"What the fuck? Holy shit, I bet this fancy room has never seen action like this." It was Hassan, who had just come in with Jason and their boys, who were all staring in amazement at the scene in the disheveled room - Bob in his boxers, still holding his dripping cock, the twins lying naked beneath him, their faces and bodies smothered in jism.

The group of seven had only recently arrived in Chicago - Bob and the twins, Hassan and his boy Eddie, Jason and young Ben. The three-day trip had been suggested and arranged by Bob in an attempt to broaden the horizons of the boys, especially Ben and Eddie who had up to now lived a restricted life, coming from poverty and now (very happily) circumscribed by the activities of the tribe headed by Randy and Bob..

Bob wanted to clean them up a bit and teach them how to behave in five-star surroundings, so they had flown first class, then checked into a suite at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel. Hassan, Jason and their boys had gone out for a walk by Lake Michigan, and Bob had gone to a business meeting from which he returned early to find the twins, Kyle and Kevin, living out a fantasy of sibling rivalry - bondage, wrestling and fucking each other in the ass and face.

Bob had watched secretly, discreetly filming the whole erotic scene, and finally revealed himself and blown a wad all over his exhausted, naked boys. And that was the scene that met the astonished eyes of Hassan, Jason and their boys when they came in from their walk. But Bob was not at all fazed by their sudden appearance and faced them cheerfully with all the assurance of a supremely beautiful man.

"Hey, guys, you're back," he grinned broadly. "Have a good time? Sorry for the mess but the twins here have been kinda busy." Hassan and Jason roared with laughter and threw their arms round Bob, while Ben and Eddie fell on their knees beside the twins.

"Dudes," Eddie beamed, "you two look totally awesome."

The twins smiled and Kevin asked, "So how's Chicago?"

"Radical, dude," Ben said. "But listen, you'll never guess what we saw downstairs. You're not gonna believe it."

The twins propped themselves on their elbows and looked at them wide-eyed, speaking, as usual, in sequence. "So spill," Kyle said. "Spill the beans, dudes," Kevin urged.

"Well," Ben began breathlessly, "there was this ..... " But Eddie interrupted and flashed his mischievous grin. "No wait. Let them see for themselves later. They always know everything first 'cause they're Bob's boys, so a bit of suspense will do them good."

That's what Ben loved about Eddie, his sense of mischief, so he readily agreed, overriding the protests of the twins. And anyway, at that point Bob took charge. "Come on Kyle, Kevin. Let's jump in the shower then go for a jog by the lake - work up an appetite for dinner. These guys probably want to relax after their walk, make the most of this classy suite.

"Right, Bob,' Jason said, "but I'm not sure about the 'relax' part." Hassan agreed with a smile and addressed Eddie and Ben. "Yeah .... see, you guys, the thing is when you walked ahead of us by the lake, displaying those buns of yours, there was only one reason for that - trying to turn us on."

"Oh," Ben blushed, "how'd you guess sir?"

"Pretty obvious," Jason laughed. "When you shove your hands in your pockets and push them forward it stretches the shorts over the mounds of your ass. Hey, you're dealing with a pro here, kid. I know every trick in the book about showing off and getting attention."

"He's got you there, boys," Bob grinned. "I'd say you're in for it now, judging by the bulges in your masters' pants. Never forget the old saying - be careful what you wish for." Then to the twins, "Come on guys .... shower."

In a few minutes the twins were golden-fresh in clean T-shirts and shorts, and Bob was in jogging shorts and a white T-shirt. Bob looked at them approvingly. "OK, guys, let's hit the road pronto before I throw you back on the bed and ravish those gorgeous bodies." Then to the other men, "Back soon, guys, in time for drinks in the bar and then dinner in the restaurant. Don't forget, this is our dress-up night."

He left with the twins, and Hassan said to Eddie, "What say we lay claim to the extra room next door?" There was a connecting door from the suite and they found themselves in a spacious bedroom with a view of the lake.


Hassan, typically, had chosen the privacy of this adjoining room, in much the same way as he had chosen his quiet little house on the grounds of Steve and Lloyd's house. With his noisy work environment, surrounded by boisterous Marines, not to mention the attention he attracted in public because of his exotic beauty, he sought peace and quiet at home - especially when he was with his boy Eddie.

Eddie ran out onto the large balcony and looked down at the Lakeshore Trail far below, where they had walked a short while ago. "Hey, I think I can see them," he said. "Hey guys," he yelled, jumping up and down excitedly."

Hassan came up behind him and nuzzled his neck. "Don't think they can hear you, kiddo, from way down there. It's real private up here, screened off from neighbors, and from the ground no-one can see us 46 floors up - unless they have binoculars. So, it's just you and me, kiddo - the way I like it."

"Me too, sir," Eddie said, gazing in awe at the muscle-god Marine, still not quite able to believe that he was actually his boy.

Hassan smiled at his boy's innocent, wide-eyed expression. "You OK, Eddie, with all this? All this first-class stuff, I mean - fancy hotel, getting dressed up for dinner and all?"

"Oh yes, sir, it's real different - kinda fun. Only I'm a bit nervous, 'cause I want to make you proud of me, sir."

"Eddie." Hassan rested his hands on the boy's shoulders. "I love you and I'll always be proud of you - even if you drop your food on the floor." He grinned. "Just try not to throw it across the room. We're not at home now at that rough-house table by the pool."

Eddie giggled. "I'll try to remember that, sir." Then more seriously, "You know I'll do whatever you say, sir."

"Yeah, well now you mention it boy, like I said, you flaunting that ass walking in front of me was a real turn on. Feel this." He guided Eddie's hand down and pressed it against the huge bulge at his crotch. I know you know how to deal with that .... if you're ready."

"Well, sir, the major boner I have in my shorts pretty much answers that. 'Course, I always have one when I'm with you. Would you like one of my specials, sir?"

"Now you're talking, kid. But, hey, like I said, it's real private up here so let's do it right." He pulled off his T-shirts, kicked off his sneakers and dropped his shorts, and Eddie copied him. As they stood staring at each other on the balcony, butt naked, a stiff breeze blew off the lake, as it did so often in the Windy City. It made their flesh tingle but did nothing to diminish the big erections they were both sporting.

Hassan threw his shorts on the floor at his feet for Eddie to kneel on and he made the most of them, dropping to his knees and steadying himself by holding onto Hassan's muscled thighs. He looked up at the tall, naked Marine staring down at him, his swarthy, square features, broad shoulders, massive chest and ripped abs. The boy lowered his eyes to the stiff pole rising out of the nest of black pubic hair right in front of his face. Fancy surroundings or not, this was Eddie's area of expertise and he started in.

He cradled his master's balls in the palm of his hand and licked them all over, squeezing the scrotum to make the ball sac stretch tight and the balls bulge, more sensitive to the wet warmth of his tongue. He buried his face in the wiry pubic hair and inhaled deeply, relishing as always the bodily essence of the man he called master. He rubbed his cheeks against the soldier's cock, then looked up and said, "I love you, sir."

Then he went to work on the cock. He licked the bulbous head, pressed his lips against it and, keeping his lips pursed, pushed them tightly over the head and along the length of the shaft. There was no hint of hesitation as the cock slid into his mouth and down deep his throat. "Man," Hassan groaned, "that mouth of yours is incredible, boy. Damn, I love fucking your face."

He pulled his cock halfway out and put his hands behind Eddie's head while the boy reached round and grabbed the mounds of Hassan's ass. They both pulled so the mouth slid forward on the hard rod that plunged in even deeper and Eddie's face was buried in the damp tangle of black pubic hair.

They quickly established a rhythm and Eddie went to work, alternately clenching and relaxing his throat muscles, massaging the cock so expertly that it hardly had to move. It was getting fucked by the boy's mouth. Eddie was so excited by the taste and smell of the man he worshipped that his muscles instinctively relaxed even more, focused as he was on bringing pleasure to his master in the way he knew best.

Hassan gazed out at the expanse of the lake, glittering gold now as the sun sank lower, and he allowed himself to submit to the exquisite sensations burning in his cock and flaming up through his naked body. Then he gazed down at the sunlit, urchin face of the boy at his feet. "That's it, boy," he growled, "eat that soldier's big chunk of meat. Nobody makes me feel like this except you. I should keep you permanently tied to the bed so I can shove my prong in your mouth whenever I want."

That image sent Eddie's pulse racing and he became a wild young buck, pulling Hassan's body toward him, his cock ramming inside him like a piston. The boy knew every pulse and inflection of his master's cock and was aware when he was bringing him close to orgasm. Hassan's breathing was ragged when ..... suddenly he felt his cock spring free and Eddie gasped, "OK if I make you shoot, sir?" He was teasing him into an even greater frenzy of lust.

"Fuck yes," Hassan yelled frantically as he again felt the heat of Eddie's throat round his cock. "Eat that cock ....make me cum in your mouth, boy. Swallow your master's hot juice .... Here it comes, boy ..... aaagh!"

Eddie didn't spill a drop. He loved the bitter sweet-taste of the Marine's creamy jism pouring down his throat and he gulped in time to the jets basting from the cock. He knew what always came next. Hassan yanked his cock out of his mouth, pointed it straight at him and slammed the final blasts of his semen into his face.

Eddie was gasping, feeling as if he would drown in the cum that choked and half blinded him, when suddenly he felt himself lifted up by his armpits, felt a mouth close over his and the breath of life pump into him, then suck out the juice swirling in his mouth. The face pulled back and Hassan was staring at him in elation. "Damn, you're sensational, kid. You give great head, the best cocksucker on the planet. Here, now it's your turn."

He spun the dazzled Eddie round to face out over the balcony railing and, as the film of cum drained from his eyes, the boy saw the waters of the sun-kissed lake far below him and the turquoise sky meeting it at the distant horizon. "This is so awesome, sir," he said, proud of having pleased Hassan, still tasting his cum in his mouth, feeling his body behind him, his strong arms round his waist. Resting against the railing he leaned out, trusting Hassan to hold him safe as he thrust his arms up in a V as if he was on the prow of a ship and shouted, "Just like Leo DiCaprio in 'Titanic,' sir."

"I think we can go one better than Leo," Hassan grinned. Still holding him round the waist with one hand Hassan reached down over the railing and felt Eddie's cock standing out stiff through the bars. He grabbed it and stroked it, saying, "Feel my body against you, Eddie? Feel my cock against your ass. Tonight the big Marine is gonna tie you to the bed and fuck your face then your ass. He's gonna make you shoot one load after another - just like you're going to now. Come on, boy .... make me proud."

Eddie was ecstatic .... the sound of Hassan's deep voice in his ear, the fantasy he described, the feel of the soldier's cock against his ass and his hand pumping his cock ..... there could be only one response. Eddie screamed into the wind as his cock exploded in a long stream of cum that was carried by the wind far out from the balcony of the 46th floor.

As his cock pumped jism that floated slowly down to the city below Eddie again flung out his arms like Leo and yelled, "I'm the King of the World!"


Hassan spun Eddie round and threw his arms round him, laughing at the thought of his boy ejaculating over the balcony of a luxury hotel. "I think it's safe to say that's a first for this hotel, kiddo," he chuckled. As he began to calm down Eddie was a little more serious. "Sir, I suppose that a well-behaved young gentleman like I'm supposed to be would probably not bust his load over the hotel balcony."

Hassan roared with laughter again. "Eddie, you're my boy, you're Hassan's boy, so you can do whatever you damn-well want. Come on, let's hit the shower and then go join Jason and Ben. That's if they're not asleep."

Actually, although Jason and Ben preparing for bed, sleep was the farthest thing from their minds. While Hassan and Eddie were playing out their balcony scene for the world to see, Jason and Ben were playing it more privately in the second bedroom of the suite, the one not already mussed up by the twins. They were still hot from their brisk walk by the lake and Jason grinned as he stripped off his clothes, knowing that always gave his boy an instant hard-on.

Jason threw himself down on the bed, on his back with his hands linked behind his head, his elbows bent, biceps flexed and lats flared. Ben stared down at the glorious muscle-god with the handsome square-jawed face, gym-honed body tanned golden, and the boy's whole focus was how to please his master.

Jason was used to being worshipped but with this boy it was different. He had grown to love the wild young gypsy with the eager, shining eyes, and Jason too, more than anything, wanted to give Ben pleasure. For starters, he knew that just the sight of the gorgeous fireman lying there naked would stir the boy's lust and make his pulse race. Not much doubt of that as Ben fell to his knees by the bed and moaned, "You are so beautiful, sir, I feel like I want to eat you."

Jason grinned. "Go ahead, kid, do what you want to me .... I'm all yours." That was all Ben needed to hear .... and he began at Jason's feet. He kissed them, licked them, then moved slowly up over the sinewy thighs, the slim waist, washboard abs and chest, sucking in the trickles of sweat that ran down the cleft between the slabs of his chest. He kissed Jason's neck and licked his chin, his prominent cheek bones, his high forehead and finally kissed his eyes, to the sound of Jason's deep, satisfied sigh.

Then he stared down at him and said, "Sir, I love you like crazy - I'm proud to be your boy and I wanna thank you for bringing me on this trip. I wanna please you every way I can."

"So do it, Ben," Jason said softly. "Do it because I love you, kid. Use my body."

Ben's cock pulsed and he felt a new surge of adrenaline course through him. He dived down to Jason's crotched, licked his balls, then took his steel-hard cock deep into his mouth. Using all the tricks he had learned from Eddie Ben worked feverishly on his master's cock, bringing him to the point of orgasm and then abruptly pulling back, leaving Jason longing for more. "Ah, man, don't stop. You make me feel so damn good, boy. Don't stop."

Ben got off his knees and stood looking down at the naked fireman, who knew how to display his superb body for maximum erotic effect. Jason threw his arms up and grabbed the headboard, stretching his legs out so he was spread-eagled, offering his body to his boy. "I know what you need, sir," Ben said. "You need this...." He turned round and clenched the cheeks of his bubble butt.

Hearing his master's groan of anticipation Ben got onto the bed and stood astride him facing him. He bent his knees and slowly lowered himself down until he was kneeling, straddling Jason's waist. Jason was salivating as Ben said, "My ass belongs to you, sir." Slowly he let his ass sink lower until he felt the tip of Jason's cock ease in between his cheeks. His own cock jerked as he felt the fireman's rod press against his sphincter. He paused, teasing Jason, then lowered his ass onto his cock, feeling it slide inside him, deeper and deeper until he was sitting on the bush of pubic hair.

He rose off it, then sank down again, accelerating the rhythm as Jason moaned, "Yeah, fuck my dick. Ride it, boy, take it all the way up you. Shit that feels awesome." Lust for his master consumed Ben as he bounced up and down on the long shaft, taking it deeper than ever with no fear of hurt as he was in control. He leaned forward and squeezed Jason's nipples hard, mesmerized by the sight of the handsome blond head tossing from side to side in total euphoria.

Ben rode his master's cock for a long time, all the while working on his nipple with one hand while raising his other arm like a cowboy on a bucking stallion. Jason gazed up in amazement at the swarthy young gypsy riding him, until the pornographic image of the naked young buck whooping in triumph became too much. "I can't take any more, boy. Shit my cock's on fire. My tits .... you're killing them. I can't take it ..... aaagh..." His body bucked upward, he yelled .... and his cock erupted deep in Ben's ass. But Ben didn't stop.... he rode the long pole harder than ever, forcing more jism from Jason's cock until it was drained.

Then everything was still as Ben sat motionless on the cock, to the sound of heavy breathing of man and boy. They gazed at each other in awe until Jason broke the silence. "That was fucking spectacular, Ben. God, you're a hot young stud." He looked down at his chest and frowned. "But you didn't cum - you didn't get your rocks off."

"No, sir," Ben grinned. "I was saving it for this." With a sudden burst of renewed energy he pulled up off Jason's cock and leapt to his feet, towering over his master. There was mischief in his eyes as he took a step back, then fell to his knees again between Jason's spread legs. He pulled them up, hooked them over his shoulders, leaned forward and clamped his hands over Jason's upstretched biceps.

He smiled down at the startled fireman and said, "I was saving it for this." He thrust his hips forward and buried his raging cock deep in his master's ass. "No," Jason screamed, "I can't take it, boy. I just shot my load .... damn that hurts ..... damn that .... feels ...." His cries of protest faded into moans of pleasure as Ben eased his cock gently in and out of his ass. And Jason's cock stiffened again into the rigid shaft that had just been inside his boy.

But now it was different. Now it was the fervent young gypsy who was fucking the ass of the muscular fireman, pinning him to the bed as master submitted to boy. "Jesus," Jason moaned, "that feels incredible, boy. Come on, fuck you master's ass - bust your load inside him."

"Not until you do, sir."

"What? I just came in your ass, boy. I can't do it again .... I've got nothing left."

"That's not what your cock says, sir," Ben grinned, looking down at Jason's steel rod. "You'll cum when I do sir .... guaranteed."

He let go Jason's biceps and clamped his hands on his chest, twisting the already tender nipples in his fingers. "Aaagh...." Jason screamed and instinctively reciprocated, reaching up and squeezing Ben's tits hard. Ben howled and from then on it was a trial of strength as each took the other to his threshold of pain and Ben's cock became a jackhammer pounding the fireman's ass.

Jason had a higher pain threshold than Ben, who gave up first, yelling, "I submit, sir. You win, sir." Jason stopped instantly and Ben, too, dropped his hands. But despite the pain in his chest Ben wasn't quite finished. He grabbed Jason's cock and pumped it with both hands in time with the driving thrust of his cock in his ass.

Jason howled and flung his arms back up to the headboard, his magnificent body writhing, head thrashing from side to side, blond hair flying over his face. Ben had never seen his master look more beautiful - and that's all it took. "I'm cumming, sir ..... you're making me cum in your ass ......aaah," he sighed as he felt his balls bursting, cum racing up his cock and pouring into his master's ass.

Jason stared in disbelief at the wild young gypsy boy who had just fucked his macho ass and he yelled as his own cock erupted. Ben held Jason's cock pointing straight up himself. He opened his mouth and caught the stream of cum in his mouth, the rest splashing over his face and chest.

The boy had fucked his master's cock and then his ass, and now he swallowed his cum in triumph. Jason had offered his body to his boy - told him to use it. And Ben had taken him at his word. Jason grinned up at him and said, "You win, boy .... no doubt about it."


"Anyone home?" There was a knock on the door but Jason was feeling too good to move, so he shouted, "Come in!" The door opened and in crowded Hassan and Eddie, Bob and the twins, just back from their run. "Pardon us," Hassan said, but we heard shouts coming from this room and thought someone might be in trouble.

"That would be me," Jason grinned, "as you see." He lay helpless on the bed, impaled on his boy's cock. The newcomers applauded and cheered but suddenly Kyle shouted, "Freeze!" borrowing a term from Mark. He was circling the bed with Darius's camera that he had brought in on the hunch that it might be useful. Was it ever! Ban had bent forward, again pinning his master's arms to the bed, his cock still deep in his ass. Cum dripped down from his face and his eyes sparkled as he turned his face to the camera and said, "Ready for my close-up, dude."

The room erupted in laughter as Eddie and Kevin knelt beside the bed and Kyle captured the whole scene on video for "prosperity" (Darius's insistent misuse had forced the term into common usage).

Bob's voice rose above the racket. "So, looks like my plan failed miserably. We bring the boys all this way, put them up in a fancy hotel to teach them some manners and how to behave like young gentlemen - and what do we get? The twins fucking each other's brains out; Eddie jerking off over the balcony and treating the City of Chicago to a shower of jizz; and now this - the 'young gentleman' with his dick up a fireman's ass. Oh God, where did I go wrong?"

Another gale of laughter, which Bob waved into silence. "But I'm not giving up. Tonight I'm making one last attempt - the big test. Tonight we go for dinner at the five-star restaurant downstairs and we'll see if we can get through it with no food being thrown. Now, the restaurant doesn't actually require coat and tie, but that's what the boys will wear and we guys will wear jackets too. Any questions?"

Eddie's hand went up. "Sir, Pablo told me that at a fancy dinner you never know what knife and fork to use 'cause half a dozen of them are lined up by the plate."

Smiling affectionately Bob explained. "That's the grand old-fashioned way, Eddie. In the restaurant these days the waiter usually changes the knife and fork for you, setting out what's appropriate for each course. But," he grinned, "if you ever find yourself at an embassy banquet the general rule is to use the silverware from the outside working in."

"Thank you, sir," Eddie beamed. "I didn't know that." He grinned mischievously. Now I'll know what to do at the next banquet thing I'm invited to."

"OK, guys," Bob said, "so let's shower and .... 'dress for dinner'."


A short while later in the quiet of the adjoining extra room, Eddie was looking at himself in the mirror, not quite recognizing the guy who stared back at him, wearing new slacks and loafers and a crisp white dress shirt. "Looks kinda weird," he frowned.

You look great, kid - well, maybe not quite as hot as the "King of the World" shooting jism over the balcony, but still good enough to eat. Here, let me do this for you." He stood in front of him, threaded a pale brown tie under his collar and proceeded to tie it. Eddie looked up at him earnestly and, as he worked on the tie, Hassan said, "If you wanna know the truth, what I really want is to rip these clothes off you, throw you on the bed and fuck you. But we gotta eat first."

"Whatever you say, sir," Eddie grinned. "You know, it don't matter how smart these pants are they sure don't stop me getting a boner inside."

Hassan slipped a dark blue blazer onto him and stood back in admiration. There, the perfect young gentleman - and you're not the only one with a boner." He tried to brush Eddie's hair neatly but gave up and let the tousled mop stay as it always was. "OK, let's join the others."

The group gathered in the main room of the suite and the boys giggled as they looked at each other, all of them dressed similarly to Eddie in sports jackets and ties. The twins wore their identical outfits with easy assurance as this was not the first time, but Ben looked uneasy, being the rough and tumble gypsy boy from rural Texas. The men looked immaculate, Bob in a suit and tie, his familiar work outfit, Hassan and Jason in sport coats with casual open-neck shirts.

"OK, troops," Bob grinned. "Let's go knock 'em dead."

Actually that's kind of what they did as they walked into the bar for cocktails. Every head turned to look at the eye-popping group of three gorgeous men and four smart, handsome boys. The host glided up and seated them at a prominent table (he was skilled at 'dressing the room' and these guys certainly 'dressed' it). A waiter took their drinks orders and the boys at last relaxed and looked around, trying to be discreet as Bob had taught them.

"OK," said Kyle to Ben and Eddie, "you two were all worked up earlier, gushing over something you'd seen in the lobby. Is it still here?"

"Not yet," said Ben. "But look at those two over there," said Eddie, pointing excitedly at two men seated not far away. "Those dudes are hot - do you think they're lovers?"

He caught Bob's eyes and realized he was not being discreet. Actually, he could not have been more obvious if he had sent up flares. "OK," Bob said, "here's a tip. If you want to point someone out without giving yourself away imagine a clock face. You're facing 12, a bit to the right is one-o'clock and to the left is 11 o'clock and so on. You say the figure quietly and your friends know which direction to look."

"OK, sir," Eddie said, "sounds cool." Things calmed down after that as they sipped their drinks until suddenly Ben hissed excitedly, "Hey guys, two-o'clock - no, one-o'clock - twelve." Evidently a moving target but the twins followed directions and picked out a young waiter moving smoothly through the bar - a tall, slim Asian boy, probably Chinese, with exquisitely fine features, neatly combed jet-black hair and an obviously lithe, graceful body under his waiter's uniform of well-tailored white dress shirt, black bow tie, black slacks and a short black apron tied round his waist.

"Oh, yeah," Kevin said approvingly. "He's hot. Look at that sexy walk. Is that what you were going on about earlier?"

Eddie grinned, "Wait and see." Another pause as the waiter picked up his drinks order from the bar and went back into the restaurant. Suddenly Eddie said, "OK," struggling to keep his voice down, "3-o'clock, 3-oclock."

The twins looked up and saw the same guy coming from a side door in the other direction. "There he is again," said Kyle, "and look at that ass," as the waiter leaned forward over the drinks station at the end of the bar, his back to them. "No wait, wait." Eddie was on the edge of his seat. "OK, now, 10-o'clock." The twins and the three men looked across to the other side room and their jaws dropped. Another waiter came and joined the first at the drinks station. They were identical. Had to be twins.


The twins gazed in awe at the handsome Chinese boys - their opposites. Kyle and Kevin were all-American, with their light brown hair and eyes, their golden tan and open, friendly faces. These two were exquisitely Asian with their pale skin, jet black hair, slanted dark eyes and fine, inscrutable features. An immediate buzz of excitement gripped the boys, so loud it was starting to attract attention, so Bob was relieved when the host approached and said, "Gentlemen, your table is ready.

When they were ushered into the dining room the seating, which could have been a shambles given the boys' state of excitement, was accomplished by the maitre d' with professional expertise. He had, like the bar host, seated them prominently, knowing how decorative the group was and how well they lit up his room.

Still agog for another sighting of the Asian twins the boys nudged each other as they spotted them talking to the maitre d' and ..... and looking over at their table. "They're coming this way," Ben hissed. "Don't look - pretend you haven't noticed." The boys talked airily together affecting a nonchalant pose that fooled nobody."

Highly amused, the three men looked up at the maitre d' who was all courteous efficiency as he distributed menus. "It's a pleasure to welcome you, gentlemen. Lee and Toni will be your waiters this evening and will take your drinks order. If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to call on me. Bon app├ętit."

The men and boys looked up into the beautiful dark almond-shaped eyes of the Chinese twins who bowed their heads slightly. "Good evening, sirs," Toni said, making strong eye contact. Lee said, "Would you care to order fresh drinks, sirs?" Their voices were almost hypnotic, accented and with a soft, lilting cadence.

The boys were so tongue-tied there was no way they could make decisions about drinks, so Hassan came to the rescue. Half-Asian himself, he felt a natural affinity to the Chinese waiters. "Why don't you bring us a couple of bottles of good Chablis to start us off?" he said.

Lee leaned over and pointed to an item on the wine list. "I would recommend this one, sir." As he spoke he raised his eyes slightly and made a discreet sweep of the table, lingering longest on the twins. "We'll probably stick to white wine through the meal too," Bob smiled.

"Very good sir," said Toni, going round the table to pick up the red wine glasses, imperceptibly brushing the boys' shoulders as he leaned between them. As soon as they left the boys broke out in excited chatter but Bob cautioned, "Take it easy kids, you're still in a restaurant, you know. Though I gotta say, they are gorgeous and I have a feeling that when they were talking to the maitre d' when we were seated they were asking to be assigned to this table."

But the boys found it impossible to 'take it easy', and when the waiters came back with the wine Eddie, especially, was irrepressible. "Hey, dudes," he asked boldly, "are you Chinese?" Toni smiled and said, "We are, sir, though our first names have been slightly Americanized to make them easier for our clientele."

Their friendliness emboldened Eddie even more and he charged on, "Well, dudes, whatever you call yourselves you sure are....." Bob cleared his throat loudly, threw him a stern look, and Eddie swallowed his words. But Ben wasn't so easily reined in. "Hey, guys, is it true you asked to be our waiters?"

The waiters blushed and Toni said, "Well, sir, it is the maitre d' who makes serving assignments ....." He trailed off uncomfortably and Lee, the bolder of the two, said, "...but yes, sir, we did ask if we could be assigned to your table." Then looking at Bob he asked, "May we pour the wine, sir?"

"Good idea," Bob grinned with relief. "A very good idea."


The ice had been broken and from then on everyone relaxed, though the Chinese waiters maintained their professional politeness. When Eddie pointed to the menu and said, "Hey, Lee, what's this 'fricassee' thing here mean?" Lee explained in detail with consummate courtesy but with a hint of a smile in his eyes. And when later they removed the finished salads, the waiters replaced the salad forks with the correct knife and fork for the next course. Eddie grinned at Bob and said, "You were right, sir."

Jason and Hassan were pleased with the way Ben and Eddie maintained their manners but never lost the natural boyish charm and impulsiveness of their extrovert natures. The twins, more used to an environment like this, were completely at ease, though rather more subdued than usual, looking intently at the Chinese twins whenever they appeared, and nudging each other under the table.

The meal passed without incident and Bob got the impression that the boys were doing their best to behave well so as not to let themselves down in front of the poised twin waiters. Near the end of the meal, over dessert and coffee, Eddie said to Hassan, "Sir, I wish they wouldn't keep calling me 'sir'. Would it be alright if I asked them to call me Eddie?" Hassan grinned at Bob and Jason and said to his boy, "Well, I think that might embarrass them a bit, at least while they're on duty." Eddie quickly latched onto that and said eagerly, "And what about when they're not on duty?"

Hassan was saved from the difficulty of answering that by the waiters themselves who appeared just at that point. Lee looked slightly flushed as he asked, "Sirs, it has been such a pleasure serving you this evening that Toni and I would be honored to offer you after-dinner drinks. If you are returning to your suite we could serve them there. That is if you would like, sir."

"Hell, yes, we'd like," said Eddie impulsively. "My name's Eddie by the way." Lee smiled, "A pleasure to meet you Eddie," and shook his hand. Eddie looked over at Hassan triumphantly.

Toni looked enquiringly at Bob seeking confirmation and Bob grinned broadly. "Looks like Eddie has spoken for us, and on behalf of us all I accept your generous offer with thanks. It's been a long day for us and drinks in our room would be the perfect way to end it. Agreed, boys?"

"Agreed," the boys said in unison and, not for the first time, the American twins and the Chinese twins held each other's gaze a little bit longer than good manners required.


Upstairs in the suite the first thing the boys did was take off their ties, shrug off their jackets and kick off their shoes. They undid several buttons on their shirts, slumped in armchairs and exhaled as if they had been holding their breath all the way through dinner. "Boys," Bob said, "I think I speak for Jason and Hassan in congratulating you. You came through this evening with flying colors, the perfect young gentlemen."

"Even me, sir?" asked Eddie, "blurting out that 'hell yes' thing and telling Lee my name?"

Hassan threw his arm round him. "Kiddo, good manners don't mean you have to stop being yourself. You will always be one of nature's gentlemen."

"Hey, Kyle, Kevin," Ben grinned, "those gorgeous Chinese dudes kept looking at you a lot. I'd say you're in there, dudes - I guess twins like twins, eh?"

"Look Ben," cautioned Jason. "We don't even know if those waiters even like guys in that way, so don't get your hopes up. They may just bring in the drinks and leave, and that might be the last we see of them." He rubbed his chin. "Although .... it's true they did ask to serve at our table. That could mean something."

And just then came a knock at the door. The boys tensed and looked expectantly at each other as Bob jumped up and opened the door. "Hey, guys .... wow that looks great. Over here I think." The twins came in wheeling a small drinks trolley with numerous bottles of brandy, dessert wines and soft drinks. They followed Bob to the terrace window and set up the table, then stood beside each other, almost at attention.

Lit by the low lights of the room and the moonlight coming through the window they looked even more exotically handsome than before, with their long, neatly brushed black hair and finely sculpted features. They were dressed as before, except the boys noticed that they no longer wore bow ties, their white shirts open at the neck. And it was now obvious that under the shirts their slim bodies were finely muscled, perfectly proportioned.

"What would you like us to pour for you, sirs?" Lee asked. There was a moment of uneasy silence, then Bob said, "Look, guys, I'm sure you have other duties but do you have time to stay and join us for a while?"

"Actually, sir," Toni smiled, "you are our last clients - we are off duty as of now. So we would be honored to join you." Jason leapt to his feet and said, "Great, so no more waiter/client thing, eh? Let's do the introductions - I'm Jason. They held out their hands but, with the confidence of a beautiful man, Jason hugged them each in turn. "Hell," he said, "you guys are gym regulars I can tell just by feeling those hard bodies. Very impressive."

Lee blurted, "You too, sir, obviously," but then blushed at being so forward. But Jason's warm and friendly manner helped the twins relax as he continued with the introductions - Bob, Hassan, Ben ..... "and Eddie you already know," he grinned as the men shook their hands and the Ben and Eddie hugged them enthusiastically. A little overwhelmed the twins instinctively retreated into their Asian formality for a few seconds until Jason said, "And here is our American version of twins. Lee and Toni, meet Kevin and Kyle.

A sudden silence fell over the room as Kyle and Kevin stood up and approached. They were less effusive than Eddie and Ben and everyone waited to see if they would hug or shake hands. You could hear a pin drop as the two sets of twins gazed into each other's eyes as if entering a new world. Slowly Kyle folded his arms round Lee, and Kevin around Toni and.... their lips met in a long, soft embrace.

The others looked on in stunned silence until at last the twins separated and blinked as if they were returning from somewhere far away. Nobody knew quite what should come next - except for Eddie, who bounced around holding the camera.

"Hey, Lee, Toni, do you mind if I take a picture of you, a video? See there's this hot black stud at home called Darius who wants us to film anything that would make a guy shoot his ... I mean .... anything that looks good, and you guys sure fit the bill. Don't worry, the videos are real private and only shown in our house. There's this big boss, Randy, gorgeous like a gypsy, built like a brick shithouse, and he made us promise. And you don't disobey Randy if you know what's good for you 'cause he's real fierce and he'll kick your ass. He can get mighty rough...."

He pulled up short, looking nervously at Bob. "Oh, sorry, sir...." Looking back at the twins he explained, "See, Bob and Randy are lovers, real intense and..... oops, sorry again, sir. Every time I open my mouth I put my foot in it, don't I? OK, I'll shut up." Everyone burst out laughing, including the newcomers, and Lee said, "Eddie, with a charming explanation like that, how can we refuse? Of course you can take our picture."

The ice was now well and truly broken and Hassan said, "OK guys, make yourself comfortable. I'm the bar tender. Your orders please, gentlemen...."


It wasn't long before they were all knocking back the Cognac and the Chinese twins were telling their story. Their parents had died when they were young and they had been raised mostly in orphanages. The big thing they were scared of was being spit up, so if that was about to happen they ran away and lived rough. "We were, and are, very close," said Lee, "and would not survive without each other." Bob glanced at his twins as this was identical to their story.

Lee and Toni finally got menial jobs at the Four Seasons in Shanghai, worked their way up and put in for a transfer to the Chicago hotel. The hotel needed Chinese speakers and the twins spoke fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, "And so here we are," Toni said, looking directly at Kyle and Kevin. The twins were spellbound by the Chinese boys' story as it was so close to their own and they could identify with that profound fraternal relationship better than anyone else. It was exactly what they felt for each other. It was them.

Soon the four twins were all talking softly together and it was clear to the others that something intense was happening, as if the twins were in a world of their own. Conversation among the men and boys slowed and then ceased as Tony and Lee stood up and went to the middle of the room. They stretched out their hands to the Kevin and Kyle who rose from their chairs and, as if in a trance, walked toward them until they were face to face - Kyle with Lee, Kevin with Toni.

The amazing thing was how they all four moved in total unison, as if performing a ritual. Each one reached up and slowly unbuttoned the shirt of the boy facing him. Then they ran their hands under the shirt and over the chest, sighing deeply as they felt the velvet smooth skin. They pushed the shirts off over their shoulders, stood back and gazed at each other.

Shirtless for the first time the Chinese boys' slim bodies were flawless. Smooth, pale, hairless and fat-free, their musculature was exquisitely defined, with rounded pecs and washboard abs.

Their dark, almond-shaped eyes smiled at the American twins who drew close and pressed their bare chests against them. Their mouths met in a building, passionate embrace, each inhaling the brandy-scented breath of the other.

Bob looked over at Jason and Hassan and raised his eyebrows, a sign that maybe they should leave the twins alone. But they were clearly totally oblivious of anyone else, in their own private world where the presence of others meant nothing to them. So the three men and two boys sat still, hypnotized by the scene unfolding before them. They heard Lee speak softly.

"Kyle, Kevin, you are such beautiful brothers. Toni and I knew when we were serving you at dinner that there is one more service we would like to perform. Please permit us." Kyle and Kevin smiled in reply and the Chinese twins sank to their knees. Again in unison, they unzipped the boys' slacks, pulled out their raging-hard cocks and closed their mouths over them.

Moaning softly Kyle and Kevin ran their hands through the silky black hair of the boys kneeling before them and pulled their faces forward so their cocks slid slowly, inexorably deep into their throats. The Chinese boys were soon massaging the American boys' cocks with the warm membrane of their mouths, while Kyle and Kevin sighed deeply. The spectators could hardly believe their eyes, the exquisite symmetry of the dark, exotic twins on their knees paying homage to the handsome all-American twins towering over them.

The Asian boys made love to the twins' cocks for many minutes, increasing in intensity and building to the inevitable climax. Suddenly, Toni and Lee pulled back and Lee said, "Please, friends, let us taste the juice of your bodies." They plunged their faces forward, the cocks drove into their throats and all four boys moaned loudly as Kyle and Kevin shuddered and poured their cum deep into the throats of their new friends. The Chinese boys swallowed hard, with tears running down their cheeks, then stood up and kissed Kyle and Kevin softly.

"Thank you," Toni said. "You are so beautiful," Lee whispered.

Kevin smiled. "It's we who thank you, and we want to reciprocate - and a lot more. D'you think you could .... like .... spend the night with us?"

Toni said, "We have just worked six days straight and now have two days off. So we are entirely at your service." Kyle laughed, "No, not service - not anymore. We're friends now and we'll show you how friends make love in this country."

Suddenly the twins all looked around them as if they had just arrived in the room and were seeing the others for the first time. Eddie and Ben were gazing at them in awe and Lee held out his hand. "Please, we would like you to join us also, Eddie and Ben. When my brother and I watched you two handsome boys in the restaurant we both had a .... how do you say....?"

"A hard-on," Eddie beamed - "a boner, erection, woody - they all work. Sure we want to come with you. It's what we've been wanting ever since we laid eyes on you, eh, Ben?

At this point Bob, Jason and Hassan stood up and hugged the Chinese twins. Toni smiled and said, "And maybe, if you would allow, sirs, we would like to know you better too eventually, though you are such incredibly beautiful men, so far out of our reach, that we would never presume to ...."

"Why not?" Bob laughed. "Presume away kids. We've got needs too you know. But for tonight, why don't you six boys spend the night in that bedroom as it has two king beds, which I'm sure you can put to good use. Jason, Hassan and I will take the other room."

The boys didn't need telling twice and, after thanking the men for a great day, they crowded through the bedroom door and closed it behind them. Bob turned to Hassan and Jason and grinned, "Hope you don't mind, guys. I did seem to take over there, didn't I?"

"Works perfectly," Hassan said. "As a matter of fact Jason and me were saying that you've been so terrific at arranging this trip, mostly for our boys' sake, that we want to show our appreciation."

"Yeah," Jason grinned. "I know we're just a humble fireman and a soldier and you're this big executive type, but maybe there's something we can do to give you pleasure."

"Oh, I think we can work something out," Bob laughed. He opened the main door a crack and hung out the "Do Not Disturb" sign. "Looks like a contest to see which of the bedrooms sees the most action tonight. I guess we're about to find out."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 210


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