It was mid-afternoon when Eddie's phone rang as he was hard at work as junior houseboy. It was Hassan asking Eddie to see if he could get off early and join Ben at Jason's house.

Eddie had been expecting something of the kind. Hassan had told him that Los Angeles County would be conducting inter-service emergency drills all day, coordinating the emergency responses of police, firefighters and the military. Hassan, the Marine, and Jason, the fireman were heavily involved in the maneuvers and it was a grueling day under a blazing sun, combating staged events like the collapse of a burning house fire and the rescue of victims.

During a break from the merciless heat Jason suggested that, when the maneuvers were over, he and Hassan should go back to Jason's house by the arroyo to unwind over a drink - or two or three. Hence this call to Eddie to go and help Ben get the house (and themselves) ready,

Eddie pocketed his phone, dropped his broom and ran up to Bob's office where he found the senior houseboy, Nate, making his daily report to Bob. Eddie skidded to a halt and hopped impatiently from one foot to another. "Just a second, Eddie," Bob said gently. "I'm talking to Nate."

"Yes, sir ... sorry sir, it's just that ...." Bob held up his hand to silence him and Eddie fidgeted in frustration. When Nate came to the end of his report Bob turned to Eddie and smiled. "OK, Eddie. Now which part of the house is on fire?"

"Oh, nothing's on fire, sir ... except me maybe. It's just that Hassan called me and asked if I could get permission to get off work early. See, him and Jason have been sweating it out all day on those ... what d'ya call it ... joint removers, and...."

"Joint maneuvers," Bob corrected him. Eddie frowned uncertainly. "Yeah, those things ... whatever ... anyway, sir, he's going to Jason's house afterwards and he wants Ben and me to be there. See, me being Hassan's boy and all, and Ben being Jason's we gotta, you know, get the drinks and food ready for them. I mean, they'll be all hot and sweaty and we'll have to give them ... well ... whatever else they want...sir....."

He blushed at the thought and finally paused for breath, so Bob leapt in. "Hey, hey, slow down kiddo, I get the picture. But you're talking to the wrong guy. Nate here is your supervisor - you have to ask him."

"Oh, yes, sorry, sir. Hey, dude, can I go, please? I've almost finished up Mark and Jamie's rooms." He screwed up his face trying to look pathetic and Nate grinned. "Well, buddy, I sure wouldn't wanna upset that tough Marine of yours - especially if he's 'all hot and sweaty' as you say. What do you think, sir?" he asked Bob, teasing Eddie. "Guess I better let him go, uh?"

"I'd say that would be a good call, Nate," Bob said solemnly, stifling a smile. "Eddie, why don't you finish off Mark's apartment and then get on over there. Don't wanna keep the Marine and the fireman waiting."

"No, sir ... I mean .... yes, sir ... thank you, sir." He hugged Nate, "thanks dude," and he was gone.

Nate smiled at Bob. "That was pretty standard, sir. Eddie's always real hyper when he's taking about Hassan - which is most of the time."


Eddie was even more hyper when he arrived at Jason's house, right around the time that Ben pulled up in his truck from the construction site with a disgruntled look on his face. "Huh," Ben pouted, "I asked Randy if I could leave work early and he said I'd have to ask Pablo as he's really my boss. I mean, dude, I'm Randy's brother and I have to ask Pablo?! I shoulda just pissed off outa there ......"

"Hey, don't have a cow, dude," Eddie laughed. "Bob made me ask Nate too ... I didn't care. The thing is we're here, dude, and the guys are gonna come home soon all hot and horny. Come on, we gotta get things ready. Where does Jason keep the drinks and food and shit?"

Eddie's excitement was infectious and Ben calmed down. "You're right, bro," he grinned. They've been out there all day in all this heat, fighting fires rescuing guys and all that stuff, so they'll be real pumped when they come in. So help me bring all the stuff out to the garden, under that tree."

Ben, of course, knew his way round the house as he spent so much time there with Jason. And working for their masters always pumped them up. The mere thought of them coming through the gate in their uniforms gave them boners. So it didn't take them long to get everything set up .... and then all they had to do was wait - with growing impatience.

Ben's phone rang and he answered it with, "Yes, sir ... OK, sir ... yeah we're here, ready and waiting." He shut it off with a smile. "Jason said the maneuvers are over and they just have to have some sort of de-briefing and then they'll hit the road. Should be home in under an hour."

Having nothing left to do but wait the boys grabbed a couple of beers and stretched out on the grass, propped up on their elbows. "Man," Ben said with a faraway look in his eyes, "I sure would've liked to see Jason going into action. They were gonna set some old house on fire and Jason's always real macho fighting stuff like that and leading his men. Remember that time he charged into a house all in flames and dragged someone out - saved her life?"

"Yeah," Eddie said, "but this time the Marines will be right there backing them up. Marines are ready for anything, dude, real tough. They'll rescue any fireman who gets into trouble."

"Huh," Ben scoffed, "Jason won't need any help getting rescued by Hassan. Other way round more likely. Jason's a sergeant and he don't take no shit."

"Oh yeah?" Eddie rose to the challenge, defending his master. "Well Hassan's a Marine Captain so he outranks Jason. He's tougher too, he could whip him in a fight any day of the week. He's shown me some of his moves so's I'll be as tough as him one day."

Youthful hormones were kicking in as testosterone filled the air. The two friends were quickly becoming rivals, loyal champions of their masters. "Oh, yeah?" Ben said, jumping to his feet and whipping off his T-shirt. "So bring it on, dude, show me. Let's see what you got." He held out his hands and jerked his fingers toward his bare chest. He had often watched his big brother Randy doing exactly this when challenging a man to a fight.

Eddie jumped up and faced him, pulling off his T-shirt ... the honor of Hassan was at stake. Shirtless in just their cargo shorts and sneakers they circled each other. They came together clumsily - not with any recognizable opening wrestlers' holds. They were more like two young colts testing their strength, flexing their young muscles more in show than in know-how.

It was not a specific move by either of them that sent them flailing to the ground, just a tangle of limbs as they grappled with each other. They rolled over on the grass and ended up in the dirt under the tree. Their initial flare-up had cooled and the contest became almost playful.

Somehow Eddie ended up on top, kneeling astride Ben and pinning his hands to the ground. "See, asshole," Eddie said, attempting a growl. "That's where a fireman ends up when he challenges a Marine - on the bottom. Let's hear it, dude - 'Semper Fi - Marines forever!'"

"Fuck you, man ... I'm not just a fireman's boy I'm Randy's kid brother and he taught me how to fight."

Actually he was right - he was a better fighter than the inexperienced young Eddie. Randy had taught all his brothers how to use their fists, an essential skill in hard-scrabble West Texas, and he still gave Ben regular sessions in the gym. So it was not surprising that, with a combination of timing and balance, Ben powered out of the hold and sent Eddie tumbling off him. Ben was on him instantly but Eddie squirmed under him like a squirrel.

The result of this skirmish was that Ben ended up kneeling on top - only this time he was facing the other way round. His knees were holding down Eddie's arms and he leaned forward with his hands clamped on his thighs, so each boy was facing the other's crotch. As they both regained their breath Ben grinned. "Guess a Marine's kid gets turned on getting his ass kicked by a fireman's boy - judging by that big bulge in your shorts."

Eddie, of course, wasn't the only one sporting a boner. The boys already had a healthy sexual relationship and their grappling with each other, bare chest to bare chest, had naturally made their hormones race. The fight had become little more than foreplay and they now ripped open their shorts, letting their hard rods spring free.

Ben couldn't resist the beautiful young cock inches from his face. He leaned forward and sucked it eagerly into his mouth. As he lowered his body, the head of his own dick brushed against Eddie's lips, an invitation that the champion cocksucker could not refuse. He opened his mouth wide and inhaled the young gypsy cock, breathing in the sweaty smell and taste of the tangled black pubic hair pressing into his face.

They were no strangers to this - far from it. Ben and Eddie lived in adjacent rooms over the garage but more often than not they spent the night together, and their favorite activity was to 69 each other. Eddie was the acknowledged expert at sucking dick, learned from long evenings spent on his knees when he was a bar-back in the desert leather bar. And he had quickly taught Ben everything he knew.

It usually didn't take a fight to instigate a 69 session - but it sure helped. Now that they were stoked with the testosterone of youthful rivalry they really went to town on each other's cocks. They slurped, squeezed, clenched - giving and receiving two of the best blowjobs they had ever had. They moved in perfect harmony and as each one gave and felt exactly the same sexual sensation they felt joined, like one boy, as if they were sucking themselves.

Without missing a beat they fell over onto their sides in the dirt under the tree, the cocks still cramming their mouths. They reached over each other and clamped their hands over the mounds of the other boy's ass, holding it in place while their mouth pistoned onto his cock.

They lost all sense time and place as they ate each other's meat, ran their hands over the other boy's dirt-covered body and squeezed his nipples. They were having a ball - but even the best blow-jobs come to an end. Ben pulled off for an instant - "I'm gonna cum, dude" - then went on sucking, while Eddie mumbled with his mouth full, "me too, dude." They had worked themselves into a frenzy and their eruptions were simultaneous. They moaned into the gag of blasting hot cum, and swallowed frantically trying not to spill a drop.

Their hearts were pounding as they came to rest, each boy still clenching the cock in his mouth like a kid's pacifier. They were beginning to float back into the real world when they heard a deep, accented voice ask, "Is this a private party or can anyone join in?"


Instantly the boys yanked their mouths free, looked up startled and gasped as they saw two figures looming over them. It was like the opening scene of a porn movie. The swarthy Marine wore military fatigues and boots, his muscles bulging under his sleeveless military shirt and khaki tank, his dog tags hanging over his chest. The blond fireman was also still in his work gear - heavy yellow pants and boots, and bulky jacket hanging open over his chest.

They were both soaked with sweat and streaked with dirt from the day's grind, and as they stared down at their boys Jason shrugged off his jacket. Underneath he wore no shirt, just heavy red suspenders stretching up from his pants over the perfect musculature of his sculpted physique.

It was like a wet dream for the boys, but they snapped out of it and pulled themselves up on their knees. The wild-looking gypsy boy and the grubby urchin gazed up helplessly, shirtless, streaked with dirt. Their cocks were hanging out of their shorts and cum oozed from their mouths, dripping down their chins and onto their chests. Breaking the stunned silence Eddie blurted out, "Sir, it's not what it looks like - whatever that is. I was defending you, sir."

"By sucking Ben's dick?" Hassan looked formidable with his arms folded across his chest. "And defending me from what?"

"From Ben, sir. But don't blame him - he was defending Jason from me." He frowned, realizing how totally weird that sounded. He was very nervous and as usual took refuge in words, a torrent of them, tumbling deeper and deeper into the hole he was digging.

"See, sir, I told Ben that Marines were tougher than firemen and that, in those joint removers you were doing, you would be there to rescue Jason. And Ben was like, no way, dude, it would be the other way round 'cause Jason don't take no shit. But I said you could whip Jason's ass in a fight any day of the week..." he glanced quickly at Jason ".... sorry sir. Anyway, I said you'd shown me some of your moves and he was like 'bring it on, dude,' so we had this big fight, but you know how that goes, sir, I mean Ben is so hot that he turned me on like crazy and in the end his dick was in my face so I sucked it."

Ben was nudging Eddie with his elbow but Eddie was in full flood and ignored him. "But even when we were sucking dick it was kinda like we were still sort of doing it for you guys ... kinda ..." Ben nudged him again and Eddie snapped, "Why do you keep digging me, dude?"

Ben opened his eyes wide and gestured with them, first at the men looming over them, then at the drinks on the table under the tree. The penny finally dropped and Eddie's eyes opened wide. "Oh, you mean I'm talking too much. Sorry, sirs, I always do that when I'm nervous - and I'm real nervous now. Darius says I got verbal diarrhea, which is totally weird coming from him 'cuz everyone calls him motor-mouth, he talks so much and ....."

Ben stood up and yanked Eddie up by his elbow and hissed out of the side of his mouth, "Too much information, dude."

At last Eddie fell silent, shifting nervously from foot to foot, looking up anxiously at the two men with his dirty urchin face and cum drying on his chin. Ben too was uneasy, with a strong feeling that by running off at the mouth Eddie had made a bad situation even worse. Sheepishly they shoved their dicks inside their shorts and zipped up.

Actually, Hassan and Jason were having a hard time keeping a straight face and Hassan looked helplessly at Jason who covered nicely by changing the subject a bit. "Ben, Eddie, the reason we asked you to be here when we came home is that we've had a bitch of a day and were looking forward to our boys - our good, clean boys - serving us drinks and a bite to eat. Instead, we find you groveling in the dirt with your dicks in each other's mouth. I mean, who does a guy have to fuck to get a drink around here?"

Eddie was about to raise his hand and blurt out "Me, sir" but was silenced by a dagger look from Ben. "Sorry, sir," Ben said. "Actually we did get it ready but we kinda got distracted. It's like Eddie said...."

"Please," Jason protested, "no more about fights and blowjobs. Where are the damn drinks?"

"Coming right up, sir. We'll go get the food and the ice from the fridge." As they scampered off to the kitchen the men sputtered and let loose the bursts of laughter they had been holding inside them. "You gotta love 'em," Jason said. "Jeez, when your kid is nervous or excited he rattles off like a machine gun. How do you ever keep him quiet?"

"By shoving my dick in his mouth usually," Hassan grinned. I almost did it just now. It always does the trick and the boy gives a wicked blowjob."

They flopped down in two lounge chairs side by side, took deep breaths and stretched lazily, starting to unwind from the stress of the grueling maneuvers. The boys came running back, set up the drinks and snacks on side-tables by the chairs, then took several steps back and stood facing the men with their arms behind their backs.

The men took long swigs of ice-cold beers, scarfed down the sandwiches, then relaxed, linking their hands behind their head, their elbows outstretched, biceps bulging. The boys fidgeted as the sight of the Marine and the fireman sent blood rushing to their cocks. Jason was looking at them quizzically.

"Hassan, have you ever seen the twins waiting on Bob and Randy? They're real pros - always real neat, usually dressed in white, clean faces and bare chests. That's how a serving boy should look, don't ya think?"

"Yeah," Hassan sighed. "Would be an improvement on two kids in grubby shorts, dirt smeared over their bare chests and faces, cum oozing from their mouths and dripping down their chins. Positively unhygienic, I'd say." Ben and Eddie shifted uncomfortably in place knowing the bedraggled sight they must be. "About time you cleaned up," Hassan said. "Just face each other and do it. Keep your hands behind your backs."

The boys turned to each other, moved closer and began to lick, starting with the cum on their chins, then the mouths, the lips, where they got side-tracked as they pushed their tongues inside and locked their lips in a grinding kiss. They heard Hassan clear his throat loudly and pulled away, moving next over the other boy's neck and down to the chest. They licked off the dripping cum but again got distracted by the nipples, which they teased by licking and biting.

"Jesus that's hot," breathed Jason. "Yeah ..." groaned Hassan who had already unbuttoned his fatigue pants and was stroking his big chunk of meat. The men were mesmerized by the vision of the ragged, shirtless boys, their muscular bodies pressed together like two young colts washing each other with their tongues.

The Marine and the fireman were already supercharged from the physical labor and exhilaration of the day during which, despite their concentration on the action in the smoke and rubble, they had caught sight of each other several times, their faces streaked with dirt and sweat, muscles straining. Now, as they stroked their cocks, they looked away from the boys and at each other, their mutual desire building.

"Enough!" Hassan shouted to the boys who pulled apart and stared at the men. By now the boys' sexual antennas were on high alert as they saw the exotic Marine and blond fireman looking at each other with lust in their eyes. Eddie flashed on how Randy always was when he came home bruised and bloodied after a fight and all he wanted to do was to fuck.

"Get over here, boys, and work on these." Seeing the huge cocks standing up stiff as flagpoles the boys ran and kneeled beside their masters. Eddie leaned over and slurped in Hassan's cock, an action he performed several times a day. Ben gazed into Jason's electric blue eyes, then lowered his mouth over his cock. The men clamped their hands over the boy's heads and pumped them up and down on their cocks.

Jason turned to look at Hassan beside him. Always turned on by the sight of a beautiful man he ran his free hand under the sleeveless shirt and over the khaki tank stretched over the mounds of his chest, feeling the bulge of his hard nipples through the fabric. Hassan responded in kind, running his hand over the muscles of Jason's flawless chest, over the suspenders, then sliding under them and squeezing his nipples.

Out of the corner of their eyes the boys saw the sexual moves between the two men and they redoubled their cock-sucking action, stirring the passions of these spectacular men. Eddie and Ben both knew the term 'fluffer' and they were both fantasizing about being fluffers in a porn movie about a Marine and a fireman getting turned on by each other's sweaty, dirt-streaked bodies after a grueling tour of duty.

Fantasy it may have been but it was real close to the truth (minus the cameras) as the uniformed men leaned toward each other and kissed ravenously while their cocks were sucked by an eager young boy and his gypsy friend. Passion was building to a peak but Hassan forestalled the inevitable orgasms by suddenly rolling over bodily on top of Jason, forcing both their cocks out of the boys' mouths.

Sensing that something major was happening the boys stood up and stared at each other, their eyes sparkling with excitement. They took several steps back and Ben cautioned Eddie with a whisper. "No talking, dude - just watch. This ain't something you see every day of the week."


Hassan was now kneeling over Jason on his lounge chair, gazing down at the fireman, calendar-perfect with his stunning square-jawed features and beautiful gym-honed body. "Man, you are so fucking gorgeous. Every time I caught sight of you today I knew what I wanted." The Marine shrugged off his shirt and threw it on the ground. "I'm gonna ream your ass, sergeant."

The idea was appealing to Jason as he looked up at the Marine Captain, stripped down to his khaki tank that accentuated the muscles of his shoulders and arms. His chest and abs were outlined under the tight shirt, with his dog tags hanging in the cleft between his pecs. His exotic Arab/Asian face with the slanted dark eyes, full mouth, thick eyebrows and jet black hair was homoerotic. Getting fucked by this muscle-god was tempting for Jason, but his boy Ben was watching - the boy who was proud of his master who "took no shit" from anyone and who could beat anyone in a fight - even a muscle-stud Marine.

Jason looked up determinedly and growled, "Evidently you didn't hear what my boy said, big guy. I don't take shit from anyone, even a Marine Captain, so it's gonna be the other way round, pal. When a fireman and a Marine face off, it's the solider who gets his ass ploughed. And it starts like this ....."

With a sudden surge of strength Jason heaved Hassan off of him and off the chair. He fell on his back on the ground and Jason was kneeling astride his chest in an instant, both of them with their stiff cocks still hanging out of their pants. Momentarily stunned, Hassan didn't resist as Jason fell forward and clamped his hands over his wrists on the ground.

"Here it comes, soldier, a little dose of Marine humiliation." Jason's cock was still rock hard and Hassan's mouth was open wide gasping for breath. A match made in heaven, impossible to resist. The fireman plunged his rod deep in the Marine's mouth making him choke and his eyes spout tears.

"See - told you," said a gloating Ben to Eddie. "The fireman always wins, and the soldier's gonna get deep throated for real."

"You're full of shit, dude. I taught Hassan a thing or two about sucking dick. Watch."

Eddie was right. He had shown Hassan a trick that called for strong throat muscles .... and Hassan applied it now. At the next lunge of Jason's cock Hassan suddenly clenched his throat punishingly hard round it, trapping it, swallowing it, squeezing the life out of it. "Aaah!" Jason howled. "Fuck you, man, that's too hard. Let it go, man .... please." He released Hassan's wrists and raised his arms in the air in a gesture of submission. "Let go, man .... please....."

Both boys felt their cocks pulse in their shorts as they watched the gorgeous fireman flex his raised arms and his sculpted torso, naked except for the red suspenders over his shoulders, his handsome face twisted in defeat as he begged for release. Eddie was jubilant, Ben despondent ... and then suddenly Hassan released the trapped cock. With a howl Jason pulled out and fell over onto his back on the grass, clutching his cock in pain.

Hassan was on him in a second, pulling his fireman's pants open and down off his ass, exposing the perfect white globes that he was about to fuck. But Jason was recovering and was not about to yield his ass. He grappled with the Marine and managed to pull his fatigues down off his ass.

"No you don't, sergeant," Hassan snarled, "no Marine gets butt-fucked by a mere fireman, even though you're one damn hot-looking stud." They struggled for advantage, muscle against muscle, their asses now exposed, but Hassan's strength finally won out and he ended up pinning Jason on his back and kneeling astride his waist in triumph. "You know what comes next, sergeant, don't you? Ever wonder what a Marine's big schlong feels like inside that fireman's ass. Looks like I win, big guy."

"Noooh!" Jason yelled. With his body trapped under the full weight of Hassan the fireman had only his hands free and he reached up desperately clawing at the soldier's chest. He grabbed his tank top at the neck and yanked it hard, trying desperately to pull Hassan toward him so he could grab his throat. But Hassan was way too strong for that and the only thing that happened was that his tank top ripped down the center and hung in shreds from his shoulders.

Jason gasped staring up at the muscular chest and ripped abs of the Marine, now stripped to the waist with only his dog tags hanging over the slabs of his chest. It was such an erotic sight that Jason reflexively reached round Hassan and grabbed his own cock that was still rearing up out of his pants. Hassan smiled down at the trapped fireman and grinned. "Come on man, you know the old saying, 'make love not war'. Let's carry on where we left off."

He reached forward, grabbed both of Jason's suspenders in one fist and pulled his upper body off the ground until their faces were close. With Jason virtually hanging from his suspenders he felt Hassan's mouth close over his and trap him in a fierce, tongue-probing embrace, their lips grinding together.

"See," said Eddie, "He's got him now, dude. He's playing with him, getting him all roused up before he fucks his ass."

Wrong call by Eddie. Jason was getting his mouth crushed as Hassan knelt over his waist and held him by the suspenders close up, but Jason was still able to reach round behind the soldier and pump his own cock rigid. Suddenly he felt the tip brush against Hassan's naked ass. The soldier was unknowingly almost sitting on his cock ... and the rest was a natural reflex. Jason suddenly arched his back, thrust his hips up and pushed his long pole inside the Marine's ass.

"Aaagh...." Taken by surprise the Marine let go of Jason's suspenders and tried to raise his ass off the cock. But Jason now exerted his strength, grabbed Hassan by the hips and held his ass firmly on his cock as it pounded upward. "Bastard, Hassan yelled .... "aah, my ass .... your fucking cock's so huge man .... shit that hurts." He fell forward and pressed his palms on Jason's chest, twisting his nipples, but Jason merely grinned and kept ramming his cock up the soldier's butt.

Ben was jubilant. "See, dude, like I said, the fireman always wins, and the soldier ends up getting his ass hammered. What d'ya say now, asshole?"

For once Eddie was lost for words as he saw his Marine sitting trapped on the fireman's cock. Hassan pumped his arms helplessly in the air, the shreds of his tank hanging over his muscular chest, the dog tags swinging, as his ass got pounded from underneath. His dark, exotic features twisted in pain, tears flowing from his slanted eyes, and he twisted his torso in an attempt to escape.

It finally worked ... Hassan jerked sideways and fell on his side on the grass. But Jason was quick and turned with him, still plugging his ass. The boys watched in awe as the men writhed on the ground, ending up with the soldier on his hands and knees and the fireman kneeling behind him, his cock pile driving the Marine's helpless ass. He grabbed Hassan's tight waist and pulled him back onto his rod, ramming deep inside him.

"Mother-fucker!" Hassan yelled as he tried to crawl forward in a futile attempt to pull away from the iron shaft punishing his ass.

"You're finished, man," Jason taunted. "I want my boy to hear the Marine Captain submit to the fireman. Then I'll cum inside your ass. Otherwise I'll rip you wide open, soldier."

"Fuck you, man," Hassan growled. "A Marine never surrenders." He knew that trying to pull off the cock was useless so he did the reverse. Bracing himself for the stab of pain he suddenly pushed his ass hard back against Jason's crotch. The result was two howls of pain - one from Hassan as he impaled himself on the fireman's cock, the other from Jason as Hassan's rock-hard ass slammed back against his balls. The effect was instantaneous as Jason reared back in pain, his cock pulling free of Hassan's ass and both men fell to the ground.

The boys were mesmerized, staring at the two men rolling on the ground, groaning in pain. The powerful Marine, naked to the waist in fatigue pants and boots was clutching his ass that had been speared by the last brutal thrust of Jason's pole. And the muscular blond fireman, shirtless in his heavy yellow work pants and boots, his suspenders hanging loose from his waist, was rolling around with his hands over his agonized balls.

All thoughts of winner and loser vanished from the boys' minds, overwhelmed by the pornographic sight of the soldier and the fireman writhing on the ground in pain. "Dude," Eddie said in a daze. "I can't let this go to waste." He pulled out his cock and stroked it. "Damn right, kid," Ben agreed and yanked his cock out of his shorts.

The men were recovering now and Jason began to crawl away from Hassan, who followed a few feet behind. The boys gazed open-mouthed at the homoerotic scene of the fireman and the soldier dragging themselves over the ground, both shirtless with their uniform pants pulled down below their asses. Jason was in the lead but the Marine reached forward grabbed his boot and was dragged along behind him.

"That's the cum shot," Ben groaned. "Has to be," said Eddie in a trance. "Here it comes, dude.... Aaagh...." Simultaneously their cocks erupted in plumes of semen that pumped out stream after stream, a tribute to the fertility of youth, leaving big pools of jism on the ground.

They had shot their loads a few feet in front of the near-naked fireman and the soldier who were soon dragging themselves through the sticky pools of their own boys' semen.


Jason was crawling toward the outdoor gym on the side of his house, whether for strategic or narcissistic reasons it was hard to tell. But the fact was that his home gym contained lots of equipment - and lots of mirrors - and it was to one of the floor length mirrors that he seemed to be headed, presumably to feed his vanity. Jason always knew how hot he looked - especially right now - and he wanted to see for himself what had made the boys bust their loads.

He made it to the mirror and pulled himself up on his feet, pressing against the glass, looking at the handsome face, the tousled blond hair and the chiseled physique smeared with dirt and cum. His cock was rock hard, pressed against its mirror image.

"Pretty spectacular, eh, buddy?" So engrossed by the mirror was Jason that he hadn't noticed Hassan come up behind him. "Come on, man, there's only one thing to do with a muscle-god like the one in the mirror, so let's cut to the chase. Here, let me show you something."

Hassan pulled Jason back from the mirror but still facing it. In a sudden wrestling move he ran his arms under Jason's armpits from behind, then up over his chest and linked his hands behind his neck in a classic full-nelson.

Jason was trapped, his arms pinned out sideways, elbows bent, forearms stretched up. And his magnificent body was on full frontal display, his flexing biceps, flawless chest, eight pack abs, his lats tapering down to his slim waist, his cock standing rigid out of his blond pubic hair, his fireman's pants pulled down to his knees, the bottoms pooling round his boots.

"Oh shit, man," Jason groaned as he looked at himself in awe. "What you gonna do to me, soldier?"

Looking over his shoulder, smiling at him in the mirror, Hassan said, "You know damn well what I'm gonna do to you. You're a tough son of a bitch and maybe I couldn't beat you no matter how long we fought. But I teamed up with the guy in the mirror there, and you can't resist the two of us. See that fireman there, sergeant? He's a fucking muscle-god, gets off on himself, but now he's trapped in a full-nelson at the mercy of the Marine Captain. Hey, you wanna see that beautiful man get his ass fucked by the soldier?"

"Oh yeah," moaned Jason, his cock dripping pre-cum. "I wanna watch him get butt-fucked."

"Yeah, but you gotta do better than that, sergeant. See, I got you helpless here. I won - the Marine beat the fireman and he's gonna plough his ass - but not until he admits he's beaten, not until the fireman submits to the soldier. Let me hear it, big guy. Watch that stud submit."

It wasn't himself - it was the stunning fireman in the mirror that thrilled Jason as he surrendered to the Marine. "OK, you beat me. I give up, I submit to you, sir. Please, captain, fuck me. Shove your big Marine dick up the fireman's butt. Let me watch you bust your load inside me."

He writhed in the submission hold, spellbound by the sight of the rugged fireman trapped, on display, begging to get his ass fucked."

"OK, sergeant, here it comes ....." Hassan pressed the knob of his cock into the blond fuzz at the fireman's asshole. His muscles flexed, he pulled Jason's body hard against him and pushed his long rod inside his ass, deeper and deeper, watching the beautiful man in the mirror inhale sharply and groan in ecstasy.

"Oh, shit, man, that feels good. Come on man, fuck my ass - fuck it hard, soldier, I wanna see that man get hurt."

He got his wish. From his long-ago career as an Arab army interrogator Hassan knew how to hurt a man, slowly, expertly. He had tortured the cop Mark, who at the at the time was a captured army lieutenant, and it had turned Hassan on so much he had fallen in love with the blond soldier. Now he was looking at another blond muscle-stud who was begging to get fucked.

The boys had crept close to the gym and were now hypnotized by the sight of the rugged, swarthy Arab soldier, his magnificent body flexed as he locked the fireman in a submission hold and pounded his ass. The tempo quickly increased as Hassan's cock became a piston driving deep into the fireman's gut. Jason's ass was on fire and in a reflexive attempt to ease the pain he arched his hips forward and raised his feet from the floor, held up by the strong arms clamped round his neck.

"Yes!" Hassan roared in triumph, pulling him up so Jason's body was hanging by his arms, his legs thrashing wildly as his body writhed, impaled on the soldier's rod pile-driving his ass. "Aaaah ..... the pain in my ass ......"

But then Jason knew how spectacular he looked and knew how much it excited Hassan ... so he goaded hm. "Look at that spectacular fireman, so fucking gorgeous hanging trapped, getting his ass tortured by the Arab soldier. It's so fucking hot, you can't take anymore, man. Your cock's on fire, you gotta shoot, man .... you gotta shoot your load in his ass man ..... now!"

"Aaagh!" Driven wild by the sight of the tortured fireman, writhing helplessly, impaled on the Arab's cock, Hassan succumbed to Jason's seductive words and blasted a load of jizz in his ass. "Aaah," he sighed as he felt at last the blessed release of semen pouring from his cock.

As Hassan's orgasm subsided Jason felt the tension leave the soldier's body .... and took advantage of it. In a classic wrestling escape maneuver he slammed his arms down and broke out of the hold, spun Hassan around and instantly locked him in an identical full-nelson, facing the mirror. Hassan was dazed by this sudden reversal and howled as he felt an iron rod drive deep inside his ass.

"No! I can't take it man. I just busted my load and you already fucked my ass raw. I can't take anymore."

"You can if you do what I say, man. Look at that fucking gorgeous Marine with his dark, exotic looks and bodybuilder physique. He's the Arab interrogator who used to chain enemy soldiers and torture their asses, and now he's the prisoner getting his ass fucked. He looks fucking spectacular. Look at him, man, really look at him - look into his eyes."

The pain in Hassan's ass subsided as he focused on the captive soldier in the mirror - and Jason was right. He was magnificent as he got butt-fucked by the fireman. "That's it," Jason purred over his shoulder. "They all think I'm weird with my mirror trips, getting turned on by myself, but I tell you there's nothing like it, man. Take a closer look."

Still sliding his cock in and out of Hassan's ass, still gripping him in the full-nelson hold, Jason pushed him up against the glass so he was gazing into his own beautiful almond shaped eyes. Jason murmured seductively, "He's fucking gorgeous, man. Look at that face, those lips. You ever wonder how it feels to kiss those lips? Try it man."

In a trance Hassan pressed his lips against the glass and ground his mouth against his own reflection. His cock pressed against the glass and grew hard again, even so soon after cumming in Jason's ass. The near naked Marine in the mirror was so damn hot he felt the blood racing into his cock.

The expert in narcissism, Jason pulled Hassan back from the mirror and said, "Look at the Marine captain getting his ass ploughed, locked in a submission hold. The only way to stop the pain in your ass is for him to blow his load. Tell him, man. Tell him to cum ... beg him...."

Hassan was lost in the pornographic mirror image of the powerful Marine, his muscles straining, body writhing in pain. In his delirium he spoke to the handsome soldier he had just kissed on the lips. "You gotta shoot your load man .... please ..... my ass is getting tortured, man. Let me go, please. Please, sir, let me see you cum. You're so fucking beautiful man .... I submit to you ..... I'm beaten .... you win, man .... I'm begging you ..... Aaagh!"

He saw the magnificent body jolt, his chest and biceps tensed and a stream of white liquid blasted from his cock onto the mirror while he heard Jason yell behind him as his cock exploded in his ass. Hassan hovered between reality and fantasy. He had been so turned on by the muscle-god Marine that he had begged him for release. He had submitted to the man in the mirror. He had surrendered to himself.

Jason pulled out of his ass, stood beside him and grabbed his own cock. Look at them man, the Marine and the fireman, two of the most beautiful guys you'll ever see. And they fucked each other up the ass. Come on man, do it for me this time. Look at me." They moved closer to the mirror and stroked their cocks. They both had some juice left inside them and as they gazed at each other's reflections they shot one last stream that splashed on the mirror, joining Hassan's first blast running down the glass.

"Shit, damn," Hassan groaned ...... "shit damn." Jason pulled him down to the floor and they both fell to their knees. Leaning forward they licked their own cum off the mirror until their mouths joined in a passionate kiss lubricated by their own pungent juices. Finally allowing their bodies to give way to total release they fell on the floor rolling in each other's arms.

"Another cum shot, don't ya think, dude?" Eddie asked his friend. "Damn right," Ben agreed and in seconds they were spraying their jizz over the Marine and the fireman who had just fought and fucked before their eyes.

Eddie grinned. "As Darius would say, 'One for prosperity, dude.'"


It was only half an hour later when the men turned to each other with a raunchy grin. They had washed their cocks, pulled up their pants and were sprawled again on the chaises drinking fresh beers.

But the air was still thick with male testosterone, resonating with the vibrations of their raunchy sex, and the men's relaxation proved to be temporary, overpowered by their revived libidos. Their re-awakened lust had a lot to do with the sight of the two boys facing them a few yards away, butt naked, cocks erect. They stood with their hands behind their backs, legs apart, waiting for further orders.

"Man," Jason said, "I can hardly believe that my cock's stirring again."

"Me too, buddy - and not a mirror in sight," Hassan laughed. "But I don't think I can go through all that again, and I sure as hell don't wanna just whack off."

"Maybe we don't have to," Jason grinned. "Hey, you boys - turn round." Ben and Eddie obeyed, feeling once again like young hustlers rented for the evening, a thought that turned them on like crazy, especially being rented by a hot soldier and a fireman, every red-blooded hustler's wet dream.

"So whad'ya think, buddy?" Hassan asked. "Which one you want? They've both got dynamite asses - the gypsy boy's a bit more hairy than the other kid's."

Not that there's anything wrong with that," Jason insisted. "Hey you boys - assume the position and spread 'em." Ben and Eddie bent forward, reached behind them, grabbed their ass cheeks and pulled them apart exposing their holes. They felt like naked slave boys on display at an auction for the military, another fantasy that made their cocks hard as steel.

"Shit, that black fuzz round the gypsy boy's hole is a real turn on," Hassan said. "I'll take that one. You OK with the kid? He looks a bit cocky - might be a handful."

"All the better," Jason grinned. "I enjoy taming a boy. He won't be such a wise-guy when he feels a fireman's prick up his ass. OK, you two, come and get us hard."

The boys were trembling with excitement as they knelt beside the chairs, unzipped the uniform pants and pulled out the semi-hard cocks. Eddie went down on Jason and Ben stuffed Hassan's cock in his mouth. "Holy shit," said Jason, "these two really know their stuff - great little cock-suckers. Shit, they could make me bust a load just like this."

"Not yet, buddy," Hassan said. "OK, boys, that's enough. Now on the ground, on your backs and show us your butt holes. The boys hurried to obey, lying on their backs and pulling their legs up to expose their asses. They almost shot their loads looking at the shirtless hunks towering over them stroking their cocks, the soldier stripped down to his fatigues and the fireman in his yellow work pants, red suspenders dangling from his waist.

"Shit, man, look at those holes," Jason drooled. "These boys are keepers - maybe we'll keep them around all night for when we get horny. You boys ready to get those asses fucked all night long?"

"Yes, sir," Ben and Eddie chanted in unison. "The men fell to their knees, Hassan behind Ben, Jason behind Eddie, and pushed their legs up higher. "You ready, big guy?" Jason grinned at Hassan. "Let's fuck."

The boys held their breath, gazing up at the men, and moaned as they felt stiff pricks being shoved into their asses. They reached up and ran their hands over the men's muscular chests, squeezing their nipples.

"Hell," Hassan said, "these guys really do know their stuff. The gypsy kid's ass is sensational, buddy. How's yours?"

"Fucking intense, man. You wanna try?" Quickly the men changed boys, pulling out of one ass, swapping over and plunging into the other. The boys were in a wild fantasy of callboys having their asses hammered first by an Arab soldier, then a blond fireman. It was too much for Eddie who stammered, I'm sorry, sir, I .... Aaah," and he shot a load all over his chest. Ben quickly followed suit but Hassan said to Jason, "No sweat buddy, we can make these hot young kids cum again. Hey, let's see how many loads of jizz we can pump out of them.

The next half hour was a blur for the boys as they were fucked first by the swarthy muscle-god then the blond, and they lost count of how many loads they blasted over themselves. At last, though, they heard, "I can't take much more of this, buddy. This ass is red hot and I'm real close." ..... "Right there with you, buddy. Let's do it...."

"Aaagh!" Four screams echoed round the garden as four orgasms erupted simultaneously. The boys almost passed out as they felt the huge cocks bang into their asses again and again until they were drained dry and pulled out.

The men leapt to their feet and pulled the boys up into their arms. Hassan gazed into Eddie's sparkling eyes and said, "How was that, kiddo? Hot enough for you? Hey, Jason, you still got that big California King bed in your room? Think it sleeps four?"

You bet," said Jason, his arm around Ben. "We give you kids fair warning, though - you might not get much sleep. Your asses are gonna be on duty all night 'cuz me and my Marine buddy here get real horny and you're gonna feel our cocks up your butts a whole lot. You hear me?"

The boys grinned at each other, then snapped to attention and saluted. "Loud and clear, sergeant."


The boys took the drinks and plates to the kitchen before they joined the men in the master bedroom. Eddie was really pumped and couldn't resist pulling his phone out and calling Darius to tell him that they would have a wild story to tell him tomorrow, involving a Marine, a fireman and two rent boys.

"Radical, dude," Darius said. "I'll put you on video. Only it'll have to wait until I get back from our trip. Zack and Randy are taking me and Pablo fishing up at the lake tomorrow. There's a bit more to it as well. Randy says he has some unfinished business with Zack and I got shit to sort out with Pablo. He's being real weird ..... you know, when he's not in the limelight he feels neglected and starts throwing his weight around, so I gotta set him straight on a few things."

"Sounds like you're gonna be busy, dude. Guess you'll have a story to tell, too. Hey, gotta go now and report to the military or my ass is grass. Come to think of it," he chuckled, "it's gonna be that anyway." He hung up and let Ben pull him out of the kitchen and into the bedroom where the California King was waiting.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 219


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