yeah, well, the no driving while sucking bit is right, anyway."

"But sir," Brandon said frowning in thought, "how cum Jamie told me of the time he sucked your dick while you were driving up the coast?"

"Enough," Mark snapped, suddenly feeling he was swimming out of his depth. While he gathered his thoughts he shone his light in the truck again and saw something white oozing out from under Eddie. "Holy shit, Hassan always says you shoot a big load, boy - is that what I think it is - cum?" Eddie touched the liquid beneath him and licked his fingers.

"No, sir - it's vanilla."

Mark felt he was losing control of the situation as Brandon explained, "See, we're having a dinner party, sir, and we went to the store for ice scream, but we kinda got sidetracked on the way back. We were rolling over in the truck while we ... you know ... sucked dick and all ... and Eddie must've rolled over one of the ice-cream tubs. The vanilla, unfortunately .... my favorite."

By now Mark was having difficulty stifling a grin. "Now listen," he said, keeping a straight face. "I'm gonna let you off with a warning this time but next time I catch you having sex in public I'll throw your asses in jail."

"And chain us to the wall?" Eddie's eyes gleamed, that image still in his mind...


"Nothing, sir. Sorry, sir."

"OK, I won't report this to Hassan, Eddie, but you will and take whatever punishment he decides. In the meantime you can get back to your party, but for god's sake put on some clean shorts, Eddie. Those are covered in cum stains."

"But these are my clean ones sir - or the ones Brandon lent me. The others were ...."

"... covered in cum stains," added Brandon helpfully. "You know Eddie, sir, he could bust a load looking at ... at Donald Duck."

"Hey," Eddie protested, "the guy has no pants on, just his sailor jacket. You gotta admit that's a pretty hot look ... even on a duck."

"I said that's enough! Forget the duck. Jesus Christ, now I see why Hassan calls you his little gusher. OK, get the hell back to your party, and go straight there - no more getting sidetracked. Here let me help you, Brandon." He scooped Brandon up in his arms and carried him round to the driver's door. Unfortunately his cock was still out of his shorts and as he looked up at the gorgeous cop it rose up to full mast.

"Hell, you boys just don't quit do you?" Mark lowered Brandon into the driver's seat behind his special hand controls. He looked down at the rock hard cock, then smiled affectionately at the eager face and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "Thanks for the compliment, kid." He put on his helmet, swung his leg over his bike and roared away.

Mark made many traffic stops in the course of his day and he was always the authority figure. But as he drew up at his house he grinned to himself, with the distinct impression that his authority this time had been highjacked by a couple of kids with cum on their faces.


"Where the hell have you been?" Ben asked. "It takes this long to buy ice-cream?"

"Dudes," Eddie gushed, "you will never believe what happened to us." Brandon, the calmer of the two, told the whole story, ending in a rush, "So here's the ice-cream, dudes. A choice of flavors - no vanilla."

Mario quickly set out bowls of mixed berries and ice-cream as Brandon chattered on. But the serious look on Mario's face brought him to a halt. "Sorry, Mario," Brandon said. "I shouldn't have had sex with Eddie."

"I have no problem with that," Mario said, "it's great that you two got together. But not in an open truck - in public. What if the cop hadn't been Mark? I'd be bailing your ass out of jail right now."

"But it was," said Eddie, "and boy is that man gorgeous or what? Hotter than hell in his uniform, too. 'Course, what makes him such a turn-on is that he's the real thing - same as Hassan. Not like those phony-baloney Marine wannabes in that porn movie. Let's take another look at it, dudes, and I'll tell you what I mean. Doesn't really go with berries and cream .... well come to think of it, it does - and this one's real vanilla.

Brandon put on the video again and as they watched Eddie gave his scathing commentary. "See what I mean? These guys are supposed to be Marines slogging through the desert? Yeah right - these boys are fresh out of makeup and wardrobe and slogging through the director's back yard. Look at those faces, not a drop of sweat, and those uniforms are brand new, straight from the army surplus store. All they're interested in is flexing their pecs."

Eddie was getting really stoked. "Guys, you should see Hassan like I have when he makes those recruitment videos. Shit he looks so hot in his filthy fatigues, his khaki tank top and muscle shirt smothered in dirt, his face and arms streaked with sweat and grease. He looks as if he's staggering straight out of a war zone. Man, let me tell you, there ain't a limp dick on that film set as everyone watches him.

"And he's shown me pictures of when he was a soldier in the Arabian Desert, and he looks just like that - big muscle-stud sweating in the hot sun, his black hair flopping over that spectacular face. Man, I'd be a rich dude if I had as many dimes as the number of times I've whacked off looking at that picture."

A somewhat skeptical silence greeted this excessive outpouring of praise for Eddie's Marine. Mario smiled and said gently, "I'm sure that's how you see him, Eddie, but always be careful not to get carried away. Exaggeration can get in the way of the truth and lead to disappointment." Ben and Brandon joined in the chorus of disbelief. "You worship the man, dude," Ben said, "so it's natural you see him as some kind of god, but ...."

"But he is," Eddie howled with frustration. "You've always seen him cleaned up and respectable, but you should have seen him today - he looked exactly like that. Guys, I wish you could see him as I have I swear you'd cream your shorts just looking at him. Oh never mind, I....."

He was interrupted by a knock on the door. There was instant silence and Brandon looked through the peep hole as Mark had once told him he must. He looked back over his shoulder and winked at Eddie. He threw open the door .... and there was the iconic figure looming in the doorway. Hassan was exactly as Eddie had described him - in greasy old fatigues, his tank and muscle shirt streaked with dirt, with daubs of oil on his bare arms and face. His military dog tags hung in the cleft between his pecs bulging under his tank.

Despite his fierce image his chiseled, olive-skinned features broke into a gleaming smile. "Sorry I'm so late guys. My fucking jeep was worse than I thought and I had to crawl under it to plug the oil leak. By the time I was finished I was filthy, but I was running so late I thought I'd come right over and clean up here. That be OK?"

The boys were frozen to the spot in awe until Eddie ran up to him and fell into his arms. He looked over his shoulder at the boys with a mischievous and triumphant smile. "Told you so!"


It was hard for Eddie to let go until Hassan said, "Hey, I'm glad to see you too, kid, but do you think I could come into the house - unless it's a bad time - I can always go away and....."

"NO!!" The full-throated chorus from the boys rang round the room as Eddie dragged him into their midst. Mario stood up and shook Hassan's hand. "Maybe the signore would like a drink first before anything else?"

"Damn right." He grinned at the other boys. "That's European thinking for you, guys. First thing you do ... offer the man a drink. Got any Scotch?"

"We sure do, sir," said Brandon, wheeling himself into the kitchen and returning with a bottle of Black Label and a glass. He just assumed that a man like Hassan would take his Scotch neat.

Hassan sprawled in an armchair and relaxed while the boys gathered round and gazed in awe at the Marine captain who looked like he'd stepped straight out of a movie - and definitely not the one they had been watching. He oozed sex and masculinity, with his muscular body, his exotic slant-eyed Arab/Asia looks and jet black hair. As he knocked back his Scotch, the boys lost their inhibitions and were soon bombarding him with questions about the Marines, and especially about the years before that as an Arab soldier in the Middle Eastern desert.

He had been fighting the Americans at the time and couldn't avoid the subject of Mark, then an Army Corporal who had been captured and brought to him for interrogation. "Not something I'm proud of," he said, "but war is war and you follow orders. So I ripped off Mark's shirt and chained him to a set of iron bars, wearing just his combat fatigues and boots and a chain round his neck. Then I worked him over, torturing that gorgeous body every way I knew, even fucked his ass ordering him to cum until he submitted and blasted his load across the cell again and again."

He paused, revisiting the scene still vividly etched in his mind. "Man, as I watched that beautiful Greek God of a man suffer I couldn't help myself. I fell in love with him. I planned to sneak him out of the prison, take him to my house in the desert and chain him up so I could use him as my sex slave forever. But dammit he overpowered me and I ended up as the soldier getting his ass fucked on the floor of the cell."

He paused and took another drink. "Like I said, I'm not proud of that. Only thing I didn't do was torture him by fucking his buddies in front of him while he hung helplessly in chains. Our side did that sometimes - that always made the prisoner talk. We made the soldiers cum too to save their chained buddy from more punishment."

There was a long silence as Hassan drank more Scotch and the boys stared at him, their cocks pounding with lust in their pants. Right now any one of them would have traded places with Mark that day - in their fantasies at least. "Shit," Hassan said, "talking about all that has given me a goddamn hard-on under these fatigues." He stood up and took off his shirt, leaving his tank top stretched tight over the sculpted muscles of his chest. "Time I got in the shower."

A ripple went through the boys and Mario spoke for them. "Please don't, sir."

Hassan looked down at them and a new, harsher expression spread over his face. Eddie, unable to control himself blurted out, "Sir, we don't want you to clean up. We want you to .... I mean, you have to ....."

"I don't have to do anything, boy," Hassan said angrily. "No punk like you tells a Marine what he has to do. You're already in line for punishment, boy, from the time you busted your load in my face. No one does that to this Marine Captain without getting disciplined and you've just stepped way over the line so there's no time like now." The boys cowered in fear at this sudden dark change of mood. "What's that?" Hassan pointed to ropes and wrist restraints hanging from a ceiling beam.

Brandon blushed and cleared his throat nervously. "Sir, they're what I use sometimes to get my rocks off. One of the guys puts his hands through the restraints and I jack off looking at him all tied up - like a prisoner fantasy, sir. Sounds kinda stupid when you say it but it's really...."

"Enough! You, boy," pointing at Eddie. "Come here." Eddie leapt from his chair and stood to attention. Hassan pushed him roughly under the beam, pulled up his arms one by one, and buckled the restraints round his wrists. Eddie was still shirtless after sex with Brandon in the truck, and now Hassan ripped open his shorts and they fell round his ankles.

Hassan stepped back and ran an approving eye over the naked boy, his lithe young body stretched upward, his arms straining in a V up to the ropes. "Yeah, boy, I'm gonna enjoy this. Man, I'm gonna torture that body like I used to do in the desert ... fuck it, whip it, make you beg for release." He yanked open his fatigues and pulled out his massive, iron-hard cock. "See this club, boy? It's gonna jackhammer that ass 'til you scream for mercy."

He walked behind him, spat on his cock and plunged it deep inside Eddie's ass, making him howl in pain. This was harder than ever before and he tugged at the ropes. Realizing he was helpless he suddenly became the boy of his fantasy, carried off by the tough Marine Captain, chained up and fucked like a sex slave.

As he felt the the huge shaft pile-driving his ass again and again he gritted his teeth. He flashed on the image of Mark getting tortured and fucked by the Arab soldier, his muscular body writhing in pain. Mark would have held out as long as he could but even he would have finally given in. Eddie heard him scream "aaagh ... I submit", saw his muscles flex and imagined his cock blasting a stream of cum across the prison cell.

Eddie slumped in the ropes, realizing that it was he who had cum as the Arab pounded his ass. "We're not finished, boy. I said I'd rip your ass open." Instead of slowing down, his cock pistoned inside the boy harder and harder as Eddie's face winced in pain.

"No, sir. Please stop ... please don't hurt him. He's my buddy, sir." The plaintive voice came from Ben who, less experienced than the others, had a problem seeing this as a fantasy. To him it was painfully real. Instantly Hassan pulled his dick out of Eddie's ass and came round to face the other three, his tank stained with sweat, clinging to his torso, his cock swinging between his legs dripping cum.

"So you're this punk's buddies, eh? Well ain't that just perfect. Maybe you can save from him more punishment at that." Hassan reached behind neck and slowly pulled off his khaki tank. They gasped as he towered over them stripped to the waist, legs astride, his gleaming muscles pumped after fucking his boy. The vision was pornographic and they all lusted for him.

"OK, all of you, strip naked." They obeyed instantly. Brandon was already shirtless and had only to wriggle out of his shorts.

"Oh yeah, really fine. Now all you punks have to do to save your buddy here is submit to me and shoot your load, just like the boy just did here, and just like Mark did all those years ago." Hassan looked straight at Ben. "Right, since you sounded so eager, boy, you're first."

Without prompting, Ben slid off the couch and lay on his back on the floor. There was still a part of him that wanted to save Eddie but a much bigger part that wanted to submit to the macho soldier. Brandon reached under the couch, pulled out a tub of lube that he used for jerking off, and slid it across the floor. Hassan sank to his knees, focused on Ben's blue eyes, so like his brother's, and said, "Yeah, the little gypsy boy's gonna get his ass fucked by the muscle-stud Marine. That what you want, boy? You wanna save your buddy?"

"Yes please, sir," said Ben quietly, feeling pre-cum already oozing from his cock. He grabbed behind his knees and pulled his legs up, exposing his butt. "Man, that looks hot," Hassan said, "that curly black hair round your hole." He dipped his fingers in the lube and pushed them gently into the hole, greasing it up. Then he eased his thick cock into the young gypsy's ass and pushed it all the way down his chute.

"No!" Eddie shouted, struggling to free himself as he watched his lover take his punishment for him, just as those soldiers in the desert had.

Ben shuddered and looked up at the bare-chested muscle-god, at the exotic features, the slanted dark eyes boring into his. Eddie had described so many times what it was like getting fucked by the rugged Marine .... but Ben now knew that the real thing was even better than the description. He also knew he couldn't hold out. All it took was Hassan's cock moving in and out a few times, then drops of sweat falling from the rugged face onto his and he was lost.

"Aaah - aaah - aaah.... I'm cumming, sir, you're making me cum .... I submit sir ... aaagh!"

A ribbon of cum spurted from his cock and splashed onto his chest and face. His heart was pounding as Hassan leaned forward, grabbed his head, pulled it toward him and ground their mouths together. Ben felt his tongue probing hard, inhaled the tangy smell of whiskey on his breath .... and shot another load.

Hassan pulled back, eased his cock out and stared at Ben with the hint of of a smile. "You did good, boy. OK, next! You, boy, take his place." Ben scrambled to his feet and Brandon slid out of his wheelchair onto the floor. Hassan hooked the boy's legs over his shoulders and lubed up his ass. "You think you're up to this, boy - think you can take this club up your ass?" His thick cock was still pulsing hard as he had not cum yet in either Eddie or Ben.

"Yes sir," Brandon said defiantly, "I'm even tougher than my buddies."

"Yeah, I bet you are. OK let's see how long you can take this without submitting." Brandon was tough and Hassan knew it from all the stories he had heard about his courage, but the boy was no match for Hassan. It wasn't so much the feel of the cock pounding his ass but the homoerotic vision of the bare-chested Marine staring down at him, his exotic features gleaming with a sheen of sweat, his powerful muscles flexing as he fucked.

Brandon held out for some time but was inevitably overwhelmed by the rugged soldier and the ramrod driving in his ass. "Sir, I .... I think I gotta .... I think I'm gonna .... I gotta cum, sir. Please, sir .... I submit." His cock erupted and he, like Ben, was instantly covered with warm sperm. "You're tough, boy," Hassan said, "but nobody beats this Marine. OK, the Italian next."

Mario helped Brandon back into his wheelchair then took his place on the floor gazing up at the sweating soldier. Mario's status with the masters was somewhat ambivalent. His European poise and worldliness left him outside the master/boy hierarchy and he himself avoided labels like 'master' and 'boy'. So he ended up somewhere between the two. But that didn't matter to Hassan. All he saw was a stunningly beautiful young man with a perfect physique and a classically handsome face with curly black hair.

He stared down at him. "I once interrogated an Italian just like you. He was part of the U.N, forces in the Middle East but he was captured and handed over to me. I had to do my job and work him over, but he was so fucking beautiful what I really wanted to do was make love to him. He was the only prisoner, except for Mark, that I wanted to take to my home and own him. I never did get to fuck his ass .... so I'll do it now."

This was not a submission fuck like the others. Hassan normally had little direct contact with Mario on a daily basis but had often watched him working shirtless in the garden in his old baggy pants and a couple of times had even jacked off watching him. Now here he was, naked on the ground, yielding to him ... and looking so incredibly beautiful. Mario smiled at him and a fleeting recognition passed between them. Hassan slid his cock gently into his ass, careful not to hurt him, but Mario breathed, "Harder, sir ... I want you so much ... harder, please."

So Hassan's cock became a piston in the young Italian's ass and Mario's head thrashed from side to side in ecstasy. "God, you're beautiful," Hasan breathed. 'I love fucking you, man." Mario smiled at him. "Me too, but we better give them what they want.... Aaah! ... you're hurting me, sir .... I can't take any more ... OK, I give up ... mi presento, padrone ... I submit sir." He grabbed his cock, pointed it up at Hassan .... and blasted a stream of cum up high so it splashed on Hassan's face and chest.

Hassan fell forward and pressed his face against Mario's. "Bastard," Hassan whispered in his ear. "We gotta do this again, Mario." Mario smiled at him, "I agree, signore ... soon."

They were saved from any further indiscretions by a loud cry from Eddie. "No more .... get the son-of-a- bitch. Grab him!" While Hassan and Mario had been so engrossed with each other Ben had crept over to Eddie, still determined to save his boyfriend, and set him free. Eddie yelled, "Remember, guys, how Mark got free and turned the tables on his jailer? Now's our chance to do the same. Give me a hand here."

Mario snuck a grin at Hassan and helped Eddie pull him to his feet and drag him over to the beam where they attached his wrists to restraints at the end of the ropes. His cock was still hanging out if his fatigues and Eddie unbuckled his belt and let the pants drop so they pooled round his combat boots. All four boys gazed in awe at the naked Marine Captain, his magnificent body stretched upward and bound helplessly. His muscles rippled as he writhed and thrashed, struggling to get free. "You mother-fuckers," he yelled. "Wait 'til I get free, I'll fucking kill you ..."

"Not this time," Eddie said, dipping his fingers in the lube and greasing up his dick. "This time the big stud Marine is gonna get his ass ploughed." He went behind Hassan, pressed his cock between the hard cheeks of his ass and pushed it all the way in.

"Aaagh," the soldier screamed, tugging uselessly against the ropes. His handsome face grimaced in pain as his boy pounded his ass. The other three boys had never seen anything like this, the tough alpha male, the muscular Marine, always the top man, getting his ass hammered by his own boy. Eddie yelled, "This is what Mark did to you - payback for the way you tortured his ass and made him shoot. It's your turn now, soldier, your turn to submit, to shoot your spunk across the room like you made me and Mark."

Hassan was surprised at how big Eddie's cock felt in his ass, surprised at the ferocity of his fuck. The boys were spellbound watching the Marine get his ass tortured, his rippling muscles streaming with sweat as Eddie pounded him harder and harder. Hassan had not cum since he got here but now, getting fucked by his boy, he couldn't hold back much longer. His body flexed as he yelled, "OK, OK, I give up .... I give up .... Aaagh!" All the pent-up juice that had built up in his balls now erupted and his huge cock blasted a long stream of jism across the room and slammed into the faces of the three boys watching as Eddie's cock exploded in his ass.

The boys lost all restraint and swarmed round the bound soldier, worked on his stretched body and took turns fucking him. Ben took Eddie's place and needed no prompting to ram his cock into the cum-slicked ass. The whole scene was unreal to him and he could hardly believe that he was actually fucking the ass of Hassan, the big Arab soldier who was one of the toughest masters in the tribe.

Mario and Eddie buried their faces in the damp, wiry black hair of Hassan's armpits. Then they licked his nipples and bit them, while Brandon wheeled up in front of him, licked the cum still dripping from his cock, then took the whole shaft in his mouth making it hard again in seconds. They were all spurred on by the feeling of the Marine's muscular body writhing under them as he was assaulted from all sides, and got fucked by the young gypsy boy. He pulled desperately at his restraints and groaned, "Fuck you, you sons of bitches ... I'm gonna fucking kill you ...!!"

Ben felt his cock shudder, he yelled and busted his load in the Marine Captain's ass, his hot jizz mixing with Eddie's deep inside. While Brandon continued to work his mouth on the soldier's thick shaft, Mario took his turn.

He eased his cock slowly into Hassan's ass, pressed against him and breathed in his ear. "I'm sure I will get punished for this, sir - quite soon. But in the meantime ....." He grabbed the soldier's hips, drove his cock in deep and hammered his ass harder and longer than the other boys. He was determined to show him he was more than a boy, more of an equal, and Hassan was really groaning in pain when finally Mario yelled, "Yeah ..." and poured his cum into his ass.

The boys all stood back facing the shattered Marine Captain, his muscles stretched as he hung from the ropes, his handsome face hanging down in defeat. His magnificent body shuddered, streaked with oil and sweat as semen poured out of his ass and down his legs.

Brandon was in his wheelchair stroking his own cock now, but Eddie said, "Brandon, on the floor." Once again Brandon pulled himself from his chair onto his back, only this time his cock was standing erect as a pole and oozing pre-cum. Eddie and Ben reached up and released Hassan's wrists while Mario pulled off his boots and fatigues. His naked body slumped but the three boys caught him and dragged him over to Brandon. They positioned him astride the boy, then forced him down on his knees astride his chest.

Everyone knew that Hassan could easily have overcome them all but he was genuinely tired and let the boys have their way. Besides, he was getting off on it ... a lot ... and he wanted Brandon to get his fair share. Eddie and Mario held him under his arms while Ben pushed Brandon's rigid cock under his ass. Eddie grinned and nodded at Mario .... then they forced the naked Marine Captain down hard onto Brandon's cock, to the sound of both their screams. The boys pulled the big body up again and forced it back down onto Brandon's cock.

Brandon looked up at the massive soldier impaled on his cock, felt the heat in the cauldron of his ravaged ass and yelled, "I'm cumming ... I'm cumming." Hassan once more felt jism pouring deep in his ass and he shouted, "OK, OK I give up .... I submit .... I submit ... you win. And his cock erupted one last time, blasting a stream of cum straight into Brandon's open mouth. The boy swallowed hard several times, then let the cock fall from his mouth. He looked up at everyone, his eyes gleaming, and said, "Wow."

Hassan fell off him and the other three boys piled on, kissing him, licking his body, sucking up the cum and sweat and rubbing their cheeks against the patches of oil. But finally Hassan pushed his way to the surface and grinned, "OK, so how about that shower?"


Eddie showered with Hassan nervously, afraid he had taken the fantasy way too far, but Hassan grinned at him. "You are one hot young buck, you know, kid? Didn't think you had it in you. Damn you're good. I'm taking you back to my place now and boy am I ever gonna get even with you and that ass of yours. Might even chain you to the wall."

The other three also cleaned up and the party was over. Mario was staying the night with Brandon, and Hassan said he and Eddie would run Ben down to his master Jason's house for the night. Before they left, Hassan phoned Jason and then Randy to come clean to them about what he had done to Ben. They both had the same reaction - concern at first but then amusement and pride that Ben had ended up busting his load inside the Marine's ass.

"No problem," Hassan smiled at Ben as he shut off his phone. "OK guys. That was fucking amazing." He grinned at Mario. "But don't worry, the Marine's gonna get his revenge." Eddie and Ben left with Hassan, leaving Mario and Brandon to clean up the field of battle

At the house Randy hung up the phone and chuckled at the thought of his little brother fucking the Marine. He was in a really good mood as he was having late-night drinks with Bob and Mark and they were planning a trip. "We still got a lot to sort out, guys," he said, "and we haven't yet had any time alone together since we patched things up. So I think the lake's the place to go. It's so remote that we'll be left alone there to do what we have to do."

"Unless Ranger Pete shows up," Bob chuckled. "Don't forget, he turned up when you were there with Zack and then again when you took me up there."

Mark grinned, "Yeah, but Pete surely won't show up this time after the way you thrashed him at the house, Randy. He was real pissed. No way he'd put in an appearance this time."

""Who gives a shit?" Randy laughed. "Don't forget guys, there are three of us now. I'm damn sure the three of us together could handle the Ranger real good, no matter how pissed he is."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 237


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