Bob and Randy were relaxing by the lake after their intense sexual adventure with Pete, the Forest Ranger whom they had introduced for the first time to guy-on-guy sex in all its variations.

Pete had just left, with promises to see them again soon, and as they sat in the deepening twilight Bob sighed contentedly. "Now it's just the two of us for the rest of the weekend, and then home to face the tribe - and all that 'Kumbaya shit' as you call it. I wonder how Brandon got on spending his first night with Eddie and Ben."

Actually, Bob could have described pretty accurately what Brandon's night had been like. They were, after all, three spirited young bucks, hormones raging, three to a bed. And it came at the end of a day to remember - a day that changed Brandon's life.

It had all began when young Eddie had met Brandon struggling up the hill in his wheelchair. Eddie had taken an immediate liking to him and had rescued him from his solitary life in his small apartment, limited by the fact that his legs didn't work - hence the wheelchair - though everything else worked just fine.

Eddie ignored these limitations and, with his typical enthusiasm, introduced him to the tribe. This group didn't do anything in half-measures and Brandon was greeted full on by a raucous birthday party - Eddie's 19th actually but Brandon's also as he too would be 19 in a week.

It turned out to be a day full of incident. Almost immediately Brandon wanted desperately to become a part of this energetic tribe of gorgeous men and boys - and he got his wish. The time-honored rite of passage for a boy to become a full member was to get his ass fucked by the boss, Randy, the King of the Gypsies. It was a first for Brandon and he had fallen totally under the gypsy's spell. Now that he was initiated he couldn't wait for more.

"So," Randy said to Bob later, "looks like we got a new addition to the group. I like the kid - he's got guts. Plus," he grinned, "he was smart enough to choose me as the first guy to fuck him. You always remember your first, you know."

"Tell me about it," said Bob, smiling at the man who had changed his life forever. "You're right, Brandon will fit in well. Hard not to feel sympathy for him, though that's the last thing he wants. It's great how the boys get that. They don't pay any attention to the wheelchair, except as a plaything for popping a wheelie. Darius is the current champ, I hear."

Next came the other landmark event when Jamie announced that he had offered Brandon the job of office assistant. Bob had encouraged this and smiled, "Congratulations, Brandon, I know you'll do a great job. And if you have any problems that Jamie can't solve you come to me."

"Thank you, sir," Brandon beamed behind his black-rimmed glasses. "You don't know what this means to me. I've always wanted a job - to feel useful, something I can be proud of - and working with Jamie will be totally...." His voice faded and he blushed deeply.

Bob smiled knowingly. "Yeah, well business before pleasure, eh kid? Though if there's a little pleasure thrown in too I'm not against that - far from it. Hell, whenever I go to Randy's office on the construction site he usually locks the door and ....." Now it was his turn to blush.

Jamie shouted, "Hey, guys, listen up. I want you all to meet our new office assistant." Eddie jumped up and down cheering wildly and the others followed his lead. Pablo shook his hand formally, ever the 'senior boy', and said, "Welcome aboard, Brandon. I assume you're staying the weekend..."

"Sure he is," said Ben. "He's sleeping with Eddie and me." Brandon grinned in surprise as Pablo said, "Good, so tomorrow morning, kiddo, I'm taking you to the gym downstairs for your first workout - get working on those abs of yours. You'll have a six-pack in no time."

"Thanks, Pablo, that would be awesome. I've always wanted to ...." But he didn't get to finish as they all wanted a piece of him. The twins grabbed him and said, "We're gonna make a start on dinner now so if you'd like to come and help later we'll show you how to cook."

"Thanks guys, I would love..." But he was dragged away by Darius who spoke confidentially with his exaggerated sense of the dramatic. "Now listen, dude. You remember how Mark told you that he once got tied up and whipped by a leather-master - Zack to be precise - and you wished there was a video of it. Well there is, and I've got it. I can give you a private screening right now - you, Eddie and Ben. And if you've got any jism left in your cock....."

"'Course he does," Eddie said. "Him and me, we're the original gushers. Come on, dude, let's go. That video is intense." The four of them disappeared and soon Brandon was watching the video of Mark and Zack that totally blew him away. There was a whole lot of gushing going on.


After the four guys had pumped themselves dry over the video Brandon quickly segued from fantasy to food, taking the twins up on their offer and working eagerly with them amid the heady aromas of the kitchen. He loved being part of the action wheeling himself out with tray after tray of food on his lap. The dinner was the climax of the birthday celebration and it didn't break up until Bob and Randy announced they were going to bed as they had an early start the next day for their trip to the lake (and their rendezvous with the Ranger).

Brandon helped Eddie and the twins clear the table and tidy the kitchen and then at last Eddie, Ben and Brandon found themselves alone together in the garden. Eddie grinned at Brandon. "Time for bed, kiddo." Eddie and Ben between them carried Ben in his wheelchair up the stairs, as usual making a game out of the wheelchair and leaving no room for Brandon to feel embarrassed.

In a few minutes all three boys were naked and Brandon was lying on his back on the bed gazing up excitedly at the boyishly handsome Eddie and the dark gypsy boy Ben, standing over him, their arms folded.

"So, what d'you think we should do with the new kid, eh, dude?" Eddie asked.

Ben shrugged. "Dunno. Fuck him, that's for sure, and then I guess we'll just make it up as we go along."

Brandon's newly-acquired skill of getting fucked in the ass, taught by Randy, had left him longing for more. But there was also a greater reason for his nervous excitement now. That first day when Eddie had helped him up the hill and into Brandon's apartment they had exchanged blow-jobs and discovered their matching sexual appetites. But since then they had not been alone together.

There had been their dinner last night with Hassan after which Brandon had slept alone as always. And then, from this morning on, came the crowded, life-changing events of the party. Throughout the day the two boys' friendship had grown quickly as they sat and laughed together and, even in the boisterous crowd, they had exchanged frequent excited glances, some of them bordering on lustful.

But there had been no chance of any kind of sexual exploration ... until now. Ben, Eddie's boyfriend, was aware of all this and, although he had eagerly embraced Brandon as his friend too, now he had the good instinct to step back and just watch for a while as Eddie and Brandon took their friendship to the next level.

Eddie climbed onto the bed and knelt astride Brandon who was shivering with nervous anticipation. He gazed up at Eddie's cheeky smile and said, "You know you're my hero, dude, don't you?"

"Nah, that's crazy, kiddo," Eddie said. "If anyone's a hero it's you."

"Huh, just having two legs that don't work don't make me a hero. But when you ignored that and treated me like a regular guy, that makes you one. You got the biggest heart of anyone I ever met, and look what you've done for me."

Eddie laughed. "It's not what I've done for you, dude, it's what I'm going to do to you. Don't think of me as a hero, just a cool guy who wants to shove his dick up your butt."

"I do want that, Eddie, I really do, but you mustn't do it just 'coz you feel sorry for me."

"Hey, you can cut that crap, kid," Eddie bristled. "Me and Ben don't do mercy fucks and we don't wanna hear that kind of talk from you again. You're selling yourself short. OK, so your legs don't work but I'm not interested in them, it's your ass I want and that seems to work fine judging by the look on Randy's face when he fucked you. So let's cut to the chase here." He pulled up Ben's legs and hooked them over his shoulders where they hung limply.

"Dude," Brandon said, "I'm sorry I said that dumb thing."

Eddie put on a stern expression and a gruff voice. "Yeah, well 'sorry' don't cut it dude - I'm just gonna have to punish you, boy. You remember how Hassan punished me when I screwed up?"

Brandon was trembling with excitement. "He .... he fucked you up the ass."

"Bingo .... Now, Randy opened you up good with that monster tool of his but I still think we're gonna need this ...." He leaned over to the night table, dipped his fingers in the ever-open jar of lube and eased them into Brandon's hole. "Jeez that's tight," he said. "I'm sure glad you chose Randy to pop your cherry 'coz he's the master with first-timers - the master with anyone actually. And at least I get to be second. OK, so let the punishment begin...."

The two boys stared at each other as Eddie pressed the head of his cock against Brandon's hole and pushed. As the head passed over the sphincter Brandon gasped and winced in pain. "That hurt, dude?" Eddie asked and stopped pushing. "Guess it's still sore from that ramrod of Randy's. Take a deep breath kid and relax your ass."

Brandon did as instructed and felt the pain melt away, replaced by a feeling of wonder as he looked up at his new friend leaning naked over him, then looked down at the cock disappearing into his ass. Suddenly Brandon felt a sensation beyond mere friendship, a feeling so intense and so new to him that it confused him. The only thing he did know for sure is that he wanted to feel Eddie fucking him.

He smiled up at him mischievously and said, "I thought this was supposed to be punishment, dude. Is that all you got?"

"You little fucker," Eddie grinned. "OK, punk, you asked for it." He pushed his cock slowly into Brandon's ass until it came to rest deep inside. "Shit that feels good," Eddie sighed. "Great fit, eh? OK, now for the punishment bit." He pulled back, then drove his cock in hard, beginning a forceful fuck that took Brandon nearly up to his threshold of pain, but not quite.

Eddie had learned a lot from his master, the stud Marine Hassan, who fucked him often. Hassan could easily have ripped his ass open but instead teased him by pounding him 'til he begged for mercy, then slowed down to a gentle fuck, making love to his ass. And that's what Eddie tried to do now. It worked too, bouncing Brandon between pleasure, pain and frustration - until Eddie went too far. He leaned forward, pinned Brandon's wrists to the bed and, attempting a sneer, growled, "Got you now, punk. Nowhere you can go. You're at my mercy boy. I'm your worst nightmare....."

Brandon and Ben both burst out laughing. "Dude," Ben taunted Eddie, "Rambo you are not. Stop playing the he-man and just fuck the kid."

Eddie grinned good-naturedly at Brandon. "Never was much good at that fantasy stuff - I always make guys laugh. What say we just make love, eh?"

"Mmm. Sounds good to me," Brandon said and surprised them both, showing off his upper body strength by pushing Eddie's arm up and breaking his grip on his wrists. He grabbed Eddie's pecs and squeezed his nipples. Eddie reached down and rolled Brandon's nipples in his fingers while he fucked his ass slowly and gently.

They both sighed with pure joy, knowing now that this is what the whole day had been leading up to. In fact, ever since Eddie had first gone into Brandon's apartment and they had traded blowjobs, this is what each had really wanted. "You doing OK, dude?" Eddie asked.

"Mmm - better than OK. Your cock feels so sweet in my ass. You could go on fucking me like this all night without stopping."

Actually he couldn't, as the two boys were both known for cumming quickly and often - the two gushers as Eddie called them. But they held back as long as they could, grinning into each other's sparkling eyes with the youthful wonderment of having discovered the simple joy of two best buddies making love.

Ben was surprised too - surprised by how good he felt as he watched them - no animosity, no jealousy which, under other circumstances, might have angered him. He was Randy's little brother after all. But Ben liked Brandon a lot and it was hot watching his boyfriend fuck him, knowing that he himself would be an equal partner in their friendship. And it was time to prove it.

He had been stroking his cock as he watched the two lithe young bodies settle into a gentle rhythm, with Eddie rising and falling over Brandon's ass, probing a little deeper each time. "Man, that feels so good," Brandon sighed. "Hey, do what you did before." Eddie leaned forward and pinned Brandon's wrists to the bed. "Oh, yeah, now I really am your prisoner. Next time you and Ben can tie me up."

At the sound of his name Ben now stepped forward. "Huh, we don't need ropes for what I have in mind. You two guys have been having all the fun up to now. My turn to kick it up a notch." He knelt by the bed, leaned over and Brandon inhaled sharply as he saw the dark, handsome gypsy face grinning down at him. He had the same high cheekbones as his brother, the same startling blue eyes that Brandon had gazed into when he was getting fucked by Randy.

"We're gonna have a whole lot of fun, the three of us," Ben smiled. "Me and Eddie, we'll tie you down and take turns fucking you in the ass and the face. You'll probably drown in jism - but, it's a hell of a way to go."

Brandon's laugh was stifled by Ben's mouth pressing against his in a passionate tongue-probing kiss. Startled, Brandon opened his eyes wide and glimpsed over Ben's shoulder the rascal grin of Eddie, still ploughing his ass. Brandon's cock was shuddering and when Ben pulled back Brandon said, "You guys, you're gonna make me bust my load."

"That was the general idea, "Ben said. "Pity Eddie's got you pinned down, you're probably dying to touch your cock, but let me take care of that for you. This should finish you off."

He moved from Brandon's face, licking his neck, his pecs and his nipples, making him groan and raise his chest. Then he moved lower, over his stomach and down to his shuddering cock. He slid his mouth over it, down and up, matching the rhythm of Eddie's cock moving in and out of Brandon's ass.

"Holy Shit," Brandon groaned desperately. "I can't take this, guys. I gotta cum." The mere thought of these two hot young studs, one fucking his ass the other sucking his dick, was enough to make him cum, but the actual feel of it pushed him way over the edge and he yelled, "Here it comes, guys .....!" His body jerked and his cock blasted hot jizz into Ben's mouth. Ben swallowed hard but was choking on it so he pulled off the cock, just in time for another ribbon of Brandon's cum to shoot upward onto Eddie's chest.

At the same moment Eddie yelled, "Yeah, here it comes, kid, the first of many," and his cock erupted deep into Brandon's ass. He shot one load, then pulled out quickly, stood up by the bed and pulled Ben up beside him. "Hey, dude," Eddie said to Ben, "look what the young punk has done to us. His jizz is all over my chest and running down your chin. We gonna let him get away with that?"

"Hell, no," Ben said. "I told the little fucker he would drown in jism, so let's do it buddy."

Brandon was dazzled by the sight of the two boys grabbing each other's cocks and stroking them. In seconds he heard their howls and saw the cocks open up. But that was all he saw as his face was smothered by semen splashing down on it, stream after stream, into his mouth and down his chin. He swallowed desperately and for an instant felt he really was drowning in cum.

But as Ben had said, it was a hell of a way to go.


Things only got hotter from there. "Didn't I hear the dude mention bondage?" Eddie asked Ben. "Damn straight," Ben said. "See kiddo, me and Eddie keep these ropes round the bedposts for the nights when we want a bit of rough. You asked for it, dude, you got it. Each one grabbed a wrist, pulled it up to the corner of the bed and tied it to the bedpost.

The only other time Brandon had been tied up was when the cop Mark had visited him and cuffed his wrists behind his wheelchair. He had been scared then and was still nervous this time, reflexively pulling at the ropes and twisting his upper body. "Shit, that looks awesome, Eddie said. "And he's all ours, Ben old buddy."

"What you gonna do to me?" asked Brandon, turned on by the exhilaration of fear. "You guys gonna fuck me again?" He felt the new thrill of being tied up at the mercy of two muscular young studs, the houseboy and the gypsy, staring down at him and debating how they were going to use his body

Eddie turned to Ben. "It's up to you, dude - it's your turn. You wanna fuck him? His hole's good and slick."

Ben flicked at Brandon's cock that was standing up proud as a flagpole. "Maybe," he said, "but it sure seems a shame to waste this boner here." He jumped on the bed and stood astride Brandon, his arms folded across his chest, his jet black hair falling over his blue eyes, a youthful version of his brother Randy. "See, my brother raised us guys to be real tough, so I'd sure get off on pile-driving your ass, boy. But on the other hand, your ass has already been stuffed by my buddy here and now it looks like that stiff dick of yours could use a workout."

Ben dropped to his knees astride Brandon and grinned down at him. "My master Jason told me what he did to you in your house. Said it was great and I should try it sometime. Well, there's no time like the present." With expert precision he lowered his ass onto Brandon's cock ..... and sat down on it hard."

"Aaahh!" Brandon yelled in shock and amazement, feeling the inside of a man's ass for only the second time in his life. His cock was deep inside the gypsy boy and he watched mesmerized as Ben rose up almost off it, paused, then sat down heavily again, letting the boy's cock plunge back deep inside. It was a pornographic fantasy, the young gypsy moaning as he rose and fell over him, fucking Brandon's cock with his ass. "Oh man," Brandon sighed, desperately holding back his orgasm by tensing his ass muscles, which turned Ben on even more. "I don't think I can stop from...."

"Don't cum yet, buddy." It was Eddie, kneeling by the bed and speaking in his ear. "I know Ben's ass feels awesome - that's why I fuck him so much. But you know, fucking is easy, making love is more intense. You've probably not done much of it, so I'm gonna show you. And you don't have to be tied up to do it. Quickly Eddie released Brandon's wrists and put his hand under his head, cradling it. "Close your eyes a minute," Eddie said.

Brandon did as he was told and felt Eddie's warm tongue licking his eyes, then breathing hot air over them. Eddie licked his forehead, his temples, his cheeks, then said, "Open your mouth, Brandon." Their mouths closed over each other and they were exchanging the same warm breath, one inhaling while the other exhaled. Brandon had never felt so .... at peace ... as Ben rode his cock and Eddie made love to his face.

Eddie pulled back and said, "Open your eyes, kiddo." When he did, Brandon found himself looking up not just at a pair of mischievous eyes, but smiling eyes that were full of warmth and affection... no - much more than affection .... it must be what they called love. And it felt like nothing else in the world. He wrapped his hands round Eddie's head and pulled his face towards him, licking it, kissing it while he ran his fingers through Eddie's tangled hair.

They finally pulled apart and both looked up at Ben grinning down at them as he continued to ride Brandon's cock. "Sure looks like boyfriend material to me," Ben said. "You think a guy can have two boyfriends at once?"

"This one can," Eddie said. "Let's show him how that feels. Give it to him, dude. Ride that cock." Ben bounced faster and faster like a cowboy riding a stallion while Eddie gazed into Brandon's eyes. "This is what we call a triple shock, kiddo .... you ready?"

Again they hugged, glorying in the touch of each other's flesh, and again they kissed - more passionately this time - until Brandon's body bucked against Eddie's and his muffled scream into Eddie's mouth was the signal for their second 'triple shock' together, three horny, loving young guys all cumming at once. Eddie's jizz poured over Brandon's chest just as Ben sat down heavily on his cock, making it erupt deep inside him.

Ben howled, grabbed his cock and pointed it at the two faces. "Aaagh.....!" His shout was jubilant as he blasted a stream of semen that arced in the air and splashed down on the faces as they kissed. Eddie and Brandon felt their mouths lubricated by Ben's warm jism as they ground their lips together, tasting, swallowing their buddy's bitter-sweet juice.

Ben looked down at them in triumph, his cock still dripping cum. "Way to go, dudes. They don't call us the Three Amigos for nothing."


Next door, lying naked in bed, Mario couldn't possibly sleep through the screams of passion and howls of laughter that came through the wall. Finally he got out of bed, pulled on a pair of black briefs and walked out onto the narrow terrace that connected their rooms. He knocked on their door and went in to find Brandon lying on the bed and Ben and Eddie rolling over the floor in each other's arms.

They jumped to their feet when they saw Mario and Eddie said, "Sorry dude, were we making too much noise?"

Mario smiled and, in his lilting Italian accent, said, "Gentlemen, it is a well-known fact in any country - Italy, America, anywhere - that if you're giving a loud party you should always invite the neighbors."

"Damn, he's right," Ben said to Eddie, who was gazing at the beautiful young Italian with his finely etched body and classically handsome European features. "Sorry, dude, we should have thought of that. We were just getting to know our new boyfriend Brandon, but come and join us? We're not nearly finished. Long way to go yet."

"Are you sure that applies to all of you?" Mario grinned, nodding at the bed where Brandon was lying on his back, eyes closed, with a satisfied smile on his face."

"Oh, wow," Ben said in surprise. "He's asleep."

"Sleeping the sleep of the angels I would say," Mario said gently. "He looks so beautiful. But I don't think there's much play left in him for now. Amicos, Brandon has had probably the most wonderful - and certainly the most crowded - day of his life, thanks largely to you, Eddie, and now to Ben. But now he's exhausted. He should sleep."

"Oh, yeah, sure," said Eddie. "Me and Ben can carry on on the floor, though, couldn't we?"

"Not a good idea, I think," Mario said. "The noise would wake him up and he'd want to join in."

"OK, then," said Ben uncertainly. "We'll go to sleep with him and try not to disturb him." Mario smiled at him dubiously and Ben shrugged. "Wouldn't work, eh? Yeah, you're right."

"Look, guys," Mario said. "Why don't you let me take him to my room? It's quiet in there - neighbors permitting," he smiled - "and I have a big bed. He'd sleep all night there."

Ben and Eddie looked at each other. They had been hoping for the three of them to sleep and play together, but they realized now that wouldn't be fair to Brandon. "OK, Mario, good idea, thanks."

"If you can bring in his wheelchair and his glasses I'll do the rest," Mario said. He leaned over the bed, eased his arms under the sleeping boy and picked him up gently. Brandon stirred but didn't wake. "As I said," Mario whispered, "the sleep of the angles."

Ben held the door open while Mario carried Brandon to his room, followed by Eddie and the wheelchair. Mario gently laid him on the bed and Eddie whispered, "You got a towel?" Mario produced a damp towel that Eddie used very gently to wipe the cum drying on Brandon's body. Again the boy stirred and smiled in his sleep but didn't wake. Eddie kissed him on the cheek, then he and Ben tiptoed out.

The room was silent now and as Mario looked down at the angelic face a wave of affection swept over him. Carefully, he eased into bed beside him, wrapped his arms around him and in no time at all they were both asleep.


Brandon woke up slowly next morning. His first sense to come alive was his sense of smell - a musky-sweet fragrance that eased him back to semi-consciousness. Next came the sense of touch, the warm feel of smooth flesh with a similar soft sandalwood essence. Still half asleep he opened his eyes to the blurred image of a handsome face with curly black hair and limpid green eyes. Brandon had been dreaming of making love and instinctively he kissed the beautiful face then dozed again, cheek to cheek.

The last sense to come alive was his hearing, a lyrical voice in his ear. "Buon giorno, giovane. Come sta, amico?" That woke him up. Certainly not Eddie or Ben. He opened his eyes wide and found himself gazing at Mario. Suddenly feeling flooded back to his body - a slight soreness in his ass and a tingling in his cock. "Oh... Mario, it's you. How did I get here? You didn't ... we didn't ... I mean, did we?"

"No, amico. Much as I would have liked to I have a rule that I never make love to sleeping boys. If you are feeling the after-effects of sex it is because you had quite a time with Eddie and Ben next door. I should know," he grinned, "I heard every sound. Then you fell asleep so I brought you in here. And in case you have any doubts - no we didn't - you slept all night, mostly in my arms. Would you like some coffee?"

"That ... that would be great," Brandon stammered, his thoughts still reeling. He pulled himself up the bed by his elbows and Mario put a pillow behind his head. He went over to where he had a kettle and coffee press, and in a few minutes the aroma of strong Italian coffee filled the room. Brandon's head had cleared and he put on his glasses and looked around the room which, despite its modest size, was furnished and decorated with an Italian flair.

"This room's awesome," Brandon said, "real cool - kinda elegant."

"Grazie, amico - it is something we Italians are known for."

"And it smells so good - you too by the way."

"Ah, a little sandalwood incense, a light cologne - it doesn't take much. Here's your coffee."

Mario served it on a tray with fine porcelain cups, a milk jug and sugar bowl with tongs. Brandon felt a little over-awed by the elegant Italian and blurted out a question that had been on his mind. Mario, how come you live alone - I mean, no master, no boy?"

"The answer is in your question, Brandon - 'no master, no boy'. You can't place me in either category and neither can I. I don't see myself as someone's boy or someone's master. I'm like so many others - a simple young man looking for love. Jamie and I are best friends and we make love sometimes, and I spend a lot of time with him and Mark. But of course, Jamie's first loyalty, his first love, is for Mark. But, one day I'm sure I will find someone who is free to be 'mio amichetto' - how do you say? - my boyfriend. But let me ask you the same question. How come you live alone?"

"Huh, that's easy," Brandon laughed. "Not too many guys want a kid in a wheelchair. That is until Eddie came along. He's an awesome dude and I think me, him and Ben are gonna be boyfriends - but I'll still have sex with other guys if anyone wants to. Er, Mario, I've been meaning to ask - like - are we gonna have sex now?"

Mario laughed, but not unkindly. No, amico. Much as I would like to I don't - how you say? - 'fuck on the first date'. I used to do that when I was a hotel waiter but now I like to get to know a man first. I hardly know you, Brandon, but we can remedy that. Soon I will come up to your apartment at the top of the hill and give you some help redecorating it if you would like.

"I really would like that - how you say? - 'mio amico'. They laughed as Brandon threw Mario's words back at him, but just then there was an insistent knocking at the door. Before Mario could open it Pablo burst in. "Hi, Mario - ah, Brandon, the guys told me you were here. Come on - remember that early workout down in the gym that I promised you? I'll help you down."

"Oh, yeah, sure Pablo, thanks." Brandon was sorry about the interruption - he would have liked to talk to Mario some more - but he thought it was kind of Pablo to remember. Mario was sorry too but he felt less forgiving. There was that domineering tone in Pablo's voice that he never liked ... Pablo in the role of the 'boss's boy.' And Mario had seen the way Pablo played gym instructor - more like a drill sergeant.

Still, Brandon seemed willing as he hauled himself naked off the bed and into his wheelchair, so Mario said, "Nice talking to you, Brandon - and even nicer sleeping with you. See you again real soon." Brandon leaned over from his wheelchair and kissed him on the lips. "Thanks for taking care of me ... amico." And Pablo carried him off downstairs.


Pablo had earlier been briefed by Randy on how to treat Brandon. Above all, Randy had said, Brandon wanted to be treated just like the other guys - no special treatment. The rest of the boys got this instinctively, which is why Brandon was having such a great time with them. But when Pablo trained a boy in the gym it was more like boot camp - he worked them real hard, belittled them if that's what he thought they needed and he let his language rip. Right, Pablo thought, so Brandon would get the same treatment.

Brandon was still in awe of the tough, muscular boss's boy, a junior version of Randy - but there was a difference. Randy could be tough, of course, but he always respected a boy's limits and Brandon had trusted Randy not to hurt him when he had offered his virgin ass to him before anyone else.

Pablo always tried to copy Randy - with all his toughness but without his finesse. So Brandon knew the workout would be tough but he wanted to be taught by an expert to bring his abs and upper body up to the high standard of the other boys. So he eased himself out of his wheelchair and lay on his back on a bench, still naked.

The session started well as Pablo put him through a session of crunches and other abdominal exercises that he skilfully adapted for a boy who doesn't have the use of his legs. Brandon worked hard and felt the satisfying burn in his abs - a result of Pablo's 'no-pain-no-gain' attitude. But when Brandon's energy flagged or his form wasn't perfect the drill sergeant took over, browbeating him with language that went way over the top.

"Come on, boy, that all you got? Just because your legs don't work is no reason to cheat on the top half. That's no excuse, so don't wimp out on me. You gotta be tough, boy, even more so 'coz you're disabled." And don't look to me for sympathy just because you're in a wheelchair. You'll get no special treatment from me. Come on - fifteen more reps."

The words pierced Brandon like a dagger. It was a point of pride for him that he never sought sympathy, always tried to forget his disability and wanted others to forget it too. He worked his upper body real hard wheeling his chair and always declined help. So when Pablo as good as accused him of playing the 'cripple card', as spiteful guys had called it in the past, it drained him of all the self-confidence he had built up with the other boys. He was back to resenting his condition, hating his useless legs, and sliding back to depression.

But he gritted his teeth and pushed through the rest of the session trying to ignore the cruel words that kept coming. He was relieved when Pablo finally said, "OK, that's it for today. A few more sessions and we'll whip you into shape. Except we're not quite done. This last exercise is not in any training manual but it's something a guy has to do for his trainer." Brandon was lying on his stomach on a bench facing the mirrored wall and he tensed suddenly, knowing how vulnerable his ass was.

"See, when a guy first joins the tribe Randy always fucks his ass as a kind of initiation. He's done it to all of them, even Mark, Zack and Hassan - even his own brother, Steve. Now me, as the boss's boy, I do the same to the boys. My dad Randy has already opened you up and those guys upstairs probably ploughed your ass last night, so this should be a breeze." Pablo stripped down to his jock strap, threw his leg over the bench and stood astride Brandon, smiling arrogantly at him in the mirror.

Normally Brandon would have been excited at the prospect of getting fucked by the handsome, muscular boy, towering over him in nothing but his jock, but the gym session had soured him on Pablo and he didn't trust him the way he had trusted Randy. So he clenched his jaw as Pablo pulled his hard rod out of his jock, leaned forward and braced his hands on the bench beside Brandon's face. Brandon didn't expect foreplay, and didn't get it. Pablo lowered his hips, pressed the head of his cock between Brandon's ass-cheeks .... and drove it deep inside.

"Aaaagh!" For the first time Brandon felt real pain. When he had been fucked by Randy and then Eddie there had been discomfort at first but then nothing but pure pleasure. But this time the pain didn't go away as Pablo pistoned his cock deeper and deeper into his ass. "Bit different from the other guys, eh boy? This time you're getting reamed by the boss's boy, so brace yourself, kid. This is the way I fuck, so don't think I'm gonna treat you any differently just because you can't walk. After this you won't even be able to sit down!"

The fuck was savage but mercifully short. Brandon raised his head and looked into the mirror and the sight was pretty erotic of the tough, handsome young stud flexing his muscles as he rode his ass, unruly hair flying across his face. But whatever charge Brandon got out of looking at Pablo was more than outweighed by the pain in his ass. "Please, Pablo, it hurts. Ease up, please, sir. I can't take it."

"OK, you wanna feel my jizz in your ass? Randy always makes guys beg, so let me hear it boy."

"OK, sir," Brandon moaned, tears flowing down his cheeks. "Please cum inside my ass ..... please, I'm begging you - shoot your load in my ass, sir."

"That's all I needed to hear, boy. Here it comes .... Now!" He roared as he cock blasted hot cum in Brandon's sore ass and Brandon howled. The pain he felt was eased a bit when his own cock shot a stream of juice between his stomach and the bench and he tried to relax his ass.

"How's that feel, boy?" Pablo asked. "It hurts," Brandon whimpered. "My ass hurts."

"Yeah, well like I always say, kid, 'No Pain No Gain'."


A few minutes later Brandon was back in his wheelchair wearing an old pair of shorts and a T-shirt that Pablo had pulled out of a pile of gym clothes that lay tossed in a corner of the room.

"OK, where to next, kid?" Pablo asked.

"I, er, promised I'd help the twins with breakfast." Pablo carried him in his wheelchair upstairs and said. "OK, Brandon, another session again soon, eh?" Pablo had an uneasy feeling that he hadn't handled Brandon too well, though after all he had only been following the advice Randy had given him.

"Er, yeah, thanks Pablo," Brandon said. He put on his glasses and wheeled himself quickly away to the kitchen. He needed the calm good humor and placid self-assurance of the twins as an antidote to the tough, demeaning treatment he had just endured at the hands of the 'boss's boy'. And it worked, with their cheerful greeting and their putting him to work, wheeling out tray after tray of food to the boisterous crowd at the breakfast table by the pool.

But throughout the meal some of the boys noticed that Brandon was not his usual effervescent self that he had been just a short time before. He was sitting between Eddie and Ben who managed to make him laugh, but Jamie and Mario exchanged worried glances. They both knew where Brandon had been, and who with, and they had a fair idea of what Pablo had done.

"Don't worry," Jamie whispered to Mario. "I'll take care of it."

As soon as he could Jamie made their excuses, saying he needed to give Brandon an orientation on the procedures in the business office. Jamie and Brandon left the table and Jamie pulled him backwards up the stairs to the office. When they were sitting facing each other Jamie said, "OK, Brandon what's up?"

"Up? Nothing's up," Brandon smiled weakly, trying, and failing, to look surprised.

"Look, buddy, Mario and I have a fair idea of how your workout session went. I know Pablo well. I also know you don't want to rat on anyone and I can understand that. But whatever happened Pablo will tell Randy - he tells him the absolute truth - and the way things work here it'll soon be all over the house. So, just between you and me, tell me exactly what happened."

So Brandon did. He had wanted to share his problem with someone and he trusted Jamie. As he told his story Jamie clenched his jaw and his fists, picturing the scene of Pablo pulling his tough-guy act on the vulnerable Brandon. Brandon ended his story with a plea. "I don't know how to tell Pablo I don't wanna work out with him anymore."

"Don't worry about that, buddy. I'll tell him - and I'll tell him why. Listen, he may be Randy's boy but I'm Mark's boy. Mark commands a ton of respect in this house and that gives me at least as much status here as Pablo. I want you to trust and confide in me, Brandon. After all, we'll be working together, I'm happy to say." He gave Brandon a hug, then added, "OK, let's put all this behind us and get to work."


Later in the afternoon while Brandon was in the pool with Mario, Eddie and Ben, Jamie phoned Pablo and asked him to come up to the office.

"You summoned me, sir?" Pablo said sarcastically as he came in, though his usual arrogance had an edge of insecurity to it.

"Yeah," Jamie said sternly, "and I'll get right to the point. About Brandon." He launched into a full recitation of everything Brandon had told him, the boot camp workout, the cruel, unthinking words and the fuck, "which borders on rape in my book," Jamie concluded. "Way to go, Pablo. You did everything possible to undermine the kid, remind him of his disability and rip away all his self-confidence. And don't get mad and think Brandon snitched on you. I insisted he told me and anyway, it's gonna be all over the place soon, you know this house as well as I do."

Pablo's normal reaction would have been to flare up and slug Jamie. But he heard the truth of his words and realized how much he had hurt Brandon, a boy he respected and admired for his courage. "I was only trying to do what Randy said and treat him like all the other guys - not pull any punches. But I guess I fucked up again. Shit. And I really like the kid, too." He paused, then said meekly, "How's he ding with the office work up here?"

"Great, actually. I think I'm gonna put him in charge of payroll - it takes up so much of my time. Only thing I'll have to do is drive him over to the construction site for the meeting with Randy in his trailer for his weekly review of the payroll details. Soon Brandon will be able to handle the meeting without me, except I'll have to take him there of course. Anyway, buddy, I've had my say and that's that. Perhaps you can think up some cool way to make amends to Brandon."

"Yeah," said Pablo, his thoughts already churning over.


That evening Pablo called Randy at the lake and made a clean breast of the whole incident. "So it looks as if I've been a total fuck-up, sir."

"Yeah, you and me both," Randy said ruefully, looking over at Bob and thinking how, only hours earlier, he had shown off to Ranger Pete, insulted Bob in the process and got a tongue lashing from Bob. You take after me in fuck-ups. But I see what you were trying to do - hell, I told you to do it - but I guess it's a bit more complicated than I told you. When I get back we'll talk about it - and I guess I'll have to punish you by fucking your ass."

"I guess so, sir," said Pablo, grinning for the first time. "In the meantime, sir, I've thought of a way of making it up to Brandon, but I need your approval." He explained what he had in mind and Randy said, "Sounds like a plan. Go for it kiddo. Make me proud of you."


That evening Randy and Bob got back from the lake. As always when they had been away together they had a glow about them that Zack had once said was so bright it could set the brush on fire.

There was a welcome home dinner, of course, and it was becoming standard practice that Brandon was the runner, wheeling himself between the kitchen and the outdoor table, his lap loaded with trays of food that he handed off to the other boys for setting up the table. This activity and the general acceptance by everyone that he was now one of them almost made him forget his experience in the gym, though he kept his distance from Pablo, fearing an invitation to another workout session.

The following week saw the resumption of the usual house and work routine. Preserving his independence Brandon went back to his apartment most evenings, though one of the boys went with him to help him up the hill and make sure he got home all right.

During the day he worked enthusiastically with Jamie and soon became familiar with the payroll procedures. On Friday Jamie drove him to the construction site for their weekly meeting and they spent an hour with Randy in his trailer where he went over the printout. As usual he asked a lot of questions in his gruff way.

"What the fuck? This guy never worked this many hours - no way."

"Yes, sir," Brandon said, pushing his glasses firmly up the bridge of his nose. "See, here's his time sheet. Remember, you had him stay late last Monday to finish off a job with Dave? Dave's timesheet is the same, in case you were going to ask."

"Yeah, but Dave's on a higher pay scale."

"I know, sir, but you were asking about hours not dollars and the hours are identical."

Randy's gruffness gave way to a broad smile. "Hey, kid, remind me not to contradict you again. If we got in a fight I've a feeling you'd come out on top. Better watch out, Jamie. The kid'll be putting you out of a job."

"Oh no, sir," Brandon protested, "I would never ....."

"Just kidding, little buddy." Randy ruffled his hair. "Bob was right about you. He knew you'd do great." As he left with Jamie Brandon was glowing with the warmth of Randy's approval.

As for Pablo the guys didn't see much of him all week and most nights he didn't get home until late. At the beginning of the week he had gone to see his pal Derek at the auto supply place he used for all the company's vehicle equipment needs. "Hey, buddy," Pablo said, "I need a favor."

Derek, an older man, liked Pablo a lot and grinned. "Kid, you bring me so much business I'd wipe your ass for you if you wanted." Pablo laughed, "Nothing so drastic, man .... what I need doesn't involve ass .... well, only indirectly....


Saturday came round again and the guys were taking it easy round the pool. Bob suddenly asked, "Hey where's Pablo?"

Darius gave a dramatic shrug and opened his eyes wide. "Don't ask me, sir. I've hardly seen him all week - and we share a bed. We haven't fucked all week. He comes in real late and leaves at crack of dawn. Got some mysterious project going but he's not talking. But he did say he'd be here around noon." As if on cue there was a squeal of brakes outside. "Well talk of the devil," Darius said - "and I do mean devil."

Seconds later Pablo came through the gate looking very pleased with himself. He was wearing his usual work gear - greasy dungarees hooked over just one shoulder, nothing underneath. "Hey Brandon," he yelled out. "Come here, dude, I've got something to show you."

Tentatively Brandon wheeled himself outside and put on his glasses but saw nothing except Pablo's small red pickup truck. As the other guys crowded round Pablo said. "This faithful pickup of mine I keep at work but almost never use it now that Randy's given me his big truck after Bob bought him a new one. So, Brandon, old buddy ..... it's all yours."

There was a shocked gasp all round, not least from Brandon who thought this might be a rather sick joke. But Pablo was enjoying himself and opened the driver's door. So get in, dude."

Brandon looked around bewildered until Randy said, "Better do as he says, boy." (Randy was in on the scheme, having OK'd it in the first place.) The small pickup sat low enough for Brandon to wheel himself up beside it and pull himself out of his chair and into the driver's seat. As he had done when driven by others, he expertly folded his chair pulled it in and stored it on the passenger seat. Then suddenly everything became blindingly clear.

"Pablo, you didn't ..." His eyes became moist as he stared at the newly installed hand controls.

"Did the conversion all myself," Pablo said proudly, "with a bit of help from my auto-supply buddy. Wasn't that complicated actually, and I know they work 'coz I drove it here myself. Hand controls are as easy as foot controls when you get the hang of it. I'll give you driving lessons myself, dude, and you'll be a driver in no time. Then you'll be able to drive yourself to your Friday meeting with Randy .... if you're not too scared to face him and his questions all alone," he added with his crooked urchin grin at Randy.

As the guys realized what Pablo had done a great cheer went up and everyone crowded round him with hugs and congratulations. He was the hero of the hour. But suddenly they were silenced by a gruff voice.

"Now wait just a goddam minute, here. Seems to me, boy, you're trying to slide out of that punishment session I promised you a week ago. You thought I'd forgotten. Now get that cute ass of yours upstairs to my room, take off those dungarees and wait for me on the bed. I might even ask my friend Bob to help me with your punishment. You up for that, buddy?"

"Absolutely," Bob grinned, "provided I get equal time on his ass."

"So what are you still doing here, kid?" Randy growled. "Scram!"

"Aye, aye, sir," Pablo beamed and ran through the gate, his ass twitching with the thought of getting fucked by two of the most beautiful men in the world.


And so Pablo got his 'punishment' and Brandon got his car. Later that evening Pablo drove Brandon home up the hill to his apartment in Brandon's truck - giving him his first 3-minute driving lesson. When they stopped Pablo said nervously, "Listen, kiddo, all that stuff earlier. I'm sorry I was such an asshole and ......"

"Forget it, Pablo. I have. And I think I understand you now. You really are the boss's boy, aren't you?"

Pablo grinned sheepishly. "I like to think so."

"I know you do," Brandon smiled. "And so do I. I love you Pablo." He kissed him on the cheek, then unfolded his wheelchair, eased himself into it and wheeled himself to his door. Pablo watched him with a surge of tenderness of a kind he had never felt before. And as he drove back down the hill he realized he was feeling a different kind of love that he had never felt before either.


Brandon climbed into bed, put his glasses on the night table and lay back on the pillows. But sleep was slow in coming. His mind was crammed with memories of the past week ..... of the fun sex he had had with his two new boyfriends Eddie and Ben ..... of waking up beside Mario and the talk they had had over coffee .... of Pablo and his clumsiness in the gym, followed by his generosity in giving him the biggest present he had ever had.

Mario had told him they weren't going to have sex, but even so he was dying to spend more time with him. There was something about his quiet maturity, his elegance and good taste that was new and intriguing to Brandon. Then there was Jamie. Working so close to him how long could he keep his hands off the hot young surfer? Every day Jamie waited for Mark to come home and fuck him ... must look incredible ... he'd like to be a fly on the wall of that room ....

It was all too much to take in and everything was going so fast it made him nervous that it would all disappear just as fast, like a dream after you wake up. Perhaps Bob had been right when he suggested that he go to see the therapist who was Randy's brother. Steve was his name, wasn't it? Maybe he could help him sort everything out.

"Maybe .... maybe .... his mind wandered, but before he could come up with any answers Brandon was fast asleep.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 228


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