They were hot jock workout buddies at the gym - the one dark haired, handsome, with a flawlessly muscular physique, the other a chiseled blond, a young muscle-god who had been featured in a fireman's calendar, the object of many orgasms. But the men were no ordinary gym partners. Both were body-worshippers, obsessed by beautiful men - the one drooling over athletes at the gym, the blond getting off on his own image in the mirror as often as not.

Lloyd and Jason had been brought together by a scheme of Lloyd's lover, the inventive therapist, Doctor Steve. He had invited Adam, Jason and Hassan, with their boys, to the house for the weekend and suggested that for the first night they switch partners. To Lloyd's intense excitement he had been paired with the spectacular fireman, Jason, and had taken him down to the basement gym that Lloyd and Steve had built.

There, Lloyd's long-time fantasy had come to life - working out in the gym with a beautiful bodybuilder, getting up close to him, smelling his sweat, hearing him groan with effort, and eventually..... but here his fantasy crossed into the impossible. Except that tonight everything was possible.

They had pumped iron together for over half an hour, during which their physical exertions had slowly become sexual. Jason had challenged Lloyd to a bench-press contest, which Jason had won. His prize was to tie Lloyd to the bench and fuck his face, driving his cock deep into his throat and making him swallow streams of hot cum. When his cock had finally drained the near-naked fireman stepped back and stared at the bound bodybuilder, tears streaming from his eyes, cum pouring down his handsome face. "Now that," Jason said, "is totally fucking awesome, man. Beautiful." But that was just the beginning.


Jason released Lloyd and as they took a breather, letting their heartbeats subside, Jason's thoughts went to his boy Ben, wondering how he was enjoying his night with Hassan. But he knew he had nothing to worry about. Ben would really get off on the fantasy of the gorgeous, muscular Marine and would be full of it when they met again in the morning.

Reassured, Jason turned his focus back to the handsome architect and the erotic gym which was now stinking of sweat and semen. Jason's vanity was kicking in and he wanted more. He wanted to really show off.

Lloyd, too, still had many more fantasies to play out. Being here with the magnificent blond jock was his ultimate dream - a dream too good to waste. "Come on, man, this is so fucking hot, I'm gonna show you something that'll blow your mind." They pulled off their jockstraps and faced each other, naked at last. Then Lloyd went into action ....

A few minutes later he stood back and gazed into the mirror. Jason was between the cable posts again but this time he was spread-eagled to the four corners. His arms were stretched up and his wrists were tied to the cable handles. His legs were spread wide, his ankles roped to the bottom of the posts.

He wasn't totally naked. Lloyd had made him put on the sweat- and cum-stained white tank he had worn before, which now stretched over the muscular torso of the bound bodybuilder. The frayed bottom of the tank ended just above his cock swinging between his muscled thighs, and behind, it ended just above the twin white globes of his naked ass. Jason was gazing in awe at himself in the mirror knowing just how spectacular he looked.

Lloyd placed a chair by the mirror and sat down, back to the mirror, gazing at the young fireman, tied helpless, naked except for the thin, frayed tank clinging to his chest.

"Man," Lloyd breathed, "I have never seen anything more beautiful than that. Now for some real muscle-worship. You know, those hunks at the gym drive me crazy, and it's always been a major homoerotic fantasy of mine to have one of them tied up in my power so I could work him over, make him beg. And now here I have the most beautiful muscle-god of them all, the narcissistic, arrogant blond jock spread-eagled in bondage, at my mercy."

Lloyd stood up, and ran his hands over the thin tank, feeling the solid pecs and hard nipples underneath. "You're my workout partner, man, but you fucked my face and made me beg. Well guess what, stud.... it's payback time."


The payback did not come right away. Instead Lloyd sat back in the chair, simply gazing at the apparition of the bound jock, his magnificent body spread-eagled before him, more beautiful than anything he had ever seen at the gym. He would have been happy to stare at him like this all night, beating his meat, cumming, jerking off some more and cumming again and again.

And that's kind of what Lloyd did at first - rousing Jason's vanity to a peak. Jason was hugely turned on by the sight of his own bound body in the mirror, but his arousal was magnified by the fact that his gym partner was watching him, mesmerized by his beauty, stroking his cock in a supreme act of body worship. It was a profound experience for both men and led inevitably to the most intense kind of fantasy - one that seemed totally real, and one they shared.

They were gym buddies, workout partners who got off on pushing their bodies to the extreme, challenging each other to trials of strength. They were straight, macho jocks, the muscle-crunching workouts an expression of their manhood. They showed off to each other and the other guys at the gym but, if sex had been lurking deep in their subconscious, it had never surfaced - until now.

Finding themselves alone in the gym their competitive impulses grew intimate and finally brimmed over. When one triumphed over the other in a contest of strength the winner exacted a sexual prize .... tying his exhausted buddy down and forcing him to give him a blow-job. They were like two drunk straight guys who find themselves alone together, intimate, sharing a bed. Feeling sexual attraction to each other for the first time their inhibitions vanish in mutual masturbation and a blow job. But then it gets serious and the loser takes revenge.

"What are you gonna do to me, man?" the blond asked.

"Nothing for now - just sit here and admire that gorgeous body of yours. It's such a fucking turn on, man." He stared at his buddy - at his exquisitely sculpted features, his short blond hair and blue eyes, and the most beautifully proportioned, muscular physique he had ever seen, a stunning athlete straining in bondage.

But far from the humbled captive, Jason was gazing in awe at himself in the mirror, a handsome jock on display while his gym buddy sat staring at him, salivating as he pounded his cock. Jason had admired his own body often enough and now it was being worshipped by another jock. "Come on, stud - you know what I want," Lloyd said, "and you want it too." Jason knew exactly. He struggled against his restraints, knowing full well that a beautiful body is viewed at its erotic best when the muscles are straining in bondage.

But they both knew that there was a unique added feature to this pornographic display. Jason's hands were tied to the handles of the cables and he could still pull them down just as he would in a normal cable-fly exercise. So his arms were not held rigid, and as he struggled to free his hands he pulled the cables down across his chest. In anticipation of this Lloyd had loaded on extra weights so the exercise demanded enormous effort. When Jason reached his limit his arms sprang back up, but he pulled down on the cables again, his body twisting and writhing as his arms bent, biceps and chest flexing hard.

At one point Lloyd gasped as Jason flexed and pulled down on the cables so hard that he fell to his knees on the floor, his arms taking the strain as his fists touched each other across his chest. He held the painful pose as long as he could but, when his strength was exhausted and he released the hold, the cables wrenched his arms back up to the top, yanking him off his knees and stretching him brutally back in the spread-eagled position with a howl of pain and writhing muscles.

Lloyd was spellbound. "Jesus Christ, man, that's the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. Man, you're hot - that torn, sweaty tank stretched over your chest, your huge cock swinging between those thighs as your body jerks against the ropes. Fucking pornographic, man. You've never looked more beautiful and you know it - and it turns you on like crazy."

"Yeah," breathed Jason, staring at his magnificent body in the mirror as if looking at a glorious stranger. He struggled harder, yanking on the cables and moaning, "Shit he's gorgeous. Worship him, man, pound that meat." They were both in ecstasy, their bodies on fire as they watched the muscle-jock struggle in front of his gym partner.

And that's the fantasy that now consumed them - two straight workout partners dropping their pretences, opening up to their sexual lust, one jock straining in bondage before the other who was pounding his cock in a frenzy. The fantasy became real as the captive bodybuilder moaned. "What you gonna do to me, buddy? I've had enough, man .... let me go. I can't take anymore, you're breaking my body."

Consumed with lust Lloyd growled. "Nah, I love watching a stud like you suffer, man. We compete in the gym, but I am the best and you have to submit. You know what to do, man."

Jason struggled mightily, gazing at the homoerotic image of his rippling muscles, the thin tank soaked in sweat and clinging to his chest, sweat pouring down his handsome face contorted with exertion, his cock standing out like a steel rod. Again Jason pulled mightily on the cables and sank to his knees.

He held the agonizing pose to exhaustion, then yelled, "OK, man, I give up. You win. I'm finished - I submit ..... Aaah .... Aaagh!!" His strength failed, the cables jerked him up off his knees, his body sprang agonizingly upward and stretched tight just as his cock blasted a huge stream of cum that shot high, slammed against the mirror and poured down the glass.

Watching the vain, arrogant blond jock surrender in agonizing humiliation made Lloyd hallucinate and he pounded his cock as he screamed, "That's so fucking gorgeous, man .... yes....yes....yeess!!." He slouched back in the chair and a long ribbon of cum shot from his cock, then another and another, splashing in a pool of semen at Jason's feet, in worshipful homage to the bronzed athlete, hanging exhausted, head dropping down in defeat, sweat pouring down his magnificent body.


"Shit damn," Lloyd moaned, throwing his head back, "fucking hell ....that was unbelievable, man. You wanna go some more?"

Hell, yes," Jason said, staring at Lloyd then at himself. "This is too good to stop now. I love it."

"OK, buddy, just take it easy now ..... leave it all to me." Jason calmed down, his spread-eagled body relaxed in the ropes waiting for what Lloyd would do next. He was gazing at himself, at the mercy of his workout-buddy - back in the gym fantasy.

Lloyd eased himself from his chair and fell to his knees facing the mirror. Now I wanna worship you man - I mean real worship. His view of the bound jock was blurred by the white liquid running down the mirror so he leaned forward and licked the glass, tasting his buddy's bitter-sweet cum. As he cleaned the glass he found himself licking the mirror-image of the near-naked bodybuilder, kissing him, sucking up the last remains of his semen off the glass. "Man, that looks hot," he groaned .... "but I want the real thing.

He turned round to face Jason, fell on his stomach and crawled across the floor until his head dropped on Jason's foot. Again he licked voraciously in a mounting frenzy and he grabbed the muscular thigh, hugging it as his tongue moved higher and higher up Jason's leg until it reached the holy grail of his sweat-soaked pubic hair and his balls.

Spurred on by the captive's moans he sucked the balls into his mouth and pressed his tongue against them. He was driving Jason wild, seeing in the mirror the bound muscle jock being worshipped by the handsome stud on his knees, his mouth wrapped round his crotch, reaching up and grabbing his waist through the thin cotton of his soaking tank.

Lloyd pulled his head back and gazed up at the chiseled face staring down at him. Although Jason was the man who was bound, he was the man who ruled - the man who was the object of groveling worship. Lloyd moaned, "Thank you, sir," as he buried his head in the sweaty tangle of blond pubic hair, sucking in the sweat oozing from it. In a daze he pulled back, gazed at the semi-erect cock and flicked out his tongue. In seconds he was licking its whole length, from the bulging crown right up to the stinking pubes.

"I need to suck it, sir. Please, let me suck your cock."

"Do it, man," Jason said, half to the bound man in the mirror, half to the man begging at his feet." Lloyd sucked in the head of the cock and eased his mouth over it, feeling the stiffening rod slide down his throat until his face was once again buried in damp pubic hair. He pulled back, pursing his lips hard round the cock, which was now hard as steel.

Jason gazed at himself in the mirror and the dark-haired stud on his knees, the muscles of his broad back rippling as he moved back and forth, faster and faster, moaning in ecstasy. "Man, that looks fucking awesome," Jason groaned, flashing on the sight of the roped jock having his cock sucked by his gym partner. "Un-fucking-believable. Come on, do it, buddy. Suck my dick, worship it." Jason tugged at his restraints, making his body writhe as it got sucked, indulging in the ultimate act of narcissism.

Jason groaned, "You're gonna make me shoot another load, buddy. Man, I can't hold back." Lloyd felt the shaft pulse on the verge of orgasm, but at the last minute he pulled his mouth off the cock and gazed up at the ecstatic face. Jason had been about to shoot his load looking at himself as usual, but now, surprised, he stared down at Lloyd, at the square-jawed handsome face, saliva dripping from his open mouth, tears running down his cheeks. He was holding Jason's cock in his closed fist, pointing it at his gaping mouth.

And it was that erotic image of his good buddy waiting to drink his juice that made Jason howl, "You are so fucking gorgeous man - this is for you .... Aaagh!" A flood of semen spurted from his cock and slammed into Lloyd's face. The second stream, and those that followed, all hit their target of his mouth as he gulped hard, swallowing as much as he could, and holding the rest in his mouth.

Lloyd reached up, dug his fingers into Jason's chest through the tank and pulled himself to his feet. He clamped his mouth over Jason's and let the semen flow from one mouth to the other as they ground their lips together in a wild celebration of muscle-worship and narcissism.

Lloyd became a sexual animal, leaning down to lick the sweat-soaked tank, smothering it with the cum still oozing from his mouth. He bit the hard nipples, tearing the thin cotton over them, ripping it down with his teeth. He pulled back, leapt to his feet and stood behind Jason, looking over his shoulder into the mirror, both of them gazing at the athlete stretched in bondage."

"Look at yourself, man," Lloyd said. "You've never looked more beautiful than that. Fucking amazing. Shit, man, you're driving me crazy...." Lloyd pressed against his back, reached round and clamped his hands over the tank. He scraped his finger nails down the shirt, pulling it, tearing it as Jason yelled, "Yeah, do it, buddy .... rip that fucking shirt off him, man." Intoxicated by the sound of ripping fabric Jason pulled down on the cables, his torso flexing hard, as he watched his chest and eight-pack abs being exposed.

When Lloyd finally lowered his hands he stared in awe at the mirror, at the bound jock, naked now except for the shreds of his tank hanging from his shoulders over his chest. "Holy shit," Jason groaned, "that looks fucking incredible. I could bust another load just looking at it."

"Not yet, buddy - not until I...." "Aaaagh." Jason screamed and his body arched forward as he felt the long hard rod penetrate him and drive deep into his ass.

Lloyd howled in triumph. "You feel that, stud? You feel that pole in your ass? Remember how you tied me up, fucked my face, made me beg and submit to you? Like I said, man ..... it's payback time." He grabbed Jason's hips and pulled them back, slamming him onto his cock again and again as it pistoned inside his tortured ass.

The image in the mirror was unbelievable. The arrogant blond muscle-god was helpless, spread-eagled, the shreds of his tank hanging from his shoulders, sweat and tears pouring down his sculpted face, his gorgeous naked body writhing in pain, impaled on his workout buddy's cock.

The sight was pornographic and sent Lloyd spinning out of control. Of all the men in the gym Jason was the most beautiful, swaggering around the gym flaunting his perfect body. But now here he was tied up naked with a cock pounding his ass. Lloyd was jack-hammering him, his huge shaft pile-driving deep into his shattered ass, as Jason's body thrashed, pulling desperately on the cables. There was pain but Jason was numb to it, so turned on by the incredible mirror image of the tortured bodybuilder.

But eventually the pain took over and Lloyd saw the man open his mouth and scream, "That's enough, man. You're ripping me open .... I can't take any more ..... my ass ..... aaagh."

"Beg, man," Lloyd yelled.

"OK, OK, I'm begging you, man. Please, sir - I submit. I give up - you've beaten me. Please, man, cum in my ass..... I can't ...... aaagh!!" He watched the agonized muscle-jock in the mirror as his strength failed, the cables jerked his body up taut, his ass slammed back onto the rod inside it .... and his cock blasted another ribbon of cum that slammed against the glass.

"Here it comes, man," Lloyd howled as his cock exploded in his gym buddy's ass, pouring hot semen inside him as he wrapped his arms tight round his sweat-soaked body. As his cock drained he stared in disbelief at the image of the defeated man. Nobody would believe the picture he saw - so Lloyd knew what he had to do.

He pulled his cock out of Jason's ass, grabbed a whip from the wall and gently pushed the smooth leather handle into Jason's ass. The movement was so subtle that Jason hardly felt it as he hung exhausted from the ropes. Lloyd went to a closet and pulled out a camera that he and Steve sometimes used in their sex games.

Lloyd wanted a record of this, the ultimate muscle-god worship. With the camera to his eye he walked around the prisoner, starting close on the whip, its raw-hide braids hanging from the perfect white globes of his ass, the body still shuddering, cum oozing from his ass and running down his legs. Then Lloyd worked round to the front, sat in the chair and trained the camera on the most homoerotic sight he had ever seen.

The beautiful blond jock hung spread-eagled, sobbing quietly, tears and sweat streaming down his rugged face and onto his chest. His shuddering body was naked except for the shredded remains of his tank top, hanging from his shoulders and clinging to his chest. His muscular legs were stretched wide apart and his cock swung between them, still dripping cum.

"What happened to you, man?" Lloyd asked quietly.

Jason stared at himself in all his bound glory and said, "My workout buddy tied me up and got off looking at me, pounding his meat until he shot his load. He crawled to me, worshiping me, and he sucked my dick and made me shoot in his mouth. Then he ripped my tank off my body, and shoved his prong up my ass. He fucked me so bad I shot another load over the mirror."

He fell silent, gazing at an image of himself he had never seen before, so pornographic that, incredibly, his cock started to swell again. Lloyd walked around keeping his camera trained on the broken jock for many minutes, then moved in for an extreme close-up of the handsome, tear-stained face. "Tell, me, man," Lloyd said.

Jason stared straight into the camera lens. "We competed in the gym and you beat me. You win, man. I can't take any more. That whip is torturing my, ass. I give up .... I submit man. You are the best."

Jason's head fell forward and Lloyd pulled back for the final shot of the broken jock, his spectacular body hanging from the ropes, his head hanging down in total humiliation.

Lloyd turned off the camera and said, "That's a wrap buddy." He walked up to him, took his face in his hands and kissed him, and both of them probed hungrily with their tongues. Then Lloyd pulled back and smiled at Jason. "Un-fucking-believable, man. God that was beautiful. Whenever I need to jack off in the future all I have to do is remember that."

Jason grinned. "You made it look so fucking good, man. We gotta do this again ..... soon."

"Absolutely," Lloyd said. "And in the meantime I got something to show you." Quickly he untied Jason, pulled the whip gently out of his ass and led him over to the far corner of the big room where a small couch faced the wall, on which hung a large video screen. He plugged the camera into the computer beneath it, then grabbed a couple of beers from the small fridge and they sat together on the couch.

Lloyd pressed the remote and the screen lit up with the stunning sight of the muscular bond jock in bondage, a whip hanging out of his ass. Lloyd took a swig of beer and said, "Now this, buddy is one of the best porn sequences you'll ever see. You get off looking at yourself? So let's see how many times we can bust a load watching it.


And so the house fell quiet. While Lloyd and Jason settled into their jack-off marathon downstairs in the gym, Eddie was fast asleep in the arms of the Aussie-hunk Adam, and Nate was in the master bedroom being woken intermittently by Steve's cock in his ass.

But what of Hassan and Ben, the fourth couple brought together by Steve's inventive partner-swapping therapy? Actually, they weren't in the house at all. After the drawing of names when the couples had paired off, Hassan had grabbed a couple of beers and taken Ben to their assigned room, where Ben fidgeted nervously, much like Eddie and Nate before Adam and Steve had put them at their ease and loosened their inhibitions.

That task now fell to Hassan. They sat together on a couch, opened their beers and took a swig. Ben glanced sideways at the handsome Marine wearing jeans and a V-neck khaki T-shirt that stretched over his muscular torso, leaving little of his flawless body to the imagination. He felt a bit scared of the big soldier but also felt his cock stiffen in his shorts.

"Well, Ben," Hassan smiled, "we've never spent much time together before. Guess now's the time to get to know each other. So how did you feel about drawing my name from the hat?"

"Actually, sir, a bit nervous. I mean I heard all the stories of the times you've tangled with my big brother Randy and fought with him. They still talk of the time Pablo followed you down to Pendleton 'cause you were so hot and he thought he was in love with you. Randy hit the roof and you two had a huge fight then."

"You're right, kid," Hassan shrugged, "but that's all pretty much water under the bridge. Randy and I have made our peace."

"On the other hand...." said Ben

"Oh good," Hassan grinned, "there's an 'other hand'."

"Yes, sir. See I've got pretty friendly with Eddie and he's crazy in love with you. He tells me all about you and the sex you have and all the fantasies you've taken him on. They sound wild, sir, and I was kinda hoping...."

Hassan laughed. "As the movie says, 'you'll have what he's having'. I think we can arrange that, but first things first. You seem to know a lot about me, so why don't you fill me in about you. You came from Texas not long ago, right?"

Loosening up now Ben told his story - how he was the youngest of six brothers who were pretty much raised by their oldest brother Randy. "We moved around a lot, sir, kind of a band of gypsies and Randy took care of us all - he was great with his fists, sir, which he had to be often." Ben's expression clouded over when he recalled how Randy had got married, so Ben lived with the next oldest brother Charlie for a while.

"I went through a lot of shit, hit a real rough patch and missed Randy a lot - his protection and all. So I hit the road and hitched and walked from Texas to California. I found Randy and it was great being with him again, but me and Pablo didn't see eye to eye for a while. But then we got close - he even thought of me as his boy for a while. Then I met that gorgeous fireman Jason and I couldn't believe that he liked me so much he asked me to be his boy - his gypsy boy, he calls me."

"So you're pretty happy with your life right now?"

"Sure am, sir." Hassan had made Ben tell his story so he'd become relaxed, which he was now, taking a long swig of beer. "You know, sir," he said, "I think Steve's plan was a great idea - the boys spending a night with a different master...." He let the thought hang in the air and Hassan realized the boy had given him an opening.

Hassan said, "You remember how Eddie told me I should give you a good time as you're his friend?" Ben nodded, with a gleam in his eye. "OK, so I gotta do what my boy wants." He turned and smiled at Ben. "Do you want a little adventure, kiddo?"

"Yes please, sir. I want that a lot."

"OK. But, but there's something real important .... you gotta trust me completely. Now if ever a stranger tells you to trust him, don't! Ever." Ben grinned, "Oh, I know that sir. Randy tells me that all the time. And I learned it the hard way hitchhiking .... had to slug a few of the guys who picked me up. But, sir, I do trust you. You're so good to Eddie I know you would never do anything bad."

"Yeah," Hassan smiled, "plus you're Randy's kid brother and if I let anything happen to you he'd come down on me like a raging bull. So, good, that's settled and we can have some fun." He stared at the muscular young boy with the wild dark looks of a gypsy. "Hmm, the gypsy boy, eh? Always been one of my fantasies. I'm gonna take you on a little trip, boy."


Ben hadn't realized that Hassan's 'little trip' was meant literally. The Marine led him out of the house into the bright moonlight and the warm Santa Ana breeze and in a few minutes Ben found himself with Hassan in his jeep, driving along the crest of the Hollywood Hills on the winding Mulholland Drive. They didn't speak and Ben knew from Eddie that Hassan usually fell silent when he was he was planning something hot. Shit, just sitting next to the gorgeous soldier, their arms touching on the armrest, was already giving Ben a boner in his shorts.

They had been driving for a while when Hassan veered off down a quiet narrow road where the terrain was heavily wooded, with no houses. He turned off again along a dirt track and they bumped along until the track petered out in dense trees. Hassan said, "This is where the local Marines come for training sometimes - it's real remote. I know my way around here but a man could get lost in these woods. A boy definitely could. That sent a shiver down Ben's spine.

OK, Ben," Hassan said with a half smile. "You wanted a fantasy like Eddie's, so here goes. Get out of the jeep."

Ben's heart was thumping in his chest as he stumbled out of the jeep and stood under Hassan's piercing gaze. "OK, strip." The command surprised Ben but he quickly obeyed, pulling off his T-shirt, shorts and briefs and tossing them in the jeep. He bent to untie his sneakers but Hassan ordered, "No - leave them on. You're gonna need them. Now, it's a full moon tonight and a stiff Santa Ana breeze, which is all to the good. So take off through the trees, boy, and I'll follow."

Ben gazed at Hassan and realized why he had insisted that he trust him. His resolve flickered, but he did trust the dominant Marine so he obeyed, plunging through the trees and into the woods. Hassan smile and reached into the jeep behind the seats. Before leaving work earlier he had change out his Marine uniform and stuffed it into the jeep. And that's what he pulled out now - his military combat gear. He smiled to himself as he pictured the naked gypsy boy struggling through the woods.


And struggling he was. The trees were dense , the undergrowth thick, but as he stumbled forward he got the hang of it, sometimes swinging from low branches over the brush, feeling a bit like Tarzan's boy swinging naked through the trees. It was an enchanted world with shafts of moonlight streaming through the canopy of trees, and the Santa Ana winds shaking the leaves as gusts whistled through them.

When his muscles began to ache Ben stopped for a breather and listened. But the only noise was the wind and muted sounds of animals scratching around somewhere in the forest. But there was no sound of Hassan following him and he suddenly felt very alone. A sudden strong gust of wind blew a branch across his face and it spooked him. A frisson of panic ran through him and his instinct was to get back to the jeep.

He turned round and was confronted by a wall of leaves and tangled branches. Which way had he come? No way of knowing. "A boy could get lost in these woods." Hassan had been right - Ben was lost and again he felt panic. He stumbled through the trees, looking for something, anything that he recognized, but it all looked the same.

With increasing anxiety he picked up the pace, staggering forward, and saw in the distance a spot where the moon was brighter, the forest less dense, so he made for that. It must be a clearing, he thought, but just as he reached it his foot caught on a fallen branch, he stumbled and fell on his face on patchy grass. One of his sneakers had come loose so he knelt on one knee to tie it tighter. As he focused on the shoe something - a sound - made him raise his head and he saw, a few yards away, heavy brown combat boots.

Slowly he raised his eyes and saw camouflage fatigues tucked into the boots. There was a wide belt at the waist, an olive green tank stretched over a powerful chest, with a sleeveless combat shirt hanging loose over it showing off muscular shoulders and arms. Ben gasped as he finally looked at the face - a rugged, squared-jawed face, the eyes hidden behind mirror sunglasses and a khaki cap pulled down over the high forehead.

Ben's panicky first impulse was to run. He turned but stumbled again and fell into the brush on his back, staring up at the formidable soldier, arms crossed over his massive chest. The voice was stern and deep. "What the fuck are you doing here, boy? This land is private - property of the U.S. Marines - off-limits to civilians. What's a naked young gypsy boy doing here. You living in the woods? You spying on the military? Talk, boy!"

Ben gulped, "Sir, I .... I ..." but words failed him and he lapsed into silence. Every fiber of his body was tense with nervous anticipation. Deep down at an almost subconscious level he felt relief, knowing it was Hassan, but in the shock of the moment his wildest fantasy kicked in. He was naked, lost in the woods, had stumbled into a clearing and was now at the mercy of this intimidating Marine. But even his fear did not prevent the tingling sensation in his cock.

In the silence Hassan gazed down at the swarthy young boy with the beautiful gypsy face, long black hair hanging over his brow, his pale blue eyes shaded by thick black eyebrows, his strong jaw dark with stubble. His body was stunning - youthful, perfectly formed muscles as he crouched before him, a long, uncut cock hanging from a dark mass of wiry black pubic hair.

"Come closer, boy," the Marine said. Ben had recovered from his first shock and now there was a streak of insolence in his eyes as he stared at the soldier. "I said, come here, punk!" the soldier barked. The naked young gypsy fell on all fours and crawled forward until he was kneeling at the soldier's feet. He felt a hand grab his hair, pull his face up and he found himself staring up at the exotic slanted brown eyes of the Marine who had taken off his glasses and cap and tossed them on the ground.

"Now, are you gonna talk, boy, or do I have to make you?" Ben clenched his jaw in silence. "Right, that's how it's gonna be. The soldier walked behind him and pulled his arms behind him. Ben struggled but it was useless and only made the soldier angrier. "Fuck you, boy," he yelled, pulling a rope from his pocket and securing the gypsy boy's wrists behind his back. He walked away to the edge of the clearing, took off his shirt and leaned against a low branch, stretching his arms sideway along it.

The young gypsy on his knees inhaled sharply as he saw the outlines of the Marine's muscular torso under the tight tank, saw his shoulders and biceps flex and fists clench. He saw the black hair under his armpits and could almost smell the sweat dripping from them. But what he focused on most was the huge bulge at the crotch of his fatigues.

His deep voice resonated across the clearing. "You think you're tough, boy, but you should know that I can make a punk like you talk in seconds. In the Arabian Desert it was my job to torture enemy soldiers until I broke them. And I always broke them. So you will talk, boy, but I'm gonna enjoy working you over first. You may be a gypsy, but you're a damn hot young buck - that face, that mouth, your muscular body. In the Marine Corps I don't get my rocks off as often as I need and I get plenty horny - build up a head of steam - like now."

"Sir," the boy said defiantly, "I don't have sex with men."

The soldier strode across the clearing and slapped his hand across the gypsy's face, but so lightly that it merely stung. "Listen, punk. I call the shots here and you'll do what I tell you, is that clear?" Shocked into submission Ben shouted in Marine style, "Sir, yes sir."

The soldier grabbed his hair again and pulled his face hard onto the bulge at his crotch. Ben's open mouth was forced onto the rough fabric of the fatigues and he felt the rigid length of the man's cock underneath, smelled the faint odor of piss, cum and sweat through the greasy pants and even tasted the wet spots where pre-cum was already oozing through.

"You know what I need, boy. So, you've never sucked dick before eh? Well that stiff pole of yours tells another story - and I'm horny as hell." Ben's cock was standing straight out from his tangle of pubic hair. His hands still tied behind him, he leaned his head forward and his tongue found the tag of the pants' zipper. He clenched it in his teeth and slowly jerked it down.

The pants fell open to reveal a khaki jockstrap underneath. Ben pressed his open mouth over it and tasted the even stronger essence of the soldier's pungent juices. He sucked hard, felt the cock swell and saw the head push up over the jock's waistband. He bit into the sweaty cloth and pulled the jock down over the cock, over the balls. Intoxicated now he buried his face in the pubic hair, sucking in the rancid taste, then licked the swinging balls.

"My cock, boy," the Marine growled. "Suck my fucking prick." He grabbed the boy's hair and pulled the head back, the huge cock pointing straight at it. Then he yanked his face forward, slamming his cock straight down the boy's throat. Ben choked, breathing desperately though his nose as the cock pulled back and slammed in again. Instinctively he pulled against the ropes binding his wrists, frantically wanting to push against the hips pounding him, but he knew he was at the mercy of the powerful Marine.

Contrary to the fantasy lie he had told the soldier just now, Ben had become a great cocksucker, coached by his pal Eddie, the expert. And now he put all his skills to the test as he sucked hard on the piston driving down his throat. "Shit, boy," the soldier yelled, "that's fucking awesome - your mouth's like a furnace. "Eat that soldier's stinking meat, punk." He put his big hands behind Ben's head and forced his mouth again and again down the length of his pole.

In a euphoric daze Ben thought he would suffocate, but he remembered Eddie's lesson and in one last desperate move he clenched his throat muscles round the cock, trapping it deep in the cauldron of his throat. He felt it shudder as the Marine howled, "Aaagh, you fucking little prick," and his cock erupted in blasts of semen that poured down into Ben's gut. Ben's own cock opened up and shot hot juice down over the soldier's boots.


When the boy had sucked the cock almost dry the soldier suddenly pulled out his cock and shot one last jet of cum into the boy's face. "Look what you did to my boots, punk. Clean 'em up!" Ben leaned down and licked the combat boots, sucking up his own jism until they were clean.

Then the Marine paced round the clearing as he stuffed his cock back in his jock and zipped up his pants. He stopped and looked down at the gypsy boy on his knees, wrists bound behind him, tears, sweat and jism running down his dark, handsome face, semen oozing from his sagging mouth and running down his chin.

"Shit," the Marine groaned, "you are one hot mother-fucker, boy. Hell, I can feel my cock getting hard again just looking at you." He went back to the branch at the edge of the clearing, leaned against it and pulled off his tank. "Aaah!" Ben let out a gasp at the sight of the rugged Marine, stripped to the waist, the sculpted muscles of his torso gleaming in the moonlight.

The soldier smirked, "You think that's hot, eh, you straight little gypsy boy? Happened a lot when I worked in interrogation. Some of the captured soldiers fell in love with me even as I tortured their asses. Whenever I had a young soldier in chains, you know how I finally broke him? I fucked his ass, that's how. Even thinking about some of those fine asses makes my dick hard." He ripped open his pants again and pulled his dick out of his jock. "See?" His cock was hard as steel and he stroked it.

"There was an American soldier, blond, the most beautiful man I had ever seen - a Greek God - and he fell in love with me - lust, anyway - as he hung in chains and I tortured his gorgeous body. I planned to take him to my house in the desert, chain him up and keep him as my sex slave. But he overpowered me and escaped. But you're a hot young stud, so maybe I'll do that to you - chain you up in my basement and fuck your face, then your ass, every time I get horny - which is most of the time. Show me your ass."

Ben turned round and flexed the mounds of his perfect ass. "The Marine ran his hands through his hair, "Oh, man, that is perfect. I want that ass." He walked over to Ben, untied his wrists and barked, "Assume the position, boy." Ben bent double and held onto his ankles. "Shit damn!" The Marine grabbed Ben's hips, leaned down and pushed his tongue into the crack of his ass. The boy groaned with pleasure, especially when he felt wet fingers ease into his ass and massage the warm membrane inside.

They withdrew and then .... nothing - just the hands still gripping his hips. Then suddenly, "Aaaagh!" Ben's scream echoed through the woods as he felt the Marine's long, wet shaft slam into him. He would have fallen forward but the soldier held his body firmly in place as he hammered his captive ass. The bolt of pain that shot through him was quickly replaced by the euphoria moment - the shirtless Marine pile-driving the ass of the naked young gypsy boy standing bent double in the middle of the forest under the silver light of the full moon, the hot winds whining through the trees and around their bodies.

Suddenly the soldier jerked his knees behind Ben's legs making him fall to his knees then onto his stomach, with the soldier on top of him, still fucking his ass with no break in the rhythm. The Marine leaned forward, pinned the boy's arms to the ground and growled in his ear, "I'm gonna ream your ass until I hear you submit, boy. I can always break a man this way and I'll break you. Like this ....." He increased the speed and intensity of the fuck, slamming his long shaft again and again deep into the boy's ass.

Ben tried to hold out, tried to defy him, but the pain was becoming intense and he knew he couldn't win. "OK, sir," he yelled. "I can't take that huge cock anymore sir. I give up .... I submit to you, sir. I'll be your sex slave sir. Please, sir .... I surrender....!!" The savage fuck stopped, Ben felt himself being flipped over and he was gazing up into the exotic, slanted brown eyes staring down at him, black hair falling over them, sweat dripping down onto Ben's face.

"Shit, you are one wild young gypsy stud, boy. I'm gonna shoot my load in you but you're not gonna cum - that's an order." Ben gasped, "No, sir, I won't cum. Thank you sir .... Thank you. Please let me feel your juice in my ass."

It took only seconds. The Marine's ferocity was gone, replaced by a benign strength as his cock moved gently inside the boy's ass just a few times before it shuddered and shot hot semen deep inside him. Ben had promised not to cum but it took every ounce of control not t, as he felt the Marine's man-juice pouring inside him. Hassan knew the struggle the boy was having so he suddenly pulled out and astonished Ben by rolling on his back on the ground.

Hassan pulled his pants and jock down to his knees and said, "That soldier I wanted to kidnap and chain in my house overpowered me like I said. But before he left, he pinned me to the ground and got his revenge. He fucked my ass .... and that's when I fell in love with him." His eyes filled with tears. "Fuck me, Ben. Let me see that beautiful gypsy boy fuck the ass of the hot stud Marine.

The words alone almost made Ben lose his load. In a daze he climbed on top of the soldier, grabbed his boots and pushed his legs up high. He spat on his cock that was oozing pre-cum, pressed it against the soldier's hole, then sighed as he eased it into his warm ass, watching the handsome face twist from side to side in ecstasy. "Man, that feels so good," Hassan moaned. "You're such a beautiful boy, Ben. Fuck me .... fuck that big Marine .... fuck his ass, boy."

And so he did, slowly, gently, watching the solider writhe in ecstasy under him. There was a sudden gust of wind and Ben felt he was floating in another world, a secret world where the naked gypsy boy got lost in the forest, was captured by a gorgeous Marine, and ended up fucking the soldier's ass. Ben smiled at Hassan and said, "Thank you, sir. I love you, sir. Permission to cum in your ass, sir?"

"Permission granted, boy" Hassan grinned. He pulled Ben on top of him, kissed his eyes then his mouth as he felt the boy tense, heard him sigh as his warm juice flowed into his ass. The hot wind whirled over them as their heartbeats subsided and Hassan gazed into Ben's moonlit face.

"We'll stay here for a while before we go back to Steve's house," Hassan said. Then his face broke into a grin. "Or maybe I really will take you to my house in the desert and keep you there as my sex slave."

Ben laughed. "I don't think Jason would approve of that, sir."

"Nah, neither would Eddie," Hassan said. "Like you said, he's crazy in love with me .... and I'm crazy in love with him."

"Glad to hear it, sir. Eddie's my friend."

Hassan wrapped his arms round Ben and they clung together in silence, listening to the wind winding through the trees and the sounds of animals hidden in the dense forest. They could almost imagine pairs of eyes shining in the brush, gazing in awe at the soldier and the gypsy.


The following morning in Steve's house everyone, naturally, slept in late. When they finally emerged into the sunlight they blinked in surprise. A long table was set up by the pool at the edge of the deck, elaborately set for breakfast, and smells of cooking and coffee wafted from the house. Bob had brought the twins up to the house on a hunch that all the guys would sleep late and need a good breakfast when they finally woke. He had helped the twins prepare it.

"Shit, man," Steve laughed, hugging Bob, "what are you, the genie from the lamp? All I have to do is rub the lamp and you rise up from it."

"Not the lamp, buddy. Have to rub something else to make me rise up," Bob said, pressing his crotch against Steve's.

The boys were happily reunited with their real masters and pressed close to them at the table. Steve was gratified to see man and boy gaze lovingly at each other with renewed affection .... his plan had worked. "Chalk another one up to the sexy shrink," Bob grinned.

After the meal the boys gathered in a tight group, everyone talking at once about their adventures of the night before. The twins came over to Lloyd. "Sir, you think we could borrow your camera? Darius will never forgive us if we don't get this on video." Lloyd fetched his camera from the basement and gave it to the boys, along with a disk. "Here's a copy of a video Jason and I shot last night." He winked. "Think you might enjoy it."

A few minutes later the boys were taking turns telling their stories under the unflinching gaze of the camera lens. At the table the men watched in amusement, chatting with each other casually but subtlely making sure their boys had been well treated by their one-night master and had a good time. "Seems like you worked you magic again, Doctor Steve," Bob said. Steve gave a satisfied smile. "Yeah, seems to have worked well. If nothing else you guys sure got to know the other men's boys a lot better."

"That young Eddie's a real champ," said Adam. "You're a lucky bloke, Hassan. But one thing Eddie said surprised me .... claims he's never ridden in an airplane."

"Yeah, that limited life of his has been bothering me too," said Hassan. "Seems he's never quite shaken off the role of shy bar-back. I gotta broaden his horizons."

"Same goes for Ben," Jason said. "Never been in a plane. Even when he left that hard-scrabble life in Texas, he hitched and walked all the way up here to L.A. You know what they say - you can take the boy out of the gypsies but you can't take the gypsy out of the boy. Not that I'd want to, but all the same I'd like to give him a glimpse of the finer things of life."

"You know," Bob said, "Randy was once concerned that Pablo was becoming not much more than a grease monkey, with his love of cars and all. He asked me to clean him up, fly him up to San Francisco, stay in a fancy hotel a couple of days..... show him there's more to life than leaning under the hood of a greasy old truck."

"You've got a plan," grinned Lloyd.

"Well, I was thinking. Hassan, Jason, maybe we should do the same for your boys - help them spread their wings. Ben and Eddie are good buddies, after all. They'd have fun."

Jason was enthusiastic and Hassan smiled, "You're just like Steve, Bob - you always have a plan. But if it's even half as successful as Steve's, I say let's go for it."

Over in the group of boys Eddie and Ben were talking animatedly to each other, unaware of what was in store for them.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 208


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