While the group festivities of the joint birthday party for Eddie and Brandon were in full swing, Bob and Randy were chatting together at the table by the pool when Randy's cell phone rang. "Yeah?" he said into it. "Hey, man, this is a surprise - how you doing? ..... Yeah, funny you should say that, my mind was running on the same lines, but you sure you want more? .... OK, sounds good. Let me talk it over and I'll call you right back, OK?"

He shut off the phone and grinned at Bob. "You know buddy, I can take only so much of this group Kumbaya shit that's been going on here? What say we get away for a few days - just you and me?"

Bob cocked his head and grinned. "OK, Randy. Who was that?"

"Well ... remember the guy I said I met last time Zack and me took the boys fishing at the lake?"

"You mean the homophobic forest Ranger who you introduced to the joys of man-on-man sex? Another virgin ass you broke in as I recall."

"That's the guy - Pete. Well he went back to his old life with his drinking buddies and his girls and I never expected to hear from him again. But I had talked a lot about you - of course - and he mentioned that when I was next at the lake he'd like to drop by. I thought he was just blowing smoke, but .... that was him on the phone. Hey, buddy, you wanna go fishing?"

Bob narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Randy - what's this all about?"

"Us," said Randy, his eyes shining like a kid at a birthday party. "I want us to go up to our old stomping ground at the lake. You know you love the place. Shit, when we're there you even make a pilgrimage to that clearing in the forest where we made love in the middle of a thunderstorm and..." he smiled at him ... "and we fucked for the first time. I've even seen you jack off there thinking about it. Come on, man, it'll be great - just the two of us."

"... and Pete...," Bob said.

"Yeah, well, maybe..." Randy was on less secure ground here and he stammered like a guilty boy on the defensive. "See, well ... maybe he won't even show up ... probably won't. But I talked so much about you that - well, I'd get a kick out of introducing him to you...."

"You mean introduce me to him ... show me off to him."

"Well what the hell's wrong with that? Here I've got the most beautiful man in creation, and you know I love it when we walk into a place and all eyes focus on you."

"They focus on us, Randy, the two of us. But that's not the point. Look, I know how you are with a guy like this Ranger. It's always a challenge for you - to prove you're top dog. Well if this is a pissing contest between the two of you I don't want to end up in the middle of it. This Pete has boasted about his drinking buddies and all the girls he's fucked, and I don't wanna be the trophy you parade in front of him."

There was a sullen silence between them - and then Randy grinned the grin that always made Bob melt. "OK, buddy, guilty as charged. You always could read my mind, and yeah, sure I wanted to show you off to this arrogant stud - show him the gorgeous man I'm in love with." He could see Bob was wavering. "Aw, come on buddy. Say yes and I'll fuck you tonight."

"I thought you were gonna do that anyway ..... 'even if you have to tie me down,' you said.

"Yeah, well I'll tie you down and fuck you real extra special good, eh?"

"Randy you are the dumbest, most transparent, most incredibly sexy man I've ever met. OK, but we have to leave tomorrow. First I wanna see if Jamie hires Brandon and, if he does, I'll want to leave them alone in the office for the first couple of days, not interfere, let them get used to each other. So I could take a few days off and ... well," he said airily, "if it has to be with you I guess I can put up with it"

"Asshole," Randy grinned. "God I wanna fuck you."

"Hold that thought big guy," Bob said. "Here comes Jamie - to talk about Brandon, no doubt."


The new boy Brandon was currently sitting in his wheelchair surrounded by the other boys, basking in the warmth of their welcome. His first tumultuous day with the tribe had culminated in his getting fucked for the first time in his life - and by the King of the Gypsies no less - Randy himself.

Brandon longed to be accepted as a member of this extraordinary group and he knew that being fucked by the boss would the ultimate seal of approval. Plus, the gypsy construction boss was a total muscle-god, a homoerotic icon dripping with macho sexuality. From the moment Brandon had seen him he fantasized about what it would be like to feel his cock in his ass. And now he knew.

When it was over Randy had cradled him in his arms and smiled down at him. "That was your baptism, kiddo. Welcome to the tribe. Guys," he shouted to the assembled men and boys, "say hi to Brandon, the new addition to our family." The lusty chorus had rung out. "Hi Brandon."

But there was one more piece of business to settle, which is why Jamie was now talking to Bob. Bob had earlier learned from Brandon that he had taken a Community College course in bookkeeping ("something I can do sitting down," he had laughed), and Bob had suggested that Jamie should interview the boy for the job of his office assistant.

"Now there's no pressure," Bob was saying to Jamie now. "You don't have to hire him just because he's such a hit with everyone - and not just because he's in a wheelchair."

Jamie bristled. "Sir, I have a shit load of work and I need an assistant who can help me out. If Brandon is qualified I'll hire him - if he's not I won't. The wheelchair has nothing to do with it. Leaping around the office is not part of the job description. All he needs to use is his brain and his fingers."

Bob smiled and ruffled Jamie's hair. "Well said, Jamie. I suppose you want to interview him upstairs in the office. I, er ....."

"No problem there," interjected Randy. "Hey, Brandon, get your ass over here, kid, and follow me." Brandon broke away from the crowd and wheeled himself after Randy to the foot of the stairs to the office. Jamie led the way and the boss, facing Brandon, effortlessly picked up his wheelchair with the boy in it. He grinned, "With all the muscle in this house who needs elevators?"

As they mounted the stairs Brandon stared at his hero's bare torso, muscles rippling in his chest and shoulders, his steel blue eyes grinning down at him. Brandon felt no hint of embarrassment at needing help - not with this man, the man who had changed his world by being the first ever to fuck him. In the office Randy gently lowered the wheelchair to the floor and said, "OK, I'll leave you two kids alone to do your talking."

As he went down the stairs he heard Jamie's voice behind him - "OK, Brandon, why don't you sit at my computer and we'll see if you're familiar with the programs I use."

Randy came back and sat down next to Bob who was fidgeting nervously. "Maybe I was wrong to suggest this. If it doesn't work out it's gonna be such a let-down."

"Hey, don't beat yourself up buddy. I've never known your instincts to be wrong" - he grinned - "especially your instincts about me. You're still here with me, eh, buddy, even though I've often treated you like shit." Bob smiled, and just then they heard a peal of laughter coming from upstairs. "Good sign, don't you think?" Bob said apprehensively.

The interview lasted quite a while, but finally the boys reappeared. Jamie had eased Brandon and his chair down the stairs one bumpy step at a time and now they came straight over to Bob. "This is it," Bob murmured. The boys faced him and Jamie spoke quite formally. "Sir, I would like your authorization to hire Brandon as my office assistant. He is familiar with the software and procedures I use and even made a few useful suggestions as to how we could tweak the programs. Plus we get along very well. So all I need now, sir, is your OK."

Bob laughed with relief. "Well you had that, Jamie, right after I spoke to Brandon in his house yesterday. I sensed he might be the right guy. Congratulations, Brandon, I know you'll do a great job. And if you have any problems that Jamie can't solve you come to me."

"Thank you, sir," Brandon beamed. "You don't know what this means to me. I've always wanted a job - to feel useful, something I can be proud of - and working with Jamie will be totally...." His voice faded and he blushed deeply.

Bob smiled knowingly. "Yeah, well business before pleasure, eh kid? Though if there's a little pleasure thrown in too I'm not against that - far from it. Hell, whenever I go to Randy's office on the construction site he usually locks the door and ....." Now it was his turn to blush.

Randy grinned at him, then got back to business. "And don't worry about those damn stairs. As they say, if the boy can't get to the mountain the mountain will have to come to the boy. Bob, I've been thinking for a long time that it's fucking crazy that our firm's business is all run out of your home office, with just you and Jamie. No wonder you're overworked.

"What I'm planning is to convert those sheds over there to a proper business office with four work stations, small kitchen, restroom, the works. I'll even put a sign over the door. There'll be a couple of steps and I can put in a ramp, though watching Brandon do those wheelies in his chair earlier I don't think a couple of steps would defeat you, eh kid?"

He pulled Brandon aside and said quietly, "Now listen, kid, you're one of my boys now so you come straight to me if you have a problem or anyone tries to hurt you. Any guy who lays a finger on any of my boys answers to me - and that ain't pretty." Brandon blinked behind his glasses feeling safer than he ever had in his life. Randy grinned. "OK, now go on and enjoy your birthday. I got stuff to discuss with my man here."

Jamie shouted, "Hey, guys, listen up. I want you all to meet our new office assistant." Eddie jumped up and down cheering wildly and the others followed his lead. Pablo shook his hand formally, ever the 'senior boy', and said, "Welcome aboard, Brandon. I assume you're staying the weekend..."

"Sure he is," said Ben. "He's sleeping with Eddie and me." Brandon grinned in surprise as Pablo said, "Good, so tomorrow morning, kiddo, I'm taking you to the gym downstairs for your first session - get working on those abs of yours - you'll have a six-pack in no time."

"Thanks, Pablo, that would be awesome. I've always wanted ...." But he didn't get to finish as they all wanted a piece of him. The twins grabbed him and said, "We're gonna make a start on dinner now so if you'd like to come and help later we'll show you how to cook."

"Thanks guys, I would love..." But he was dragged away by Darius who spoke confidentially with his exaggerated sense of the dramatic. "Now listen, dude. You remember how Mark told you that he once got tied up and whipped by a leather-master - Zack to be precise - and you wished there was a video of it. Well there is, and I've got it. I can give you a private screening right now - you, Eddie and Ben. And if you've got any jism left in your cock....."

"'Course he does," Eddie said. "Him and me, we're the original gushers. Come on, dude, let's go. That video is intense." The four of them disappeared and soon Brandon was watching the video of Mark and Zack that totally blew him away. There was a whole lot of gushing going on.


Breakfast next morning, Sunday, was a raucous affair with Brandon helping in the kitchen and wheeling out tray after tray of food on his lap. In the din of discordant voices Bob and Randy exchanged knowing smiles. In their minds they were already out of here, lounging together on the small beach by the lake. Bob had a quiet word with Mark before they left. "You be OK in charge of this rabble today, Mark?"

"Sure, buddy, no sweat. These guys'll be therapy for me - take my mind off the grind of patrolling the streets of L.A. And I've always got my boy Jamie if things get too boisterous. Besides, it's time you and Randy got away together for a few days. Careful of that Ranger guy, though. You know how Randy can be proving he's the alpha male to another top man. Wouldn't like to think of you getting caught in the middle."

"Thanks for the advice, Mark. I've already had that discussion with him but with Randy you never know. We gotta hit the road now. You gonna be here when we get back?"

"Ready and waiting," Mark said with a rueful smile. They gazed into each other's eyes and embraced with a long, passionate kiss, which would have gone on longer but for Randy's deep voice. "Hey, get a room you guys .... On second thought don't, you'll be there all day and we've gotta get this fucking show on the road. Don't worry, officer, I'll bring him back safe and sound. Then maybe you can get a room. Maybe......"


Half an hour later Randy's truck was barreling up Angeles Crest Highway with the rowboat and all their gear stowed in the back, along with enough food to withstand a siege, thanks to the twins. They had driven in silence so far, which was not unusual as they could by now read each other's minds and moods. Both of them had stiff dicks in their shorts, which was also not unusual when they were together. But Bob sensed that his friend was brooding and at last Randy spoke up without any preamble, "So this thing you've got going with Mark...."

Bob turned to him and silenced him with a flash of his eyes. He was the only man who could shut Randy up with a glance - the only man who could shut him up at all, actually. Bob was pissed, though, as they'd been over this subject again and again ever since Mark had come into the house, and Randy had made his feelings on the subject clear right from the start by beating up both Bob and Mark - back when Randy was more caveman than lover.

Another silence followed, broken by Bob this time. "So this thing you've got going with Pete."

"Asshole," Randy grinned. "I don't have any 'thing' going on. It's just that when he showed up last time he came on like gangbusters, a fucking homophobic dickhead threatening to arrest our boys for sucking dick in public, thought there was no 'public' there if you don't count Billy. And that dog has seen enough blowjobs to last a lifetime, especially in dog years."

"Anyhow, I had to fuck the guy in the ass - it was the only thing to do with a jerk like that, especially one who kept boasting about how the girls lined up to get fucked by him and he got laid every night. I could believe it too, he's a handsome son-of-a-bitch, built like a brick shithouse. But, fuck man, when a guy comes on with that macho power-stud shit what's a guy like me to do but fuck him up the ass? It was his first time, of course, and he loved it. That's why he's coming back for more."

Bob chuckled to himself, and his cock stiffened even harder. The man was incredible - no hint of vanity, no boasting, just describing what a man like him has to do when confronted by a macho, homophobic prick - fuck him up the ass. And Randy could do it - to anyone. Bob glanced over at the dark gypsy face with the stubbled lantern jaw, strong cheek bones, long black hair falling over his brow and his steel-blue eyes focused on the road. "God I love you, man," Bob said.

Without taking his eyes off the road Randy grinned to himself, all his insecurity about Mark forgotten.


When they arrived at the lake they did what they had done that first time - raced down to the water, stripping naked as they ran. They plunged into the mirror-calm lake and swam out with strong, evenly-matched strokes. When they stopped they trod water gazing at each other, their heavy breathing caused not only by physical exertion but by the carnal desire that flashed between them.

They clamped their arms round each other in a tight bear hug, their lips meeting in a passionate embrace. Their mouths were sealed together and Randy dragged Bob under water where they shared the same breath back and forth. It was a kiss of life, two intertwined bodies rolling over under water, sustaining each other.

Finally they broke the surface, both with raging hard-ons as they trod water again. Randy had that gleam in his blue eyes that Bob knew meant only one thing. He felt himself being turned round, felt muscular arms clamp round his chest from behind, felt the tip of the iron-hard rod slide in between the cheeks of his ass. "You want it, man?" Randy teased.

"You know I do ..... I always do ..... fuck me, Randy. Fuck my ass.... Aaah...." He sighed deeply as he felt the familiar sensation of his lover's cock filling his ass. Keeping them afloat by kicking his legs underwater Randy grabbed Bob's hips and pulled him back onto his cock repeatedly, slowly at first but with increasing intensity. The sexual pressure had been building on the long drive up here sitting beside each other in the truck with big erections, and it didn't take long for the pressure to explode.

Randy moved his hands higher and squeezed Bob's nipples under the surface and that did it. "Oh shit, man, you're gonna make me cum." Randy licked the back of his neck ... "Me too, buddy. Let's do it." From the shore all that was visible were two heads bobbing in the middle of the lake, but under water Randy was blasting a load of cum in his lover's ass and Bob's cock released streams of juice that floated up and spread over the surface.

Their shouts of joy became howls of laughter as Randy said, "Hey, buddy, what you doing, feeding your jizz to the fishes?"

"Yeah," Bob laughed. "Excellent source of protein for them. You better start fishing. By the time we eat these fish they'll be health food."

Randy slid out of Bob's ass and they struck out for the shore. In a short while they had unloaded the rowboat and all their gear and were stretched out on the sand drinking beer and talking family.

"So," Randy said, "looks like we got a new addition to the group. I like the kid - he's got guts. Plus," he grinned, "he was smart enough to choose me as the first guy to fuck him. You always remember your first, you know."

"Tell me about it," said Bob, smiling at the man who had changed his life forever. "You're right, Brandon will fit in well. Hard not to feel sympathy for him, though that's the last thing he wants. It's great how the boys get that. They don't pay any attention to the wheelchair, except as a plaything for popping a wheelie. Darius is the current champ, I hear."

There was a silence as they reflected on the last two days and the realization that, as a couple, they were now leaders of a group of men and boys who looked to them for guidance. Bob's mind wandered back to the start of it all - the bar, the motel, and their trip up to this very place and especially the nearby clearing in the woods .... the site of first fucks for both of them. "No," he murmured, "you never forget your first."

Randy read his mind. "You wanna go for a walk don't you?"

"My pilgrimage, yeah. You don't mind?"

"'Course not - and at least I know you'll be thinking of me," he chuckled. "I gotta go catch some fish anyway. I'm hungry for some of that 'health food'." He stood up and squeezed Bob's shoulder as he walked over to the rowboat. Funny, Bob thought, how even a light touch of the shoulder from Randy could make his dick hard.

Randy pushed the boat out, jumped in and rowed strongly to the middle of the lake where he cast his lines. He lay back in the boat, hands linked behind his head as he looked up at the pale blue sky, the same color as his eyes. He had never felt happier in his life.

As his thoughts wandered the image of the Ranger, Pete, crossed his mind. Strange guy, he thought - a hot stud, real Alpha Male - but confused. He had heard the term 'questioning' used to describe some guys and that seemed to fit Pete real well. Wonder if he'll show up? He knows we'll be here. Nah, probably not - he'll chicken out. Ah well, he had Bob and that's all he needed. His eyes drooped and soon he was asleep, dreaming of his lover.


Bob had pulled on an old pair of swim shorts and sneakers and was walking through the dense undergrowth of the forest, pushing aside branches that reached out as if trying to stroke his near naked body. And then suddenly there it was - the clearing - and memories flooded back as he looked around.

That first day here had been tumultuous, and not only for the savage treatment they had subjected each other to. The sultry summer weather had finally broken in a major thunderstorm, the kind that sometimes hit Southern California when the heat gets oppressive.

Today the sky was clear and the sun streamed through the trees, but Bob's thoughts went back to the driving rain and the image of Randy tied between two trees. In a surge of guilt at the way he had treated Bob, Randy had needed to be absolved by receiving the same treatment from Bob. It had ended in the life-changing experience of Bob fucking a guy and Randy getting fucked - both for the first time in their lives.

Bob reached down and stroked the growing bulge in his shorts as he recalled macho gypsy's voice, "Fuck me, man ... fuck my ass ... I need it bad ...."

But then the tables had been turned and it was Bob tied helpless to the tree. In a confused rage Randy had left him there, alone in the driving rain. Bob now pulled his dick out of his shorts and stroked it slowly, remembering the sensation of straining in bondage, calling desperately for Randy to come back. The graphic memory made him pump his cock harder, careful not to shoot his load until he reached the end of the story.

It was the lightning and the danger to Bob, tied to a tree, that made Randy return in a panic, realizing finally that he was totally in love with the man. As Bob remembered his relief at seeing the naked wildman burst through the trees he almost shot his load. But he held back, recalling how their mutual anger had next found expression in a fight where both of them had rolled naked in the mud in the pouring rain.

He saw again the two muscular bodies fighting for dominance, limbs intertwined as they splashed in the mud. In their frenzy they were unaware that the intense physical struggle had caused their cocks to stiffen into huge erections. The brutal fight slowly evolved into an erotic writhing where each man became aware of the magnificent body gripping him. Finally Randy was able to flip Bob onto his back and pin him to the ground by his wrists, his arms stretched upward in the mud.

Bob remembered it all vividly - how Randy had finally discovered the ultimate way to show his passion for Bob. He fucked him. The memories were so intense and Bob had been pounding his cock so hard all this time, that he now had to cum. He dropped his shorts and walked over to the tree. He reached up and clutched a branch with one hand, stroking his rigid cock with the other. His muscles rippled as his body was stretched to the limit, his feet barely touching the ground.

Again he imagined the naked gypsy bursting through the trees and he said out loud, "Man, I love you .... I need your cock in my ass .... please ... I've never been fucked before.... but I need it now." In a convulsion of lust he pulled himself up so his feet left the ground and his magnificent body swung naked in the air, arms, shoulders, chest bulging under the strain. It was a naked Superman hanging by one arm, beating his meat to get release from the pain.

It was a stunningly erotic sight for the eyes watching from deep in the trees.

His body was writhing, his legs thrashing in the air as he reached his climax. "Aaah, I can feel your cock in my ass .... god it feels great .... do it harder, man .... harder .... hurt me, man, rip me open ..... aaah, I can feel your juice in my ass .... I love you, man ... I'm gonna cum.... Yeah!" His scream echoed through the woods and a long plume of white juice blasted from his cock and shot across the clearing, followed by another and another until the muscular body finally stopped heaving and hung limply from the branch.

He let his hand slip from the branch, his feet touched the ground and he slumped back against the tree, head thrown back, eyes sparkling.

Suddenly ... "Aaagh." This time it was not Bob. The muffled shout came from the trees. Someone had been watching.


"Who's there? Is that you, Randy?"

The leaves parted and the tall figure stepped forward - blond, ruggedly handsome with an obviously well-toned, lean body under his Forest Ranger uniform - dark green pants, black boots, and a short-sleeved pale gray shirt which was open to the waist exposing the white tank underneath stretched over a muscular chest.

The Ranger stood rooted to the spot, gazing at the beautiful naked man leaning against the tree, muscles gleaming under the dappled sunlight, chest still heaving, his long cock swinging between his legs still dripping cum. As Bob gazed at the newcomer one feature he couldn't miss was the big wet stain spreading over the bulge in his pants and down his leg.

From Randy's description it had to be him. "Hey, man .... are you Pete? Good to meet you .... the name's Bob. He reached out and the dazed Ranger shook his hand, but both their hands were slick with semen so it was a sticky handshake. Pete blushed but Bob, always supremely confident, chuckled with no hint of embarrassment. "Sorry about that, man. I was just reminiscing about stuff me and my buddy did when we first came up here. Oh, that's right, you know him of course - big brawny gypsy guy - Randy. You met him a few weeks ago."

Pete inhaled sharply and instinctively turned away, feeling his cock jolt in his pants. So this was the guy ... the guy Randy had talked about ... his ... what did they call it, his partner? This is the man he lived with, slept with and .... Pete's cock jolted again as he flashed on what it must look like when these two men .... well .... fucked. He recalled Bob's words of a few minutes ago that had made him bust a load and ... godammit, his cock was getting hard again already.

"Did you see it all?" Bob asked genially. Pete blushed deeper. "I'm sorry, man, I was on my way to the lake and ... I mean ... I didn't intend to ... should've left but it looked so .... Oh God."

Bob laughed, amused by this big macho stud stammering in confusion. "Hey, no sweat, man. It's great to have an audience. Sometimes I even do it in front of a mirror, something Randy taught me. If he's not around I jack off thinking about him ... I mean, he's such an incredible fuck. Oh, that's right, I forgot, you know that too, don't you?"

Pete's embarrassment was complete and he half turned away. "Look, maybe this wasn't such a great idea. I mean I just happened to be passing is all ... but I think I should leave."

"The hell you will," Bob grinned. "We just met and if you left now it would be .... well, just plain bad manners." He bent down to put on his shorts and found himself staring at the wet patch at Pete's crotch. "Besides," he said, without looking up. "You have to let that dry off first."

He straightened up, their eyes met .... and they burst out laughing. "Come on, chief, let's go see if Randy has caught any fish."


Bob was good at putting guys at their ease. His relaxed, soft-spoken demeanor helped and, after all, it was part of his job. Mostly he was a good listener and as he and Pete walked back through the forest Bob asked questions about the Ranger's job. Pete relaxed to the point of enthusiasm, though Bob sensed that as they came to the beach he tensed - presumably at the thought of meeting Randy again, the man who had cast such a spell on him last time.

After that first time Pete had tried to put Randy out of his mind, throwing himself into work and sex, getting laid every night with a succession of girls. But the image of the blue-eyed gypsy kept tormenting him, beckoning him back like a drug habit he couldn't quit.

He recalled how Randy had surprised him by first sucking his cock, making him cum in his mouth. But soon Pete had been staked to the ground on his back and the powerful construction worker had fucked his ass. Seduced by Randy the macho Ranger had had his cock sucked and his ass fucked by a guy for the first time in his life. The memories had haunted him ever since until he eventually found himself dialing Randy's number and hearing his cheerful voice.

Knowing he would be here Pete told himself he would patrol near the lake and if he happened to come across him, well ..... But that was bullshit and he knew it as he felt his heart pounding the closer he got. And then he had stumbled across one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen - this gorgeous muscle-god hanging naked from a tree and begging out loud to get fucked.

So now it was with a sense that he was getting in deeper than he ever intended that Pete braced himself for his reunion with Randy. He was relieved that it didn't happen right away. Randy was still out on the lake and, standing at the water's edge, Bob waved his arms and yelled loudly, "Hey, Randy - we're back!"

'We're back? ... we?' Randy looked up from his fishing line and saw two figures standing on the shore - Bob and the tall figure of the Ranger. "We!" His hackles rose like a dog smelling danger. "What the fuck....?" He grabbed the oars and pulled on them, but he was so fired with anger and adrenaline that he forgot his own strength. Attempting to turn the prow to the shore he pulled so ferociously on one oar that it cracked. "Shit damn." He pulled the oar in, inspected it, and knew that any more use would snap it completely. "Shit damn."

Only one thing for it. He stowed the oars, picked up his shorts from the floor of the boat and threw them round his neck. He slipped over the side, grabbed the mooring rope at the prow and tied it round his waist. Then he struck out for the shore, keeping his eyes focused on the two figures standing there together. Together!

This is not the way it was meant to be. He wanted to introduce Bob to Pete, to show him off, flaunt him, show the Ranger that he had someone extraordinary that Pete could never have, no matter how much he wanted him. And he knew he would want him. What had the two of them been doing? He knew Bob had gone to the clearing as he always did to feel its vibrations and jack off picturing that first time. Had he included Pete this time? Shit damn!

Driven by anger and frustration Randy swam more powerfully than ever, towing the boat so fast that it left a wake behind it, while Bob and Pete watched from the shore. When Randy felt his feet touch bottom he stood chest deep in the water, untied the rope from his waist and slung it over his shoulder. He waded through the water toward the beach, shorts round his neck, muscles rippling as he towed the boat behind him.

The midday sun streaming down on the lake made the surface glitter. Every drop of water that fell from the boat and the rope sparkled, and it was from this kaleidoscope of light that Randy emerged. He was magnificent. His naked body was slowly revealed from the chest down as he strode into shallower water, his rippling muscles streaming with water that glistened in the sun, giving him an almost supernatural appearance, so dazzling the men shielded their eyes.

Soon he was splashing through the shallow water, his cock swinging between his legs. His chest was heaving, his eyes gleaming with exertion and, it seemed, with anger, though Bob could also see fear in the mix too. He knew exactly what Randy was feeling and stepped forward to diffuse the situation. He helped him pull the boat up the beach and said, "What happened, buddy?"

"Oar cracked," Randy said tersely. "I've got spares in the truck. Hey come here, man. I missed you." He pulled Bob into his arms, crushing him and pressing their mouths together in a long voracious kiss, their lips grinding against each other's, their tongues probing. Bob loved feeling Randy's savage bear hugs but knew that this time something more was going on. Randy was putting on a show of exaggerated greeting, claiming ownership of him for the benefit of his presumptive rival.

Bob knew he had to clear the air. He pulled away and laughed, "So was my face red! There I was in the clearing, on my usual pilgrimage, imagining myself tied up and getting my ass fucked by you, begging for more while I jacked off all over the place. Little did I know that Pete happened to be passing and saw me from in the tress - and that was the result." He pointed to the still-wet stain on the Ranger's pants. "And that's all there was too it," Bob said pointedly, staring defiantly at Randy.

"Hey, man," Randy said to Pete as if he had just noticed him. "Good to see you again." Then he abruptly turned back to Bob. "And all that time there I was out there fishing, dozing off and dreaming of you, big guy - of the way I took you straight out into the lake as soon as we got here and fucked your ass underwater. God that was hot. You're my man, buddy, that's for sure. Any guy wants you he has to come through me."

As if that blatant warning was not enough there was an urgency, an insistence in Randy's voice that was out of place in this peaceful setting and it didn't fool Bob, or Pete for that matter. Randy was virtually ignoring Pete while his greeting of Bob had been way over the top. With his mention of the underwater fuck the boss was clearly emphasizing to Pete that this gorgeous man was his, and beware anyone who challenged that notion.

Pete felt diminished, as if Randy, having fucked him once, had lost interest in him. He even felt jealous of Bob who undoubtedly was about to get his ass fucked again as a demonstration of Randy's dominance.

But all his time living with Bob had taught Randy the caveman a degree of subtlety, which he put to use in his mind-fucks of guys. He knew that right now he could prove his mastery of Bob by simply throwing him on the ground and fucking the shit out of him. But there was a better way than that and he said, "So I was thinking, buddy. After I ploughed your ass like that I figured you'd wanna get your own back. You up for that?"

So that was it, Bob thought. God the man was good. Fucking Bob would have been too easy, too obvious. No, he would prove his macho dominance in a way no other man could have - not by fucking his man's ass but by telling his man to fuck him. And Randy was such a total Alpha Male, so obviously a top man, that it all seemed quite natural.

As the idea sunk in Pete was more in awe of Randy than ever. Last time he had been fucked by him, and now he was going to see the muscle-god get his own ass ploughed. When Pete had seen the naked Superman in the clearing he knew instinctively that he wanted Bob to fuck him just as Randy had. But once again Randy had won. He was to have the pleasure of this gorgeous man's dick in his ass.

Losing no time Randy turned to face two side-by-side tress. Leaning forward he reached up and braced himself with a hand on each tree. Pete was mesmerized by the sight of the rugged gypsy, his wet shorts still round his neck, his naked body stretched upward, still running with water, muscles rippling, his ass arched up, offering itself to his lover.

Bob smiled good naturedly at Pete and shrugged as if to say, "This is what he wants - and he always gets what he wants." Pete felt sweat trickling down inside his shirt and he pulled it off. Bob grinned and nodded appreciatively as he saw the Ranger standing in his uniform pants, boots and his white tank top, his muscular body outlined under the thin, wet cotton.

"What are you waiting for, man? Come on, fuck my ass." Randy's deep growl snapped Bob's attention back to him. Bob sank to his knees behind him, put his hands on the solid cheeks of Randy's ass and pulled them apart. He buried his face between them and licked the warm hole, pushing his tongue through the thicket of black air and into the musky taste of his ass.

Pete inhaled sharply, holding back his orgasm as he saw the muscle-god on his knees, eating out the construction worker's ass. Pete ripped open his pants and pulled out his rigid cock, stroking it slowly, careful not to cum ... he wanted this to last. He watched as Bob got to his feet, grabbed Randy's hips and said softly, "Tell me what you want, man."

Randy's deep voice replied, "I want your dick in my ass .... I want you to plough my ass."

Pete held his breath as he saw Bob press his long rod between the mounds of the gypsy's ass. He could hardly believe that the shaft was pushing steadily, inch-by-inch into the ass of this dominant top man. He heard Randy moan, "Come on, man. Show me what you got. Pound your master's ass, stud."

Bob knew what Randy wanted, as much for his own enjoyment as to arouse the lust of the man watching in awe. So Bob quickly accelerated the pace until his cock became a ramrod, driving hard into his lover's ass. Pete was dazzled by the sight of the two beautiful men, the dark superman fucking the ass of the gypsy. In a trance he walked round the trees and came face to face with Randy braced against them, his body writhing in pain and ecstasy as his lover's cock pistoned inside him.

The handsome stubbled face was thrashing from side to side, but suddenly the blue eyes opened and stared at Pete. "This what you want, big guy? You wanna feel that gorgeous man's dick pounding your ass like this? Or you wanna tie me up and fuck me like Bob's doing?"

Hypnotized by the laser-blue eyes and the gravelly voice Pete reached up and ran his hands over Randy's heaving chest then rolled his nipples in his fingers. "Oh yeah, man, that's it, punish my tits, hurt them." Pete applied all his strength as Randy moaned loudly and tears came to his eyes.

Pete yanked his hands off hard, making Randy howl, then leaned forward and licked his chest, running his tongue up the hairy cleft between his bulging pecs. He licked his nipples, then bit them, and almost busted his load as he heard Randy scream in pain. Desperate not to cum he pulled away and stared at the writhing face - at the electric blue eyes, tears running from them down his cheeks to the darkly stubbled jaw, long black hair flying over his brow.

Drawn to his face, spellbound by it, the Ranger clamped his hands behind Randy's head and kissed the mouth savagely, their tongues probing frantically. He forgot to breath, felt himself suffocating and pulled back. In a daze he saw another face, Bob's, resting on Randy's shoulder, jerking with the motion of fucking his ass. It was breathtaking and in seconds the Ranger was leaning toward Bob and kissing him, kissing the man he had seen naked in the clearing, the man who had made him cream his pants.

He ran his tongue over Bob's lips, over his cheeks, his eyes. He was drowning, wanted to drown, but he heard Randy's voice. "Incredible, ain't he?" Pete reluctantly pulled away from Bob and faced Randy again, blushing deeply as if he had been caught out. "Don't worry, stud, everyone falls in love with Bob. Shit his cock feels good in my ass. Harder, man," he said over his shoulder. "Make me shoot."

He looked back at Pete, moved one hand from the tree to Pete's wet tank and ripped it off his chest, letting the shreds hang round his waist. "That's better," he growled. "Stripped for action. Hey, you ever suck dick, man? Ever drink a man's jizz?"

Pete recoiled. "Hell no. Of course not."

Randy's eyes flashed. "Well that's about to change, big guy. You're gonna swallow my dick while my lover shoots his load in my ass? Bob would get off on that .... you wanna please him don't you?"

"Yes, sir," Pete said, completely under his spell.

Slowly he sank to his knees, dragging his hands down Randy's chest, his abs, his waist until he found himself staring at the huge club, rock hard and dripping pre-cum. A flash of revulsion convulsed him and he turned his head away ... no way could he do this. But he had to .... he had to be part of these glorious men making love.

He turned his head back and slowly the thick cock became not an object of revulsion but of desire. He licked the head, tasting the salty tang of pre-cum and felt his own cock shudder. He was lost .... he needed more than anything to feel the gypsy's cock in his mouth. He opened his mouth wide, pushed forward and felt the cock filling his mouth, pumping back and forth as Randy's ass got fucked from behind.

He could hear both men grunting, moaning in ecstasy as one superstud fucked the ass of the other, pushing him forward so the massive cock drove deeper and deeper into Pete's mouth. His initial feeling of panic faded as he instinctively breathed through his nose and he felt pre-cum coating the back of his throat. His face was buried in the sweat-soaked, wiry tangle of Randy's black pubic hair and he inhaled deeply, intoxicated by the smell of Randy's crotch.

He grabbed Randy's hips, then reached round to the mounds of his ass, and then .... he gasped as he touched Bob's rod pounding between the cheeks. He circled his thumb and finger round it while it pistoned into Randy's ass. He did the same with his other hand round Randy's cock driving into his mouth. He was lost in a world of man-sex and lust, touching one cock as it pounded ass and another pounding his face.

He felt joined to these two glorious men, participating in their sexual passions as the fuck became ferocious and he heard Randy yell, "I'm gonna shoot ..... fuck my ass, man .... Fuck my cock. You're making me cum .... I love you, man .... aaagh!!' Bob echoed him. "I'm cumming man .... Now...!"

Pete felt Randy's cock slam into the back of his throat and explode, pouring hot semen into him making him gag, choke, so he was forced to swallow in big gulps, drowning in the bitter-sweet taste of another man's semen for the first time in his life. In his delirium he was confused who was cumming inside him - Randy or Bob, maybe both. The words rang in his ears - "Fuck my ass, fuck my cock ... I love you man...." His mind was racing. All he knew was that he was drinking a man's semen, swallowing it, loving it.

He screamed into the gag of the massive shaft as his own cock erupted in an orgasm more powerful than any he had felt in his life. His juice poured down onto Randy's legs and bare feet and he pressed his sobbing face into Randy's sweaty crotch.

When their cocks had drained at last he felt the thick rod pull out of his mouth and he fell forward onto Randy's feet, soaked with his own cum. The husky, macho Ranger was sobbing uncontrollably, overwhelmed by a mix of confusion, guilt, revulsion, desire, but most of all the exhilaration of being with these men, intoxicated by their smell, their taste. He was spinning out of control when suddenly two hands gipped his face. He opened his tear-stained eyes and found himself looking into the smiling brown eyes of Bob.

"Awesome, man," Bob said gently. "You were phenomenal." He pulled Pete's face toward him and kissed him, sucking from his mouth the semen that Randy had gushed into it. "Tastes good, eh?" Bob said as he pulled away. "Come on, help me out here. Seconds later both men were side by side on their stomachs licking cum from Randy's legs and feet while the naked gypsy towered over them, arms folded across his chest, a triumphant smile on his face.


When at last they were on their feet and their breathing had subsided, Bob smiled at Pete. "Hey, man, you probably have plans for the evening with your drinking buddies, but if not you're welcome to spend the night here with us. We'd both like that."

"Nah," Pete said in an immediate reflex. "Thanks, Bob, but I am meeting up with the guys and .... and well .... that's kind of it...."

"Sure, I understand" Bob said with a shrug. "Just thought I'd ask." He grinned. "It's our loss."

He busied himself shaking out towels and blankets and hanging them over a high branch to dry out. As he stretched upward with his back to them his broad shoulders and muscled arms flexed, his lats tapered down to his slim waist and then, at the tan line, the white cheeks of his ass rose up in perfectly rounded globes.

Pete gulped and Randy said, "Now that is the most beautiful ass in the whole damn world. Most of the time I walk around all day with a hard-on just thinking about fucking it. Like I said, any man wants that ass he has to come through me." He paused, then looked casually at Pete. "Sure you don't wanna change your mind, chief?"

The Ranger was dazzled watching Bob walk around the beach butt naked. "I, er ..... I suppose the guys could do without me for one night. I guess I could stay for a bite to eat, maybe a swim ... but if at any time I...."

"Yeah, yeah," Randy said, "you're free to leave whenever you like." He turned and fixed him with his piercing blue eyes. "But you won't wanna leave, man, I guarantee. See my aim is always to give pleasure to my man Bob, and this time my plans include you too, Pete ...."

Randy grinned in the direction of Bob's naked ass.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 226


Rob Williams



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