Ranger Pete's visit to L.A. had been a mind bender. He had spent a wild evening and night with Jason and his boy Ben where he learned a lot about love between a man and his boy. In the morning he had a body-worshipping shower with the exhibitionistic fireman.

Then Bob had taken Pete up the new bungalow that was to be his home, where Pete had confided in him. He said, in obvious embarrassment, "You see, Bob, I don't think I can be a real member of your group 'cos, unlike all of you guys, I don't think I would ever actually enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Not like in that making-love kind of sex. It hurts too much for me to like it. I wish I could but I can't."

Bob had smiled at him in sympathy. "That's because up to now it's almost always been forced on you. You've never really wanted it - never looked into the eyes of a man and actually longed to feel his dick in your ass. Never looked at a man the way you're looking at me now." Pete had fallen under Bob's spell and learned how it felt for one top-man to be fucked by another.

Bob left saying, "I gotta get home and check on how the preparations are shaping up." Pete looked puzzled but Bob didn't elaborate. They got dressed and walked out to the street, and that's where Pete met Brandon, the boy in the wheelchair who lived next door to the bungalow.

They had struck up an immediate rapport as Pete gave him the means of helping him pull his wheelchair out of a mud hole. "My younger brother is in a wheelchair," Pete explained, "and he uses that trick all the time." Their friendship began over a cup of tea in Brandon's apartment - well, 'cup of tea' in that euphemistic sense of 'would you like to come in for ....?' Pretty soon Brandon was saying, "I give a terrific blowjob, sir," and Pete soon discovered just how great.

When it was over Pete laughed heartily, reached down and pulled Brandon out of his chair. He hugged him tight, his legs dangling in the air. "You are one terrific, kid, you know that? And a whole lot of fun. Don't often meet someone who makes me cum and laugh at the same time."

Suddenly Brandon's cell phone rang and he said, "Sir, if you'd put me down I think I should get that. Probably the guys wondering where we are. We gotta go."

He was right about the caller, so they put on their shorts, T-shirts and sneakers and Brandon cleared away the tea things. "Is it close enough to walk?" Pete asked.

"It is, sir, but let's go in style, eh? You are the guest of honor after all."

"Guest of honor?" Pete said, bewildered again. He had been getting vibes all day that something was up. "I thought this was just a lunch, kinda meet-and-greet."

"A little bit more than that, sir. You'll see."

They left the house and Brandon wheeled himself confidently down the ramp and out to his truck. Pete watched with awe and affection as Brandon skillfully eased himself behind the wheel, collapsed his chair and hauled it in behind his seat. "Hurry up, sir, they're waiting."

Pete jumped into the passenger seat, Brandon operated the hand controls like it was second nature, and in a few minutes they were pulling up at the gate. When they got out they heard a clamor of loud voices from behind the high wooden gate as they approached it.

Pete hesitated. "What the hell's going on in there?"

"Don't worry sir," Brandon said breezily. "You've already met some of the guys, but you ain't seen nothin' yet. Brace yourself sir." He threw open the gate .... "Ta-da!"


It was the sound that shocked Pete first, a burst of cheers and applause that deafened him. When he pulled himself together he found himself staring at a large group of stunning men. In a daze he recognized several of the guys he had already met and was relieved to see Bob smiling in the background.

Overwhelmed, his impulse was to turn and run away but he bumped into Brandon's wheelchair. Brandon grabbed his hand and said, "It's OK sir - you'll get used to it. They're always like this."

"Stay with me, kid," Pete said in a tone of muted panic. "Don't leave me."

"I won't leave you, sir. I'm here as long as you need me."

Just then Randy burst through the crowd his hand outstretched. "Welcome to the tribe, man," he grinned with a bone-crushing handshake. "Bit much to take in all at once but let me do some introductions." Randy, the unquestioned leader of the group, was playing his part to the hilt as he led Pete toward the crowd. But Pete still held onto the arm of Brandon's wheelchair as it rolled forward, a move not lost on either Randy or Bob who exchanged knowing glances.

Bob broke through the group and shook Pete's hand. Pete smiled, "Guess these were the 'arrangements' you were talking about. You might have warned me, buddy."

"We like surprises around here," Bob chuckled. "Keeps us on our toes."

Randy took over again. "These guys you know, of course - Zack and Mark." Wearing only swim shorts, they both greeted him warmly, remembering their earlier hot encounters with the Ranger. "And Jason of course, the guy in the Speedos, who you spent last night with, him and my kid brother." Pete winced, bracing for criticism. "Don't worry, man, Ben gave me a wild blow-by-blow account of it all, and as long as he's happy I'm happy."

"'Course , you haven't met our resident Marine, Hassan. "Holy shit," Pete blurted out as the tall muscular soldier stepped forward with his exotic Arab/Asian features and a killer body. He was wearing cargo shorts and, hanging open over his muscular chest, a frayed muscle shirt that had once been part of his uniform. Pete felt intimidated until Hassan gripped his hand like a vise and said in his deep, accented voice. "Good to meet you, Ranger. Heard a lot about you. I look forward to knowing you better."

Pete was reeling but the introductions didn't let up. "This here is Adam," Randy said, "who lives next door with his boy Nate. They're both of them Aussies, great guys provided you can understand them through those thick Aussie accents."

"G'day, mate, and no worries," Adam laughed. "You'll have no problem, though our accents are a bit sophisticated for the Gypsy King here."

"Hey, watch your mouth, buddy," said Randy. He raised his fists, Adam did likewise, and they sparred playfully. Pete found himself relaxing minute by minute as he was drawn into this circle of extraordinary men. Adam was a handsome, well-built guy with the rugged good looks and self-confidence exuded by many Aussies. "I took a trip to Sydney last year," Pete said.

"Good onya, mate. We'll have a lot to talk about."

"And last but not least," Randy said with some pride, "is my brother Steve and his partner Lloyd. Steve is our shrink and Lloyd our architect. So they're what's known as professional men and live in a fancy-shmancy house up on Mulholland."

As they shook hands Pete smiled, "I've already been recommended to you, Steve, by Bob and Ben. Coping with all this you can bet I'll need a therapy session with you - or three or four."

"You're welcome any time, Pete, either at my Beverly Hills office or at my home. Of course, Lloyd would most probably be at the house too."

"I don't think that would be a problem," Pete grinned. They were a smoking hot couple - Steve with the rugged good looks of his brother Randy, and the handsome Lloyd who exuded sex appeal. Pete's cock got stiffer as he thought, 'Yeah, a visit to their house is a definite must'.

"Right," Randy said, "that's all the men, so come and sit with us over a drink while the boys introduce themselves. They've been rehearsing something all morning. Our boys never do anything by halves." Pete felt exhilarated, honored and nervous to be taking his place with the masters of the group. And he was curious to meet the boys of these incredible men.


"Hey, guys," Randy yelled. "Get your asses out of the pool and come meet the Ranger here."

Pete had been aware of the clamor and splashing coming from the pool and now it reached a crescendo, making the pool look like a piranha attack. One by one the boys scrambled from the pool. Most of them were naked and pulled on ragged shorts as their one concession to the formality of meeting the new arrival in their midst.

Pablo and Darius were the first to present themselves. Pete had already met them at the lake - Pablo the exotic looking boy with the dark hair, a ripped body and a certain arrogance inherited from his master Randy. And Darius, the black boy with the gleaming ebony body and the massive horse dick that hung down below the bottom of his shorts. These were the boys he had tried to arrest when he first saw them cocksucking, but ended up being forced to suck dick himself.

"Hello again, sir," Pablo said, with a crooked smile. "In case you've forgotten I'm the boss's boy."

"And I'm Darius, as you know, sir - Zack's boy. I keep track of everything that goes on here so when something happens you gotta tell me like the other boys do, so that ...." He was silenced by a sharp dig in the ribs from Pablo but Pete smiled, "I'll be sure to do that Darius."

Suddenly they were joined by a young Adonis in surfer shorts, water streaming off his muscular body, tousled blond hair falling over his smiling face. "I'm Jamie, sir, Mark's boy. We haven't met before but Mark says we'll get together soon, if you would like."

"I would like ... very much," Pete said. "Mark talks about you a whole lot." He tried to imagine the naked cop and the young surfer making love and his cock pulsed again.

Pete's eyes opened wide as another lithe young body stood before him. The boy was stunningly handsome with a seductive smile. "Hello, sir, I'm Kevin." "And I'm Kyle." Pete did a double take as second, identical boy appeared. "We're Bob's boys," they said in unison.

"Ah, the master chefs I've heard so much about. As beautiful as you are talented." Pete grinned at Bob. "Bob's a lucky man. His appetite will always be satisfied - all his appetites."

Nate came next, with a wide, mischievous grin lighting up his boyishly handsome face. "I'm the other Aussie, sir. I'm Adam's boy and we live right next door. The way Adam was talking earlier we're gonna be seeing a whole lot more of you, sir, and I can't wait. It'll be brilliant."

Pete wondered what he meant but his thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of a tall, dark-haired beauty, poised and elegant though he was wearing only black swim trunks. "Buongiorno, Signore, I am Mario. I am nobody's boy and nobody's master. I am just the Italian gardener and I believe I shall be working on the garden of your new house. But for now, since I am neither master nor boy, I should like to sit at the table and watch the boys perform their party piece."

He glanced at Randy who smiled and nodded his permission. As Mario took his place Pete thought, 'Hm ... party piece.' Another reference that mystified him.

Finally the last three boys bounced into view, exuberant as spirited young colts. With an impish grin the first one said, "I'm Eddie, sir, and ..." he pumped himself up with pride ".... and I'm Hassan's boy." He glanced over at the Marine and his grin widened. "And this here is my boyfriend Ben and our buddy Brandon, better known as the three amigos. Me and Ben have rooms next to each other but most of the time we sleep in my room. Except when...."

Hassan cleared his throat loudly and Eddie blushed. "Oh-oh, talking too much as usual." Pete jumped in to save him. "Actually I've heard all about you Eddie, and the things you taught Ben and Brandon."

"Oh, you mean the blowjobs, sir. Yeah well see that all started when I was...." Another loud clearing of the throat and Eddie closed his mouth, ran his fingertips across his lips and twisted them at the end like a key turning in a lock. Pete grinned and could see why Hassan had chosen this mischievous young rascal as his boy.

"And Ben and Brandon I already know, of course," Pete said. "After all, I slept last night with Ben and Jason, and later I had tea with Brandon. I feel like Brandon and I are old friends already."

"Yeah," Darius said, "we all know that when Brandon invites a guy in for tea he's not talking English Breakfast and muffins. The kid has something totally different in mind."

"Yeah, I found that out," Pete chuckled. "You're right Darius - it was a lot better than English Breakfast, and Brandon did most of the drinking. I could use more of those invitations to tea."

"OK, guys." Darius suddenly took charge. "The meet 'n' greet's over, so let's get the show on the road. Positions everyone." He looked roguishly at Pete. "Sir, this is all for you - to let you know what you're letting yourself in for."


The boys were standing in a neat row, shoulder to shoulder. Pete realized that they had introduced themselves in order of seniority - Pablo, the boss's boy then Darius, Jamie and the twins, all the way down to Brandon, a recent arrival. So was this it? The boys in a line just showing themselves off? Bob leaned over and whispered in Pete's ear. "They've been rehearsing this all morning, Pete - in your honor. Apparently it's a new act none of us have seen before."

Darius was like a drill sergeant. "Boys.... right turn!" They turned to the right so they were standing in a long line one behind the other - Pablo in the front, all the way back to Brandon bringing up the rear. "Lose the shorts." As synchronized as the Rockettes they dropped their shorts to the ground.

"OK, Brandon - you're on!" Brandon wheeled himself over to a table and picked up a big tub of lube. He offered it to Darius who dipped his fingers in and spread the lube over his ten-inch prong. "Here we go, guys," Darius yelled. "Curtain up."

Pablo leaned slightly forward and Darius pressed his greasy pole into the perfect globes of his ass (something he did most nights) and Pablo moaned with pleasure. "Check it out, Brandon," Darius said, which Brandon did, making sure that everything was where it should be.

If Darius was the director of this extravaganza Brandon was the stage manager, and he moved to the next boy in line, Jamie. The surfer grinned at Brandon, dipped his fingers in the pot Brandon offered and lubed up his cock. Brandon reached up and pushed Darius forward a little and said, "Wait for it, Jamie." When Darius's ass pulled back as he fucked Pablo Jamie slid his dick easily inside him, bringing an exaggerated groan from the muscular black boy. (Darius always exaggerated. His often-expressed rule in life was "exaggerations accepted".)

Brandon made sure that the three boys had established a rhythm, one behind the other, before moving on to the twins. They were used to this double teaming which they often did with Bob, and moved effortlessly to assume their roles - Kevin fucking Jamie and Kyle fucking his twin.

Pete gasped and said softly to Bob and Randy, "No way - the boy's fucking his own brother!"

"A common occurrence round here," Randy chuckled. "Don't forget, I've got two brothers here, Ben and Steve, and that's never stopped us." Ben had a vague feeling he should have been offended by this, but the sight of the two lithe young twins fucking removed all his misgivings.

Brandon had come to Nate and said in a cheeky attempt at an Australian cliché. "Good onya, mate. Slip another shrimp on the barbie."

"Hey not so much of the 'shrimp', mate," Nate protested. "This here's more eel than a shrimp." He lubed up his long cock and pushed it inch by inch into Kyle's butt.

Brandon wheeled himself back and surveyed the progress so far. "Keep it up guys. Watch the rhythm ... one, two ... one two ... one two."

The last two boys, Eddie and Ben were hopping with impatience and when there turn came they didn't mess around. Brandon held up the lube and they both dipped in and lubed their cocks. Eddie pushed his into Nate's ass with a "Yeah! (as senior houseboy Nate was Eddie's boss) and Ben laughed at Eddie, "Like you've never felt this before, dude," sliding his dick into the familiar ass of his boyfriend.

Brandon dipped his own fingers into the lube and pushed them into Ben's ass so he wouldn't feel short-changed on the butt experience. Then he wheeled himself to the front the line, facing Pablo, and surveyed the eight boys humping each other in a conga line. They were a bit out of sync so Brandon yelled, "OK, rhythm, guys ... take the beat from me. Imagine you're a rowing eight and I'm the coxswain. One-two, one-two, one-two...."

The boys hit their stride and, satisfied with the boys' precision fucking, Brandon faced the audience and raised his arm in the flamboyant gesture of a game-show host and shouted, "Gentlemen - I give you ... the Cockettes!'

There was a roar of approval from the men, with raunchy encouragement directed at their own boy. "Way to go, Jamie - fuck that black ass," from Mark. "Show 'em what ten inches feels like," roared Zack. "Come on Eddie," Hassan yelled, "fuck him like you fuck me." Everyone did a double take and stared at Hassan, trying to imagine the macho Marine getting his ass ploughed by his boy.

Brandon's job as stage manager was over so he moved closer to Pablo who said between grunts as Darius ramrodded him, "Go for it, dude. I really need it." Brandon took hold of Pablo's rigid cock and slid it into his mouth. He sucked it in time to the fuck along the whole length of the line, raising his arm and pounding his fist in the air to beat the rhythm.

"Shit," said Pete, "I've seen rowing coxes before but never one who beat time like this by sucking the bowman's cock. But it seems to work." He looked in disbelief at the rhythmic line of fucking boys and said, "Is this even possible?"

"It is for our boys," said Randy proudly. "Those kids really know how to fuck. Hey, imagine a rowing team fucking each other in the boat, the cox leading them by sucking off the bowman."

"The precision is awesome," Bob agreed, "but, I dunno, I wouldn't exactly compare them to the Rockettes. Not so wholesome, perhaps. These guys have invented a rhythm all their own. Hell, it would go over gangbusters on any stage. Maybe we should rent them out for parties. We'd make a fortune."

The guys agreed, watching in awe as the line of eight boys moved in one snaking line, moving as a single creature, each boy holding onto the hips of the boy in front, fucking his ass, yelling, howling and laughing with the exhilaration of showing off to their masters.

"I dunno, mate," Adam said, "they look exactly like the Rockettes to me - minus the high kicks. But you're right - the Cockettes should take their show on the road. They'd be a smash."

As the men's cheers reached a crescendo the boys' exuberance was building to the inevitable climax. It started from the back of the line. Eddie, known as the gusher, couldn't hold back as he pummeled Nate's ass and felt Ben's dick pounding his. "OK, Ben" he yelled, squeezing his ass round Ben's cock. "Go for it - make me feel it." Ben howled as his cock erupted in his boyfriend's ass, making Eddie pump semen into Nate's.

The euphoria rippled quickly up the line and ecstatic shouts filled the air as each boy blew his load in turn. Pablo, in front, was the last. As Darius's monster horse dick shot deep inside him his hips rammed forward, forcing Pablo's cock deeper in Brandon's mouth. Brandon almost choked as he gulped down Pablo's streaming jizz and, as he heard the other boys yelling with euphoria of release, he felt like he was drinking the jizz of all of them, a fantasy that wasn't so far from the truth.

The men were on their feet cheering as they watched the whole line shudder in its collective orgasm. The precision was held a moment longer before it collapsed in a shambles. Again it started from the rear. Ben was so hyped that he fell against Eddie, pushing him forward onto Nate, starting a domino effect as the whole line collapsed forward, cocks came out of asses, and the boys fell on the ground in a heap of writhing young limbs and screams of laughter.

Brando, pushed out of his wheelchair, was at the bottom of the heap but soon surfaced as Darius stood up and pulled him up bodily from the mass of bodies. He held him up high and sat him astride his shoulders, holding him tight, his legs hanging over his chest. Darius yelled, "Let's hear it for Brandon, the dude who kept us all in line - in more ways than one."

That began a chant of "Brandon, Brandon," which was taken up by boys and men alike. Brandon was blushing heavily and Pete watched him with tears in his eyes, moved by the enthusiastic way everyone embraced the brave young kid. It took a while for the ruckus to die down but finally Darius placed Brandon gently in his chair.

"Now wait just a goddam minute here!" The deep voice was unmistakable.


Randy was on his feet addressing the boys. "OK, so that's it? You put on a show and give us men big fucking boners ... and that's it? What are we supposed to do, go behind the bushes and whack off? I thought you boys were supposed to serve your masters."

He sat down next to Bob and the reaction of the boys was immediate. The men were sitting shoulder to shoulder on a long bench, their backs to the table and, as their boys approached, they leaned back with their elbows on the table and their legs stretched wide. Pablo led the way and stood before Randy while the others lined up, each boy in front of his master. Brandon glanced at Pete but knew his place, so he wheeled himself up to Mario.

Once again they recaptured their former precision .... once a Cockette always a Cockette. Each one in unison knelt down, leaned forward and pulled his master's shorts down enough for his cock to spring out, all of them stiff as rods. The boys bent their heads down and eight mouths licked seven cocks. Bob had two, of course, and the twins were old hands at working together on his cock, licking it, kissing each other over the head, then sucking it in turn.

The other men had to limit themselves to just one mouth but that was fine by them. The boys had always given epic blowjobs (several of them trained by the champion cocksucker Eddie) and this time was even more erotic as the men looked down and saw not only their own boys, but all the other heads bobbing over their masters' cocks.

The sound of heavy slurping filled the air, accompanied by the moans and sighs of the men. Soon each man had grabbed his boy's head and was pushing the face into his pubic hair.

Three of the men - Steve, Lloyd and Pete - had no boy to service them, but Steve and Lloyd were pumping each other's cock. Pete, sitting between Hassan and Jason, stroked the bulge in his shorts as he watched Eddie on one side and Ben on the other go to work.

There was a feeling of competitiveness among the boys, seeing who could be the first to make his master blow his wad. Inevitably the winner of that race was Eddie. It wasn't long before Hassan began to shudder and his moans grew louder. "That's it, boy. Work that soldier's big rod. Oh, yeah. Man, that feels good ... fuck ... fuck .... yeah ... yeahhh." Hassan rammed Eddie's face down on his cock, his body convulsed, muscles flexed ... and he poured semen down his boy's throat.

Eddie swallowed hard and drained his master's cock. He pulled off and his eyes sparkled as he grinned up at the rugged Marine. Hassan ruffled his hair then glanced sideways at Pete. "May I sir?" Eddie asked eagerly. Hassan nodded and Eddie shuffled over to kneel between Pete's legs and looked up at the Ranger with his impish grin. "Don't worry, sir. I am the best."

"He's right," Hassan smiled at Pete. "You'll see."

And he did. "Aaah," Pete sighed as he felt Eddie's mouth slide over his cock and clenched it hard. "Holy shit." Eddie gave him the full treatment and Pete felt the fire in his cock spread throughout his body. He felt himself drifting into a homoerotic world, with the husky Marine on one side and the gorgeous fireman on the other being serviced by his young gypsy boy.

Pete felt his cock lubricated by the Marine's jizz in Eddie's mouth as the boy's throat muscles tightened again and again round his cock. The feeling was so erotic that he knew he couldn't hold out - he had to blow. As his cock erupted in the boy's throat his euphoric howl was matched by the other men who, in quick succession, blasted semen into their boys' mouths.

Eight young faces gazed up in triumph, eyes sparkling, mouths sagging open, cum dripping over their chins. Randy looked proudly over to Pete. "How about that, buddy? Not something you see every day of the week, uh?"


A hush fell over the group. The boys' show was suddenly over and they weren't sure what came next. Bob, always sensitive to the group's dynamic, read their minds and took charge. "OK, guys, here's what's next. You boys all jump in the pool and clean up. You can't sit down to lunch smothered in semen."

"Why not, sir? I think that would be real hot. Picture it...." Eddie, of course, who was quickly silenced by Hassan. "That's enough, boy. You heard what Bob said - in the pool!"

"And when you all come out," Bob continued, "here's what I want. The men are gonna have a short meeting about the new house, where Pete's gonna live. Jamie and Brandon will join us as they'll be working up a budget in the office and controlling supplies. The rest of you lend the twins a hand preparing lunch. There's a lot of us here so no fooling around. Pablo and Darius, take charge and crack the whip if necessary."

Eddie and Ben looked at each other in wide-eyed horror and said in unison, "Oooh, were real scared," then cracked up laughing. Jason clipped Ben round the head and said, "Boy, if you ever want to share my bed with me again you'll get in the pool right now - at the double."

"Aye-aye, sir." Ben saluted and he and Eddie raced off, followed by the other boys. Jason rolled his eyes at Hassan in a 'what the hell' gesture. Soon the twins appeared with trays of drinks and appetizers, as always anticipating the needs of the masters. Then they joined the other boys in the pool.

The men gathered round the table and talked about preparations for the future. Pete mentioned that the City of Los Angeles wanted him to start work as Chief Park Ranger right away, "So I guess I'll shack up in a motel around here until the house is ready."

"No way," Bob said. "We can work something out. Beside, you never know what can happen to a guy in a motel. Some big hunky construction worker might come in, tie you up and work you over and force you to fall in love with him." He was, of course, referring to those long ago days when he and Randy first met and stayed in a shabby motel together.

"Force you?!"" Randy said indignantly. "As I recall you came crawling back, couldn't stay away from me, and you loved everything I did you to you, every crack of the whip." They grinned at each other, their dicks getting hard, and Randy muttered, "We gotta check into that fleabag motel for a couple of nights sometime soon."

"Hey, mates," Adam interrupted in his common-sense Australian way. "If we could concentrate on the subject at hand, I have a suggestion. Pete has said that he has a lot of studying to do for his new job so he needs privacy. Plus he needs to be close to you guys to consult on the house. Well Nate and me, we have a spare room we never use in the other side of our house next door with its own entrance. I've spoken to Nate and we'd love to have you live there until your house is ready. That is if you can stand Aussie accents through the wall.

They all stared at Adam and realized that this was the solution Pete said, "I'd have to pay you rent, buddy, otherwise it's no deal."

"Well, I have to admit that a little extra income would come in handy so, how about it?"

It was a deal and Pete shook hands with the handsome Aussie. Pete felt his cock get stiff in his shorts, a common occurrence with these guys. 'Shit damn,' he thought to himself, 'can't I keep sex out of even this?' Sharing a house with the two hot Aussies might be a challenge.

"I've got a shit load of furniture so for the time being I'll get a company to move it into storage."

"Fuck, man," Randy said, "you still don't get the tribe do you. We do everything in house. You're one of us now so we'll take care of it. I'll get some of the boys to bring one of our trucks to your old place, load your furniture and take it to our warehouse, if you don't mind it being stored next to cement trucks and backhoes."

"I wouldn't want to impose on the boys like that..."

"Will you shut the fuck up man? I know our boys and they'll have a blast. That is if you can stand the noise - and don't mind them jacking off looking at you. OK, enough, it's a deal. Next?"

"Right," Lloyd said, "I was wondering if we'd ever get to this. I've done of a few concept sketches of how I envisage the new house. It's a simple California bungalow but they can be charming and I've tried to conserve the native elements while installing the latest design features.

'Good, let's get down to business," Randy said. "Jamie, Brandon, I want you to take notes 'cause you'll be reporting to me on the costs. I don't want to go over budget on this one."

And so the meeting got down to the nitty gritty - the plans, the costs and materials involved. They made a lot of progress, Randy consulting with Zack on the construction logistics, and Jamie and Brandon together conferring over their notes. Even Lloyd seemed satisfied, a rarity as he always fought with Randy over design concepts versus costs. "OK, that's it," Randy said, leaping to his feet "Now I'm fucking starved. Hey, boys, where's that fucking food?"

Bob looked at him in awe, the swarthy gypsy, the consummate leader. Bob stood up and whispered in his ear, "I've got an erection as big as the Empire State Building, Randy. That old motel is looking more and more sexy."

"Don't worry, stud, that's gonna happen. But be careful what you wish for, asshole. I can be a mean son-of-a- bitch."

"Wouldn't have you any other way. Why do you think I want to come 'crawling back'?"


The meeting broken up with an invasion of the boys, bearing table cloths, silverware, plates and trays of food. "Guess we're in the way, guys," said Bob. "If we wanna eat we better move." The transformation was swift and remarkable - white linen table cloths thrown over the long table, place settings laid out and tray after tray of steaming food set in the middle. The seating was, as usual, each boy sitting next to his master - and usually dominating the conversation.

Pete found himself next to Mario and they talked naturally about Brandon. Pete was asking fairly oblique questions about him, wanting to know more but careful not to intervene in what was obviously a close friendship. Mario smiled as Pete tiptoed round the subject.

"Signore, I think what you want to know about is my relationship with Brandon. OK, we are very close - we love each other and have great sex. We are what you would call boyfriends and I don't see that situation changing anytime soon. After all, the other boys all have boyfriends - Pablo and Darius, Jamie and Nate, Eddie and Ben, and of course the twins have each other. But they all have masters too - all except for Brandon.

"As I said when I introduced myself I am not a master, far from it. I am to some degree outside the hierarchy, somewhere between the men and the boys. I am simply the Italian gardener from Tuscany, who is treated with respect by the masters and with love by the boys.

"Brandon is a terrific guy and you know better than most, Pete, having a brother who is similarly handicapped, that he values his independence above everything. But lately I have felt ...how you say, un po 'triste ... a little sad for Brandon when the other boys run to their masters and Brandon has only me. Randy admires him a lot and protects him from harm, but Pablo is Randy's boy and I know Brandon would love a man he could look up to, a man who loved him. But under the circumstances it would take a very special man, as I think you know."

Mario paused. "There, I have had ... er, come si dice 'la mia voce' .... ah yes, I have had my say and I will leave it there. I am not in the business of arranging lives" - he laughed - "I find that the guys here manage that very well for themselves."

Pete gazed at Mario. "You're a great guy, Mario, and I'm glad Brandon has you as a friend. You know, he has already sucked my cock, a few minutes after I met him actually. He invited me in for tea and ....."

"Ah yes," Mario laughed, "the famous invitations to tea where you end up drinking something else entirely. I think I see a lot more 'tea invitations' in your future, signore. And as for me" - Mario batted his long black eyelashes - "I will be doing your landscaping once you have moved into your house so we will be seeing a lot of each other."

For the umpteenth time today Pete felt his cock jerk in his shorts.


In the meantime the meal was going on around them, men and boys eating voraciously and talking up a storm, the din building to a deafening crescendo. Only one voice could break through the bedlam. "Guys," Randy shouted. "Listen up. Quiet!" He stood and faced them.

There was instant silence for the boss. "OK, until Pete's house is ready it's been arranged he will be staying in Adam and Nate's spare room. He'll be putting his furniture in storage during that time and I've offered one of our trucks and space in our warehouse. But I need volunteers from you boys to take the trip up to the Angeles Forest with him and help him move."

Immediately every hand shot up. A trip like this with the hunky Ranger was too good to miss. "Right," Randy smiled. "I'm proud of you guys for offering your help so generously." Bob grinned at the other men and raised his eyebrows. They all knew that generosity was not the driving force behind their enthusiasm, but never mind, Pete had his crew.

Bob could see that Randy was on a roll. So far, the boys had been the stars of the show and Bob knew Randy could never miss an opportunity to reassert his leadership when the whole tribe was gathered. Bob glanced over at Steve who smiled and shrugged. The therapist knew his older brother almost as well as Bob did. They also knew he wouldn't play the boss by simply fucking one of them. Too obvious. He no doubt had something else in mind.

"But hey," Randy went on, "we can't let the boys have all the glory. They've given us their party piece and it was damn good. But now it's time for the guys formerly known as the toxic trio to strut their stuff. Bob, Mark, you with me?"

They smiled at each and shrugged, why not? It was obviously Randy's show and he wanted to flaunt the love the three men had recently come to share. Bob and Mark stood up on either side of Randy in the middle of the lawn, facing their audience. It was their turn to move in unison and they slowly dropped their shorts and stepped out of them.

This time there were no cheers. The spectators looked on in stunned silence gazing at the three naked muscle-gods - the senior men of the tribe - the swarthy construction boss, the chiseled business executive and the muscular blond cop. Zack was the other senior man but he preferred to sit with his boy Darius and just watch. Zack was his own man and was not inclined to indulge Randy in his displays of authority.

But even Zack had to admit that this was no usual display of power. Quite the contrary in fact. A murmur rippled through the crowd as, suddenly, Randy sank to his knees and leaned forward doggie-style on all fours. His ass was on offer, not so much as an act of submission - more as a challenge. And it was Mark who rose to the challenge, or rather sank to it as he knelt behind Randy and grabbed his hips. At the same time Bob knelt at Randy's head.

With no hesitation Mark spat on his iron-hard cock, pushed it into Randy's ass cheeks and drove it deep into his gut. The boss's howl of pain was silenced by the gag of Bob's cock filling his mouth and sliding down his throat.

"Shit damn," Zack breathed and they all gaped at the sight of the gypsy boss in a subservient position being double-teamed by the businessman and the cop, one fucking his face, the other his ass.

It was only recently that the tribe had been surprised when Randy's antagonism to the cop had crumbled as the three men acknowledged their love for each other. And now here was the stunning proof on full view. Randy tensed, his muscles flexed, but he stoically endured the twin pistons ramming into him. It was the ultimate display of his strength and power to withstand the onslaught. For any other man it would have meant humiliation ... but for Randy it was a triumph.

Bob and Mark raised their eyes and held each other's gaze while they fucked the gypsy stud beneath them. It was the sight of each other that excited them, as much as the fire in their cocks. They leaned forward and their lips met in a hungry kiss, even as they maintained the assault on their buddy's ass and mouth.

The onlookers were mesmerized, many of them stroking the bulge in their shorts, some of the boys openly pumping their dicks. Oblivious of all this Bob and Mark finally pulled apart and stared down at Randy. Mark watched his own cock ramrodding the tortured ass and Bob looked down at the agonized face streaming with tears. The double fuck went on and on until the heat got too intense and Mark asked Bob, "Think the big guy's had enough?"

"Dunno - but I want my turn. You ready to cum?"

"Hell, I was ready the minute my cock was in his ass. Shit, the man's ass is like a furnace. OK, buddy, watch me, look at my eyes .... yeah that's it .... this if for you buddy ... here it comes ..." Mark jerked Randy's hips back and with one last deep thrust he blasted hot jizz into the gypsy's ass. Screaming into the gag of Bob's cock Randy shot a long jet of semen on the grass beneath him.

Only now did the crowd stand up and cheer, but their cheers died down when they realized that it wasn't over. Mark pulled out and stood up, his cock dripping cum as it swung between his legs. Bob pulled his cock from Randy's mouth and flipped him onto his back. Kneeling between his legs he grinned down at Randy's tear-stained face. "Notice I didn't cum?" Bob said. "I was saving it for this." He pushed Randy's legs up and eased his cock into his lover's ass.

"Mmm, Mark greased you up real good. I can feel his jizz in your ass. Man, he's right. Your ass is on fire. Must be real sore, eh? Just the way I like it."

"You know you're gonna pay for this," Randy growled.

"I hope so," Bob grinned. "But in the meantime you're gonna cum again, even though you busted a load a minute ago."

"You're crazy, man, if you think I can ...."

"Look at me Randy - into my eyes." As their eyes pierced each other's they entered their own private world they had shared so often. Even though an awestruck group of men was watching, Randy and Bob were alone, sheltered from the mundane world by the cloak of passion that folded round them. It was no longer a question of could Randy cum again. How could he resist, how had he ever been able to resist this man, right from that first encounter in the old motel?

"God, I love you man," Randy moaned. "Stay with me always, buddy. You will, won't you ... always be there?"

Bob smiled, teasing him as he eased his cock in and out of the cum-drenched ass. "Of course I will, Randy .... as long as you cum for me now."

"No problem, man. I love you ... I love you, buddy ... aaah!" He sighed as his cock poured cum over his own ripped abs and heaving chest.

Bob smiled with satisfaction. "Now let me show you why I'll never leave you, man. Here it comes." They howled in unison as Bob's cock erupted in the cauldron of his lover's ass. It was still pumping juice as Bob fell forward and their arms locked round each other in a powerful embrace. They were inseparable.

Randy powered Bob over onto his back and whispered in his ear. "Like I said, asshole, you'll pay for this. Just wait 'til I get you back in that motel."

"Just say the word, sir, and I'll be there."


At last they got to their feet. Randy stood between Bob and Mark, grabbed their wrists and raised their arms high in the air like a referee when two boxers have fought to a draw. He was the undisputed king, acknowledging the standing ovation of the crowd. They had watched the climax in awed silence as Randy and Bob, the founders of the tribe, made love in their own inimitable way. But now the silence erupted in an effusion of cheers and congratulations.

Zack, the respected fourth leader of the clan, strode forward and embraced all three in turn. "Fucking sensational, man," Zack said to Randy. "A real cock stiffener. You and me haven't tussled in a while. We should put that right."

"Any time you say, stud - leather, ropes, the lot."

They shook hands warmly, then Randy turned to face the crowd. "OK, guys, you've seen the boys do their thing, then three of the masters. This has all been part of Pete's ritual welcome to the tribe. But the final act is a tribal tradition ....one that I just thought up." The boisterous crowd erupted in laughter. "Boys, get your asses up here and stand in a line."

The men regained their seats and the boy's eagerly did as ordered, jockeying for position. "OK," Randy said. "We haven't heard much from our guest of honor. So far he's been a spectator .... and a stunned one at that. So now it's your turn, Ranger. See all these boys here? Every one of them gorgeous and a great fuck. Now this is an offer made only to a new member of the tribe - our ultimate act of welcome. You, my man, get to pick one of the boys - any one - and you get to fuck his ass in front of the whole tribe."

Pete was taken aback, but not the boys who jumped up and down, waving their arms in the air to attract the Ranger's attention and be the chosen one. Pete stood up and said, "Randy, guys, I want to thank you all. Now that I've watched this bacchanal and seen you in action I feel humbled to be invited into your clan. I gotta say that all through the festivities I've had a monster hard-on and - frankly - I'm horny as hell."

More bawdy cheers. "I would be honored too fuck any of these gorgeous boys and maybe, as time goes on and with their masters' permission, I might have the privilege of doing so. But today my choice is not a hard one. He surveyed the line of excited boys and walked over to one of them.

"I choose Brandon." The other boys erupted in cheers, genuinely pleased by Pete's choice. Brandon, who had been sitting quietly at the end of the line was far less boisterous than the others but tense and silently longing for the choice Pete had just made.

"Great choice, Ranger," Randy shouted. "OK, boys back to your places. The final act."


Pete and Brandon suddenly felt very exposed under the expectant gaze of all the men and boys. Brandon looked up at Pete wide-eyed and said. "Thank you for choosing me, sir."

"It was a no-brainer, kid," Pete smiled down at him. "I've wanted you ever since you, er, invited me in for tea. So, what do we do now?"

"I guess we fuck, sir."

"I guess we do." Pete leaned down and pulled Brandon's shorts off him. He picked him up in his arms, walked over to the center of the lawn and laid the naked boy gently on the ground. He towered over him and smiled down at him. "You sure you want this, kiddo, with all these men watching?"

"I don't care if the whole city is watching, sir. As far as I'm concerned it's just you and me - and I want to feel your cock in my ass .... please, sir."

There was a gasp from the crowd as Pete lowered his shorts, let them drop and his pole sprang out hard as a rock. He reached over to a table for the jar of lube the boys had used earlier. He dipped two fingers into it and spread the cream over the length of his cock. Brandon gazed up at him in a trance, at his handsome face, his hairy chest, washboard abs and slim waist and hips, down to his blond pubic hair and the huge rod in his fist. The boy willed himself not to cum as he gazed up at the homoerotic icon.

He saw the muscles flex in the Ranger's thighs as his legs bent and he kneeled at his feet. He pushed his greasy fingers carefully into Brandon's ass and massaged it, then withdrew them, grabbed his legs and slid the boy toward him over the grass. As Brandon's legs fell over Pete's shoulders he felt the tip of the Ranger's cock touch his ass.

Pete paused, concerned that me might hurt the boy, but Brandon grinned. "Don't worry, sir, I have been fucked before, though I've never wanted it as much as I do now."

"Thanks, kid," Pete smiled and eased his cock over the sphincter and tenderly down the chute of his ass. Brandon's eyes opened wide, his body shook - "aaah' - and his cock shot a ribbon of cum that reached up to his face. More followed and Pete stopped in confusion."

"Sorry, sir, but keep going please. It's better now I've cum 'coz I can take it longer now."

The crowd watched silently as man and boy made love for the first time. They all breathed softly, aware that they were privileged to watch this intimate, emotional act of love. And that's what it was as Pete rose gently over the enthralled young man, his cock sliding gently into him, caressing his warm, tender ass.

"That feels so damn good, Brandon," Pete sighed. "You're such a handsome boy." He bent down and licked the cum from Brandon's chest and face, then kissed him, sharing the warm juice between them. When their mouths separated the Ranger pressed his hands over Brandon's biceps and pinned his arms to the ground. "Now you're my young captive boy. How does that feel?"

"Better than anything in the world, sir. I love it. You can do anything to me, sir - tie me up, work me over, make love to me - anything."

"All of it," Pete grinned, "but that's for later. Right now my cock feels it's gonna burst and I have to cum in your ass. I know you can't cum again so soon, but...."

"Wanna bet, sir? I'll cum for you whenever and as often as you like. In fact, I ... oh shit... I think I'm gonna ...."

"Wait, wait 'til you feel this ...." Pete pushed his cock in deep down and stopped still.

It was a frozen moment that Brandon would always remember as he gazed up at the Ranger's handsome face, his chiseled body, muscles rippling as hot liquid poured into his ass. Brandon whimpered, "Sir, I think I'm falling in love with you. I can't help it, I ... Aaah!" His cock erupted again, this time spurting semen up so high it splashed into the hair of the Ranger's chest.

They gazed into each other's eyes, united by an act so unexpectedly intense that it felt transformative. It took a long time for the semen to drain out of them, and Pete finally withdrew his cock, fell on top of the boy and kissed him passionately. Then they gazed each other's eyes.

"Hi, Brandon."

"Hello, sir."

Suddenly the realized they were not alone. Pete bent down, picked Brandon up and held him lying on his back in his arms. He turned to face the tribe, as if presenting them with an offering. And at last the crowd erupted in jubilant cheers which made Pete and Brandon's smiling faces blush. Pete lowered Brandon back into his wheelchair and all the boys ran forward and mobbed him, competing with each other in their ecstatic congratulations.

Pete pulled on his shorts and took his place back with the men, who enthusiastically shook his hand. When things settled down Randy said, "Now listen, Pete, we have an important question. Me and the guys are about to draw up final plans for the house so we have to know. Should we make your house wheelchair accessible - ramps, bathroom and all that stuff?"

"Well ...." Pete was taken aback. He frowned, thought, and then smiled. "Well, if you can, I guess you should ... just in case, you know."

"Yeah, just in case," said Bob with a wide grin.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 244


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