Doctor Steve's experiment was over. Having persuaded the masters to switch boys for a night, with exhilarating results, the house was now quiet.

Lloyd and Jason, the gym jocks, were finally drained after their body-worship jack-off marathon downstairs in the gym. Eddie was fast asleep in the arms of the Aussie-hunk Adam, and Nate was in the master bedroom being woken intermittently by Steve's cock in his ass. In the small hours Hassan and Ben had crept back into the house after the sexual adventure in the forest of the Marine and the gypsy boy.

So it was only to be expected that the next morning everyone, slept in late. When they finally emerged into the sunlight they blinked in surprise. A long table was set up by the pool at the edge of the deck, elaborately set for breakfast, and smells of cooking and coffee wafted from the house. Bob had brought the twins up to the house on a hunch that all the guys would sleep late and need a good breakfast when they eventually woke. He had helped the twins prepare it.

"Shit, man," Steve laughed, hugging Bob, "what are you, the genie from the lamp? All I have to do is rub the lamp and you rise up from it?"

"Not the lamp, buddy. Have to rub something else to make me rise up," Bob said, pressing his crotch against Steve's.

The boys were happily reunited with their real masters and pressed close to them at the table. Steve was gratified to see man and boy gaze lovingly at each other with renewed affection .... his plan had worked. "Chalk another one up to the sexy shrink," Bob grinned.

After the meal the boys gathered in a tight group, everyone talking at once about their adventures of the night before. The twins came over to Lloyd. "Sir, you think we could borrow your camera? Darius will never forgive us if we don't get this on video." Lloyd fetched his camera from the basement and gave it to the boys, along with a disk. "Here's a copy of a video Jason and I shot last night." He winked. "Think you might enjoy it."

A few minutes later the boys were taking turns telling their stories under the unflinching gaze of the camera lens. At the table the men watched in amusement, chatting with each other casually, but subtlely making sure their boys had been well treated by their new one-night master and had a good time. "Seems like you worked your magic again, Doctor Steve," Bob said. Steve gave a satisfied smile. "Yeah, seems to have worked well. If nothing else you guys sure got to know the other men's boys a lot better."

"That young Eddie's a real champ," said Adam. "You're a lucky bloke, Hassan. But one thing he said surprised me .... claims he's never ridden in an airplane."

"Yeah, that limited life of his has been bothering me too," said Hassan. "Seems he's never quite shaken off the role of shy bar-back. I gotta broaden his horizons."

"Same goes for Ben," Jason said. "Never been in a plane. Even when he left that hard-scrabble life in Texas he had no money so he hitched and walked all the way up here to L.A. You know what they say - you can take the boy out of the gypsies but you can't take the gypsy out of the boy. Not that I'd want to, but all the same I'd like to give him a glimpse of the finer things of life."

"Reminds me of Randy and Pablo," Bob said. "Randy was once concerned that Pablo was becoming not much more than a grease monkey, with his passion for cars and all. He asked me to clean him up, fly him up to San Francisco and stay in a fancy hotel a couple of days..... get the grease from under his fingernails .... show him there's more to life than leaning under the hood of an old truck."

"You've got a plan," grinned Lloyd.

"Well, I was thinking. Hassan, Jason, maybe we should do the same for your boys - help them spread their wings. Ben and Eddie are good buddies, after all. They'd have fun."

Jason was enthusiastic and Hassan smiled, "You're just like Steve, Bob - always have a plan. But if yours is even half as successful as Steve's, I say let's go for it."

Over in the group of boys Eddie and Ben were talking animatedly to each other, unaware of what was in store for them.


The rest of the day was a lazy one, with everyone recovering from the night before, men re-coupling with their boys more affectionately than ever as they listened to their stories. Bob and the twins were persuaded to stay, having made sure that Jamie and Mario back at the house were taking care of the men's appetites for dinner ..... and of Mark's appetites later in bed.

Bob, Hassan and Jason unveiled their plan to Eddie, Ben and the twins, whom Bob wanted to include in the trip. The details would all be settled later, but the mere notion of taking a plane trip for the first time thrilled Eddie and Ben who talked of nothing else, and pumped the twins for details of a couple of plane trips Bob had taken them on in the past..

It wasn't until Sunday evening that the party in the hills broke up, with effusive goodbyes and thanks to Steve and Lloyd. Nate pulled Steve aside and whispered, "Sir, could we do that again sometime soon? And maybe you could make sure I pull your name out of the hat again."

"Cheat, you mean?" Steve smiled in mock horror. "Well, let's just call it bending the rules, something I happen to be good at. I'd sure get off spending another night under the stars with you - if Adam doesn't mind, of course."

There were similar promises all round to 'do it again soon' and then they all left. Steve turned to Lloyd. "Hey, listen to that silence. I miss them already. Now, about that show you and Jason put on for each other down in the gym. Feel like giving me a demonstration?"

Arriving back at the house the boys all huddled in what Darius, with his overblown sense of drama, called emergency session. Actually it was a glorified film fest, replaying the video of the boys telling their story. The undoubted climax was the video Lloyd had made of Jason, the muscle-jock fireman spread-eagled, naked, covered in sweat and cum, begging to be released. That one was played over and over in a continuous loop, accompanied by howls of orgasm.

As for Bob, all through dinner he was very aware of the impatient look in Randy's eyes as he fixed his gaze on him. As soon as the meal was over Bob excused them both and allowed himself to be pulled into the house and upstairs to their room.

"And that," Mark grinned, "is what, in the past, used to be called Randy re-establishing ownership."

"Still is, if you ask me," Zack grunted.


In the bedroom Bob and Randy opened a couple of beers and kicked back. They were both in jeans and T-shirts - Randy's an old frayed gray one and Bob's a crisp white V-neck shirt, his biceps bulging just below the tight short sleeves. Randy looked him over and shook his head. "You know, buddy, I still come unglued when you go away and spend time with the other guys - even for a weekend." He tried to hold back his next question but force of habit compelled him to ask, "Did anyone fuck you?"

Bob sighed and smiled wearily. "No, Randy - nobody fucked me. But they did talk a lot about sex, especially Lloyd and Jason's body-worship marathon in the gym."

"Yeah, I heard about that. Jason was full of it at dinner. Seems like they've got a scalding hot video of it." Randy grinned finally and changed the subject. "So, you're gonna do one of your cleanup numbers on Ben and Eddie, just like you did that time on Pablo."

"Yeah," Bob said. "You OK with me taking your little brother off to some fancy hotel - maybe rub some of the gypsy boy off him?"

"Sure, I'd trust him with you anywhere. Probably do the kid some good, though you're never gonna take the gypsy out of him, anymore than you could out of me. Me and my brother have gypsy blood in us and we're proud of it. I remember when you cleaned me up and took me off to some luxury hotel - made me wear a coat and tie. Maybe you prefer me like that."

"Get out of here," Bob laughed. "You're not the preppy type, far from it. Nothing stylish about you, man. You'll always be the rough, tough construction boss with the stubbled jaw, muscle-stud body in a ragged tank top and greasy cargo pants - arrogance for days and a huge, permanently-hard dick. Which is just as well - 'cause that's exactly what turns me on."

Randy grinned at the Superman face, the square jaw, high cheekbones, tousled dark hair that fell over his forehead, and the soft brown eyes that always made Randy go weak at the knees. "Shit, buddy, you're so fucking gorgeous. I'm fucking crazy about you, man, you know that?"

"Yeah, actually I do know that," Bob said haughtily. "Worked that one out the first day we met."

"You vain son-of-a-bitch," Randy grinned. "Now who's arrogant? You know, one of the greatest pleasures of my life is knocking that cocky, too-cool-for-school business executive down to size - making him crawl to the construction worker. And you are gonna get your ass so fucking fucked, pal. But as we're talking vain here, first you're gonna give me some of what Jason gave Lloyd in that gym."

"No problem there, man," said Bob, jumping to his feet, raising his arms and flexing hard in a bodybuilder's pose so every sculpted muscle in his torso bulged under his T-shirt. Randy sprawled in his chair ready for the show, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He stroked it as he watched his gorgeous lover go to the wall and adjust the lights, leaving on just the overhead spots that shed pools of pink light onto the floor. Randy had installed the spots for just such a moment as this.

Bob knew his lighting (he got lessons from Jason) and stood under the central spotlight that cast a pink glow over his white T-shirt highlighting his muscular torso underneath. Randy stroked harder, murmuring, "Fucking beautiful, man. Shit damn, to think that I'm gonna sleep with that stud tonight - tonight and every night. Come on, big guy, take it off."

"Is that and order?" Bob grinned.

"Damn right it is .... either that or I'll rip the fucker off."

Bob raised his eyes to the wall mirror behind Randy's chair. He ran his hands over his T-shirt and squeezed his nipples with a sharp intake of breath. Finally, after teasing Randy almost to the point of orgasm, he reached behind his neck and slowly pulled his shirt up, exposing his eight-pack abs and square pecs, then off over his head. He tossed it like a stripper to Randy who caught it, held it to his face and inhaled deeply, beating his cock faster with his other hand.

Again Bob struck a pose, pressing his fists into his waist, flaring his lats and pushing his shoulders forward. "Aaah," Randy sighed deeply, staring wide-eyed at the muscle-god stripped to the waist. "Damn that's so fucking....." He pulled his hand sharply away from his cock to stop himself pumping a load of cum." Bob smiled at himself in the mirror, proud of his talent for driving Randy crazy. There was more than one way to torture a man.

He paced round the room, walking through the alternating pools of light and shadow, letting the spots play over his flawless physique like a slow-moving disco ball. Even though Randy had ordered this show, Bob, the stripper, was totally in charge, playing Randy, reeling him in like a fish. He stood in front of Randy, his legs spread wide, and opened the top two buttons of his jeans, showing the fine hairs on his stomach poking over the top of his boxer briefs.

"Man, I can't...." Impatiently Randy started to rise from his chair but Bob ordered, "Stay right where you are, stud. You ain't seen nothin' yet." He kicked off his loafers and resumed pacing round the room letting his loosened jeans ride lower and lower on his waist. Randy was stroking his cock again, slowly, carefully, as he moaned, "Come on, man, please. You're driving me insane here. Feels like I've already cum a dozen times watching you. I wanna see you naked, man ..... please....."

"All you had to do was beg," Bob grinned. He ripped open his jeans all the way and let them drop, stepping out of them wearing only tight, white boxer briefs that vividly displayed the bulge of his hard cock and the mounds of his ass as he paraded them before the tormented construction worker. Bob reached up to one of the ceiling beams and pressed his hands against it, leaning slightly forward right in front of Randy, every muscle of his body flexed.

"Holy shit," Randy moaned and again whipped his hand away from his cock, he was so close to busting a load as he gazed up at the stunning, near naked muscleman leaning over him. Bob sprang back and laughed, "Nearly had you that time, big guy. You know I've got you by the balls, don't you? I can reel you in just when I want."

"Yeah," Randy growled, surrendering to a man he idolized.

"OK, so try this on for size." Bob slid his hands down his sides, under the waistband of his briefs and pushed them slowly down, letting them pool round his ankles. His huge cock sprang out like a pole and he grabbed it in his fist. Randy was sprawled in his chair mesmerized and Bob stood between his splayed legs, pointing his cock down at him. "I can play you like a flute, buddy, and you know it. I can make you cum just when I want. I just wanna hear that big tough construction boss beg me for release."

Both men were beating their meat now, staring at each other, floating into their small private corner of paradise. In a trance Randy groaned, "Please let me cum, man. You wanna hear me beg? OK, I'm begging. You're so fucking gorgeous .... let me cum for you .... ."

Bob smiled a satisfied smile. Without another word he stroked his cock harder, gazing down at the rugged gypsy face, with its stubbled jaw and tangled black hair. He pointed his cock straight at it and howled, "I love you man," as a jet of white blasted from it and hit Randy full in the face.

"Aaaagh!" Randy's scream echoed round the room as his cock exploded in a shower of semen that spurted up high and fell on his own face and the T-shirt stretched over his chest, mixing with the pools of his lover's cum.


Bob again grabbed the beam and leaned over Randy, the remains of his jism dripping down onto his face. Randy looked up at him in awe. "Son-of-a-bitch," he growled. "You're the only man who can make me beg like that." But whenever Randy was facing near defeat in a trial of strength he was empowered with a surge of adrenaline to even greater effort - and now was no exception. He pushed Bob back and sprang to his feet.

"Guess you're real proud of yourself, eh, stud, making me bust my load like that? Well like you said, 'you ain't seen nothin' yet' either .... starting with this." He pulled off his sweaty, cum-soaked T-shirt and pressed it against Bob's face, holding his head tight so he couldn't wriggle free. Bob had no choice but to breathe in the pungent stink of Randy's cum and his own. The smell of the construction workers juices, his sweat and semen, always drove him wild and he could already feel his own cock growing stiff.

Then Randy did something he had never done before. He pressed his mouth against the shirt, feeling Bob's lips through the thin fabric. He ground their mouths together, both of them biting the cloth, squeezing the cum from it and swallowing the musky juice. Through the shirt they could feel each other's hot breath but had the exquisite frustration of their tongues almost touching, but impeded by the frayed cotton.

Randy pulled away, grabbed the shirt and wiped it hard over Bob's face. When he let it drop Bob's Superman features were gleaming wet with their juices, his eyes wide with exhilaration. "Shit damn that's hot," Randy breathed and he licked Bob's face all over, cleaning off the cum. Then he fixed Bob with his steel blue eyes. "OK, buddy, so you think you've escaped getting your ass fucked by draining my dick. Well think again asshole.... get a load of this."

His cock was still out of his pants and was astonishingly as hard as steel so soon after his orgasm. "See that? They don't call me a fuck machine for nothing, pal, and you're gonna feel it. Get over here." Grabbing the back of Bob's neck Randy steered him over to face the mirror on the wall. Standing behind him Randy gripped Bob's wrists and forced him to bend forward with his arms spread upward, his palms flat against the glass.

Randy pulled away, spat in his hand and lubricated his cock with his saliva as he gazed with satisfaction at the muscled back and the white globes of the ass pushing outward as Bob leaned against the mirror. He kicked Bob's legs wide apart so he was, in effect, spread-eagled looking at his own reflection. Randy said, "Yeah, take a good look, big guy. Look at that fucking gorgeous muscle-stud ..... come on, flex those muscles, man. Looks incredible, eh?"

Bob got off on being forced to stare at himself so close to the mirror. "Yeah that looks hot," he breathed. "Shit, he's gorgeous .... look at that face, the body, he's so ..... aaagh!" Bob screamed as he felt the rod pile-driving into his ass, saw the raging gypsy face over his shoulder. "No, man ...... Jesus, it hurts so bad. Take it out, I......"

"You telling me what to do, asshole?" Randy barked "You telling me to stop?" Bob said urgently, "No, sir, I would never .... please, sir, don't stop. Please fuck my ass ...." Tears ran down his face as he braced against the mirror for the onslaught that he knew was coming. Randy grabbed Bob's hips and the huge cock pistoned inside him, time after time, so hard that Bob thought he would collapse against the mirror.

But suddenly it stopped and Bob heard Randy's soft voice in his ear. "We both know I could rip you open, stud, but why would I do that to the man I love more than anything in the world? Here, let me show you how much."

His cock eased gently in and out of Bob's ass as Randy kissed the back of his neck, bit it lightly, ran his tongue up into the dark hair curled at the nape. There were tears in Randy's eyes as he whispered, "God, you feel good. I love you like crazy, man. You're my life. I'll show you. I want you to feel my jizz flowing in your ass. You think you can cum again, buddy?"

"For you, Randy, always, anywhere. Fuck me, buddy. My ass is yours." Randy pushed forward until Bob was pressed against the mirror, his cock stretched up between his stomach and the glass. Randy reached up and put his hands over Bob's, pressing them against mirror. He pushed his face over Bob's shoulder and kissed his reflection in the mirror. Bob pressed his own lips against the glass so it was like four men with their mouths locked together.

Their faces turned to each other and Randy murmured. "I'm gonna cum inside you, Bob." Their lips joined, they moaned into each other's mouths, their bodies tensed as Bob felt his lover's juice flowing inside him and his own cum spurting up between his chest and the glass.

They stayed pressed together for a long time, breathing as one, their hearts beating in unison. But at last Randy's jubilant enthusiasm took over. He pulled out of Bob's ass, grabbed him by the waist and with a triumphant yell picked him up and tossed him onto the bed. Bob's eyes sparkled as he gazed up at wild gypsy kicking off his boots, yanking open his pants and letting them drop. With a whoop of sheer joy the naked man launched himself down on his lover and they rolled over and over, kissing licking, bighting as their passion overflowed.

Exhausted, they finally lay in each other's arms and Randy said, "Man, I'm gonna miss you when you take the boys on that trip. You gotta call me every day, right?"

"Sure," Bob laughed. "And when I get back....."

"When you get back you're all mine, and we'll celebrate. I've already got plans for us....."

"Don't I have a say in that?"

Hell, no," Randy growled. "I'm the boss remember?"

"Oh yeah, so you are," Bob smiled. "I keep forgetting that."

"Asshole," Randy said, pulling him closer.


Next morning Jamie was already working in the office when Bob walked in, looking disheveled despite the glow that surrounded him. "Good morning, sir," Jamie grinned mischievously. "Sleep well?"

Bob laughed, "No, not really .... I'm glad to say." His high spirits were infectious and Jamie eagerly broached the next topic. "Sir, I assume you want me to help you plan this fancy trip you're taking the boys on."

"You wouldn't mind doing that? You feel OK that we're taking only Ben, Eddie and the twins?"

"Oh, no problem there, sir. Mark takes me lots of places, and we've already done the luxury hotel thing down at the Ritz in Laguna where we met Mario. It'll be great for the guys - provided they bring back pictures and videos for Darius's 'family album' as he calls it. He'll insist on de-briefing them."

"Of course he will," Bob smiled. "OK, here's the plan. There will be seven of us, me, Hassan, Jason and the boys. We've decided on Chicago, for several reasons. I want a decent length for the boys' first flight and LAX to Chicago's four hours. Also, my firm has a branch office there that's overdue for a visit, so that'll make it a business trip for me and the firm will pay my share. And we have a deal with the Four Seasons Hotel there that gives us a good corporate rate.

"Sir," Jamie said, "you don't have to worry about the flight. We run all the construction company expenses through our airline credit cards so we've earned a ton of frequent-flyer miles - more than we'll ever use. You could even push the boat out and fly first class. The boys would go crazy for that, and you did promise to show them how the other half lives. If you leave it to me, sir, I can book the airline and hotel for you. I'd love to do that, sir."

Bob's eyes sparkled. "Boy, you are not just a pretty face, are you? But I always knew that about you. Hell, I'd tell Mark how terrific you're being except that, knowing that hot cop, he'd probably want to give you some big reward that I suspect might involve your ass."

Jamie blushed and smiled. "Oh, no problem there, sir. No problem at all."


Later, out in the garden in the late afternoon lull before dinner, all the boys were gathered round the table as Ben and Eddie excitedly pumped the others for information about what to expect on the plane and in a classy hotel. Jamie and Nate, who had flown together to Australia, explained many things, starting with going through airport security. "You should wear loose fitting shoes 'cause you'll have to take them off at security," Nate said.

Ben gave him a withering look. "Dude, don't you know that all the cool guys wear unlaced sneakers? So no problem there."

Eddie frowned as he asked Mario, "You worked at a fancy hotel, dude, so you'd know this. At the hotel, if I .... I mean, if I kinda ..... well, if any of the hotel staff are hot guys, is it OK to have sex with them?"

Mario laughed heartily. "Well, Eddie, it sure worked for me. It all depends whether the staff is into it. I sure was the minute I clapped eyes on Jamie and Mark so I worked my ass like crazy and .... well, the rest is history and here I am. Of course, you can't do it behind Hassan's back, but I'd say that once any of the hotel staff get a look at you and that hot Marine they'll be dying to get double-teamed by you."

Darius adopted a serious tone as he said to the boys, "Now listen dudes, I'm thinking about prosperity here...." Interrupted by a chorus of "posterity" he waved it away with, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway, I'm lending you my camera and I want you to bring back as much footage as you can, especially the sex stuff - you know, stuff a dude can jack off to." Met with howls of laughter Darius stared at them wide-eyed. "What? You know, you guys'll be thanking me later when you're old and on the couch, jacking off to these videos of when you were all hot young dudes."

Just then Bob came home and pulled the twins aside. "Kyle, Kevin, tomorrow I'd like you to take Eddie and Ben shopping at one of the malls - the Beverly Center is good. Use my credit card to buy them a couple of smart outfits - you know, slacks, polo shirts, loafers, and they'll need a dress-shirt jacket and tie. They've probably never worn a tie so you might show them how to tie it. While you're at it, pick up something for yourselves - whatever you want."

The next few days were a hive of activity and mounting excitement as preparations got under way. Bob, Jason and Hassan arranged time off work as they would be staying three nights in Chicago. Jamie had discovered a hotel deal - pay for two nights, get the third night free.

The morning of the group's departure was clamorous, with elaborate farewells by the boys as if Ben, Eddie and the twins were trekking to the North Pole instead of taking four-hour plane ride to Chicago. The young travelers were all smartly dressed in new jeans and polo shirts - and new sneakers, carefully unlaced.

Zack grinned at Hassan and Jason who were wearing slacks, jackets and casual shirts. "Shit, guys, hardly recognize you out of uniform. You still put those fancy pants on one leg at a time, do you, like us peasants do? Hell, when you come back from all that first-class treatment there'll be no living with you. I'll have to introduce you to the leather world all over again."

"It's a date," grinned Jason as images of himself and Zack in full leather flashed before his eyes.

Finally the luggage was loaded, the boys flung last minute advice at Ben and Eddie and they piled into two vehicles. Randy drove Bob and the twins in the Mercedes, and Pablo drove Randy's big truck with Hassan, Jason and their boys.

At the airport there were last-minute hugs at the curb, and Randy said to Bob, "It's a great thing you're doing for these guys, buddy - just like you did for Pablo way back when. You'll get your reward in heaven .... Nah, better than that, I'll scoop heaven and give you your reward myself."

"Sounds a lot hotter than heaven," Bob grinned. "Better you than Saint Peter."

A final hug and they parted, with Randy driving off in the Mercedes, Pablo in the truck, while the guys checked their luggage with the skycap.


As the guys made their way through the various airport procedures Eddie looked around in wonder, his eyes as wide as saucers. Ben, however, being Randy's brother, sauntered along like it was all second nature to him, assuming an air of nonchalance that was not entirely convincing. He was every bit as excited as Eddie. At security the boys easily kicked off their unlaced sneakers, and Ben gave Eddie a smug 'told-you-so' grin.

As the group walked through the airport to the gate they were unaware of all the heads turning in their direction, men and women alike. (Well, maybe Jason was aware.) The sight of three stunningly handsome men and four beautiful boys, two of them twins, caused quite a stir, and one tourist even asked to take a picture of them - "a souvenir of Los Angeles," he said. In the boarding area all four boys ran to the window to look at the plane parked at the gate. "Wow," Eddie said. "That huge thing can actually fly?"

The twins laughed and Kyle said, "You better believe it, dude, or we're in real trouble."

When the departure was announced the agent called for first-class passengers to board first and Bob shepherded the group to the door. Eddie looked dubiously at all the other passengers lining up to board, and said to Hassan, "That don't seem fair, sir. They were all here before us .... shouldn't we line up too?"

Hassan smiled at him, loving his sense of egalitarian fairness. "Bob booked us in first class, kiddo, so they let us board first. So make the most of it. Don't worry, most of your life you'll travel in coach, lining up with the rest of the world."

Eddie nodded solemnly but slightly misunderstood. "Well, sir. I don't care if I'm in a coach or a plane as long as I'm with you." Hassan grinned at him and threw an affectionate arm round his shoulder.

The seven of them took up almost half the first-class cabin. Hassan and Eddie sat together across from Jason and Ben. The men suggested the boys take the window seat and they were already gazing out at all the activity around the plane. Behind them the twins sat together and Bob sat across from them in the aisle seat, smiling as he saw them discreetly holding hands.

Takeoff was exhilarating but scary for Ben and Eddie and they instinctively grabbed the hands of their masters, trusting them to protect them no matter what. When they were safely airborne the two flight attendants began beverage service. One of them, a smiling man, handsome in his uniform, asked Eddie, "Would you care for juice or champagne, sir?"

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed Eddie gulped and replied, "Juice please, sir."

When he had left Hassan smiled gently at his boy. "You don't have to call him 'sir', Eddie, just 'cause he's in uniform. It's his job to serve us and it's natural that he calls you sir."

Eddie blushed slightly. "Thank you, sir, I wasn't sure. But I still call you sir, don't I?"

"If you like."

"Oh, I do like, sir." He pressed closer to Hassan, starting to relax and enjoy himself.


As Bob had hoped, the four-hour flight was a constant source of exciting new experiences for the boys, who quickly lost their anxieties and were on their best behavior during the meal service. No yelling or throwing food across the aisle, Bob noted with relief. The time passed quickly and as the plane prepared for landing the boys again gripped their master's hands.

When they left the plane and picked up their luggage Bob was about to look for taxis but saw a uniformed man holding a sign bearing his name. "Your limo's waiting outside, sir. It's a stretch so it'll seat all seven of you comfortably."

"Who arranged this?" asked Bob, frowning."

The driver looked down at the order form. "Says here, 'Compliments of Randy'." Bob smiled, "Ah, I see. Thank you." He pulled out his cell phone and punched a number. His face lit up with a smile as he said into the phone, "You shouldn't have. You're really spoiling us."

"Hey," came Randy's cheerful voice, "you're my man, and my man's a limo kinda guy, not a taxi or, god forbid, a dirty-beat-up-old-truck kinda guy."

"I'll take the beat-up old truck any day of the week," Bob grinned, "provided it's got the right driver - grubby construction guy I know, looks like a gypsy, who'll throw me into bed and fuck my brains out."

"You can bet on that, stud .... the minute you get home. You guys have fun out there."

The fun was already underway as they piled into the long black limo, the boys holding themselves in check, trying not to break out like partying frat boys. The hotel was another whole new world for them as they were taken up to the 46th floor and the two-bedroom suite Jamie had booked for them, with another adjoining room in case they needed it.

There was a huge bowl of fruit on the table with a note: "The Boys of L.A. do Chicago. Knock 'em dead, guys. Mark & Zack."

Ben and Eddie were walking round the luxurious suite in awe, especially at the incredible view of Lake Michigan from the window. Far below them they saw people jogging along the lakefront trail and they instinctively stretched their limbs after sitting for so long on the plane and in the limo. "Hey," Jason said, "you boys wanna go out and take a walk by the lake?" The boys' enthusiasm was instant, and Hassan said, "You coming too, Bob."

"Nah ..... I got that business meeting at our office here and I'd like to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Should only take a couple of hours, and after that it's all pleasure. But the twins can go with you, eh, guys?"

The twins shuffled uncomfortably. "Sir," Kyle said, "if it's all the same to you we'd like to settle in here, have some time to ourselves."

Bob knew his boys well. They valued the time they spent together, just the two of them, and he was happy to give them their space, though he never quite knew what they did together. That, he thought, was their business.


So it was settled. Ben and Eddie went off with their men to explore their new wonderland and Bob was in a taxi headed for his firm's branch office. When he arrived the vice-president's secretary greeted him effusively but was embarrassed to explain that her boss had been called away on a sudden emergency. Bob re-scheduled their meeting and did a quick walk-through of the offices as everyone was eager to shake hands with the handsome young senior vice-president from the Los Angeles office.

It wasn't long before Bob was in a taxi on his way back to the hotel much sooner than expected. He took the elevator to the 46th floor but when he got to the door of the suite he hesitated. This was to have been the twins' alone-time and they weren't expecting him back so soon. Oh, what the hell, Bob thought. It was a big suite and he would just go in, quickly change clothes and join the others at the shore. So he slid the key card into the lock and opened the door quietly.

Good, the main living room was empty. The guys were probably asleep together in one of the bedrooms. Quietly he took off his suit, his shirt and tie and, wearing just his boxers, padded into one of the bathrooms to pee. It was then that he heard the sound. Muffled voices at first but then a distinct, "Fuck you, asshole."

Startled, Bob walked quickly and silently to the door of the bedroom from which the sounds came. The door was open a crack and when he pushed it wider he gasped at what he saw. Kevin was on his back on the bed, naked, his wrists tied together by a T-shirt above his head and attached to the headboard.

Kyle was on his knees straddling his waist and was evidently squeezing Kevin's nipples hard while he taunted him. "I'm gonna teach you a lesson, asshole. We're brothers, supposed to be identical, but you've been getting real pushy lately - think you're better than me - so it's time you learned which one of us is boss around here. How do you like this, dude?"

Kevin gasped as Kyle increased the pressure on his tits and his body writhed on the bed in a futile effort at escape. Bob looked on in horror. The twins fighting? They had always been soul mates, inseparable, holding hands on the plane for god's sake. This had flared up out of nowhere and he couldn't let it happen.

He was about to step forward but stopped himself when he heard Kevin say, "No, no, dude that's too hard."

"Sorry, bro" Kyle said gently. "Like this? That better?" Kevin sighed, "Yeah that's good." Then louder, "You mother fucker. You wait till I get free, I'll take you apart, man."

Bob smiled to himself.... so that was it. He knew Randy had given them bondage lessons - ropes, knots, scenarios, and now here they were acting out the fantasies he had put in their mind (with an apparent glitch or two when over-enthusiasm made them slip out of character.) So this is what they did in their free time - a far cry from when they were living rough on the streets and had hugged each other to sleep, protecting each other from a hostile world.

Bob knew he should withdraw, give them their privacy, but they looked so damn hot, two competing, gorgeous identical twins with those beautiful faces, their lithe bodies tanned golden except for the wide white strip round their hips and the mounds of their ass. The fantasy of two battling brothers was so hot Bob could almost believe it was real, so he stayed. He found a spot behind a curtain where had a clear view but was out of their sightline. In any case, they were so absorbed in each other that they were unaware of anything else.

"Let me go, asshole," said Kevin. "What you gonna do to me?"

"What a master always does to his boy - fuck your ass."

"No, I don't get fucked by guys," Kevin pleaded. "It's never happened."

"There's always a first time, pal, and this is it." Kyle pushed one of Kevin's legs up high and looked down at his ass. "Oh yeah," he said, "I'm gonna enjoy working that sweet ass." He leant down and licked the inside of his brother's thigh, moving higher until his face nestled in the softy, downy fur round his hole. He pushed his tongue past the sphincter and licked deep inside, eating his brother's ass, hearing Kevin's loud protests fade into sighs of pleasure.

Bob suddenly knew what he had to do. He crept silently back to the living room and rummaged in the twins' suitcase. He pulled out the camera Darius had given them and went quickly back into the bedroom. This was so hot he had to get it on film, knowing he would never show it to anyone without the twins' approval. He would delete it if they asked him to.

Kevin was still moaning as his brother ate his ass, but he became more agitated as Kyle pulled out his tongue and replaced it with his finger, first one, then two, three. "This'll put you in your place, boy" Kyle snarled. "How'd you like my big fist up your ass?" Kevin's eyes opened wide. "No, I can't take a fist, man. You'll rip me open. Please, man, not your fist." There was fear in his voice though he knew well that his brother would never hurt him.

Kyle relented. "OK, bro, you're at my mercy but I'll take pity on you - give you a choice. Either my fist goes up that tight ass or my cock does." Kevin struggled mightily against his restraints, his lithe young body frantically thrashing from side to side. "Fuck you, asshole. I told you I've never been fucked."

"OK, you insolent prick, here comes my fist," and again Kyle pushed his fingers into his brother's ass. "No, no .... OK, OK, your cock. Fuck me with your cock."

"You can do better than that, brother. Let me hear you." The twins gazed at each other and Kevin said, "Please put your dick in my ass. Please, sir, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me, sir."

"That's better," Kyle said. "OK, here goes." He grabbed a jar of lube from a bedside table, scooped out a load and spread it over his stiff dick. He pushed the head against Kevin's hole and said, "You think you're hot stuff, boy, but here you are all tied up and your ass is gonna get fucked by your big brother. Here it comes."

Kyle hooked his brother's legs over his shoulders and eased his long rod into his ass, deeper and deeper as Kevin's breathing became more and more ragged. Kevin winced in apparent pain, but soon learned to relax as the big cock moved steadily in and out of his ass. As the fuck went on and on the brothers gazed into each other's eyes with a mix of the elation of fantasy and the real affection of two brothers who lived as one, in love, inseparable.

Bob had difficulty keeping the camera focused as he watched the incredible fuck, one brother rising and falling over the other - two beautiful, athletic identical twins making love, living out a fantasy, exploring a world of make-believe they had just discovered. Bob knew them so well he guessed they were both close to orgasm - they always came at the same time.

"OK, bro," Kyle said, "I wanna hear you say which of us is the best before I empty my load in your ass. Come on, man .... Give up." Kevin felt his cock about to explode and said, "OK, OK, I give up. You're the best. You've beaten me. I can't take any more. Shoot your load in me, bro. I can't ....."

"Aaagh!" It was simultaneous. The two identical bodies shook, they yelled and Kevin felt his brother's cum pouring into his ass as his own cock shot a ribbon of cum up over his own body and face. Kyle bent to lick the juice off his brother, then reared back in triumph. "I win, dude!"


But when they had calmed down Kevin was still defiant. "OK," he said, "you beat me that time 'cause I was tied up. You're scared of setting me free, scared of a fair fight, 'cause you know I'd beat you in a wrestling match."

"Is that so?" Kyle shot back. "You calling me a coward? Shit, boy, you know I'm tougher than you." He reached up, pulled one end of the T-shirt and it unraveled from Kevin's wrists. Bob grinned - they had obviously used the escape knot Randy had shown them over and over. Kevin pushed his brother back and they both sprang to their feet.

"OK, you know the drill, asshole," Kyle said. They both picked up T-shirts they had deliberately left by the bed and put them on. They were thin, ragged shirts, the deal being that whoever's was ripped off first was the loser. They knelt on the bed facing each other, sizing each other up, then clamped their hand behind the other's head in an opening wrestler's hold. They strained against each other and in seconds they were writhing on the bed, limbs locked together, rolling over and over, off the bed, onto the floor grunting, struggling for the advantage.

'Damn,' Bob thought, 'the other boys are gonna go apeshit if they ever see this - the men too. Fucking awesome.' As the twins rolled over the floor, first one on top, then the other, Bob realized they were using wrestling holds Randy had taught them. The struggle was punctuated by sounds of ripping cloth as they clawed at each other's body, and soon both shirts were hanging on them in shreds.

Kevin got the upper hand and was kneeling over his brother, pinning his arms to the floor. "See, bro," he gasped, sweat pouring off him, "I am the best."

Kyle stared up at him defiantly. "I don't think so asshole." He managed to fold his leg between their bodies and press his foot against Kevin's chest. "See how you like this, asshole. You're finished man." With all his remaining strength Kyle drove his leg upward, hurling Kevin backward, staggering against the wall to the sound of ripping cloth.

Kevin slammed against the wall stunned. But instead of gloating with a triumphant yell, Kyle lay on the ground with an agonized "No!" as he stared up in disbelief at his shirt in Kevin's hand. In the split second before he had been shoved away Kevin had grabbed Kyle's shirt and held on as he reeled backwards. It had ripped clean off .... Kyle was naked .... he had lost."

"I am the best," Kevin shouted waving the shredded remains of Kyle's T-shirt in the air and ripping off his own. "You made a big mistake, bro, when you tied me up, fucked my ass and made me beg. Now it's my turn."

He again fell on his knees astride his brother's chest and fell forward, pinning his arms to the floor. His cock was pointing straight down at his face .... and it was rock hard again, pumped by the erotic wrestling match. "You fucked my ass, brother .... Now I'm gonna fuck your pretty face."

Kyle screamed into the gag of the cock as it plunged down his throat. He struggled to get free but he was pinned helplessly to the floor, his face impaled on his brother's cock. The face fuck was fast and furious. They were both nearing exhaustion and needed to bring their fantasy to a head. "Here it is, bro. Drink your brother's cum. Swallow hard, boy ..... yeah!!"

They both shot another load and Kyle gulped frantically as his mouth filled with the musky taste of semen. Suddenly Kevin pulled out and fell on top of his brother, their mouths locking together, awash in the jism that passed between them. Then suddenly they were laughing, rolling over the floor, hugging each other, laughing uncontrollably.

Bob decided that would be his closing shot and put the camera down. As the twins fell on their backs next to each other they stared up at ..... the near-naked muscle-god, pulling his cock out of his shorts, pointing it down at them and stroking it. As if in slow motion, a string of white juice burst from it ..... and their vision blurred as their master's semen splashed into their faces.


"What the fuck? Holy shit, this fancy room has never seen action like this, I'll bet." It was Hassan, who had just come in with Jason and their boys, who were all staring in amazement at the scene in the disheveled room - Bob in his boxers, his cock still dripping in his hand, the twins lying naked beneath him, their faces and bodies smothered in jism.

"Hey, guys, you're back," Bob grinned cheerfully, "Have a good time? Sorry for the mess but the twins have been kinda busy." Hassan and Jason roared with laughter and threw their arms round Bob as Ben and Eddie fell on their knees beside the twins.

"Dudes," Eddie beamed, "you two look totally awesome."

The twins smiled and Kevin asked, "So how's Chicago?"

"Radical, dude," Ben said. "But listen, you'll never guess what we saw downstairs. You're not gonna believe it."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 209


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