A big new project began at the house under Randy's supervision. Brandon's recent hiring as Jamie's office assistant had prompted Randy to announce, "Bob, I've been thinking for a long time that it's fucking crazy that our firm's business is all run out of your home office, with just you and Jamie. No wonder you're overworked. So what I'm planning is to convert those sheds over there to a proper business office with four work stations, small kitchen, restroom, the works.

So Bob had worked up a budget for the project, the architect Lloyd had drawn up plans, and demolition of the old sheds was set for today. Work at the company's main construction sites was winding down for a couple of weeks until new contracts kicked in, after which they would be busier than ever.

So meanwhile Zack had agreed to co-manage this project with Randy, along with Zack's boy Darius, Randy's boy Pablo and his kid brother Ben, who all worked regularly on the construction crew. They also brought in a couple of regular young crew guys to help out.

The sudden burst of activity was watched keenly by four pair of eyes from the boys' room upstairs - the two houseboys Nate and Eddie, the Italian gardener Mario, and the newcomer Brandon sitting enthralled in his wheelchair. "Hey, dudes, I could watch this all day," said Eddie, his eyes wide with fascination.

It was quite a sight. Randy always worked in grubby cargo pants, boots and a tank top that he usually pulled off to wipe his face when he started to sweat, exposing his bodybuilder physique. The black leatherman Zack always worked stripped to the waist in black jeans and boots, his ebony muscles gleaming in the sun. The three boys, as always, copied the men and worked shirtless too.

As they set about ripping apart the old sheds the four boys upstairs watched from the window and instinctively, in unison, moved their hands down to the growing bulges in their shorts. Like Eddie, they could all have watched and jerked off all day. But duty called. "Come on, Eddie," said Nate, who was actually his boss. "The house won't clean itself and all this construction's gonna make it dirtier than ever. We're gonna have our work cut out."

Reluctantly Eddie allowed himself to be pulled away from the window and Brandon sighed, "I gotta go to work too, Mario." The very words sounded good to him after his years of handicapped immobility. "I'd like to watch those guys all day too but it's probably best that I don't after Doctor Steve set me that homework assignment.

"Our therapy session was intense, dude, especially when Steve and Lloyd demonstrated how two hot guys make love." He paused, visualizing it. "Anyway, at the end he gave me this homework. See, Steve says I'm borderline sexually compulsive, the way I jack off all the time, so he wants me to concentrate on relationships rather than just fucking. His idea is for me to watch couples making love in their own way, and I'll realize that, even if the sex is hot, even rough, love is at the root of it. He wants me to watch without jacking off too much.

"Actually he made me think me of you, Mario, and the way you hold yourself back and don't fuck until you have some kind of relationship with a guy." Brandon blushed slightly at this personal reference to a man he was dying to make love to. "Anyway, Steve asked for my permission to let him spread the word through Bob so the other guys will know what I'm doing. I said fine, I want the guys to know all about me."

"Si," Mario said, "the word is already out. It seems Bob mentioned it to Darius and his motor-mouth took care of the rest. But don't worry, my sense is that the guys have no problem letting you take a peek at their love-making." He grinned "When it comes to sex most of them at heart are - how do you say - narcisista?" But first things first. You don't want to be late for work. Let me help you up to the office."

Mario eased Brandon downstairs in his wheelchair and they paused as they crossed the lawn, getting a closer look at the feverish activity around the sheds, with hot, macho men and boys flexing their muscles as they tore at the wooden planks. "Enough," Mario smiled. "I can see I will have to help you with your homework and shield you from masturbatory images like this."

Brandon curbed his impulse to mention that Mario himself was a major masturbatory image.

Mario pulled Brandon and his chair backwards up the stairs to the office, and said to Jamie, "One handsome young boy reporting for duty, sir." Jamie grinned, "Which one of you are you referring to, buddy?" Mario backed off. "Not me. I have to go down and make sure Randy is not tearing up all my landscaping." He took off down the stairs.

Jamie grinned, "Did you sleep well, Brandon - with Mario?"

"A little too well, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah .... Mario is a lot more restrained than he used to be, which makes it all the better when he finally releases the brakes ... you'll see. But enough of that. Check this out kiddo - it's a list of all the building supplies Randy has ordered for the job downstairs and they'll be delivered starting today.

"The way it works is the warehouse foreman checks them out of inventory and enters them into the computer. We pull up the list in our database and check them off as they come in. Randy has asked for you to be the onsite guy who physically makes sure that the correct supplies are unloaded. Take your laptop with you - and here, I got you this." He clipped a swivel tabletop to the arm of his wheelchair to rest his laptop on. "There, your own little desk."

Brandon was puzzled. "Why did Randy ask for me?"

"Dunno, but it's quite a compliment as it's an important job. Me, I prefer to stay out of Randy's way 'coz he's always a real bear at the start of a new job like this - has a lot on his shoulders. I already heard him arguing with the architect Lloyd, and I'm sure Mario's getting an earful."

"Brandon! Get you fucking ass down here!" The bellowing voice from below was unmistakable and Jamie grinned, "See what I mean? You'll probably get yelled at a lot, but don't take it personally. I better 'get your ass down there' as the boss puts it." He eased Brandon's chair step by step down to the garden and Brandon wheeled himself nervously into the fray. As it happened, Mario was still getting an earful from Randy.

"I don't give a shit about the damn tree. It's in the way, so it goes."

Mario stood his ground. "Sir, it's kind of sacrilege to chop down an old tree like this. Lloyd says there is a way to work round it, so ...."

"I said the tree goes!" Randy barked. He was not used to being defied and his eyes blazed. Brandon tensed for the explosion.

Unfazed, Mario said, "And if memory serves me correct, sir, this is Bob's favorite tree. He sits under its shade often."

Randy snorted like an angry bull but he knew he was beaten. "Dammit, boy you know just what buttons to press don't you? OK, sort it out with Lloyd. I can't waste any more time on a fucking tree." Mario turned away and winked at Brandon who had just rolled up.

"Ah, there you are, kid," Randy said. Brandon blinked up at Randy behind his black-framed glasses. "Jamie explain the job to you? Good. Now on small projects like this supplies can easily get pilfered but that's not gonna happen on my watch. That's where you come in. You got the list there?"

"Yes, sir." Brandon put his lap-top top on his table and displayed the list. Randy pulled off his sweaty tank top, wiped his face with it and looked at the screen, resting his hand and the damp tank on Brandon's shoulder. Brandon's cock stiffened right on cue. "Yeah, looks good. Right, as the stuff is unloaded I want you to check off each item on your list and make sure the numbers tally. If they don't, come to me. Any mother-fucker tries to steal from me gets my fist up his ass."

Nervous as he was Brandon stifled a grin at Randy's language. "Now, the first trucks are about to arrive and your pickup's in the way."

"Oh, sorry, sir, I didn't....."

"Not your fault kid, but get it moved pronto. Then get your ass back down here at the double." Hearing raised voices Randy turned round. "Hey, what the fuck you guys doing over there?" He strode away to sort out the next mess, while Brandon wheeled himself quickly out to his pickup truck. He quickly stowed his lap-top, folded the table, hauled himself into his truck and pulled the folded wheelchair in beside him.

He was thrilled to be part of the team and to have been treated so brusquely by Randy, just as he did the other men, with not a hint of any concession to his wheelchair. He parked up the hill and then, as he pulled himself back into his wheelchair he realized that Randy had left his sweaty tank over the arm. He grinned - another one for his collection. He wheeled down the hill and took his place by the gate just as the first truck rolled up. His day had begun.


The first delivery gave a hint that Randy had been right. Brandon had a receipt book and was supposed to give a receipt to each of the drivers before they left. The truck driver unloaded a pile of rebars to reinforce the foundation. The young driver, cocky and condescending, yelled, "Hey, who d'you have to fuck to get a receipt around here?"

"That would be me," said Brandon calmly as the driver sneered down at him. "You?!"

"That's right, and I'll give you the receipt as soon as you've unloaded the last two rebars. You're two short." The driver clenched his fists. "The hell I am."

"Perhaps we should let Randy decide," Brandon said, glimpsing him not far off.

"Er, no - that's OK. I guess there are a couple more slid under the tarp here." Randy had been watching and came over next to Brandon. "One more stunt like that, Hank, and you're fired, capisce? OK, Brandon, give the man his receipt." Then quietly to Brandon, "Good job, kiddo," and squeezed his shoulder.

So the deliveries continued, but Brandon became concerned about a load of lumber that still hadn't come in from an outside merchant so he called them on his cell phone. He frowned and said, "Hold on." He wheeled over to Randy and said, "Sir, I'm on to the lumberyard - seems there's a delay in the shipment."

Randy's face clouded. "You don't say." He grabbed the phone from him and barked, "Who's this? ... Yeah, Larry, well this is Randy ... so what's the problem with my order?" He listened grim-faced. "OK, now listen up, Larry. If that fucking wood is not here within the hour I'll come over there, rip your place apart and fucking-well haul it away myself. It won't be pretty ... and you won't get another goddamn dime's-worth of business from my company - ever."

As he ripped into the merchant Randy ruffled Brandon's hair with his free hand and winked down at him. "Shut the fuck up, Larry - bullshit excuses don't interest me - just the goddamn wood - do I make myself clear? .... Yeah, within the hour, that's right .... OK, good doing business with you, Larry." He switched the phone off and tossed it back to Brandon. "See, kid, you gotta crack the whip with these assholes. Not literally, of course .... well," he grinned, "that too sometimes."

As Randy walked away Brandon felt his cock getting hard - and realized to his surprise that it was the first time since work started. Despite being surrounded by muscular, shirtless construction workers he hadn't thought about sex - hadn't had time. When he used to spend hours alone at home all he did was sit watching his porn videos. Maybe Randy was showing him that hard work was another antidote to compulsive sex - just like love was, according to Dr. Steve. Guess both the brothers had their own way of teaching him.

Just then he heard Randy bellow, "Lunch!"


The banging and yelling ended abruptly and Brandon wheeled himself over to the table which the twins had set with a heap of cooked food, hamburgers and pitchers of ice-cold beer. Brandon pulled himself up to the table where the rest of the crew were noisily taking their places, along with the others working in the house that day - the houseboys Nate and Eddie, the gardener Mario and the office manager Jamie.

It was a boisterous crowd as physical labor always increased the testosterone level and the noise level. Brandon had never felt so at home, one of the crew with an important job. Randy passed behind him, ruffled his hair as usual and in one move yanked his T-shirt up and off. "You won't be needing this, kid. You make the other guys feel under-dressed. Besides, don't you wanna show off those muscles you've pumped up in the gym with Pablo?"

Sitting there shirtless between Eddie and Mario Brandon felt more than ever that he fitted in completely with this crowd, and he swapped stories and laughter with the best of them. In the lulls between truck arrivals he had had a chance to observe the men and boys at work closer than ever before - and it was a revelation. The boys looked up to Randy and Zack as their bosses, of course, but as the work progressed there was a free-wheeling macho atmosphere, a lightness and freedom as they joked, teased and cursed along with the heavy work.

The line between master and boy became blurred, especially for Darius who joked with Zack almost to the point of deliberate provocation bordering on insults. "That all you got, man?" Darius teased, dropping the 'sir' as he watched Zack lift a beam. "What you need is muscles like this...." He flexed a bicep and kissed it. Zack could easily have slapped him down - he had done so often before - but this time he didn't. Instead he looked at his boy ominously through narrowed eyes, with an expression that Brandon couldn't pin down.

As they ate their meal Brandon ginned at Mario. "I see you got to keep your tree, then." Mario smiled. "Amico, there is only one way to handle Randy and that is to press the Bob button. No way was he going to chop down a favorite tree of Bob's. By the way, what did you make of the Zack and Darius show?"

"Is that what it was - a show?"

"Kind of. Zack and Darius don't work together often - Darius is Randy's assistant - but when they do, all their macho instincts come out. Don't forget they are leatherman and leatherboy. They love each other to bits, but they show it in an unusual way. Didn't you see those long hard dicks stretching down under their pants - Darius's nearly to his knee? And the time Zack stretched upward and buried Darius's face in his sweaty armpit? I tell you, after they've sweated and strained all day like that they're not exactly gonna take a nap when they get home."

Brandon fell silent, pondering what Mario had said. He looked over at Zack and Randy deep in conversation about the project, then at Eddie and Ben joking with Darius. No doubt about it, there were hidden undercurrents in this oversexed group of horny men. Despite the heavy aura of male testosterone, could it be, as Steve had said, that what it all came down to was love?"

When most of the food was gone Randy took a last swig of beer and shouted, "OK, guys, break's over. Back to work." As he passed again behind Brandon he bent to his ear and said, "You're doing a damn good job, kid, I'm proud of you. After dinner tonight when the group breaks up I want you to come up to my room. Bob will be there too." And he was gone, yelling orders already.

Brandon's mind was racing as he wheeled himself back to his post. An invitation to the inner sanctum, as Steve called it. He found himself swirling in those hidden undercurrents.


As the afternoon wore on Brandon had more opportunity between deliveries to watch Zack and Darius together ... it was part of his homework assignment after all. No doubt about it, Darius was going over the top, needling Zack with taunts and stepping way beyond the limits between master and boy. Brandon knew of Darius's reputation for mischief but the amazing thing was Zack's reaction - or non-reaction. He could have silenced Darius with a word but he simply ignored Darius's disobedience, even though his irritation must be building inside him.

Surprisingly the other guys ignored it too, though it was so obvious. Maybe this is the way Darius often behaved - maybe the others knew something Brandon didn't.

The afternoon wore on and the delivery trucks, when emptied, carted away the debris from the demolition. By mid-afternoon the sheds were pretty much gone, right down to the foundation and, under Brandon's direction, the new supplies were piled up neatly inside the gate. By now the drivers and crew were ignoring the wheelchair and accepted Brandon without question. He loved comments like, "Hey, Brandon, what d'you want me to do with this load?" Randy watched from a distance and smiled to himself.

At four o'clock Randy yelled, "OK, men that's a wrap. Good day's work - thanks guys." The twins ran up and spoke to him. "Right," he announced, "dinner at seven 'coz we make an early start tomorrow, six-thirty. There were exaggerated groans that Randy waved away as he came up to Brandon and looked at the neat stacks of supplies. "Will you look at that? You responsible for all this, kid?"

"Well, I had a little help from the drivers, sir," Brandon grinned impishly.

"You done great today, kid," Randy smiled. "See you tonight." As he left Randy ruffled the boy's hair again, a gesture Brandon had come to love. He was about to wheel away when Zack passed by, pushing Darius before him. Brandon now saw the anger in Zack's eyes as he growled, "At the double, boy."

He looked down at Brandon and said, "You too, boy - come with us, I got a job for you." Astonished, Brandon obediently followed them across the street to Zack's house.


"You - over here." At Zack's command Darius stood between two trees in the garden. Zack went into the house, came out with Darius's video camera and said sternly to Brandon, "Over here boy." A bit scared Brandon wheeled himself to a shady spot at the side of the garden with a good view of Darius. "You know how to use this, kid?" Zack asked, holding out the camera. Brandon took it and said, "Yes, sir, Darius showed me - said the time might come when I have to use it."

"├Łeah, well the time's come now ... I want this on video ... all of it." For a split second Zack smiled and winked at Brandon, then his face immediately reset in a mask of displeasure as he said, "Now I've got a job to do," and he turned to Darius. Wow, Brandon thought, things sure get complicated around here, and he held the camera to his eye as ordered.

Darius had a defiant look in his eye as Zack approached him. "So, what you got to say for yourself, boy?"


Brandon was shocked at the curt answer and the omission of 'sir'. Whatever was Darius doing? Zack responded with a single punch to the stomach and Darius doubled over but then stood up straight, as defiant as before.

Zack grabbed the boy's jaw and pushed his face up. "No boy speaks to his master the way you did today, especially a boy of mine." Zack grabbed one of Darius's wrists and yanked it up to the tree beside him. It was then that Brandon noticed the ropes tied to the trees on either side of Darius. He had watched enough master/slave videos to know what this meant.

Within seconds Darius's wrists were tied high on the trees on either side, his arms stretched up and out. Zack moved behind him, reached round and yanked open his black jeans, pulled them down over his ass and let them drop round his ankles. He clenched his jaw, stared at Darius's ass and slapped it, one cheek then the other, then again, making Darius gasp with a sharp intake of breath. Zack growled, "Just to let you know that ass belongs to me, boy."

Stunned as he was, Brandon steadied his camera and tightened the focus on Darius's ass cheeks marked with the imprint of his master's hand.

Zack crouched down, pulled off Darius's boots, then his jeans and tossed them contemptuously aside. He pushed Darius's legs apart and tied each ankle to a tree. Then he stood up and admired his work. His boy was spread-eagled naked, his muscular black body straining in bondage, his ten-inch horse-dick swinging between his splayed legs. The boy was at the mercy of his master - but defiant."

Zack's voice was low and ominous. "You went way too far today, boy. You let that motor-mouth run on, insulting your master in front of the whole crew. Maybe it seemed like a joke to you but the other guys took it seriously - and so did I. I can't let it go unpunished, boy - I would not be a master if I did. Now I'm gonna leave you here to think about what's gonna happen to you when I come back." He turned and strode into the house.

Darius stared straight ahead, his naked body stretched in bondage, contemplating his fate. Trying to hold down his own excitement Brandon trained the camera on the erotic sight, knowing that future viewers would also be fantasizing about the boy's punishment as he awaited his master's return.


Brandon lowered the camera for a while, but then suddenly gasped, put the camera to his eye and trained it on a pornographic image. It was the hottest leatherman he had ever seen, a tall black bodybuilder, muscles rippling as he walked.

Brandon focused the camera on the heavy black boots, then up over the leather pants stretched over the muscled thighs, the black belt round the tight waist, the washboard abs and the studded leather harness crossed over the bulging pecs. His chiseled features and shaved head were made more ominous by mirrored sunglasses. He held a multi-tailed whip, a cat o' nine tails, in his right hand and tapped it in his left palm as he stood, legs astride, glaring at his boy.

Darius stared straight back at the spectacular leather-master brandishing the whip and Brandon watched in amazement as the boy's monster black cock stiffened, then slowly rose until it was standing straight out like a rod - all ten inches of it.

Zack slapped the cock. "That big piece of horsemeat's not gonna save you this time, stud. You're at my mercy. I guess I'm gonna have to train you all over again like a rebellious colt. You still wanna be my boy you're gonna have to prove it. Like this ...." Zack raised his arm and lashed the whip against the prisoner's chest. The naked black buck sprang to life, his body writhing, pulling against the ropes, his muscles flexing hard to withstand the pain.

"You feel that, boy?"

"Yeah," Darius sneered, making Zack flash with anger, slamming the whip across his chest again and again. "I'm your master, you punk .... You call me 'sir'!" Brandon was amazed how much punishment Darius could take, but when Zack began lashing the huge cock, curling the whip round it and yanking it off, Darius finally screamed, "Yes, sir .... I feel it, sir."

"That's more like it." Zack went behind him, took off his glasses and looked down at the hard mounds of his ass. "Like I said, boy, that ass belongs to me. I can do what I like with it. Even this ..." Again the whip fell, this time across the ass, and Brandon watched spellbound as the globes bounced under the lash. "I'm your master godammit and I'm gonna hear you beg."

Darius gritted his teeth and again Brandon wondered how he could endure so much. Suddenly the truth dawned. He realized that although Zack was strong enough to rip the boy to shreds - he was holding back. He whipped hard but always below this boy's pain threshold. He was a supreme master, knowing his boy's limits and respecting them - until the final blow that would go beyond endurance and the boy would instantly yield to his master.

"What did you make of the Zack-and-Darius show?" Mario had said. He had understood - all the men had. Right from the start Darius was deliberately taunting Zack, knowing what the outcome would be. As Mario had said they were both leathermen with the same carnal instincts, the same lust for bondage and pain.

Then Brandon remembered Steve's exact words. "You'll find that, however rough and rugged two guys' sex may be, they too are really making love in their own way - even guys like Zack and Darius who are into leather and some pretty rough bondage stuff." Brandon realized that what he was watching was not possible without absolute trust, a trust that existed between two men in love.

"Aaagh!" Darius's scream jerked Brandon out of his meditation. Fantasy it might be but it looked incredibly and painfully real as the black boy's naked, spread-eagled body thrashed in seeming agony and pulled desperately at the ropes, tears streaming down his face. Zack had moved up from his ass to his back that was now crisscrossed with marks of the leather thongs. "Come on, boy, you know you can't take any more. Give up now, boy, before that final lash."

But Darius gritted his teeth and remained silent. "OK, big guy, you asked for this." The muscular leather-god stood back, raised his arm, paused, then slashed the whip across the boy's already tender ass with all his strength."

"Aaaagh! Aaaagh!" Darius's agonized screams echoed round the garden. His body writhed in pain, he pulled frantically at the ropes, jerked his hips forward ..... and his monster cock erupted with a stream of cum that flew across the garden and splashed on the hot earth. He blasted more jizz until finally his cock was drained and swung once more between his legs, and his head dropped in total submission.

Zack came round to face him, lifted his chin with the handle of the whip and gazed into his tear-stained eyes. "You were fucking awesome, boy. God I love you. You're the only boy for me." He tossed the whip aside, put his hands on the sides of Darius's face and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Their lips were grinding together and Darius whimpered as they searched each other's mouths with their tongues. Zack pulled back and licked the tears from his cheeks, kissed his eyes, then pulled him into a tight bear-hug, their cheeks pressed hard together.


So this was love, Brandon thought as he gazed at the two stunning men. For all the apparent savagery of their sex, they were performing an intimate act whose exhilaration they shared, an act that bound them inextricably together - master and boy. And even though Brandon's cock had been hard throughout the erotic show, it was now more than ever that he wanted to cum just watching their intense display of love.

And he would have, except that it was not over. Zack looked deep into his boy's eyes. "Are you OK, kid?" "Yes, sir." "You sure?" "It hurts a lot but it feels great. Sir, I'm sorry for the way I spoke to you today. I did it 'coz you looked so amazing and I wanted to get punished by you."

"I know that, Darius. That's why I didn't slap you down. I watched you working and knew more than anything that I wanted to whip that gorgeous body. You had enough?"

"No, sir .... No, please, sir," the boy pleaded with an edge of desperation. "I need to feel your cock in my ass, sir"

"In that ass that's so sore after the whipping I gave it?"

"I don't care, sir. Please sir, I'm begging you ... please fuck me, sir."

Zack stood back and stared at his boy, still spread-eagled naked between the trees, his muscular body striped with red welts from the whip. Zack unzipped his leather pants, pulled out his iron-hard cock and stroked it. "You look so damn hot, boy. OK, I'll fuck your ass."

He walked behind him, grabbed his hips and pulled them back toward him until the head of his cock slid between the cheeks and pressed against his hole. "This is how much I love you, boy." He pulled his ass further back, all the way onto his long shaft until it came to rest deep inside.

"Aaah," Darius moaned. "That feels incredible, sir. Fuck me, please. Fuck my ass, sir."

"Hey, Brandon," Zack shouted, "get over here." Surprised, Brandon quickly wheeled himself in front of Darius. He saw Zack's big hands on Darius's hips, pulling the ass onto his cock faster and faster until his rod was like a piston in his boy's ass. Darius's massive cock was hard again already, pointing straight at the camera a few feet away.

Brandon pulled back for a wide shot of the young black buck stretched above him, his ass impaled on his master's rod, his face twisted in pain and ecstasy. Darius's breathing became ragged and he howled, "Thank you, sir. It feels so good, you're making me cum ...I'm gonna cum, sir .... I'm cumming ... I love you, sir ... Aaagh!" Brandon focused close on the massive cock as it blasted a stream of semen straight at the camera lens and Brandon's face, smothering them both with thick white juice.


Brandon closed his eyes and dropped the camera in his lap. He could hardly believe what he had witnessed before he was temporarily blinded by the black boy's jism that had splashed on his glasses and dripped down behind them over his eyes. He was still catching his breath when he heard, "Hey, kiddo, you look terrific." Darius was grinning down at the dazed boy with cum running down his face and his black-framed glasses. He knelt beside him, gently removed his glasses and wiped his face with a towel.

"Here, let me get that," Darius said, wiping his glasses clean and replacing them on his face. Then he cleaned the camera lens. "Man, that was one spectacular cum shot directly into the lens. It's gonna look great. But hey, didn't you cum yet, dude?"

"No, I guess I was too busy filming," Brandon said, "and anyway Dr. Steve said I should try not to cum until the end." Darius nodded, "Yeah that's right." (Evidently everyone in the house knew of Brandon's "homework" assignment.) "Was that the end?" Brandon asked. Darius looked up at Zack and asked, "Sir, do you think we could give our cameraman here a sneak peek at next time?"

The handsome black face broke into a gleaming smile. "Don't see why not. I'm up for it. Do your worst, boy."

Darius said, "Turn round, kiddo, I want to surprise you." Brandon wheeled himself round, and the suspense of wondering what was going on behind him made his cock throb. It was a few minutes before Darius came and knelt beside him again. "Now I'm gonna tell you a story, dude." Brandon knew that Darius was an expert at weaving fantasies and listened wide-eyed.

"See there were these two muscle-hunk leather-masters and one day they faced each other in a fight for dominance. The fight went on and on but in the end one of them was forced to submit. The winner got to strip off the loser's leather harness, replace it with a collar and chain, then tie him up and take his revenge. And this is what it looked like.

"Aaah!" Brandon gasped as Darius turned him round and he found himself looking at sight that could only be called pornographic and beat anything he had seen on video or could ever imagine. Instead of Darius spread-eagled between the trees .... it was the muscular black leather-god. In heavy boots and black leather pants he was stripped to the waist with a black leather collar round his neck and a short chain hanging from it between his bulging pecs. His shaved head was bowed in submission.

"No need for the camera, dude. I already got film of this when it really happened. See, what I didn't tell you was that the winner of the fight gave the loser a choice of punishment. Either he was to flog his own boy, or ..... or the boy was to flog him. Of course he chose the second, so here was the leather-god stretched in bondage, humiliated, waiting to get whipped by his own boy. Enjoy, dude....."

Still naked Darius picked the whip up off the ground and faced his master who now raised his head defiantly. The boy raised the whip and slammed it against the slabs of his chest. Zack scarcely flinched and growled, "That all you got, boy? You gotta do it ... so do it."

From then on it was a blur for Brandon who was pumping his own cock as he watched. Darius put all his muscle into whipping his master, knowing that Zack could take anything he could dish out and more. He stood to one side and lashed the bare chest and ripped abs, then curved the whip round his arms and shoulders. The magnificent black body, gleaming with sweat, writhed in helpless bondage, veins etched in his muscles as if they were being stretched on the rack.

Darius went behind and began lashing his back - hard - making the bound leather-god howl, his face thrashing from side to side, chiseled features grimacing in pain. Mesmerized by the stunning spectacle Brandon wheeled himself closer, and gazed up at the tortured black prisoner, sweat flying off his body into Brandon's face. Zack's cock was hard as steel and his breath was coming in rasping gasps.

The leather-master was beaten, his muscular body broken, tears streaming down his face. He screamed in humiliating surrender to his leatherman opponent who had beaten him in the fight. "I can't take any more ...you win, sir ... you've beaten me ... please, I give up. I submit, sir .... Aaagh."

Brandon stared at the huge black cock, saw the hole open and semen blast from it, slamming against his face and chest. It was the first time Zack had cum and his balls were swollen with jism waiting for release. Again and again his cock erupted and Brandon opened his mouth, swallowing, gagging, choking as the tortured muscle-god poured semen all over him.

Brandon didn't realize he had shot his own massive load until he saw his white jizz running down the legs of the black leather pants.


Sometime later they had all showered and were sitting in the now placid garden sipping beer. Brandon had never seen the two men so close, so affectionate, as Darius nestled against Zack's chest and they kept kissing. Zack smiled at Brandon. "You have fun, kid?"

"It was .... it was totally amazing, sir. Scary too .... I was afraid that you would ...."

"Nah. We know each other too well to really hurt each other. We love each other too which, as I think Steve told you, is the whole point - at the root of everything. You can't do the stuff we did without love and respect. And sex as intimate as that makes love even stronger. A little fantasy helps too." Darius ginned, "And a lot of fantasy helps even more."

Zack decreed that when they went across the street for dinner they would all be shirtless. "When the guys see our whip-marked bodies they won't see pain, they'll see love."

"He was right. When the three of them entered there was a communal gasp from around the table, then applause as they took their places. Eddie was next to Brandon as always and said, so how many times did you cum, dude?" "Only once, actually." "Jeez," Eddie said, "maybe I should go and see Dr. Steve." Opposite him Hassan grinned, "Yeah, maybe you should - then you wouldn't gush your jizz over me so much - give me a chance to dry off once in a while."

Brandon turned to Mario on his other side. "You still going out tonight to see your friend you worked with at the hotel?"

"Yeah, but you and I are still on for tomorrow, right? Randy usually lets us get off work around four, so we can catch an early movie and then dinner." He squeezed Brandon's arm. "I'm really looking forward to it. As for tonight, I somehow don't think you'll be lonely spending the night with Randy and Bob. Not many boys get to do that - in the inner sanctum, as Steve says. Actually I did get to do it when I first met Bob and Randy staying at the Ritz-Carlton. I was a pool-boy then and I ended up all night with them - an unforgettable night."

"Oh," Brandon said, "Randy didn't say anything about all night - he just he wants to see me."

Sitting across the table from them Bob had overheard. "Yeah, sorry Brandon, Randy tends to forget details like that. We would like it, but of course you don't have to if you don't want to."

"Oh, I do, sir, I do - I'd be honored."

Bob smiled, "We can't promise you the kind of excitement you've just had, though," looking pointedly at the striped bodies of Zack and Darius. Maybe we'll just call it continuing education."

Brandon blinked behind his glasses. "Call it what you like, sir, you can count me in."

Mario put his arms round Brandon's shoulders and squeezed him. "Way to go, amico."


The group broke up early as Randy had ordered an early start for work next morning. Mario went off to see his old friend, Eddie left with Hassan and Ben drove down to his master, Jason the fireman. In the end Bob was left at the table with Brandon and he asked, "So is everything going well for you here, Brandon?"

"It's awesome, thank you sir, especially today. Randy gave me the job of checking in supplies - real important, he said. I don't know why he chose me when he could have chosen any guy who can walk ....." Bob raised his eyebrows and Brandon blushed.

"Sorry, sir. Anyway, it was great being part of the crew, and we got on well. But you know, surrounded by all those gorgeous men with no shirts on I had a boner all day and would usually have cum a lot of times, but today I was too busy doing an important job for Randy and he said he was depending on me. He can be real tough and he yelled at me a couple of times but I didn't mind. I mean, he's the boss and he can get scary at times."

"Tell me about it," Bob grinned as Brandon said, "Still don't know why he chose me, though."

"I think I do," said Bob softly, his eyes glowing. "Come on, kiddo, up to bed."

Bob carried Brandon, wheelchair and all, up the stairs to the master suite where Randy was sitting at a table going over some papers. He stood up and smiled broadly. "Hey, guys, everything finshed downstairs then?" Bob placed the wheelchair carefully on the floor then turned and gazed at Randy.

"Brandon was telling me how much he enjoyed his day, doing the important job you gave him. Actually he was surprised you did give it to him."

Randy shrugged offhandedly. "Why surprised? I gave the job to someone I knew would do it right, someone I could trust and respect. If it turned out he fucked it up I'd have fired his ass."

Bob saw right through Randy's gruff exterior and knew exactly what Randy had done for the boy - making him a regular member of the crew - giving him confidence and self-respect. Bob's eyes moistened as he approached the stern-looking gypsy. "I'm so in love with you, Randy." He threw his arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips.

Randy reciprocated eagerly, then pulled back, his gruffness gone. "And you'll notice I didn't chop down that tree down you like so much."

"Yeah, I would have been unhappy about that."

"That's why I didn't do it," Randy said, his eyes shining wide like a young boy trying to impress a grown-up.

And in that moment Brandon understood love, as he sat gazing at these two extraordinary, beautiful men. One was a rough and rugged macho gypsy, a commanding and demanding construction boss, now transformed into a gentle wide-eyed man eager to please his lover. The other was a powerful executive, respected and obeyed by all, now with eyes only for the man he loved, seeing through all his bluster and deep into his very soul.

Brandon's cock grew hard in his shorts, not because these were two of the most beautiful men he had ever seen, but simply because they were two men in love. Bob glanced over at him but before he could speak Brandon said, "Sir, would you mind if I just watched for now? I'd love to do that."

Bob smiled, "Just what I was about to suggest, kiddo. We'll call it homework ... I think Steve would approve." Then he turned all his attention back on Randy. "As for you, big guy .... "

"Yeah? As for me what?" They stared at each other, losing themselves in each other's eyes. Suddenly they were locked together - grappling, kissing, frenziedly running their hands over bodies and faces. Randy was undoing Bob's sport shirt, pulling it off and flinging it aside. Their mouths still clamped together Bob ripped at Randy's thin T-shirt and flung the fragments away. They dug their fingers into each other's bare chests, twisting the hard nipples, groaning with the first sparks of pain.

Finally they pulled back and stood facing each other, breath heaving like wild-eyed bulls pawing the ground before battle. They kicked off their sneakers, ripped open their shorts and let them drop. The sight of their naked bodies sent them into new convulsions of desire as Randy roared, grabbed Bob by the waist, lifted him up and flung him bodily through the air and onto the bed. He launched himself on top of him and the two muscular bodies rolled on the bed in a tangle of limbs, flailing, grabbing, kissing - lost in a world of raw passion.

Brandon watched in awe and some fear. Like everyone he knew Randy's reputation for savage fucks and wasn't sure he could watch him do that to Bob .... but he didn't have to. As the men grappled to exhaustion they ended up with Randy on his back and Bob on his knees astride him gazing down, dripping sweat on him. Randy looked up and said, "I love the hell out of you, man. Do anything you want with me ... anything."

"I intend to," Bob grinned and leaned forward, pinning Randy's wrists to the bed. "You know what I want, big guy. I want your ass." Randy pulled his legs back and moaned, "Fuck me, man ... pound my ass."

"No pounding, buddy. This time it's just love." Brandon watched in awe as Bob pushed his long hard dick between the mounds of Randy's ass and drove it deep, deep inside him. "Oh, fuck," Randy moaned, "fuck that feels good." Bob pulled out and again Brandon expected something rough. But no, Bob had said love and that's what it was. He gazed into Randy's blue eyes, they saw their own reflections in each other's eyes and they were drawn into a private world where only they existed, joined as one.

As Bob rose and fell over his lover the image was so homoerotic that Brandon fantasized that the rugged gypsy was getting fucked in the ass by Superman. With their eyes locked on each other Brandon knew that they were in their own magical world. He knew that he was watching pure love between two men, love so passionate that it seemed to take on a life of its own and fold the two beautiful men in its arms.

Randy was smiling into Bob's deep brown eyes. "Show me how much you love me, buddy. Let me feel it ... pour it into me." Bob released his lover's arms and Randy grabbed his own cock, stroking it hard. Bob leaned down and quickened the pace of his fuck. Brandon knew they were reaching their climax as he saw their eyes flash, heard Randy's voice - "Oh fuck ... fuck, man, that is so damn hot ... you're making me cum .... I'm gonna cum, man .... I'm cumming .... I'm cumming ... Aaagh!"

He pointed his cock up at Bob's face and blasted a ribbon of juice up high, straight into his mouth, as Bob shuddered and felt his cock explode in Randy's ass. Bob swallowed hard as another stream of semen shot up into his mouth and he poured more juice deep inside the man he loved. Brandon watched spellbound - it seemed like their orgasms would never stop.

But they did at last and Bob fell on top of Randy, kissing him hungrily, letting Randy's semen flow between their mouths. Brandon was so transfixed that he hadn't even cum himself, overwhelmed by a display of love more intense than he could ever have believed possible.

As Bob had said - Steve would have approved.


"Hey, kid, get your ass over here and join the club." Whenever Randy spoke it was an order, which Brandon willingly obeyed, wheeling himself over to the bed. "In this club we have a dress code - no clothes! So get naked, boy. It's the price of admission." Hastily Brandon pulled off his T-shirt, dragged off his shorts, leaned down and took off his sneakers. The two men pulled apart and Brandon eased himself out of his wheelchair and pulled himself up between them.

He froze, not knowing what to do next between these two gorgeous men, but Randy, as usual took charge. "This is your place for the next eight hours, kiddo. Let's see here..." He turned Brandon on his side and Randy and Bob did likewise, all facing the same way so the boy was sandwiched between Bob's back and Randy's chest. Bob pulled Brandon's arm round him and Randy held him tight from behind. Randy whispered in his ear, loud enough for Bob to hear too, as Brandon listened in wide-eyed suspense.

"Did you bust your load yet, kiddo?"

"No, sir. I mean it was so amazing but Dr. Steve said I should try not to cum ....."

"Hey forget my brother, kid, you're in my arms now and I want you to cum. Besides I wanna give you something for all your hard work today." There was a long pause. "You've probably worked out that the most precious thing in my life is Bob, of course, but specifically his ass. And I'll tell you a secret - recently I was dumbass enough to think I could loan that ass out to a Ranger we met. Well, I got a brutal tongue-lashing from Bob about that, and I deserved it. But now I have a hankering to do it again, and this time I don't think Bob will object, eh buddy?"

"Right there with you," said Bob, grinning to himself. Randy never ceased to amaze him.

Randy hugged Brandon tighter. "OK, here's the deal. Now Bob always gets his ass fucked when we go to bed, but you may have noticed that didn't happen tonight. He turned the tables on me. But I believe he still wants to get fucked so I'm gonna delegate the job to one of my crew, a guy I can trust - a guy who's proved today that he can get the job done. You still got a boner, kid?"

"Always, sir, especially now, but sir, I wouldn't dare to ...."

"Listen, kid, you're in the master suite now and I'm the master. What I say here goes. So I'm ordering you to fuck my lover." Randy spat in his hand, reached over and moistened Bob's ass, then grabbed Brandon's cock, stroked it a few times, and pushed the head between the cheeks of Bob's ass. "Feel that, kiddo? The best feeling in the world."

He reached over Brandon and pulled on Bob's hips. Pressing against Brandon to hold him in place Randy pulled Bob back toward the boy. Brandon gasped as he felt his cock sliding into the ass of this beautiful man, the man they all loved, the head of the house - and Randy's lover.

He was inside Bob - his cock was in his ass! He could hardly believe that he .... But then he stopped thinking, only feeling the erotic sensation of his cock in the fiery depths of Bob's ass. If he couldn't move his legs he could still hold onto Bob and ease his cock back and forth inside him. With the help of the two men he hit a steady rhythm. But he had been suppressing his orgasm since he came into the room and now that he was actually inside this gorgeous man he didn't stand a chance.

Mercifully Bob, always intuitive, spoke up. "That feels so good, Brandon, your cock is so damn hot. I wanna feel your jizz in my ass, boy. Can you do that for me?"

Could he! "Yes, sir .... I can't stop .... I can't hold back any more ..... It feels so good, sir .... I'm cumming, sir ..... you're making me cum ..... aaah..." His semen poured from his cock deep into Bob's ass. He felt the muscles clench round his cock and heard Bob moan as he too climaxed for the second time that night.

"See," Randy said in Brandon's ear, "I knew you wouldn't let me down. Like I always say, if you've got an important job you want done well, give it to a man you trust." He snuggled up against Brandon while Bob pulled Brandon's arm round him and held it tight. The boy's cock was still buried in Bob's ass.

"OK, guys - sleep," Randy said. "Early start tomorrow, kiddo, and I hear that construction boss can be a tough mother-fucker. If you're late he'll likely whip your ass."

Brandon grinned, "He can do whatever he wants with me, sir, 'coz I love him. Also, I fucked his lover so if he hurts me I'll just press the Bob button as Mario did. And the tree's still there."

"Son of a bitch," Randy growled, "you've got it all figured out, don't you. Yeah, you're one of us alright."


Nestled between Randy and Bob Brandon was in heaven. His mind drifted over the events of another extraordinary day - his job on the crew, the leather scene with Zack and Darius, and now this. Was his homework assignment complete? Maybe not. He had still not watched the fireman Jason and his boy Ben, not to mention the Aussies, Adam and Nate, who he hadn't got to know well yet. Then there were the soldier Hassan and Eddie.

And best of all, tomorrow evening there was dinner and a movie with Mario. Mario was reluctant to call it a date but, Brandon thought, a boy can dream, can't he?

And then he really was dreaming - fast asleep between the masters of the house.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 230


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