Pablo's temperamental split from Darius had caused ripples of discord to spread to the other boys, so close-knit was their tribe. It fell to Jamie, with his new-found assertiveness, to deliver a much needed tongue-lashing to Darius and Pablo.

"All this horseshit has gone too far," he said. "You both call yourselves leaders of the boys, so let's just see where you've led them this time. Because of your bone-headedness your anger has infected the whole group, and they've all taken sides. Ben has fought with Eddie and thrown him out of his room. Darius yelled at Eddie, called him a jerk and shoved him out. Even Randy and Bob got into an argument, not to mention Randy and Zack."

As they sat chastened, knowing Jamie was right, Jamie called the other boys to join them in a group meeting where he took charge. "OK, dudes, I wanna make one thing clear. I've called this meeting to put an end to all the bullshit around here, not as some kind of 'leader of boys' - whatever the fuck that means - but as your friend. Darius is fond of calling us a 'band of brothers' and that's what we are. We have to protect each other, not attack each other. And we have to make our masters proud."

"And - get this straight - there are no leaders. We're all bosses of our own turf - like the twins in the kitchen, Pablo and Ben in the motor pool and so on. But in this group we are all equal."

"Even me, sir?" Eddie said uncertainly.

"Especially you, Eddie. In fact you're more equal than any of us." Jamie hesitated and blinked, confused about what he had just said.

"Thank you, sir," Eddie beamed, "I know what you mean."

"Good," said Jamie (because he sure didn't - well, sort of). "And that leads me to another thing kiddo. There's no reason in the world you have to call any of us 'sir'. The only guys we address as sir are our masters. You, Eddie, are a full member of this group, a great one - hell, if anything we should be calling you sir."

Eddie blushed red and said, "Thank you, sir .... er, Jamie. Hey, that sounds cool."

That lifted the tension and they all broke into laughter and clapped him on the back. "Right," Jamie said, "now when one of us is in trouble you know the drill - we circle the wagons and take care of each other. So now we'll heal the breach and make love, not war. As I see it Pablo and Darius hurt each other and Ben hurt Eddie. So stand up, guys - you know what you have to do. You've just gotta decide who fucks who.

Ben hugged Eddie and said, "I'm sorry about that stuff I said to you, dude. You know I love you .... so now, to make things right, I want you to fuck my ass." Eddie beamed. "I always wondered what that would be like, sir - er, Ben." "Well now's the time to find out," said Ben, dropping his pants.

Darius looked sheepishly at Pablo and said, "Dude, you know I didn't mean all that bullshit about your ass. It's still the finest ass on the planet. In fact, over at Zack's I kept jacking off thinking about it." Pablo gave his crooked grin. "You did? .... and all the time I was spilling my load thinking about those ten inches of yours. What I said about it earlier was a bunch of crap. Man, I want it bad."

Darius grinned, "OK, well I guess that settles who's gonna fuck who. On the ground, boy."


What none of the boys had known was that Bob and Mark had been sitting over cocktails in the pergola behind bushes. Hidden from view they had heard the whole thing, had seen how Jamie took charge, and now they gazed at each other in disbelief. "Wow," Bob said, "that boy of yours is something else. A great little speech. Now that is leadership. He'd make a great cop - almost as good as you, officer."

Mark had tears of pride in his eyes. He could hardly contain his admiration or wait to give his reward to his naked man-boy. But for now it was the boys' scene and Mark said to Bob. "What do you say, buddy? Time to make our appearance, I think."

"Right there with you, officer. Lead the way."

The boys' preparations for the big reconciliation ground to a halt as they suddenly saw Bob and Mark striding across the lawn, both in jeans, Bob in his usual V-neck white T-shirt, Mark in a sleeveless flannel shirt over a gray tank top. As always the sight of these handsome muscle-hunks caused a stir but Bob immediately put them at their ease.

"Sorry to interrupt, guys, seems like we dropped by at a bad time." Mark smiled warmly at Jamie, who guessed from the cop's look of pride that their arrival was no coincidence, that they had heard the whole thing as Jamie had lectured the boys.

"Looks as if you guys have finally patched things up - or were about to," Bob smiled. "But the officer and I were thinking .... your fighting caused a lot of problems for the other men, too, and they have a right to see proof that it's all over. Randy and Zack will be home from work any minute and I've invited all the other guys for dinner. So Pablo, get up off the ground, and Ben, pull up your pants and wait until they all get here. We'll just postpone the ritual for a bit."

Of course, they always obeyed Bob without question, and the twins ran into the kitchen to get pre-dinner drinks and munchies. They didn't have to wait long for the guys. Randy and Zack came in straight from work, having quickly resolved their earlier differences when Randy's anger had briefly flared up. They were once again good buddies - and united in their need for an ice-cold beer. They were soon followed by Steve and Lloyd, Adam and Jason.

Hassan arrived last, having come straight there from work still in his Marine fatigues. He had been concerned about his boy, Eddie, as he always was when there was any kind of turmoil in the house. But he needn't have worried as Eddie ran up to him and said effusively, "It's all OK again, sir, everyone's made up, thanks to Jamie, and I'm going to fuck Ben."

"Hey, hey, back up a bit there, kid," Hassan laughed. "I must be missing a piece in there somewhere." Before they all sat down Bob filled the men in briefly on what had taken place and the imminent event they were to witness. "Hey, great," Randy grinned, "be like one of those old Roman banquets where they all sat around stuffing their faces while they watched the entertainment of slaves fucking each other."

"Well, not quite slaves," Mark grinned. "Better actually - our boys. They'd beat Roman slaves in a fuck-fest hands down."


The mood was boisterous as the guys all sat down and were served drinks and appetizers by the twins and Mario. The young Italian slipped back into his old role of elegant luxury-hotel waiter, a stark contrast to the earthy Italian gardener who had been fucked in the dirt by the boss, Randy (of which Darius's film had been screened many times to much acclaim and many cum shots.)

Having prepared much of the dinner earlier, the twins were soon spreading it out on the table - but only for the nine men. The boys gathered on the lawn a few yards away and Jamie ran out of the house with a huge blanket that the boys spread on the ground in full view of the table.

"OK, guys," Randy shouted. "In the past few days you boys have pretty much rocked the house, and I don't mean that in a good way. Your temper tantrums have fucked things up around here big time. But Bob tells me you've all made peace, and that we have Mark's boy Jamie to thank for that. But you know me - I'll believe in this kumbaya shit when I see it. Actions speak louder than words so ..... let's see some action, boys. Let the games begin."

Bob grinned at Randy. Finesse and class did not spring to mind when describing the rough-hewn gypsy boss, but his blunt words, delivered in his deep voice, had the ring of authority and set the tone for the event - atonement, rowdy action and, above all, exhibitionist sex. The boys stood in a line a few feet back from the blanket, and Pablo and Darius stepped forward onto it.

Pablo said, "I guess it was kinda me who set the ball rolling this time, sirs. I was pissed off by Darius calling his stupid meetings" - Darius squeezed his wrist hard - "his, er, cool meetings, and I guess I kind of over-reacted."

"I'll say," Darius retorted. "You said my dick was nothing more than just ten inches of black muscle and you wouldn't let it get near your ass......"

"Good one, kiddo," Randy chuckled and was promptly silenced by a fierce glare from Bob.

"Yeah," Pablo weighed in, "well you said my tired old ass was starting to sag anyway - which is not true by the way - and ..... " Jamie interrupted with a loud clearing of his throat, and they looked at each other and grinned. "Anyway," Darius said, "Eddie did his best to bring us back together and we found out we'd both been jacking off thinking about each other - about his ass and my dick, so ..... so here we are - us and his ass and my dick. Show em, dude."

Pablo turned his back to the group, dropped his shorts and bent forward, clenching the cheeks of his perfect butt to the whoops and cheers of the spectators. Darius unzipped his jeans and let his ten inches of black muscle flop out, redoubling the cheers. "Like I was saying before - on the ground, dude." Pablo stepped out of his shorts, pulled off his T-shirt and lay naked on his back on the sheet.

Darius grinned at Eddie. "Kiddo, we owe you a lot already, but d'you think you could do the honors here?" Eddie glanced at Hassan who smiled and nodded his approval. The boy grinned widely and said, "Sure thing, si ..... sure thing, dude." He dropped to his knees in front of Darius, gazed with his expert eye at the cock swinging in front of him, then grinned up at Darius. "Shouldn't take me more than a few seconds, dude."

He slurped the limp dick into his mouth, gulped it down his throat and clamped his throat muscles round it. Instantly he felt the cock pulse, so he pulled all the way back, pursed his lips and eased forward again, squeezing the cock with his lips as he went down, giving Darius the sensation of entering a tight ass. His estimate of 'a few seconds' was overly generous as the cock got stiff immediately.

Eddie pulled his mouth off and grinned at the rock-hard ten-inch club pointing at his face. He jumped to his feet and waved his hand at the cock as if presenting a trophy. "That good enough for you guys?" he grinned. Cheers erupted from the spectators for Eddie's expertise and he bowed elaborately, with a broad grin directed at Hassan. He stepped back leaving the field clear for Darius.

Darius dropped to his knees between Pablo's legs and stroked his enormous rod. "So, how d'you like the ten-inch black muscle now, eh boy?" "I like it," Pablo grinned. "My dad wants to see for sure that we're really back together, so let's show him, dude." Darius raised one of Pablo's legs high in the air, the leg closest to the table so the men got a clear view of the gorgeous ass, and of the rigid pole entering it, inch after inch after inch.

Darius raised his free arm high and wide, showing off his muscular torso as his hips moved back and forth with increasing speed. When Darius fucked he knew, with the practiced eye of a cameraman, how great it looked and he milked the audience's cheers and whistles as Zack yelled, "Yeah, fuck that ass, stud - show 'em you're my boy."

Soon Darius and Pablo became lost in each other's lusty gaze as the fuck continued, so Ben took this moment to step forward next to Eddie. "My turn to confess now, sirs. I lost my cool and really badmouthed Eddie here, said a bunch of things I didn't mean. I guess I inherited my big brother's anger."

"Not from me, you didn't," Randy yelled, "I got no anger." This prompted a gale of raunchy laughter and protests from the men and an affectionate hug from Bob.

"Anyway," said Ben, shouting above their laughter, "I was way out of line and I had to do something to apologize to Eddie I thought of giving him a big bunch of roses....."

"Nah ....." chorused the men, with boos and thumbs down. "OK, OK," Ben said. "So that was Plan A. Plan B was to give him my ass .... so I'm going for that one," he grinned, to rousing cheers this time."

Eddie's eyes were gleaming. "I've often wondered what it would be like to fuck Ben. I mean, to tell the truth, I sleep with Ben a lot and suck his dick, but I never thought he would....."

"Hey," Hassan shouted, "shut up and fuck, kiddo."

Eddie beamed at him. "Okey-dokey, sir - if you say so." Ben leaned close and whispered in his ear, "This is gonna be fun, dude - just you and me - plus a couple dozen other guys." Eddie giggled and Ben did an elaborate strip routine, mostly for Jason's benefit who rewarded him with loud wolf whistles. Naked, Ben sank down onto the blanket next to Pablo who was still enjoying Darius's ten inches he had so recently ridiculed.

Ben smiled up at Eddie, hooked his hands behind his knees and pulled them back to display the gift he had decided on in place of roses. "Wow, dude," Eddie said, "you've got a gorgeous butt." Relaxing into the spirit of the game, Eddie grinned mischievously at Hassan. "What should I do with my present, sir?"

The whole crowd answered for him, chanting, "Fuck it ... fuck it ... fuck it ..."

"OK," Eddie said ..... "I guess I'll fuck it."

Eddie dropped his shorts, knelt down, spat in his hand and rubbed his wet palm against the black fuzz round Ben's hole. Then he eased two fingers into his ass and massaged inside with his finger tips. Suddenly the hilarity faded away and they forgot the lively audience as they stared into each other's eyes. This was just between them. They had shared a bed many times but this was something new in their friendship. Eddie rubbed his wet hand over his cock, pressed the head against Ben's hole .... and pushed gently, sliding his cock deep into the gypsy boy's warm ass.

"Aaaah," they both sighed as they shared a greater intimacy than ever before .... they were making love. A silence fell over the spectators. It was an open secret in the house that Ben and Eddie often slept together ever since moving into their new adjacent rooms, but seeing the young houseboy fuck Randy's little brother was like watching two youngsters make love for the first time. Eddie was the kind of cute young boy who usually got fucked, in addition to giving his legendary blow-jobs, so what they were watching now was special.

Beside them Darius slowed his macho fuck as he and Pablo picked up on the gentle rhythm of the boys next to them. The fuck-fest was turning into a love-fest, as Eddie smiled down at Ben, his usual timidity melting away. He was on top .... he was fucking the boss's kid brother. "This is intense, dude," he murmured. "You're so beautiful I could fuck your ass all day."


Only the twins, with their gentle serenity, could get away with talking over a scene like this, which is what they did now. They addressed the men in their usual way of speaking in turn. "Sirs, we would like to pay tribute to Jamie..." "... who took charge and made all this possible." "You all know we do most things together...." ".... so this is our way of saying thank you."

They pulled the modest Jamie forward and undressed him - one pulling off his shirt while the other unlaced his surfer trunks and slid them down his legs. Then they took off each other's clothes in perfect unison. "Please," Kyle said gently to Jamie. "Please kneel down," said Kevin.

Jamie glanced at Mark, who nodded, smiling proudly. Jamie fell on his hands and knees, Kyle knelt behind him and Kevin in front. It was pretty clear what form their double teaming would take as Jamie felt the head of one cock against his ass and the other on his mouth. "On behalf of all the boys, Jamie ...." "this is our way of saying..." "....thank you," they said in unison.

Bob gripped Mark's arm as they watched their boys fuck, the naked twins pushing their cocks simultaneously into the blond surfer's mouth and ass. Jamie's muscular body, tanned golden except for the white flesh of the globes of his ass, shuddered as he was gently invaded at both ends and he groaned in ecstasy into the gag of Kevin's cock.

The meal was forgotten as the group of men gazed spellbound at the boy orgy before them - Darius driving his long black pole in Pablo's perfect ass .... Eddie and Ben locking eyes as Ben gripped Eddie's hips and pulled him deep inside his ass .... and Jamie in a daze as identical twins fucked his mouth and ass.

Then a lilting Italian accent filled the air. "Eh, amico," Mario said to Nate, "don't you feel a bit over-dressed at this party?" Nate said, "You read my mind mate" He grinned seductively ..... "I will if you will." Laughing, they quickly stripped naked. Nate looked down at Mario's cock standing up like a flag-pole, and said in his thick Aussie accent , "If that's what I think it is - an offer to fuck my ass - I say good on ya, mate. I accept."

Nate glanced over at Adam who yelled enthusiastically, "Do it for international relations, mate - a goodwill act between Italy and Australia - with the Aussie down under." A howl of laughter from the men lightened the mood after the intensity of the other boys, and Mario and Nate took their place on the blanket, Nate on his back holding up his legs, Mario on top of him sliding his cock inside him while he leaned forward and kissed him.

The tableau was complete now that the handsome Italian was pounding the ass of the young Aussie, with a multi-lingual mix of, "Cosi bellissimo," and "Brilliant, mate." It was a scene of writhing young bodies, beautiful faces in the throes of passion, joy and laughter. The men were on their feet now, cheering their boys on, and Randy shouted, "Now that's what I call burying the hatchet." Bob grinned at him. "Always the warrior - how about just 'kiss and make up'?"

"Whatever, man .... don't know about you all but they're making me horny as hell. These kids need help with the big finish. Come on, guys." Randy led them all out from behind the table and they stood in a circle round the mass of writhing limbs. He pulled out his rigid cock and began stroking it, and the other men reflexively followed suit.

"Come on, boys, let's see what you're made off," Randy yelled. "You know what they say - a fuck's not a fuck without jism. Show me the money shot, boys ..... Here, this'll separate the men from the boys. You ready men? Let's do it .... here it comes ....yeah!"

The sight of Randy gushing a full load onto the mass of bodies beneath was enough to push any man over the edge and howls echoed round the garden as the other men, in quick succession, jerked their rods to a climax, aiming their juice at their own boys. Rivers of semen splashed down on backs, butts, chests and faces, drenching the boys as their bodies shuddered in a final eruption of passion.

Darius yelled, "I love you, dude," as his cock gushed in his lover's ass like a garden hose and Pablo blasted a load over himself. Eddie and Ben stared at each other in silent wonder as Ben felt Eddy cum in his ass for the first time. Jamie shot his load knowing the twins were kissing each other above him as one brother came in his ass while Jamie gulped down the warm juice of the other. And Mario and Nate came together laughing, "Viva l'Italia!" and "Go Aussies!"


The boys collapsed in a seething mass of tangled limbs, lubricated by the jism of their masters, as they laughed, kissed and licked pools of cum off each other. The men, at a signal from a grinning Randy, quietly zipped up their pants and took their seats back at the dinner table. The boys were still swimming in cum and euphoria when, above the din of their own laughter, they heard Randy's voice roar, "Hey, who the hell d'you have to fuck to get a drink around here?"

Instantly the twins and Mario disentangled themselves from the group, staggered to their feet and approached the table to tend to the men. But Mark recoiled in mock horror. "Jesus, is this how you guys wait at table, your naked bodies smothered in jism? Standards must have slipped at that hotel of yours Mario."

The Italian and the twins blushed but Bob rescued them. He laughed, "Why don't you and the boys jump in the pool to clean off? Then come and join us as the table. You must be starved after all that action, especially after spilling all that protein."

Soon the water in the pool was seething as nine boys thrashed around like piranhas in a feeding frenzy, apparently trying to drown each other. Somehow they managed to survive, dried off and took their places beside their masters, their eyes shining in triumph. "OK," Bob said, "I guess even Randy has to agree you guys really have made peace with each other like a .... what is it you call yourselves - a band of brothers? Now dig in and eat."

Then he frowned, sniffed and looked at the wrinkled blanket on the ground. "That thing is disgusting," he winced, "soaked in sweat and jism. When we've finished here which of you wants to take it up to your room?"

"Me, sir, please sir!" And every hand shot high in the air.


The boys wolfed down their food, talking non-stop with their mouths full in the excitement of their dramatic reunion. "Jesus, look at those kids," Randy said to Bob, focusing on Ben and Eddie spraying food as they talked to each other. "Remember how you once took Pablo on a trip up north to some fancy hotel to show him the finer things of life - took the street urchin out of the boy for a while? He cleaned up well, as I recall. Looks like those two boys could use a dose of that right now."

"The thought had crossed my mind," Bob grinned. "I don't think I've ever seen them in anything but grubby pants and old T-shirts. Maybe they do need spiffing up a bit once in a while. I'll have a talk with Hassan and Jason about it, see if we can't come up with a plan."

"Talking of a plan," said a voice next to them. "Sorry, guys," Steve smiled, "I couldn't help overhearing. See I also have been watching Ben and Eddie - Nate too."

"Uh-uh," said Bob, "the therapist strikes again."

Steve chuckled. "Old habits die hard, buddy. And you know how my methods can be a bit .... how should I put it .... a bit unorthodox."

"No kidding," Randy grinned. "This from the guy who threw the rule book out the window and invented his own rules - the sex-shrink of Beverly Hills."

"I've had no complaints," Steve preened, "especially from you, big brother. Anyway, here's my thought. See, there's nothing more harmful to a relationship than complacency. A man and his boy get too comfortable with each other they risk falling into a rut - the same old routine, the initial excitement wears off. You have to keep the magic alive, give the relationship a jolt once in a while.

"And you're the guy with the cattle-prod, I suppose," Bob smiled.

"Nicely put, Bob," Steve said, "though maybe cattle prod is too physical an image - I was thinking of something a bit more man-boy friendly." He paused and rubbed his chin, with a twinkle in his eye. "Though now you mention it, maybe I should keep a cattle-prod in my office for those real difficult patients."

Randy and Bob burst out laughing and Randy said, "Shit, bro, it's a miracle nobody's filed a complaint."

"They all enjoy it too much," Steve grinned - "keep coming back for more. But seriously, those boys' masters, Hassan, Adam and Jason, are real laid-back, easy-going, not big on giving their boys a jolt. Unlike yourself, big brother, where dramas come thick and fast in your relationships. No likelihood of them ever getting stale, god knows - a bit too stimulating if you ask me."

"Well I'm not asking you, bro, though I take your point. You should talk to the three guys and set something up. Just make sure nobody gets hurt.

Steve laughed. "Don't worry, no one gets hurt in my therapy - quite the contrary."


So after dinner Steve did have a long chat with Hassan, Adam and Jason, all of whom liked him a lot and trusted him, after hearing of the results he had achieved during various crises in the house. This was no crisis, to be sure, so Steve emphasized that it would just be part of a fun weekend. "Lloyd and I don't get to see you three guys very often, so we'd like to invite you and your boys to up the house for the weekend - call it a two-day pool party. Plus it'll be our way of thanking Nate and Eddie for being such great houseboys, keeping our place in shape."

It was settled. The men embraced the idea since, as Adam said, "If nothing else it'll be a great weekend for our boys lounging by the pool in a great house atop the Hollywood Hills with spectacular views of the city. Who's gonna say no to that?"

The three boys, of course, leapt at the idea. Eddie and Nate had been firm friends since Eddie started working as Nate's assistant houseboy. And Eddie and Ben had become really close, with adjacent rooms and sharing a bed several nights a week when they were not with their masters Hassan and Jason.

When the three men and their boys arrived on Friday afternoon Nate and Eddie took the lead at first, showing Ben, Adam and Jason around the property that they knew so well. The two boys had a contract to clean the house two afternoons a week and, of course, the small guesthouse Hassan rented just down the path was where Eddie spent a lot of his time with his hot Marine.

Lloyd showed Adam and Jason to their rooms, and it was taken for granted that Eddie would be in Hassan's house. The boys helped Lloyd prepare dinner which they ate outside by the pool with its 360-degree view. The city of Los Angeles spread out on one side in a carpet of twinkling lights stretching to the ocean, and the San Fernando Valley on the other side was a ribbon of lights all the way to the mountains.

Sitting there with their masters, and with the gorgeous Doctor Steve and his lover Lloyd, the boys were in heaven, not talking much as the beauty of the place sank in. But soon Steve's little speech jolted them out of their daydreams, much as he hoped to jolt their lives just a bit. He welcomed them all to the house and hoped they'd all have fun. "And part of that," he said, "is a little plan I have that I've already shared with Hassan, Adam and Jason.

He explained his reasoning, just as he had to Bob and Randy, and then tried to put it in terms the boys would understand. "You know, Nate and Eddie, it's kind of what you do every time you're here - spiffing up the house making it fresh again. And you, Ben, could think of it as the preventive maintenance you do on vehicles all day with Pablo - like an oil-change to keep the engine ticking over nicely. Yeah, an oil change is a good way to think of it. See, I thought it would be fun if, just for one night, everyone changed partners - the boys with different masters."

He paused to let that sink in and watched the boys' reactions - mostly surprise and frowns as they tried to digest what Steve had said. Suddenly Eddie brightened and said, "Sir, my home town in Nebraska was pretty small and quiet, nothing to do, and people's lives were kinda same-y. So every once in a while some of the married couples got into wife-swapping. From what I heard they all had a good time and the next day everything was back to normal, except that they all had big smiles on their faces. Is that the kind of thing you mean?"

Everyone stared at Eddie and Steve was taken aback. "Well .... yeah ...... yeah, Eddie, I guess that's just what I mean, though I confess I hadn't really thought of it as wife-swapping in Nebraska. Thanks for the thought, Eddie." Eddie glowed with pleasure at the compliment and Hassan gave his arm a squeeze. That was just what he loved about his boy.

"OK," Steve said, "we'll have drinks now while you men and boys talk it over. But I want to make it clear, there's no pressure. Anyone doesn't want to take part, that's just fine. I just thought it might be fun to mix things up a bit."

As it turned out it didn't take long for everyone to get on board, after reassurances from the men to their boys that this was just a one-night deal and that they could stop anytime they wanted to. Steve had already put four pieces of folded paper in a baseball cap and explained, "These are the names of the men, and the boys will each pick one. And to make the numbers even Lloyd has agreed to pick one too. If anyone gets his own man, we'll go again."

Nate, with his ebullient Aussie sense of fun went first. He grinned when he opened the paper. "Steve!" A cheer went up, then Ben reached out and picked. "Hassan," he said looking anxiously at Eddie. "That's great, dude," Eddie said cheerfully, "I'm glad it's you." He grinned mischievously at a smiling Hassan. "You better give him a good time, sir. He's my friend."

Then it was Eddie's turn. He blushed as he opened his paper. "Adam." Nate laughed, "Good on ya, mate, you're gonna love it. Now you'll see what I have to put up with every night." Adam slapped him playfully behind the head.

"Right," said Steve, "that leaves Jason and Lloyd together. Don't think there'll be any complaint there, knowing Lloyd's lust for blond muscle-gods. Now that the die is cast we'll declare dinner over and leave the cleanup 'til tomorrow. So guys, get thee to thy rooms - and I wish you all a Good Night."


The boys got a hug from their men and a final check that they really were OK with the plan, and then they paired off.

Hassan was especially tender with Eddie, making sure he would be OK with Adam. "He's a good guy - solid as a rock, and I don't just mean his body. You'll have fun - and so will he. I think you should use my house, you'll feel more at home there, and I'll use Adam's room with Ben. I'm glad I got Ben 'cause he's become such a good friend for you." Hassan grinned. "Maybe I'll ask him what you two get up to when you sleep together."

They parted with a hug and Eddie found Adam waiting for him indoors. Eddie said shyly, "Hello, sir. Hassan suggested we use his house and he'll take Ben to your room if that's OK."

"Of course, Eddie, whatever's most comfortable for you. I'm glad I got you, mate."

Eddie smiled at his thick Aussie accent and said confidently, "Follow me, sir." He led Adam down the steep path to Hassan's small house and Adam smiled watching him walk jauntily ahead. God, he thought, Hassan was a great master, knowing that Eddie would be more at ease in the house he loved. Adam caught up with him and threw his arm round the boy's shoulder.

Inside the guesthouse they went through to the bedroom where Eddie busied himself tidying things. Adam smiled as he watched him gathering up Hassan's clothes and folding them carefully and lovingly, like precious objects. "You love him a lot, don't you, Eddie?" Adam said gently. "Oh yes, sir," Eddie replied, surprised by the question. "I can still hardly believe he's my master - he's the most beautiful man in the world. Oh," he blushed, "except for you, sir."

Adam laughed and hugged him. "You don't have to say that about me, mate. But you're right about that hunky Marine - gorgeous. OK, what say we start by taking a shower?"

Adam was neatly dressed in a blue shirt whose short sleeves hugged his biceps, tan slacks with a smart brown leather belt, and loafers with no socks. At his open collar was a flash of white underneath. Matter-of-factly Adam began unbuttoning his blue shirt and Eddie saw the ribbed tank top underneath stretched over his muscular pecs. He unbuttoned it all the way down, pulled it out of his waistband and let it hang wide open.

Eddie was standing watching him like a deer in headlights. Adam frowned in mock embarrassment. "Hey, what was I thinking, mate? An Aussie who doesn't offer a bloke a beer. You'll start to think I'm not a real Aussie."

Eddie snapped out of his trance. "Oh, I'd never think that, sir. I'll get them - I know where they are." He ran out to the kitchen and came back with two beers that he opened and presented one shyly to Adam, who raised it and clinked it against Eddie's. Here's to a great night, kiddo."

"Cool house," said Adam walking around and inspecting the bedroom. "Whoever keeps it clean does a hell of a job," he grinned and Eddie blushed. He was sitting clutching his beer staring at the tall, athletic man striding around, his shirt flapping open, his muscular body clearly evident under the white tank. Eddie was rarely alone with the handsome Aussie - usually Nate was there too - and he was intimidated by the prospect of spending the night with him.

Adam sat beside him. "Not nervous, are you Eddie?" Eddie grinned at him. "A bit, sir."

"Well, we'll soon put that right," Adam said cheerfully, "starting with that shower." He stood up and shrugged off his shirt, making Eddie inhale sharply as he stared at him in the white tank that emphasized his shoulders and arms, with the bulge of his pecs straining against the ribbed cotton. Eddie had seen Adam undress before when he was with Nate, but never prior to showering with Eddie and then taking him to bed and ..... He didn't project any further as his cock was already getting stiff in his shorts.

Adam kicked off his loafers, unbuckled his belt and stepped out of his slacks, tossing them casually over a chair. Eddie stifled another gasp as he saw Adam stripped down to his underwear, the ribbed tank and the white boxer briefs hugging his hips. What riveted Eddie was the long bulge stretching down inside the shorts almost to the bottom.

Adam picked up his beer and took a swig, then reached behind his neck and pulled off the tank. Now Eddie's gasp was audible as he saw Adam's flawless torso with its dark tan, the slabs of his chest darkened by a slight covering of black hair, his ripped six-pack abs and his slim waist ending at the waistband of his boxer briefs. Eddie felt pre-cum dribbling into his shorts.

Adam turned round to pick up his beer again, so Eddie got a full-on view of the perfect mounds of his ass straining against the shorts. Adam raised the bottle, tilted his head back and drained it. He set it down and ..... disappeared into the bathroom. Eddie was confused and disappointed. He had thought they might shower together - but apparently not. On the other hand, maybe Adam was waiting for him. Uncertainly Eddie got to his feet and went to the door of the bathroom.

Another disappointment. Adam was evidently in the shower with the curtain closed, though no water was running yet. Eddie saw Adam's briefs draped over the sink and he picked them up. He held them to his face and inhaled deeply, smelling the faint odor of Adam's crotch and even a trace of cum - pre-cum probably. Eddie's cock pulsed in his shorts .... could the pre-cum have happened when Adam looked at him? Nah, Eddie dismissed the idea as impossible, when suddenly .....

The shower curtain was yanked open and there he stood. Adam was buck naked, a white towel slung over his shoulder, one arm raised with his hand casually holding the curtain. His brown eyes pierced Eddie's with a slight, sexy smile, his dark hair and eyebrows highlighting his finely etched features, strong cheekbones and lantern jaw.

Eddie stared at him in a daze, then allowed his eyes to wander lower over his muscular chest, and abs, down to the waist and ... "aaah." He was mesmerized by the wide, untanned stripe of white skin below Adam's waist etched by sharp tan lines and contrasting with the golden bronze of his body. From a tangle of black pubic hair a long, uncut cock swung between his muscled thighs.

He was the kind of perfect man he had seen in erotic drawings online. As he stared in a trance Eddie gripped the sink to steady himself, his chest felt tight, his breathing became ragged, his cock shuddered and "aah.... aaah ... aaagh." He felt warm liquid pour into his shorts - he couldn't help it - his cock kept spurting cum. A damp patch soon spread over his shorts, moving lower until juice was running down his thigh and shin.

He blushed deep red and blurted out breathlessly, "I'm sorry, sir ... I didn't mean to but I couldn't help it, you look so awesome, sir." He rattled on as if words would cover his embarrassment. "It's something I do when .... I mean it happens when I see Hassan in his fatigues with no shirt and .... and looking at you, sir, I couldn't hold back. I'm sorry if I fucked everything up, sir....."

"Hey, hey, hey," Adam laughed, stepping forward and pulling the boy against him in a tight hug. "No worries, mate, you were brilliant." His heavy Aussie accent was comforting. "I'm real flattered that you shot a load just looking at me. No apology necessary." He pulled back and smiled into Eddie's troubled face. "But, in case you hadn't noticed you've got jizz running down your leg so we gotta give you a shower." Eddie relaxed and surrendered to the strong arms of this beautiful man. Adam pulled off Eddie's T-shirt, unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop. He stood back and admired the naked young boy.

"You know, you're a real looker, kid. I can see why Hassan snapped you up as his boy. He's a lucky guy. Now let's hit the shower." Mention of Hassan jolted Eddie, but with no hint of anxiety. Wow, the things he would have to tell him tomorrow!


"I'll do it, sir." In the shower Eddie grabbed the washcloth, soaped it up and ran it lovingly over the tall Aussie's neck, shoulders and chest, feeling every muscular contour, lingering over the washboard abs, then down to ..... He hesitated as he reached the tangle of pubic hair, out of which swung the cock, stiffening as the boy massaged his body. Adam removed the temptation by turning around and leaning forward with his hands high on the wall, the globes of his white ass clenching as Eddie went to work on his back.

Then he turned round again and Eddie's eyes immediately fixed on the semi-erect cock. Adam smiled. "Word has it that that's kind of a specialty of yours, Eddie. Any truth to that?"

"You want me to show you, sir?" Adam nodded eagerly and Eddie sank to his knees with hot water pouring over them both and steam filling the shower. Eddie loved uncut cocks and this one was a real beaut. Tenderly he pulled back the foreskin and licked the head as it was revealed. Finally he ran his tongue over the crease at the base of the head and his head swam as he tasted the musky male essence of the man.

With practiced expertise Eddie sucked the cock in and eased forward onto it, keeping his mouth wide open so the cock rested easily in his throat. Suddenly Eddie clenched his throat muscles and mouth hard round the cock and Adam yelled above the sound of water and steam. "Holy shit ..... that's fucking incredible." He tried to pull back but his cock was held in a vise. Eddie was in charge.

The boy relaxed his throat slightly, pulled his head back and let the cock slide free, then plunged forward again, beginning a long, erotic blowjob - the kind he was famous for. Adam grabbed Eddie's wet hair and pushed his cock in deeper than he ever thought possible. Eddie let him hold his head and pound his mouth, but he still controlled the fuck by alternately squeezing and relaxing his throat at exactly the right time.

Adam was going wild, his iron-hard rod pistoning in and out of the young mouth. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he yelled. "You're making me bust my load, kid. I can't take any more..... Come on, mate, drink that hot Aussie juice...... here it comes ..... aaagh!" With expert timing Eddie swallowed hard, gulping down jets of semen as they slammed into his throat. He was suffocating on Adam's jism when suddenly Adam pulled him on his feet, wrapped his arms round him and clamped their mouths together, sucking his own semen out of Eddie's mouth.

He felt Eddie shudder and warm cum spurting up between them as Eddie climaxed for the second time. Adam held him tight, letting their breathing subside and their cocks drain. Then he held Eddie at arm's length and gazed at him. "That was bloody marvelous, mate. And you shot another load."

"Oh yes, sir," Eddie looked at him earnestly. "That's another thing I'm good at, sir - cumming. I got lots of jizz in me, sir. I can cum as many times as you like."

Adam was enchanted by the innocent frankness of this eager young boy gazing up at him, not to mention his handsome, open face and lithe young body. "Shit damn," he said, "I gotta get you in that bed, kiddo." Am I glad you picked my name out of the hat!"


They dried each other off, Adam scooped up Eddie and carried him to the bed where he laid him down gently and knelt astride him. "Eddie," he smiled down at him. "I wanna fuck your ass so bad, but I know you're Hassan's boy and your ass belongs to him."

"Oh that's OK, sir. Hassan gave me the OK - said I should have fun with you - and getting your dick shoved in my ass sure sounds like fun."

"Good on ya, mate" the Aussie said. "I promise, I'll be gentle. Look, see what you do to me? My schlong's hard again already." He pushed his cock between the cheeks of Eddie's ass and paused, teasing him. "You sure you want this, mate?" Eddie nodded, "Yes please, sir," his eyes wide with excitement as he stared up at the handsome, athletic man leaning over him. He felt the tip of Adam's cock enter him, then pause before the whole long rod slid into his ass.

"Feel OK?" "Feels awesome, sir. I can take it harder than that. Hassan taught me."

"I bet he did," Adam laughed and started to fuck the boy's ass, carefully increasing the intensity. His jaw clenched, his eyes flashed and soon he was pounding ass. Eddie moaned in ecstasy, his face thrashing from side to side ..... until Adam saw him wince. That was the sign he was waiting for. He slowed right down and fell forward onto him, keeping his cock in his ass.

"Now I'm gonna make love to you, Eddie. You think you can cum again?" Eddie flashed his mischievous grin. "Can a fish swim, sir?" (borrowing a phrase he had heard from the twins). Adam laughed and pressed his lips onto Eddie's, probing his mouth with his tongue, all the time easing his cock slowly in and out of his ass.

Eddie was over the moon feeling the Australian's long cock massaging his ass, and he soon moaned, "Sir, it feels so good I don't think I can hold back any more." Adam smiled, "No worries, mate, you don't have to. See, I'm cumming inside you." As Eddie felt warm liquid flooding his ass he gazed into the soft brown eyes and felt his own cum spurting over his body.

Adam held his gaze for a long time, then pulled slowly out of him, inch by inch, until his cock plopped out of his ass. He lay down beside him and Eddie sighed with the satisfied whimper of a puppy snuggling against his master. Adam stretched his arm behind the boy's head and they relaxed against each other, falling into easy conversation that consisted mostly of Eddie pumping Adam with questions about his job, which Eddie had always found quite exotic.

"Sir, what's it like to be in a plane?"

"You mean to work in a plane like I do?

"Well, yes, sir - but I meant just to fly in a plane."

"But surely you've ..... I mean you came out here from Nebraska didn't you?"

"Yeah, but I hitch-hiked. I was headed for L.A. but the last guy dropped me off on the 10 Freeway not far from Palm Springs so I walked there, but I had no money left so this guy who owned a leather bar hired me as a bar-back and that's where Darius and Zack found me."

Adam's eyes brimmed with tears as he imagined this determined young kid's courage hitching halfway across the country all on his own to chase his dream. He could see why Hassan was crazy about him.

He stroked Eddie's cheek and said, "So you've never ridden in a plane. Well, we'll have to do something about that. I'll have a word with Hassan.

"Thank you, sir." Eddie paused. "Sir, what we did just now - can we do that again later?" Adam laughed. "You bet your life, we can, mate. After what you said, I wanna see how many times you really can cum."

"No problem there, sir - you'll see," and Eddie rested his head on Adam's chest. "Wonder how the other guys are doing - not as good as us, I bet." And even when his eyes closed there was still an urchin smile on his lips.


Eddie would have been pleased to know the other guys were all doing just fine.

Nate was nervous at first being in the master bedroom with the gorgeous Steve, a cleaned-up version of his brother Randy, but Doctor Steve had ways of putting a boy at his ease.

Lloyd had a boner the minute he walked into Jason's room. The handsome architect loved being around beautiful men - drooled as he followed them around at the gym - and the blond fireman was a knockout - a calendar guy. Even better, Jason was vain and loved to show off his body. Hell, a gorgeous narcissist fireman, a full-length mirror and a bed - who could ask for more? God was good.

As for Ben, he had listened to endless stories from Eddie about the exotic muscle-god Marine in and out of uniform. Now, at last, he could get to see those homoerotic fantasies come to life.

No doubt about it, there would be a whole lot of action that night in the big house on Mulholland Drive.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 206


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