It would not be generally believed that all the tensions and quarrels of men could be banished with a great fuck. But among these men they had been. Up by the lake Randy had settled a grudge he had been carrying against his best buddy, the leatherman Zack. And Randy's boy Pablo had proved to his lover, Zack's boy Darius, that he was more than just a bottom boy, despite his spectacularly fuckable ass.

Tied to a tree facing each other the two black men, master and boy, had endured having their asses whipped and fucked by Randy and Pablo. Randy had subjected Zack to a ferocious, pile-driving fuck - two rugged construction workers, the gypsy savage pounding the ass of the black muscle-god. And it had driven Zack wild. Darius, the young top-man with the ten-inch cock, had rediscovered the unfamiliar thrill of having his ass ploughed by Pablo.

When it was over, all tension and resentment buried for good, the four friends, and Pablo's dog Billy, settled down to enjoy their weekend in their secret spot by the idyllic lake high in the Angeles National forest.

After a cooked meal of the fish they had caught from the lake, all four of them lay together naked on the little beach surrounded by trees and, inevitably with these oversexed men, started to feel horny all over again. Pablo and Darius grinned mischievously and gently pulled open their masters' shorts. They were soon chowing down on their masters' cocks while Randy and Zack leaned back on their elbows watching them.

"Freeze!" Apparently their secret spot was not so secret after all.

The sudden command came from a tall, uniformed man who had just appeared through the trees. The arrogant voice proclaimed, "That fire you've had there is illegal. And what you boys were doing is also illegal and obscene. You can consider yourselves under arrest."

Billy growled softly, waiting for his cue from Pablo, but such was the self-assurance of these supremely confident men that they barely flinched as they looked up at the man - with amusement on the men's part and lust on the boys'.

He must have been in his late twenties, tall, blond, ruggedly handsome with an obviously well-toned, lean body under his Forest Ranger uniform - short-sleeved pale gray shirt with a white triangle of T-shirt at the open neck, dark green pants and black boots. With the heavy black belt and equipment round his waist he had a tough air of authority as he continued listing their infractions of the law.

"It's pretty clear what you men have been doing and it's disgusting. What you do in your own home is your business but out here it's against the law. I am a Chief Forest Ranger and I have to report you."

"Oh no," Pablo said in mock horror. "You're not gonna throw me in jail, are you, sir? I don't think me or my butt would last long in the Big House. See?" He rolled over and stuck his flawless white globes in the air. Darius sputtered with laughter and the man barked, "Enough! Which one of you is the responsible party - who's the leader here?"

Zack rolled his eyes at Randy and raised his hands with a helpless 'not me' gesture. "Coward," Randy grinned. He shrugged and said to the ranger, "I guess that would be me. I'm the boss here." Slowly he got to his feet and stood in front of the ranger in all his naked, muscular glory, his huge cock swinging between his legs. The ranger inhaled sharply and took a step back before recovering himself. "Sir, I'm gonna have to cuff you. Put your hands behind your back."

Randy complied meekly and the ranger stepped behind him. But as he brought the cuffs close Randy suddenly grabbed his wrist, whirled him round facing him and yanked his arms up behind his back in a brutal double hammerlock applied from the front. Their chests pressed together, faces inches apart, and the ranger stammered, "Resisting arrest is a felony and ....."

Randy cut him off by leaning forward and pressing their mouths together, pushing his lips open with his tongue. Grinding their lips against each other Randy breathed his beery breath into his mouth. The stunned ranger was trapped, feeling the sheer strength of this man and the tongue probing his mouth. A look of panic filled his eyes as Randy finally pulled his mouth away and his steel blue eyes pierced the ranger's like lasers.

"Like I said, man, I'm the boss around here and I do what the fuck I like. You lay one finger on these boys and I will personally shove my fist right up your arrogant ranger ass."

He grinned maliciously. "So you're a Chief Ranger, eh? Well I've got news for you, pal. I outrank you ... 'cuz I'm the King of the fucking Gypsies."

The ranger was stunned into silence, mesmerized by the hypnotic blue eyes and still tasting the man's hot, beery breath in his mouth. His mind whirled with a mix of fear, diminishing defiance, and anger that his authority had so quickly been usurped. What was worse was the pain in his shoulders and arms, forced up behind his back making him press his chest against the hard slabs of his captor's naked pecs. The realization took hold that he was at the mercy of this dark demon.

"OK," Randy said, "might as well start as we mean to go on. First you're gonna learn some manners. Now you insulted my boys here and you're gonna apologize for that. Get it?"

"Go fuck yourself," the ranger growled with his last shreds of defiance.

"Wrong answer, pal," Randy growled and yanked his wrists higher up his back, straining his arms brutally.

"Aaagh!" the ranger screamed, tears spurting from his eyes, the handsome features twisting in pain. "Stop, you're breaking my arms .... aaagh .... let me go .... please...."

Applying even more pressure Randy grinned, "You can do better than that, stud - let's hear it."

His shoulder bursting with pain the ranger howled. "Please, sir, I can't take any more ..... please let me go, sir. I'm sorry, sir ..... I apologize."

"Now we're getting somewhere," Randy growled, released his arms, moved swiftly behind him and resumed the hammerlock from behind. It was less painful but pulled the uniform shirt open, exposing the white T-shirt and the shape of his chest underneath. Randy pushed him round to face Zack and the boys, still lying on the ground, propped up on their elbows enjoying the show of the naked construction worker cutting the arrogant young ranger down to size.

"OK, see these two boys here? All they were doing was sucking cock, giving pleasure to me and my buddy. And you, asshole, called them disgusting. Now take another look at these innocent kids .... maybe not so disgusting after all?"

Pablo and Darius put on elaborate shows of wide-eyed innocence and Zack struggled to keep a straight face. "So what d'ya say, ranger?" Randy persisted. "Think they deserve an apology?"

The ranger flinched as Randy twisted his arms up higher behind him. "Aaah! OK, OK. Young men... what you were doing there, er, with the men's, er ..... well, it was not disgusting and I'm sorry I called you that."

"Aw," Darius grinned in an aw-shucks way. "That's OK, man, I've been called worse. You know what they say, dude, 'don't matter what you call me as long as you call me'.'

There were stifled sputterings all round as Randy glared at them, trying to keep a straight face himself. "OK," he said, "we're making progress here." He released the ranger and confronted him. Right, so now we've got that straight let me do the introductions. Let's see here, apart from being Chief Ranger your name seems to be ..." he looked closer at the ranger's name badge ".... Petersen I'm Randy, 'the responsible party' as you call it, though irresponsible would be closer to the mark, but that's another story. You can just call me boss. Hi, Pete, good to meet you."

Petersen winced as Randy reached for his hand and crushed it in his in big paw in a painful handshake. The ranger was reeling. He was by nature arrogant, flaunting his authority and never let anyone intimidate him ... he was the one who did the intimidating. But he had never tangled with anyone like this big gypsy guy. He was scary, with a hint of menace masked by a good-humor that was heavy with irony. The ranger was already planning his escape.

"OK, now for my guys. This here, this big black muscle stud, is called Zack" (Zack gave a casual salute). Randy lowered his voice confidentially. "Now between you and me, Pete, I'd steer clear of this guy - he can be real mean. See he's got this anger problem - flies into a rage at the least provocation and starts swinging his fists. Better stick with me - I'm the calm, rational one."

This time the snickering swelled into choked-back laughter as Randy stood the truth on its head. He glared at them and said, "What? You wanna give our friend here the wrong impression? He's our guest, after all. OK, now for the boys. This one here's Darius, best known for his ..... well, stand up boy and show the gentleman."

Darius took a deep breath, puffed himself up and got to his feet with a swagger, crossing his arms across his chest, legs wide apart. "Holy shit," the ranger groaned, his eyes riveted on the black ten-inch horse-dick swinging between his legs. Randy said conspiratorially, "Take my advice, Pete, you never wanna back up against that in a dark alley."

"The other boy is Pablo, my pride and joy, my son." He touched the ranger's arm, amicably at first but increasing to a vicious squeeze. "That's why I don't take to anyone who badmouths him, Pete. Now he's a tough young buck, but what most guys remember about him is ....." Pablo stood up on cue turned his back to the ranger and flexed the globes of his flawless ass.

"Now you probably don't appreciate that great set of buns, do you, Pete? Not really your territory, is it, being the regular macho guy that you are, but take it from me that butt has driven men crazy. And take a look at these two boys here .... imagine that long black pole sliding between those perfect white butt cheeks. That'd be something, eh, Pete? Like Darius here is fond of saying, 'a match made in heaven'."

The ranger's head was swimming again ... he had to get out of here. Recovering his authoritarian tone he said, "Look, man, I don't get into any of this shit. It's against nature and I find it ....."

".......disgusting, yeah I know, and you're probably thinking right now that you want out of here. But that's not go gonna be possible for a while old buddy 'cuz I haven't introduced you to the final member of our group, the one over there looking at you with that mean look in his eye. Meet Billy. He's Pablo's dog - worships him, he'll do anything Pablo tells him with just a flick of the fingers. Show him, kiddo."

Without even raising his hand Pablo snapped his fingers and Billy growled at the ranger, baring his fangs, his muscles tense in a half crouch, ready to pounce. "See that, pal? That's one reason I don't need handcuffs like you do. One wrong move and you're dog meat. So you gotta stick around, Pete, my man. Like I said - you're our guest.

The ranger was feeling his authority ebb away and the arrogance had gone from his voice as he said, "Now look man, like I said I don't get into this shit. If you're thinking you're gonna make me do stuff like that ....."

"Hey, hey, you're way ahead of yourself, ranger. Or maybe it's wishful thinking, eh? Nah, we wouldn't want you joining in or anything. But you are gonna watch, Mr. Chief Ranger. See I'm still mad that you interrupted us just as the boys were cranking up a head of steam, so we're just gonna carry on doing what we were doing while you watch. Only guy who won't be watching us is old Billy here. He'll be watching you."

He looked at the ranger and rubbed his chin. "Hmm..... Pete, old buddy, you're really a tad overdressed for this party - even though you won't actually be joining in of course. Boys, think you can make the ranger here a bit more comfortable as he's gonna be an audience of one?"

"Sure, sir!" The boys' eyes gleamed as they approached, but the ranger took a step back. His uniform was the only sign of authority he had left and he damn well wasn't going to lose that. He raised his arms defensively, fists clenched, and snarled, "Back off, men. You come one step closer and I'll ......"

"Grrrr..." Ever alert to a threat to Pablo, Billy growled menacingly and stood up baring his teeth. "Don't move, sir, please," Pablo warned. "Once Billy pounces I can't drag him off and ..."

"...... and you'd be the dog's dinner, sir," Darius completed his sentence. "Remember that song from the movie about the man-eating plant, sir? Billy's probably thinking, 'The guy sure looks like dog food to me'." He and Pablo struggled to keep a straight face.

Humiliated, but keeping a wary eye on the dog, the handsome ranger clenched his fists in frustration. There was nothing he could do for now - he was at the mercy of this group. But he'd wait 'til they were distracted by whatever repellant acts they were going to perform and he'd seize his chance to escape, dog or no dog. In the meantime the boys went to work, unbuttoning his uniform shirt and pulling it off, then they pulled his T-shirt off over his head.

"Shit, buddy will you look at that?" Zack said to Randy as they stood watching the ranger get stripped to the waist. Zack always appreciated a well-built muscle-stud. "That is one mean upper body - broad shoulders, great arms, wide lats. Perfect definition in the chest and, man, those washboard abs. Wonder how many crunches at the gym it took to get them like that?"

"Yeah," Randy agreed. "No doubt about it Pete, you're a looker ..... pity - you'd fit right in with our group. You must be one hell of a stud with the ladies. Probably have to fight them off."

The ranger hated being talked about by these men like he was a side of meat, so he retaliated by boasting. "Yeah, fucker, as a matter of fact I do. I fuck a lot. Most nights me and my buddies cruise the bars, pick up some girls and fuck the shit out of them. They go crazy for my macho looks, this hot bod and my man-size dick. Always come back for more. Classy ladies they are, too. And I did say ladies. Never even thought about fooling around with my buddies even when we're drunk. See," he sneered," I'm all man, an alpha male, and if ever I come across guys doing anything that repulsive I beat up on them, then throw their asses in jail."

"Yeah, I bet you do - you're one tough dude, chief, and you'd probably have roughed up my boys for sucking dick if I hadn't stopped you. OK, boys, let's take a look at this man-size wang the chief here was boasting about."

They didn't need telling twice. Darius fell to his knees and unlaced the heavy black boots, while Pablo went behind the ranger, reached round him and unbuckled his belt. Darius reached up, unzipped his pants and pulled them down around his boots. He wore blue boxers underneath and Darius paused with his typical dramatic flourish.

"Stand by for the big finish, guys, the moment of truth." Slowly he pulled the shorts down revealing the base of the cock, the low hanging balls, then more ... and more .... until finally it sprang free. "Awesome, dude," Darius said. "Just like that movie - 'Bigger, Longer & Uncut."

As the cock swung between the ranger's bare legs Darius instinctively lowered his head and flicked his tongue out at the tip poking out from the foreskin. But the ranger recoiled and Darius said, "Oh, sorry, sir, I forgot you don't get into that ... that's a real shame, though."

The ranger looked down and, despite his degrading predicament, part of him had to admit that the muscular black buck kneeling at his feet was a stunner. Tough alpha male though he was, the ranger always (purely aesthetically) admired the better bodies at the gym and in his vanity he counted himself as one of the best - which he was.

"OK, kids, back off," Randy ordered and they obeyed. Darius jumped to his feet flicking a last lusty glance at the now-naked ranger, his uniform pants pooled round his boots. Randy went to his truck pulled out a short length of rope and returned to face the ranger. Two pairs of blue eyes met, Randy's piercing the ranger's with a look of admiration and challenge.

"No doubt about it, chief," he said in a low, deep voice, "you are one hell of stud. Strong too, which is why I'm gonna have to tie your hands behind you back, just so you don't get any ideas... and just so you don't feel you wanna touch your cock," he grinned. He looked down at the long limp dick. "Nah, no fear of that I see. You're right, pal, you're straight as an arrow ....."

He tied his wrists behind him, then faced him, penetrating the ranger's eyes with a long hypnotic gaze

He smiled, "Ah, what the hell - one last time, eh?" He clamped his hand behind the ranger's head, pulled it forward and clamped their mouths together, crushing their lips against each other in a man-to-man embrace of rugged alpha males, one a swarthy gypsy, the other a defiant blond forest ranger. Dazed, Petersen gasped for breath as Randy pulled away at last and said, "Just to show you what you're missing, stud."

Revolted by the thought of this stubbled gypsy face kissing his mouth the ranger spat on the ground to get rid of the taste. In a spontaneous blaze of anger Randy slapped him hard across the face. "Damn you, man, I wasn't gonna hurt you, just educate you, but no-one insults me like that, no matter how tough you are or what uniform you wear. You humiliated me in front of my men and you'll apologize, or next time it'll be my fist. Let's hear it, man, and from now on you call me sir."

Shaken by this sudden flash of rage the ranger knew he had no option. "Yes, sir," he said through clenched teeth. "I'm sorry, sir." He could still taste his beery saliva in his mouth and wanted to spit again but didn't dare. Instead he swallowed it, gulping down the pungent taste of his spit. Then he swallowed again as those damn hypnotic eyes bored into him.

God how the ranger hated this man. He'd give anything to take him on in a fair fight, just the two of them, man-to-man. He'd wipe that superior smile off his face, he'd beat the fucking shit out of him like he would any damn cocksucker then throw his ass in jail where his ranger buddies would take their turn at him. Just wait till he got out of here ....

But for now more humiliation followed as the four men walked round the naked ranger, sizing him up like buyers at a slave market. "Sir, look at that ass, sir," Pablo said, "hard as cannon balls. Are you sure I can't stick my dick up it - just for a minute - please....."

"No, boy, you know my rules. We never make a man do that stuff unless he wants to. And take it from me, this stud is never gonna want to. Like he said, he's all man. Him and his buddies fuck girls and that's that.

"Yeah, 'course you're right buddy," Zack grinned, "but that fucking gorgeous body.... Man, I'd sure like to tussle with that, both of us in leather, mano-a-mano." He smiled into the ranger's eyes. "You look plenty tough, dude, and if you beat me you'd get to tie me up and thrash me. Picture it man, the black leather master spread-eagled in bondage, stripped to the waist in leather pants and boots, you whipping my straining muscular body, hearing me scream. You're a mean son-of-a bitch, you'd like that."

The ranger closed his eyes and inhaled sharply. The picture the black guy painted sure appealed to his hunger for revenge. Sure, flogging a leather-master and making him beg would be awesome, especially one as spectacular as this muscular black stud. He opened his eyes and gasped at what he saw.

"Don't worry, sir," said Darius holding his camera up to his eye. "I'll pixilate your face, I know what I'm doing - I'm semi-professional. This is strictly for home use anyway. When I see a gorgeous man like you I gotta get it on film for my buddies back home." He circled the bound and naked ranger, shooting him from every angle. The fact that the man was tense with anger and frustration, clenching his fists, only made him that much hotter.

As humiliating as this whole thing was of being on display the ranger instinctively flexed his body. Coupled with his arrogance was a healthy dose of vanity, especially when he was working out at the gym, showing off his ripped body. And now he was on display for four of the most beautiful men he had ever seen. If he couldn't beat them (not yet anyway) he would sure show them he was in their league when it came to looks and physique.

As the men sized him up and praised his body like he was a slave for sale, his humiliation was alleviated by a sense of ..... what? .... he couldn't tell ..... pride in his appearance, maybe .... a need to show these mother-fucking cocksuckers that he could take whatever they dished out. And when he got free ..... he'd fucking break them.

But suddenly Randy brought the show to a halt. "OK, guys, that's enough. This man interrupted us and I wanna get back to business ..... business that he'll get to watch. Right, now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" They got back on the ground, Randy and Zack leaning back while the boys went to work on their stiffening cocks.

The ranger instinctively closed his eyes. But hearing the sounds of slurping and ecstatic moans he opened them again. And kept them open.


It wasn't prurience that kept him watching and it certainly wasn't lust. It was the look of ecstasy in the eyes of the swarthy gypsy and the muscular black man that fascinated the ranger. His own cock had been sucked many times by women but he had never felt what these men were evidently feeling, from the way they threw their heads back, eyes rolling, their muscles tense with exhilaration.

And the boys sure knew what they were doing as their mouths moved rhythmically up and down the massive shafts. They paused and the ranger could see their throat muscles clenching as they swallowed, then relaxed as they resumed servicing their ... their masters - the only word to describe these men. The ranger concentrated on the one they called Pablo, the one the boss had called his boy.

He watched mesmerized as the boy pulled his head back off the boss's cock, licked his lips, formed them into a firm O and lowered his mouth slowly back down over the long, thick pole .... down ... down .... and, incredibly, sinking even further until the boy's face was buried in his master's sweaty tangle of black pubic hair, inhaling deeply through his nose.

Shit, the head of the cock must be way down deep in his throat - and the boy was swallowing! The ranger could only imagine what this must feel like, what it must do for the sensation in the man's prick. And then he saw what it felt like. Suddenly the man, Randy, opened his eyes and they were staring straight at him, pale blue eyes filled with an ecstasy that surpassed anything Petersen had ever felt himself.

He admired tough, masculine men - his ranger buddies all were - the guys he went drinking with, cruising for girls in a macho fraternity of lusty, hot-blooded males, fucking the brains out of the girls they picked up.

But his man ..... this ... Randy ... was the most ruggedly masculine male he had ever encountered, tough, virile - a real man's man. The dark gypsy face was unbelievably handsome, as if lit from within, with its chiseled features, high cheek bones, square stubbled jaw, long dark hair ... and those eyes, those hypnotic blue eyes. And yet here he was, this ultimate muscle-stud, with his huge dick in the mouth of a boy, a handsome young buck who clearly worshipped him and was paying homage to his master by sucking his cock.

The ranger shook his head to clear these foreign thoughts from his mind, but still the eyes stared at him hypnotically. The ranger couldn't know it yet but he was experiencing what so many men before him had felt ... he was falling under a spell. He thought he caught the glimmer of a smile in those eyes, even a trace of triumph, as if the man knew the power of his own magnetism. The eyes were staring straight into his as the gypsy said. "That's enough .... on your knees!"

The ranger felt his knees grow weak, but again he shook his head and realized that the gypsy was not talking to him. He was giving an order to his boys .... an order they obeyed instantly. They scrambled to their feet and knelt on hands and knees with their backs to their masters. Sensing what came next the ranger closed his eyes, knowing he would throw up if he had to watch this obscenity. Then he heard the voice growl, "You ready, big guy?"

He opened his eyes in alarm, thinking something was about to happen to him, but he realized that the boss was talking to his black buddy. The boss was kneeling behind his boy and the naked leatherman behind the black boy with the massive dick. The black man .... what was his name, Zack? .... turned and grinned to his buddy. "Right there with you, big guy." And then the guy did something that made the ranger's head spin. He reached out, put his hand behind the gypsy's head, pulled it toward him .... and they kissed!"

But this was no ordinary kiss, like all the ones Petersen gave women. This was a raw, ravenous embrace between men, two dominant alpha males, their ravenous mouths grinding together in a macho bond of brotherhood. He could see the shape of their tongues moving inside their cheeks, could see saliva oozing from their lips and running down their chins. When Randy had done the same to him forcibly, twice, he had recoiled, but now he was riveted by the sight of the two bodybuilders coupling in this way.

They finally broke apart and looked down at the boys on their hands and knees. "Ready boys?" the black man asked.

"Yes, sir, please sir," the boys said in unison.

This was it. The ranger had known deep down from the moment he had been captured that it would come to this. Thank god they were not forcing it on him. Obscene as the act was, all he had to do was watch. That's all he had to do.


The men grabbed their boys' ass cheeks, pulled them apart and lowered their heads. "Shit, man, look at that beautiful hole just waiting for it," Randy moaned, flicking out his tongue.

Surely not, Petersen thought, not these men - they wouldn't cheapen themselves like this. This he couldn't watch - his naked body flexed as he pulled at the rope binding his wrists. But just before closing his eyes he heard a long "aaah" and saw the boys' heads fly back, their eyes wide with exhilaration. "Please, sir," the boy Pablo said, "eat my ass, sir. It belongs to you - take it, sir."

The ranger was physically incapable of closing his eyes, mesmerized as he was by the sight of the two men shoving their tongues into their boy's holes. It should have looked like humiliation but it didn't. These were top men who knew exactly what they were doing - and they were loving it. The black guy finally pulled away and said, "Hey buddy, reckon they're good and lubed by now?"

Randy pulled his face out of his boy's ass, his stubbled chin wet with saliva, his eyes glowing. He spoke to Zack but his eyes were looking straight at Pete. "Man, I'm stoked. My balls are bursting with jizz and my dick's hard as iron. Let's do it, man."

No way could the ranger tear his gaze away from Randy's as the man pushed his dick between the globes of his boy's ass and into his hole. He saw the passion building in the wide-open blue eyes. Up to now the gypsy's look had been supremely confident but now the eyes flickered as he released control and submitted his body to the sensation in his cock.

"Oh, man," the gypsy groaned to his boy, though he was still gazing at Pete. "This is where I surrender my dick to your ass, boy." His gaze was penetrating the ranger's eyes. "Take it all, boy. I submit to your ass. I submit to you, man."

Petersen felt himself being drawn into this man's fantasies and fought against it. He hated this dark demon for overpowering him, physically and mentally. He hated his strength, hated his beauty and he longed to face him man-to-man and reassert his authority. He heard it again. "I submit to you, man." He looked at the gypsy face now grimacing in ... what?.... defeat? ... "I submit......"

Yeah, that's what he would do when he got free, beat this fucking guy to a pulp and make him submit. He would strip the macho gypsy naked, tie him up spread-eagled and whip that magnificent body, watching the lash bounce off the muscles of his chest, his abs and his back. He would whip that huge cock and his naked ass. He would lash him, break him, humiliate him until that spectacular body writhed in agony and he screamed for mercy and surrendered to him. He would see the king of the gypsies hanging limp from the ropes, his body broken, whimpering over and over, 'I submit, sir ...... I submit...."

"I submit.... I submit to that perfect ass, boy."

In a daze the ranger snapped back to reality and realized that Randy was talking to his boy, though his hypnotic eyes was still fixed on him. "That ass is like a fucking furnace, it feels so good ....." His eyes flashed at Petersen. "Take that gypsy's huge dick in your ass, man."

'The gypsy's huge dick in his ass......' the words rang in the ranger's ears. He shuddered ... he was being subjected to an intense mind-fuck. He saw the big man's muscles flex as his hips slammed against the ass with gathering speed. He had seen his buddies fuck girls often enough, but he had never seen anything like this. The man was a fuck machine, a wild stallion, sweat dripping from his stubbled face and down over his sculpted chest as he jackhammered his boy's ass.

'... the gypsy's huge dick in his ass....'

His cock became a piston ramrodding the boy, whose head rolled back and gazed upward, his black hair flying over his handsome young face with every blow to his ass. Petersen saw the wild ecstasy in the boy's eyes and tried to imagine what he was feeling. His master was pounding his ass, that massive tool was driving deep into his gut .... What did it feel like to have this powerful bodybuilder inside you, pile-driving your ass? How could a man take it, even from a magnificent man like this? He tried to imagine..... 'the gypsy's huge dick in his ass" .... he could almost feel it ....

"You feel that, man?" Randy said, ostensibly to Pablo, but staring straight at Pete. "You feel the boss's rod pounding into your ass? Makes your dick hard as a rock, eh man? Makes you wanna shoot your load. Come on, man, come closer."

Hypnotized by the savage gypsy Pete shuffled forward, naked with his pants still pooled round his boots. He was so mesmerized by Randy's eyes that there was something he didn't realize, and wouldn't have believed it even if he did. His long, uncut cock was standing out from his blond pubic hair stiff as a pole.

Randy reached forward, grabbed Pablo's hair and pulled his head up so he was staring at the ranger's cock inches from his face.

The boy knew his master well, knew from the start that Randy had to have this man, this arrogant, aggressively homophobic authority figure. He was one handsome stud, but he had insulted Randy's boys and that was enough. Randy had no vanity except for one thing - his sexual magnetism, his ability to blow any man's mind and make him do whatever he commanded.

This Chief Ranger, this tough, macho stud, was an alpha male who boasted of his drinking buddies, his sexual prowess with women, how they all fell for his muscular good looks and how he fucked them all. He was a special challenge .... and Randy always rose to a challenge

Pablo realized that Randy was pulling out all the stops and knew instantly what his role was to be. "Man, I love to fuck," Randy yelled, "to feel my hard cock pounding that boy." Pablo opened his mouth wide, inched forward and lowered himself onto the ranger's cock, sucking it in gently until it came to rest deep in his throat. Then he swallowed."

"Aah...aaah," the ranger moaned, in his delirium not fully aware what was happening to him. All he knew was that he was feeling what the gypsy was feeling, the hot sensation in his dick. "Feel that, man?" Randy grinned. "Dick feels incredible, eh? Come on, man, let's fuck." The ranger saw Randy increase the tempo of his fuck and he matched him. His feelings for this man had gyrated between hate, admiration and a thirst for revenge, but now he felt a special bond with him as he gazed into his eyes and felt what the gypsy felt, fucked as he fucked.

He was reeling in a confusion of lust, not clear what he was doing - a cock in his mouth, the gypsy's huge cock in his ass? He was delusional but, whatever he was doing, he knew he wanted to do it with this incredible man. Randy talked him through the rest, holding his gaze but addressing Pablo.

"Shit, your ass is hot, man. Makes my dick hard as steel ... feel that gypsy's huge dick pounding your ass? Your ass is on fire, man, getting jack-hammered like that. You can't take any more .... but you know my rule .... any guy I fuck has to submit to me before he can bust his load. You wanna shoot, man?"

"Yeah, oh yeah, I wanna cum, man. Let me cum...."

"Look at me, buddy." Randy pumped his arms in the air, pounding ass, his fists clenched in a bodybuilder pose. "Look at this fucking man and submit to him. Watch that gypsy shoot his load in his boy's ass .... Here it comes, man ..... aaagh....!" The ranger had never seen anything more beautiful than this magnificent muscle god pumping his fists in the air, howling as he blasted his load into his boy's ass.

The ranger had to surrender to the man's power and beauty. He pulled at the ropes behind his back, his muscles tensed and he screamed, "I submit. I submit to you, sir. I'm cuuumiiing....." His cock exploded in Pablo's mouth in the most intense orgasm of his life. The boy swallowed, gulp after gulp, squeezing every last drop of semen from the ranger's shuddering dick. Next to them the black leather-master howled as he too busted his load deep in his boy's ass.

There was a long silence - except for the rasping breaths and the pounding of their hearts. But finally Randy pulled out of Pablo's ass and Pablo released the ranger's cock. Randy walked round and faced the ranger, once again piercing him with his hypnotic blue eyes. "On your knees, man." In thrall to this breathtaking man the ranger dropped to his knees. Randy closed his fist round his own cock and pointed it at his face. "My boy only got half of it. Open your mouth, big guy."

The ranger meekly complied and Randy spurted a huge stream of jism straight into it, forcing the man's gag reflex to swallow, again and again as more cum poured over his face and chest. When he was drained Randy shook his cock and said, "Now you know me, ranger. Like I said, I'm the King of the Gypsies."

Petersen fell forward onto the ground, his face pressed against Randy's bare feet, soaking them with tears.


Randy looked down at the broken ranger with a smile of satisfaction, then acknowledged the admiring gazes of Zack and the boys. "Awesome, man," Zack grinned. "Fucking awesome."

On the ground Petersen slowly regained his senses as his euphoria evaporated and the sexual fantasy faded. As conscious memory flooded back he winced in horror at what he had done, what he had felt. The overwhelming sensation was the taste of the man's semen in his mouth, but remembering the blow across his face when he had spat before, this time he swallowed hard - then again.

As the gypsy's juices flowed down his throat he felt totally degraded, humiliated and deeply ashamed. He was disgusted with himself for allowing himself to be seduced into acts he despised in others. All he knew was that he had to get away from these men. His hands were still tied behind his back so he struggled to get up by bracing himself against Randy's legs and easing himself up against his naked body.

Halfway up he paused to get his breath, inhaled and tasted rancid sweat and cum. He gagged as he realized his face was buried in damp, black pubic hair, his face pressing against the gypsy's stinking cock and balls. His degradation complete, his body was wracked with a heaving sob. At last he struggled to his feet and found himself looking into the triumphant eyes that had seduced him into an orgasm that he knew he would always remember - and hate himself for.

"I'll untie you," Randy said in the deep voice that jolted the ranger with his recent agonizing memories. Randy untied his wrists and Petersen bent down, pulled up his pants and buckled the belt. "Listen buddy," Randy said gently, "you're pretty exhausted, in no shape to drive. Why don't you catch your breath first and have a beer with us?"

Pete's eyes flashed, his macho authority starting to reassert itself. "Go to hell, man. I hate your fucking guts. Fuck you all." He picked up his shirt and T-shirt off the ground and staggered through the bushes from which he had appeared a lifetime ago.

"Well," Zack grinned. "That was intense."

"Yea, sir," Darius said to Randy. "Hell I was sure you'd end up fucking his ass, sir."

"There's still time," Randy grinned mysteriously. "You gotta learn to read the expression in a man's eyes, kiddo. Don't believe everything he says. Just wait and see, guys. Hey, any more of that fish left? I'm fucking starved.


The ranger stumbled through the forest, back to the trail where he had left his truck. His mind was a blur of conflicting sensations, the most prominent a need for revenge. He flashed on his fantasy of beating the son-of-a-bitch to a pulp, tying him up and whipping his muscular body, swinging lash after lash across his chest until the man was begging for mercy. He saw the broken body hanging from the ropes, the dark gypsy face with the blue eyes sobbing in agony, groaning, "I submit ..... I submit...."

As he ran he felt the crotch of his pants chafing his cock - it was rock hard .... he stumbled and fell heavily to the ground. Lying in the brush he gazed up at the sky and in his deluded mind fancied he saw the naked gypsy towering over him in triumph. "Damn you, man," the ranger howled ... "damn you to hell."

A few minutes later he was dragging himself to his truck, heaving himself in and slumping in his seat. He took many deep breaths and steeled himself to banish the gypsy's image from his mind. He had to get back to reality, back to his routine. He called dispatch on his radio and said, "Hey, Petersen. I'm signing off for the day, Linda. See you tomorrow. Yeah, me too, girl. Look forward to it." Good. That felt better.

He punched a number on his cell phone and a voice said, "Hey, bud, what's up? You gonna join me and the guys in the bar later?" It was just what he needed, the company of his buddies .... but he heard himself say, "Er, not tonight, man. Rain check. Been a rough day and I got stuff to do. Later, buddy."

He shut off the phone and said out loud, "Stuff to do? What the fuck am I talking about?" He stared blankly through the windshield and in the distance through the trees glimpsed the sunlight glinting on the lake.

The lake, the beach. And suddenly he was back there, staring into the steel blue eyes, watching the gorgeous body pile-driving his boy, his muscles flexing, gleaming with sweat. The man had called him buddy, they had felt the same euphoria as they had both fucked the boy - his boy. What was the boy feeling - what was it like to have this gypsy's huge prick in his ass? Again those haunting words that he couldn't shake from his mind.

He could smell the man, his beery breath, his sweat, his cum still smothered over his face and chest. He could hear him .... "You wanna shoot, man?" "Yeah, oh yeah, I wanna cum, man. Let me cum.... Aaagh!" He felt cum spurt pouring over his chest, the gypsy's semen pouring over his chest and face. He ran his hand over his chest, spreading the hot juice all over him, sticking his fingers into his mouth, tasting his cum ..... his own cum!

He groaned out loud as he realized he had pulled out his own cock and busted his load over himself, fantasizing about the man who had made him shoot, wondering what a guy felt like getting his ass ramrodded like the gypsy had pounded his boy.

"Fuck ... fuck ... fuck." He slammed his hands down on the steering wheel in anger, confusion and frustration. "Gotta get out of here." He gunned the truck that skidded in the gravel and took off, bouncing over the track until it reached the highway. Which way, now, buddy - right or left Come on man? Where you going? Which direction .....?

There was only one place. The ranger yanked on the wheel and spun the truck round in a U-turn.


Far removed from the dramatic events at the lake another scene was unfolding at the house. It was a much quieter, domestic little scene but in its unassuming way promised to add a unique chapter to the long, vibrant narrative of the tribe. Eddie would be the one to create his own simple story, different from anything the house had known up to now.

It began routinely enough with Eddie sweeping the courtyard outside the gate, nearing the end of his chores for the day. A bit like Cinderella, he grinned to himself, in his old shorts and ragged T-shirt, "though I ain't working for no ugly sisters," he thought. Far from it, he was tending house for a group of the most beautiful men on the planet and was proud to do it.

His mind was on his master Hassan as usual, and he absent-mindedly gazed up the hill in the direction of Mulholland Drive where the sexy Marine lived. Then he saw something that made him throw down his broom. He ran up the hill from the house and called out, "Hey, dude, you need any help with that?"

In front of him up the hill was a young man huffing and puffing, putting all his strength in a failing attempt to propel his wheelchair up the steep hill. He looked round with a broad smile in his fresh, open face and said, "Well now that you mention it, dude, I guess I could use a hand or two. I can usually make it up this hill - does wonders for the upper body - but I've been to the grocery store and all these bags make this old chariot a lot heavier." He gave Eddie the once over. "Shit, you've got quite a build yourself, dude. Just the muscle I need."

Eddie laughed and grabbed the handles of the wheelchair, saying, "Piece of cake, bro. I won't even break a sweat. Just point me in the right direction."

"Top of the hill on the left. Small apartment house, ground floor. Don't worry there's ramps to the front door - landlord put them in." Eddie was right - it was a piece of cake, and he didn't break a sweat. He pushed the chair up the shallow ramp, the guy fumbled with his keys and they went into his small, neat, one-bedroom apartment.

"Thanks a heap, dude." A smile again lit up the young, good-looking face as he held out his hand. "Name's Brandon." Eddie shook it and grinned, "I'm Eddie. Here, let me help you put those groceries away."

"Nah, I can do it," Brandon said. "I'm real independent." Eddie stood back amazed as the boy whirled his chair round the small apartment, deftly putting away groceries in the fridge and cabinets, nothing above head high. He finished in no time, grabbed two beers from the fridge and offered on to Eddie. "Here, dude, the least I can do."

Eddie sat facing him and was immediately drawn to the eager, open face. Brandon took a swig of beer and explained, "I only moved up here a few months ago. I was living in a group home for the disabled but I don't think of myself as disabled so I persuaded the welfare folks to let me live independently. Works a treat."

"How did this happen?" Eddie asked, nodding at the wheelchair.

"Car wreck, when I was about ten. My dad was driving - drunk as usual - and wrapped the car round a tree. He wasn't hurt but my legs were trapped and so ..." he shrugged .... "bingo. No more feeling in my legs. So I'm never gonna make it as a track and field star," he laughed, "though I do try out for the Paralympics - do pretty good too. See?" he grinned flexing the muscles in his well-developed upper body. "Anyway, my mom was a drunk too so they put me in a group home. Moved around a bit until I came here and I couldn't be happier."

Eddie looked at Brandon and frowned. "Dude, you say your legs don't work but what about the rest ... like ... what about your cock?"

Brandon roared with laughter. "Shit, Eddie, you don't mess around, do you? Cut right to the chase. Well, no worries on that score - my dick's just fine. I cum all the time and shoot a lot of jizz - a regular gusher."

"Hey, that's what the guys always say about me," Eddie laughed. "I can cum over and over." Then he furrowed his brow and asked with his typical directness, "But ... I mean, how do you ... like what can you do?"

Brandon smiled and held it his right hand, curving it in a semi fist. "See this, dude? A guy's best friend, especially if his legs don't work. I got the strongest wrist in town. Hey, see that cupboard over there? Open it."

Eddie did as directed and reared back. "Wow, dude, that is intense." He was looking at the biggest collection of porn videos he had ever seen ..... and they were all male. His peal of laughter rang round the room. "A dude after my own heart," he said. "Wow you got some classics here, all the hot ones. You got Manning too, of course - don't you just love that awesome body of his and that big hunk of meat?"

"Oh yeah, that guy can make me shoot any time, day or night. See I go for big, muscular guys .... handsome, macho bodybuilder types."

"Shit, you should see my house then. You'd go apeshit - never stop gushing." Eddie was still puzzled, though. "So, like, jerking off's hot but .... I mean .... is that all?"

"Pretty much," said Brandon cheerfully. "I don't get too many visitors here, and even if I do ... well, you know ... bit squeamish and all."

"Hell, dude," Eddie said with wide-eyed enthusiasm. "You don't have to settle for that. Doesn't always have to be one off the wrist. I can think of something else right away." He grinned conspiratorially. "Listen dude, there's not much I'm good at except cleaning house and working as a bar-back, but there was one thing I learned in that bar sucking all those leather guys' dicks night after night. Now there I'm a real expert - all the guys say so."

Brandon's eyes gleamed. "You mean you ..... you would really do that? You wouldn't mind?"

"Mind?! Hey don't sell yourself short, stud. You're a hot looking dude, great face and, like you said, great upper body. Plus I like you - and I love sucking cock. Hey, dude - you got the dick, I got the mouth. Bet you I can make you cum .... what .... three times at least?"

"You're on, dude," Brandon laughed and he reached for the remote control.

"Nah, that's another thing," Eddie said. "You won't need the videos. I guarantee."


While the two young guys were getting down to business, things were not so settled in the forest way above the city. Far from it.

The arrogant chief ranger, normally so authoritative and self-assured, a confident macho stud, had lost his balance. In fact, he was a mess. Barely aware that he had U-turned away from the highway, his logic, common sense, morals, all flew out the window as his truck bounced over the gravel path. All he could see before him were those defiant blue eyes in the stubbled gypsy face .... and the ecstatic glow on his boy's face as he felt his master's dick piston inside him .... ''The gypsy's huge dick in his ass " ... couldn't shake those words. What could it feel like....?


On the beach things had turned positively domestic. Randy and Pablo were at the water's edge, disentangling the fishing tackle, getting it ready for the next spin on the lake. Zack and Darius were standing in shallow water skimming stones over the glassy surface of the water.

Suddenly Zack heard a sound and looked up at the beach. "Well what d'ya know?" he said softly. The other three followed his gaze and stared in awe at the tall shirtless ranger standing under the trees, his shirt hanging from his hand at his side, the sun playing through the leaves over the muscles of his bare chest.

They were stunned into silence - all except Randy who took it all in stride as if he had expected this. Which, of course, he had. He marched up the beach toward the tense ranger and said jovially, "Hey, Pete, good to see ya." He came close and gazed at the ranger with a satisfied smile. "I been keeping that beer on ice for you."

The ranger felt himself being drawn back into the pools of those limpid blue eyes. "You knew I would come back, didn't you?"

"Pretty much," Randy said, his dark, handsome face crinkling in a grin. "And I'm pretty sure I know what you came back for - and it wasn't beer."

"You son-of-a-bitch," the ranger said softly.

"Yeah, I get that a lot," Randy laughed. "But whatever you call me, we still got a lot of ground to cover, buddy ..... I can call you buddy, right? See we're gonna get real close, man, mighty close actually. And I think you're about ready. Do you think you're ready, chief?"

"Damn you, man. You know I am."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 221


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